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thomMithrandir: *sigh*12:52
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zuljbailey, ping01:09
Mitariogood night everyone01:15
zulmako: ping01:24
zulmako: ive uploaded willy's key to the keyserver 01:26
makozul: um.. ok :)01:26
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=== dholbach has a sudden dja-vu :-)
dholbachseb128: you had the URL of herzi's gaim-encryption?01:30
dholbachseb128: i'd check it against dredg's one01:30
seb128the URL is in the bug01:31
seb128and the package name is in the bug title01:31
seb128should be easy to find :)01:31
zulmust go clean the guinea pig cage01:31
dholbachseb128: ok... i'll get to it01:31
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dholbach*grr* why doesnt darcs->ghc6->haddock exist on any other platform than i386?01:41
elmo_it's a haskell compiler written in haskell IIRC01:42
dholbachi see01:42
elmo_err, tho, it should exist on powerpc01:43
elmo_and ia64 and sparc01:43
dholbachghc6 build failed on every arch except i38601:44
dholbachhaddock only was succesfully built on i386 too01:45
elmo_I mean in Debian, it exists on those arches, might be worth looking into why it failed for us01:45
dholbachso i can't test the tla-load-dirs python-transition--package (only have amd64)   (contains darcs-load-dirs)01:45
dholbachah ok... sorry - didnt look in debian01:46
elmo_might need an, err, helping hand from lamont01:46
lamontelmo_: heh01:48
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lamontdholbach: it doesn't exist because either it didn't work when I tried bootstrapping it, or I didn't try01:50
dholbachsounds reasonable ;-)01:51
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zulsvenl: how is the ppc stuff going?01:56
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zullamont: the inotify patch is the new inotify patch the one i added before abi brokerage 02:04
lamontzul: the inotify patch is the one you sent that was backed out pending the abi roll02:06
zullamont: ok because i was going to add a note to a bunch of inotify bugs to tell the users to use the new kernel that was uploaded today02:06
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lamontah, ok02:08
zulso ill ask them to try it now02:08
seb128inotify should be fixed ?02:09
zuli hope :)02:09
seb128it crashed my box this morning02:10
zulor 2.6.10-4 02:12
zultry the newest version02:13
seb128yep, I've not noticed it, dunno why02:13
seb128it's not in the updated02:13
seb128updates even02:14
zulumm...okie dokie lamont..^^^02:14
seb128grah, that's -4 now02:14
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lamontseb128: yeah - abi event02:16
lamontlinux-meta hasn't been uploaded yet - we're waiting for d-i to be there02:17
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seb128the new inotify is booong02:29
tsenghey seb128, thanks for helping me fix bug again.02:29
seb128the kernel crash before getting the desktop loaded02:29
seb128thanks for the packages :)02:29
tsengnp :)02:29
seb128jdub: here ?02:30
seb128why are you flooding my logs with audio stuff ? :p02:31
tsengoh rock out gtk-sharp2 is in !02:31
jdubseb128: haha :)02:31
seb128BTW have you read the rhythmbox bug that I've reassigned ?02:31
tsenglamont: hey.. if you find a spare moment could you please kick muine 0.8.2 on the buildds, it should be in depwait since gtk-sharp2 didnt make it in first02:31
jdubhrm, missed that one; #?02:31
seb128jdub: http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=674102:32
mjg59Hmm. That was an interesting night.02:32
jdubseb128: bah, no useful information ;)02:33
seb128no, but I'm starting to wondering if we should roll back to esound02:34
jdubseb128: yeah, same here; lennart has only just come back from egypt02:34
marcin_antjdub: oh you are here02:36
marcin_antjdub: hi02:36
zulseb128: still crashes with the 2.6.10-4?02:36
seb128-3 crashes when I umount a device with nautilus open on it02:37
seb128-4 crashes when I log in02:37
seb128it: I get some icons on the panels and a gaim connection one02:37
seb128and that freeze02:37
robtaylormjg59: it was? ;)02:38
marcin_antjdub: short and last question on this topic to you - what's going on with ubuntu website contest?02:38
jdubmarcin_ant: coming soon :)02:39
marcin_antjdub: come on :)02:39
mjg59robtaylor: Friend DJing at the Kambar tonight. 64 tracks of grind metal in 60 minutes.02:39
marcin_antjdub: the truth is that I ask because I would like to use my project for some other website02:40
robtaylormjg59: ah. i almost went, but got distract by hacking on gst-plugins =)02:40
marcin_antjdub: and I don't know if this contest is abandoned or not.... 02:40
robtaylorrather worrienly compiling gstreamer from cvs just caused jadetex explode out of control and hose my machine..02:41
marcin_antjdub: ehhh :)02:41
mjg59robtaylor: Well, it was certainly an experience02:42
mjg59If you'd gone, you could have introduced me to your myriad of h0t fr13nd502:43
robtaylormjg59: i bet =)02:43
robtaylorheh, at Wake Up Screaming? 02:43
robtayloryou dont get hot freinds at WUS ;)02:43
robtaylorcome down the kambar on fri, though, and i'll see what i can do ;)02:44
marcin_antjdub: can't you tell when - approximately?02:44
mjg59I'm in Brussels on Friday02:45
marcin_antjdub: ok, I give up :) I'll wait until 02.28 and then I'll use this layout I sent on contest to another website02:52
marcin_antjdub: night02:52
dholbachgood night, everyone02:56
robtaylormjg59: doh of course.. enjoy =)02:56
robtaylornight all.02:57
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zuldamn power outage03:03
wasabiHas anybody given any thought into packages that require a reboot/logoff-or-on after/before installation?03:08
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zulhey daniels03:09
danielszul: sup03:12
lamonttseng: actually, it's bitching about gnome parts being out of date, because only configure knows what rev it wants, instead of the build-depends being correct.  kicking03:13
tsenglamont: ok, thanks.03:14
lamonttseng: given back on i386 and ppc03:14
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tsenghm looking at log now03:15
lamonttseng: and btw, dep-waits automatically get cleared once the package is in the archive (unless it's a depend: on a virtual package)03:16
tsengNo package 'gnome-icon-theme' found03:17
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jbaileyzul: Sorry for the lag.  My evening went differently than I expected it to.03:21
zuljbailey: no problem 03:21
zuli was just trying a new sata snapshot03:21
jbaileyIs it developped outside of the kernel?03:24
zulnah...its a newish bk snapshot03:25
zuljbailey: its supposedly turns on atapi support03:34
jbaileyzul: The new snapshot, or the driver in general?03:34
zulnew snapshot03:34
jbaileyAny idea how long until they bless it?03:34
jbaileyAs I said, my last run in with 2.6.11 was... short lived. =)03:35
zulwell im going to see if i can get it into our 2.6.1003:35
jbaileyAh, cool.03:35
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zulright im off to bed...night all03:44
jbaileyzul: 'night!03:45
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=== tseng kicks mono in the junk
lamontI don't suppose Kamion is around...05:52
bluefoxicyI ordered my cds in like, november05:53
bluefoxicyshould they be here yet?05:54
bluefoxicytseng:  still no mono on amd64, still no beagle05:55
tsengbluefoxicy: hoary+1, see you there.05:55
bluefoxicytseng:  I thought beagle was gonna be in hoary universe and be main in hoary+105:56
tsenghah, beagle in main? crack05:56
bluefoxicyi dun remember, I'll have to dig up the mailing list messages05:56
tsengI dont care what the messages say, beagle is too much of a moving target05:57
tsengit needs a new dbus every week for some reason05:57
tsengdbus is frozen in hoary.05:57
tsengsee the dilema?05:57
Amaranthdbus is a moving target05:57
crimsun_my machines running 'linux-image-2.6.10-4-686-smp' [2.6.10-23]  are highly unstable unless I boot with "noinotify"05:58
ajmitchAmaranth: true, looks like dbus 0.31 might be out soon05:58
tsengcrimsun_: another counter point for beagle05:58
tsenginotify = crack.05:58
crimsun_fwiw, inotify-0.18-rml-2.6.10-16.dpatch was reverted in [2.6.10-18] 05:59
crimsun_(updated in 2.6.10-17, reverted in -18, updated again in -20)06:00
Amaranthdidn't inotify just get a complete rewrite?06:02
lamontcrimsun: the version in -20 is the version that was in -17 (which caused an abi bump, and therefore got delayed)06:07
crimsun_lamont: right, and I experienced hard freezes when booting without "noinotify"06:07
lamontplease file a bug with whatever details you can determine06:08
crimsun_(reverting that patch allows for a much more stable system)06:09
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pittiGood morning07:49
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danielselmo_: er, as for the ddc stuff, there's nothing we can do really ... the kvm's returning entirely valid resolutions08:19
=== pitti dist-upgrades and now is presented with the postfix debconf stuff
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dokomorning, all08:31
pittiHi doko08:32
lamont* pitti dist-upgrades and now is presented with the postfix debconf stuff08:35
lamontwhat debconf stuff?08:35
pittilamont: oh, I already fixed that08:35
pittilamont: I had debconf priority to medium08:36
lamontah, ok08:36
pittis/to/set to/08:36
=== lamont notices that debian libatomic-ops differs from ours only in that it adds amd64 support.. maybe we should sync it?
