Matt|SuSE_UsER, yeah very easy12:00
Quest-MasterIt's much better than Suse12:00
Quest-MasterI used Suse before Ubuntu12:00
|QuaD|SuSE_UsER: i removed suse 3 days after putting it on12:00
Matt|*laughs* now now12:00
Quest-MasterUbuntu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Suse12:00
|QuaD|then put suse on12:00
SuSE_UsERi want to have more than 1 distro on my pc :)12:00
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|how many distros you have?12:00
=== thoreauputic is now known as T|-|0r34pU7|c
gilligan_Matt|: i think i found what might be the prob..12:00
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|gilligan_, cool, what?12:01
Matt|SuSE_UsER, why more than one?12:01
gilligan_Matt|: libgnomevfs2-0 libgnomevfs2-common libwvstreams3-base ... not updated..12:01
Quest-MasterTime to go to Ubuntu forums12:01
=== T|-|0r34pU7|c is now known as thoreauputic
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
SuSE_UsERMatt|: because i want to test another one distro after mandrake ,suse and knoppix12:01
Matt|SuSE_UsER, pick one and stick with it is my advice12:01
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|SuSE_UsER: imho, pick debian, knoppix or ubuntu12:02
|QuaD|each has their plus's and minus's12:02
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|meh it doesn't really matter they're all the same12:02
Matt|they all work12:02
|QuaD|Matt|: yeah12:02
sjoerdyou can't really compair knoppix and debian or ubuntu..12:03
|QuaD|sjoerd: why?12:03
SuSE_UsERwell i just want to check more then 3 :012:03
Matt|if you stick with one, you stand a chance of actually learning how it works12:03
gumpishE: Couldn't find package mplayer12:03
Matt|gumpish, wiki, restrictedformats12:03
=== intinig|away is now known as intinig
|QuaD|SuSE_UsER: i reccomend trying slackware and gentoo if you are looking to learn about the many different ones12:03
sjoerd|QuaD|: because knoppix is life cd, while the other two are normal distributions12:03
mhessyou know what they say:12:03
|QuaD|sjoerd: you can install sjoerd12:04
SuSE_UsERi thought about fedora12:04
mhesslearn red hat and you'll know how to use red hat12:04
mhesslearn Slackware and you'll know how to use linux12:04
sjoerd|QuaD|: i hope you can't install me :).. Yeah you can install knoppix, but then your using knoppix as your debian installer basically12:04
thoreauputicSuSE_UsER: I hope the fedora thought passed quickly to /dev/null ;)12:04
Matt|the variety between distros is really quite minimal once you actuall start understanding how things work.12:04
sjoerdSuSE_UsER: if you want to try, use them at least for a few monts..12:05
mhessthat's mostly true12:05
|QuaD|Matt|: yeah12:05
sjoerdSuSE_UsER: otherwise your just trying the install :)12:05
mhessSuSE_UsER, LFS12:06
SuSE_UsERmhess: lfs?12:06
mhess"Linux From Scratch"12:06
mhessprobably the easiest distro out there12:07
mhessbest installer ever12:07
SuSE_UsERmhess: im not looking for very easy distro12:07
SuSE_UsERsuse is easy enough12:07
SuSE_UsERi want to try something different ;)12:07
Matt|SuSE_UsER, try drugs12:08
gilligan_Matt|: hrm.no..wrong assumption.. gnome still wont start..12:08
mhessgilligan_, does X start?12:08
Matt|gilligan_, ok paste me the output of "mount" in a /query12:08
SuSE_UsERMatt|: :D12:08
gilligan_mhess: yep.. i can also run wmaker..12:08
mhesshow far does gnome get?12:09
gilligan_mhess: seen the output i pasted from .xsession-errors above?12:09
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-213-023-051-147.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
mhessno, Matt| can take care of you i guess ...12:09
gilligan_mhess: not even to the splash-screen - i think gnome is not even the problem..the problem is somewhere before12:09
Matt|*grins* i'm not sure I can help12:09
Matt|but we'll see12:09
gilligan_Matt|: i dont get how mount should relate to this issue? ;)12:10
gumpishE: Couldn't find package mplayer-58612:10
Matt|gilligan_, just on the off chance12:10
Matt|gumpish, you added the correct repository? You have to read all the way down the wiki12:10
gumpishnm - skipped to the relevant portion12:10
gilligan_Matt|: all partitions are mounted just fine hehe.. otherwise the problems would be of very different nature i assume..12:11
Matt|gilligan_, just humour me12:11
gilligan_Matt|: ? i dont12:11
=== giga [~giga@dsl81-214-13668.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
=== chrisa [~chris@nullcode.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== chrisa [~chris@nullcode.org] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
confreyanybody using ardour?12:18
mhessis there a nice apt-y way of installing gDesklets?12:18
|QuaD|apt-get install gDesklets-data12:18
mhesswhat repos?12:18
|QuaD|no idea12:18
thoreauputic|QuaD|: that package is all lower-case ( gdesklets-data)12:18
thoreauputicthere is also a gdesklets package12:18
|QuaD|ohh :)12:18
thoreauputicwhich conflicts with the *-data one12:18
|QuaD|thoreauputic: not on mine12:18
|QuaD|thoreauputic: mine had gdesklets as the app data was the applets12:18
|QuaD|thoreauputic: when you apt-get gdesklets-data it add gdesklets12:18
thoreauputichmm... ok well I'm currently on Debian, so just ignore me :)12:18
|QuaD|oh :)12:19
=== zapada [zapada@Chatham-ppp278424.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== mos__ [~mos@adsl-157-54-93.mco.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== beezly [~andy@monkey.beezly.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== sm [~simon@lsanca1-ar5-4-60-050-074.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
smhi all12:21
smdoes anyone know what part of the system sets up the /dev/cdrom symlinks ?12:21
smI have /dev/hda but not the symlinks, and cd events aren't working12:22
njansm, what distro are you running and what are you trying to do?12:22
njansm, I'm stupid. I didn't realise this was #ubuntu12:23
njanplease excuse me whilst I stab myself in the face.12:23
smplease don't go that far :)12:23
smI'm running hoary, upgraded from knoppix->sid->...12:23
njanI've been staring at obfuscated C code for about the last 2 hours and I'm in ~two dozen irc channels, so I have an excuse :p12:23
=== jind [~jind@216-221-248.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
smas a result I had some trouble with cd access, had to add ide-cd to /etc/modules12:24
=== Triple|5 [~Triple5@pool-162-84-157-59.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== SuSE_UsER [~ja@] has left #ubuntu []
smI thought /etc/init.d/udev restart might create them via /etc/udev/cdsymlinks.sh.. but no12:26
=== smo [~soneil@] has joined #ubuntu
netmonkcan someone tell me why i can play mp3 with xmms but when I try to add folders to Music Player, it tells me: "There is no plugin installed to handle a MP3 file"12:26
=== haikumore [~hmore@210.Red-213-96-130.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|netmonk, you need gstreamer0.8 and plugins12:27
=== bpd1069 [~brian@pool-151-205-249-135.cap.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== domestiko [~sip@84-121-82-5.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
netmonkwill synaptic do the job, Matt|?12:27
=== net [~net@gso167-157-040.triad.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|netmonk, if you find em yeah12:27
nethello, i am using nautilus for network browsing, but when i attempt to open a share it says it has a wrong file assosiation?  says its a desktop config file12:28
nethas anyone seen this before?12:29
=== verden01 [~verden@acc1-ppp64.gaw.dialup.connect.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== knightstalker [0@] has joined #ubuntu
bpd1069How do I create loop devices in /dev?  I tried ./MAKEDEV -v loop, it appears the devices were created but I do not see them in /dev...   what am I missing here?12:30
Matt|net, yes it stopped when I removed and readded the connection12:30
=== StevenR [~foo@82-41-30-69.cable.ubr04.edin.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== knightstalker [0@] has left #ubuntu []
Matt|bpd1069, far as i know you just need it enabled in your kernel and in /etc/network/interfaces12:30
smaha! what's this /.dev12:31
netMatt|, you have seen this?12:31
smwith more devices, including cdrom12:31
bpd1069loop# for non-block devices (such as mounting ISO's and such) I do have lo0 for networking...12:31
netmonk10x Matt| - it worked! ;)12:31
bpd1069ok, i must not be understanding something very trivial... thanks for the help12:33
Matt|net, as I say, happened to me12:33
netMatt|, what do you propose i do?12:34
Matt|net, remove and readd the connection12:34
Matt|file menu in nautilus --> connect to server12:34
netthis happens before a mount, when i initially connect to server12:35
Matt|net, when you click on the shortcut on the desktop?12:35
netMatt|, btw, i appreciate any help :)12:35
netno dhortcut on desktop, this is through computer->network12:36
netthen i browse the neighborhood12:36
bpd1069bah...  found the problem...  the loop module was not loaded...  modprobe loop created the devices automatically...12:36
Matt|net, have you restarted nautilus?12:36
netwhen i see the server and try to initially connect, i get that error12:36
netive rebooted oodles of times, does that count?12:36
Ribshow do I install a .deb package I have downloaded?12:36
Matt|net, yes12:36
Matt|Ribs, dpkg -i package12:36
netit seems weird12:36
Matt|net, hmm12:36
neti am now looking into manually smbmount and see if it wotrks12:37
Ribsdpkg: error processing point2play_1.3.2_i386.deb (--install):12:37
Ribs package architecture (i386) does not match system (amd64)12:37
Ribscan I override that?12:37
Matt|Ribs, no don't do that12:37
=== leonel [~leonel@] has joined #ubuntu
RibsHow do I install this software then?12:37
Matt|get it for your architecture? if it exists12:38
=== sm [~simon@lsanca1-ar5-4-60-050-074.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
scizzoRibs: you need to find the correct arch12:38
Matt|Ribs, not sure I'm afrad12:38
Ribspoint2play works fine on amd6412:38
netMatt|, do you have any other ideas on my nautilus issues?12:38
scizzoRibs: its a binary package12:38
Ribsit just happens to only be avaible in i38612:38
scizzoRibs: compiled to be used on i386 machines12:39
Ribsscizzo: I know.12:39
scizzoRibs: compile it on your own then12:39
Matt|net, it sounds really similar to the problem I had before. When i unmounted the connection and restarted it worked, but I don't know how you would do that with your problem.12:39
=== zapada_ [zapada@Barrie-ppp222829.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Ribsscizzo: I can't. It's a commerical program.12:39
scizzoRibs: if there is no amd64 binary package then it is hard to get it working12:39
Ribsscizzo: It worked perfectly in Gentoo and Fedora12:39
Ribsso I don't see why it shouldn't here.12:39
Matt|Ribs, in gentoo you would have compiled it on your own12:39
Ribsno, it's a binary package12:39
RibsThe source isn't avalible12:40
Matt|for i386?12:40
scizzoRibs: gentoo compiles it to follow the arch you have...fedora had a binary package that is compiled against the arch12:40
Ribsscizzo: No12:40
RibsIt's a binary package, only avaible for x8612:40
RibsBUT... it works fine on amd6412:40
Matt|Ribs, then install it at your own risk. Force it if you like. The man page will tell you how, or dpkg -h12:41
=== bpd1069 [~brian@pool-151-205-249-135.cap.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu []
RibsSo it can be forced?12:41
Matt|Ribs, you did it in gentoo and fedora didn't you?12:41
Matt|you must have forced it then too12:41
netMatt|, smbmount worked!!12:42
Matt|net, i didn't do anything, you found the solution ;)12:42
netnow i can listen to music once again12:42
Matt|glad tho12:42
RibsMatt|: not really12:43
Ribsgentoo was just emerge point2play12:43
netMatt|, how difficult will it be to make this smbmount permanent?12:43
Matt|net, fraid I don't know. perhaps it will always work now12:43
=== ToTo [~ToTo@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|Ribs, [ebuild  N F  ]  app-emulation/point2play-1.3.212:44
gilligan_Matt|: problem solved.. /tmp r/w privileges were wrong.. no idea what scipt altered that tho..12:44
=== Q-FUNK [~q-funk@gw-5.suomicom.fi] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicnet: you need an entry in /etc/fstab ( don't know the syntax for smb though, sorry)12:45
gilligan_Matt|: as for your *grin* - that is in no way related to the ro switch in fstab ;)12:45
netno mp3 support?12:45
=== TRA_MasterChief [TRA_Master@sdn-ap-013tnnashP0341.dialsprint.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== gilligan_ [gilligan@pD9E41D77.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu ["*zap*"]
TRA_MasterChiefum....hi is anyone here?12:46
TRA_MasterChiefis this the ubuntu linux irc chat room?12:47
Matt|ask away12:47
TRA_MasterChiefi have an iBook G3 366mhz Camshell laptop12:47
netanyone know how to add mp3 support for rhythmbox?12:47
=== Ruffian|Q| [Ruffian|Q|@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
TRA_MasterChiefits os is shot12:47
Matt|net, wiki, restricted formats (see topic)12:48
TRA_MasterChiefid like to try linux on it but im not sure what to do other than buy a linux cd set off ebay12:48
netMatt|, thats it12:49
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, do you have a good net connection?12:49
Matt|and a cd burner?12:49
=== Ruffian|Q| is now known as RuffianSoldier
TRA_MasterChiefsorry im on dial up, i would have downloaded it cause i have a brand spanking new cd burrner12:49
TRA_MasterChiefbut it would take a month...lol12:49
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, ubuntu cds are free but it will take a while12:49
billytwowillyI'm having nfs difficulties. Mounting is slow or returns this error: RPC timeout. ssh is also really slow to the server. Any ideas what could be wrong with the server and/or the network?12:50
TRA_MasterChiefi found one on ebay and all u pay is shiping and a small fee... dosent matter to me its way cheaper than mac or windows12:50
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, ubuntu will even pay the shipping ;)12:50
thoreauputicbillytwowilly: you have portmap installed and running?12:51
TRA_MasterChiefthats ok i looked into it and it said that nov 12 was last day to sign up12:51
billytwowillythoreauputic, I believe so. I'll ssh into the server and find out12:51
=== FirE-dRaGoN [~dragon@dsl-200-95-117-246.prod-infinitum.com.mx] has joined #Ubuntu
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, that has been extended i believe12:51
Matt|see the topic :)12:51
TRA_MasterChiefwhere at?12:52
Matt|order a few and distribute them to friends12:52
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, *grins* the topic of this channel12:52
Matt|at the top12:52
TRA_MasterChiefone more thing12:52
TRA_MasterChiefmy laptop wont start up at all its got a serious os failure, will it like start up if i put the ubuntu cd in?12:53
billytwowillyTRA_MasterChief,  2836 ?        00:00:00 portmap12:53
=== ficusplanet [~ficusplan@12-216-229-40.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
billytwowillythoreauputic,  2836 ?        00:00:00 portmap12:53
billytwowillyTRA_MasterChief, sorry, nm;)12:53
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, yeah as long as the hardware is all working and you can boot from cd12:53
ficusplanetIn hoary, with gnome-app-install replace synaptic or just be supplemental to it?12:54
=== The_Iconoclast [~goose@nr2-66-161-183-114.fuse.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|gosh i haven't even seen that12:54
Matt|ficusplanet, guess you can use either tho12:54
thoreauputicbillytwowilly: looks like it's there then12:55
TRA_MasterChiefhold on ill brb ill tell u what it does, it shouldnt matter though12:55
=== novaburst [~novaburst@evrtwa1-ar9-4-65-251-189.evrtwa1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== JT|ubuntu [~jt@c-24-126-63-52.we.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== osiris_22 [~osiris@dhcp065-024-111-010.columbus.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
StevenRwill i be able to install ubuntu on a pI 233 mmx laptop with 32mb ram and 3.2gb disk?12:56
=== fargonSchool is now known as far_away
osiris_22hey how do i install a .deb file?12:56
Hrdwr_BoBStevenR: you can do it12:57
=== roderickbhall [~warty@host-212-158-254-144.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
far_awaydpkg -i file-here12:57
sjoerdosiris_22: sudo dpkg -i <file>12:57
Neillosiris_22: dpkg -i file.deb12:57
mjrStevenR, hmh, probably be able to12:57
TRA_MasterChiefwow i got a desktop version of that12:57
Hrdwr_BoBStevenR: it would not run well12:57
Matt|StevenR, it won't work very well12:57
mjryou don't want to use gnome with 32 megs...12:57
Hrdwr_BoB32mb ram is ... not very much12:57
Matt|my gf pc has those specs12:57
billytwowillythoreauputic, any other ideas?12:57
StevenRit's only as an experiment, i dont want to wreck my main box12:57
JDahlStevenR, 3.2Gb is also pushing it, I think12:57
Matt|it struggles with win98 tbh12:57
mjra 32 meg box makes a fine X terminal ;)12:58
StevenRspeed is not important, and there wont be any user data12:58
billytwowillythoreauputic, It's not just nfs, ssh is also slow. I'm on a home network being routed through a wrt54G linksys router with the latest sveasoft firmware.12:58
Matt|StevenR, what are you gonna use it for?12:58
billytwowillythoreauputic, Worked great with suse..12:58
thoreauputicbillytwowilly: umm.. run rpcinfo -p on that server and you should get a whole bunch of stuff12:58
StevenRlearing about ubuntu, to see if i like it12:58
TRA_MasterChiefit says "system error occured, segment loader error" ... nothing works, will that affect booting from a cd, or the ubuntu cd?12:58
roderickbhallhelp - anyone know about getting WLAN to work on an IBM T40 with Gnoppix.  MADWifi driver is available for the Atheros chipset but no idea how to compile the driver into the kernel of a Gnoppix boot disk.12:58
Matt|ficusplanet, omg can't see that replacing synaptic12:59
billytwowillythoreauputic, yah, lots of stuff. Whole bunch of mountd, nlockmgn, nfs, status, sgi_fam and portmapper12:59
Matt|roderickbhall, i don't think it can be done12:59
Matt|roderickbhall, but i'm willing to be proved wrong12:59
thoreauputicbillytwowilly: yup that sounds right :/12:59
thoreauputicbillytwowilly: your host.allow and hosts.deny are configured?01:00
roderickbhallwhen i look at the device manager it shows the WLAN device.  does that mean that a driver is working or just that the system knows the device is there?01:00
Matt|roderickbhall, sounds like it is working. can you see it if you type "ifconfig"?01:01
billytwowillythoreauputic, hosts.allow doesn't have anytyhing  in it that isn't commented out.01:01
thoreauputicbillytwowilly: that could be the problem01:02
billytwowillythoreauputic, how would I allow everyone on the local network?01:02
TRA_MasterChiefdid anyone see my last chat above about the error i have?01:02
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, yes01:02
thoreauputicbillytwowilly: hang on I'll find you a link for nfs setup01:02
TRA_MasterChiefsorry for that.....01:02
=== egon_spe1gler [~egon@wbar2.chi1-4-13-002-073.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== prowler [~prowler@vdp026.the03.cas.hol.gr] has joined #ubuntu
roderickbhallMatt - no, only the fixed ethernet device eth001:03
thoreauputicbillytwowilly: http://www.linux.org/docs/ldp/howto/NFS-HOWTO/server.html01:03
thoreauputicbillytwowilly: that's what I used01:04
Matt|roderickbhall, try "ifconfig -a"01:04
=== Nivlem [~nivlem@cs2427123-66.houston.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== miausX [~manu@84-120-194-49.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
miausXhi! :)01:04
Matt|roderickbhall, not sure then, looks like it isn't working. Perhaps it needs firmware which you might be able to supply on disk or something01:06
thoreauputicbillytwowilly: your host.allow should have portmap, lockd, rquotad, mountd, statd  ... and you shoould configure hosts.deny as well01:06
=== encryptio [~f00@user-11fa2al.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
TRA_MasterChiefis that a yes u saw my chat or yes it will affect the cd boot?01:06
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, yes i remember the chat01:06
miausXexcuse me, I want to change the default desktop in my Ubuntu, if I use the "custom" option before install (in the boot: line) Ubuntu install only the Debian base system?01:06
TRA_MasterChiefooo sorry01:07
roderickbhallMatt - am a linux newbie.  can you tell me what it means that the device shows in the device manager.  where do i go in linux to look at drivers associated with particular devices?01:07
mariomiausX, install the package ubuntu-desktop01:07
miausXmario: epa, eres espaol? :)01:08
Matt|roderickbhall, there will probably be a project page for your particular chip, trying doing a search on google?01:08
mariono Chileno :)01:08
miausXaha :D01:08
=== Nivlem [~nivlem@cs2427123-66.houston.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|could i use qemu to run windows?01:11
NivlemI need to install automake for a program I am trying to compile...I have versions 1.4 to 1.9...do I need to install any extra for backward compatibility?01:11
Quest-MasterDo you have make and gcc?01:12
|QuaD|could i use qemu to run windows?01:12
mjr|QuaD|, yes01:12
TRA_MasterChiefum so how do i sign up for cd sets of ubuntu?01:12
=== flam [flam@buffer.overflow.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== HaRDaWaY [~ubuntu@183.Red-83-39-3.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
mjr(at least some versions, and YMMV)01:13
zapada_I want my ubuntu CD's!01:13
mjryou and me both01:13
neti am a ubuntu newb,but so far it looks nice01:13
zapada_I want my ubuntu!01:14
mjrthe uni cs students' lounge could use some borrowable cds :)01:14
Q-FUNKI want my, I want my, I want my own CD01:14
TRA_MasterChiefid like to get it but i feel invisable here.....01:14
Q-FUNKmoaning for nothing and the gnome for free01:15
|QuaD|mjr trying win 2003 server :)01:15
=== roderickbhall [~warty@host-212-158-254-144.bulldogdsl.com] has left #ubuntu []
=== zenwhen_ [~zenwhen@host-216-78-81-55.bgk.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
flamanyone know how to fix so that the kernel doesn't send out loads of messages for usb-storage? i had to disable a couple of log options in syslogd or else my harddrive got filled :/01:16
=== IvyCQHome [~Sir@c9063275.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
netdoes anyone use ubuntu as a server in production environment?01:16
scizzonet: ubuntu is not really suggested to be used for server environments....01:17
|QuaD|net: i consider mine a production environment01:17
scizzonet: instead use Debian for that01:17
|QuaD|net: just LOW production01:17
zenwhen_net, probably yes, but they probably don't irc.01:17
=== zenwhen_ is now known as zenwhen
RuffianSoldierHey ShuttlesWorth01:17
netok, just wondering01:17
TRA_MasterChiefim new at this whole linux thing, im wondering.. can u use mac cd's and windows cd's on the same computer if u have linux on it?01:18
zapada_Ok, I ordered ubuntu cds nov 14, and now I check the shipit, and it dosent say shipped yet01:18
thoreauputicnet: for maximum reliability, debian stable ( currently woody, sarge *real soon now*01:18
=== scoon [~scoon@dsl092-234-243.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-172-150.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
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=== eyal [~eyal@HFA62-0-176-72.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|i wish we had dreamweaver for linux01:19
eyalhello @!01:19
mjrTRA_MasterChief, yes01:19
TRA_MasterChiefu can?!?!01:19
eyalcan i link to IRC from BROWSER not manually ?01:19
|QuaD|TRA_MasterChief: but if there are binaries on them, they will only run on their native system01:19
scizzo|QuaD|: vim and so on works fine as a good html editor01:20
TRA_MasterChiefbinariers are?.... im not that good yet...lol01:20
zapada_Ok, I ordered ubuntu cds nov 14, and now I check the shipit, and it dosent say shipped yet01:20
=== sm [~warty@lsanca1-ar5-4-60-050-074.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputiceyal: you can get an extension/plugin for firefox to do irc, I believe01:20
scizzo|QuaD|: but you could try bluefish01:20
|QuaD|scizzo: i am not a web designer, i program a lot. I ma doing stuff in php and i hate doing the html part of it01:20
smsooo.. that /.dev was important after all01:21
eyalthoreauputic, where can i find something like this ?01:21
smI thought it was junk, removed it can't now can't boot01:21
smany idea how I might restore it ? I'm running from live cd now01:21
|QuaD|sm... is your system backed up?01:21
Hikaru79I ordered my Ubuntu CD's back in October, zapada_, and I *still* haven't gotten them =/01:21
thoreauputiceyal: https://update.mozilla.org/extensions/showlist.php?application=firefox&version=1.0&numpg=&category=Chat01:22
smnot .dev01:22
eyalHikaru79, download it01:22
eyalthanks thoreauputic01:22
scizzosm: hold on...you removed /dev?01:22
smno, I removed /.dev01:22
|QuaD|i would just do a fresh install01:23
scoonsm, why not copy it from the live cd ?01:23
scoonif it is there, that is.01:23
smit gives an error01:23
smactually, /.dev is empty after booting from live cd01:23
Hikaru79eyal, I have; I've been using it for a while now; I want pressed CD's because it'll entice all my friends ;)01:23
smI tried copying /dev01:23
Ribsis there anything beyond fsck to fix a borked filesystem?01:23
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
smI'm not sure what is the role of .dev01:23
|QuaD|Hikaru79: i have them ordered too... i want to give them out :)01:23
Hikaru79:) Yup, same01:24
smexcept that it had the missing cdrom links I've been hunting for...01:24
Hikaru79If you just tell 'em "Download it" they never will... but give them a nice bright shiny pressed CD and they're sold :)01:24
scoonsm, it looks like they are what populates /dev01:24
TRA_MasterChiefwill ubuntu install if the Mac Os is messed up?01:25
smwhen I was running from hd, /.dev had more entries than /dev01:25
|QuaD|TRA_MasterChief: define messed up01:25
smand I had a warning during boot about .udev.tdb already existing01:25
scoonsm, yeah, it looks like it has every thing that could be a device01:25
=== sm thinks it's all fiendishly related
smI see01:25
TRA_MasterChiefit says "system error occured, segment loader error" ... it wont boot at all and it gives u a reboot button.01:26
|QuaD|so thats macOS thats screwed up, nigth the comp, right?01:27
TRA_MasterChiefthe hardware is fine it all works01:27
paulproteusI'd run a memory tester to make sure; but I don't know of any for powerpc.01:27
TRA_MasterChiefright, the comp is in great condition, its an iBook G3 366mhz Camshell laptop01:27
=== am285 is leaving...
