carlosjordi: you suck, you didn't filed the bug I asked (or I didn't got the mail...)12:25
jordiI know, I really didn0t know what I had to say in the report.12:33
carlosjordi: ;-)12:33
carlosjordi: don't worry12:33
carlosthat makes you be worst12:33
=== carlos hides
jordiyeah, really. I just submitted a template, it said "ok", and it actually showed up. But when I try to translate, ther'es no messages.12:33
carlosjordi: seb says that good night (and that it's hard you be worst)12:34
carlosjordi: just say that and also add that the admin (me) don't see it12:34
jordiBut rosetta knows about the .10.1 version12:34
jordidamn lag12:34
carlos.10.1 what?12:35
jordiok, sjoerd and I are crashing12:36
jordiI gotta wake up at 6:30 in the morning tomorrow12:36
jordiThat just rocks.12:36
=== carlos goes to sleep
jordiI really hope lu plans to run too... I haven't talked to her.12:37
jordiI assume she's not around, right? :)12:37
carlosjordi: tomorrow you should try to explain it to me that in Spanish ;-)12:37
carlosno she's not here12:37
jordiook, good night12:37
carlosjordi: seb says that normal people is sleeping at that time12:37
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: First try to implement live update of the statistics information when you are translating (patch-984)12:45
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Some more stuff from kiko. (patch-985)08:52
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Kinnisonstub: You've filed a bug for sourcepackagerelationship yes?09:06
stubnot yet09:06
stuband dogfood is down09:06
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jordihola chicas09:09
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Kinnisonstub: You want me to file it?09:09
Kinnisonsince I've not tried filing in malone yet09:10
dilysNew Malone bug #128: "id column in SourcePackageRelationship", submitted by Stuart Bishop09:10
stubIt was already in a windo09:10
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Some more stuff from kiko. (patch-986)09:32
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dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.1: new build (patch-12)09:46
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dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.1: correct accidental creation of {arch} directories on branching (patch-41)09:47
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: made checkarchtag.py work with baz only and not with tla. (patch-987)10:07
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dilysNew Malone bug #129: "automatic handling of non breaking spaces", submitted by Sebastien Bacher 10:39
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jordinon-breaking spaces are a totally stupid French invention anyway.10:41
jordibah, seb isn't here.10:41
dilysNew Malone bug #130: ""subscribe" is not really clear to "add a Cc"", submitted by Sebastien Bacher 10:46
=== daf reassigns #129 from Rosetta to French
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seb128morning :)10:56
carlosseb128: ;-)10:56
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Fixed the updatescount field handling (patch-988)10:56
carlosjordi: what did you said? X-)10:58
jordi10:41 < jordi> non-breaking spaces are a totally stupid French invention anyway.10:58
seb128ou say that because you don't understand it :p10:59
seb128french is grrrrreat11:00
jordiI undertand it, for the most part. I'm not able to speak it, and even less pronounce it correctly.11:01
seb128sounds like me with catalan :p11:02
seb128at least I understand it while reading, but you speak too badly to get any spoken word :p11:03
jordiyeah, well.11:06
carlosyou both suck, Spanish rules!11:13
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Gina fix to get sourcepackagerelationship to be populated properly (patch-989)11:40
=== Kinnison is now known as danielss
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.1: new build (patch-13)11:50
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.1: make --three-way the default for star merge, and fix thus uncovered bugs. (patch-42)11:50
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dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.1: new build (patch-14)11:57
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.1: check for old reject file path too (patch-43)11:57
danielsslifeless: How sweet is bazcrack today?11:58
=== danielss upgrades then
=== danielss is now known as Kinnison
KinnisonI felt dirty as 'danielss'12:00
Kinnisonstub: My add-stuff patch is in pqm's queue now12:01
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: put gina utility scripts into launchpad (patch-990)12:07
Kinnisonstub: that's the one12:08
carlosgo go go12:12
lifelesselmo: ping12:14
lifelessjabber for you12:14
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dilysNew Malone bug #131: "page tests should set REMOTE_ADDR or HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR", submitted by Mark Shuttleworth12:32
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.1: new build (patch-15)12:34
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.1: changes->status, and lint output after diffs (patch-44)12:34
SteveA .vimrc 80 chars max magic: match Error /\%>79v.\+/12:34
Kinnisonstub: did the dogfood update happen yet?12:40
stubKinnison: Nope. I wanted to sneak my own fix in too ;)12:40
Kinnisonstub: fair enough :-)12:40
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Fixing bustage in dependency lists and displaying binary packages from them (patch-991)12:52
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: more translation form improvements (patch-992)01:05
