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=== Treenaks finally got home
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dasenjoI think I found a bug .. 01:03
dasenjoOpen nautilus in browse mode, goto Filesystem ...01:04
dasenjoand go to /dev01:04
dasenjogamin takes the prcessor to the top .. 01:04
Treenaksnot here01:04
sjoerdTreenaks: had a good flight ?01:05
Treenakssjoerd: yeah01:05
Treenaksbut now firefox seems b0rken01:05
Treenaksis that known?01:05
Treenaksit starts fine01:06
Treenakseverything works01:06
Treenaksexcept opening URLs01:06
Treenakslynx works01:06
TreenaksWho's the scapegoat for today?01:07
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jdubhaggai: GO GO GO! :-) :-) :-)01:48
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jordijdub: you're at your room?01:56
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pasci'm off03:30
pascwait for me for lunch03:30
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eruinWHAT have you guys done in the latest updates?05:38
eruinall my programs are suddenly lightning fast :D05:38
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Mithrandirhaggai: the problem with the build seems to be because of the non-stampdir solution, no?08:22
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Simiramornin people09:25
Mithrandirhi simira09:26
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TreenaksGood morning Norway & Spain :)09:28
SimiraMornin Netherlands09:31
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pittifabbione: may I bug you about the gpg sign batch script?09:35
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Mithrandirdaniels: your x40-l33tn3ss scriptz doesn't make the x40 handle hotplugging batteries.10:30
Simirahm... my browser suddenly doesn't work. After the last update, that is. Shall I restart something?10:36
TreenaksSimira: firefox?10:38
TreenaksI have that too10:38
Simirano, the filebrowser... *try restart nautilus*10:40
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TreenaksSimira: that's weird then10:40
=== Treenaks reboots to see if that fixes the firefox problem
Simirahm... but how do I restart nautilus?10:42
Simirabtw... how do I mount a smb-partition?10:42
Treenakskillall nautilus10:45
Treenaksshould restart it10:45
Treenaksand smb -> see the "File" menu ("Connect to server")10:45
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Q-FUNKKamion: found the answer:  it's trying to access devices that don't exist on this hardware.11:22
Q-FUNKKamion: there is no mouse emulation on this iMac, because it's not an ADB-based model, while the emulation requires enabling ADB support.11:23
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danielsMithrandir: probably not, given I only have one11:45
Mithrandirpft, excuses.11:46
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pittiKamion: around?11:57
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Mithrandirsladen: prod?11:57
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pittiHi seb128 11:58
seb128hey pitti 11:58
Simiraseb128: how do I import MSOutlook .csv address book in Evolution?11:58
Q-FUNKhiya seb128 :)11:59
seb128File->Import ?12:00
Simiraseb128: it wont :-/12:00
seb128what does it says ?12:01
MithrandirSimira: whack it with a big hammer?12:01
seb128single file -> VCard in the lst12:01
Simiraerror loading simira.cvs12:02
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Simira(VCard doesn't give up .csv as a filetype)12:03
Q-FUNKah btw, why isn't "suede-icons" available in Hoary's repository?12:03
Simira"no importer available for this file type" if I choos "Automatic"12:04
seb128Simira, do you a non-private vcf file so I can test that on my box ?12:05
Simiraseb128: it's .csv, not vcf12:06
Simirathat might be the problem12:06
MithrandirSimira: open it in a text editor and take a look?12:06
SimiraMithrandir: huh?12:06
MithrandirSimira: right click, open in text editor and check whether it's .csv or .vcf?12:07
seb128hum, I don't know if that's supported12:07
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Simiraseb128: obviously not. OE address books are either -wab or .csv12:08
seb128Simira, you can try /usr/lib/evolution/2.2/csv2vcard12:11
seb128should convert it to a vcard12:11
seb128but I've not tried myself, dunno if that works fine or not12:12
Simirahm, ok12:12
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Simirait seems to work12:13
Simirait kinda didn't work12:16
SimiraI've just got a lots of contacts named "Title FirstName Middle Name Last Name"12:17
Simiradon't laugh! I want my contacts!12:17
TreenaksMithrandir: you're one of them? :)12:17
SimiraElse I'll have to stick to Windows completely, you know12:17
seb128outlook is not able to export the contacts in a decent format ?12:17
Treenaksseb128: no12:18
=== Treenaks tried
Treenaksnot even Nokia can export good vcards12:18
Simiraseb128: cvs = comma separated format12:18
Simirashould be good enough12:18
MithrandirTreenaks: hm?  One of whom?12:18
Simiraeveryone else imports them easily enough12:18
Treenaksand I've seen the standard.. your DOG should be able to write good vcards.. that's how easy it is12:18
TreenaksMithrandir: FirstName MiddleName LastName12:18
MithrandirTreenaks: no idea.12:19
Simiraprobably at least two of them12:19
Simiraok, so how do I delete all of my misfostered contacts?12:19
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remonHello all, I was wondering if your guys are working on an administration tool for ubuntu to configure the distribution to your needs?12:24
remonOr missed I something obvious ?12:24
remonthe reason why I'm wondering is due I saw some threads on debian-desktop about porting yast2 to debian....12:27
remonwhich is a rather huge task, but perhaps it's something ubuntu can profit from?12:33
haggaiRiddell: /join #kubuntu-devel12:33
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Simirahi there12:36
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fabbionehey guys12:48