=== lamont notices the time, turns into a pumpkin
lamontg;night all08:41
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pittielmo_: vdr sync please09:05
pittielmo_: openswan sync please09:08
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Mithrandirthom: I knew you would appreciate that bug. ;)09:38
=== thom shakes his fist
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pittiHi mdz 09:51
pittimdz: had a nice vac?09:51
pittiHi dholbach 09:56
dholbachhi pitti!09:56
dholbachwie gehts? :-)09:56
pittielmo_: xpcd sync, please09:58
dholbachhello ogra!10:02
pittiHi ogra10:02
pittiogra: what's the status of the dmidecode patch10:02
mdzpitti: yes10:02
pittiogra: and the hal-device-manager frontend?10:02
mdzbut I have returned to a houseful of problems10:03
ograyou will get both before the weekend....had some real world probs here10:03
pittimdz: I have some more for you, but they can wait until tomorrow10:03
pittimdz: settle down first :-)10:03
pittiogra: that's fine10:03
ogra(which results in a decision if i write my resignment today or wait until the end of the week)10:03
pittiogra: oh, you resign from your current job?10:03
ograi think i will have to, eve i dont know frm what i shall live the next three months (they lock ma dole for three months as you know)10:04
pittiogra: "ma dole" ?10:05
pittiogra: you should grab some bounties :-)10:05
ogramy new manager i have since november told me monday that i'm not allowed to use any linux at my workplace anymore and no extarnal HW is allowed anymore (no laptop)10:05
ogramy dole indeed10:06
pittithat sounds bad...10:06
ograbut since i was not interested in digital video broadcasting anyway it was only a matter of time....10:06
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dholbachhi mvo10:07
ogra....he and i had kind of a fight the last months...i guess he won :)10:07
pittiMoin mvo10:07
mvohi dholbach, hi pitti, morning all10:07
Kamionmdz: up a bit early?10:08
mdzmorning, Kamion/mvo10:08
mdzKamion: just got in from the airport10:08
mdzup late would be more accurate10:08
ogramdz: how is the water situation ?10:09
ograheard bad news about lots of rain again10:10
mvohi mdz, did you had a nice vacation?10:10
mdzogra: it is very bad10:12
mdzmvo: yes, thanks10:12
dholbachcrimsun: ping10:12
dholbachmdz: where have you been?10:13
mdzdholbach: vacation10:16
dholbachyes... that's what i already read :-)10:16
dholbachbut it's ok... settle down :-)10:17
=== dredg [niall@malkovich.office.blacknight.ie] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachgood morning dredg 10:20
dredglo all10:21
dredglo dholbach 10:21
ograhi dredg10:21
dredghi ogra 10:21
thomhrm, mutt-ng looks interesting10:22
opisome kind of fork()?10:22
pittithom: what's cool about it?10:22
bob2they intergated nntp, for one10:22
bob2and a sidebar10:23
opibut slrn fans will not be happy ;)10:23
bob2tho that sounds kinda ass in a terminal10:23
opipoint us to the url, man! :)10:23
pittia _sidebar_???10:23
dholbachsomeone did packages of it10:23
dholbachi think it was norbert tretkowski10:23
dholbachyes: http://www.inittab.de/blog/debian10:24
pittiso where are the screenshots? :-)10:24
bob2their blog is awesome10:25
pittithom: does that mean that mutt-ng supports gpm now? 10:25
bob2especially the bit about being unable to connect to the db10:25
pittibob2: ah, I already thought it worked for you...10:26
pittithom: console mouse10:26
Treenakspitti: also works in xterms :)10:26
pittithom: or what should a sidebar be good for without mouse?10:26
thomi know what it is, i'm just puzzled by the concept :P10:26
thomdunno, not tried it yet10:26
=== pitti is still fastest with c+enter
opiI'm trying to build under Hoary10:27
Treenakspitti: 2 sets of navigation keys: 1 for the message list, 1 for the navbar10:27
Kamionpitti: totally without having tried it, you could use <some shift keys>-tab to get to the sidebar10:27
dholbachcrimsun: uploaded your pymad10:27
pittiKamion: sure, but all those keypresses are not faster than two keystrokes10:28
pittianyway, let's see :-)10:28
Kamionpitti: yeah. I can kind of see the appeal for browsing purposes, not sure; it would have to be possible to disable the sidebar10:28
Kamionin woody's mutt at least doing anything other than "go through mailboxes in sequence" or "go to mailbox whose name I know" is a bit annoying and requires lots of random hitting of c, tab, space, enter10:29
opilooks normal10:29
opiie. no sidebar ;)10:29
=== marcin_ant [~marcin@www.e-dev.tele2.pl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
opipitti: http://www.opi.mnc.pl/muttng.png 10:31
Kamiondholbach: BTW you only need to (and probably, should only) use the first three parts of the Standards-Version, i.e. 3.6.1 rather than
Kamiondholbach: the final .1 represents minor typographical fixes10:32
pittiopi: hmm, looks exactly like the normal mutt when unconfigured :-)10:32
opipitti: well, maybe I should tweak .muttng ;)10:32
dholbachKamion: thanks for the hint, will do10:33
pitticarlos: ping10:33
carlospitti: pong10:34
thomsee, the one killer thing that would make me love mutt for ever would be for imap to happen in a seperate thread, so it didn't block the UI10:34
pitticarlos: I'm currently at fixing pkgstriptranslations10:34
pitticarlos: at that occasion I can also add the translation -> binary deb mapping10:34
pitticarlos: if you want10:34
Mithrandirthom: the same goes for me with gnus and emacs.  It's supposed to be able to do async I/O, it just doesn't ATM.10:34
pitticarlos: that requires changes to your import script to process both types of domains.txt10:34
pitticarlos: is that okay for you?10:34
carlospitti: not now10:35
thomMithrandir: *nod*10:35
pitticarlos: okay, then I do that later10:35
carlospitti: that change will break current dogfood script10:35
carlosyou should do it after the script is updated to handle it10:35
pitticarlos: okay, no prob10:35
pitticarlos: btw, any news wrt the export?10:35
carlospitti: have you added the new domains.txt format to the wiki?10:35
pitticarlos: it does not even exist10:36
pitticarlos: this was just my first proposal to Mark's question10:36
carlospitti: ok10:36
pitticarlos: i. e. put deb name in second column after domain10:36
bob2Mithrandir: how does one load the chipset-specific SATA modules?10:36
bob2presumably the generic one grabs the device during boot?10:36
carlospitti: feel free to move that question as part of the document10:37
carlospitti: that document explains how the system works10:37
carlosor should do it10:37
carlospitti: https://wiki.launchpad.canonical.com/CurrentSchedule10:38
carlospitti: there you have what are we working on 10:38
Mithrandirbob2: hotplug, I'd think10:38
=== lupusBE [~lupus@dD57729D0.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
bob2Mithrandir: hm, ok10:39
Mithrandirbob2: or possibly by the initrd.10:39
pittiKamion: I added blacklist support to pkgstriptranslations, preconfigured with "base-config passwd"10:41
pittiKamion: I will tell lamont about the changes10:41
Kamionpitti: thanks10:41
pittiKamion: will you upload a new shadow and base-config soon? or shall I do a dummy upload to get translations back?10:41
Kamionpitti: I upload base-config fairly frequently, and shadow isn't urgent until I change it to use the passthrough frontend which will require an upload anyway10:42
pittiokay, that's fine then10:42
Amaranthcarlos: I take it I'm not supposed to be able to go to that URL?10:43
carlosAmaranth: sorry, it's a private one10:43
Kamionpitti: is the change active on the buildds now, or do I need to wait for lamont?10:44
pittiKamion: since it updates the conffile, you need to wait for lamont, I think10:44
pittiKamion: I added a "nostrip" option, if it is not present, all packages will be stripped (like now)10:45
Kamionok, I have a base-config upload to do nowish, but I'll just do it and there'll be a later upload for something I'm sure10:45
pittiKamion: but since lamont changed the conffile, it won't be updated automatically10:45
pittiKamion: yeah, just upload it; another day of broken translations won't hurt :-)10:45
Kamionand it's only in expert mode anyway10:46
=== abelli [~abelli@host-84-222-38-51.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.12.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachhm, i can't find documentation on  debian/<package>.install files, does anyone have a pointer towards it?10:55
Treenaksman dh_install ?10:56
Treenaksat the bottom10:56
dholbachTreenaks: an excellent suggestion :-)10:56
Treenakssomehow I'm one of the few people who get lots of thanks for saying things that are essentially "RTFM" :)10:57
bob2wish I had that superpower10:58
dholbachTreenaks: i had a look at maint-guide, developers-reference and debian-policy and couldnt find it10:58
jdubthom: what do you think about enabling smooth scrolling by default in firefox?10:58
jdubthom: know of any ugly bugs with it?10:58
Treenaksbob2: well, you could read the manual...10:58
abelliTreenaks: any adjective?11:00
thomjdub: meh!11:00
Treenaksabelli: friendly manual?11:01
=== tuo2 [~foo@218-215-13-162.people.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
abelliTreenaks: yes: )11:01
jdubthom: that will make ephy sexy too :)11:01
Treenaksjdub: smooth scrolling being ugly is a feature :)11:01
pittithom: was CAN-2004-1316 (buffer overflow in nsNNTPProtocol.cpp) already fixed in your yesterday's ffox upload?11:02
tuo2jdub: just installed warty on my sister's second hand computer. She's never owned a computer before, and she's a convert.11:02
thompitti: no; i only got the bug after the upload :(11:02
tuo2Good work gyus11:02
pittithom: ok11:03
jdubtuo2: rock!11:03
thompitti: i'm giving up on the window injection backport again, will look in a few11:03
tuo2jdub: berrock.11:04
thomjdub: so should we (seb) be including those vte patches?11:04
tuo2jdub: but it's a pos 333. any recommendation for a faster window manager, or should I go dredge up a 500 from somewhere?11:04
dholbachdredg: replied to your mail11:04
jdubthom: he's looking at them (and they may go into vte anyway)11:05
thomcool cool11:05
jdubtuo2: turn on metacity's low resources mode11:05
dredgdholbach: argh. that will teach me to do things at 3am.11:06
dholbachdredg: don't worry :-)11:06
tuo2jdub: which I find where?11:06
jdubtuo2: gconf /apps/metacity -> in there somewhere11:08
tuo2jdub: cheers.11:09
tuo2And if you see any shitty 500mhz boxes going cheap, lemme know?11:09
=== stockholm [~andi@petrus.schuldei.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
