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smis it just me, or does the ubuntu-doc list deliver kind of slowly ?12:19
Burgundaviaseem to be getting it fine12:34
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froudAfrican Greetings. Another sunshine morning in Johannesburg07:48
maskiemorning froud from a hot sticky cape town07:55
froudsunny but cool this morning, guess there are benefits to not having an ocean near.07:56
maskieat least i can go jump in the sea when it gets to hot ...07:57
froudI have a salt water swimming pool in the front yard07:58
froudbut no wave machine07:58
froudand no white beach sand07:58
froudwell that could be a blessing, the sand thing I mean07:58
maskieand the water is not as cold as in the sea here07:59
froudyes, so I found out. Thought I was never going to see my you know what again.08:00
froudAh pool heating08:01
=== froud always know when maskie is gonna be online because of call-more time :-)
maskieunfortunately not all of us have the joys of dsl08:23
froudAh that reminds me. What about the new packages telscum are doing08:23
froudthey could be good for you08:23
froudHmmm but then there is the cap08:23
froudHo Hum. Does anyone care to review and close my last commits :-/ pretty please08:39
=== froud note to enrico release notes now contain images. I have modified "make imagelist:" to create a txt file that provides the list of images for your input. You may have to update imgsel and other stuff.
froudAnyone want to add ubuntu-docs to the release notes :-)08:57
jeffschhi froud. I looked at your latest in quickguide09:02
maskiefroud, problem with dsl is that on top of the adsl line cost you have to pay high ISP costs ... my ISDN dialup ISP costs at very low at the moment09:02
froud*our* latest quick guide09:02
=== froud smiles at maskie
=== froud hugs his 512 dsl
jeffschI don't feel qualified to convert from "review" to "complete"... spelling is ok though...09:03
=== froud hopes the price comes down
froudUS Spelling is good. Go for it09:03
froudany patches for grammar and spelling problems welcome09:03
froudnot all contributors are doing spellchecks and most are not english speakers. so go for it09:04
jeffschI am burning latest hoary disk... i boot it soon to see if and how new apps work... :-)09:04
frouddo you have warty09:04
froudyou can just upgrade online09:04
froudto hoary09:04
froudit's fatser and you can see the changes incrementally09:05
jeffschyes, i have warty... how do i upgrade... using synaptic09:05
froudyes lemme get the uri's fo ryou09:05
jeffschsomeday it would be nice to see a style guide for ubuntu docs09:13
jeffschsomething similar to http://developer.gnome.org/documents/style-guide/09:13
jeffschI am booting hoary on laptop, but don't want to install09:17
jeffschhow to run as live cd?09:17
froudinstall qemu09:18
froudsorry I had to step out now back09:18
froudyes, styleguide will develop in time09:18
=== jeffsch is googling qemu
froudhere comes the info09:18
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vendajeffsch, in synaptic select Settings > Repositories09:20
vendaclick add09:21
vendatype = binary09:21
vendauri = http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/09:21
vendadistribution = hoary09:22
vendasections = main restricted09:22
vendaadd again09:23
vendathis time09:23
vendatype = source09:23
vendauri "as above"09:23
vendadistribution = "as above"09:23
vendasections = "as above"09:24
vendaadd again09:24
vendatype binary09:25
vendauri = http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/09:25
vendadistribution = hoary-security09:25
vendasections = main restricted09:26
vendaadd again09:26
vendatype source09:26
vendauri = http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/09:26
vendadistribution = hoary-security09:27
vendasections = main restricted09:27
vendathats it09:27
vendaoh remember to deselect warty09:28
froudjeffsch: hope that helps09:28
froudjeffsch: trickie is also looking for review of the release notes if you feel like doing it ;;;;;;-)09:31
jeffschvenda: done. so now i just select all upgradeable packages?09:33
froudjeffsch: yes09:33
froudbtw. venda is me on another host09:34
jeffschfroud: i still irc newbie... when you say "here comes info" and then "hope this helps" ????09:34
jeffschDOH!!! venda = froud!!!!09:35
froudafter you have done the upgrade the Ubuntu Update Manager will do the rest for you09:35
froudyou can configure the update-manager to download the updates for you but not install until you tell it to09:35
froudhandy really09:35
jeffschok i do it now. wish me luck...09:36
froudevery now and then I just run the update manager and see what it has for  me. Then I upgrade to the next step in hoary09:36
jeffschthat's what i've been doing with warty, but i didn't know until know how to get hoary.09:37
jeffschthanks eh09:37
froudcool, you can also use update-manager to see the changlog of what happened on a package. That is how I check to see if anyting impacts on documentation we are doing09:38
vendafor example the note "Added acpi-support to desktop-ia64" may add something to the desktop so I go looking to see once the ubuntu-desktop package is installed09:40
