mdkeanyone awake?02:33
mdkesm, ping02:35
mdkeoh wow02:35
mdkesm, i'm wondering about the icons02:35
mdkethe previous markup had these features02:35
mdke   :scale: 10002:36
mdke   :alt: IconHandPointing where did the picture go?02:36
mdke   :align: left02:36
mdkei'm thinking perhaps moinmoin doesn't?02:36
smright 02:36
smthose are restructured text features02:36
mdkeso no way to recreate alt or align?02:36
smafaik moin can include an image, link it, and that's all02:36
mdkeok thats cool02:36
smyou might ask on #moin to be sure02:37
mdkei just wanted to know before I deleted those references02:37
mdkeok i will02:37
mdkethanks sm02:39
smmdke, fyi: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/pagesByType02:39
smand http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/wikiStats02:39
mdkeok brilliant02:39
mdkei can only view the first one, but that in itself is already useful02:40
smoh.. can you see the second now ?02:42
mdkesm, seems it can't be done without a macro02:45
smok.. which we don't support yet02:45
mdkefair play02:45
mdkeit is planned to add them?02:46
mdkethe macro would be macro/ImageLink.py btw02:46
mdke"HTML IMG tag attributes (width, height, alt, etc)are supported."02:46
mdkethat would be so cool02:47
mdkemdke i think that our wiki does not support macros02:49
mdkemdke that is what I am told02:49
mdkexorAxAx URL?02:49
mdkemdke http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki02:49
mdkemdke it is zwiki02:49
mdkemdke in plone02:49
mdkexorAxAx yeah.02:49
mdkexorAxAx maybe you want to install moinmoin :-)02:49
smmdke: it's on the wishlist, but it's not top priority unless it gets bountyized02:55
mdkewas changing the wiki engine discussed tonight?03:00
mdkeactually i shouldn't be wasting your time with irritating questions, i'll get the log and have a read03:00
smmdke: np.. sorry I am elsewhere03:08
smI caught the last 15 mins of the meeting.. I had the wrong time03:08
smafaict the wiki wasn't discussed at all03:09
smdo you have any questions about it ? I had a bunch of clarifications for your posts in the list03:09
smwhich I can't remember :)03:09
mdkeyou mean corrections?03:09
mdkethis is my first time with a wiki, so I am pretty raq03:10
smsome, yes03:10
smdid you see the thread about parents in ubuntu-doc a few weeks back ? 03:10
smI discussed it a little with corey iirc03:10
mdkeno i wasn't joined03:10
mdkei'll look it up03:10
smyes, look up that one in gmane03:11
mdkei'm on the web archive03:11
mdkeok thanks03:13
mdkeyou can set multiple parents?!?!?!03:14
mdkebut, but03:14
smmdke: don't forget to peruse http://zwiki.org03:17
mdkeif you can set multiple parents, its not obvious for a user tho03:17
smUsersGuide anyway03:17
mdkein fact I asked mdz and he said it couldn't be done03:18
smit's not clear that it's a good idea.. we haven't really used it03:18
smbut I mention it whenever this comes up03:18
mdkethe parenting thing isn't really that big a deal is it tho03:18
smI don't think so03:18
mdkeif users make sure they link BEFORE creating the page, then there is no problem03:19
smI can hide it in 5 minutes if 03:19
smthat's the consensus03:19
mdkei doubt it will be03:19
smpersonally I find it imposes some useful order03:19
smlike most long documents, books, etc.03:19
mdkesm, but people do not use it03:19
smsure they do03:19
smthe whole wiki is organized with it03:19
mdkewell they do, but they parent documents under the wrong place ;)03:19
mdke"wrong" is subjective i suppose03:20
smthat's easily fixed by a small number of gardeners like yourself :)03:20
mdkepeople always have them under their userpages03:20
smwhen the wiki was imported from moin, there was no parenting03:20
smenrico got it organized quite quickly03:20
smyeah new stuff often starts under someone's home page03:20
mdkebest way is to emphasise that you make a link FIRST in the parent page, and THEN create the page using the link03:21
mdkeanyway here's the deal with me, i'm pretty much a n00b so I'm just happy to carry on discussing things, but essentially I will just work on whatever the system is03:21
smI don't worry about parenting too much03:21
smlet people make the page, that's the most important03:22
smanyone can adjust the parenting later03:22
smlike formatting03:22
mdkeproblem is that if the parenting is not correct, the page might not get linked and the page will not be seen enough03:22
smwe don't expect newbies to get the formatting perfect either03:22
smwe rely on cooperation to improve things over time03:22
smwhen you see a problem like that, you just reparent03:23
smor you add an extra wiki link03:23
mdkemoinmoin is def the way to go btw, rewriting the FrontPage is showing up some dud links03:24
smI think I saw you saying DocumentationArea duplicates FrontPage ?03:24
smyou are quite right, it should be merged there03:24
mdkei forgot about that03:25
mdkei'll do it another time03:25
mdkeor someone will03:25
smhere's a links page I quite like: http://joyful.com/Squeak03:25
mdke*added to bookmarks*03:27
mdkeok have done FrontPage03:30
mdkehave left the dud links for now and will look later03:30
mdkeneed to sleep now03:30
smnice one03:31
smgood night03:31
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enricoHello, good morning.11:37
enricoDoes someone have the IRC log of the meeting after I left?11:37
froud[01:42]  *** enrico has left this server. ("good night!")11:38
froud[01:42]  <Mithrandir> did I tell you I don't like XSLT? (:11:38
froud[01:42]  <jeffsch> good night enrico11:38
froud[01:42]  <froud> Mithrandir: did you patch it11:38
froud[01:42]  *** jeffsch has left this channel. ("gotta run")11:38
froud[01:42]  <Mithrandir> if somebody can verify that it DTRT for them, I'd appreciate it.11:38
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enricofroud-away: that was it?11:40
froudyep and one bug squashed11:40
froudmust go I am working on other stuff11:40
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abellivale comites01:17
abellienrico: where can i find a good manual on aptitude?01:18
abelliother than man pages?01:18
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enricoabelli: /usr/share/doc/aptitude01:26
abellienrico: invaluable as always.01:26
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mdkesome wiki pruning done07:57
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mdkehi abelli, drasko 09:19
abellimdke: ciao ciao09:21
draskomdke, hi09:25
draskohi all09:25
abellidrasko: ciao09:31
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