dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: basic infrastructure to see the po/pot import queue (patch-867)01:10
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stubelmo: ping07:14
=== stub emails admins@
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sabdflstub: couple of quick questions09:33
sabdflwe need to do a production code update today09:34
sabdflwe're nearly at the point where there's a nice web process for the whole arch import09:35
sabdfli'll just need to make a few more code changes, test them and publish, do you have time?09:35
stubpublish where?09:36
sabdflerm... read-only filesystem here, got to sort that out first.09:39
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lifelessstub: we've got db changes needed to enable code changes.09:47
lifelessso we want to drop them into a production code drop.09:47
lifelessmay take several iterations to get right, but impt to do today.09:47
stubSeveral iterations of production database patching? Or will that be just once?09:48
lifelesshopefully once, but you never know09:48
stubMmm... so 'production' is now 'dogfood' or 'staging'.09:49
stubHow bought I create a launchpad_staging database on emperor we can screw with until we get it right?09:49
lifelesshmm, we should have it right, its just a little pressure cooker right now is all.09:50
stubok - if your fairly confident we don't have to do multiple attempts at patching the database we can just update production as per normal. Otherwise it is trivial to make a second DB for some staging tests.09:52
lifelessit would more be adding more fields, not random patching09:55
lifelessi.e. might find we're missing X or Y later.09:56
=== stub buggers off for an hour
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/cscvs--devel--1.0: sync cscvs to rf (patch-40)10:48
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/gnarly--devel--0: some fixes (patch-1)11:13
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/cscvs--devel--1.0: port to gnarly (patch-41)11:54
stublifeless: Do you have a guestimate on when there will be a db patch for me to look at?11:54
lifelessstub: marks laptop fell down went boom11:59
stubSo tomorrow morning my time earliest I gather?12:00
=== stub passes around the hat to buy mark a backup system
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: lib/gnarly symlink (patch-868)12:18
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/dists--devel--0: start of production-5 config (patch-34)12:20
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: _correct_ lib/gnarly symlink (patch-869)12:32
lifelessstub: mmm, I guess.12:35
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Gina binary/source crosslinking (patch-870)12:47
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KinnisonSo how do I get tree-lint to shush about lib/gnarly?01:00
Kinnisonnever mind; I've sorted it01:24
KinnisonIf I want baz to tell me what an undo dir contains can I find out without trying to apply it?01:42
carlosI'm not completely sure, but I think "baz changes --diffs ,,undo1" 01:45
SteveAdaf, carlos: hello01:45
carloscould work01:45
carlosSteveA: hi01:45
SteveAhow's the rosetta work coming along?01:46
KinnisonPANIC: exiting on botched invariant01:46
Kinnisonis what I get if try that carlos 01:46
carlosKinnison: no idea then. I saw doing something like that, ask him (or any member of arch team)01:47
carlosSteveA: I'm close to finish the queue moderation (I think it needs about 1 hour of work)01:48
carlosthat's after I'm back from lunch01:48
SteveAwhat exactly needs doing?01:48
carlosthe submit01:49
carlosand the process associated to the submit, of course01:49
carloshere you have the template I'm using01:50
elmostub: can you [or find someone to]  ensure postgresql-contrib gets into hoary/main, if we're going to be using it in the long term01:50
stubOk - I'll talk to martin01:50
elmoand the stupid thing restarts postgres01:51
carlosyou can use foo.bar@canonical.com with password: test to see it01:51
elmoso sorry, to anyone I just broke01:51
elmoand double AIEE, it install autovacuum by default01:51
elmodo we want that?01:51
stubMight as well.01:51
carlosSteveA: are we going to have a meeting now? I was thinking on leave to have lunch now01:52
