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zullamont_r whenever you are ready12:50
lamont_rzul: can we do it in about 2 hours?12:51
lamont_ror is that toolate?12:51
zulsure no probelm12:51
zulproblem even12:51
lamont_rok.  need to run into town with the daughter for a bit12:51
=== lamont_r translocates to home again
=== T-Bone contemplates this conversation, notes that quoted out of context, it could sound rather strange :)
=== lamont_r whacks t-bone
T-Boneeven with context, it does look strange :)12:52
lamont_rT-Bone: if you're nice, I'll put the Packages files on p.u.c... :-)12:52
lamont_rT-Bone: baz primer12:52
T-Boneok ok ok, I won't quote :)12:52
T-Bones/quote/fortune/ :)12:52
lamont_ranyway, gotta run home, pick up kid, run to town.  back in a couple hours.12:53
T-Bonesee ya tomorrow then!12:53
zuloh that sucks...debian dropping all but 4 arches?12:53
T-Bonethey're nuts12:53
zuli take people are pissed off right now12:53
T-Bonethat'd be a fair bet12:54
zulmaybe i should go read -devel :)12:54
T-Bonei haven't even bothered, but would certainly welcome a short summary :)12:55
zulbah...i dont have time...executive summary people are pissed12:58
zuloooh...we are down to 18 major bugs for kernel stuff01:01
mdzzul: they aren't dropping them01:11
mdzzul: they are going to change the way that they are released01:11
mdzyes, people are pissed off, but mostly because they are misinterpreting the announcement (as you seemed to ;-) )01:12
zulmdz: i only saw it on slashdot i havent  dealt into it01:14
mdzoh god01:14
mdzjust what Debian needs, slashdot misinformation01:14
mdzslashdot refuses to post our release announcements, and they publish this crap :-P01:15
zulhow come they refuse?01:15
mdzI have no idea01:15
zulthats retarded01:15
zulsomeone should go beat some sense into them01:17
=== T-Bone is now known as T-None
zulla deh dah02:34
lamontah, cool.. I still have 15 minutes. :-)02:40
=== lamont goes to feed horses quickly
lamontok zul02:52
lamontstupid > key02:53
lamontok...  things to decide.  lets assume that you're going to have the archive on the local machine, and then mirror it to the http archive02:54
lamontin my case, I chose to put the archives in /var/lib/arch - you'll want to pick a directory somewhere...02:55
lamontbaz make-archive /var/lib/arch/zulcss@gentoo.com--2005 (or whatever)02:55
lamontthat will create the zulcss@gentoo.com--2005 archive.02:56
lamontbaz register-archive http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/Archives/kernel-team@ubuntu.com--200502:56
lamontregisters the upstream beast02:56
zulk hold02:56
zulon 02:56
zulok...made the arvhie02:57
zulok..lets go02:57
lamontbaz branch kernel--team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre28--2.6.10 zulcss@gentoo.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre28--2.6.1002:58
lamontcreates a branch for you to work in.02:59
lamontthen, baz make-archive -m zulcss@gentoo.com--2005 sftp://<http machine>/~zul/public_html/Archives/zulcss@gentoo.com--200503:00
zul baz branch kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre28--2.6.10 zulcss@gmail.com--2005/kernel-debian--pret28-2.6.1003:00
zulbranch: invalid version name -- zulcss@gmail.com--2005/kernel-debian--pret28-2.6.1003:00
lamont(I think...)03:00
lamontnot pre28-2.6.1003:00
=== lamont isn't sure about the mirror - let me check..
