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dholbachmetalikop, nice work on lfm12:18
dholbachmetalikop, since seb128 is the maintainer, i'll ask him before i upload it, alright?12:18
metalikopsure thing, I already dropped him an email, no response yet12:18
dholbachmetalikop, he'll be here tomorrow i guess12:19
metalikopno worries, maybe he'll check his email before then ;)12:19
dholbachmetalikop, and he'll give his ok, i'm sure12:20
dholbachmetalikop, de rien :-)12:20
dholbachwhiprush, ping12:22
whiprushworking on that now.12:22
dholbachwhiprush, cool12:22
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metalikopdholbach: imgsizer is ready to be tested12:35
dholbachmetalikop, right12:38
metalikopdholbach: I have a question for you....12:43
metalikopI'm working on mma (a midi program)12:43
dholbachmetalikop, fire away12:43
metalikopthe debian version is 0.11, a new version exists.  I figured I might as well update to 0.12 as well.12:44
metalikopThe author has the docs in a seperate .tar.gz file.12:44
dholbachyou did the same with cfv12:44
dholbachah ok12:44
metalikopWhat's the method for including the mma-docs.tar.gz in to this package?12:45
dholbachmetalikop, how is the packaging handled atm?12:45
dholbachmetalikop, does upstreams *-docs.tgz contain this: html  mma-lib.pdf  mma.pdf  mma-tutorial.pdf  README12:46
metalikopthere's one for pdfs and one for html12:47
metalikopso multiple docs tars12:47
dholbachthen you should better get in touch with the according DD12:48
metalikopperhaps he added them all in one .tar file?12:48
dholbachthat's a really bad thing "guessing how the maintainer compiled '*.orig.tar.gz'"12:49
metalikopindeed, I'll contact him12:49
dholbachnice - will the python transition be complicated?12:50
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dholbachmetalikop, you could add imgsizer.manpages12:52
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zulanyone want to try a patch to dpatch?01:15
dholbachzul, what is it about?01:17
zulcolorizes the patch output message result01:17
dholbachzul, where can i get it?01:18
zulback up your dpatch though01:19
T-Bonelol, indeed a simple patch :)01:19
=== T-Bone wonders if it works on any terminal actually
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metalikopdholbach: what should that file contain?  Just a list of the manpages provided by this app?01:24
dholbachyes, like   debian/imgsizer.101:25
metalikopa manpage is already provided01:26
metalikopshould I move the current imgsizer.1 in the source directory to ${SOURCE}/debian/ ?01:26
dholbachno... if it is provided by upstream01:27
=== jlj [~agp@host-81-191-64-79.bluecom.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
metalikopit's provided upstream01:27
metalikopdh_installman imgsizer.101:27
dholbachyou changed debian/rules to say dh_installman -p<blasomething>01:27
metalikopthat's already in there01:27
metalikopwithout the -p01:28
dholbach-       dh_installmanpages01:28
dholbach+       dh_installman imgsizer.101:28
dholbachthis is, what changed from 2.7-1 to 2.7-1ubuntu101:28
metalikopright, is that correct?  the ubunu1 version01:28
dholbachthis is why i mentioned you could add debian/imgsizer.manpages01:29
dholbachmetalikop, it was just a suggestion :-)01:32
dholbachhow can i close a bug in malone?01:34
metalikopis the imgsizer.manpages the preferred method?01:36
dholbachmetalikop, yes... i think so01:36
whiprushdholbach: ok, new stuff uploaded01:38
dholbachwhiprush, cool01:39
dholbachif someone could teach me, how to close https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/tasks/15701:40
sivangdholbach: intersting there seems to be no option for this01:42
sivangdholbach: talk to bradb01:42
sivangdholbach: anyway, I'm out for some weekend fun, ;aterz daniel!01:43
dholbachwhiprush, in  debian/control  s/python2\.3\-tk/python2\.4\-tk/ 01:43
dholbachsivang, what are you going to do?01:43
dholbachsivang, thanks for the hint to bradb01:43
sivangdholbach: watch a dvd movie I brought from the dvd store01:43
sivangdholbach: trying to set up ogle right now, since mplayer erros when trying to that :)01:44
dholbachsivang, what about totem? doesnt it work?01:44
dholbachwhiprush, you could also try   Build-Depends-Indep instead of Build-Depends01:45
sivangdholbach: I'll try, c'ya!01:45
dholbachsivang, bye! :-)01:46
whiprushodd, mine shows as Build-Depends-Indep01:46
whiprushyou're talking in debian/control right?01:46
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dholbachmetalikop, whiprush: i think i'm going to bed... drop me a line when you finished the packages and i'll look over them tomorrow, ok?02:13
