Kamionevening zul12:02
zulhey kamion how is it going?12:02
Kamionnot bad, did that advansys/fdomain/qlogicisp hotplug patch, and I think that's enough kernel stuff for me for one day12:03
zulok its going into -2012:04
T-BoneKamion: how does it look for mptscsih? :)12:09
KamionT-Bone: done, see #678612:09
Kamionwell, not uploaded yet12:09
Kamionthe patch seems to do the right thing and willy was ok with the general idea12:09
T-Bonei hope it doesn't make mptbase sad tho :)12:10
KamionT-Bone: I pulled out the relevant bit of pci.agent and ran it by hand over the modules.pcimap file produced by a test build; it seemed to do the right thing12:11
T-Bonebtw kudos for having willy to settle that quickly :)12:12
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-215-89-73.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionI figured the easiest way to sort it out was to just talk to him :)12:13
T-Boneindeed :)12:13
Kamionanyhow, we'll see how it goes12:13
=== sivang --> food
lamontIn file included from ../../k3dsdk/glutility.h:5,12:15
lamont                 from paraboloid.cpp:29:12:15
lamont../../k3dsdk/glutility_private.h:40:2: warning: #warning Since you are the bigshot owner of a 64 bit machine, please consider contributing a better implementation for the following functions12:15
=== lamont cackles
T-Bonebwahahaha :)12:17
=== dopeman [~dopeman@75.169.99-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dopemanhi you dudes12:21
dopemani d like some advice on debian12:23
dopeman(someone hey)12:24
=== wasabi [~wasabi@c-24-1-67-127.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zuldopeman: this is a #ubuntu development channel you might want to try #debian or even #ubuntuy12:26
zul#ubuntu even12:26
dholbachgood night everyone... 12:27
dopemanubuntu is debian related ?12:34
dopemanam i wrong ?12:34
zulyes but your question if off-topic for this channel12:35
Kamionwell, it might be clearer if we heard what the question was :)12:37
Kamionnight folks12:37
Mithrandirnight, Kamion12:38
zultoodles Kamion 12:38
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-9-132.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== T-Bone is now known as T-None
=== mdz [~mdz@pcp0011115150pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzKamion: here?12:51
mjg59daniels: Oh, lord, there's huge gobs of difference between the xorg DRM and the stuff in the kernel12:53
danielsmjg59: YOU WIN!!!12:53
zulmdz: i think he just left12:54
danielsmdz: welcome back12:54
mdzdaniels: I'm not back yet :-)12:54
mdzapparently the live CD has seriously bitrotted in my absence12:55
mjg59Oh, christ. WHITESPACE DIFFS.12:55
danielsmjg59: diff -w12:55
mjg59daniels: Executive summary - we're fucked.12:55
mjg59Unless someone can get a patch against the kernel code12:56
mjg59zul: There are three sets of DRM code. The one in the kernel, the one from dri.freedesktop.org and the one from xorg.freedesktop.org12:57
mjg59The latter bears little resemblance to either of the former. Sadly, it's the latter that has the support for making 3D work after suspend/resume on Intel graphics hardware.12:57
danielsmjg59: i believe the stuff in the kernel should pretty much parallel dri.fd.o/drm12:57
mjg59daniels: Yeah, it just lags behind a bit12:58
lupusBEdaniels, xproto is that available in hoary?12:58
lupusBEif so in which package?12:58
mjg59daniels: Any ideas about how to proceed?01:00
danielsmjg59: kick dave airlie (airlied/#freedesktop), ask him what the changes were between the stuff in extras/drm and dri.fd.o/drm, and then just work with that and see if you can get the power management delta applied with that in mind01:01
danielslupusBE: xproto.pc is not available01:01
lupusBEhow come it is not packaged? I'm building xcb for fun :)01:02
danielslupusBE: because the modular xlibs are not packaged01:03
danielslupusBE: if you're building xcb, you probably want to start at the bottom of xlibs01:03
danielsit won't be very exciting for you01:03
mjg59I wish CVS had the concept of changesets01:04
ClintI wish cscvs were maintained01:04
dilingeri wish something like baz would become as ubiquitous as cvs01:05
mjg59daniels: On the bright side, the DRM diffs for the PM look fairly small01:06
mjg59Hrm. To  be brutally honest, I'm having trouble finding where the DRM code changes actually *are*01:07
lupusBEdaniels, are there still problems with xcb (why it is not enabled in ubuntu?)01:08
mjg59Ah! Almost all the change is in the dri stuff, the DRM module just needs to flag that it does the right thing...01:09
danielsmjg59: heh01:10
danielsmjg59: probably, yeah01:10
danielslupusBE: it's not ready yet.  doesn't support everything.01:10
lupusBEI thought xcb add the moment was more like a extension01:13
lupusBEthen a real replacement01:13
=== elmo_ [~james@george.kkhotels.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsno, xcb is a total replacement.  the entire point of xcb is that it's an alternative to xlib, and when you build xlib with xcb support as a wrapper, xcb replaces its entire transport layer.01:16
danielsit's nothing cool or fun, seriously.  the only difference you'll notice is that some stuff might break.01:16
lupusBEk :)01:18
=== elmo__ [~james@george.kkhotels.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lupusBEs/add/at/ damn my english is bad somtimes01:21
mjg59Argh. Where's drm_drv.h gone?01:22
mjg59Ah. It's been merged into drm_drv.c. OBVIOUSLY.01:23
mjg59daniels: I've got a 17K patch that doesn't apply in the slightest01:23
mjg59But is probably fairly easily mergable01:23
danielsmjg59: cool.  i think the changes were mainly to core drm stuff rather than the i915 module01:24
=== mantiena [~ubuntu@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59So, do I get to make it your problem now? :)01:25
danielsmjg59: sure, it's easy -- just present me with a 17kB patch that applies and works. :)01:25
danielsat that point, I'm happy to adopt it as my problem01:27
mjg59I have no idea where the fuck half this code went01:31
=== mjg59 screams
=== haggai [~halls@i-83-67-20-196.freedom2surf.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== tritium [~tritium@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Ok, I'm starting to get a handle on this01:35
zulmako: ping01:37
zulmako: willy has signed my key01:39
danielsoh my god, are these guys for real?01:40
danielsafaict, evdev does not generate separate buttonpress and button release events01:40
daniels(for the mouse)01:41
mjg59daniels: This stuff is all crack. I may just see if I can hack in the i915 stuff and ignore the generalised PM support.01:44
danielsheh :)01:45
danielsmjg59: go poke dave airlie01:51
danielsmjg59: he's online at the moment01:55
marcin_anthi guys - I'm looking for Apache Tomcat packages for ubuntu. Could you help me and tell if they are available somewhere?01:55
danielsmjg59: he's also your countryman01:55
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-9-132.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lupusBE [~lupus@dD5E03FA9.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.12.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jg_ [~jg@h0002a5b51d05.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontdaniels: you around?02:57
lamontheh.  getting ready to play with a kernel upload (abi bump) - the question is your preference: should I fix lrm, or let you have the hotseat later tonight?02:58
danielsif you want to fix lrm, that would be fantastic; also if CONFIG_DRM=m could get back in (aiui it isn't)02:59
lamontis here... I think that went into -1903:02
danielsah, awesome, thanks03:02
lamontlinux-source-2.6.10 (2.6.10-19) hoary; urgency=low03:03
lamont  * Build drm as module:03:03
lamont    - DRM=m.03:03
lamontKamion: if there are multiple ethernet interfaces, but only one has link, that one should just be the default, no?03:04
=== jlj [~agp@host-81-191-64-79.bluecom.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== amu_ [amu@n6-75.dsl.vianetworks.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
marcin_antwhere can I find "broken packages"?03:30
marcin_antI need apache tomcat - I know that it is not buildable currently03:30
marcin_antbut I would like to take a look and try to find if I'll be able to fix it03:30
HiddenWolfMatt zimmerman is a ubuntu guy too, right?03:32
jdubHiddenWolf: mdz, head of the distro team.03:37
HiddenWolfjdub: thanks03:38
marcin_antjdub: hi!03:42
marcin_antjdub: maybe you know if Apache Tomcat packages are available somewhere?03:43
jdubnup, no idea03:45
marcin_antjdub: someone here gave me link to build logs... 03:47
marcin_antjdub: and there was only log with some errors03:48
marcin_antjdub: exactly03:48
marcin_antjdub: but there is only log03:48
marcin_antjdub: maybe you know where can I download source?03:48
jdubin the repositories03:49
jdubif it's in the build logs, it's in the repos03:49
marcin_antyou mean apt-get source tomcat4? 03:50
marcin_antheh :)03:50
marcin_antsometimes it's hard to get really easy solution :)03:51
marcin_antthanks :)03:51
dilingerherbert xu is doing kernel security updates for warty?04:02
lamontdilinger: I believe so04:03
=== bluefoxicy [~bluefox@pcp485126pcs.whtmrs01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont pokes smurfix
lamontor maybe Kamion 04:17
lamonthrm.. looks like really smurfix04:19
danielslamont: keyboard selector?04:20
=== tuo2 [~foo@218-215-13-162.people.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== AndyFitz [~andy@220-245-97-227-qld-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== tuo2 [~foo@218-215-13-162.people.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontdaniels: so for the abi roll in lrm...04:42
danielsyeah ...04:43
danielsso bump everything in control04:43
lamontI change the minor versions in debian/rules, and the Depends/package names in control?04:43
danielsbump all the udebs in debian/d-i04:43
danielschange the minor versions04:43
daniels... profit!04:43
lamontjust debian/d-i/kernel-versions, yes?04:45
=== ogra [~ogra@p508EB413.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontdaniels: so why does nvidiaminor not have an _ like all the others???04:48
danielslamont: i dunno04:48
lamontyou wanna review my changes before I upload?04:49
lamontback in a minute or so - need to reboot the router05:08
=== mdz [~mdz@pcp0011115150pcs.elkrdg01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielslamont: sure05:15
lamontmdz: home again?05:21
lamontdaniels: diff mailed05:21
danielslamont: thanks05:24
lamontjust waiting for the kernel build to finish05:25
=== lamont wants to build successfully on at least i386...