zulits running now03:01
lamontmake-archive -m syntax works.!  woot.03:02
zulok got that03:03
lamontbaz library-config --greedy --sparse /var/cache/arch/revisions  # create the revision library03:04
lamontbaz get kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre28--2.6.10 debian03:05
lamontwill grab create the debian directory03:06
lamontthen (inside that directory), baz archive-mirror will push things to zulinux.homelinux.net/Archive03:07
lamontuh, doh.03:07
zultla: indicated library is not on library path03:07
lamontgotta go check something03:08
lamontdpkg -l bazaar?03:08
zulim using ~/work/ubuntu/Archives as my arch repository03:09
lamontwe forgot to tell baz to keep listings current, so you get a second step until someone in #arch tells us how to automate it... :(03:09
lamontor we could be abusive...03:10
zulabusive :)03:10
lamonton zulinux, rm -rf Archive/zulcss@gmail.com--200503:10
lamontrm ~/.arch-params/=locations/zulcss@gmail.com--200503:11
lamonton your home machine03:11
lamontok. give me a minute to check on things...03:11
lamontbaz make-archive --listing -m ....03:13
lamontand then baz archive-mirror03:13
zulk gimme a sec03:14
zulsays archive already registered03:14
lamontwhich machine did you rm ~/.arch-params on?03:15
lamontah, on your work machine:03:15
zullocal machine i did the sftp bit03:15
lamontrm ~/.arch-params/\=locations/zulcss@gmail.com--2005-MIRROR03:15
lamontuh, that 2nd rm needed to be on zulinux...03:16
zulsame machine03:16
lamontah, ok.03:16
lamontthat helps some...03:16
lamontonly not..03:16
lamontif both are really the same machine, the best thing to do is just create the archive where http can get to it...03:17
lamontsince you can't have the archive and the mirror have the same name on the same machine, etc...03:17
zulyeah that would be easier03:17
lamontso best way is to just nuke the archive storage completely, and toss it from ~/.arch-params/=locations03:18
lamontthen either a symlink and the needed config, or store it under the web tree somewhere..03:18
lamontbaz make-archive --listing .../Archive/zulcss@gmail.com--200503:18
lamontyou already have the other registered (unless you over-nuked...)03:19
zulyeah over nuked03:19
lamontso baz register-archive from above03:19
lamontbaz branch from above03:19
lamontbaz library-config from above03:19
lamontthen baz get from above03:21
lamontthen you're going to get into a love/hate relation ship with "baz lint" as you do things...03:22
lamontbaz add files that you add, etc.03:22
lamontdo you have a change to walk through?03:22
zulgimme a sec...still going through the steps03:24
zulmy brain is slow today...more so than usual03:24
zulstill getting the same error on revision03:25
lamonton revision?03:25
zulchuck@homer:~$ baz library-config --greedy --sparse /var/cache/arch/revisions03:26
zultla: indicated library is not on library path03:26
zul  dir /var/cache/arch/revisions03:26
lamontah, ok.03:27
lamontwhat does baz my-revision-library say?03:28
zulchuck@homer:~$ baz  my-revision-library03:29
zulmy-revision-library: no revision library path set03:29
zulthere isnt a /var/cache/arch directory03:29
lamontyeah - I dumped my revision lib in /var/lib/arch/revisions...03:32
lamontpick a directory03:32
lamontbaz my-revision-library <dir>03:32
lamontit'll grow over time until you prune things out of it...03:32
zulok done03:33
lamontthen library-config03:33
lamontadjusted as needed03:33
zulim just doing the baz get03:34
lamontah, ok03:36
zulso i did the baz get03:36
zuland i have the two gz files in my Archive directory03:37
zulso i should be done right?03:38
zulthats cool03:41
lamontactually, the branch created those files, I expect03:42
lamontuh, did you say --listing with your make-archive?03:42
zulso when pre29 comes out i have to do a baz branch kernel-team ya deh dah03:42
lamonttouch ..../Archive/zulcss@gmail.com--2005/=meta-info/http-blows03:43
lamonturl is http://zulinux.homelinux.net/Archive/zulcss@gmail.com--2005 ??03:43
lamontok. is there a http-blows file there?03:44
lamonttouch it03:44
lamontthen say baz archive-fixup zulcss@gmail.com--200503:44