TRA_MasterChiefit used to work untill it started having extension failures then this last error occured and i could do nothing, pluss i dont have an os disc, i want to try linux01:28
paulproteusTRA_MasterChief: It's really easy to install Ubuntu if you are going to not install Mac OS.01:28
=== theine [~theine@x1-6-00-11-24-09-2f-60.k217.webspeed.dk] has joined #ubuntu
TRA_MasterChiefyea, i dont like the mac os, i want it GONE01:29
TRA_MasterChiefpluse linux is alot cheaper01:29
=== greebo [~greebo@] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|TRA_MasterChief: :) i like the price of ubuntu01:29
TRA_MasterChiefme too01:29
TRA_MasterChiefso it would probably work01:30
TRA_MasterChiefi want to format the hard drive and delete everything.. can u do that if the os is messed up and then u put the ubuntu cd in01:31
=== supertux_ [~supertux@adsl-6-117-29.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Xenguy [~gnu@] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, yes01:34
egon_spe1glerTRA_MasterChief: Ubuntu has a drive formatting section upon install, you just need to specify partition to format and filesystem to use01:34
=== thoreauputic_ [~debianarc@wolax8-059.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== sm [~warty@lsanca1-ar5-4-60-050-074.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, you need to be able to boot from cd, which you can probably do01:35
thoreauputic_hmm.. trying out the extension for firefox/chatzilla - looks pretty cool :)01:35
smback with more questions01:35
smwhy does root=myhdpartition have no effect on the live cd ? when running from live cd, is there a way to remove the cd so I can burn another ? how do I persist settings from one live cd run to the next ?01:37
TRA_MasterChiefcds worked before it went to crap...01:37
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, that will be fine01:37
TRA_MasterChiefwell if it works good i might get me a copy for my windows computer too01:38
TRA_MasterChiefi hate windows ME01:38
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, your computer bios specifies the order that the computer will look to boot something: normally it will try the cd drive first, then the harddisk. So that OS problem will not affect your ability to boot from cd01:38
TRA_MasterChiefyea, thats how my windows comp boots, its just i could never get to the bios to see if i could ever change that , but ur right01:38
TRA_MasterChieflol it dosent even have a floppy drive01:39
Matt|lots of laptops dont have em01:39
=== georgia [~georgia@Georgia.base.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
TRA_MasterChiefyea, now we have flash drives... i love those things, i got a 128 mb stick and it comes in handy01:40
=== Seq [~chris@CPE0050bf1a898b-CM013349902353.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== cardador [~jose@adslsapo-b4-37-204.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
TRA_MasterChiefso what are the advantages to useing a linux based os?01:40
Matt|TRA_MasterChief, no viruses and spyware is one01:41
Matt|also see www.opensource.org01:42
TRA_MasterChiefoh thank god, i have so many problems with that on my windows pc01:42
Seqanybody know if there is a nice gvm equivalant for non-graphical systems?01:42
TRA_MasterChiefi got ad aware and spyblocker ... i wish i didnt need them01:42
JStrikeI never had a virus when I ran Windows. Dont really think that is a feature of linux01:43
defendguinJStrike: sure it is01:43
=== logic [~andrew@] has joined #ubuntu
SeqTRA_MasterChief: on a windows system, if you're using firefox and use a firewall (and assuming you dont download shady looking software) you shouldnt need them01:43
JStrikeTRA_MasterChief : Faster pace of development is one of the main advantages01:43
Matt|JStrike, sure it is. People don't write viruses for linux01:43
defendguinJStrike: you cant run a windows pc and browse the web without picking up sspyware01:43
TRA_MasterChiefi cant delete them fast enough01:44
JStrikeMatt| : Not yet. But as I said, I used windows from 3.1 - win98 and never got a virus01:44
Seqdefendguin: yes you can, just don't use ie. switching my family to firefox has drastically dropped "come over for dinner" calls01:44
TRA_MasterChiefi have reinstalled windows, and fixed it so many times i want to break the disc....01:45
Matt|JStrike, fine. But others have had em01:45
=== Marble2 [~gasche@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
TRA_MasterChiefi use earthlink and the popup blocker is awsome , but i still get adware and spyware01:45
Marble2I need a little help01:45
Marble2using the normal install CD, I go through the process, and get the the partition screen, and then I get all confused01:45
defendguinSeq: firefox lessens them but not completely01:46
Marble2what do I need to do so that I have ubuntu install to a certain partition, and not touch the others01:46
=== Muskrat [~will@tx-69-34-115-197.dyn.sprint-hsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
Marble2it always tells me there I have no root directory selected01:46
Seqdefendguin: i haven't had a single problem with anybody using firefox. granted, i havent gone to look, but i would have expected to be whined at since i installed it initially01:46
=== huttan [~huttan@c06445a.j.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
TRA_MasterChiefso is ubuntu the newest linux version?01:47
SeqMarble2: tell it not to touch the other partitions, select the partition you want to install it to, and select a filesystem type01:47
Marble2what type01:48
Marble2NTFS is not listed01:48
Marble2just some weird shit + FAT01:48
=== padlefot [~padlefot@6.80-202-214.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
Muskratubuntu vs gentoo, which features make one or the other better?01:48
=== jpe [~jpe@pool-151-203-91-164.bos.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Matt|Muskrat, come off it01:48
far_awayDoes ubuntu have some problem with eth0 and eth1 working at the same time?01:48
padlefotI am very new to linux, and have som issues..01:48
padlefotcould anyone help me?01:48
SeqMarble2: well those are linux filesystems (except fat, which you shouldnt be able to use as your base partition for a linux system anyway)01:48
thoreauputic_heh - the  chatzilla extension for firefox is really quite nice - and only a 230KB download. I'm impressed01:48
Matt|padlefot, sure01:48
Marble2Seq: Which one do you reccomend?01:49
SeqMarble2: stick with ext301:49
padlefotMatt|: I Installed Ubuntu with GRUB, and got Error 18 when rebooting01:49
RuffianSoldierMarble2, ya ext3 rocks01:49
Marble2what about the thing where I choose to format, do not touch, etc01:49
Marble2for that partiton01:49
padlefotthen i tried installing with LILO and it didnt wanna let me..01:49
Marble2what should I select?01:49
Matt|padlefot, not sure what error 18 means01:49
Seqyou would want to tell it to format your new partition, and BE SURE to tell it not to touch your old windows partition01:49
Marble2the partition is gone01:50
Marble2I can't see it in windows01:50
Marble2it was empty, but now it's not there01:50
padlefotit says grub cant be installed under /target/., and the install program asks me if i want to continue anyways01:50
=== thoreauputic_ is now known as thoreauputic
SeqMarble2: what do you mean?01:50
Matt|padlefot, sorry not sure01:50
|QuaD|hey, have you guys seen: http://www.FreeDesktopPC.com/?r=9334743 it gets you a free pc01:50
Marble2the partition01:50
Marble2that I was going to install ubuntu on01:50
Marble2it won't show up in windows any more01:50
SeqMarble2: what partitions are listed?01:51
Matt||QuaD|, don't do that01:51
Marble2C: G: H: and F:01:51
cardadorMarble2: windows dont support ext301:51
jpeanyone know how to set up hibernation on a laptop?01:51
Seq|QuaD|: i'm not going to harvest addresses for them :)01:51
padlefotMatt|: I think i have some issues with the partitions01:51
Marble2i must have formatted the partition on accident01:51
Marble2oh well, it was empty so meh, I'll go try again in ubuntu01:51
=== beyond [~beyond@200-148-103-8.dsl.telesp.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|Seq: :)01:51
Matt|jpe, in the wiki look for acpi or suspend01:51
SeqMarble2: linux partitions wont show up in windows. only ntfs, fat (and maybe a few select others) will01:51
Marble2I probably formatted it on accident01:52
Marble2ok thanks01:52
Marble2going to try another install01:52
padlefoti cant install either GRUB or LILO, still it worked 100% fine in slackware..01:52
padlefothow should i setup my partitions?01:53
TRA_MasterChiefwell matt, quad and others who helped me thank you so much.  when i get my copy, and if i have other questions, im coming here.01:53
TRA_MasterChiefhave a good night, bye.01:53
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=== mp_ [~mp@] has joined #ubuntu
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=== crisp [~crisp@82-36-216-48.cable.ubr05.king.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
far_awaycan someone pleae help me with an ssh question?01:56
mp_hi... in the middle of an Ubuntu install and it asks: "Device for bootloader installation", but I want to keep my current Grub on another drive.01:56
far_awayI have sshd running at my homebox, but when I try to ssh to it, i get nothing...01:56
=== palle1 [~palle@h96n2fls301o1101.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
palle1where can i get glib 2.0+ ?01:57
housetierfabbione does your homebox' firewall accept connections on port 2201:57
mp_google has turned up this, so far: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-2894.html01:57
mp_can ubuntu not be installed without installing grub?01:58
mp_perhaps defined earlier in the process?01:58
jpeMatt, I am using the 2.6.9 kernels from http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~mjg59/laptops; would it be better to compile 2.6.8?01:58
=== wasabi [~wasabi@c-24-1-67-127.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
far_awayhousetier, i presume that was me you were talking to, thanks , well, i have not setup a firewall or anything01:59
Matt|jpe, have you followed the instructions on the wiki page for that custom kernel?01:59
padlefothow do I install lilo or grub to master boot sector?01:59
=== heero17 [~heero17@] has joined #ubuntu
housetierfar_away yes I meant to talk to you :)01:59
far_awayhousetier, i have openssh-server installed and all that01:59
housetierfar_away whats the hostname?01:59
jpeMatt, not yet; I guess I'll try that now02:00
heero17long life ubuntu :)02:00
padlefotinstead of HDA1 or whats it called02:00
far_awayhousetier: ubuntu.ath.cx02:00
housetierfar_away can you ssh to stan.kicks-ass.net from where you are now?02:00
=== Matt| is now known as mdke
=== Symbolix [HydraIRC@80.cleveland-06-08rs.oh.dial-access.att.net] has joined #ubuntu
far_awayhousetier, yes, it asks me the yes/no question02:00
far_awayhousetier, is there something i need to do to explicitly accept incoming connections on port 22?02:01
=== harper [~sdkliinet@] has joined #ubuntu
mdkefar_away, is this a local network box?02:01
housetierfar_away well it seems the host isnt reachable at all02:01
mdkeyou got a router?02:01
mp_so, no ubuntu without grub then?02:02
far_awaymdke, yeah, running at home... i have a cable connection, a wireless router and a wireless card on the amd machine02:02
SymbolixI am using floppies to install Ubuntu. Whenever I try to load kernels from the cd, the installer states that the kernel and the installer are not compatible versions. Do I need to dl diff floppy imgs?02:02
housetierfar_away are you sure the host can be accessed from the outside?02:03
mdkefar_away, you need to forward connections to the right computer by configuring your router, have you done that?02:03
padlefotanybody else having problems with grub here?02:03
far_awayhousetier, mdke, is there a way I can test if it is? i will when I get home...02:03
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu
mdkefar_away, well you would know about it if you had done it02:04
far_awaywhen I was home, I tried to access my desktop thru ssh from my laptop, and it still did not work02:04
TonyKDid the install of Warty install the C compiler.  I can't seem to find it.02:04
mdkefar_away, what did you type to try and connect from home?02:04
far_awaymdke, ssh <ip address>02:04
mdkefar_away, local network ip address?02:04
padlefottry opening port 8080 for ssh, it sometimes works02:05
padlefot./etc/sshd_config/ elns02:05
far_away68.202.170.19 -> i got it from a "whats my ip address" website02:05
padlefotssh -p 808002:05
=== lev [~lev@dhcp024-209-240-238.cinci.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
SymbolixAre there different versions of the debian installer, and which one do I need to download to be compatible with the Ubuntu cd?02:05
mdkefar_away, ok fine02:05
mdkefar_away, what is happening is this:02:05
housetierpadlefot but far_away can use ssh, at least to one of my boxes02:05
theineHi, are we likely to see a newer ipw2100 in the official Ubuntu kernel in the near future?02:06
mdkefar_away, the connection comes in from the outside, gets to your router, and doesn't know where to go. you need to set up port forwarding to tell the router to send the connection to your desktop computer where the server is02:06
housetierI think mdke is going in the right direction, suggesting to check port forwarding02:06
theine... ipw2100 driver...02:06
far_awayhousetier, mdke, padlefot, the objective was to use irc while at school, i do that thru my hosting shell account, right now :) but i want to figure out what the problem is, since, later, I want to be able to access files on the homebox from school thru ssh02:06
mdkefar_away, do you understand?02:07
far_awaymdke, and how would i start to do that?02:07
|QuaD|far_away: i am too lazy to read up... whats the problem?02:07
mdkefar_away, your router manufacturer gives you a webpage interface you can connect to02:07
mdkefar_away, you go there and set it up02:07
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-203-252-127.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
padlefoti really need some help here02:07
far_awaymdke, absolutely, yes, okay, now i see what you are getting at -- just like I open up bittorrent services in the night, i will have to open up ssh services, is that it?02:08
=== telemaco [~telemaco@] has left #ubuntu []
|QuaD|padlefot: whats the problem?02:08
padlefotGrub loading, please wait...02:08
padlefotError 1802:08
far_away|QuaD|, some arcane ssh stuff - i can't ssh to my box :)02:08
mdkefar_away, correct. You need to set up port 22 to go to your desktop server LOCAL address (which will be something like 192.168.*)02:08
|QuaD|i am sensing its your firewall02:08
far_awaymdke, thanks, will try that, right away02:08
mdkefar_away, you will probably only be able to do that from home02:08
Quest-MasterSomeone.. please help me ;-; http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=729602:08
padlefot|QuaD|: I have installed ubuntu, but Grub doesnt wanna work..02:09
padlefotIt may have something to do with me having to install it to the master boot sector02:09
padlefotbut i dont know how02:09
mdkefar_away, to test the server, from your laptop you can type "ssh 192.168.*", substituting the * for the address of your desktop02:09
far_awaythanks, mdke padlefot |QuaD| housetier ...02:09
far_awaymdke, i will when I get home...02:09
=== sander__ [~sander@pool-68-161-200-94.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
padlefothave you just installed the ubuntu as the installer says? or do i have to change some settings to make Lilo/Grub work02:11
=== jdodson [~jdodson@63-230-172-132.ptld.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== luther is now known as svenl
SymbolixAre there different versions of the debian installer, and which one do I need to download to be compatible with the Ubuntu cd?02:12
mdkedoes anyone know by any chance how to set firefox to open links in new tab by default with left button, and close tabs by default by clicking on them with left button? I can't find the right option02:13
jdodsonsymbolix: there is one debian installer that comes on the cd.02:13
Symbolixjdod: I know, but im using floppy installation02:13
SymbolixWhenever I try to load kernels from the cd, the installer states that the kernel and the installer are not compatible versions. Do I need to dl diff floppy imgs?02:13
housetiermdke edit -> preferences -> tabbed browsing02:13
housetier"Load links in:"02:14
jdodsonsymbolix: oh i see.02:14
mdkehousetier, oh that is simpler than I thought, I was trawling through about:config02:14
mdkehousetier, cheers02:14
|QuaD|i give up, enough of this bs and stalling... time to go do some work! damn asp.net02:14
Symbolixjodo: Yeah, i have dl'd several images, none work02:14
far_awaymdke there used to be an extension that did what you wanted02:14
housetierSymbolix you can try to boot from floppy wiht the smart bootmanager, which then can "boot" your cdrom02:15
jdodsonsymbolix: yeah i would give that a try.02:15
housetierSymbolix I have used the smart bootmanager on systems that can't boot from cd02:15
SymbolixElaborate: boot manager?02:15
mdkehousetier, actually i don't think the preferences do what I described. at least I can't see the right option02:16
SymbolixWhere can I get this smart bootmanager?02:16
=== Marble2 [~Marble@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
Marble2yay, I got ubuntu installed02:17
theineSymbolix: btmgr.webframe.org02:17
Marble2I like having x-chat by default02:17
SymbolixWill try02:17
jdodsonmarble2: congratulations, ubuntu is a good distro.02:17
Marble2jdodson: thanks02:17
housetierSymbolix http://btmgr.webframe.org/02:17
Marble2kinda stupid question, but this is my first time using linux02:17
SymbolixGot it02:17
Marble2what should I do?02:17
housetiermdke there used to be an option to display the close thingy on every tab02:18
jdodsonmarble2: what do you want to do?02:18
Marble2i dunno02:18
Marble2how do I get to command line02:18
jdodsonmarble2: play a game, surf the web.02:18
Marble2so I can run top and such02:18
Marble2I thought that was what linux was all about02:18
jdodsonapplications/system tools/terminal02:18
mdkehousetier, no that isn't what I want to do. I want it to open links that I click on with the left mouse button in new tabs rather than in the same window02:18
jdodsonthat will bring up the "console"02:18
far_awaymdke http://texturizer.net/firefox/extensions/#tbe02:18
housetiermdke yes either get the tabbrowser extension or FF 1.002:19
jdodsonmarble2: well the power of gnu/linux is through the console, so you are right on that one.02:19
tritiumI've seen the terms "multiverse" and "universe" in the FAQs and wiki.  I'm trying to figure out the difference...02:19
mdkehousetier, i am on 1.002:19
Marble2jdodson: how do I open up a command prompt?02:19
mdkethanks far_away02:19
=== _|Imanewbie|_ [~imanewbie@] has joined #ubuntu
_|Imanewbie|_anyone using bittorrent here?02:19
jdodsonmarble2: click the foot or the application menu go to system tools then click terminal.02:19
jdodsonlmanewbie: i got it to work for me.02:19
housetiermdke do you want to open *every* link in a new tab?02:20
mdkeand close tabs by left clicking too02:20
tritiumAnd I'm surprised by the "FinishInstallationHowto", indicating I have to compile nNidia drivers.  I thought that wasn't the case...02:20
jdodsonmarble2: did you get it open?02:20
yzyes bit torrentu on ubuntu YES02:20
_|Imanewbie|_jdodson: are you getting directconnections?02:20
palle1can any1 in here sned me glib2 +????? gtk's server is down02:20
jdodsonlmanewbie: yep.02:20
Marble2any way I can view the contents of my windows NTFS partitions through ubuntu?02:20
yzmarble2 readonly YES02:21
jdodsonmarble2: not sure if NTFS is in ubuntu by default let me check.02:21
far_awaymdke, please check out http://www.kayodeok.co.uk/weblog/200407/17/firefox_new_window.html too02:21
jdodsonmarble2: ok there you go.02:21
heero17yeah if u kernel suport that opcion :D02:21
Marble2yz: what would be fine02:21
mdkefar_away, ok i will02:21
Marble2how do I do that?02:21
housetiermdke ok in that case the option in preferences won't do what you want, that's only for links that would open in a new window, or for popups without a size02:21
_|Imanewbie|_jdodson: Are you able to get direct connections?02:21
housetierlinks that just lead to different page on the same host would be opened in the same tab02:21
yzfdisk -l /dev/hda102:21
yzthen mount using: mount command02:22
jdodsonlmanewbie: i can connect to a seed and download the file/files fine if that is what you mean.02:22
Marble2I do that yz?02:22
yzto view ntfs readonly, yes marble202:22
tritiumIs this correct? => http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/FinishInstallationHowto/view?searchterm=nvidia02:22
=== far_away finally got wireless to work at school. now he can finally switch to the bright side :)
Marble2ok I did that02:24
Marble2now what?02:24
theineAre the Ubuntu kernel patches indicidually available somewhere?02:24
theinelike one diff per individual patch, not in one big file02:25
yzhi marble02:25
Marble2I did that, how do I view the contents now?02:25
yzyou mounted?02:25
yzor fdisk -l02:25
housetierThe_Iconoclast what do you need them for if I might ask02:26
housetiertheine I mean02:26
Marble2what exactly then?02:26
Marble2mount hda102:26
=== housetier must practice using the tab-completion thing...
yzso i assumed hda1 was the drive containing your ntfs02:26
_|Imanewbie|_jdodson: how did you managed bit torrent?02:26
Marble2greg@Greg:/dev $ mount hda102:26
Marble2mount: can't find hda1 in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab02:26
yztry this: mount /dev/hda1 /media02:27
theinehousetier: what do you mean erm?02:27
housetierwhat do you need them for if I might ask02:27
Marble2had to use sudo... but02:27
Marble2mount: you must specify the filesystem type02:27
padlefotcrappy bootloader02:27
theinehousetier: oh i see, i'd like to see the ipw2100 patch as it seems to be different from the official one02:27
yzmarble, was hda1 your NTFS partition?02:28
jdodsonlmanewbie: i installed teh bittorrent from universe and bittorent gui from universe.02:28
yzit might be hdb1 or hda202:28
padlefotthe installer doesnt give me any choice if i want to install to MBR or hda.. anybody? please?02:28
Marble2I had 3 of them02:28
yzhdb is 2nd drive02:28
yzhda is first, etc02:28
=== jdodson [~jdodson@63-230-172-132.ptld.qwest.net] has left #ubuntu []
yz3 drives? or 3 partitions?02:28
Marble22 drives, 4 partitons02:29
Marble2with a 5th for linux02:29
yzin any case, you have to read the result of fdisk02:29
Marble2how do I do that?02:29
Marble2i tried fdisk -l hda02:29
yzlook for the partition name associated with NTFS02:29
yzmarble, you may PM the result of your fdisk commands if you wish02:30
housetiertheine you will find all the patched in the source package for the kernel "apt-get source kernel-source-version" or so02:30
tritiumAre the terms "multiverse" and "universe" used interchangeably?02:30
=== HaRDaWaY [~ubuntu@183.Red-83-39-3.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
theinehousetier: great, i'll have a look then02:31
=== harper [~sdkliinet@] has left #ubuntu ["http://www.1badmonkey.net"]
thoreauputicMarble2: this will help I think >>> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AutomaticallyMountMSWindowsPartitions02:34
=== tvon|x31 [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
Xenguytritium: hrm, I *thought* they were different (get a 2nd opinion tho)02:35
far_awaytritium, AFAIK, no02:35
Xenguytritium: it must be a FAQ02:35
far_awaytritium http://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/documentation/faq/helpcenterfaq.2004-10-20.122809024702:35
theinehousetier: it's not different at all actually, just a very old one02:36
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-89-168.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== JStrike [~joel@c2-64-2.eno.dial.mweb.co.za] has left #Ubuntu []
tritiumXenguy & far_away: thanks!02:37
Quest-MasterWhere are the .deb files downloaded from apt-get kept02:37
=== geekboy [~geekboy@pcp04966215pcs.benslm01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
housetierQuest-Master /var/cache/apt/archive iirc02:38
far_awaytritium, anytime02:39
=== robertj [~robertj@66-188-77-153.cpe.ga.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== robertj_ [~robertj@] has joined #ubuntu
=== robertj_ is now known as robertj
=== funnylookinhat [~funnylook@harr-b-052.resnet.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu
funnylookinhatwhat is the package name that handles 3 or 4 codecs that are common on windows?02:42
=== twilit [r2dt1ieagg@c-24-98-46-191.atl.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumThe FinishInstallHowto seems to contradict the BinaryDriverHowto regarding nVIdia drivers.02:42
yzmarble2 is now a happy camper02:43
thoreauputictritium: I think there are two drivers - one "open and free" but less optimised, and the proprietary nVidia ones02:43
far_awayfunnylookinhat, essential-codecs02:44
far_awayi think02:44
tritiumthoreauputic: oh, is that so?02:44
Quest-MasterI think my Ubuntu is dead x_x02:44
far_awayfunnylookinhat, check the media howto in the forums.. (howto threads)02:45
=== jiyuu0 [~jiyuu0@] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputictritium: I don't use nVidia, but the stock open source driver is nv I seem to recall - but it doesn't do 3D, again IIRC02:45
tritiumthoreauputic: You're right about the nvidia vs. nv driver, but both of these Howto's deal with the binary nvidia driver in different ways.02:46
thoreauputictritium: ah, I see02:46
tritiumthoreauputic: Thanks for your help all the same! :)02:46
rattboiyeah, I think there's a lot of ways to install it02:46
rattboiI followed this guide called "The Debian Way" to get mine to work02:47
tritiumI suppose so.  It looks like the BinaryDriverHowto should be the preferred method.02:47
tritiumAnyway, I have an ubuntu success story.  My hard drive failed to the point that I can't boot from it.  (Buzzing, whirring, etc.)02:47
thoreauputictritium: heh - "A little knowledge is a dangerous thing" - anyway, I believe people have had success with the drivers :)02:48
tritiumI was able to use the ubuntu LiveCD to mount the drive and recover some important data! :)02:48
Quest-MasterI think my Ubuntu is going to hell though unluckily.02:49
tritiumIt was a huge relief.  I had backups, but not the latest changes to some importat work.02:49
tritiumQuest-Master: what happened?02:49
tritiumQuest-Master: /var/cache/apt/archives, if your question was not answered before02:49
padlefotis there none here that knows how to install Grub/Lilo to MBR with Ubuntu ?02:49
Quest-MasterMy apt-get is broken.02:49
Quest-MasterWorst thing EVER.02:50
Quest-MasterI just reinstalled Ubuntu 2 days ago too.02:50
thoreauputicfor those of you interested - I'm playing with the chatzilla extension for firefox and it's quite impressive, IMO. has some nice easy to use features and looks pretty good as well02:50
tritiumI'm actually on a debian system until my replacement hard drive comes tomorrow, and I'll install ubuntu.02:50
tritiumThat's where debian keeps .deb files anyway.02:50
tritiumI assume it's the same on ubuntu.02:51
=== Marble2 [~Marble@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputicI normally use xchat and irssi-text, but this extension is certainly rather nice ! :D02:51
tritiumQuest-Master: how is apt broken?  What exactly is happening?02:51
Quest-MasterPretty funny story, actually.02:52
=== scoon [~scoon@dsl092-234-243.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
padlefoti actually made it, all on my own02:53
=== freebase [~freebase@h59n2fls31o879.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
padlefotjust had to install in expert mode02:53
freebasehi, can i change /etc/apt/sources.list to use sarge?02:54
rattboiI think this is an ubuntu channel :P02:54
thoreauputicfreebase: don't02:55
rattboiwhy is everyone trying to hack ubuntu to make debian + Gnome 2.8?02:55
funnylookinhatrattboi, they are bored.02:55
padlefotnew distros is fun02:55
tritiumQuest-Master: so you02:55
tritium've tried removing mplayer?02:56
freebasewhat is "hoary" ?02:56
tritiumAnd since apt-get install -f doesn't work, what does "dpkg --configure --pending" do?02:56
rattboifreebase: it's the dev branch of ubuntu02:57
=== edcrypt [~edcrypt@] has joined #ubuntu
Quest-Mastertritium: Trying that now02:57
freebaserattboi: instable?02:57
Quest-Masterdpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of mplayer-686:02:57
Quest-Master mplayer-686 depends on mplayer-586; however:02:57
Quest-Master  Package mplayer-586 is not configured yet.02:57
Quest-Masterdpkg: error processing mplayer-686 (--configure):02:57
Quest-Master dependency problems - leaving unconfigured02:57
Quest-MasterSetting up libgii0-target-x (0.8.4+cvs.stable.20040218-2) ...02:57
Quest-MasterSetting up libgii0 (0.8.4+cvs.stable.20040218-2) ...02:57
Quest-MasterSetting up libggi2 (2.0.4-3) ...02:58
rattboibut a lot of people run it anyways02:58
Quest-MasterErrors were encountered while processing:02:58
Quest-Master mplayer-58602:58
Quest-Master mplayer-68602:58
freebaserattboi: ok i'll try it02:58
rattboiI.E. I"m running it :P02:58
rattboiand I'm pretty noob02:58
rattboi(but learning fast)02:58
tritiumQuest-Master: try apt-get install -f again now.02:58
Quest-MasterPreconfiguring packages ...02:59
Quest-Master(Reading database ... 68850 files and directories currently installed.)02:59
Quest-MasterUnpacking liblame0 (from .../liblame0_3.96.1-1_i386.deb) ...02:59
Quest-Masterdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/liblame0_3.96.1-1_i386.deb (--unpack):02:59
Quest-Master trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libmp3lame.so.0.0.0', which is also in package libmp3lame002:59
Quest-Masterdpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)02:59
Quest-MasterErrors were encountered while processing:02:59
Quest-Master /var/cache/apt/archives/liblame0_3.96.1-1_i386.deb02:59
Quest-MasterE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)02:59
Quest-MasterI shouldn't be flooding like this lol02:59
tritiumyeah, don't paste any more02:59
stuNNedQuest-Master, remove the file or run apt-get --force_something, see apt-get manpage03:00
tritiumQuest-Master: you might try apt-get install --force-overwrite liblame003:00
levHey dos anyone know how to get that AcOSX style icons on the desktop?03:01
tritiumthen, if what you really want is to remove it, do so, and reinstall that package that it overwrote03:01
levlike the little toolabr lookin thing on the bottom03:01
=== newbeee [~newuser@pool-138-88-34-7.res.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedlev, think gdesklets supports the toolbar lookalike03:02
Quest-MasterE: Command line option --force-overwrite is not understood03:02
stuNNedlev, and there are macosx themes03:02
levis that in SPM?03:02
tritiumQuest-Master: sorry, that's a dpkg option03:02
stuNNedQuest-Master, --force-yes03:02
levi havr the theme i want the toolbar03:02
tritiumQuest-Master: you could cd /var/cache/apt/archives03:02
levi am not sure what gdesklets03:03
Quest-MasterI deleted all of the mplayer03:03
Quest-MasterI tried both of the things you've told me to do, stuNNed and tritium03:03
Quest-MasterSame errors continuosly03:03
tritiumand dpkg -i --force-overwrite liblame003:03
Quest-Masterdpkg: error processing liblame0 (--install):03:04
Quest-Master cannot access archive: No such file or directory03:04
Quest-MasterErrors were encountered while processing:03:04
Quest-Master liblame003:04
tritium(use the whole file name, including .deb)03:04
Quest-MasterSame thing.03:04
tritiumQuest-Master: you're in /var/cache/apt/archives?03:04
=== Quest-Master tries again
tritiumyou can see the .deb?03:04
thoreauputiccd /var/cache/apt/archives first, Quest-Master  ;)03:05
newbeeeare there any ubuntu theme sites yet, does anyone know? google's not turning up anything for me03:05
thoreauputicnewbeee: search for gnome themes :)03:05
Quest-Mastergod yes.03:06
Quest-Mastertritium.. a legend ;)03:06
tritiumIt worked?03:06
=== newbeee slaps forehead
=== arzajac [~zajac@Toronto-HSE-ppp3745543.sympatico.ca] has joined #Ubuntu
Quest-MasterYeah :D03:06
levstunned: i installed gdesklets, how do i use it?03:06
thoreauputicnewbeee: and look in synaptic for gtk-engines and gtk-themes-extras03:06
stuNNedlev, check the docs, there is info there, i don't use it myself, sorry03:07
tritiumQuest-Master: now the package you over-wrote is broken, so be sure to remove the stuff you don't want, and reinstall what you do want.03:07
levnevermind, i found it in the menu, thank you very mcuh!03:07
rattboiwell, dvd seems to be working, but it's dropping a lot of frames03:08
Quest-MasterI'm going to remove mplayer now.03:08
newbeeethoreauputic: thank you03:08
thoreauputicnewbeee: you're welcome :)03:08
tritiumlibmp3lame0 is broken for you, I believe03:08
=== ELSprime [~els@user-12lm55c.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
Quest-MasterShould I reinstall it?03:09
tritiumYes.  Anytime you force things, be really careful to what you're doing, and quickly fix it up.03:09
tritiumThat was poor grammar on my part, but you get the idea.03:10
Quest-MasterYeah, hehe.03:10
Marble2Would someone mind helping me set up lilo?03:10
=== Muskrat [~will@tx-69-34-115-197.dyn.sprint-hsd.net] has left #ubuntu []
ELSprimehello - new guy here. I am trying to get the newest version of Firefox to  install -- get the dreaded " no such file as libgtk-x11-2.0.so       Anyone solved this one yet?03:10
Quest-MasterShould I force a reinstall?03:10
tritiumYes, good!03:11
=== Muskrat [~will@tx-69-34-115-197.dyn.sprint-hsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
Quest-MasterDid it anyhow :)03:11
Quest-MasterFlood time..03:11
Quest-MasterPreconfiguring packages ...03:11
Quest-Master(Reading database ... 68758 files and directories currently installed.)03:11
Quest-MasterPreparing to replace libmp3lame0 3.96.1-0.1 (using .../libmp3lame0_3.96.1-0.1_i386.deb) ...03:11
Quest-MasterUnpacking replacement libmp3lame0 ...03:11
Quest-Masterdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libmp3lame0_3.96.1-0.1_i386.deb (--unpack):03:11
Quest-Master trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libmp3lame.so.0.0.0', which is also in package liblame003:11
Quest-Masterdpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)03:11
Quest-MasterErrors were encountered while processing:03:11
Quest-Master /var/cache/apt/archives/libmp3lame0_3.96.1-0.1_i386.deb03:11
Quest-MasterE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:11
Quest-MasterHopefully I'm not killing anyone. :o03:11
tritiumQuest-Master: you forgot to remove liblame003:12
Quest-MasterOh, remove then install?03:12
tritiumRemove mplayer and all the dependencies that it brought in that caused the mess.03:12
Quest-MasterNever using mplayer again, hehe. Time to stick with Totem.03:12
ELSprimehello -- anyone out there?03:13
rattboiok, DVD DMA wasn't on03:13
Quest-MasterI uninstalled it then tried installing it again and it's giving me the same error I just flooded03:13
rattboiI used hdparm to set it, but how do I set it on boot?03:13
Quest-MasterELSprime: Are you building from source?03:13
ELSprimenope -- firefox-installer from Mozilla03:14
Quest-MasterDownload these packages through apt-get03:14
rattboithat's strange, eh?03:14
rattboihe should have all the libs for firefox-installer03:14
ELSprimethat's what I thought, too03:15
Quest-Mastersudo apt-get install libgtk2.0-003:15
levI have a question03:15
levWhere can i see my other partitioned disks at?03:15
tritiumQuest-Master: I'm going to have to get going.  I think you're on the right track.03:15
=== IvyCQHome [~Sir@c9063275.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
Quest-Mastertritium: I have no idea where to go from, but see ya. :(03:16
rattboiok, can someone tell me how to set my dvd dma settings at boottime?03:16
levi have got a 30gb fat32 partition so i can share files between windows and linux, but i cant seem to find it on here.03:16
rattboisomething to add to fstab or something else?03:16
Quest-Masterlev: You need to mount it.03:17
levhow do i do that?03:17
tritiumQuest-Master: go ahead and msg me and paste your last command/error03:17
thoreauputiclev: or look here >>  http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AutomaticallyMountMSWindowsPartitions03:17
=== Muskrat [~will@tx-69-34-115-197.dyn.sprint-hsd.net] has left #ubuntu []
rattboiok, xine just died and I can't kill it03:18
thoreauputicrattboi: you mean it froze, or crashed and disappeared?03:18
tritiumQuest-Master: I'll try to help you in the next few minutes03:18
rattboiI did ps -A, got the job # and did kill #, but nothing happened03:19
thoreauputicrattboi: if it froze, try opening a terminal and typing "xkill" without the quotes03:19
rattboithis has happened once before and I know a logout fixes it, but what else?03:19
rattboino xkill03:19
rattboitried that03:19
thoreauputicthen zap with mouse :/03:19
thoreauputicah ok03:19
=== Agrajag [~Agrajag@66-215-172-98.sb-eres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputictime for kill -903:20
rattboikill -9?03:20
thoreauputicor sudo killall xine03:20
=== Stuttergart [~Stutterga@im.nathanvalentine.org] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputickill -9 pid number03:20
Stuttergartany gotchas for installing with root on LVM?03:21
rattboikillall didn't work, but kill -9 did03:21
thoreauputiclike kill -9 `pidof xine`03:21
tritiumQuest-Master: still there?03:21
StuttergartIt don't see much on the lists or forums about this.03:21
thoreauputicrattboi: aha :)03:21
Marble2would someone mind helping me with setting up lilo?03:21
=== aoulton [~aoulton@] has joined #ubuntu
rattboihmm, died again03:23
rattboiI wonder why03:23
rattboiit's running really smooth until I touch it03:23
thoreauputicrattboi: try running ps auxf     to see a tree of processes, and kill the parents if they exist03:24
Quest-Mastertritium: Yeah, sorry, I was afk03:24
Marble2i need help with lilo :(03:24
aoultonUbuntu Newb Question : I installed Ubuntu over a dual-boot Mandrake 10.1 / WinXP setup and Grub seems to have screwed up a lot.  I'm been relatively comfortable with LILO in the past but CFDISK is showing me some time "seperating" partitions between my 3 primary ones.03:24
Quest-MasterI'll msg you the error I got when trying to reinstall libmp3lame003:24
thoreauputicMarble2: what's the issue?03:24
aoultonAnd the option to boot into Windows does not work, leaving that setup stranded03:24
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Marble2thoreauputic: well, I don't exactly know how to set it up03:24
Marble2i just want to set it so whenever I boot, it gives me the options to boot to windows or linux03:25
thoreauputicMarble2: Ubuntu uses grub by default - why are you using lilo?03:25
Marble2grub failed on install03:25
Quest-MasterReading Package Lists... Done03:25
Quest-MasterBuilding Dependency Tree... Done03:25
Quest-MasterThe following NEW packages will be installed:03:25
Quest-Master  libmp3lame003:25
Quest-Master0 upgraded, 1 newly installed, 0 to remove and 10 not upgraded.03:25
Quest-MasterNeed to get 0B/310kB of archives.03:25
Quest-MasterAfter unpacking 500kB of additional disk space will be used.03:25
Quest-MasterPreconfiguring packages ...03:25
Quest-Master(Reading database ... 68748 files and directories currently installed.)03:25
Quest-MasterUnpacking libmp3lame0 (from .../libmp3lame0_3.96.1-0.1_i386.deb) ...03:25
Quest-Masterdpkg: error processing /var/cache/apt/archives/libmp3lame0_3.96.1-0.1_i386.deb (--unpack):03:25
Quest-Master trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/libmp3lame.so.0.0.0', which is also in package liblame003:25
Quest-Masterdpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)03:25
Quest-MasterErrors were encountered while processing:03:25
Quest-Master /var/cache/apt/archives/libmp3lame0_3.96.1-0.1_i386.deb03:25
Quest-MasterE: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)03:26
Quest-MasterStupid XChat.03:26
=== holycow [~yada@S0106002078ccd651.vf.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