=== CtrlPhrek [~none@0-1pool112-203.nas7.memphis1.tn.us.da.qwest.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Safari_Al [~triley@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
CtrlPhrekanyone installed on a dell inspiron 1150 yet? :)05:26
mdzlamont: not yet05:28
lamont  kdelibs-data: Depends: gnome-menus but it is not going to be installed05:39
=== lamont giggles
jdubmorning mdz 05:43
=== lamont grumbles at the circular build-dep loop involving gnome, dbus, and kde
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.12.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont waits for the kernel to finish building, so that he can sleep
HiddenWolflamont, that kernel will build no faster if you stay awake to encourage it06:23
danielsa watched kernel never compiles06:24
=== HiddenWolf should sleep aswell
lamontwell, if I stall another 33 minutes, then (1) 4/5 i386 kernels will probably be done, and (2) I can flat guarantee that the new kernel will not show up in the daily builds at all06:27
lamontthese are both _good_ things06:27
HiddenWolflamont: how is delaying the goodness a good thing? :-)06:28
HiddenWolfunless you're sure it's broken. :-P06:28
lamontbecause Kamion  needs to bump d-i as well.06:28
lamontso the daily builds would definitely be broken if I managed to get it into the archive06:28
lamontthen again, if I just wait another 2 minutes or so, then the source will be there in time, but the binaries won't06:29
=== HiddenWolf thinks that warrants calling kamion in the middle of the night and raise hell.
lamontnah - is planned06:29
=== HiddenWolf just likes to raise hell
danielslamont: if you wanted to do l-r-m-2.6.11 while you were at it ... ;)06:30
HiddenWolfAnyhow, I've been destructive enough. Bought more cd's over amazon tonight then I did in the last few years. Need to be off. :)06:30
lamontdaniels: not really06:30
lamontdaniels: but the patch looked good to you?06:30
=== HiddenWolf goes off
danielslamont: email hasn't been arriving today :(06:31
danielsi trust your skillz tho06:31
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-215-89-73.eastlink.ca] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
lamontdaniels: daniel.stone@ubuntu.com, yes?06:31
danielslamont: yeah, but nothing's been getting through for the last few hours06:32
=== tritium [~tritium@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
da_bon_bonOOo2.0-devel hangs while creating pdf files ?06:34
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bluefoxicybluefox@icebox:~$ esd --help07:03
bluefoxicypolypaudio esd wrapper 0.707:03
bluefoxicybluefox@icebox:~$ esd -d /dev/dsp -unix07:03
bluefoxicymain.c: read() failed: No such file or directory07:03
bluefoxicyknown bug yet?07:03
lamontdaniels: so you have no objections to the kernel being uploaded, yes?07:14
danielslamont: none whatsoever07:14
lamontKamion hasn't given a green light, but seemed to be assuming that it would upload... so I'm gonna consider that "green"?07:14
lamontthe demo CD got all warm fuzzy and all that then?07:15
=== lamont upload
danielslamont: yah :)07:19
=== lamont sleeps
=== ajmitch [~ajmitch@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== JanC [JanC@dD57704EF.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== berserk1980 [~brett@h0050dad72365.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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sivangMortning all07:56
sivangany known problem with the apache2 package in main? seems to give me nothinig after I install it08:01
sivangusing the /etc/init.d/apache2 script to start/stop it doesn't yield any reasonable results.08:01
danielshave a look in /etc/default/apache208:02
sivangdaniels:  ah ok, I may have missing some config options needed there?08:02
sivangdaniels: thanks alot, this was the one I was looking for. Is this somekind of security thing? not having it enable by default?08:04
=== sivang --> breakfast.
=== d3vic3 [~foobar@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielssivang: it was more for install compatibility with a1, i think08:14
smurfixlamont: ?08:34
smurfixAh, autoconf. Sigh. Forgot it again. :-(08:35
=== amu [amu@amu.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amumoins 08:38
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp47-105.lns1.adl1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangdaniels: ah ok, should probably be added to the after the install or something, or into the README.Debian08:52
sivangdaniels: I mean - a message about it etc.08:52
sivangmoins amu 09:02
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB2BD7.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amuhey sivang09:23
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091c8b.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachgood morning09:24
sivangmoring dholbach 09:25
dholbachhello sivan!09:25
dholbachalready here or still here?09:26
sivangdholbach: already here, trying to switch back to GMT09:26
dholbachsounds like a good plan :-)09:26
amusomeone has also problmens with booting the daily live? 09:30
zenroxspammer in #ubuntu09:32
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Kamionmorning folks10:03
Kamionhm, I wonder what mdz meant about the live CD having bitrotted; the last one I tried was fine10:03
Mithrandirhi Colin10:03
Kamionah, he sent mail10:04
Kamionhey Tollef10:04
danielsyo tollef, colin10:04
TreenaksAnyone coming to FOSDEM this weekend? :)10:05
=== dholbach won't :-(
MithrandirI am10:05
=== d3vic3 [~foobar@dumbledore.hbd.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachhai d3vic3 10:06
d3vic3lo dholbach 10:06
Mithrandirdaniels: hmm, I think I was going to ask you something about fd.o, but I've forgotten now. :/10:06
=== pitti [~pitti@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsMithrandir: word10:07
danielsmorning pitti10:07
dholbachhi pitti10:07
MithrandirI guess it'll come about and I can just ask you then. (:10:08
Kamionamu: what's the problem?10:11
amuit wont boot, insert the CD, nothing happen10:13
KamionI'm just rsyncing live/i386 now10:13
dholbachmorning mvo :-)10:14
mvohi dholbach, morning all10:15
amuKamion: i'll try later with another (new) blank media, tried with 2005-02-21 09:03 hoary-live-i386.iso10:17
danielsunfortunately I'm fresh out of blank media10:18
amumoins mvo, you lost a "_" in your nick :)10:19
dholbachamu, yes, celebrate! :-)10:20
mvoamu: it's my nick now :) I had to pay the other "mvo" beer to get it, but we settled it now10:20
dholbachhe had to duel the other mvo :-)10:20
dholbachoh mvo: my story was far more exciting ;-)10:20
Kamionlamont: the linux-source-2.6.10 .dsc looks totally broken10:20
Kamion linux-headers-2.6.10-3 - Header files related to Linux kernel version 2.6.1010:20
Kamion linux-headers2.6.10-4-386 - Linux kernel headers 2.6.10 on 38610:20
mvodholbach: I'm a shy person, I didn't wanted to tell all the bloody details10:21
dholbachhehe :-)10:21
Kamionany kernel team types around, or shall I upload to fix that?10:21
=== dredg [niall@malkovich.office.blacknight.ie] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Kamion takes silence as consent ...
MithrandirKamion: just upload.10:25
MithrandirKamion: I'm just amd64 porter kernel guy, but still. :P10:25
Kamionon its way10:25
TreenaksMithrandir: you're no longer a czar? :P10:25
dholbachhi dredg 10:26
MithrandirTreenaks: of course I'm the AMD64 czar as well, but that wasn't so relevant in this context.10:26
dredglo dholbach 10:26
TreenaksMithrandir: isn't kernel porting part of the czar's responsibilities? :)10:27
MithrandirI'm not sure. ;)10:27
Kamionsurely delegating kernel porting is part of the czar's responsibilities ... :)10:27
MithrandirI just need to acquire some subjects I can delegate to. :)10:29
Mithrandirbut now, breakfast10:29
=== Micksa [~mslade@203-217-18-166.perm.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHey, ppc sleep patches in latest Hoary kernel10:31
pittiTHAAAANKS lamont10:31
=== smurfix [~smurf@run.smurf.noris.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangMorning pitti !10:31
pittiHi sivang 10:32
=== sivang is attempting switching back to GTM :)
pittisivang: btw, I think I finally know how we tackle gcm10:32
sivangpitti: yay, am all ears.10:32
pittisivang: instead of providing two C functions, I will provide two programs10:32
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-14-133.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittisivang: cupsys-enable-browsing and cupsys-get-browsing10:33
pittisivang: the former has to be called with gksudo10:33
pittisivang: thus you spawn a gksudo cupsys-enable-browsing $enable in g-c-m10:33
sivangpitti: hmm, sounds pretty cool :)10:33
pittisivang: so we don't need weak permissions on the conffile10:33
sivangpitti: yes10:33
pittisivang: and in addition I don't need to write the conffile juggling in C10:34
pittibut can use e.g. python10:34
sivangpitti: rock10:34
pittisivang: so please write your interface in a way that you encapsulate the program calls in two central functions10:34
sivangpitti: could you remind me the limitation which suggested you need to write the juggeling in C ?10:34
pittisivang: so we can exchange the backend interface with relatively little effort10:34
pittisivang: initially I wanted to make the code part of libgnomecupsui10:35
sivangpitti: ahh10:35
pittisivang: but since we don't want to run g-c-m with root privs, we now call an external program10:35
pittisivang: and with gksudo we don't need setuid10:35
pittiKamion: ^ would that work for you?10:35
sivangpitti: would probably be better to seperate it to an external programs anyways, to enable pulginability10:35
pittiKamion: calling a cupsys wrapper over gksudo?10:36
pittisivang: the additional scripts will be part of cupsys10:36
pittisivang: since cupsys does not need to be installed, please check for the existance of these scripts10:36
sivangpitti: part of the ubutnu pkgs that is, not upstream right?10:36
pittisivang: if they aren't present, don't display the stuff10:36
pittisivang: yes, Ubuntu specific (maybe Debian adopts it)10:36
sivangpitti: ok10:36
Kamionlamont: I think you could lose minipatch.diff from the source package10:37
Kamionpitti: sounds reasonable10:37
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-14-133.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangpitti: I'm puzzled by the fact that cupsys need not be installed in order to have gcm10:39
seb128grrrr inotify10:39
pittisivang: well, cupsys-client should be enough to add printers10:39
pittiseb128: boot with "noinotify"10:39
pittiseb128: and watch all the gnome hotplug stuff get working again :-)10:40
sivangpitti: ok10:40
seb128pitti: I've restarted with noinotify yep10:40
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-13-95.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionlamont: might wanna kill the .svn directories in debian/d-i/hppa/modules/10:46
=== trukulo [~mzarza@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukulodaniels, u there?10:47
trukuloonly one question10:47
=== rburton [~ross@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rburtondaniels: ping?10:49
=== Pasternak [~spinach@adsl-68-126-42-185.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukulofabbione, ping10:51
pittitrukulo: fabbione is on holiday10:54
pittisivang: I appended the spec to #225110:54
pittisivang: please review it again10:55
trukulopitti, ah, thanks for info10:55
sivangpitti: ok, onto it now10:56
Kamionamu: today's daily-live i386 image boots fine for me10:58
sivangpitti: looks pretty good11:00
sivangpitti: I'll investigate where this can be integrated in the gui11:00
amuKamion: thx, i'm also syncing now11:00
Kamion(as did yesterday's)11:01