stockholmwhen is jane around?11:14
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jk [~jochem@jkossen.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-45-85.w83-196.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachhi seb128 11:25
=== tuo2 [~foo@218-215-13-162.people.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== rburton [~ross@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachjdub: please ban hostinggeek in #ubuntu-love11:43
rburtonman i'm always in the wrong channels for amusingly idiots11:44
bob2dholbach: please don't inflame it11:45
dholbachbob2: i already told him exactly the same thing, some minutes ago... but he just keeps on trolling11:47
bob2yes, he is an idiot11:47
dholbach[11:07:09]  <HostingGeek> b0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o11:47
dholbach[11:08:01]  <HostingGeek> i am on my brothers computer and making him look gay on msn11:47
stockholmperhaps one should mail HostingGeek about his brother...11:48
dredgperhaps we should /ignore him and stop caring.11:48
Treenaksstockholm: maybe someone should mail his brother about HIM11:48
=== dredg shrugs
bob2he's been a problem for a very long time11:49
Kamionelmo: please sync putty 0.57-1 (security fix)11:50
stockholmTreenaks: i was assuming that hostingGeek was the brothers nick.11:52
Treenaksstockholm: it is not..11:56
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.121.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Mitario [~michiel@sikkes.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitariohi everyone12:16
mvohi Mitario 12:18
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp47-105.lns1.adl1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubdholbach: hrm12:25
dholbachjdub: bob2 calmed the situation down12:26
bob2haha "calmed".12:26
stockholmbob2: what did you do? (c:12:27
=== elmo_ [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== elmo__ [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittihey, now we have two elmos :-)12:32
dredg3 :)12:32
dredg1 :(12:32
pittihm, what a pity :-(12:32
=== elmo_ [~james@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dredger, elmo bingo? :)12:33
=== pitti is confused by the wildly varying number of elmos
opipitti: and cloning is illegal ;)12:35
pittiopi: he doesn't clone, he fork()s12:35
opipitti: so, he's resource hungry12:35
mjg59Kamion: Around?12:40
=== Keybuk [~scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionmjg59: yo12:42
mjg59Kamion: Did you sort the kernel build issues?12:42
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB33C6.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionmjg59: yup; couple of #ifdefs, see colin.watson@canonical.com--2005/kernel-debian--powerpc-config--2.6.1012:43
Kamion(powerpc-config is really misnamed, but hey)12:43
Kamionmjg59: lamont's uploaded -23 with that, it built12:43
=== HWolf [~hidde@136.28.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirpitti: I might be picking up the tpb bug and rewrite it, if I get around to it.  So if somebody else volunteers in the next week or so, give it to them.12:43
mjg59Kamion: Rock. Have you had a chance to see what it does on your ibook?12:44
pittiMithrandir: okay, have fun :-)12:44
Kamionmjg59: not yet, waiting to be able to build an ISO with it12:44
Kamionadare's currently building d-i, so after BYHANDing ...12:45
mjg59Ah, ok12:45
=== bradb [~bradb@modemcable206.155-81-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_Kamion: when will an install iso for ia64 with the new kernel appear?  not are-we-there-yet-ing, just need to know when i should retry12:45
Kamionelmo_: if you ping me when debian-installer_20041227ubuntu15_powerpc has built and you byhand it, I'll start building ISOs then, so +1hr12:47
KamionI'll be out at lunch from 12:30 though12:47
Kamionelmo_: did you catch my putty sync request?12:49
elmo_hmm, nope not in my logs either12:50
=== smurfix [~smurf@smurfix.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittielmo_: and my requests? (vdr, xpcd, openswan)12:50
elmo_pitti: did them12:51
pittielmo_: thanks12:51
elmo_Kamion: done12:51
elmo_Kamion: powerpc d-i's in queue/accepted, will go out in next cron.daily in ~10 mins12:52
Kamion10:50 < Kamion> elmo: please sync putty 0.57-1 (security fix)12:53
Kamionoh, you got it12:53
pittimjg59: here?12:58
pittimjg59: just tried ppc sleep with new kernel12:59
pittimjg59: now it indeed goes to sleep, but it doesn't wake up again12:59
pittimjg59: if I press a key while sleeping, the hd starts again, but the screen remains black and I can't ping12:59
MithrandirKamion: do you have trouble with pterm using the altscreen (or what it's called) feature of xterm, but not cleaning up properly?12:59
pittimjg59: anything I could try?01:00
=== amu [amu@amu.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59pitti: Hmm.01:01
mjg59pitti: What model is this?01:01
pittimjg59: new iBook G4, 7455 CPU01:02
pittimjg59: Radeon 920001:02
mjg59So in theory it ought to work, but it plainly isn't.01:03
KamionMithrandir: hm, don't think I've noticed that01:03
MithrandirKamion: let me make a screenshot01:04
pittimjg59: well, the older kernels didn't even go to sleep01:04
pittimjg59: this works perfectly now, but it doesn't fully wake up01:04
pittimjg59: at least network and screen don't, so debugging is hard01:04
jdubi hadn't got the inotify bug until just now01:08
pittijdub: hehe01:08
jdubi upgraded to -4, massive hang on login01:08
seb128lucky you01:08
seb128I don't go to the desktop with -401:08
seb128some icons on the panel01:08
seb128gaim starts01:08
seb128and BUM01:08
jdubsame here01:08
Kamionjdub: should I make the CDs use noinotify for now?01:08
seb128BOOM even01:08
jdubmust be gamin starting ;)01:08
mjg59pitti: Right. I'm looking into that.01:08
jdubKamion: as default grub config?01:09
mjg59pitti: I can't find any obvious differences between the patches in the kernel and the ones that were in the old ibook sleep diff01:09
Kamionjdub: yes01:09
jdubKamion: means those installers won't get inotify ever, right? :)01:09
jbaileythom: Ping?01:09
pittimjg59: it behaved exactly the same with older patches01:09
Kamionjdub: yeah01:09
pittimjg59: with the older patches I also tried to stop X and remove all possible modules01:09
jdubKamion: hrm...01:09
pittimjg59: and stop all services01:09
MithrandirKamion: http://err.no/tmp/pterm-altscreen-fuckup.png has dpkg output overlaid my older ls.01:09
pittimjg59: still no luck01:09
mjg59pitti: Ah, which older patches?01:10
Kamionjdub: I'll leave it off for now, but if it takes too long to fix I'm going to have to add that01:10
mjg59The ibook-g4-sleep stuff from benh?01:10
pittimjg59: I tried the Kernel that Kamion compiled in Matar01:10
KamionMithrandir: ick. so that was aptitude?01:11
mjg59pitti: No idea what that one was, I'm afraid01:11
MithrandirKamion: yes01:11
mjg59Kamion: Do you have any recollection?01:11
Kamionmjg59: yes, I can send you the patch01:11
mjg59Kamion: Ok, thanks01:11
MithrandirKamion: I have XTerm.VT100.titeInhibit:  true, though.  Not sure if that affects it01:11
mjg59Kamion: Did that one work on your machine?01:11
=== `anthony [~anthony@220-253-35-241.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionmjg59: yes. you have mail01:12
Kamionmjg59: although at the moment pressing the power button doesn't seem to have any effect01:12
Kamionmjg59: I haven't changed the kernel so I think it's a userspace problem01:13
KamionMithrandir: pterm doesn't look at anything in XTerm.*01:13
mjg59Kamion: As in it slept and resumed correctly?01:13
mjg59Kamion: But the same kernel didn't work on Martin's ibook?01:14
pittimjg59: right01:15
Kamionmjg59: yes, it slept and resumed correctly01:15
elmo_Kamion: cool, thanks01:15
mjg59Kamion: What spec is your ibook?01:15
elmo_mjg59: he has a  powerbook01:16
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host128.201-252-67.telecom.net.ar] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Ah. Strange, I thought it was an ibook. Right01:16
Kamionpowerbook g4, the 15" model01:16
elmo_IIRC it's a PowerMac5,3 or so01:16
mjg59So it'll be a different radeon01:17
elmo_mine's a 5,401:17
Kamionmachine         : PowerBook5,201:17
Kamionmotherboard     : PowerBook5,2 MacRISC3 Power Macintosh01:17
elmo_0000:00:10.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10] 01:17
mjg59I'll handwavily blame video reinitialisation, then01:17
Kamion0000:00:10.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc RV350 [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10] 01:17
eazel7I'm trying to compile koffice cvs but it tells me that it requires autoconf 2.53 or newer, but I have autoconf 2.59 installed01:17
=== decko [decko@decko.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
eazel7how do I continue?01:17
mjg59pitti: Does your machine boot if you disable the framebuffer?01:18
pittimjg59: hmm, I have to try01:18
mjg59And if so, does it then suspend/resume correctly?01:18
pittimjg59: how do I do this, vga=1?01:19
pittimjg59: or is there a framebuffer kernel option?01:19
mjg59pitti: video=radeonfb:off01:20
=== rubenv [~lambda1@kotnet-148.kulnet.kuleuven.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Goshawk [~Goshawk@host251-104.pool8253.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Kamion: The patch you sent me looks broadly equivilent to the stuff that's been applied, so if you have a chance to test the stock kernel that would be great01:22
pittimjg59: bah, specifying command line args at yaboot doesn't work. Have to try again01:22
Kamionmjg59: will do later today01:22
=== Kamion -> lunch
Kamionpitti: command line args to yaboot should work fine?01:25
pittiindeed, it made a difference01:25
pittimjg59: I booted with that argument01:25
pittimjg59: I saw the initial boot messages, but now if I switch to the consoles I don't see anything01:25
pittimjg59: and the thing doesn't go to sleep01:25
pittimjg59: when pressing the power button, at least (this worked before)01:25
=== eazel7 [~eazel7@host128.201-252-67.telecom.net.ar] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Kopete]
mjg59Ok, that figures. The framebuffer needs to say that it supports sleep, and it won't if radeonfb is disabled.01:26
mjg59Hmm. Not sure of the best way to test, then.01:26
mjg59pitti: How about if you do video=ofonly ?01:28
=== pitti tries
pittimjg59: I still get the boot logo and normal-sized boot messages (is that right?)01:30
pittiokay, consoles are black01:31
