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Burgundaviahello one and all again05:07
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froudChrish: if it makes you mad then look in bugzilla a fix the problem.06:26
=== froud sends African Greetings
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jeffschfroud: ping07:04
ChrisHfroud: ah, you probably thought of #500508:07
ChrisHHmm... not really.08:14
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froudThere is a new option on the logout screen, "Hibernate the computer" Anyone know what this does. When I test it the screen goes black and I have no way of unhibernating. Clues appreciated.03:31
=== froud asks people to note any interfaces changes such as the above and amend Quick Guide if required.
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froudenrico: Is there any way for us to be easily notified on changes in apps or menus without having to tune into the development of every application in the release? Right now I am trying to keep desktop menus in hoary and the contents of Quick Guide aligned. A present I am doing a manual check after each update.06:11
Kinnisonhttp://www.lua.org/ will be temporarily unavailable for a data move. Please stand by...06:18
KinnisonSite re-enabled; thanks06:18
enricofroud: uhm... you'll have to reask me in a couple of hours06:22
enricook, now I understood the question06:22
enricoI can't think of any obvious ways besides begging the devels to send us a mail06:22
enrico(which we can definitely do)06:22
enricoIt'd be a very good habit for them to do so: both to the docteam and to the translators06:23
enricofroud: noted in my TODO list: tonight I'll try to discuss it with someone06:23
enricofroud: and thanks!  It's a good idea06:24
enricofroud: (BTW) another post-hoary idea of mine would be to find a way to reach into the various /usr/share/doc/<package> documentation06:24
Kinnisonargh; I told the wrong damned channel about lua.org being down06:24
Kinnisonplease kill me now06:24
=== Kinnison hides
enricomaybe interfacing with the devels' arch repository06:24
=== enrico tickles Kinnison
=== Kinnison cries
Kinnisontoday has been baaaad06:25
enricome cuddles Kinnison 06:25
=== enrico cuddles Kinnison
sivangKinnison: which channel?06:33
sivangKinnison:   06:33
Kinnisonsivang: I told here instead of #lua06:33
sivangKinnison: oh :)06:33
sivangKinnison: you are the main maintiner?06:34
sivangmaintainer even06:34
Kinnison 06:34
KinnisonI maintain lua for Debian06:34
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sivangKinnison: eh right i recalled now06:40
=== froud thinks this is way to cuddly
Kinnisoncuddling is good07:07
froudonly with Linux Chics07:11
froudshoot were has enrico gone now07:12
KinnisonYou saying I'm not Linux Chic ?07:12
froudSorry I dont know if you are m or f07:18
=== Kinnison is male, but very chic
Kinnisonchic : adj : elegant and stylish07:20
=== froud hug Kinnison and hope Kinnison is a Linux Chic
=== Kinnison grins
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froudannounce: team we have roled back to docbook dtd 4.1.2 as a temp solution to overcome some problems in either scrollkeeper or the hoary xml catalog sys. Not sure which, but just so you know.08:16
sivangfroud: so, where is the bug in?08:20
froudsivang: not sure08:20
froudeither scrollkeeper or xml catalog system08:21
froudbut dont have time to play with it08:21
froudso we role back to 4.1.208:21
sivangok, if it works there it's good08:21
sivangsometimes it's wise to stick to the latest stable thing and not the cutting edge :)08:22
froudwell actually 4.3 is old08:22
frouddb is now going 5.008:22
froudand RNG08:22
froudbut that is too bleeding at the moment08:22
sivanglet me know if you manage to see stuff in yelp , if not I will give the file you fix a test hear when there's a pakcage, I'm too busy to set up my svn08:23
froudsivang: ok08:24
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enricoWoW!  The list is HOT!09:39
enricofroud: the DocBook version change broke the Makefile a bit: now it tries to download from the network (in Debian at least)09:50
ChrisHSame here... I just don't know how to make that stop (other than using squid to speed it up).09:51
enricoI tried to point it at the 4.1.2 and it actually works09:52
enricoI'll commit in a moment09:52
enricothis one seems to have been easy09:53
enricoworks.  Commit...09:54
enricocommitted.  ChrisH: svn up and retry, please...09:55
abellieverybody ciao09:59
ChrisHin a sec10:02
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