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reformedgoons pop up everywhere!01:57
zenwhenWhats your forums name?02:00
zenwhenoh well02:02
zenwhenGmail, this channel isnt very active either. XD02:02
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Gmailzenwhen: yo04:19
Gmail<zenwhen> huh04:19
Gmail<zenwhen> Whats your forums name?04:19
Gmail<zenwhen> oh well04:19
Gmail<zenwhen> Gmail, this channel isnt very active either. XD04:19
zenwhennice spam04:19
zenwhenwho ARE you?04:19
Gmailthe guys inside your sister04:20
zenwhenI guess I'll see you again sometime. Have a nice night. :*04:21
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Gmailits day04:22
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jordiapparently I have the ubuntu virus. :/09:34
crimsunis it terminal?09:49
jordino. you get better in 1 or 2 days. sucks though.09:52
crimsunI have the awful Debian virus.09:55
crimsunI've been sick for many years. :<09:56
azeemcrimsun: jordi once even had the Hurd virus, so go figure10:08
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=== jordi watches a fight with balls between Kamion and LaMont.
=== jordi adds that LaMont's aim is quite better than Kamion's, apparently ;)
Simiraok, no further details needed01:44
Treenaksjordi: older, more experience01:44
jordipaper balls, or whatever they were.01:48
jordiI see the difference in today's death in a bag.01:48
jordiThey added tomato to the bread01:49
mgedminmy bread had no tomatoes, thanfully01:49
=== mgedmin hates tomaoes
Treenakstoma'oes? that sounds british :)01:49
jordiI don't like crude tomato too much either.01:49
jordibut it makes the lunchpack slightly better.01:50
jordistress "slightly"01:50
Treenakshey at least they won't let you die...01:50
Treenaksnot easily, anyway01:50
Kamionjordi: hey, I hit him ... eventually01:52
jordimissed that, sorry :)01:53
=== jordi tries the sandwich now.
=== Treenaks calls a Mataro ambulance for jordi
=== sladen watches jordi attempt to digest the sandwich
jordiit was delicious.02:57
Treenaksjordi: you sure?02:57
jordino, it's probably the Kas orange which seemed to be in bad condition (bob2 can assert), making me believe that the food was good.l02:58
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