pittiand it won't sleep01:31
pittimjg59: ^01:31
mjg59pitti: Hm. Ok, that's probably consistent.01:32
mjg59One last thing to try - can you boot normally (so with radeonfb switched on), log in at the console, stop HAL and try sleep?01:32
mjg59pitti: Oh, and what does /proc/cpuinfo look like?01:33
pittimjg59: this failed with the old patch, but I try again01:33
pittimjg59: will tell you when it booted01:33
mjg59pitti: No problem01:34
pittimjg59: shall I shutdown X?01:35
pittimjg59: cpuinfo:01:35
pitticpu: 7455, altivec supported01:35
pittirevision 3.3 (pvr 8001 0303)01:35
pitti610.30 bogomips01:36
mjg59pitti: Yeah, go to the console and do snooze -f01:36
pittidetected as: 287 (iBook G4)01:36
pittipmac flags: 0000001b01:36
pittimjg59: snooze doesn't exist01:37
mjg59pitti: Ah. apm -s ?01:37
pittimjg59: that does nothing01:37
pittimjg59: I stopped hal, X is still running, I'm at the console01:38
mjg59pitti: Does /dev/apm_bios exist?01:38
=== ogra [~ogra@p508EA806.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograhmm, so hibernate seems to work on my aspire 1520, it just doesnt wake up anymore....01:44
pittimjg59: wakeup without hal and with X from console doesn't work, too01:45
Treenaksogra: DOH01:45
TreenaksI'm still waiting for locking suspend scripts01:45
pittimjg59: Caps lock operation works, so it's not completely dead01:45
ograTreenaks: wasnt unexpected :)01:45
=== Treenaks waves at thom
mjg59pitti: Hrm, the snooze command seems to be missing from pmud-utils nowadays. How odd.01:45
mjg59pitti: I've no idea how caps lock is handled on Macs, sadly. If you do it from the console, when you resume are you able to do ls -R / and get lots of disk access?01:46
=== lupusBE [~lupus@dD57729D0.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimjg59: I can also try to play a sound01:49
pittimjg59: I try both01:49
mjg59pitti: Ok, cool01:49
stockholmpitti: can we make wishes what you play?01:50
stockholmdoes jane silbers surface here regularly or am i waiting for godon (or however that guy was spelled)?01:51
pittimjg59: neither works01:51
pittistockholm: "Insomnia - I can't get no sleep"01:51
stockholmpitti: seems fitting enough. (c:01:52
pittimjg59: ctlr+alt+del doesn't work either01:52
mjg59pitti: Ok, so it's not waking up. I suspect it's radeonfb being unhappy, but it's hard to be sure.01:52
Mithrandirstockholm: she's not in here usually, no.  And it's Godot.01:52
elmo_stockholm: I think Jane's out of the country ATM01:53
stockholmoh. ok, thanks01:53
thomstockholm: and this is not #harrass-canonical-employees, anyway :-)01:53
Mithrandirstockholm: try email. (:01:53
jdubjane took a plane to the plains in spain01:53
jdubi hope it doesn't rain01:54
jdubbecause that would be a pain01:54
stockholmthom: i did not assume it was.01:54
TreenaksMC Jdub: word!01:54
=== stockholm [~andi@petrus.schuldei.org] has left #ubuntu-devel []
Keybukjdub: can you not upload the vte-enhanced stuff to Ubuntu?01:54
jdubKeybuk: i could01:54
Keybukit'd make a nice change for you to upload something not broken <g>01:55
=== dholbach encourages jdub :-)
Keybuknot that I'm bitter about my sound not working, or anything01:55
jdubwell, hey, that's why i haven't uploaded it :)01:55
jdubbut i've been using it for a while now01:55
Keybukdo you have a planned fix for the "polypaudio only works for the first 10 apps" problem?01:56
seb128what change is that ?01:56
Keybukjdub: got debs?01:56
TreenaksKeybuk: killall polypaudio, set default gstreamer backend to alsa :)01:56
jdubKeybuk: yeah01:56
=== ogra [~ogra@p508EA806.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KeybukTreenaks: sound card can't multiplex :-(01:56
elmo_Treenaks: alsa is horked on ppc01:56
jdubseb128: kjartan's vte test tarballs01:56
Treenakselmo_: oh wait yeah01:56
jdubseb128: see my blog01:56
seb128jdub: oh ok, stealing my packages01:56
Treenakselmo_: so is polyp on i386 :)01:56
seb128jdub: bad boy :p01:56
jdubKeybuk: polypaudio isn't working for you?01:57
Keybukjdub: nope01:57
seb128for me neither01:57
jdubwhat is it doing?01:57
seb128I need to kill it 01:57
Keybukjdub: refuses connections because it already has 1001:57
seb128it refuses to work with totem/rhythmbox whatever01:57
KeybukFeb 23 11:41:48 descent polypaudio[9164] : protocol-esound.c: Warning! Too many connections (10), dropping incoming connection.01:57
seb128probably the same issue01:57
Treenakssame for me01:57
jdubman, that is weird01:57
jdubi have never seen that01:57
KeybukI assume the 10 existing connections are things like the panel, nautilus, applets, etc. as each opens an esound connection for events01:57
=== ogra still uses: polypaudio -k && polypaudio -nF /etc/polypaudio/default.pa
ograon every startup....01:58
seb128jdub: you should include a "current vte" in the blog01:58
jdubseb128: down the bottom01:59
thomseb128: the update has that01:59
=== dholbach funnily is quite content with polypaudio
seb128oh, k01:59
seb128is he going to do a release ?01:59
ogradholbach: does rhythmbox work for you ?01:59
jdubseb128: most likely, yes01:59
=== pitti uses all sound stuff (also rhythmbox) successfully with polyp
jdubseb128: i was just going to wait until then01:59
Keybukjdub: polyp/protocol-esound.c line 49-5002:00
jdubKeybuk: yeah02:00
Keybuk#define MAX_CONNECTIONS 1002:00
Keybuk/* Don't accept more connection than this */02:00
Keybuk#define MAX_CONNECTIONS 1002:00
Keybukgee, only 10 apps get sound, that's _handy_02:00
=== pitti imagines 10 sounds played at the same time
Mithrandirwhy isn't that FILE_MAX?02:01
pittiMithrandir: probably the developer thought that connected apps woudl play sound all the time :-)02:01
pittiinstead of just beeping every once in a while02:01
Treenakswhy is it a #define and not a config option? :)02:02
jdubKeybuk: i'll set it to 50 :-)02:02
Mithrandirjdub: wrong fix.02:02
Keybukjdub: yeah, or you could always just remove the check02:02
jdubMithrandir: sure, but i'll leave it to lennart to fix it correctly02:02
jdubline 104802:03
tsengyeah that MAX_CONNECTIONS is causing crack with muine as well02:04
tsengthere is no error handling hacks for when an esd connection cant be made by gstreamer, so the whole thing segfaults02:05
tsengnot cool.02:05
dholbachogra: nope :-/02:05
=== Astharot [~isager@host254-100.pool8252.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Astharotgood morning02:07
dholbachcan somebody tell me, why evolution now types everything backwards?02:07
pittiHi Astharot 02:07
dholbachynnuf ton si siht02:07
elmo_dholbach: haha, really?02:07
dholbachit's like some dumb roleplaying spell02:08
Keybukgub ktg zi02:08
Treenaks821bes semalb em\02:08
dholbachti kcufnu esaelp ydobemos02:09
Treenaks!!! 821BES02:09
dholbachah fine... now it crashed02:09
=== dholbach hates re-writing mails
Treenaksdholbach: you sure you didn't insert a Unicode "RTL" mark?02:10
dholbachdon't think so02:10
dholbachwell the mail i replied to was written on a turkish keyboard02:11
dholbachbut that's not RTL at all02:11
=== dholbach waits the rest of the day for gdb to finish its backtrace
Treenaks(hmm.. how to annoy other people.. add a unicode RTL mark after every email you send.. and hope their client doesn't strip it on reply)02:12
Treenaks*adds to BOFH lsit*02:12
=== jdub attempts to use the new muine
dholbachTreenaks: i'd love to have your worries instead :-)02:12
tsengjdub: i recommend using alsasink while polyp is smoking crack02:12
jdubit is not smoking crack here :)02:13
=== tuo2 [~foo@218-215-13-162.people.net.au] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
jdub$ muine02:14
jdubSegmentation fault02:14
=== jdub removes old muine data
jdubaha ;)02:14
=== Keybuk [~scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukok, why isn't update-grub getting run when I upgrade linux-image-* ?02:15
elmo_Keybuk: check /etc/kernel-img.conf02:15
Keybukelmo_: first thing I checked, just has do_symlinks=No and do_initrd=yes02:15
elmo_I think you need do_bootloader=yes too ?02:16
Keybuknever had it before02:16
sivang"morning" all02:17
dholbachhi sivan! phase shifting again? :-)02:18
thomKeybuk: mine has:02:19
thompostinst_hook = /sbin/update-grub02:19
thompostrm_hook   = /sbin/update-grub02:19
Keybukwhat puts those there?02:19
elmo_older warty did02:19
elmo_new warty doesn't AFAICT02:19
thominteresting; time for a reinstall i guess02:20
Keybukweird, have those on hoary array 4 too02:23
=== Keybuk fixes
elmo_ah, hang on02:24
elmo_the machine that doesn't have the _hook stuff is one where grub doesn't work on the CD02:24
elmo_so I may be talking complete rubbish (as usual) just  ignore me02:24
=== tritium [~tritium@ee213-dhcp-9.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mitariomvo, here?02:25
Mitariomvo, oh, never mind ;)02:26
dholbachhmmm, bug-buddy--called--gdb seems to hang... 02:30
dholbachcould it be, that  gdb --pid=<pid>  doesnt work when there's another  gdb  attached to the process?02:30
dholbachi get   /home/daniel/16799: file not found02:30
Keybukgdb =process pid02:34
Keybukisn't it?02:34
Keybukuh, =process being "path to process binary"02:34
elmo_I don't think you can ptrace something twice, I may well be on crack tho02:35
elmo_ptrace: Operation not permitted.02:36
elmo_dholbach: that should be the line above the file not found error02:36
dholbachdamn, so so i'll loose that backtrace02:36
Keybukyeah, U get that too02:36
KeybukI even02:36
dholbachi wonder why gdb hanged itself in the first place02:37
Keybukthe "No such file or directory" is probably gdb being thick and assuming the next argument must be a filename and not a pid02:37
dholbachKeybuk, elmo: you're right02:37
dredghmm... if i want to remove a couple of files after the binary-install (ie just before the deb is created) is it better to use a $packagename.install file to only install selected files, or is it ok to use a couple of 'rm' lines to wipe them out02:40
sivangdholbach: tried to shift my daytime, no success yet :)02:40
dredgadditional: i'm using cdbs, and the rm lines are being added to a `binary-install' section in rules02:41
dholbachsivang: go running in the afternoon :-)02:41
sivangdholbach: yeah, seririously, I should.02:42
dholbachsivang: but i was in bed at 3:00 this morning again :-)02:42
jbaileydredg: If it's a single package, so everything's being installed into the package dir, already, use rm.02:42
jbaileydredg: If you're Using an .install file anyway, I generally prefer to see it done there (since people don't really expect bits to be rm'd out of the way outside of debhelper files)02:43
