tsengseb128: have you heard anything of f-spot?12:01
seb128rocking image viewer according to some comments 12:02
seb128why ?12:02
tsengseb128: nah we talked about updating it12:02
seb128noh, I was thinking to do it seems noboby seems to care12:02
tsengheard anything on the debian side i wondered12:02
seb128does it work with the current bindings version in debian ?12:03
tsengyes, they reverted to gtk-sharp112:03
seb128the maintainer is a gnome-pkg maintainers so I guess I could push an upload12:03
tsengthere is a 0.0.8 anounced just now.12:03
tsenglibgphoto2 support12:04
seb128yep, I've read the mail12:04
tsengof course :)12:04
=== dilinger [~dilinger@dsl-64-246-147-130.ubr0.dc1-alb.inoc.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128do you have a package for it ?12:04
seb128I can probably upload/get it uploaded in debian12:04
tsenglets see how gross the current source looks12:05
seb128but I'm pretty busy and I don't know a lot about gtk-sharp stuff packaging12:05
tsengseb128: ill get back to you in a bit.12:06
seb128k, thanks12:07
seb128the version in debian is really outdated and has some RC12:07
seb128would be nice to fix that soon :)12:07
=== azeem [~mbanck@ppp-62-245-211-50.mnet-online.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mako waves
makolwce has been pretty productive12:17
ograhey mako12:18
tsengseb128: this is going to take some futzing to get the internal libgphoto2-sharp into the debian mandated paths12:19
makoogra: hey there12:19
makoi think we might get a couple more ubuntu derivs out of this.. :)12:19
seb128tseng: k12:19
danielsamu: which language did you select?12:20
amudaniels: german 12:20
danielsamu: wwwwwweeeeeiiiiirrrrrrrdddddddddddddddd12:21
amudaniels: :-) 12:21
ogradaniels: oh, your keyboard has the sam bug as mine ?12:21
ograsame even12:21
T-Bonedaniels: i've been told to report X-stuff to you:12:21
daniels  *"DE"* ) LAYOUT="de" XKBOPTIONS="" ;;12:21
danielsogra: $LANG is de_DE.UTF-8?12:22
danielsT-Bone: sure12:22
T-Bonedaniels: on recent intall ISOs, X setups at 60Hz VertRefresh (as it's been reported on the m-l). That does kill eyes :)12:22
danielsogra: argh12:22
T-Boneespecially on big (19"+) screens :)12:22
=== dgp [~danilo@adsl-ull-107-163.46-151.net24.it] has left #ubuntu-devel []
danielsT-Bone: is you need to put in horizsync/vertrefresh, then either you're using the i810 driver and it's a bug there, or your monitor's lying to us12:22
amudaniels: same here, LANG is de_DE.UTF-8 12:22
T-Bonedaniels: changing HorizSync and VertRefresh to more coherent values in xorg.conf fixes that12:23
T-Bonedaniels: none of the above12:23
ogradaniels: not to be mistaken, i meant the key repitition12:23
T-Bonedaniels: it worked (tm) and it's no longer working since a couple of daily rolls12:23
amun8 all  12:26
=== Buff [~stephen@stuE35E.kent.ac.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.4.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsogra: ah, heh :)12:30
danielsT-Bone: that's bizzare; i haven't touched x in like two weeks12:31
ogradaniels: which is a kernel bug i think....12:31
T-Bonedaniels: two weeks is probably the last time i noticed it was working :)12:34
danielsT-Bone: weird12:38
T-Bonedaniels: heh ;)12:39
Kamionschweeb: right, what thom said12:40
schweebKamion: heh, if I had a proper internet connection at home, I'd already have had the CD burned before you replied :p12:41
KamionT-Bone: hm, I'm thinking that any hand-written hotplug pci map probably needs to be kernel version specific; otherwise we're going to run into problems with module names changing between kernel versions and stuff12:41
tsengseb128: got it :)12:41
KamionT-Bone: would you guys be amenable to having the kernel package ship such a file, if I supplied the initial contents?12:42
T-BoneKamion: certainly12:42
T-BoneKamion: we'll have to figure out how to integrate it in the kernel package, but i guess it won't be difficult to handle12:43
=== T-Bone has to call it a night. Will be back at 13CET
=== T-Bone is now known as T-None
tsengerm, we lost seb =/12:51
ograno, he likes core dumps....12:52
tsengheh, but he was about to upload my package12:52
sivangtseng: probaly went to do another "patch fo the boog"  ;-))12:52
tsengsivang: EZ GTK BOOG!12:53
sivangtseng: heheheh12:53
ogratseng: do you think it was your package that crashed him ? :)12:53
sivangtseng: him and jdub just ROTFLed me heavily this week with their cross mutual accusations :)12:53
tsengogra: nope, hadnt even posted it yet12:53
tsengjust finished rsync12:53
sivangtseng: I think seb should be considered for the most hilarious changlog entries ever contest :)12:54
tsengI've made some pretty bogus ones to Gentoo12:54
=== Evaso [~yellow@ppp-254-159.24-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Evasohi guys is there any ubuntu devel here?12:54
lamontEvaso: nah, we're all over in #ubuntu. :-)12:55
sivangEvaso: what are you looking for?12:55
Evasoi'm thinkig to close dehs.alioth.debian.org serice, with al the upstream changelog info getted from internet, is any ubuntu developer interessed on this data?12:56
lifelessdude, midnight, sleep tgime12:56
lamontlifeless: what evaso said12:57
lifelessso as long as we're quick...12:57
lifelesswhat did he say?12:57
lamont<Evaso> i'm thinkig to close dehs.alioth.debian.org serice, with al the upstream changelog info getted from internet, is any ubuntu developer interessed on this data?12:57
lamontfor some reason, I thought of maybe you.12:57
lamontand it's not midnight in .au...12:58
lifelessI'm in London12:58
lamontyou jet-setter you12:58
lifelessyeah, kindof interesting though we don't have a scific use for it12:58
lamontg'night then12:59
sivanglamont: hrm, what is dehs.a.d.o ?12:59
lamontsivang: I imagine it's something alioth-ish...12:59
lamontEvaso: ??12:59
sivanglamont: heh ok 12:59
Evasodehs is an info system about debian situation against upstream version with upstream changelog where the upstream version is noth in sync with debian one01:00
Kamionit uses information from debian/watch01:00
Kamionsounds like something that could live in launchpad, I guess01:00
Kamionbut I suspect Evaso is annoyed because many Debian people who are also upstream or have upstreams that don't release code in conventional ways don't find debian/watch very useful01:01
Kamionso we shouldn't expect 100% coverage or anything01:01
Evasokamion: dehs had also generetad already 1588 watch file (for packages that no had one) and has passed uscan test01:02
Kamionsure, I should probably add some to a few of my packages01:03
Evasokamion: it must only be puttend in the debian directory of their own packages01:03
Kamionyes, I am aware of what the debian/watch file does01:03
Evasoand actually i doesn't know any internet service that retrive upstream changelog other than dehs01:04
=== Kamion wanders off to dehs to see what it says for him
jvwEvaso: I already asked you to not close down the site, I think it's useful for QA purposes in Debian. If the load on alioth is too high, I'm sure some admin will mail you about it, don't worry as long as you don't hear anything01:04
=== dnielsen [~dnielsen@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jvwI also told you that I'm very likely going to include an 'outdated w.r.t. upstream' warning in the PTS's "todo" based on dehs...01:05
Evasojvw: is PTS more popular that developer.php?01:07
jvwEvaso: they are both popular, different use cases01:07
Evasojvw: do u know some lintian developer?01:08
=== lamont uses pts, but can't recall using developer.php
jvwEvaso: erm, you're talking with one, check the changelog :)01:08
sivangEvaso: would appriciate pointer on how to make my package my pkgs dehs compliant :)01:08
=== Kokey [~ubunturer@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jvwEvaso: I also nowadays maintain PTS, with still occasional help from the original author01:09
Kamionsivang: man uscan01:09
Evasojvw: i doesn't know litian source code but i think fixing this #234202 require 30 sec for a guy that know the source code01:09
Kamionah, uscan --pasv helps01:10
jvwEvaso: I agree it'd be easy to fix01:10
Kamion#234202 should only be applied to non-native packages at most01:10
=== zul [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionno point in warning for dpkg, say :-)01:10
jvwKamion: what do you think for non-native packages?01:10
jvwppl can override it...01:10
jvwI'm a tad unsure01:11
jvwEvaso: that's why that isn't yet implemented01:11
Kamionjvw: *shrug* - I think a warning's reasonable enough, I guess, not sure01:11
jvwmy estimate is that it's useful for well over 95% or so, probably more, of the packages01:12
jvwnon-native ones, that is01:12
Evasodehs already exlude debian native packages: they are not archived/processed in dehs01:12
=== lexhider [~lexhider@dip-220-235-84-139.vic.westnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jvwEvaso: this is about the lintian warning, which cannot be aware of dehs01:13
jvwEvaso: Kamion is also a lintian maintainer01:13
Kamionsome of my non-native packages just can't have dehs files, though, db1-compat comes to mind immediately01:13
Kamioner, watch files01:13
lexhiderHaving a problem with eject command from right on CD icon, what package do I report a bug against?01:13
elmothe last time I looked at the QA pages, the "new upstream version" stuff was a bit crackful for my packages01:13
jvwelmo: PTS of DDPO?01:13
elmoprobably because some of them pre-date the birth of the sun01:14
Kamionit's not native because it wasn't written for Debian, but its source was picked out of an old version of glibc by hand01:14
elmojvw: not sure - the fun one, with a huge table and lots of info ;)01:14
jvwelmo: heh, DDPO :)01:14
Kamionwhich is, er, not exactly easily encodable in debian/watch :)01:14
jvwKamion: there surely are a significant number of valid cases to not have one01:14
EvasoKamion: if there isn't a clear upstream release version watch info had no sense01:15
