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froudAfrican Greetings08:25
maskiemorning froud08:37
maskiefrom rainy cape town08:37
froudmorning maskie 08:39
froudSun and a bit of wind up hear . Goo dto hear you guys have some rain. You need it08:39
maskiewas not much but we will take every little bit09:07
maskiefroud, btw how was your trip to cape town09:09
froudMost excellent, we spoke about this last Sunday09:10
froudShould have a few more trips planned09:10
froudnow that I have more customers in CT09:10
maskieyou must just be carefull ... you might just like this place and move here09:11
froudthe risk is high09:11
froudactually if I get enough customers I will do it09:11
maskiechange always has risks09:11
froudJust rent my home in JHB and move09:11
froudno worries09:11
froudKinda like Hout Bay09:12
froudsecluded but not to far from central09:12
maskieit is a nice area .. did you know they have their own "passport"09:12
froudyes and I understand people actually used it to enter some countries09:13
froudeventhought it is not a recognized one09:13
froudI want a hout bay passport too, whaaaaa09:13
maskieso buy some property there and you can have one09:14
froudThe view from Chapmans Peak over that region is magnifico09:14
maskieit is but be carefull of chapmanspeak ... rocks might just faal on you09:15
froudyes they have those rock barriers09:15
froudscary stuff09:15
froudLongbeach also looks lekker09:16
maskiewhich sometime break when we have rain ... but since we do not have rain it is not a problem09:17
froudhey thanks for the late warning there was rain the day before we went through09:18
froudsee I did bring some rain with me09:18
froudyou asked I delivered09:18
maskiethe light rain we get these days in no problem09:19
froudHe he it was not light rain the day before09:20
froudI could not see where I was driving09:20
froudand of course we decided to go up Table Mountain that morning09:20
froudas we got to the top the clouds closed in 09:21
maskiewhat did you think of stellenbosch09:21
froudActually did not get there09:21
froudI got confused09:21
froudI thought TSF was there, but they are in Durbanville09:21
froudso saw Durbanville instead09:21
froudnice wine land09:22
maskiei stay just next to durbanville ... both my kids are in durbanvile at school ... know exactly where tsf is ... who did you meet there - thomas09:25
froudYes. Met with Thomas on some work09:26
maskienice offices  they have ....09:27
froudInteresting thing about CT is that you guys still have lots of small shops on the high street09:27
froudyes very posh09:27
froudhere in JHB those small shops are disappearing09:27
froudwe have malls, malls and malls09:27
froudbut when you get back to JHB from CT, you realize just how big JHB is09:28
frouddam it takes 1 hour from the airport to my home in Northcliff09:28
maskieand that is outside peak time09:32
froudand at 120 per hour09:32
maskieour traffic now gets very bad from durbanville area into town09:32
froudyes traffic is not good in CT09:33
froudI got stuff comming out of central is peak traffic09:33
froudneedless to say my left leg got a good workout09:33
maskieproblem is we have limited entry points into town 09:34
froudbtw spent the last day in Kirstenbosh Gardens09:35
froudoh boy09:35
froudmy legs were hurting for two days09:35
froudman that place is bug09:35
froudwe thought it would be a nice restful way to end the stay09:36
froudboy were we miss guided09:36
froudJust the day before we did Cape Point09:36
froudof course we walked up09:36
froudand down09:36
froudnice view, but boy did I hurt09:37
froudmade me realize how unfit I am09:37
froudspending too much time between the keyboard and the seat09:37
maskiethen next time you here you must go up table mountain but not by cable car but climb09:39
froudHe he, you kidding me right. I wantch people younger than me trying it and it looked very painful.09:41
froudDown maybe, up, uh uh09:42
froudyou will have to carry me up. On your back09:42
froudGeeks dont do so well with all that macho physical stuff09:42
maskieit is easier up than down .. and depending on what route you take it is not tha bad ... the one from kirstenbosch is not that bad09:43
froudsays maskie who is probably a fitness fanatic09:43
maskiei think the next ubuntu conf must be in cape town .. that is the one after sydney09:44
maskienot really froud09:44
froudoh most definately09:44
froudCanonical are you listening. WE WANT THE NEXT MEETINGIN CAPE TOWN09:44
froudAussie is too far away09:45
froudBesides we need the tourism more than they do09:45
maskiei think we need to wisper something in sabdfl's ear ... some suttle e-mails from time to time09:46
froudMmmmm. Yes, let me see who else can we brainwash09:47
froudperhaps we can also bribe them with free wine09:47
froudmaskie: when are they gonna fix all those shacks in the route out of the airport09:48
froudthose poor people09:48
frouddoes the major not have a conceince09:49
froudoh       btw I got some great penguin shots09:49
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froudat Boulders09:49
froudyou can watch those penguins forever09:50
froudsmall but funny creatures09:50
abelliciao a tutti09:50
maskiethat is a real problem but it goes back lot of years ... the major tries but it is a question of money 09:51
froudsawubona abelli 09:51
froudgunjani wena09:51
froudmaskie: well they must do something. It looks bad09:51
maskiegoeie more abelli09:51