Marble2erm spam03:26
thoreauputicQuest-Master: please stop flooding mate!03:26
Quest-MasterI was trying to msg it to tritium03:26
Marble2thoreauputic, grub install failed03:26
Quest-MasterXChat tripped up, really sorry03:26
Marble2so it installed lilo03:26
neti asm installing java with synaptic, and i am going through the "end user agreement", i paged down to the end but ni cant accept?03:26
thoreauputicMarble2: have you looked at /etc/lilo.conf?03:26
Quest-MasterJust type in y net03:26
padlefotwhats the standard root passwd in ubuntu after install?03:26
nettried, just beeps?03:27
Marble2but if I fuck this up, it will be really hard to fix won't it?03:27
Marble2padlefot, its random i belive03:27
Marble2sudo passwd root03:27
thoreauputicpadlefot: there isn't one - use sudo with your user passwd03:27
Marble2to set it03:27
Marble2would you mind helping me set up my lilo.conf thoreauputic?03:27
padlefotthoreauputic, im sorry, im very new with linux, how do i do that?03:27
netactually, y just scrolls up?03:27
Quest-MasterType in yes then03:28
netgot it, had to q, then y03:28
thoreauputicpadlefot: type sudo <command>03:28
=== ELSprime [~els@user-12lm55c.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
netmust have been in vi?03:28
scoonMarble2, why do you need lilo over grub ?03:28
Marble2grub install failed03:28
netthanks everyone03:28
Marble2so it installed lilo03:28
=== Guest94174 [~ivo@] has joined #ubuntu
scoonMarble2, how did grub install fail ?03:28
thoreauputicMarble2: you can pm me if you like03:28
Marble2uh i dunno scoon, it just did03:28
scoonMarble2, well there are limitations to lilo that grub does not have.03:29
Guest94174hi all. I can't find gstreamer-mad in mirrors, so what's the way to go to enable rhytmnbox mp3 using the ubuntu way?03:29
Guest94174google didn't help.03:29
LathiatGuest94174: did you enable the universe repository?03:29
Guest94174i guess so03:29
LathiatGuest94174: what do you mean you guess so? You either did or didn't03:29
Guest94174but I got to go by hand, my broadband is down.03:30
netGuest94174, google ubuntu wiki mp303:30
Guest94174using this pc, and then trasferring by usb-pen to my laptop.03:30
Guest94174anyway, apt-cache search gstreamer|grep mad didn't help03:30
Guest94174Lathiat I check that, wait03:30
padlefothmm.. thoreauputic, it says its unable to look up public/pickup03:30
padlefotshould i run "sudo root" ?03:31
=== calc [~ccheney@ip70-185-2-220.ma.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
padlefotor sudo passwd root03:31
Guest94174no i didnt'03:31
LathiatGuest94174: 10:30 < net> Guest94174, google ubuntu wiki mp303:31
Guest94174but I can't apt from there03:31
scoonMarble2, do you have an nForce or nForce2 chipset ?03:31
Guest94174Oh i missed that, net03:31
netnow i have java installed, very nice03:32
Guest94174ahah the wiki was full of help03:32
netyeah, i find myself using that string often03:33
Guest94174I still can't find that file gstreamer0.8-mad manually.03:33
Guest94174(that's the main problem)03:33
rattboican anyone help me to set my dvd dma at boot time?03:33
netwhy cant you apt?03:33
Guest94174because the apt and this pc are not connected03:34
Guest94174I'm gprssing from this windows host.03:34
Guest94174and then trasferring with an usb pen.03:34
Guest94174what a pain in the ???.03:34
netwell, i would download the .deb and install that way03:34
=== calc installed ubuntu hoary on his desktop :)
Guest94174i'm still trying to find that deb :)03:35
Marble2nForce 203:35
Marble2scoon, can you help me out?03:35
scoonMarble2, certainly.03:36
nethow do i tell which ver of ubuntu i have? uname -a doesnt tell me worty or hoary?03:36
=== arzajac [~zajac@Toronto-HSE-ppp3745543.sympatico.ca] has joined #Ubuntu
scoonMarble2, are you using that as your video as well ?03:37
Lathiatnet: cat /etc/lsb-release|grep CODENAME03:37
Guest94174maybe it would be faster knowing the section that deb resides03:37
Guest94174universe/g/ for example03:38
Rene_SGood evening, morning, or afternoon, pick one and consider yourself greeted :)03:38
neti am running warty, is that the newest?03:38
Marble2scoon, no03:38
Gwildornet, hoary is latest03:38
scoonMarble2, so you have a video card then ?03:39
netis there an easy way to apt to it?03:39
Gwildornet, but warty is latest release, hoary is still testing03:39
netrecommended yet or not/03:39
Gwildornet, i use it, not too many problems,.....but a risk none the less03:39
Marble2scoon, yes03:39
Marble2i do03:39
netGwildor, is there a way to upgrade via apt?  on the wiki?03:40
scoonGuest94174, check this out: http://packages.debian.org/cgi-bin/search_packages.pl?keywords=gstreamer&searchon=names&subword=1&version=all&release=all03:40
Guest94174warty was perfect to me, just the non-free nvidia was to old, and this leads to suspension problems.03:40
Rene_SWe like to Live By the Seat of Our Pants here in #Ubuntu, Go Hoary03:40
scoonMarble2, do you have onboard video ?03:40
Marble2no i dont03:40
netdo i have to install hoary via cd?03:40
Gwildornet, in your source.list you must change the word warty to hoary, then update, then dist-upgrade03:40
arzajacnet:  The installer is buggered.  Install Warty and dist-upgrade.03:40
Gwildornet, read last post03:40
calcgrr totem-xine doesn't work on amd64 :\03:41
Guest94174scoon that was impressing, but someone adviced me to don't come here saying I'd use debian packages :)03:41
padlefothow do i know what ethernet card i have, and how to modprob it?03:41
calcand totem-gstreamer doesn't play anything useful03:41
padlefotis there some kind of lists where i can find the name of the module?03:41
Hrdwr_BoBGuest94174: wrong slashes03:41
padlefotand my VGA card03:41
Guest94174calc same problem here :_03:41
Hrdwr_BoBGuest94174: you should also end with a slash03:41
Hrdwr_BoBotherwise it's an unterminated regular expression03:41
scoonGuest94174, well that is the silliest thing i have ever heard.  what is ubuntu, the repository nazii's03:41
Marble2scoon, for now I just want a basic lilo config03:41
Marble2I want to be able to boot back to windows03:41
Hrdwr_BoBscoon: it's a recommendation03:42
Hrdwr_BoBscoon: so that you don't break your system03:42
Guest94174Hrdwr_BoB yeah, it's late at night and i'm tring to calculate my bandwith as i run to and from my laptop with my 32mb usb pen03:42
=== Agrajag [~Agrajag@66-215-172-98.sb-eres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
scoonHrdwr_BoB, well that is a little different thant what Guest94174 says03:42
Hrdwr_BoBGuest94174: :) I'm just tryint to help03:42
Guest94174Hrdwr_BoB I was kidding :)03:43
arzajacpadlefrot: discover ethernet03:43
scoonyes Marble203:43
Marble2can you help me just make a basic lilo config?03:43
Guest94174seriously, I just thoght you'll kill me if I'd tell 'I could use the debian package'03:43
Marble2i just want to be able to boot back to windows03:43
netis dist-upgrade documented on the wiki?03:43
scoonMarble2,  it turns out that that chipset uses low memory for on board video.03:44
Guest94174Marble2 are you trying to revert to your old boot?03:44
arzajacpadlefot: Open a console and type sudo discover ethernet03:44
Marble2Guest94174, yes of windows03:44
scooneven tho you have a vid card, it may still want that low mem area.  YOU MUST USE LILO03:44
Rene_S?  If we couldnt use regular debian pkg's maybe they should take em out of there repositories03:44
Marble2can you help me with a basic lilo config?03:44
Quest-MasterAww, man03:44
Guest94174scoon maybe your link was more interesting than i thought at first...03:44
Quest-MasterIt looks like I have go back to Windows to use Allegro03:44
scoonMarble2, well i use grub.  but i would imagine that google would be a tremendous help03:45
Hrdwr_BoBRene_S: I'm not sure what you're saying.. debian packages make up ubuntu03:45
Guest94174gst-plugins, that's where the bastard resides03:45
Hrdwr_BoBthey are of course recompiled to suit ubuntu's environment03:45
Rene_SJust commenting in a sarc tone03:45
Marble2well yea, but i just really don't want to fuck this up03:45
Marble2anyone here use lilo that can help me?03:45
=== thoreauputic [~debianarc@wolax8-060.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
calchmm i can play a divx but not an mp3, this is odd03:45
Guest94174scoon your link, besides it was a debian one, was illuminating03:46
Rene_SHrdwr_BoB, Sometimes I type things that only make sense to my 2 other personalities.03:46
scoonMarble2, you won't fuck it up.03:46
calcGuest94174: hmm so i should try installing that? xine appears to try to handle it but dies03:46
scoonMarble2, http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LILO.html03:47
Guest94174calc maybe you need that file that would enable rhytmbox to play mp303:47
scoonMarble2, that will do it.  if you swear you'll catch no fish.03:47
=== Symbolix [HydraIRC@236.cleveland-01-03rs.oh.dial-access.att.net] has joined #ubuntu
scoonMarble2, so read carefully.03:47
calcGuest94174: ok03:47
Guest94174this one, I believe, or simply enable universe and apt03:47
Guest94174calc just enable universe and apt03:48
calcGuest94174: already have03:48
Guest94174so apt that and use rhytmbox03:48
=== Symbolix [HydraIRC@236.cleveland-01-03rs.oh.dial-access.att.net] has joined #ubuntu
Guest94174ok, sorry gotta run to the laptop to bring the deb there. Meanwhile you can calculate my bandwith, is a 32mb pen and the laptop is 3 meters away.03:50
Hrdwr_BoBwhy do you have to move to the laptop03:50
Hrdwr_BoBthe beauty of laptops is that you can move them to you03:50
calcinteresting, it won't play any of wav/ogg/mp3 on totem-xine, so far all it has played right is divx, heh03:51
Guest94174Hrdwr_BoB,no place to put it near here.03:52
=== _mp [~mp@] has joined #ubuntu
Guest94174it's a complicate situation, you probably already realized that.03:52
=== Guest94174 is now known as Gehirn
Gehirnok two missing dependencies.03:53
SymbolixIm using a floppy to install ubuntu, and it states thath the kernels on the cd and the installation are incompatible. Someone recommended using smart boot manager, but that doesnt show the cd drive either. Now what?03:53
=== scotth [~scotth@] has joined #ubuntu
Gehirnthe best thing, I assure you, it's browsing the entire ubuntu tree searching for files when installing the simplest of things.03:54
calcit appears the issue is when it is trying to play non-graphical media formats03:55
arzajacSymbolix:  You can't boot from cd?03:55
Symbolixarz: No, my cd drive is not recognized.03:55
rattboidoes anyone use vlc?03:55
=== Matt| [~Matt|@81-178-89-168.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
arzajacSymbolix:  Too old or too new?03:55
Gehirnor missing03:56
calcah i found the problem :)03:56
Symbolixarzajac:I would guess to old. It actually recognizes it in the boot menu, but ti doesnt actually boot03:56
calcit was obvious once i made the previous conclusion03:56
Symbolixarzajac: I can browse it in DOS however03:56
calcthe problem with totem is its visualization engine is broken on amd6403:56
arzajacSymbolix:  Ever try to boot Debian Woody?03:56
calcall the music works when its disabled03:56
Matt|hi peoples, does anyone know if anyone has written an evolution systray extension or something to a similar effect?03:57
Symbolixarzajac: Im unfamiliar with it, so no.03:57
=== alexissoft [~alexis@robertlan.eu.org] has joined #ubuntu
Symbolixarzajac: I downloaded floppy images of Sarge, but that is where teh "incompatibility" comes up03:57
GehirnI smell problems coming03:57
arzajacSymbolix:  cuz you can install the debian woody base and then upgrade to Ubuntu.  You cannot do this from sarge.  You may have an easier time with woody due to your older hardware...03:57
arzajacSymbolix:  You can even install from floppy...03:58
Symbolixarzajac: Well, I was thinking that I might be downloading the wrong images for the debian installation03:58
Symbolixarzajac: I was downloading the most up to date, but in the docs ont he ubunntu CD the date is about 3 months earlier03:59
=== thoreauputic_ [~debianarc@wolax8-060.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Symbolixarzajac: i cant find any earlier images on the debian server04:00
arzajacSymbolix:  I see.  I can't remember if there are boot floppies made for the sarge d-i.  The Warty installer uses an old d-i.  Even before the pre rc2.  RC2 is the most recent...04:00
arzajacSymbolix:  You have to look in woody.04:00
Symbolixarzajac: looking now...04:01
=== Stuttergart [~SolomonGr@im.nathanvalentine.org] has joined #ubuntu
Stuttergartanyone know how to make GRUB work with an LVM root install?04:01
arzajacSymbolix:  http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch-install-methods.en.html04:03
scotthStuttergart, what are you doing with LVM?04:03
scotthas in what kinda raid or what?04:04
arzajacSymbolix:  http://http.us.debian.org/debian/dists/woody/main/disks-i386/current/images-1.44/bf2.4/rescue.bin04:04
=== mitochondyu [~mitochond@pool-162-84-142-158.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
StuttergartI'm not doing any RAID. I just have my root on an LVM partition with a single volume in the group. GRUB and LILO both failed to configure during the install so I'm trying to set them up manually.04:05
arzajacSymbolix:  http://http.us.debian.org/debian/dists/woody/main/disks-i386/current/images-1.44/bf2.4/root.bin04:05
Stuttergartset one of them up rather. Whichever I can get to work.04:05
=== verden01 [~verden@acc1-ppp64.gaw.dialup.connect.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Quest-MasterICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 17875, errno = 004:06
scotthStuttergart, I don't get the complexity, but I have a system that does evms raid 0 and we just select one of the two base partitions to boot off of and pass root= the evms partition and it works... maybe try a similar trick with lvm04:06
Quest-MasterICE default IO error handler doing an exit(), pid = 17914, errno = 004:06
Quest-MasterMutex destroy failure: Device or resource busy04:06
Quest-MasterThese messages just popped up when I was in the terminal04:06
Quest-MasterDoes that mean something bad? :o04:06
Stuttergartis evms supported in Warty?04:06
scotthStuttergart, in addition, I know for a fact that you can have /boot partitioned off and have it on a normal partition and boot via it and an initrd04:07
scotthI don't think it is... though I'm pretty sure sarge supports it now which means horay should have it04:07
Stuttergartscotth: I'm not even to that point yet. I need to get a 1 and 1.5 stage boot loader in place before I can even start thinking about that.04:08
scotthjust remember if you partition off /boot your path should look like /boot/boot/grub04:08
|QuaD|I love the msdaa04:08
=== tvon|x31 [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
scotthStuttergart, should be able to just install grub to the MBR of the disk and have things boot properly04:08
verden01has anyone on here used Libranet?04:09
scotthalso unless you have a good reason to put your partition on an LVM partition I would fire off an install report to ubuntu-devel or ubuntu-users and go with standard partitioning04:09
Quest-MasterHow can I get rid of every single thing relating to KDE?04:09
scotthI think LVM is there to put things like /home onto04:09
Quest-MasterWithout having to manually remove every single individual one of course04:09
StuttergartI need the flexibility of resizing and shuffling volumes.04:09
scotthahhhh pretty good reason04:10
=== sm [~simon@lsanca1-ar5-4-60-050-074.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
smwhew, that was scary04:10
verden01what program do i need to rip dvd's ?04:10
smrecovered my /dev from another partition04:10
|QuaD|stutter aptitude remove kde?04:11
smis there a hoary install cd image anywhere ?04:11
scotthQuest-Master, remove kdelibs4 or some such... it should take out pretty much everything... also libqt whatever will get things going pretty fast04:11
|QuaD|sm: just do apt-get04:11
=== Marble2 [~Marble@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
smI have to download an install cd anyway.. I'd rather avoid the time consuming additional upgrade04:11
scotthStuttergart, I'm pretty much at the limits of my LVM knowldge... maybe you should try ubuntu-users04:12
smeach time, possibly over dialup..04:12
=== mroth [~rem@c-24-7-101-45.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Do]
|QuaD|whats lvm?04:12
=== Stuttergart [~SolomonGr@im.nathanvalentine.org] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete]
Quest-MasterThere were a lot more libs installed though along with the kdelibs04:12
smbut maybe it doesn't exist yet ? I'm wondering where the ubuntu dev ftp server would be04:12
scotth|QuaD|, Linux Volume Manager04:12
|QuaD|Quest-Master: aptitude remove kde should do the trick04:12
|QuaD|scotth: oh04:12
Gehirnhow fine, I used teh wrong version04:12
Quest-MasterDidn't work04:12
|QuaD|what is the kde base package called?04:13
|QuaD|so do aptitude remove kdebase04:13
arzajacIs it not logical volume manger?04:13
scotthQuest-Master, I'm pretty sure if you get rid of kdelibs and libqt everything else depends on those04:13
scottharzajac, yeah that sounds better... whatever the name is its for managing partitions/volumes irrespective of disks and such...04:14
|QuaD|scotth: yeah, might also want kdebase though04:14
=== piyr [~piyr@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
|QuaD|scotth: he should also make sure aptitude remove and not apt-get remove04:14
|QuaD|thne run deborphan to clean up the rest04:15
lupus_how do I trow an exception with python04:15
Quest-MasterWhat the heck is this04:15
Quest-MasterI keep on randomly getting these weird errors when I'm typing up stuff in the terminal04:15
|QuaD|Quest-Master: looks like somoen fubarred their system04:16
verden01has anyone done an upgrade with AMD 64?04:16
calcupgrade what?04:16
|QuaD|Quest-Master: who knows... i didn't touch it04:16
calci just installed ubuntu on amd64 today works fine so far04:17
verden01their Ubuntu system04:17
Quest-MasterHow could someone "fubar" it?04:17
calcer ubuntu hoary i mean04:17
verden01with apt-get04:17
calcverden01: i used apt-get with it since then yea04:17
verden01calc my ubuntu 64 system runs great04:17
|QuaD|calc: i think he means apt-get update04:17
scotthlupus_, google for "Dive into Python"04:18
|QuaD|Quest-Master: do you know what fubar is?04:18
Quest-MasterErr.. nope.04:18
calc|QuaD|: yea that works fine04:18
|QuaD|calc: thats what he was asking04:18
|QuaD|Quest-Master: stands for 'f*cked up beyond all recognition04:18
verden01but i added more repositories to my sources.list04:18
=== ben [~ben@pcp03282353pcs.radnor01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
calcif the repos don't support amd64 they might cause it to give you an error04:19
=== Marble2 [~Marble@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
verden01there amd64 repositories04:19
|QuaD|ben: ??04:19
beni need to print something right away, but printing isn't working and i can't transfer my files to a windows comp!04:19
benI KNO04:19
verden01could you mount your win partition?04:20
benthe printer settings dont "stay"04:20
benwhenever i change them, they just revert back to wat was already there04:20
benso i can't change the username and password of a printer's properties04:20
Quest-MasterWhat is signal #11?04:20
benshit shit shit04:21
verden01calc can i pm you?04:21
calcman 7 signal04:21
calcverden01: sure04:21
benand when i try to browse the windows network04:21
calc       SIGSEGV      11       Core    Invalid memory reference04:21
benit says one folder on the side, but nothing shows up04:21
|QuaD|verden01: i reccomend talking here, in case anyone else has the same problem04:21
|QuaD|ben: I would love to help you, don't own a printer though04:21
benwhat about just trying to get my windows network working?04:21
=== verden01 [~verden@acc1-ppp64.gaw.dialup.connect.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
beni'm gonna try a reboot :p04:22
|QuaD|ben: if you need it urgently, why not just email it to yourself?04:22
benmaybe that'll fix something04:22
verden01i was just going to ask calc his system config!04:22
scotthben, what seems to be the problem with your windows network? I'm browsing against an win2k pdc right now with a samba 3 file server04:22
ben|QuaD|, smart cookie u are!04:22
smthere we go: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hoary/array-1/04:22
=== |QuaD| wonders if ben was being sarcastic
benscotth, well, i pretty much can't seem to look at any other computers on the network04:23
beni can use the internet fine and stuff though04:23
scotthdescribe your network?04:23
|QuaD|ben: so email it to yourself04:23
scotthany firewalls?04:23
benscotth, no, no, i have all that stuff set up, because it was working before04:24
calcQuest-Master: signal 11 means either the app does bad things with pointers (usually) or your system has hardware issues04:24
calcQuest-Master: not sure if you saw what i pasted above04:24
|QuaD|wahoo.... win2k3server is installing in qemu... just taking FOREVER04:24
Quest-MasterThat doesn't sound good..04:24
Quest-MasterYeah, I saw it04:25
benfirst my print fuctionality stopped working, in that it seems to be 'stuck' on samba username and password04:25
bennow my network browsing functionality seems to have stopped working aswell04:25
=== thoreauputic [~debianarc@wolax8-060.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
scotthben, are you using warty?  do you know what changed if anything?  maybe a service pack got installed?  any security updates?04:26
beni'm using hoary04:26
benbut it wasn't working before i upgraded to hoary04:26
benthe printer stuff04:26
benso i thought upgrading to hoary might help04:26
benbut nope04:26
benmy main problem is that when i go into printer properties04:26
benand under the network settings tab, or something like that04:27
beni can change everything BUT the smb username and password04:27
scotthfirst question... can you ping the different machines your talking to?04:27
benso everytime it tries to connect to the computer connected to the printer, it fails because of an incorect password04:27
benscotth, how do i do that?04:27
benjust type 'ping' and the ip address into a terminal?04:28
scotthping ip-address-of-machine-with-smb-share04:28
=== thoreauputic_ is now known as thoreauputic
|QuaD|ben: you shouldn't use hoary unless you know what you are doing04:28
Rene_SHow in the heck do I make my Ubuntu machine see my wifes Window98 machine, she scammed the printer and I cant use it.04:28
verden01is hoary the next release?04:29
scotthverden01, yes04:29
benuhhh, how many 64 byte packet things isn't gonna send me?04:29
verden01so its unstable?04:29
scotthverden01, but it breaks pretty frequently... right now its broken in several respects04:30
benit's not that unstable04:30
|QuaD|do any of you read 2600?04:30
=== rattboi [~rattboi@c-67-170-0-32.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Rene_SI used to be able to share with it dunno why i cant anymore04:30
scotthben, it sends till you CTRL-C it04:30
scotthall we want to see is that one gets through04:30
benyeah, they got through04:30
scotthben, and you can share between windows machines?04:31
benscotth, yeah04:31
scotthdo you have smbclient installed?04:31
benwhen i go into nautilus and try to look at the windows shared computers, it just looks like it's loading stuff forever, and never stops04:31
benand the directories never show up04:32
=== mos__ [~mos@adsl-210-45-216.mco.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== scotth goes to look up smbclient syntax for ben
beni have this copying files dialog open, is there anyway to force quit it?04:32
benit's been "preparing for copying" forever and wont stop04:33
scotthummm... hit the X up at the top right?04:33
bendidn't work04:33
benis there anyway to downgrade to warty?04:33
Hrdwr_BoBnot really04:33
verden01can i apt-get and upgrade to hoary?04:34
scotthben, smbclient -L <host_name_or_ip_of_server>04:34
|QuaD|verden01: no04:34
scotthhit enter as password dialog04:34
scotthverden01, you don't want to04:34
|QuaD|scotth: if he asked to ask how to do it.... he shouldn't be upgrading04:35
scotthverden01, stay away, madness this way lays04:35
=== paspourtoi [~peter@wolax8-060.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
scotth|QuaD|, I wasn't going to suggest it04:35
verden01ok i'll take that advice04:35
scotth<--- is a grizled Debian unstable veteran of several years and its still broken for me04:35
|QuaD|verden01: warty is nice... stick with that04:35
benDomain=[FAMILY]  OS=[Windows 5.1]  Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager] 04:35
ben        Sharename       Type      Comment04:35
ben        ---------       ----      -------04:35
ben        IPC$            IPC       Remote IPC04:35
ben        print$          Disk      Printer Drivers04:35
ben        SharedDocs      Disk04:35
ben        Backup          Disk04:35
ben        ADMIN$          Disk      Remote Admin04:35
ben        C$              Disk      Default share04:35
bensession request to failed (Called name not present)04:36
scotthewww no!!! ben no pasting04:36
bensession request to 192 failed (Called name not present)04:36
verden01yeah it runs great on my AMD64 machine04:36
benDomain=[FAMILY]  OS=[Windows 5.1]  Server=[Windows 2000 LAN Manager] 04:36
ben        Server               Comment04:36
|QuaD|scotth: yeah... i used sid for a while (and i loved it) and this is a lot more unstable04:36
ben        ---------            -------04:36
ben        Workgroup            Master04:36
ben        ---------            -------04:36
benscotth, oops04:36
benwhere do i paste it then?04:36
scotthben, read the motd04:36
|QuaD|ben: pastebin?04:36
scotthnot the motd, the whatever its called at the top04:36
|QuaD|ben: you get 6 spankings04:36
|QuaD|scotth: (topic)04:36
=== regeya [~shane@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|ben: /topic04:36
scotth|QuaD|, thanks04:36
|QuaD|scotth: do you still run debian at all?04:37
scotthyup, on the server04:37
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-224-172-150.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu
scotthwouldn't give it up for the world04:37
scotthwhat about yourself?04:37
benpaste.plone.org doesn't work04:37
Xenguyben: you can use #flood04:37
|QuaD|i only have one machine, ran debian unstable for like 2.5 years.... begining of november decided to try suse04:38
|QuaD|it was on their for 2 days, i decided i hated it, couldn't live with it any longer04:38
|QuaD|and here i am now :)04:38
=== Xenguy chuckles...
scotth|QuaD|, I work for the csee department at West Virginia University, its all debian here04:38
benscotth, so...04:38
benwhat's next?04:38
|QuaD|scotth: what do you do there/04:38
Xenguyscotth: BOFH? ;-)04:39
scotthben, paste it intl #flood04:39
|QuaD|scotth: i am a cse/ee major at BU04:39
|QuaD|graduating in ma04:39
benbut it's right in there04:39
scotthXenguy, you got me, I'm the sys-admin here... well one of them04:39
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|scotth: are you looking to employ a new grad?????04:39
benscotth, there, i pasted it04:40
scotth|QuaD|, I'm not a in charge of hireing, but I do know we are looking for a new full time position04:40
|QuaD|scotth: if you are confortable sharing, what is the pay like for what you are looking for?04:40
|QuaD|and how experienced is necessary?04:41
scotthben, post the command you used04:41
rattboihey, has anyone done bootsplash?04:41
bensmbclient -L
scotth|QuaD|, I have no clue... I'm a student worker... they are basically looking for a position to replace me and another student worker who is graduating this month... I hear they pay pretty well though...04:42
rattboiyo |QuaD|04:42
scotthben, I'm looking at your output04:42
|QuaD|hey rattboi04:42
scoonscotth, that made me laff04:43
|QuaD|scotth: negative is living in WV :) i am a big city man04:43
=== Quest-Master [~qmaster@c-24-99-26-36.atl.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|scotth: pretty well as in 40k? 50k? 60k?04:43
scotthscoon, why laugh?04:43
scoonscotth, -> "ben, I'm looking at your output" I almost thought I was in some weird SINGLES room.04:43
scoondamn chatter bots.04:44
scotth|QuaD|, I have no clue... but I know my boss goes out and burns 1k on boos regularly on weekends... so he must be banking some serious stuff... plus my other boss is "faculty equivalent" and all he has is a bs04:44
scoonperving up again.04:44
scotthscoon, yeah something like that04:44
|QuaD|scotth: if you don't mind doing some research, it would be greatly appreciate, also curious how much experience is necessary04:45
scotthben, smbclient -U <user-name> -L <server> and enter in your password04:45
scotth|QuaD|, they are going to start advertising it soon with all the relavent specs... let me see if I can find the website04:45
=== paspourtoi [~peter@wolax8-060.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
lupus_can someone tell me with what I can generate a changelog from cvs commits info04:46
benscotth, gave me the same thing as before04:46
|QuaD|scotth: :)04:46
benusername of an admin on the windows comp, right? and the password is the password to that username?04:47
|QuaD|rattboi: do you know if kremlyn ever got his monitors working?04:47
wasabiwow this ubuntu live cd is slick04:48
scotthben, yeah04:48
bennope, gives me the same thing04:48
scotthactually you want to use the username/password your trying to use on your ubuntu system...04:48
|QuaD|wasabi: if you like the live cd, you should try the real os:)04:48
wasabium. i have.04:49
wasabiTHe licecd has a graphical boot up sequence04:49
benscotth, what do you mean?04:49
benso the username and password of my ubuntu system?04:49
beni'm confused04:50
scotthyour trying to do stuff from your ubuntu system on your smb shares... like access files and printers right? are you providing a password there?04:50
benbefore i was just using the username and pass of an admin on the windows comp, and it was working for printer stuff04:51
benbut now it isn't04:51
rattboican anyone point me to something about getting bootsplash to work?04:51
benand no, i don't have the smb shares password protected04:51
beni don't believe04:51
scotthbut the admin username/password gets all that info from the smb server right?04:51
scotthhmmm... samba seems to be working then...04:51
beni guess so04:51
benoohh, is that why i can never edit the username password stuff for the printer properties?04:52
benit gets it from the windows comp?04:52
scotthben, can you paste the output again in #flood?04:52
bengonna see if there is a problem with printer sharing or something on the windows comp04:53
scotthben, when you get back try smbclient -U ben -L <name of windows server>04:55
scotth|QuaD|, I can't seem to find out jobs posting site, Ill ask my boss tomorrow about it04:56
|QuaD|scotth: :) thanks, i'll be around04:56
scotth|QuaD|, how familiar are you with debian?04:57
benok, i'll try that04:57
scotthben, see above04:57
=== meff [~meff@meff.user] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|scotth: i am pretty familiar with it :)04:57
=== meff [~meff@meff.user] has left #ubuntu []
|QuaD|i have used it for 3 years04:57
|QuaD|just switched to this in november04:57
verden01Debian rocks04:57
scotth|QuaD|, any python/zope experience?04:57
=== meff [~meff@meff.user] has joined #ubuntu
scotthverden01, w00t04:58
|QuaD|scotth: nope :(04:58
|QuaD|php and perl04:58
scotthperl is good04:58
|QuaD|scotth: i can learn thouhg, i pick these up pretty fast04:58
scotthwe have a lot of legacy crap on perl04:58
|QuaD|yeah... i am not the best with perl... i hold my own with it though04:58
=== marble2 [~gasche@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== calamari_ [Jeffry@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
benscotth: yay, look wat it outputted04:58
|QuaD|scotth: as long as their is an o'reilly book, i can learn it04:59
scotth|QuaD|, for python I would suggest dive into python, I'm a python fanatic though... I love it to death04:59
calamari_I finally replaced grub with lilo, and now it doesn't finish booting :/ hehe.  Here is my error: VFS: Cannot open root device "301" or unknown-block(3,1).  (etc).  I'm seeing a lot on the net about this, but none if seems to be helping so I thought I'd ask here05:00
=== ben [~ben@pcp03282353pcs.radnor01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
verden01does anyone know what program i would use to make a vcd or dvd from my handycam?05:00
|QuaD|scotth: not suggesting an o'reilly book??? heathen!!! jk.... the reason i use o'reilly is because I like that they are geared toward someone who knows how to program, just doesn't know the language nad needs to learn it05:00
|QuaD|scotth: if i learn python i will keep that in mind05:00
calamari_quad: I have python in a nutshell.  It seems decent05:00
=== regeya has that nutshell book too
|QuaD|its weird, people who like python, LOVE IT... but otherwise they usually don't use it05:01
|QuaD|there is no middle ground05:01
|QuaD|with python05:01
calamari_it could use more code examples than it has, though05:01
=== regeya nods
scotth|QuaD|, what do you mean?05:01
scotth|QuaD|, I use it all the time05:01
scotthits fantastic05:01
regeyathere's two classes of people: 1.) harcore python programmers, and 2.) people who think they need { and } or BEGIN and END05:02
scotthben, that output looks better... but I can't see a printer share there05:02
calamari_if I want to write fast code, qbasic is the only way to go05:02
|QuaD|scotth: you either love it, or its not really useful05:02
scotthben, your printer would look like  "ps711esb        Printer   HP LaserJet 2200"05:02
benscotth, well i'm sure it's being shared, because i just checked05:02
|QuaD|if i want to write fast code, I write in 0's and 1's..... its easier05:02
regeyaor people who think they need to be able to do something like for(a=0;a<32767;a++) { aslkjhaslkjhlsdjghlskj; ljfdhgkajg;a asdj; asdkjh ;adg kjhdasgkjsh; }05:02
calamari_that should have been "code fast" :)05:02
|QuaD|haha... i am a huge fan of php05:03
benwell, i g2g guys05:03
|QuaD|as i learn more and more php, i like it more and more05:03
benthanks for you help scotth, maybe i'll see you another time05:03
scotth|QuaD|, I don't get what your saying... I just wrote a configuration utility for our automated installer and its maybe 10 lines of code for the central portion and everything else is plugins... its mad sweet05:04
|QuaD|though... it doesn't have the power of perl05:04
|QuaD|scotth: thats my point05:04
regeyapython can be fast too.  python, like many other languages, has had cruft thrown onto it to make peoples' lives easier, so it's gotten some ugly things thrown in.05:04
=== vsb [~user@] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|scotth: most people don't use it, but the people who do LOVE IT05:04
|QuaD|they can't live without it05:04
regeyaperl...perl reaffirmed my belief that I'm an idiot.05:04
palle1error matching hash 96e044024aa21086b2eb928e3498a45b05:04
vsbjust now i installed ubunto in my machine but when i am logging in itsdirectly starts firefox and console. How shuld i remove it05:04
vsbmy session-> startup programs is empty05:05
regeyaI mean, I remember going to a local LUG and watching this guy write what looked like line noise.  I think I took notes and I'm still not sure how it worked, exactly.05:06
=== marble2 [~gasche@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
vsbregeya is it for me05:07
|QuaD|regeya: hehe :)05:07
scotthregeya, we have several custom mods to request-tracker2 and sympa here that I am responsible for taking care of and I can't make hids or tails of it... luckily I have obsoleted it all and we are moving on...05:07
calamari_hmm.. googled a few more things to try for my boot problem.. bbiafm from ubuntu hopefully05:08
|QuaD|installing win2k3 on qemu is a long process05:08
|QuaD|win2k3 gives you an estimated complete time, it has been stuck on 24 for like 45 minutes05:09
|QuaD|probably longer05:09
|QuaD|was at 30 minutes 2 hours ago05:09
|QuaD|and its funny cuz qemu's motto is 'qemu is a fast processor emulator'05:10
scotth|QuaD|, why are you doing that exactly?05:10
=== Agrajag [~Agrajag@66-215-172-98.sb-eres.charterpipeline.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Tsjoklat [~Tsjoklat@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|scotth: i want to see what win2k3 is like? i have a project that needs .dot and i want to use visual studio (if possible), and also to try out qemu because i want to start playing around with gnu hurd05:11
|QuaD|and lastly, trillian 3 looks nice and i want to try it05:11
Tsjoklatarvo all05:11
scotth|QuaD|, you are insane... installing win2k3 on qemu and wanting to play with the hurd... have you checked one of your fine local insane assylums? I hear they are beautiful this time of year05:12
|QuaD|scotth: if you have a pc for me to install them on... let me know (they can be remote), i don't have any other options!05:12
=== Gmail|AWAY is now known as Gmail
=== orospakr [~orospakr@CPE00a00cc1c1a6-CM000e5c6df878.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
scotthwe have hardware out the anus... but there is no way windows is getting on any of it... its like having your children beaten by a stranger from washington05:14
|QuaD|scotth: we can work with hurd05:14
=== verden01 [~verden@acc1-ppp64.gaw.dialup.connect.net.au] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== IvyCQHome [~Sir@c9063275.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== cbpye_ [~cbpye@pcp02333439pcs.bartlt01.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
scotthI know the hurd runs nicely on bochs05:16
|QuaD|scotth: plus i get soo much from msft for free through the msdaa that i want to try it all out and remind myself why i chose linux05:16
scotthone of my friends used to run it and hack on it... he was insane....05:17
|QuaD|scotth: yeah05:17
cbpye_I think I've got a memory leak/05:17
|QuaD|scotth: i want to start playing with a microkernel05:17
scotthcbpye, I know I have a memory leak... I can't remember last night05:17
|QuaD|cbpye: uh oh05:17
cbpye_2 GB of ram over here, 1 GB is free, and all I'm running is GNOME, XMMS, X-chat, and gkrellm, and whatever else is in the BG.05:17
moquistvsb: I'm new to ubuntu myself, so I don't have your answer.  but what's in your ~/.gnome2/session file?05:17
cbpye_115 procs05:17
scotth|QuaD|, I want to as well... Ive been looking at the L4 spec05:17
|QuaD|cbpye: run top05:18
|QuaD|find out what is hogging it05:18
|QuaD|or do a ps aux05:18
scotthcbpye, actually run free -m05:18
|QuaD|scotth: i assumed he knows that05:18
|QuaD|scotth: l4?05:18
scotthyoull notice a lot of buffers and cache taking up that space05:18
cbpye_cbpye@chernobyl3:~ $ free -m05:18
cbpye_             total       used       free     shared    buffers     cached05:18
cbpye_Mem:          2027       1075        952          0          4         7405:18
cbpye_-/+ buffers/cache:        995       103205:18
cbpye_Swap:          549          4        54405:18
scotthcbpye, ewww no paste... use #flood next time05:19
|QuaD|that looks right05:19
cbpye_looks right?05:19
|QuaD|now go find out what is using memory05:19
|QuaD|cbpye: heh... i don't know why i wrote that05:20
cbpye_QuaD: join #flood05:20
|QuaD|i need $$ to build a new computer05:20
|QuaD|cbpye: use a pastebin05:20
cbpye_Scare Tactics is great.05:22
cbpye_you know, the corny show on sci-fi05:22
cbpye_but that's off-topic05:22
|QuaD|my qemu win2k3 installation is STILL at 24minutes :(05:22
|QuaD|cbpye: nope, i don't have a tv :(05:22
=== |^JaMeS^| [~nobody@cvip-dsl-205-227.cvip.net] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|sold it so that I could eat this month05:23
|QuaD|money is tight05:23
scotth|QuaD|, its the l4 micro kernel spec... l4ka.org or somesuch05:23
|QuaD|scotth: is it used for any os's?05:24
cbpye_Quad: http://pastebin.com/12669605:24
=== svenl_ [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-8-174.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
scotth|QuaD|, no os's yet... its mainly a research kernel so far... but hurd is planning to move to it one day... its super fast from what I hear05:24
