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Lizanyone know if abiword is installed by default?..i only ask cause i know mine was..06:24
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plovs_workmorning all07:15
froudmorning plovs. African greetings07:15
=== Kotiro is now known as Liz
froudHello Liz07:17
Lizhello froud07:17
Lizi did have a question earlier..07:17
froudr u normally known as Kotiro?07:17
Lizno..as Liz07:17
froudyes I saw th equestion, not sure I understand07:18
Lizkotiro means girl in maori07:18
Lizwhen i set this system up..abiword was installed by default07:18
Lizbut i asked a friend..it wasnt installed by default on his07:18
Lizso i was just wondering, since i didnt see anything on it in the quickguide07:18
Lizif it was installed by default or not?07:18
froudNo Abiword is not installed by default07:19
froudIt will only install on Upgrade if you have already got it installed07:19
Lizit was already installed07:19
froudon new install you need to select it for install07:19
Lizthen again..i did install ubuntu when it was first released07:19
Lizim wondering if it could be because i have a pre-release installation as well07:19
froudSo it was an upgrade07:20
Lizi never got around to doing the full install when the shipit discs arrived07:20
Liztho i have done all the upgrades etc07:20
froudmost of us are running hoary development branches now07:20
Lizditto..tho i had to go backwards at one part cause of some conflicts i had with other software07:20
Lizto get them to work07:21
froudstrange, I did not have those problems. Have not heard any of the other team talking about it either07:21
Lizi have seen in on the mailing list07:21
Lizand a friend who i sent my discs too..did have problems with his07:21
froudperhaps, I meant to doc team 07:22
Lizbut its to do with monitors and sound cards etc07:22
Lizand network cards07:22
Lizand video cards07:22
froudYes there are problems in those areas07:22
froudmost of them are resolved now07:22
Lizi just had a problem with mplayer 07:22
froudwhy with mplayer07:23
Liznot quite sure07:23
Lizwhen i upgraded, some files just wouldnt install07:23
Lizalsa headers, xorg..and some other lib files07:23
froudI see dependancy problems07:23
plovs_workLiz, abiword is not installed by default07:24
Lizwhich was a little annoying07:24
froudnormally    synaptic will take care of all that for you07:24
Lizthansk plovs_work..07:24
Liznormally..but i updated a few programs ..ie ..mozilla..and gaim07:24
Lizwhich doesnt show up on the synaptic lists yet07:24
froudgaim is part of hoary07:25
frouddunno about mozilla cause I just user firefox07:25
Lizyes.its part of warty too07:25
Lizafter the hassle i had with java..mozilla is staying07:25
Liztho i have both running now07:25
froudso I don''t understand the problem07:25
Lizwhat version of gaim do you run?07:25
froudwhew girl what ar eyou running07:26
Lizwhat versions in hoary?07:26
froudI dont run it it's just there, 07:26
Lizahh..well ..i do use it07:27
froudMy hoary boxes are for devel07:27
froudso hows your patch comming07:27
Lizgood..i sent it to enrico yesterday07:27
froudremember work small patch often07:27
froudyes I saw that07:28
froudnice one07:28
froudno thank you07:28
froudyou should try some original writing on some of the sections marked help07:28
=== froud reminds himself to add Liz and Jeff as authors
=== Liz is going through quickguide to find help sections
froud/*[@status="help"] 07:30
Lizyes..found it07:31
Lizim using gedit07:31
froudthis should help then 07:32
froud/book[1] /chapter[1] /sect1[4]  - id="qg-additional-resources" status="help"07:32
froud/book[1] /chapter[3] /sect1[5]  - id="qg-office" status="help"07:32
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[1] /sect2[5]  - id="qg-shared-folders" status="help"07:32
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[1] /sect2[7]  - id="qg-time-and-date" status="help"07:32
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[1] /sect2[9]  - id="qg-users-and-groups" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[1]  - id="qg-assistive-technology" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[2]  - id="qg-cd-database-server" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[3]  - id="qg-desktop-background" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[4]  - id="qg-file-management" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[5]  - id="qg-font" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[6]  - id="qg-keyboard" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[7]  - id="qg-keyboard-shortcuts" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[8]  - id="qg-login-photo" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[9]  - id="qg-menus-toolbars" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[10]  - id="qg-mouse" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[11]  - id="qg-multimedia-system-selector" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[12]  - id="qg-network-proxy" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[13]  - id="qg-preferred-applications" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[14]  - id="qg-remote-desktop" status="help"07:33
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[15]  - id="qg-removable-storage" status="help"07:34
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[16]  - id="qg-screensaver" status="help"07:34
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[17]  - id="qg-sessions" status="help"07:34
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[18]  - id="qg-sound" status="help"07:34
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[19]  - id="qg-theme" status="help"07:34
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[2] /sect2[20]  - id="qg-windows" status="help"07:34
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[5]  - id="qg-about-gnome" status="help"07:34
froud/book[1] /chapter[5] /sect1[6]  - id="qg-about" status="help"07:34
froudThese are all the sections that are marked help as of r54607:34
froudBTW. If  you see sections marked review and you think they are as good as finished. Please do mark them complete07:34
Lizim decided to start from the bottom actually...07:35
froudwell that is a good way to start07:35
Liztho..some things i might have to actually enable, to see what they do..hehe07:36
froudIf you mark a status as complete and it contains an authorblurb then please <!-- comment the authorblurb -->07:37
froudKeep text simple and quick. My thinking is that we need to get at least all texts into the document07:37
froudthen we can add to it later07:38
froudif we have all intro para texts then at least users wont see just the word 'Text' under the screenshot07:38
froudfrom this point we can build more.07:38
froudalthough we must take care not to get to carried away, this is the Quick Guide afterall07:39
froudWe will have plenty more to write in the User Guide07:39
=== froud is off to do the school run.
