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psy__T-None: ?12:23
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T-Nonepsy__: what? I'm not there for long12:24
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jdubyay team12:26
tsengthe second shot down is a little "heavy"12:27
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jdubdavidz :)12:28
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psy__T-None: why the nick-change?12:31
psy__jdub: :)12:31
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thierryI'd like to help, do you have any easy to fix bugs for me?12:33
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psy__thierry: you silly... if anyone knows on fore-hand a bug is easy to fix... wouldn't it been done already?12:35
thierry:) yeah but some too busy people sometimes get to harder task to I tough maybe someone could point me some easy ones...12:35
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=== psy__ just noticed the gnome weather-applet in hoary knows the difference between day and night
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seb128mdz, jdub: is that ok to update gksu to the new version ? The new version is basically the merge of the differents patches with some changes that fix the sound issue 12:45
seb128it's in debian for a week12:45
jdubif you've checked it and are happy with it, sure :)12:46
seb128yep, I have12:46
seb128k, thanks ;)12:47
=== psy__ celebrates his use unicode... next stop 'gettext'
thierryseb128, I want fix Ubuntu bug 3176 but I don't know where to add the code, any Idea?12:52
seb128I think you have already asked a bunch of time here and on the gnome IRC today, nop, sorry12:52
thierryk... It's really easy to fix but I just don't know where12:53
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seb128look on a default bookmark and grep for it in the mozilla-firefox sources12:53
seb128(just an idea)12:53
thierryseb128, already tried but I didn't work... can you give me example of the use of grep for like bob bookmark12:54
jdubseb128: just testing gnome#169347 ;)12:55
ajmitchafternoon all12:55
jdubthierry: grep -irl bookmark *12:55
jdubman grep is pretty handy :)12:56
thierryjdub, I know but it's hard to find exactly what you want in it12:56
seb128jdub: nice, quick patch on this one :)12:56
seb128thierry: grep "www\.oneurl" 12:57
seb128thierry: the URL is probably not in a lot of places12:57
thierryseb128, great idea! thanks12:58
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thierryseb128, I did grep "http://www.mozilla.org/support/firefox/" but it stands there like if was waiting something... I know search can be long but it's been about 5 minutes and still nothing01:03
seb128k, I'm downloading the sources01:04
thierryseb128, that's what happen about 4 time on 5 when I grep something01:04
seb128firefox sources not small01:04
seb128are not small even01:04
seb128it's going to take some minutes to download01:05
seb128jdub: working on #7239 ? 01:08
jdubseb128: looking at it ;)01:09
seb128cool, thanks :)01:09
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091add.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thierryseb128: about 10 minutes and still nothing...01:17
thierryjust waiting...01:17
seb128you ?01:17
seb128if you don't give a second argument to grep you can wait forever :p01:17
thierryseb128, and what is supposed to be the second argument?01:18
seb128man grep01:18
seb128where grep should search 01:18
thierryho ok!01:19
=== marcin_ant [~marcin@www.e-dev.tele2.pl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128thierry: I think than you are looking for profile/defaults/bookmarks.html in the sources01:21
thierryseb128: sort of but in the top of this file there's this :01:22
thierry<!-- This is an automatically generated file.01:22
thierryIt will be read and overwritten.01:22
thierryDo Not Edit! -->01:22
thierryseb128, so I don't think this it...01:22
seb128that's probably true once installed01:23
seb128but I'm not sure in the source package01:23
seb128you can try to build a package with it changed01:23
zuljdub: ping01:24
jdubzul: pong01:24
zuljdub: did tseng talk to you?01:25
thierryseb128, ok I'll try01:25
mdzseb128: gksu is OK by me01:25
seb128mdz: k, thanks01:25
zuljdub: inotify 0.20  homer kernel: inotify enabled!01:27
zulMar  6 08:37:27 homer kernel: inotify device minor=6301:27
tsengeverything works but gamin polling /media still01:29
tsengi think ill have to post to the mailing list about that01:29
zul<elvis>thank you...thank you very much</elvis>01:30
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srbakeranyone here have any luck with eclipse with gcj4 ?01:31
thierryseb128, Ok I've made the changes, now how do I build this firefox from source without broking my current firefox installation?01:34
mdzjdub: so it looks like we may have been bailed out as far as inotify for hoary01:36
mdzjdub: but what about polypaudio?01:36
=== OddAbe19 [~OddAbe19@pcp02542642pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubmdz: no traction from upstream, i think we should bail out01:37
jdubmdz: no huge loss, esound still works01:37
jduband i've fixed an annoying bug in esound01:37
=== jdub wonders if ds has fixed the bitrate detection bug
seb128after breaking it first :p01:38
seb128*g* :)01:38
jdubit's no fun otherwise :)01:38
jdubseb128: dude, what did you have for breakfast this morning?01:38
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mdzjdub: what are the blockers, apart from it apparently being total shit on ppc?01:39
seb128jdub: that's sunday, just some good sleep :p01:39
jdubmdz: esound protocol sample caching issues01:40
jdubmdz: (login/out sounds, unreliable sound effects)01:40
jdubmdz: /tmp/.esd not killed when daemon exits01:41
mdzI haven't seen any problems with sound effects, and the last time we discussed the login/out problem it sounded like it was fixable01:41
jdubit's fixable unreliably atm01:41
jdubyou're probably not noticing that sound effects only happen intermittently :)01:41
jdubgeneral cpu usage issues, but probably fixable by changing frame periods, etc.01:42
jdubalso verbose logging (seb128's favourite)01:43
seb128robtaylor has a lag between image and sound in totem too01:43
HrdwrBoByeah running esound with movies can result in enourmous lag01:43
HrdwrBoBgets to be several seconds by the end of a 1.5hr movie01:43
jdubseb128: that's fixable, but i wouldn't regard it as a regression (esound is worse) ;-)01:43
tsengactually ive noticed some lag with muine01:44
seb128yeah :)01:44
crimsunit does seem to be notoriously unreliable across many ubuntu hoary installs; some people have to wrangle to get sounds to work01:44
crimsunothers have it work by default01:44
jdubthere's also something really weird going on between upgrades and sessions01:44
jdubcrimsun: yeah01:44
jdubi do not get that one at all01:44
crimsunneither do I, but it's a significant problem for people dist-upgrading from warty01:45
jdubsignificant in that we can't determine why it works sometimes and doesn't other timgs ;)01:45
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mdzdaniels: thanks for the update to the doc team01:56
danielsmdz: no worries.  i'll be unreachable for most of today, but public transport is a double-edged sword: it takes a bit longer, but I can work on it.  so I'll be hacking on the Debconfiscation, 'cause I think I have a pretty good idea of how to fix it for upgrades.01:58
zulmdz: i just sent an update on inotify to the kernel mailing list01:58
mdzdaniels: I think we need to release preview with what we have now; there isn't time to test debconfiscation changes01:59
mdzzul: kernel-team@?01:59
danielsmdz: *nod*, those were my thoughts also01:59
zulmdz: yep01:59
danielsmdz: allows me a bit more time for testing all the possible scenarios also01:59
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mdzdaniels: and to triage the oodles of bug reports we'll get from preview02:00
jdubseb128: i'm tempted to link libesd.so.0 to libesd.so.1 -> your call?02:00
mdzthom: around?02:00
danielsmdz: yeah02:00
seb128jdub: urg02:00
=== seb128 apt-cache rdepends
mdzhaggai: I am very excited that oo.o2 can open files with spaces in the pathname :-)02:01
seb128jdub: why libesd.so.1 ?02:01
=== OddAbe19 [~OddAbe19@pcp02542642pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubseb128: stupid proprietary software (flash)02:01
danielsmdz: ok, i'll likely be gone for the next ... realistically about 7h02:02
danielsmdz: with any luck, this should be the last of the paperwork02:02
mdzdaniels: can you send me an approximate calendar for you for this week?02:02
mdzdaniels: do you have an estimated date for broadband yet?02:02
seb128jdub: that's really ugly ... but there is a new esound with a soname change around ?02:02
danielsmdz: mind if I do that when I get back?  just about to run out the door to catch the last bus for the next hour now02:02
danielsmdz: when I move in + about a week or two; i'll have a better idea after today.  even while I'm on dialup, I'll be walking distance from 100MBit though, so I can burst as much as I need02:03
mdzdaniels: ok, please02:03
danielsmdz: i've got my phone with me if needed02:03
=== daniels -> city
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dholbachseb128: i have glibmm and gnome-vfsmm ready on http://ubuntu.gplan.info/mm02:03
seb128dholbach: nice02:04
jdubseb128: strings ~/.mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so | grep esd02:04
seb128"No such file"02:04
seb128flash sucks :p02:04
mdzjordi: did you realize that you have sold your soul?02:04
dholbachseb128: i'll need glibmm-2.6.0 for gtkmm-2.6.0 and gtkmm-2.6.0 for the other ones02:04
jdub$ strings ~/.mozilla/plugins/libflashplayer.so | grep libesd02:04
jdubit's bizarre02:04
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seb128$ strings /usr/lib/mozilla-firefox/plugins/libflashplayer.so | grep esd02:05
seb128right :)02:05
jdubsucks so much you installed it system wide!02:05
seb128remember, I'm french :)02:05
zulheh..french :)02:09
Burgundaviamdz: updates to doc team?02:10
mdzBurgundavia: x.org summary for the release notes02:10
Burgundaviamdz: ah02:10
lupusBEbleh c'est une language tres difficile pour moi :)02:10
seb128he he02:15
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mrothcrimsun: what should I do with the kern.log, open a new bug with it in bugzilla, or is there something else to check first?02:16
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crimsunmroth: you need to compare it with output from booting the machine with the usb device plugged in02:18
mrothalright, i'll boot it again for sake of consistency, bbiaf with results02:20
=== mroth [~mroth@mroth.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mrothcrimsun: hrm, interestingly enough, it appears the freeze is prior to kernel logging begins, since kern.log isnt touched from the boots where it freezes02:27
crimsunmroth: zul suggested it very well could be an irq conflict02:28
mrothwouldnt that happen independantly of the software then?  since the problem is linux specific02:29
=== jammcq [~jam@pcp09022402pcs.watrfd01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zulis this a new install?02:33
mrothno, its been on hoary for the past 3-4 months at least02:34
zulhave you tried with booting pci=noacpi and the like?02:36
mrothyeah, sometimes that fixes it, but I tend to not do that since I'd rather unplug the thing before boot and still have ACPI02:36
mrothsince it works fine if you plug it in post-boot02:37
zulwell open up a bug and will have a look at it closer02:37
mrothentered as bug #725802:47
mrothshould I set target to 5.04 to indicate this is experienced in hoary?02:48
zulsure..can you include your demsg as well thanks02:48
mrothsure.. how would I obtain dmesg from an unsuccessful boot?  I assume you want one from a bad boot, not a successful one without the reader02:49
zulyou can check your kern.log i believe02:49
mdzmroth: the target milestone field is used for us to catalogue which bugs need to be fixed in which stage of the release02:49
mdzmroth: please leave it untouched02:49
mrothmdz: I thought that might be what it was for, which is why I asked, heh02:49
mroth(left untouched)02:50
mrothzul: kern.log isnt being written for the bad boots, i think its freezing prior to kernel logging to disk being init'd02:51
zulhmm ok 02:52
mrothhmm.. i could probably turn off quiet mode and just take a digicam pic of the screen?02:52
mrothis there a kernel arg for verbose logging to screen?  going to see how much info i can nab02:56
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-222-52-156.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
zulmroth: you could try removing quiet from your grub when you first boot03:01
mrothyeah, removing quiet doesnt seem to be quite as verbose as what normally gets put in kern.log though03:01
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mdzogra: you rock03:58
dholbachmdz: he's to bed already04:01
dholbachmdz: but i'll tell him, he'll be pleased to hear :-)04:01
mdzdholbach: thanks04:11
dholbachmdz: de rien04:11
mdzdholbach: do you live near ogra?04:12
mdzI suppose not, if you're awake04:12
dholbachmdz: it's 150km to him :-)04:14
dholbachand i'm just mad to be still awake04:14
dholbachhehe :-)04:15
dholbachi wanted to finish the libg*mm updates04:15
=== mjg59 finishes hacking for the evening
mjg59I've managed to make nstx solid. Go me.04:15
HrdwrBoBdaniels wanted nstx to use cnames because telstra blocked the TXT records04:16
dholbachwell i'm off to bed now... good night04:20
mdzdholbach: night04:23
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Benonijdub, mdz ... either of you fellows around?06:30
BenoniOK, I'll throw this out to the general crowd then.06:32
BenoniI'm working on a change to the build processes for an Ubuntu package.06:32
ajmitchwhat changes?06:33
BenoniStarting with "*.orig.tar.gz" and "*.diff.gz", how should I organize things so as to make it as easy as possible to build a new "*.diff.gz" file after I've made my changes?06:33
Benoniajmitch, this is some experimental work with bug-hunting feedback instrumenation.06:34
ajmitchadd a new version in the changelog, when you build the package a new .diff.gz will be built06:35
ajmitchif you wish to go that way06:35
BenoniI've been chatting with jdub, seb128, mdz, and Luis Villa about it in e-mail.06:35
Benoniajmitch, what I don't understand is how the diff is built later.  There's the tree I've modified, but where does it look for the pristine reference tree?06:36
BenoniOh, I see.  So the diff-building tool looks for the pristine sources right in the gzip'd tarball.  Cool.06:36
BenoniThat's easy enough.06:36
BenoniThanks, crimsun.06:37
=== Benoni has a head full of RPM trivia, and is still learning his way around the Debian packaging universe.
jdubyo Benoni 06:40
BenoniHey, jdub!06:41
BenoniAs you can see, your colleagues are keeping my questions nice and answered.06:41
BenoniQuck status update:06:42
BenoniI've got reasonable ".deb" packages being built for my instrumentor and the various supporting tools.06:43
BenoniThe instrumenting compiler seems to be working just fine, no changes required at all.06:43
BenoniNow I'm looking at what it takes to CBI'ify a sample application.  Rhythmbox is my chosen test subject.06:44
BenoniI expect I'll end up with a couple of "dh_*" helper commands that one tosses into the "debian/rules" file in appropriate places.06:44
BenoniThat should cover most of what's needed beyond just switching compilers.06:44
jdubhrm, what kind of stuff?06:45
BenoniAs I noted in an earlier e-mail message, there are a few assorted other things to do, e.g.:06:45
Benoniinstall an extra GConf spec file06:45
Benonimove actual binaries out of /usr/bin and replace them with wrapper scripts that call the real binaries stored elsewhere06:46
jduba new schema file per package?06:46
Benoni"GConf spec file" should have been "GConf schema file"06:46
jdubwe could do those on the buildd06:46
BenoniWhat's "the buildd"?06:46
jdubthe machines that build everything :-)06:47
BenoniSo I guess my question for you is how should I codify the changes that are required when building a CBI-instrumented package?06:47
BenoniI was assuming it would be codified as changes to "debian/rules" and perhaps a few extra files also under "debian".06:48
BenoniBut perhaps that's not the most useful form.06:48
jdubdoing it in one package and documenting your changes is good06:48
jdubso if we decide to do it for a large selection of packages, we can fiddle with the buildd06:49
BenoniTo whatever extent I can, I'll try to encapsulate the changes in scripts that figure things out by themselves.06:50
BenoniFor the most part, those scripts already exist and are used when building instrumened RPMs.06:50
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BenoniAck, late-night high-priority support request from a colleague in an inconvenient time zone.  I'll have to pick this discussion up later.06:55
=== Benoni wave to jdub et al.
=== Benoni waves to jdub et al.
whiprushman, those web design entries are awesome.07:12
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crimsunwb fabbione!07:45
fabbionehey crimsun 07:45
crimsunthings going well?07:45
fabbionecrimsun: well first day at work after honeymoon... you decide :)07:46
opifabbione: sounds nasty :)07:46
opifabbione: one hint: don't read mails or/and see what's on voicemail :P07:46
fabbioneopi: ahha07:47
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fabbionehey pitti08:12
pittiHi fabbione, welcome back!!!08:13
fabbionethanks dude08:13
pittifabbione: did you have a nice honeymoon?08:13
fabbioneyeah it was cool08:14
pittior, rather, warm? :-)08:14
fabbioneheheh that too :-)08:14
fabbionehey kid!08:15
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsciao bella!  how was your honeymoon?08:15
fabbioneit was great fun08:15
fabbionei am gonna put pics online later today08:16
fabbioneme with galapagos penguins :-)08:16
danielsi gotta go help mum with food now, back a bit later08:16
fabbionesure later08:16
Micksawhy would gnome-panel and nautilus segv on startup, from a clean account?08:24
Micksain hoary08:24
=== Benoni [~liblit@ppp-68-249-85-169.dsl.mdsnwi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BenoniIn a "debian/control" file, can one use backslashes to break up long Build-Depends lists over several lines?08:25
fabbioneBenoni: nope.. it has to be on one line08:27
fabbionehey elmo!08:27
MicksaI think my problem might be due to missing packages but I wouldn't know which ones I need08:27
elmohey fabbione - have a good time?08:27
fabbioneelmo: i need to send you a pic that you must put on galapagos in the dc :-)08:27
Micksabesides "gnome-panel" :)08:27
fabbioneelmo: oh yeah.. it was great08:27
=== Benoni pouts.