=== Stuttergart [~Stutterga@im.nathanvalentine.org] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|scotth: don't theyhave their mach kernel?05:25
|QuaD|cbpye: why am i looking at this?05:25
cbpye_because I have no clue whatsoever where I can find out what's using how much RAM.05:26
=== paspourtoi [~peter@wolax8-060.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
scotth|QuaD|, mach is slow from what I hear... too much crap they don't need... the biggest blockage as far as the switch goes is that ipc with mach is asyncronous while l4 is syncronous... but l4's ipc is so fast that it doesn't matter that its syncronous... or thats the thought05:27
=== Ruffian|Q| [Ruffian|Q|@dhcp024-209-106-036.woh.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|scotth: interesting... i just think microkernels are a nice idea05:28
=== Ruffian|Q| is now known as RuffianSoldier
=== toresbe [tsb@developer.skolelinux.no] has joined #ubuntu
cbpye_the only thing using a ton of ram there is...05:28
scotth|QuaD|, they are a nice idea05:28
cbpye_root      4161  3.1  1.7 171872 36808 ?      RL   16:23  13:23 /usr/X11R6/bin/X :0 -br -audit 0 -auth /var/lib/gdm/:0.Xauth -nolisten tcp vt705:29
|QuaD|scotth: one day we will be using them05:29
scotthI hope so05:29
scotthmaybe I should code up an l4 in python... that should be nice and easy.... muahah world domination is at hand05:31
|QuaD| heh.... i want to start a mozilla thunderbird project, but i don't know that uml crap05:32
|QuaD|i want to make an extension05:32
|QuaD|and you have to write them in some uml crap05:32
=== calamari_ [Jeffry@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
toresbeArgh, I suck at programming05:36
calamari_still no go.  Did notice that lilo defaulted to my old 386 kernel rather than the new k7 kernel, but that change didn't seem to matter.05:36
scotth|QuaD|, thats crappy05:36
scotthwhy can't you do it in the dom?05:36
toresbeI'm writing this paper tape archival system and it ust refuses top work05:36
calamari_any ideas how I can fix: Cannot open root device "301"?05:37
calamari_as I understand it, 301 means /dev/hda105:37
|QuaD|scotth: no idea05:38
neoparkok i am hav'n some problems getting ubuntu installed on my power mac 7200, 250mhz 256mb ram (2) 1gb scsi drives and scsi cd rom, i have installed bootX but it will not let me select ram disk and i could use some help w/ this install, i have already read all the info avail on the ubuntu web site.05:38
=== tvon|x31 [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
calamari_my old debian 3.0 cd is able to get me to a login prompt (console) when I specify rescue root=/dev/hda1, so I know I'm not completely broken down05:38
|QuaD|and to make it worse, the api for what i want to integrate is in java05:38
Hrdwr_BoBneopark: 1gb isn't enough to install ubuntu05:38
|QuaD|and the company isn't that good at giving me access to it05:38
scotth|QuaD|, what is "it"?05:39
calamari_I might give up on lilo and go back to grub, but I really liked lilo's way of getting to the boot menu via shift05:39
|QuaD|heh... my cellphone05:40
|QuaD|i have a danger sidekick 205:40
|QuaD|and the reason i want thunderbird over kmail or evolution is because i want it to be easily ported to many platforms05:41
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
scotth|QuaD|, cool idea, but better to write an app in the dom cause supposedly one day it won't even be tied to browser05:43
|QuaD|tied to browser?05:44
scotthanyway... late... I'm out... Ill try to get that info to you tomorrow |QuaD|05:44
|QuaD|alright thanks :)05:45
=== Rolled_s0cks [~s0cks@s0cks.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
=== thoreauputic [~peter@wolax8-060.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== HolyGod [~free@pppoe-tun1.securebinary.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== s0cks_ [~s0cks@s0cks.user] has joined #ubuntu
GmailOMG firefox closed it self05:50
Gmailand /home umount ed05:51
|QuaD|Gmail: warty?05:51
=== novaburst [~novaburst@evrtwa1-ar9-4-65-251-189.evrtwa1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|Gmail: when i ran warty it would do that occasionally05:52
Gmail|QuaD|: this never happened before05:52
Gmailand i can't even open gnome-terminal05:53
=== yz [~yz@] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|oh wow... that stinks05:53
Gmailand i check and saw that /home is umount from tsy105:53
Gmailwell i remounted it05:55
Gmailand all works05:55
GmailOMG it umount AGAIN05:56
=== _HolyGod [~free@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmail_HolyGod: please change your nick05:58
=== Gmail adds a cron every 5seconds to re mount it
|QuaD|haha... why did you tell him to change his nick?05:58
thoreauputicI guess some people would find that nick offensive05:59
=== Talliesin_ [~Jon@83-70-226-106.b-ras1.prp.dublin.eircom.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== defendguin [~supertux@adsl-6-117-29.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== s0cks [~s0cks@s0cks.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== lev [~lev@dhcp024-209-240-238.cinci.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
levCan someone help me? I still cant get my sound to work..06:06
moquistlev: what's the problem?06:07
moquistlev: how are you testing (which application) and what is the error message?06:07
levThere is no error it just does not work lol06:08
levMy sound is not workin06:08
=== sls [~stephan@] has joined #ubuntu
levsomeone tried to help me yesterday but it is still not workin06:08
levi have a Dell inspiron 8600.06:08
levOn the ubuntu site is said something about adding acpi_...... to some file06:08
moquistlev: yeah, but what sound are you expecting to hear that you are not hearing?  are you using totem?  xmms?  mplayer?06:09
levThe login scren sound06:09
levany sound.06:09
levnothing is workin06:09
=== swab___ [~euan@HSE-Montreal-ppp132736.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
wasabiHow does Ubuntu's initrd know to load a certain scsi driver?06:09
wasabiAnd how can I change it?06:09
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-89-27.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
moquistlev: do you know what sound card you have? ('lspci' will tell you if you don't know)06:10
levits Ac '9706:10
swab___When I plug in my ipod it gets mounted automatically, but I want gtkpod to handle loading the correct modules and mounting the device, how do i prevent the automounting?  I did edit my fstab to noauto.06:10
=== net [~net@gso167-157-040.triad.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
levintel corp.06:11
moquistlev: do you know for sure that the ac97 module is loaded?06:11
Hrdwr_BoBswab___: it's hotplug that does that06:11
levHow do i check?06:12
moquistlev: lsmod [| grep ac97 if you want] 06:12
swab___Hrdwr_BoB: Any idea how to stop hotplug from mounting the device? I still want it to mount my other USB drives06:12
levsnd_ac97_codec         59268  1 snd_intel8x006:13
levsnd                    50660  9 snd_intel8x0,snd_ac97_codec,snd_pcm_oss,snd_mixer_oss,snd_pcm,snd_timer,snd_mpu401_uart,snd_rawmidi,snd_seq_device06:13
levi have no idea what i am looking for.06:14
moquistlev: that looks right, I think.06:14
calamari_does anyone know how I can get grub reinstalled?  I tried lilo and it messed up my boot.06:14
levSo why isnt it working? :(06:14
moquistlev: do you know that the volume is turned up?06:14
levOh shoot... HAHAHAHA06:14
levi installed aumix06:14
levbut it wont let me adjust the system volume.06:15
thoreauputiclev: did you run alsaconf ?06:15
levno whats that?06:15
moquistlev: might be a perms problem then.  but try "Applications --> Multimedia --> Volume Control" first.06:15
lev" no mixer found.06:16
moquistlev: what said that?  alsaconf or Vol Cotrol?06:16
levvol control06:16
levwhat is alsaconfig?06:16
moquistlev: ls -l /dev/mixer /dev/dsp /dev/snd/06:17
moquistlev: i'm not sure.  I don't have it in my path...06:17
moquistlev: you might want to query me privately to past the results of the ls.  it'll be kinda ugly for here.06:17
=== Muskrat [~will@tx-69-34-115-197.dyn.sprint-hsd.net] has joined #ubuntu
levthanks for your helo BTW.06:17
MuskratUbuntu vs. Gentoo, why or why not?06:18
toresbeMuskrat: Ubuntu. Gentoo took me AGES to set up and  I'm a Linux geek.06:19
melazyboyhas fglrx been fixed to work with xorg?06:19
calamari_does anyone know how I can get grub reinstalled?  I tried lilo and it messed up my boot.06:19
Muskrataye, but what about usability06:19
toresbecalamari_: If memory serves grub-install device06:19
calamari_sm, toresbe: thanks06:20
moquisttoresbe: i dunno yet.  i'm a gentooer who just installed ubuntu today.  i'm new to debian and gnome as well, but I'm getting along ok so far.06:20
toresbeMuskrat: Ubuntu is far easier to use.06:20
toresbeMuskrat: Far, far, far, *FAR* easier06:20
moquistnewbie question: can anybody tell me a quick way to check out my kernel config?  /proc/config.gz doesn't seem to exist, and I don't have my (generic ubuntu) kernel sources installed.  I'd like to look at the default Ubuntu kernel config...06:21
toresbemoquist: There shoiuld be a Config* file in /boot06:21
melazyboymoquist, apt-get install kernel-tree, vim /etc/sources/linux/.config06:21
=== |^JaMeS^| [~nobody@cvip-dsl-205-227.cvip.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
moquisttoresbe: sorry, my response to the gentoo/ubuntu question was intended for Muskrat.  just typed the wrong nick.06:22
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@126.129-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== Triple|5 [~Triple5@pool-162-83-252-170.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
moquisttoresbe, melazyboy: thx06:22
moquistMuskrat: which part of usability are you asking about?  administration?06:24
moquisttoresbe: no /boot/Config* here06:24
rattboiwhat's the difference of apt-get and aptitude?06:25
moquisttoresbe: nm, it's /boot/config*06:25
moquistrattboi: curses?06:25
=== moquist had never seen aptitude before today - he's guessing
=== calamari [~calamari@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
rattboihas anyone tried bootsplash on ubuntu?06:29
smit's not really working for me06:33
rattboism, you have?06:33
toresberattboi: apt-get is a text-only system/. Aptitude is a user-friendly package browser for consoles, and synaptic is a graphiucal one06:33
rattboiyeah, I use apt-get and synaptic06:33
rattboiI saw some people using aptitude, just didn't know what it was06:34
toresberattboi: They are all front-ends to dpkg. Apologies for typos, I have a cut on my finger06:34
rattboithat's cool06:34
rattboijust ran aptitude06:34
rattboi...I think I'll stick with synaptic when I can06:34
toresbeI prefer using juyst apt-cache search, apt-cache show and apt-get06:35
rattboiwell, one of the main reasons I got ubuntu is because it looks good06:36
rattboidon't want to spend all my time at console, or I'd just install DSL or something06:36
rattboiso nobody got bootsplash to work?06:36
rattboiI think I want bootsplash and I need to get captive-ntfs working and I'm done messing with my system for a while06:37
melazyboydear god06:37
melazyboydon't want to spend all my time at console, or I'd just06:37
melazyboy                 install DSL or something06:37
moquistheh; my primary task thus far in ubuntu has been to make the good-looking things go away.  i like ion2 and xterm, and that's it.  console is my friend...06:38
=== pavel_ [~pavel@63-226-192-152.tukw.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
netsplitHave you a slow computer moquist?06:38
=== redhedgehog [~chatzilla@209-112-221-121-cdsl-rb1.sol.acsalaska.net] has joined #ubuntu
rattboinetsplit: I do, but I don't care :P06:38
melazyboymoquist: Why not just use debian net install, starts you off with almost nothing06:38
melazyboymoquist: switch to the ubuntu repository (for what ever reason you would want to do that that)06:39
moquistmelazyboy: 'cuz I want to explore ubuntu, not debian.  :)06:39
redhedgehogI need help with configuring the rate on my wireless card. Anybody here know how I can switch from 2Mb/s to 11Mb/s?06:39
moquistmelazyboy: I probably won't really get rid of all the pretties.  i might try gnome+ion2 if I can make them play ok together.  (i haven't used any desktop env for a couple years now)06:40
=== ezsquirt [bowser@] has joined #ubuntu
rattboiwhat's ion2?06:40
netsplitProbably some kind of window manager?06:42
moquistrattboi: ion2 is a window manager that assumes a different type of windowing model.06:42
rattboiwait, I think I know it06:43
netsplitKeyboard-friendly window manager with tiled windows (v2)06:43
moquistrattboi: the premise (from my perspective, anyway) is that you don't want any wasted space on your desktop - i.e., why is there a need for a background?06:43
rattboibecause i had that same idea before06:43
netsplitI tried ratpoison or something like that once.06:43
rattboiI was like "it'd be cool if" and there was ion206:43
moquistnetsplit: and the keyboard-friendliness is the other primary draw for me.  if I can not use my mouse, that's wonderful.06:43
netsplitBut never got to learning all the keyboard bindings.06:43
moquistor rather, not need to use my mouse.06:44
=== redhedgehog [~chatzilla@209-112-221-121-cdsl-rb1.sol.acsalaska.net] has left #ubuntu []
rattboiof course, this is when I was using windows, so I didn't really research it much06:44
moquistrattboi: from the Ion project Manifesto: "Usability simply does not equal low learning curve".  I agree wholeheartedly.06:44
=== jemfinch [~jfincher@dhcp065-024-075-056.columbus.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
moquistrattboi: The manifesto is worth reading, and it's here: http://modeemi.cs.tut.fi/~tuomov/ion/06:45
jemfincham I missing something, or is there no Plone package for Ubuntu?06:45
rattboiwhat's Plone?06:46
rattboiI saw that yersterday somwehere06:46
jemfinchPlone is an OSS CMS for Zope, which is an Application Server written in python.06:46
jemfinchPlone runs the website for ubuntulinux.org.06:46
=== unshavenyak [~ryan@d150-129-34.home.cgocable.net] has joined #ubuntu
moquistrattboi: Plone is "Plone: A user friendly and powerful open source Content Management System"  http://www.plone.org/06:46
rattboioh, that's where I saw it06:46
rattboion ubuntu's site06:46
unshavenyakQuick question if anyone feels like answring it.  When I try to run an install script I get the error bash; ./installMapleLinuxSU: bin/bash: bad interpreter: Permission Denied06:48
unshavenyakAny ideas why I get this error?06:48
moquistunshavenyak: what's the first line of the install script?  'head -n1 installMapleLinuxSU'06:49
moquistunshavenyak: well, regardless, your installscript is attempting to execute an interpreter (the bash shell, in this case) that either doesn't exist or is not executable by the current user.06:50
unshavenyakhrmm I'm executing it as root and I'm fairly certain bash is installed06:50
moquistunshavenyak: I'm confused by a couple things.  That line should be "#!/bin/sh", not "!/bin/sh".06:52
unshavenyaksorry I missed the pound sign06:53
unshavenyakit is #!/bin/sh06:53
=== GotD0t [~GotD0t@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mos__ [~mos@adsl-210-24-195.mco.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
moquistunshavenyak: did you paste the error message exactly?06:53
unshavenyakyes, one sec i'll paste the entire string for you06:53
unshavenyak[root@midgard cdrom] # ./installMapleLinuxSU06:54
unshavenyakbash: ./installMapleLinuxSU: /bin/sh: bad interpreter: Permission denied06:54
unshavenyak[root@midgard cdrom] #06:54
moquistunshavenyak: what happens if you just execute '/bin/sh' on the command line?06:54
moquistunshavenyak: try changing that first line to #!/bin/bash and see what happens.  :)06:56
unshavenyakOk will do06:56
=== hyrcan [~hyrcan@] has joined #ubuntu
unshavenyakah I can't, it's a read-only file system06:57
unshavenyakdarn CD-Rom06:57
unshavenyakhrmm I'll try copying the volume to my HDD and then let you know what happens06:57
moquistwha?  so judging by the HOWTO: Ubuntu Multimedia forum topic, there is no mplayer package?06:57
moquistunshavenyak: k06:57
unshavenyakwell that's just neat06:58
unshavenyakinstalls perfectly when files are copied to the HDD06:58
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> niven.freenode.net
=== _mp [~mp@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Mirno [~mirspcm@] has joined #ubuntu
=== spacey [~spacey@flits101-191.flits.rug.nl] has joined #ubuntu
unshavenyakThank you for the help moquist!06:59
moquistunshavenyak: heh, glad to, er, help.  ;)07:00
jemfinchso again, is there no Plone package for Ubuntu?07:01
jemfinchapt-cache search comes up empty.07:01
moquistjemfinch: I guess you mean without enabling universal?07:02
hyrcanjemfinch I think thats in "universe"07:02
moquister, "universe"07:02
jemfinchmoquist: I'm not an Ubuntu power-user or anything, what do I need to do to enable universal and get Plone?07:02
moquistroot@philonous:~ # apt-cache search zope-cmfplone07:02
moquistzope-cmfplone - A zope/cmf-based content management system07:02
moquistjemfinch: it's on the Ubuntu forums: http://tinyurl.com/3nz3v07:03
=== ufo [ufo@kasztan.il.pw.edu.pl] has joined #ubuntu
jemfinchmoquist: thanks.07:03
=== kremlyn [~kremlyn@CPE-203-45-62-128.vic.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
moquistjemfinch: np07:04
kremlynAnyone know how to connect to an SMB share in Nautilus, specifying a username/password?07:04
kremlynIt seems if I specify a share, it gives me a login dialogue, but if I just try to connect to the SMB box, it tells me I'm unauthorised07:05
melazyboykremlyn: You can't... it will just fail silently...07:05
moquistanyone know how to get libmp3lame.so?  the LAME SF page says "LAME is only distributed in source code form."  So how do I do this in debian/Ubuntu?07:05
hyrcanyou can also go to Network and add server it'll prompt you for info07:05
kremlynHrdwr_BoB, is there a way to browse shares?07:05
Hrdwr_BoBok gtg07:05
Hrdwr_BoBcatch dude07:05
kremlynhyrcan: Where can I do that?07:06
=== birme [birme@chomper.cs.umu.se] has joined #ubuntu
hyrcanmoquist >  you can check out this repository... I think it has it, and it has mplayer....   ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat/ testing main07:07
novaburstwhat is the shell command to display what version of the kernal your running?07:08
calamariuname -a07:08
moquistnovaburst: uname07:08
novaburstthank you07:08
moquistnovaburst: what calamari said :)07:08
novaburstahh,that did it, thanks guys :)07:09
|QuaD|what is "gam_server"07:09
crimsungam is the replacement for fam07:09
|QuaD|is it supposed to use up 100% of my cpu?07:09
|QuaD|can i turn it off?07:09
moquisthyrcan: hmm.  sorry, newbie question: so can I add that URL to my sources.list file to always be using it?07:09
moquisthyrcan: k; thanks.07:10
hyrcanyou can also add it through synaptic07:10
crimsun|QuaD|: 100% probably not. But it's used.07:10
moquisthyrcan: ok, so this is a Binary repository, got that.  what do I put for the "Distribution" and the "Section(s):"?07:11
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
hyrcanKremlyn > if you go to "Network"  in the Nautilus menu you should see "add server" or is it Connect to server... can't remember now...07:13
rattboiI downloaded a vanilla 2.6.9 kernel07:13
GotD0tcan anybody help me? gnome crashed on me while i was writing an essay in openoffice, and now i can't get back into OO because it still techincally open07:13
hyrcanDistribution : testing               Sections: main07:13
rattboihow do I get my current kernel config in there?07:13
GotD0ti cant seem to kill it07:13
moquistGotD0t: do you need to save what you wrote?07:13
moquistGotD0t: I don't know if that's possible, but your best chance is while OO is still running.07:14
crimsunrattboi: cp /boot/config-`uname -r` /usr/src/linux-2.6.9/.config07:14
GotD0tmoquist: it saves every 2 minutes... and i was stuck on something for a while, so im fine07:14
crimsunrattboi: cd /usr/src/linux-2.6.9 && make oldconfig07:14
moquistGotD0t: have you tried "kill -9"?  That's what I always have to do when OO crashes with procs left over...07:14
crimsunrattboi: make sure you read up (search google) on the initrd procedure07:14
GotD0tmoquist: how is that diff from kill PID?07:14
moquistGotD0t: from 'man kill': "KILL       9   exit      this signal may not be blocked"07:15
hyrcanGotD0t:  open a console and run "ps -A |grep oowriter (or just oo) and it will show you the pid of OO... then do a kill -9 $pidnumber07:15
GotD0tmoquist: thanks... it worked07:15
hyrcanor a killall oowriter07:15
moquistGotD0t: the soffice processes catch the regular kill signal.  nothing can intercept "kill -9".07:15
GotD0tmoquist: well thats rude of it07:16
rattboimoquist: I think xine must do that too then07:16
rattboibecause I had to kill -9 it07:16
rattboikillall wouldn't work07:16
moquistrattboi, hyrcan, GotD0t: "killall -9 blahblah" would work.07:16
calamaridoes kill -9 free memory and etc?07:16
=== IvyCQHome [~Sir@c9063275.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
moquistcalamari: yeah, but it doesn't let the process clean up.  i.e., the process is simply stopped cold.  it doesn't have any chance to flush data, etc.07:17
moquistcalamari: that's why some processes catch the regular kill signal - so they can clean up and exit gracefully.07:17
GotD0tmoquist: except OOo doesn't exit at all when you do that?07:18
moquistGotD0t: right.  i always have to 'kill -i' OO/soffice if I have to kill it at all.07:18
GotD0tmoquist: whats -i mean07:18
moquistGotD0t: crap.  i mean't "-9".07:19
calamarimoquist: oic thanks, that makes sense07:19
rattboidamn, I hope this works07:21
rattboiI'm gonna try and get bootsplash working on 2.6.907:21
rattboiso I can impress my friends07:21
GotD0ti like to see what my OS is doing while booting07:22
hyrcansounds like a good reason...07:22
rattboiGotD0t: you can do verbose mode07:22
=== vIkSiT [~vIkSiT@] has joined #ubuntu
GotD0ti know... it was a joke07:22
crimsunthe only bootsplash I'd use is the winnt 4 mem dump07:22
calamariI actually do like to see all that stuf.. always disabled the logo when windows was booting too :)07:23
GotD0tcalamari: you could do that?07:23
GotD0ti didn't know that07:23
calamarimsdos.sys  put a line logo=007:23
calamarithis is 9807:23
rattboimaybe if it wasn't exactly the same every time, I'd care more :P07:23
calamarixp probably not :)07:23
GotD0ti never knew windows knew what it was doing during bootup07:24
hyrcanwhats this crazy boot up you speak of?  is that what happens when the UPS fails? ;)07:24
rattboihyrcan: :P07:24
GotD0tcrimsun: what do you mean?07:24
calamariGotD0t: yeah, in fact it keeps a bootlog.txt file so you can see it as well07:24
crimsunGotD0t: I like winNT's bsod07:24
crimsunmakes me feel warm and fuzzy07:25
crimsunlinux has the most boring boots. it's not like stuff breaks horribly. better to stare at stuff that breaks loudly.07:25
hyrcanI still have the BSOD screensaver for windows on cd...07:25
calamariI wonder if I can get this gameport gamepad working under linux07:26
calamarigot my usb stick going, but the pad is nice for tetris07:26
calamarione weird thing is that my bios-disabled sound card's gameport shows up in device manager :/07:27
hyrcanthats because it's not part of you sound card...07:28
GotD0ti wouldn't think so either07:28
=== oak [~oak@lsanca2-ar34-4-41-075-123.lsanca2.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
calamariactually I'm wrong, I guess it only shows up in lsmod, not device manager07:28
=== orko [~dean@alias.blah.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== reversal` [~reversal@ool-18b9b6b7.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
tommie_how do i make mplayer turn down just the videos volume and not my computers volume07:29
hyrcana lot of the time when you disable the sound card in the bios it only cuts off the soundcard part of the MB not the gameport... which is annoying07:29
reversal`How come when I restart into windows from ubuntu my time is messed up?07:29
calamarihyrcan: oic07:29
calamarihyrcan: well I can plug the pad into that port, I don't really care as long as it works :)07:30
hyrcanreversal how is the time messed up?07:30
GotD0treversal`: time is messed up in windows? probably because its retarded and doesn't know how to read the system clock... or your battery for the clock is dead and ubuntu updates from time servers on startup07:31
GotD0tand if you've got win xp it updates from servers that are about 10 seconds off07:31
GotD0twhich pissed me off so much07:31
reversal`no, i mean, the time is fine, it just happens after i restart from ubuntu07:31
GotD0tbut not on startup07:31
hyrcanI think it's more likly that linux thinks the system clock is set to UTC where as windows normally sets it to local time...07:31
reversal`no not 10 seconds, like hours lol.07:32
hyrcanhow messed up is it?07:32
reversal`5 hours maybe07:32
hyrcanyep...thats what it is probally...07:32
rattboiI don't get it...07:32
rattboido I need to patch the kernel for bootsplash?07:32
GotD0treversal`: where are you?07:32
reversal`new yawk07:32
GotD0toh ye4a07:32
rattboiwhen I patch, it says some of the files are already there, aka bootsplash.c, .h07:32
calamarihyrcan: any idea what the gamepad device would be called ?07:32
GotD0tEST is -507:32
GotD0thyrcan: hit it on the head07:33
reversal`the times are both right, i could restart from windows, into windows, and my time will be fine, jsut that when im in ubuntu and restart my time in windows is off07:33
hyrcanCalamari: let me see if I can't figure it out...07:33
GotD0treversal`: yea... it must be because linux sets the system clock to UTC and then adjusts for time zones and windows thinks the system clock is set to local time07:35
calamarihyrcan: thanks.. just found a guy in ##linux that has a gamepad working :)07:35
hyrcanCalamari rock on07:35
reversal`any way to fix that?07:35
hyrcanan change time07:35
hyrcanoops wrong window07:35
GotD0treversal`: set your timezone in windows to UTC07:35
GotD0treversal`: then it won't compensate07:36
=== wmealing_ [wmealing@wmealing.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== wmealing_ tips his hat
GotD0tno clue07:36
GotD0tthat wont work07:36
GotD0tim sorry... not all here07:36
hyrcanI think what reversal needs to do is tell linux to stops changing the time...and just report it....I can't remember what the freking command is... just a sec07:36
=== meff [~meff@meff.user] has joined #ubuntu
reversal`yeah i dont think its a windows setting problem07:37
hyrcanah here we go... http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/system-administrator/ch-sysadmin-time.html07:37
GotD0tor reversal` can stop booting into windows ;-) that would be optimal... and it would free a hell of a lot of disk space :-P07:37
wmealing_can anyone give the md5sum of the warty for powerpc iso ?07:37
GotD0twmealing_: should be on the sit07:38
reversal`i need my windows for gaming :(07:38
GotD0tok im out07:38
=== wmealing_ checks again
oakwhat nethack is not good enough?07:38
=== Tomcat_ [Tomcat@pD9E60805.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
wmealing_would anyone know which file ? on the site ?07:39
GotD0treversal`: what games?07:39
wmealing_Md5sums !07:39
wmealing_imagine that07:39
hyrcanreversal in your linux install do a  " data " and make sure it's the right time...(it will be in 24hr time I think )07:39
reversal`cs, hl2, enemy territory, doom 3, yes i know et and d3 have linux versions but im too lazy to set it up07:39
hyrcanreversal if it's the right time then run " hwclock --systohc "07:40
=== wmealing_ playcs cs,hl2 and dIII on Fedora with cedega
reversal`hwclock --systohc will do what exactly?07:40
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
wmealing_well not DIII, but i play it native07:40
hyrcanhwclock -systohc will set your hardware clock to the current System time...07:40
oakhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/warty/ MD5SUMS07:41
wmealing_yeah, i got it.07:41
reversal`shouldnt i add --utc?07:41
hyrcanif you change your system time to the current time in NY which is about 1:41 (I'm down in DC) and then run hwclock which you reboot to windows it should be corrent...07:41
reversal`if thats what windows uses?07:42
reversal`ubuntu time was never wrong though.07:42
hyrcancheck our this page for more info http://www.debian.org/doc/manuals/system-administrator/ch-sysadmin-time.html07:43
reversal`im confused :(07:43
reversal`yeah i checked that page out and it looks like i should be doing hwclock --systohc --utc07:43
hyrcanUbuntu understands what UTC is and adjust the time shown to you by the timezone... Windows doesn't know what UTC is so it things the hardware clock is localtime thus being 5hours off...07:43
hyrcanNo leave off the --utc07:44
=== orko [~dean@alias.blah.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
=== hutuworm [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
hyrcanthe UTC bit is what is confusing Windows, because windows can't tell time.07:44
hyrcan:) yes that was a dig...hehehe07:44
reversal`alright, thanks. i think i got it.07:44
reversal`gonna try it out now.07:45
hyrcanread the page some to there is some good info on setting it up to automatically pull the time etc...just remember that you need the hardware clock to be set to local time not UTC and you should be fine... if not then there;s something else wrong...07:45
hyrcaner...never mind  :)07:46
=== brymaster [Brymaster@adsl-69-208-86-111.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
brymastercould someone help me with a little problem i'm having with the live cd?07:47
brymasterafter booting up and the loading screen is finished, i hear the startup sound but the screen is black and the light on my monitor is flashing green and then orange. what start up option do i need to change?07:48
hyrcanjust ask brymaster if we can we will :)07:48
brymasteri'm thinking it's a video setting but not sure07:49
hyrcanhmm... sounds like the X isn't picking up your monitor resolution correct...or the video card...07:49
brymasterbecause vesa mode seems to work07:49
hyrcancan you go to a terminal ctrl+alt+f1 or f2 etc...???07:50
brymasteri had a problem like this before with x and the nvidia drivers. i had to specify that my monitor was a CRT07:50
brymasterhaven't tried that yet. i'll have to try in a sec when i reboot07:50
brymasterif i can, what should i do then?07:51
brymasteror is there some other option i can try?07:51
hyrcanCan't remember if you can manually select your video setup on the livecd...haven't played with it enough...but thats definitely whats going on...07:52
brymasteralright then. i'll probably just have to stick with vesa mode and not use the nvidia drivers for my card. i'll get it another shot07:52
hyrcanif you can get to a console then you could change the settings that X is using....but you'd have to do that every time you booted witch is a pain07:53
brymasteryeah, that is a pain07:53
brymasterwish i knew what the exact prob was so i could submit it to ubuntu as a bug or something07:53
=== pepsi_ [~pepsi@p90.n-sfpop06.stsn.com] has joined #ubuntu
hyrcan:-X  yik...you can check the error logs and see if they say anything...like what is it actually thinking you have? that sort of thing...07:54
brymasterit detects my card right but some setting is wrong i'm sure07:55
brymasteri'm going to try again. thanks07:55
hyrcanmaybe the resolution's to high for your monitor07:55
hyrcananyone know what file ubuntu will read when starting into X?  It doesn't seem to be reading ~/.profile07:57
jemfinchsheesh, the Plone package in universal is over a year old!08:00
paulproteusOh, universe.08:01
jemfinchyeah, that.08:01
|QuaD|i just spent 5 hours waiting for qemu to install win2k3 and now it won't boot "A Disk Read Error Occured"!!!! I am upset08:01
jemfinchthat's the date on it.08:01
=== wasabi [~wasabi@c-24-1-67-127.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jemfinchit's 1.0.5, when Plone is already up to
jemfinchlooks like I'll be installing by hand, then.08:02
|QuaD|whats plone?08:02
hyrcannot surprising...Debian is about stability not new and fancy...but that doesn't mean you can't get the new stuff08:03
=== rory__ [~rory@] has joined #ubuntu
hyrcancheck this one out Jemfinch:  http://plone.org/downloads/debian/view?searchterm=debian08:03
=== cowbud [~Jamius@] has joined #ubuntu
hyrcan  deb http://nathan.faho.rwth-aachen.de/debian/zope/ ./08:04
hyrcan  apt-get install plone08:04
jemfinchdoesn't work.08:06
=== CardinalSin [~CardinalS@] has joined #ubuntu
jemfinchanyway, I can just install from scratch, it's no big deal.08:06
=== interesado [~interesad@] has joined #ubuntu
hyrcanoh yeah...thats right there;s something odd with the way ubuntu's deb works...which is damn annoying...you can DL the packages and dpkg -i them... but thats a pain too... :(08:07
interesadoi don't know if this is the place to go...08:08
hyrcannope this is the place...08:08
interesadoto make a question about a Trident Cyber9525 video card configuration08:09
hyrcanwhen as long it's about the configuration of that card in Ubuntu then you stand a chance08:09
interesadoi'm using the XF86Config file that worked fine on SuSE Linux 9.108:10
interesadoand i've the same problem08:11
interesadoa band of interferences in the down side of the screen08:11
=== davepet [~davepet@host-66-81-142-136.rev.o1.com] has joined #ubuntu
hyrcanum.... that doesn't sound like a linux problem....what kind of interference?  what does it look like?08:12
interesadoforgive me08:12
interesadoi'm spanish and my english is not too good08:12
interesadoi'll try to explain as good as i can08:12
=== Klowner_ [~klown@zorg-212-22.revealed.net] has joined #ubuntu
interesadoeverything looks fine08:13
hyrcanthats quite ok... my english isn't that good either...and I'm american ;)08:13
interesadook :-)08:13
=== jml [~jml@ppp110-63.lns1.hba1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
jmlare there any docs on dual booting mac os x and ubuntu ppc?08:14
far_awaydo americans speak english? i thought they spoke american :P08:14
interesadobut in the down side, you can see as when there's no channel tuned in a TV08:14
far_away'sup! <-- not english :P (pun intended)08:15
|trey|far_away: hate to ruin your day, but people in England say "sup" too  :/08:15
interesadoit's height is about 1 inch08:15
hyrcanhmm....did you get it to work under suse?  or windows?08:15
|trey|interesado: trident driver I presume? using warty or hoary?08:16
interesadoyes, it's trident driver08:16
|trey|hyrcan: apparently it worked with suse, else why would he try that config file?08:16
interesadoit works fine on SuSE08:16
=== [BTM] gee [~gson@1-1-14-31a.j.j.bostream.se] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|interesado: thats what I'm using, mine if fine... using hoary/xorg08:16
far_away|trey|, shhhh........ :)08:16
interesadoand on Windows, yes08:16
hyrcanahh...yes...I see now...08:16
|QuaD|i am sooo sad my qemu didn't work08:17
interesadoi've seen this same problem in others distributions08:17
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey||QuaD|: zsnez works...08:17
|QuaD|whats that08:17
|trey|Nintendo emulator...08:17
interesadoonly SuSE do the job OK08:17
|QuaD|haha... i wish nintendo could run win2k3 :)08:17
interesadobut i want to stay with Ubuntu08:18
|QuaD|interesado: setting up xserver?08:18
|trey||QuaD|: yes, try to follow along  ;)08:18
|QuaD||trey|: LOL08:18
|QuaD|interesado: mine wouldn't work from suse.... yast fubars it up08:18
|trey|interesado: just for shits, type: 'dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86' at a terminal08:19
=== discharge [~ryan@ip68-96-184-203.lv.lv.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey||QuaD|: I actually find that hard to believe... Fedora and SuSE have the best hardware support I have seen... and that includes for XP etc...08:19
|QuaD||trey|: it worked fine on suse08:19
|QuaD|just not as a standard xorg conf file08:20
|trey||QuaD|: umm, then you lost me  :/08:20
|QuaD|for some reason08:20
interesadoi've tried with other depths of color08:20
|trey||QuaD|: SUSE 9.2?08:20
interesadosometimes it worked08:20
|QuaD||trey|: when i used suse.... it ran fine, with nice hardware detection08:20
|QuaD||trey|: 9.208:20
interesadoon an old RedHat 6.108:20
discharge/etc/modutils/aliases - "Uncomment the network protocols you don't want loaded", i uncomment the one for ipv6, run update-modules, but ipv6 still loads at boot08:20
=== jemfinch [~jfincher@dhcp065-024-075-056.columbus.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["valete,]
=== wmealing_ [wmealing@wmealing.user] has joined #ubuntu
dischargehow would i disable that module from loading?08:20
|QuaD|when you look at the config file, it made no sense (maybe thats cuz i use dual monitors)08:20
|trey||QuaD|: yes. suse's config file does look a little intimidating compared to others...08:21
=== |^JaMeS^| [~nobody@cvip-dsl-205-227.cvip.net] has joined #ubuntu
wmealing_ok.. so I've burnt the CD, the md5sum matches ppc , hold down the C key, cd doesnt boot.. ive reset the PRAM, any ideas ?08:21
interesadoi'm going to try the dpkg -reconfigure...08:21
wmealing_i've had this system boot fedora-ppc, which doesnt have a boot.iso right now08:22
|trey|interesado: ugh, no space08:22
|QuaD||trey|: i noticed it wasn't standard... tried using it with ubuntu and it wouldn't work08:22
|QuaD|had to do it from scratch08:22
=== sn0n [~warty@c-24-4-50-62.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|most suse configs were like that08:22
sn0nhowdy all08:22
|QuaD|(the ones that yast touched)08:22
sn0nthis is honestly the best live CD i've used08:22
|QuaD|sn0n: :)08:23
sn0n(but im still an Arch user)  :-p08:23
|QuaD|sn0n: i have an idea08:23
sn0nnot quite convinced   ;-)08:23
|QuaD|if it is so great, install it on your comp :)08:23
sn0nthere are a few problems08:23
sn0n1) lack of a GOOD gtk ftp client08:23
|trey|sn0n: Arch kinda sucked last I tried it... most software is out of date... and it made me do too much to get a working system  :08:24
wmealing_anyone , ppc  boot issue ?08:24
sn0n2) gimp just dont do it for me.. i need my fireworks08:24
|QuaD|sn0n: gFTP08:24
sn0ntrey: i'm loving arch.. been using it for about 3 months now..08:24
sn0ngFTP is a joke of a ftp client08:24
sn0nwhy does noone see that08:24
|QuaD|what do you use?08:24
|trey|sn0n: lftp  :/08:25
sn0nwhen im on windows, smartFTP or Winscp08:25
=== jml [~jml@ppp110-63.lns1.hba1.internode.on.net] has left #ubuntu []
sn0non linux nothing. just gnome-network08:25
|trey|sn0n: no one gives a fuck about Windoze...08:25
|QuaD|gFTP isnice08:25
|trey||QuaD|: it does basic stuff, but nice?08:25
|QuaD|its nicer then any windows one i used (when i switched 4 years ago)08:25
sn0ngFTP is kinda 'clunky'... dont know howto describe it better08:25
|QuaD||trey|: yeah, simple08:25
|QuaD|is lftp gtk?08:26
|trey||QuaD|: nope...08:26
sn0nisnt lftp a command line ?08:26
|trey||QuaD|: its a REAL ftp client  :/08:26
Klowner_lftp is nice08:26
Klowner_ncftp is decent too08:26
|QuaD|heh... i don't really use ftp often08:26
[BTM] geegftp!08:26
sn0nand let me guess... REAL men dont use GUI's cept to look at porn ?08:26
|QuaD|lftp=ncurses atleast?08:26
|QuaD|sn0n: i use about 45% gui08:27
|trey|sn0n: I have yet to find another good use for them  :/08:27
Klowner_sn0n: pfft, no.. real men view porn using svgalib08:27
|trey|Klowner_: love to see you play a mpeg with that...08:27
crimsunso that's why svgalib was fixed so quickly when the mmap semantics changed with 2.6.908:27
Klowner_|trey|: heh, you don't miss a frame08:28
Klowner_rofl crimsun08:28
|trey|Klowner_: blah... it sucked for me, guess I was doing something wrong  :/08:28
|trey|Probably cuz mplayer was compiled to use X though  :/08:28
Klowner_lol I was kidding08:29
Klowner_although it sounds as if you've actually tried it..08:29
|trey|Klowner_: I so wasn't... GUI's annoy me  :/08:29
|trey|Klowner_: *nods*08:29
sn0ni started computers in the dos days.. but more and more i find myself a hybrid gui/shell user..08:29
sn0nand ftp is one of the things i like to do from a gui client..08:30
=== SvenG .oO(pervs!)
