jbaileyIs there a sane way to tell if NOEXEC is enabled or not on a given system?12:46
=== zul [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulhow now brown cow02:38
lamontnah, hay is for horses02:38
=== lamont just fed, you see...
zulheh i just fed the guinea pig02:38
zulso kind of same thing02:38
lamonthrm.. I'm on  major lagtime today03:06
fabbionei guess nobody has been tracking the Debian kernel while i was away... right?06:32
dilingeri have!06:36
fabbioneyeah i know you do :)06:39
fabbionenobody did here06:39
fabbioneand i can see a few hunderd tons of SECURITY and other important bug fixes06:39
dilingeri actually am about to release 2.6.10-606:40
dilingeri have an i386 image compiling06:40
fabbioneis there any abi breakage between debian 2.6.10-4 and -6?07:09
dilingerthere shouldn't be07:16
dilingeri dropped the netfilter private frag queue stuff07:16
dilingerthere's an amd64 fix that touches a header file, but it's a static inline function, so it shouldn't break stuff07:17
dilingeri'm also reenabling CONFIG_PREEMPT on i386, so as to avoid an ABINAME bump07:17
dilingerno point fixing that stuff in 2.6.10, and having it rot in NEW while we do the same thing in 2.6.1107:17
fabbionebut that's in the kernel-image....07:18
dilingerwhich you don't care about.  but i figured i'd mention for completeness07:18
fabbioneyes.. i am not going to munge too much around with configs at this point in time07:18
dilingeri have a half written ruby script that does abi checking07:19
dilingerwrote it in an airport07:19
dilingeri should finish it tonight07:19
fabbioneyeah but we were considering build-time checks07:20
dilingerbounty it, and i'll have it done in a day or two :)07:21
fabbionein 99.9% of the cases we always pre-build on porting boxes07:21
dilingerin something other than ruby07:21
fabbionefor bounties = mdz ;)07:21
=== dilinger pokes mdz
fabbionethe point isn't ruby or python or shell script07:21
dilingerwell, if you're going to run it at build-time, it's an added build-dep07:22
fabbione<mdz> sleep now07:22
fabbioneyes.. but that isn't an issue07:22
fabbionejust read all the irclogs :-)07:22
fabbionei need to go for a few minutes.. mother nature is calling me badly07:22
dilingeri need to start this i386 build anyways07:23
fabbionejbailey: CONFIG_LOGO=n on all arches07:25
fabbionejust committed07:25
fabbionethere is something really unclear to me....07:41
=== fabbione needs to dig into this madness
dilingerfabbione: just checking vmlinux symbols doesn't work07:49
dilingermodules ABI need to be checked as well07:49
fabbioneyeah i have been thinking about it...07:49
dilingermy way is running nm on modules07:50
fabbioneand i had the same idea.. 07:50
dilingerie, nm /lib/modules/2.6.10/kernel/drivers/ide/ide-core.ko07:50
dilinger3b97ad98 A __crc_ide_undecoded_slave07:51
dilinger00007fa0 T ide_undecoded_slave07:51
dilingerthat's 0x3b97ad98      ide_undecoded_slave     drivers/ide/ide-core in Module.symvers07:51
dilingeran abi checker needs to report any modules that are missing, and any changed symbols within modules07:52
fabbionefirst 2 things to do after hoary:08:14
fabbione- clean up the packing08:14
fabbione- allign the configs08:14
fabbione- abi checker if we cannot get it in hoary08:14
fabbioneIT IS PURE MADNESS!08:14
fabbionewe could have a kernel-config builder.. similar to kernel-wedge08:16
dilingerhow about08:20
dilinger- synch packaging w/ debian08:20
dilingersince i think we both want the same things; the only place we seem to differ is w/ ubuntu's d-i stuff right in the source package08:20
dilingerdiffer in goals, that is08:21
fabbioneand a bunch of extra modules compiled in08:21
fabbionebut yes08:21
fabbionewe need a common source08:21
dilingeryea, but that's not a packaging issue08:21
dilingerit'd make everyone's life easier, i think08:21
fabbionebut we can't achive it until debian will not kill at least the kernel-source -> kernel-image madness08:21
fabbionei fully agree08:22
=== fabbione is very close to send ia64 to hell
