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mcr_Is there anyone alive here?01:27
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moquistanybody here to answer questions about rosetta?06:40
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lifelessuhm, why is bug 163 different to task 163 ?!?09:58
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abelliKinnison: ping01:51
abellidaf: ping01:51
dafabelli: pong01:53
Kinnisonabelli: pong01:53
abellidaf: do you remember when... that thing on translation?01:54
dafhmm, I think so01:55
abelliKinnison: can you re tell me that arm motherboards manufacturer's website?01:55
abellidaf: :)=01:55
abellidaf: what should we do?01:56
Kinnisonabelli: http://www.simtec.co.uk/01:56
abelliKinnison: have i ever told u i love u :)01:56
Kinnisonabelli: not before now; no01:58
dafabelli: you know, I really don't know02:01
dafabelli: it's been a while since I read your mail, and now is a really busy time for me02:03
dafand I'm not really sure what you need from me02:04
abellidaf: mmm.. right..02:04
abelliim not even sure what should i expect from you...02:05
abellii was just following sabdfl's "directives".02:05
abellihave a good time with you code :)02:06
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fimp_does anyone know anything about this? https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/18809:04
fimp_The entire purpose of rosetta is kind of destroyed when you cannot export the po-files anymore :-/09:06
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chlundeIs there a problem with launchpad/registration?  I'm not getting an email.11:31
spivchlunde: Use your www.ubuntu.com account, it's the same account.11:33
chlundespiv: Thanks, creating an account there worked.11:43
chlunde"A system error occured"11:52
=== chlunde tried to translate baazar.

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