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Pasternak [~spinach@adsl-68-126-42-185.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== stockholm [~andi@petrus.schuldei.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
stockholmelmo: awake?11:20
=== Keybuk [~scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091c8b.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamiondaniels: safe for me to upload stuff like base-config yet?11:33
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rburtonwhen i tried the LWE livecd i had display corruption (looked like every other row was offset) on nvidia, is this a known/fixed problem?11:37
mvohi Mitario 11:39
amurburton: it's fixed in ubuntu's live11:46
rburtonamu: ah cool11:46
rburtonKamion: did you manage to try and find the wireless network bug?11:46
rburtonKamion: note that it worked for me with LWE's live cd from 17/211:47
stockholmwhen does elmo get up, normally?11:47
stockholmor rather: when is he available?11:48
amurburton: tested some minutes ago, live from yesterday, with a ipw2200, my card is detected, but not configured11:49
amudaniels: Kamion: problem with german lan is still there :) i choose german, got a pc104 with us layout 11:50
sivangstockholm: should be here in sometime I think, he usually follows GMT daytime IIRC11:50
sivangstockholm: what do you need?11:50
=== elmo_ [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangstockholm: speaking of the devil :-)11:51
stockholmsivang: (c:11:52
=== abelli [~abelli@host-84-222-38-198.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionrburton: thought I said I'd fixed it12:08
rburtonKamion: ah, must have missed that12:08
rburtoni'll rsync and try12:08
Kamioncool, thanks12:08
=== stockholm [~andi@petrus.schuldei.org] has left #ubuntu-devel []
rburtoni wish firewire support didn't suck in linux12:09
elmo_Kamion: /etc/yaboot.conf from where?12:10
elmo_Kamion: neither first nor second stage seem to have one12:10
Kamionelmo_: second stage. uh, how do you boot a Mac without /etc/yaboot.conf?12:11
elmo_it's live?12:11
=== elmo_ points to first word of subject in mail kamion was replying to ;-)
Kamionelmo_: well, we only pivot, we don't exec a new kernel, so the kernel should still have that argument12:12
Kamionso I don't know what that could be ...12:13
elmo_hmm.  ok.  and yeah, I realised now the command line argument thing is crack as the console is fine up until X starts12:13
elmo_heh, stracing eject is neat and all, but afterwards things like less don't work anymore, making it not entirely useful :)12:27
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.12.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Xofreset / stty sane?12:30
elmo_Xof: hmm? no, the point is, I'm running of a live CD and I just ejected the CD, so any further attempts to run stuff just gives me IO errors :)12:32
Xofoh, fair enough12:32
Xofthat's a rather more fundamental problem12:33
HiddenWolfXoF: you're kidding. :-P12:37
pittisivang: my scripts work12:46
pittisivang: now I'll package that stuff12:46
HiddenWolfWill mdz be around?12:48
elmo_hum.  is xresprobe meant to get things completely wrong with a KVM?12:48
pittiHiddenWolf: he's on vacation12:48
Kamionmdz's on holiday, he'll be back at some point I'm sure12:48
elmo_completely wrong to the extent of calling and LCD a CRT etc.12:49
Kamionelmo_: strace> mount a tmpfs first and put the stuff you need there12:49
=== HiddenWolf will suffer in silence
elmo_Kamion: I just ran lftp before running the eject; that got it in the kernel memory12:49
elmo_Kamion: people.ubuntu.com/~james/paste/eject-strace.txt - if you care; I'll put it in a bug later12:50
=== abelli [~abelli@host-84-222-38-198.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsKamion: go nuts12:54
danielsamu: yeah12:54
danielsrburton: pong12:54
=== decko [decko@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionwhoa, while tmpfs is cool, running a kernel build in one and hosing your laptop due to thrashing is less cool12:55
Kamionespecially because that stupid patch-series system wants ALL YOUR INODES12:55
HiddenWolfkamion: if it doesn't smoke, it's not broken.12:56
rburtondaniels: too late. i was asking about nv display corruption on the LWE livecd, but i hear its been fixed already12:56
Kamionioctl(3, CDROMEJECT, 0x24000442)        = -1 EIO (Input/output error)12:56
Kamionelmo_: does ejecting the CD in software normally work on that box?12:57
Kamionthankfully Macs still have a three-finger salute12:57
pittiKamion: Ctrl+Apple+Power Button?12:59
pittiKamion: however, ctrl+alt+del works for me, too12:59
Kamionpitti: yes, but that requires software cooperation12:59
Kamionpitti: which is slightly less effective when your box is busy trying to swap everything out to disk01:00
pittiKamion: btw, does sleeping now work reliably on your powerbook?01:00
pittiKamion: I'm eager to test the new kernel :-) but it is not yet built01:00
Kamionpitti: haven't tried yet, we haven't had a successful kernel build with that patch; I'm fixing01:00
pittiKamion: I thought you were using the kernel built in Matar?01:00
pitti(for testing sleep, at least)01:01
Kamionoh, I'm using that normally yes, works fine01:01
=== thom is going to get *very* bored of typing "nsCOMPtr<foo>" very soon
Treenaksthom: hacking firefox?01:05
thomTreenaks: backporting security fixes01:05
Treenaksthom: ugh01:05
Treenaksyou could add a macro for that..01:05
pittithom: inoremap :-)01:05
sivangpitti: cool01:06
elmo_Kamion: actually, I just tried i386 and eject doesn't even work there01:07
thomi could, indeed01:07
Kamionit's been working for me on amd6401:08
elmo_eject: unable to eject, last error: Inappropriate ioctl for device01:09
elmo_is warty error message on the same box as that strace01:09
elmo_and with warty it doesn't even manage to physically eject the CD01:10
Kamionit always complains (Invalid argument, I think), but it does work01:10
Kamionmdz mentioned that he got the complaint too, but it ejected nevertheless01:10
elmo_it does eject with hoary live, problem is because eject returns !0, it hangs the reboot process01:11
elmo_which combined with the powerpc console breakage, is particularly confusing :)01:11
Kamioner, no, that makes no sense01:11
elmo_Kamion: ?01:11
Kamioneject is run from a script that isn't 'set -e'01:11
KamionI don't see how its exit code could even be noticed01:11
dholbachd3vic3: ping01:12
d3vic3dholbach, pong01:12
Kamionthere's a deliberate "Please remove the disc and press Enter:" prompt01:12
dholbachd3vic3: cool - have a question concerning apoo - wanted to do its transition01:13
elmo_Kamion: oh, eww!01:13
elmo_I assumed it only prompted you if it failed to remove the disc - why always prompt?01:13
Kamionelmo_: presumably to stop the "disc goes out, disc gets sucked straight back in again" effect on many systems01:13
dholbachd3vic3: Package: python2.3-apoo - Conflicts: python2.3-apoo   <-- this can't be intentionally01:13
Kamione.g. my amd64 system un-ejects the CD at POST time01:13
Kamionor before01:13
elmo_but wouldn't install have the same problem?01:14
d3vic3dholbach, yes, it can't be 01:14
Kamionelmo_: install takes a bit longer to reboot, and there's a prompt immediately beforehand telling you to remove the disc01:14
Kamionto reboot after the disc gets ejected, I mean01:14
dholbachd3vic3: just wanted to make sure, i didnt get things wrong :-)01:14
ograamu: i just mailed karriere@credativ ;)01:15
dholbachd3vic3: i'll throw out 2.2 01:15
d3vic3dholbach, cool 01:15
dholbachapoo-2.2 that is :-)01:16
dholbachogra: they'll do good with a master of the universe :-)01:17
amuogra: hehe01:18
rburtondaniels: eek, just tried latest livecd and it still happens01:19
rburtondaniels: pretty much unreadable, every other line is shifted a pixel01:20
rburtonKamion: much better, network detection doesn't loop. is there any way of giving it a WEP key?01:20
Kamionrburton: not in the first stage in live mode; use network configuration in GNOME01:23
KamionNOPASSWD sudo is broken in today's daily; the password is ubuntu01:24
rburtoni wanted to see if hoary will power-off my desktop (warty doesn't) and if firewire has improved01:25
pittielmo_: bidwatcher and prozilla syncs, please (new upstream microreleases to fix security bugs; but both in universe)01:33
=== smurfix [~smurf@smurfix.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_Kamion: I don't suppose there's a live net-boot, right? :)01:41
Kamionelmo_: it would be possible to construct one, but it doesn't exist yet01:43
elmo_ok, cool (don't get me wrong, I don't want/need one, just needed to know if I was meant to be testing it01:43
Kamionah, ok. we'd need somewhere public to put the rootfs to make that work01:44
=== lupusBE [~lupus@dD5E03FB7.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang out --> be back later
=== opi [~emil@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-14-133.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_upload.ubuntu.com (aka ftp-master etc.) is going away in 5 mins for 5-10 mins01:59
=== pitti hurries up to upload his cupsys crack
Kamiond3vic3: you're not uploading packages *just* for Standards-Version increments, are you?02:00
Kamiond3vic3: S-V is pretty unimportant really ...02:00
pittisivang: new cupsys is up02:07
=== website [~website@host20-71.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
d3vic3Kamion, no 02:12
d3vic3the std ver was 3.5.10 in gaby's case 02:12
d3vic3testing on python2.4 produced an error 02:13
sivangpitti: yay cool, however I need to take care of something, so I will add the gui support later today.02:13
Kamiond3vic3: gcipher was the one I noticed, where that was the only change noted in the changelog02:14
sivangpitti: and prepare a new gnome-cups-manager package.02:16
sivanglaterz all02:18
elmo_upload.ubuntu.com (aka ftp-master etc.) is back02:19
=== minghua [~minghua@danube.mems.rice.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_mjg59: is "Video state get buffer" (or summat like that) your vbetool thing at work?02:24
mjg59elmo_: Yeah02:27
elmo_Get video state buffer size failed02:28
elmo_Save video state failed02:28
mjg59On x86?02:28
elmo_I've gotten that on every i386 server so far02:28
mjg59They probably lack a VESA BIOS02:29
mjg59(which isn't unsurprising)02:29
mjg59Uh, which isn't surprising02:29
mjg59The information is only used for suspend/resume support02:29
elmo_hey, is the auto-upgrade stuff going to be in hoary?02:33
ograisnt it already in ?02:34
elmo_could be, that's why I'm asking :)02:34
ograat least for me a popup asks if i want to....(never clicked ok though)02:35
Kamionelmo_: yeah, definitely in02:38
=== pitti [~pitti@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontKamion: you fix that for me?02:44
lamontcould have sworn I got all of them.02:44
Kamionlamont: fix which?02:44
=== mpt_capetown [~mpt@dynamic-oit-vapornet-a-14.Princeton.EDU] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontlinux-source - is there anything newer than -22?02:45
Kamion-21 was to fix the package names, -22 was to fix me forgetting 00list-* in -21 ...02:45
lamontwhich, btw, is ftbfs on ppc in pmac_cache.S02:45
=== lamont runs kids to school, will stare at kernel stuff after that
Kamionyeah, I just noticed that :( must be the sleep patches02:46
Kamionit's vaguely familiar from before ...02:46
=== tuo2 [~foo@218-215-13-162.people.net.au] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
Kamionlamont: try Debian #263057?02:55
Kamionlamont: although the patch there isn't applicable, even semantically ...02:55
=== neofeed [~moritz@pD95754E1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachd3vic3: WOW... you shrink wiki/UniversePythonTransitionTODO in no time :-)02:59
Kamionlamont: I'll mail benh and ask for advice03:02
d3vic3dholbach, what you mean ? 03:06