KamionEvaso: yeah, but we keep appearing on your statistics and you keep sending mails to Debian lists saying how lazy we are :)01:15
Kamionmaybe there could be some way to say "yes, I have checked and I can't produce a watch file for this package, it's not just that I'm lazy"01:15
jvwI'm just a bit uncertain whether there are few enough valid non-watch-possible packages to still warn, and have those people override01:16
elmokamion: echo "WHATEVER" > debian/watch01:16
jvwKamion: or that, yeah01:16
Kamionelmo: tempting01:16
Kamionjvw: would dehs be able to parse lintian overrides though?01:16
danielselmo: if anyone ever did that, I would hope a large fist came and punched them in the goolies for stupid use of quotes :)01:17
jvwKamion: of course it can be made, but then StevenK needs to start parsing lintian overrides when he catches up copy-catting lintian :)01:17
Evasojvw: nload is genereted and tested from dehs01:17
jvw5611 N   Feb18 01 Planet Debian   (0.6K) Marco d'Itri: Closing bugs feels good!01:17
Kamionjvw: yeah, that's kind of why I don't feel that a lintian override is the right place to put that information01:17
jvwKamion: ack01:18
Kamionhow about a present but empty watch file?01:18
Kamionwhat does that do?01:18
jvwEvaso: suggestion for a way to have maintainers say "No, there is no watch file, and it makes sense to not have one"?01:18
jvwdunno, could be made to do the right thing of course01:19
Kamiondaniels: that's rich coming from Mr. '[ "x$RET" = "xtrue" ] '01:19
jvwbut, seems a bit ugly to me01:19
Evasowe could talk to Jdg (actually the defacto maintaier of the watch file format) about introduce antoher state in the watch file01:19
Evasoso we colud intoduce status01:19
Kamionde facto? de jure :-)01:19
dholbachsleep tight everyone01:19
Evasofor example:01:20
jdubgoooooood morning freedom lovers01:20
jvwEvaso: is he responsive, Jdg?01:20
sivangjdub: morning :)01:20
Kamionjvw: fairly01:20
jvwoh, ok, seemed to recall some issues, but be outdated on that01:20
danielsKamion: :)01:20
Evasojvw: http://lists.debian.org/debian-policy/2005/02/msg00078.html01:21
dholbachhai jdub01:21
danielsjdub: try waking up earlier, hippy01:21
KamionI wonder what that bug fix is01:21
Kamiondaniels: (the x thing definitely isn't needed in busybox sh, and I don't think POSIX sh requires it either, BTW)01:21
dholbachjdub: just have a look at the end of http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniversePythonTransitionTODO - i think it speaks for the ubuntu-love ;-)01:21
jvwas nobody (AFAIK) uses uscan itself anyway... maybe we just shouldn't care01:21
danielsKamion: yeah, istr something about "" invalidating need for x01:22
Kamionhey, I do use uscan from time to time01:22
jvwwell, but those that don't, it doesn't matter how their watch file works with uscan like as long as it works for the QA scripts :)01:22
Evasojvw: i had a badly hacked version of uscan for dehs, we want to define own format and rewrite an application on it?01:22
jvwerr, no, rather not :)01:23
Kamionno reason to fork the format, Julian is not that unresponsive; last upload of devscripts 13 January 200501:24
jvwI already looked it up, he used to have key issues01:24
EvasoI think that we must to work with Julian, for integrate a dehs command line option in uscan and to expand the uscan format with new features01:24
jvwEvaso: I think you're by far the most suited to do so, I think the most important thing is to there be a good way to say "no upstream available"01:26
Kamionjvw: fixed a while back I think01:26
jvwKamion: eh, how then?01:27
jvwoh, you mean his key issues?01:27
jdubdaniels: i am so dead to the world, was up for... 48hrs? :)01:27
jvwmust be, as he isn't in the official MIA db about that, but was merely in my private list of those, which is quite old by now :)01:28
danielsjdub: heh :) i slept most of yesterday after I got back01:28
jdubdholbach: :D awesome!01:28
daniels /m jdub so, like ... you still have legoness on your table01:29
danielsah, bleh01:29
jdubyes, i noticed that yesterday01:29
jdubeveryone, daniels bought lots of lego for me :)01:29
danielswent to grab them before I left, but only realised just then that they were only tied, and couldn't find any duct tape; maybe not so good for checked luggage ;)01:29
sivangjdub: leog?01:29
sivangcan I also have some? ;-)01:30
danielssivang: mindstorm, even01:30
jdubdaniels: yeah01:30
=== rcliii [~rcliii@c-24-10-179-112.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsjdub: so yeah, if you want to get them down at some stage, that would be awesome ;)01:30
sivangdaniels: ah!!!!!101:30
sivangdaniels: I'm hooked on mindstorm, I had to previous "version" of these and build a couple of circular motion based vechicles :)01:31
Evasowell, there is no relevant news, i tink to leave01:31
danielsjdub: and I can pay you for the postage01:31
Evasobye guys01:34
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mjg59Suspend/resume situation is looking quite massively pleasing01:56
azeemwhich reminds me01:59
lamontErrors were encountered while processing:01:59
lamont mozilla-firefox01:59
lamont mozilla-firefox-gnome-support01:59
lamont yelp01:59
lamont ubuntu-desktop01:59
lamont mozilla-firefox-locale-en-gb01:59
=== lamont kicks libbonobo
lamontKamion: you have a copy of the "current" livecd-rootfs for ia64, and I'll put it back in the right spot for you to keep fetching it02:00
=== azeem updates HoaryPMResults to confirm Suspend-to-Disk works fine on R51
lamontKamion: the alternative is to make the ia64 livecd be just ubuntu-base for the moment.. :-(02:01
mjg59azeem: Rock02:02
mjg59Suspend to disk ought to work on any machine with enough swap now02:02
Kamionlamont: I do?02:03
tritiumhow much is enough swap?  >= memory size?02:03
lamontKamion: sorry - that was an 'if you do'02:03
lamontI guess I could just grab it from the last daily, eh>?02:04
KamionI suppose I could pick it out of something, yeah02:04
lamontKamion: I can grab it if you don't have it lying naked somewhere02:04
lamontwhat all do you fetch?  cloop and manifest?02:04
Kamionyeah. I can pick out both, one sec02:05
lamontif you have it trivially, that'd be great02:05
Kamionisoinfo is my friend02:05
=== lamont feeds horses while he waits
Kamionlamont: chinstrap:~cjwatson/casper-ia64/02:07
bob2hm, I should try suspend-to-disk again02:07
Kamionwill need to be renamed to livecd-current.* of course02:07
tritiummjg59, what's the minimum requirement on swap size for suspend to disk?02:07
lamontKamion: wget, or scp?02:08
mjg59tritium: Larger than RAM02:08
mjg59tritium: The technical requirement is that everything current used must fit in RAM, and that must then fit in your swap partition02:08
=== khud [~khud@241.Red-83-41-55.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tritiummjg59, that's what I thought.  The automatic partitioner sometimes makes a swap slightly smaller than the amount of RAM.02:11
smurfixmjg59: does suspend-to-disk turn of swap entirely, or just the swap partition you're suspending to?02:11
mjg59smurfix: Mm?02:11
mjg59tritium: Yeah, should be fixed on laptop installs in Hoary02:12
azeemsmurfix: the swap partition is used to write the memory content to, and gets reused as swap once Ubuntu is resumed02:12
tritiummjg59, great!02:12
smurfixMmh, but the stuff that's already swpped out needs to be swapped in forst, right?02:12
mjg59smurfix: Good question. No idea.02:13
mjg59(I try not to read the swsusp code too much, it scares me)02:13
lamontKamion: you're golden02:13
tritiumI guess I'll reinstall to get enough swap space for suspend to disk02:13
mjg59Kamion: Does the installer make big swap partitions on laptops for suspend?02:13
smurfixbecause then it'd actually make sense to have two appropriately-prioritized swap partitions, one for actual swapping and one for suspend.02:14
smurfixI'll investigate then02:14
hawkeogra: lol02:16
ograhmm, gnome keyboard selector seems to fix it02:22
ograactually switching layouts....02:23
=== dredg beds while there's still a chance he'll wake up in the morning
ogranight dredg, nice first package, thanks02:23
=== tritium [~tritium@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
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sivangnight all!02:46
Kamionmjg59: not especially, no02:51
Kamionlamont: thanks02:52
Kamionlamont: http://weddell.buildd/%7Ebuildd/livecd/livecd-current.cloop:02:56
Kamion01:55:18 ERROR 403: Forbidden.02:56
lamonttry it now02:57
mjg59Kamion: Hrm. I can't remember who I discussed this with now.03:01
mjg59Kamion: We certainly need larger swap by default if we want hibernation support03:01
=== mjg59 heads for bed
Kamionmjg59: oh, it tries for up to 3 times RAM though03:05
Kamionmjg59: it depends what fits, but I think it should be OK by default03:05
Kamionlamont: could you give daily-live 20050218.1 ia64 a go, please? it should work without weird boot arguments now03:11
bob2oh, wow03:12
lamontKamion: it'll take a while, fetching shortly03:14
lamontis there a way to tell rsync that if it dies during the middle of the rsync, that it shouldn't truncate the target file?03:18
Kamionone option is not to use --partial, but that has other problems ...03:19
maswanlamont: as far as I know, only "not use --partial"03:20
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zullamont: ping03:32
zuldoh unping03:33
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== YokoZar [~scott@d160-104-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengYokoZar: hah, thats cute03:38
YokoZarThat picture has good public relations written all over it03:38
jdubelmo: ping03:41
mxpxpodis anyone else having problems with icons on their desktop not showing up properly?03:41
=== usual [~colin@cpe-69-204-175-36.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ariYokoZar: wow03:42
mxpxpodI get the generic icon03:42
jdubYokoZar: haha03:42
jdubYokoZar: post to sounder :)03:43
YokoZarHeh, maybe03:43
mxpxpodhmm, seems to be something with the new gnome-icon-theme03:45
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has left #ubuntu-devel ["later.."]