zulchuck@homer:~$ baz archive-fixup zulcss@gmail.com--200503:46
zulusage: baz archive-fixup [options] 03:46
lamonts/fixup/fixup -A/03:46
zuli c03:46
zulso when pre29 comes out all i have to do is a baz branch?03:53
zulright im falling asleep thanks for your help lamont03:57
lamontbaz abrowse zulcss@gmail.com--200504:02
lamont  kernel-debian04:02
lamont    kernel-debian--pre2804:02
lamont      kernel-debian--pre28--2.6.1004:02
lamont        base-0 .. patch-104:02
lamontfabbione: getting kernel-bugs created... you want me to subscribe you?06:21
lamontgonna move the bz target to there, instead of kernel-team, so we can have our mailing list back,06:21
lamontfabbione: baz register-archive     http://zulinux.homelinux.net/Archive/zulcss@gmail.com--200506:22
fabbionelamont: yes please06:22
fabbioneeven if all bugs are assigned to me and i get them automatically 3 times06:23
lamontheh.  I assume you want moderator access?06:23
fabbionemdz: yes i am cherrypicking bug fixes from Debian right now06:23
fabbionemdz: and syncing up to their 2.6.10-606:23
mdzfabbione: ok06:24
fabbionewhat will be the list id for kernel-bugs?06:24
lamontfabbione: we'll make the default bz target be kernel-bugs06:24
fabbionemdz: please baz get from lamont archive on chinstrap.06:24
fabbionemdz: so you can follow yourself06:24
mdzfabbione: not right now; I am trying for <12 hours working today06:24
fabbionemdz: sure..06:25
fabbionelet me put up a changelog for you06:25
fabbionemdz: there are only bug fixes atm06:25
fabbioneno new features06:25
fabbionethere are more patches to come security, memory corruption and stack handler related06:27
fabbionewe might also fix a wishlist in this upload since the change is not introsive at all06:27
lamontfabbione: is done.06:35
fabbionethe ml?06:35
lamontmdz: could you whack bz and reassign all the kernel bugs from kernel-team to kernel-bugs, and change the default target?06:35
lamontfabbione: you're in the --pre28 tree, yes?06:36
mdzlamont: do a search, click "change several bugs at once" in the search results06:37
fabbionelamont: yes06:37
lamontmdz: ok06:38
lamontbut the default assignment is still you, right mdz?06:39
mdzlamont: default assignee for linux has been fabbione for ages06:39
fabbionemdz: do you think it will be possible to get Kamion to create one sparc hoary CD after (and only AFTER) release?06:42
lamontah, even better06:42
fabbionewell if we can get kernel-bugs to get them assigned06:42
fabbionei wouldn't mind06:42
lamontfabbione: I got pretty far down the path of building my own on hppa... although it really needs some Kamion-love to be happy06:42
mdzfabbione: probably, but it's entirely possible that it will require changes to packages in the archive to work (so it wouldn't be hoary anymore)06:43
fabbionein that case i agree06:44
fabbionebut i think we have been careful enough not to need that06:44
fabbionewell let see06:44
lamontfabbione: you'll almost certainly need d-i changes06:45
mdzwill sparc be caught up on building packages by release? ;-)06:45
fabbionemdz: it's almost there for main06:45
fabbionetoo bad it was dead for 15 days06:45
fabbionethat was really unlucky06:45
fabbioneand i have only one or two FTBFS to handle up till now06:45
fabbioneall the rest is going in06:45
fabbionebut clearly it will never make it for hoary06:45
fabbionei am aware of that06:46
lamontgrumble. kernel-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com did not match anything06:47
lamontdo I need to create a login for him?06:47
=== lamont waits for his password
fabbionecrimsun: i got the patch from zul for the sis oops06:55
fabbionei am going to apply it in a few minutes06:56
crimsunfabbione: great :-)06:56
fabbionedo you have the bug num handy?06:56
lamontmdz: will new kernel bugs get kernel-bugs@lists.ubuntu.com as their qa contact then?06:56
crimsunfabbione: from bugzilla? I don't think there is one (rather, I haven't found one), but a friend has experienced it.06:57
lamontfabbione: of course, mass changing 79 bugs when we get 2 copies per (well, you 3)... sorry.....06:58
fabbionelamont: only 79?06:58
fabbionei have approx 130 assigned for kernel06:58