dholbachd3vic3: you really get work done! :-)03:07
=== zul [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachhi zul03:07
zulhey dholbach 03:07
=== daniels [~daniels@202-44-183-17.nexnet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirelmo_: please sync openbox from debian incoming.03:10
tsengMithrandir: heh, did you fix that nautilus buglet?03:10
Mithrandiryes; it's openbox's fault.03:11
tsengyeah I figured that out.. then saw you talking about it the other day03:11
Mithrandirit put out some _crazy_ numbers for the desktop size03:11
zulmako: ping03:12
pittilamont: here?03:14
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@wuw-ojr3gmca.dybb.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== haggai [~halls@i-83-67-20-196.freedom2surf.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zulpitti, is there something i can help you with03:31
pittizul: hi, wrt what?03:31
zulkernel stuff or is it something else you were going to ask lamont about03:31
pittizul: I have a buildd problem, by security upload doesn't build :-(03:32
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.12.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== metalikop [i@pcp0011431183pcs.sothfd01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mvo [~Michael@ip181.135.1511I-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mako_ [mako@micha.hampshire.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zulhey mako03:47
=== website [~website@host20-71.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zulmako: willy has signed my key so now what?03:52
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== dredg [niall@malkovich.office.blacknight.ie] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Goshawk [~Goshawk@host20-71.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograzul: upload your key and the signature to a public keyserver04:03
=== fwiffo [~jep@cpe.atm2-0-1101155.0x503f8eca.bynxx8.customer.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zulogra: ok will no04:03
ograzul: then sign the code of conduct and send it to mako04:03
elmo_Kamion: ?04:04
Kamionelmo_: ?04:04
=== minghua [~minghua@danube.mems.rice.edu] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
ograzul: for uploading you have to additionally send the key and your mailaddress to the addresses mentioned on the Uploads wiki page04:05
elmo_Kamion: will debootstrap --arch=i386 DTRT on amd64?04:06
elmo_and/or is there another/better way to get an i386 chroot on an amd64 box04:06
Kamiondebootstrap --arch=i386 works04:06
Kamionyou might want to use linux32 to force the kernel personality to 32-bit (affects uname())04:07
KamionMithrandir: d'you think we should have linux32 in main?04:08
elmo_heck yes04:08
dholbachdoko: ping04:08
elmo_tho IANAMITHRANDIR04:09
Kamionit didn't build on amd64 in warty for some reason, probably hence the oversight04:09
elmo_   linux32 |        1-1 | warty/universe | source, i38604:09
elmo_yeah, meh04:09
Kamionlooks like it was PaSed or something, oh well04:10
mako_zul: hey there04:12
=== Amaranth [Amaranth@amaranth.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokodholbach: pong04:17
elmo_cdrecord: Success. write_g1: scsi sendcmd: no error04:18
elmo_go useful error messages04:18
ogracdrecord is soo beautyful04:19
dholbachdoko: i'm looking at vtk atm, it doesnt provide a python2.x-vtk, but just python-vtk - what do you reckon, i should do? just let it build 2.4 modules?04:19
zulmako: so willy signed my key im going to upload the signature04:19
Treenakszul: is your (signed) pubkey on the servers?04:20
zulTreenaks, i did an gpg --armout --output signature.asci04:22
zulTreenaks, yeah i uploaded to the server that mako preferred04:22
makozul: hey there04:23
zulmako: i sent you the signed coc correct?04:24
dokodholbach: yes, that should be sufficient04:27
makozul: hold up dude, caffienated04:27
makosorry caffienating04:28
dholbachdoko: cool, thanks04:28
=== Amaranth [Amaranth@AC891095.ipt.aol.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Kamion semi-fixes #3690. phew
=== elmo_ looks at kamion
elmo_2005-02-22 15:20: base-config_2.62ubuntu2_source.changes04:33
elmo_2005-02-22 15:25: base-config_2.62ubuntu3_source.changes04:33
elmo_2005-02-22 15:30: base-config_2.62ubuntu4_source.changes04:33
HiddenWolfkamion is enjoying himself obviously. :-)04:33
elmo_"The JoeyH tribute band, led by Colin Watson"04:33
Kamionbase-config is a bitch to test04:34
Kamiondon't worry, I've stopped now ... for the moment04:34
elmo_anyone who cares, concordia now has a i386 chroot, 'linux32 dchroot -c hoary-i386' will get you there04:38
thomelmo_: i won't care till concordia is sat under my desk ;-)04:39
Kamionsheesh, imagemagick not in desktop?04:40
Kamionanyone fancy doing a lilo boot graphic?04:41
=== jamin [~jamin@cust-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== sivang --> back
dholbachwb sivan04:48
sivangdholbach: hey04:49
amuaway abendessen04:52
dholbachguten hunger, amu :-)04:53
amuargl :) danke04:53
elmo_oh wow, the serial console 'text mode' is SO old skool04:54
KamionYM the cdebconf text frontend?04:55
HiddenWolfelmo_ That's half the fun about linux: Every once in a while, you still find the look and feel of a 80's mainframe. :)04:55
elmo_yean, the 'readline' thing04:55
elmo_Kamion: hum.  04:56
elmo_If possible, the first 04:56
elmo_connected network interface found has been selected.04:56
elmo_if it says that, but then prompts me, does that mean it couldn't figure it out?04:56
=== Simira [rpGirl@m146i.studby.ntnu.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_'cos I have no idea either, and it's not like I can switch to another VC ;)04:57
Kamionthat means it's selected that as the default answer (if you can tell the difference in readline)04:57
elmo_Prompt: '?' for help>04:58
elmo_if there's a default it would say "; default=<n>" after 'help'04:58
Kamionin that case it probably couldn't do mii/ethtool; just pick one and sort it out later04:58
MithrandirKamion: yes, absolutely.04:59
=== haggai [~halls@i-83-67-20-196.freedom2surf.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittilamont: pinnnnnng05:01
=== Arrogance [~aks@CPE0050ba556e4b-CM001225423850.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_Starting up the partitioner  ..11%..22%..33%..44%..50%..61%..72%Partition disks05:04
elmo_!! ERROR: No partitionable media05:04
elmo_... you said.  Our survery said ... BZZZZT05:05
Kamionanything in /dev/discs?05:05
elmo_cat: /dev/discs: No such file or directory05:06
Kamion(it'd be a directory, but yeah)05:06
lamontpitti: yo05:06
Kamionum, what hard disk driver would it need?05:06
makojdub: around? #ubuntu-meeting if you are05:06
=== lamont finally allows his computer to force him to take a 1 minute break
elmo_Kamion: ah, nm, it's mpt fusion05:06
Kamionok, so will be fixed; modprobe mptscsih in the meantime05:07
elmo_uh, no module available05:07
Kamionit got built in for a while ...05:08
Kamionmaybe that didn't work properly or something05:08
elmo_is the config around at this stage?05:08
elmo_kernel config I mean05:08
Mithrandirelmo_: /proc/config.gz ought to05:09
lamontKamion: it got removed in -20, iirc05:09
lamontso depending on which ISO he's booting...05:09
elmo_the scsi vs. scsi-extra is a bit strange05:10
Kamionyou might be booting a -20 kernel but have -19 modules05:10
Kamionor something similar05:10
elmo_scsi seems to contain a bunch of 80's SCSI cards, and then mpt fusion which is in a whole bunch of modern servers is in extra05:10
Kamionalthough I see your point on i38605:11
Kamiondo you find mpt fusion on many powerpc systems?05:11
elmo_err, dunno, ours aren't SCSI05:11
Kamionall the same, it doesn't matter05:11
Kamionscsi-modules is for stuff like SCSI CD-ROMs05:12
Kamioni.e. when you need the SCSI driver before you get a chance to install more udebs05:12
elmo_ah, k05:13
Kamionalthough I suppose if you were actually attaching the CD-ROM drive via SCSI on one of these systems it would make a difference; I take it you aren't05:13
elmo_how do I tell what kernel etc. I'm on?05:13
elmo_'cos dpkg -c scsi-modules-2.6.10-3-itanium-smp-di_2.6.10-19_ia64.udeb  | grep mpt05:13
elmo_isn't giving me no love05:13
Kamionelmo_: grep 'Version: 2.6.10' /var/lib/dpkg/status05:13
Kamionif it's all the same version apart from the l-r-m stuff, you're in sync05:14
elmo_eh.. .*2.6.10 ?05:14
elmo_oh, meh, wrong machine, nm05:14
elmo_yeah, 2.6.19-1905:14
elmo_oh my god you can't search in more(1)05:16
elmo_Kamion: how does the busybox environment not drive you insane?05:17
elmo_I keep wanting to do basic things (grep -A) that don't work05:17
thomelmo_: see, you're assuming he's not insane already05:18
Mithrandirelmo_: I think you have nano in there05:19
elmo_okay, so CONFIG_FUSION=m, but the module isn't in scsi-modules and there's no scsi-extra-modules; do I need to retry this when 2.6.10-20 filters through to a CD?05:19
=== eruin [~eruin@eruin.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiKamion: what do you think about dropping most of cyrus-sasl from supported?05:21
pittiKamion: nothing really depends on its packages, most of the world uses cyrus-sasl2 now05:21
Kamionelmo_: probably, yeah05:21
Kamionpitti: will check in a moment05:21
=== Amaranth [Amaranth@amaranth.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomwhat the hell does "foundWindow = !!namedItem;" result in? C++05:24
mjg59elmo_: Kamion: When -20 is built for PPC, any chance of you checking whether sleep/resume works?05:24
elmo_mjg59: will do05:25
Kamionmjg59: will do, but it'll have to be -23 since -20 to -22 don't build on powerpc05:25
KamionI've mailed benh asking if he can supply a fix05:25
mjg59Kamion: Erk. What's the failure?05:25
lamontmjg59: bad ppc05:26
lamontarch/ppc/platforms/pmac_cache.S: Assembler messages:05:26
lamontarch/ppc/platforms/pmac_cache.S:53: Error: Unrecognized opcode: `dssall'05:26
lamontarch/ppc/platforms/pmac_cache.S:171: Error: Unrecognized opcode: `dssall'05:26
mjg59lamont: ?05:26
lamontthat's on power-305:26
mjg59Blah, that's from one of my patches05:26
elmo_that's a really old failure05:26
lamontelmo_: was introduced with one of mjg59's patches05:26
pittiKamion, elmo_: the latest cyrus-sasl security upload has a medium-sized problem05:27
Kamionit's a power3-only thing05:27
Kamionthom: !! is an idiom for turning anything into a boolean05:27
thomKamion: ahah, thanks05:27
pittiKamion: cyrus-sasl was FTBFS in Warty due to a partial libdb3 -> libdb4.2 transition05:27
Kamionthom: i.e. 0 => 0, non-0 => 105:27
Kamionelmo_: there was an old binutils bug I found that you'd commented on with the same failure, but the patch that solved that has been applied05:28
elmo_oh, is the stuff mjg59 stole from gentoo?05:28
pittiKamion, elmo_: ^ c-sasl depends on libdb3-dev and heimdal-dev, but the latter depends on libdb4.2-dev (and both versions conflict to each other)05:28
mjg59elmo_: No, it's from bk05:29
pittiKamion, elmo_: since we shouldn't break the db format for a security update, what do you think about manually rebuilding the package with an older heiimdal-dev (with libdb3)?05:29
Kamionpitti: vomit05:29
pittiKamion: welcome in the club05:30
=== pitti wades through the mess
lamontwas fixed in hoary by adopting the debian change to cyrus-sasl, which ISTR was just s/db3/db4.2/05:30
lamontaccompanied by prayers about db conversion if needed05:31
lamontmost of the file format was the same, iirc05:31
lamontthere was certainly a diff, but I think it was off in some wierd logging corner case or some such.. dunno05:31
mjg59Kamion: By the looks of it, that code just shouldn't be built on POWER305:31
lamontmjg59: does this mean I get a new patch from you?05:32
Kamionmjg59: our power3 build has PPC_PMAC turned on05:32
=== Kamion tries to remember if there are power3 pmac machines?