stubSeems to be recommended procedure (provided you still do occasional full vacuums)01:52
SteveAcarlos: no, we can talk later.  enjoy your lunch.01:52
elmostub: how does it not cause random hangs?01:53
elmoi.e. launchpad has an idle spate, so autovacuum kicks in on some super-huowge table [not that we have (m)any of them ;)] , and locks updates out until it finishes?01:53
stubvacuum doesn't stop the server from responding - just slows it down a bit when it is running. And the more frequently you vacuum, the less work there is to do and the faster it completes. 01:54
stubThe vacuum kicks in when it sees 'significant changes'. Not to sure about the details.01:54
elmoI thought it took a Big Global[per-table]  Write Lock(tm), but maybe I'm out of date01:55
stub7.1 did that01:55
stub(or was it 7.0?)01:55
KinnisonI thought it just locked the rows it was moving01:56
elmostub: presumably emperor will need this too?  and macquarie?01:56
stubeventually, yes. I was just running it up the flagpole yet - show people what can be done inside postgres to see if it is good enough.01:57
elmookay, installed on mawson and chinstrap01:59
stubta muchly :-)01:59
lifelessstub: ping02:10
stublifeless: pong02:10
lifelesshey can we do a update of what we have ?02:10
lifelessjust the current state. got a password fixing problem et al to correct.02:11
stubThere are only three patches to roll out, only one of which may be of relevance to you (a constraint change in binarypackage). 02:11
lifelesselmo: ping02:12
stubI'd rather batch up more changes unless live stuff needs the changes02:12
lifelessstub: their are fixes to project and product status athat live stuff needs02:12
lifelessto increase the workflow stuff02:12
SteveAstub: there is a critical fuxkup in the forgottenpassword app in production02:13
SteveAcan we fix it?02:13
stublifeless: I don't think I have seen those fixes.02:15
stubSteveA: No idea. That is in plone somewhere, isn't it?02:15
salgadois there any problem in using something like dbschema.MembershipStatus.items[self.status] .title instead of iterating over dbschema.MembershipStatus.items looking for self.status?02:15
SteveAstub: no, it is in launchpad02:15
SteveAit just looks like the ul website02:15
SteveAI am currently checking that it works in rocketfuel02:16
SteveAit looks to be a 1 line fix02:16
SteveAsalgado: that is fine02:16
elmolifeless: ?02:16
stubIf that is launchpad@macquarie, lifeless might be doing a rollout02:16
lifelesscan we get python 2.4 on galapagos ? We've a nasty <foo> affecting cscvs that ddaa reckons doesn't happen in 2.402:17
lifelessstub: stub mark is working again, he's looking like being done soonish02:17
elmooh, jesus, you're kidding.  already?02:17
lifelesselmo: sorry, no I'm not.02:17
SteveAlifeless: you could compile python as cscvs user youself02:18
SteveAif we have no package availabe02:18
lifelessSteveA: do I then need to compile twisted too02:18
lifelessI'd really rather not go the whole do-it-myself route.02:19
SteveAdoes twisted use any C ?02:19
lifelessdunno. :|02:19
lifelesslet me check02:19
stubdebs should be available, at least for debian. It is pretty far into the beta cycle.02:20
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=== ddaa hangs
SteveAit is at RC102:20
elmodebs are available in hoary02:20
elmothat doesn't mean it's easily installable on our machines02:20
lifelessstub: mark says can you hang about for 30 minutes so he can finish one last db patch02:21
lifelessstub: should make check in launchpad work ?02:21
stubYup, but he needs to buy me a beer ;)02:21
stublifeless: yes02:21
lifelesshe so owes you a 'best spanish beer'02:22
lifelesstwisted has C code02:22
SteveAlifeless: get it from hoary02:23
lifelessSteveA: what from hoary ?02:23
lifelessSteveA: well, it fails all over the place.02:24
elmoguys, we REALLY don't want to start going down the road of requiring hoary or later packages for our infrastructure02:26
elmoit's just UTTER crack02:26
lifelessI can just imagine your accent as you say that02:26
SteveAdaf: HELO02:30
lifelesselmo: so whats the resolution here ?02:30
elmolifeless: sigh, I'll look at python2.4 packages for galapagos02:38
elmobut, be aware, I HATE YOU ALL02:38
