mdkeideal time for a 2doh"12:03
smbut if she wants it to be private and not editable by others - no, we don't currently allow that12:03
smprivate member folders are turned off12:03
mdkei don't think it needs to be private certainly12:03
mdkemay gmane waits for the email to catch up with a timezone before posting? surely not?12:03
smgot it now12:04
smbut not mine, yet12:04
mdke9 minutes late12:04
mdkecould be worse12:05
smI'll reply to her12:05
mdkehow well organised is her email technique? awesome12:05
mdkeok i just got two emails marked 14.49 and 15.5612:08
mdkeits 23.0812:08
smsomething slow at gmane today12:16
smquick answer for you: http://wiki.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/recycle_bin/HowTo12:16
mdkeguess those emails were moderated12:17
mdkegot your emails now thanks12:34
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mdkeanyone around?03:06
=== jsgotangco [~jsg@] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S0106000000cc07fc.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S0106000000cc07fc.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
froudAfrican Greetings06:39
froudhello jsgotangco, you are new, we have have not met. I am Sean06:40
jsgotangcohello sean yes I am new, I am Jerome06:41
jsgotangcoi kinda hanged out because of the moin moin stuff06:41
froudBurgundavia: hello how r you06:41
Burgundavianot bad06:41
jsgotangcojust had lunch here06:41
froudDid you see the round tripping message06:41
froudwhat do you think?06:41
BurgundaviaI haven't had a chance to respond06:41
BurgundaviaGot about 15-20 emails to dig through first06:42
froudOK, did you look at the system06:42
Burgundaviaon my list of things to do06:42
froudjsgotangco: are you helping us with the docs?06:42
jsgotangcoi'm helping out with the wiki06:43
jsgotangcobut i just started out a few weeks ago06:43
froudjsgotangco: that's good06:43
froudBurgundavia: OK06:43
froudBurgundavia: from what I can see the solution is still very raw06:43
froudBurgundavia: it needs more devel to support a number of things06:44
jsgotangcoi was invited to do this presentation about ubuntu06:44
jsgotangcobut i haven't even started yet06:44
froudjsgotangco: which presentation06:44
jsgotangcooh just a local one06:44
jsgotangcohere in philippines06:44
froudFor school06:44
froudCool stuff06:44
jsgotangcoi dont want to make it too technical06:45
jsgotangcomaybe i can do a hoary preview06:45
froudlooks like ubuntu is getting pretty big in the Philippines06:45
jsgotangcoit has a following06:45
froudthat's good to here06:45
jsgotangcopeople here are kind of getting aware to FOSS now06:45
jsgotangcoi mean we have a terrible fiscal budget to start with06:46
jsgotangcoit fits to a tee06:46
jsgotangcothere are a lot of GOOD programmers here but they are only good at programming not for advocacy06:47
jsgotangcowe're trying to change that06:47
froudyes, go-to-market is a new thing in the Linux world06:47
froudWe are all learning as we go along06:48
froudbut we are seeing much interest06:48
jsgotangcoits exciting to be part of a growing segment06:48
froudmany people stating to use Linux06:48
froudyes, its better than building a business in a saturated segment06:49
jsgotangcoi want to show you a local news article06:49
froudbut alas oneday it will be the same for us06:49
jsgotangcohold on let me get that article06:49
jsgotangcofroud: when that time comes, we have already moved to other ventures lol06:50
froudIf you want to see what's hapening on the African continent look at http://www.tectonic.co.za/06:50
froudyep, that's it06:50
jsgotangcowhere is .za?06:50
froudSouth Africa06:51
jsgotangcohere it is06:51
jsgotangcooh the prison siege has ended06:51
jsgotangcowe had a hostage situation that happened here since yesterday06:51
jsgotangcowell anyway read that article i dunno if i want to laugh or just dismiss it as FUD06:52
froudWell I dont want to see windows apps running on Linux06:53
froudI cant see the point06:53
froudand the danger is06:53
jsgotangcoyeah i mean06:53
jsgotangcoif youre migrating06:53
jsgotangcomake a good migration plan06:53
froudpeople will insall MS Office on Linux06:53
jsgotangcoits like the cedega thing06:54
froudSoon as MS gets thier claws into things they start taking over06:54