dholbachsleep tight everyone, i'm off to bed02:15
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mjg59Hmm. If this QEmu accelerator thing is as shit-hot as the author claims, someone should convince Mark to buy the source03:00
jdubmjg59: (someone's trying)03:03
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dholbachhi olivier 09:27
dholbachmetalikop, imgsizer looks good now, thanks!09:32
crimsunyep. A couple of us helped him straighten them up a couple nights ago.09:33
dholbachwith jani, dredg, whiprush and metalikop wiki/UniversePythonTransitionTODO will be done in no time ;-)09:34
dholbachyou guys rock!09:34
dholbachmetalikop, uploaded imgsizer09:37
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HostingGeekI got no reply from nvu or from linex10:07
HostingGeekabout nvu10:07
HostingGeekalso now that i have looked at nvu source there is no way it can use an already installed firefox unless tha already install firefox has patches10:08
HostingGeekso the best thing to do would be to minamize everything of firefox it uses and package it as it is10:10
TreenaksHostingGeek: or just get the source10:16
TreenaksHostingGeek: and hack it into using firefox as-is10:16
dholbachhi Treenaks 10:16
HostingGeekTreenaks: its impossible10:16
TreenaksHostingGeek: it can use a patched firefox, right? then it should be possible to hack it into using an unhacked ffox10:17
HostingGeekTreenaks: unless you patch the current firefox10:17
HostingGeekTreenaks: the who thing is a patched firefox basicly10:17
TreenaksHostingGeek: the best solution is using firefox and vim10:17
HostingGeekthe whole thing is a hacked up fox10:18
HostingGeekTreenaks: i use firefox + bluefish10:18
TreenaksHostingGeek: than someone should step up and re-write it as an xpi for ffox10:18
HostingGeekTreenaks: its very hard10:18
HostingGeekTreenaks: have you looked at its source?10:19
jancisn't glazman planning to use xulrunner in the future?10:19
jancthat should be the base for FF 2.0 AFAIK10:19
HostingGeekalso BeeEmm the debian maintainor said he will happly maintain vhcs for ubuntu10:19
jancand TB 2.010:19
HostingGeekbut as he only has isdn and before uploading it he want to test it out him self he ordered a cd10:20
HostingGeekand now it after the feature freeze so he can't test10:20
HostingGeekbut this will mean one thing has to move from universe to main10:21
TreenaksHostingGeek: why?10:22
TreenaksHostingGeek: is it something MOTU can't do?10:22
HostingGeekTreenaks: he is the maintainor for debian he only just uploaded it to sid its been in experimental for a while10:22
HostingGeekand it depends on php4-mcrypt10:23
TreenaksHostingGeek: so? that can be in universe, just like the other packages10:23
Treenakswhat's wrong with universe10:23
HostingGeekand when i was in here last you said that if he maintains it.. it can be in main for a server install10:23
TreenaksHostingGeek: main is all about support, not so much about server vs workstation10:23
HostingGeekTreenaks: i asked him to join10:24
HostingGeekTreenaks: main means its offically support by ubuntu10:24
HostingGeekand can be put on a the cd10:24
TreenaksHostingGeek: no, main doesn't mean it's on the CD10:24
TreenaksHostingGeek: and the CD is quite full already10:24
HostingGeekor an extra cd10:25
HostingGeekor a custem cd for servers10:25
TreenaksHostingGeek: still, that doesn't make it "main" instead of universe10:25
TreenaksHostingGeek: custom CDs can already contain everything you want.. even custom packages10:25
=== BeeEmm [~beeemm@bigben.scunc.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
HostingGeekwasn't there going to be an offical custom cd for servers?10:26
TreenaksI'm not against it being in main, I'm just asking you te be realistic... if the Ubuntu people won't support it, it won't be in main10:26
HostingGeeknot for hoary but for 5.1010:26
TreenaksHostingGeek: hoary /is/ 5.1010:26
Treenaksuh no 5.0410:26
Treenakshoary+1 you mean10:26
Treenaksstill, small chance10:26
HostingGeekBeeEmm is still wait for his cds10:27
TreenaksBeeEmm: read the CD FAQ then10:27
HostingGeekTreenaks: what was this thing about a server cd10:28
jancbetter burn one yourself and send him if it has to be there fast...10:28
TreenaksHostingGeek: read the wiki10:28
HostingGeekwhich doesn't include the the desktop10:28
Treenaks10:28 < Treenaks> HostingGeek: read the wiki10:28
HostingGeekTreenaks: yes and why can't vhcs be part of this cd? and if it can it must mean it has to be in main10:29
dholbachHostingGeek, there is no server-cd - when you install, you can take the "custom" route to install a cropped-down amount of packages10:29
