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mdkei've changed the RestrictedFormats wiki. Feel free to change back/correct mistakes. i've sent an email to the list too12:59
mdkebed time now12:59
mdkenice to meet you all12:59
froudAfrican Greetings06:35
froudme sees some very interesting discussion in the irc log.06:35
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froudBurgundavia: morning. You should read IRC log, it will interest you ;-)08:32
Burgundaviaam doing now08:40
Burgundaviawho is mdke?08:45
Burgundaviacool about the yahoo press release08:46
froudBurgundavia: thanks, dont know mdke08:48
froudmdke is a new entrant08:48
Burgundaviaalright, where should I send my patch?09:09
Burgundaviaok, I have an issue with the links. They are not working correctly09:13
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Burgundaviamaskie: you have commit access to the svn repo?09:35
froudBurgundavia: you can send patches to the list10:04
froudIf you send it now I will check it. Thanks.10:05
Burgundaviaok, I am almost done. Lots of language cleanup primarily10:09
Burgundaviasvn -diff?10:09
Burgundaviashould I include in the email or attach the patch?10:11
Burgundaviaall 500 lines of it?10:22
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froudattach the patch10:56
froudwhich doc is it for please10:56
froudgot it thank11:00
froudBurgundavia:  nice one thanks, I have applied it11:07
KinnisonMorning guys11:07
froudBurgundavia:  in some places your checking was a bit intrusive. In other words your personal preference. But that's ok ;-)11:08
froudKinnison: morning11:08
froudBurgundavia: we actually wanted more text than less :-)11:10
Burgundaviafroud: hmm11:10
BurgundaviaI cut out some stuff that was better left explained elsewhere, IMHO11:10
Burgundaviafeel free to add anything you feel back in11:10
BurgundaviaI will have another patch for you in about an hour11:11
Burgundaviamuch smaller this time11:11
BurgundaviaKinnison: I wanted to thank for your 30 sec. intro to OO programming. That 30sec was more useful that 3 years of school11:11
froudBurgundavia: sure, no worries, I will leave it in community hands now. However, it is always good to work in small patches. Work in a node, make changes and make a patch. That way it is easier to apply/not apply, role forward and backwards ;-)11:14
KinnisonBurgundavia: *grin*11:14
abelliKinnison: what kind of introduction?11:16
abelliKinnison: ruby right? ;)11:16
Kinnisonabelli: naah; python in this instance because it's what we had to hand11:17
abellieheh :)11:17
abelliBurgundavia: kinnison is the best teacher you could have had. :o)=11:18
Burgundaviadammit, I want committ access to the svn repo11:18
Kinnisonsvn is so crud. It ate my boyfriend's repository11:19
Burgundaviawell it is what they use11:19
abelliBurgundavia i think that after having washed 300 times elmo's car.. youll easily have it :)11:19
KinnisonBurgundavia: It's amazing. 1 working repo... rsync it... 1 non-working repo11:20
Kinnisonsvn is so shit11:20
Burgundaviaso has he moved to baz then?11:20
KinnisonAnd we rsynced the entire /home to a new OS installation11:20
Kinnisonhe won't touch baz11:20
BurgundaviaKinnison: what is the timeframe for moving bugzilla-->malone?11:23
froudKinnison: he did not configure live spanshot right11:25
froudAll revision systems are prone to problems, the trick is to be a good admin and plan for disaster recovery11:26
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froudenrico: can you arrange with Burgundavia to setup svn commit account, please?12:16
Kinnisonfroud: I don't like VCSs where the disaster recovery tools don't work12:16
froudKinnison: Hmm strange I have had good experiences with SVN.12:17
froudI have corrupted my database a few times. Everytime I was able to recover12:18
enricofroud: sure12:50
enricoBurgundavia: around?12:50
enricoBurgundavia: please send me your preferred username and GPG key ID, and I'll forward that to Elmo12:50
enricoIf you have no gpg key, then please send me your preferred username, and the password encrypted with Elmo's GPG key12:51
KinnisonBurgundavia: bet you're glad I convinced you to have a GPG key now :-)12:51
BurgundaviaKinnison: actually, that key got munched when the hdd died on that laptop12:51
KinnisonBurgundavia: boo hiss12:52
KinnisonBurgundavia: You suck :-)12:52
BurgundaviaKinnison: the only place it went to was the old svn repo12:52
Burgundaviathat is why I didn't join the key signing12:52
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mdkemorning all01:03
froudhello mdke 01:11
froudread your intersting discussion yesterday01:11
froudnice ideas01:11
mdkei find it easy to place myself in the boots of an ubuntu n00b01:14
mdkei think that since ubuntu is such a great user friendly distro, its docs should be user friendly too01:17
mdkefroud, anyway pleased to meet you, my name is matt01:20
froudsorry I was on the bongo-drums (phone)01:35
froudyes, all help is welcome01:35
froudI dont touch wiki much01:35
froudonly for Documentationteam stuff01:35
mdkeis there a space on the official website which refers question to wiki entries?01:35
froudmostly workin in SVN on Docbook01:35
froudfrankly I have no idea01:36
froudwiki is not for me01:36
froudI can work with it but find it better to focus01:36
mdkei'll have a look01:36
abellifroud: don't worry mdke feels comfortable writing on wax tablets01:36
froudnice meeting you01:37
froudabelli: lol01:37
=== mdke sends abelli to a far away country
abellimdke: are you in italy now?01:37
abelligood 01:37
mdkesunny london01:37
frouditaly is a far away country01:37
mdkegood? harsh01:37
mdkeciao cmq01:37
abellimdke: ciao bello01:37
froudCom eto sunny South Africa dude01:37