froudand then it is no longer free06:54
jsgotangcoits just business hype for them06:54
jsgotangcojust taking advantage of the growing interest of business here06:55
jsgotangcowith linux06:55
froudwell I am off to hack some docs before the day begins06:55
froudnice meeting you06:55
froudBurgundavia: later dude06:56
froudseems somebody took our release notes and made a transcript from them07:04
jsgotangcoits exactly the same07:08
froudjsgotangco: yes07:10
froudI just realized that we have not mentioned kubuntu in the release notes07:11
jsgotangcohmm that too07:11
froudBurgundavia: come to kde dude:-)07:37
froudBurgundavia: please no top posting. If you gonna top post delete the stuff from the original message ;-)07:38
BurgundaviaI just happen to like Gnome a lot more than KDE07:40
Burgundaviait is also default, and all studies show that most users never change the default of any program07:41
froudeach to his own in that respect07:41
BurgundaviaI like the fact that there are 207:41
Burgundaviaand I like freedesktop.org07:41
froudnot me I run them both and some other desktops ;-)07:41
Burgundaviawhich wouldn't exist if their weren't 207:41
Burgundaviafroud: I am currently working on the bittorrent para07:44
BurgundaviaBut I am not liking my writing right now07:44
BurgundaviaShould I have 2 paras?07:44
Burgundavia1. expliant bt07:44
Burgundavia2. how to do it07:44
froudso mark it as review and we will pick it up07:44
Burgundaviais this a known issue? xsl:import : unable to load /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/xhtml/chunk.xsl07:47
Burgundaviafrom the check-before commit program07:47
froudyes 07:48
froudwhich os you on07:48
Burgundaviaubuntu hoary07:49
Burgundaviapretty much a default install07:49
Burgundaviacan I commit though, is the question07:49
froudupdate /libs/html-cust.xsl07:49
frouduse /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/current/html/profile-chunk.xsl07:49
frouduse /usr/share/xml/docbook/stylesheet/nwalsh/current/html/chunk.xsl07:50
froudYou will find that it is already there just commented07:50
Burgundaviawhy is that by default?07:50
froudplease commit back the change07:50
froudmay bad07:50
Burgundaviaok, will do07:50
froudI am hacking on SuSE07:51
froudand the xsls are installe din the correct place07:51
froudon SuSE07:51
Burgundaviabut not on ubuntu?07:51
froudDebian still uses the old location07:51
froudI will move over once I am happy with kubuntu;-)07:52
Burgundaviaso switch the comments?07:52
Burgundaviadoing now07:52
froudwe should use a catalog resolver, but catalogs on hoary are broken07:53
Burgundaviaare there bugs filed for this?07:53
frouddon'task why07:53
Burgundaviafaqguide is borked, but your email explains that07:53
froudyes, I will fix things today sometime07:53
Burgundaviadamn that word screws me up every time07:54
froudhe he, no worries, it's irc we understand ;-)07:56
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=== froud ponders cc byte.fedora
cchi. i'm Colin Charles.08:32
cca general fedora person, possibly doing some Ubuntu documentation08:33
ccmainly in the form of a livecd sorta thing08:33
Burgundaviawhat sort of livecd?08:33
froudBurgundavia: Ubuntu ships a liveCD08:35
froudcc: welcome08:35
BurgundaviaI realize that08:35
cci know; i might want to update something in regards to it08:35
froudnot sure.... you produce a live CD of your own or you want to do someting in regard to UbuntuLive CD08:36
jsgotangcothe livecd is ok08:45
froudjsgotangco: ok so what do you have in mind?08:48
jsgotangcowell the livecd is a great way to introduce to potential users but what the ubuntu livecd lacks is some sort of documentation or howto at startup like what knoppix has sort of08:52
jsgotangcoat least a welocome page or something08:52
jsgotangcoi dunno knoppix just nails it down when it comes to livecds08:53
froudjsgotangco: our live cd just loads the desktop08:55
froudthen you can use System > About Ubuntu to open the intro doc in Firefox08:56
froudwell whatever you want send a proposal to the list08:56
=== froud must get working now
froudb c'ing ya08:56
KinnisonMorning all09:07
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=== Kinnison glares at Burgundavia
KinnisonBurgundavia: I have new toys!01:43