schweebKamion: all went well so far, cept for the bootloader (I'm using XFS /)03:59
=== ogra [~ogra@p508EAD3F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Safari_Aljdub, around05:32
Safari_AlHi there!  Just wondering what that status is of that info you were going to pass along to me?05:33
jdubshoulda got it on wednesday05:34
jdubis slackzone the most useful address to use?05:35
Safari_AlIn this case, probably @commander is better.05:35
jdubmmm, didn't have that address :)05:36
Safari_AlI thought I had been using that address for our previous correspondence.05:36
jdubwhoa is me (haw haw)05:37
jdubyou had too05:37
Safari_AlThat's it.05:37
Safari_AlAnyway, slackzone is no problem either.  Whichever you remember first :P05:37
jdubi get lbdb to do my remembering05:39
Safari_Alwith mutt?05:39
jdubso my lbdb database was updated today05:40
jduband i have records going back to 200205:40
jdub2001 even05:40
jdubbut no tim riley, corporate style05:41
=== HrdwrBoB [~matt@bob.is.teh.admin.at.vicnet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Safari_AlWell, now you've got corporate-tim :)05:48
jdubi resent, let me know when you get it05:58
Safari_AlThanks.  I don't remember getting this @slackzone.org.06:00
jdubthat is because it is not slackzone.rg!06:01
jdubnot that anyone would get a bounce out of it06:02
jdubbecause they're patently useless now06:02
Safari_Aljdub, passing along the appropriate information and my recommendations now.  I'll get back to you once I have something.06:06
Safari_AlThanks again.06:06
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schweebthom: you awake?06:55
=== ficusplanet [~brad@12-216-228-198.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ficusplanetHey everyone.  Will dbus-0.23.1 make it into hoary anytime soon?  I noticed that the latest beagle requires it?  Also, do the latest hoary kernels have inotify-0.18?07:18
schweebthey have inotify, dunno which version07:25
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dholbachmorning d3vic3, how are you?08:27
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d3vic3lo dholbach, me is ok and you ? 08:55
dholbachshould be sitting in the train already *hectic*09:01
amumoins 09:01
dholbachhave a nice weekend09:09
dholbachsee you on sunday09:09
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amudaniels: sended debug09:33
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danielsamu: thanks a lot09:35
amudaniels: it was a T41 if you want another test letme know  09:36
danielsamu: ah sorry, could you please put the -x on .config.in, rather than .postinst.in?09:39
amudaniels: iso was 20050217 09:39
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amudaniels: do you want the test with the current iso, rsync just finished09:40
danielsamu: whichever is easiest for you -- xorg hasn't changed in a while09:49
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rburtonKamion: so i've a copy of syslog with debugging if you want it10:03
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YokoZargood morning again: http://homepages.paradise.net.nz/dazjw/img_0121.jpg11:00
TreenaksYokoZar: cool11:00
seb128elmo: here ?11:01
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smurfixseb128: not yet, apparently11:05
pittimvo: ping11:08
mvopitti: pong11:08
pittimvo: in Synaptic's progress dialog, would it be possible to first display the package name and then the URL?11:08
mvopitti: when the details are opened?11:09
pittimvo: currently I only see a long list of "http://archive.ubuntu.com/u..." (unless I resize the dialog)11:09
pittimvo: yes11:09
mvopitti: it's stuff I get from apt that way, I can change it 11:10
pittimvo: another thing11:10
pittimvo: if I open a Ubuntu CD and upgrade, then I still get a Nautilus window11:10
pittimvo: you currently have a HAL script, right?11:10
pittimvo: maybe it would be better to integrate this stuff into gnome-volume-manager11:11
mvopitti: no, it's part of the C code in update-notifier11:11
pittimvo: huh, you detect Ubuntu CDs in u-n?11:11
pittiI thought you have a hal callout?11:11
mvopitti: I link against libhal11:11
pittihm, somehow we should teach gvm not to open Ubuntu CDs when upgrading from them11:12
pittiwhat do you think?11:12
mvois there a way to tell hal to stop processing the event when I handled it?11:12
pittimvo: no, because it will be executed asynchronously and in parallel11:12
pittimvo: whoever is faster handles it first :-)11:13
pittimvo: that's why I think a gvm integration would be nice11:13
pittimvo: gvm is meant for stuff like that11:13
Kamionrburton: yes please11:14
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mvopitti: I agree that it's ugly that a nautilus window is opened. but I'm not sure about the integration into g-v-m. 11:16
seb128pitti: dunno if that's due to inotify/gamin, but I've a DVD in my drive and totem starts some minutes after the login ... which is kind of weird :p11:17
rburtonKamion: email?11:17
rburtonKamion: sent11:19
mvopitti: we could add it to gvm_device_autorun()11:21
pittimvo: yes, that was the idea11:21
elmoseb128: ?11:22
elmojdub: ?11:22
seb128elmo: need an ia64 access with the libbonobo build-dep installed to track a ftbfs is that's possible11:23
pittiseb128: #6002 ?11:23
seb128pitti: kind of, happens just on the system start/login11:24
seb128not every single 5 mins11:24
pittiseb128: oh, ok. can you please add that to the bug?11:25
MithrandirKamion: why does now tar (for instance) get SIGPIPE when piping stuff through ssh?11:25
pittiseb128: removable devices automatically get mounted at login11:25
jdubelmo: yo11:25
pittiseb128: probably this erroneously causes the device to autostart, too11:25
Kamiondamn, the installer's memory footprint is huge; minimum in lowmem 1 is like 52MB11:26
KamionMithrandir: dunno11:26
elmoseb128: halley.ubuntu.com11:26
Kamiondon't think anything that might affect that has changed recently11:26
MithrandirKamion: up-to-date hoary, I see it on both amd64 and i386.11:26
MithrandirKamion: been that way for a while, probably a few weeks11:26
elmojdub: you pinged 10 hours or so ago?11:26
seb128elmo: thanks11:27
KamionMithrandir: could be the shell or the terminal rather than ssh; that's happened in the past11:27
jdubelmo: didn't note down why :)11:27
MithrandirI'm using pterm11:27
KamionMithrandir: IIRC either the shell or the terminal conventionally ignores SIGPIPE11:27
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Mithrandirhmm, right, seems to be zsh's fault11:29
seb128jdub: hey, do you know what happened to gtk2-engines-dev ?11:29
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mvogrrr. my system was frozen again :( 11:32
jdubseb128: it was a new binary package in my upload11:32
=== mvo blames gtk^Winotify
Kamiondamnit, I can't get the installer's memory footprint below 32MB11:32
seb128mvo: boot with "noinotify" :)11:32
seb128jdub: ie ? 11:32
Kamioneven in lowmem mode 2 it's fractionally over that on i38611:32
seb128jdub: is gtk-engines-2.pc somewhere atm ?11:33
Kamion(and doesn't work properly then 'cos I'm missing the module for my network card)11:33
jdubseb128: it should be in gtk2-engines-dev11:34
jdubseb128: (gar! so stupid!)11:35
jdub$ dpkg -L gtk2-engines-dev | grep pc$11:35
seb128apparently something screwed my cache11:36
seb128jdub: sorry for the noise :)11:37
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seb128elmo: libglib2.0-0-dbg on halley please :)11:37
elmoseb128: done11:38
bob2Mithrandir: tell me if you figure out which zsh option is it11:39
bob2I get (I think) the same problem with piping stuff to patch11:39
seb128jdub: I'm not going to put an epoch on yelp :p11:40
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jdubseb128: haha :-)11:40
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jdubseb128: can you check the rawhide panel patches11:47
seb128looking for something special ?11:48
jdubseb128: they've done the desktop menu changes11:48
seb128admin/pref order ?11:48
seb128k, thanks11:48
jduband s/Administration/System Settings/11:48
seb128all these strings changes suck11:49
seb128(on the translation plan)11:49
jdubthey have them, though ;)11:49
jdubthey're also not renaming desktop11:49
jdubi'll talk to mark about desktop/system11:49
=== seb128 reading the howl thread (the whole discussion just arrived in one shoot in bugzilla)
=== HiddenWolf howls
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jdubseb128: what do you think about that?11:55
jdubseb128: i don't really want to ship/support mdnsresponder11:55
seb128still reading :)11:56
seb128BTW a bug which sucks: debian #29581511:57
seb128the gtk icon cache seems to have endian issue, we have updated a gnome-icon-theme using it yesterday and already get 3 bug today saying that all the icons are broken11:57
seb128jdub: hum, we so just drop it ?12:09
sivangmorning all12:10
mjg59thom: Ping?12:10
thommjg59: ack12:10
pittiHi sivang12:11
mjg59thom: We need to work out what we're doing about swap sizes in the installer12:11
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mjg59At the moment, people may end up with swap partitions that are slightly smaller than RAM, which won't work too well with swsusp12:12
thomwhat's the best solution? just add n MB to the size of ram to get the ideal swap size?12:14
sivanghey pitti  :)12:14
mjg59thom: Something like that. Do we have any idea what Suse 9.2 defaults to for swap size?12:14
jdubseb128: well, i need your thoughts on that (and the debian gnome team's).12:15
thommjg59: i've not looked at suse at all, tbh12:18
seb128jdub: I don't really care about it, removing it in fine for me12:18
jdubseb128: even in debian?12:19
jdubseb128: that's a fair amount of uploads, thanks to libtool mess12:19
seb128yeah, but there is no real choice12:19
Kamionmjg59: did you see my comment last night?12:19
seb128jdub: move that to #gnome-debian12:19
mjg59Kamion: Nope12:20
Kamion02:05 < Kamion> mjg59: oh, it tries for up to 3 times RAM though12:20
Kamion02:05 < Kamion> mjg59: it depends what fits, but I think it should be OK by default12:20
elmo3 times RAM?  that'd rock on emperor12:20
thomyay 36GB swap12:20
mjg59Kamion: Is this a change since Warty?12:21
Kamionit doesn't force it up to 3x RAM :P12:21
danielselmo: speaking of RAM, when do I get to build xorg in a RAM disk on concordia?12:21
danielsthat would kick arse12:21
danielsdisks are slow :P12:21
Kamionthat's the maximum; minimum 64MB; "priority" (which kind of skews size calculations relative to other partitions) 512MB12:22
mjg59Kamion: So given a reasonably sized disk, it'll tend to be larger than RAM?12:22
Kamionmjg59: yes, warty had "64 512 512" rather than "64 512 300%"12:22
Kamionmjg59: I believe so, though checking wouldn't hurt12:22
mjg59Ok, cool12:23
Kamionpartman-auto (31) unstable; urgency=low12:23
Kamion    - limit the maximum size of the swap to 3 times the available RAM but12:23
Kamion      not less than 64 MB.  Thanks to Margarita Manterola, closes: #25493512:23
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mjg59Ah, hang on. My sysadmin's a Suse bigot.12:28
bradbDoes Ubuntu's Bugzilla grant editbugs to every new user account? I don't want to spam our Bugzilla to verify this. :)12:29
mjg59The machine with 4GB of RAM has 4GB of swap12:29
elmobradb: yes12:29
sivangdoes someone know how do I view the channel topic in irssi? (the topic and the top bottom of the screen get's cut due to window width limitations)12:29
bradbwow, ok12:29
elmosivang: /topic12:30
elmobradb: dude, Debian doesn't even require accounts; it's entirely wide open for all write access to anyone12:30
elmowhich would seem insane, but AFAIK hasn't been abused in the last 10-15 years12:30
elmowell, seriously abused.  some would say folks like Dan Jacobson are a failing of the Debian system12:31
=== bradb takes this into consideration in massively simplifying one of his specs
danielswell, it's wide open for everyone who hasn't been blacklisted12:31
sivangelmo: tnx :)12:31
elmodaniels: the only blacklisting is of control@ access12:32
Kamionthe only abuse that's happened is spam12:32
elmowell, excluding the spam filtering12:32
Kamionto my knowledge12:32
Kamionthere's been some open/close wars and things, but the people involved would've had accounts anyway if it worked that way; no randoms going through and closing all bugs or anything12:33
Kamionthe system's designed so that all actions are recorded and reversible anyway12:33
mjg59Kamion: elmo: With luck, the next kernel ought to suspend to RAM on recent Mac hardware, so would you be willing to test it once it's out?12:35
elmomjg59: sure12:35
Kamionmjg59: absolutely12:35
mjg59And if that works, then we can try suspend to disk as well...12:36
mjg59I think lamont was aiming for Monday12:37
elmooh, I may have < swap than mem.. lemme check12:38
elmoMem:        514308 12:40
elmoSwap:       500312   12:40
elmoI'm sure that was what warty chose for me too12:40
Kamionhm, I have 512MB RAM and like 64MB swap12:40
sivangmjg59: I will check my swap partition now, on the dell craptop12:40
mjg59elmo: May work anyway12:41
=== sivang is really happy with the speed the laptop is booting now.