BenoniOK fabbione, thanks for the info.  Too bad it wasn't what I was hoping to hear.  ;-)08:28
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=== Benoni discovers the joys of cdps.
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dholbachgood morning08:38
T-Nonehey fabbione! Welcome back aboard! :)08:40
=== T-None points fabbione at #u-kernel and runs to work
=== fabbione sighs
abellifabbione: ciao.08:44
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danielscan you guys please grab http://people.ubuntu.com/~daniels/pcibustype.c, compile it (with -DDEBUG if you want), and point it at your video card, and let me know if it works out pci/agp/pcie correctly?08:59
danielsto find out your video card's PCI ID, run lspci -X | grep 'VGA compatible controller' | cut -f1 -d' '09:00
danielse.g. sudo ./pcibustype $(lspci -X | grep 'VGA Compatible controller' | cut -f1 -d' ')09:00
fabbionedaniels: remind me in a few minutes :-)09:00
danielser, sorry09:00
danielse.g. sudo ./pcibustype $(lspci -X | grep 'VGA compatible controller' | cut -f1 -d' ')09:00
danielsfabbione: sure :)09:00
pittidaniels: 09:00
pitti$ ./a.out PCI:1:0:009:01
pittifailed reading from offset %09:01
pitticouldn't read capability09:01
danielspitti: sweet!09:01
danielsthat's on powerpc, yeah?09:01
pittidaniels: no, i38609:01
jdub$ sudo ./pcibustype PCI:0:2:0 pci09:01
crimsunfails here, too. i686.09:01
danielspitti: could you please build with -DDEBUG and /msg me the output?09:01
jdubrun it with sudo09:02
danielser yeah, sudo is important :)09:02
jdub$ ./pcibustype PCI:0:2:009:02
jdubfailed reading from offset %09:02
jdubcouldn't read capability09:02
pittidaniels: oops, forgot sudo09:02
danielsonly root can read the PCI caps09:02
pittidaniels: on i386: "agp"09:02
danielspitti: is that right? :)09:02
pittidaniels: yes, that's right09:02
crimsunfor me: "agp". That is correct.09:02
danielspitti: for bonus points, could you please try on powerpc?09:02
pittidaniels: on my iBook G4: "pci" (without sudo)09:02
danielspitti: hmm.  is it an agp card, d'you know?09:03
pittidaniels: with sudo: "agp" too09:03
jdubpci on my laptop, agp on my desktop09:03
pittidaniels: err, "pci", too09:03
danielspitti: ah right09:03
danielser, hm09:03
pittidaniels: actually this should be agp, too...09:03
danielspitti: if you run sudo lspci -v -v -v, is it listed as having AGP in the capabilities section?09:03
pittidaniels: but I'm not sure09:03
danielsturns out that the one in my laptop is PCI as well; may be something to do with an integrated bridge?  who knows09:03
pittidaniels: Capabilities: [58]  AGP version 2.009:04
pittidaniels: DEBUG then?09:04
jordimdz: hmm? because of evolution? :)09:04
danielscould you please build with -DDEBUG and send me the full output in /msg?09:04
jordimdz: I'm worried, yes. :)09:04
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB2A53.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti_ [~pitti@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubdaniels: all fine here, my laptop doesn't seem to have agp09:05
fabbione   * Use "Dev Phys" and USB device IDs in xorg.conf, instead of relying on the09:06
fabbione     hotplug handlers to set up /dev/multiuser.09:06
fabbionethis is wrong :-)09:06
danielsfabbione: bah09:06
danielsfabbione: hotplug never cauthg PS/2, for one09:06
fabbioneit does09:07
fabbioneit takes longer due to the nature of the bus09:07
danielshmm.  well, on my system and on gus's too, we just never got it09:07
danielseven after sleeping for 10 seconds09:07
fabbioneit was working here09:07
danielsso we were losing a lot of input ... that was just my quick fix09:07
danielshm.  well if we can fix it that would be great, but that was just what I had to do to get it working for both of us09:07
danielsjdub: cool09:07
fabbionethe reason why you should not use Dev Phys in xorg.conf is because you bind 2 config files even more09:07
fabbioneif the admin wants to move a keyboard from one hub to another09:07
fabbioneit needs to change config in 2 places09:08
fabbioneand restart all of X09:08
fabbionefor all the 4 heads09:08
fabbionewith the other solution is one change and one kill -USR209:08
=== ferulo [~fer@22.Red-81-35-229.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionethat was the all reason of updating the evdev patch to allow path to /dev09:11
danielswell, we have multiseat-configurator now09:19
danielsso theoretically you update multiseat.conf and re-run m-c09:19
fabbionedid you update the code in hotplug to kill the proper server?09:19
danielsbut yeah ... if we can get the hotplug stuff fixed (lots of devices just weren't registering for me -- i missed one usb mouse and one ps/2; gus was missing the ps/2 and two usb, iirc), i'm happy to keep using that :)09:20
fabbioneon my test install with 0.4 only the ps2 was NOT detected09:20
fabbionebut i figured that there was something else wrong09:20
fabbioneand it wasn't a multiseat error09:20
fabbionei think the entry in /proc/bus/input/devices is created only after the first ps2 bytes are received on the bus09:21
danielsthat's shit09:21
fabbionebecuase strangely enough it was always the last entry in that list09:21
fabbionebut had no time to dig more into it09:21
fabbionegalapagos were waiting for me :-)09:21
danielsheh, yeah :) fair enough, too09:23
danielsfabbione: pcibustype.c at least solves the 'which card is AGP?' problem09:24
danielsstupid VGA routing :\09:24
fabbionewhat problem is that?09:24
danielsyou HAVE to bring up the primary card (i.e. the one taking VGA interrupts) last09:25
danielselse your machine will hang solid09:25
danielsi wasn't seeing this problem because the agp card in my machine was listed last in lspci09:26
fabbionei always init AGP as first in my setup09:26
fabbioneand it works fine09:26
danielsso if you look in multiseat-configurator, we make sure the agp card comes last, since that's generally the primary09:26
danielsweird -- could be a revision-specific thing with gus's setup?09:26
danielsbut it was definitely hanging until we did that09:26
danielswhich was a 'what the hell, trying this can't hurt' thing at 5am09:26
fabbionenow.. i remember the old multiseat setup from that was doing that09:27
fabbioneinit the agp as last09:27
fabbionebut i never had that problem with our setup09:27
danielsmight be a motherboard thing09:30
danielsor even a bios rev thing09:30
danielsvga routing is a tricky beast09:31
danielsthere are lots of good things about vga.  and so, so many bad things.09:31
=== stuNNed_ [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mvo [~egon@ip181.135.1511I-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiHi mvo09:35
mvohi pitti 09:35
frouddo you read your memoserv09:36
danielspitti: it's OK thanks, I can throw a PCI card in my amd64 here09:36
pittidaniels: ok09:36
danielsthanks for the testing though09:36
pittiyou're welcome09:36
dholbachhellas mvo 09:37
froudmvo: I have a draft of the update-manager manual ready, but no access to svn, so can't get it to you. Also have questions.09:38
mvohi froud, hi dholbach, morning all09:38
mvofroud: I don't read my memos, didn't knew that I have any :)09:39
froudhow can I get this stuff over to you09:39
mvofroud: just send it via mail to me, that's savest09:40
mvofroud: I'll try to talk to mithario about your account again09:40
=== abelli [~abelli@host-84-222-39-20.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S0106000000cc07fc.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielslamont: ping09:58
=== ultrafunk [~pd@insanity.ridge.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== carlos [~carlos@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiMorning carlos10:05
carlospitti: morning10:06
fabbioneola carlos10:08
carlosfabbione: hey!10:08
carlosfabbione: welcome10:08
=== fabbione feels full of spanish these days :-)
carlosfabbione: how was your trip?10:09
fabbioneit was great10:09
fabbionelot of fun10:09
mvofabbione: hey! welcome back!10:10
fabbionehey mvo!10:10
=== carlos_ [~carlos@host217-37-231-29.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
carlos_fabbione: dude, jordi does not remembered that he was your AM!!10:14
danielsah, back when fabio was a little nm :)10:15
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionethat's because, as any good padowa, i overtook his place of jedimaster10:18
=== abelli [~abelli@host-84-222-39-20.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== rburton [~ross@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
carlos(jordi) that's bullshit dude :)10:20
carlosjordi is without network atm10:21
mvoping doko10:29
=== marcin_ant [~marcin@www.e-dev.tele2.pl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionhey fabbione, welcome back10:39
abelliKamion: is there any netinst in ubuntu?10:39
Kamionabelli: no10:39
abelliKamion: thx10:40
fabbionehey Kamion! thanks10:40
fabbioneKamion: how is the overall situation?10:40
Kamionwith regard to what? :)10:41
fabbioneeverything? :)10:41
Kamionlooking pretty good for hoary preview10:42
fabbioneok mails are done.. time to start upgrading some machines10:43
Kamionif you mean personally, all well :) still deep in wedding planning, we have a meeting with caterers today10:43
fabbione17K mails -> trash10:43
fabbioneKamion: thanks god i am over it10:43
fabbioneKamion: but you are going to have a lot of fun with planning10:43
Kamionyeah, I know :)10:45
=== dredg [niall@malkovich.office.blacknight.ie] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachhi dredg 10:46
dholbachwhat do i do wrong, when i get    dbus_bindings.DBusException: Connection ":1.7" is not allowed to add more match rules (increase limits in configuration file if required)    when i start hal-device-manager?10:47
mvodholbach: you have it too?10:49
mvoI got a bug assigned about that problem10:49
mvodholbach: don't touch your system, I want to know what it is!10:49
Treenaksh-d-m DOES set a lot of match ruls..10:49
dholbachmvo: i'll set up some black tea, when will you be here?10:50
dholbachmvo: :-)10:50
=== AndyFitz [~andy@220-245-97-227-qld-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== ultrafunk [~pd@eth779.vic.adsl.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokopong: mvo10:52
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-4-170.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mvodoko: you have mail :)10:53
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-34-198.w83-196.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionehey seb!11:04
danielsyo seb11:05
pittiHi seb128 11:05
mirakwhy does ubuntu ppc on macintosh tries to install quik boot loader instead of Yaboot ?11:06
mirakhow can I change this default11:06
seb128hi fabbione daniels pitti :)11:06
=== amu [~amu@amu.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti heartily curses at polypaudio
=== HrdwrBoB [~matt@bob.is.teh.admin.at.vicnet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamionmirak: what kind of Mac?11:13
dholbachhai seb128 11:19
=== AndyFitz [~andy@220-245-97-227-qld-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu-devel []
Kamionmirak: also what does 'archdetect' say if you run it on tty2?11:20
dholbachseb128: gtkmm and gnomeuimm are up, at http://ubuntu.gplan.info/mm/, libglademm has to wait for gtkmm11:20
jdubpitti: ?11:24
pittijdub: still debugging the assertion failure on ppc11:24
=== seb128_ [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-29-88.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubpitti: golly.11:24
pittijdub: it tries to play a 682 byte block with 16 Bit/stereo11:24
pittijdub: which has a frame size of 4 bytes, and 682 % 4 != 011:25
pittijdub: I think it forgets to update the block size on mono->stereo remixing11:25
pittijdub: because the original mono sample is 682 bytes, too11:25
pittijdub: or that is not #bytes, but #frames11:25
=== Keybuk [~scott@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittijdub: but the source code is so spaghetti-like, it is hard to grok it11:26
=== doko [~doko___@dsl-084-059-013-034.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
abellicat vmlinuz > /dev/audio11:29
=== Keybuk [~scott@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubpitti: the kind of code that would appeal to a kernel hacker? :)11:31
pittijdub: no, totally different :-)11:31
pittijdub: lots of void*, lots of asynchronous code11:31
pittijdub: event-based11:31
pittijdub: and, of course, without useful comments :-(11:32
danielseveryone loves void pointers11:32
pittiyeah, they are so easy to debug11:32
=== jdub coughs "german engineering"
jdubpitti: lennart would love your feedback, he's been really response (at least until he went to egypt)11:34
pittijdub: does he know about this bug already?11:35
jdubpitti: yes, but hasn't been around much at all11:35
jdubpitti: he came back from egypt, mailed once, but radio silence since then11:35
jdubpitti: have you looked at polyp svn?11:36
pittifears our bashing :-)11:36
pittijdub: no, just the current package11:36
mvodaniels: can you please have a quick look over #7188 (dbus) and tell me if my proposed solution sounds about right11:36
Keybukmeh :-/  so it wasn't just laptop I was using last time11:36
Keybuksomething about my home network and Mark's NAT are not friends11:36
ajmitchpitti: seen the pax breakage on bugtraq?11:36
jdubKeybuk: you're in his mac list?11:37
danielsjdub: he doesn't have one11:37
danielsKeybuk: pic seems to ditch ssh keepalives, among others11:37
danielser, pix11:37
danielsmvo: sounds fine to me, feel free to upload11:38
mvodaniels: thanks11:38
pittijdub: just looked at the svn, last commit is 2 months ago11:38
Keybukjdub: no, last time going directly through his pix rather than through hagrid solved it11:39
=== Keybuk waits for mark to reappear
pittiajmitch: yes, I saw it11:40
pittiajmitch: I have to update my -hardened kernel11:41
pittiajmitch: but I still have high-priority stuff to do before this11:41
ajmitchyes, that's why I was asking ,not that I've used them :)11:41
pittiajmitch: however, was a pretty big shock :-(11:41
ajmitchyeah, I was surprised11:41
=== carlos_ [~carlos@host217-37-231-20.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== __keybuk [~scott@host217-37-231-22.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti discovers http://higgs.djpig.de/ubuntu/www/
lifeless__keybuk: tell mark to do the reconfiguration I've prepped11:51
lifeless__keybuk: it may help11:51
pittiI was so often asked about a web-based package info interface for Ubuntu...11:51
lifelessthe ssh keepalive thing will be the pix's short session lifetime counter11:51
lifeless(the first thing I do to any pix is ratchet that way up11:51
danielsmy first step usually involves setting fire to it11:52
__keybuklifeless: *shrug* going directly to the pix works fine (as now)11:52
robtaylor_jdub: there?11:54
robtaylor_jdub: ah, cool. backlog telle me you were chatting with seb about the polypaudio lag issue..11:55
mirakKamion: a mac G3, so not an oldworld11:55
robtaylor_jdub: i get a second of lag atm =)11:55
mirakKamion: archdetect command not found11:56
mirakKamion: that's a debian I switched to ubuntu11:56
robtaylor_jdub: i was chatting with the gstreamer guys and they pointed at esdsink not haveing delay reporting as a possible reason..11:56
robtaylor_jdub: that might also explain the varying lags you've seen11:57
jdubrobtaylor_: yeah, that affects everything though11:57
Kamionmirak: archdetect> I mean while the installer is still running11:57
jdubrobtaylor_: but both esound and polypaudio lag with other tools (xine)11:57
mirakKamion: I don't know, I didn't installed ubuntu11:57
mirakI upgraded from debian11:57
robtaylor_jdub: so so we know what conetxt the lags are appearing?11:57
Kamionmirak: oh, what exactly are you talking about then?11:57
mirakon debian it was using yaboot11:58
Kamion10:06 < mirak> why does ubuntu ppc on macintosh tries to install quik boot loader instead of Yaboot ?11:58
robtaylor_i've only tested with mpegs locally .11:58
mirakI also have debian on an oldworld and it runs quik11:58
Kamionwhile doing what?11:58
mirakKamion: a dist-upgrade11:58
mirakupgrade of the kernel image11:58
jdubrobtaylor_: polyp improves on esound, but it's not perfect yet11:58
Kamion*that's* the information I was looking for11:58
mirakKamion: I though it was obvious :)11:58
Kamionno, it was not11:58
Kamionok, I'll have a look at it11:59
robtaylor_jdub: well its does improve in a number of ways, but a second lag on playing video is something terrible11:59
jdubrobtaylor_: you'll get worse out of esound11:59
lunitikjdub: I still think at the least, we need a tool like Red Hat's s-c-sound or whatever... too many people have sound issues! 11:59
robtaylor_jdub: i'm not here as a user dude =)11:59
jdubseb128: (yikes - woooosh!)11:59
robtaylor_jdub: what i want to know is if there enough known to attack the problem12:00
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubrobtaylor_: sure, but you'd be wanting to speak to the gstreamer guys and lennart for polyp12:01
jdubrobtaylor_: another option is fixing the gst-polyp src/sink12:01
