Matt|hiya all, I have noticed a strange thing about my sound on ubuntu. When I fire up rhythmbox after booting, the sound production is really quite distorted, and this disappears if I go into the gnome-mixer and select the OSS device, and then move back to the ALSA device. Can I solve this?12:08
chrisaThat's more of a #ubuntu question I presume12:18
Matt|have tried12:18
Matt|i always check here before filing a bug because i'm paranoid about filing bogus bugs12:18
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gilligan_anyone here related to hoary gnome packages?12:18
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jdodsonany developers in the house?02:15
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stuNNedhi i will make my presence brief have one ques:  why isn't gparted in hoary when ntfsresize will be included in official hoary iso in april/may?02:34
zulyou maybe want to open a bug in bugzilla02:35
stuNNedzul, me?02:35
zulstuNNed, yes02:36
stuNNedzul, will do thanks :)02:36
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calchmm the gnome menu is structured in such a way that it causes vino desktop file to not be displayed at all04:05
calcsince it is of type Application and Settings04:05
=== calc may be looking in the wrong area though since it seems the menu isn't being made from the /etc/xdg/menus stuff that is in hoary
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wasabianybody around? what makes Ubuntu's initrd load a specified SCSI module?06:15
wasabiI need to change it.06:15
pascmost people are in spain06:16
pascwhere it's early morning06:16
jbaileywasabi: I don't have an ubuntu system handy, but assuming it's the same initrd-tools as in Debian, you can easily add a module to load to the list.06:17
jbaileywasabi: Usually it just detects it off the running system.06:17
wasabiwell, im trying to do something a bit abnormal.06:17
wasabiBoot my ubuntu system from inside vmware running on windows.06:17
wasabiIt's trying to load the wrong scsi module... the one that it usually loads06:18
jbaileySo you just need it to load an additional module.06:18
jbaileyAdd the module name to /etc/mkinitrd/modules06:18
jbaileyThen rebuild the initrd06:18
wasabiOkay... I do not have a custom kernel.06:18
wasabiSo how the heck does it know to load my current one?06:18
wasabiit'd have to be stored in grub or the initrd someplace.06:19
jbaileyinitrd-tools is a bit of black magic that way.  Mostly it looks at your currently installed module set.06:19
wasabiDoes ubuntu build an initrd at install or something?06:19
wasabiI had thought it was packaged.06:19
jbaileyThe usual trick is to build the initrd when you install the kernel.06:19
jbaileyIt's very custom per system.06:19
wasabiSo linux-image-* must build one at install/06:20
wasabiSo i should just be able to add my new module to the appropiate list, and reinstall the stock kernel?06:20
jbaileyYeah, or run mkinitrd by hand.06:21
wasabiodd. ;006:21
wasabihah success06:31
wasabiX totally dies of course 06:31
wasabieverything else looks ok06:31
wasabiSo when is X going to stop needing a config file? =/06:31
jbaileywasabi: Wha?  You're insane, right? =)06:31
wasabiNo way.06:31
wasabiIt needs to detect the hardware.06:31
wasabiFind the right drivers, and the right res, automatically.06:32
jbaileyI know that discover is planning on generating X config files.06:32
wasabiLike you know, windows.06:32
jbaileyBut dual-monitor setups so far don't even come close to being detected correctly.06:32
wasabiI got ubuntu booted in vmware, but of course I have to swap out the X config to get X to work06:32
wasabiguess i could script that06:32
jbaileyIs /proc/cpuinfo different enough to detect if you're in VmWare or running on the hardware?06:33
wasabii can find it elsewhere though.06:33
wasabinot sure where, but that shouldn't be hard.06:33
wasabiSo, i've got my dual boot PC. Windows on one partition, Ubuntu on the others.06:34
wasabiWhen im in ubuntu, I can boot windows in vmware.06:34
wasabiAnd now, when im in Windows, I can boot Ubuntu in Vmware too!06:34
wasabiSo, wherever I am, I can access the other OS06:34
wasabiXorg -configure crashed nicely06:34
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Treenaksanyone awake? :)06:58
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fabbioneelmo_away: ?09:25
fabbionehey Treenaks 09:30
Treenakshey fabbione :)09:31
fabbionelamont_r, elmo_away:  uname -a   09:33
fabbioneLinux vultus5 2.6.8-1-sparc64 #1 Sun Oct 17 20:12:41 EDT 2004 sparc64 GNU/Linux09:33
fabbionesparcbuildd@vultus5:~$ wanna-build --list=needs-build09:33
fabbioneTotal 0 package(s)09:33
fabbionesparcbuildd@vultus5:~$ 09:33
lamont_rfabbione: is that just main, or main+universe?09:37
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fabbionebut they are gold packages09:37
fabbionethere are a bunch missing becuase x ubuntu4 broke on sparc09:38
fabbionebut not that many09:38
fabbioneubuntu4 fixed ia64 and fucked sparc09:38
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Mithrandirfabbione: just slap daniels and get him to fix it. :)09:39
fabbioneMithrandir: the little kid already knows09:39
danielsit already is fixed09:39
danielsjust not uploaded09:39
fabbionedaniels: and what are you waiting for? ;)09:39
fabbionedaniels: you are not gonna get a bj here09:39
thomgood thing, that's not something we want to see09:40
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calchows the conf?09:53
Keybukthe juice at breakfast was somewhat sharp09:55
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calcbe careful not to cut yourself ;)09:56
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Mithrandircould somebody please whack the wiki into not hijacking M-d in firefox?10:00
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TreenaksMithrandir: M-d?10:03
Treenaksoh cool10:03
MithrandirAlt+d if you prefer that notation.10:04
TreenaksMithrandir: yeah, I didn't know that. I like it :)10:04
Mithrandirit's so wrong that a web page can hijack like that.10:04