mdkeciao belli01:38
abellifroud: will you host us?01:38
froudno problem01:38
froudand if I cant maskie will01:38
froudand if he cant we will just hijack the tsf offices01:39
abelliwhere's tsf located?01:39
froudCape town01:39
mdkebad luck on the cricket btw :p01:40
froudwhat cricket01:40
mdkethe english cricket01:40
abellifroud: yep, but is it in any particular building?01:41
mdkei'd like to visit SA01:41
mdkemust be amazing01:41
froudbong drum01:42
frouddid we play you01:43
froudwho won01:43
froudyou guys01:43
abellithe italian rugby team graze perfection01:45
froudyeah yeah01:47
abellimdke: you're not in ubuntu-it, doh.01:49
froudOh dudes, btw the yelp processing instruction is now enabled in Quick Guide01:58
froudI mention this because some may be wondering wtbh it wont validate01:58
froudif you nnneed to validate just comment the processing instruction01:59
mdkeabelli, the italian rugby team is doing equally well as the english one02:02
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enricofroud: ok, meeting.  What do we do?03:36
enricoEven if I schedule it on the last allowed hour (19:00-20:00), you'll be there for half of the hour only03:37
enricoOTOH, you're one of the most active people in the team03:37
enricoI'm stuck03:37
mdkeenrico, giorno03:40
enricomdke: ciao!03:42
mdkei was gonna try and work on the Docbook/DocBook wiki integration03:43
mdkeenrico, which to use as the final version?03:43
enricomdke: sorry, I didn't undertsand the question03:45
mdkeenrico, which address: wiki/Docbook or wiki/DocBook03:45
enricoAh! :)  Sorry03:45
mdkemy fault03:45
enricoBoo.  I didn't know we have 2 different pages03:46
mdkeme neither03:46
enricohttp://www.docbook.org/ says "DocBook"03:46
mdkeDocBook is also the more developed wiki so that is easy03:47
mdkeok devo andare03:48
mdkea  piu tardi03:48
enricomdke: ciao!03:49
froudenrico: dunno what to do. my bad03:55
enricofroud: not many people replied to me.  We can still reschedule, even if it's not funny.03:56
Burgundaviaenrico: the tim eis good for me03:56
enricoBut it's better to have a crowded rescheduled meeting than a meeting with two people03:56
enricoBurgundavia: ah, ok03:57
BurgundaviaI just forgot to respond, sorry03:57
enricothe other problem is that, as Burgundavia shows, I don't know if people didn't answer because they can't come, or if they didn't because they could come at any time03:57
Burgundaviaenrico: send another around saying rsvp or we reschedule03:58
enricoBurgundavia: good idea03:58
froudwhat about weekend03:58
froudsorry enrico I totally forgot that I have lectures03:59
froudbut lectures come before FOSS03:59
enricoso far it's me, john levin, corey, jeff and sivang03:59
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enricoIs there someone from the american west coast?04:04
enricoBurgundavia: you are not from Vancouver, aren't you? :)04:04
Burgundaviaacross the water04:04
BurgundaviaNA PST04:05
enricoUTC+/- ?04:05
Burgundaviacurrently I don't work, so I can be up at any time04:05
enricoI imagine you don't wake up at 6:00am04:06
Burgundaviawell, I have been up all night?04:06
Burgundaviaand it is 7am now04:06
Burgundavialike I said, I currently don04:06
Burgundaviat work04:06
enricoI mean: 15:00UTC is 7:00 NA PST and 02:03 in Sidney04:06
Burgundaviaworks for me04:07
Kinnisonhave you slept at all yet??04:07
Burgundaviasince we last talked, no04:07
Kinnisondude, that is not good for you04:07
enricouhm... but 22:00UTC is quite nice for many04:07
enricounless we start having russians in the team04:07
BurgundaviaKinnison: yes, I know04:08
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enricoBurgundavia: I still haven't received the details for your svn account04:11
Burgundaviahaven't sent them yet04:11
Burgundaviaah yes, I had flagged your previous email as todo, but had not done it yet04:13
enricoBurgundavia: no problem.  I think your best priority is to get some sleep04:13
BurgundaviaI will email you later today04:13
froudenrico: I told you so, "Participation in FOSS projects leads to sleep deprevation."04:16
enrico...and lots of fun!04:16
froudoh yes04:16
froudyou added that04:16
Burgundaviasleep is good04:16
froudHmm I think so04:16
froudbut I must do lectures now, so I will love you and leave you for about 3 hours04:16
froudenrico: let us know via the list04:17
froudoh you already have04:17
enricofroud: :)04:17
froudno flies on you dude04:17
mdke_laptopanyone home who understands how the MoinMoin code of the wiki works?04:53
enricomdke_laptop: what do you mean?05:00
mdke_laptopenrico, i need a doc which explains how to code the wiki using MoinMoin markup. I've basically understood headings, bullet points and numbered lists, but i need to figure out how to intent things05:13
enricothere are various other HelpOn* pages05:16
mdke_laptopenrico, great ty05:17
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sivangmako: ping07:51
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makosivang: hola07:52
sivangmako: hola mako, still in spain? :)08:10
makosivang: no.. but i might be in columbia this time next week08:19
makowhere, unlike new york where i am now, there is probably not a snow storm08:20
sivangmako: oh :) probably. what are you going to do there?08:27
makotalking about why ubuntu rocks08:30
makorocking about ubuntu even :)08:30
sivangmako: good for yoou, travelling all over the world for this ...08:32
abellimako: ping10:23
makoabelli: hey dude10:25
abellimako: ciao10:25
makowhats up10:26
abellimako: i don't think you need me on that meeting10:26
abellimako: mmm things are much better now10:26
abellimako: just wanted to let you know i won't be there.10:26

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