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lifelessbradb: ping01:29
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bennohello ppl, i just tried to register an account but I get redirected to http://notready.ubuntu.com/ 05:25
bennowhen I goto the link in my email05:25
spivbenno: Yeah, register on www.ubuntu.com, it's the same account.05:27
spivKnown problem :(05:27
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SteveAhello "s"*1402:05
ssssssssssssss:) 02:05
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AoPHi everyone03:06
AoPI could use some help with joining launchpad03:06
AoPWhen I try to follow the link from the "Launchpad Account Creation Instructions" mail, I'm always told that this place is not yet ready03:07
KinnisonMorning brad03:08
Kinnisonerm, bah; not here :-)03:09
KinnisonAoP: If you have an ubuntulinux.org wiki account then the launchpad login should be the same03:09
AoPThanks Kinnison, I'll try that03:09
AoPYep, works, I had to log in at the wiki and change the password first; Thanks again!03:11
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ThomasWaldmannmoin :)08:47
ThomasWaldmanni wanted to try rosetta, but when following the link of the registration email, it tells me it isnt ready?08:48
SteveAsorry about that08:50
SteveAwe're fixing that problem.  do you have an account on the ubuntulinux.org site?08:50
SteveAyou can use the same username (that is, email address) and password for rosetta08:50
ThomasWaldmannnow yes. :) ok, it worked. thanks.08:53
ThomasWaldmanni wanted to take a look at it because we currently do the moinmoin wiki engine translations on the wiki.08:53
ThomasWaldmannso I just wanted to compare how you do it.08:54
ThomasWaldmannah, nice gui. ours is a lot simpler ehrm low level :)08:56
SteveAit would be great if you can tell the rosetta developers about ideas and observations and criticisms you have08:57
SteveAwow, that's a long wiki page :-)09:00
carlosThomasWaldmann: feel free to send us mails with suggestions/questions to rosetta-users@ubuntu.com (and subscribe to the mailing list if you want)09:05
ThomasWaldmannSteveA: hehe :)09:07
ThomasWaldmannit's just the complete po file, filtered and checked slightly by some py code09:08
ThomasWaldmanncarlos: are you involved with rosetta?09:08
SteveAcarlos is one of the developers of rosetta09:09
ThomasWaldmannah, great. what i missed first when using it, is a bottom "next 10 msgs" link.09:13
ThomasWaldmannthe whole bar could just be duplicated down there09:14
carlosThomasWaldmann: yeah, we have that request already and will be added with other changes we are preparing to the translation form09:16
carlosThomasWaldmann: you can see our bug database with feature requests at https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/products/rosetta09:18
=== ThomasWaldmann contributed some tsclient german messages for trying it :)
ThomasWaldmannis there some "just for playing" rosetta somewhere, without login?09:25
carlosno, we only have available that one09:27
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