fabbioneok i am not going to touch bz06:58
fabbioneto avoid mid-air collisions06:59
lamont74 bugs had kernel-team as their qa contact06:59
fabbioneprobably we didn't catch all of them with qa contact06:59
fabbionei will see after you change them06:59
=== lamont grumbles at cupsys
lamontfabbione: my change is done, just percolating, etc.07:00
fabbioneyou didn't change to who the bugs are assigned, did you?07:00
lamontno just qa contact07:01
lamontunless, of course, I'm a loser... :-(07:01
fabbioneok. should we reassign them to?07:01
lamontwe could, but some are assigned to you and some to zul, etc.07:01
fabbionelamont: package linux07:02
fabbionewe can manually reassign the ones that this check will skip07:02
lamontchoices are to assign them to one person in charge of triage, or assign them to the list and take them as they're grabbed.07:02
fabbioneit makes it easier to have one and only one contact07:02
=== lamont does the search again
fabbioneok let's talk about it with zul later07:03
fabbionebecause i really have heaps more than 7907:03
fabbionezul: are you awake?07:03
=== lamont finds 166 more bugs, many of them resolved...
lamontdon't think I'll change those07:04
fabbioneno skip the resolved...07:04
lamont74+98 == 17207:04
fabbionejust do a search with fabbione@ubuntu.com as assignee07:04
fabbioneand package linux07:05
=== eruin [~eruin@eruin.user] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
eruincopypaste myself?07:05
fabbioneyes please07:05
lamontdid a search for package=linux, qa != kernel-bugs, status == unconfirmed thru pendingupload07:05
eruinI've had to compile my own kernel to set dma on for my standard ide hd/cd drives, and while doing so I noticed the ubuntu config had "CONFIG_IDEDMA_ONLYDISK=y"07:06
fabbioneget all the status07:06
fabbionemany are NEW and NEEDINFO07:06
lamontthat was there07:06
fabbioneeruin: yes. that is correct. enabling DMA on cdrom by default causes more troubles than the ones that it solves07:06
lamontunconfirmed thru pendingupload includes new,assigned,reopened,needinfo,upstream07:06
fabbioneeruin: it is enough to use hdparm to enable dma on any device you want07:07
fabbionethere is no need to recompile07:07
lamontbut not resolved,verified,closed07:07
eruinokay, then that's probably not what solved my issues07:07
eruinthe problem I had was that hdparm didn't allow me to set dma on07:07
fabbioneeruin: if it doesn't, perhpas your cdrom or chipset is blacklisted from DMA07:08
fabbionebecause known to be broken or something07:08
eruinI still haven't figured out how to get support for enabling dma on my via sata drives, but that's another thing07:08
eruinany idea on where I can find info on that?07:08
fabbionethere is a blacklist somewhere....07:08
fabbionein the source07:08
fabbionei just can't remember where exactly07:08
eruinI'll have a poke07:09
eruindrivers/ide/ide-dma.c I bet07:10
fabbionei think there is a blacklist.c or something07:10
fabbionei really can't remember07:10
=== lamont falls bedwards
fabbionenight lamont07:10
fabbionecya later07:10
eruinstatic const struct drive_list_entry drive_blacklist []  = {07:11
fabbionelooks like it07:11
fabbionebut that's the one for specific cdrom07:11
eruincan't find any of my stuff in it though07:11
fabbionethere is another one for chipset too or at least....07:11
eruinthat blacklist blacklists known-to-work devices07:13
fabbioneif you know that they work, you should report them upstream07:13
fabbionethey are pretty responsive on that07:13
eruinI wonder how they get on the list in the first place if they work07:14
fabbioneeruin: sometimes developer do not have the hardware07:14
fabbioneand they hack around with the specifications07:14
fabbionethat makes the driver work07:14
fabbionebut they can't test extra features07:14
fabbioneDMA can be really bad if set on broken hw07:14
fabbionelike data corruption07:15
fabbioneIDE hanging due to unneeded resets07:15
fabbioneso it is a much safer path to first blacklist it07:15
fabbioneand wait for reports that it works07:15
fabbionethan the other way around07:15
fabbionei think we can all agree that "data corruption" = "really really bad"07:15
