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sabdflwiting for mdz01:08
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mdzsabdfl: yes?01:11
sabdfllet's talk about releasing right away01:11
sabdflelmo's asleep, and deserves it, i am happy to go without him unless he said anything about having more to do before release01:12
sabdflwe can wake him up if there's a /.'ing01:12
mdzhe said nothing to me01:12
sabdflor, unless anything thinks he'd be upset to miss it01:12
KamionI haven't done my usual battery of testing yet, it took unexpectedly long to rsync everything01:12
Kamionbut there's been plenty of other testing this time round01:12
sabdflhe's key to the mirroring thing, but i expect he will be up before the major news sites are carrying the story01:12
sabdflone advantage to releasing now is catching the full day's news on US tz's01:13
mdzeven on EST it's only 071501:13
mdzbut if you want me to send out the announcement, it's either soon (stay up a bit) or much later (sleep)01:14
sabdfli'm happy to announce now, have kamion watching it for the next 8 hours while you sleep, then you covering it01:15
Kamionok, shall I copy to release dirs?01:15
sabdflany objections to a release now?01:16
Kamionmy install-i386 test is still running, but hey :-)01:16
sabdfleta till that's done?01:16
mdzsabdfl: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DraftHoaryPreviewAnnouncement has seen some tweaks; you want a final review before I paste it into email?01:17
Kamioncoupla minutes01:17
sabdflmdz: has everyone had a chance to add their tech pieces01:17
KamionI'm still unconvinced about claiming "multimedia ready"01:18
sabdfli think the preview should be aimed at developers01:18
Kamionthat was something sivang added IIRC01:18
mdzit's seen a bunch of revisions01:18
mdzI haven't really tracked them01:18
mdzKamion: I agree, that's a bit shady01:18
sabdflcan i add python 2.4?01:18
sabdflediting now01:18
mdzabout the only multimedia feature we have out of the box is Vorbis playback01:18
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sabdfllet me say vorbis playback then01:19
Kamionwhat are we going to do with http://www.ubuntu.com/download/?01:19
Kamionit has a load of direct links to warty images at the moment01:19
mdzsabdfl: we had that in warty, too, of course01:20
mdzlet's not link to /download/ at all in this announcement01:20
Kamionalthough only some of the links are warty-specific, some would cover both01:21
Kamionit's a bit of a mess01:21
Kamionmdz: we do kind of have to link somewhere ...01:21
Mithrandircould we drop the multiple exclamation marks, pretty please?01:21
mdzKamion: link directly to cdimage01:21
KamionMithrandir: meh, yeah01:21
Kamionmdz: well, releases.u.c01:21
mdzyes, please01:21
mdzKamion: right01:21
sabdflwhat's the link? i've got the Big Plone Lock01:21
Kamionhttp://releases.ubuntu.com/hoary/ (does not yet exist)01:22
Kamionit'll be hoary-preview-*01:22
sabdfljust that link should be enough then01:22
mdz /hoary/ ?01:22
mdzor /hoary/preview/ ?01:22
Kamionwith the same "select a CD" page that's on /warty/01:22
Kamionmdz: this is what we did for warty preview01:22
mdzhmm, ok01:22
Kamionplease don't make me reorganise releases.u.c *again* :-)01:23
sabdflworks for me01:23
sabdflKamion: sydney :-)01:23
Kamioncdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hoary/preview/ is organised thus01:23
Kamionreleases.ubuntu.com exists with the express purpose of being simpler01:23
Kamionbecause sabdfl wanted it that way :)01:23
sabdflany other changes?01:23
mdzsabdfl: s/apt-get.org/& and more/ ?  we've imported stuff from other sites as well01:23
Kamioninstall-i386 is good01:23
Kamionsabdfl: drop the "and DVD" please, near the top01:24