fabbioneit's snowing09:57
Mithrandirslushing here.11:10
fabbionethe only thing that pisses me off about snow is that i need to go out and clean the road11:10
Mithrandirit'll clean itself eventually.  Called summer.11:11
fabbioneMithrandir: here by law we must clean it, because it's a private road11:11
Mithrandiroh, ok11:11
fabbioneand if the postman falls 11:11
fabbioneit's my responsability11:12
fabbionenow.. it is fucking lame11:12
fabbionebecause they could learn to fly11:12
fabbioneor eventually buy better snow shoes11:12
fabbionebut apparently they love to make easy things more complex via the useless11:12
fabbioneT-None: fix to the ia32 memcpy is done12:01
fabbione-26 is going up12:47
=== fabbione starts the baz magic
fabbione<fabbione> T-None: fix to the ia32 memcpy is done12:59
jbaileyfabbione: Thanks!12:59
T-Boneseen that, thx12:59
fabbionejbailey: no problem01:00
fabbioneit took me fucking 4 hours to unfuck ia64 build01:00
fabbionewell yes.01:01
MithrandirT-Bone: does the new ia32-libs in the archive make you happy?01:01
fabbionethe problem is that we were calling kernel-wedge || true01:01
fabbionethat was hiding some problems01:01
fabbioneand ia64 was one in the worst situation01:01
fabbionewith dup mods allover01:01
T-BoneMithrandir: haven't checked yet but they certainly will! We need to sync with kamion for the language support deps, as soon as you'll upload ooo :)01:01
T-Bonefabbione: wasn't aware of that01:01
T-Bonefabbione: nobody complained01:01
fabbioneT-Bone: yup.. i did paste here when you were around :-)))01:02
fabbioneand you said: "Uhuh?"01:02
fabbioneso i just went forward and fixed it 01:02
T-Bone<fabbione> debian/ext3-modules-2.6.10-4-itanium-smp-di lib/modules/2.6.10-4-itanium-smp/kernel/fs/mbcache.ko01:02
T-Bone<fabbione> debian/ext2-modules-2.6.10-4-itanium-smp-di lib/modules/2.6.10-4-itanium-smp/kernel/fs/mbcache.ko01:02
T-Bone<fabbione> some modules are in more than one package01:02
fabbionei tought you were busy somehow01:02
fabbioneyes that one01:02
MithrandirT-Bone: I would be very happy if you checked it out and closed the bugs if appropriate01:02
T-Bonewell given i get back from work at 1900 localtime on every week days except friday, I don't have much time to dig that kind of stuff01:03
T-BoneMithrandir: the only bug i know of is the ldd one, You fixed it, you close it? :)01:03
fabbionethat's why i went forward and fixed it01:03
T-Bonewhich is cool01:03
MithrandirT-Bone: please verify it's fixed.01:03
T-Bonebesides, I don't have much insight on kernel build process01:03
T-BoneMithrandir: sure, hold on01:04
T-BoneMithrandir: give me 5mn to get something on fire for me to eat, i'm starving01:04
MithrandirT-Bone: I hate to close bugs if I can't verify that they are fixed.01:04
T-Bonewell you can... :)01:07
T-Bonewhat am i supposed to check? apt-get removing and install ia32-libs is enough?01:07
Mithrandiralso lib32gcc101:08
Mithrandirand that ooo works afterwards01:08
T-Bone(btw, i dunno what you did with ssh yesterday but nc didn't like it. I have 12 process running and the same number of open connex between nekkid and my box :)01:08
T-Boneerr, 'ok'01:08
Mithrandirjust kill the nc prosesses01:08
=== T-Bone curses french out-of-sync-mirror, edits sources.list
T-Bonels /usr/bin/ld01:13
T-Boneld         ldd        ldd.amd64  lddlibc401:13
T-Boneroot@Nekkid:/home/varenet/ooo # ls /usr/bin/ld01:13
T-Boneroot@Nekkid:/home/varenet/ooo # dpkg -S ldd.amd6401:13
T-Bonediversion by ia32-libs from: /usr/bin/ldd01:13
T-Bonediversion by ia32-libs to: /usr/bin/ldd.amd6401:13
T-Bonethe RTLDLIST is correct though01:14
T-Boneonly the naming looks wrong01:14
T-Bonedunno if that's such a big problem01:14
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:fabbione] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeam | kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre27--2.6.10
fabbioneno log on people...01:15
fabbionethat's good.. 01:15
fabbioneit means that buildds didn't fail... YET01:15