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sivangmjg59: how can I know for sure if I am using a swap partitoin at all? something is strange here on this laptop..12:53
Kamion'free' will tell you12:53
sivangKamion: tnx12:55
sivangMem:        256620     168028      88592          0       8868      4479212:55
sivang-/+ buffers/cache:     114368     14225212:55
sivangSwap:            0          0          012:55
mjg59sivang: You have no swap partition enabled, which is odd12:56
mjg59Does /etc/fstab have one mentioned?12:56
sivangmjg59: yes, that's why I thought I had12:58
sivangmjg59: /dev/hda5       none            swap    sw              0       012:58
=== sivang is surprised this machine copes with 3 instances of OOo docs and a couple of moz's without a swap partitoin
=== Astharot- [~isager@host251-99.pool8252.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59sivang: mkswap /dev/hda5; swapon -a01:06
mjg59Then try hibernate again01:06
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=== T-None is now known as T-Gone
Kamionrburton: ok, I think I have a vaguely plausible fix01:15
sivangmjg59: ok, thanks01:15
sivangmjg59: will try that now01:15
sivangmjg59: ok, it worked :-) now let's see how good the machine comes back01:19
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rburtonKamion: excellent01:21
sivangmjg59: well, the resume from hibernate is a regular boot :-/ (slow as a regular boot and looks the same)01:22
mjg59sivang: Ok. Is RESUME set in mkinitrd.conf?01:22
=== T-Gone is now known as T-Bone
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sivangmjg59: I did RESUME=/dev/hda5 and hibernated again, takes the same time and apart a big delay in boot up (before saying "creating udev entries") nothing changed.01:28
T-Bonelamont: ping (for when you're around)01:28
sivangguess I'll be using the sleep :-)01:28
mjg59sivang: Did you generate a new initrd?01:33
Kamionincidentally DEBCONF_DEBUG traces rock01:33
danielsKamion: unless they crap all over your db_progress and just make everything unreadable :P01:34
T-BoneKamion: good you're here! Time to sort out the pci.handmap stuff? :)01:34
T-Bonedaniels: if i can provide anything that'd help fixing the '60Hz' issue, let me know. FWIW i tested on ia64, but according to the m-l, it's arch-indep01:34
sivangmjg59: hrm, no O:-) also it's very strange I my swap partition is not mounted nither set up correctly .01:34
danielsT-Bone: if you can solve it, that'd be great ...01:35
Kamiondaniels: they're syslogged as standard01:35
KamionT-Bone: yeah, after I've done this netcfg fix01:35
T-Bonedaniels: actually, why is there a need to add VertRefresh/HorizSync in the default xorg.conf? Can't the driver figure those by itself?01:35
mjg59sivang: Yes, that's because it didn't attempt to resume01:35
mjg59You'll need to mkswap it again01:35
T-BoneKamion: ok. I'll do some parisc stuff in the meantime. Ping me when you're ready :)01:35
mjg59sivang: mkinitrd -o /boot/initrd-whatever and then suspend again01:35
sivangmjg59: I wonder how I can fix the non operating swap partiton01:36
danielsT-Bone: it shouldn't be adding them unless it really has to ...01:36
T-Bonedaniels: it did01:36
danielsT-Bone: although it will decide that it really has to on amd64 and ia6401:36
sivangmjg59: and use this initred for booting the currently booting kernel?01:36
T-Bonedaniels: they were there when i booted01:36
mjg59sivang: Yes01:36
danielsT-Bone: since we can't probe the monitor from userspace on either of those two architectures01:36
T-Bonedaniels: and they were obviously the cause of the mis-setting01:36
mjg59sivang: Once you've done that, swap shouldn't be an issue01:36
danielsT-Bone: if you can reproduce it on i386 or powerpc, I'm interested; else, it's not solveable for Hoary :\01:37
sivangmjg59: ok, so I'll have to replace the current on in menu.lst right?01:37
T-Bonedaniels: damn. How comes it worked before?01:37
danielsT-Bone: because of an accident that broke a whole lot of other crap :)01:37
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mjg59sivang: No - just do mkinitrd -o (name of your initrd)01:37
T-Bonedaniels: if the livecd uses the same detection method, i can easily boot one on any of my ppc boxes01:37
danielsT-Bone: yep01:37
T-Bonedaniels: lol :)01:37
T-Bonedaniels: ok will do01:37
=== T-Bone starts downloading the ISO
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Kamiondaniels: is there anything I can help with for xresprobe/amd64? if you give me hints what might be needed, I can do the work01:38
sivangmjg59: done, now re enable swap and hibernate01:39
Kamionoh, I suppose it's scary evil real mode crap?01:39
mjg59sivang: Yup01:39
T-Bonehmm. cdimage doesn't perform that well. 440kB/s avg is mean :^)01:39
=== T-Bone ducks
danielsKamion: basically, move ddcprobe's real-mode code to vbetool, and then move vbetool from using lrmi to x86emu01:39
danielsKamion: unfortunately this is not hoaryable; i asked about a fortnight ago01:40
sivangmjg59: hrm, no go , boot was the same, say, maybe the fact I am using LVM breaks the hibernation?01:42
Kamiondaniels: ah :(01:42
Kamion-m32 doesn't help?01:42
mjg59sivang: Argh. Yes, that's quite possible. Are you using LVM for swap?01:43
sivangmjg59: no01:43
mjg59Hmm. Ought to work, then.01:43
mjg59It used the initrd you generated?01:43
mjg59sivang: Can you cat /sys/power/resume ?01:43
sivangI named it the same and assumed it goes to the right place :) checking again01:43
danielsKamion: nope; vm86.h simply doesn't exist, and the kernel doesn't provide vm86()01:44
sivangmjg59: 0:001:44
mjg59amd64 kernels have no vm86 support whatsoever01:44
mjg59sivang: Ok, so either the wrong initrd was used, or something is very broken01:45
sivangmjg59: retrying...01:47
mjg59sivang: The timestamp on /boot/initrd-2.6.10-3-686 (or whatever) ought to be updated after the mkinitrd01:48
sivangmjg59: bah, then I suspect it didn't. looked odd me after the second time I created the initrd , but I thought it was neglectable.01:49
sivangmjg59: shall I rm -rf it and recreate?01:50
mjg59sivang: What command line are you using01:50
mjg59You don't need to remove it01:50
sivangmjg59: mkinitrd -o initrd.img-2.6.10-3-68601:50
Kamiondaniels: ah, d'oh01:51
mjg59sivang: /boot/initrd.img-2.6.10-3-68601:51
mjg59(assuming you're using a 686 kernel)01:51
sivangmjg59: well yeah, I was in the /boot dir so I omitted the location prefix01:51
mjg59sivang: Ah, right01:52
mjg59I've no idea what it does in that situation01:52
smurfixmjg59: should work, actually -- check by "ls -l"01:52
sivang mkinitrd -o /boot/initrd.img-2.6.10-3-68601:53
sivangFile descriptor 3 left open01:53
sivangFile descriptor 4 left open01:53
sivangFile descriptor 5 left open01:53
sivangFile descriptor 6 left open01:53
sivangFile descriptor 7 left open01:53
sivang    Finding all volume groups01:53
sivang    Finding volume group "mainpart"01:53
=== mjg59 goes off to a meeting
sivangmjg59: ok, laterz! :)01:53
mjg59sivang: If it still doesn't work, you probably want to hassle jbailey for a bit01:53
sivangmjg59: ok, I will :)01:53
mjg59And if it /still/ doesn't work, it'll be a kernel issue and I'll produce one with more debugging01:53
sivangmjg59: sure, thanks alot 01:54
=== jbailey scrolls up.
sivangmjg59: it worked!!!01:55
sivangmjg59: I rm -rf the initrd, then recreated with your command line, and it workd! RAWK01:55
KamionI should work out what that "File descriptor <n> left open" thing is coming from01:56
sivangKamion: oh yes, this has been botherting for quite some time :)01:56
jbaileymjg59: For testing, I also added support for it over the command line.01:56
Kamionsivang: it seems to be harmless01:56
jbaileymjg59: Of course you have to have at least regenerated it one with that initrd-tools, but after that resume= will override whatever is set in the config file.01:56
jbaileyKamion: It's only on lvm support, right?01:57
sivangjbailey: strange thing, mkinitrd didn't work untill I told it /boot/initrd.img-blah01:57
jbaileysivang: Eh?01:57
sivangjbailey: I suspect it working had nothing to do with my rm -rf'ing the old one.01:57
Kamionjbailey: yeah, just checked and it's coming from lvm201:57
=== herzi [~herzi@d044001.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamion./tools/lvmcmdline.c:990:                       fprintf(stderr, "File descriptor %d left open\n", fd);01:57
Kamionthe question is whether I care enough to fix it :) I bet those fds are held open by debconf.01:58
jbaileyKamion: No, by initrd.01:58
jbaileyKamion: Xu likes to play with random file descriptors.01:58
sivanganyone has an idea why the swap partiton automagically stopped being created and mounted? how can I put it back to be created automaticall upon each boot?01:58
Kamionjbailey: well, no, I see it in d-i.01:58
jbaileyKamion: For some reason ">>" isn't good enough.01:58
Kamionjbailey: in code that is not descended from anything Xuish :)01:58
jbaileysivang's issue is definetly that, though.01:59
jbaileyI should learn enough about lvm to install one.01:59
sivang(the swap partitoin is not on th lvm)01:59
sivangjbailey: when I tried the fix my non suspending kernel, it appeared that when using mkinitrd -o initrdfilename it didn't work02:01
sivangjbailey: whant I prefixed it with /boot it was ok02:02
jbaileysivang: Oh, like it only worked with a fully qualified path?02:02
sivangjbailey: that is, mkinitrd -o 02:02
sivangjbailey: yes02:02
sivangjbailey: I also did an rm -rf for the old one, but I hardly think this voodoo had anything to do with fixing the problem . (though I do that just for good feeling)02:02
=== `anthony [~anthony@220-253-0-12.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionelmo: would you mind delaying processing the new debian-installer BYHAND, if possible?02:03
elmoKamion: err, too late, sorry02:04
Kamionok, will work around in cdimage somehow02:05
=== sivang would like to note to another interesting fact - when hibernatig the laptop from an ssh login, when the system is in hibernate mode the ssh loging becomes frozen, when I power on the system back - I even get to see the lease happening back on the ssh login after which I can continue working on through it. (!!!)