froudjeffsch: I do caution if you plan on using the same method post hoary release for grumpy. It is likely that the distro will, at first, become unstable during grumpy devel09:42
=== froud is off for awhile
jeffschhmmm... i try try to install hoary on my laptop, but it tells me that it will destroy existing partitions09:55
jeffscham I missing something? surely it will install beside windows(spit)09:55
abellijeffsch: have you tried to chose to partition the disk by yourself?10:05
jeffschthere is a choice: Erase entire disk, or Manually edit10:09
jeffschI chose manually edit10:09
jeffschI missed something...10:11
jeffschit didn't seem obvious to me which item on the list to select....10:12
jeffschI chose the IDE1 master (hda) blah blah blah10:12
jeffschinstead of the  #1 primary blah blah blah, which is indented and not looking like its own selection... :(10:13
jeffschok. now i see "You are editing partition #1 of IDE1 master (hda). This partition is formatted with the ntfs"10:15
jeffschUse as: do not use, Bootable flag: on, Size: 80.0 GB10:17
jeffschhow to partition? in warty install (IRC) it seemed obvious what to do, but now.... :(10:17
jeffschfroud: i will take a look at release notes by trickie after my hoary upgrade is complete10:21
jeffschok. that does it. I am not putting hoary on my laptop. I am too afraid it will destroy my existing partition10:29
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froudjeffsch: does your partition take the whole disk10:57
froudthe ntfs one10:57
froudyou can do a resize, but it can be risky11:07
froudno sur eif the hoary install does a resize safely I never tested it11:08
jeffschi don't recall seeing a resize option. it only seemed that I could overwrite or not install11:09
jeffschbut I could be wrong - it is 2am afterall11:10
froudHmm dunno really. My SuSE 9.2 it just does a resize for you11:10
froudbest to do this type of thing with a clear head11:10
froudperhaps look for a tool that will help you resize the partition. Use that to do the work and then just install hoary to the new partition11:11
froudhave you asked on #uubuntu11:11
jeffschzoiks!!! a clear head!!!! too much trouble!!! hehe :-)11:14
jeffschhoary update on main machine is progressing, but it keeps asking questions to which i don't know the answer11:15
froudwhat are the questions11:15
froudkeyboard stuff11:15
jeffschquestions like "overwrite this conf file here,  or keep the original?"11:16
froudunless you have specific settings just overwrite11:16
jeffschI don't know if the new file is essential for haory, or if it is essential for existing config11:16
froudif you have made changes to a config file then you should keep the original or you can redo the settings11:17
=== froud must go for a bit
jeffschtoo late. successfully did all changes. I will restart. wish me luck!11:17
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jeffschauughhhh!!! not good not good not good11:29
jeffschonly screen resolution available is 800x60011:29
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jeffschwhew! got it fixed. I copied old cofig file over one installed by hoary upgrade11:48
jeffschtime for bed... see yall later11:49
enricojeffsch: good night!11:49
=== froud is back
abellijeffsch: ciao12:14
abellibuona notte12:14
abellifroud: woza12:21
froudsawubona abelli, gunjani wena. Funani12:31
=== froud goes to lunch
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abellienrico: how would you translate Release Schedule?05:10
abellifroud: im sorry but today i havent been able to answer... i was missing a word05:10
enricoabelli: Piano per il rilascio?  ma  orrendo05:10
abellienrico: yeah it is05:11
enricoit pretty much depends on the context and the public05:11
abelliwhat about Programma.. mmm.. i'm translating the website05:11
enricoProgramma delle Release05:17
abellienrico: yeah thank you05:18
abelliwhat does "to end up in violent agreement" mean?05:20
enricoto agree *a lot* :)05:22
abellithere's a mispelling in the License Policy page, 05:32
abellior at least i thing so05:32
abelli...mmm well is "sustainably" english?05:35
enricosustainable is, so sustainably looks like a good adverbization of it05:38
enrico"adverbization" probably doesn't exist, though :)05:39
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froudenrico: abelli: there is no word "sustainably" in the English dictionary. However it is possible to use it as a term and may be used in colloquial speach.06:15
abelliit's the ubuntulinux.org website06:17
froudabelli: you have to give a uri, please06:19
abellifroud: sorry06:19
froudthe tone of this para would qualify as colloquial so I would just add quotes around the word.06:22
abellifroud: what about "tipically"?07:19
abelliaint it typically?07:20
abelli...another thing. i dont know if this is your duty or not..07:29
abellibut in some pages only "3 components" are listed..07:29
abelliin others, as i think it should be, multiverse is also cited07:30
enricoabelli: please make a list of the pages as you see them and post it in the list08:05
abelliyeas sorry08:11
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