jdub(possibly more useful than fixing esdsink)12:01
robtaylor_jdub: might do that.. i have to learn about the sync stuff anyway for my rtp plugin =)12:02
jdub(you know, it would be a kinda neat hack to use rtp for network audio)12:03
robtaylor_jdub: i know, that was the otehr thing iw as going to chatr you about..12:03
Mithrandirjdub: seems flumotion doesn't have any amd64 love; gst falls over and dies.12:03
jdubMithrandir: ooh, really?12:03
sivangHello everybody12:03
jdubMithrandir: doing something simple?12:03
pittiHi sivang12:03
sivanghey pitti  :)12:04
Mithrandirjdub: starting the director, a worker and the admin interface.12:04
robtaylor_jdub: i've been thinking for a while that it would be neat to use jackd with the jackd-asyn sink, and use rtp for remote stuff ( again going to a locally running jackd with jackd-asyn at the end)12:04
seb128jdub: about g-a-i/desktop files ?12:04
jdubDate: Mon,  7 Mar 2005 04:56:46 -0500 (EST)12:05
jdub^ gnome-games on f-r-l12:05
jdubDate: Mon,  7 Mar 2005 11:24:52 +010012:05
robtaylor_jdub: and pro guys can stick run the security hole, but it wound't necessarily be needed for normal users ;)12:05
jdub^ gnome-games on hoary-changes12:05
haggaiMithrandir: any idea about #6762?  The crash is in pango12:05
jdubseb128: been working on it today12:05
haggaiMithrandir: could it perhaps be fixed already?  I remember you doing something to pango12:05
jdubMithrandir: so you're not actually running a flow?12:06
Mithrandirjdub: before I even get to that.12:07
Mithrandirjdub: seems like the video test source is crashing, actually.12:07
Mithrandirhaggai: oopadmin/spadmin probably isn't wrapped in my glorious pango hack12:07
haggaiMithrandir: ah right12:08
Mithrandirhaggai: that's my first guess at least.12:08
haggaiMithrandir: sounds like a good guess12:08
Mithrandirhaggai: you want me to look at it post-preview?12:09
haggaiMithrandir: yes please if you could, I don't have a machine here.  How complicated is your pango hack?  An alternative would be to disable the gtk frontend for padmin, would be a simple envvar export in the script12:10
=== lunitik [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirhaggai: it's a LD_PRELOAD12:11
haggaiMithrandir: ah so similar effort12:12
sivanggtk-gnutella is still b0rked right?12:12
sivang(I just checked and I see it's missing the binary)12:13
crimsunsivang: yes, I'm building & signing a new upload12:13
sivangcrimsun: yay!12:13
sivangcrimsun: what was the problem preventing clean build of the binary?12:14
crimsunsivang: gtk-gnutella source included its own progress bar cell renderer which conflicts with GTK+-2.6's12:15
sivangcrimsun: ah, figures.12:15
crimsunsivang: I took the opportunity to also grab a fix for a possible NULL pointer deref12:15
sivangcrimsun: superb!12:15
dholbachseb128: got the message on gtkmm and gnomeuimm? don't want to bother you... just make sure :-)12:20
ografabbione is back !!12:21
=== trukulo [~mzarza@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ogramorning everybody12:21
trukulohi oliver12:21
seb128dholbach: nop12:21
fabbioneogra: no you are only dreaming12:21
dholbach<dholbach> seb128: gtkmm and gnomeuimm are up, at http://ubuntu.gplan.info/mm/, libglademm has to wait for gtkmm12:22
seb128dholbach: where ?12:22
seb128dholbach: k, thanks12:22
ograheh, dreaming of fabbione 12:22
trukulofabbione, what about your wedding?12:22
fabbionetrukulo: what about it?12:22
trukulofabbione, are you a married man now?12:22
fabbioneit was cool and cold :-)12:22
fabbionegetting married in a snow storm wasn't 100% fun12:22
Mithrandirfabbione: where were you?12:22
trukulofabbione, you should be nude to be 100% fun12:23
ograbut something you can tell your  kids about12:23
fabbioneMithrandir: copenhagen12:23
trukuloogra, i see graveman 0.3.8 from sid is in hoary, good work12:23
Mithrandirfabbione: on the honeymoon? :)12:24
ogratrukulo: i have added a cdrdao dependency.... 12:24
fabbioneMithrandir: ecuador and galapagos12:24
ogratrukulo: else, thanks for the good upstream work ;)12:24
Mithrandirfabbione: oooh, sounds nice. :)12:24
trukuloogra, good point, i'll tell otavio12:24
fabbioneMithrandir: it was :-)12:24
fabbioneMithrandir: galapagos > *12:24
Mithrandirfabbione: got loads of pics?12:25
sivangfabbione ! Welcome Back :)12:25
fabbioneMithrandir: 2Gb of digital + 10 x 36 films + 2 x 28(?) underwater pics12:25
Riddellelmo: could you look at the kdebase compile when you have time?12:25
trukulofabbione, you seem a funny penguin dreesed like that12:25
Mithrandirfabbione: nicey. :)12:25
trukuloit's kinda geek, heh12:25
fabbionetrukulo: i looked like one.. yeah :-)12:25
fabbioneMithrandir: i am trying to complete the sync of my mirrors before putting them online.. something hanged badly a while ago12:26
=== Safari_Al [~tr@ppp51-83.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S0106000000cc07fc.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukulofabbione, then, now you are back with us again... i have a weird question for you12:28
fabbionei am back12:28
fabbionefrom this morning12:28
fabbionebut for weird questions.. hmmm 12:28
fabbionegimme 2 minutes :-)12:28
trukulocan you blow yourself?12:28
fabbionemother nature is calling12:28
trukuloups, that's not for you12:28
trukuloi'll wait12:29
fabbioneno i can't blow myself :-)12:29
trukulofabbione, you've tried then...12:29
KamionRiddell: elmo won't be around most of today12:30
RiddellKamion: humph12:30
=== kent [~kent@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionetrukulo: ehhee12:33
fabbioneok so what's the weird question?12:33
trukulowell, i have an ati igp 320m12:33
fabbione-> daniels12:33
trukulogood answer12:33
sivangfabbione: you have turtule photos? ;-)12:34
fabbionesivang: hey.. yes12:34
trukulofabbione, but you was X dev12:34
fabbioneboth land and sea turtles12:34
fabbionetrukulo: i am out of X since we met in Mataro...12:34
trukuloit's a question about dri enabled in livecd, and not in hoary installed12:34
trukulouf, lot of time then, ok, ask daniels12:35
fabbionetrukulo: that could depend on dri modules loaded properly or not12:35
trukulofabbione, i assure you i've read a LOT12:35
fabbionebe sure that the kernel modules are loaded properly12:35
trukuloand have proper modules loaded12:35
trukulodrm, ati_igp, agpgart,radeon and dependant modules12:35
danielstrukulo: i don't think dri works on the 32012:36
trukulostrange is, glxinfo say DRI=yes in livecd, and not in hoary installed12:36
danielsreally?  that is weird12:36
danielsnot installing fglrx or nvidia or anything else strange?12:36
fabbionecheck the diff between lsmod and xorg.conf in both livecd and installed version12:36
trukulodaniels, in livecd i swear you it said to me : yes12:36
trukuloi'm aware about 3d problem with 320m12:36
trukulono, livecd as is12:36
trukulofabbione, same one12:37
trukuloand i use same xorg.conf than in livecd12:37
fabbionekernel version is the same?12:37
trukuloi'm completely lost12:37
trukulofabbione, no, kernel is different12:37
fabbionewell you got your answer :-)12:37
trukulo2.4.9 in livecd, and 2.4.10-k7 in installed12:37
trukuloyes, but why? modules are the same, isn't it?12:37
fabbionetry a more recent livecd12:38
trukuloand igp320m it's not supossed to have 3D12:38
fabbione2.6.9 is obsoleted12:38
trukulofabbione, 2.6.9 works12:38
trukuloin fact, it's 2.4.10-4-k7 that doesn't work12:38
trukuloi said, it's very weird12:38
trukulocould be dri enabled different in 2.4.9 than in 2.4.10 ?12:39
fabbionethey are12:39
trukulothen that's it12:39
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukuloin 2.4.9 glxinfo reports dri enabled, and with 2.4.10 not12:39
fabbionearchives hates me12:40
trukulofabbione, i understand that poor archives12:40
trukulowell, doesn't matter, just wanna know what's that12:41
trukulosee you in 10 mins12:41
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.15.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
HiddenWolfwoohoo, 2.10 packages! :)12:44
=== decko [decko@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielstrukthat's really weird ... 12:45
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.15.dynamic.phpg.net] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
abellisladen: uml, or vserver?12:49
=== eruin [~eruin@eruin.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lunitik wishes there was a 'seperator' applet...
lunitikWasn't there one once upon a time?01:03
KamionsepArator :-001:03
lunitikWould make it so much easier to visually organize my panels  :(01:04
lunitikKamion: gah... thats why I don't major in English  :P01:04
=== trukulo [~mzarza@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jbailey [~jbailey@CPE000ded9d787c-CM014260028338.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittijdub: ping01:10
=== Goshawk [~Goshawk@host144-106.pool8253.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittijdub: still no luck with polypaudio01:10
pittijdub: do you think it would hurt us much to default to oss sink, at least on ppc?01:10
jdubpitti: mdz and i were talking about reverting to esound for hoary, which i'm happy with01:11
jdubpitti: if you're not getting any love with that change, that's the last nail in the coffin01:11
pittijdub: it works fine with oss01:11
jdubi know01:11
jdubbut cumulatively, we're better off reverting01:12
pittijdub: I'm just not sure whether it makes sense for me to spend hours and hours on it01:12
jdubstop now :-)01:12
jdubbefore we lose you in the spaghetti :)01:12
pittiI still have one trace, I think I give myself another half an hour01:12
sivangspaghetti ? somebody said spaghetti? boy, /me is hungry01:13
pittisivang: go eat some asynchronous polypaudio code :-)01:13
=== ogra too
jdubwhoa, language pack a-go-go01:13
=== jdub is updating mirror
Keybukheeeere's johnny!01:14
sivangpitti:  :)))01:15
Burgundaviajdub: might this fun with polypaudio be the reason that muine is currently borked on my machine?01:19
jdubBurgundavia: depends on your configuration and what the b0rkage is01:21
Burgundaviajdub: hmm. Well muine starts but simply doesn't play and rhythmbox throws up an error about alsa device is use, and I assume those are connected. I just did a search of bugzilla, but didn't see anything01:23
jdubrun gstreamer-properties, see what gstreamer is configured to use01:23
Burgundaviahmm, changed to esd and it worked01:24
Burgundaviagot that for Oss and Alsa - Failed to construct test pipeline for 'OSS - Open Sound System01:25
jdubesd is the correct configuration if you're using polypaudio01:27
jdub(and it is the default)01:27
=== lupusBE [~lupus@dD5E03F2C.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
BurgundaviaI had some issues with that several months ago, and that is why it was changed01:27
Burgundaviahowever, I am a little confused. Is there an easy place I can start reading about Alsa/Esd/etc. and where all the pieces fit?01:28
jdubhrm, don't think so01:32
Goshawkis there someone interested to try a alpha package of an "usermode splash" booting process?01:32
Burgundaviajdub: right I shall dig. Thanks for the quick help01:33
jdubi can give you a quick run down01:33
jdubalsa is the kernel interface to the sound hardware01:33
jdublibasound is the alsa user level libraries, used to access the kernel interface01:33
jdubesd is a userspace daemon run as the user that mixes audio, does sample caching, and network audio01:34
Treenaksit's mostly used for the mixing and sample-caching parts though01:34
jdubgstreamer is a multimedia framework that includes sinks (output plugins) for alsa, esd, etc.01:34
jdubpolypaudio is a less neanderthal replacement for esd (but early stage)01:35
jduboss is the old kernel audio interface01:35
jdubanything else you missed?01:36
robtaylor_jdub: remind me again why we decided alsa dmix as a bad idea? ;)01:36
Burgundaviaso apps talk to gst --> esd/polpy --> alsa/oss ?01:36
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.15.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograor gst -->  alsa/oss01:36
jdubrobtaylor_: because it's unreliable, doesn't handle network audio, is a pita to configure, etc.01:36
jdubBurgundavia: by default in warty, apps that use gstreamer talk to esd -> oss01:37
jdubBurgundavia: in hoary, we were hoping for that to be polyp -> alsa01:37
robtaylor_jdub: heh, well i think its back to it on my system rather than suffer esound again =)01:37
ograBurgundavia: but without a mixing component like esd ppaudio between gst and alsa/oss you are only able to play one sound at a time01:38
jdubunless your audio hardware support multiple writers01:38
jdub(which is not the case on any of my new hardware)01:38
ograBurgundavia: thats why you get the error in RB if esd/ppaudio is running in the background 01:39
jdub(and the primary reason why i didn't give a crap about any of this when i had an sb live)01:39
=== netjoined: irc.freenode.net -> benford.freenode.net
=== mirak [~mirak@AAubervilliers-152-1-4-170.w82-121.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
robtaylor_jdub: seems ok on centrino chipset =)01:39
=== martink [~martin@pD9EB2A53.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubthe 810 audio chip doesn't support multiple writers01:40
jdubthat's why you're using dmix01:40
BurgundaviaI see why they say audio on linux is a mess01:41
=== crimsun_ [~crimsun@f204e374a7209dac.node.tor] has joined #ubuntu-devel
HiddenWolfBurgundavia: more things than just audio are a mess. One of the disadvantages of not having strict corporate control.01:42
robtaylor_jdub: ah, misread above text =)01:42
jdubdon't assume windows is much better01:43
Burgundaviaso the perfect world is gst with ppaudio and alsa?01:44
Burgundaviais that doable in hoary+1?01:44
HiddenWolfjdub: windows is smoother to work on, linux is safer/more reliable 01:44
dredgall bets are off when it comes to i8xx, be that sound or video :)01:44
=== dredg smacks his laptop
crimsun_Burgundavia, ideally we wouldn't need anything like esound, polypaudio, or their ilk01:45
jdubHiddenWolf: i'm referring to your audio comment.01:45
crimsun_Burgundavia, it'd be nice if alsa-lib's dmix were fully up to snuff, but unfortunately that's not the case01:45
HiddenWolfjdub: never had a windows machine give out on me soundwise01:46
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-29-88.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jdubHiddenWolf: that has nothing to do with available audio interfaces and "mess"01:46
ograhow does macos solve that ?01:46
pittijdub: I think I'm close to the problem now :-)01:47
ograpitti: i have added a question about language settings to hwdb-client.....01:48
ograpitti: it currently reads:  Is the system language setting ok ?01:48
ograpitti: any better suggestions for a question would be very welcome01:49
pittiogra: <bitch>It should read "Ist die Spracheinstellung korrekt?</bitch> :-)01:49
pittiogra: maybe s/system/default/ or s/system//01:49
ograhmm, the default ? 01:50
pittiogra: you can change it in gdm01:50
ogradont i have to select one on installation ?01:51
pittiogra: right01:51
pittiogra: you select a default01:51
pittiogra: maybe just drop "system"01:51
ograhmm, ok01:51
pittiany other opinions?01:51
ograi'll do it this way01:51
crimsun_I vote for "correct" instead of "ok"01:53
ograyeah, sounds better :)01:53
=== trukulo [~mzarza@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pitti now happily plays through polypaudio on ppc
pittijdub: got it01:53
Burgundaviajdub: for the unwise: http://gnomedesktop.org/node/feed01:54
Burgundaviajdub: try that http://www.linux-mag.com/2004-12/sound_01.html01:54
Burgundaviahow is this mess? http://www.linux-mag.com/2004-12/img2/sound_01.gif01:54
pittijdub: stupid bug: pa queried the block duration in ns from ALSA and used this time (682 ns) as buffer size01:55
pittijdub: AARRGH01:55
jdubBurgundavia: good one01:55
jdubBurgundavia: it's much simpler on real distributions01:55
crimsun_pitti, eek!01:55
jdubBurgundavia: you have one line to traverse01:55
Burgundaviajdub: ?01:56
jdubthat graph is meaningless on normal systems01:56
fabbionejetlag is hitting me :-)01:59
Treenakspitti: crack!02:00
jdubpitti: that's pretty remarkable02:00
jdubpitti: why does it only manifest on ppc?02:00
pittijdub: pure coincidence, AFAICS02:01
jdubcunning :)02:01
pittijdub: I'm testing the patch with several use cases now, and later on my i38602:02
pittijdub: it's only an one-line patch02:02
jdubcongrats, and thanks :)02:03
pittiyou're welcome :-)02:03
=== pitti now listens Simon&Garfunkel on his iBook
=== jordi [~jordi@115.Red-213-96-69.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograhaha, Linux's sound architecture is multi-layered and complex.....02:07
ogra....sure, if i display it this way.....02:07
=== Kamion attempts to disentangle base-installer's kernel metapackage handling
Treenaksogra: Linux sound architecture is like an onion!02:08
ograTreenaks: does that look like an onion to you ? http://www.linux-mag.com/2004-12/img2/sound_01.gif02:08
Treenaksogra: *fires up gimp*02:08
=== ogra thinks linux inst complicated...... just its documentation is.....