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Lizhello jeffsch08:15
Lizand brb08:15
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jeffschgreetings. this is my first irc experience. wow.08:19
Lizwell then welcome08:19
froudhello jeffsch 08:19
froudwelcome to irc08:19
jeffschthanks. I still figuring out how to use x-chat08:20
Lizfroud..any idea exactly what movement key actually does?08:20
froudmovement key?08:20
Lizunder computer, desktop preferences, windows08:21
Lizits the last option..ive tried it..but i cant see what it actually does08:21
plovs_workLiz, it is to move windows around, usually you grab them with the top-bar08:23
plovs_workbut you can also press alt and then anywhere in the window press the mousebutton and move around08:23
plovs_workgood when your window is too big or something08:23
jeffschthe help for the movement key is not very clear, is it?08:23
Lizno, its not08:24
jeffschi never would have guessed that...08:24
Lizi actually asked in teh ubuntu channel..hehe08:24
Lizbut then screwed up my taskbar and had to restart it08:24
Lizfroud, if i do an authorburb..im right in putting in my own name yes?08:26
froudthe authorblurbs are used for notes to each other during devel. We comment them out in the release.08:33
froudjeffsch: your patch has been applied. Thanks. svn up everyone there are a few sections touched in that patch. :-)08:37
Lizsending you my patch froud08:38
froudsend them on, I'm in the mood for hunking :-)08:39
froudfeeel like hunking, oh come on and hunk with me08:39
=== froud had a good sleep last night and is full of beans this morning
jeffschwhat app are you all using for changes? I started with gedit, but now trying jedit08:43
Lizim used to using that08:43
froudjedit is better08:44
Lizfunny enough, i installed all the files to allow abiword to open it, but it just crashed08:44
froudI use Oxygen XML Editor. 08:44
froudmany here use VIM08:44
froudsome use emacs08:44
Lizive used emacs08:44
Lizbut i need all my notes on hand..i never remember the commands08:44
Lizand i always screw up08:44
froudLiz: your patch has been applied. Thanks. everyone can svn up again08:45
jeffschI used emacs a few years ago, but i forgot everything08:45
jeffschi also tried vim, but like emacs, it's a lot of work to get good at08:45
Lizill stick to using gedit i think08:45
Lizi use that to edit html pages as well08:46
Lizi did use qanta for a while..cause it does php highlighting as well08:46
froudany text editor will do08:46
froudwell I am off to do some other work. yes, I do have other things to do. Thanks for the patches this morning jeffsch and Liz . Made a great start to my day.08:47
Lizhave a great day08:47
Lizi gotta go deal with dinner 08:48
jeffschmy day is just ending - almost midnight08:48
Lizmines still got 6 hours to go08:48
froud09H38 in Johannesburg South Africa and what a sunny morn after two wet days. 08:48
froudnow all I gotta do is get rid of this cold before I travell to Cape Town08:49
jeffschin Vancouver we have just had a week without a cloud in the sky08:49
jeffschafter 2 weeks of continuous rain08:49
Lizwe've had 4 days of afternoon thunderstorms and rain08:49
Lizneway..im off 08:51
Lizsee ya later all08:51
jeffschbye. me go too. sleep.08:51
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Lizhello abelli01:01
abelliLiz: hello01:02
Lizhow are you tonight?01:03
Lizwell, its night here01:03
abelliwell thank you..01:04
abelliim about having lunch.01:04
Lizwhats for lunch?01:04
abelligive me 10 minutes01:05
abelli"read" you later..01:05
abelliAfter the ambulances go01:06
abelliIs cinderella sweeping up01:06
abelliOn desolation row01:06
Lizenjoy your lunch01:07
sivanghey Liz what's up?01:08
sivanghow's docing go?01:08
Lizits going ok..01:09
Lizi decided to start from the bottom and work my way up01:09
Lizhow are you sivang?01:09
Kinnison 01:10
abelliLiz: spagetti && artichoke salad01:17
abelliKinnison: au iz u?01:17