fabbionewho is up for a BCN bof12:48
pittifabbione: me12:49
=== sjoerd would like to go too
pittifabbione: when you want to go?12:49
fabbionepitti: around 3 or 4?12:49
fabbioneor something like that12:49
sjoerdsounds fine to me12:49
pittifabbione: 3 would be better, it gets too late otherwise12:49
fabbionepitti: i don't want to go around play the turist12:49
seb128perhaps me, not sure with the pygtk bof 12:49
fabbionei want to go there and party12:50
pittifabbione: oh, I want to see the city :-)12:50
fabbionethat means having 1 hour or 2 of sleep before that12:50
seb128me too12:50
pittifabbione: enjoy12:50
fabbionepitti: i plan to see the city tomorrow12:50
pittifabbione: works for me, too :-)12:50
seb128I'll go tomorrow so12:50
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lamont_rfabbione: you around?01:06
fabbionelamont_r: i am in the quiet not so quiet room ;)01:07
fabbioneanything i can do?01:07
lamont_rI just sent you mail wrt gnu-smalltalk01:07
fabbionei read that... thanks01:07
fabbionebut i think the guy is basically MIA01:07
fabbionei haven't heard from him since than01:08
fabbionebut giving it a shot isn't bad01:08
fabbioneiirc there was a kernel problem01:08
fabbionethat was preventing the build on the buildd01:08
fabbioneAND DIA A LITTLE MORE01:08
fabbionewhen the unnamed feelings....01:09
fabbioneTAKES ME AWAY!01:09
pittifabbione: oh, if you are still awake, could you please mail me the gpg script?01:09
fabbioneseb128: nautilus & co aren't installable.. do you know that?01:10
fabbionepitti: yes of course01:10
fabbionepitti@c.c ?01:10
pittifabbione: should work01:10
pittifabbione: never tried it, I always use martin.pitt@01:11
fabbioneit should be on the way01:11
fabbionepitti: clearly is not signed01:12
fabbioneyou need to audit the code anyway01:12
=== d3vic3 [~d3vic3@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneand change it for your needs01:12
seb128fabbione, garh, no01:12
pittifabbione: I will, thanks01:12
seb128who broke them ?01:12
fabbioneDiagnostic-Code: X-Postfix; host fiordland.warthogs.hbd.com[] 01:12
fabbione    said: 550 <pitti@canonical.com>: Recipient address rejected: User unknown01:12
pittifabbione: however, I did not yet get the mail01:12
pittifabbione: darn; martin@piware.de is the fastest01:12
fabbioneseb128: no ide...01:12
seb128what's the problem exactly ?01:13
fabbionepitti: there01:13
pittifabbione: got it, thanks a lot01:13
Kamionpitti: yo?01:13
danielspitti: btw, when you bump l-r-m, you *must* bump nvidiaminor and atiminor in debian/rules01:13
danielselse the uploads get rejected01:13
fabbioneseb128: basically some dependecies are broken and tries to remove ubuntu-desktop and other stuff01:13
danielsi'm about to upload another to repair that01:13
pittidaniels: argh01:13
pittiKamion: I wanted to ask you whether I shall fix l-r-m myself01:13
fabbioneanother l-r-m upload?01:13
seb128fabbione, I need details, I've nautilus and ubuntu-desktop and no problem here01:13
fabbioneyou guys are teh suck :P01:13
pittiKamion: but in the meantime I already did it01:14
=== fabbione hides
pittidaniels: okay, I will do another upload; or do you want to fix that yourselves?01:14
fabbioneseb128: i am upgrading right now.. so need to wait a few secs01:14
danielspitti: it's alright, I'll take care of it01:14
pittidaniels: okay, thanks01:14
pittidaniels: it was just very bad seeing my notebook not booting any more :-/01:14
fabbioneseb128: KILL THEM ALL!01:14
seb128(and no I'm not going to fix the f****ing panel today)01:15
lamont_rseb128: does that mean that thom/keybuk did some uploads?01:15
=== fabbione hands a sodomotron to seb128
seb128perhaps that's why they are hidding ? :)01:15
seb128thanks fabbione :)01:15
fabbioneseb128: that implies that when you are pissed off, you need to use the caps lock :-)01:15
Kamionpitti: fix?01:16
=== pitti already sees gnome-panel haunting seb128 while he is asleep
pittiKamion: l-r-m-powerpc depended on the power3 kernel01:16
fabbionenautilus deps on libnautilus-extensions01:16
Kamionpitti: oh01:16
fabbionenautilus-cd-burner depends on libnautilus2-2 (>= 2.7.1)01:16
seb128I've fixed that like 3 days ago01:16
pittiKamion: I already fixed the deps, but forgot to bump the version number of other packages; daniels will fix that, too01:16
seb128which arch is that ?01:16
fabbione *=- Opt libs     libnautilus2                                                  01:17
fabbionenautilus conflicts with libnautilus2-201:17
fabbioneseb128: i386 from today update01:17
Kamionpitti: hm, not in the linux-meta I uploaded? I guess you mean in l-r-m itself01:17
jdubreminder, meeting simulcast in #ubuntu-meeting01:17
fabbionei think i saw this like for 2 days01:17
pittiKamion: I initially thought the error was in -meta, that's why I pinged you01:17
fabbionejdub: what's that?01:17
pittiKamion: but the error was really in l-r-m01:17
jdubfabbione: me typing what people are saying :)01:17
seb128fabbione, apt-cache show nautilus ?01:17
pittiKamion: sorry for disturbing01:17
fabbioneVersion: 2.9.1-0ubuntu201:18
fabbioneseb128: do you need anything particular?01:18
seb128the Depends01:18
fabbioneDepends: libart-2.0-2 (>= 2.3.16), libatk1.0-0 (>= 1.9.0), libaudiofile0 (>= 0.2.3-4), libbonobo2-0 (>= 2.8.0), libbonoboui2-0 (>= 2.5.4), libc6 (>= 2.3.2.ds1-4), libeel2-2 (>= 2.9.1), libesd0 (>= 0.2.29-1) | libesd-alsa0 (>= 0.2.29-1), libexif10, libgail-common (>= 1.6.6), libgail17 (>= 1.6.6), libgconf2-4 (>=, libglade2-0 (>= 1:2.3.6), libglib2.0-0 (>= 2.5.5), libgnome-desktop-2 (>= 2.8.0), libgnome2-0 (>= 2.8.0), libgn01:18
fabbioneit doesn't fit in one line01:18
fabbionelet's try this other way01:19
fabbioneseb128: the last one is desktop-file-utils01:19
seb128just do 2 copy/paste01:19
fabbionecheck in pvt message01:20
Kamionpitti: ok01:20
seb128fabbione, the interesting part is libnautilus*01:20
fabbionelibnautilus2-2 (>= 2.7.1)01:20
seb128Version: 2.9.1-0ubuntu401:20
fabbioneperhaps you forgot to bump the build-dep?01:20
seb128 *** 2.9.1-0ubuntu4 001:21