tsengcool @ redesign winners02:10
=== abelli_ [~abelli@host-84-222-39-20.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengi especially like the Download Ubuntu thing here:02:10
=== tuo2 [~foo@218-215-7-177.people.net.au] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
jdubtseng: yeah02:11
Treenakstseng: it looks very mozilla.orgish02:12
jdubpitti: hmm, that should have a nice impact in general, really02:12
tsengTreenaks: in a good way02:12
pittijdub: I'm just _really_ puzzled that this only occurred on ppc02:12
pittijdub: it's probably sound chip dependent, not arch-dependent02:12
lamontfabbione: word to the wise - before uploading any gnome packages for sparc, make sure they don't reference libhowl, or life gets painful...02:13
lamontdaniels: ack02:13
seb128jdub: a guy on #gnome would like to get this fix to clearlook: http://sourceforge.net/tracker/index.php?func=detail&aid=1156793&group_id=129376&atid=71461202:13
pittilamont: Hi02:13
pittilamont: the stripped tarballs are fine now02:13
pittilamont: can you please move all tarballs but today's to old-translations/ and update the directory *.txt files?02:13
danielslamont: yo ... l-r-m 2.6.11? :)02:14
jdubseb128: i'm sure upstream will fix that quickly02:14
jdubseb128: i'll remind them02:14
=== jdub fixes Humanity in the mean time
lamontdaniels: ??02:16
=== trukulo [~mzarza@26.Red-81-45-239.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionehey lamont 02:16
trukulohey, one question... on topic : upgrade to kernel 2.6.10-2402:16
trukuloshouldn't be : 2.6.10-402:17
lamontmorning fabbione  - sorry about the mailing list thing...02:17
fabbionelamont: no problem..02:17
fabbionealready placed the filters around02:17
fabbionehmm that's why it was looking weird...02:17
lamont-23 had a bad inotify patch... :-(02:17
danielslamont: is it planned?02:17
Kamiontrukulo: 2.6.10-24 is the package version, 2.6.10-4 is the kernel version with module ABI02:17
Kamiontrukulo: try not to confuse the two02:17
lamontdaniels: fabbione is doing 2.6.11....02:17
trukuloKamion, ok, thanks02:18
fabbioneas soon as i get my local mirror synced again02:18
fabbionejust to be able to download the sources...02:18
Kamiontrukulo: the topic's good the way it is02:18
lamonttrukulo: and 2.6.10-4_2.6.10-23 was bad, 2.6.10-4_2.6.10-24 was good...02:18
fabbionebut yeah.. i can get .11 out tomorrow or something02:18
fabbionei need to resync with 2.6.10 first02:18
lamontfabbione: arch repository for 2.6.10 debian tree is in rookery:~lamont/Archives/kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--mainline--2.6.1002:19
trukulook, ok , i understand now , thanks for info02:19
fabbionelamont: ok thanks :-)02:19
lamontfabbione: s/arch/baz/ btws02:20
lamontfabbione: and fwiw, the sparc buildd died shortly after you left. :-(02:21
=== Goshawk [~Goshawk@host144-106.pool8253.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamonts/died/went non-responsive/02:21
fabbionelamont: yup.. i read the mail and started it again02:21
fabbionelamont: for some reason the machine just went back to OBP02:22
fabbioneno idea why02:22
fabbioneOpen Boot Prom02:22
danielsah cool02:25
lamontah, 'k.02:26
=== lamont must take kids to school
=== fabbione must get some sleep
=== daniels must sleep also.
=== trukulo must be rich
fabbionelater guys02:30
fabbionei need to sleep a bit to get over the jetlag02:30
jordifabbione: dude?02:31
=== thom stands on jordi's shoulders
=== enrico [~enrico@enrico.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-devel
danielsthom: that won't get you very far02:33
=== Alessio [~Alessio@host113-4.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== zul [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsenghi zul 02:34
zulhi tseng 02:34
sivangseb128: do you know where on fd.o there's the manual for the .desktop file spec?02:38
amupitti: could you please review dbus-qt for a move into main 02:38
carlosamu: is KDE moving into main for Hoary?02:39
amucarlos: yep02:39
ograsivang: look in software for something like xdg02:40
sivangogra: eh I thought they were in the specs, and googled but nothing :)02:40
trukuloogra, you there?02:41
sivangogra: nah, not there02:41
trukuloogra, why do you added cdrdao as a depend?02:41
=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukuloi'm looking changelog, and cdrdao is included in cvs, not in 0.3.8 , i'm i wrong?02:41
jordithom: that is going to crush me if you do it again02:42
ogratrukulo: it is used by 0.3.802:42
trukuloogra, http://savannah.nongnu.org/cgi-bin/viewcvs/graveman/graveman/current/ChangeLog?rev=1.42&content-type=text/vnd.viewcvs-markup02:42
trukuloread it, it's used (changelog said) in 0.3.8 cvs, not released02:42
trukulootavio and i are using 0.3.8 released02:43
ograsivang: http://specs.freedesktop.org/wiki/Standards/desktop-entry-spec02:43
trukulocvs version will ber 0.402:43
sivangogra: thanks, how did you search ? 02:43
amuelmo: please could you sync libassuan-dev from debian into universe02:43
jdubbuildds are working overtime tonight! :)02:43
ogratrukulo: so your version has no reference to cdrdao in its settings ?02:43
trukuloogra, so, as i know, 0.3.8 we use doesn't use cdrdao02:43
trukuloit shouldn't, but i'm not sure as it's made by otavio, not me02:44
ogramine has02:44
trukulocould be, i'll ask otavio when i see him02:44
ogratrukulo: havent had the time to try it out extensively, but was assuming it would be used if the settings have such an option02:45
trukuloogra, not sure, anyway, that depend would be ok for next version02:45
ograyeah for preventive dependencys02:46
trukulo:) yeah02:46
seb128sivang: http://standards.freedesktop.org/desktop-entry-spec/02:47
=== srbaker [~srbaker@blk-222-52-156.eastlink.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangseb128: thanks again :-) 02:49
=== bradb [~bradb@modemcable065.154-81-70.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograsivang: what are you working on `02:52
=== wasabi [~wasabi@c-24-1-67-127.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivangogra: trying to see how oowriter is executed, as per #620202:54
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.15.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mxpxpod [~bryan@wuw-ojr3gmca.dybb.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== `anthony [~anthony@220-253-31-237.VIC.netspace.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograsivang: das i thought you were bored enough to go for this one : https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UniversePackageWithoutDesktopFile03:03
sivangogra: hrm, one question, how did you form this list? :-)03:05
ograi didnt...it suddenly appeared out of nowhere.....03:05
sivangI think that it's either done using a script, or some madman :)03:05
ogra...but it would be nice to have a conversion script from the debian menu entrys03:06
sivangfrom menu entirs to desktop files , hmmm03:06
sivanginteresting bit03:06
HiddenWolfsivang: you'd better hope it's a script. :)03:06
sivangHiddenWolf: yeah, I nearly fainted to the length03:06
sivangogra: well, the guy who wrote the script can just as easy write a conversion script I think :)03:07
ograi think half of this list doesnt need an entry....03:07
ograsivang: true....03:07
sivangogra: or else we can create a script to read this wiki page, and create desktop files for each pkg there :)03:07
HiddenWolfI see gnome 2.10 entering hoary, but it's not done yet, right?03:08
rburtonHiddenWolf: releasing tomorrow morning03:08
pittidaniels: you were too fast with replying to #7138 :-)03:08
pittidaniels: I wanted to include both outputs since they differ03:08
rburtonHiddenWolf: so i expect seb128 would have it all done by then03:08
jdubHiddenWolf: hoary gets packages as they're uploaded to gnome ftp03:08
jdubthere's only one last thing to optimise out03:09
jdubbut he's french03:09
jduband we like him03:09
jdubso we keep him around :-)03:09
rburtonseb128 is needed so we've got a free tomboy logo03:10
ograjdub: move him to .au :)03:10
HiddenWolfjdub: does gnome usually ship with ~1050 open bugs?03:10
=== seb128 slaps rburton
jdubrburton: good point03:10
jdubHiddenWolf: huh?03:10
rburtonHiddenWolf: are you suggesting that software is generally released without any bugs?03:11
=== jdub boggles
HiddenWolfrburton: just suprized at the amount and impact of them, really03:12
jdubdude, those are only the bugs that are *reported*03:12
=== abelli [~abelli@host-84-222-39-20.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
rburtoni just did my bit and removed the SJ bug from that list03:12
Treenaksjdub: why not do a 2.10.1 "bugfixes only, please" release then? :)03:12
HiddenWolfjdub: I figured that.03:12
zulonly ~1050? wow...windows must have less03:12
rburtonTreenaks: gnome does exactly that03:12
TreenaksHiddenWolf: also, lots of those are NEW and UNVERIFIED etc.03:12
TreenaksHiddenWolf: I guess03:13
jdubTreenaks: we've done that for every release i can remember03:13
jdubexcept 1.4.103:13
jdubthat's a funny one03:13
Treenaksjdub: that one's ancient, too.03:13
jdubthough we ended up officially releasing it at one point, as a tribute03:13
HiddenWolfWill that bug be fixed that prevents the mouse theme from showing?03:14
jdubHiddenWolf: no such bug exists03:15
tsengare you talking about a bug where the cursor theme is missing?03:15
jdubcurrently, there is no cursor theme on the disk03:15
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091add.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengHiddenWolf: if you get the ximian-artwork tarball you can throw it in ~/.iconts03:15
HiddenWolfjdub: the ubuntu themed cursors got replaced with the ugly industrial ones, i thought that was a bug.03:15
jdubHiddenWolf: entirely the wrong way around :)03:16
tsengindustrial got replaced with X defaults03:16
pittilamont: ping03:16
jdubHiddenWolf: the industrial ones were dropped on the floor in a major reshuffle upstream03:16
HiddenWolfjdub: doh, sorry :S03:16
jdubHiddenWolf: it's best to ask questions before making statements like these.03:17
tsengor look around bugzilla :P03:18
=== theine [~theine@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
HiddenWolfjdub: will the theme be back?03:24
seb128jdub: grrr, this guy on #gnome-debian ...03:31
=== eruin [~eruin@eruin.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomseb128: hostinggeek (aka Gmail, shimen) ? there's a reason he's banned here03:34
seb128I start to understand why :p03:35
ograargh, he is in gnome-debian now ?03:35
Treenaksthom: he wants to come to ubuntu down under03:35
Treenaksor so he said this morning03:35
thomoh sweet baby jesus03:35
ograseb128: currently we have hom as pet in ubuntu-motu03:35
ograhim even03:35
thomi've had him on ignore for a long, long time03:35
tsengsome pet03:35
tsenghe keeps biting me in the ankles03:36
sivangtseng: heheh03:36
bob2it'll be cool03:36
zultseng: its a love bite :)03:36
bob2someone will snap and beat him up03:36
jdubhe thinks you will03:36
bob2s/someone/everyone/, I guess03:36
tsengjdub: kicked off a thread on gamin-list about /media/* and inotify03:37
jdubtseng: was just about to mention :)03:37
jdubtseng: the problem is that there's a lot of duplicated functionality between dnotify and inotify03:37
jdubtseng: and the problem with *that* is that it's not completely duplicated :)03:38
tsengI figured as much03:38
jdubneeds a bit of refactoring03:38
tsengbut he just posted with no small confidence that it was solved03:38
jduboh, DV replied?03:38
tsengI figure if i point it out, he'll test and quickly solve the issue03:38
tsengno, his most recent post03:38
jdubhe's only testing against dnotify03:39
tsengmakes sense03:41
tsengill bbiab, might even poke at the code if its obvious03:41
jdubtseng: do you have a blog?03:42
tsengplanning on it soon03:42
tsengdholbach wants to track motu daily routine03:42
tsengwhich is a nice idea03:43
pittiamu: which package shall I review again?03:44
pittiamu: (sorry for the lag, lots of stuff to do...)03:44
=== farruinn [~nathan@cpe-69-201-9-239.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
amupitti: no prob, dbus-1-qt, it's needed as a builddepends for kdebase, which blocks atm everything  03:46
pittiamu: but it's already in main??03:46
pittiamu: dbus-qt-1, at least03:46
amuFilename: pool/universe/d/dbus/dbus-qt-1-dev_0.23-1ubuntu6_powerpc.deb03:47
ograamu: tried kubuntu, nice piece, congrats :)03:49
sivangjdub: can I take the Ubuntu logo , just translate the letters of the name and put on the .IL wiki ? who can permit that?03:50
sivangjdub: (into hebrew , ofcourse)03:50
jdubmail info@ubuntu.com03:50
sivangjdub: ok, thanks/.03:51
bob2something that sucks is having some key get stuck during resume03:56
bob2so it's impossible to unlock xscreensaver, as the password box gets filled with a thousand chars03:56
bob2I blame mjg59 in some way03:57
mjg59Gah. Not my fault.03:58
ograhmm, does anyone remember a bug where the keyboard doesnt work right in X, you switch to a console where everything works but is uppercase ? i'm just expiriencing that.....03:58
ograit gets lowerscase after one login/logout cycle and X is fine again03:59
=== ogra wonders what to blame for this one
bob2mjg59: have you ever seen it happen?03:59
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mjg59The 8042 driver needs to reset more state on resume04:00
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mvois archive.ubuntu.com a bit slow right now?04:04
dholbachmvo: yes... for me too04:04
mvowb dholbach !04:05
=== ogra heard this question on #ubuntu before today
dholbachmvo: merci beaucoup04:05
mvodholbach: excellent your french :)04:06
dholbachhehe... seb128 would laugh about it ;-)04:06
seb128ah ah :p04:07
=== dholbach needs to catch up on it, once the thesis and everything have settled
seb128and we have no op on #gnome-debian ...04:08
=== tseng gives seb128 a power bar
Kamionogra: if you type your username in all-caps, getty assumes you're on an ancient terminal where lowercase didn't work properly and forces everything to uppercase04:09
ograKamion: i dont type caps...but they get displayed....04:09
pittiKamion: ah, thanks. I already thought there was a bug with shift lock in the kernel04:09
Kamionwell, something evidently threw some capital letters at that tty04:09
ograKamion: i remember seeing this one with 2.0 and 2.2 kernels as well04:09
ograwhere it occured even via ssh04:10
Kamionthe code's been there for eons; I don't remember exactly where it lives04:10
ograyeah, i thought it was solved long ago.... i'll have a look after preview if i find the ancient bugfix...04:11
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ograKamion: oh, and btw, its on all ttys and even the issue text and login are capitalised04:14
lamontogra: that code has been standard-unix for as long as I can remember...04:14
lamontogra: it forces _everything_ into uppercase04:14
zulhey lamont04:14
lamontmorning zul04:14
=== ogra starts to understand....