dredgjbailey: that's what i figured, i just wanted clarification after i got a suggestion from someone else02:44
dredgjbailey: previously i had not being using a .install file. thanks for clarifying02:45
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=== zul [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Who should kernel issues be assigned to at the moment?03:20
Kamionjdub: can I merge mdadm 1.9.0 past UVF? see Message-ID: <1109157340.421c65dcdb413@testmail-mobilmail-at.dmz.fiber-connect.at> on ubuntu-users03:20
Kamionmjg59: I've been giving them to lamont03:21
=== zul [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionlamont@ubuntu.com; but just type 'lamont' and bugzilla works it out03:21
mjg59Oh, neat03:21
Kamionhow come nobody has ops on #ubuntu-love?03:22
Kamion(not registered with chanserv)03:22
jdubi do03:24
jdubKamion: yeah, approved03:25
Kamionjdub: ah, obviously chanserv magic of which I wasn't aware; didn't know you could do that with unregistered channels03:25
Kamionjdub: thanks03:25
jdubKamion: perhaps we should autofile bugs for urgency=high uploads? :)03:25
jdubit's a registered channel03:25
Kamionoh, silly irssi03:26
Kamion'/msg chan<tab>' expanded to '/msg -OFTC chanserv' and I believed it03:26
dholbachseb128: ping03:52
dholbachseb128: want to have a look at dredg's gaim-encryption package? it's alright with me now and i'd upload it 03:52
seb128if you want03:53
seb128url ?03:53
dholbachseb128: http://niall.frogstomp.com/wip/gaim-encryption/, if YOU want :-)03:53
elmo_Kamion: there's already a bug about that btw03:56
elmo_mdadm - but please do it - I need it for the DC in a big way03:56
seb128dholbach: looks fine, the debian/dirs file is probably not needed03:58
abellisorry what's it.archive.ubuntu.com?03:59
Kamionelmo_: there is? I'll go check03:59
dholbachdredg: listening?03:59
Kamionelmo_: (just uploaded, btw)03:59
dholbachseb128: but it shouldnt hurt either :-)04:00
pittilamont: ping04:00
abellii mean what's the difference with plain archive.ubuntu.com?04:00
abellipitti: ciao... tomorrow: last exam.04:00
pittiabelli: good luck!04:00
Kamionabelli: none yet, someday perhaps there will be04:00
abellipitti: thanks04:00
dholbachabelli: *crosses fingers*04:00
pittiabelli: then I can bother you again with the kernel? :-)04:00
abellipitti: ill be so glad...04:01
abellidholbach: thank you... electrotechincs.. bah...04:01
Kamionabelli: right now *.archive.ubuntu.com == archive.ubuntu.com apart from a few exceptions, but the installer uses <country-code>.archive.ubuntu.com for purposes of future expansion04:01
abelliKamion: ok thank you04:01
seb128dholbach: right, you can put a lot of useless stuff in the package and they that doesn't hurt04:01
dholbachabelli: i hopefully had my last exam 1 week ago04:01
seb128dholbach: not a good reason to have them though04:01
dholbachseb128: hehe :-)04:01
elmo_there's a de.archive.u.c now too, and fr.archive.u.c is just pending testing04:03
seb128anybody with an evolution's bug to fix for hoary around ?04:03
seb128please point them now04:03
elmo_(and that covers the top 3 in terms of BW)04:03
pittiseb128: yesh04:03
seb128(there is an evolution meeting)04:03
dholbachseb128: had a strange issue an hour ago - i edited a mail and suddenly typing was all backwards - 2 minutes later evo crashed and gdb hung, couldnt get a backtrace :-(04:04
pittiseb128: darn, now I can't reproduce it any more04:05
seb128without a backtrace or a wait to get it ...04:05
dredgseb128: so just the `dirs' file then?04:05
seb128pitti: which one ?04:05
seb128dredg: correct04:05
dredgseb128: fantastic, cheers04:05
Kamionjdub: did you mean to close #966?04:05
Kamion(it's still ASSIGNED)04:05
pittiseb128: unfiled04:05
pittiseb128: however, I have a big wishlist item04:06
=== rburton [~ross@] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
pittiseb128: add an option to change the editor04:06
seb128I've patched from some gtkhtml crashers04:06
pittiseb128: without vim integration, evo is nearly worthless :-)04:06
seb128that's not going to happen for hoary, we are in feature/string freezes04:06
pittiseb128: I know, but I thought you talk with upstream?04:06
pittiseb128: for Hoary+1 it would be cool04:07
pittior whenever04:07
seb128that's a meeting to know what is to fix for GNOME 2.10 :)04:07
pittiah, ok :-)04:07
seb128but I note the wishlist04:07
pittisjoerd: ping04:11
sjoerdpitti: pong04:11
dholbachahhh bradb: ping04:11
bradbdholbach: hi04:12
dholbachhi bradb - i've told, i had to bug you, if i wanted to close a bug in malone and don't know how .-)04:12
dholbach...i've _been_ told...04:12
bradbdholbach: you have to be 1. logged in and 2. either the assignee on that task or the maintainer of the thing on which that task has been filed.04:13
dholbachi'm the maintainer of the package in universe, but i guess that's != malone-task-maintainer04:13
bradbdholbach: i'm in the midst of making that suck less (i.e. so that malone understands what a team is), but there's other bricks to lay before i get to that.04:14
tsenghm there are bugs in malone now?04:14
bradbuniverse is using Malone? :) nobody told me that. :)04:14
dholbachbradb: i wont bother you, it doesnt give me sleepless nights, i left it with a comment :-)04:14
lamontpitti: sup?04:15
dholbachbradb: cool you're working on it :-)04:19
thomuuurgh, why on earth is malone bottom up? that's so bizarre04:20
bradbif you fixed that in universe, there should be an Ubuntu task filed on that bug (File Against Package...), or we won't be able to track that it was fixed in Ubuntu.04:20
bradbs/^/dholback: /04:21
bradber, dholbach even04:21
Kamionbottom-up> whoa, debbugs circa 199704:22
Kamionthat sucks04:22
dholbachbradb: this is something, tim fuchs (the reporter and maintainer(in malone)) should have done, right?04:22
dholbachbradb: or did i do anything wrong?04:22
=== dholbach just didnt get it
=== doko [~doko___@dsl-082-082-210-133.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokopitti: pumount did freeze again ...04:23
=== Keybuk [~scott@halo.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukok, uh, so I can't login to my desktop without it crashing hard04:24
pittidoko: I know. noinotify04:24
pittiKeybuk: noinotify :-)04:24
bradbdholbach: The person that knows that the bug exists in Ubuntu should file that as an Ubuntu task. If you're an Ubuntu maintainer, see that the bug exists in Ubuntu, but doesn't yet have a task that is equivalent to say "yes, we need to fix this in Ubuntu", then you should file such a task and, when fixed, mark that specific task as fixed.04:24
Keybukpitti: where do I put that?04:24
pittiKeybuk: it's a new kernel boot option04:24
elmo_hum, mpt is now built-in to the ia64 kernel is that a feature?04:24
Keybukand who gets an hour with the sodomotron?04:24
pittiKeybuk: Fabio added this option because it is really necessary now :-)04:25
lamontelmo_: depends on the kernel vintage04:25
Keybukpitti: but it worked with the old kernel just fine?04:25
pittiKeybuk: the best thing is to put it into menu.lst04:25
elmo_lamont: -4 ABI04:25
dholbachbradb: ah ok... now i understand... thanks 04:25
elmo_what I mean is, why builtin and not a module?04:25
pittiKeybuk: well, "just fine" is certainly an exaggeration04:25
bradbdholbach: cool.04:25
Kamionelmo_: I thought that got un-built-in04:25
pittiKeybuk: but at least one could log in, yes04:25
lamontelmo_: because module detection wasn't working04:25
elmo_lamont: uh04:25
pittiKeybuk: btw, the 2.6.11 kernel has the exactly same symptom04:25
lamontKamion: me too04:25
elmo_-3 ABI didn't include mptbase modules in a udeb04:26
Keybukwhy isn't noinotify the default if people can't even log in? :-/04:26
elmo_it didn't get a chance to be detected04:26
Kamionelmo_: not true for all -3 ABI04:26
elmo_-4 ABI seems to have just gone for =y 04:26
Kamionelmo_: this is ABI-orthogonal04:26
pittiKeybuk: blame lamont :-)04:26
Keybukpitti: I always do; is this his fault too?04:26
elmo_okay, forget ABI I'm just too lazy to remember l-s-2.6.10 version numbers04:26
lamontelmo_: CONFIG_FUSION=m on all the configs I see for ia6404:26
zulblame inotify04:27
Kamionelmo_: it got built in temporarily, then I added hotpluggification, it was supposed to have been modularised again04:27
pittiKeybuk: I mean lamont should disable it by default in the next kernel04:27
elmo_ok, maybe I'm on smack, ignore me for now, I'll try and get a shell at some point04:27
pittiKeybuk: he did not mess up the inotify patch if you mean that :-)04:27
lamont-17 made it builtin, -20 made it a module again04:27
Keybukwho messed up the inotify patch?04:27
lamont(and broken until d-i fixes their stuff...)04:28
pittiKeybuk: upstream patch :-)04:28
lamontKeybuk: zul was doing inotify stuff, iirc04:28
Kamionlamont: meh what?04:28
lamontbut it's from upstream04:28
pittiKeybuk: however, it crashed the box from time to time even with older kernels04:28
pittiKeybuk: did you never encounter this?04:28
=== tseng did, always blamed it on laptop-mode for some reason
Keybukyeah, I actually investigated the crashers this morning04:28
Keybukfound I tended to see them when disconnecting USB devices04:28
tsengonly ever noticed on battery04:28
pittiKeybuk: exactly04:28
pittitseng: well, it was fairly heisenbuggish04:29
pittiKeybuk: in particular it worked if there was still a nautilus window open for that device04:29
Keybukso I now have noapic and nonotify04:29
Keybukcan we have a nobugs kernel option? :p04:29
pittiKeybuk: no"i"notify please04:30
Keybukpitti: typo here, got it right in the boot line\04:30
zulKeybuk: sure...but then again 04:30
Kamion$ dpkg -c scsi-modules-2.6.10-4-itanium-smp-di_2.6.10-23_ia64.udeb | grep mpt04:30
Kamion-rw-r--r-- root/root    126066 2005-02-23 06:10:36 ./lib/modules/2.6.10-4-itanium-smp/kernel/drivers/message/fusion/mptbase.ko04:30
Kamion-rw-r--r-- root/root     98645 2005-02-23 06:10:36 ./lib/modules/2.6.10-4-itanium-smp/kernel/drivers/message/fusion/mptscsih.ko04:30
Kamionelmo_: ^-04:30
dholbachi guess there'll be an option in reportbug soon, like:  [6]  blame-inotify04:30
Keybuk"iz inotify bug"04:31
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Keybukah, I can log in; so I shall be nice. and use lubricant :p04:31
elmo_Kamion: okay, sorry, clearly I'm stupid, but why do I see the mpt stuff as part of the initial boot then?04:31
=== Keyb [~scott@descent.netsplit.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionelmo_: maybe it's in the initrd?04:31