seb128        500 http://archive.ubuntu.com hoary/main Packages01:21
seb128fabbione, apt-cache policy nautilus ?01:21
fabbioneseb128: if i try to upgrade to that version it tries to remove ubuntu-desktop01:21
seb128why ?01:22
seb128apt-cache policy nautilus-cd-burner ?01:22
fabbionei wrote it before01:22
fabbione  Installed: 2.8.6-0ubuntu101:22
fabbione  Candidate: 2.8.6-0ubuntu201:22
fabbione  Version Table:01:22
fabbione     2.8.6-0ubuntu2 001:22
fabbione        500 http://mataro.ubuntu.com hoary/main Packages01:22
fabbione *** 2.8.6-0ubuntu1 001:22
fabbione        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status01:22
=== fabbione wonders
seb128apt-get install nautilus nautilus-cd-burner ?01:22
seb128what ?01:23
=== fabbione feels retarded
=== fabbione IS retared
fabbioneseb128: you get to win a beer in BCN 01:23
seb128cool :)01:23
seb128what was the problem ? 01:24
fabbionethat i did put on hold the packages 2/3 days ago because of this problem01:24
seb128oh ok01:24
fabbioneand i forgot to tell apt to upgrade both of them01:24
fabbioneas i said01:24
fabbionei am retarded01:24
seb128perhaps you could use some sleep ?01:25
fabbionethat's for sure01:25
fabbionebut i think i am going to enjoy all the day01:25
fabbioneand crash either tomorrow night01:25
robtaylor_fabbione, i thought you were sleeping in preparation?01:25
fabbioneor something like that01:25
fabbionein preparation for what?01:25
fabbioneit's always party time man ;)01:26
fabbionei am actually fixing linux-source-2.6.901:26
fabbionebut i need to wait a full build this time01:27
fabbionethat kinda suck hard01:27
fabbionerobtaylor: do you have access to your emails?01:33
robtaylor_fabbione, yep, why?01:37
robtaylor_got your signature01:37
robtaylor_fabbione, why is there both a linux-source-2.6.9 and kernel-source-2.6.9 ?01:38
fabbionerobtaylor: the second one is from debian01:42
fabbionerobtaylor: thanks for checking. i wasn't 100% sure about the mailgw over here01:42
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carlosrobtaylor: ping?01:50
=== jamesh [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneguys i am off to get some sleep02:03
fabbioneshould we meet around 4pm at the hall of the hotel?02:03
=== Simira leaves to go to Tollefs apartment and make dinner for her sister and sister's new boyfriend
Simirahave fun guys!02:06
TreenaksSimira: good luck02:06
jordiHey Simira!02:06
Q-FUNKKamion: btw, did you read the scroll-back buffer already? I found out why I got that mouse emulation bug.02:07
Simirahi and bye, jordi :)02:07
KamionQ-FUNK: yes, saw it, thanks02:07
jordiSimira: tollef will tell you. Some assholes got your camera and rushed out of the restaurant.02:07
Simirajordi: he did. I just send a form to my insurance-company. :(02:07
Kamiondunno how to solve it; I guess we'll have to move those sysctls into the init script or something and conditionalise them more02:07
Q-FUNKKamion: it's a case of relying upin the presence of features that might not be there, because ADB is only ever use on laptops, when it comes to recent macs.02:07
Kamionyou don't need to explain the issue any further; I understand it now :)02:08
Simirajordi: thanks for trying, anyway02:08
Q-FUNKKamion: say... when can we expect fixed packages? ;)02:08
Kamionbut fixing it requires changing the way we do things at the moment, because right now those variables are just set in sysctl.conf which doesn't have conditionals02:09
KamionQ-FUNK: dude, you're not my boss :)02:09
danielsQ-FUNK: you might note that it's a saturday afternoon, and it's a sunny one at that02:09
Kamion... and therefore I'm buggering off into Barcelona soon02:09
Q-FUNKit's pretty rainy up here, actually, but fair enough. :)02:10
danielsi'm hitting the beach in a bit02:10
=== Kamion needs to do Christmas shopping
danielsKamion: you too, eh :\02:11
Q-FUNKChristmas stopping!  Brilliant!!! :D02:11
danielsKamion: given that I arrive at 6am on Christmas Eve, I figure I'd better get all my shopping done now02:11
danielsKamion: rather than battling immense crowds when it's 30 or 40 degrees and I'm tired and jetlagged and very, very sore and annoyed02:11
=== doko [~doko@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Q-FUNKKamion: well, I was just asking when, since it's the only item left that's stopping me from installing on this iMac. all my x86 already is on ubuntu.02:12
KamionQ-FUNK: next week or two I guess. busy here ...02:12
Q-FUNKKamion: fair enough. :)02:13
Treenaksdaniels: will other X drivers be fixed as well02:18
Treenaksdaniels: or only your leet x40 hacked driver? :)02:18
danielsTreenaks: the main wins were in the loader02:25
danielsTreenaks: so that's totally global, but yeah, my i830_driver stuff will probably never see the light of day02:25
danielsi can see it causing problems02:25
sladenamazing, the only laptop where *all* the ibm-acpi options work  ...is the X4002:29
KamionQ-FUNK: we've really changed too much for that plan to work02:31
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielssladen: wot a shock :)02:31
sivanghey all02:31
Treenakshey siv02:31
Treenakssivang: your key is in the mail :)02:31
sivangTreenaks : huh?02:32
sivangTreenaks : my public key?02:32
Treenakssivang: yes02:32
sivangTreenaks : Thanks!02:32
Treenakssivang: I could've mailed you your private key, but then you'd know I have it02:33
sivangTreenanks : jokes jokes... :)02:33
jordiQ-FUNK: it seems that only now my government is starting to consider the idea of doing collaboration with Linex and Guadalinex.02:40
jordiThe main problem is, believe it or not, is that the Linex and Guadalinex Spanish regions (Extremadura and Andalucia) are left wing, my local govt is right wing.02:41
Q-FUNKjordi: but what is at the core of the political unwillingess to collaborate and instead end up with some many reginal distros within spain?02:41
Q-FUNKso, political as in political party?  _that_ is what is preventing uniformization and collaboration within spain?02:41
=== jordi nods sadly..