Treenakslamont: but: how do you get out of that mode?04:16
lamontTreenaks: start a new tty04:16
ograTreenaks: login/logout04:16
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lamontor fail to login 3 times04:17
Treenakslamont: urgh.. that sounds windowsish04:17
ograwhat worries me is that it seems connected to a berakage in X04:17
lamontit's a fall back mode in case you're stuck in the 1970's.04:17
ograbreakage even04:17
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lamontogra: b0rkage :-)04:17
ograsince i only discovered it through a not working keyboard in X ....04:18
ogralamont, heh04:18
Mithrandirthom: is jackass broken?04:18
thomMithrandir: ...04:18
Mithrandirthom: http://archive.ubuntu.com just sits there04:18
Kamionjackass != archive.u.c04:18
thomthat's not jackass04:18
Mithrandiroh, sorry04:18
Mithrandirarchive.u.c, then :P04:19
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lamont    /* Handle names with upper case and no lower case. */04:20
lamont    if ((cp->capslock = caps_lock(logname))) {04:20
lamont        for (bp = logname; *bp; bp++)04:20
lamont            if (isupper(*bp))04:20
lamont                *bp = tolower(*bp);             /* map name to lower case */04:20
lamont    }04:20
lamontyou mean that code?04:20
Mithrandirthom: thanks04:20
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ogralamont: ah, ok, that shows why i can log in....but it doesnt show why the uppercase mode was triggered...04:22
lamontogra: yeah.  not sure whether to blame getty or tty driver for that...04:22
sivang_livecdbah, locale settings is pretty weird I had to wait for about 20 locales to be generated, and after choosing hebrew as the language (which was alos nicely detected by the keyboard selector) I had a default desktop with hebrew only input 04:23
lamont(that code was from getty, fwiw)04:23
ogralamont: thanks :)04:23
sivang_livecdeh well, need to open a bug report04:23
pittithom: do you have an ETA for ffox 1.0.1? and moz 1.7.6?04:28
thomi'm gonna get 1.0.1 finished after lunch, then start on 1.7.604:29
pittioh, cool04:30
pittithom: so you don't wait for Debian?04:30
pittithom: Eric said that he will package 1.0.1 soon, too04:30
thom1.0.1 is in debian04:30
pittioh, even better04:30
thomi don't really want to use it, but i will do to get the security bugs nailed04:30
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Kamionmdz: the place where you've put the copying of debian-installer/keymap is pretty dodgy, and won't work when we move to debconf-copydb04:34
Kamionmdz: (in casper)04:34
MithrandirKamion: is initrd as of yesterday broken wrt choose-mirror and countryprefix?04:34
Kamionmdz: it happens to work because the confmodule from before the pivot is still running, but couldn't the copy happen before chroot/pivot?04:34
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KamionMithrandir: hm, possibly :( I'll check04:35
Mithrandirit seems to try to download http://${countryprefix}archive.ubuntu.com(null)/ubuntu, which doesn work. :P04:35
Kamionthat's supposed to have been SUBSTed04:35
Mithrandirit's what it outputs on tty404:35
Mithrandir(or tty3, not sure)04:36
KamionMithrandir: I think I fixed that on Saturday; check the choose-mirror version in that initrd04:36
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Kamion1.06ubuntu6 was the fix04:36
MithrandirI'll download a new initrd, then04:37
pittielmo: can I please have dchroot warty access on concordia and davis?04:37
Goshawkis there someone that has 1 minute to try this script?
MithrandirKamion: same problem04:43
MithrandirKamion: is there a workaround?04:43
Goshawkjust one minute... -(you need hoary + xorg)04:43
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pittiGoshawk: I did, shall I /msg you the output? or mail?04:44
Goshawkfor me is the same04:44
Goshawkok thanks04:45
Goshawki've found the problem04:45
Goshawkthanks a lot!04:45
bluefoxicyIs this known04:45
pittiGoshawk: shall I try again?04:45
Goshawkpitti, thanks to you a usplash bug is solved04:45
pittiGoshawk: I'm honored, and I didn't even do anything :-)04:46
ograGoshawk: interested in output from a amd64 widescreen laptop ?04:46
fabbioneseb128: you around?04:46
fabbioneseb128: did you fix the build-dep order for libhowl being dropped?04:47
seb128order ?04:47
fabbionewell sparc buildd is bitching a lot about it04:47
KamionMithrandir: I just noticed the same thing. Please don't ask me for workarounds when I have no idea what the problem is yet. :)04:47
seb128fabbione: lamont knows about it04:48
bluefoxicylibgnome2-common installation is still hanging in apt04:48
fabbioneseb128: he told me something about it04:48
fabbionebut i would like to hear from our gtk/gnome guru04:48
Goshawkogra, thanks also to you04:49
seb128I've uploaded gnome-vfs2, libgnome, libbonoboui, libgnomeui, ... in the right order with space to build between them04:49
seb128fabbione: kicking again has worked fine on i386/ppc/amd64/ia64, dunno about sparc04:49
fabbioneseb128: yes, but sparc was lagging way behind for other reasons04:49
fabbioneso what is the correct thing to do?04:49
mdzKamion: yes, I could move it to before the pivot04:50
fabbioneseb128: sparc buildd died 18 days ago :-)04:50
pittiMorning mdz04:50
seb128fabbione: find the /usr/lib/*.la with a mention to howl04:50
Goshawkogra, pitti the problem was that the case value was too short for big values more that 1024x768, thanks 04:50
fabbioneso it knowns nothing about it04:50
fabbionehey mdz :-)04:50
=== Kamion wonders why DEBCONF_DEBUG=20 isn't working, and tries booting the whole installer with DEBCONF_DEBUG=20
mdzfabbione: hey!04:50
mdzfabbione: how was your trip?04:50
Kamionbet this'll be fast04:51
fabbioneseb128: ok... if i find something with it.. what should i do?04:51
fabbionemdz: cool!04:51
fabbionemdz: it is seriously worth all the money04:51
ogramdz: hi, thanks for the nightly flowers :-D04:51
fabbionegalapagos > *04:51
mdzI have wanted to go there04:51
fabbionemdz: after i will put the pics online, you will go there04:51
pittimdz: at least we now can see how it looks like, from Fabio's photos :-)04:51
seb128fabbione: the order for the libs is: gnome-vfs2 libgnome libbonoboui libgnomeui 04:51
seb128fabbione: you should build them in this order with the new version of the previous one to kick howl out of the .la files04:52
fabbioneseb128: hold on...04:52
seb128fabbione: if there is an issue with a package already built we can reupload or you can do a binary NMU ...04:52
bluefoxicystat64("/usr/share/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/dpkg.mo", 0xbffff698) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory)04:52
theineHey seb128, thanks for applying the openbox patch04:53
pittibluefoxicy: that's normal04:53
seb128theine: np :)04:53
pittibluefoxicy: you have to install a language pack04:53
fabbioneso those are the only 4 packages affected by that problem?04:53
bluefoxicypitti:  i'm stracing dpkg to find out why it's hanging on gnome2-common and gnome2-vfs04:53
seb128fabbione: no, but after that kicking should be enough04:53
fabbioneseb128: argh....04:53
pittibluefoxicy: erm, is that the reason for the hang???04:53
bluefoxicypitti:  apparently the only thing it's doing is repetedly iterating through all locales looking for dpkg.mo; nothing else is happening at all04:53
seb128fabbione: that's a real mess, thanks to libtool ...04:54
bluefoxicyhowever I'm guessing on faith that maybe the other processes forked and aren't straced?04:54
lamontseb128: the build-deps not getting updated mean that buildd's running through the whole lot at once hit b0rkage04:54
pittibluefoxicy: it does these iterations for every string to be translated04:54
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seb128lamont: that's bad04:54
fabbioneseb128: couldn't you build-conflict or something?04:54
pittibluefoxicy: after preview I will probably upload a new libc which caches result04:54
pittibluefoxicy: s04:54
bluefoxicy strace dpkg --configure -a 2>&1 | grep -v "locale"04:54
seb128fabbione, lamont: we could libgnomevfs2-dev conflicts on libhowl-dev ?04:55
bluefoxicyok it's doing a brk() every few seconds, must be something else.04:55
fabbioneseb128: if that's enough, i don't see why not04:55
seb128fabbione: the current libgnomevfs2-dev .la file has a mention to howl on sparc ?04:55
lamontthat'd fix the libgnomevfs2-dev build, but maybe not others?04:56
=== lamont dunno
bluefoxicypitti:  I just can't see acpid or gnome2-common flicking the disk light once every 10-15 seconds (I have mldonkey running, that's probably the disk access), and taking >5 minutes to install, maybe I'm just impatient?04:56
fabbionedpkg -c libgnomevfs2-dev_2.9.91-0ubuntu1_sparc.deb | grep howl | wc -l04:57
fabbioneseb128: ^^04:57
pittibluefoxicy: hmm, no idea04:57
=== bluefoxicy decides to leave Setting up libgnomevfs2-common (2.10.0-0ubuntu1) for about 15 minutes to confirm that this isn't just him being impatient; after all this is a 64 bit system, 15 minutes counts as several orders of magnitude of overkill ;)
seb128fabbione: no, "grep howl  /usr/lib/libgnomevfs-2.la"04:57
fabbioneah hold on04:58
bluefoxicy(every time I run dpkg --configure -a it switches which is first, gnome2-common or libgnomevfs2-common)04:58
seb128grep howl /usr/lib/*.la04:58
seb128to have an idea on what you want to rebuild04:58
jdubogra: ping04:58
ograjdub: pong04:58
fabbioneBinary file libgnomevfs-2.a matches04:58
fabbioneseb128: so yes.. it doess04:59
tsengis there an email/post somewhere explaining why all the howl stuff is being removed?04:59
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jdubogra: did you have a new xss patch?04:59
ograonly the one you already have, i wanted to work on that during preview04:59
seb128fabbione: 2.9.92-0ubuntu1 ?04:59
fabbioneseb128: that's the last one i have..05:00
Goshawkfabbione, sei italiano?05:00
fabbioneseb128: as i wrote before the buildd died 18 days ago05:00
dokomvo: could you validate the missing 'noauth' in peers/ppp005:00
ograjdub: tell me if you need it earlier05:00
fabbioneGoshawk: yes i am italian05:00
seb128fabbione: you have started the buildd again now, 2.9.92-0ubuntu1 build is ok ?05:00
mvodoko: no, works for me :(05:00
fabbioneseb128: it's in the queue05:01
seb128start by it05:01
fabbioneseb128: i can build it manually if you want me05:01
fabbioneseb128: there are tons of other packages before it05:01
seb128that's the first to change05:01
seb128once you have change it other one will ftbfs if they are not built in the right order05:01
jdubogra: would be nice to have it for preview, but that's ok05:01
seb128once you have changed it, the other ones will ftbfs if they are not built in the right order05:02
ograjdub: lets see how hwdb-client comes along, probably i can send you a last minute patch....05:02
jdubogra: hwdb-client is waaaaay more important :)05:02
ograsure :)05:02
fabbioneseb128: ok thanks05:02
jdubwaaaaay like curds and wheeeeeey05:02
fabbionei know why the sparcbuildd died!05:03
=== fabbione kicks sun's OBP!
pittifabbione: you didn't give him enough food for two weeks? :-)05:03
fabbionepitti: ahaha 05:04
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fabbionessh sparctamagochi -l buildd05:04
mdzfabbione: sparc has a LOT of catching up to do05:05
fabbionemdz: i know!05:05
fabbionei am working on it05:05
fabbioneit died and i just understood wht05:05
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fabbionei forgot to set in the OBP: do not die if the serial machine connected on the other side does not responde = true05:06
pittilamont: here?05:06
bluefoxicyit's still setting up libgnomevfs2-common05:07
bluefoxicyso yeah, I think it's broken.05:07
bluefoxicyit set up a few other packages.05:07
fabbioneseb128: i am going to build 2.10 directly.. 2.9.92 is already out of my cache/mirror05:08
lamontpitti: yes05:08
seb128start by gnome-vfs205:08
bluefoxicythis is on x86 btw, I'm on an amd64 box but running a 32 bit system for some odd reason (I was using xen)05:08
seb128and be sure to have the new libgnomevfs2-dev with howl in the .la 05:08
wasabi_isn't howl being removed?05:08
=== pitti curses at perl's build system
pittianybody out there who ever built perl?05:13
=== infinity raises his hand tentatively.
pittiinfinity: 05:14
pittiautosplit_lib_modules(@ARGV)' lib/*.pm05:14
pittiErrno architecture (i386-linux-thread-multi- does not match executable architecture (i386-linux-thread-multi-2.6.10-4-k7) at /usr/lib/perl/5.8/Errno.pm line 11.05:14
pittiCompilation failed in require at lib/File/Path.pm line 166.05:14
pittiinfinity: any idea?05:14
pittiinfinity: this even happens in a clean pbuilder05:15
infinityNo left over files from a previous build?05:15
infinityDirty source package, maybe?05:15
infinityOtherwise, I'm as lost as you.  That's a new one.05:15
infinityTime to get your grep on, I guess.05:16
pittiinfinity: okay, thanks05:17
pittiinfinity: yes, fresh source package05:17
infinityTahnking people for not being helpful is a novel approach. :)05:17
pittiinfinity: first, I directly applied my patch05:18
thominfinity: he's just added you to the list of people to bully into doing security work05:18
mdzpitti: did you do the patch/unpatch dance?05:18
pittiinfinity: then I even added it to debian/patches and patches-applied (strange build system905:18
pittimdz: oh, that's new?05:18
pittimdz: as I said, strange build system...05:18
mdzpitti: the last time I built perl, you had to do "debian/rules unpatch patch" to get everything into the right state05:18
mdzafter adding a patch05:19
pittimdz: now I tried to build the pristine source package from Debian05:19
pittimdz: still the same bug05:19
=== pitti cries
pittimdz: I tried this on warty and hoary, on two computers05:19
mdzthe kernel version number should NOT be in that string05:19
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mdzmizar:[/tmp]  perl -MConfig -e 'print "$Config{'archname'}-$Config{'osvers'}\n";'05:21
mdzpitti: where do you get i386-linux-thread-multi-2.6.10-4-k7?05:21
mdzis that from Errno.pm in the build tree?05:22
pittimdz: it's not even in the source package05:23
pittijust Errno.t05:23
=== pitti pinged bod in #d-devel
pittiuse Config;05:25
pittiuse strict;05:25
pitti"\$Config{'archname'}-\$Config{'osvers'}" eq05:25
pitti"$Config{'archname'}-$Config{'osvers'}" or05:25
pitti        die "Errno architecture ($Config{'archname'}-$Config{'osvers'}) does not match executable architecture (\$Config{'archname'}-\$Config{'osvers'})";05:25
dholbachseb128: have glibmm2.6.1 ready on http://ubuntu.gplan.info/mm05:25
lamontmdz: any plans to burn new livecd rootfs images in the next hour or so?05:26
pittiWhat the hell should this do?05:26
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091cae.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128dholbach: k, thanks05:26
dholbachseb128: cool05:26
=== lamont decides that's a 'no' from mdz... :-)
tsengjdub: see that post? inotify backend doesnt support poll atm05:27
tsengjdub: the code in gam_dnotify.c for poll is obvious05:28
tsengi wonder if copying it over helps05:28
mdzlamont: none05:28
mdzpitti: that's very weird05:28
=== __d4vid [~ehud@triforum.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimdz: hmm, I can just toss it at the hoary buildd and see what happens there, but actually this is not really a satisfying solution...05:30
mdzpitti: was bod able to help you?05:30
pittimdz: he did not reply, he's probably asleep05:30
tsenghm right.. poll isnt called in functions that have counterparts in gam_inotify05:31
pittimdz: last message from 6 hours ago05:31
pittimdz: I think I defer this until tomorrow05:31
tsengjdub: would it be smart to maybe disable inotify backend for gamin?05:31
tsengor leave it since we have it off in the kernel05:31
tsengand we wont be getting beagle this time around05:31
infinitypitti : If it's still bugging you tomorrow and I;m around, delegate it my way.05:32
=== infinity -> bed.