Keybukwasn't inotify something jdub advocated?04:33
Keybukthat explains it04:33
=== jinty [~jinty@115.Red-80-24-9.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomharsh, dude04:33
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionKeybuk: bingo04:34
Kamionthom: ... but fair04:34
Keybukwhen mdz gets back, I'm adding a new step to seed changes04:34
Keybuk"Did jdub suggest this?  ...  REJECT!"04:34
thomKeybuk: he is back04:34
elmo_gar, rsync -e ssh fails HORRIBLY when the remote end is -ENOSPC04:35
Mithrandirelmo_: yes, it does.  Just goes on and on and on.04:35
Kamiongood, isn't it04:35
elmo_not so much, no 04:36
Kamion"couldn't make a directory. Oh, what the hell, let's try a few more in case it was just having a laugh. No? Well, I didn't have anything else to do today anyway ..."04:36
KamionI think somebody compiled rsync with -DWHATEVER04:37
lamontmdz is back?04:38
elmo_hmm, crappy parted won't allow me to set 'raid' on ppc, even in hoary04:38
pittilamont: yes04:38
Kamionelmo_: indeed, that's why we need new parted for that; have to go to the shops now but will merge when I get back04:39
elmo_Kamion: ah, sorry I thought you said partman04:39
Kamionnah, it's a parted thing; dunno if it requires partman changes too, hope (and think) not04:40
elmo_I wonder how the hell I got davis using sw raid04:40
Kamionthe thing is that there's no actual standard way to represent a RAID partition on Mac partition tables04:40
Kamionyou can put whatever you like in the partition type (it's a string) and mdadm etc. will accept it I think, but parted didn't know that04:41
Kamionditto for LVM04:41
KamionSven made it use Linux_RAID and Linux_LVM types in parted 1.6.21-1 or so, which were just made up on the spot basically but should work04:41
elmo_4        954.660  78533.437              untitled              04:41
=== TreadingSoftly [~treadings@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_apparently I put .. absolutely nothing :)04:41
lamontKamion: outside of the inotify love, are we ready to roll linux-meta, you think?04:41
Kamionyou can probably create a RAID partition by hand if you use 'C' (or whatever it is to select the type by hand) and say Linux_RAID04:42
Kamionlamont: already done that this morning :)04:42
lamontwell.. wo*inotify*ot04:42
=== Kamion -> shops
lamonthrm.. need variable fonts04:42
TreadingSoftlyhas anyone else found gnome/kde prone to freezing up Ubuntu shortly after starting, subsequent to dist-upgrade today?04:42
lamontTreadingSoftly: boot with noinotify04:43
lamontor something like that.. :-)04:43
TreadingSoftlylamont: how to i do that, and what will it break (and will i be able to turn it on again later)?04:45
elmo_mdadm: error opening /dev/md0: No such file or directory04:45
pittiTreadingSoftly: s/anyone else/everybody/ :-)04:45
TreadingSoftlypitti: that's oddly comforting :)04:46
lamontTreadingSoftly: pretty sure it's a matter of overriding the boot parms in grub, and it reverts a change back to the non-lethal version04:46
Mithrandirelmo_: this is the problem of udev and md -- the device isn't created before the kernel is told about it, and the kernel isn't told about it before it's started.04:46
Mithrandirelmo_: you can just mknod it manually, afaik04:46
lamontTreadingSoftly: or just boot yesterday's kernel04:46
elmo_Mithrandir: score04:47
lamont-24 should have things changed04:47
TreadingSoftlylamont: ah, will that automatically be the second kernel in the grub list?04:47
Mithrandirelmo_: it's know upstream and will be fixed by having the kernel provide something mdadm can twiddle to make the devices appear, but it's not there yet, AIUI.04:47
lamontshould be04:47
elmo_Mithrandir: isn't that going to entirely kill root raid for the installer?04:48
TreadingSoftlylamont: cheers, i'll try that04:48
Mithrandirelmo_: mm... depends, I think.  the installer uses devfs, and that's fine somehow, I think.04:48
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.28.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lupusBE [~lupus@dD57729D0.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_hmm, my klogd isn't04:49
dholbachdredg: uploaded you gaim-encryption package *woohoo!*04:50
TreadingSoftlyhmm when i booted with the recovery kernel, gnome starts loading but then gives up before populating the menus and freezing04:51
lamontTreadingSoftly: one revision of kernel down?04:53
lamont== not recovery kernel04:53
TreadingSoftlylamont: just twigged that might be the case: trying that04:53
TreadingSoftlytrying 2.6.10-3-38604:54
lamontthat'd be the one you want04:55
lamont2.6.10-4-* has the inotify issues04:55
TreadingSoftlylamont: thanks ... 2.6.10-3 seems to work ... touch wood :)04:56
=== Amaranth [Amaranth@amaranth.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== HWolf [~hidde@136.28.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== rubenv [~lambda1@kotnet-148.kulnet.kuleuven.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== jamin [~jamin@sys-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzlamont: yes05:27
lamontmdz: writing email05:28
elmo_Kamion: gar, ybin overrides my custom boot-device setting :(05:29
=== jinty [~jinty@115.Red-80-24-9.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiMorning mdz 05:37
zulhi mdz05:38
=== mvo is away for ~1,5h
Mitariocya mvo05:39
lamontmdz: mail sent, summarizing the discussion between pitti and I todate05:45
=== lamont looks for somewhere to vomit
lamontmdz: the only thing missing from the mail is that elmo is working on setting up the test archive so that we can do full-rebuild-testing of hoary on an ongoing basis.  Sadly, it seems other more-urgent tasks keep landing on his plate.05:46
pittimdz, lamont: err: cyrus-sasl is in main for warty05:47
mdzok, it's about 11229th in order in my mailbox05:47
mdzpitti: :-(05:48
lamontpitti: not the binaries.. :-)05:48
pittimdz, lamont: right, no debs, but still the source is seeded05:48
pittimdz: Kamion and I already agreed to drop cyrus-sasl from the seeds for Hoary05:48
mdzlamont: libsasl7 and sasl-bin are in main05:49
mdzfor hoary anyway05:49
lamontzgrep 'Package: cyrus-sasl' dists/warty/main/source/Sources.gz05:49
lamontPackage: cyrus-sasl205:49
lamontcyrus-sasl2 != cyrus-sasl05:49
lamontzgrep 'Package: cyrus-sasl' dists/warty/universe/source/Sources.gz05:50
lamontPackage: cyrus-sasl05:50
lamontpitti: if it had been main, I'd have cared more before release...05:50
=== lamont stands behind his assertion of universe status
elmo_cyrus-sasl doesn't have any binaries in warty, at all05:51
lamontelmo_: right05:51
lamontnor is the source in main05:51
tsenglamont: hm whats the assertion?05:51
lamonttseng: I assert that cyrus-sasl was a universe package in warty, not a main package.05:52
lamontcyrus-sasl2, otoh...05:52
tsengah, right.05:52
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-45-85.w83-196.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontelmo_: FTBFS, conflicting build-deps05:53
lamontuniverse --> never resolved05:53
elmo_no, I'm boggling at something having created /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf05:53
pittilamont: oh right, I mixed that up with a different library I recently stumbled upon, sorry05:54
lamontelmo_: btw, please make sure that the test archive has warty in it too - I'd like to get a handle on how bad the warty/universe buildability thang really is05:54
elmo_lamont: eh, do we have  to?05:55
elmo_there's nothing we can do about it now05:55
lamontelmo_: I understand that sabdfl is adding 3 hours between 02:00 and 02:00:01 tonight for you  :-)05:55
elmo_might as well just deal with them as they come up05:55
lamontelmo_: well, it'd be nice to know05:56
=== pitti -> supermarket
lamonton the bright side, we'd only have to run that suite _once_. :-)05:56
=== lamont remembers that he was going to cook breakfast and eat
seb128is the daily's amd64 livecd known to be broken ? It doesn't start xorg and hangs on the message saying there is probably a config error05:57
lamontseb128: it's pronounced 'inotify'05:57
seb128inotify is already used at this point ?05:57
lamonttry adding 'nonotify' to the kernel args05:57
tsenghas been for awhile05:57
seb128on my standard install that hangs when gamin starts, ie on the desktop05:58
lamontit's re-enabled in the 2.6.10-4 abi05:58
=== jhaltom [~jhaltom@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jhaltom is now known as worksabi
lamontor rather, the newest patch went into -4, and broke itself05:58
seb128yeah, I've noticed, it crashes when gamin start :p05:59
elmo_ok, partitioning in readline mode is painful06:02
lamont<elmo-mode>Kamion: fix that, kthxbye</elmo-mode>06:02
=== lamont blames it on the low blood-sugar. bbiab
Mithrandirelmo_: _ew_06:07
Mithrandirelmo_: I think you might be the first person to ever have done that with partman06:07
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=== jamin [~jamin@cust-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
KamionMithrandir: the installer does not use devfs06:20
MithrandirKamion: oh, true.06:21
Kamionelmo_: udev should create /dev/md0 anyway, but then again mdadm should be looking for /dev/md/0 in a udev world; do you have /.dev?06:21
elmo_yes, I copied it from there06:22
elmo_I'm trying root raid now, on a different machine06:22
Kamionelmo_: root RAID works fine in the installer for me, or did after I made a couple of fixes ...06:22
Kamionelmo_: oh, hang on, only /dev/md/0 in the installer probably - dunno06:23
Kamionyeah, it's /dev/md0 in the real system06:23
Kamionelmo_: you might need to use --auto=yes to mdadm06:24
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-45-85.w83-196.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangseb128: do you still have the netowrk-admin bug that dropps the auto in interfaces file? (I didn't know what ended with it, went away after we talked)06:25
elmo_Kamion: when?06:25
Kamionelmo_: on create06:26
elmo_Kamion: the problem I was having earlier I solved by mknod-ing (well cp -a, but who's counting) as mithrandir suggested06:26
Kamionbasically /dev/md0 should always exist, at the moment it's the hook that mdadm uses to create all the other devices from06:27
Kamionelmo_: did you have the relevant modules loaded? dm-mod is the relevant one I think06:27
elmo_Kamion: I tried mod-probing 'raid1' but it didn't create any devices06:27
Kamionhm, yes, same here06:27
Kamionweird, that worked for me in the installer06:28
seb128sivang: ? I've not worked to fix it06:30