Treenaksdholbach: he's talking about hoary+110:29
dholbachTreenaks, ah ok10:30
HostingGeekdholbach: i know but i remeber here that there was an idea for a server cd  which includes anything server realated in main but not in universe10:30
dholbachHostingGeek, well then Treenaks is right: for ideas on this, the wiki will be the best guess10:31
HostingGeekalso are we going to see in the a search engine by default in the ubuntu build of firefox that searches the ubuntu site?10:31
dholbachHostingGeek, you could file a wishlist bug on this10:32
HostingGeekbut BeeEmm is the _debian_ maintainor and is happy to make debs for ubuntu10:33
HostingGeekonly thing is i'll like to see them in main10:33
HostingGeeki am not sure if BeeEmm cares if they are in main or universe10:33
HostingGeekdholbach: you where replying to my fox comment or vhcs?10:34
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=== HostingGeek was kicked off #ubuntu-devel by daniels (daniels)
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dholbachdaniels, may i ask, why you kicked him?10:47
dholbachi mean, i didnt really enjoy the conversation10:48
danielsdholbach: he has a habit of persistently making #ubuntu-devel absolutely useless by flooding it with total nonsense10:48
daniels(there are other bans active on him; he just slipped through them)10:48
dholbachoh i see, so he doesn't seem to be impressed by bans in general10:48
danielsapparently not10:50
dholbachok... it's alright with me... just wanted to know :-)10:51
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elmoogra: ?11:05
=== website [~website@host1-45.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachwhat's the most common way to add a .png to a package?11:18
dholbachif i do it "right" (not messing with orig.tar.gz), i run into "dpkg-source: cannot represent change to pixmaps/gparted.png: binary file contents changed"11:18
azeem_use uuencode/uudecode11:18
bob2if you have to add it to the diff, you can uuencode11:18
=== azeem_ is now known as azeem
bob2but that sort of thing sounds pretty upstreamy11:19
dholbachthey have their logo competition still going on :-)11:19
dholbachbut a menu entry without an icon looks dumb11:20
azeemyay for logo competitions11:20
dholbachazeem, bob2: thanks for the clue11:20
dholbachelmo, you also send the mail to -users?11:33
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ograelmo: ?12:48
dholbachmorning ogra!12:49
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HiddenWolfCan it be that the window selector unlocks itself from panel every reboot?12:51
HiddenWolfworkplace switcher, ugh. 12:51
seb128no idea, I don't look on what is locked or not when I start my session12:52
seb128right click on the applet12:52
seb128and look in the menu12:52
HiddenWolfI've found it unlocked a couple of times. Is yours?12:52
=== dgp [~danilo@adsl-ull-213-52.46-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128<seb128> no idea, I don't look on what is locked or not when I start my session12:53
seb128I don't even think I've one applet locked12:54
dholbachseb128, metalikop worked a bit on  lfm  (python2.4, ..) - and i approved his changes - since you are the maintainer, is it ok, when i upload it?12:55
dholbachseb128, i could send you the debdiff in a /query12:55
seb128I got a mail about the package12:56
seb128you need to version the Build-Depends on python-dev to 2.412:56
seb128out of this that's fine, go for it12:56
dholbachseb128, the buildd should resolve the Depends itself, so a rebuild would suffice12:59
seb128that's not a reason to do the wrong things01:00
seb128you use 2.4 in debian/rules, you should version the Build-Depends01:01
dholbachso you would tighten the build-depends and not let it compile with python2.3 anymore?01:01
seb128you have 2.4 in debian/rules01:01
dholbachoh... yes01:01
dholbachoh alright01:01
seb128you can change debian/rules to no use a static version01:01
seb128or update the Build-Depends01:02
seb128but the current situation is wrong01:02
dholbachok... i'll tell him01:02
seb128thanks :)01:02
dholbachhe also fixed 2 lintian warnings, so apart from the python stuff, he did well01:03
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=== tseng wonders why people send me bug reports via email
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dholbachhi zul 02:38
zulhey dholbach 02:38
zuloooh....ahhh 2.6.10-402:39
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mjg59zul: Where?03:10
zulon my pc03:16
zulmjg59: i had to merge a couple of acpi patches though03:17
danielsKamion: ping03:20
danielslamont: ping03:20
mjg59zul: Ah, ok03:21
