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hsprangis there anyone who can help with problems concernung the eiki?02:29
hsprangsorry, i meant wiki02:29
froudhsprang: you still thre06:47
hsprangfroud: there again :)10:32
froudhsprang: you needed help10:32
froudwhat's the problem10:32
hsprangi am trying to write a howto in the ubuntu wiki10:37
hsprangbut i am having troubles getting the page formatted10:37
hsprangi was expecting it to accept moin moin wiki syntax,which would be great, because i have the docs already in mediawiki, which is the same10:37
hsprangbut it seems the doc pages are somehow special10:38
froudhsprang: the wiki should accept moin moin10:51
froudWe have a number of documents already in moin moin10:51
froudcan you give me the url of your document in wiki10:52
hsprangcan you see it even if i didn't publish it?10:55
hsprangor do i have to submit it therefore?10:55
froudyou need to submit it10:56
froudsend the view url10:57
hsprangis the above not working?10:59
froudno that one is for edit10:59
froudclick the view tab10:59
froud and copy the url11:00
hsprangthis is exactly the same as above...11:00
froudI am getting "Fully Automatic Installation with FAI"11:00
hsprangboth names are "view" at the end, too11:00
hsprangyou're at the correct page11:01
froudok, not much there11:01
froudlet me find a page that you can ape the markup from11:01
hsprangyes, i had my full mediawiki page there, but it looked like crap and so i removed it11:02
froudoh dear11:02
hsprangif you like i cann add my fzll text i want to put in there, but as you might see, the header already doesn't work11:02
froudadd your text11:03
froudhsprang: strang it is not reacting to moin moin11:08
hsprang:) good feeling that you see it, too...11:09
froudChrisH: ping11:10
ChrisHfroud: pong...11:10
froudyou got any idea why wiki is not recognizing moin moin11:12
hsprangin the "text format" selector there isn't even a way to select moin moin syntax, which is different from other wiki pages, as i saw11:14
froudI have now set it to structured and made changes take a look11:15
froudhsprang: will you be able to take it from there11:17
ChrisHHmmm. not really.11:17
froudChrisH: what not realy11:18
ChrisHI don't really have an idea. :)11:18
ChrisHLast time I changed a page it was in ReST.11:18
froudOK seems that this part of wiki does not hav esupport for moin11:18
froudhsprang: will you be able to do it in structured11:19
hsprangok, this one looks pretty good...11:19
froudput uri in [] 11:20
froudape the markup around you11:20
froudhope that helped :-)11:21
froudthanks ChrisH 11:22
hsprangit helped very very much! thank you :)11:22
hsprangis there a doc about the structured text markup?11:24
frouddunno of one11:24
froudI just ape what's around me open two tabs one with your doc and one for viewing other textsssss11:24
froudcopy the markup in the existing samples11:25
frouda bit of a by the seat of the pants way of doing it, but it works :-)11:25
hsprangyes, and i am already miles further than last night :)11:27
hsprangwho is administering the wiki, anyway?11:28
froudeveryone ;-)11:28
froudI know enrico does loads of wiki stuff but he wont be here until toght11:28
hsprangok, i already wrote a mail to webmaster@ubuntu.org anyway about some other issues i have, when creating my MaintainerCandidates page like ogra told me at #ubuntu-motu, but that's not exactly ubuntu-doc ...11:31
froudhsprang: I don't know anything about that ... ChrisH do you11:36
hsprangplus the howto page has a nice bug which leads to data loss if one forgets to enter the page title - in that case, the body is completely lost in the following page that tells you you forgot the title11:39
froudhsprang: enrico is your man. He will come on later today11:40
hsprangbut i am getting chatty... ok11:40
froud:-) ok11:40
froudI'm just busy trying to get the OMF/Scrollkeeper stuff fixed for release11:41
hsprang... which i pretty well know nothing of :)12:30
froudneither did I until I  joined this project :-) OSS you gotta love it.12:31
hsprangbesides that it seems to be some central? piece of the systems integrated docs...12:32
froudyes it is12:32
hsprangit's quite interesting, it's pretty important to provide help for people running the system quickly and adequately in al,ost anything that can go wrong12:34
hsprangwhich is not quite a task one gets done in an evening12:35
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ChrisHHm.... what was the trick to keep xsltproc from getting the DTDs from the oasis web site during every run?11:40
sivanghey ChrisH 11:41
sivanghey people11:41
ChrisHsivang: hey, bounty hunter :)11:41
sivangChrisH: heheh11:41
ChrisHThe compile is getting me mad... every time it's pulling in the oasis documents.11:41

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