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionsmurfix: could you please remove all the BitKeeper gunk from the kbd-chooser source package?02:08
KamionI don't want to have to merge that every time :)02:08
smurfixKamion: Sorry -- will do ASAP.02:08
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Kamionsmurfix: I don't think #6706 should be target milestone hoary?02:18
KamionIndic fonts are apparently really hard to get right02:19
Kamionbubulle thinks it'll require a graphical installer02:19
smurfixKamion: Hmm, target milestone => noticed in version, it seems.02:19
Kamionyeah, we don't have a field for that in bugzilla AFAIK :/02:20
smurfixah. food. back in a bit.02:21
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T-Bonedaniels: X autodetect works fine on ppc. I was wondering: if autodetect doesn't work on ia64, how comes it works on my box anyway? :)02:30
KamionI bet it asks you a resolution question02:31
T-BoneKamion: correct02:31
Kamionthat would be autodetection failing02:31
T-Bonestrangely enough it works afterwards02:32
danielsso it asked you a question on powerpc, or on ia64?02:32
danielsif it asks you no questions, then autodetection succeeded02:32
danielsif it asks you about your resolution, autodetection failed, but we can infer all we need (for 60Hz) from the resolution, so that's all we ask02:33
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HiddenWolfdaniels: How about someone trading monitors, is there any likelyhood of of blowing up a monitor due to an existing x conf?02:35
T-Bonedaniels: it asked on ia6402:35
T-Bonedaniels: what i'm saying is that if i increase the value range for vertrefresh and horizsync in xorg.conf, it finds the right freq anyway. I can try completely removing the fields if you want02:36
sivangbah, suspend and hibernate won't work with the evil nvidia module.02:36
sivangoh well :)02:36
elmoHiddenWolf: how's that any more of an issue with or without auto-detect?02:36
T-Bonedaniels: so i'm asking why not simply either 1) not specify default refresh for ia64. or 2) define a large enough range?02:36
HiddenWolfelmo: I have no idea, but it something to think about either way.02:37
danielsHiddenWolf: no02:37
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tritiumsivang, I've had pretty good success with nvidia, both suspend and hibernate02:37
mantienaHi all02:37
danielsT-Bone: because we have to work out when we configure X if X is capable of working out the monitor's sync ranges by itself02:37
danielsT-Bone: our current way of determining this only works for i386/powerpc, and the solution cannot go into hoary this late, apparently02:37
sivangtritium: where you using the proprierity nvidia module?02:38
danielsT-Bone: so we have to assume that X can't work it out for itself and write out the sync ranges on amd64 and ia6402:38
tritiumsivang, yes02:38
danielsT-Bone: i know this is crap02:38
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Mitario_hi everyone02:38
sivangtritium: did you add it to the modules list in /etc/default/acpi-support ?02:38
mantienaamu, tonight I installed ubuntu live CD with my installer module ;)02:38
tritiumsivang, no, but I did have to comment out video posting02:39
T-Bonedaniels: what would make X unable to figure out its sync freq?02:39
sivangtritium: video posting? ok I'll try that.02:39
T-Bonedaniels: because the video hardware range on ia64 is pretty much restrained, afaik02:39
tritiumsivang, yeah, the line that says POST_VIDEO=true.  I commented that out.02:39
danielsT-Bone: the monitor can't do DDC, the driver is crap and doesn't do mode validation right on laptops, the video card is incapable of DDC ...02:39
T-Bonedaniels: you can already skip the last two02:40
T-Boneno ia64 laptops ;)02:40
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T-Boneand all boxes come with ATI cards, or nvidia in some cases02:40
danielsT-Bone: i might consider making an exception for ia64, but honestly, the real, real problem we have is amd6402:40
danielsand that's unfixable for hoary02:40
sivangtritium: thanks, I did that, now let's see if it works.02:41
T-Bonedaniels: heh. If making an exception for ia64 is easily feasible, it might improve end user's experience :)02:41
danielsT-Bone: yeah, but as I said, this kills us badly on amd64, which sucks horribly, but eh, what can you do02:41
tritiumsivang, hope so...02:41
T-Bonedaniels: besides, i doubt one would hook a pre-DCC capable monitor to an ia64 machine ;)02:41
danielsT-Bone: you'd be surprised02:41
mantienaKamion, are you online ?02:41
T-Bonedaniels: not much i guess. I don't have amd64 hardware. If you want to sponsor me, you're welcome :^))02:42
elmoyeah, I did at my previous job02:42
=== daniels looks at the pre-DDC monitor currently hooked up to his amd64.
T-Bonedaniels: people doing so usually know how to setup X :)02:42
elmoto both an RX-2600 and an i2k02:42
danielsT-Bone: i have an amd64, and I'm capable of fixing it, but by the time I got to it, feature freeze had slipped, and I had other stuff distracting me for a week, so I couldn't get it in beforehand02:42
T-Bonebut heh, that's subjective.02:42
T-Bonedaniels: heh ok02:42
danielsso the issue is not people-to-do-it, but people-to-do-it-four-months-ago02:42
elmosabdfl really needs to get his act together, both the cloning and time machine projects are still showing no signs of any real progress02:43
danielselmo: i hope you're not talking about cloning me; one of me is enough pain inflicted on the world02:44
amumantiena: well done!02:44
sivangelmo: wasn't the time machine already done?02:45
azeemsivang: there were spurious tachyon emmission AFAIK, so it had to be dumped and redoe from scratch02:45
T-Bonesivang: well, if it's done in the future, then it's *already* done. Paradox of the time-machine :)02:45
mantienaamu, but some other d-i modules should be modified a little for working with live-installer02:45
amumantiena: did you put infos to the wiki? 02:46
sivangazeem: hehe02:47
mantienaamu, still not, was pretty simple to write live-installer, I used a lot of functions (like check-target or initrd generating) from base-installer ;)02:48
sivangtritium: didn't work. any more then just commeting out the VIDEO_POST is it?02:48
mantienaKamion, to which udeb belongs apt-install from d-i ?02:49
tritiumsivang, no, the only other thing I did was uncomment the line at the top: ACPI_SLEEP=true to actually enable suspend to ram02:50
Kamionmantiena: di-utils02:51
Kamionwhy does apt-install need to be changed?02:51
azeemwhen doing suspend-to-disk, does the network on resume get reconfigured based on the state at suspend, or on what's in /etc/network/interfaces?02:52
sivangtritium: commented out the line or set POST_VIDEO=false?02:53
tritiumI commented it out.02:54
mantienaKamion, some d-i modules (for example grub-installer) uses apt-install to install software, for example grub or initrd-tools, but apt-install does not check if this software is already installed and this couses an error :(02:54
sivangtritium: well, doens't work for me. crappi dell :)02:55
tritiumsivang, How is it behaving?  On my Dell (C840), the only thing I haven't resolved is that I have to press the power button 2X to resume.02:55
pittielmo: ping02:56
Kamionmantiena: apt-install just calls apt-get install, which should exit without an error if the package is already installed.02:56
elmopitti: ?02:56
pittielmo: is there something like arch.ubuntu.com?02:56
pittielmo: i. e a publicly http/sftp accessible place02:56
pittielmo: where we can store our arch repos and work on them with non-canonical people?02:56
elmopitti: mirror them to rookery is what most people do02:57
pittielmo: currently we use to host our repos on chinstrap02:57
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mantienaKamion, problem is, than during live CD install there are no sources.list and no deb packages (if there are no internet access) and apt-get install produces an error02:57
pittielmo: right, but that has to happen manually, right?02:57
pittielmo: since you cannot/should not ssh from chinstrap to rookery without a password02:57
elmoKamion: how do you mirror the seeds?02:58
mantienaKamion, I can patch apt-install for checking if package isn't already installed on /target02:58
tritiumsivang, I'm using NvAGP, and nvidia module parameters NVreg_EnableAGPFW=1 NVreg_EnableAGPSBA=102:58
pittielmo: sabdfl seems to like the idea of arch.u.c02:58
elmopitti: IIRC rookery has unrestricted http access to chinstrap02:58
pittielmo: ah, that way round :-)02:58
elmoor https or whatever02:58
pittielmo: okay, that's fine02:58
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elmothe name 'arch.ubuntu.com' is already in use02:58
elmofor an entirely different service02:59
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pittielmo: would it be possible to update to baz 1.1.1 on rookery?02:59
elmotho I hope it doesn't break anyone using 1.0 specific stuff03:00
pittihuh, thanks :-)03:00
pittielmo: no, I'm just afraid that 1.0 could break when mirroring an 1.1 archive03:00
Kamionmantiena: well the former should be fixed, not the latter03:00
elmo<random>why do people who are downloading ISOs prefer ftp so much?03:00
Kamionmantiena: fix the cause, not the symptoms03:00
Kamionelmo: crappy rsync cron job on chinstrap03:01
Kamionmantiena: (making apt-install check first would slow regular installs down quite a lot - dpkg -l is not very fast03:01
rcaskey_does anyone know if the hardware database has been specced out?03:02
mantienaKamion, maybe, then we can fix at least grub-installer03:02
Kamionmantiena: huh?03:02
Kamionmantiena: no03:03
Kamionmantiena: hmm, the no-network case is awkward, but I don't think any of these proposed solutions are quite correct03:04
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mantienaKamion, no network case is very usual, especially with live CD03:05
mantienaKamion, it's one line fix in grub installer03:05
Kamionbut breaking installer error handling is not the answer03:05
Kamionit's the wrong place03:05
mantienaKamion, and it doesn't break an install03:05
KamionI am not going to maintain a bunch of little patches to everything that calls apt-install03:05
mantienaKamion, not to everythink03:06
mantienait's nonsense to install same package if it is already installed03:06
tritiumsivang, and I did blacklist intel_agp in order to use NgAGP03:07
Kamionsigh, I have other things to do, sorry :(03:07
Kamionmantiena: how about using the -m flag to apt-get install?03:08
Kamion              Ignore missing packages; If packages cannot be retrieved or fail03:08
Kamion              the  integrity  check after retrieval (corrupted package files),03:08
Kamion              hold back those packages and handle the result.03:08
Kamionalthough I'm not sure about that03:08
Kamionmaybe for speed it would be better to run apt-get install, and *only* if it fails check whether the package is already installed03:08
mantienaKamion, maybe03:09
Kamionthat would be more efficient, because it would do the work only in error cases03:09
sireeshhey does ubuntu have any embedded linux distribution03:09
mantienaKamion, I'm happy with any solution which works ;)03:09
Kamionmantiena: I'm not happy with just any solution that works, as you may have gathered; I have to maintain the installer going forward so I want it to stay as simple as possible :)03:09
mantienaKamion, I understand you, so for my it's fine any solution which is fine for you ;)03:10
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mantienaKamion, I try to install some more times and see if -m helps03:11
KamionI think actually -m is probably wrong03:12
Kamionit won't have the right error behaviour if the package is unavailable and not installed03:12