jordishould be getting better now02:42
jordiI sense they are stopping (right wing) being total dickheads.02:42
Q-FUNKwhat exactly is preventing the package selection and defaults to be common, but the language selection between basque, castillian and other languages be at the installer?02:43
jordioh, ok. There's some differences in the materials in Basque and Valnecian schools anyway.02:43
jordiSo it can't be exactly the same list, of cours.e02:43
jordiBasque probably needs some tools to make kids learn Basque, etc.02:44
Q-FUNKI'm trying to understand and compare, because I see a lot of politically-motivated "my own distro" stuff taking place in the Baltics and I'm wondering if the reasons are the same.02:44
jordibut yeah, we should be trying to have a base list of stuff, and it's not happening now globally in Spain because there is no communication, or it is being blocked by the politicians.02:44
jordiIn my case, I'm trying to get some funds to pay a GNOME hacker to finish up Mergeant so we have a GNOME tool to manage databases and stuff.02:45
jordiAnd some other guy that puts time on libburn/coaster or whatever.02:45
Q-FUNKas for basque schooling, couldn't the base CD include localized SkoolLinux for all of Spain's main languages?02:45
jordiOnly now they are realising it'll be so much cheaper to do it in collaboration with the rest...02:46
=== azeem [~mbanck@lxsrv150.lrz-muenchen.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Q-FUNKin the Baltics, the urge to do their own distro is to show that they have any IT skills in their "small" country, by making a _local_ Linux distro.02:50
Q-FUNKpolitical importance on home-brew aspect and on NLS support, to save minority languages recently rescaped from the Soviet hell.02:51
jordigotta shutdown, battery at 4%02:51
sladenjordi: feh, I run my battery to about -10%02:54
sladenI just wish the drivers would accept that I /want/ to do that and not power off at 0% or 3%02:54
=== sivang would like to see a similar event , maybe not a full conference but a govmt. ubuntu involvement in Israel.
sivangbeing such a small country, a size of an average city in europ/US , it would be fairly easy to unify and collaborate :)02:57
danielser, getting into israel wouldn't be the easiest thing ever, i'd imagine02:58
=== sabdf1 [~mark@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
daniels(the uk and spain are both rather easy to get into; the us not nearly as much, and i'd imagine israel is right down near the bottom of the list)02:58
sladenfabbione: what's the chance getting  hostap  drivers used (or at least built) by default instead of  kernel/orinoco  ?02:58
daniels(australia is very easy to get into also)02:58
sivangdaniels : why do you think so?02:59
=== daniels punts it to /msg due to off-topicness.