ogra_livesabdfl: there will be a lot of stuff in universe not yet on apt-get org for release (hula, php5 etc)01:24
Kamionwe decided not to do DVDs for preview01:24
sabdflmy sed-fu isn't so good.. does that mean s/apt-get.org/apt-get.org and more/01:24
Mithrandirsabdfl: yes01:25
Mithrandir& is "replace with what the replacement matched"01:25
Kamionok, about to publish: going ...01:25
Kamiongoing ...01:25
Kamiondrama is marginally less effective when misspelled01:27
mdzsabdfl: you want the announcement to go anyplace besides ubuntu-announce?01:27
sabdfl /hoary/ not found01:27
sabdflKamion: yes, adds that essential Dr Evil component, though01:27
sabdflmdz:  /.?01:27
mdzsabdfl: do they have an email submission address?01:28
mdzI thought someone had to submit through the webiste01:28
sabdflno, got to do it manually, maybe let's NOT submit it01:28
Kamionsabdfl: /hoary/ will be there in a bit, it takes it a while to copy and then to md5sum THE WORLD01:28
sabdfllwn, distrowatch et yes01:28
sabdflKamion: and the UNIVERSE?01:28
mdzwow, we're >100 points ahead on the 3-month distrowatch01:29
mdzsabdfl: lwn is subscribed to -announce, that seems to be how they prefer to do it01:29
mdzI can copy them as well, but there isn't much point01:29
fabbioneafter tomorrow we will be way more than that :-)01:30
sabdflok, -announce is fine for now then01:30
Kamionsabdfl: fortunately little does not mirror universe ;-)01:30
mdzis there a distrowatch equivalent to lwn@lwn.net?01:30
=== sabdfl searches memory for a long-lost set of bits
mdzah, distro@distrowatch.com01:31
mdzthey don't seem to be on -announce, so I'll CC them01:32
Kamionmdz: just to confirm, daily/20050310.2 and daily-live/20050310, right?01:32
mdzthough they pick up stuff from our discussion lists very quickly01:32
Kamioni.e. targets of */current01:33
mdzyes, unless you did another build when I wasn't looking01:33
Kamionnope :-)01:33
mdzwhatever matches the md5sums in preview/01:33
Kamionpreview/ is what I'm creating at the moment01:33
mdzwhatever you mirrored to preview and then rm -rf'd earlier, then :-)01:34
Kamionoh god it's re-md5summing .pool/warty-*, sigh, I must fix that to be more intelligent01:34
mdzf1e7bf00ced6e10db4cad8fb9c33d2f6  hoary-install-amd64.iso01:34
mdz0f04de0a00e922cda2e6c49c37eceb7f  hoary-install-i386.iso01:34
mdz1281b9ae6bd527e7d236eb8e44e8c84e  hoary-install-powerpc.iso01:34
Kamionor else it gets slower for every release we do :-)01:34
Kamionstill, faster to do this than to rewrite the publish script on the fly01:35
mdz1bef5179a459a07c9e4320127193ae69  hoary-live-amd64.iso01:35
mdz022b6e193cf8c95e943c97bb94c03d00  hoary-live-i386.iso01:35
mdzis what I tested01:36
Kamionok, good01:36
mdzsabdfl: waiting for you to save the announcement01:36
sabdflKamion: /hoary/ still not found01:37
mdzmd5summing THE WORLD01:37
Kamionsabdfl: we're not there yet :-)01:38
Kamiongoing as fast as I can01:38
sabdflmdz: i'm saved01:38
sabdfltime to upgrade little :-)01:38
Kamionnah, time to fix scripts ;)01:38
sabdfli was thinking01:38
sabdflreleases will grow linearly01:38
sabdflmoores law is exponential01:38
mdz"the preview of their second release - Ubuntu 5.04 Preview"?01:39
sabdflin theory, time should decrease after some future release01:39
sabdflyou have the lock01:39
Kamionthe linear growth is only an artifact of me md5summing everything rather than just the new stuff01:39
ogra_livehmm, shouldnt the hoary description also read "matured" ?01:39
sabdfli was just taking issue with a very technical point in the long term :-)01:39
sabdfl(12:34:48) Kamion: or else it gets slower for every release we do :-)01:40
Kamionthat was referring to me currently md5summing warty+hoary01:40
mdzI guess it can't hurt to metnion preview twice01:40