=== rjo [~jordens@rjo.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-108-109.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_I forgot 'server' and now the damn thing is INSTALLING THE WORLD on a headless buildd.06:44
Mithrandirhow.. useful06:44
Kamionmjg59: rock, sleep works perfectly now06:44
Kamionalthough, wow, icons are fucked, I guess that's the big-endian issue with the icon cache06:45
lamontKamion: we need a ubuntu-antidesktop that Conflicts: withe everything brought in by desktop and not base. :-)06:45
Kamionlamont: ew :)06:46
elmo_/dev/md0 on / type ext3 (rw,noatime,errors=remount-ro)06:46
lamontKamion: just for elmo, mind you. :006:46
lamontelmo_: Nice06:46
mjg59Kamion: Ok, cool06:47
mjg59So it's Martin's machine that has problems for some reason06:47
mjg59elmo_: If you could test that kernel at some point, that would be sweet06:48
mjg59Then I'll push in the swsusp support06:48
elmo_mjg59: will do, it's just my only machine right now, so it'll need to be later this evening or so06:48
mjg59elmo_: Yeah, that's no problem06:48
lamontmjg59: is this with the last round of patches you sent me?06:49
mjg59lamont: Yup06:49
lamontand do we know how well sleep should work on vaios?06:49
mjg59The Vaios I've (personally) tested work. I can't give a general answer.06:49
mjg59But there ought to be a decent chance06:49
elmo_does grub support SW RAID now?06:50
elmo_pitti: !06:50
elmo_pitti: I've found what looks like a super obvious candidate for de-rooting06:51
Treenakselmo_: grub does, grub-update seems to barf on /dev/md stuff (at least, in warty)06:51
elmo_Treenaks: ok, cool06:51
Treenakselmo_: but I hacked it into submission (in an ugly way), now it boots from RAID1 just fine :)06:51
Kamionupdate-grub got fixed post-warty06:52
Kamionbut it's still a bit dodgy06:52
elmo_ok, elilo obviously does06:52
Kamiongrub-installer (I think) sets the wrong root device by default06:52
elmo_oh, and yaboot uses a separate partition, so that's cool06:52
elmo_duh, so does elilo, -ESOSTUPID06:52
Kamionit translates /dev/md0 to (hd0,0), which is wrong; it needs to use one of the underlying devices06:52
Kamionbut you can sort that out from the grub boot menu, and fix it in menu.lst06:53
elmo_Kamion: even in hoary?06:53
Kamionelmo_: yes, this was in one of my recent tests06:53
Kamionelmo_: d'oh, I think the parted lvm/raid fixes for powerpc aren't in current Debian after all; maybe I was too enthusiastic about trying to encourage svenl to give us something stable for sarge06:54
=== T-None is now known as T-Bone
Kamionhi T-Bone06:58
KamionT-Bone: current daily should have the mptscsih fix06:58
T-BoneKamion: woot! Can't wait to rsync it then :)06:58
elmo_Kamion: it does07:01
elmo_that /dev/md0 / box is an ia64 with mpt :)07:01
T-Boneelmo_: yay, that rocks07:01
T-Boneso we can at last announce ia64 proper install support, or is that still a bit too early? :)07:02
KamionI'd like to at least have us try that OOo hack first07:02
elmo_ugh, I hate how /etc/network/interfaces depends on hotplug support now07:03
elmo_it's eeeeeeeeeeeevil07:03
T-Bonehell yes :P07:03
=== herzi [~herzi@c206063.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_or rather automatic upping of interfaces depends on it07:03
mdzthis australian ETA web service is sketch-o-riffic07:13
mdz"please enter your credit card details, and then we'll give you a chance to ask for what you want"07:13
Kamionmdz: any idea why 'apt-get update' might kill /var/lib/apt/lists/<cdrom disk label>_dists_unstable_Release.gpg when the CD isn't available?07:14
Kamionmdz: it leaves _Release there just fine, but helpfully kills _Release.gpg so that everything shows up as unauthenticated07:14
mdzKamion: it cleans everything in lists that it doesn't understand07:16
mdzunless the variable is set which tells it not to do so07:16
mdzprobably that bit of code needs to be taught about .gpg for CD-ROM sources07:16
KamionI tried setting APT::Get::List-Cleanup, didn't seem to work07:17
Kamioner, setting it to false07:17
Kamiontrying it again now07:17
=== Kyaneos [~Kyaneos@80-29-45-138.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionnope, didn't do the trick07:22
=== amu [amu@amu.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@wuw-ojr3gmca.dybb.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mxpxpodjbailey: you there?07:25
=== thully [~ubuntu@wuser181-league.umnet.umich.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamion"the King of Weird dropped by and knighted Evolution" <- heh :)07:31
thullyhi - what's the status of KDE going into main?  I'm really anxious for this (and would love to be able to download a DVD iso w/KDE and GNOME on it)07:32
Kamionmdz: very easily reproducible; 'apt-cdrom add' some signed CD, watch *_Release.gpg appear, 'apt-get update', watch it disappear07:32
Kamionthully: pending a few security reviews I believe07:33
thullywill it be soon? 07:34
Kamionit's not on my plate, so I don't know07:35
thullyit will be for hoary, though - right?07:35
KamionI don't think "are we there yet"-ing it will help :)07:35
Kamionthat is the intention07:35
=== marcin_ant [~marcin@www.e-dev.tele2.pl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thullyAlso - I know weekly dvds are built now - any way these could be done for array releases on weeks with array releases07:36
sivangwelcome back mdz, at home alrady? :)07:37
Kamionthully: only once I have better bandwidth so that I can actually test them before releasing them07:38
Kamionthat is planned soon07:38
=== defnop [~defnop@dD5769C2D.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittielmo_: I'm back, what is it?07:39
elmo_pitti: mdadm runs as root, simply to poll a world readable /proc file07:42
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091faa.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittielmo_: mdadm -F you mean?07:42
pittielmo_: cool, indeed07:43
pittielmo_: I'm using that on my server, too.07:43
=== pitti grins evily
mdzsivang: yes07:43
pittielmo_: nice idea, thanks07:43
mdzKamion: the only surprising part is that it still happens with list-cleanup=false07:43
=== Arrogance [~aks@CPE0050ba556e4b-CM001225423850.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionmdz: oh, it leaves it in /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/07:48
mdzKamion: apt-get update does?07:49
mdzor apt-cdrom?07:49
Kamionmdz: apt-get update07:49
mdzKamion: has mvo looked at it?  I'm buried07:49
Kamionmdz: no, I've only just noticed it07:50
mdzKamion: sounds like maybe fallout from the fix for #476907:50
KamionI'll file a bug07:50
=== mjg59 [mjg59@cavan.codon.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograargl.... 07:58
ograseb128 ?07:58
sivangmdz, Kamion : how hard will it be to produce an installer cd of current hoary snapshot that already containes the hebrew transaltions and support packages? (as compared to the livecd way which seems easy and straight forward)07:59
Kamion#6865 filed08:00
Kamionsivang: I'll try to produce documentation at some point along the lines of the live CD customisation document; it's not that hard08:01
sivangKamion: if you'd like, I'd b interested in doing that, so you can toss me the basic part, I will trial the instructions and add comments there.08:02
sivangKamion: (am not talking about the preseeding, stuff, there is also docs for that)08:02
Kamionyeah, I realise that08:04
Kamioncan't be today, though, I'm finishing up soon08:04
sivangKamion: sure, I'll try catching you up tommorow then :)08:05
elmo_Kamion: uh, you know  about how you get prompted for language packs 'cos they're unauthenticated, right?08:05
sivangKamion: s/also/already/08:05
Kamionelmo_: that's what I was talking about with mdz above; #686508:06
=== walexy [~Alexy@adsl-66-137-244-122.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mjg59Good god, it links08:34
aricommon misconception08:41
seb128ogra: pong ?08:43
=== mvo [~egon@ip181.135.1511I-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont notices that the 'rip postfix out of ubuntu base' discussion on ubuntu-devel has pretty much died.. Adds 'remove postfix from ubuntu-base' to his list for later in the week
ograsb128: is there any list of upcoming pygtk deprecations ? its quite annoying to program in a language that changes the syntax every two weeks08:44
ograseb128 ^08:45
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-6-199.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128_ogra: 08:51
seb128_<seb128> ogra: what language change every 2 weeks ?08:51
seb128_--- Disconnected ().08:51
ograseb128: for example: GtkDeprecationWarning: gtk.FALSE is deprecated, use False instead08:51
Kamionlamont: yeah, the earlier the better I think08:51
lamontKamion: was gonna work on getting -24 (with inotify disabled again) in first...08:52
seb128_ogra: I was expecting this reply08:52
=== lamont composes the u-d email now
seb128_ogra: first that's one change, it doesn't change that much08:52
ograseb128: i think at least one of these is in every pygtk upgrade currently....(last time it was gnomecanvas)08:52
seb128_ogra: second this still works fine, that only display a warning08:52
seb128_ogra: third you use a devel branch08:53
seb128_ogra: what's the point to a gtk.FALSE and gtk.TRUE where python has a boolean ?08:53
ograseb128_: i know :) it would just be fine to have an overview...a list or something, to be prepared....08:53
Treenaksogra: there is: pygtk-devel :P08:54
lamontKamion: the fun part is going to be the exim-hunt in main.. :-)08:54
seb128_ogra: there is no such list08:54
ograTreenaks: when do i read that one ?08:54
seb128_ogra: I don't get your issue, just s/gtk.TRUE/True/08:54
Treenaksogra: what I meant was: the development mailinglist for pygtk08:54
ograseb128_: ok, thanks then.... i'll live with it, would just have been nice08:55
seb128_ogra: these function are still working, there is no breakage08:55
ograseb128_: i dont like warnings in my programs :)08:55
seb128_don't use devel branch08:55
seb128_or accept the changes08:56
ograi do08:56
seb128_that's a working branch08:56
=== [m0rph] [~morph@p83.129.204.110.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128_BTW what are you coding ? :)08:56
ograseb128_: i was only asking if you know about such a list....08:56
seb128_nop, you can ask on #pygtk @ irc.gnome.org08:56
ograseb128_: hwdb-client and the hal-device-manager changes for it08:56
seb128_but I don't think there is a list of planned deprecated stuff08:57
ogra(adding one button)08:57