TreenaksMithrandir: hack firefox to bind it to Ctrl+Meta+Super+<accesskey> ...10:04
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Mithrandirwhat is the heuristics used for choosing translations?  I have gpg talking to me in both Swedish and Danish.10:54
lamont_rMithrandir: you are such a lucky guy...10:55
Treenakslamont_r: I have Evolution speaking a mixture of Dutch and English (and my LC_MESSAGES is set to English..)10:55
Treenaksuh Mithrandir 10:55
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fabbionelamont_r: do you think is it ok to build universe only once on top of a golden main?11:36
Mithrandirfabbione: no, universe might build-dep on universe stuff11:37
fabbioneMithrandir: but we can use dep-wait for that11:37
fabbioneif foo build-dep on bar from universe11:38
fabbionefoo will go in dep-wait until bar is built11:38
fabbionethe problem can come with circular build-dep11:38
fabbionebut over 12K packages i don't think there are that many that needs that kind of love11:38
fabbioneand perhaps we can push them manually11:38
Mithrandirgo ahead, then11:40
fabbioneafter we get main in the archive11:41
fabbioneuniverse isn't a priority for me right now11:41
fabbionebut since main is basically sinced, we can spare cpu time on it11:41
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lamont_rfabbione: universe is known to have dep-wait loops.11:48
lamont_rbut I've manually bootstrapped those...11:48
fabbionelamont_r: so i guess it is a reasonable amount of work for it11:49
lamont_rubuntu-main + a couple random debian-debs of the right vintage, build once, and then build the next one using the ubuntu-built debs (just built), and then upload that..11:49
lamont_rit's not too bad really, just have to remember which debs are which and only upload pure ones.11:49
fabbionelamont_r: yeah clearly...11:50
fabbionelamont_r: but since this is my "first" big buildd operation, i tend to be slightly more anal than usual11:50
seb128jdub, Beowulf asks if you are going to upload howl 0.9.8 in Debian one day :)11:55
thompitti: dude, if i just turn off udev-mtab for the time being, do you see any problems with that? or should we just suck up the pain and beat lamont till he fixes mount?12:00
=== lamont_r is uploading umount now
lamont_rmind you, the change log says: "New upstream version" :-=)12:03
lamont_rbut 2.12j has the umount fix in it apparently12:03
thomok, so i won't bother. sweet12:05
=== thom sets up an upload queue
Mithrandirhow do I convince dput to use active and not passive FTP?12:05
=== lamont_r loves 5 minute hours.
pittithom: I have no problem with throwing out udev-mtab for the moment12:07
pittithom: it's not really crucial anyway12:07
thompitti: sure12:07
thombut lets see if the new umount fixes us12:07
pittilamont: already uploaded?12:08
elmoMithrandir: change the value of passive_ftp in the config file?12:08
lamont_ror snatch it from incoming.d.o, 2.12j-1 there, and accept the b0rkage of init scripts that follow12:08
lamont_rpitti: uploaded lo these 3 minutes12:08
Mithrandirelmo: I don't have it set, I think dput's broken atm, but using -P made it working.12:08
thomMithrandir: manual claims that it's active by default12:08
Mithrandirthom: manual is wrong.12:09
elmothey changed the default recently12:09
elmoand probably forget to update the manual12:09
lamont_reta to new util-linux/mount/etc for hoary: 53 minutes12:11
=== enrico was wondering if there is a place where t upload pictures taken at the conf
elmolamont: err, how's that work?12:13
Treenakslamont_r: is that a working/non-segfaulting one? :P12:13
Treenaksenrico: I upload my pictures to my own page..12:13
elmo   * Migrate DELAYLOGIN unconditionally, instead of md5sum hack.12:14
elmoerr - how does that not stomp all over the golden rule?12:14
lamont_relmo: 2.12j-1ubuntu1 accepted, will enter archive at :33.  binaries take < 25 minutes to build :-), so they'll be there before the :00 run, and hit the archive at :03.  modulo mirroring to archive.u.c, should be about :05-ish and can expect to see them there...12:14
lamont_rTreenaks: rumor has it that 2.12j fixes the segv in umount12:15
elmolamont: oh right, forgot about little detail of buildds12:15
Treenakslamont_r: but: will it be mirrored on the mataro mirror in time :)12:15
lamont_rTreenaks: do I care?12:15
lamont_rI said "for hoary", not "for the conference"... :)12:16
=== Treenaks mumbles something about dogfood :P
thomit mirrors every hour...12:18
lamont_rthom: but _when_ each hour... :-_12:20
Kamionelmo: probably needs a --compare-versions thing12:20
thom@HOURLY :P12:22
lamont_r"The only remaining issue which needs to be dealt with before enabling it by default is to implement a policy for key management:"12:24
=== lamont_r chuckles
seb128jdub, !!12:25
seb128did you see the question about howl in Debian ?.12:25
jdubseb128: nup, but i know i haven't don it yet :)12:26
seb128Beowulf jordim: GnomeMeeting 1.2 is released, so I need a new howl to make pacakges12:26
seb128jdub, they are waiting on your packages ...12:26
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enricoTreenaks: is there already a wikipage where to link the photos on each one's pages?  If not, I can create one12:48
=== enrico created the ConferenceGalleries wiki page to post links to personal picture galleries
enricoSo, everyone please add your gallery link to http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ConferenceGalleries12:58
fabbioneKamion: the kernel is ready for testing. What flavour do you need?01:00
lifelessthom: whats the archive location for the conf ?01:04
Mithrandirlifeless: $topic?01:04
lifelessirssi doesn't show me that much01:05
lifelessunless I know to ask01:06
Treenaksenrico: go right ahead (www.foodfight.org) -- you can't link to the pictures though (I do referer checks...)01:13
mjg59Are you guys getting tbm this time?01:14
fabbionemjg59: do you want us to rape him? ;)01:14
fabbionemjg59: do you have any new acpi patch you want in 2.6.9?01:14