=== lamont considers making Kamion check in his changes to the arch tree
Kamionlamont: happy to ...05:32
mjg59There are no real power3 pmac machines05:32
Kamionoh, there we go, just kill that then?05:33
mjg59I've no idea if power3 has semantics that make it useful in other cases05:33
mjg59But if the Mac kernels are separate, you ought to be able to kill PPC_PMAC from them05:33
Kamionlamont: that won't be writable though?05:33
lamontKamion: you'll notice some tagging stuff05:33
Kamionmjg59: we only build one (pair of) kernels for power3, not separate Mac kernels05:33
lamontKamion: it is for you if you make it an sftp archive05:33
Kamionlamont: yeah, what's with the commas in the tags?05:33
lamontcan't use periods05:34
mjg59Kamion: What kernels get installed on Macs?05:34
Kamionmjg59: depends on the mac; linux-image-{powerpc,power4}{,-smp}05:34
lamontKamion: and you'll notice that it's in the branch name, not the version (since _that_ doesn't allow anything but numbers and periods)05:35
mjg59But what I actually meant is that the code in question is useless on power3 - the processors those calls are fiddling with aren't power305:35
mjg59Kamion: Right, I'd expect you to be able to drop PPC_PMAC from them05:35
Kamionin other words, drop PPC_PMAC from power3 and power3-smp05:35
elmo_mjg59: er?05:35
elmo_what's PPC_PMAC do?  'cos my laptop's using (or would be if I used distro kernels) power305:36
Kamionmeh what? how?05:36
Kamionpower3 is like a different processor from your laptop05:36
Kamionit's IBM big iron05:36
elmo_yeah, sorry, I'm getting confused05:37
elmo_this is why I HATE subarches05:37
Kamionyou and me both05:37
mjg59Kamion: Any idea why it was switched on?05:37
Kamionmjg59: nope05:37
elmo_my laptop which is a 'g4' -> powerpc, our powermac G5 -> 'power4'.  wtf?05:37
mjg59elmo_: G5 is PPC64, which is power405:37
Kamionmjg59: it doesn't appear to be that way in Debian05:37
mjg59Kamion: Kill with extreme prejudice, then05:38
Kamionwhich rather worries me, I wonder where we got those configs05:38
elmo_mjg59: yeah, I know, it's just hellishly unintuitive05:38
mjg59Kamion: Kernel default config has PPC_PMAC switched on05:38
Kamionlamont: so can I check in the changes one by one rather than in a big batch? :)05:38
Kamionmjg59: yeah, but I thought we'd have got our config by starting with Debian's config05:39
Kamionsince that's what we did with the udebs05:39
lamontKamion: however you want, but would be nice to have tags for -21 and -2205:39
ograwasabi ?05:39
Kamionlamont: right, will do05:40
pittiKamion (cc:lamont) are you fine with a manual cyrus-sasl build?05:41
Kamionlamont: I'll commit the config change discussed above too, if that's ok05:41
Kamionpitti: whatever lamont's ok with ... (dangerous though that statement is)05:41
pittiokay :-)05:41
lamontKamion: manual build will require resurecting a heimdal set from the morgue somewhere, manually installing it on the buildds, and thereby preserving the FTBFS issue....  elmo will kill me.05:45
lamontso I'm gonna require a very clear edict before I'll accept that path...05:45
elmo_don't drag me into this horrow show05:45
elmo_it's warty - we can't fix it right now, just fix it however you need to; the most important thing is to make damn sure we don't have any packages like this in hoary05:46
elmo_(which is blocked on me, I know - go me)05:47
tsengelmo_: hey, did gtk-sharp-unstable ever get into NEW?05:49
=== dgp [~danilo@adsl-ull-245-166.46-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengelmo_: or still having mysterious problems05:49
elmo_tseng: nah, it's in NEW, I'll have a look at in a bit05:50
tsengelmo_: ah great. thanks05:50
elmo_tseng: tho, why are we doing the whole '-unstable' thing instead of just uploading the newer version as gtk-sharp?  is it that unstable?05:50
tsengelmo_: they are paralel installable. most apps use gtk-sharp 1.0.x05:50
tsengthis is 1.9.x05:50
tsengalso, miguel asked it have something to the effect of -unstable, as the api isnt frozen05:51
tsengso thats how the debian maintainer packaged it..05:51
tsengits sort of unclear how/when it will go into experimental05:51
tsengonly muine uses atm, and we want a recent version (which actually builds)05:52
Kamionpitti: can this wait 'til mdz gets back? I don't really feel comfortable saying "yes, do this evil thing"05:52
pittiKamion: it's a security update, but since nothing really uses this old crap, I'm fine with waiting05:53
elmo_isn't that slac^W^Wour fearless distro-leader due back todayish anyways?05:53
pittidunno, he spoke about "a few days" in his holiday reminder...05:53
tsengelmo_: will the same package going into sid with a slightly different name cause you major pain in the future? or correctable05:55
tsengelmo_: this is the name from the debian maintainer, but I havent gotten a strong commitment that that will be the name in sid05:55
KamionIIRC it was indeed today, but I might be a day or two out05:57
Kamiontseng: try not to clash with their version numbers ...05:57
Kamiontseng: different .orig.tar.gz files with the same filename will cause pain, too05:57
Mithrandirubuntu in the .orig.tar.gz file name?05:58
=== Mithrandir hides
=== Amaranth [Amaranth@amaranth.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionlamont: could you chmod g+w the revision lock in that archive?06:01
Kamionlamont: (might want umask 002 in your .bashrc ...)06:01
elmo_cdrecord: A write error occured.06:02
elmo_cdrecord: Please properly read the error message above.06:02
=== elmo_ <heart> joerg
ajMithrandir: foo_1.0+ubuntu1.orig.tar.gz is pretty plausible, especially if there isn't an official tarball06:02
Mithrandirelmo_: use DVDs and growisofs. :)06:03
thom(at the cdrecord error)06:03
Mithrandiraj: true enough.  Still ugly.06:03
Kamionor 1.0~ubuntu1.orig.tar.gz, better06:03
lamontKamion: fixed06:03
Kamion(since we'd want a Debian version to win)06:04
elmo_err, guys, we're talking about the package name not version?06:04
elmo_or tseng was originally06:04
Kamionoh, slightly different name, not the same name; misread06:04
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-109-183.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== shaya [~spotter@dyn-wireless-244-197.dyn.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
shayasomething I've noticed recently is that new windows pop up in the background06:07
elmo_so. hum.  something greatly upsets CD burning on my laptop and I'm beginning to think it's xmms - is that even plausible?06:07
shayais this the way its supposed to be?06:07
shayai.e. if I click on an email link in firefox, evolution compose email window is obscured06:07
tsengelmo_: yes, different names. he alluded to possibly making gtk-sharp2-unstable vs gtk-sharp-unstable06:09
shayaalso, any ubuntu ppc people here?06:09
elmo_tseng: that's fine we can merge later without problems06:09
pittishaya: right now I'm typing at a ibook g406:09
tsengelmo_: wonderful, all I wondered06:09
tsenghm, hi shaya 06:09
shayaanyone know if ppc64 stuff is supported?06:09
shayai.e. J20 (970FX) blades06:09
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
shayajs20 that is06:10
shayaIBM donated a 14 unit blade center to us and we'd like to get a debian type distro on it, plain debian doesn't seem to do it06:10
tsengseb128: hey did you upload f-spot to sid? I got a reject message, dist was set to hoary06:10
seb128tseng: grumpf, the debian maintainer did06:11
seb128I've pointed the hoary packages06:11
seb128he has changed the version but not the distro06:11
tsenghm alright. the mail went to him as well so I imagine he'll fix06:12
shayadoes f-spot actually work for anyone?06:13
shayaand not crash w/ a gnomevfs error?06:13
tsengsure does.06:13
shayaUnhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for Gnome.Vfs.Vfs ---> System.DllNotFoundException: gnomevfs-206:13