mdztseng: .since it seems to fall back gracefully, I think we should leave it enabled05:32
pittiinfinity: okay, I'll do :-) Sleep well05:32
mdzit's possible that we'll enable inotify after preview, if the testing continues to go well05:32
fabbioneafter a dist-upgrade my machine is turtle slow05:32
tsengmdz: well, my point is that that will cause what looks to the user like a regression in gamin05:33
mdztseng: how so?05:33
tsengmdz: are you familiar with the bug where automounted devices arent shown in drivemount-applet or nautilus on mount?05:33
tsengit was solved by switching /media/* to use polling in gamin05:34
tsengwhich isnt supported by the inotify backend.05:34
jdubmdz: the "gamin doesn't fully implement inotify" bug is still relevant05:34
mdzso either we do something about that, or just stick with dnotify05:35
pitti*sigh* dnotify sucks...05:35
jdubtseng: daniel is DV on #gnome-hackers (gimpnet)05:35
jdubtseng: dunno where john hangs out, but would be very useful to get in touch with him05:35
jdubtseng: doing anything for hoary will be hacky05:36
jdubbut post-hoary, it needs refactoring so less stuff is dumped into the backends05:36
dholbachi'm off... see you later05:37
jdublater dholbach 05:37
dholbachbye jdub 05:37
tsengyep as I just posted with the current status of the server backends, its beyond my skills to produce a patch05:37
tsengif no one else is interested, its definately post-hoary.. but leaves the question of what to do with inotify05:38
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091cae.pool.terralink.de] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Verlassend"]
=== sivang amazes by the rate the new gnome is flowing in
jdubtseng: current decision is to keep it in, but off by default05:39
tsengwhich is workable05:39
jdubit means rml will not mate with me05:39
jdubbut there's always next year's season05:39
tsengbecause of this "issue" i'd have to suggest it stays off after preview05:39
tsengits not major or anything, but its a user visible regression05:40
=== theine_ [~theine@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbioneseb128: ok i confirm that gnome-vfs2 2.10 does not have the howl stuff now (sparc)05:47
fabbioneseb128: the rest will just build in the right order05:47
fabbioneseb128: or i will kick it back when needed05:47
seb128if it's not in the right order it'll ftbfs05:48
seb128need to kick05:48
pittiseb128: you rock05:49
pittiseb128: (and you are killing the buildds :-) )05:50
seb128thanks :)05:50
seb128(he he)05:50
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=== jamin [~jamin@cust-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Goshawkmdz, can i talk with you in private05:56
mdzGoshawk: about what?05:57
mdzusplash discussion is on-topic for this channel; I'd prefer to have the conversation here05:57
Goshawkhow do you say USplash has been officially deferred to the05:58
Goshawknext release (Ubuntu 5.10, due in October). if there is nothing about that?05:58
Goshawki worked with sladen05:58
mdzI announced this in the release update, for which I provided a URL05:58
mdzand it is also noted on HoaryGoals05:58
Goshawkand there is not much more than a Proof of concept tarball05:58
mdzand sladen and I discussed it at FeatureFReeze05:58
Goshawkyes... but there is nothing....05:59
mdzI don't understand your point05:59
Goshawkthere is not "any" source code of that, only the work that i've done (tht you readed on the forum)06:00
mdzthe fact that it hasn't been developed yet is the reason why it won't be part of the Hoary release06:00
Goshawkbut... there is a but06:00
Goshawkthere is an "alpha" for developers about a "usermode splash" i need the sladen agree to call it "usplash"06:01
mdzI am having difficulty understanding you06:01
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-109-167.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzit sounds like you are saying that you have developed an implementation, and would like to call it usplash06:02
mdzwere you aware of the Ubuntu project when you chose this name?06:02
Goshawkthe thing that is developed works at 100% on my pc06:02
Goshawkit started on December.. in that period i was waiting the ubuntu sources of usplash from sladen, and when he said that nothing was deleped i started devloping this idea06:03
Goshawkbut now  it works away from the main idea06:03
Goshawkall the stuff is made by a single utility06:03
mdzwhere can I download it?06:04
Goshawkbut wait06:04
Goshawki've solved a bug just now06:04
Goshawkand i'm compilig the alpha206:04
Goshawkif you want i can make a video of my boot process06:04
Goshawkin that page is written how it works06:05
mdzthere is no source code there06:05
Goshawkand as you could say.. it differs from the main idea06:05
Goshawkthere is the svn for sources06:05
Goshawkthe server is linked at that page06:05
Goshawksvn co
Goshawkthe svn is already updated06:06
Goshawkmdz, the best news is that06:06
mdzpitti: perl builds fine for me on Hoary (no chroot, no pbuilder)06:06
Goshawki treat fd0 as a file06:06
pittimdz: *sigh*06:06
pittimdz: thanks for trying, though06:06
mdzversion 5.8.4-606:06
Goshawknot a mmaped memory (as the usplash proof of concept treats)06:06
mdzfd0?  you mean fb0?06:06
=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Goshawkyep,, excuse me06:07
pittimdz: I tried -7 from incoming and -6ubuntu1 (with an extracted security patch)06:07
Keybukheh, aww; I was hoping for boot symphony on 3.5" floppy06:07
Goshawkand.. there is a problem in the URL, it is : svn co
Goshawkwithout the v206:07
Goshawkmdz, it will be not ready to work on hoary but we can develop it06:09
mdzGoshawk: yes, this looks very interesting.  I am confused about what you were asking me originally, however06:10
mdzare you proposing that we use your work as the basis for the usplash feature in Ubuntu?06:10
Goshawkyes.. mainly that06:11
=== Loevborg [~loevborg@d37-55.dip.isp-service.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzok, that was a very strange way of asking :-)06:11
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sabdflseb128: you superstar. wonderful to see 2.10 coming in. thank you!06:13
mdzGoshawk: could you send a message to the ubuntu-devel mailing list about this?06:13
kentGoshawk, have you made a new version of it? I have some issues with the one i tried last time. It sort of works, but the graphics is strange.. its like it cant use that resolution or something. Its very hard for me to explain,  I can sort of see a scrambled picture of the logo when it boots.. 06:13
seb128sabdfl: thanks :)06:13
pittisabdfl: good to have 128 Sebs to do uploads :-)06:13
Goshawkmdz, yep06:14
kokeseb128: just one comment, look at the intltool-update.in file in the gnome 2.10 tarballs06:14
mdzGoshawk: I won't have much time to look at this due to the Hoary release, but I would like to start a discussion about it for Hoary+106:14
kokeI've just looked at ftp.gnome.org's tarballs and they are "clean"06:14
Goshawkkent, yep.. a lot of "ubuntu" lines in black an white06:14
seb128koke: ?06:15
Goshawkmdz, me too... the problem was about that msg taht you are reading06:15
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has left #ubuntu-devel []
seb128koke: what do you call "clean" ?06:15
seb128waht are you trying to say ?06:15
seb128you are not clear06:16
kokeI've tested control-center and intltool-update looks for xgettext at /usr/bin06:16
mdzGoshawk: "something is moving in the underground" was not a very clear way to say "I have been working on an alternative implementation of usplash" :-)06:16
kokewhith, in example, apt-get source gnome-desktop in hoary06:16
Goshawkmdz, since for  "something is moving underground" is not for hoary.. but usplash code 06:16
kokeI get an intltool-update looking for gettext in /opt/gnome206:16
kokenautilus-sendto in /mnt/data/gnome06:16
mdzGoshawk: and the last message on that forum says "Unless you install a new kernel, or have to move, or there's a power outage, or you install new hardware, or..."06:16
mdzGoshawk: so you can understand my confusion, I think :-)06:17
Goshawkyep.. i'm confused as you ^__^06:17
Goshawkthanks for all mdz 06:17
Mithrandirmdz: what will be the procedure for uploads after preview is out?06:17
seb128koke: 06:17
seb128$ grep "/opt" gnome-desktop-2.10.0/intltool-update.in06:17
Goshawkgonna open a ubuntu-devel topic06:18
kokemm ok06:18
kokekoke@ababol ~/Devel/ubuntu/gnome-desktop-2.10.0 $ grep xgettext intltool-update.in | head -106:18
koke    my $XGETTEXT = $ENV{"XGETTEXT"} || "/gnome/usr/bin/xgettext";06:18
mdzGoshawk: great, thanks06:18
kokemy memory failed :D06:19
mdzMithrandir: we'll reopen for general bugfixing initially, basically FeatureFreeze process06:19
Mithrandirmdz: ok06:19
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128koke: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gnome-desktop/2.10/gnome-desktop-2.10.0.tar.bz206:21
seb128koke:     my $XGETTEXT = $ENV{"XGETTEXT"} || "/gnome/usr/bin/xgettext";06:21
seb128koke: how is the upstream tarball "clean" ?06:21
kokeok, I haven't seen them all.06:22
kokeI've randomly chosen the bad from ubuntu and the good from gnome :(06:22
seb128you are trying to say than packages have issue ? or do you have issues with upstream tarballs ?06:22
kokenop, it seems the problem is at upstream06:23
KamionMithrandir: ok, I think I just suck, I was trying to SUBST into Default:, which debconf-devel(7) explicitly says won't work06:25
mdzelmo: are you around?  when do you head home?06:26
elmomdz: in about 4.5 hours06:28
mdzelmo: can you do some germinate/archive resync before then?06:29
=== OddAbe19 is away: Gone... Like the French in a battle.
=== ogra [~ogra@pD95F8D55.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== T-None is now known as T-Bone
=== theine_ [~theine@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jinty [~jinty@20.Red-80-39-147.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
elmomdz: updated sync.txt - did I miss approval for any on that list?06:48
=== OddAbe19 [~OddAbe19@pcp02542642pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzelmo: dbus-qt-1-dev06:49
elmook, done too06:49
mdzit is possible that KDE 3.4 will require a few more06:50
mdzI'm trying to get a list from #kubuntu-devel now06:50
jordimdz: moo06:50
mdzjordi: baaa06:50
elmoKamion: sdf got demoted - if you care; sdf-doc is still seeded tho...06:52
lamontfabbione: you around?06:52
mdzpitti: did you and daniels resolve the german keymap issue?06:54
pittimdz: not yet, I just sent him some debug output06:54
mdzit would be nice to be able to fix that for preview06:54
elmopitti: done06:54
pittielmo: thanks06:54
pittimdz: indeed, it's pretty ugly for the live CD06:54
Kamionelmo: not especially :)06:55
mdzelmo: what's pulling in hevea?  it's not in Kamion's germinate output06:55
Kamionwe could unseed sdf-doc06:55
elmomdz: yapps2 b-d06:56
elmocan't see how that could be sparc06:56
lamontfabbione: has your buildd tried gmime2.1 yet?06:56
elmohevea                                             | hevea                           | yapps2 (Build-Depend)                           06:57
elmoyapps2                                            | yapps2                          | keymapper (Build-Depend)                     06:57
mdzbut the rdepends tree ends there06:57
mdzhmm, incomplete rdepends from germinate then06:57
mdzelmo: hevea can be promoted06:58
Kamionit doesn't follow back through reverse build-deps, I'm not entirely sure why06:58
Kamionit would be useful if it did06:58
mdzwe already have the crazy ocaml stuff in main06:58
elmomdz: I put my 'ALL' in the same dir, FWIW06:59
elmoand promoted hevea06:59
MithrandirKamion: oh, that sucks.06:59
KamionMithrandir: (I'm fixing it)06:59
Kamionjust attempting to test07:00
elmopromoting libkipi source as obvious07:00
elmoIMO libkipi0-dev would be too - i.e. we already have libkipi07:00
mdzpitti: do you have a moment to review t1utils?  it seems to be another part of the hpoj build-depends mess07:00
mdzelmo: agreed07:00
pittimdz: yes, I'll do that07:00
elmodone, updated sync.txt07:01
mdzelmo: python2.4-dictdlib is fine07:03
pittimdz: looks fine to me (and, in fact, useful :-) )07:03
mdzelmo: and t1utils (thanks, pitti)07:03
pittimdz: btw, do you think we can keep polypaudio for Hoary?07:04
mdzpitti: it is working well for me, but jdub seems to feel that we should revert to esound07:04
=== zul [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimdz: hmm, a pity, I spent over 4 hours to get it fixed :-/07:05
Kamiondidn't jdub say that before it got fixed?07:05
pittibut I don't know his opinion now07:05
pittiit's now working fine both on my i386 and my ppc07:06
ograi think there was no clear statement after the fix from him07:06
=== pitti -> food
elmomdz: both done07:09
=== T-Bone is now known as T-Gone
=== zbowling [~zbowling@adsl-68-95-185-18.dsl.rcsntx.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzKamion: he was saying that as recently as yesterday07:14
mdzpitti: can you review sqlite3 for kubuntu?07:14
=== fwiffo [~jep@cpe.atm2-0-1101155.0x503f8eca.bynxx8.customer.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzelmo: if scribus doesn't depend on sqlite3, it can go in as well07:16
mdzdoesn't look like it does07:16
=== theine_ [~theine@] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
mdzseb128: wow, lots of good stuff for totem07:17
=== trukulo [~trukulo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsenghas seb set a record yet for most consecutive uploads?07:17
seb128mdz: yep07:18
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091cae.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmdz: looking for input on #6232 (installing postfix won't add an alias for root to an existing /etc/aliases)07:19
seb128mdz: this one is impressive too: http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gst-plugins/0.8/gst-plugins-0.8.8.news07:19
elmomdz: done07:19
=== rubenv [~lambda1@kotnet-148.kulnet.kuleuven.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukuloogra, you there?07:20
trukulonothing, i was going to tell you about uploading clearworks engine gtk2 to hoary... but it's uploaded  :)07:21
trukuloforget it07:21
=== lamont wonders if postfix's postinst should treat the absense of a root alias in /etc/aliases as sufficient cause for it to install one (if alias_database == hash:/etc/aliases, that is...)
elmopitti: DUDE07:24
elmowhy are you rebuilding stuff that's in freaking universe?07:24
Mithrandirlamont: possibly on initial install, not on upgrades.07:24
lamontMithrandir: right07:25
Mithrandirlamont: the right solution is of course to have an /etc/aliases.d directory which is used to generate /var/lib/aliases.db which is used by different mailers.07:26
Mithrandirand stuff in /etc/aliases.d be conffiles)07:26
=== lamont vomits on Mithrandir's keyboard
lamontit's a file with a fixed format, and a long history...07:27
Mithrandirlamont: seriously, how would you else do it?07:27
mxpxpoddoes gnome-volume-control not work for anyone else on ppc?07:27
Mithrandirlamont: how do you handle the case of an user changing from exim4 to postfix and having removed the root alias from /etc/aliases?07:27
mxpxpodwait, nevermind... it's now working07:28
lamontMithrandir: well, the issue is that root shouldn't go to it's own mailbox, since no sane individual actually runs an MUA as root....07:28
lamontthat and postfix delivers root mail as nobody07:28
mvoping Mithrandir 07:28
Mithrandirmvo: no need to ping me when I'm active in the channel :)07:28
mvoMithrandir: sorry, it was this stupid xchat completion07:29
mvoMitario: ping07:29
Mithrandirlamont: imagine /root/.forward or using procmail to do Stuff to root's mail.07:29
mvoMithrandir: see :) it just _always_ get's the nicks wrong :)07:29
Kamionmdz: it only got fixed this morning though :)07:29
Mithrandirmvo: it's allowed to actually _read_ what you're typing. :)07:30
lamontMithrandir: right.  and postfix will happy toss root's mail to procmail. with an euid=ruid=nobody07:30
Mithrandirthat can be fine to do.07:31
Mithrandirlamont: if you modify files in /etc you might very easily be overwriting local changes.  That's bad.07:32
lamontah, so you're saying that if ~root/.forward exists, then it shouldn't create the alias either?07:32
MithrandirI'm just saying that's a possible use case and there's no real way to do what you want to do without using a directory which is aggregated.07:33
Mithrandirno matter whether it's ugly or not07:33
mvoMithrandir: heh :) sometimes I type faster than I think (well, actually most of the time ;)07:33
trukuloogra, new graveman doesn't discover devices07:36
ograhmm, it does here07:36
trukuloogra, it doesn't if device is mounted07:37
trukuloif not, works well07:37
trukuloproblems with hal, it seems07:37
ogratrukulo, do you know if he switched to hal07:37
trukuloi don't think so , because in debian we don't use it07:38
ograi suggested that to him and he said hw would try....07:38
ogratrukulo: how does n-c-b work then in debian ? afaik it uses hal the same way07:39
trukuloogra, if it's installed yes07:39
mdzseb128: wow, that's great too07:39
=== nasdaq|away [~sdfsdfs@tkp-ip-nas-1-p182.telkom-ipnet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukulobut you can use gnome without hal07:39
mdzthe gstreamer and totem guys have been busy07:39
ogratrukulo: i mustadmint that i didnt try the detection with a mountd disc....07:40
trukuloogra, i did unconsciently, you know07:40
trukuloand i see the problem07:40
=== mvo needs to leave for ~1,5h
KamionMithrandir: ok, choose-mirror 1.06ubuntu7 really fixes it07:42
MithrandirKamion: cool, thanks.  We worked around it, though.07:43
KamionMithrandir: I'm guessing preseeding mirror/http/mirror and mirror/http/directory would have worked around it07:44
Mithrandirpossibly, yes07:44
trukulofabbione, are you there? how can i upgrade from linux-2.6.10-X to last version?07:45
trukuloi mean, 2.6.10-2507:45
fabbionetrukulo: the same way you did up till now :-)07:46
mdzKamion: are you feeling pretty confident about the base-installer kernel stuff now?07:47
pittielmo: I'm back, what's wrong?07:47
trukulofabbione, aptitude dist-upgrade ?07:47
elmopitti: muine is in your list of "things with which to make mirrors regret having ever heard of Ubuntu" and it's not in main07:47
Treenakselmo: it's huge, uploaded often and universe?07:48
pittielmo: you mean in http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/unstripped-hoary-main.txt ? It's not there07:48
trukulofabbione, forget it, i'll read on google07:48
jdubfinally, the gst-plugins and totem releases we've been waiting for!07:48
jdubhooray for upstream!07:48
jdubhooray for seb!07:49
jdubbut mostly hooray for seb ;)07:49
elmopitti: lamont pointed me at http://people.ubuntu.com/~pitti/hoary-main-gettext.txt 07:49
mdzelmo: kubuntu is going to need at least one new package in main (not in Ubuntu at all yet)07:49
=== froud is now known as froud-away
pittielmo: ah, for this one; hmm, no idea how it got there...07:50
=== vijub_ [~vijub@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzpitti: sqlite3 seems fairly sane; do you agree?07:50
pittimdz: was at dinner, just returned. I take a look now07:51
mdzpitti: thanks07:51
=== OddAbe19 is away: Gone... Like the French in a battle.
