dilingerthat was my personal test12:04
dilingeri changed ppp_register_channel to return a long instead of an int12:04
fabbioneah ok12:04
dilingeri also did another test where i added ppp_do_stuff, exported it, and the build warned me about it (but didn't fail)12:05
fabbionehey Mith10:53
fabbioneMithrandir: you have amd64 handy, right?10:53
Mithrandirabout 5m away, yes.10:54
fabbioneMithrandir: mind to test mplayer on it?10:54
fabbionei manage to build it yesterday for amd6410:54
fabbionebut i can't test it here10:55
Mithrandirsure; URL?10:55
fabbioneit's in the archive10:56
Mithrandirchecking now10:57
Mithrandirany particular format or just $random_video?10:57
fabbionei am not sure about codecs and stuff10:57
fabbionejust try to play something 10:57
fabbionefor me it's enought it doesn't crash10:57
Mithrandirit depends on livavcodec2 which doesn't seem to be available10:59
Mithrandir(or, do you want me to test mplayer-amd64 or mplayer?)10:59
fabbioneit depends on it?11:02
fabbionehow can it depends on it if just uses dh_shlib at build11:02
Mithrandirsorry, I forgot to run update first11:03
Mithrandirdownloading now, ETA 6-ish minutes11:04
fabbioneeheh ok11:04
fabbioneno rush11:04
=== mjg59 has to figure out why the IDE bus doesn't resume on the 6220
=== Seveas [dennis@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
=== mjg59 [mjg59@cavan.codon.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
mjg59fabbione: Ok, mii-diag kills the machine in the same way02:47
mjg59b44.c hasn't really been touched in months02:49
=== mjg59 [mjg59@cavan.codon.org.uk] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
fabbioneno idea really03:19
fabbionemjg59:  7502 <- that's all your :-)03:25
mjg59fabbione: He's running an ancient kernel. Tell him to upgrade.03:35
mjg59Oh, no, hang on03:35
mjg59Get him to try the latest 2.6.10 and get the dmesg from that03:36
zulhey fabbione whats up?03:38
fabbionenot much03:38
fabbionemerging more security bits03:38
fabbionei have an endless pile to merge from debian03:38
fabbionei have the feeling that one of this security thing is breaking the ABI03:39
fabbioneit's just taking too long to compile03:39
fabbione= ccache is invalidated03:39
zulare you going to be using dilingers abi stuff?03:40
fabbionezul: yes.03:40
fabbionei need to rebuild a -27 to be able to test it03:40
fabbionebut there is no hurry03:40
zulgood good03:40
fabbionewe can't upload the kernel as is before the 16th03:40
fabbionei still cannot commit one of the patches03:41
zulok...brb i have to reboot03:43
fabbionei need to get sex... iwnbb03:43
=== crimsun falls over laughing
=== zul [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulthats good no abi brekage03:46
zulfabbione: so you are heading out?03:47
fabbionepretty soon yes03:47
fabbionefriends are coming for afternoon coffee/cake03:48
zulk...because i need breakfast since i just got up03:48
fabbionei will be back tomorrow03:48
fabbionealso wife is coming back later this afternoon03:48
zulok have fun then03:48
zulwhere did she go?03:48
fabbioneand i am afraid she expects me to spend time with her03:48
fabbioneto her sister03:48
fabbionefor the weekend03:48
fabbioneit was her niece bd03:49
zulah i see...i was at my parents in law last night so i wasnt around much03:49
crimsunoh nice.03:49
crimsunwell have a good time!03:49
fabbioneparents in law = teh sux!03:49
zulnot mine03:49
fabbionethey are usually worst than an ABI breakage03:49
zulmy mother in law takes me to hockey games 03:50
fabbioneat least you can fix the ABI03:50
fabbioneah that's rad03:50
zuland my father in law is learning about linux at least03:50
fabbioneeverytime i go to my in laws is a race for who eat more and they start speaking danish all the time03:50
fabbioneso i get bored to death03:50
zulhmmm...maybe i should give him a live cd03:50
fabbionemaybe you should ubuntify him03:51
zulheh...mine do that but its french03:51
zuli should 03:51
mjg59The mii ioctl works if the interface is up, but hangs the machine if it's down.03:52
zuli need to pee03:52
fabbionemjg59: that should be easy to isolate.. i think03:52
fabbioneanyway i am off03:53
zulc ya fabbione 03:54
zulim off to run some errands and get breakfast03:55
mjg59Actually, it works as long as the interface has been brought up at least once04:01
mjg59If it's never been brought up, it hangs.04:01
mjg59This ought to be easy enough, then...04:01
zuli think going to blacklist some acpi bioses today when i get back04:02
=== mjg59 sorts the b44 issue
smurfixRosetta bugs ("A system error occurred") go where?05:42
zulnot this channel05:55
mdzsmurfix: #rosetta, or malone10:46
=== dilinger laughs
dilinger<fabbione> at least you can fix the ABI10:52

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