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viper12so....anyone awake in here?12:14
=== zul [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulchuck@homer:~$ sudo modprobe nvidia12:16
zulFATAL: Error inserting nvidia (/lib/modules/2.6.10-4-686/kernel/drivers/video/nvidia.ko): Invalid module format12:16
zulah crap..12:16
zulmdz: confirmed12:16
viper12and the wifi broke as well.  Is there a problem with today's updates?12:16
viper12really fragged the main box I use.12:16
zulapparently there is12:17
viper12changing xorg.conf to use the "nv" driver temp fixes the gui, but that's about it.12:17
viper12my wifi isn't recognized any longer as well.12:17
zulviper12: i realize that we are trying to figure out what went wrong12:17
viper12not getting any response in the forums or the main ubuntu channel so I figured I'd drop by here.12:18
mdzzul: can you open a bug so that I can refer people there when they ask about this problem?12:18
zulmdz: sure12:18
mdzif there isn't one already...12:18
viper12someone mentioned that the restricted modules weren't bein' "luv'd"....is that what's happening?12:18
zulnice background though ;)12:18
viper12mdz=matt zimmerman? just curious. (you've been an 'education' in the forums to me....wanted to say thanks...if indeed dat' be you.)12:19
mdzviper12: that's me, you're welcome12:20
lamontis this -26 or -25?12:20
=== lamont nominates the inotify patches
zulya think?12:20
=== lamont is committed to out-of-town time for the weekend.
lamontstarting in about 90 minutes12:21
zulfrig i dont have access to main12:21
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lamontoh, upload access?12:21
lamontcreate a 00list-27* and pester mdz then, I guess.12:21
lamontonce the fix is done that is.12:21
lamontI expect I will have a little bit of online time tomorrow around 1800UTCish, but not very much12:22
lamontby that point fabbione will be back around and can do the upload, if it comes to that.12:22
viper12just fyi, i'm not asking for tech help here, but am very curious as to probable cause for the issue. (testing 2 boxes and a laptop with latest hoary builds).12:24
lamontviper12: if you can't load modules, it's because we broke it. :-(12:28
zulmdz: i need to get dinner for my wife and then ill be back on this abi stuff12:28
lamontzul: likewise, if mdz isn't around when -27 is ready, there should be _someone_ in #u-d with upload privs... :)12:29
viper12lamont......figured that. lol.  good thing that main box has a wired connection as well.......heh heh.  any eta (no rush) on a push for fixes?  (no desire to 'back down' as connectivity via laptop still good.)12:30
lamontthere should be a -27 there sometime within 24 hours or so (takes forever to build)12:30
lamontviper12: specifically, what zul has to do is figure out _which_ patch(es) broke the module abi compatibility, and remove them.12:30
=== zul smacks rml
lamontThen, we get to roll a new abi with the next kernel upload12:31
viper12its all good.  they don't calling it "testing/unstable" etc., for nuthin'. :)12:31
zulyay it kills the stamp-monolith stuff12:32
zulill just build a 686 kernel right now12:32
lamontyes. that was the nice thing about fabbione's changes...12:32
lamontthat works12:32
lamontviper12: I assume we're talking some x86 machine here, not ppc or amd64?12:33
viper12as x86 as it gets.  stock IBM e-server.  p4 2.4gig12:33
zuli only have a 1.8 celeron here so its going to take a while12:34
lamontzul: if I were doing it, it'd be on my home machine too.12:34
viper12the laptop (compaq x1000 widescreen) only has issues with video acceleration as far as I can tell at this point. (the ati mobility at least didn't break completely.)12:35
viper12wifi on the eserver is with a netgear wg311, and that went poof. (guessing restricted mods).12:35
zulviper12: what did you do for your xorg stuff so i can add it to the bug?12:35
=== lamont disappears for a few minutes
viper12to at least get the eserver "up" I just commented out the acceleration and nvidia specific lines, and changed the driver to "nv".  gnome came right up, but gl stuff will barf.12:36
viper12(screensavers, games, etc.)12:36
zulcan you add that to 7485 please? thanks12:37
viper12via bugzilla? (brain fartin' here.)12:37
zulyes thanks12:37
viper12be just a couple minutes. but sure.12:37
zulok...i need to go feed my wife12:38
viper12I do have one question......what should uname -a be reporting after this update? (just ensuring that something didn't bork with the synaptic upgrade.)12:39
zul2.6.10-4-686 you can do a dpkg -l | grep linux12:39
viper12zul, the info was just to make sure it wasn't s'posed to be 5-686 or somesuch.  I checked forums before updating, and didn't see any issues getting reported one way or 'nuther.  just me bein' paranoid. lol12:40
mdzzul: I'll be here for some hours yet12:42
=== lamont curses and bangs head on desk
lamontwho's are favorite freenode op?12:42
=== mode/#ubuntu-kernel [+o lamont] by Md
lamontthere.  all better12:53
viper12Just added the xorg.conf changes to get the nvidia card to at least bring up the gui.  Oh, I also commented out the acceleration stuff to ensure it would work.  (haven't tested it with acelleration enabled.)12:53
viper12(that's to 7485's bug report.)12:53
=== lamont gives mdz/jdub op privs in this channel too
=== mode/#ubuntu-kernel [-o lamont] by lamont
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=== mode/#ubuntu-kernel [-o lamont] by lamont
viper12gonna try to leave acelleration enabled and see if it barfs.12:54
viper12spell check needed for my constant misspelling of acceleration. lmao12:56
viper12no difference.  just changing the driver from 'nvidia' to 'nv' is all that's needed to bring up gdm.  01:05
