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ChrisHHehe... :)09:39
ChrisHenrico: Are you there already?09:40
ChrisHIs there an official IRC channel during the conference?09:41
enricouhm uhm uhm...  let's ask09:43
enricoMako doesn't know of anything but #ubuntu-devel09:44
ChrisHUh huh... would be nice to have one for organisational things there.09:44
ChrisH#mataro? #ubuntu-conference?09:44
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enrico_As I was saying, *when my computer won't crash* I'll be hanging on here and keeping people updated09:48
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ChrisHlulu: Hey. :) How's breakfast?09:57
luluChrisH: excellent :o) all sorts of allsorts!09:58
ChrisHlulu: I assume everone has a laptop on the table. ;)09:58
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enricoAS I WAS SAYING10:03
enricoWhen my laptop crashes10:03
enricoThat is, when my laptop does not crash, I hang out here10:04
enricoAnd I'll be posting some updates in the list about what happens10:04
enricoAll the BOFs will have notes on the wiki as well10:04
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luluChrisH: yes. lots of laptops10:14
ChrisHlulu: Enough wall sockets? :)10:19
ChrisHHow many are there actually? 20? 50? 200?10:20
ChrisHWould be nice to have a web cam. :)10:20
enricoChrisH: wall sockets?  huge10:42
enricoI'll try to post pictures10:42
enricoI took some pictures, now I have to fetch the cable to get them out of my camera10:47
ChrisHenrico: Can't you wear a helmet cam?11:10
ChrisHenrico: How crowded is it already?11:10
=== ChrisH is scared of the WLAN reliability in Mataro :)
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enricolaptop's so much crashy today11:19
enricoSo, posts to the list11:19
=== enrico types
ChrisHenrico: Is it crowded already? :)11:21
enricouh, quite11:22
enricoaround 55 people already11:22
ChrisHSo the BOFs are probably more like conferences...11:23
enricoyeah, although not everyone's in a BOF11:24
ChrisHWhat are you doing? Hacking? :)11:25
enricoWell, rebooting my laptop over and over, mainly :(11:28
enricoPlus, talking with cenerentola and fixing the notes I've taken11:28
=== enrico looks for a place to put pictures online
ChrisHenrico: what about a public gallery? I can set one up in no time.12:31
enricoChrisH: do you have bandwidth enough?12:35
ChrisHenrico: 0.5 Mbps12:35
enricoChrisH: uhm, that's going to be hammered12:35
ChrisHenrico: No problem. :)12:35
enricoIn that case... :)12:36
ChrisHenrico: At least I wanted to put my photos online there. Let's burn the line. :)12:36
enricoI'm tring to put my pictures on my  server atm12:36
enricoFirst report sent!12:46
enricowell, sending...12:47
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ChrisHsivang: Hey... a late entry. :)01:28
sivangyes :)01:28
sivangHave been up late packing :)01:28
ChrisHYou mean you watched your gf pack your bag? :)01:29
sivangsomething like that :) hehe01:29
sivangI would be lost without her 01:29
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sivangyo plovs!01:33
plovssivang: you in Barcelona yet?01:34
sivangplovs : I wish :) not yet01:35
plovs? i thoought you went today?01:36
ChrisHplovs: Hey... :) Flying today or tomorrow?01:37
ChrisHplovs: My plane is going tomorrow at 11:3001:37
plovstomorrow morning at 7:0001:37
ChrisHUh. That's not really tomorrow. :)01:37
plovsi'll be there at 13:00 or so01:37
ChrisHplovs: Direct flight?01:37
plovsno, more like tonight01:37
plovsno, riga - prague - barcelona01:38
plovsChrisH: you?01:39
ChrisHplovs: I'll arrive at 13:45.01:40
sivangChrisH : when are you arriving the barcelona?01:40
ChrisHplovs: I got a direct flight that longs 2:30 hours01:40
ChrisHplovs: On Wednesday.01:40
ChrisHsivang: 13:4501:40
plovsah, ok, nice to see you all irl01:40
sivangChrisH : tommorow?01:40
ChrisHsivang: wednesday01:41
=== enrico is waiting for everyone here, arms spread
ChrisHenrico: At the front entrance? :)01:41
plovsenrico: thanks, for the first write up01:41
enricoChrisH: I'll hand out the room keys :)01:42
enricoplovs: my pleasure.  More will come this afternoon01:42
ChrisHLaunchpad... sounds nice.01:42
sivangenrico : can you come pick us up from the train station? :)01:42
plovsenrico: yeah, with a limo, a white one, but if that is not possible then a black is ok as well, we're easy01:43
enricosivang: I'll send the armed guards for that01:43
sivangI want cavier and champane 01:43