KinnisonBurgundavia: two external and one internal battery for my laptop01:43
KinnisonBurgundavia: so I have a plausible 15-16 hours battery life01:43
BurgundaviaKinnison: hey01:45
BurgundaviaKinnison: cool01:45
KinnisonBurgundavia: this is also known as "how to try and make the trip to .au not stink01:46
BurgundaviaKinnison: ah right01:48
BurgundaviaKinnison: what a mess this Eugenia stuff has been eh?01:49
BurgundaviaOsnew flap over gnome not listening to users01:49
Kinnisonnot seen it01:50
Burgundaviayes you have01:51
Burgundaviaread planet.gnome recently?01:51
Burgundavialittle tempest in a tea pot over eugenia trying to start up a users pay for features they want thing01:52
Burgundaviaand then users telling her, quite rightly, that it is a stupid idea01:52
mdkeoh yeah i saw that in slashdot01:53
Burgundaviareally really stupid, but it gots lot of people worked up over it01:53
mdke600 posts or something01:53
Burgundaviait was misreprensented in Slash01:53
Burgundaviaas was the debian dropping archs thing01:54
mdkeisn't everything01:54
Burgundaviaas usual for slash01:54
mdkehow are things going?01:55
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mdkeok i've started a wiki page for discussion about a new structure02:24
mdkedamn can't remember the title02:24
mdkeits under MatthewEast02:25
mdkegtg now02:25
mdkelater all02:25
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froud-workwhat would be the quickest and easiest way to specify either gdm or kdm on ubuntu03:22
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mf-is anyone awake?03:49
mf-anywhere around here i can get help on installing xpde on ubuntu?03:54
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froud-workmf-: I have not seen any docs on how to do that03:55
froud-workyou like xpde?03:55
mdkehi boys and girls03:56
mf-dunno, can't get it working03:56
mf-first time i've ever used ubuntu tonight03:56
mf-so i'm just checking things out03:56
froud-workwhy not try kde03:56
mdkefroud-work, btw do you work on kubuntu, other than docs?03:56
mf-because i've used kde before03:56
froud-worksudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop03:57
froud-workmf-: ok03:57
froud-workmdke: yes03:57
mf-i haven't used nix in a long time, i don't really remember much 03:57
froud-workIf you get it working let me know I will document it for you03:57
froud-workWindows user?03:58
mdkefroud-work, came across a user in ubuntu-it that had an enormous bug, opening a root terminal from the menu crashes on him03:58
mf-who, me?03:58
froud-workmf-: yes you03:58
mdkelets not get abusive ;p03:58
mf-used to use nix on every machine i owned03:58
mf-but i slowly drifted away03:58
mf-now realising the error of my ways, :)03:58
=== Kinnison uses Ubuntu on all his systems :-)
mf-i only just got hold of ubuntu03:59
froud-work"i haven't used nix in a long time"03:59
mf-been wanting to check it out for a while03:59
mdkehi Kinnison03:59
Kinnisonmf-: You got the hoary preview?03:59
froud-workwell welcome back03:59
Kinnisonmdke: Hi03:59
Kinnisonmf-: What release of Ubuntu have you got?03:59
Kinnisonmf-: 4.10 or 5.04(preview) ?03:59
mf-no idea03:59
froud-workmf-: which version of ubuntu do you have?03:59
mf-got it on a cd with a magazine04:00
mdke4.10 then04:00
=== Kinnison nods
=== Kinnison glances over at the pile of 4.10 CDs he has left
mf-apparently so04:00
froud-workinstall and then update to hoary04:00
mf-what ver is that04:00
Kinnison5.04 will be released in about three and a half weeks04:01
mf-i'm only running it in vmware at the moment04:01
mf-so i'll probably install it properly in a few days :) i'll do it then04:01
froud-workmf-: cummon trach that ntfs partition04:01
mf-i plan on it04:01
froud-workwelcome back04:01
mf-thanks :)04:02
froud-workand remember when you figure out how to install xpde, let me know04:02
mf-will do04:02
mf-perhaps music will help04:03
mdkei tell you what i recommend04:14
mdkewiki editing in IE04:15
mdkeits a dream come true04:15
mdke/sarcasm off04:15
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mdkeciao enrico 09:43
mdkeenrico, sai come funziona zopeedit?09:52
enricomdke: mai usato :(09:52
mdkestresso simon09:52
mdkenon c'e'09:52
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