elmopitti: tomboy too07:51
pittielmo: I will update the list ASAP07:51
elmopitti: in the mean time, I've installed the build-depends in both i386 and amd64 chroots on concordia07:52
pittielmo: cool, thanks07:52
pittielmo: including pkgstriptranslations?07:53
elmomdz: need as in need before I fly or ?07:53
pittielmo: I can install this locally if necessary07:53
dholbachseb128: uploaded libglademm2.4 (http://ubuntu.gplan.info/mm)07:53
=== doko [~doko___@dsl-084-059-013-034.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128dholbach: k07:53
=== wasabi_ [~wasabi@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mxpxpodfabbione: ping07:54
mdzelmo: if at all possible07:54
elmopitti: installed07:54
fabbionemxpxpod: pong07:54
mxpxpodfabbione: back from the honeymoon?07:54
pittielmo: can you please enable it in /etc/pkgstriptranslations.conf?07:54
elmowhat's that do?07:55
fabbionemxpxpod: yes :-(07:55
pittielmo: if you don't want to do this, then I install pkgstriptranslations in my $HOME/Bin07:55
mxpxpodfabbione: how was it?07:55
pittielmo: it was decided to disable it by default, so that users don't mess up their builds if they accidentially install it07:56
pittielmo: I think $HOME/bin is actually a good idea, then other folks can still use the dchroots for their purposes07:56
fabbionemxpxpod: great, thanks07:56
tsengwb fabbione07:57
mxpxpodfabbione: how long will it be until we get 2.6.11 into universe (not the -rc's)07:57
fabbionemxpxpod: a few days.. i need to catch up on a lot of things and .11 is not high priority07:58
mxpxpodfabbione: that's cool... just wanted an eta07:58
fabbionebut i will try my best :-)07:58
mxpxpodI'd like to try out .11 asap because of the ppc changes07:58
=== vijub_ [~vijub@] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
pittimdz: sqlite3 is thumbs up (debs and packaging)07:58
mxpxpodfabbione: awesome... btw, congrats on the marriage07:58
fabbionemxpxpod: most of the ppc changes have been backported to .10 afaics07:58
mdzpitti: thanks07:58
fabbionemxpxpod: eheh thanks07:58
mxpxpodfabbione: yeah, I've tried the 2.6.10 changes (and the 2.6.10 ubuntu kernel) and it freezes07:59
fabbionemxpxpod: did you report the problem?07:59
mxpxpodfabbione: nah, didn't have a connection at the time07:59
fabbionewell.. now you do :-)08:00
fabbioneplease report it in details08:00
mxpxpodfabbione: I have to get back to work in a minute08:00
mxpxpodfabbione: I'll do it after work08:00
mxpxpodfabbione: what do you mean by, "in details"08:00
fabbionewith all possible details08:00
mxpxpodI don't know many details except that it froze on wakeup08:01
amuelmo: now it's urgent, please sync libassuan-dev asap08:01
fabbioneis it reproducible?08:01
fabbioneor it happened only once...08:01
fabbioneand so on...08:01
mxpxpodfabbione: yeah, it did it twice08:01
=== T-Gone is now known as T-Bone
elmoamu: source pkg names for sync requests, pls08:01
mxpxpodfabbione: ok, will do08:01
Kamionmdz: can I upload to fix that mdadm fail message?08:01
mx|gonefabbione: time to get back to work :)08:02
Kamionmdz: I've tested my base-installer changes of today and I'm pretty sure they're right08:02
mdzKamion: yes08:02
amuelmo: libassuan08:02
elmo[Updating]  libassuan (0.6.8-1 [ubuntu]  < 0.6.9-2 [debian] )08:04
elmothis is presumably going to main if it's needed for kubuntu ... ?08:04
elmoif so, new upstream version okay, mdz?08:04
mdzit's in universe presently08:04
mdzso yes, fine08:05
mdzelmo: this is one of the packages which will need to move into main when 3.4 is uploaded, as I understand it08:05
=== elmo makes note in file "how to bypass UVF 101"
Kamionelmo: please move GNOME to universe, kthxbye08:06
elmoKamion: done08:06
trukuloKamion, heh08:06
=== dholbach helps out seb128 before GNOME gets moved back to main. ;-)
Kamionthat'll be my contribution to tonight's mirror hit08:06
amuKamion: hehe08:07
=== T-Bone [varenet@freebz.slashdirt.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Kamiontseng: record> I think doko's probably still out in front with one of his zope or python upload extravaganzas08:14
tsengheh, i forgot about those08:14
Kamionthe last of those was 26 consecutive08:15
Kamionseb's managed more consecutive uploads than this before, though :)08:16
Kamion     48 From: Matthias Klose <m@klose.in-berlin.de>08:17
Kamionafter some auto-merges from Scott and another few entries by doko, seb's next with 1808:18
Kamionat least in the hoary cycle08:19
Keybukheh, I win :p08:19
thomKeybuk: you've not *done* any of those uploads, though08:22
Keybukright food time08:23
Keybukl8r 08:23
dokoMithrandir: I'm working on automating these ...08:25
=== joaocruz [~joao@ip68-0-220-224.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Mithrandirdoko: ia32-libs on ia64 needs to provide libgcc1 for ia32-libs-openoffice.org, but the latter has a versioned dependency.  Any thoughts?08:26
=== joaocruz [~joao@ip68-0-220-224.ri.ri.cox.net] has left #ubuntu-devel []
crimsun_elmo, has my email address been added to the white-list for uploads, and has my GPG key been added to the keyring?08:28
tsengare we going to pick up the memory optimization patches after preview?08:29
tsengfor gnome that is08:29
dokoMithrandir: hmm, not really ... maybe I'll build a cross compiler for hoary+1, just building the 32 bit libgcc1 ...08:29
Mithrandirdoko: I'm hoping to have some multiarch stuff in hoary+1 which should be enough for that.08:31
dholbachelmo: could you please sync gtranslator from sid, if you find the time?08:32
=== r0ver [~rover@22-246-114-200.fibertel.com.ar] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jlj [~agp@host-81-191-64-79.bluecom.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jamin [~jamin@cust-] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dokomdz: ok to upload gsfonts to fix #3138 (bold Nimbus Roman font isn't displayed)08:37
mdzdoko: ooh, yes please08:37
sabdfldoko: lovely!08:39
dokolong search, small fix08:41
thommdz: ok to upload firefox 1.0.1? (security fixes, etc)08:41
dholbachthom: yes! go! go! go! :-)08:41
pittithom: ++08:41
mdzthom: hmmm08:41
mdzI'm not sure that's wise for preview08:41
pittipleeeeease :-)08:42
pitti1.0.1-1ubuntu2reverted-to-1.0.0 ... :-)08:42
=== thom smacks pitti :-)
mdzit's certainly fine for final, I'm just unsure about preview08:42
mdzwe have only two days to sort out any issues08:43
=== T-Bone eagerly awaits the ia32-libs stuff to mark ooffice as "we have it" on ia64, and see if that also fixes the firefox locales issue
mdzthom: what's your risk assessment?08:43
Mithrandirdoko: do you have any good ideas on how to solve the problem for ia64 for hoary?08:43
MithrandirI have one idea, which is to have ia32-libs generate an lib32gcc1 package.. but that's _ugly_08:44
mdzthom: can you mail me a debdiff?08:44
thommdz: the debdiff is *big*08:44
mdzthom: if your response is "omfg no, it's 50 megs"...08:44
mdzthen that's an indication that maybe we should be cautious with it :-)08:45
thommdz: because a tonne of patches have gone from me cherry picking to upstream08:45
thomoh, real debdiff sorry08:45
thomhang on08:45
=== OddAbe19 [~OddAbe19@pcp02542642pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimdz: okay for you to upload a lesstif1-1 security fix? I'm asking because the fix for CAN-2004-0914 is very big08:47
pittimdz: however, it is well tested from Warty and X.org08:47
mdzpitti: how severe is the vulnerability?08:48
pittimdz: the usual thing, buffer overflow with malicious xpm files; no server applications using it, though (-> no priv escalation)08:49
dokomithrandir: let me build a cross compiler, and see, how the cross compiled libgcc 1 is looking08:49
elmolesstif just got demoted08:50
Mithrandirdoko: ok08:50
elmoI think08:50
pittielmo: lesstif1 (thaaaaaaanks!!!), but not lesstif208:50
mdzI was just about to say08:50
mdzwhat is it doing in main?08:50
thomsweet mother of god. debdiff is trying to extract 2 firefox sourcetrees into /tmp08:50
mdzso yes, go ahead08:50
=== thom changes his TMPDIR
pittimdz: the fixes affect lesstif2, too08:50
pittimdz: I don't understand why we put lesstif1 into main for warty, too; now it's causing me headaches :-/08:51
lamontmdz: I'll plan on uploading 6232 after the preview, unless you want it before08:52
amupitti: could i delay kdegraphics (xpdf) a bit? is it urgent? is tomorrow fine for you?   08:52
pittiamu: depends on whether mdz wants it for the preview08:53
haggaiamu: I can look at it08:53
elmo(that's why we have lesstif apparently)08:53
elmothat and xpdf08:53
mdzpitti, amu: what is the question?08:54
pittielmo: vim does not need lesstif1, neither does xpdf (that uses lesstif2)08:54
mdzelmo: hmm, so when we move to gpdf, we can get rid of it08:54
mdzpitti: he was talking about lesstif208:54
mdzit would be nice to demote lesstif2 to universe too :-)08:55
pittiright :-)08:55
pittistill, why vim?08:55
=== dholbach creates MOTUGhostTrain
mdzfor the ugliest editor possible08:56
pittiah, build dependency08:56
thommdz:  416 files changed, 5298 insertions(+), 3016 deletions(-)08:57
pittimdz: I'm sure that we can drop vim-lesstif for hoary+1 :-)08:58
lamontfabbione: around?08:58
=== bluefoxicy tries to get vim highlighting like it did in gentoo
fabbionelamont: yes08:58
ajmitchdholbach: ghost train?08:58
=== pitti hands bluefoxicy a neat .vimrc
lamontis the sparc wanna-build --list=all output wgetable somewhere?08:58
pittibluefoxicy: what's wrong with the Ubuntu version?08:58
lamonthrm.. I suppose I could just login and check,.....08:58
sivangpitti: there are patches to make cupsys and g-c-l use dbus and listen for printer hotplug events, what do you think about including them to make new printers automatically appear (_local_ ones) when plugged into the computer?08:58
fabbionelamont: no, but i can make it so in a sec :-)08:59
bluefoxicypitti:  in Gentoo, vim comes with something that makes everything colorful08:59
mdzthom: gzip+mail?08:59
pittibluefoxicy: Ubuntu has that, too08:59
bluefoxicylike if you edit a .c file, comments are dark blue, if statements and variable types are green, etc.08:59
pittibluefoxicy: :syntax enable08:59
thommdz: yup, doing so now08:59
dholbachajmitch: because of "<mdz> it would be nice to demote lesstif2 to universe too :-)"08:59
bluefoxicypitti:  Oh, it's in there but not on by default08:59
fabbionelamont: do you need it constantly updated?08:59
=== bluefoxicy was looking for the package to install
ajmitchdholbach: ok, I must be missing some reference or something :)09:00
lamontactually just want to know if gmime2.1 built09:00
bluefoxicypitti:  thanks, added it to my .exrc09:00
fabbionelamont: bbl.. dinner is ready09:00
=== rcliii [~rcliii@byu176783wks.rn.byu.edu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimdz: lesstif successfully built, tested and ready to upload. now or after preview?09:01
lamontbah. mono09:01
lamontnow I'm going to have to actually _figure_out_ what changed and such. :-(09:02
tsengwhats up lamont 09:02
mdzpitti: if you test xpdf first, yes09:02
pittimdz: already tested :-)09:02
=== trukulo [~trukulo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukuloone question: warty is iso-code-based and hoary utf8, isn't it?09:03
thommdz: the docshell changes are the fix for the window injection vuln and that's the biggest change09:03
Kamionthat's simplistic. You can use UTF-8 in Warty.09:03
KamionWarty's default for most languages is non-UTF-8, and Hoary's default is UTF-8.09:04
=== zenrox [~zenrox@wbar7.sea-4-12-028-223.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== pippo [~fabio@host193-45.pool62211.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamonttseng: was looking at a bug that involved sparc and gmime2.1 (but not a gmime2.1 bug)09:05
lamontgmime2.1 is currently ftbfs on hoary/sparc because mono-utils is missing.09:05
lamontso I get to go really look at what's going on.09:05
mdzwindow injection doesn't scare me much09:05
lamontso much for the trivial 'doesn't apply to hoary' check09:05
mdzfirefox churn before preview scares me more :-)09:05
thomheh, fair enough09:05
thomi'll hold it and mozilla till thursday then 09:06
lamontmdz: you're only saying that because of the firefox/warty cluster.09:06
=== stuNNed_ [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
trukuloKamion, yes, i ask 'by default'09:07
trukulowill be any script that automatically change iso codes from warty to hoary when it's released?09:08
trukuloi mean, not having to do by hand 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales'09:08
=== OddAbe19 [~OddAbe19@pcp02542642pcs.lncstr01.pa.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzlamont: fool me once, shame on you...09:10
=== thesaltydog [~fabio@host193-45.pool62211.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontmds: "fool me 27 times....."09:11
mdzmd "rigid and boring" z09:11
=== lamont misses 3rd rock
thommdz: *giggle* at zsh advocacy in the bash completion thread09:12
=== stuNNed__ [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
T-Bonelamont: heh, you betcha :)09:12
mdzthom: do you think it's doable to have auto-torrent-love starting with preview?09:12
trukuloand does tty* can use utf8 ?09:12
mdzthom: how badly does it screw downloaders when the tracker gets restarted?09:13
thommdz: hardly at all, they just reconnect09:13
thommdz: i'm gonna take a hammer to it tomorrow and make sure it works09:14
mdzgreat, thanks09:14
=== defnop [~defnop@dD5769DD4.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzI expect that we'll be asking a lot of users to download the dailies following preview to test fixes; it'd be good to have torrents for them09:15
LBMipw2200 module is quite outdated09:18
LBMlot's of fixes09:18
LBMubuntu version is 0.19, latest release is 1.0.109:18
zulyes we know09:18
LBMany plans about bumping the version?09:18
zulyes after hoary is released09:19
LBMwell, okay09:19
=== trukulo [~trukulo@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdzLBM: 0.19 was current at the time our freeze began09:20
LBMmdz: when did you freeze?09:20
mdzLBM: early January09:20
=== kent [~kent@c83-249-61-222.bredband.comhem.se] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdz0.19 released December 20th09:20
LBMmdz: i see, a shame09:20
LBMlot's of resume related bugs fixed, right now09:21
=== stuNNed [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdz0.19 works pretty well for me, though it does occasionally get confused and log errors09:21
LBMright now it's quite sensitive09:21
mdzit's up to the kernel team whether they feel it would be safe to update it before the hoary release09:21
mdzthough we definitely won't be changing it for the preview release09:22
LBMwould be great09:22
T-Bonei suppose we could have a look, but it will require testing09:22
T-Bone*thorough* testing, that is09:22
LBMi'm ready to help you out09:23
T-Bonethat's good news09:23
LBMhand me some debs ;909:23
T-Boneheh. As mdz pointed out, you'll have to wait post preview freeze09:23
T-Bonethat is, nothing before next week09:23
LBMsounds great09:23
LBMand netapplet, any plans on that one?09:24
mdznetapplet was a target for Hoary, but it just isn't ready09:25
mdzpost-Hoary we'll probably go for NetworkManager09:25
mdzmeanwhile, netapplet is available in universe09:25
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lamont scratches his head at 6213.. damnedest fix I've ever seen
LBMi noticed that, yes09:27
=== goedson [~goedson@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
fabbionelamont: http://www.fabbione.net/sparc-list09:35
thomlamont: what was the fix?09:36
=== arsre [sdfsdf@CPE000cf190b8e0-CM014080218964.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamont-Files: /usr/share/doc/libxslt1-dev/html/*.html09:36