=== sivang nods
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ograhaggai: amu thinks you should come down in the crystal room....03:19
ericfI mailed to ubuntu-users about pdf readers for ubuntu (gpdf), and heard upstream was working on integrating eog, gpdf, etc for a MacOS-Preview-like app03:28
ericfI said gpdf often didn't display a pdf well, while gnome-ghostview did03:29
ericfwhat is the advantage of gpdf over ggv?03:29
sladenericf: they're fundementually different.  gpdf uses bits of xpdf (a PDF engine) and ggv uses Ghostscript (a Postscript engine)03:31
ericfsladen: I see. But often I have a pdf that can't be opened by gpdf, but is good readable by both ggv and xpdf03:32
ericfthat's why I don't really like gpdf... But the gpdf/xpdf approach of reading pdf's is considered superior over ggv's?03:32
sladenericf: that's because the gpdf people made the unfortunately decesion to replace the xpdf font-infrastucture with the gtk+ stack.  Ghostscript (as Postscript 3 compliant RIP) renders PDF03:35
ericfI see. Well, I have the impression the gtk+-stack doesn't do a very good job here. But is it correct that this is being worked on and this will be fixed?03:38
=== eruin [~eruin@eruin.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
eruinanyone else having a non-working gnome desktop in current?03:39
ericfBecause I don't know much about pdf rendering, but I don't understand gnome ships gpdf instead of ggv when the former so often fails03:39
eruinmy bottom panel kind of works (though the desktop chooser shows muine running while the app list doesn't), the top panel is officially dead, and nautilus doesn't run and spits out no error03:41
ericferuin: log out of X, and check if the panel is still running as your user03:49
ericfthat's what experienced once03:49
ericfso log out everything, log in as root in tty1 (non-graphical), do `ps aux | grep eruin`, (if eruin is you username) and see if there are still panels running03:50
eruinthis is right after a reboot03:51
eruinI've found the last few updates to be sour, really03:53
eruinlast time this happened it just solved itself after a reboot, but now that doesn't seem to work either03:53
eruincedega is also fscked, but I think that's probably due to me using the nvidia installer instead of nvidia-glx03:54
ericfit could be that the updates are bad indeed... You can downgrade packages by installing them with `dpkg -i /var/cache/apt/archives/package.deb`, or wait for better updates03:55
ericfbut maybe some developer here can say something wiser about this situation03:55
eruinI'll reinstall NV drivers now just to check if that might have anything to do with it at all03:55
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=== lamont__r [~lamont@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
eruinericf: a reinstall of the nvidia 6629-drivers sorted my issues.04:36
=== jdub [~jdub@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== winkle [~winkle@lgh3814234.vittran.norrnod.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jamesh [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
haggaithe network's back04:59
=== madduck [~madduck@madduck.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang [~sivang@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== mjg59 reads the SuSE acpi management scripts
=== mjg59 is very, very scared
mjg59# The 'Button Sleep' events does always occur twice. Therefore we skip all05:57
mjg59# events with odd event number.05:57
=== jdub [~jdub@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Ah - that's legacy stuff06:01
Fwiffomjg59: I've been trying to suspend my evo n600c, and have a little problem06:09
mjg59Fwiffo: Mm?06:09
Fwiffoit suspends beuatifully, but the screen is garbled on resume06:09
jdubROCK AND ROLL06:09
danielsAND METAL06:10
TreenaksHow well does subkeys.pgp.net cope with revoked _sub_keys?06:10
sladenis there a Ubuntu d-i netinstall image any way06:10
Fwiffoi'v read that it might be because the videocard bios needs to be reset or something06:10
Fwiffohttp://www.doesi.gmxhome.de/linux/tm800s3/s3.html - mentions a tool for doing this06:11
mjg59Fwiffo: Are you using my acpi-support package?06:11
=== RubenV [~lambda1@83-134-126-108.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
FwiffoI thought you might be interested in somthing like this06:11
RubenVHi, I have a question about the build system06:11
mjg59Fwiffo: We're using the stuff mentioned there, plus more06:11
RubenVthis is built succesfully for i38606:11
Fwiffono, im on the standard hoary kernel06:12
RubenVhowever, I can't find the debs anywhere, is this normal?06:12
mjg59Fwiffo: Standard hoary kernel is fine. Grab acpi-support from http://www.srcf.ucam.org/~mjg59/laptops/ and get the dependencies06:12
mjg59With a bit of luck, running the /etc/acpi/sleep.sh script should result in working video06:13
Fwiffoi would try the tool mentioned but it is dependant on the lrmi library which does'nt seem to be present in the repo's06:13
Fwiffook, that should do it?06:13
RubenVhmm, gonna try suspend again when i get on 2.6.906:13
mjg59Fwiffo: Yup06:14
=== plovs [~plovs@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Fwiffook, I'll give it a spin06:14
Fwiffomjg59: thanks for the help06:15
danielsso, the libdl-based loader worked nicely06:18
RubenVhmmm, parted debs are built after linux-restricted-modules06:18
RubenVand those are in place06:18
=== sabdf1 [~mark@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielselmo_away: ping06:28
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-43-145.w83-114.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubtheora stream ^06:50
mjg59For a distribution that was going on about totally rad suspend to disk support in 9.2, Suse is surprisingly unimpressive in that respect06:50
Q-FUNKjdub: speaking of which, any way to stream the presentations as theora streams? :)06:56
danielsQ-FUNK: ... from a webcam06:56
jdubnot outside the lan atm06:56
Q-FUNKwhat about vorbis?06:56
Q-FUNKat least audio broadcast of the talks would be nice.06:57
Treenaksquestion.. how many CDs do you need to order to get one of the nice boxes with them?06:59
danielsTreenaks: 5007:03
Treenaksdaniels: OK, thanks07:03
Treenaksdaniels: a local book store seemed interested :)07:03
=== kylem notes he still hasn't received cds... 8)
danielsTreenaks: rockin'07:05
Treenaksdaniels: now if only the computer store decided to give away ubuntu install CDs with their PCs :)07:15
Keybukwe should so carpet-bomb the local PC stores with Ubuntu CDs07:20
TreenaksKeybuk: in Mataro you mean? :)07:21
TreenaksKeybuk: or generally07:21
Keybukin Mataro immediately, generally in general07:22
sladenKeybuk: point out there's going to be press-coverage07:24
TreenaksKeybuk: then I'll have to increase my ordered amount of CDs :)07:24
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=== elmo [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielselmo: ping?07:50
elmodaniels: >07:51
danielselmo: two things -- first, ssh on chinstrap is half-installed (as they all are), and it's also massively out of date compared to, f.e., concordia, and also what I have07:51
danielselmo: secondly, which keyring daemon are you running on d.o?07:52
danielskeyserver, even07:52
danielslooking for something similar for fd.o07:52
elmodaniels: h means on hold, not half installed, you nitwit07:52
elmoand I know it's out of date - I'm fairly sure I gave you the source or a pointer to it, so you can patch it to whatever latest k-rad fresh-from-upstream-cvs you want 07:53
elmoand this isn't really related to ubuntu devel :P07:54
danielselmo: ahr, my bad07:56
danielselmo: heh yeah, I have the newest one07:56