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: steveA says the make test target should be nuked... nuke it (patch-871)02:38
lifelesselmo: so, we need pyscopg, twisted, in python 2.4 SteveA - thats the lot right ?02:40
lifelessSteveA stub : vvvvvv02:43
lifelessFAILED (failures=38, errors=20)02:43
lifelessException psycopg.InterfaceError: 'already closed' in <bound method Transaction.__del__ of <sqlobject.dbconnection.Transaction object at 0xb6359aac>> ignored02:43
lifeless---- end test stderr ----02:43
lifelessmake: *** [check]  Error 102:43
lifelessI've dropped all my db's, and run make in the db/schema dir02:43
lifelessI'm fully up to date w/rocketfuel02:44
stubThat is a spurious warning from SQLObject because the twonks decided that __del__ methods in python actually worked.02:44
lifelessFAILED (failures=38, errors=20)02:44
lifelessis what I'm concerned about02:44
lifeless    ProgrammingError: ERROR:  relation "person" does not exist02:44
lifeless    SELECT name, displayname, givenname, familyname, password, teamowner, teamdescription, karma, karmatimestamp FROM Person WHERE id = 1602:44
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sabdflstub: sorry about this02:45
sabdflcan i msg you an sql fragment for approval?02:45
stublifeless: Last time somebody complained about Person missing (bob2), rebuilding the database fixed it.02:46
sabdflcan i make that 5-04?02:47
stub('make' in database/schema, with particular attention to the last few lines which copy launchpad_ftest_template to launchpad_dev)02:47
stubsabdfl: Yes - patch-5-04-0.sql02:47
sabdflstub: ok, i will move it across and add the upda laucnhpaddatabaserevision;02:48
stuboh - hang. I didn't realize you ment I had the patch to look at now.02:48
=== stub needs gaim to beep more
elmoask sabdfl for his sounds - they're hard to ignore02:49
sabdflelmo: "hassole"02:50
=== Kinnison falls off his chair
sabdflstub: * launchpad-5-00-0.sql is corrupt or has been modified02:56
salgadolifeless, did you registered my gpg key in PQM?02:56
stubsabdfl: Run 'baz changes' to see if you accidently mucked with it.02:58
sabdflstub: not currently, but maybe i committed a change accidentally? 02:59
sabdfli certainly didn't edit it02:59
sabdflthis is weird03:05
sabdflstub: i don't have any changes to that file in the baz logs03:06
sabdflmake check was working just a second ago03:06
stubsabdfl: Can you run 'md5sum launchpad-5-00-0.sql'03:07
sabdfl5f7922451b4619c7d73a4d0cd5bcefaa  launchpad-5-00-0.sql03:07
stubWell that is plain stupid. Same md5sum here, and it matches what is in the makefile. Yet it fails for you and works for me.03:09
sabdflmy Makefile has a different md5sum03:09
sabdfl# Confirm that launchpad-5-00-0.sql hasn't been messed with - this file03:10
sabdfl# is our baseline telling us what was installed into production03:10
sabdfl        @if [ "`md5sum launchpad-5-00-0.sql`" != 'ec9ccdbcdcfc1f15c15368f2642c17ed  launchpad-5-00-0.sql' ] ; then echo "* launchpad-5-00-0.sql is corrupt or has been modified"; exit 1; else echo "* Using launchpad-5-00-0 as baseline"; fi03:10
stubHmm... I must have done a bad commit or a partial one or something :-(03:10
stubEither change the md5 line to match what you have, or change line 14 of the Makefile to not do the check03:17
sabdflhold on!03:17
sabdfloh, no03:17
sabdflwrong idea03:17
sabdfli just did a refuel and got excited when the patch touched a Makefile03:17
sabdflbut it was a different Makefile03:17
sabdflstub: pqm merge request sent, go ahead as soon as dilys says it's done03:27
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Make taxi work again. (patch-872)03:28
stubThat one?03:28
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: finalise sourcesource import workflow (patch-873)03:40
sabdflstub: that's it03:40
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/dists--devel--0: Use a working sqlobject. (patch-35)03:43
ddaastub: can you please reset my pwd on the dogfood server?03:44
stubddaa: You know your production password?03:48
stubIf so, I'll mirror it to dogfood03:48
ddaawell, I did the "forgotten password" thing on prod, but I was never able to actually log in using that passwd. SteveA was unable to debug the problem because the "forgotten passwd" procedure failed on him...03:49