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Lots of plural forms additions and a new languages.sql script (patch-993)01:35
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carloselmo: any reason to not have locales package in mawson?01:47
elmocarlos: why do you need it ?01:47
carloselmo: I need a file inside it 01:48
carlosbut I can do it in other way01:48
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.1: new build (patch-16)01:48
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.1: implement status --lint (patch-45)01:48
carlos /usr/share/i18n/SUPPORTED01:48
elmocarlos: other way if poss, like to keep machines as minimal as possible01:50
carloselmo: ok, don't worry, will copy the file inside my tree01:51
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: split full bug list into simple/advanced (patch-994)01:57
carlosstub: Language, Country and Spokenin tables are ready to be copied into production database02:32
kikoSteveA, dude02:37
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Removed the translatable field, we took another approach for that problem (patch-995)03:00
BradBWho knows CSS here? I need help to make this form not suck.03:05
kikoI know it quite well03:06
kikowhy don't you stop by and we can try solving that OTHER problem too03:06
BradBred red love03:06
kikoyou said it03:06
jordiKiko got that today, grr.03:06
lifelesselmo: ping - jabber03:08
KinnisonBradB: You want me to come look?03:08
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: more translation form improvements (patch-996)03:16
jordiSteveA: just tell me when you want me downstairs to look at the Saturday stuff, ok?03:23
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.1: new build (patch-17)03:24
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.1: teach help to only show aliases upon request (patch-46)03:24
SteveAjordi: okay03:31
kikoso this is "why zope3 is evil" day03:33
kikoBradB, the reason why it doesn't work is simple03:33
dilysNew Malone bug #132: "Authserver allows unvalidated email addresses to log on", submitted by Stuart Bishop03:33
kikothere is TEXT (Required) -- COLOURED WHITE -- next to the required red dot03:34
=== kiko has no way of fixing that yet
Kinnisonkiko: Is it not in a useful span or div you can CSS class?03:34
kikooh, it has a css class03:36
kikobut give me a clue on how to cut it03:36
KinnisonI'll come look03:38
Kinnison<span style="background-image: url()">&nbsp;</span><span style="display: none">Required</span>03:52
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.1: new build (patch-18)03:58
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.1: make star-merge -t a deprecated error-on-use option (patch-47)03:58
jordiSteveA: give me 3 more mins04:03
SteveAjordi: okay04:05
Kinnisonstub: Right; name a table and I'll comment it.04:12
!levin:*! group contact added for ember, an early-stage operating system project based on the MIT Exokernel design; category, informal/FOSS (see user aggieben)04:13
stubKinnison: Sourcepackage (if you know), SourcepackageRelease04:20
=== Kinnison gets on with it
stubKinnison: BinaryPackage, BinarypackageFile (trivial one), 04:26
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: A bunch of changes to the languages database and our script and small bug fixes (patch-997)05:35
KinnisonI've been writing SQL comment statements for too long05:42
KinnisonI just wrote05:42
=== lulu_ [~lu@] has joined #launchpad
KinnisonCOMMENT ON COMMENT foo.bar IS '';05:42
Kinnisonooups :-(05:42
=== lulu [~lu@] has joined #launchpad
jordidamn, I kicked lu out of bof room05:55
jordidudes you *have* to install this package. It's fantastic.05:56
jordidoh, and I just discovered lu's new place is the floor...05:57
dafwhat, gnome-hello?05:57
jordidaf: yeah05:57
dilysNew Malone bug #133: "pagetests creation are not working for me", submitted by Carlos Perell Marn05:58
carlosSteveA: https://dogfood.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/133/05:59
carlosSteveA: that bug is the one that prevents us to have pagetests in Rosetta translation form06:00
carlosthe one you asked me to file yesterday06:00
jordiSteveA: I'm up at BOF room waiting for "merging translations" bof, but in the meanwhile I created a package for gnome-hello.06:01
jordiSteveA: It's really simple, but maybe it's more than enough to test.06:01
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.1: new build (patch-19)06:07
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.1: merge conflict detection fix from robert.collins@canonical.com--general/bazaar--merge--1.1 (patch-48)06:07
carlosstub: could we get a dogfood update? (and if possible, accept my database change, we are removing a field we added some days ago)06:12
carloswe took another solution06:13
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Fixed the import daemon after the project-product relation change (patch-998)06:19
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SteveAlifeless: pink06:29
carlosstub: did you saw my request? I lost my connection and I don't know if it reached the channel06:31
lifelessSteveA: wassup06:37
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jordidamn I've got too many things to do right now06:41
jordiI think I feel like a Canonical employee06:41
debonzijordi: welcome :)06:42
jordiSteveA: I'll be down there in 10 mins to show you how great gnome-about is.06:42
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: smashed out the wall between bug and bug assignment to make for a much more usable UI (patch-999)06:42
SteveAlifeless: stub wanted to know what to call the butt-sores06:43
lifelessoh, done.06:43
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: move the bug actions portlet to the top right so that it's easier to find (patch-1000)07:18