=== Kinnison blinks
Liznever had artichoke01:17
abelliLiz: do you want some01:18
abelliKinnison: how are you doing?01:18
Kinnisonabelli: I'm doing fine thanks. How are you?01:18
abelliKinnison: ill be living again on friday01:19
abelliKinnison: thursday: electrotechnics examination...01:19
Kinnisongood luck01:19
abelliKinnison: thank you01:20
Lizsure abelli..might take a while to get here tho..can you have it here in time for breakfast? :P01:21
abellido you believe in _dhl_?01:21
abellihow is life there?01:22
Liznot to bad..01:24
Lizhows it up there?01:24
abellifine, thx, but can you define your "here"?01:25
Liznew south wales, australia01:26
Lizi can see you in italy somewhere..yes?01:28
sivangKinnison:  !01:30
Lizi could tell from ip01:30
abelliLiz: so geek :)01:30
sivangLiz: hey liz, it's summer of .au right ? ;-)01:30
Lizyes, its still summer here01:30
sivangLiz: how did you find out about the docteam? what made you want getting invloved in that?01:30
Lizwe had a linuxchix meeting here in sydney..and i asked about the documentation projects 01:31
sivangLiz: is there a website for linuxchix in aussie?01:31
Lizive always been interested in doing some kind of documentation..only cause there is alot of it missing01:31
Lizyes..one moment while i find it01:32
sivangLiz: who told you about the ubuntu documentation project?01:32
sivangLiz: or, who was you referral ;-)01:32
Lizsivang, ive been running ubuntu since release..it came up on the mailing list, and also its in the wiki01:34
Lizwhich is where i found it01:34
sivangLiz: very nice :)01:35
Lizits going to be linked with SLUG eventually01:35
Liztho most of our members, are also SLUG members01:36
sivangLiz: I started to contribute to ubuntu since before preview was out, and started with the docteam, now I do manily development.01:36
Lizid never heard of it till it showed up on the slug mailing list01:37
Lizthen jeff did a presentation of it just before release at a slug meeting01:37
Lizand it appeared again at a install fest that was held at my local university01:37
Lizive been using it ever sine01:38
Lizstill trying to get games to work in it..i mean cdrom games01:38
Lizim a diablo addict..as well as a neverwinter nights one01:38
abelliLiz: i think that cedega can handle them01:39
abellior not?01:39
sivangLiz: http://www.linuxchix.org/content/courses/kernel_hacking/ <== wow cool01:39
abelliLiz: are you going to have a  linux-chix-calendar? :)=01:42
sivangabelli: hey hey :_01:42
Lizabelli, i did do the website..01:43
Lizdidnt that is01:43
Lizand abelli, i have heard that cedega will work..but i need to get an external video card first01:44
abelliwhich one?01:44
Lizmy onboard one isnt supported in linux yet01:44
abelliLiz: what is it?01:44
Lizmy motherboard?01:46
Lizits an asus..01:47
Lizi think01:47
Liznite all02:09
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pro_froud_ you here?04:51
=== jiyuu0 [~jiyuu0@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
proi have to go all, im busting for a pee. all the toilets are locked and its a 10 min drive home.....05:18
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=== _froud_ is now known as froud
=== froud looks around and thinks, "The room is getting crowded."
=== enrico likes crowds
=== enrico waves
froudQuick Guide status report: 10 items left for review, 9 items need help, 166 items complete.06:13
=== froud looks around the room for people to volunteer
=== enrico is impressed by the stats
=== froud sees a sheepsih look on sivangs face and smiles
=== froud also notices that ChrisH is really itching to do something
=== enrico tickles sivang
froudI think he's playing dead :-)06:16
enricomust be, must be :)06:16
froudkick him06:16
Kinnisonnasty people06:17
=== Kinnison tsks you
=== froud wacks Kinnison with a wet fish
=== enrico is not violent anyway
=== enrico cooks the wet fish
=== froud hears the battle cry, "FREE FOR ALL!!!!"