enricoplovs: helycopter is allright?01:43
enricosivang: no champagne here, but a good cava will do01:43
plovsenrico: armed guards is good, i got this funny package in my suit-case from france01:43
sivangenrico : yes, but make it the luxury ones , you know with the hot tub in it01:44
enrico(cava is the local champaigne)01:44
enricosivang: hot jacuzzi, one each01:44
ChrisHenrico: Wow... power! endless power! :)01:44
enricoyou can sleep in a jacuzzi here, they give you special inflatable pillows for that01:45
plovsenrico: does wireless work in the rooms yet?01:45
enricoplovs: Haven't been in the room today :)  But wlan works in all the places I've been01:45
plovsenrico: nice01:45
enricoChrisH: there's a red phone here, I didn't try to pick it up.  Maybe that can help you :)01:46
sivangenrico : they have a jacuzzi?01:46
enricosivang: uh, really, no01:46
ChrisHsivang: It's a bad hotel. No swimming pool at all.01:46
enricoThe hotel is nice, one of those hotels that are the same all around the globe01:46
sivangenrico : ok then, now how in the _world_ don't they provide 2 keys per room?01:47
enricoTV, frigobar, shower, tub, toilet and *bidet*!01:47
enricoItalians need bidet01:47
enricoAir conditioning, too01:47
ChrisHenrico: Bidet is nice... but I'd rather have a whirlpool.01:47
enricoAnd the breakfast buffet is really good01:47
sivangenrico : where do you leave the laptop when you want to just walk around and hang?01:48
sivangenrico : do they have enough power outlets for the less, ACPI blessed ubuntu boxes out there? :)01:48
enricosivang: lots of power outlets: check the pictures (announced in the list)01:49
enrico(tehre's also a ConferenceGalleries wiki page now)01:49
enricosivang: where to leave the laptop... uhm... the room has a safe, but it's kind of small01:49
enricosivang: best option is keeping on you01:49
plovsenrico: an airport running windows is not really faith-inspiring afaik, but nice pics anyway01:50
enricoplovs: hang on a sec01:51
sivangenrico : do they have any sort of belongings keeping ?01:51
sivangenrico : even paid?01:51
ChrisHWho's the guy in the background here: http://foodfight.org/fotos/2004/12-05%20Ubuntu%20Hacker%20Crowd/?img_0003.jpg01:52
ChrisHI've seem him before at the LinuxTag.01:52
enricoplovs: http://lento.uncasino.it/enrico/galleries/2003-10-22-Sofia/foto/thumb/dscf0113-1-0.html01:54
ChrisHenrico: does not look like windows :)01:55
enricoChrisH: you mean the guy with glasses next to the wall?01:56
ChrisHenrico: Yes, behind Mark (if that's him)01:57
ChrisHWould be nice to have a few photos of people. I have no idea how elmo or mdz look like.02:00
ChrisHenrico: But I'm sure you'll introduce us to all. :)02:01
enricoAbout keeping belongings, the hotel rooms are fine.  There's also this locker you can use02:03
enricoChrisH: that guy is "spiv"02:03
enricoI'll introduce everyone to everyone until everyone will be sick of me introducing people :)02:03
enrico(that's what I usually do anyway ;)02:04
enricoIt's however more fun to meet people IRL anyway02:04
enricoPhotos spoil the expectations02:04
ChrisHenrico: That's right. It will probably make my head explode to learn 50 names.02:05
enricoChrisH: well, 50 so far.  More will arrive :)02:05
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enricohornbeck: !!02:25
enricohornbeck: how're you doing?02:25
enricolunchtime updates at lento.uncasino.it/enrico/ubuntuconf02:32
hornbeckI am here, I am doing fine02:32
ChrisHenrico: Can't you just wear a helmet camera? :)02:33
hornbeckI am done with a truck load of work for my job, so back to Ubuntu this week02:33
enricohornbeck: Wow!  So not in super-hectic-swamped mode anymore!02:33
hornbecknope, done with all that02:33
hornbeckonly thing I have today is like two clients and a meeting02:34
luluhornbeck: welcome back!02:34
=== enrico opens a bottle of champaigne for hornbeck
hornbeckso the rest will be doc writing02:34
hornbecklulu: thanks02:34
hornbeckso is everyone except me at the conferance?02:35
enricohornbeck: no, not yet02:36
enricohornbeck: just me and lulu, from the current subscriber list of the channel02:37
enricoChrisH: I know you ask that because you want to spy my passwords! :)02:38
hornbeckwhere is ChrisH, plovs, and sivang?02:39
hornbeckthought they where first responders also?02:39
plovshornbeck: right here, working02:40
plovshornbeck: i go tomorrow02:40
ChrisHhornbeck: I'm here. :) Hi, John.02:40
ChrisHhornbeck: I'll be in Spain from Wednesday to Saturday.02:40