danielshm, sleep time03:22
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sivanghi all03:33
dholbachhi sivan!03:34
sivanghi dholbach , still reviewing packages?03:37
dholbachsivang, no... finished (until whiprush and metalikop wake up) :-))03:37
dholbachsivang, now i'm taking care of mine... and learning how to things properly :-)03:38
sivangdholbach: well, it's still sunday, you should go and have some time out :)03:39
=== usual [~colin@cpe-24-194-198-205.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachsivang, will take murphy for a walk :-)03:40
sivangdholbach: my rgrds to her 03:40
dholbachcdbs rocks03:43
dholbachi'm simply amazed03:43
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dholbachamu, you're aware of (kdelibs-data: /etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu zu berschreiben, which is in "gnome-menus" as well) already?04:08
amudholbach: yep04:17
dholbachamu, good04:17
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dholbachamu, yes.. i think i just have k3b and another app installed04:36
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sivangseb128: hi, going over the g-c-m bugs I see most of them are upstream bugs, so basically we don't have too much specific problems local to ubuntu.04:46
seb128sivang: right04:47
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sivangpitti: Hi Marint!04:53
sivangerr, Martin04:53
pittiHi Svinag :-)04:53
sivangpitti: hehhe04:53
pittisivang: just returned from skiing, was nice today04:54
zulhey pitti 04:54
sivangpitti: wow, cool04:54
pittiHi zul04:54
zulwhere did you go skiing?04:54
seb128afternoon pitti 04:56
pittiHi seb128, how's Luxembourg today? :-)04:56
pittizul: in the vicinity of us, about 5 km away04:57
pittizul: "Poisenwald" :-)04:57
seb128pitti: no idea, usually I stay on the french side of the border :p04:57
pittiseb128: oh, ok :-)04:57
pittiseb128: ah, you live _near_ the border, but not _within Lux., right?04:58
seb128yep, about 20km from the border04:58
metalikopmorning all05:00
metalikopseb128: thanks for your email05:00
seb128hi metalikop 05:00
seb128np, thank you for working on this :)05:00
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da_bon_bonanyone here installed vmware from tarball ?05:17
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sivangis bugzilla down?05:29
HiddenWolfsivang: seems to be05:30
HiddenWolfsivang: was a notice about it on -devel05:30
sivangHiddenWolf: yeah I saw it, tnx.05:30
zulsivang: you should read -dev more often ;)05:30
sivangzul: I read it , just forgot to do timezone calculations :)05:31
sivangzul: it's always open on my mutt :)05:31
zul date --utc :)05:31
sivangzul: right :)05:32
=== HiddenWolf wonders how long the upgrade will last, considering how ubuntu is exploding in popularity
=== eruin [~eruin@eruin.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
HiddenWolfCan someone here put in the #ubuntu topic that the servers are down for maintenance?05:39
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HiddenWolfseb128, you here?05:46
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091b78.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
HiddenWolfdholbach, can you change the topic in #ubuntu?05:59
dholbachHiddenWolf, i don't think so05:59
dholbachHiddenWolf, what's wrong with it?06:00
HiddenWolfIt's overflowing with concerned users who can't update their warty's06:00
HiddenWolfWhich was to be expected, seeing that ubuntu.com is down for maintenance06:00
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tsengHiddenWolf: how many people read the topic? heh.06:33
dholbachtseng, you said, what i thought :-)06:35
HiddenWolftseng: read the topic is shorter than explaining the entire thing. :-P06:36
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herziamu: ping07:48
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[m0rph] hi, the new version of kdelibs in hoary overwrites the gnome /etc/xdg/menus/applications.menu08:01
dholbach[m0rph] , the problem is known08:02
[m0rph] dholbach: oh, good08:03
dholbachand a solution worked on08:06
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tsenganyone have a gphoto2 camera handy?08:35
ariwait, define "gphoto2 camera"08:36
tsenga camera that allows you to properly import photos using gphoto208:36
tsengcare do to a bit of testing for me?08:36
arior rather, a camera supported in gphoto208:36
arisure, do i have to be running ubuntu? :)08:36
tsengyep, hoary even08:37
arii suppose i could set up a chroot08:37
tsenghm that would take awhile, this is an X app08:37
ariprobably not that long08:38
aribut i guess i should be doing homework instead08:38