tsengyep you mailed me.06:13
shayayou're hale06:14
tsengbrandon, yes06:14
shayawant to log into my laptop now and try it for yourself?06:14
shayayes, but brandon might get you confused w/ overfiend06:14
shaya"brandon" that is06:14
tsengoverfiend is branden06:15
Mithrandirhe uses a bit more caps too06:15
shayaeh, close enough.  I have letters from ACM addressed to Ms. Shaya Potter. that's a bit more off06:15
shayaat least last time I looked down06:15
shayatseng: so do you want to check out my laptop?06:16
tsengI could, but my mono debugging skills are pretty limited06:16
lamontpitti/Kamion: so the decision is to stall waiting for mdz to surface, and then probably commit unspeakable evil in the name of preserving the status quo?06:16
shayajust can see if there's anything abnormal06:16
=== eruin [~eruin@eruin.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengshaya: if you checked out for proper installs of gnome-vfs2 and libgnome-cil I'm not sure what else to look at. we can talk to lewing06:17
tsengand co06:17
tsengshaya: care to see if anyone is home on #f-spot, irc.gnome.org ?06:18
tsengI've just joined06:18
shayalewing is in #hula06:18
tsenglewing is in #f-spot as well..06:18
shayain #hula's he's been idle 14 hours06:19
tsengunless you both really want to divert the topic of #hula, which is damn busy last I checked06:19
shayahmm, try irc.gnome06:19
shayamsg him06:19
shayasays 14 for me06:19
Kamionlamont: right, if that's possible06:19
lamontI'll root around in the morgue and find the right evilness06:20
shayafigured it out06:20
shaya[pid 11824]  open("/usr/lib/gnomevfs-2.so", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)06:20
tsenghtf are you missing that?06:20
shayasame problem06:21
tsengone second06:21
Amaranthwait, how the hell could you be missing gnomevfs and have a working system?06:21
shayait's not missing06:21
tsengAmaranth: thats the wrong path06:21
shaya.so.0 is included06:21
shayasame problem as w/ the gphoto06:22
shayaand make the link and f-spot works06:22
Amaranthwell, you could symlink for now and report the problem to the maintainers06:22
shayayea, strace06:22
shayaor that should have been a yay strace06:23
tseng /usr/lib/libgnomevfs-2.so.0 is in libgnomevfs2-006:23
shayatseng: so how did you get the .so link06:23
Kamionoh, you're using the -dev .so symlink06:23
shayamade it yourself?06:23
Kamionshaya: it's in libgnomevfs2-dev or whatever06:23
tsengno, its in -dev06:23
tsengso I will make you a fix06:23
shayais this a bug in gnomevfs packaging or mono?06:24
tsenghm I wonder if I can hit that in muine also06:24
shayaas seems to be something we hit a lot06:24
tsengshaya: I am thinking libgnome-cil (gtk-sharp)06:24
tsengyeah muine isnt affected06:25
Kamionit's not a bug in gnomevfs06:25
tsengits a bug in mono packaging06:26
shayaback to work for me, need to finish this paper http://www2005.org/program-fri.html#T10:30 (as don't want to miss my chance to go to japan for free)06:26
tsengmuine has06:27
tseng       5   <dllmap dll="libgnomevfs-2-0.dll" target="libgnomevfs-2.so.0"/>06:27
tsengf-spot just needs the same thing06:28
Kamionlamont: -21 and -22 committed06:28
Kamionlamont: I'll do the power3 config thing on a separate branch, and you can merge06:28
tsengshaya: im fixing now. cheers06:29
lamontand thanks for dealing with the power3 config thing.06:29
ajmitchtseng: you want #6805?06:31
tsengajmitch: hm id like to wait and see if they can reproduce with 0.8.2.. sound fair?06:32
tsenglemme finish this f-spot fix06:32
shayathis whole dllmap stuff just weirds me out06:32
tsengwhys that?06:33
shayajust seems hackish, whatever happened to good ole ld06:33
tsengits C# dude06:33
tsengno linker06:33
shayamono is the linker06:34
tsengwell it doesnt do ld06:34
ajmitchshaya: yeah it's annoying, but since the assemblies don't request which version to use, it's sort of needed06:34
=== tritium [~tritium@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
shayaright, but no reason it shouldn't.  i.e. to the kernel, elf binaries can be viewed as bieng executed by /lib/ld-linux06:35
tsengshaya: anyway ill have a .deb for you in 2 minutes06:35
shayaand mono binaries can be viewed as bieng executed by mono06:35
shayabut ok, I'll take ajmitch's answer06:35
tsengtheres no elf06:35
tsengits bytecode06:36
shayaI agree, but it seems like just importing window's DLL hell world into linux06:36
shayaand have a hack way around it with the dllmap entries06:36
lamontKamion: once you have happy ppc stuff, I need to merge in a new tosh acpi from kinnison, it would appear...  so I'll plan on -23 sometime soonish06:36
shayalamont: you do ppc?  know anything about my js20s?06:37
Kamionjbailey: can you look at #1440? there's a comment that it'll be obsolete once #1763 is fixed, but you fixed #1763 and there's still a report of it being broken06:37
Kamionwhat is a js20s?06:37
shaya970fx based blade06:37
shayasupposdly "works"06:38
shayabut no debian based distro seems to work06:38
jbaileyKamion: Hmm, if loading ide-cd and ide-generic don't do it, there's other problems, but I'll try and figure it out.06:40
=== T-None is now known as T-Bone
tsengshaya: http://getsweaaa.com/~tseng/f-spot/f-spot_0.0.9-0ubuntu2_i386.deb test this please.06:40
Kamionjbailey: thanks06:40
Kamionshaya: hoary doesn't work? warty was missing 970fx bits, but hoary should have most of them06:41
lamontShaquile: I just build stuff06:41
Kamionshaya: however we don't have a ppc64 kernel yet, so ...06:41
Kamionmjg59: hm, menuconfig only offers one all-in-one "CHRP/PowerMac/PReP" option for machine type06:42
tsengshaya: huh wtf06:42
T-Bonehey Kamion, lamont :)06:43
Kamionhi T-Bone06:43
lamontT-Bone: howdy06:43
T-Bonelamont: so you uploads stuff without building it, heh? :^)06:43
=== lamont tries to think of something controversial to say to t-bone, decides that would be mean.
Kamionadmittedly so did I, with -21 :(06:44
lamontT-Bone: 4/5 built...06:44
T-BoneKamion: yeah you were the next target on my slap list :)06:44
lamontwas bedtime dammit06:44
T-Bonelamont: hehe :)06:44
lamontbut it _booted_06:44
=== Kamion claims "doing emergency hot-fix" mitigation
T-Bonelamont: and that's supposed to prove anything? :^)06:45
lamontT-Bone: and btw, the parisc breakout patches went balistic, so I reverted that (but left them in the tree)06:45
Kamionlamont: my problem now is that the installer's gonna be broken tomorrow06:45
T-Bonelamont: balistic like how?06:45
T-BoneKamion: gaaah :P How so?06:45
=== Goshawk [~Goshawk@host20-71.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontT-Bone: yeah, that you want to say :%s/2.6.10-3/2.6.10-4/g, not :%s/2.6.10-3-/2.6.10-4-/g06:45
lamontirq major borkage06:45
KamionT-Bone: er, ABI breakage, it goes with the territory unless you get the whole thing over with in one day06:45
lamontT-Bone: does not play well with others kind of issues06:45
Kamionlamont: it looked more like :%s/-2.6.10-3/2.6.10-4/g or something like that06:46
lamontKamion: whip cracking time?06:46
T-Bonelamont: dude, all i did was splitting existing patches. I haven't (and couldn't) tested them06:46
lamontT-Bone: understood06:46
lamontI just didn't want to hold up the upload for hppa, because that would have been, well, bad.06:46
Kamionlamont: just trying to get something I can run 'make config' on right now06:46
T-Bonelamont: at any rate this should make our lives easier when backporting stuff from kyle06:47
T-Bonelamont: sure06:47
lamontT-Bone: yeah - I'll make some time to play with the patches some more in my off time later this week, assuming that anysuch time exists.06:47
T-Bonelamont: remember that a good part of that non-existing time should be devoted to oo.o ;)06:48
=== trukulo [~trukulo@176.red-62-57-69.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== T-Bone ducks!