|trey|SvenG: beats rapping some random chick  :/08:30
|QuaD|sn0n: ok?08:30
interesadothanks for all, i'll continue trying08:31
=== dewey [~dewey@c-67-168-51-181.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
sn0nQuaD: i still cant find a decent gui ftp client :-p08:31
sn0n(Linux based. i know of many decent windows ones)08:31
rattboihow do I get my old kernel config into the new kernel config?08:31
|QuaD|i don't know of a singel good windows ones08:31
|QuaD|as i said before gftp is just as good08:31
|QuaD|what does it not do08:31
rattboicp /boot/config-* /usr/src/kernel-source/ ?08:31
far_away|QuaD|, try smartftp, for kicks08:32
Klowner_ls_ftp is decent in windows.. well, it works08:32
Agrajagput your old config at .config in the top of the kernel source tree and do "make oldconfig"08:32
Klowner_I use shell anyway08:32
|trey|rattboi: kinda, file must be ".config" though...08:32
sn0nSmartFTP and WinSCP are two AWESOME programs..08:32
|QuaD|i rarely use it, when i do, i use the horrible standard ftp client08:32
sn0nand unfortunately gFTP comes nowhere close..08:32
|QuaD|sn0n: you didn't answer my question, what doesn't itt do08:32
|trey|sn0n: I already told you, no one gives a fuck about winblows.08:32
sn0nits interface is clunky08:33
sn0nsure we do..08:33
=== OZ8AAZ [~kmyram@cpe.atm2-0-1021109.0x503fa46e.boanxx10.customer.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu
SvenGsn0n: ncftp is your friend!08:33
|trey|sn0n: then fix it... but shut up either way.08:33
|QuaD|sn0n: and these are bloated08:33
sn0n:: googles ncftp ::08:33
sn0nthey arent..08:33
sn0nwinscp is lightweight08:33
|trey|SvenG: he wants a GUI  :/08:33
OZ8AAZmoin, theine...08:33
sn0nhell.. smartftp is too08:33
rattboiAgrajag: can I use menuconfig instead?08:33
=== supergear [~supergear@c-67-162-139-60.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|sn0n: gftp is lightweight compared to any windows app08:33
|QuaD|what do gftp NOT DO08:33
=== wmealing_ [wmealing@wmealing.user] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Agrajagrattboi: sure, after you do oldconfig.08:34
supergearcuteftp is good08:34
|trey|sn0n: seriously dude, if they don't run with wine at least, you need to shut up about these apps  :/08:34
crimsunit's doesn't make me toast, |QuaD|.08:34
|QuaD|(plus smartftp isn't free)08:34
|QuaD|crimsun: lol08:34
sn0nuhmmm.. they do run in wine  :-p08:34
rattboiAgrajag: when I did oldconfig, it started asking a lot of questions I didn't know the answer to08:34
supergearwhy run ftp apps in wine?08:34
Agrajagrattboi: just hit enter, it will choose the default.08:34
|QuaD|but they aren't free08:34
crimsunrattboi: if you're not sure, select the default08:34
supergearwhy not just use windows?08:34
sn0nyes they are08:34
crimsunyeah, what Agrajag said.08:34
|QuaD|supergear: he si toooooo l33t08:34
|QuaD|they are closed source08:35
sn0nwinscp is opensource08:35
|trey|sn0n: they provide source code? great, get them to port to Windows...08:35
|QuaD|closed source = non free08:35
|QuaD|i am looking at smartftp08:35
|trey|to LInux*08:35
sn0nsmartftp is closed source, freeware08:35
supergearor port it to Linux yourself08:35
sn0nbut winscp is free  :-p08:35
|QuaD|sn0n: you still didn't answer me what they do that gftp doesn't08:35
=== deprecated [~deprecate@c-24-17-113-63.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
supergearsn0n, why not just use windows?!?08:36
|trey|sn0n: get them to make a Linux port... we don't care  :/08:36
paulproteusWhat's the discussion about?08:36
supergearsn0n the Windows lover08:36
far_awayhttp://filezilla.sourceforge.net/ is opensource alright and is lovely too08:36
|trey|paulproteus: sn0n decided to troll about winblows apps  :/08:36
|QuaD|paulproteus: sn0n doesn't like gftp, wants a gtk ftp client, but can't say what he needs that gftp doesn't offer08:36
sn0nnothing wrong with windows :-D08:37
supergearthen goto #windows and leave your linux chans :P08:37
sn0ngftp's interface is clunky, dont have drag -n- drop08:37
|trey|sn0n: true enough I guess... cept this is #ubuntu... so there is everything wrong with you talking about it here...08:37
|QuaD|sn0n = troll08:37
supergearuse debian!08:37
sn0nbut im on unbuntu live cd..  :-p   so i thought id come in here..08:37
sn0nim generally a ArchLinux user.. LoL08:38
|trey||QuaD|: I think we already gathered that much...08:38
=== calc [~ccheney@ip70-185-2-220.ma.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
|trey|sn0n: you did... now you can leave... thanks08:38
supergeari use archlinux myself08:38
sn0ni love arch08:38
supergeartho I'm on SourceMage atm08:38
supergearubuntu is good for a debian based distro08:38
sn0nlast i tried it.. it didnt agree with me..08:39
=== |trey| wonders why there are so many folks here that DON'T use Ubuntu :/
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunI don't use ubuntu!08:39
sn0nsourcemage hated me.. LoL08:39
|QuaD|do any of you guys use xampp?08:39
|trey|supergear: "for a Debian based distro"? wtf does that mean?08:39
=== deprecated [~deprecate@c-24-17-113-63.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Favorite]
sn0nmeans its a sub par distro but its top of the line for debian based08:39
sn0ni think is what he meant08:39
supergear|trey|, i tend to not like debian :P08:39
|QuaD|what is subpar?08:39
supergeardidn't say it was subpar08:40
sn0ni'll admit.. its a nice ass livecd08:40
|trey|supergear: any reason? its package management is supperior to any distro I have used...08:40
supergearpacman be better :P08:40
=== wmealing_ [wmealing@wmealing.user] has joined #ubuntu
sn0npacman owns all package managers08:40
|QuaD|pacman uses apt-get, no?08:40
supergearbut apt is ok08:40
supergear|QuaD|, no08:40
|trey|supergear: pacman stalled and complained too much  :/08:40
crimsun|trey|: they're allowed to be wrong :P08:40
calamaribesides the lack of a decent text editor and lack of support for bitmapped fonts, everything else in Ubuntu is awesome!08:40
=== Wiseguy [~Wiseguy@pD9E234F3.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
sn0npacman is coded from scratch with some philosophies of apt-get and others...08:41
|QuaD|well, apt-get in ubuntu and debian is inhereintly more stable then pacman08:41
sn0n(from what i've read)08:41
calamaridon't suggest text editors.. I think I've tried them all :)08:41
oakwhat is an example of a decent text editor? vi?08:41
|trey|supergear: slow servers, crap packages... nothing resembling order...08:41
sn0ncalamari, whats a good one with Save to FTP?08:41
sn0ni LOVE joe08:41
calamarioak: windows textpad (oops :)08:41
supergearpackages are ok08:41
sn0nits my fav or all08:41
Gmailhow do i enable open terminal in natuilus?08:41
crimsunbesides right-click on the desktop and Open Terminal?08:42
supergear|trey|, gotta edit /etc/pacman.d/current|extra|unstable for faster servers08:42
|trey|supergear: packages are ok? umm, all pacman is is a package manager...08:42
calamarisn0n: huh? save to ftp?08:42
wmealing_anyone have any ideas why a Ibook g4 wont boot from the ubuntu CD ?08:42
sn0nsave to ftp08:42
sn0nits a common feature of webbased language IDE's08:42
sn0nim not liking Zend Studio thou..08:42
sn0nits very clunky08:43
calamarisn0n: never heard of that before.. I used winscp.. gets the job done.. kinda annoying sometimes re: configuration08:43
|QuaD|sn0n: everything is clunky for you08:43
sn0nyey!! another winscp user..08:43
|QuaD|are there any ops here?08:43
sn0nlol.. clunky is a good word08:43
supergear|QuaD|, obviously not, or sn0n been banned08:43
Gmailcrimsun: i don't even have that08:43
rory__i use winscp...08:43
calamarisn0n: I have to say I like the way gftp looks better than winscp :P08:43
sn0nbanned for?08:43
|QuaD|i figured maybe one was afk08:43
crimsun|QuaD|: yes, but they don't feel the need to flaunt their status.08:43
|trey||QuaD|: if there were, like half the people talking right now would be kicked and/or sent to #ubuntu-offtopic08:43
=== mhlandry [~mhlandry@ip68-96-36-114.no.no.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
sn0ngftp is odd shaped.. to me..08:44
supergeargftp is good08:44
wmealing_use nautilus ftp08:44
|QuaD|ok... stop talking about ftp08:44
|QuaD|sn0n is clearly trolling08:44
wmealing_ok.. lets talk about why a ppc wont boot ?08:44
=== oak [~oak@lsanca2-ar34-4-41-075-123.lsanca2.dsl-verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
wmealing_anyone got any ideas ?08:44
calamarioh, I guess the other thing I need to work on is wine.. it doesn't like me right now for some reason08:44
=== oak [~oak@lsanca2-ar34-4-41-075-123.lsanca2.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
supergearI don't have a PPC08:44
|QuaD|wmealing_: sorry x86 here08:45
=== wmealing_ has had ubuntu on this machine before.
|QuaD|anyone here use qemu?08:45
wmealing_hold down C while boot.. but not now.. don tknow why08:45
wmealing_|Quad| yes,\08:45
calamariquad: I used it in windows08:45
Gmailcan i be unbaned from #ubuntu-offtopic08:45
sn0nim not trolling..08:45
=== Keybuk [~scott@] has joined #ubuntu
far_awaycalamari, try crossover-office08:45
calamarifar_away: that costs $ tho, right?08:45
sn0nim not even saying 'everyone get back on windows,'08:45
|QuaD|wmealing_: you know why it would say "A disk read error occured" and won't boot?08:45
supergearcrossover cost money :|08:45
sn0nim just talkin about ftp clients and their clunkyness08:46
|QuaD|sn0n: this channel is for ubuntu and ubuntu related topics. That is not our concern08:46
|trey||QuaD|: What do you plan to use it for?08:46
|QuaD|thats probably why08:46
crimsunsn0n: well, that's an issue of preference. Personally lftp and ncftp under Ubuntu (and obviously other UNIX-like OSes) work just fine.08:46
sn0nsure it is08:47
|trey|sn0n: trolling = annoying and repetitious discussion that no one wants to read.08:47
sn0nunbuntu's ftp client sucks!  :-D08:47
|QuaD|just everyone ignore him08:47
|trey||QuaD|: ahh... doubtful you will pull that off...08:47
|QuaD|should i try xp?08:47
|QuaD|i need to run one of the 208:48
sn0nQuad: yes.. try it.. come to the dark side..08:48
|trey||QuaD|: should try something a little older than ntfs  :/08:48
sn0nill even host a website for you.. and your trip into win'08:48
supergearvmware for 2K/XP/2k308:48
|QuaD||trey|: i need iis with asp.net08:48
sn0nuse mod_mono08:48
|trey|supergear: I have a free lisense for w2k, xp, and virtual pc if I ever get around to it  :)08:48
|QuaD|supergear: wanna pay for the license?08:48
|QuaD|i do too... MSDAA :)08:49
|trey|uhh, w2k3*08:49
supergear|QuaD|, warez my friend :P (no)08:49
|QuaD|also a office, etc08:49
sn0npay? license? why dont you keygen and steal the shit?08:49
|trey||QuaD|: 8)08:49
|QuaD|supergear: since i turned to linux, i don't do warez08:49
|QuaD|no point08:49
|QuaD|haven't needed it for anything08:49
|trey|sn0n: who said pay?  I don't pay for software... but I don't steal it either...08:49
|QuaD||trey|: thats my philosophy08:49
sn0ndamn liberals and their free software philosophy..08:50
supergeari only warezed  vmware and crossover08:50
|QuaD|i have been tempted08:50
supergearbut not really use them much08:50
|QuaD|a while ago (in sept) i tried vmware08:50
|QuaD|but couldn't find a key08:50
|QuaD|i don't want to though08:50
sn0ni have a windows & linux super keygen08:50
|trey|supergear: I used to be a warez kiddie... then I grew up  :/08:50
sn0n(for vmware)08:50
crimsunI warezed the Linux kernel from SCO.08:50
sn0nlol crimsun08:50
supergearme too08:50
|QuaD||trey|: exactly... i found linux08:51
|trey||QuaD|: :)08:51
supergearI don't use warez anymore tho08:51
supergearI can live w/o windows apps08:51
sn0nanyone can.08:51
calamarione thing I did to wean myself off windows apps was to always put "gnu" in my searches when I needed a new app08:52
|QuaD|supergear: yeah... i need asp.net for a class08:52
=== lathal [~root@216-40-179-174.kalamazoo.tir.com] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|calamari: lol08:52
calamarior spl08:52
sn0nQuaD: did you TRY mod_mono ?08:52
supergear|QuaD|, install *gasp* windows08:52
|trey|calamari: you go onto the internet?  I just use apt-cache search  :/08:52
|QuaD|supergear: i have a legal copy of that08:53
=== seb128 [~seb128@] has joined #ubuntu
supergear|QuaD|, then install it :P08:53
supergearI have legal copy of 2K308:53
|QuaD|supergear: i have a legal copy of any ms software including a lot of betas08:53
supergearjust not of XP08:53
|QuaD|i have 2k308:53
supergearas do i08:53
sn0ni have legal versions of windows back to 95 and up to 2k3 (all fully paid for/ non-trials even)  :-p08:53
supergeartho i won't install it08:53
sn0ndamn.. you guys are doin a great job at ignoring me.. LoL08:54
supergearwindows gives me headaches08:54
GmailOMG gnome really stuffed up after install 8 new themes08:54
=== lamont_r [~lamont@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailsn0n: they do the same to me08:54
calcsn0n: thanks :)08:54
|QuaD|supergear: thats why i am doing it in qemu :)08:54
supergearI'm compiling Gnome atm08:54
sn0nGMail; what themes.. im lookin for a new one..UCLinux is getting old..08:54
calamariwindows 98 is halfway usable, xp is just crap08:54
=== pitti [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunI like Human just fine :)08:55
|QuaD|calamari: i like 2k08:55
calccalamari: funny :)08:55
supergear2K is good08:55
sn0nor was it nclinux08:55
sn0ni cant remember08:55
supergear2k3 is good too08:55
calcback when win98 was around it would crash for me 4-5 times a day (from what i recall_08:55
supergearfor MS08:55
|QuaD|i like a clean linux system better then any windows08:55
rory__whats wrong with xp?08:56
supergear2k3 is more secure (not really) by default08:56
novaburstsn0n: i'm using Smooth Gorilla, Milk is kind of neat too08:56
calamaricalc: I've really never had much problem with 98 crashing.  I don't install lots of weird hardware tho08:56
calcxp works fine, other than the ie/oe exploits ;)08:56
=== Seveas [seveas@213-73-236-154.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #ubuntu
sn0ni like the milk with the half moon looking thing08:56
rory__well default doesnt really matter in a league like this08:56
crimsunah, there's calc, our resident KDE defector08:56
novaburstsn0n: yeah, i think that is called Chrome Milk08:56
calccrimsun: :)08:56
sn0nyeah... something like that08:56
calamarithe nice thing about 98 now is that it is no longer targeted so the security increased :)08:56
rory__and xp != ie/oe08:56
supergearwell XP has everything turned on by default08:56
paulproteusOh, hey calc-from-#debian-kde .08:57
=== treed [~treed@ca-fontana3b-48.snbrca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|i actually prefer kde08:57
calcrory__: ms claims ie is part of the os08:57
=== __keybuk [~scott@] has joined #ubuntu
=== lathal [~root@216-40-179-174.kalamazoo.tir.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
supergearIE is apart of windows08:57
sn0nheres my fav08:57
supergearafter win9808:57
sn0nits kinda gonna piss a few off..08:57
sn0nbut i like it08:57
calc__keybuk: good morning08:57
=== jamesh [~james@] has joined #ubuntu
supergearyou can't remove IE from XP08:58
supergearor 2k08:58
supergearor 2k308:58
rory__ok, but you dont have to run IE or use any apps that use it08:58
=== lijeesh [~lijeesh@] has joined #ubuntu
lijeeshhello anyone interested in making money for just posting messages and ideas just register on the site and start yearning now http://www.javahive.com/index.php?ref=lijeesh (give referal as lijeesh)08:58
supergearoh yall need a op to ban him08:58
lijeeshhello anyone interested in making money for just posting messages and ideas just register on the site and start yearning now http://www.javahive.com/index.php?ref=lijeesh (give referal as lijeesh)08:59
|QuaD|now whats worse.... some annoperson like sn0n or a spammer like lijeesh08:59
calamarisn0n: you might check out the Industrial theme.. quite nice08:59
supergearoh my spam flood08:59
sn0nim far worse08:59
sn0ni should make my next gnome match QNX  :-D09:00
sn0ni LOVE'd the qnx desktop09:00
=== mbb [~Mike@d13-129.rb.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
novaburstsn0n: OpusOS is cool, i used that for awhile09:00
sn0nyeah.. i liked that too..09:00
sn0ni just wish i could do something more with the panels..09:01
sn0nthey are always so ugly09:01
=== ogra [~ogra@] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|i wish i had my hosting provider setup09:02
novaburstcheck this out: http://gnomesupport.org/forums/viewtopic.php?t=836009:02
|QuaD|i have an app i want to start using09:03
|QuaD|but i don't want to run an sql server here09:03
sn0nquad: what kinda hosting you need?09:03
=== Gmail [~Google@gnu-debian.user] has joined #ubuntu
mbbanyone know if there will be a day to day update, recap, etc of the Mataro goings-ons, for those of use who just dream of going there?09:03
sn0nthats a kinda radical style09:03
=== ogra [~ogra@] has joined #ubuntu
novabursthehe, i know09:03
sn0ni never liked them 'flashy' themes thou09:04
=== stub [~stub@] has joined #ubuntu
sn0nthey never feel usable09:04
=== pitti [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|Gmail: no it didn't09:04
|QuaD|it wasn't ubuntu's fault09:04
sn0ndid IT crash? or did KDE?09:04
supergearX crashed maybe09:04
sn0ncuz i know gnome dont crash ;-)09:05
Gmailcount of times ubuntu ever crashed in the world: 109:05
supergeargnome does crash09:05
|QuaD|Gmail: you are running hoary right?09:05
sn0ni've never had it crash on me..09:05
Gmail|QuaD|: heh the kernel crashed09:05
=== carlos [~carlos@] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|what did you do?09:05
supergeargnome apps crash i mean09:05
Gmailheh my swap umounted and my ram was totally being used09:06
sn0nive only had firefox lag on me once.. but it pulled outta it..09:06
Gmailwhy the hell is everything umounting09:06
|QuaD|Gmail: why does everything keep umounting?09:06
|QuaD|wtf did you do?09:06
Gmail|QuaD|: no idea09:06
|QuaD|wow.... i hope i don't fubar my system likethat09:07
supergearthings don't tend to umount themselves09:07
Gmailsupergear: everything on my system was umounting don't know why09:07
|QuaD|Gmail: maybe its cuz you keep typing umount?09:07
Gmailmy home partion was umounting like every 30sec for awhile09:07
Gmail|QuaD|: no09:08
|QuaD|Gmail: you sure?09:08
|QuaD|i don't believe you09:08
Gmail|QuaD|: i am sure09:08
supergearsomeone h4x0ring you?09:08
|QuaD|supergear: its me!09:08
=== sn0n [~warty@c-24-4-50-62.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
supergearsn0rn got bored09:08
|QuaD|everyonewas ignoring him09:09
Gmailsupergear: no ports open09:09
supergearsure you got some09:09
supergearirc port09:09
|QuaD|ogra, stub, pitti, and carlos all have the same ip09:09
|QuaD|Gmail: are you on a bnc?09:09
Gmailsupergear: yes only open to the server i am suing09:10
|QuaD|supergear: doesn't accept incoming connections09:10
supergearyou're suing the server?!?!?!09:10
Gmailsupergear: yes only open to the server i am using09:10
=== cprov [~cprov@] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|what are ubuntu releases named after?09:11
|QuaD|cprov is also on that ip09:11
supergearwhy so many clones?09:12
|QuaD|i wonder09:12
|QuaD|are they official bots?09:12
=== ToTo [~ToTo@host168-133.pool8254.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
supergearno idea09:12
|QuaD|why are there never any ops when you need them09:12
supergearbots usually get @09:12
Gmailreport them to #freenode09:12
|QuaD|Gmail: what if they are official?09:13
=== Gmail pokes alindeman mean while
=== tommie_ [~tommie@68-235-94-205.miamfl.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
lamont_r|QuaD|: it's a conference with a NAT'ed IP..09:13
lamont_r|QuaD|: random animals, basically09:14
|QuaD|ahh :)09:14
|QuaD|random animals?09:14
|QuaD|what conference09:14
lamont_rwarthog, hedgehog, groundhog, penguin09:14
lamont_rubuntu conf in mataro spain09:14
|QuaD|oh ;)09:14
|QuaD|lamont: awesome... how many people went?09:15
|QuaD|is there a schedule of stuff up?09:15
=== SteveA [~steve@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmail|QuaD|: the only offical bot there is, is chanserv nickserv...09:16
=== IvyCQHome [~Sir@c9063275.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== lulu [~lu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== EricNeon [~ericneon@] has joined #ubuntu
|QuaD|just found it :)09:18
|QuaD|you there?09:18
lamont_rall the nick's are.. :_009:19
paulproteusI'm here. ;)09:19
|QuaD|how is it09:19
carlos|QuaD|: Ubuntu conference09:19
lamont_r|QuaD|: starting. :_09:19
=== EfaistOs [~efaistos@m239.net81-64-31.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
EfaistOswhy the pkg unrar-nonfree is not available ?09:21
whiprushit's in multiverse09:22
EfaistOswhiprush, multiverse must me add after universe ?09:24
|QuaD|if i want to back up a directory weekly, how would i do that?09:24
whiprushyeah, you can put it there.09:24
paulproteusOui, c'est different que "universe" parce que "universe" a seulement le logiciel libre.09:24
whiprushafter that apt-get update and you should see it09:24
|QuaD|paulproteus: uh huh09:24
paulproteusEfaistOs: Alors, Tu dois ajouter multiverse.  On peut en lire sur le wiki, je crois.09:25
|QuaD|paulproteus: (i actually have no idea what you said, but i tried to make it seem like i did)09:25
paulproteus(EfaistOs, si tu me comprends il serait outil de le dire, ou de remercier. ;)09:26
EfaistOsthanks paulproteus09:26
paulproteusDe rien. :)09:27
paulproteus|QuaD|: Check out /etc/cron.weekly09:27
=== guerby [~guerby@d213-102-226-30.cust.tele2.fr] has joined #ubuntu
[BTM] geehow do i change my hz? can only choose 6009:28
|QuaD|paulproteus: i should put a script in there?09:28
=== adsb-work [~adsb-work@avco79.avcosystems.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== Klowner_ is now known as Klowner
paulproteus|QuaD|: Yup.  All files in there run once weekly.  See /etc/crontab for a hint of more help.09:29
|QuaD|hehe ok09:29
|QuaD|hmmm... i need to learn how to do more with cr0n09:30
[BTM] geesomeone that can help me out?09:30
=== logic [~andrew@222-152-101-33.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
Gmail<Gmail> am i evil?09:31
Gmail<Gmail> i am did a few edit on some isp dns servers09:31
Gmail<Gmail> pointed search.msn.com to google.com09:31
Gmail<Gmail> and microsoft.com to ubuntulinux.org09:31
[BTM] gee:)09:31
Gmaili think i am a good guy09:31
[BTM] geeyou are..09:31
|QuaD|can you tell em the isps?09:31
[BTM] geegmail can you help me out with a minor problem09:31
Agrajaggreat, now when people go to windowsupdate.microsoft.com they'll be unabel to update their insecure OS and thus be at risk of becoming part of a botnet09:32
AgrajagGOOD JOB09:32
Agrajagwhy don't you change it back and stop raging against the machine09:32
ctdGmail: I hope your only implying your local area network..09:32
ctdGmail: Wouldn't want angry clients ringing you up. :)09:32
Gmailheh its the isp my uncul is a network admin of and let me do those changes09:33
ctdGmail: Knowing you did it?09:33
ctdGmail: That wouldn't be good for his job.09:34
Gmailtsn internet btw was the isp09:34
[BTM] geehow do i change my hz? can only choose 6009:34
[BTM] geesomeone that can help me out?09:34
ctdGmail: tsn.. as in the australian one?09:34
paulproteus[BTM] gee: The problem is Linux seems to have under-detected your monitor's capacities.09:34
EfaistOs[BTM] gee, ask your question09:35
[BTM] geeyepp heh09:35
[BTM] geehow do i change the hz then... EfaistOs09:35
Gmailctd: yes09:35
[BTM] geein XF86?09:35
EfaistOshz ?09:35
Gmaildpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree09:35
EfaistOsdpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree8609:35
Gmailboy this channel is very stupid09:36
paulproteusGmail: Eh?09:36
AgrajagGmail: pot, kettle, black09:36
=== poseidon__ [~poseidon@] has joined #ubuntu
=== wmealing_ [wmealing@wmealing.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@170.28-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
paulproteus"Tea, Earl Grey, Hot."09:36
Gmaillook everyone poseidon__ greeted us09:37
Gmailbash him lol09:37
poseidon__hi guyz, is there anyway to make apt-get not use cdrom as it's .deb source but download from internet instead?09:37
danielsGmail: dude.  settle down.  ok?09:37
supergearpaulproteus, ok Mr Picard09:37
far_away[BTM] gee, pop in the livecd and save the xf86config file. then copy only the mode lines to your current xf86config. now you should be able to set a higher Hz. worked for me09:37
Agrajagposeidon__: edit /etc/apt/sources.list and comment out the line regarding the CDROM09:37
poseidon__Agrajag: ok.. thanks :)09:38
=== TiffOn [~Kualkiera@218.Red-217-126-197.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== boris__ [~boris@] has joined #ubuntu
ctdGmail: I think your stupid too.09:40
Gmailctd: who in this channel isn't?09:41
paulproteusposeidon__: Easiest way is to uncheck the CDROM in Synaptic.09:41
=== tommie_ [~tommie@68-235-94-205.miamfl.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== far_away raised a meek hand
poseidon__paulproteus, i see.. i find apt-get to be more friendly hehe :)09:42
poseidon__erm.. gtg now09:42
tommie_you know when you save your current setup in the log out menu, well how do I delete the current one, cause it loads up every time i log in09:43
GwildorTomcat_, just save a new one, how you want it to load09:43
=== ik5pvx [~Bus_Error@paperino.noc.seabone.net] has joined #ubuntu
Gwildorerr last post to tommie_09:44
=== b_e_n_z [~Mercedes@vp182095.kln.uac68.hknet.com] has joined #ubuntu
tommie_hehe :) Is there a file that I can delete though?09:44
=== jml [~jml@ppp110-63.lns1.hba1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
tommie_I'll do that though09:44
paulproteusClose everything, then do "save session"?09:45
=== Gmail [~Google@gnu-debian.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== ChibiFS [~chibifs@pcp09403250pcs.monroe01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== aigarius [~aigarius@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Agrajag is now known as KE6JHU
=== KE6JHU is now known as Agrajag
=== wfx [~konversat@M1440P018.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #ubuntu
wfxmorning all ;-)09:54
=== peglags [~peglags@blfd-d9bb9bc9.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== svenl [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-8-174.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== pitti [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
far_awaymorning wfx, i am standing in for 'all' :)09:56
=== rory__ [~rory@wbs-165-21-74.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
=== lulu [~lu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== carlos [~carlos@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-184.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== b_e_n_z [~Mercedes@vp182095.kln.uac68.hknet.com] has left #ubuntu ["Spammers]
=== stub [~stub@] has joined #ubuntu
=== giovanni77 [~giovanni7@host95-247.pool8254.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
far_awaymorning cowbud10:05
wfxmorning cowbud :) and to the land far far away from here10:05
rattboiwhat's the difference between linux-source and kernel-source?10:05
=== Tsjoklat [~Tsjoklat@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
Keybukrattboi: kernel-source is the Debian 2.4 kernel package, linux-source is the Ubuntu 2.6 kernel package10:07
rattboibut I got kernel-source 2.6.9 first10:08
=== bassinboy [~Bassinboy@user-0cet1rr.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
cowbudthe truth shall be revealed to all who wait..10:08
ChibiFSkernel-source is from debian, linux-source is from ubuntu10:08
rattboinow I'm getting linux-source 2.6.910:08
bassinboydoes unbuntu use anything besides gnome?10:08
=== Gwildor [~gwildor@adsl-68-74-28-134.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiFSYou can make it, if you'd like. But it's purpose is supporting gnome/gtk10:09
ChibiFSI use XFCE4.2 on it.10:09
calcis ubuntu supposed to have a libstdc++.so.60 instead of a libstdc++.so.6 ?10:10
rattboiI got the linux-source deb from synaptic, but I don't see it installed anything10:11
bassinboyChibiFS: cool, got a screenshot?10:11
ChibiFSHeh. Just a minute. :P10:12
_mpKamion: are you around?10:13
=== lulu [~lu@] has joined #ubuntu
=== agenteo [~agenteo@] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiFShttp://studiochibico.com/xfce/Xfce-dusk.png That's not a full screen screenshot, just for a gtk theme I did.10:13
bassinboyCool theme, can i have it? heh10:14
ChibiFSNeeds the gtk-xfce engine installed, http://studiochibico.com/xfce/Xfce-dusk.tar.gz10:15
ChibiFShttp://www.os-cillation.com/article.php?sid=37 And you can get the recent xfce4.2 builds here. D:10:15
ChibiFSYou don't need to follow those instructions directly, you know how to add repositories to apt, right? :P10:16
bassinboyChibiFS: Actually i'm on gentoo running xfce4.1.99.110:17
=== Kaloz [~kaloz@arrakis.dune.hu] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiFSAh. Haha, silly me. :P10:17
ChibiFSHow's gentoo treating ya?10:18
TsjoklatChibiFS nice work10:18
ChibiFShttp://studiochibico.com/working/xfce.png n.n10:18
bassinboyChibiFS: Greatest preforance out of any OS i've ever seen. But of course, ubuntu is the only distro i haven't tried ;)10:18
=== bluewheel [~grant@] has joined #ubuntu
bassinboyChibiFS: Meh, how exactly do i install your theme?10:20
paulproteusChibiFS: With XFCE, does the automounting stuff happen as usual?10:20
paulproteusAnd can you use things like the GNOME Control Center?10:20
bluewheelis anyone in here running ubuntu on PPC ?10:20
paulproteusbluewheel: Right here - iBook G4.10:20
ChibiFSUbuntu is Debian, optimized for Gnome/386. You'll notice a major performance loss versus gentoo. :/10:20
AgrajagChibiFS: bull10:20
AgrajagI used to run gentoo, this isn't any slower10:21
ChibiFSPut it in ~/.themes or /usr/share/themes?10:21
paulproteusChibiFS: Not so fast - Debian for i386 is faster than most custom-compiled Gentoo setups.10:21
Agrajagcertainly not noticeably10:21
jordiChibiFS: err, oh, yeah, a *major* performance loss.10:21
bluewheelpaulproteus, cool :-) I just did a stock install and wanted to know if you got cpu frequency scaling to work out of the box or did you need to recompile the kernel ?10:21
paulproteusCPU frequency scaling?10:21
paulproteusThat sounds like a neat trick.  I haven't looked into it, I'm afraid.10:21
bluewheelhave not ok well I will have a play :-)10:21
=== Amaranth wonders if Ubuntu's packages are i386 or i586
=== Amaranth doesn't think anyone would be using Ubuntu on anything less then a Pentium
paulproteusBut CPU optimization has little to do with speed.10:22
paulproteusPrograms run slow because they're big, not because they're doing crazy math that needs optimization.10:23
Kamion_mp: sort of; in a meeting at the conference10:23
=== ondrej [~ondrej@] has joined #ubuntu
KamionAmaranth: my girlfriend has a 486 and very much wants to be able to run Ubuntu10:23
KamionAmaranth: we do have some 486 users10:23
Agrajagpaulproteus: well, mostly programs run slow due to I/O overhead10:23
Amaranthwell, some programs can take advantage of MMX, SSE, etc10:23