ddaaSo, yes, I know I have set up something, but I have no evidence it's actually got where I intended it to go.03:50
ddaain other words: okay, go ahead, and we'll see if something works.03:50
stubddaa: There are two accounts on the production system - david@canonical.com and david.allouche@canonical.com. Which one of those are you most likely to know the password of?03:52
ddaaMh... I have passwod for both of them in my notes... I'm totally confused about the scope of accounts...03:54
ddaaJust david.allouche@ for the moment...03:54
ddaathat's the one I updated recently03:54
stubok. I'll merge the other while I'm at it.03:55
stubYou are supposed to have one account on the production system, with multiple email addresses linked to it. The UI doesn't encourage this though, which needs to be fixed. The dogfood system talked to a different database, so you need another account there.03:57
stubddaa: Done. Your dogfood account has the same password as your production one.03:59
=== Kinnison -> huntingdon. I'll be back in 1h30m or so if anyone needs me
=== Kinnison will have his mobile with him
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stublifeless, sabdfl: Production database updated to latest (5-04)04:16
SteveAstub: general baz discussion session in progress in mark's flat04:17
carlosOperationalError: no connection to the server04:32
carlosstub: I think the dogfood server lost the db connection04:32
stubta. postgresql got bounced earlier due to a product installation - would have died then.04:37
dilysNew Malone bug #89: "Launchpad does not survice database restarts", submitted by Stuart Bishop04:37
SteveAstub: any idea what we need to do to make launchpad survive?04:38
stubIf you execute a query on a connection that is dead, it should attempt to reconnect and only raise an exception if that fails. I don't know if the culprit is in Z3 or SQLOS or SQLObject.04:39
SteveAsqlos or sqlobject I should think04:39
carlosSteveA: I think daf already filed that bug report04:40
stubThe exception ended up in zope.app.rdb, but it might just be SQLOS not driving the API correctly04:40
carlos /s/SteveA/stub/04:40
carlosstub: forget that, I think daf talked about it already but the bug was not filed04:43
stubThats good - the duplicate-of field in Malone got lost a while ago ;)04:43
carlosSteveA: Now that I'm implementing the final import into the database, some doubts come into my mind04:49
carlos(doubts, not questions :-P)04:49
carlosSteveA: usually, it could be a long process (several minutes)04:50
carlosthat will make the connection to timeout before getting the answer04:51
SteveAyeah, I figured that might be the case.  here's what we do.04:53
SteveA1. implement it as you are doing so,  check it all works properly with small imports04:53
SteveAwe have a choice: re-do it as a script, or make it not depend on being connected and return an "import id" and allow you to check the import id at a url.04:56
SteveAI think it might just work as a script.04:56
SteveAwe'll run the script as a long-running process that just imports the next thing, then imports the next thing after that, and if there is nothing else, waits for a minute or so before looking again04:56
carlosDo we have a procedure about how to execute scripts?04:58
carlosor it's just a kind of fork & exec?04:59
SteveAthe thing is, we don't want to run this script when it is already running05:00
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SteveAmy first thought is to make the script a long-running process, and to have it made so that if you run the script while it is already running, in the same working directory (with the same configuration perhaps), then it doesn't actually run a new one05:00
carlosmakes sense05:02
SteveAso, first, we get it totally working05:02
SteveAbtw, I will be on stage, presenting this on the middle saturday of the conference05:02
SteveAso I really do want it to work!05:02
SteveAand then, we optimize with this script05:02
SteveAI want to see it totally working on dogfood before we work on the script05:03
carlossure, don't worry05:05
sabdflstub: does the product db update include a production code update?05:16
lifelesssabdfl: yes05:17
lifelesssabdfl: I haven't seen your email05:17