T-BoneMithrandir: ooo works as a charm01:17
T-Bonefabbione: wrt the m-l, i wasn't the one who set it up, i hope you're subscribed to it, it's used for bugreports actually.01:18
MithrandirT-Bone: great, thanks.01:18
T-BoneMithrandir: what do you think about the ldd.amd64 thingy?01:18
T-Bonein my taste it should be corrected, but as long as it works...01:19
fabbioneT-Bone: i didn't want a ml from the beginning and i know you have no power to sub people01:19
fabbioneand now it is a very high traffic ml that nobody is going to read01:20
T-Bonei didn't want bugreports to be sent to that m-l01:20
fabbionesince i get the same bug  messages in 3 inbox now01:20
T-Bonei didn't push forward for that m-l01:20
fabbioneT-Bone: read above please.. i didn't say you did something anywhere01:20
fabbionei know you did not create it01:20
fabbionebut you were one pushing for it01:20
T-Bonei thought that if we were to have a decently sized team, it would be useful01:21
MithrandirT-Bone: I'm somewhat inclined to ignore it, or rather, I'm probably going to fix it for ia32-libs in Debian and we'll sync what they have.01:21
T-Bonebut I clearly stated (and the logs on that channel will show it) that having bugreports sent to it was a *bad idea*, since it would turn up the same shit as debian-kernel which I unsubscribed for that very reason01:21
fabbionei agree to that :-)01:22
fabbionewe shoud remove the bugs from the list01:22
fabbionei think lamont has to do it01:22
T-BoneMithrandir: ok. Maybe you want to add some README entry somewhere about that, so that confused users can see it before posting irrelevant bugreports01:22
fabbionei am not sure even who did it in the beginning01:22
T-Bonefabbione: i would more than thank you for doing that01:22
fabbionei don't know it has been done in the beginning01:23
fabbioneso i am not sure HOW to revert it01:23
=== T-Bone doesn't know: went to bed one day, woke up the next and the m-l was there
T-BoneOTOH you can blame *me* for creating this channel :P01:23
MithrandirT-Bone: sure, but it's a 200-odd MB upload, so I try not to upload it too often.01:23
fabbionei am off until the meeting01:24
fabbionei need some relax01:24
fabbionepleaase keep an eye on the build logs01:24
fabbioneand try to grep for -j to see if it has been set properly01:24
T-BoneMithrandir: heh roger that01:24
fabbionewe should have a huge build speed up with this upload01:24
=== mjg59 [mjg59@cavan.codon.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
T-BoneMithrandir: care to close the bug btw?01:29
mjg59Ok, new HP laptops need the reboot=b paramater on boot to reboot01:30
mjg59We can work round that with a DMI entry in reboot.c01:30
=== Mithrandir [~tfheen@vawad.err.no] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
MithrandirT-Bone: done02:22
lamontactually, removing bugs from the mailing list is a change in the default assignment in bz...02:34
T-Bonehey lamont!02:59
T-Boneissaishiburidane?! ;)02:59
=== T-Bone obfuscates the output a bit more not separating logical entities ;)
=== zul [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulwhen is that meetinga again?03:00
T-Bonein 3 hours03:01
zuldang thats when i have lunch03:02
=== T-Bone wanders off re-stringing his guitar
=== smurfix [~smurf@run.smurf.noris.de] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulheh in theory i could test out ppc stuff with pearpc03:49
T-Boneyou *really* are a masochist, indeed :)03:53
=== T-Bone is done with the stringing
zulthats why i said in theory03:54
jbaileyWhat's a pearpc?03:54
zulits a powerpc emulator03:54
jbaileyHmm, now that I'm on PPC I should track down an old MacOS emulator and some abandonware games.03:55
T-Bonejbailey: tssks tssks, You should read /. There's been stories about PearPC and CherryOS ;)03:55
jbaileyThere was one I really like to play.  CAn't for the life of me remember what it was called.03:55
T-BoneMonkey Island?03:55
jbaileyT-Bone: I've managed to get my /. reading down to once every couple of days.03:55
T-Bonejbailey: hehe ;)03:55