fabbionei am planning an upload pretty soon01:14
mjg59fabbione: Heh, no, I just want to know if he's going to be harassing me in person for the next couple of weeks :)01:15
mjg59fabbione: I'm working on swsusp stuff with upstream01:15
mjg59Once that's sorted, I'll push you a couple of things01:15
fabbionemjg59: ok, if there is any bit you want backported please send me the dpatch for it, ok?01:15
jdubhey mjg59 01:15
mjg59fabbione: Will do01:16
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bob2mjg59: ever heard of x40's not waking up?01:20
mjg59bob2: Not waking up in what way?01:20
bob2mjg59: sleep light stays on, keys + power buttons have no effect.  eventually end up holding down power until it shuts down hard.01:21
mjg59bob2: That's weird. No, I haven't seen that. Which kernel is this?01:21
bob2mjg59: your magic one01:21
mjg59Has it ever worked?01:22
mjg59With the same kernel?01:22
bob2yeah.  lid-closing doesn't seem to put it to sleep, if that's related01:22
enricoTreenaks: added!01:23
mjg59Yeah, it won't do with the default acpi scripts (too many things would break)01:23
mjg59Can you check the contents of /proc/acpi/wakeup?01:24
gilligan_hm.. anyone into networking stuff here ? I am having some probs with a driver here...  normaly pause frames should be ignored right?01:24
bob2'sudo /etc/acpi/sleep.sh' is ok to sleep it?01:24
bob2Device  Sleep state     Status01:24
bob2 LID       3            *enabled01:24
bob2SLPB       3            *enabled01:24
gilligan_because i get "eth0: Pause is enabled... " and afterwards link goes up again01:24
bob2(all else is dissabled)01:24
mjg59bob2: Ought to be01:25
mjg59Hm. How weird.01:25
gilligan_is there any way to force that? the network driver module itself does not accept any arguments (sungem)01:25
mjg59Try dropping back to
bob2will do later01:25
mjg59bob2: Can you run dmidecode and pull out the BIOS version?01:27
Kamionfabbione: Linux cittagazze 2.6.8-9-amd64-k8 #1 Sun Oct 3 18:22:21 CEST 2004 x86_64 GNU/Linux01:27
Kamionfabbione: one of those please01:27
bob2mjg59: is daniel's x40-acpi-support complete crack or neccessary?01:27
bob2                Version: 1UET92WW (1.42 )01:28
Treenaksmjg59: can I _write_ to /proc/acpi/wakeup ?01:28
mjg59Ok, that's much more recent than mine01:28
mjg59Treenaks: Yup01:28
mjg59bob2: If you've got all my crack, it ought to be unnecessary01:29
Treenaksmjg59: stuff like echo -n "LID disabled" >01:29
bob2mjg59: hrm01:29
mjg59Treenaks: I can't remember the exact format - just the name should toggle it, I think01:29
jdubmjg59: are you going to redo your changes on top of fabio's 2.6.9?01:30
mjg59jdub: At the moment I'm working on targetting upstream, so I'm patching against 2.6.10+01:30
mjg59One that's done, I'll backport it01:30
mjg592.6.10 ought to be out by Christmas, incidentally01:31
Treenaksmjg59: maybe turning off "wakeup on lid" will fix the bug where my laptop boots again when I close the lid after shutdown01:31
mjg59Treenaks: Oh, that bug's fixed now01:31
mjg59GPEs weren't being disabled at the right time01:31
fabbioneKamion: p.u.c/~fabbione/kernel/ pick the one you prefer ;)01:32
Treenaksmjg59: this is 2.6.9 -- so 2.6.10 fixes that?01:32
fabbionemjg59: do you have a backported patch for that fix?01:35
mjg59fabbione: Nope. Hang on, give me a sec and I'll try to pull it out of bk01:36
mjg59Should apply to 2.6.901:38
Mithrandirmjg59: aren't you coming to BCN?01:39
mjg59Mithrandir: Doesn't look like it. I've got too much to get done by next week.01:42
mjg59Mithrandir: If a miracle happens, I might be able to manage a few days next week, but who knows?01:42
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mjg59Most of the distributions built on top of Debian, such as Linspire, Xandros, Skolelinux, LinEx, or Ubuntu, apply some discretion in the packages they select. They are unlikely to include tools like hot-babe, and, thus, may be considered safer versions to use in situations where somebody may get offended. Well, OK, perhaps we can't be too sure with Ubuntu.01:48
=== Astharot [isager@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirmjg59: :/, would be nice to see you here.01:50
=== jdub [~jdub@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Mithrandir: Heh. Encourage me to go to work and get stuff finished in time for my deadline, then :)01:51
fabbionemjg59: compiling the patch now01:51
fabbionebut it didn't apply clean01:51
fabbionesomething else changed in acpi in the meanwhile01:51
Mithrandirmjg59: I'm not here next week. :P01:51
fabbione(one include has been removed, so it shouldn't be too dangerous)01:51
=== mdz [~mdz@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59fabbione: Bleah01:54
mjg59Mithrandir: Oh. Bah. No, no chance I can get there this week, really01:54
Mithrandirmjg59: so better have you around on IRC, then. ;)01:55
mjg59I should stop reading OsNews01:59
mjg59It's even worse than debian-devel01:59
Mithrandirthey have hot OS of the day articles?01:59
mjg59Mostly it's just Eugenia bitching about ACPI02:01
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fabbioneelmo: can you kindly install patchutils on concordia hoayr chroot pleaase? (nothing really important... just to make my life easier)02:06
elmofabbione: done02:09
fabbioneelmo: thanks a lot02:10
elmoI reckon concordia would be a cylon base ship, not a battlestar02:14
Keybukheh, it's a big mother, whatever it is02:15
Mithrandirwhat's the policy of closing bugs which both seems to be fixed and don't have any information from the submitter?02:16
elmowell, I don't know about policy, but I've always just closed them, leaving a message to the submitter asking them to reopen if they can reproduce and have more info02:18
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bob2'whois' needs to be in base02:23
=== jamesh [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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mjg59Is anyone looking at getting OpenBSD's Free HAL module working with madwifi?03:02