Kamionwoo, network-kickseed nearly works08:57
lamontKamion: woot!08:58
Kamioncan preseed the root password over the network, yay security ;)08:58
lamontGo Kamion !!08:58
Kamionlamont: I might ask for nfs-modules.udeb at some point, for better kickstart support08:59
lamontKamion: either tonight, or next week.  'k?09:00
Kamionlet's make it next week then :)09:00
=== Kamion is already late
lamontgoal for today is a -pre24 branch with all our changes in before 0700UTC today09:01
lamonter, tomorrow09:01
zultoday?!! :)09:01
Kamionlamont: oh, "exim-hunt in main"?09:01
lamontKamion: Recommends/Depends: exim[4]  | mail-transport-agent --> R/D: postfix | mail-transport-agent09:02
lamontbe vewy quiet.  we're hunting exim.09:02
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=== Goshawk [~Goshawk@host233-175.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzlamont: so about the MTA proposal...10:01
lamontmdz: yeah10:01
mdzhave you started uploading things yet?10:02
lamontpop-con a few weeks back10:02
mdzcron/at/anacron are the only ones that really give me the creeps10:03
lamonttoday was some buildd maintenance after elmos tasks, then kernel prep for -24, so we can test it tomorrow.  Then I was going to work on the uploads for postfix moving10:03
mdzmy gut feeling is that it is hoary+1 material10:03
lamontthe notifier, or just the 'bitch about it' part of things?10:04
mdzthe transition as a whole10:04
mdzwe just aren't likely to have a lot of people testing this stuff without an MTA installed10:04
lamontcan I have my local/internethost/... question back to kill the postfix-is-br0ken complaints???10:05
mdzthat is almost certain to receive a sabdfl veto10:05
lamontwell, yeah10:05
lamontthat was _my_ motivator for ripping my baby out of base.10:06
lamontand remind me to throw things at jdub :-P10:07
zulbe my guest10:07
mdzlamont: I absolutely agree that it is the right way to go10:07
lamontmdz: it would be nice to at least go on the exim-hunt, though, in preparation.10:07
lamontwell, except that'll be easier with lunchpad10:08
mdzwe should have done it at the start of the Hoary cycle, but it wasn't raised at the kickoff meeting10:08
lamontmdz: please place it at the top of the agenda for hoary+1, then... :-)10:08
mdzit's on my list10:08
mdzit's scheduled for part of a BOF in Sydney10:09
mdzpreview is in 2 weeks :-O10:10
lamontdo we get new artwork with the preview this time??? :-)10:10
lamontI mean, if not, we have to do something for hte controversy... :-)10:10
=== lamont will send recant mail to the mailing list
mdzwe should have the beginnings of some new artwork, but it is unlikely to be as controversial10:11
lamontmail sent10:13
mdzit pains me, but we have to be pragmatic at this stage10:13
mdzthom: ping?10:15
Goshawkmaybe it is off-topic: does somebody know a way to read from tty1 ? do i treat tty1 as a normal file?10:20
smurfixGoshawk: It is. #ubuntu please.10:21
mdzjdub: ping, re: gnome-app-install10:24
=== Nafallo [~nafallo@h58n4c2o1027.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
makoKamion: around?10:27
Nafallois hwdb-gui supposed to do something atm? :-)10:28
ograNafallo: not as long as hwdb-qa is missing....10:28
=== herzi [~herzi@d092045.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
herziany1 on ppc around?10:29
Nafalloogra: nice :-)10:29
herzi> dpkg -L hicolor-icon-theme | grep png\$ | wc -l >>>>> 010:30
herzican any1 verify this?10:30
robtaylorseb128: do you know anying about gstreamer stuff in hoary randomly complaining that /dev/dsp is already in use? its a little odd as this even happens when i configure my gstreamer sink/src to alsa :/10:34
=== winkle [~winkle@lgh3814234.vittran.norrnod.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_dear gaim/glib/gnome/whoever upstream, please stop breaking stuff on powerpc, some of us only have powerpc desktops available.  kthxbye.  love, james10:35
=== daniels puts 'gaim works' as another X40 advantage.
robtaylorseb128: even odder as noone has /dev/dsp open =)10:36
mdzdear ppc users, please file bugs, thx10:36
elmo_there are bugs?10:36
herzimdz: of which kinds of bugs are you tlking?10:37
seb128there is the icon cache issue10:37
seb128but out of this10:37
herziseb128: how do i solve it?10:37
seb128robtaylor: use esound10:37
herzior which number is it10:37
seb128herzi: solve what ?10:37
robtaylorseb128: i.e. polypaudio is borken?10:37
herzi"the icon cache issue"10:37
ograherzi: reverse the endian order of your cpu10:38
seb128rm /usr/share/icons/*/icon-theme.cache10:38
herziogra: bll10:38
seb128ogra: that's not an endian issue10:38
seb128ogra: that's a g_stat/compiler issue10:38
ograoh, ok10:38
herziseb128: does the hicolor-icon-theme contain ANY images?10:39
seb128herzi: no, that's a tree10:44
seb128themes put images in it10:44
=== usual [~colin@cpe-24-194-192-116.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ariis the ubuntu xorg repository up on the web anywhere10:46
herziari: the sources are there10:47
herziapt-get source xorg10:47
arii just want a couple files10:47
herziseb128: http://www.blaubeermuffin.de/images/missing-images.png10:47
herziari: which ones?10:48
=== herzi has got a source tree on disk
=== HcE [egtvedt@tux.samfundet.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
aridunno, whatever i need to get it to build on amd6410:48
herzibuild to a deb or just build?10:48
arijust build10:49
seb128robtaylor: some people have issues with it10:49
seb128herzi: <seb128> rm /usr/share/icons/*/icon-theme.cache10:50
robtaylorseb128: ah, actually now i've set my gstreamer sink/src back to esd and use that with polypaudio, evreythings fine.10:52
mdzogra: ping, re: hwdb10:52
mdzogra: I just tried hwdb-gui; it looks very nice but doesn't get very far10:52
robtaylorpolypaudio really is much better than esd, cool :)10:52
seb128how ?10:52
mdzogra: I get the first informational screen, then click Forward, and I get a mostly-empty window with an icon at the top10:52
robtaylori can play a dvd without the sound skipping :)10:52
robtaylorwhich was ehy i was using alsasink and dmix before10:53
ogramdz: not yet... it will only be a xml viewer to be reused in other projects.... the backend is hwdb-qa 10:53
ogramdz: http://www.grawert.net/hwdb_schema.png10:53
ogramdz: -qa is not ready yet....working on it10:54
Nafallothat icon was a small red x I hope?10:54
mdzogra: I see, thanks11:03
mdzNafallo: yes11:03
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=== doko [~doko___@dsl-082-082-208-087.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzjdub: ping, re: gnome-app-install11:27
=== doko [~doko___@dsl-082-082-208-087.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
justdavedid usplash ever come back, or is that still a work in progress?11:30
=== YokoZar [~scott@d160-104-la-rue-2.ucdavis.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmo_I managed to download an entirely corrupt ISO across our LAN.  score.11:30
YokoZarogra: ping11:30
mdzKamion: did you make archive-copier smart about the installation DVD?11:30
mdzjustdave: deferred to hoary+111:30
=== T-Bone is now known as T-None
YokoZarI haven't been on IRC in a while, but I wanted to know if you've combed through my Wine packages at all and if they're fit for Universe11:31
elmo_our iso's should have the md5sum in the filename11:31
ograYokoZar: i wrote a mail about it to the ML11:31
YokoZarah, found it11:32
YokoZarOk.  Two things: 1) The only other person active on the Ubuntu lists that knows a lot about Wine is I believe Mike Hearn, who has endorsed my packages (as have the Ubuntu backports users).  No package depends on Wine yet (except Winetools, which I maintain separately and isn't in Universe)  2) I'd like to be on the MOTU team to review it :)11:33
ograYokoZar: you know that i know about both ;)#11:34
dholbachYokoZar: maybe the newly installed package review squad will be able to help you there11:35
ograYokoZar: we have two new reviewers now ...11:36
YokoZarIt's not terribly critical at the moment, though I would like to get on their agenda.  Which is why I've been doing other Wine work in the meantime rather than parading around the channel.  Once we get a Wine release out that runs Half Life 2, though (soon, possibly after Hoary released), it'd be cool to update universe.11:37
=== dholbach puts little *censored* marks on the word "backports"
ograYokoZar: ...for me this package introduces a to big change currently, which in my opinion should get mentored by a very experienced developer, the new reviewers Treenaks and Mithrandir can probably help out... but it is also the general decision about moving away completely from debians package structure that scares me a bit... this is a topic big enough i would rather  ask jdub or mdz for 11:41
YokoZarYeah there may be political ramifications that I'm sure you're not too happy about.  Maybe it'll all go away if Ove decides to give up maintainership.11:42
ajmitchnot just political, also pragmatic for people who want to migrate from debian->ubuntu11:42
ajmitchogra: when doko reconnects yet again, tell him I had to run out for an hour or two, and will get back to zope later :)11:43
ograajmitch: k11:43
Mithrandirogra: we should have a real discussion about whether completely changed packaging is ok -- I'm divided on it.11:44
YokoZarajmitch: I designed the packages so it upgrades cleanly from the Debian ones11:45
ajmitchogra: thanks :)11:45
ograMithrandir: i was always fearing the moment i would say the following....11:45
ograMithrandir: ....so we should have a MTU meeting then11:45
ograMOTU even11:45
MithrandirYokoZar: will it sidegrade to a new debian version too?11:45
Mithrandirogra: we should schedule one, then. :)11:46
ograok, i'll care :)11:46
YokoZarMithrandir: Yes, unless you have the wine-dev package installed (the Debian one should put a replaces for it there)11:46
Mithrandirogra: I'm in CET, but I'm in Brussels friday until monday, so I'd prefer it not to be then.11:46
YokoZarBut no one uses wine-dev except wine developers at the moment, since winelib is kinda experimental11:47
YokoZarOr, rather, compiling with winelib.  I'm working on a package that depends on it, though, if I can get it to compile right.11:47
ograMithrandir: hmm, since Treenaks is at fosdem and i plan to come too, we should probably hold a short beermeeting there ;)11:47
ograMithrandir: but i think a #ubuntu-meeting meeting next week is early enough11:48
Mithrandirogra: sure11:48

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