lifelessstub: I've rebuilt05:17
elmolifeless: ?05:18
sabdfllaunchpad.ubuntu.com is definitely not running the latest code05:18
elmolifeless: I have 2.4 debs ready for python, psycopg, twisted and egenix.  let me know if/when I'm okay to install05:22
lifelesssabdfl: I haven't done a code drop, I've been in the baz meeting :)05:22
lifelesselmo: cool.05:22
stublifeless: ?05:33
BradBsabdfl: I'll be checking in a quick prototype shortly of what I had in mind for improving the search UI for the bug listing. Will you have a chance to take a look in about 10-15 mins?05:33
lifelessstub - I rebuilt my db05:34
stubAnd everything is magically working? Or is something still bitching about the Person table being missing?05:34
lifelessI had before reporting the failure05:41
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: added prototype search UI for improving the bug listing UI (patch-874)05:42
lifelessstub: ping05:46
sabdflBradB: possibly!"05:46
lifelessis the authserver down ?05:46
sabdflseems we have a problem with the auth server05:46
sabdflstub, elmo could you reset the authentication server?05:46
SteveAspiv is back on monday05:48
BradBsabdfl: if you have a moment to check it out, let me know. there was a couple of minor points to note.05:48
sabdflBradB: is it committed05:49
BradBsabdfl: yeah (see dilys message a few lines back :)05:49
sabdflah, i see ok05:49
sabdfli was mentally looking for dilys to be telling me about batching, because that still seems busticated05:49
BradBs/seems/is/ :)05:49
sabdfl__len__ on a resultset is doing something new and different and broken :-)05:50
SteveAreally?  worked for me...05:50
BradBSteveA: You didn't check in a test for it though, which means you probably didn't run the sqlobject test suite either before you checked it in.05:50
SteveAI didn't change sqlobject05:51
SteveAI don't have rights to do that05:51
BradBWhat did you change then? :)05:52
BradBIt was sqlobject, I could have swore (if not the official repo, but still...)05:52
lifelesselmo: go ahead05:52
SteveAI added a __len__ attribute to SelectResults that does:  lambda self: self.count()05:52
carlosSteveA: xqf.sf.net wants to use rosetta _now_ to translate it05:53
SteveAcarlos: that is great05:53
carlosSteveA: well, some of them, they are talking about it now05:53
carlosthey are asking about what they should do05:53
carlosthey como from Jordi Mallach05:53
carlosalready an alphatester of rosetta05:53
BradBsabdfl: When's a good time to spend five minutes discussing improving the bug UI to make it easier to find bugs? (for both avoiding duplicate reports and for just getting where you want to go quickly)05:53
elmolifeless: installed.  nb, python2.4 isn't the default (obviously?)05:53
carlos /s/como/come/05:54
SteveABradB, sabdfl: even when I remove my patch, I get the same problem calling results.count()05:54
BradBWhat problem?05:55
SteveAI am confident that my patch has not caused the problem I'm seeing in sql result05:55
lifelesselmo: oh, how do I make it ?05:55
SteveA>>> from canonical.lp import initZopeless05:55
SteveA>>> from canonical.launchpad.database import Language05:55
SteveA>>> Language.select()05:55
SteveA<sqlobject.main.SelectResults object at 0x40d9e2cc>05:55
SteveA>>> Language.select().count()05:55
SteveATraceback (most recent call last):05:55
SteveA  File "<stdin>", line 1, in ?05:55
SteveA  File "/stuff/code/Launchpad/launchpad/lib/sqlobject/main.py", line 1255, in count05:55
SteveA    count = self.accumulate('COUNT(*)')05:55
SteveA  File "/stuff/code/Launchpad/launchpad/lib/sqlobject/main.py", line 1251, in accumulate05:56
SteveA    return conn.accumulateSelect(self,expression)05:56
SteveAAttributeError: 'ConnectionDescriptor' object has no attribute 'accumulateSelect'05:56
stublifeless: If you are getting that error (relation person missing), then either the database is not building correctly or your program is connecting to the wrong database. bob2 was getting exactly the same error btw., so I expect you are doing whatever he was.  Running 'psql -d launchpad_dev -c "\d person"' will tell you if the table exists.05:56
elmolifeless: the default?  I don't think we can sanely, that means changing _everything_ to use python2.4  which is a lot more than just psycopg, egenix and twisted05:56