=== zul [~chuck@zul.developer.gentoo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittibob2: your stick works fine, thanks again03:11
thomi'm more interested in OBSD's ntpd03:11
elmowhat's so great about OBSD's ntpd ?03:16
danielsit has no security holes03:17
lamont_rdaniels: and no features03:17
thomdunno, i'm just saying i'm more interested :-)03:17
elmodaniels: daniel, openssh security history.  openssh security history, daniels.03:17
danielselmo: james, humour.  humour, james. ;)03:17
lifelessthom: garh!03:20
jameshyou could use djb's time synchronisation protocol/daemon instead03:21
danielsor tom lord's upcoming one03:23
sladengood to see we're all agreed on the probability of /that/ happening03:23
lifelessit really shows there is no such thing as bad publicity03:23
Mithrandirwhy isn't baz in hoary?03:23
lifelessit his. bazaar.03:24
MithrandirI can't eat unavailable dogfood03:24
pittilifeless: it's not in hoary right now03:24
lifelesspitti - I was told that it is.03:25
pittilifeless: indeed I remember reading it on u-changes03:25
pittilifeless: but it's just not there03:25
lifelesslook for bazaar.03:25
Mithrandirit's not there03:25
lifelesselmo: ping03:25
Mithrandir: tfheen@thosu ~ > grep -i baz /var/lib/apt/lists/archive.ubuntu.com_ubuntu_dists_hoary_main_binary-i386_Packages03:26
Mithrandir: tfheen@thosu ~ >03:26
thom    bazaar |    1.0.1-1 | hoary/universe | source03:26
thomthat would be a 100% build failure03:26
thomhave a nice day03:26
=== lifeless groans
bob2unless elmo marked it 'not for us' on all the buildds just to annoy us03:26
danielsthom: you forgot hth03:26
lifelessuniverse ?!03:27
thomyeah, it's unseeded03:27
thombut that's the least of your worries03:27
bob2where do the bulid logs live?03:27
daniels./unit-inv-idsarch: no arch user id set03:27
danielsmake[4] : *** [tests-timestamp]  Error 103:27
danielsOH MY GOD03:27
lifelessoh garh.03:27
lifelessthats fixed in 1.103:27
danielsthat is *pathological*, dude.03:27
bob2so is world hunger03:27
lifelessI was sure I'd fixed it for 1.0 though. hmm.03:27
thomgo lifeless, it's your birthday... etc03:28
bob2it's differently fucked on amd6403:28
danielsand ia6403:29
lifelessyah, know that, patch done on concordia, not merged yet.03:29
danielsglibc is so crap03:29
KamionI'm glad tla's moving to something PORTABLE03:29
danielsclearly it must be rewritten03:29
danielsand the obvious candidate is THIS MAN03:29
=== azeem waits for further explanation or an url from daniels
Kamionthom: it is seeded ...03:31
Kamionsupported: * bazaar03:31
bob2azeem: (tla has it's own libc-alike)03:31
daniels(and tom lord wants to rewrite glibc)03:32
=== azeem hopes it doesn't have a boot manager as well#
thom"alike in as much as it sucks, but not much else"03:32
danielsazeem: don't give him ideas.03:32
thomazeem: it probably has a download ui and an irc client03:32
daniels... shell ...03:32
bob2and a CL interpreter03:32
lifelessguys guys guys, NIH is hardly new in the open source world. *cough djbb*03:33
Kamion... and we all love djb so much :-)03:33
=== azeem prefers djpig
elmouh, who thought it'd be a good idea to use .bz2 compression?03:35
elmohello, katie.. running warty...03:36
=== alerios [~alerios@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionwe didn't get .bz2 decompression into warty?03:37
Kamionwe can't use it at all in hoary then03:37
=== alerios [~alerios@] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Abandonando"]
MithrandirKamion: scott claims that predepending on dpkg is enough03:37
elmoii  dpkg                       1.10.22ubuntu2             Package maintenance system for Debian03:37
elmo^-- dpkg in warty03:37
Mithrandirlifeless: so, when do we see a working baz in hoary?03:37
elmoand WRT bazaar being in supported, the seed syncage stuff relies on binaries existing ...03:38
KamionMithrandir: uh ... I guess that's technically true but it's kind of user-hostile03:38
Keybukelmo: since when did katie actually look at the data tar?03:38
elmosince, for ever?03:38
lifelessMithrandir: I'd say, if someone applies that bugfix I linked to.03:38
Keybukahh, you'll need to upgrade to the bzip2-supporting version then; I guess03:39
bob2lifeless: don't you just need to do another upload?03:39
danielsARasfaweroiu32.,m431~0~9kldc cdbs03:39
elmoRejected: diveintopython_5.4-1ubuntu1_all.deb: debExtractControl() raised exceptions.SystemError.03:39
elmoRejected: diveintopython_5.4-1ubuntu1_all.deb: deb contents timestamp check failed [exceptions.SystemError: This is not a valid03:39
elmoDEB archive, missing 'data.tar.gz' member] 03:39
lifelessbob2 I didn't do the first upload03:39
Kamionfabbione: your new kernel works for me03:39
Kamionbob2: mdz did it03:39
=== lifeless is not a ubuntu maintainer
Kamiondon't think lifeless' key is in the allowed list for Ubuntu anyway :)03:39
bob2lifeless: see, if I joined the distro team...03:40
Keybukpre-depend is sufficient from a distro POV, as it means by the time it's unpacked, a supporting version of dpkg-deb is installed :o)03:40
elmobob2: the distro would become a wasteland of unprecedent proportions?03:41
MithrandirKamion: we're talking about selective bzip2-ing, AIUI03:41
danielscupsys is SO PSYCHOPATHIC03:41
KamionMithrandir: yeah, I know03:41
MithrandirKamion: and why would that be so user-unfriendly?  Because you force people to upgrade?03:41
KamionMithrandir: no, because you can't use the dpkg in the previous stable release to examine the contents of a .deb before you upgrade it03:42
Mithrandirthat's true03:42
Keybukcontrol, yes; contents, no03:42
KamionKeybuk: you mean dpkg -c works? how?03:42
elmodpkg-deb: file `diveintopython_5.4-1ubuntu1_all.deb' contains ununderstood data member data.tar.bz2    , giving up03:42
Kamionor dpkg -x03:42
elmogo whichever  special person wrote THAT error message03:43
KeybukKamion: no, I said contents doesn't work :)03:43
KamionKeybuk: oh, sorry, yeah03:43
bob2elmo: I could finally upload glibc with that fix I've been waiting for...03:43
