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=== lamont_r gets asked when a windoze version of baz is expected to be available?
lifelesswe're integrating the current patches at the moment.02:21
lifelessits a high priority, and if someone wants to help, that would be great.02:21
lifelessbtw #arch is the general channel for random baz questions :)02:21
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eeveetzahi guys02:57
eeveetzai just tried to register so i could use rosetta, got the "Launchpad Account Creation Instructions"02:58
eeveetzabut the activation link doesnt work02:58
eeveetzaany ideas about it?02:58
eeveetzathis page opened instead: http://notready.ubuntu.com/02:59
SteveAhi eeveetza 03:00
SteveAdo you have a login to the ubuntulinux.org site?03:00
SteveAyou can use that same login (email address) and password to use rosetta03:00
SteveAwe know about the problem with the activation link not working.  it will be fixed soon.  sorry that it's caused a problem for you.03:01
eeveetzaThanks Steve!03:23
eeveetzaI'll use my other login.03:23
eeveetzaSee ya03:23
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=== lamont has clueless-newbie questions about 'baz changeset'
lamontlets say I'm sitting with foo@baz.com--2005/bar--me--0--patch-6  and I wish to send someone else all 6 patches to date...  What's the best way to do that, I wonder?10:42
lamont(or should I be in #arch?)10:42
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