BradBSteveA: are you running that on a db backend that supports count() ops?05:56
elmocan't you just invoke your stuff as /usr/bin/env python2.4 instead of /usr/bin/env python ?05:57
BradBit's not immediately obvious to me what initZopeless means WRT to backend05:57
lifelessstub: it doesn't.05:57
lifelesselmo: hmm. I'll talk to ddaa05:57
stublifeless: I'll need the output of 'make' then05:57
stublifeless: You run your code as 'python2.4 whatever.py' instead of 'python whatever.py'05:57
lifelessstub running testing script05:58
carloselmo: https://rosetta.shuttleworthfoundation.org/ is not working06:00
carlosdid you moved it to point to the dogfood server?06:00
elmoI haven't touched it06:01
lifelessstub mailed06:02
stublifeless: The postgresql account that is being used is not a PostgreSQL super user.06:05
carlosProxy Error06:06
carlosThe proxy server received an invalid response from an upstream server.06:06
carlosThe proxy server could not handle the request GET /.06:06
carlosReason: Error reading from remote server06:06
lifelessstub: how do I fix that ?06:07
carlossabdfl, SteveA: with the launchpad to dogfood change, what happens with rosetta? should It be moved to dogfood also?06:07
stubsudo -u postgresql psql -d template1 -c "alter user lifeless createdb createuser"06:08
ddaastub: what's up with dogfood atm?06:08
ddaahe does not seem to be answering anymore (I guess I will end up having a timeout)06:09
Kinnison@ Gina completed.06:09
Kinnisonreal    1m22.452s06:09
lifelesssudo: no passwd entry for postgresql06:09
=== Kinnison has *so* sped up the "no changes needed" case in gina
SteveAdaf: hello06:09
ddaastub: you mean "nothing is up, I know that and am working on it" or "there is no problem I am aware of"?06:09
ddaaoh, nm, it's answering again06:10
lifelessok, running make again06:10
stubMmm.... must have had a few long running requests and the server blocked. I saw the same thing, so it isn't your net connection. But it was fixed by the time I had logged onto mawson.06:11
ddaaBTW, the passwd I set up for david.allouche@canonical.com on prod does not seem to be working on dogfood either...06:11
ddaaneither do any of the passwords I have in my books for david@canonical.com :-(06:13
BradBddaa: could you email lp@ and tell us how to get gnarly?06:13
ddaabaz get rocketfuel@canonical.com/gnarly--devel06:14
ddaaBradB: why are you asking?06:14
BradBddaa: Because I don't want my tree-lint to output stuff about a symlink that point to a non-existent file. :)06:15
ddaaI'll update dist.06:15
Kinnisonupdate the development config06:15
BradBddaa: If you could follow that up with an email to lp@ (so that you don't have to answer the question five or six different times in here), that'd be great. :)06:16
lifelessstub much happier06:16
ddaaokay, in exchange for that, can you please pester stub until I can log into prod and dogfood?06:16
stubddaa: I've emailed you a fresh password06:23
ddaastub: thanks, I'll have a look06:23
lifelessddaa: what did you do to build zope with python 2.4 ?06:26
ddaaI do not quite remember...06:26
lifelessI need to do it now.06:26
ddaaBasically, I did apt-get source python-twisted, then looked at some of deps I needed, did a python2.4 setup.py06:27
ddaaI remember I needed to hack a bit on egenix-base to disable some FREELIST optimisation that caused crash with python2.406:29
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/dists--devel--0: add gnarly to devel configs of buildbot and launchpad (patch-36)06:33
ddaastub: thanks, it's working06:39
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: More deb/udeb stuff and an optimisation on sourcepackage scanning (patch-875)06:40
Kinnisonthanks babe06:40
KinnisonAm I safe to kick off a *BIG* gina run on mawson?06:40
Kinnisonstub: ^^06:43
dilysNew Malone bug #90: "RCSTypeEnum and RCSNames belong in dbschema.py", submitted by David Allouche06:44
carlosSteveA: ok, the import form seems to be working now (except for a small problem I'm fixing now)06:48
carlosSteveA: what's the policy about the SQLObject's attributes update from browser.py?06:48
carlosI have an SQLObject and I want to do object.attribute= foo06:48