fabbionecompared to a minimum gain in performance07:16
eruinyeah ;)07:16
eruinwell.. minimum07:16
fabbioneminimum is subjective :-)07:16
eruinmy computer pretty much hangs when I do major operations on my sata drive07:16
eruinbecause I'm no longer able to use dma on it07:16
fabbioneonly on cdrom07:16
eruingathering from what I've seen around the net, the via drivers only work well if compiled-in07:17
eruincould that be true?07:17
fabbionethere is basically no difference in compiling in or having it as module07:18
eruinhmm.. I've done so and now I can set dma on my ide hd07:18
fabbionedid you check the module parameters?07:19
fabbionesome of them can accept stuff like forcel33tdma=on07:19
fabbionewithout the need of recompiling07:19
mdzlamont: no, I'll need to change the default QA contact manually; please email me07:33
fabbionemdz: unionfs... hmmmm07:37
fabbionei think we should find something better than external projects07:37
fabbioneAl Viro is the right person to ping definetely07:38
=== gabaug [~gabe@216-43-99-149.dsl.mcleodusa.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
gabaugwhy don't modules that worked in 10-3 work in 10-4 (with the error "Invalid module format")?07:43
gabaugsorry, hoary's linux-image-2.6.10-3-686 vs 10-4 that is07:44
fabbione-3 and -4 identify an ABI change07:44
fabbionethat is perfectly normal and wanted07:44
gabaugok...is it possible to compile my modules for -4?07:44
fabbionethe same way you did for -307:44
gabaugbecause I built one on a freshly installed hoary-preview-install with the -4 kernel running and headers installed and it gave me that error07:45
fabbioneprobably you didn't install the correct kernel headers07:45
fabbionealso note that after preview07:45
fabbionethe kernel ABI was broken07:45
fabbioneso you might have built with a broken kernel07:46
gabaugI have the kernel headers that the install cd provided...I have /usr/src/linux-headers-2.6.10-4[-386] 07:46
fabbionegabaug: please update to the most recent kernels and rebuild the module07:47
fabbionebe sure to have 2.6.10-2707:47
gabaugwoah...I'm confused, did we jump from -4 to -27 or did I just miss a lot of kernel updates?07:48
fabbione-4 is the ABI in the package name07:48
eruinI've found something interesting... http://lists.debian.org/debian-amd64/2004/10/msg00099.html07:48
fabbione-27 is the debian version07:48
fabbioneor ubuntu version07:48
gabaugfabbione: okay, thanks07:48
fabbionemdz: can i extend the kernel bof list for UDU (since the page is "please do not modify")08:06
svenlfabbione: let's move here.12:09
svenlfabbione: the powerpc-mv643xx-enet.dpatch patch just enables to build the mv643xx_eth module on MULTIPLATFORM_PPC, and removes all mips-embedded arch specific part of it, no ABI breakage visible there.12:11
fabbionesvenl: we have a (semi) automatic abi checker12:12
fabbioneso that one is checked at build time12:12
svenlfabbione: the other patch detects if a marvell NB is present, and sets a couple of info (membase and irq to be used) for the driver to use.12:12
fabbioneyes i read the patches12:12
svenlso i don't think there should be any ABI breakage involved.12:12
fabbionebut i still need to verify them and revert an old patch we have around12:12
fabbionesvenl: i promise.. as soon as i get -28 out of the way, your patches will be the first to go in and be tested.12:14
fabbionesvenl: ^12:15
fabbionethis is what i have in the boilerplate for today12:15
svenlfabbione: you have an old marvell patch in ? The one from debian 2.6.10 ? 12:15
fabbionesvenl: i think it is from 2.6.9 that i portforwarded12:15
fabbionebut there is a patch there12:16
svenlfabbione: ok. we can get ride of it, and replace it with this new one.12:16
fabbioneyes i know .. i did check that too12:16
svenlmore to this later, do your install and i will build a package locally with my proposed fix, ok ? 12:16
fabbionesvenl: i will upload my package around 14:00 UTC12:17
fabbioneafter that i can do directly tests for you12:17
fabbioneso don't worry too much12:17
fabbionei can even give you the images to test12:17
fabbionethat's not an issue :-)12:17