elmoyeah, that's what we need - a man with sideshow's talents uploading critical infrastructure packages03:44
=== bob2 sprinkles some more sarcasm on elmo
danielselmo: i could give it a go if you wanted03:45
=== lifeless watches teh sarcasm boil off
Keybuk"freeze?  oh, sorry, I missed it ..."03:46
=== bob2 [rob@bob2.user] has left #ubuntu-devel []
=== nickel [~nickel@host72-218.pool8248.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Keybuk sets mode +b *!*@bob2.user
danielselmo: we could have thom maintaining critical infrastructure, OTOH ...03:48
danielselmo: glibc would gain a lot from bzip2!03:48
mjg59daniels: Can you force people over there to try out the ACPI test stuff?03:50
danielsmjg59: er, thom volunteers03:50
mjg59I know it'll work for him03:50
danielswe all have x40s now03:50
mjg59We need more entries in http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/PMTestingResults03:50
haggaimjg59: I can try it on my T20 if you like03:51
mjg59haggai: That'd be good03:51
haggaimjg59: k, I'll let you know03:51
mjg59My inclination at the moment is to push for swsusp as standard, and have str as an option that defaults to off03:52
azeemmjg59: I could do it for an R51, provided I could just use your packages on testing/unstable03:52
azeemdaniels: monoculture is bad :)03:53
sladenmjg59: hibernate still switches the vt to console before and afterwards/03:53
sladenmjg59: ?03:53
mjg59sladen: Yeah03:53
danielssladen: all of them do03:54
danielssuspending from X is just so horrifically broken03:54
danielsand not just on savage ;)03:54
mjg59daniels: So, it turns out that VBERestore /is/ supported by most drivers03:54
sladenmjg59: and if you get that /proc/unsuspend patch in for initrd, we get a  nice framebuffer on unhibernate too?03:54
danielsmjg59: cool03:55
mjg59sladen: I'm not quite sure what you mean there...03:55
mjg59daniels: Is Xorg.conf regenerated on upgrade? Or only when a manual reconfiguration is tried?03:55
sladenmjg59: wanting framebuffer during thaw... I'll test it and see what happens when I get there03:56
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB2FED.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59sladen: It'll go initrd->resume->no more userspace->whatever userspace there was when you suspended03:57
mjg59If you have framebuffer in the initrd, you'll be able to splash up something saying that it's resuming03:57
mjg59But you won't be able to update that during the resume process03:58
sladenmjg59: what it needs is the opposite of 'DONT_FREEZE' or whatever it's called.  So that a process started after initrd can continue to live after the rest of the frozen userspace is pulled back in03:59
mjg59sladen: That's... awkward04:01
mjg59I'm not sure how you could get that to work sanely - swsusp pretty much assumes that userspace does /nothing/ after a resume has been triggered04:02
danielsmjg59: left alone if it's already there, so we can't enforce it, really04:04
mjg59daniels: Hrm. Even if it hasn't been user-modified?04:04
=== huz [~Simplesne@firewall-2-3.nortenet.pt] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsmjg59: well, we could force remangling in that case04:05
sladenmjg59: it might be doable with conditions attached like no-open-file-handles (which makes it pretty useless, but...).  The justification is that it can enable the User interaction/feedback Nigel Cunningham was suggesting/hacking into his kernel patch, without the cuntingness of it04:05
mjg59sladen: Unf. Hrm. It's sufficiently warped that I'm not too keen to spend time looking at it, but do go ahead :)04:06
sladenmjg59: is the current patch handy somewhere, I'll grab it on the netbook before I leave.  Which is, um, 2hours.  Must get out of bed.04:07
mjg59sladen: Posted to l-k04:08
mjg59It'll change a bit before inclusion04:08
sladenhmmm.  suspend to USB key.  that is sick04:12
Mithrandirsladen: that's brilliant!04:12
Mithrandirso you can have saved sessions04:12
danielssladen: also, beautiful04:15
mjg59Also: not going to happen04:16
mjg59(not in the immediate future, anyway...)04:16
mjg59Actually, there's no reason why you /couldn't/04:17
mjg59Except that people would try to resume on different bits of hardware and break everything04:17
mjg59And if someone booted your machine in the meantime, it'd go horribly wrong04:19
fabbioneKamion: cool.. thanks04:31
fabbionedaniels: are you anywhere around?04:31
danielspitti: dude, has cupsys ever cleanly built for you twice in a row?04:33
danielsfabbione: quiet room04:33
=== infinity [adconrad@S010600e029962405.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionedaniels: the patch for the kernel?04:33
danielsfabbione: hold on04:33
pittidaniels: not really04:33
danielspitti: um, cool04:33
danielswould you particularly mind if I made it do so?04:34
pittidaniels: no, why should I :-)04:35
pittidaniels: as long as you don't break the patches ... :-)04:35
pittidaniels: I organized the patches to make it easy to merge to a new Debian revision04:35
danielsmore than they already are? :P04:35
danielsubuntu-nowebadmin.patch just totally breaks04:35
pittidaniels: you should have seen the package before I reorganized the patches04:35
pittidaniels: it was a PITA and took an hour to merge to a new revision04:36
pittidaniels: if you manage to reorganize the japanese translation patch, it will get a lot easier04:36
danielsmom should do most of it04:38
danielsbut, er, patching other patches04:38
danielsTrying reversed patch debian/patches/ubuntu-nowebadmin.patch at level 0...1...2...failure (ignored).04:41
danielswhoohoo cdbs04:41
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-101-183.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielspitti: um, so afaict jp-nowebadmin.ptch is never actually used (given it gets created after cdbs runs).  is it ever used?04:57
pittidaniels: that's the tricky part of it04:57
pittidaniels: look at debian/rules04:57
pittidaniels: I checked, it works in the final package04:58
daniels... wow04:58