T-Bonejbailey: syndicate. Much easier to read :)03:56
jbaileyNo, it was a game where you wake up in a spaceship and you're the only one alive and the computer has lost most of its memory.03:56
jbaileyYou have to help it reconstruct its memories in order to find out what happened.03:56
T-Bonethat rings something, but i can't tell what03:56
zuljbailey: roger wilco?03:56
zulby sierra wasnt it?03:56
=== T-Bone spent endless nights on Monkey Island, the best adventure game ever ;)
jbaileyzul: You're thinking space quest, I think.03:57
jbaileyzul: And I play that under dosemu occasionally. =)03:57
zulah sweet i found to play that game again i never completed it03:57
jbaileyOn the other machine I have a nice abandonware site bookmarked.03:57
T-Bonejbailey: please hand over the URL :)03:58
jbaileyHuh, annoying.  my susv3 package in Debian isn't in multiverse.03:58
jbaileyT-Bone: The machines not on right now, I'll grab it when I stop for lunch.03:58
T-Bonecool thx :)03:58
jbaileyT-Bone: It's a French Abandonware site, too. =)  03:59
jbaileyA bunch of the games are in French only.  Good practice for me.03:59
zulanyone played nobunaga's ambition?03:59
T-Bonejbailey: i think i've hit that one once, but i don't recall the name03:59
T-Bonemost of my bookmarks went away with my dead HD :P04:00
T-Bonezul: doesn't ring a bell04:00
=== jbailey waits for susv3 to install.
zulits an awesome game you are shogun and you are trying to become emperor of japan04:00
lamontT-Bone: hisashiburi da.04:09
zullamont: hey04:09
T-Bonedaijobu deska? :)04:11
lamontt-bone: shindoi da04:12
lamontmorning zul04:12
T-Boneheh ;)04:12
zulyes you have entered the twiligh zone04:13
lamontzul: we'll be operating in japanese today, ok? :-)04:14
lamonttonycrackers, I should read my email about the dev meeting, eh?04:15
T-Bone'tonycrackers' ! LOL04:15
T-Bonethat one is a quote I'm probably the only one to understand, but it's rather *fun* 8)04:16
T-Bonelamont: dooso04:16
zuli might miss the first bit of the meeting04:17
T-Bonesame here04:17
zulbut you guys dont need me do you?04:17
T-Bonesame here04:17
lamontT-Bone: there's also narufrigginghodo04:17
zuli so much hate this program04:20
=== T-Bone wonders what trick elmo used to get a package in the archive under his name :)
MithrandirT-Bone: which one?04:25
lamont] ??04:27
lamontT-Bone: the person requesting the sync is the one that katie claims the mail is from04:27
T-Boneah ok04:27
lamontas for who _really_ did the upload: gpg: Good signature from "Ubuntu Archive Automatic Signing Key (Syncs) <ftpmaster@ubuntu.com>"04:27
T-Bonehehe ;)04:27
T-Boneat least i know that now mails get to me :)04:27
T-Bonenext try will be an actual upload04:28
T-BoneMithrandir: btw, let me know when you upload new ooo-amd64, so that I can edit the Wiki ;)04:36
Mithrandirwill do04:36
T-Bone(i'll pester kamion for desktop-seed update at the same time :)04:47
fabbionei guess the idiotify patch did invalidate the cache05:02
fabbioneotherwise the compiling time is totally bong05:03
fabbionei just bought a webcam05:04
fabbioneif we don't have the driver for it.. well ... there -27...05:05
Mithrandirfabbione: do we include random drivers found on around in the stock image?05:05
Mithrandirif so, I'd like to have the spca5xxx driver in05:06
zuloh hey fabbione 05:07
fabbioneMithrandir: well not properly random.. but we include external drivers05:07
fabbioneand any pending issue will be hoary+105:07
=== fabbione replaces his DVD burner
fabbionedo we know if elmo blessed NEW?05:14
Mithrandirhe seems to have done NEW stuff this morning at least05:15
fabbioneyeah he did05:15
fabbione#  linux-patch-ubuntu-2.6.10_2.6.10-26_powerpc.deb05:15
zulgah...box at home is down05:15
=== T-Gone runs out, bbl
fabbioneof course my camera isn't supported by our drivers :)05:26
zulwhat kind of camera is it?05:26
zulquickcam pro?05:26
fabbioneBus 003 Device 004: ID 046d:08f5 Logitech, Inc. 05:26
fabbioneit's not claimed by any driver05:26
zuli had a camera like that a while ago there were some drivers on sourceforge iirc05:27