fabbionebut before 14:00 UTC with kernel up12:17
fabbioneit's no-no12:17
svenli was just asking, not knowing the schedule. tomorrow is better for everyone involved.12:18
fabbioneyup.. no problem12:20
fabbionebuild orgy started :-)12:31
=== fabbione -> shower -> food
fabbionewoo woo woo01:42
fabbioneamd64/ia64 are go01:43
fabbionei386 and ppc still compiling01:43
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:fabbione] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeam | kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre28--2.6.10 | check the new abichecker code and GET familiar with it. | The award for the "turtle" moves to i386.
fabbioneppc is GO02:15
fabbioneand i386 is go02:29
=== zul [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
fabbionehey zul02:38
zulhey fabbione how is it going?02:38
fabbionevery good02:38
fabbioneall arches are go02:38
zulgood good02:38
fabbionei am ready to upload.. testing l-r-m now02:38
fabbionebut i still cannot commit one patch02:38
fabbionebut i will upload before that ;)02:39
zulyou guys wanted to talk to me about something im reading the backlog02:40
fabbionezul: yes...02:41
fabbione  * Not all USB ports detected on nForce4 SLI chipset boards:02:41
fabbione    - Add patch nforce4-usb-broken.dpatch.02:41
fabbione    (Closes: #7241)02:41
fabbionethe bug is assigned to X?02:41
fabbione  * Add emu10k1x driver:02:41
fabbione    - Add patch stolen-from-head_em10k1x-alsa.dpatch.02:41
fabbione    - CONFIG_SND_EMU10K1X=m.02:41
fabbionewhat bug does it fix?02:41
zulgimme a sec02:41
zulnforce usb is suppose to be 721402:42
fabbioneah ok02:42
zulthe dell sound card is 649202:43
fabbioneok.. comming now02:44
zulwhats the thingy on bugs im reading in the backlog02:44
zulqa contact is kernel-bugs now? ok..02:44
fabbionewe were considering to reassing all the bugs to it02:45
zulah ok02:45
fabbioneand decide between us who gets what02:45
fabbioneit is easier to keep all the bugs together02:45
zulwell t-bone can do ppc02:45
fabbioneto see duplicates and stuff02:45
fabbioneand since we have the lists02:45
fabbionewe can coordinate there02:45
fabbioneor via irc02:45
fabbioneor whatever..02:45
zuland you and i can divy out the i386 ones02:46
fabbionejust to avoid duplicate work02:46
zulbut if you are working on a bug you should take ownership of it02:46
fabbionethat is correct02:47
fabbioneor coordinate02:47
zulor cordinate02:47
fabbionebrb... rebooting02:49
fabbionewell.. i missed cron.d for 62 seconds03:07
fabbionethat means 30 minutes delay ...03:07
fabbioneat least i had the extra time to test the kerne03:07
fabbionezul: you can close the bugs if you want03:09
fabbionekernel is uploaded03:09
zulokie dokie03:09
fabbionei am doing some baz magic to create the new branches and so on...03:12
zulsweetness since i have baz setup now03:12
fabbionei know..03:12
fabbionei already registered your archive03:12
fabbioneso you sync.. merge03:12
fabbioneand i can sync merge from you03:12
fabbione29329839283 times faster03:13
zulyeah yeah03:13
zulonly if im up though03:13
fabbionewell that's up to you03:14
zulyeah so there03:14
fabbionenot bad... 03:15
fabbione24K of changelog03:15
zulheh...oh yeah got a question for you 03:16
zulthere are alot of win4lin users using ubuntu03:16
zulso why not include it in  linux-restricted after hoary is released03:16
fabbionethey can all die to hell in a painful and slow death03:16
fabbionei am not supposed to say so03:17
fabbionei don't think we can03:17
zulheh or not..03:17
fabbioneit depends a lot from the licence03:17
zulill look into it03:17
zulbecause there is getting alot of ubuntu users at work and they are all asking me about and i have to beat them off with a stick03:18
fabbionezul: send them to me03:18
fabbionei also want some fun killing the bugs03:18
zulwell since i am just a consultant i would like to keep my job03:18
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:fabbione] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeam | kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre29--2.6.10 | check the new abichecker code and GET familiar with it.
