lamontKamion: I just need to go buy a boatload of DB9F connectors, and you'll have serial01:33
=== lamont figured out the config for his 32-port cyclades today. :-)
sivangKamion: do you know where is the official ubuntu isntallation manual? :)01:33
ograsivang: http://archive.ubuntulinux.org/ubuntu/dists/warty/main/installer-i386/current/doc/manual/en/index.html01:36
sivangogra: thanks! I am trying to set up lvm on the laptop..I thought of installing over it this time :)01:36
ograsivang: not sure if it covers lvm01:37
sivangogra: it appears this gets really low coverage ..01:38
ograbut its a gret system.... i first used it on one if my servers this year (not for / though) and its great01:39
ograyou can just shrink or grow as you like...01:39
sivangyes, but how you set it up at first?? :)01:41
sivangnothing I try at d-i seems to be accepted wrt to the LVM01:41
ogradunno, but i guess there is some debian documentation fro that anywhere..... debianplanet.org could be a start01:42
sivangogra: I managed to install both / and /home in it :)02:28
sivangogra: warty d-i is _superb_02:28
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lamontnight all07:02
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melazyboyNew version of Mplayer released today08:54
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__danie1how can i (in a nice way) make gcc-3.4 default?12:04
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__danielhmm, is there no other way but changing the symlinks manually?12:57
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x4mIs there any plan to use syslog-ng instead of sysklog/syslogd ?05:11
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cenerentolakamion: "Error 6: Mismatched or corrupt version of stage1/stage2" any idea?08:43
cenerentolaKamion: ... ;) good evening08:43
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Kamioncenerentola: not offhand, check the grub info file08:44
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cenerentolammm.. how can i..08:45
cenerentolano live-cd with me..08:45
mdzyou can find a few dozen copies of it with google08:46
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cenerentolayeah.. sorry.08:48
tsengwould it make sense to anyone to do a dual package of muine for gst/xine like totem does08:55
cenerentolakamion:  sorry i just misunderstood what you meant... the manual says "6 : Mismatched or corrupt version of stage1/stage2 This error is returned if the install command points to incompatible or corrupt versions of the stage1 or stage2. It can't detect corruption in general, but this is a sanity check on the version numbers, which should be correct. 08:55
Kamionin that case I have no idea, sorry08:56
cenerentolawhat's stage1/stage2..08:56
=== Kamion is not a bootloader expert, I just occasionally have to play one on TV
Kamionnow that the grub documentation really *does* explain!08:57
cenerentolaKamion: oki dokie..08:57
cenerentolaogra: ... i actually didnt get it.. can you explain :)08:58
ograwhat ? my laughing....was about Kamions joke ;)08:59
cenerentolayep.. that's what i didnt get.. kamion's joke..09:00
Kamionit's not important09:00
cenerentolaKamion: ;)09:00
Kamionit's a misquote more than a joke09:00
Kamionwhy is this grub thing on #ubuntu-devel anyway?09:00
cenerentolaKamion: because im kinda desperate... 09:01
cenerentolaand i say The Light in you09:01
Kamionwell it should be on #ubuntu instead09:01
Kamionanyway, grub is weird sometimes, try lilo and see if that behaves better09:01
cenerentolaok.. thanks09:02
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Kamionmdz: should we put ubuntu-keyring in main?09:44
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Kamionideally on the CD09:47
=== sivang realized today that some of the language related stuff should be also put and out of the box available in the live cd.
sivang(when trying to show off ubuntu for some newbie, win users buddies)10:09
sivangKamion: grub has given much better results then lilo , and I am not using both / and /home under lvm. coool.10:10
Kamionit varies from system to system.10:11
ograsivang: you are not using both under lvm ? i thought you did ?10:16
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sivangogra: I am10:41
ograsivang: ah, because you wrote something else above10:41
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Kamion"not" -> "now" I'm guessing10:43
ograi was just wondering because sivang told me yesterday he made it....10:44
=== Kamion thwaps doko, python2.4-minimal is still broken
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sivangKamiom, ogra : yes I did it :) sorry for my horroble spelling mistakes.11:22
ograsivang: its ok.... dont worry :)11:22
sivangAnybody know why locale configuration fails on last hoary upgrade?  dpkg fails eventually because of it and I cannot install CLISP.11:22
sivanghas anything changed over the last day wrt to it? :)11:22
ograsivang: just confused me....i was better in guessing on other days :)11:22
sivangogra: have you ran into the "locales not set" error from dpkg? (or any other stuff that uses perl)11:27
ogranope, not yet... 11:28
lamontKamion: you around?11:30
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