=== jdodson [~jdodson@63-230-172-132.ptld.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== zul [~chuck@zul.developer.gentoo] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== chuck_ [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
RubenVdaniels: lamont: (whoever is here): according to this one: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/l/linux-restricted-modules-2.6.9/2.6.9-6/08:03
RubenVthe i386 has been built08:03
RubenVis it normal that they don't show up on the ftp yet?08:03
Treenakswell look at the version :)08:04
Treenakslatest linux-image in the archive: 2.6.9-508:04
RubenVit's the only one that builds for i386 :)08:05
=== sabdf1 [~mark@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Treenakshi mark08:05
sabdf1hey guys08:05
sabdf1Treenaks: i think that was sets of 2008:05
Treenakssabdf1: my first set of 25 didn't08:05
Treenakssabdf1: so I'm inclined to agree with daniels' number of "50"08:06
sabdf1hmm... mako?08:06
=== lamont_r [~lamont@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
TreenaksPing timeout ;)08:07
=== elmo [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsRubenV: it'll show up soon enough08:16
danielssabdf1: i've heard 50 from jane at the lunchpad08:16
sabdf1daniels: ah, thanks08:17
RubenVdaniels: great, it's the one i've been waiting for the most the last couple of days08:18
RubenVno nvidia means no desktop08:18
RubenVand i'd like to do testing on suspends08:18
=== wasabi_ [~wasabi@c-24-1-67-127.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== koke [~koke@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== Treenaks tries to understand dbus
danielsdbus is easy dood08:30
Treenaksdaniels: yes, but I'm learning python at the same time :)08:30
Treenaksand dbus_monitor is broken so I can't check if I'm sending the right stuff08:31
=== carlos [~carlos@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
makomika: how are you? :)ew08:33
Treenakswow that looked scary08:34
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=== _rene__ is now known as _rene_
=== _scp [~scp@pcp465052pcs.shrpsr01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
_scpFirst of all, I apologize for bringing this in here, but, I think I have found some sort of bug09:27
_scpthe short story: My machine hangs when I hit the eject button on my CD Burner after it has been up for around 24hrs09:28
_scpit says { Busy } in the logs, but there is no  disk in the drive09:29
_scpI am cool for about 5 minutes, then the machine locks hard09:29
_scpI wanna help get this fixed09:29
Keybuk#ubuntu would probably be able to offer far more help09:32
_scpI wish that were true, I have waited for days on ubuntuforums and no one replies when I post to #ubuntu09:33
_scpI really think this is a problem09:33
Keybukthat probably means nobody knows the answer09:33
_scpand I want to HELP fix it09:33
_scphence me coming in here09:33
KeybukI'd guess there is a hardware problem09:33
_scpI would too if this wasn't a brand new unit and it worked fine with the 2.4 kernel and woody09:34
Keybukthis channel is for development of ubuntu, it's not a support channel; plenty of developers hang out on #ubuntu and read the lists, etc.09:34
_scpI realize that, I wasn't looking for "support" so much as saying "hey, I found a bug"09:34
Keybukhave you tried booting with the noapic and/or pci=noacpi kernel options?09:34
Keybuktry that, when the boot starts hit Escape and add them onto the end of the kernel line09:35
Keybukthen see whether you get the same problem09:35
_scpsure, thanks... but isn't that power mgmt?09:36
Keybukhardware stuff09:36
Keybuksome motherboards suck09:36
Keybukthe first one is noapic, not noacpi (it's not a typo)09:36
Keybukthat tells the kernel the programmable interrupt controlled on your motherboard doesn't work09:37
_scpinterrupt controller09:37
Keybukpci=noacpi tells the kernel not to use acpi (configuration and power management) for PCI routeing, because some BIOSes have buggy code09:37
_scpI will try that... then where should I go from there? is there a bugzilla for ubuntu?09:38
_scpthank you very much09:38
Keybuktry to provide as much information as you can, including details about the devices (from /proc or /sys) and exact logs, etc.09:38
_scplike I said: it's just an inconvenience for me, I am sure it would be worse for someone doing somehting real with ubuntu09:39
_scpthat's my main concern09:39
_scpit's my home machine, I don't care if I have to reboot it09:39
Keybuksee if those help, they tend to fix most "hardware being fucking stupid" cases09:39
_scpgotcha, and this is a Dell, so it is pretty fuckin' stupid :) 09:40
_scp(in some ways)09:40
_scpthe suck of it is, that I wont know until tomorrow if it worked :) 09:41
_scpin the mean time i will read more about the noapic option :) 09:42
_scpthanks alot, and like I said, sorry for bringing it in here, I would not have done it if I didn't think I found a real bug09:42
_scpthis is my first experience with the 2.6 kernel, so I am still dealing09:43
_scpwoody had me spoiled, it just worked, but was stoneware09:43
=== _scp [~scp@pcp465052pcs.shrpsr01.tn.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
_scpOk... so I just rebooted "PCI: Unknown option `noapic'"09:49
=== RubenV [~lambda1@83-134-126-108.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
_scpok... but it also said "ACPI: Skipping IOAPIC probe due to 'noapic' option."09:50
_scpthat's fucked09:51
RubenVhttp://files.lambda1.be/screenshots/bootchart.png -> is it me, or is mount doing something weird there?09:51
=== carlos [~carlos@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomRubenV: laptop on battery?09:52
thomRubenV: entirely expected09:52
smurfix_RubenV: NFS mount?09:52
thomsmurfix_: no, it's laptop-mode remounting and changing mount options09:52
RubenVthom: on AC09:53
RubenVsmurfix: nope09:53
thomRubenV: you shouldn't see laptop-mode on ac09:53
RubenVthom: yeah, i thought so too09:53
RubenVruben@tokyo:~ $ cat /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/AC/state 09:54
RubenVstate:                   on-line09:54
thomis that the case when you booted?09:55
RubenVjust tested it09:55
thomRubenV: well, that's what's happening09:55
RubenVgoing for a second run09:59
=== RubenV [~lambda1@83-134-126-108.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
RubenVshouldn't laptop-mode just do nothing when i'm on net current?10:12
=== seb128 [~seb128@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomRubenV: do "grep -q off-line /proc/acpi/ac_adapter/*/state && echo $?" for me?10:14
thomuh, use ';' rather than '&&'10:14
=== Kyaneos [~Kyaneos@80-29-40-172.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont_p [~upirc@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomso it shouldn;t match, what does line 17 of /etc/init.d/acpi-support look like?10:16
ChrisHDoes anyone have a good script to handle the mass-key-signing now that the KSP is done?10:16
RubenVif [ $? = 0 ] 10:16
thomwhich is correct10:17
lamont_pkeybuk does10:17
thomso, what have you changed? ;-)10:17
thomas does kinnison10:17
RubenVthom: nothing really10:17
RubenVbesides from my patch to laptop mode10:17
RubenVwhich is harmless10:17
=== HcE_ [~hc@66.80-202-212.nextgentel.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ogra [~ogra@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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seb128hey pitti 10:43
pittiHey seb12810:43
Keybukhey pitti10:43
pittiHey Keybuk 10:43
Keybukhey seb12810:43
pittiHey everybody out there10:44
pittiHey thom 10:44
=== thom throws sweets at pitti
=== pitti passes them to Keybuk
=== daniels flutters a wrapper towards thom.