jordiduh, so much for 10 minutes... the bof is long07:18
stubcarlos: ping07:19
carlosstub: pong07:21
stubcarlos: which patch am I looking for?07:21
carlosstub: I'm fixing more things so if you don't have it done, and you could wait O:-)07:21
carlosstub: oh, the db patch07:21
carlosthe only one I have as carlos-07:21
carlosin pending07:21
=== stub star-merges
stubcarlos: So translatable is no good? ok.07:23
BradBGo through and mark your bugs fixed dudes. (Well, the ones you fixed anyway :)07:23
carlosstub: no, we decide to take another approach07:23
BradBhm, I hope dilys is getting emails07:27
bob2daf: !07:36
dafbob2: ?07:38
bob2daf: is N_("blah blah") the same as _("blah blah") in gettext land?07:38
dafdefinitely maybe07:39
bob2is that a definitive definitely maybe?07:39
carlosit's not the same07:40
carlosN_() only marks the string to be extracted07:40
carlos_() marks it and also calls gettext to function to get the translation on runtime07:40
dafcarlos: when is N_() used?07:40
carlosN_() is used with definitions07:40
carlosdaf: when you declare vars07:40
carloswith static text07:40
jordidaf: structs, etc, for example07:41
carlosthat's it07:41
bob2hm, why wouldn't you want that to translate?07:41
dafbut if the translation is never used...07:41
carlosdaf: you need to call gettext directly07:41
carlosfrom the printf07:41
carloslike printf("%s", gettext(variable))07:41
bob2well, ok, as a sane default, should I use _() or N_()?07:41
carlosbob2: by default, _()07:42
jordidaf: you call gettext at some other place07:42
jordibob2: and if it doesn't compile, you probably want N_() and _()n some other place :)07:42
jordis/)n/) in/07:42
bob2does _() require the string to be in the .mo or such?07:42
carlosjordi: N_() and _() is not correct07:42
carlosbob2: _() is a way to mark the string to be extracted to the .pot file07:43
carlosand at the same time, it calls gettext()07:43
jordicarlos: well you need to call gettext at some spot07:43
carlosif it's not found, it just returns the original english string07:43
carlosjordi: using gettext()07:43
carlosnot _()07:43
jordiI think I've always used _() before. Not sure right now though.07:44
=== jordi goes loolk...
jordibah silly keyboard.07:44
bob2so shoul I forget N_ exists?07:44
jordibob2: no. :)07:44
jordijust use _() until it breaks :P07:44
jordiI'm getting an example for you.07:45
carlosjordi: _() works but it's better if you don't use it that way07:45
carlosbob2: forget my comment it was directed to jordi and it's outside your question, don't get confused.07:46
jordicarlos: well, xgettext isn't going to extract anything anyway, I guess.07:46
carlosjordi: I know, but it's not correct ;-)07:46
jordi see your point. I just refuse to have done the wrong thing for like... 6 years :P07:46
carlosjordi: you suck ;-)07:47
=== seb128 [~seb128@] has joined #launchpad
jordiAnd I love it.07:47
jordiAnyway, let me announce that kiko and I are probably going to the swimming pool tonight. There's a sauna, a jacuzzi and stuff, if you don't want to just swim.07:48
jordiI guess all of you came with your swimming stuff, right?07:49
bob2spain's lovely warm and sunny weather looked so tempting!07:49
jordithat's great. So we meet at like 21:30 in the hall07:52
kikocarlos, dude, _() is deprecated? since when?!07:52
carloskiko: dude, read again the discussion, please ;-)07:53
carlosthe whole discussion07:53
kikohtf can anybody keep track of all this underline crack>?07:53
kiko<carlos> jordi: N_() and _() is not correct07:53
seb128so wo is working to fix this non-breakable space issue ? :p07:53
carloskiko: read some more lines up07:54
carlosseb128: we decided to remove french from Ubuntu completely07:54
carlosso, problem solved07:54
seb128shut up you07:54
kikothat's initiative! 07:54
kikoI nominate carlos for canonical employee of the hour07:54
carloskiko: ;-)07:54
kikoso seb128, carlos, jordi: we're bored. entertain us while we clean up soyuz07:55
=== kiko mops up
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: updated the poimport script to reuse the code from pofile.py (patch-1001)07:57
jordikiko: QUE PASA!07:57
jordikiko: dude I hope the swimming pool stuff is still up.07:58
carloswow, I was not the commit #1000 :-(07:59
carlosbut I was the #1001 :-)07:59
carlosstub: all my changes are in place, feel free to sync dogfood when you want/could07:59
BradBstub: hang on a sec though08:00
BradBstub: i have to land one more important change08:00
BradBit'll be up in about 10 mins08:00
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Start of Soyuz Redesign (patch-1002)08:11
stubHow do I retrieve a person by Person.name? I'm hoping for something nicer than Person.selectBy(name='foo')[0] 08:18
Kinnisonstub: I've written 100 COMMENTs so far08:19
Kinnisonstub: I think it's dinner time08:19
=== stub gives Kinnison a gold star
=== stub gets alternateID explained to him by spiv and is happy
dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: went ape on some more low-hanging fruit in malone (patch-1003)08:30
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/dists--bazaar--1.1: new build (patch-20)08:37
dilysMerge to thelove@canonical.com/bazaar--devo--1.1: Fix #4488. (patch-49)08:37
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dilysNew Malone bug #134: "Login page does not report bad password errors", submitted by Stuart Bishop08:44
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dilysMerge to rocketfuel@canonical.com/launchpad--devel--0: Some more soyuz reestructuration from kiko (patch-1004)09:19
!lilo:*! group contact added for the World Wide Web Consortium (MIT/ERCIM/Keio); category: not-for-profit consortium/standards10:06
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