Kamion(in that case apt-install needs to return an appropriate error code so that the user can be notified of the error)03:12
mantienaKamion, if package is unavailable and not installed then it's really error for liveCD03:12
Kamionindeed so03:13
Kamionso you want to know about it03:13
Kamionhm, have you no /etc/apt/sources.list at all?03:14
mantienaKamion, liveCD should contain all packages for installing without internet access and it seems now just one - grub is missing in live CD03:14
Kamiongrub's in base - ah, but debootstrap does not install it, deliberately03:14
mantienaKamion, yes, live CD doesn't need any sources in sources list03:15
KamionI would prefer sources.list to *exist*, even if empty; it makes the change simpler03:15
mantienaKamion, I think sources.list should contain all needed sources like now, just they should be commented out as default03:16
mantienathen apt-get install doesn't produce an error ;)03:16
Kamionit does03:17
Kamionproduce an error, I mean03:17
mantienaKamion, why ?03:17
Kamiontry it03:17
Kamionremember to apt-get update03:18
mantienaKamion, I'm talking about situation, when sources.list contains only commented out sources (all lines are begining with # )03:20
Kamionyes, I know you are, and I just tested that03:20
mantienaroot@ubuntu:/etc/apt # apt-get update03:20
mantienaReading Package Lists... Done03:20
mantienano error03:20
Kamionnow try apt-get install grub03:21
Kamionah, but grub is uninstalled for me, I'm sorry03:21
Kamionapt-get install dpkg does exit non-zero03:21
Kamionok, there's your fix :-)03:22
Kamionjust make sure always to create /target/etc/apt/sources.list and you should be fine03:23
Kamionyou'll need to arrange for grub.deb to be available for installation on the CD; that is a more generic problem03:23
Kamion(along with lilo.deb, yaboot.deb on powerpc, that sort of thing)03:23
mantienaKamion, sources.list is created, but in ubuntu live CD it contains uncommented entries as default :(03:24
Kamionok, maybe apt-setup should be called to test those entries03:24
Kamionat the moment that involves asking the user one question though03:25
Kamionthe other plausible solution is to have an apt repository on the CD that's always usable and that contains stuff like grub, lilo, yaboot that the live CD installer might need to install03:28
Kamionthat sounds rather simpler03:28
Kamionmight need another seed though03:28
mantienaKamion, how to simply check exit value of some program in command line ? (sorry for stupid question)03:29
Kamionman bash :)03:29
pittimantiena: <cheat> use $? </cheat> :-)03:30
Kamionbut make sure to avoid set -e exiting on you03:31
mantienapitti, thanks03:32
pittimantiena: or if you just need to check for success, "if foo; then...; fi03:32
Kamionor like read any shell script for examples :)03:32
Kamionthere is no shortage of them03:33
mantienapitti, I know if, but it's too many to write for testing some commands in terminal03:33
d3vic3#6712 is killing me 03:33
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mantienadaniels, maybe you know why ddcprobe doesn't detect properly my monitor when connected to integrated savage video card, but works fine with same monitor, connected to nvidia video card ?03:49
danielsmantiena: because it only works for the primary video card03:50
elmooh dear god03:51
danielselmo: ?03:51
mantienadaniels, I have only one video card connected03:51
elmodaniels: that bug d3vic3 mentioned03:51
mantienadaniels, ddcprobe detect monitor incorrectly on savage video card03:53
=== sivang just made his laptop suspend and hibernate with the proprierity nvidia driver :)
pittisivang: lucky you...03:54
danielsmantiena: yes, I know03:55
danielsmantiena: but if you have two video devices03:55
sivangpitti: you should try that, but the instruction I got from tritium are i386 specific :)03:55
danielsmantiena: it will only work for whichever one of those is the primary one, i.e. whichever one the bios shows on03:56
pittisivang: there's currently no sleep support for newer iBook G4's :-(03:56
sivangpitti: ah and that nice little machine of yours (which you brought to the conf) is iBook G4 ?03:57
mantienadaniels, I have only one device, I simply connect same monitor to different computers03:57
danielsmantiena: oh, ok.  is the savage a laptop?03:57
pittisivang: yes03:57
mantienano, both are workstations03:57
sivangpitti: oh :-/03:58
danielsmantiena: ok, so the savage hardware sucks; not much we can do there, sadly03:58
mantienadaniels, on savage video dccprobe shows strange results, I can paste output to  you private irc window if you need03:59
danielsmantiena: if you like, but there's not much I can do about it other than suggest you write to S3 and tell them they should stop producing such terrible hardware04:00
mantienadaniels, but win98 detect horizontal and vertical freqencies correctly with savage drivers04:00
danielsmantiena: yes, but they don't have the same restrictions we do (in order to work across almost every video card, we have to use vbe, the vesa bios extensions; doing per-card stuff in ddcprobe is totally impractical, although I want to see it happen, and have plans to make it so)04:01
daniels*blink*, hardware that actually totally mangles ddc results into uselessness while keeping it as a totally valid edid packet04:07
danielsWHOOHOO S3!!!04:07
Treenaksdaniels: well, at least they follow /some/ standards..04:07
tritiumpitti, if you'd like to try what I did anyway, we can give it a shot04:08
lamontdaniels: sounds like a lot of work went into that04:08
tritiumthe only i386-specific thing was blacklisting intel_agp04:08
danielslamont: obviously when they said 'make a terrible video card', their employees obviously took it as a challenge, rather than an opportunity to be lazy for months04:08
pittitritium: no, there is no iBook G4 sleep support in the kernel04:09
pittitritium: even if I remove all modules, X, etc.04:09
tritiumpitti, oh, it's in the kernel itself.  Okay, sorry...04:09
pittitritium: Benjamin Herrenschmidt is working on that, but it isn't ready yet :-(04:09
mantienabtw, I've read, that savage already has open source DRI and DRM drivers ;) maybe somewhere are some development debs or debianized sources ?04:10
tritiumWell, hopefully it will be ready soon.  I plan to buy a powerbook in the next few months.04:10
pittitritium: for powerbooks the patch already seems to work04:10
mantienafor Xorg04:10
danielsmantiena: no, and there won't be for hoary04:10
danielsthey're still experimental (read: broken)04:10
pittitritium: i. e. Kamion and sjoerd use it regularly (IIRC)04:10
tritiumpitti, excellent news.  Will that patch be in ubuntu kernels soon?04:10
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pittitritium: I doubt, it's too invasive04:11
pittitritium: and believe me, we do bugged fabbione enough about this :-)04:11
tritiumpitti, okay.  Thanks for the info, though!  Heh :)04:11
mantienadaniels, they aren't included into lates Xorg (6.8.2) ?04:11
pittis/do bugged/did bug/04:11
danielsmantiena: no, they aren't even in Xorg HEAD04:11
danielsit's a combination of latest DRM + Xorg HEAD + DRI HEAD04:11
mantienadaniels, hehe, it seems savage users should wait few months ;)04:12
danielsmantiena: yeah04:12
mantienadaniels, thanks for sad info >:>04:13
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tsengseb128: mailed you the f-spot sources, ping me with any issues.04:23
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seb128tseng: I've just replied04:25
seb128tseng: need to build-dep of libgphoto2.2-dev04:25
tsenghm i was *sure* i did that04:25
zulseb128: heh did you have a look #6712 yet?04:26
seb128tseng: perhaps you updated debian/control which is replace with debian/control.in on build ?04:26
tsengseb128: that must be it.04:26
seb128tseng: BTW I'm away for an hour or so, I'll upload it tonight 04:28
winkletseng: could you fix muine while you're at it? :)04:28
tsengwinkle: someone else "fixed" it, but its FTBFS04:28
tsengwinkle: something nasty looking about libxine.04:29
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seb128tseng: xine-lib FTBFS in ffmpeg with asm stuff here04:29
seb128perhaps the same issue04:29
tsengseb128: reuploading now. thanks04:29
seb128BTW I'm out for a while, bbl04:30
tsengwinkle: could be solved possibly by syncing with debian, their latest is using gstreamer04:30
winkletseng: yeah, I saw that04:31
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tsengthe muine maintainer still seems hesitant to upload gtk-sharp 1.9.2 to experimental04:31
tsengwhich for some reason makes me less eager to stick it in universe04:31
tsengon the other hand, it currently on is used by muine afaik, and is parallel installable04:32
Kamionoh, wow04:32
tsengcant hurt much.04:32
Kamionthe Tagalog word for "archive" is "arkibong"04:32
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danielsKamion: nice!04:33
tsengdo I still need to mail mdz/jdub to approve a sync into universe?04:34
elmoyou need to be a MOTU tho; I forget if you are or not (sorry)04:36
tsengelmo: in that case, can you please sync muine. (I am on the MOTU wiki :)04:36
FelixjuhWill Hoary ship Xorg 6.8.1 or 6.8.2? There are some Intel 810/815 problems (refresh problems) in 6.8.1 so the live CD isn't working :(04:37
tsengFelixjuh: the current xorg in hoary is 6.8.1 with a huge backport from .204:38
KamionFelixjuh: current plan is 6.8.204:38
danielsFelixjuh: eh, 6.8.2, but 6.8.1-1ubuntu16 is almost entirely 6.8.2 anyway (it's missing about four patches)04:38
danielsthe problem you have is actually caused by drivers/i810 from CVS HEAD, so in this case, it's too new rather than too old :P04:38
FelixjuhAh I see :) thanks for the reply, so it's a known problem? or should I still bugzilla it? 04:39
danielsFelixjuh: known problem, will chase down the fix one way or another before hoary04:40
elmo[NOT Updating - Modified]  muine_0.6.3-5ubuntu1 (vs 0.6.3-6)04:40
elmotseng: ok to override ubuntu changes?04:40
tsengelmo: yes.04:40
Felixjuhdaniels: cool thanks! :)04:41
tsengthat was meant to be a rebuild against new libflac04:41
danielsFelixjuh: no worries04:42
elmotseng: done04:43
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zulhey t-bone04:46
T-Bonehey zul :)04:46
=== Mitario_ [~msikkes@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitario_hello again04:46
tsengelmo: thanks.04:47
sivangseb128: still here?04:51
tsengsivang: left for an hour he says04:52
T-BoneKamion: low-pri ping ;)04:52
KamionT-Bone: sorry I'm not going to manage the pci.handmap stuff today, other stuff has come up04:52
T-Bonedamn :P04:52
KamionI have to leave for the weekend in about 40 minutes04:53
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T-BoneKamion: no way you could send me a draft so that I'd now what to put in there?05:01
KamionT-Bone: haven't got that far sorry05:01
T-Boneforget it. Hope we'll make it in time for hoary anyway :)05:02
T-Bonei'll deal with zul/lamont for the kernel fixmerge party now :)05:02
zuloh yay!05:02
KamionI totally intend to, it will fix a whole lot of regressions from warty05:02
T-BoneKamion: cool!05:03
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makohave people seen the new http://www.ubuntuitalia.org ?05:04
sivangmako: wow05:05
sivangmako: what the ? ;-))05:05
makoyeah, seriously :)05:06
zulmako: i should be getting my key signed today but its my non-gentoo email address05:06
sivangmako: is it plone?05:06
lamontKamion/daniels: what's the word on that demo-process?05:06
makozul: i first read that, "non-ghetto" email address ;)05:06
Kamionlamont: trying to finish off now05:06
danielslamont: the word is 'fuck'05:06
T-Bonelamont: #ubuntu-kernel for kernel work ;)05:06