thoma very violent pass10:44
Keybukwhoever put these bowls of sweets out did NOT understand what happens when you give geeks sugar10:44
=== pitti aims...
danielsthat's why they're hard10:45
danielsunlike jellybeans10:45
danielsyou can't eat 100 of them in five seconds10:45
=== mvo [~egon@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukhey mvo ;)10:45
thomdude, if they were jellybeans, you'd have hoovered them all in under a second on the first day10:45
mvohi Keybuk 10:45
=== daniels throws a sweet at mvo.
thomgood duck, dude10:45
danielsthom: that was the plan10:46
=== mvo throws back in a sneaky way
danielsfoiled again! (haw haw)10:46
=== pitti still has 1kg worth of a water bottle besides him
=== thom walks the two feet to daniels and beats him senseless for that pun
=== thom stacks up the empty coke bottles
Keybukpitti: no!  the laptops go away before we have a water fight10:47
Keybukno allouching!10:47
pittiKeybuk: the bottle is still closed, though10:47
danielsmmm, lollies10:50
sladenKeybuk: kinnison tells me you have to drill a hole in the other end of the bottle first10:50
=== stockholm [~andi@petrus.schuldei.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:stockholm] : mdz: answer my mail!
stockholmuh, sorry, 10:53
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:thom] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion and support on #ubuntu | Want to help Hoary? see https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryGoals | Mataro server is mataro.ubuntu.com - local mirror, smtp smarthost, squid on 3128
=== daniels shakes his fist at thom.
daniels(and throws a lolly.)10:53
thomslow, always too slow10:53
sabdf1to pass the keys out?10:54
=== thom throws lollys at sabdfl
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-devel:stockholm] : Ubuntu development -- general discussion and support on #ubuntu | Want to help Hoary? see https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryGoals | Mataro server is mataro.ubuntu.com - local mirror, smtp smarthost, squid on 3128 | mdz: answer stockholms email about rootstrap!
danielsthom: 'ies' hth hand kthxbye10:54
stockholmwill he even see this?10:54
thomstockholm: dict patience, KTHXBYE 10:54
sabdf1stockholm: sure, i think he's taking a bit of a break right now10:55
danielsstockholm: it's saturday night10:55
stockholmi wrote that mail on ... wednesday?10:55
stockholmanyway. have a nice evening10:55
=== stockholm [~andi@petrus.schuldei.org] has left #ubuntu-devel []
danielshow polite10:56
Keybuk*shock* how DARE someone take more than 3 days to reply to an e-mail ?!10:57
Keybukcould you imagine if, say, Mark took that long? :p10:57
thom3 weeks is about what i expect from sabdfl... assuming i phone him a few times first ;-)10:57
kylemwhat does sabdfl stand for, anyway? 10:59
mjg59thom: So that's 29 seconds with the best part of 10 of that being ntpdate?10:59
KeybukSelf Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life10:59
thommjg59: yeah10:59
Keybukmjg59: I don't have *that* problem ;)10:59
thomi was utterly lucky with ntpdate10:59
mjg59thom: Fucking rock10:59
danielsmjg59: i believe the words you are looking for are 'shit hot'.10:59
mjg59daniels: No, that's me11:00
kylemKeybuk, lol.11:00
mjg59I am not Thom's boot sequence11:00
mjg59One is me, and the other is a pile of shell and C11:00
=== thom adds to the quotes page
=== smurfix_ [~smurf@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdf1thom: but i sleep with one eye open ;-)11:02
sabdf1you guys *rock*11:02
mjg59thom: So we ought to be good for an easy <25 seconds?11:02
thommjg59: yup; especially given that with keybuk's hotplug changes, ntpdate is async11:03
thomwe can still tweak some more i think11:03
Keybuknot to mention dhclient, the other boot-hogger11:03
mjg59Keybuk: Why does tg3 take so long to load in your snapshot?11:04
KeybukI've no idea11:04
thomforget tg3, look at his sound driver!11:04
Keybukmost of whatever tg3 does is in the background I think11:05
Keybukwhich doesn't make any sense11:05
elmomjg59: because it requires evil firmware and the DFSG purist cabal are punishing him11:05
Keybukit does?11:06
danielsyeah, dude11:06
mjg59Keybuk: Upstream's tg3 has fixed firmware in the driver11:06
mjg59I think it's removed in the Debian source11:06
Keybukso why doesn't modprobe block the boot when synch11:06
Keybukthe ipw2100 is a bit fucked11:08
Keybukthe driver calls request_firmware() then immediately checks to see whether any got loaded11:09
Keybukso if you don't load the firmware quick enough, it sulks at you11:09
thomARE WE THERE YET?11:09
thommodules with ADD11:09
Keybukthe daniels of nic modules11:11
mjg59elmo: Anyway, I'm part of the DFSG purist cabal. I just don't think the DFSG says what some people think it says.11:15