mdzto avoid "Ubuntu 5.04 is released!!11"-itis01:40
mdzsabdfl: "I must fix that to be more intelligent...or else..."01:41
sabdflKamion: yes, but if the cd size to be md5summed grows linearly, and system speed grows exponentially, then at some point time will start to decline01:41
Kamionfortunately CD size cannot grow linearly :-) but DVD size might; md5summing all that all over the place will be a laugh01:41
Kamionbut yes, you're right :)01:41
mdzI've copied the draft announcement01:42
sabdfli suppose we might switch to dvd-only releases at some point01:42
mdzand fixed the double !!01:42
Mithrandirmdz: thanks01:42
mdzstanding by01:42
Kamionlr-x------    1 cjwatson warthogs       64 Mar 10 12:41 3 -> /srv/cdimage.no-name-yet.com/www/simple/.pool/warty-install-amd64.iso01:42
Kamionand one of those days we need to un-nny little01:43
mdznny.com will be with us 4-ever01:44
sabdflnot least, when we spin off new business ideas, we can use nny01:45
sabdflfor old times sake01:45
fabbionesabdfl: eheh cool idea :)01:45
=== mdz yawns
Kamionhm, we'll want live torrents01:47
mdzwe have them already01:47
Kamionnot in simple/hoary/ we don't01:47
=== Kamion generates
Kamionfor some reason it only torrents the install CDs automatically, that's a bug01:47
sabdflmdz: need to ping cliff for a new splashscreen01:47
mdzit doesn't copy the ones you already generated?01:47
sabdfli think we could make it really nice with the new look01:48
Kamionno, I wasn't sure if they were URL-dependent or what01:48
Kamionand I can't rely on having torrents for dailies anyway01:48
Kamionoh, besides, the ones in releases.u.c have "Ubuntu CD releases.ubuntu.com" as the comment01:48
mdzsabdfl: he has made some, but they were sort of left behind by the last-minute desktop changes01:48
sabdflmdz: should we put the .torrent url's directly in the announcement?01:48
mdzsabdfl: tough call01:49
sabdfllet's do it01:49
mdz6 URLs is too many to pack in there, I'd say01:49
sabdflcan i edit again?01:49
mdzedit away, I'm branched already :-P01:49
sabdflok, have it your way :-)01:49
sabdfli suppose the directory listing will include the torrents?01:49
sabdflso people will use them when our bandwidth is maxed01:49
mdz- it's a lot of URLs01:49
mdz- not everyone can use the .torrent, and those who can't will be confused01:50
sabdflfuck, i forgot to bump up our ceiling01:50
sabdflwill do it for final01:50
mdz- if we don't list them all, we'll have to choose which architectures01:50
mdzsabdfl: how much advance notice do they need?01:50
sabdflmdz: not much01:50
sabdfli don't think there's actually a cap on there01:50
Kamion'k, syncing01:50
sabdflbut it might result in a bill01:50
Kamion(to mirrors)01:50
mdzsabdfl: if there is, it's >=200mbit01:51
sabdflwe've hit 300mbit before easily01:51
sabdfland for final i'd not be surprised if we crack 50001:51
sabdflthat's like a CD every 10 seconds01:51
sabdfllike a virtual mako01:51
mdzelmo said we would receive no bill for bursting01:51
mdzso I assume we'll just get out-competed at some point01:52
sabdflin general i've held them to that01:52
sabdflok, just left a voicemail for the guy, so he doesn't get the WTF experience01:53
Kamioncome on, mirnyy, you can do it01:53
sabdflmdz: take a nap, we'll call when little is done :-)01:53
sabdflah, mirnyy01:53
Kamionlittle's done, it's all the rsyncs now01:53
mdzaren't those syncing from little?01:54
thomtorrents should be up01:54
Kamionalthough will need another sync-mirrors run 'cos I forgot to update the releases.ubuntu.com index, but that should be quick01:54
Kamionmdz: yeah01:54
mdzsurely little is the bottleneck01:54
sabdfl!!! w00t01:54
Kamionbut I stop regarding it as little's responsibility :)01:54
sabdflsorry, premature exclamation01:54