lamontkamion/daniels: IOW, can we break the kernel?05:06
danielsbut i suspect that's not what you were after05:06
Kamionlamont: please wait a bit :)05:06
lamontT-Bone: is #ubuntu-kernel logged?05:06
danielslamont: give us an hour or something and we'll let you know05:07
Kamionas in, not *right* now ...05:07
lamontKamion: we talking monday, or later?05:07
T-Bonelamont: by me. If you want to do it otherwise go ahead :)05:07
lamontT-Bone: grumble.05:07
danielslamont: we're talking 'this one should be gold, honest'05:07
Kamionlamont: hopefully tonight should be fine05:07
=== lamont logs also, but we should help fabbione's logging stuff along before we go start our own channel;
lamontKamion: planning to have things together by monday-ish05:08
Kamionoh hell, that'll be more than fine05:08
zulmako: same thing ;)05:08
lamontT-Bone: IOW, I'd prefer to leave the kernel conversations here until fabbione starts logging #ubuntu-kernel, or I figure out how to do it for him in his absence...05:09
T-Bonelamont: i can start an instance of irc2html there05:09
lamontT-Bone: let me look at my fabbione mail in a minute05:09
=== lamont boggles at realizing that fabbione has a non-ipv6-understanding netcat deployed on his home network
=== T-Bone tries to figure out how irclog2html is supposed to be used
thomT-Bone: you run a client and then feed irclog2html the logs05:14
=== luis_ [~louie@h001217d2c87d.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontbummer.  sparcbuildd machine is down.05:14
T-Bonethom: trying to do that05:14
lamontwell, that was short. :-(05:14
thomquick, fly elmo to denmark!05:15
T-Boneirclog2html <xchatlogfile> doesn't seem to produce any output05:15
tsengthis is retarded.. muine refuses to build any more05:17
tsengsame version we've had for ages05:17
T-Bonebummer. it writes its output to the originating directory05:17
zulthom: fly? teleportation is much more efficent05:17
lamontthom: on the bright side, he won't waste cycles building things that will be superseded anyway :-)05:19
T-Bonelamont: ok logging works and I'll be pleased to upload logs wherever you'd want me to :)05:19
danielsthom: fly?  he can drive05:19
lamontT-Bone: heh05:19
=== lamont clutters his window listing more
T-Bonehey mako!05:20
makoT-Bone: yeah05:20
danielsmako: trying to kill your window, eh? :)05:20
makodaniels: i was trying to kill the line05:21
danielsmako: ah05:21
danielswith ^A^K?05:21
makoi'm so excited.. there's a snowstorm and i am going to go see The Gates covered in snow 05:21
=== luis_ kicks mako
thom"the gates"?05:21
thomoh, as in the building05:21
=== luis_ assumes the artwork in central park
makowhen i saw it, the first thing i thought was "this would look AWESOME in the now"05:22
makois now the snow even05:23
thomholy crap05:24
thomthat's pretty awesome05:24
sivangI hope to canvas doesn't tear up under the weight of the snow05:24
rburtonmvo: do you have a synaptic supporting the pluggable progress window for sid?05:24
mvorburton: wanted to upload it today, not yet05:27
makosivang: the canvas is hung in such a way that this wouldn't be a problem05:27
sivangmako: ah ok05:27
rburtonmvo: i'll apply your patch when i can test it05:27
rburtonbut it looks good05:27
mvorburton: cool, thanks. if you want to test it fast, I can make the synaptic tarball available (with debian/ dir) so that you can build it yourself05:28
rburtonmvo: i'll wait05:30
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KamionKeybuk: how would I use hi_mom.py by hand to merge a Debian change, given all three source packages required for the three-way merge?05:51
Keybukyou have them on disk?05:53
Keybukor you want it to fetch them?05:54
Keybukif you have your own checkout, "hi_mom hotplug main" or similar works05:54
KamionI have them on disk06:00
Kamionwould rather it didn't fetch them06:00
T-BoneKamion: weren't you supposed to leave for the weekend at some point? :^)06:01
T-Bonebegone then! B-)06:02
KamionKeybuk: anyway, if I could lodge being able to do something like "hi_mom netcfg_1.07.dsc netcfg_1.07ubuntu7.dsc netcfg_1.08.dsc" as a feature request, that'd be cool06:03
Keybukyou can do it in the API, import hi_mom and then hi_mom.prepare(...) and hi_mom.merge(.....)06:05
Keybuk(after some sifting; it would be handy if there were a one-shot though, yeah)06:05
Keybukthough it'd be also handy if there were a config for it so you didn't have to grab stuff from sourcerer and hct to make it run :p06:06
KamionI'll have a go at that early next week then06:07
KamionKeybuk: (also, if you could re-mirror scott@canonical.com--2005/mango-sorbet that'd be good06:10
Kamion  archive: scott@canonical.com--200506:10
Kamion  revision: mango-sorbet--devel--0--patch-1706:10
Kamion  file: mango-sorbet--devel--0--patch-17.patches.tar.gz06:10
Kamionthe baz bug I assume06:10
Kamionhm, baz doesn't like it if you crash in the middle of 'baz switch'06:11
Kamion$ baz update06:11
Kamionupdate: tree has no common history with version06:11
Kamion    tree: /home/cjwatson/src/canonical/mango-sorbet/mango-sorbet06:11
Kamion    version: scott@canonical.com--2005/mango-sorbet--devel--006:11
Kamion$ baz switch scott@canonical.com--2005/mango-sorbet--devel--006:11
KamionSpecified directory does not exist06:11
KamionPath: scott@canonical.com--2005/mango-sorbet--devel--0--06:11
Mithrandirjoin-branch, then06:11
=== tritium [~tritium@ee213-dhcp-11.ecn.purdue.edu] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
Keybukhe's just going "yeah" at the moment :p06:11
lifelessKamion: baz tree-version <old-version>06:11
lifelessKamion: then switch again.06:12
Keybuklike we did last summer...06:12
lifelesswhat baz version btw ?06:12
lifelessah, not on this cahnnel :)06:12
Kamionii  bazaar                                         1.1.1                                          arch revision control system06:12
lifelessright, I think thats fixed in 1.206:12
KeybukKamion: ok, mango-sorbet remirrored06:13
pittilifeless: btw, is "baz rm" fixed for directories in 1.2, too?06:13
lifelesspitti: fixed ?06:13
pittilifeless: 06:14
pittipostgresql-8.0-8.0.1/debian$ baz rm po06:14
pittiattempt to remove directory po06:14
pittilifeless: po is an empy, but registered directory06:14
lifelessuhm, don't think soo06:14
lifelessrm -rf will work, fwiw.06:14
pitti$ baz rm --help06:14
pittiremove a file (or dir, or symlink) and its explicit inventory tag (if any)06:14
lifelessI agree that should be fix.06:14
pittihelp says it can remove dir06:14
pittilifeless: that'd be great06:14
pittilifeless: so just rmdir will work?06:15
pittiokay, nice06:15
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sivangthom: everything's ok?06:49
thomsivang: eh?06:49
thomno, he's broken yelp :P06:49
thomhe's going to blame me though06:49
sivangwell, he'd probably fix it quick no?06:49
sivangor maybe, EZ GTK BOOG ?06:50
thomno, it's not that simple i think06:50
sivangit's working fine here06:51
sivangwhat is the problem?06:51
thomtry viewing anything that's brought in by doc-base06:51
sivangthom: man pages for instance?06:52
thomthe ESP ghostscript manual, if you have it, is one06:53
sivangok, I'll check06:53
=== website [~website@host113-191.pool8250.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomor applications/programming/dive into python06:54
sivangthom: ah that? I got used to seeing that06:54
sivangthom: thought it was regular of the development cycle..;-)06:55
seb128tseng: here ?06:55
seb128thom: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=6705 ?06:55
seb128thom: I've opened a bug upstream, but I'm not sure that's an yelp issue, the documents are not correct according to the dtd06:56
thomseb128: ross was saying it doesn't happen with yelp linked to mozilla in sid06:56
thomjust with ffox in hoary06:56
rburtonyou all suck06:56
seb128gni ?06:56
seb128debian has 2.606:56
seb128we have 2.906:56
rburtonseb128: i've got 2.9 from cvs06:57
seb128rburton: have you tried 2.9.3 ?06:57
seb128maybe that's fixed in the CVS06:57
rburton$ yelp --version06:57
rburtonGnome yelp 2.9.306:57
rburtonlet me try06:57
seb128I don't get how the backend would change that06:57
seb128trying to open a document with mlview gives the same error06:57
seb128the pages don't follow the dtd06:58
rburtoni'm happily viewing diveintopython06:58
rburtonwhat xml parser is giving those errors06:59
sivangthom: btw, people told me that #6590 isn't happening on debian, might be worthwhile checking the changed on the ubuntu pkgs?06:59
seb128xmllint --valid /usr/share/doc/diveintopython/html/index.html 07:00
seb128if I try to open it with mlview07:01
seb128file:///usr/share/doc/diveintopython/html/index.html:15: parser error : Opening and ending tag mismatch: link line 0 and head07:01
seb128   </head>07:01
rburtonthat xml error comes from mozilla07:01
seb128hum ?07:01
seb128mlview doesn't use mozilla, that's a xml editor :)07:02
rburtonthe one in the bug07:02
thomsivang: i know exactly what 6590 is07:02
rburtonso blame firefox07:02
seb128rburton: lemme try to build with mozilla07:02
sivangthom: I may try and fix it if you care to explain where, but if it's not RC stuff I'd cotinue to decipher some gnome-cups-manager mumble people have written as bugs :)07:05
thomsivang: i'd prefer that you do other stuff, tbh07:06
sivangthom: ok :)07:06
thomyou'll get to have fun testing it since i have no clue if hebrew is backwards forwards or sideways07:07
sivangthom: hehe, ok, I personally do mind that much, my folks over the country team however....;-)07:08
sivangs/do mind/do not mind/07:08
seb128thom, rburton: same error with the mozilla backend07:11
=== gro [~gro@ip-212-239-167-206.dsl.scarlet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rburtonyour stupid mozilla shouldn't think it's an xml file07:13
rburtonits clearly html07:13
rburtoni've got moz 1.7.507:14
sivangrburton: I thought yelp feeds off docbook xml...isn't dip one such document?07:14
seb128ii  mozilla-browse 1.7.5-1ubuntu1 The Mozilla Internet application suite - cor07:15
seb128rburton: how do you know than mozilla thinks that's an xml file ? it opens it right here07:15
seb128yelp doesn't07:16
seb128rburton: ?07:21
seb128any hint ?07:21
rburtonno idea07:22
seb128k, no problem07:23
seb128I'm just surprised that work on a debian system :)07:23
=== mvo leaves to play some hockey
zulmako: ping07:32
=== tritium [~tritium@ee213-dhcp-11.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rcaskey_so is the MTA still going to be nixed?07:39
=== lamont-away lunches
tsengseb128: here now07:48
seb128> I have it packages, but I was waiting for testing output (no mono on my07:49
seb128computer right now).07:49
seb128reply from the debian maintainer07:49
seb128he says that I can go ahead with your package if I want07:49
tsengsounds great.07:49
seb128do you have changed some tricky part ? Or should I say him to get ahead with his version ?07:49
tsengwell, i changed a few minor things07:50
tsengfirst, i stopped copying two files into debian/f-spot from debian/ that are now in the main distribution07:50
tsengsecond I added an mv of libgphoto2-sharp from /usr/lib/mono to /usr/share/dotnet/f-spot or so07:51
seb128I've asked for his package in fact, I'll diff both07:51
tsengreally just cleaning up to the latest version..07:51
seb128do you mind to get tours version since you worked on it ?07:51
tsengnot especially, as long as it works07:52
seb128cool, thanks!07:52
seb128BTW time for dinner07:52
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@nat2.camtrial.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
robtaylorhmm, think i might have a clue why ipw2100 isn't working on my box..08:00
robtaylori take it th0: Radio is disabled by RF switch. isn't normal?08:00