carlosat this moment I need to duplicat that field in the interface so it's also present in the edit interface06:49
carlosand add also it to the .zcml06:49
carlosto allow its update06:49
carlosa method is not needed, but an attribute I don't see any other way to do it06:50
SteveAthat sounds okay06:50
SteveAyou can say set_attributes="foo" in zcml too06:50
carlosI only know that way to allow attributes06:50
SteveAyou can use set_schema too06:51
carlosthat's why I'm not sure if it's the best way to do it06:51
SteveAbut, use what you know06:51
carlosSteveA: I suppose I should use the: launchpad.Edit permission now, right?06:54
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/dists--devel--0: full production-5 update (patch-37)06:54
carlosWe have at the moment:06:54
carlos<content class="canonical.launchpad.database.POFile">06:54
carlos      <require permission="zope.Public"06:54
carlos          interface="canonical.launchpad.interfaces.IEditPOFile"06:54
carlos          set_attributes="header pluralForms rawimportstatus"/>06:54
carlos    </content>06:54
carlosSteveA: I don't understand this error:07:00
carlosValueError: Unknown SQL builtin type: <class 'canonical.lp.dbschema.Item'> for <Item FAILED (4) from <class 'canonical.lp.dbschema.RosettaImportStatus'>>07:01
KinnisonI'm gonna assume it'll be okay for me to get gina going on mawson07:03
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: added implementation of prototype bug id/searchtext widget (patch-876)07:04
Kinnisonelmo: can I get some up-to-date keyrings please for a hoary import?07:05
=== BradB is now known as BradB|lunch
elmoup-to-date compared to what?  i.e. what are you using now?07:07
Kinnisonwhatever I had way back when you gave me a set of keyrings at the soyuz sprint07:07
Kinnisonand I know there've been keychanges since then07:07
elmothere's a copy on chinstrap07:07
elmo /srv/keyring.no-name-yet.com/ or so07:07
Kinnisonokay ta07:07
SteveAcarlos: how did you get that error?07:09
carlosSteveA: the trace shows it when launchpad tries to commit the transaction07:09
carlospotemplate.rawimportstatus = \07:10
carlos                            RosettaImportStatus.FAILED07:10
carlosthat's the instruction I'm executing07:10
SteveAuse RosettaImportStatus.FAILED.value07:10
SteveAwe'll improve this in sqlobject at some point07:12
SteveAby making a kind of ENUM field07:12
carlosbut this works: if template.rawimportstatus == RosettaImportStatus.PENDING:07:13
carlosso I suppose it's only a problem when using the value to change a variable, right?07:13
SteveAand, it should work.  I think it should be co-erced into an int/07:17
SteveAbut a better solution overall is to make the ENUM07:17
lifelessa clue for thins ?07:17
lifelesszope.configuration.xmlconfig.ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/robertc/source/canonical/buildbot/launchpad/site.zcml", line 18.4-18.5507:17
lifeless    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/robertc/source/canonical/buildbot/launchpad/override-configure.zcml", line 2.2-2.5607:17
lifeless    ZopeXMLConfigurationError: File "/home/robertc/source/canonical/buildbot/launchpad/override-includes/+mydatabase-configure.zcml", line 14.2-14.5707:17
lifeless    IOError: [Errno 2]  No such file or directory: '/home/robertc/source/canonical/buildbot/launchpad/lib/canonical/rosetta/sql.zcml'07:17
lifelessmake: *** [run]  Error 107:17
SteveAI expect +mydatabase-configure.zcml has an <include ... /> directive in it07:18
SteveAthat refers to the sql.zcml file that is in rosetta07:18
Kinnisonstub: ping?07:21
lifelessright. but what changed : what should I change it to ?07:22
lifelessKinnison: dude, its 5:22am07:22
Kinnisonstub: I want to start the gina import but this is gonna really hammer the db and librarian for around four hours. Will that be okay?07:22
Kinnisonlifeless: Oh I guess his presence an hour ago made me assume he was readying himself for Mataro07:22
KinnisonAah well, noone wanted mawson to run quickly right?07:24
=== Kinnison preps the db
daflifeless: if there was a "baz file-history" command, you could find out what happened to it :)07:24
KinnisonWell guys, mawson will be a touch busy now as it imports hoary main,restricted,universe for i386,powerpc,amd6407:26