=== froud brings out the KDE arsenal
froud OK now I'm ready06:18
=== enrico passes some Valium to froud
froudenrico: I want some tabsco with that fish06:19
froudnot valium06:19
enrico(it's very cheap now with these phantastic pharmacy stores online!)06:19
froudanyone know who pro is?06:20
froud@ 17:52 pro asked _froud_ you here?06:20
enricoI wasn't there06:20
froudthen says "i have to go all, im busting for a pee. all the toilets are locked and its a 10 min drive home....."06:20
froudstrange stuff06:20
enricoand he doesn't give many details on his /whois06:20
froudenrico: any idea why we have 'evolution' twice in the menu system?06:22
enricoshouldn't be...06:22
froudOnce under Internet and once under Office06:22
enricois it two icons next to each other, or in two different menus?06:22
enricoAh, ok.  Could be ebcause evo is also an organizer and planner06:22
froudHmm good point06:22
=== froud goes to vnc to test it
froudBingo but /me thinks it's a bit pointless06:23
=== froud back in 10 min
enriconot too pointless: if you put it in Internet, you don't find it if you think at the organizer, and vice vera06:24
froudHmm maybe06:49
froudenrico: Ok tonight I will commit my last for a few days. I will be away for a few days. Next time I will be abl eto do anyting is on Monday next week. Is there anything that needs doing now, or that will happen while I am away like tagging06:50
enricoNeeds doing now?  Uhm, nothing comes to my mind.  I'll have a review of everything in the next days.06:53
enricoBut I can do tagging, don't worry06:53
froudOk so people can still contribute for the next week or so?06:54
enricoYesterday Kamion told me we can happily wait for mdz to come back (should be in a couple of days)06:55
enricoSo I take it we're not too strict06:56
froudGood if it is one more week, that's what I think we need to put this version on ice06:56
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abellibonne soir07:16
abellifroud: woza07:17
froudsawubona, gunjani wena07:19
abellivot bever?07:19
froudhello, how are you?07:21
froudenrico: I see trickie is ticking away on those release notes07:22
abellifroud: are you talking with me07:23
enricofroud: ticking away?07:24
froudenrico: yes, chipping at it bit by bit 'till it is finished.07:28
enricoyes, that's very cool!07:28
froudtrickie just sits in silence and does his thing without anyone noticing :-)07:28
enricoI wish Debian had more and more people like that07:32
froudhe he, wishful thinking07:32
froudwell I am at 21 commits and 2 patches today. Now were should I work next?07:32
froudIm on a roll07:33
froudwhen the end gets near it's a good idea to push harder07:33
enricofroud: wow107:34
enricofroud: wow!07:34
froudJeff and Lizz gave some good stuff in this morning. Quite large patches07:35
enricofroud: what you could do?  Uhm... we're short of goals for Hoary, it seems :)07:36
enricoThere's also upstream documentation needing some review, if you have nothing to do :)07:36
froudwhich upstream :-)07:37
enricoany? :07:38
froudDebian is a no go for me. The Karma there is not good for my health.07:38
enricoall manpages linking to undocumented should be written; sometimes per-app documentation is awful, stuff like that07:39
froudGNOME, I think Shaumn has it under control07:39
froudNot today, may be next week07:39
froudonce I get started I will not want to go to Cape town in the morning07:39
enricobut I think you should do that only if, when using hoary, you stumble on some documentation which is particularly bad07:40
froudenrico: are your xrefs showing ok in yelp07:45
froudmine are all wacked07:45
enricowacked?  You mean, xrefs to other doucuments?07:46
enricoafter installing the package?07:46
froudno I am running the development branch, pretty much on the head07:46
froudyelp is 2.9.307:46
froudI have the same problem under SuSE using Yelp 2.6.107:47
froudIsn't there a newer version of yelp07:47
enricofroud: whacked you mean "don't show up?"07:49
froudno they are not formatted correctly07:49
froudthey are in heading style and form a block07:50
enricoI'm looking at the one in quickguide.xml:192, and it just doesn't show07:50
froudrevision of quick guide is 56907:53
enricoyes, they just disappear here07:53
froudoh line 19207:53
froudwhat version of yelp are you using07:53
enricoand the next one in 202: disappeared07:53
enricoI'd ask Shaun07:54
froudmine dont disappear they are just large as if they are headings07:54
=== froud goes of to irc.gnome.org #docs to ask
froudenrico: where can we checkout the ubuntu copy of Yelp08:27
froudPerhaps I can patch the XSL and we can move it upstream08:29
froudenrico: Shaunm thinks he has messed up the endterm stuff in the XSL's. Where can I get the Ubuntu src of Yelp so I can patch the XSL. This way it can be fixed in Hoary and we can move it upstream to GNOME08:38
froudemail me if you have an answer. I am off to bed go to be up at 04H3008:49
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