fabbionethat "w00t" looks so much to the one that was in the apache build process....01:55
fabbionewas that coming from you sabdfl ?01:55
KamionI thought that was netgod's fault01:56
sabdflcosmic ray, synapse01:56
mdzis that the one that echoed a bell to the terminal too?01:56
Kamionoh, it's still doing http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/hoary/preview/, hmm01:56
mdzman I hated that01:56
Mithrandirmdz: you have beeps on?01:56
Kamionbind 'set bell-style none'01:57
fabbionemdz: ????01:57
Treenaksxset b off :)01:57
mdzyou people are crazy01:57
fabbione^^this ring a bell01:57
fabbioneit should...01:57
mdzI'm talking about debian/rules which would do echo ^G01:57
mdzI thought it was apache01:57
fabbioneno no01:57
fabbionelast i did was to use figlet to tell users to die .. or something like that01:58
fabbionecan't remember01:58
mdzmaybe openssl01:58
Mithrandirhoary i on releases.u.c01:58
mdzsomething which got a lot of security updates :-P01:58
Kamionok, it's up01:58
mdz /hoary/ needs to say "preview" somewhere in big bold letters01:59
mdzin the title as well01:59
mdzright now it just says 5.04 and looks final01:59
sabdflyes, need a <title> and <h1> that include PREVIEW01:59
Kamionmdz: title changed, better suggestions welcome01:59
mdzmaybe we should call the preview 5.03 :-)01:59
sabdflmdz: did think of that02:00
sabdfli think 5.04-preview is better02:00
Kamionhm, that <h1> looks crap02:00
sabdflt's good enough for me02:01
sabdflanything else to be done?02:01
mdzsabdfl: should I change the announcement text to say 5.04-preview instead of "5.04 Preview"?02:01
sabdflKamion: could you update the ReleaseChecklist with notes from today's glitches?02:01
sabdflmdz: yes please02:01
Kamiondowngraded the other headings a notch02:01
mdzI made sure that the line doesn't wrap between 5.04 and preview :-)02:01
mdzok, done02:01
sabdflKamion: better. take back what i said about text-boy02:01
sabdflare we ready?02:02
sabdflKamion: ?02:02
Kamionsabdfl: I've updated my to-do list to fix the md5summing, I think everything else was OK02:02
sabdflmdz: nazhmitye pazhalusta balshoi krasnuyu knopku.02:02
mdzis that zulu for "send the damn email already"?02:03
Kamionlooks Russian to me02:03
Kamionuse Cyrillic script :-)02:03
sabdflplease press the big red button02:03
sabdfl'cept i think my cases are all shot to hell02:03
sabdflwell done everybody02:03
sabdfl!! w00t (sorry fabbione)02:04
fabbionewhy sorry with me?02:04
sabdflmdz: would you like to announce to the irc channels too?02:04
Kamionhm, actually, yeah, there are a couple of releasechecklist items02:04
mdzwill do02:04
sabdflKamion: while you're there, could you put the artwork one week before in UPPER CASE and BOLD?02:04
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mdzwaiting for the announcement to show up in the list archive so I can link to it02:05
Kamionsabdfl: absolutely :-)02:05
Kamionsabdfl: done02:06
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sabdflnow, where are those bandwidth charts :-)02:08
ogra_liveelmo prmised them to me in mataro....havent seen them yet though :)02:12
mdzsabdfl: I can get to them02:16
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sabdflmdz: privmsg acess details?02:18
thomis there anything sysadminy required for the release?02:18
Kamionthom: not sysadminy, but would you mind verifying the preview jigdos?02:21
thomsure, it'll take about 5 mins02:24
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thomKamion, amd64 jigdo iso worked fine02:32
Kamioncool, thanks02:33
thompowerpc iso is building as i speak02:33
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thomKamion: x86, powerpc jigdos look good02:47
Kamionthom: thanks03:32
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