SteveAwho added the mail and launchpad-database files in package-includes?07:26
Kinnison(or not; yay for sourcepackage addition threw an error)07:26
SteveAstub / BradB|lunch: either of you add those files?07:27
carlosSteveA: should I link to the import queue page from a particular place?07:29
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: add missing import to auth app (patch-877)07:30
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: add fmt:date fmt:time and fmt:datetime stuff for use in tales (patch-878)07:53
=== ddaa [~ddaa@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #launchpad []
KinnisonMy name is Daniel and I am *SPESHUL*07:56
lifelessyes, yes you are07:56
=== Kinnison tries importing the projectb before wondering why it won't work
=== Kinnison sobs
Kinnisonlifeless: we gonna see you this w/e at all?07:56
carlosdaf: hey, I didn't saw you07:58
dafhi carlos07:58
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: fix sourcesource browser (patch-879)07:59
lifelessKinnison: probably not07:59
Kinnisono/~ Guns don't import packages. Gina does! WooWooWooooo summon the soyuz07:59
Kinnisonlifeless: Oh well. I'll see you in Spain then dude.07:59
carlosdaf: the pair programming you suggested is ok for me08:00
dafok, cool08:00
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--production--1.5: cherry pick fix sourcesource browser (patch-1)08:00
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/buildbot--devel--0: Use the unix process backend. (patch-76)08:02
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/gnarly--devel--0: Add missing import. (patch-2)08:02
carloswow, pqm is really busy atm...08:02
carlosdaf: I'm going to take a break, will be back in about 30 minutes08:04
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/buildbot--devel--0: Stick description and title into the database. (patch-77)08:05
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Finished the basic rawimport queue edit (patch-880)08:17
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/buildbot--devel--0: properly detach jobs when the slave is lost (patch-78)08:20
=== Kinnison goes downstairs to enjoy his new cdplayer for a bit
KinnisonMmm phantom08:26
=== BradB|lunch is now known as BradB
BradBlifeless: What's the status of Launchpad running on an upgraded Z3?08:41
carlosdaf: I'm ready08:45
=== kiko [~kiko@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #launchpad
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: fixed a bug in the bug id/text search when no matching bugs are found (patch-881)09:17
dafBradB: if I do somesqlobjectthing.foo = "'; DROP DATABASE launchpad", it's going to escape the ', right?09:33
BradBkiko-afk, sabdfl: Where's the UI to assign one or more maintainers to a product or source package?09:35
kiko-afkBradB, it's obtained via lucille/gina, and not done via the website [yet?] 09:51
=== kiko-afk is now known as kiko
dilysMalone bug #12 fixed for package malone: Adding a follow-up to a comment fails10:49
BradBsabdfl: ping10:50
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: made followup widgets identical to top-level comment widgets (patch-882)10:51
BradBdaf, carlos: Is https://dogfood.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/26 fixed?11:08
carlosnot yet11:09
carlosI think stub fixed the problem I had to fix them11:09
carlosbut I hadn't time to test it11:09
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: disambiguated product name in bug listing (patch-883)11:10
dilysMalone bug #46 fixed for product Malone: bug assigment product name ambiguous11:11
dilysMalone bug #86 fixed for product Malone: Bug listing needs "Quick Searches"11:15
dilysMalone bug #80 fixed for product Malone: Bug titles/descriptions need to be text searchable11:15
dilysNew Malone bug #91: "Bug listing clickability needs to be easier to use", submitted by Brad Bollenbach11:31
BradBdaf: ISTR dilys doesn't notify the channel on rejects. Would it be possible to wire this up to make it so? #launchpad'ers will want to see that someone just rejected a bug they reported.11:32
dafBradB: I'm busy right now11:33
BradBno prob11:33
dafI've dumped the code at http://muse.19inch.net/~daf/dump/dilys-malone11:34

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