froudmaskie: I was giving abelli zulu lessons yesterday :-)09:52
maskieagree ... it everywhere like that just ours is near the airport09:52
froudperhaps you can give him Afrikaans lessons09:52
maskiein exchange for some italian09:52
froudactually here in Gauteng it is improved09:52
froudthe problem is in Alexandra Township09:53
maskiebut you guys have more money than us ... :)09:53
froudbut they are making amazing progress09:53
abellino..it's too much09:53
froudabelli: what09:53
abelli < froud> sawubona abelli09:54
abelli09:52 < froud> gunjani wena09:54
froudoh ok09:54
abellii need time 09:54
froudwait I have notstarted to teach you the click sounds yet :-009:54
maskiefroud looks like you have to start again09:54
maskieluckily afrikaans has no click sounds09:55
froudjust the cccccccch09:55
froudor is it ggggggggh09:55
abellii've seen a documentary on the telly,09:55
maskiemore the ggggggh09:55
froudlike ggggggghaan09:56
abellithat explained how some children in a village in Africa09:56
abellilearnt how to use a computer without keyboard..09:56
abellithey were able to write emails...09:56
froudhe he cool09:56
abelliwithouth having ever seen a computer before... smart people09:56
maskieabelli, what did they use ... touch screens09:56
froudhow do they write09:56
abellia trackball09:56
abellii think copy n paste09:57
froudwhew that must be slow09:57
froudbut then it's African time09:57
froudabelli: did you know we dont use watches here in Africa, only tel time by the sun09:58
abellimy mum doesnt even know how to do it with the keyboard09:58
froudit's really amazing09:58
froudwe take using a computer for granted09:58
froudI dont think we really understand the barrier to learning a how to use a computer yet09:59
froudWe try make it easy, but that barrier still remains09:59
abellimmm how can you follow the sun withouth knowing what month is?10:00
froudI think that speach recognition technologies need to improve more so anyone can do it10:00
froudwho care what month it is10:00
froudwe care about seasons10:00
froudof course if you are in Natal (Durban) there are only two seasons10:00
froudsummer and winter10:00
=== froud wonders how a computer will interpret a click sound
abellimaybe with a click?10:01
froudthere are many click sounds10:02
froudeach slightly different10:02
froudsome high pitched and some low pitched10:02
froudand a spectrum between them10:02
froudmaskie: now there is something worth programming10:03
abellifroud: they will be interpreted in different ways..10:05
abelliobviously you may need a little time of learning10:05
abellibecause every user has different ways...10:05
abelliof doing it.10:05
froudmaskie: do you feel like reviewing the Ubuntu Update Manager User manual for me10:06
froudIt's nearly finished10:06
maskiefroud, it will have to wait for about a week ... i am f10:07
maskiegpne for most of the week10:07
sivangfroud: have you managed to rearrange the docs in a proper catagory in yelp?10:07
froudsivang: no you were on it10:07
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sivangfroud: ok, I thought there was some progress, well, it appear we have to create a new scrollkeeper catagory in ubuntu10:08
sivangfroud: to make this work. (I talked with shaun)10:08
maskiehave to run .. have to go find out all i can about mad cow desease 10:09
sivangmaskie: why so?10:09
froudgood go for it, I understand the changes need doing in Yelp first then we can change the omfs10:09
froudmaskie: dont say your cows have caught it10:09
maskieone of my kids have some project on it and dad have to help10:09
sivangfroud: eh, well the changes in yelp are pretty trivial as I have shown to enrico, the hard part is making it a scrollkeeper catagory10:09
sivangmaskie: ah I spooked, since it's a very deadly deaseas10:10
maskieyeah i know .... 10:10
frouddo you have cows10:10
sivangmaskie: we has once uncertainty here a couple of years ago, since then the heath department is always alert on this specific 10:11
maskieluckily not me 10:11
froudwell good luck10:11
froudtot siens10:11
maskiethanks ... see ya later10:11
=== froud is looking for reviewers to the Ubuntu Update Manager Manual. Any takers, let me know
=== froud is now off to the movies. b c'ing ya
abellifroud: ciao10:17
abellifroud: this is Sicilian..10:17
abellilike your Afrikaan... 10:18
abelli"baciamo le mani"10:18
sivangfroud: btw, is there a bug report on our inability to create a new catagory?11:14
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froudsivang: no there is not since you said you were on it and gonna fix the problem. If you cannot, then I suggest you clearly state that you cannot do it and we will either make another solution or file a bug report and pray for help.02:01
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sivangfroud: currently I'm lost wrt to it, so I'd suggest to go ahead and open a bug about it - if I have any future directions I will add a patch/comments on the bug report.05:48
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sivangenrico: Hi !06:37
enricohi sivang!06:53
=== froud files bug #7239 "Display Ubuntu Documents in first page of yelp" https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=7239
sivangfroud: thanks :)07:26
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jeffschhi all08:31
jeffschfroud: do you still need reviewers of the Ubuntu Update Manager Manual?08:31
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