KamionAmaranth: in practice i586 makes very little difference for most code unless it has explicit support10:23
_mpKamion: remember the "grub error 21" problem w/HPT370?10:24
Amaranthbut appearing fast and actually running fast are two different things, i'd rather have the first one :)10:24
KamionAmaranth: there's a facility in glibc to allow programs to do that without having to remove i386 support10:24
Kamion_mp: yeah10:24
bassinboyChibiFS: i copied it to .themes, it doesn't show up in user interface10:24
=== Amaranth wishes this silly 2.6.10-rc2-mm3-rt kernel would compile
paulproteusChibiFS: You have little bandwidth.  Here's a mirror I've put up; I'll keep it up for at least a week, or however long you're interested - http://acm.jhu.edu/~paulproteus/mirror/chibico/xfce.png10:25
Tsjoklathey Kamion10:25
paulproteusI have gobs of bandwidth at dot-jhu-dot-edu.10:25
=== Elw0od_21 [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-136.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
_mpKamion: in my case i have kind of solved it - hehe - started Ubuntu install on (hd1,0) and then installed another OS on (hd0,) - both HPT 370, - and then added Ubuntu in the other OS's grub, so now i am finishing the Ubuntu and can enjoy it hopefully in a ETA 22 min's after updating...10:26
Kamion_mp: can you add whatever new information you have to the bug report in bugzilla? I haven't really had a chance to sit down and think about that bug yet10:27
_mpKamion: however, there were some FATL modprobe messages passing by - didn't fully read them..10:27
_mpKamion: i will do..10:28
Amaranth_mp: probably the PCI hotplug modules failing10:28
Amaranthbecause your computer doesn't support PCI hotswapping10:28
_mpAmaranth: yes!10:28
Amaranthdon't worry about it10:29
_mpAmaranth: do i need to take action?10:29
Amaranthjust ignore it10:29
_mpAmaranth: excellent, nice one...10:29
bassinboyChibiFS: Cool, got your theme working. it likes it. is there a matching wm?10:29
=== Amaranth goes to read his new dean koontz book
=== spiv [~andrew@] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiFSYou can use anything from gnome, paul. It's just a really light environment in GTK10:30
ChibiFSAgrajag - I'm speaking from slackware to ubuntu, not gentoo10:30
ChibiFSI've never used gentoo before, Ubuntu kicked my poor little laptop's arse, so I only use it on my server.10:30
ChibiFSThe extra daemons Ubuntu/Debian run sorta hit it, too.10:30
ChibiFS16 minutes against 5 minutes on my 586 laptop, ubuntu versus slack. :/10:30
ChibiFSFor starting Mozilla.10:30
ChibiFSSorry, my IP got pushed just a minute ago.10:30
=== jlinares [~jlinares@] has joined #ubuntu
=== hmccc [jen@srk-114-63.tm.net.my] has joined #ubuntu
=== hmccc [jen@srk-114-63.tm.net.my] has left #ubuntu []
=== rsfew [jen@srk-114-63.tm.net.my] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiFSI didn't make a windowmanager theme for it, I usually just use whichever one has visible buttons. D:10:32
=== FirE-dRaGoN [~dragon@dsl-200-95-117-246.prod-infinitum.com.mx] has joined #Ubuntu
rsfewhow to install modem driver on ubuntu live?10:32
rsfewi am new to linux10:32
bassinboyChibiFS: just what i was thinking :)10:33
_mpAmaranth: thx, btw! :-)10:33
ChibiFSThe one I use with it is one of Olivier's unreleased xfwm4 themes, it's shiney, but he says we're not to spread it around.. So.. :/10:34
Lathiatrsfew: What kind of modem is it (external or internal)10:35
rsfewinternal modem10:36
wfxany hint why i have buffer underrun with k3b when i burn a cd (dvd works)10:36
=== egli [~egli@gate.wyona.com] has joined #ubuntu
rsfewhow to install it?10:36
Lathiatrsfew: Thats tricky, you'll have to google for the model of it or something10:36
Lathiatrsfew: lspci might help identify what kind of modem it is10:36
rsfewi already had a linux driver for that modem10:36
rsfewit is smart link modem, i got the driver for linux, just need you to teach me some command10:37
rattboihttp://paste.plone.org is down10:37
=== LiquidSnake [~~Snake@68.Red-81-33-87.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
rsfew??? i had no idea how to command except enter it in the terminal10:37
rsfewis it correct?10:37
Gmailcrap when even i gksudo a program it comes up using a wirod gtk2 theme i never change it... why the hell10:37
LiquidSnakewith what kind of applications do you burn cds on ubuntu?10:38
rattboisomeone please check out my make errors and see if I'm an idiot somehow10:38
LathiatLiquidSnake: You use nautilus for data cds and isos10:38
AmaranthLiquidSnake: The best one is k3b.10:38
LiquidSnakeas default intall i con not found anyone10:39
LathiatLiquidSnake: right click an iso to burn it10:39
AmaranthBut k3b is a KDE app, not a GNOME one so including it would look bad. :P10:39
LathiatLiquidSnake: or go places->cd creator for making a cd of files10:39
LiquidSnakei was searching for xdcroast or gtoaster10:39
=== Amaranth hopes coaster gets usable soon
LathiatLiquidSnake: you copy/paste (drag/drop) into there then select write to cd from the menu10:39
Amaranthi believe it'll be the first cd burning app that doesn't use cdrecord10:39
=== pitti_ [~pitti@] has joined #ubuntu
=== zopy [~zopy@AMontsouris-152-1-21-206.w82-123.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
wfxAmaranth: which one does not use cdrecord?10:41
rattboiplease, someone check out why I can't make this10:41
Amaranthwfx: coaster, i hope10:41
LiquidSnakeits windows like10:41
rattboiit's fbsplash10:41
LiquidSnakenice ditro10:41
LiquidSnakenice distro10:41
rattboiIm trying to get the boot splash working10:41
LiquidSnakegood chice for my mothers work10:42
LiquidSnakegood choice for my mothers work10:42
wfxcd burning does not work for me (at this time but how know how long :-)10:42
rattboiI'm following this debian guide, but I'm getting a lot (lot) of errors during compile, so it must be something stupid10:42
Amaranthcoaster uses libburn, woohoo10:43
rory__nah thats normal...10:43
far_awayi wonder why there's hardly anyone at #mepis10:43
cowbudAmaranth: nautilus-burn-cd doesn't use cdrecord :)10:43
wfxrattboi:  The 'linux' symlink does not exist!10:43
wfxoh sorry :)10:44
rattboiwfx, I fixed that first :P10:44
Amaranthcowbud: are you sure?10:44
cowbudAmaranth: pretty sure..10:44
=== jind [~jind@216-221-248.adsl.tele2.no] has joined #ubuntu
RibsHow can I upgrade to a 2.6.9 kernel?10:45
RibsWhat package do I need?10:45
cowbudAmaranth: hrmm though it is in the depends for the package....10:45
=== mlh [~mlh@c211-30-62-11.belrs1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthit uses cdrecord10:46
=== Amaranth just poked in the source
Amaranthbleh, i lost my page10:47
=== Amaranth returns to his book
rattboiwfx: do you see anything else obvious?10:47
melazyboyRibs: kernel-image-2.6.7.-1-<processer>10:48
Tsjoklathey melazyboy10:48
melazyboyRibs: if your using a pentium 2+ that would be kernel-image-
melazyboyWhats up Tsjoklat10:48
Tsjoklatnada melazyboy10:49
Tsjoklatshitty sunday/monday10:49
melazyboyEkk sorry to hear that10:49
Tsjoklathow's TX treating you?10:49
AmaranthRibs: You'll have to compile from source.10:49
melazyboyTsjoklat: I spent more money in the past two days on myself than in the past ... 6months ish10:49
RibsWhat's the linux-image package about?10:50
RibsThat appears to have a 2.6.9 version10:50
melazyboyAmaranth: Why would he have to compile from source? the image is just that the default tree already compiled10:50
Amaranthmelazyboy: Sure, but there isn't a package for anything higher then 2.6.810:51
=== rsfew [jen@srk-114-63.tm.net.my] has left #ubuntu []
Amaranthjust a kernel-tree-2.6.910:51
melazyboyAmaranth: hrm i thought they just released 2.6.8 like uh last week i wonder why if there is a kernel tree for 2.6.9 there is no image for it10:52
wfxrattboi: have you pathc the kernel?10:52
Amaranthmelazyboy: heh, 2.6.8 is old10:52
Amaranth2.6.10 is almost out10:52
=== hno73 [~Henrik@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== b_e_n_z [~Mercedes@vp182095.kln.uac68.hknet.com] has joined #ubuntu
HcE2.6.8 is broken ;)10:53
melazyboyAmaranth: Got me, my 2.6.8 is working A ok, i just want fglrx and xorg to work10:53
melazyboyHcE: Whats wrong with 2.6.8?10:53
Ribs2.6.9 fixes some support problems for my hardware, so it's pretty vital I have it :)10:53
AmaranthRibs: Have you ever compiled a kernel before?10:53
Ribs2.6.8 had a typo in it :)10:53
Ribs2.6.8.1 is the fixed version10:53
HcEmelazyboy: nfs was broken in the first release, corrected the issue10:53
b_e_n_zam i allowed to make some ubuntu cd's and sell them for profit?10:53
RibsAmaranth: yes10:53
rattboiwfx, no but I'm seeing another problem10:54
Amaranthhttp://www.osnews.com/story.php?news_id=2949 has instructions on how to make a package for a 2.4.x kernel10:54
melazyboyb_e_n_z: if you can gracefully dance with the wording10:54
Amaranthmost of the stuff applies to 2.6.x kernels too10:54
rattboiI don't have linux/include/asm10:54
Amaranthjust ignore the part about using SCSI emulation and having to convert your drive to ext310:54
Ribshrm, I think I'm lagged10:54
b_e_n_zmelazyboy: meaning?10:54
rattboiI have asm-x86, asm-sparc, etc10:55
Ribsanyway, I *think* I've found a 2.6.9 package... Gonna reboot now. Wish me luck!10:55
Gmailhello world10:55
melazyboyb_e_n_z: You don't have the right to sell Ubuntu; with that said, nothing prevents you from selling a CD that just so happens to have Ubuntu on it, and your services for burning the CD.10:55
=== w_a_s_t_e [~gplessis@www.dotdeb.org] has joined #ubuntu
b_e_n_zmelazyboy: i got it10:56
=== wfx must go to work, have fun.
Gmailw_a_s_t_e: hey10:56
Amaranthhey, debian sid has 2.6.9 kernel packages10:56
fabbioneso does hoary10:56
Gmailam285: thats is old10:57
melazyboyfabbione: They are talking about the image not tree.10:57
fabbionei am talking about the images10:57
fabbione<- did them10:57
GmailAmaranth: i have been using it for a few days already10:57
AmaranthGmail: the 2.6.9 sid packages work fine with ubuntu?10:57
GmailAmaranth: uses the hoary ones10:57
fabbioneAmaranth: install linux-image-2.6.9 on ubuntu10:58
=== wezzer [1000@a80-186-21-193.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthoh, linux image10:58
=== iGolan [~trevize@] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthi've been searching for kernel-image10:58
RibsI have sound10:58
Ribsand a 2.6.9 kernel :)10:58
GmailRibs: i don't have sound10:58
=== Gmail checks if his speakers are still pluged in
melazyboyAmaranth: Thats a good question, how come the naming scheme changed, that was also what i was searching for10:59
RibsGmail: I needed a 2.6.9 kernel to get sound10:59
RibsSupport for my card was only recently introduced.10:59
w_a_s_t_eanyone using php5 on ubuntu?11:00
GmailRibs: my one is support but still doesn't work11:00
=== poofyhair [~poofyhair@] has joined #ubuntu
calcis there a wiki page that explains how to setup postfix to send email to a smarthost?11:00
melazyboyfabbione: How come linux-image and not kernel-image11:00
poofyhairI finally got hoary just how I want it11:00
=== sudoman [~sudoman@dhcp-129-64-134-32.dorm.brandeis.edu] has joined #ubuntu
far_awaywhat's the advantage of using hoary?11:01
sladencalc: http://www.google.com/search?q=postfix+smarthost+howto11:01
calcah nm dpkg-reconfigure -plow will do it automagically for me :)11:01
poofyhairI hope they fix the problems with k3b before the final release11:01
melazyboyfar_away: your not using a 6month software11:01
sladenfar_away: possibily negative, until it's released---unless you want to help test it11:02
melazyboyfar_away: 6month old software*11:02
poofyhairadvantage oh hoary: firefox 1, I help test it, I'm addicted to daily packages11:02
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-40-171.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthok, brb11:02
calccool it looks like the postfix debconf is as good as the one for exim411:03
far_awaymelazyboy, sladen, thanks... i get the picture...I thought it was much better or something...11:03
melazyboyDoes the ubuntu-devel team ask that the users report when packages are out of date? or should we assume they know about it11:03
=== port7 [~bob@speedcen.gotadsl.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
sudomanhow does one use the hfsutils to mount a mac os x volume?11:03
poofyhairno. they might not know!11:03
melazyboyfar_away: =D i didn't know if it was a change or not, when i do the search with linux-* im seeing 2.8s as well11:03
poofyhairtell them11:03
sladensudoman: support should be in the kernel;  just mount it11:03
melazyboypoofyhair: through email or #ubuntu-devel?11:04
paulproteussudoman: I think you just do11:04
sudomansladen: thanks. how do I do that? I just installed this11:04
paulproteusmount /dev/whatever /mnt/location11:04
paulproteusDo you know its partition number, sudoman?11:04
sudomansladen: man hfsutils works too..11:04
sladenmelazyboy: file a bug on  http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com  if something gets out of date11:04
melazyboysudoman: just like paul said but with -t hfs option11:05
sudomanpaulproteus: i don't know11:05
=== Amaranth [~travis@63-229-188-179.sxcy.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu
sudomanthanks y'all11:05
poofyhairyor post on forums11:05
far_awayA general ./configure question... Suppose I have php running on my server, and I want to configure it with a new option. Do I just do the ./configure --options-go-here -> make -> make install again? do the old executables get overwritten or something?11:05
fabbionemelazyboy, sladen11:05
fabbionemelazyboy, sladen: no11:05
fabbione2.6.9 is not the default kernel yet11:05
fabbioneit's prefectly normal to have 2 kernels at the same time11:05
melazyboyfabbione: I know that...11:06
fabbione2.6.9 has some regressions that needs fixes11:06
bob2far_away: erm, php is packaged in ubuntu11:06
bob2far_away: with just about every possible option11:06
poofyhairI tried 2.6.9 in sid, was the final straw that sent me to ubuntu11:06
fabbione<melazyboy> far_away: =D i didn't know if it was a change or not, when i do11:06
fabbione            the search with linux-* im seeing 2.8s as well11:06
fabbione<sladen> melazyboy: file a bug on  http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com  if something11:06
melazyboyfabbione: Right that applies to the fact that the same images are under both linux-image and kernel-image, and i assumed that was intended, and was wondering if they where making that a convention11:07
=== fredix [~fred@parmentier-6-82-225-62-172.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
melazyboyfabbione: I could see a case being made to rename kernel-image to linux-image11:08
fabbionethey are not same packages11:08
poofyhairbest ubuntu trick: sudo apt-get linux-68611:08
fabbionekernel-* is from debian11:08
fabbionelinux-* from ubuntu11:08
poofyhair*best ubuntu trick: sudo apt-get install linux-68611:08
far_awaybob2, no, just about the general case - not when using deb packages11:08
bob2far_away: in general you may need to rebuild the whole thing...there's a reason people use the packages ;)11:09
=== remon [~remon@210-64-dsl.ipact.nl] has joined #ubuntu
melazyboyfabbione: i didn't know that, im seeing both right now -- so i take it linux-image will remain the naming convention for ubuntu?11:09
=== w_a_s_t_e [~gplessis@www.dotdeb.org] has left #ubuntu []
=== mvo [~egon@] has joined #ubuntu
far_awaybob2  do the old executables get overwritten or something?11:10
melazyboyfabbione: How come im seeing the debian packages then when there is already a ubuntu counterpart?11:10
=== Nexinarus [~nexinarus@218-101-64-155.dialup.clear.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
bob2far_away: by rebuilding? probably.11:10
fabbionemelazyboy: because we don't kill debian...11:10
fabbionekerne-* is in universe = unsupported11:10
fabbioneif you don't want to see them, just kill universe11:11
calcif there is something in universe that someone wants to see go into main, is there a process for that?11:11
melazyboyfabbione: hrm, is the universe a mirror of debian woody?11:11
=== thoreauputic [~peter@wolax7-223.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
fabbioneno. read it on the wiki. these are all FAQ11:11
Nexinarushmm, ubuntu thinks dvd's are cd's11:12
fabbionecalc: mail ubuntu-devel for somekind of consensum/discussion/etc.11:12
Nexinarusfor me, on this cd/dvd combo laptop drive11:12
fabbioneNexinarus: most DVD are written in the same format as CD. expect they are bigger11:12
calcfabbione: ok11:12
=== hno73 [~Henrik@henrik.gotadsl.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
poofyhairits sid11:13
sladenNexinarus: DVDs are just 'large CDs'11:13
=== calc likes the disingenious answer to "How do I unrar a file?"
Nexinarusit wont play the dvd's, it says "cannot find /dev/dvd11:13
calcsince unrar does not support any recent rar files ;)11:13
bob2calc: you can edit the wiki11:13
poofyhairuniverse and multiverse is snapshots os sid taken twice a year11:13
=== calc figures out how to login :)
=== SmokingFire [~FireFly@ashanti.xs4all.nl] has left #ubuntu []
=== calc just realized he can't get to the password to login until he finishes setting up his email, back to work
Gmaili put the speakers in the mic port and booom11:15
_mpKamion: i posted it on https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2254 - there are also links to some possible solution in comments made by ccheney@debian.org11:16
=== wood1 [~bill@] has joined #ubuntu
paulproteusI think you've probably mis-identified the ports, Gmail.11:16
Gmailpaulproteus: no i didn't11:16
Gmailits impossible11:16
Gmailmy one has a HUGE picture of the item above the port in the same color at the port11:17
Gmailand it even says what is what in the manule11:17
paulproteusHeh, okay.11:17
=== Gmail rerips his cd collection
Gmailpaulproteus: cound be a hardware fault that the mic & speaker port where mixed up11:18
wood1Hey Amaranth, how are you?11:18
wood1How was your birthday party yesterday ?11:18
Amaranthit was good11:19
Amaranthmachine working?11:19
wood1Well I have not checked it yet11:19
Gmailfor a dev version gnome 2.9.1 has not that many ovous bugs11:19
wood1Some body else is using that Test PC with Windows XP11:20
Amaranthi found one problem with those instuctions i gave you11:20
wood1But 1 thing that I don't understand is that how do we actually install the Kernels and other software in the /   partition11:20
Amaranththey use lilo, you use grub11:20
wood1Yesterday we did that only on the Swap Partition11:21
Amaranthyou would be much better off just putting a CD-ROM drive in the system11:21
Amaranthwhat i was having you do is known as a massive hack11:21
wood1Well that is fine with me11:22
wood1How do we actually do the installation ?11:22
=== Ng [~Ng@fairukipa.tenshu.net] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthwell, its something i could probably do but i don't think i could explain it :P11:23
Amaranthis that machine at all accessible from the outside world?11:23
melazyboywtf, is googles front index down?11:24
melazyboywww.google.com, its blank, www.google.com/search?q=asdf works11:24
tommie_google.com is normal :-)11:24
Amaranthgoogle.com is blank11:24
wood1I use google.com.au11:24
Nexinarushmm weird11:24
melazyboy... AmaranthL so your seeing the same thing?11:24
=== verden01 [~verden@acc1-ppp56.gaw.dialup.connect.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthseeing it from google.com.au too11:25
calccool my email is working :)11:25
paulproteusGoogle.com works for me.11:25
=== BradB [~bradb@] has joined #ubuntu
wood1Why don't I get the www.google.com  only11:25
Amaranthwood1: automatic redirect based on IP11:25
wood1It's changes to my country's suffix automatically11:26
Amaranthit ranks AUS sites higher with that search11:26
wood1How do I disable automatic redirect based on IP ?11:26
Amaranthwood1: get a US IP address :P11:26
calcseems to be much quicker at delivering mail too11:26
wood1Well I have to typegoogle.com.au manually11:26
melazyboyhahha thats funny11:26
Amaranthwood1: try google.com11:26
melazyboygoogle page, has <html><body></body></html>11:26
Amaranthmelazyboy: Yeah, thats what Gecko puts in for a page that outputs nothing.11:27
wood1Typing google.com  => www.google.com.np11:27
melazyboyand they just put out an article saying they haven't had a second of downtime since like 199811:27
Amaranthit isn't down11:27
Amaranthjust a bug on the main page11:27
melazyboythe index page is broke11:28
melazyboyfor anyone not using a search bar, or knowing query string convention its as good as down.11:28
wood1What exactly is wrong with www.google.com11:28
melazyboyand chek this out11:28
melazyboythe /images on google is broke too11:28
melazyboyrun a query www.google.com/search?q=asdf11:28
=== icecrash [~sven@IP-213157027015.dialin.heagmedianet.de] has joined #ubuntu
wezzergoogle works ok for me11:29
melazyboythe google logo on the top left isn't loading11:29
=== hbos [~herman@213-132-207-191.adsl.nlhosting.nl] has joined #ubuntu
wood1bob2, .np = nepal11:29
melazyboythe /webhp down too11:29
Amaranthit might not even be google's fault11:29
=== alejandro__ [~alejandro@181.red-217-216-210.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Gwildor [~gwildor@adsl-68-74-28-134.dsl.sfldmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
Nexinarusevery dvd app thinks the dvd is at /dev/dvd, but all i have is /dev/cdrom. Yet making a soft link dvd to cdrom doesnt help anything. What can i do?11:30
Amaranthi can't remember the name of the company11:30
melazyboyNexinarus: Make a hard link?11:31
AmaranthNexinarus: you tried sudo ln -s /dev/cdrom /dev/dvd?11:31
bob2Nexinarus: erm, are you sure?11:31
bob2melazyboy: no11:31
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
wood1Amaranth, does the Nautilas Burner support Multiple Session for CD-R discs ?11:31
Amaranthi doubt it11:31
wezzerdoes Nautilus burner support dvd's?11:31
Nexinarusill try a hard link now11:31
Nexinarusyeah Amaranth i did that,11:32
bob2just make a symlink from /dev/dvd to /dev/hdc11:32
Kamion_mp: yeah, I know, the bug's assigned to me so I get mails about it; I just haven't had time to sit down and think about it for a while, that's all :)11:32
Amaranthwezzer: get k3b11:32
wezzerAmaranth: I had that, and it crashed gnome11:32
melazyboyNexinarus: Shares the same inode shoudlen't that make it point to the exact same thing as /dev/cdrom or does that not work with the /dev/ folder?11:32
wezzerthen I asked here and got instructions to delete ~/.ICEauthority11:32
=== NickGray [~NickGray@] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthwezzer: You have to be careful setting up k3b11:33
Amaranthor it'll trash GNOME11:33
bob2no it won't11:33
Amaranththere is a howto for it in the wiki11:33
bob2it will just stop X starting11:33
wezzerI followed orders on HOWTO-page11:33
=== NickGray [~NickGray@] has left #ubuntu []
Amaranthi thought it stopped GNOME11:33
Nexinarusbob: i dont have hdc?11:33
bob2Nexinarus: then where is your cdrom device?11:33
AmaranthNexinarus: primary slave?11:34
Amaranthif so its /dev/hdb11:34
jabanyone got experience with external dvd-burner?11:34
jabnot sure how to connect it.. and get i working.11:34
bob2Nexinarus: what are you using to play dvds?11:34
Amaranthjab: is it USB?11:34
wood1Amaranth, If I install Debian Woody, how can I upgrade it to Ubuntu Warty ?11:34
jabAmaranth: yup11:35
Nexinarusgxine, and vlc11:35
Amaranthjab: it should just automagically be found :)11:35
Nexinarusboth error11:35
Amaranthwood1: you can't, unless you like headaches11:35
bob2Nexinarus: configure them to use the actual dvd device11:35
jabAmaranth: hihi, i hope so11:35
bob2\this hardlinking usggestion is utter crack11:35
ctdWho's hardlinking? where? what? why?11:36
Amaranthwood1: just pull a CDROM drive from another machine and put it in that one temporarily11:36
bob2ctd: in the FACE11:36
wood1Well I want to install Woody 3, it seems challenging11:36
ctdbob2: Enough of shameless self-promotion.11:37
Nexinarusi wish i kne how to configure them where the actual dvd device is,11:37
wood1I heard that Ubuntu Warty supports upgrading from Debian Woody 311:37
bob2Nexinarus: they don\'t have a preference thing? or command line options?11:37
bob2wood1: are you sure? check the website.11:37
bob2Nexinarus: what is your dvd device, anyway?11:37
Amaranthwood1: I did it, it doesn't work right.11:37
AmaranthIt'll work ok until the first version conflict.11:38
melazyboyNexinarus: there is a newer version of VLC in debian sid, like 6 bugfixes11:38
wood1Ubuntu mentions that it supports upgrade from Woody11:38
wood1I am sure11:38
twilitAmaranth: but can one upgrade from debian (testing) to ubuntu? using apt ?11:38
NexinarusHow do i get the newer version of vlc, all i see is 0.7.2 (old) ?11:38
Amaranthtwilit: You can try. :p11:38
bob2Nexinarus: I really doubt that is the problem11:38
AmaranthAgain, it works fine until the first version conflict.11:38
twilitAmaranth: sweet!!11:38
bob2Nexinarus: are you really really really sure that making the /dev/dvd symlink doesn't help?11:38
Nexinarusyeah something stupid is happening,11:38
twilitMaybe i need not wait for my CDs11:39
Nexinarusill try again,11:39
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu
Nexinarusvlc just about worked (the dvd drive span)11:39
Amaranthtwilit: If you're going to try to upgrade like that you might as well just download the ISO off the website and burn a CD.11:39
wood1Amaranth should we restart the SSH thing to remotely install Hoary on the Problematic Machine ?11:40
melazyboyNexinarus: type this as root 'echo deb http://http.us.debian.org/debian unstable contrib main non-free >> /etc/apt/sources.list'11:40
Amaranthwood1: I don't feel confortable trying to guide you through that.11:40
AmaranthYou're more likely to end up with a machine that can't boot at all.11:40
twilitAmaranth: ok. i have been putting this upgrade off out of laziness & ignorance11:40
melazyboyNexinarus: apt-get update, and apt-get install vlc, then remove that line from your sources.list, and re update to rid your db of sid11:41
Nexinarushmelazyboy, does that work for ubuntu or only other debian releases?11:41
housetierNexinarus instead of mixing debian and ubuntu repositories you could just download the .deb from packages.debian.org11:41
melazyboyNexinarus: Or comment it out and switch between sid and hoary like i do =D11:41
=== jdub [~jdub@] has joined #ubuntu
housetieror pin it to hoary11:41
Amaranthmelazyboy: I was doing that too.11:41
melazyboyNexinarus: Works for ubuntu im using a mix of ubuntu, and sid11:41
Gmailwhat do people think of xchat-gnome ?? it wound be nice if they used irssi as the core but the rewrite wasn't started when they started11:41
AmaranthBad idea. :P11:41
melazyboyhoary and sid rather11:41
=== thx1138 [~bdusauso@170.28-136-217.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu
housetierI'd never mix repositories without pinning11:42
melazyboyAmaranth: Don't care =D live dangerously they are essentially the same thing anyway, net install sid, install xorg, and gnome, totem, evolution, gaim and openoffice, and you get a rough equivelent to ubuntu =/11:43
housetiernot everyone wants to be "livin' on the edge"11:43
housetier<insert jon bon jovi here>11:44
Amaranthmelazyboy: Except that ubuntu's packages have 'ubuntu-x' on the end of the version.11:44
Amaranthoh, no -11:44
melazyboyAmaranth: Right and when the number version differs to the point where ubuntu takes the lead, it will kick in when i apt-get dist-upgrade, because i take special precaution not to break ubuntu-desktop11:44
Amaranthsounds like a headache11:45
=== Amaranth will just stick to hoary
Amaranthsame packages just a little later11:45
wood1Is compiling a different Kernel supported in Ubuntu ?11:45
wood1Well hoary is good only for test purposes11:45
=== Keybuk [~scott@] has joined #ubuntu
wood1It gives nothing much than Warty till now11:46
twilitxorg ??11:46
Amaranthwood1: except GNOME 2.9.x and xorg, of course11:46
Kamionsure, you can compile a different kernel if you like11:46
Amaranththe two largest pieces of the desktop system11:46
Kamionwe won't support the kernel you build though11:46
melazyboywood1: my kernel is custom compiled11:46
wood1Hoary has messed up my machine so badly that I can't even do:  apt-get upgrade11:46
KamionHoary is not for beginners11:47
twilitAmaranth: can one install xorg from the unreleased ubuntu on a regular debian -unstable system ?11:47
wood1As for XOrg, that's just there for test purposes11:47
Ngfar far far too many people are running hoary with no clue what it is11:47
=== alejandro__ is now known as quimicucho
Kamionapt-get often gets confused by strange situations; non-beginners can generally deal with it11:47
Nexinarusalternatively i could rip the dvd, though im new to ripping in linux (done it in windows)11:47
=== oferw [oferw@DSL217-132-13-146.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
=== davmor2 [~dave@82-37-27-42.cable.ubr04.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
fabbionetwilit: no.. i don't suggest to do that11:47
wood1Well I did not see the difference between XOrg and XFree8611:47
twilitfabbione: ok11:47
AmaranthKamion: My solution usually ends up being dpkg --force-all ;)11:48
twilitfabbione: thanks11:48
melazyboyXOrg, sucks, that was the only move i regret on this install im just to lazy to revert back to XFree8611:48
Kamionwood1: no, you aren't really supposed to be able to yet :-)11:48
KamionAmaranth: that's bad ...11:48
Ngwood1: that's because the differences are internal, and the new features aren't exploited yet11:48
AmaranthKamion: Yeah, I know.11:48
AmaranthBut only for individual packages.11:48
KamionAmaranth: I know somebody who used that carelessly on an individual package and had his /sbin replaced by a file11:48
LiquidSnakeanyone knows a program what runs well under ubuntu like mldonkey?11:48
wood1But if you have some fun machine to play with, you can install Hoary on it11:48
=== herman_ [~herman@213-132-207-191.adsl.nlhosting.nl] has joined #ubuntu
KamionAmaranth: have you looked at what --force-all implies?11:48
Kamion--force-overwrite-dir is CRACK :-)11:49
melazyboyi upgraded to Xorg, then i got the rude awakening my video drivers won't work, now my gnome experiene is inepted, and i lost complete 3d use11:49
Amaranthbasically do whatever you want, just leave me alone :P11:49
NgLiquidSnake: amule11:49
LiquidSnakeanyone knows somthing?11:49
Amaranthmelazyboy: That is not the fault of xorg.11:49
Ngmelazyboy: install warty and be happy11:49
housetierLiquidSnake mldonkey11:49
melazyboyNg: This gives me incentive to write nasty letters to ATI11:49
davmor2melazyboy with xorg up and running some of the effects you can get are quite outstanding11:49
Ngmelazyboy: yeah, because *that*'s a good idea11:49
housetierLiquidSnake just compile it yourself11:50
LiquidSnake: undefined reference to `camlzip_inflate'11:50
LiquidSnakecollect2: ld devolvi el estado de salida 111:50
LiquidSnakeError during linking11:50
LiquidSnakemake: *** [mlnet]  Error 211:50
LiquidSnakeive installed gcc11:50
=== twilit wonders what video cards do people use with Xorg..