tsengheh, that comes first certainly08:38
tsengif someone has hoary and a camera and wants to test gphoto2 import with f-spot.. ping me08:39
arioh, it's just in f-spot 0.0.8?08:39
tsengsomeone mailed me a bug report saying it does:08:40
tsengUnhandled Exception: System.DllNotFoundException: libgphoto2.so08:40
tsengin <0x00053> (wrapper managed-to-native)08:40
tsengwhich I'm guessing is because libgphoto2-2 provides /usr/lib/libgphoto2.so.208:40
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dholbachhi zul08:44
zulhey dholbach 08:44
aritseng: there are a ton of DllImport("libgphoto2.so")s all over libgphoto2-sharp08:45
ariso yes, it's going to fail if libgphoto2-dev isn't installed08:45
tsengari: yep.08:46
tsengbut the bit in -dev is just a symlink08:46
tsenginteresting dilema, which package do I fix :P08:47
arier, f-spot08:48
tsengperhaps. I'm wondering how other apps find the right lib if we dont provide a symlink along with the runtime08:50
tsengknow any other libgphoto2 apps?08:50
arithere are no other C# apps that use gphoto208:52
ajmitchtseng: does mono not do some .so mapping?08:52
tsengdoesnt have to be C# specifically08:52
ariregular C apps just link with the library08:52
ariand they use the system linker, so they're found correctly08:52
tsengof course they do, heh.08:53
aribut you want to use .so.2, no .so08:53
tsengajmitch: there are foo.config.exe08:53
ajmitch /etc/mono/config appears to have some mappings there08:54
=== ajmitch cannot recall what the procedure is meant to be for libs :)
tsengyes, you can make those per .exe as well08:55
tsengbut im not sure you can for a dll08:55
ajmitchanyway, I've got an exam in a few min, will bbl08:55
tsengwe can certainly patch the source to hardcode .so.208:55
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tsengjust.. there must be a more portable way I'd imagine.08:56
ajmitchthat's nasty08:56
tsengill talk to larry about it later.08:56
tsengthanks for helping out also, ari 09:05
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pittiHai ogra09:16
ograhi pitti09:16
HiddenWolfogra! :)09:16
Riddelldholbach: who is working on a solution to the applications.menu issue?09:21
dholbachRiddell, talked to amu about it some hours ago09:21
Riddelldholbach: what did he say?09:22
dholbachRiddell, nothing specific... 09:23
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tsengajmitch: ahh, you can have a .dll.config09:52
tsengajmitch: issue solved.09:52
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tsengseb128: I've just fixed a bug in my f-spot package09:57
tsengits ubuntu3 if you would be so kind as to look at it at some point10:00
tsengwhat was the outcome of your talk with the maintainer?10:00
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dholbachi'm out running... bbl10:37
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Kamiondaniels: yo11:22
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zulhey Kamion  how is it going?11:38
Kamionnot bad, just back from visiting in-laws11:44
=== pitti sends the long-awaited PostgreSQL announcement
Kamion... and back to find a PuTTY security advisory. Er, yay.11:44
zulputty for windows?11:44
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Kamionputty runs on Unix too11:45
=== Kamion packages
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deki_i recompiled the kernel to test if the window rebuild gets quicker11:55
deki_i think i have found the reason why mandrake's grafikal interface is much quicker then that of ubuntu11:55
deki_their's libqt is linked against libgl 11:55
crimsunimplying that if the user has a hardware-accelerated GL set, then it's faster? I'm not sure how that would make Mandrake's "grafikal interface" faster on my S3 Virge, for instance11:57
deki_i don't know why but i say you the result: the windows rebuild is very very slow on ubuntu hoary comapred to mandrake 10.011:57
deki_on same system11:57
deki_i have nvidia geforce 4mx11:58
deki_the mandrake has some older xfree version11:58
deki_something like 4.3.xxx11:58
deki_how can you explain it?11:58
deki_when i have one window like mozilla firefox11:59
deki_then i take xchat11:59
deki_and move it on top of mozilla11:59
deki_then i see a very big traces11:59
deki_moving traces11:59
deki_the system does not do anything11:59
deki_the cpu is idling11:59
deki_i get same effekt only when mandrake is loaded with compiing of something12:00
deki_so what could be the cause of it?12:00
Kamionthis sounds like it ought to be in a bug report or something, not flooded into IRC12:00
deki_hmm thx12:00

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