fabbionei am googling05:27
fabbioneLogitech Quickcam QC-USB driver for Linux05:27
Mithrandirthere was somebody rambling about it on -devel today or so05:42
fabbionei am testing the driver right now05:43
fabbionequickcam: QuickCam USB camera found (driver version QuickCam Messenger/Communicate USB $Date: 2004/12/30 10:00:00 $)05:43
zulyay! we get to see fabbione ugly mug05:44
fabbionewell let see if it works :-)05:44
fabbionequickcam [52.189162] : Quickcam snapshot button registered on usb-0000:00:1d.2-2/input005:44
fabbionewell it kinda works05:46
mdzdilinger: ?05:46
MithrandirfabbioneTV? 05:47
zulshaya said on -devel "kernel abi seems to have been broken again"05:49
fabbioneit didn't like the removal and insert in another usb port05:54
fabbionebut it works05:54
fabbionezul: ?05:54
fabbionezul: i did test the abi....05:54
zulfabbione: shaya said it was broken but he might be on crack he has linux-restricted 2.6.10-3 and linux-source 2.6.10-4 installed05:55
fabbioneah no no no05:55
fabbionei can test again05:55
fabbionegimme 2 minutes05:55
fabbioneExtracting templates from packages: 56%debconf: apt-extracttemplates failed: Bad05:56
fabbionethis is known.. right?05:56
zulfirst time i seen it05:56
fabbionehmmmmmm 05:57
fabbionei guess it will have to wait after the meeting05:57
fabbioneor during05:58
zulheh...shit happens05:58
zulhttps://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=7468 as well05:59
fabbionethat is NOT our fault06:00
zuli need some lunch06:02
fabbionethe aBI seems ok06:03
zulthat was a good lunch06:26
=== svenl_ [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-59-16.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulso that was it for kernel stuff?07:12
zulheh...that wasnt too bad07:13
fabbionethe QC driver doesn't init properly07:13
fabbioneit needs unload and load again07:14
fabbioneand it is OOPSorama in dmesg07:14
zulso dont include it in -2707:14
fabbionei was never going to do it!07:15
zulsure sure :)07:15
fabbionenow.. time to get flumotion or any stream thing going07:16
fabbioneotherwise it's pointless07:16
zuli might go see a movie tonight07:17
=== T-Bone asked mdz for an IA64 topic to the meeting schedule, to no end alas :P
=== mdz [~mdz@ca-studio-bsr1o-251.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
T-Bonefabbione: kernel stuff back on #u-meeting08:05
fabbioneT-Bone: can you keep an eye on the meeting?08:16
fabbionei really must cook/eat something08:16
T-Bonefabbione: heh. who's gonna cook me somethign? :)08:16
T-Bonefabbione: ok i'll do08:16
fabbionewell if you are around08:16
fabbioneotherwise i think lamont is08:16
zulim around kind of08:17
T-Boneeeep eeeppp hppa eeep eep08:22
T-Boneeeep eeeppp hppa eeep eep lamont08:22
T-Bone(need to highlight else it's pointless :)08:23
=== lamont considers ignoring t-bone until after the meeting
T-Bonefabbione: i'm off the meeting08:39
mjg59Oh, this is crack09:03
mjg59hal does an ioctl to check for carrier detect on this b44 device and the machine hangs09:03
fabbione[video4linux @ 0x8271eb4] Fatal: grab device does not support suitable format09:08
fabbionexawtv can see and use the device09:08
fabbioneboth flumotion and ffmpeg go banana09:09
zulmind if lower the serverity of 6303, user has a workaround which is working for him now09:16
zulits the audigy sound card one09:17
=== T-Gone [varenet@T-Bone.developer.debian] has left #ubuntu-kernel ["Leaving"]
zulooh another flakey keyboard bios bug10:01
=== zul [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
mdzunintentional ABI change?11:46
zulnot that i know of...what version of l-r-m are they using?11:47
mdzunknown, but the module path is /lib/modules/2.6.10-4-686-smp/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.ko11:48
mdzso it's one that claims the correct abi version11:48
zulwe got a problem like that today on -devel but fabbione diagnosed it as l-r-m mismatch11:48
zulill do a dist-upgrade and see11:53

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