lamontmeanwhile, arguing with d-i's archive-arrangement assumptions has given me the fun opportunity of adjusting my evil-archive scripts more, and will yet again.06:48
tsengshaya: heh sorry about that. had to look at the code to see what it was actually trying to load06:48
T-Bonelamont: heh :)06:49
lamontbecause this is wrong: pool/main/debian-installer/a/anna/anna_1.06ubuntu4_hppa.udeb06:49
tsengshaya: also chokes on libgnomeui at least06:50
Kamionlamont: follow the Filename: in Packages ...06:50
jbaileyKamion: Do I understand this right that the Hoary livecd works, but not the installer?06:52
elmo_what's default debconf in warty?06:53
Kamionjbailey: no, I think those comments are talking about the Warty live CD06:53
Kamionelmo_: default debconf what?06:53
elmo_priority, sorry06:53
=== eruin [~eruin@eruin.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionelmo_: in warty, critical in the installer and high in the installed system06:54
elmo_cool, tnx06:54
Kamionin hoary, the installer shifted back to high06:54
T-BoneKamion: if i get it right, today's ISO should have the mptscsih fix, right?06:55
KamionT-Bone: no, because of kernel build problems06:55
=== mvo is away for ~2h
=== thom wonders idly if firefox will build
lamontKamion: yeah - the issue is that this is a fresh import, and it was because I was a little too complete in forcing main/debian-installer to be a component06:56
lamontfixed now, but it's an archive event for my poor archive.06:56
T-BoneKamion: gah. something generic or something I have to fix?06:56
T-Bone(and don't say the latter just to get me mad :)06:56
lamontwhich means: 1) move *_hppa.deb and *_hppa.changes back into the upload queue, 2) remove binary-hppa/Packages.gz; and 3) re-import06:56
KamionT-Bone: no. see the above conversation?06:58
KamionT-Bone: you knew it didn't build, since you were complaining at lamont about it, surely?06:58
=== T-Bone needs to catch up with scrollback quickly
KamionT-Bone: I've spent a good part of today on it ...06:58
=== abelli [~abelli@host-84-222-38-198.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
T-BoneKamion: actually i didn't know it doesn't build. I blamed lamont for uploading a package with missing data (which he would have noticed if he'd built the package). I didn't know the problem was "bigger"06:59
tritiumWith the changes to cupsys browsing, shouldn't dpkg-reconfigure ask whether or not to enable it?06:59
lamontT-Bone: ppc is ftbfs06:59
KamionT-Bone: ah, I see :) what was the missing data?06:59
lamont--> -23 today sometime06:59
lamontKamion: metadata06:59
T-Bonelamont: ah it's the ppc fixes from benh?07:00
lamontspecifically, the lingering instances of 2.6.10-307:00
lamontT-Bone: yes.07:00
KamionT-Bone: right - it's just on power307:00
T-Boneok now i've sync'd both halves of my brain ;)07:00
lamontwhich are solved with a config change07:00
=== defnop [~defnop@dD5777277.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont gets dragged into town by his wife - back in a bit
T-Boneok, so it's not such a big deal, is it?07:00
Kamionlamont: hm, well07:01
T-Boneheh, see ya07:01
lamontKamion: well, in theory anyway...07:01
Kamionlamont: you can't turn off CONFIG_PPC_PMAC just by running 'make config'07:01
Kamionit doesn't let you do that individually07:01
Kamionwhich makes me a bit leery of doing that07:01
lamontah. ouch.07:01
KamionCONFIG_PPC_MULTIPLATFORM is one piece, you see ...07:02
=== lamont begins to chant his "Kamion knows best" mantra, while disappearing for about 120minutes or so
Kamionnot about the kernel I don't :)07:02
lamontanything more before I flee for a bit?07:02
KamionI mailed benh about it, but no reply yet07:02
dholbachi'm out running *wave*07:02
T-BoneKamion: grant me 1h and I'll have a look07:02
T-Bonehave to go out now07:02
KamionT-Bone: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/l/linux-source-2.6.10/2.6.10-22/linux-source-2.6.10_2.6.10-22_20050222-1238-powerpc-failed07:02
T-Bonecopy/pasted. Will look when I get back07:03
=== T-Bone is now known as T-Gone
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091c8b.pool.terralink.de] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Verlassend"]
tsengshaya: here?07:04
Kamionlamont: I think I might just whack #ifndef CONFIG_POWER3 around that for now07:13
=== shaya [~spotter@dyn-wireless-244-197.dyn.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
shayatseng: back07:16
shayawsa downstairs07:16
shayaf-spot seems to work now07:17
tsengwith my new deb?07:17
shayaand with my gnomevfs.so symlink removed07:17
tsengheh, bye..07:18
=== shaya [~spotter@dyn-wireless-244-197.dyn.columbia.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengshaya: can you reply to all and let ondrej know as well that the new package works as expected07:20
tsengshaya: thanks alot for playing along.07:20
=== tseng sighs
tsengajmitch: commented #6805, thanks for pointing07:28
Mitariohi everyone07:30
=== zenrox [~zenrox@wbar7.sea-4-12-028-223.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mpt_capetown [~mpt@dynamic-oit-vapornet-a-14.Princeton.EDU] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== herzi [~herzi@c206063.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jaco [~jaco@host98-157.pool80181.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128elmo_: gnome-mag (from unstable) and gazpacho (from incoming) syncs please07:49
=== rburton [~ross@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== trukulo [~trukulo@176.red-62-57-69.user.auna.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukulowho is in charge of suspend work on laptops?07:53
=== decko [decko@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128trukulo: what part ?07:54
trukuloer... acpi suspend, hibernate, sleep, you know07:54
seb128yeah, I know, but what part ?07:55
mx|gonejbailey: ping07:55
seb128backend ?07:55
seb128UI ?07:55
trukulosupport on concrete models07:55
seb128mjg59/thom 07:55
trukulothanks seb07:55
trukuloi'll ask them if they want me to try scripts on my compaq laptop, it seems that compaq is not specially well supported07:56
=== enrico points the finger at http://people.ubuntu.com/~mako/docteam/quickguide/
enricoIt's almost finished, and it ROCKS07:56
enricoAlmost finished, as in: http://people.ubuntu.com/~mako/docteam/status/qg-report.html07:56
tsengenrico: will the first be avilable in yelp?07:57
elmo_Kamion: ?07:57
makoenrico: taht's fantastic07:57
Kamionelmo_: ?07:58
enricotseng: yes.  If you checkout DocteamRepository, you can build a .deb out of it07:58
=== seb128 needs to fix yelp
enricotseng: the OMF files have still to be written, though07:58
trukulomjg59, ping07:58
=== Kamion screams at the fucking stupid linux-source-* build system
Kamionwaste of time07:58
elmo_Kamion: I've got two 80Gb disks, I get offered Erase a, Erase b, Use largest free, and Manual.  I select the third and get told "failed, probably not enough space"?07:58
zulKamion: hmmm?07:58
Kamionelmo_: do you actually have free (i.e. unpartitioned) space on those disks?07:59
Kamionzul: the stupid "patch -1, unpatch -1, patch -2, unpatch -2, patch -3, ..." ritual it goes through before getting out of bed07:59
zulKamion: heh welcome my world :)07:59
KamionI want to put a big "I DON'T CARE" label on that repeated patching08:00
elmo_Kamion: no - but couldn't it see that itself and not offer me an option that's doomed to fail? :)08:00
Kamionelmo_: hm, yeah, guess so, would have to think of how; file a bug please?08:00
Kamionelmo_: package partman-auto08:00
elmo_Kamion: also does "large contiguous free space" count spanning across disk? :)08:02
elmo_ah, hmm, this is a mac so #1 is sacrosant isn't it.. meh08:03
jbaileymx|gone: Here.08:03
jbaileytrukulo: suspend to ram is working fine on my Compaq Armada E50008:03
jbaileytrukulo: This might be better done on #ubuntu, though.08:04
Kamionelmo_: it would if we did auto-LVM ...08:05
=== robtaylor [~robtaylor@nat2.camtrial.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukulojbailey, i know, i know, i'm only offering as a tester if they want, i don't ask for direct support here08:13
jbaileytrukulo: Ah, makes sense.08:13
elmo_Kamion: dude.  gb.archive.ubuntu.com - you rock.08:20
Kamionelmo_: just worked? cool.08:22
elmo_en_AU.. pfft08:25
danielselmo_: don't be hatin'08:25
elmo_en_ZA? WTF is that.. "Would you like to continue, hey? [Y/n] "08:26
=== pitti [~martin@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_remind me why we register documentation in the foreground?08:27
jbaileyKamion: I found a system that matches this one more or less:08:28
jbaileyKamion: Apparently the ata_piix driver doesn't support proc-fs, I may have to just punt this bug to kernel folks.  I'll try a bit more, though.08:29
elmo_neat. the apple (paper) docs seem to come in either German or Japanese 08:31
pittielmo_: if you need some help with the former... :-)08:32
Kamionelmo_: because the moment after you finish the installation is the one time when it's most likely that the user will want to use the machine rather than having it gummed up by background jobs?08:33
zuljbailey: once you have finished looking at it open up a bug so we can keep track of it08:33
jbaileyzul: Ubuntu #144008:34
elmo_pitti: tis okay, even with non-parseable docs I can see there's no spare harddrive, but I suppose that wasn't a realistic hope anyway ;)08:35
zuljbailey: great thanks08:35
elmo_Kamion: yeah, I guess08:35
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091c8b.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zuljbailey: is that on a recent cd?08:44
jbaileyzul: Running Hoary system, 2.6.10-3-68608:44
jbaileyzul: It looks like ata_piix just isn't picking up the IDE CD Drives, but is taking over the ports, so that ide-generic can't do it either.08:45
elmo_argh.  does software raid not work for partman on ppc either?08:45
jbaileyzul: I tried loading sg by hand, but it didn't do it, and /proc/scsi/ata_piix/0 tells me "The driver does not yet support the proc-fs"08:46
jbaileyzul: So even if it were appearing, there's nothing my hotplug script could do to pull it out of there anyway.  I think I'm about at the point where I'm out of options.  I'l googling a touch, though.  I have trouble imagining that noone else has come across this.08:46
Kamionelmo_: no, needs newer parted08:47
KamionI might backport that actually08:47
zuljbailey: have you tried 2.6.11 ?08:47
jbaileyzul: No.  This is a server in a datacentre 3 timezones free here.  The 2.6.11 in the archive stayed running for about 2 minutes on my home machine before oops'ing so I'm a little reluctant to try it.08:48
=== jaco [~jaco@host98-157.pool80181.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zulah i c..ok well ill have a look at it tonight08:49
jbaileyzul: Thanks.  I'll add myself to the bug cc: list.08:49
elmo_Kamion: that'd rock08:50
elmo_I can even test it; as I'll have to reinstall this machine when it gets it's third disk back anyways08:51
Kamionelmo_: (I don't know if it needs *only* newer parted; but that's a necessary condition at least ...)08:51
Kamionelmo_: ok, will queue that up after this kernel crap08:51
trukulo2.6.11 oops on my machine too after 2 minutes of use (several times)08:51
Kamiony'know, if I were intelligent, I'd build this on davis08:52
elmo_uh, you'd have difficulty08:52
Kamion... oh, davis is down. poo.08:52
elmo_I'm using it's gfx card to install royal08:52