LiquidSnakeand tryed to complie it11:50
housetierLiquidSnake did you install zlib?11:50
LiquidSnakebut only errors11:50
NgLiquidSnake: install amule, it should be in universe or something11:50
housetierlibzlib maybe11:50
twilitseems my i830/nvidiaand ati are all undesirable11:50
Ngmldonkey isn't exactly the friendliest edonkey client11:50
LiquidSnakeok i will try with apt11:50
davmor2melazyboy but then I'm using a half decent nvidia fx chipset11:51
housetierng you speak from experience?11:51
Ngtwilit: I'm using nvidia drivers with hoary's Xorg fine11:51
Nghousetier: in that I run mldonkey and amule, yes11:51
LiquidSnakenot found on apt11:51
Amaranthmelazyboy: What kind of Radeon do you have?11:51
twilitNg: nice11:51
LiquidSnake libzlib not found at lists of apt11:51
=== iz [~iz@] has joined #ubuntu
melazyboydavmor2: Lucky you =D im using ATI and im a very *dis*satisfied customer..11:51
melazyboyAmaranth: 980011:51
=== ogra [~ogra@] has joined #ubuntu
housetierLiquidSnake you will need zlib1g-dev11:52
davmor2you can't play doom3 either yet can you11:52
LiquidSnakeok 'll try it11:52
Amaranthdri only goes up to925011:52
LiquidSnake9% [1 zlib1g-dev 37480/404kB 9%] 11:52
housetierLiquidSnake also try #mldonkey11:52
Amaranththats why i'll never buy a radeon card higher then a 9250 :P11:52
melazyboyAmaranth: Smart move.. ATI is a horrable company11:53
Amaranthmelazyboy: I'll probably never buy an nVidia card though. :P11:53
AmaranthOpen source drivers > *11:53
melazyboyAmaranth: There drivers for windows are subpar, there drivers for linux are laughable...11:53
=== herman_ is now known as herman
LiquidSnakeit seems to work11:53
=== herman is now known as hbos`devbak
paulproteusI'm running Warty.  I'm trying to create a presentation in OpenOffice.org.  Unfortunately, it seems to come with no templates.11:54
paulproteusI have installed openoffice.org-l10n-en , which seems like it's supposed to include templates.  But none appear in the drop-down list when the Presentation creation program starts.11:54
jabAmaranth: ok, no i've connected the usb-dvd-burner. What /dev/xxxx is it? It's not 'sda1'11:54
davmor2melazyboy mind you although you can't play doom3 yet you win be glad to hear that ati are working to improve and create workarounds for linux according to linux format who interview them at ati11:54
jabhow do i see what hardware is connected?11:55
izjab dmesg ?11:55
Nghal-device-manager should show you everything connected11:55
NgI think11:55
NgI don't have a warty box to hand to check11:55
Amaranthjab: I had hoped hal would pick it up just like it does for flash and HD based usb devices :/11:55
jabiz: at boot yes. I've connected somtething after boot.11:55
=== herman [~herman@213-132-207-191.adsl.nlhosting.nl] has joined #ubuntu
melazyboydavmor2: Im not asking for something i think is unreasonable, they dont have it even mentioned in their FAQ about the new version of Xorg, no caveat, on either side, Xorg or ATI, ATI documentation blows, and their drivers are notoriously subpar when compaired to the nvidia counterpart11:56
LiquidSnakeBuilding dependencies11:56
LiquidSnakeThe following modules will not be compiled: { donkey(no Zlib) audio_galaxy(obsolete) open_napster direct_connect gnutella(no Zlib) gnutella2(no Zlib) soulseek openFT(obsolete) donkey_server donkey_client mldonkey_gui$(EXE) mldonkey_gui2$(EXE) mlchat$(EXE) }11:56
Ngisn't mldonkey in universe? why are you compiling it?11:56
davmor2how can I install xorg on my warty system then please I haven't seen it anywhere11:57
LiquidSnakejust make ?11:57
melazyboydavmor2: I would like to know the date that they are shooting for releasing the new fglrx, if it pays to rollback or not11:57
melazyboydavmor2: Xorg is in hoary only not warty11:57
LiquidSnakei compiled it on all my linux boxes as this way11:57
bob2davmor2: x.org on warty is not uspported by anyone...11:57
AmaranthLiquidSnake: apt-get install zlibc?11:57
=== peglags [~peglags@blfd-d9bb9a9a.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu
bob2davmor2: a debian guy made backports for sarge that may work, but you may not be able to upgrade to hoary later11:58
housetierLiquidSnake just "make" it now11:58
LiquidSnakeroot@UbuntuLinux:/home/doris # apt-get install zlibc11:58
LiquidSnakeLeyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho11:58
LiquidSnakeCreando rbol de dependencias... Hecho11:58
LiquidSnakeE: No se pudo encontrar el paquete zlibc11:58
LiquidSnakei will make11:58
=== Triple|5 [~Triple5@pool-162-83-252-170.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ngyou want zlib1g-dev11:58
LiquidSnakei had11:58
Ngof course it would be easier to just install the mldonkey-server package, but what do I know11:58
housetierLiquidSnake there are several build instructions out there, and do try #mldonkey11:58
LiquidSnakeroot@UbuntuLinux:/home/doris # apt-get install zlib1g-dev11:59
LiquidSnakeLeyendo lista de paquetes... Hecho11:59
LiquidSnakeCreando rbol de dependencias... Hecho11:59
LiquidSnakeSe instalarn los siguientes paquetes NUEVOS:11:59
LiquidSnake  zlib1g-dev11:59
LiquidSnake0 actualizados, 1 se instalarn, 0 para eliminar y 10 no actualizados.11:59
LiquidSnakeNecesito descargar 404kB de archivos.11:59
LiquidSnakeSe utilizarn 582kB de espacio de disco adicional despus de desempaquetar.11:59
LiquidSnakeDes:1 http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/main zlib1g-dev 1: [404kB] Descargados 404kB en 19s (20,5kB/s)11:59
bob2LiquidSnake: please don't paste in here11:59
LiquidSnakePreconfiguring packages ...11:59
LiquidSnakeSeleccionando el paquete zlib1g-dev previamente no seleccionado.11:59
GmailOMG MS fonts suck11:59
LiquidSnake(Leyendo la base de datos ...11:59
LiquidSnakeit already installed11:59
bob2especially in non-english languages11:59
davmor2bob2: is hoary stable enough for a novice (not really a programmer, although learning, x windows user) to use11:59
=== Triple|5 [~Triple5@pool-162-83-252-170.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Ngdavmor2: NO11:59
melazyboyfyi: there is a flood bot11:59
bob2just don't do it again11:59
Ngdavmor2: hoary isn't even slightly stable11:59
bob2davmor2: no11:59
ogradavmor2: no11:59
=== scoon [~scoon@dsl092-234-243.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
jabLiquidSnake: use a pastebin-site.11:59
davmor2didn't think so11:59
AmaranthLiquidSnake: zlib1g-dev is installed?12:00
ograLiquidSnake: or #flood12:00
Nghoary needs some big "DO NOT USE ME" warnings ;)12:00
LiquidSnakeAmaranth, yep allready12:00
Amaranthand so is zlibc?12:00
LiquidSnakezlibc not found on apt lists12:00
Amaranthare you using hoary or warty?12:00
housetierLiquidSnake just make it already12:00
calcNg: why?12:00
calcNg: works good here12:00
LiquidSnakeim doing12:01
Ngcalc: so people who can't handle a broken debian install don't keep using it12:01
davmor2just want xorg loved the translucent windows and stuff but i'll just wait for the stable version later12:01
LiquidSnakeError during linking12:01
calcNg: ah12:01
LiquidSnakemake: *** [mlnet]  Error 212:01
housetierLiquidSnake you will end up with a binary "mlnet" which is all you need and do try to /join #mldonkey12:01
KamionAmaranth: you don't want zlibc12:01
calcit seems no worse than sid ;)12:01
Ngcalc: indeed, but sid is hardly a good choice if you have no debian clue12:01
Kamioncalc: you're not a Debian novice12:01
calcand even when i was i wasn't a linux novice :)12:02
=== calc likes being able to remotely fix his brothers computer now that he is running linux :)
melazyboyI happen to like sid and hoary, the majority of what i have learned about both distros has been in pursuit of fixing shit that randomly broke12:02
melazyboygood learning expereinces12:03
melazyboyDay changed to 06 Dec 2004 <-- and with that, im going to bed.12:03
jabNg: i get a error when trying to run 'hal-device-manager'. Import gtk.12:03
melazyboyits 5am here12:03
paulproteus6 here.  Oops.12:03
Amaranth5am here :)12:04
davmor211am here12:04
wezzer1pm here12:04
=== Gmail [~Google@] has joined #ubuntu
calcKamion: any new info about the grub error 21 fix on fedora?12:05
wezzeris it good idea to burn dvd-images with k3b?12:05
=== d3niz [~deniz@] has joined #ubuntu
wezzerif those dvd's are shipped to far away and they _must_ work12:06
=== Gmail [~Google@] has joined #ubuntu
calci'll try dissecting the grub src rpm to see if there is a patch lurking12:06
=== Q-FUNK [~q-funk@gw-5.suomicom.fi] has joined #ubuntu
calcwow they have lots of patches in fact12:07
=== EricNeon [~ericneon@] has joined #ubuntu
Kamioncalc: no, sorry, haven't had a chance to look; I only ended up effectively doing grub maintenance as a sideline from installer work12:08
davmor2wezzer i've not had a problem using cd creator to burn ISO images and using bchunk to convert bin/cue image to iso12:08
Kamioncalc: I should have a look through the RH patches though, I guess12:09
calci don't see anything immediately obvious12:10
calcand this is still all going of the word of someone else saying it really does work on fedora ;)12:11
calci didn't have time to try installing fedora on it to verify before i had to give him his system back12:11
davmor2wezzer and I'm still novice status at linux and ubuntu12:12
calcbut some of the patches do look interesting12:12
wezzerthe problem is, that my friend burned dvd's with his linux and they don't work in dvd-players12:12
calcnot related to the bug though12:12
davmor2wezzer I couldn't actually get k3b to work properly so I just look for a work around12:12
=== peglax [~peglags@blfd-d9bb82e1.pool.mediaWays.net] has joined #ubuntu
wezzerbut I don't know is it because linux or dvd-drive12:13
wood1By the way, I installed Ubuntu Warty from an earlier release in September. How do I change my version of Gnome Terminal from 2.73 to 2.812:13
=== domestiko [~sip@84-121-82-5.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
davmor2wezzer my iso's have both vcd and dvd but only proper iso's don't just rename the bin file12:14
calcwood1: just apt-get update;apt-get upgrade12:14
=== ploum [~ploum@21-11.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
toresbeploum: Goede dag12:14
=== |Q| [~q@ppp114-7.static.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
ploumHello toresbe12:14
wood1calc, I have already done that. There terminal version is still 2.7.3 ?12:16
davmor2wezzer but k3b worked fine when I tried Fedora Core 3 and that burnt them fine12:16
Gmailcan i download a src rpm and rebuild it for ubuntu in a deb?12:17
=== subterrific [~jason@subterrific.net] has joined #ubuntu
wezzerI burn 25 of these on windows and then maybe move on to ubuntu12:17
calcwood1: hmm just upgrading should fix it as far as i know12:17
davmor2wood1 so is mine i got final release12:17
wood1davmor2 which version do you get now ?12:18
=== LiquidSnake [~~Snake@68.Red-81-33-87.pooles.rima-tde.net] has left #ubuntu ["rm]
=== beyond [~beyond@200-206-134-238.async.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
wood1I still have 2.7.312:18
davmor2wood1 2.7.3 the same as you12:18
davmor2wood1 not need to update it works fine12:19
wood1I do apt-get update , apt-get upgrade , apt-get dist-upgrade12:19
=== davmor2 [~dave@82-37-27-42.cable.ubr04.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has left #ubuntu []
wood1But the Gnome Terminal Version is still 2.7.312:23
wood1How do I change that to 2.8 ?12:23
Amaranthin hoary?12:24
wood1No it Warty ?12:24
Amaranthoh, no idea12:25
wood1In Hoary, it's 2.9.212:25
jdubwood1: you don't need to12:25
ograwood1: if you run them in this order, apt-get upgrade and dist-upgrade are redundant....just use dist-upgrade12:25
Amaranthif they don't have a 2.8 then it must have have changed from 2.7.312:25
jdubwood1: there were no significant changes in 2.8.0; 2.7.3 was the version released for gnome 2.812:25
wood1Well I do dist-upgrade several times a day, why is the version still 2.7.312:26
=== andy_ [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:20e:2eff:fe27:ea88] has joined #ubuntu
jdubwood1: because warty is released and stable, that is, there are no changes beyond security and high impact bug fixes.12:26
Gmailcan i download a src rpm and rebuild it for ubuntu in a deb? using alien of couse???12:27
=== lupus_ [~lupus@kn-ivl-2.kuleuven.net] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailcan i download a src rpm and rebuild it for ubuntu in a deb? using alien of couse?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????12:31
=== thoreauputic_ [~petros@wolax7-223.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
HcEGmail: I think your ?-key got locked ;)12:32
=== peglax is now known as peglags
danielsGmail: seriously, you only need one.  and i'm sure google knows the answer.12:36
danielsGmail: (if no-one answers the first time, it's impolite to keep asking.)12:36
housetierthis gmail who we are talking about...12:37
=== jolg [~jolg@h150n2fls32o868.telia.com] has joined #ubuntu
Gmaildaniels: need one what?12:39
housetier.oO(one more brain)12:39
danielsGmail: question mark.12:40
danielshousetier: please be polite.12:40
housetierits difficult but I will try12:41
Gmaildaniels: well when i use one no one answered me then when i used 2 it didn't help then 3 no help then 100 and you replied12:41
wood1By the way, does some body have some ideas why the Screen resolution in Hoary is only 640 x 480 ?12:41
=== mupe [~joonas@dsl-roigw3h66.dial.inet.fi] has joined #ubuntu
ctdGmail: I think you'll find daniels wasn't replying to necassarily help you.12:42
wood1I have tried almost everything12:42
=== fsmw [~Fernando@] has joined #ubuntu
danielsGmail: yes, only because I wasn't looking at IRC when you asked the first two times.  asking repeatedly, let alone with thousands of question marks, is implite.  if you can't be polite, then I'm going to ask you to leave.  clear?12:42
Gmailctd: i know12:42
wood1What is the command to reconfigure XOrg settings ?12:42
fabbioneGmail: your way of grabbing people attention is really annoying12:42
fabbionewood1: dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg12:42
Gmaildpkg-reconfiregure xserver-xorg12:42
Gmaildpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg12:43
=== Elwood [~Elwood@ppp-62-11-186-228.dialup.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu
wood1Well it did not work that command12:44
fabbionewood1: did you customize your configuration manually?12:44
Gmaildpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg12:46
=== Nexinarus [~nexinarus@218-101-69-17.dialup.clear.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
=== thoreaup1tic [~peter@wolax7-223.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Gmaili am making a xchat-gnome package12:47
Gmailwho do i talk to it being added into the rep to?12:47
Gmaili guess it wound be the debian bug tracker12:48
danielsGmail: is it based off the existing xchat package, or are you starting from scratch again?12:48
=== thoreauputic [~peter@wolax7-223.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
danielsGmail: here's a hint -- if you annoy everyone in the channel, you might no longer be quite so welcome12:49
Gmaildaniels: no its xchat-gnome not xchat12:50
housetierxchat-gnome is another frontend for xchat, its not being developped by zed12:52
Nexinarusare there any download resumers for ubuntu?12:52
ChibiFSfirefox does it automatically :P12:52
ChibiFSYes. If the file is incomplete.12:53
Nexinaruson disconnections i mean,12:53
Gmaild4x is the best downloader12:53
RibsI'm trying to make my own kernel here12:54
RibsI've installed kernel-source package12:54
paulproteusNexinarus: You're talking about DCC transfer; while ChibiFS and Gmail are talking about web downloading.12:54
Ribssymlinked /usr/src/linux to where the kernel is12:54
RibsI've make menuconfig'd then make then make modules_install12:54
RibsSo now, how do I add an entry into grub?12:54
Nexinarusnah im talking about web downloading12:54
RibsI'm used to specifiying 'bzImage', but no other entry even uses that file.12:55
paulproteusOh, I see.12:55
paulproteusRibs: http://newbiedoc.sourceforge.net/system/kernel-pkg.html will serve you best.12:55
Nexinarusguess i said "disconnections" a little wrong heh12:55
=== ^ToTo^ [~ToTo@host168-133.pool8254.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
paulproteusFor compatibility with Ubuntu's kernels, when you do make-kpkg kernel_image, do make-kpkg --initrd kernel_image instead.12:56
ctdNexinarus: Use the '-r' option for wget12:56
paulproteusOr "-c" for "--continue".12:57
paulproteusctd: "-r" is recursive.  That's not what he wants, I think.12:57
ctdpaulproteus: Sorry, get those ones mixed around some time.12:57
paulproteusNo problem :).12:58
=== Gmail [~Google@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Talliesin_ is now known as Talliesin
Nexinarusa cool,12:59
=== Gmail [~Google@gnu-debian.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== Gmail [~Google@gnu-debian.user] has joined #ubuntu
wood1Amaranth, are you still there?01:01
=== andy_ is now known as beezly
=== andy_ [~andy@monkey.beezly.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu
Ribsmake-kpkg --append-to-version=.06122004-custom --initrd kernel_image01:02
Ribsdoes that look okay, paulproteus ?01:02
wood1Can somebody here guide me to setup Ubuntu on a Remote Machine using SSH and a broadband internet connection ?01:02
lifelessthom whats the local archive for the conf ?01:03
=== Nexinarus [~nexinarus@218-101-69-17.dialup.clear.net.nz] has joined #ubuntu
rory__look on the wiki for how to install ubuntu using knoppix01:04
NexinarusAha i have finally got dvd's to play!01:04
NexinarusIf anyone is interested, my first problem was that i linked /dev/dvd to /dev/cdrom (as i have a combo drive) but i forgot to set read permission priviliages. secondly i didnt have libdvdcss2 installed so i couldnt play encrypted dvd's. Now they play perfect01:05
paulproteusRibs: Sure. :)01:07
paulproteusOh, wait, ribs.01:07
paulproteusrun this at a console:01:07
paulproteusdate -I01:07
paulproteusIt outputs the date in ISO format.  ISO format has a lot of advantages, and you should put them to work for you in your kernel package version.01:07
paulproteusmake-kpkg --append-to-version=.`date -I`-custom --initrd kernel_image01:07
paulproteusThe backticks will capture the output of "date -I" and put it there; so that way, it comes out nice and clean and readable, and it sorts correctly, and it's automatic.01:08
=== Ribs stab paulproteus
RibsI'm not aborting it twice :P01:08
Ribsis it required to be in ISO format?01:09
RibsIt's just a name, right?01:09
paulproteusRibs: Sure, just a name.01:09
paulproteusNo big deal.01:09
Ribsphew :)01:09
RibsI've not really bothered to set up anything01:09
paulproteusAt the same time, do notice how cool ISO date format is: it sorts correctly by string sort.01:09
Ribsso it's compiling a lot of modules01:09
=== cristiano [~cristiano@81-208-74-188.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
cristianohi guys i've a prob01:10
padlefotdoes anybody know where the XF86Config file for ubuntu is?01:12
padlefoti want to change my screen resolution01:12
Ribspadlefot: /etc/X11/XF86Config.401:12
Ribsor something01:12
Ribspadlefot: You can easily do it in Gnome anyway01:12
=== freemymind [~freemymin@adsl-065-005-233-048.sip.ard.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
padlefotyeah i can, but it doesnt go any highet than 1024x78401:13
cristianosomeone can explain me why when trying to execute an install command it says "./install: line 1: /lib/libc.so.6: Permission denied01:13
cristianoSetup aborted . . .01:13
cristianoThe installer cannot be run when your current directory is on the CD.01:13
padlefoti want to take it to 1280x102401:14
Ribsright, time for a reboot01:14
=== Ribs hopes this works.
=== thoreauputic_ [~petros@wolax7-223.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Nexinaruscristiano, are you installing as root?01:17
Nexinarusmaybe if your not using root priviliages it wont let you01:17
=== alka_trash [~homer@c-67-166-91-212.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
Ngit kinda looks like the CD is mounted with noexec01:18
Ribsokay, very nearly there now01:19
Ribsnvidia-installer complains that a 'conflicting' opengl system is installed01:19
Ribsso I'm kinda wondering how to remove what I already have installed01:19
Gmaili saw this in the debian mailing list01:19
GmailIn the meantime you can get the last released NVU version package for01:19
Gmaildebian adding this repo:01:19
Gmaildeb http://www.linuxbh.org/naarea/ pacotes/01:19
Ribs'opengl' in synaptic just shows a load of bindings01:20
Gmailsomeone should add that to the wiki01:20
=== IvyCQHome [~Sir@c9063275.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
cristianoNexinarus: i think i would try a reboot...this is really strange...01:21
cristianoNg: should i check the fstab file?01:21
cristianoin the fstab i have ro,user options01:22
Ngthat's most weird01:22
Gmaildaniels: can you add that to the wiki?01:22
ctdGmail: It's a wiki so that everyone can add things to it.01:24
=== GUTZworld [~gutz@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailctd: i know but i am not01:24
Gmailany way what the hell is the point of??? http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=22217701:25
bob2Gmail: it's way more efficient for you to do that than for daniel to01:25
bob2Device  Sleep state     Status01:25
bob2 LID       3            *enabled01:25
bob2SLPB       3            *enabled01:25
=== beezly [~beezly@2001:630:63:16:20e:2eff:fe27:ea88] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Gmail: some people have too much time on their hands01:26
=== s-toned [~S-Toned@] has joined #ubuntu
=== GUTZworld [~gutz@] has left #ubuntu []
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sivang [~sivang@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Gmailbob2: i can't port 80 blocked for another 10min01:28
bob2um, ok01:28
bob2but you can read debbugs?01:28
bob2what a magic firewall01:29
=== zielsko [~zielsko_p@cac62.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailbob2: no it was the work of my isp the blocked it for 15min while they do some upgrades that we all agreed on having now01:32
=== cristiano [~cristiano@81-208-74-188.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tirkal [~nick@netcache2.tau.ac.il] has joined #ubuntu
=== tirkal [~nick@netcache2.tau.ac.il] has left #ubuntu []
=== kbrooks [kyle@CPE0050ba557516-CM000039d12a5d.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== zielsko [~zielsko_p@cac62.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has left #ubuntu []
thoreauputicbob2: do you use irssi? Do you know if it's possible to split the window vertically as well as horizontally?01:39
Gmailhe does01:39
=== stuNNed [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
thoreauputichmm.. I guess logically I should try #irssi...01:42
kbrooksi need to e-mail someone but i want POP e-mail, but I don't have it........01:42
=== jml [~jml@ppp110-63.lns1.hba1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
kbrookswait, maybe i do on hotmail but i dont know where01:43
=== lamont_r [~lamont@] has joined #ubuntu
ctdhotmail doesn't give you a POP inbox, iirc.01:43
=== K0DiAk [K0DiAk@ACA4ECCF.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu
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=== tommie_ [~tommie@68-235-94-205.miamfl.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== daniele [~chatzilla@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ChibiFS [~chibifs@pcp09403250pcs.monroe01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
danieledears, I have some problems with totem playing videos mpeg. I hear audio, but I can't see motion. What's up? How may I solve this problem?01:49
=== jiyuu0 [~jiyuu0@] has joined #ubuntu
=== zopy [~zopy@AMontsouris-152-1-6-185.w82-123.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== jdub [~jdub@] has joined #ubuntu
housetierdaniele I am only guessing but you might miss some codecs for totem... you could try another movie player, mplayer for example01:52
ChibiFSBlah! Stop promoting mplayer when you knoooww xine is far superior. :P01:53
zopydaniele = try to install pack from MPlayerhq.hu and cp it to /usr/lib/win3201:54
stuNNedbakkamakka beebub ommba somba ubununtu01:54
housetierexactly my point:I don't know that xine is superior01:54
ChibiFShehe :P01:54
=== Elyran [~mirspcm@] has joined #ubuntu
danielsGmail: bob2 was commenting on the fact that you could access the Debian bug tracking system but not the wiki01:54
ctddaniels: Must be an X problem! File a bug against the X packagers. ;)01:56
kbrooksi want to be a member of the ubuntu maintainers team. :)01:59
stuNNedwhere do i put: NVreg_EnableAGPSBA=1 NVreg_EnableAGPFW=1 in Ubuntu?01:59
=== Rene_S is away: Were sorry the cutomer you are trying to reach is out of service.