mjg59Laptop dudes:11:17
mjg59We have this minor problem that acpi doesn't seem to shut down all hardware11:17
mjg59This is most obvious on Thinkpads with Radeons, where you often seem to end up with 10% battery loss per hour11:17
mjg59Examination suggests that they're not switching the Radeon into D311:18
mjg59(there's nothing in the kernel that would do this)11:18
mjg59Choices are:11:18
mjg591) Disable it in userspace11:18
mjg59(this works badly if there /is/ a suspend/resume routine - the hardware loses state before the kernel calls that)11:18
mjg592) Fix the kernel to disable all devices11:18
mjg59(works reasonably well)11:19
mjg593) Fix the Radeon code to set it to D3 (needs to be done in DRI or the framebuffer code)11:19
danielseither 2 or 311:20
danielsof the two, 3 seems to be the most correct, although if it's widespread, 2 might be the most sensible option11:21
thomi imagine 3 is the approach that upstream will be happiest with?11:22
mjg593 is a bit of a problem. I don't think DRI ever binds to the PCI device, so doesn't register suspend/resume callbacks. So it needs to be in radeonfb.11:23
mjg59If we want people to use radeonfb, we need to be able to reinitialise the video before radeonfb tries to do a full resume11:23
Keybukif the radeon driver isn't put to sleep, would that explain an unwillingness to resume?11:23
mjg59Keybuk: Shouldn't11:23
mjg59Keybuk: If you want to test, grab ftp://ftp.scyld.com/pub/diag/pci-config.c11:24
mjg59Stick it at the end of your prepare.sh script and use it to put the Radeon into S311:24
mjg59Uh, D311:24
danielsmjg59: the X driver gets ACPI events11:24
danielsat least, it has a PM event hook11:24
mjg59daniels: Yeah, but I think that only listens to /dev/apm11:25
danielsthat's so awesome11:25
mjg59So something that sends acpi events to /dev/apm would be useful11:25
mjg59So if we're going to go for (3), we probably want to mandate the use of radeonfb11:27
daniels'twould be cool, but no11:27
mjg59Hrm. Actually, a combination of (2) and (3) would probably work best.11:27
danielsi would prefer to make x listen to acpi11:27
mjg59But we need to do something really evil then - on wakeup, radeonfb needs to call a userspace thing that can restore video state enough that radeonfb can then make everything better11:28
danielsi think that we could just have a /dev/apm-alike acpi pipe that the pm code can hook into11:28
danielsi think that's pretty workable11:28
mjg59Or we could do it all with dbus11:29
danielsFUCKING ROCK.11:29
danielshaving Xorg link with -ldbus-1 is unimaginably cool11:29
mjg59Eventually Xorg will link with every single freedesktop project11:30
daniels(obviously not as cool as elektra, though)11:30
danielsmjg59: like hell it will EVER link with Xprint11:31
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danielsmum, i'm hungry!11:35
danielsthom keeps throwing lollies at me, mum!11:35
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thomelmo: see, i was going to do that but i'm too polite11:35
danielsyeah, but elmo's from the norf11:36
danielsstreets of shef^Wleeds and all that11:36
thompreindustrial wastelands11:37
danielsthey aspire to have disused steel factories11:37
danielswhereas the midlands is all about the postindustrial wasteland11:39
Keybuknah, midlands is postindustrial redevelopment11:42
danielsbwistol zoo?11:44
sabdf1anybody else feel like heading out for a beer later?11:44
lamont_rsabdf1: _later_??11:46
lamont_rI think they're all about to close, no?11:46
sabdf1yes, well, this is spain11:46
thomsabdf1: define later? if soon, definitely11:46
danielsyeah, it's not like pubs close at 11 or something equally archaic11:46
sabdf1was thinking like in an hour or so, when i commit this code11:46
thombar downstairs closes at ~ 211:46
thomok, works for11:46
danielswhat he said11:49
mjg59Anyway, I'm chasing that up on the ACPI lists11:50
mjg59And I'm chasing up the craptop failure again11:50
mjg59The only machines I've seen that fail in that way have non-Intel chipsets. I don't believe this to be a coincidence.11:50
mjg59Who ended up with the Athlon laptop from Oxford?11:52
thomthe athlon? possibly seb?11:53
mjg59Ah, ok11:53
mjg59Would be good to get an lspci11:53
sabdf1seb, i think11:55
thomhe just left else i'd ask him11:55
mjg59I think it had exactly the same failure mode11:56
mjg59The two classes of failure left seem to be non-Intel chipset reboot on wakeup, and Scott's mysterious broken laptop11:56
mjg59With those exceptions, we don't seem to be entirely failing anywhere11:56
Keybukyeah, it's either the Radeon being stupid11:59
Keybukor the ATI m/b chipset11:59
danielsigp seems to be pretty widespread11:59

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