pittidaniels: the mere fact that the japanese translation is patched in debian/rules and not by the patch system is the cause of the weird patching04:58
pittidaniels: it uses uudecode in rules IIRC04:58
danielsdebian/local or something04:58
=== fabbione starts pointing the sodomotron towards daniels
danielsif you want to make my builds faster, great05:06
fabbionedaniels: where are you building?05:07
fabbioneand the major thing is.. are you using ccache?05:07
danielsconcordia, and not until now05:08
pittidaniels: you can try to convert the japanese uuencoded thingy into a proper patch05:09
danielspitti: debian/local should do it05:09
pittidaniels: however, this effort might be gone after the next debian release05:09
lamont_rew.  db4.3_4.3.21-3 build failure on ppc05:10
pittielmo: is there any reasonable fast machine where I could do some glibc test builds on?05:10
pittielmo: i. e. with the glibc build-deps?05:12
elmopitti: what arch?05:12
Mithrandirpitti: use the print server? :P05:12
pittielmo: I don't really care05:12
pittielmo: I want to test an alternative gettext hierarchy05:13
danielsfabbione: how exactly do you use ccache with the kernel?05:13
daniels  # For some reason, this causes all modules to fail05:13
daniels  #$command .= " CC=\"$cc\" HOSTCC=\"$hostcc\"";05:13
daniels  $command .= " $Targets";05:13
pittielmo: I should be able to actually test it using LD_PRELOAD, so I don't need root05:13
elmodaniels: export PATH=/usr/lib/ccache:$PATH05:13
pittielmo: s/LD_PRELOAD/LD_LIBRARY_PATH/05:13
danielselmo: thanks05:14
elmopitti: use concordia05:15
pittielmo: okay, thx05:15
elmo[you're familiar with dchroot, I assume ?] 05:15
pittielmo: never used it, do I need to?05:15
elmodchroot -c hoary05:15
elmoor do you need warty?05:15
lamont_rMithrandir: I'm going to upload enigmail05:15
pittielmo: hoary is okay05:15
elmookay, well I installed the build-deps in both chroots in any event05:16
pittielmo: thanks a lot05:16
fabbione  CC [M]   drivers/net/wireless/ipw2100/fsam7400.o05:16
fabbionedrivers/net/wireless/ipw2100/fsam7400.c: In function `fsam_bios_routine':05:16
fabbionedrivers/net/wireless/ipw2100/fsam7400.c:132: error: impossible constraint in `asm'05:16
fabbionemake[6] : *** [drivers/net/wireless/ipw2100/fsam7400.o]  Error 105:16
pittielmo: pitti@chinstrap:~ $ host concordia05:16
pittiHost concordia not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)05:16
pittielmo: ?05:16
elmopitti: concordia.ubuntu.com, sorry05:16
elmoand don't forget to add the ssh rune05:16
thomgar, too slow05:17
Mithrandirlamont_r: huh?  I did a couple of hours ago, or did it fail?05:17
elmosee MachinesOverview on the s3kr1t wiki05:17
danielsfabbione: worksforme05:17
lamont_rneeded /Build-Depend/s/$/, gcc-3.4 [amd64] / :-(05:17
TreenaksWho do I go to to get an ubuntu-nl mailinglist for Dutch-language support?05:17
Mithrandirlamont_r: ah, of course.05:17
fabbionedaniels: ppc05:17
thomTreenaks: jdub05:17
danielsfabbione: don't try to build i386 drivers on powerpc, then.05:18
Treenaksthom: ok, I'll drop him a mail05:18
lamont_relmo: what do we need to do to get binutils happy on i386?05:18
fabbionedaniels: that's because the patch isn't arch clean as i was telling you before ;)05:19
fabbiones/before/a few days back/05:19
elmolamont: someone needs to decide what to do about that tcl8.4 bug - personally, I think forwarding the problem upstream, then  reverting the patch until they fix it, is a viable way forward05:19
lamont_r'k.  is that on your list, or should I deal with it?05:20
danielsfabbione: dude, it's pretty easy, just don't put it into the powerpc config05:20
lamont_rnp either way, of course.05:20
danielsfabbione: it's not powerpc hardware, it's only on i38605:20
elmolamont: I'd rather a distro person ran with it from here...05:20
fabbionedaniels: kid.. i know the solution already... it was just show you what i meant with "non clean patch".05:21
danielsfabbione: what do you mean, non-clean patch?05:21
danielsfabbione: my sources never, ever, touched the powerpc config05:21
Mithrandiris somebody smoking in the bofh room or something?05:22
danielsso I honestly don't see how you can claim the patch is unclean when there was no problem until you attempted to build a very i386-specific module for powerpc05:22
danielsit's utterly nonsensical, and that's why I didn't do it05:22
mjg59daniels: To be fair, the kconfig should probably prevent it from being selectable05:23
MithrandirKamion: did you need any USB sticks?05:24
fabbionedaniels: patches that allows Kconfig to select a i386 driver on a ppc are not clean. What is difficult to understand about it?05:25
fabbionedaniels: i don't ge prompted for wireless stuff on sparc..05:26
fabbione+ the patch you have done changed the config via dpatch that is basically wrong05:26
danielsif it's so difficult, you can throw the patch straight back to me and i'll do my own k-s upload with fsam7400 and the asm stuff05:26
fabbionedaniels: dude.. you are out of your way05:26
fabbionedaniels: 100% out..05:26
fabbionei am just showing you something05:27
fabbioneto explain to you what i meant 3 days back with "non- clean patch"05:27
fabbioneand you go all high up05:27
fabbionethe patch is merged. <- full stop05:27
fabbioneit's there and it compiles05:27
KamionMithrandir: yeah, would be nice thanks05:27
fabbionewhy do you want me to send back stuff to you05:27
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsfabbione: the patch seems to make you pretty upset05:37
Mithrandirmy emacs is on crack:  it thinks my battery is at 102%.05:40
Treenaksisn't that a feature of emacs.. it being on crack and all05:42
_rene_heh. just wanted to say that, too ;-)05:43
=== bob2 [rob@bob2.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirpfft, it's on crack in a good sense of the word05:51
TreenaksMithrandir: on your way back, stop by in Amsterdam ;)05:52
fabbionedaniels: me? upset? ahahaha you have never seen me upset :P05:52
KeybukKamion: merge-o-matic previous paths are now more Colin-friendly05:54