elmo_davis won't boot without it :(08:52
elmo_uh, wtf08:52
elmo_stage 2 is asking for the CDROM08:52
KamionGAR. does the kernel build system EVER WORK AT ALL?08:52
KamionThe changelog says we are creating 2.6.10, but I thought the version is 2.6.10-4-power3-smp08:52
Kamionoh, maybe I need Ubuntu kernel-package08:53
MithrandirKamion: by accident, on Thursdays?08:53
Kamionah, that did it08:55
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-45-85.w83-196.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.12.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jbaileyzul: When is tonight for you?  I can try to make sure I'm around if you need information from a running system.08:57
T-BoneKamion: just got back, any update on the ppc kernel update08:58
Kamionstill building but at least it's got past the earlier failure08:58
=== Keybuk [~scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zuljbailey: i should be back on irc around 7ish tonight09:00
jbaileyzul: 'kay.  I'll try to make sure i'm back on around then.09:00
zulk cool09:01
=== pitti [~martin@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091faa.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionlamont: please pull colin.watson@canonical.com--2005/kernel-debian--powerpc-config--2.6.10--patch-1, and add powerpc-fix-no-altivec to the 00list for the new version09:11
=== T-Bone is now known as T-Gone
T-Gonebbiab (Dinner)09:12
KamionT-Gone: the patch I just pointed lamont at should fix the powerpc issue09:12
Kamionlamont: that's http://people.ubuntu.com/~cjwatson/archives/colin.watson@canonical.com--2005, by the way09:15
Kamionah, bugger, still no go09:16
Kamionarch/ppc/platforms/built-in.o(.text+0x1488): In function `flush_disable_caches':09:16
Kamion: undefined reference to `__flush_disable_L1'09:16
Mithrandirdoes opening open up the print dialog for anybody else?09:16
Mithrandir(firefox, i386)09:16
ograamd64 .... the dialog opens here09:17
HiddenWolfI've never been able to make xchat and firefox to play nice on i38609:18
Mithrandirogra: weird; I'll file a bug.09:18
MithrandirI'm sure thom will love me.09:18
LBMi get a print dialog (i386)09:18
HiddenWolfMithrandir: it opens for me too.09:18
Mithrandirok, I think we can call the verified. :)09:19
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T-BoneKamion: benh is on #d-kernel.09:35
=== zenrox [~zenrox@wbar7.sea-4-12-028-223.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionlamont,T-Bone: ok, you probably want the rest of the colin.watson@canonical.com--2005/kernel-debian--powerpc-config--2.6.10 branch too (patch-2 and patch-3), and I renamed the patch from powerpc-fix-no-altivec to powerpc-fix-pmac-cache10:07
Kamionlamont,T-Bone: I haven't done full builds, but I've successfully done the monolithic kernel part of the build with power3-smp, power4, and powerpc10:08
T-Bonesounds good10:08
KamionI don't think it should affect modules10:08
elmo_Kamion: davis is back, fwiw ;)10:09
T-BoneKamion: you'll want to have lamont get that in our archive. I don't have write access to it (sigh)10:09
Kamionelmo_: bit late, slacker :P10:09
KamionT-Bone: aye, we really need a better solution for shared archives10:09
T-BoneKamion: indeed. It's actually a bit pointless for us to have that archive, for only you or lamont can commit there10:10
=== T-Bone is still going through the pain of learning how to use arch anyway
KamionT-Bone: well, no, it allows lamont to integrate from a branch you create10:10
KamionT-Bone: you can still make commits and their history will be preserved10:10
T-Bonefair enough10:10
T-Bonei really have to educate myself about that monster. It's just that looks so ugly to me :-}10:11
Kamionin the same way as Linus' kernel archive isn't pointless, despite the fact that only he can commit to it :)10:11
Kamion(leaving aside political stuff about BK ...)10:11
T-Boneshhh ;)10:11
Kamionstill, an archive labelled kernel-team should be writable by the whole team, really10:12
=== mvo [~egon@ip181.135.1511I-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
T-BoneKamion: actually it should be writeable by team leader(s). Since I don't know yet how the whole arch stuff work, i don't know what are the implications of more people being able to write10:13
T-BoneKamion: as we've stated it, leader(s) has(ve) to filter what goes in the final package10:13
T-Boneand that archive is intended to reflect what will go there10:13
=== zenrox [~zenrox@wbar7.sea-4-12-028-223.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionoh, ok10:14
Mithrandirpqm, possibly, then10:14
Kamionsorry I sidestepped that with my uploads earlier today then; I was acting in my capacity as installer team leader to fix an issue that was blocking me, if you want to look at it that way10:15
Kamion(or if you want me to be pompous ...)10:15
elmo_talking of slacking and installer team leads - where's that graphical installer???10:15
T-BoneKamion: hehe :)10:15
Mithrandirelmo_: you want a graphical installer you can use over serial?10:15
Kamionyeah, dude, still waiting for that jigdo snapshot archive stuff10:15
T-BoneKamion: actually i think it would be a good thing that you have write access to it10:15
=== tritium [~tritium@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
T-BoneKamion: and that you *use* that right :)10:16
KamionI sincerely hope not to have to very often, kernel stuff has a bad habit of eating whole days at a time10:16
T-Boneelmo_: heh. Nice test of the livecd indeed. I must confess I didn't think of trying it with a VT100 :)10:16
T-BoneKamion: heh. Welcome to our world :)10:17
=== farruinn [~nathan@cpe-69-201-11-158.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Kamion has a horrible thought about language packs
Kamionpitti: I bet you're stripping base-config, aren't you?10:18
pittiKamion: I should10:18
Kamionpitti: could you, er, not?10:18
pittiKamion: hm, right, at that time the langpack is not available...10:18
Kamionpitti: base-config is the thing responsible for installing language packs10:18
Kamionright, exactly10:19
pittiKamion: sorry, didn't think about that10:19
Kamionno problem, nor did I until just now10:19
Kamionrunning a test at the moment10:19
pittiKamion: are there any other packages which must not be stripped?10:19
Kamionpitti: passwd's debconf templates shouldn't be stripped10:19
Kamion(source package shadow)10:19
Kamionbecause they're used from the first stage10:20
Kamionthat's all I can think of at the moment10:20
pittiKamion: do you think this has time until tomorrow? I'm falling asleep atm10:20
Kamionpitti: oh, no massive urgency, just pre-hoary10:20
pittiokay, will do tomorrow10:20
pittiKamion: today I'm afraid I would mess something up, I feel terrible10:20
Kamionget some sleep :)10:20
pittiokay, shadow and base-config10:20
=== Kamion nods
pittigood night, guys!10:21
MithrandirKamion: is there an overview of the different states for a Channel in ssh somewhere?10:26
=== dgp [~danilo@adsl-ull-245-166.46-151.net24.it] has left #ubuntu-devel []
KamionMithrandir: looking10:29
KamionMithrandir: http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-secsh-connect-24.txt maybe?10:30
KamionMithrandir: the states are really internal to the implementation though10:31
MithrandirKamion: great, thanks.10:31
=== kroon [~jacob@c83-249-198-140.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zulright...ill be back later10:32
=== janc [~janc@dD57704E6.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitariojdub, here?10:36
lamontKamion: so I want all the changes on your branch?10:38
Kamionlamont: yeah, plus adding powerpc-fix-pmac-cache to 00list-2310:39
Kamionlamont: BTW I've uploaded debian-installer with 2.6.10-4, it'll probably need a dep-wait on powerpc10:39
Kamionhm, in fact on all architectures, I guess it's in NEW10:40
lamontI thought elmo was going to preseed NEW for an abi rev or 310:41
Kamionspeaking of seeds, nobody's updated them for 2.6.10-410:42
KamionI'll do that now10:42
lamontoops.  guess we need to add that to the new ABI checklist, eh?10:47
=== zenrox [~zenrox@wbar7.sea-4-12-028-223.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontdoes powerpc-fix-pmac-cache replace anything, or it's just a new one on top of the rest?10:48
Kamionthe latter10:48
Kamionspecifically it must be on top of stolen-from-head_ppc-sleep10:48
jdubMitario: pong10:48
lamontright - all the stolen-from-head patches come first, so that's cool10:48
Kamionstolen-from-head_ppc_sleep, rather10:49
Mitariojdub, about my pgo feed :)10:49
Mitariojdub, sorry to bother you again, but i tought maybe you forgot :)10:49
Kamionlamont: there's also linux-meta; though once we upload that, everyone will start complaining about stuff being uninstallable ...10:50
lamontright - that's last. :-)10:50
=== lamont debates the pros and cons of just uploading with {arch} and .arch-ids/* intact
Mithrandirlamont: debuild -i is too much work?10:50
lamontMithrandir: huh?10:51
Kamion$ grep arch ~/.devscripts10:51
KamionDEBUILD_DPKG_BUILDPACKAGE_OPTS="-i'(?:^|/).*~$|(?:^|/)\..*\.swp|DEADJOE|(?:/CVS|/RCS|/\.svn|/\.deps|\{arch\}|\.arch-ids|\.arch-inventory)(?:$|/)' -ICVS -I.svn -I\{arch\} -I.arch-ids -I.arch-inventory -uc -us"10:51
lamontoh - cool10:51
lamontdpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -S will hit that then?10:51
lamontmost awesome, fellow dudes!10:52
Kamionno, but debuild -S would10:52
MithrandirKamion: you know you can just use -i and dpkg-buildpackage will just add all that magic?10:52
KamionMithrandir: yeah, but not in woody; my .devscripts is shared10:52
lamonthrm.. never used debuild...10:52
lamontin hoary it would?10:52
Kamiondefinitely, warty too10:52
KamionMithrandir's right that in warty/hoary you should probably just drop the gunk between -i and -ICVS10:53
lamontanything besides Kamion's fixes that we need in -23?10:54
=== eruin [~eruin@eruin.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontKamion: hrm.. -23 can't be an abi event relative to -22, since -22 didn't build on the one architecture that changed.  Right?10:55
Kamionlamont: right10:55
Kamionlamont: would it be an ABI event otherwise?10:55
Kamion(I have a hard time seeing how ...)10:56
lamontKamion: not sure - but I've gotten paranoid10:56
lamontso debuild -S -rfakeroot?10:57
Kamiondebuild does -rfakeroot by default10:58
ogracan anybody explain: Depends: python (<< 3) ?10:59
ograthis seems to show up in a bunch of python related packages11:00
ograwhat does it mean ? i dont think we need to worry about python3 yet11:01
dholbachKamion: how can it be tightened, without writing Depends: explicitly?11:01
Kamionit seems generally sane to me as it is11:02
Kamionanything with a python module gets a tighter dependency (<< 2.5)11:03
dholbachbut some other {python:Depends}  are expanded to  python (>=2.4), python (<< 2.5) 11:03
Kamionordinary programs get (<< 3)11:03
dholbachah... hmm11:03
Kamionwhich I think makes sense11:03
dholbachi'll point metalikop towards this conversation11:08
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mxpxpodjbailey: still there?11:34
elmo__seb128: ok to override gnome-mag ubuntu mods?11:36
elmo__and  I missed gazpacho sorry - I'll get it once it hits a mirror11:36
seb128no problem11:36
seb128thanks :)11:36
Kamionnight all11:37
dholbachbye kamion11:38
=== jinty [~jinty@115.Red-80-24-9.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel

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