lamont-Files: /usr/share/doc/libxslt1-dev/EXSLT/*.html09:36
lamont-Files: /usr/share/doc/libxslt1-dev/EXSLT/html/*.html09:36
lamont-Files: /usr/share/doc/libxslt1-dev/tutorial*/*.html09:36
lamont+ /usr/share/doc/libxslt1-dev/html/*.html09:36
lamont+ /usr/share/doc/libxslt1-dev/EXSLT/*.html09:36
lamont+ /usr/share/doc/libxslt1-dev/EXSLT/html/*.html09:37
lamont+ /usr/share/doc/libxslt1-dev/tutorial*/*.html09:37
lamontwhich is to say, fix the input data instead of the actual segv-causing-source09:37
=== mvo [~egon@ip181.135.1511I-CUD12K-01.ish.de] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sivanghey mvo 09:43
mvohey sivang 09:43
=== HiddenWolf [~hidde@136.15.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachwb mvo09:44
=== goedson [~goedson@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== stuNNed_ [~stuNNed@adsl-068-209-149-165.sip.msy.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== Alessio [~Alessio@host113-4.pool8251.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontthom: exactly09:55
=== judith_ [~judith@CPE0011095f2041-CM00e06f240dd8.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Leaving"]
=== mdke [~mdke@mdke.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
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=== remi` [~remi@carnot-1-81-57-12-51.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
sladenabrelli: depends what for, Xen, UML, vserver have an overlapping feature set in someways, but shine in certain circumstances10:10
=== markoni [marko_tasi@P1-235-20020.dialup.ns.ac.yu] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== siretart [siretart@tauware.de] has left #ubuntu-devel []
zullater off to shovel snow whoope..10:12
=== markoni [marko_tasi@P1-235-20020.dialup.ns.ac.yu] has left #ubuntu-devel []
=== lamont prepares to go fetch kidlets
=== Goshawk [~Goshawk@host144-106.pool8253.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128pitti: around ?10:21
pittiseb128: yes10:21
=== dholbach hands seb128 an energy drink
seb128could you kick new language-packs ?10:21
pittiseb128: I can, when is your upload rave finished=10:22
seb128should be fine for today, that's why I'm asking10:23
pittiseb128: I mean, the packages must be finished building10:23
seb128I would like to take screenshot for the 2.10 french announce10:23
seb128and I need working translations :p10:23
pittiseb128: okay, this will certainly require some domain overrides10:23
pittiseb128: and some packages produce more than one domain, I have to pick there10:23
pittiseb128: are there still unbuilt packages?10:23
seb128what do you call "domain" ?10:23
pittiseb128: translation domain10:24
=== T-Bone will have a new efibootmgr to upload post-preview freeze
seb128apt-get wants to downgrade  gnome-system-monitor gpdf libglademm-2.4-1 libgtop2-5 libgtop2-dev10:24
pittiseb128: /usr/share/locale/<lang>/LC_MESSAGES/<domain>.mo10:24
seb128do I guess these ones for today, but that's good enough10:24
seb128oh, k10:24
seb128like gtk ? :)10:24
pittiseb128: yes, gtk is the most prominent example10:24
seb128so you just drop one of the domains ?10:25
pittiseb128: sorry :-(10:25
seb128bah, probably not a big deal, but still ugly :)10:25
pittiseb128: but I'm barely awake enough to kick new langpacks, I can't rewrite the scripts today any more10:25
seb128apps have one domain so that's mostly fine10:25
seb128pitti: don't bother, update them tomorrow, take some sleep now if you want10:26
seb128I can take the screenshots tomorrow10:26
pittiseb128: I start now, but will probably finish tomorrow10:27
seb128k, thanks10:27
ograseb128: lots of nice traffic on hoary changes today, thanks.... :)10:29
seb128thank you :)10:29
elmoiz gnome build bot10:30
sivangseb128: screenshots?10:30
sivangseb128: ah, just read the backlog :)10:30
seb128sivang: of what ?10:30
pittiseb128: people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/translations/20050307   -> lots of stuff :-)10:30
ograsivang: nah, its rather a daemon10:30
sivangogra: what?10:30
seb128pitti: yeah, pretty nice packaging day :)10:31
ograsivang,  gnome build bot :)10:31
sivangogra: ah hehe10:31
ajmitchseb128: you make our internet connections hurt today :)10:31
ograsivang, you know, it runs in the background and suddenly throws a hell of a lot of packages at you10:32
=== lamont bbl
seb128ajmitch: ah ah10:32
ograsivang, and its really mature (v128 already)10:32
sivangseb128: btw, finished 2.10 ?10:33
sivangseb128: ah ok, but was a bug bunch today :)10:33
seb128tomorrow probably all the ximian stuff10:34
=== GheRivero [~ghe@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
Amaranthximian stuff?10:35
sivangseb128: all I can say, thank you for turning apt into my cvs frontend :)10:35
jorditomorrow daf will take us to belfast10:43
jordiOH YEAH10:43
jordiPicadilly line, all the way to the Catholic area.10:43
haggailamont: mdz says I can ask you to add a dep-wait for me.  Amarok needs to dep-wait on kdebase 4:3.4.0-0pre1ubuntu210:44
=== x4m [~max@168.159-200-80.adsl.skynet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittimdz: the perl failure is new to 5.8.4-7, bod experienced it, too10:45
Riddelljordi: what are you doing in belfast?10:45
jordiRiddell: I'm in London with the Rosetta dudes. But we'll take the tube to Belfast tomorrow.10:45
Riddelljordi: tube to belfast eh?  that must be a new line on the underground10:46
=== ajmitch__ [~ajmitch@port164-182.ubs.maxnet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jordiRiddell: yeah dude! it's so great10:46
jordithe other end takes you to Manchester, but I have no more time for Manchester (or liverpool)10:47
Riddelljordi: but what's the crack in Belfast?  Going to add Ulster Scots?10:47
=== HcE [egtvedt@tux.samfundet.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
jordiRiddell: there's lots of police there10:48
Riddelljordi: well just don't take a black taxi, they're dodgey as anything10:48
Amaranthi read about the new release of gstreamer plugins _after_ i already had them10:49
mdkemplayer is in universe/multiverse now right? it is better to use the ubuntu version than the marillat ones?10:54
tsengubuntu is synced from marillat iirc10:54
trukulomdke, depend if you want things like w32codecs or dvdcss10:55
mdkejust mplayer pls10:55
trukulotseng, with support for w32codecs too ?10:55
=== jbailey [~jbailey@] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdkei'm trying to make some sense of the restricted formats wiki10:55
tsengwell, mplayer supports w32codecs as soon as you add them10:55
tsengthey just arent in ubuntu10:55
trukuloah, ok10:55
=== sabdfl [~mark@host217-37-231-28.in-addr.btopenworld.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
tsengxine can use them also10:56
mdketseng, so mplayer-*-ubuntu* will work with w32codecs?10:56
trukuloso you can add it from marillat repository10:56
mdkeits not necessary to have mplayer-*-woody from marillat?10:56
HrdwrBoBmdke: yes, the w32codecs just plonk windows files in s directory which mplayer reads10:56
HrdwrBoBthere's no actual libraries or anything10:56
mdkeHrdwrBoB, ok thanks.10:57
mdkeone more thing10:57
mdkeis it better to use the ubuntu mplayer build or the marillat/woody one?10:57
HrdwrBoBnot sure tbh10:57
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-29-88.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-devel
HrdwrBoBif you're using the marillat repository anyway10:57
lamonthaggai: note that pre1ubuntu1 was ftbfs...10:58
HrdwrBoBput them both in10:58
HrdwrBoBand just get whatever comes in first :)10:58
haggailamont: I just uploaded 210:58
lamontand amarok is currently building a place or 2 - I'll have to d-w it after it finishes failing...10:58
lamontbut will do so10:58
HrdwrBoB(bear in mind that the defaults for marillat are somewhat braindead and default to using 'x11' rather than xv or sdl10:58
haggailamont: thanks10:58
mdkeHrdwrBoB, hmm10:58
lamontright now, I need to be not here... back in about 90 min or so10:58
=== thierry [~t@modemcable026.12-202-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
mdkeanyone else have an opinion on the mplayer-marillat / mplayer-ubuntu build difference?11:00
tsengwe've gave you several I believe11:01
=== joaocruz [~joao@ip68-0-220-224.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== joaocruz [~joao@ip68-0-220-224.ri.ri.cox.net] has left #ubuntu-devel []
tsengbtw, this isnt a support channel. this question would be better asked on #ubuntu in the future please11:03
mdkei'm not asking for support11:03
mdkebut i hear and obey11:03
=== psy_ [~psy@a80-126-83-214.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: d'oh, many packages don't have a pot file 11:05
=== apokryphos [~francis@host-84-9-33-174.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128pitti: do you need it ?11:08
pittiseb128: I use it as a heuristic to find out the translation domain11:08
pittiseb128: now I have to alter my scripts11:08
seb128bah, do that tomorrow11:09
=== BlackHussar [~chatzilla@corp.stamps.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
seb128I don't want to bother you11:09
pittiseb128: I have to do that anyway11:09
=== thierry [~t@modemcable026.12-202-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mdke [~mdke@mdke.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== carlos [~carlos@george.kkhotels.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu-devel
dholbachi'm off to bed11:16
dholbachgood night everyone11:16
pittinight dholbach 11:17
dholbachbye pitti11:17
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091cae.pool.terralink.de] has left #ubuntu-devel ["Verlassend"]
=== psy__ [~psy@a80-126-83-214.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== jlj [~agp@host-81-191-64-79.bluecom.no] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== lupusBE [~lupus@dD5E03F2C.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== mvo goes to bed now too
pittilamont: is it possible that some buildds still have the old pkgstriptranslations? I still have some broken tarballs without mo files11:26
pittimvo: night11:26
mvopitti: good night11:26
jbaileyT-Bone: ping?11:28
=== boglot [~logbot@gw.workaround.org] has joined #ubuntu-devel
lamontpitti: adare had 811:33
pittilamont: ah, that explains it, thanks11:33
lamontlesstif1-1 doesn't like you, but I assume you know that (ubuntu1.2, that is)11:34
seb128lamont: any build issue with 2.10 packages ?11:34
lamontseb128: the only logfiles I currently have in =buildd/main are from a package of pitti's/11:35
T-Bonejbailey: pong11:35
T-Bonejbailey: sorry, was watching some Anime again :)11:35
jbaileyT-Bone: Lol, what?  You're not just sitting around waiting for me to talk to you?  For shame! ;)11:36
T-Bonejbailey: damn you ;)11:36
seb128lamont: nice :)11:36
T-Bonejbailey: otoh I'm improving my anime knowledge database for you :)11:36
lamontso popcon.ubuntu.com is the real location, yes?11:36
enricoHello.  Is #ubuntu-meeting free next thursday from 17.00 to 18.00 UTC?11:37
lamontthom: you around?11:37
pittiseb128: still here?11:38
seb128pitti: yep probably 2 hours before sleeping11:40
pittiseb128: do you still have a gnome-themes build tree? can you please check that the translation domain is indeed "gnome-themes"?11:41
pittiseb128: that's one of the packages with a broken translation tarball11:41
seb128pitti: gnome-themes.mo11:42
pittiseb128: thanks11:43
seb128do we have a build chain change ?11:44
ograenrico: MOTU uses it monthly on thursdays at this time but the next MOTU meeting is on march 31, so i would assume yes....11:44
seb128wnck has jus dropped a list of internal symboles with no reason11:44
enricoogra: ok.  Then the Docteam 0WNZ it11:44
=== ogra thinks we should have a schedule for #ubuntu-meeting
seb128no code change with the previous upload11:44
enricoif it's busy, then we take the room in the front11:44
seb128lamont: ?11:45
ograenrico: i just thought we could have a testcase for the new hula-server package thats about to enter universe :) 11:45
=== psy_ [~psy@a80-126-83-214.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
ograyup, herzi packaged it 11:46
enricoogra: does it have something to do with those large rings one spins around their body?11:46
thomlamont: sortakinda11:47
lamontseb128: buildd auto upgrades every night11:47
ograenrico: lol, probably.... i didnt choose the name... http://www.hula-project.org/Hula_Server11:47
lamontbut it shouldn't drop things unless someone turned on --as-needed or something silly like that...11:47
enricoogra: I like the description!11:48
lamontthom: popcon.ubuntu.com, with it's 5 submissions, is the real location?11:48
thomreal location, need to fix the server11:48
thomprolly tomorrow11:48
ograenrico: yep and you can test it soon :)11:49
pittiseb128: same for libgnome?11:49
enricoogra: I'm curious.  However it seems a bit too featureful to be easy to use: I hope I'm wrong, though11:50
seb128pitti: libgnome-2.0.mo11:50
lamontthom: other question - is MYHOST_ID still used?11:50
=== psy___ [~psy@a80-126-83-214.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomuh, yeah11:51
=== lamont got pinged by the debian popcon folks, wanted to have some sort of sanity in his reply...
seb128pitti: libgnome-2.0.mo11:51
pittiseb128: oh, thanks. that would have been wrong :-)11:51
thomlamont: i have mail from them too, have been ignoring it for lack of time11:51
lamontthom: /etc/popularity-contest.conf isn't even used in popcon-upload.py....11:51
lamontah, mine just showed up w/in the last hour11:52
ograenrico: i didnt try it myself, i'm just happy to have a packge in from a marketing perspective ;) its very fameous11:52
enricoogra: cool!11:52
thomlamont: no, the hostid is used by popcon itself11:52
lamontthom: so which one of us wants to (a) fix all the debian references in ubuntu's popcon, and (2) answer their mail?11:52
lamontthom: oh.  ok11:52
pittiseb128: okay, no problems any more with today's stripped tarballs11:53
lamontand the destination host for popcon-upload.py is kinda hardcoded right now too, I note.11:53
thierryit would be great if there was something in the developper wiki to explain how to make patch...11:53
=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-devel
pittiseb128: if everything is built, then I can trigger an update11:54
=== lamont files a bug in bz for them.
=== fgx [~fgx@host97-142.pool8248.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-devel
thomlamont: bounce me your mail or file a bug and i'll do both11:54
seb128pitti: go go go :)11:54
lamontthom: coolness11:54
=== pitti goes
seb128Removed: _wnck_activate11:54
seb128Removed: _wnck_activate_workspace11:54
seb128Removed: _wnck_application_add_window11:54
seb128Removed: _wnck_application_create11:54
seb128Removed: _wnck_application_destroy11:54
=== Amaranth [~travis@ip68-229-188-97.om.om.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== seb128 doesn't get why these symboles are dropped of the nm -D
seb128same package11:54
thomyes, hardcoded since i are teh lazy11:54
seb128built one week ago and now11:54
thomanyway, bbl11:55
lamontthom: np11:55
seb128anybody has an idea on what could change that ?11:55
seb128that's a diff of the nm -D listing on the lib11:55
lamontthom: I'll go ahead and reply quickly to them to tell them that I've filed a bug for us to fix our debian references..11:55
=== Amaranth [~travis@amaranth.user] has joined #ubuntu-devel
=== T-Bone is off to bed
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lamontthom: #7288 has the email body in it, just for giggles.11:58
thomlamont: k, cc me on your reply?11:59
lamontthom.may@ubuntu.com, yes?11:59
thomjust thom11:59

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