MithrandirTreenaks: I was there on my way here, I'll be there on my way back, I was there a month or so ago on my way to and back from Italy.05:54
TreenaksMithrandir: hm ok.. I left from there as well (living almost next to it...)05:55
KamionKeybuk: bonus, thanks05:55
MithrandirTreenaks: it's a nice city.05:55
whiprushhas anyone ever brought up ubuntu on alphas? (as a potential platform I mean)05:57
Treenaksaren't alphas close to dead?05:57
whiprushunfortunately. :-/05:57
thomalpha is cool05:57
thomsadly mine is way underpowered to try and do a port on05:58
whiprushI have like 11 here and I'd hate to see them go to waste.05:58
thomand i don't have time, either05:58
=== lamont_r needs some fontconfig-literate person to look at #3442
=== thom aims lamont at daniels and pulls the trigger
danielsfonts hurt my head05:59
lamont_rhe says that, but he's reading the bug..05:59
daniels... and now my head hurts06:00
fabbionewhere is mdz?06:01
jdublamont_r: we should not be setting anything in local.conf06:01
lamont_rjdub: taht's re 3442?06:02
lamont_rjdub: ok06:04
lamont_rbtw, your bof??06:04
lamont_rthat was to start 36 min ago...06:06
jdubyeah, mdz is asleep06:06
lamont_rah, opk06:07
=== dasenjo [~dasenjo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mdz [~mdz@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomdaniels: do you have a new i810switch?06:19
danielsthom: 'new'?06:22
lamont_rpitti around?06:24
pittilamont: right here f**ing up libc6 :-)06:24
lamont_rheh... in the bof room?06:24
pittilamont: yeah06:24
=== lamont_r walks over
danielsthom: ideally we should just set up clone and devicepresence per default06:25
danielsso you can plug in and get working clone06:25
danielsthom: this is one of the things my i-can't-believe-it's-not-discover1 tool is designed to solve06:26
lamont_relmo: bof on..06:26
mjg59daniels: Doesn't that result in the VGA port being driven even without hardware attached?06:27
danielsmjg59: pretty much, yeah06:27
danielsmjg59: is power consumption an issue there?06:28
thomdaniels: ok, so my question was really: "How do i make video come out of my vga port"06:28
thomsince currently i have no projected love06:28
Mithrandirthom: where di you find coke?  New supplies arrived downstairs?06:29
thommy slave^W^Wdaniels brought me some06:29
=== lamont_r realizes that he left his supplies in the other room. grumbles.
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59daniels: I haven't actually tested, but I'd assume it'd draw more power06:32
mjg59We need unified hotkeys and HAL love06:32
danielsthom: not sure I have enough sugar in my system to set up VGA for you though ...06:33
danielsmjg59: i doubt it would run too much more, but yeah, fair point06:34
Mithrandirlifeless: any reason why there's no TLAEDITOR or ARCHEDITOR environment variable?06:34
lifelessbecause EDITOR exists.06:35
lamont_rlifeless: does it use EDITOR if the others exist?06:35
lamont_rer, don't exist?06:35
lifelessit only uses EDITOR06:36
=== lamont_r re-reads.
=== seb128 [~seb128@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsKamion: * 901_debchangelog.vim.diff: Add warty and hoary to debchangelogTarget.06:38
danielsKamion: beverage-of-choice is yours tonight06:38
mjg59thom: You want i855crt, anyway06:38
mjg59i810switch doesn't have a whole lot of 855 love06:38
Kamiondaniels: Chris reminded me about it06:38
danielsmjg59: yeah, he's going to come over here with Coke and his laptop when the BoF is over and I'll VGA him up06:39
mjg59Is the mataro schedule up anywhere?06:39
danielsthe only thing that is shitting me about my multi-screen setup at the moment is that I keep losing my schedule06:39
=== Mithrandir should probably do the same for devscripts-el
danielsmjg59: w.u.c/wiki/ConfAgenda06:39
thommjg59: crap. that might explain it :-)06:45
mjg59daniels: Why is dri so hard with xinerama?06:45
danielsmjg59: don't know, tbh06:48
danielsmjg59: seems that most implementations play funny buggers with how they allocate memory and stuff, or maybe they decided that locking was Just Too Hard06:48
danielsmjg59: either way, the only ones to have fixed it are ati, really06:48
danielsthom: for simple clone stuff, i855crt swcursor on 1024x768@70, should suffice06:49
danielsthom: else,
lamont_rI _HATE_ zsh, I do.06:49
mjg59Doing xinerama for the 855 CRT out makes sense - you can have your next slide on the LCD06:49
Mithrandirlamont_r: it probably hates you too, given that it reads your mind.06:50
mjg59But having to kill X in order to switch between having DRI or not is a pain06:50
thomdaniels: ah, neat06:51
danielsmjg59: yeah06:52
danielsmjg59: it's pretty crap06:52
Mithrandirlamont_r: could you run linux32 uname -a on an ia64 box for me?06:53
mjg59Things not to do with an X40:06:55
mjg59Jam headphones into the USB connector06:55
danielsmjg59: ...06:55
danielsapart from bzzt bzzt zap06:55
mjg59Immediate power down, needed to remove the battery and AC06:55
azeemjdub: dude?06:56
Mithrandirmjg59: I saw the same thing when playing around with live wires connected to my PSU.  Very Fast Shutdown.06:56
Mithrandirazeem: he's BOFing06:56
lamont_rlinux32 uname -a07:02
lamont_rLinux hooker 2.4.25-hpe-9-mckinley-smp #1 SMP Wed Aug 11 11:59:05 UTC 2004 ia64 GNU/Linux07:02
lamont_r# uname -a07:02
lamont_rLinux hooker 2.4.25-hpe-9-mckinley-smp #1 SMP Wed Aug 11 11:59:05 UTC 2004 ia64 GNU/Linux07:02
fabbionelamont_r: is that a "normal" debian kernel?07:12
lamont_rfabbione: I think it is07:15
lamont_rdunno - that's an elmo question07:15
Mithrandirfabbione: looks like one.07:16
lamont_rfabbione: any progress on the ia64 kernels?07:18
=== herzi [~herzi@d006238.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionelamont_r: gimme a hoary chroot and i will give you a kernel :-)07:23
fabbionelamont_r: i was just checking while sparc and ppc are finishing07:23
fabbionewe don't need any arch specific patch from 2.6.8 or higher that makes it very simple07:23
=== lamont_r gently lifts libunwind7, and repeatedly smashes it into the floor and wall.