stuNNedif i want to pass options to driver module on load just put it in modules.conf?02:02
stuNNedjust put directly into modules.conf?02:03
=== Elyran is now known as Mirno
Gmaildaniele: heh that link i had for a long time wanting to say that02:05
Gmailok i know this is the most stupidest question in the world but here it comes02:05
Gmailif i add a deb-src to my sources.list and apt-get something from that source does i build the package for me?02:06
stuNNedif i put driver module load options directly in modules.conf will it get overwritten upon next boot or some other times?02:07
rory__it downloads the source02:07
=== Delgul_at_work [~gerard@delgul.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
danielsGmail: please read the documentation available.  man apt-get is a good start.02:07
=== jkka_ [~jukka@YYYMDCCCLIII.dsl.saunalahti.fi] has joined #ubuntu
=== ChibiFS [~chibifs@pcp09403250pcs.monroe01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
NgGmail: you might want to look at apt-src, it can be used to download/build a source deb in a similar fashion to apt-get02:08
Gmaildaniels: heh i can't remeber i read it 9months ago02:08
GmailNg: you refereshed my memery02:08
Gmailapt-src is like portage?02:09
Ngdon't think of it like that, it's just wrong ;)02:09
=== scotth [~scotth@] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedwhere is proper place in ubuntu to put driver module load options?  directly in modules.conf?02:10
=== Pathfinder [~murray@] has joined #ubuntu
NgstuNNed: you could stick them in /etc/modutils/local and then run update-modules02:11
GmailNg: i never ment like that i ment its like a portage type thing biulds from source...02:11
stuNNedNg, roger, thanks02:11
ctdGmail: man apt-src02:12
danielsGmail: so read it again, dude.02:12
=== Roptaty [~hans@bjs1-dhcp438.studby.uio.no] has joined #ubuntu
=== potato_head [~ed@] has joined #ubuntu
danielsGmail: if you cannot help yourself, you cannot expect others to do your work for you and expecting them to do so is rude and disruptive to the channel.02:13
NgGmail: well, I suppose, but I don't want to give the impression that building everything from source is a good or cool idea ;)02:13
=== LiamH [~never@mfg-98.umd.edu] has joined #ubuntu
danielsGmail: and so far, you have done nothing but be rude, impolite, disruptive and annoying, to the point where you have provided nothing good but many things bad to the channel, and you are walking dangerously close to a removal.02:13
=== jarping [~jarping@84-122-52-67.onocable.ono.com] has joined #ubuntu
GmailNg: it is when there only binary there are are one built with gcc 2.9502:13
NgI'm so not getting into compiler discussions, but I will say that almost anything you've read in gentoo world about gcc is bollocks ;)02:14
Ngpardon my french02:14
paulproteus"Pardon my French" is an expression used by American English speakers to half-apologize for using harsh language.02:15
paulproteusThe word "bollocks" here.02:16
Ngpaulproteus: I beg your pardon, but I am a proper English speaker :)02:16
Wiseguyvery "harsh"02:16
paulproteusNg: Oh, I didn't realize it was in English English, too.02:16
Ribsit is02:16
Wiseguythank god I'm learning spanish02:16
RibsWe don't all go around throwing teabags at each other and calling each other 'wankers'02:17
Wiseguyif you want to02:17
Wiseguy*starts the throwing*02:17
danielsok, guys, offtopic.02:17
Ngsorry, daniels is right02:18
Wiseguynothing against a little ot now and then I say02:18
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=== jamesh [~james@] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailwoooo netspilt02:28
rory__wasnt me...02:28
=== potato_head_ [~ed@] has joined #ubuntu
=== hns [~hans@d8149.upc-d.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
Gmailrory__: sure as if we belive you02:29
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
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=== __learner__ [~chatzilla@200-103-113-192.bsace705.dsl.brasiltelecom.net.br] has joined #ubuntu
__learner__doesa ubuntu have good internationalization?02:47
bob2it has fairly good02:48
bob2hoary will be a lot better02:48
=== padlefot [~padlefot@6.80-202-214.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu
__learner__can I easily install development tools in ubuntu?02:49
hermanwhich development tools?02:49
__learner__I need good IDEs and compilers for C++ (I pretend to use the SDL Library) and Java (Ill also need Mysql and Apache Running)02:50
Nganjuta is quite nice02:51
Ngfairly Gnome related, but it should be fine for plain C++02:51
NgJava people seem to use Eclipse these days, but that's not in ubuntu yet02:51
Nginstalling it may well be documented in the wiki though02:51
__learner__but can I add it?02:51
=== Rene_S is back (gone 00:52:40)
=== Ycros [~Ycros@c211-30-14-115.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Ng__learner__: you can install it manually, yes02:52
=== Roptaty [~hans@bjs1-dhcp438.studby.uio.no] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
__learner__I used JBeans and liked it.02:52
bob2Rene_S: can you trn that off please?02:52
Rene_Sbob2 turn what off ?02:52
=== fsmw [~Fernando@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Rene_S: public away02:52
__learner__Im almost installing this distro, everyone says good things about it.02:53
NeillNg: eclip is very good, but I'd suggest installing it manually unless someone has come up with a way of making dpkg/apt properly cope with java02:53
Rene_Sbob2 ? I am not marked as away02:53
bob2Rene_S: 23:51:57  *       Rene_S is back (gone 00:52:40)02:53
Rene_Sbob2 Says I am back, looks like it is off then eh ?02:54
=== potato_head [~ed@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2Rene_S: no, configure your client so it never prints it in here again, thanks02:54
lifelessbob2: whats the issue with it ?02:55
Ngapart from being really annoying, useless and a waste of bits? ;)02:55
danielslifeless: unnecessary clutter02:55
herman__learner__: i think all tools you need are available in ubuntu. what do you use atm?02:56
thenukeaway scripts and such are generally not tolerated in MANY channels02:56
Rene_Sbob2 okie dokie, I found the thing to shut it off02:56
bob2Rene_S: thanks!02:56
bob2lifeless: 303 people running them will make baby jesus cry02:56
Rene_Sbob2 Your welcome02:57
thenukeit wont look so bad when only someone has it but if for example about everyone in here would think it is absolutely necessary to tell everybody when they leave keyboard and come back.. you imagine the rest :)02:57
Rene_Sbaby who ?02:57
=== OZ8AAZ [~kmyram@port323.ds1-brh.adsl.cybercity.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== HolyGod [~free@pppoe-tun1.securebinary.com] has joined #ubuntu
Ngbob2: here's the father to punish you for that comment ;)02:59
__learner__I used to  windows tools only.02:59
__learner__Been using JavaBeans, Dev C++ and Broland C++Builder03:00
=== stuNNed [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedhi ubuntu-ers03:00
=== jlinares [~jlinares@] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNedhiyas jessta03:01
__learner__is there anyway to run photoshop in linux? (without vmware)03:02
__learner__I mean, in ubuntu03:02
stuNNed__learner__, you could try il-forsaken WINE03:02
Ng__learner__: I believe Codeweavers Crossover can run some versions of photoshop03:02
=== Cueball [~lee@lb3.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
__learner__How many size do you thing I should reserve for the Ubuntu Partition. I will not put any media on it. Just the basic system,  the Dev Apps and some Media Players03:03
stuNNed__learner__, 4-5gig if possible imho03:03
=== zul [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu
__learner__isnt that too much?03:03
__learner__My HD holds only 30GB.03:04
=== zul [~chuck@zul.developer.gentoo] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
__learner__but if you say 5GB it is 5GB03:04
stuNNed__learner__, my / is 3.8G and that is fresh install03:05
__learner__Can ubuntu read and write to NTFS partitions? Can linux do that?03:05
Ngmy install is just under 4gb with a bunch of development stuff03:05
Treenaks__learner__: read: yes, write: no03:05
stuNNed__learner__, check the ntfs sf.net site03:05
bob21.8GB is the size of the base system03:05
bob2(desktop base)03:05
__learner__can the NTFS support be installed latter?03:09
__learner__Wow! Is there any way to reduce that 1.8GB base install?03:09
stuNNedman, sudo -s seems like a real bad idea03:09
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
=== aigarius [~aigarius@] has joined #ubuntu
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
stuNNed# ls -l .bash_history03:11
stuNNed-rw-------  1 root root 299 2004-12-06 07:45 .bash_history03:11
=== adsb-work_ is now known as adsb-work
=== potato_head [~ed@] has joined #ubuntu
__learner__every ubunt fresh install occupies 3.8 GB?03:12
stuNNed__learner__, probly not03:13
bob200:05:28           bob2 | 1.8GB is the size of the base system03:14
__learner__why does it need so much space? Is that the ammount, the  space distros are currently using?03:15
bob2because it includes all of gnome03:15
bob2and python03:15
bob2and useful tools lots of people install03:15
BeTayop... I'm still ;c) running an ubuntu linux on my PowerBook alu... and it's still crashing randomly...03:15
bob2you can make it less if you wan03:15
__learner__Oh great.03:15
BeTaI can say that this is not a temperature problem, whereas I've set it to 42c through /sys ... :c/03:16
BeTaany idea?03:16
BeTaI think this is crashing when I'm doing lots of different things at the same time03:16
__learner__So if I get the 4GB partiton, will I have space for installing the dev tools , and the mysql/apache servers03:17
bob2it may be tight03:17
stuNNedanyone have linuxant modem driver fail with fifo overrun/underrun?03:18
Kamionbob2: desktop, not base ...03:19
=== IvyCQHome [~Sir@c9063275.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
Kamionthe base system's 350MB03:19
bob2er, yea, I corrected myself in the next line but didn't paste it again03:19
Kamionthe desktop is actually more like 1.5GB but the installation process uses an extra 300MB of temporary space03:19
Kamionbob2: oh, right, didn't see that03:19
Ngand you could slim it down a bit post-install if you don't want things like openoffice, I guess03:20
bob2you can slim it pre-install, too03:20
Ngah, cool. I zipped through the install as quick as I could :)03:20
=== quake [~quake@CPE0030ab03b4df-CM000e5c6d0d82.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== potato_head [~ed@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Rocha [~hmrocha@] has joined #ubuntu
RochaI've just installed Ubuntu, how can I install the flash plugin in firefox?03:24
=== ToTo [~ToTo@host168-133.pool8254.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
RochaI already used Synaptic to install "flashplugin-nonfree", but it still doesn't work.03:24
bob2Rocha: wiki.ubuntu.com/RestrictedFormats03:26
=== netmonk [~netmonk@nat-30.c0msys.net] has joined #ubuntu
Rochabob2, thanks, i'll try03:26
=== BrittMan914 [~britt@li9-223.members.linode.com] has joined #ubuntu
BrittMan914how do i copy a file in console mode?03:27
Rochacp file_to_copy destination03:28
BrittMan914;) thanks you guys are awesome03:28
Rochacp means copy03:28
Rochamv means move03:28
BrittMan914oh cool03:28
=== archop [~archop@] has joined #ubuntu
BrittMan914i was tryin copy and move03:28
BrittMan914thank you again03:28
BrittMan914have a good one03:28
Rochabob2, flash working, thanks03:31
quakejust curious: What's everyone xset setting?03:33
aigariusa nautilus usability bug here. insert a usb stick. delete a file (to free some space). Try to copy a large file on the stick. File cann't be copied - not enough free space. the deleted file stays in .Trash taking up the space. user has no way of knowing that.03:34
=== tommie_ [~tommie@68-235-94-205.miamfl.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
aigariuscan one tell nautilus to directly erase file from certain mount points without usig .Trash ?03:34
bob2shift-rightclick or something?03:35
=== Simira [~rpGirl@] has joined #ubuntu
aigariusbob2: i mean in a user friendly way03:35
RochaShift-DEL deletes without moving to trash, just like windows.03:35
aigariusRocha: is the same bug revelant in Windows/03:36
Simirawhat bug?03:36
RochaSimira, it's not a bug, it's a usability problem.03:36
Rochaaigarius, you can activate the "delete" command in the context sensitive menu03:36
aigariusyes, but a cueles user will still stumble into the problem03:37
Rochaaigarius, i agree with you03:37
aigariusisn't there a way to exclude some dirs from .Trash-ing?03:37
RochaOpen a directory, Edit->Preferences->Behaviour03:37
RochaIn wastebasket there is an option "include a delete command...."03:37
=== kensai [~kensai@] has joined #ubuntu
RochaIf you delete a file that way, with right-click->delete, it won't move to trash03:38
aigariusRocha: i know that. I am a system architect here - trying to solve that problem forever :)03:38
RochaI know no other way around.03:39
aigariusow well - will have to read the source :P i hate when it is the only solution.03:39
RochaGo to irc.gnome.org03:40
RochaMaybe you'll get an answer there.03:40
RochaThat is not an Ubuntu problem.03:40
RochaThere are a lots of developers there, so you can skip that source reading :P03:41
RochaI hope there is a solution to that.03:42
=== tvon|x31 [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
aigariusRocha: tnx03:44
=== nickel [~nickel@host72-218.pool8248.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== quake_ [~quake@CPE0030ab03b4df-CM000e5c6d0d82.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Pitr starts the Spam Song
quake_No no, I wanted to go to the fedora room but instead I typed #fedora here03:48
=== Pitr starts the Spam Song again
quake_Think what you want... I'm using Ubuntu and NOT fedora03:49
quake_better? ;)03:49
=== rodi [~dbrunton@h-66-167-36-5.mclnva23.covad.net] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthbob2: You're in Matar?03:54
Amaranthyou've been blogged ;P03:54
danielsbob2 around the world03:55
bob2heh, yeah03:56
=== scotth [~scotth@] has joined #ubuntu
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB2FED.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthIf I tried to change my order for Ubuntu CDs after they were shipped with it send me two different sets or just ignore the second one?03:56
bob2try emailing mako03:57
sladenAmaranth: email mako since the site is only set to ship once per address/account03:57
Amaranthwe're having an install fest at the local lug and i realized i'd probably need more03:58
=== quake [~quake@CPE0030ab03b4df-CM000e5c6d0d82.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthone question: who is mako? :P03:58
Amaranthoh, cool03:59
Amaranthemail is in his whois03:59
paulproteusbe back later04:00
=== Simza [~rpGirl@] has joined #ubuntu
=== thalg [~opera@c-952172d5.023-110-76786a11.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #ubuntu
=== Netminder [~mcroydon@phaser850.connext.net] has joined #Ubuntu
=== ^ToTo^ [~ToTo@host168-133.pool8254.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
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=== quique [~Quique@] has joined #ubuntu
=== ogra [~ogra@] has joined #ubuntu
MarcusCrassusI have a Kingston KNE100T NIC that the live CD version of Ubuntu picked up fine, but the installed version didn't detect.  I've not used Kingston NICS in linux before, so can someone tell me what module I need to load for it to work?04:07
=== Simza is now known as Simira
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=== traxass [van_@ctv-213-164-101-251.vinita.lt] has joined #ubuntu
traxasshello !:)04:12
traxasscan you tell me how old is ubuntu?04:13
Simirauhm.... as what? As a distributed system, under development, or not?04:14
SimiraWarty was released October 11th04:14
traxassi mean when was it started :)04:14
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sivang [~sivang@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
SimiraCanonical, you mean? And the development of Ubuntu? Early this year, I think.04:15
danielstraxass: late April or so04:15
=== fsmw [~Fernando@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Potn [~potnhbug@ip129-167.bacs-net.hu] has joined #ubuntu
traxassok thnx04:16
daniels(but most of the team were not on board at that point)04:16
stuNNedis there any c++ code in base ubuntu?04:17
stuNNedor ubuntu rather04:18
bob2of course04:18
stuNNednot addon software04:18
bob2apt if nothing else04:18
=== SuperQ [ben@trogdor.likes.to.burninate.net] has left #ubuntu []
stuNNedbob2, mostly python and c though?04:18
bob2mostly C04:19
stuNNedbob2, thanks very much04:19
bob2very little python04:19
traxassdeb packages works on ubuntu? or it has it's own packages?04:19
bob2it has it's own04:20
=== theine [~theine@x1-6-00-11-24-09-2f-60.k217.webspeed.dk] has joined #ubuntu
=== thisfred [~thisfred@a213-84-57-72.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu
=== potato_head_ [~ed@] has joined #ubuntu
__learner__is there anyway to get 5.1 sound in linux?04:25
__learner__I have 5.1 speakers, but they never worked at 5.1 in linux. Is there any way to use it?04:25
=== chicken_man2004 [icechat5@m53-mp1.cvx6-c.pop.dial.ntli.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== meff [~meff@meff.user] has joined #ubuntu
chicken_man2004can some well tell me how long it takes for the cd to ship?04:29
=== grelli [~grelli@apoc.dagr.net] has joined #ubuntu
chicken_man2004can some well tell me how long it takes for the cd to ship?04:29
traxassdon't flood04:30
traxassif somebody knows - he'll answer04:30
=== gfg [~gfg@] has joined #ubuntu
=== potato_head [~ed@] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthchicken_man2004: The site tells you.04:30
rodichicken_man2004:  folks were getting it in less than a week, but it's definitely faster to download ;)04:30
Amaranth"It may take up to several weeks from that date for some packages to leave the factory and the package could spend several weeks in transit to some locations. We can not pinpoint the mailing date of individual packages."04:31
=== jpvcx [foobar@j132017.upc-j.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
chicken_man2004500mb :O04:31
moquistMarcusCrassus: I see that the de4x5 driver claims to work with Kingston cards.  /usr/src/Documentation/networking/de4x5.txt04:31
traxassi'm simply downloading it...gonna take ~2-3 hours, not a week04:31
chicken_man2004i got a 56k modem lol04:31
=== kent [~kent@] has joined #ubuntu
traxassuuuu that's bad :D04:32
gfgwow! Modems rock04:32
traxassi have cable internet04:32
gfgLANT3 forever04:32
chicken_man2004well i mite as well start downloading it04:32
Tomcat_chicken_man2004: Try to find a friendly Internet cafe with CD toaster :)04:32
Amaranthchicken_man2004: 500mb on a 56k would take less then a week04:32
chicken_man2004mmmm true04:32
chicken_man2004well ill get started04:32
=== ogra [~ogra@] has joined #ubuntu
moquistbob2: ubuntu has its own packages, but the deb packages work fine, right?  (isn't that what's being enabled with "universe"?)04:33
rodichicken_man2004:  make sure do download it with some client that will resume for you if you get kicked off- I think just about any bittorrent client will...04:33
wezzeryea, deb packs work fine too04:33
CueballWhat version of KDE is availiable with ubuntu ?04:34
=== net is now known as chet
=== _|Imanewbie|_ [~imanewbie@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2moquist: no, they're built for ubuntu04:35
bob2if you use .debs from debian, you are on your own04:35
mos__Cueball: it doesnt come with kde04:35
RochaJust a question...04:36
bob2Cueball: 3.1 in warty04:36
CueballOk cheers04:36
chicken_man2004emm what 1 do i need?04:36
traxassand what version of gnome has worthy?04:36
moquistbob2: k; thx for clarifying.04:37
RochaWhat program can I use to what streaming video on the web?04:37
chicken_man2004what 1 do i need?04:37
=== Se7h [~MUAHAHAH@adsl-b4-89-27.telepac.pt] has joined #ubuntu
chicken_man2004amd or i386 ??04:38
chicken_man2004i use a AMD-k6 prosessor04:38
bob2then you want i38604:38
=== okplayer02 [~okplayer0@c-67-176-19-93.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
quake__learner__, what's your soundcard?04:39
AmaranthRocha: You want to watch streaming video or create it?04:40
AmaranthTo watch it get mplayer with the w32codecs and get mozilla-mplayer04:40
RochaJust watch04:40
Rochaok, thanks04:40
AmaranthThat'll get you Quicktime and WMV formats.04:40
__learner__no soundcard, just an onboard AC9704:41
AmaranthFor Real you'll need to get Realplayer from http://real.com and setup the firefox plugin on your own04:41
__learner__motherboard A7V8X-X04:41
quakeAnd you have 5.1 in windows?04:41
=== Schmots [~david@69-168-20-96.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthActually, I think their installer sets up the plugin, you just need to point it to the right plugin dir.04:42
Amaranthquake: I'm betting it's simulated 5.104:42
SchmotsAfter install, how can I define to alsa what driver to use?04:42
=== piyr [~piyr@] has joined #ubuntu
quakego to the console and type "alsamixer" and there, Search for surround04:43
Schmotsand, are the "universe" sources supposed to be like debian's unstable?04:43
SchmotsI know about the alsamixer.04:43
=== potato_head [~ed@] has joined #ubuntu
SchmotsI can't use it because it says no cards found.04:43
quakeI was talking to __learner__  ;)04:43
Schmotsoh.. sorry04:43
quiqueIn Warty there ir KDE 3.2.304:43
quiqueI'm using it right now04:43
__learner__tx quake.04:43
quiqueIn Hoary there is KDE 3.3.104:44
__learner__That is really good news.04:44
__learner__for me.04:44
SchmotsI tried dpkg-reconfigure alsa-base.. but that only lets you set your auto save options.04:44
=== ynef [~ynef@h81172169205.kund.kommunicera.umea.se] has joined #ubuntu
SchmotsThis silence is defining04:44
rodi__learner__:  Hoary actually made me a gnome convert.  Or maybe it was just the naked people, now that I think of it.04:45
traxasswhat gnome is in worthy? 2.8?04:46
=== chicken_man2004 hands every one a beer
pridketthey, does anyone have problems with sound in flash?  it works fine if I have ESD running, but can't seem to get it working without, which is pain because my rhythmbox doesn't like esd.04:46
RochaCan I install Acrobat reader from synaptic?04:46
=== doko [doko@dsl-084-057-101-183.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
Schmotsso no help on how I can tell alsa it should be using intel_8x004:47
SchmotsRocha no04:47
Schmotsbut there is a nice install package from adobe for version 4.04:47
okplayer02has has anyone had a good experience with Ubuntu 64 bit  cause i have a AMD 6404:48
okplayer02im looking to install it beside FC304:49
Schmotsso no on ecan help me with my sound problem?04:49
quakeMaybe it's better if you post your problem in the forums04:50
=== Cueball [~lee@lb3.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Client]
quakeBut sorry, I'm myself a bewbie :(04:50
okplayer02so has anyone installed ubuntu 64 bit on a laptop04:51
okplayer02just curious how ur experiences has been with it04:52
RochaWhere is the w32codecs package?04:53
RochaI can't find it04:53
=== Simira [~rpGirl@] has joined #ubuntu
RochaI already have multiverse and universe04:53
RochaIt's in another repository?04:53
traxassif i understood good, Ubuntu is biult on Debian..so why is it better than Debian. Is it faster? safer?04:53
Schmotsis universe unstable?04:54
Schmotstraxass.. might be a bit safer.04:54
RochaSchmots, i think so.04:54
=== ToTo [~ToTo@host168-133.pool8254.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
Schmots6 month release cycle.04:54
_|Imanewbie|_Schmots: for debian standarts04:54
_|Imanewbie|_Schmots: I use universe and multiverse and everything is going on04:54
SchmotsI have only noticed one package that is outa date.04:55
Schmotsbut its one I use all the time.. amsn.04:55
=== chicken_man2004 [icechat5@m53-mp1.cvx6-c.pop.dial.ntli.net] has left #ubuntu []
_|Imanewbie|_Schmots: Use gaim is much better04:55
=== oferw [oferw@TLV62-0-81-55.bb.netvision.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
=== tvon|x31 [tvon@dsl093-119-225.blt1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
Schmotsnot for msn.04:56
_|Imanewbie|_Schmots: amsn has an Ubuntu portage on their site with the last version.04:56
_|Imanewbie|_you can install the binary04:56
SchmotsI have to use msn for work.. and amsn is great04:56
SchmotsI will look at that... thanks04:56
RochaSchmots, i have found acrobat reader 5 in synaptic04:56
Rochapackage "acroread"04:56
Schmotsreally?  must be a ubuntu package.04:56
Schmotsonly had ubuntu on for a day.. ran debian since way back....04:57
Schmotsonly switched for a better evolution04:57
Schmotsexchange connector is flaky in unstable.04:57
RochaI searched for "acrobat" but the binary name is usually "acroread" so I searched for it :)04:57
_|Imanewbie|_Rocha: you can also look for Acrobat|less04:59
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Tomcat_How can I downgrade some packages?05:02
Tomcat_I install several packages for PMTesting (see Wiki), but now I can't get to the old state without removing half of my system...05:02
=== jono [~jono@82-37-194-90.cable.ubr05.wolv.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
jonohi all05:04
jonowhich is better: RSA or DSA05:04
Ngthat's a poor answer to a simple question though ;)05:05
RochaI'm behind a proxy so synaptic can't get w32codecs because it has to download a file from mplayerhq.hu05:05
RochaI've downloaded the file manualy, where can I put it now so I can continue the installation?05:05
moquistjono: in a Googlefight, RSA wins 848 to 443.05:05
=== wasabi_ [~jhaltom2@] has joined #ubuntu
_|Imanewbie|_anyone here had problems using bittorent?05:06
_|Imanewbie|_I get unable to get direct connections status05:06
=== Wiseguy [~Wiseguy@p3E9E4B61.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== chewvl [maximusp@bb220-255-197-103.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
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RochaHow can I install a package by hand?05:11
RochaWithout using synaptic?05:11
HcEapt-get install <package>05:11
HcEor do you want to install a .deb you downloaded?05:12
RochaNop, I want to install w32codecs05:12
RochaBut by hand05:12
HcEok, apt-get is good05:12
HcEor you can use aptitude, same parameters05:12
RochaHmmm, apt-get uses wget right?05:13
bob2apt is not 'by hand'05:13
bob2it will only work in the same situations synaptic would05:13
thenukehey how you do reinstall the grub?05:13
thenukeI typed chroot /mnt/hda5 (my root partition)  and then grub05:13
RochaWhen I said, by hand, I mean without synaptic05:13
bob2but there's no gain to that05:14
thenukeand it just kept probing floppy or something, so I did grub --no-floppy and it gave me different errors :)05:14
RochaI just wanted to see the diference.05:14
RochaIf apt-get uses wget to get the packages, i think i can set the http_proxy environment variable right?05:14
=== Badcel [~Badcel@p5086E32C.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
RochaYup, it worked :)05:15
bob2if synaptic doesn't support a proxy, tho, it's a bug05:15
Rochaweeeeee, i'm happy05:15
RochaIt supports proxy very well05:15
=== davux [~davux@pepin.poivron.org] has joined #ubuntu
Rochabut it uses wget to get w32codecs packages and the proxy should be set for wget too05:16
=== tid-wave [~tid@] has joined #ubuntu
bob2erm, no it doesn't05:16
bob2it gets them the same way apt-get does05:16
RochaAfter unpacking 0B of additional disk space will be used.05:16
RochaSetting up w32codecs (20040704.2) ...05:16
Rocha--16:15:16--  http://www.mplayerhq.hu/MPlayer/releases/codecs/essential-20040704.tar.bz205:16
Rocha           => `/tmp/essential-20040704.tar.bz2'05:16
RochaResolving proxy.di.fc.ul.pt...
RochaConnecting to proxy.di.fc.ul.pt[] :3128... connected.05:17
RochaProxy request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK05:17
RochaLength: 8,123,741 [application/x-tar] 05:17
RochaIt uses wget05:17
bob2what on earth is that?05:17
bob2that's not apt05:17
bob2or it's a really cracked w32codecs package05:17
RochaNop, but I did sudo apt-get install w32codecs05:17
RochaAnd w32codecs needs files from the mplayer website05:17
bob2where from?05:17
RochaAnd they are downloaded using wget05:17
bob2oh, and you didn't export the proxy for synaptic, so wget didn't get it05:18
bob2I get it now05:18
=== francofait [~francofai@adsl-130-68.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== DapKo [~DapKo@lan.vnvl02.bgwan.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Skwid_ [Skwid1@stlaurent-1-82-228-247-28.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
RochaI just set the proxy for synaptic05:18
RochaAnd it works for apt-get05:18
=== intinig [~intinig@213-92-106-66.f5.ngi.it] has joined #ubuntu
RochaBut in this case, since it has to call wget, the proxy is not set (just for wget)05:19
RochaThat should be easy to correct05:19
=== IvyCQHome [~Sir@c9063275.virtua.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
RochaJust see if the proxy variable is set and pass the proxy arguments to wget05:19
jonoanyone know how to install thunderbird modules for all users?05:20
=== egli [~egli@gate.wyona.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
RochaHmmm, streaming still doesn't work05:21
Rochafirefox shows "mplayerplug-in" but it doesn't play05:21
ChibiFSI...seriously don't understand the advantage of the ubuntu security model. -_-;05:22
=== cristian [~cristian@pinot.students.cs.unibo.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== nirai [~nirai@flitter-mouse.demon.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
RochaAnyone here with firefox video streaming working?05:23
ChibiFS'Okay, lets disable the root account and prevent you from making root repairs to the system, and not only that, but lets give the user that can be logged onto with SSH full sudo access to the machine, with a sudo password matching the user password'05:23
bob2please don't spread FUD05:23
_|Imanewbie|_ChibiFS: I agree with you in some points05:24
bob2you can trivially make ' root repairs to the system'05:24
TreenaksChibiFS: uh, please read http://www.ubuntulinux.og/wiki/RootSudo05:24
TreenaksChibiFS: booting into single user (Recovery) mode won't ask you for a password, and give you a root shell05:24
_|Imanewbie|_ChibiFS: ssh shouldnt be enabled bydefault05:24
=== mac [~mc00517@] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiFS:/ It is.05:24
AmaranthNo it isn't.05:24
TreenaksChibiFS: and by default, all ports are closed. you choose to install sshd05:24
_|Imanewbie|_Amaranth: yes it is and it is wrong Imho05:25
bob2ChibiFS: no, ssh is absolutely not running by default05:25
AmaranthI had to install it.05:25
=== melter|work [~Melter@dyn224.iacc-tm4.ndsu.NoDak.edu] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiFSMaybe something else installed it. :/05:25
davuxsorry, I don't understand how shippit.ubuntulinux.org works...05:25
davuxany expert ? :)05:25
bob2the client is installed, the server requires user intervention05:26
bob2davux: which bit?05:26
AmaranthAnyone with enough clue to know they want sshd should understand the security issues.05:26
spivdavux: What do you need to know? :)05:26
makodavux: sure, i know a fe things about it05:26
_|Imanewbie|_davux: ypu subscribe for an account05:26
=== orospakr [~orospakr@ip-] has joined #ubuntu
makodavux: what do you want to know? :)05:26
AmaranthOh, mako is here now, cool.05:26
davuxhappy to get so many answers at a time !05:26
_|Imanewbie|_davux: give them some personal information, you home adresss and stuff05:26
AmaranthI was too lazy to email so I suppose I can ask you now.05:26
davuxin fact, I ordered 15 CD's some time ago05:26
makoAmaranth: i was running a bof a few minutes05:26
makodavux: right05:26
davuxproviding my snail-mail address05:26
_|Imanewbie|_davux: ad they ship you the cds with no cost05:27
makodavux: define "a time ago"05:27
Amaranthmako: Well, my order shipped but I changed it afterward.05:27
=== chewvl is now known as chewvl_
makodavux: if you ordered cds before oct 19, you should have them already or will get them soon05:27
davuxhmm... say some weeks, nearly one month05:27
AmaranthI didn't realize it had shipped, I was hoping to get more CDs for an install fest.05:27
ChibiFSAmaranth- Yeah, but the security they start you off with in that sense is worse than just setting them out as a root user. The only person it protects you from is yourself. :/05:27
makoif you ordered if after oct 19th but before november 20th or so, those cd started shipping today05:27
davuxbut now, when I go back to the website, I always see the same: personal information, how many CD, and that's all05:28
bob2ChibiFS: if you're logged into the machine locally, uou can have root in minutes05:28
davuxso I wonder whether I missed something ?05:28
AmaranthChibiFS: On a desktop machine that's the most important thing to do.05:28
RochaHmmm, acroread package doesn't work :(05:28
AmaranthProtect the user from themself. :P05:28
kentRocha, whats the problem? it works for me.05:28
makoAmaranth: you can either (a) have someone else order the cds for the install fest or (b) email me and i will special case you for the next order05:28
=== cenerentola [~cenerento@] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthmako@debian.org ok?05:28
bob2Rocha: the perils of non-Free software...05:28
ChibiFSHeh, still, I think the sudo and user passwords should be differed.05:28
davuxmako: is there a way to know when I ordered the CD's ?05:28
makoAmaranth: less than ideal :)05:28
Rochabob2, yeah :D05:29
makodavux: it's not displayed in the interface05:29
bob2ChibiFS: is that actually possible under sudo?05:29
bob2ChibiFS: and how is that different to creating a root account?05:29
davuxmako: is it stored anyhow ?05:29
makodavux: i will update the webpage with all of the shipment2 folks and it will show up05:29
AmaranthChibiFS: Apple disagrees with you too. :P05:29
makodavux: i'll do that this week05:29
makodavux: so if you ordered and got in on the secon shipment, it will show up05:30
davuxmako: great05:30
makodavux: but we're shiping every two weeks now and shipping times fluxuate greatly05:30
makobased  don where you are and such05:30
makoexpect 4-6 weeks05:30
makoif you're lucky, it could be be much less05:30
davuxI'm located in Paris, France05:30
Amaranthmako: So where do I email to? :)05:30
makoAmaranth: mako@canonical.com05:30
=== Amaranth facepalms
Amaranththat should have been obvious :)05:31
makoAmaranth: :)05:31
marsjaysanyone know a good gnome-based tool for exploring windows networks, locating shared resources etc?05:31
Amaranthmarsjays: Computer -> Network?05:31
davuxmarsjays: I could say for KDE if it can suit you05:32
davuxor at least qt-based05:32
=== kos [~kos@c-24-126-93-100.we.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
ChibiFSbob2- The root account can't be accessed by daemons by default, the user can. Suppose someone installed sshd on accident, it now starts with their computer. :/.. Outside users have root access because the password that they used to log in is the same that they use to root. Ubuntu /is/ built for the end user, not the security guru who knows to navigate his system. :/05:32
davuxmako: thanks for your help05:33
makodavux: no problem05:33
marsjaysAmaranth: oh, thanks! i've been a debian user for the last five or so years, not used to things being easy to use >:)05:33
bob2ChibiFS: what does " The root account can't be accessed by daemons by default, the user can." mean?05:33
bob2ChibiFS: and ssh in Debian allows root to log in remotely05:33
AmaranthChibiFS: The 'security guru' would enable the root account and disable sudo if it mattered that much to them.05:33
makoChibiFS: installed sshd by accident? :)05:33
=== novaburst [~novaburst@evrtwa1-ar9-4-65-251-189.evrtwa1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
makoChibiFS: whoops!05:33
ChibiFSNo, mako.05:33
NgChibiFS: if you can log into a linux box as a user you have root even without sudo05:33
bob2ChibiFS: and how many end users install openssh-server?05:33
Ngthe kernel is full of local root sploits05:34
AmaranthNg: Prove it.05:34
_|Imanewbie|_Ng: amem05:34
__learner__tx a lot and good bye05:34
bdalelive boot cd for powerpc?05:34
bob2if you know of any atm, you're on vendorsec, since they're not public :)05:34
__learner__Ill install it now05:34
bob2bdale: not yet05:34
NgAmaranth: seriously, go search bugtraq for local linux exploits, there's been a bunch in the last few years and they are just the ones we know about05:34
bob2bdale: well, the install cd is bootable, but not live :)05:34
ChibiFSI'm not having problems myself, I'm just a little.. worried about users who don't know their way around. :/05:34
AmaranthNg: Yeah, and they get fixed too.05:34
=== bdale looks at his calendar, and wonders if there'll be one in the next two weeks?
NgAmaranth: "the ones we know about"05:35
makobdale: soonish :)05:35
AmaranthNg: Someone who knows the ones we don't know about deserves to get into my system.05:35
davuxbye all !05:35
=== davux [~davux@pepin.poivron.org] has left #ubuntu []
_|Imanewbie|_Dammmm Ive ordered my CDs november 28, no shipping for me!05:35
ChibiFSAnyway, I'm just paranoid. :P05:35
NgAmaranth: I'm just saying that it's never safe to assume any kind of remote access to a system is safe, because it's not :)05:36
bdalemako: I'm going to be at my parent's at Christmas, and they're having CAT-5-level networking problems in the house.  be easier to diagnose/test if I could boot real OS on their powerbooks ... ergo my interest.05:36
AmaranthOf course not, thats why Ubuntu opens 0 ports by default.05:36
ChibiFSHow about... 1936? O_O05:36
AmaranthUnlike that 'Other OS' that ships with a crap load of them. ;)05:37
ChibiFSOr was it.. ermm..05:37
AmaranthChibiFS: It might appear open to you but not to a remote machine.05:37
ChibiFS1863, I was close. :P05:38
ChibiFSGaim opens it to communicate on MSN. xD05:38
makobdale: if only there were some ubuntu developers around.... :)05:38
ChibiFSI'm just being silly now, you know. :P05:38
AmaranthWait, as a server?05:38
AmaranthOh, duh.05:39
=== DapKo [~DapKo@lan.vnvl02.bgwan.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
ChibiFSYes, so you can send and receive messages on the msn protocol, nut. :P05:39
AmaranthThey hand off the connection to the clients to deal with. /me is stupid05:39
ChibiFSThat's microsoft for ya.05:39
AmaranthNo, that's a good design.05:40
bdalemako: always a problem, 'eh?05:40
AmaranthNot something I'd expect from them. :P05:40
ChibiFSCome on now, if it has microsoft in the name, it screams security hole.05:40
=== Amaranth wonders if the Xbox has any remote exploits.
AmaranthI'm sure it does some silly things when talking to Xbox Live05:41
ChibiFSYeah, They're probably safe, though. Can't mess up much more than savegames and disc rips on an xbox.05:42
=== ficusplanet [~ficusplan@12-216-229-40.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
AmaranthSpam zombie.05:42
AmaranthI might have just been setting things up wrong but the Xbox I was toying with needed a direct connection to DSL or Cable.05:43
_|Imanewbie|_LOL I'm reading os wars board in OSNews damm funny05:43
ChibiFSThat's assuming someone gets ahold of a compiler for xbox binaries? :/05:43
AmaranthI couldn't use a hub.05:43
ChibiFSI'm no xbox supporter, I hate it. :P05:43
AmaranthChibiFS: Wouldn't need to, it's x86.05:43
ChibiFSOh, it is? o_O05:43
AmaranthYeah, Intel 733Mhz05:44
_|Imanewbie|_Amaranth: so it is a crap =p05:44
ChibiFSThat's news to me. I thought they'd use something unique. D:05:44
_|Imanewbie|_Amaranth:Imho intel hired blind and deaf enginners05:44
AmaranthAnd all three nextgen consoles are going to use POWER or PowerPC chips. :)05:44
Amaranth_|Imanewbie|_: The design of the Pentium Pro was copied from DEC, I heard.05:45
ChibiFSNow now, who needs a next generation console? I'm good off with my playstation 2. :D05:45
ChibiFSAnd Dreamcast, yummy.05:45
danielsofftopic, guys.05:45
AmaranthPPro is more of less the same as P2, P3, and PM and it's the only good CPU they've ever made. :P05:45
Amaranthdaniels: Sorry.05:45
AmaranthSo, does anyone here use Muine?05:46
AmaranthI started using it today and fell in love.05:46
_|Imanewbie|_Brenching back to the point I was deffending05:46
_|Imanewbie|_Ubuntu rox on his propouse05:46
ChibiFSMuine is okay, I perfer MPD, though. I wish something else would do the album cover lookups like muine does, though.05:47
_|Imanewbie|_And you can disable the unliked features. So it is great.05:47
=== magneto [~magneto@] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthhah, BitchX quit messages are awesome05:50
ChibiFSmusic player daemon. Sits in the backround, holds a playlist, fades in and out and such... really low memory, lots of controls.05:52
=== beyond is now known as beyond-lunch
ChibiFS2.4 megs of ram with my full music collection in queue05:54
=== scoon [~scoon@dsl092-234-243.phl1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== mousematt [~matthew@CPE-144-136-236-17.wa.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== nirai [~nirai@flitter-mouse.demon.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== Cygnia [~cygnia@adsl-64-142-84-190.sonic.net] has joined #ubuntu
mousematthi alexissoft06:01
=== ploum [~ploum@21-11.CampusNet.ucl.ac.be] has joined #ubuntu
=== mousematt [~matthew@CPE-144-136-236-17.wa.bigpond.net.au] has left #ubuntu []
=== basejumper944 [~pete@] has joined #ubuntu
=== KING``` [~king@] has joined #ubuntu
KING```hello all , i need help06:05
=== quique [~Quique@] has joined #ubuntu
rodiKING```:  don't we all ;)06:06
=== mxpxpod [~forbesbd@eth13.com-link.com] has joined #ubuntu
KING```after i have installed k3b and bittornado-gui , and i can't find now the programs, where they have been installed ?06:06
bob2dpkg -L packagename06:06
ChibiFSKING- That's because Ubuntu was silly and killed off the debian menu D:06:07
bob2it'd be good if you could be less neative06:07
bob2er, negative06:07
bob2even as a 'joke'06:08
quiqueThey should be on /usr/bin06:08
ChibiFSHehe. :/06:08
=== Breeder [Breeder@] has joined #ubuntu
magnetoKing k3b is in /usr/bin06:08
KING```and bittornad-gui ?06:08
magnetoprobably the same place06:08
bob2dpkg -L buttornado-gui | grep bin06:09
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magnetols /usr/bin/bit*06:09
bob2magneto: no06:09
bob2they start with 'bt'06:09
magnetobob2: he obviously isnt "there"06:09
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FlopsyPetehi. where Debian by default doesn't seem to be honed for 'naive user desktop use', in my opinion, in that you need to make yourself a member of 'sound' and 'cdrom' groups to watch a DVD and play music, and CDs have to be manually mounted, is this where Ubuntu is supposedly honed for this kindof use?06:10
ChibiFSbuttornado? :P06:10
bob2FlopsyPete: that's one feature ubuntu has06:10
KING```but how i start it ?06:10
bob2KING```: you need to read the manpage for the program you want to run, in this case06:11
bob2btlaunchgui is the name of the program, if I remembver correctly06:11
KING```but I cand't find it06:11
FlopsyPetebob2: cool.  what about scanners and printers connected at install time, does it setup CUPS and SANE too?06:11
bob2dpkg -L bittornado-gui | grep bin06:12
magnetoApplications--->Run Application..  type the name of the program you want to run06:12
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bob2there you go06:13