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sivangsince when this channel is on?07:08
sivangI just now found about it, where was it annonced?07:08
KinnisonUmm, it has been here for ages.07:08
abellisivang: i think that while we were in mataro' was already here07:08
abelliKinnison: ciao07:09
KinnisonHi abelli 07:09
sivangKinnison: !07:10
Kinnisonlaycht ?07:11
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AoPHi guys, does anyone know about problems with Rosetta? 07:15
AoPI can't translate, because everytime I try to save I get a system error07:15
abelliAoP: i can be wrong, but daf and carlos might be the right persons to look for07:19
AoPHm, so there's nothing like a status page or something? 07:21
AoPI'm not to eager to bother them with emails or something07:21
AoPbecause I'm quite sure they'll have better things to do than replying07:22
abellithere should be a bug page07:24
abelli...or an entry in bugzilla07:24
abelliim sorry im not able to help..07:25
AoPI thank you for trying07:26
AoPI'll go and try to find some information on this07:26
AoPSee you07:26
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sivangSo this is the new rosetta channel?10:23
abellii think so10:26
abellisivang: 10:26
abellisivang: LAUNCHPAD's one..10:27
abelligood night sivang && everyone10:27
abellihave a good life10:27
sivangNIGHT abelli 10:28
sivangsorry for caps10:28
abellimmm sorry for mine..10:28
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