=== lamont_r hands fabbione a token that he can give elmo in exchange for a hoary chroot.
lamont_rand that token is: floe:/usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/hoary.buildd07:27
lamont_rer... s/floe/hooker07:27
lamont_rKamion: we have a debootstrappable ia64 archive...07:30
lamont_rwanna do the magic to generate hoary.buildd for it?07:31
=== lamont_r has a working hoary.buildd, but not the source to auto-build it.
Kamionlamont_r: I don't autogen hoary.buildd, only hoary07:31
Kamionbut I'll do hoary, sure07:31
Kamionis it germinatable?07:32
Kamionoh, we'll find out :)07:32
lamont_rstill kernel-less, of course.07:32
Kamionyeah, that should be ok07:32
lamont_rchinstrap:~lamont/hoary.buildd is a good buildd script.07:33
lamont_rwhich would be good to deliver in either case...07:33
Kamionmkay, will try to merge07:33
lamont_rinteresting font... ~ and - look almost the same.07:33
lamont_r- is a bit shorter is all07:33
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lamont_rKamion: libelfg0 is in the archive for ia64...07:42
lamont_rwhich is to say, why didn't it show up?07:42
lamont_rah, probably due to ltrace07:43
lamont_rltrace is !ia6407:43
fabbionelamont_r: same thing on sparc07:45
jdubazeem: dude?07:46
Kamionlamont_r: ah, ok, fine07:47
mxpxpodjdub: is gnome-bluetooth in universe or main yet?07:48
lamont_rKamion: so anything build-depending on libreadline-dev should get libreadline4-dev?07:50
pittielmo: if you find a second, please sync powerprefs from sid07:51
lifelessKeybuk: did you ahve a good gpg[v]  python wrapper? I need to determine the author of a clearcsigned thing.07:52
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jdubmxpxpod: universe07:57
mxpxpodjdub: ok07:57
mxpxpodjdub: who do I talk to to get it compiled for powerpc?07:57
Treenaksthom: vim signatures.fortune07:59
chrisamxpxpod: psst, there's a 'source' argument to apt for a reason07:59
mxpxpodchrisa: yeah, but if someone else wants to use it as well... we're not gentoo...08:00
lamont_rmxpxpod: looks like missing build-depends08:00
mxpxpodlamont_r: ah, ok08:00
lamont_rpatches welcome08:00
lamont_rhttp://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/g/gnome-bluetooth/0.5.1-1ubuntu5/gnome-bluetooth_0.5.1-1ubuntu5_20041202-1107-powerpc-failed 08:01
lamont_relmo: please sync pwlib08:02
elmopowerprefs |    0.4.6-3 | hoary/universe | source08:02
elmopitti: it's already synced08:02
pittielmo: oh, sorry. Then the merge bug is moot, I close it. Thx08:02
elmolamont: done08:02
lamont_rpitti: btw, I figured out why we can't sync like we were discussing on the plane. and uploaded my package08:02
elmopitti: you have locales08:02
pittilamont_r: I already fixed hpsockd in warty-security08:03
pittilamont: I hope you didn't upload it again?08:03
pittielmo: thx08:04
lamont_rKamion: it's worse than you thought (readline5)08:05
pittilamont_r: what breaks? wrong distribution in debian/changelog?08:05
lamont_rpitti: only one thing.  any library/etc that you Depend on that is newer...08:06
danielsKamion: 08:06
danielsThe following lines in the control files differ (wdiff output format):08:06
danielsVersion: [-2.6.9-1-]  {+2.6.9-2+}08:06
danielsInstalled-Size: [-24544-]  {+47764+}08:06
danielsKamion: (that's with asm-*)08:07
lamont_rKamion: all of the packages built on the other 3 architectures _before_ libreadline5 showed its face.08:07
lamont_rany upload that happens now will use libreadline5 (to satisfy libreadline-dev)08:07
lamont_rI'm fixing that...08:07
Kamiondaniels: uh ... huh. 23MB is not entirely to be sneezed at :(08:10
Kamioneven on installed systems disregarding CD space, that sucks :-/08:11
danielsKamion: aye08:11
danielsfabbione: concordia:~daniels/kernel/l-i/install-all-asm-headers.diff08:12
fabbionedaniels: good!08:13
fabbionedaniels: it is enough to remove these lines? what about the symlinks?08:15
danielshm, we need symlinks for each of l-h, I suppose08:17
danielsright, hold on a sec08:18
danielskernel-package is frigging obtuse08:19
=== Keybuk wants galactica.ubuntu.com
=== Keybuk suddenly realises he's missing Battlestar Galactica at the moment :-/
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jdubmxpxpod: probably just my (and edd's) continuing build-dep lameness08:32
jdubmxpxpod: i'll check the logs later08:32
mxpxpodjdub: heh, thanks08:32
fabbionefood time 08:49
pittifabbione: ++ ++ ++08:49
Treenaksfabbione: yeah, great plan ;)08:49
pittifabbione: shall we meet in the reception hall?08:50
pittifabbione: seb128 will come too08:50
seb128jdub, http://mail.gnome.org/archives/ is b0rked !08:50
Treenakspitti: do you guys mind if I join?08:50
pittiTreenaks: no, why should we :-)08:51
Treenakspitti: well.. ;)08:51
Treenakspitti: see you downstairs then?08:51
Treenaksor wait for the BOF to end?08:51
pittiTreenaks: sure, in a few minutes08:51
pittiTreenaks: the BOF has runned for several hours now08:51
pittiTreenaks: I'm not sure how long it will still take08:51
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