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viper12wondered when you'd pop over crimsun.  :)01:17
dilingerwhere's kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005 ?01:19
dilingeranyone?  where can i get at the arch repository?01:25
lamontdilinger: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/Archives/kernel-team@ubuntu.com--200501:29
lamontat least for now...01:29
lamontdilinger: and that's a baz archive,01:31
lamontalthough that might only matter for commits - not sure01:32
dilingeryea, definitely baz only01:36
dilingerkernel-debian--pre27--2.6.10 is the recommended branch for development stuff?01:37
dilingeror is there something more bleeding edge?01:37
lamontmainline is where we merge to when we upload01:40
lamont--pre27 is where we're committing changes prior to the upload01:40
lamontzul is currently tracking down the modules-abi b0rkage introduced in -26, that fix will be -27.01:40
dilingerok, thanks01:40
lamontthen we'll have --pre28 to play on...01:40
lamontalas, zul does not have commit access to the archive.01:41
lamontso, with luck, he'll have a readable archive somewhere with the changes, but more likely, -27 will consist only of 'remove these patches from 00list-26 and call it 00list-27'01:41
lamontwhich will then need to get reflected in baz.01:41
=== lamont will be back in a bit
zuldilinger: you are getting involved with us?02:11
dilingerzul: now that i've got a working ubuntu machine, that is the intention02:19
dilingeralso, gregkh and chrisw have been receptive to my patches for 2.6.x.y02:20
dilingerso it's looking like -as won't be necessary after all02:20
zulneet...welcome aboard02:20
dilingermore free time for me :)02:20
crimsunyeah, I was wondering if -as would morph into the .x.y :)02:20
zul  CC [M]   drivers/net/wireless/adm8211/ieee80211.o02:22
dilingerdo you guys ever override revision in debian/rules?02:31
zuli dont think so02:32
=== dilinger wonders if his code to get the previous revision is going to break if, for example, 25.3 is used as revision, but 26 exists
dilingershouldn't matter, though, it's not sorted.  nm.02:33
lamontdilinger: cool.02:56
=== lamont heads off for a weekend of fun with his 9 year-old.
zulc ya lamont02:56
lamontshould be back sometime on monday (dunno if first thing, or late in the day though...)02:56
lamontzul: thanks for dealing with the abi mess, eh?02:57
zulno probelm ill do the best that i can02:57
zulgah...i so much hate iNOTify02:59
zuldid i mention i hate inotify?03:58
crimsunI don't hate it as much now that I boot with "noinotify" ;-)03:59
zulwanna trade? :)03:59
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fabbionehow come the ABI didn't break with me?08:55
fabbionei have 686 -408:55
fabbioneand i have nvidia for not crying out loud08:56
fabbioneit's the first frigging test i do here08:57
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=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:fabbione] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeam | kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre28--2.6.10
fabbionehey zul01:02
zulwhat fun that was last night ;)01:03
zulthe abi breakage01:04
fabbionefuck nvidia and all the binary shit 01:04
zuli totally agree fuck them all01:04
fabbioneand force people to reboot after a kernel upgrade01:05
fabbioneall this mess it's only to avoid people to reboot01:05
fabbioneit is NOT worth the pain01:05
zulso we are back to 0.18 i take it01:06
zuloh yeah thanks for the patching unpactching stuff01:06
fabbioneno problem01:07
zulits alot better now01:07
zulalot more tolerable01:07
fabbioneoh yeah01:07
fabbioneguys i am going to commit some stuff to pre2801:18
fabbionebut i cannot commit all the patches01:18
fabbionebecause i am not allowed to disclose them01:18
fabbionenot before the 16 at least01:18
fabbionein the meanwhile i will be able to test them01:19
zuluh ok01:19
zulhuh? why didnt baz get pre-0.28?01:30
mjg59I'm going to have various patches to fix stuff on these HPs01:32
fabbionemjg59: please send them asap01:32
fabbionewe start to have time issue now for testing01:32
mjg59fabbione: Ok. First one will be easy, the others haven't been written now.01:32
fabbioneand it must be very good crack01:32
mjg59One of them is Obviously Correct01:33
=== mjg59 wonders about '7490
fabbionethat's weird01:36
zulok...now to go squish bugs01:37
mjg59fabbione: Last thing I see in the strace is the ioctl, and then the machine freezes01:37
mjg59Doesn't seem to make any difference whether or not there's a cable plugged in01:38
mjg59I should run mii-diag on it and see if it hangs01:38
fabbionegood idea01:39
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jbaileyhla, ca va?01:56
zulca ba bien et toi?01:57
jbaileytres bien.  Je suis un peux fatiguer.  Je me suis couch a... 02h30?  qqc comme ca.  jblack m'enseignait baz.01:58
zulheh, moi et aussi fatiguer, mais je prefere parlez en anglais parce que tout le monde parlez anglais01:59
zulmy french sucks02:00
zulbbiab need breakfast02:55
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zulhey fabbione have you got the ksysall-race patch [PATCH]  Fix kallsyms/insmod/rmmod race04:44
fabbionezul: not sure..04:46
fabbionethe tree is there... just get it ;)04:46
zulyeah i konw...well im including it in my patch set you can do what you want with it :)04:47
fabbionezul: but i don't even know where your patchset is!04:48
zulim working on it04:48
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fabbioneso only that symbol changed?11:59
fabbioneand it did all that mess?11:59

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