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hornbeckgood deal guys02:42
hornbeckhave alot of fun for me02:42
enricosivang is probably busy packing, like in the last 3 days :)02:42
hornbeckI am going to start my passport process in january that way if this every pops up again I can just go02:42
enricohornbeck: buy a lead case for it, though: I heard that new american passports have biometrics on RFID02:42
enricohornbeck: oh, no, they tell me it's not yet working02:43
ChrisHenrico: At least your airline didn't go bancrupt this time.02:43
enricoChrisH: eh02:44
enricoChrisH: but the train company tried to keep me away of the airport02:44
ChrisHenrico: Were you too ugly? ;)02:44
enricoChrisH: the ticket office was closed, and the train driver didn't allow me in saying that the ticket office was open02:44
ChrisHenrico: Did you get anything done today? Or are you just sitting in the reception hall being on IRC? :)02:45
enricoChrisH: the italian railway police officer I asked things later told me to call the railway police next time, because they'd like to beat some train driver since they are annoyed at them doing that  (of course he didn't say "beat")02:45
enricoChrisH: I'm trying to get the hang of this secretary job and to work out and organize what are the initiatives I'll undertake02:46
enricoThen I'll make some annoucement in the list02:47
ChrisHenrico: Ah, the italian train. I thought you had trouble in Barcelona.02:47
ChrisHenrico: So you are the logging officer?02:47
enricoChrisH: for the ubuntu-doc channel, yes02:48
enricoSorry, for the ubuntu-doc community02:48
ChrisHDo we have a seperte community? :)02:48
=== ChrisH is asking too many questions today
enricoChrisH: you mean, a doc community outside of the channel?  I think so.  There are many more people in the list than in the channel02:48
enricoSome are active in the book, for example02:48
hornbeckwell I am off to work guys02:48
enricohornbeck: see you later!02:49
hornbeckhave fun, and I will be checking in02:49
enricohornbeck: I'll have some things to ask you about the book02:49
hornbeckok, I will be back later02:49
=== enrico remembers that for people who are not here, in the ConfAgenda the BOF names will turn into links to the BOF summaries a little time after the BOFs are closed
sivangenrico : was it sunday that the ticket office was close?03:19
enricosivang: yes03:19
sivangenrico : I heared from Treenaks (Martin Van Streek) that they have an automatic machine there,03:19
enricosivang: but you won't need to get a train ticket in Rome, since you won't get out of the airport anyway03:19
enricosivang: sure, but the automatic machine was out of order03:19
sivangNow I get it,03:19
sivangI thought it was in Barcelona :)03:20
=== enrico goes to non-latin input BOF
enrico(since I'll be in Taiwan for some time...)04:00
enricoI moved upstairs04:06
enricoWlan still works04:06
enricoAnd there are lots of power plugs04:07
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enricomako opens the BOF: A goal for hoary is having input methods for as many scripts as we can figure out what to do04:20
enricosome (many) input methods have been mentioned to show the current mess04:24
enricothere is a need to see what people are actually using04:33
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ChrisHenrico: If I may ask... I can't attend at the LaptopSupportAndPowerManagement BOF. Care to take a few notes? That the most FAQ here at work how the "power state of the nation" is currently.05:12
enricoChrisH: ok!05:23
ChrisHenrico: thanks05:23
enricoChrisH: that'll be tomorrow afternoon, I'll be there, 05:24
enricoChrisH: anyhow, every BOF has a notetaker and has notes published05:24
ChrisHenrico: Okay, that should do it.05:24
enricoChrisH: however, if you want to be online, I can tell you what happens and report questions for you (like, interfacing you with the bof)05:24
ChrisHenrico: Wednesday will probably the most interesting day for me. I can offer to take notes there.05:24
ChrisHenrico: Thanks for the offer. But I will probably not be online during that time because I need to get a few things ready for the flight.05:25
enricoChrisH: ok05:27
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enrico(more or less)08:25
enricoSee you all tomorrow (I'll try to hack up a nightly report)08:25
ChrisHYeah, right... my notebook is making trouble. Argh!09:10
=== ChrisH gets another one

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