tsengrobtaylor: do you have a switch or a wireless function key on f2?08:10
Mitarioanyone who uses ACL permissons on their directories? files?08:10
tsengsupport questions really belong in #ubuntu, dudes.08:11
Mitariooh sorry, wrong channel08:11
Mitarioforgot to press alt f3 :)08:11
mjg59robtaylor: Either you have a hardware switch or a software switch that controls it08:11
mjg59If there's no physical switch, check rfswitch.sf.net08:12
=== marcin_ant [~marcin@www.e-dev.tele2.pl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
robtaylormjg59: coolio thanks :)08:24
robtaylori definitly havn't switch anything since it was working with 2.6.9, so :/08:24
makozul: hey there08:25
zulmako: willy has my key he just has to sign it should i send you my keyfingerprint now or should i wait?08:25
makozul: upload the key to a keyserver08:28
makoi'd prefer keyserver.kjsl.com08:28
makothen send me the signed coc08:28
zulmako: ok08:28
makoand ping me when willy has uploaded the signed key to a keyserver08:28
zulgreat thanks08:28
robtaylortseng: this is a regression from warty, so probably more relevent here..08:29
tsengrobtaylor: it doesnt sound like a regression08:29
tsengit sounds like you accidentally pushed an RF kill switch08:29
tsengwhich I've done myself08:30
robtaylortseng: appears i have a software switch08:30
tsenghere its Fn+F2, some have a real switch08:30
tsengsee a little wireless tower icon by chance?08:31
robtaylorgot it.. 08:33
tsengdrs appointment, bbl08:33
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@nat2.camtrial.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitariook, little question here: should distro names like 'Warty Wharthog' also be localized?08:54
Mitarioeh Warthog08:54
makoMitario: i'd say no08:55
makoMitario: that would get insane :)08:55
Mitariohmm, me either08:55
Mitarioyeah :)08:55
Mitarioi would laugh every time I see that name in dutch ;)08:55
makoi'm a native english speaker and i didn't even know what "hoary meant :)08:56
makomaybe it's more common on the other side of the pond08:56
Mitarioheh, dunno, i have really no clue what it means08:56
makolike having white hair.. old08:58
Mitariohmm, and what about numbers like '5.04'08:59
Mitarioi mean is that part of the name08:59
makonot to be confused with whorey hedgehot.. which is something else entirely08:59
Mitarioor actually a version numer08:59
makoit's a version number08:59
makoit stands for the year and the month08:59
Mitarioyeah i know, but would for example a chineese translator want/need to translate it?08:59
MitarioSo you get like Ubuntu Hoary <some chinese chars> "Hoary Hedgehog"09:00
Mitariogood ;)09:00
=== Mitario is fixing translator annoyances for update-manager
makoif it's really more common to write the equivalent of "Five point four" than 5.04, that's fine but i don't know of a language where that would happen09:00
Mitariohmm, and for something as 'Debian Stable'? would a translator need/want to translate 'Stable'?09:02
Mitarioor is that also 'part of the release name'09:02
=== wasabi [~wasabi@c-24-1-67-127.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittigood night everybody09:07
makoMitario: i'm not sure what the convention is there09:07
makoMitario: but stable is a term that people to type into their sources list.. so i would treat it like hoary unless we're using it as an adjective09:08
Mitarioyeah ok09:08
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whiprushtseng: ping09:39
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@nat2.camtrial.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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Mitariohi mvo!10:14
mvohi Mitario 10:19
=== Evaso [~yellow@ppp-94-168.24-151.libero.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Evasowhat is the status of packet writing (udf) support in hoary after the official support in kernel 2.6.10?10:24
lamontjdub awake?10:25
lamontor mako?10:27
tsengwhiprush: yes?10:30
whiprushI wanted you to check my f-spot package. But nm ...10:30
whiprush.8 requires gphoto-sharp10:30
tsenggphoto-sharp is part of f-spot10:31
tsengi made a package also10:31
tsengbut the maintainer has one10:31
whiprushI wonder what I messed up. :-/10:31
tsengyou can look at mine10:31
whiprushI'd like to10:31
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@nat2.camtrial.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengit works great, but seb talked to the maintainer and is taking his package possibly10:32
tsengwe assumed the maintainer wasnt interested since he hasnt uploaded a new version since forever10:32
whiprushMine wouldn't build in pbuilder without liblcms1-dev as a build-dep10:33
tsengthats a build dep in the original I believe10:33
=== tseng looks
tsenggar, guess not. it got pulled in on my system from somewhere10:34
=== T-Bone is now known as T-Gone
metalikopwhat's the cleanest way to resolve a W: cfv: script-not-executable ./usr/lib/python2.4/site-packages/cfv.py10:47
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@nat2.camtrial.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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tsengmetalikop: chmod +x cfv.py10:56
metalikopthat's what I figured, just wanted to make sure that was the clean way to do it10:57
tsengcleaner would be earlier than that10:58
tsengwhen its still in debian/foopackage/usr/lib/python3.410:58
tsengpackage im looking at does stuff like that in binary-install10:59
metalikopwhich package would that be?11:01
=== luis_ discovers tseng's muine packages
=== luis_ thanks tseng profusely
tsengluis_: thank dajobe mostly11:02
metalikopI'm looking for docs or something on binary-install.11:02
tsengluis_: he picked up one patch from me, i mostly rebuilt his sources11:02
metalikopCan you point me in the right location?11:02
tsengdebhelper docs, um..11:03
tsengmaybe not.11:03
metalikopI checked through that & dh_install11:03
makolamont: yeah11:05
=== Simira [rpGirl@m146i.studby.ntnu.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengluis_: see how well those work for awhile.. id like to stick them in universe11:06
luis_tseng: yeah, I'll punish them heavily; muine is the only thing we use for music here and my gf has been asking for a version with shuffle for a while11:08
luis_so they'll get heavily used11:08
=== luis_ just shuffled 143 hours of music
tsengluis_: i seem to remember you blogging about muine on a set top box with xfce11:08
=== T-Gone is now known as T-Bone
luis_though I ended up not bothering with xfce, and just using the standard gnome panel stuff11:09
=== robtaylor__ [~robtaylor@nat2.camtrial.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengluis_: heh, dajobe has no qualms about us uploading those11:09
luis_the muine ones or f-spot?11:10
luis_in exactly two songs worth of testing they seem to work fine ;)11:11
=== luis_ has to test on laptop before upgrading gf's machine
tsengyeah I've been using it for weeks.11:12
=== luis_ ponders upgrading the gnome liveCD to today's hoary liveCD
tsengluis_: add muine !!11:14
luis_I have11:15
luis_well, no, I take that back, I didn't, because of the libflac thing11:15
luis_I assume yours depend on libflac6 and not 4?11:15
=== lamont goes to fetch kids
tsengthe current one has had fixes uploaded, but they all fail to build =/11:16
tsengon libmuine, gst or xine. tis odd, seeing as its the same version we've had forever11:17
=== website [~website@host113-191.pool8250.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
luis_anyway, I'd definitely love to have muine on the liveCD11:19
luis_and I'll probably use your f-spot packages11:19
luis_but right at the moment I seem to have screwed up the liveCD badly enough that it is nearly 900 megs11:20
luis_so I have to figure out the cause of that and fix it first :)11:20
whiprushthat used to happen to me.11:20
whiprushwhen I tried putting it back together but everything was still mounted.11:20
=== flint_ [~flint@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== flint_ is now known as mdz
mdzKamion, here?11:20
luis_whiprush: you are wise11:21
luis_as usual11:21
mdzlamont, here?11:21
=== luis_ unmounts, rebuilds
mdzjbailey, ?11:22
=== luis_ wonders if he should remove ooo 1.1 and put in 1.9.x
jbaileymdz: Here.11:25
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@mxpxpod.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== robtaylor__ [~robtaylor@nat2.camtrial.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mxpxpoddoes the icon caching thing mess anyone elses icon themes up?11:43
=== T-Bone is getting more and more convinced that the SIGILL bug is a ubuntu-only bug
T-Bone(on ppc)11:44
mxpxpodT-Bone: what's that?11:44
T-Bonemxpxpod: random build kills with SIGILL11:44
T-Boneon ppc11:45
mxpxpodT-Bone: never had that problem11:45
T-Bonewith Ubuntu kernels11:45
T-Bonemxpxpod: neither did I until i used ubuntu-shipped kernels11:45
T-Bonemxpxpod: it seems to be a known bug, it happens on ubuntu buildds as well11:45
=== lupusBE [~lupus@dD5E03E4B.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mxpxpodT-Bone: I'm having strange problems with icon themes11:46
T-Bonesame here since I upgraded 1h ago11:47
mxpxpodT-Bone: if I remove all the icon-theme.cache's from my icon themes, everything works fine11:47
T-Bonealready seen that kind of bug in Debian a long time ago11:48
T-Bonemxpxpod: i guess you want to report a bug on bugzilla11:48
T-Bone(and note the fix as well :)11:48
mxpxpodI'm wondering if gtk-update-icon-cache needs to be run in a certain order on icon theme dirs11:49
T-Bonefeh. Yet another GTK B00G11:49
=== T-Bone wibbles
mdzjbailey, never mind, found lamont11:50
=== jbailey blinks.
=== T-Bone digs into powerpc patches
mxpxpodif only icon caching actually worked...11:52
jbaileymxpxpod: That's already in bugzilla.11:52
mxpxpodjbailey: what bug?11:52
jbaileymxpxpod: icon caching sucking on ppc.11:53
jbaileynp237 and I looked at it a bit this morning.  Looks like bad mapping of a hash algorithm to disk.11:53
jbaileyProbably.  The file gets mmap'd.11:53
jbaileyEither that or alignment.11:53
mxpxpodjbailey: do you have the bug number?11:53
jbailey(Actually, more probably alignment, since the file is generated on the local host)11:53
jbaileymxpxpod: Nope, but searching bugzilla for 'icon' this morning was enough.11:54
mxpxpodjbailey: gnome bz or ubuntu bz?11:54
jbaileymxpxpod: Ubuntu.11:54
jbaileymxpxpod: It's also in the Debian BTS.   It's not a recent bug, it's just that we've started to use icon caches. =)11:54
mxpxpodjbailey: hmm, is it the hicolor-icon-theme one? I don't see anything about icon caching on ppc11:55
jbaileyYeah yeah yeah, make me do work why don't you? =)11:56
jbaileyBut I was so enjoying reading the CGI spec and debugging Perl. =)11:57
mxpxpodjust think of this as a fun distraction11:57
jbaileyAll of the DUPLs at the top. =)11:57
=== robtaylor__ [~robtaylor@nat2.camtrial.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jbaileyWEll didn't that paste just suck?11:57
T-Bonejbailey: as most bugzilla URLs, yeah :)11:58
jbaileyhttps://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=6697 claims that it's a dup of 6715.11:59
jbaileyWhich it's certainly not. =)11:59
T-Bonesomebody was on crack when editing the bug? :)11:59
T-Bonehmm. Seems much easier to reproduce the SIGILL shyte on super fast g5 than on g4...12:00
jbaileyT-Bone: Yeah.  Take a look.  The original bug and all of the replies have nothing to do with one another: https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=671512:00
jbaileyAll Debian imported, so I'm not going to fuss with it.12:00
T-Bonelooks like i'll have vm/pm debugging to do. *sigh*12:00

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