=== fabbione needs a smoke
zulbwahahaha  kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre28--2.6.10 debian03:30
zuli have a local copy of pre29 now..03:31
fabbioneyeah i am preparing the basic stuff for -2903:33
fabbionelike changelog and abi files03:33
fabbioneotherwise you won't even be able to make clean03:33
fabbionei need to implement a make target for it03:33
fabbionebut not for hoary03:33
fabbionei am too lazy03:33
fabbioneattempt to remove directory amd64/03:36
fabbionebaz doesn't like removing directories?03:36
zuldont know03:37
zuli just started using it so im not the one to ask03:37
zulor if you were asking rhetorically03:37
fabbioneno, it doesn't support it03:39
zulcrap im missing a } somewhere03:43
fabbionecommitting the first -29 bits03:54
fabbionefor i38603:54
fabbioneat least you can start working03:54
fabbioneit still transmitting :-)03:55
fabbioneshould be there now03:56
zulso the abi stuff just goes a diff?03:58
fabbionethey are files in the source package03:59
fabbione-28 contains -27 abi files03:59
fabbione-29 contains -28 abi files03:59
zulah k03:59
fabbioneand so on03:59
fabbionefor hoary it is manual03:59
fabbionewe will work on it at UDU03:59
fabbioneto make it more transparent03:59
zulheh i wont be there04:00
fabbionebecause personally building the kernel N times only to check if it builds + a clean build after upload just to get the ABI is a PITA04:00
fabbionezul: i know, but we will plan a strategy to have it done automatically04:00
fabbionelike buildd mailing abi files or something like that04:00
fabbionewe will see how to spec it04:00
zulgood good04:00
jbaileyfabbione: glibc grew some abi checking a year or so ago, and in the next major upload, we hope to have all the checking be there automatically and fail the build if something changes.04:01
fabbionejbailey: we already fail if the ABI breaks04:02
fabbionethe problem is that abi files are created at build time04:02
fabbioneand since we do source only uploads04:02
fabbionewe need to find a nice way to get these files back 04:02
fabbioneto make them usefull04:02
fabbionethe checker is there04:03
fabbioneand it is pretty simple to use04:03
jbaileyAh.  Include them in /usr/share/doc ?04:03
fabbionejbailey: nah that's a bad approach04:03
fabbionewe did a long discussion about it04:03
fabbioneboth with dilinger and mdz04:03
fabbioneand here on irc too04:03
fabbionethe point is that we must ensure that version -X+1 is always built using version -X of the abi files04:04
fabbioneso we must ensure that the latest packages are always available on the buildd04:04
fabbioneand we cannot achieve that with a strict Build-Dep04:04
jbaileyOh good point.  You actually expect the ABI to change occasionally.04:04
fabbionebecause if one arch FTBFS04:04
fabbionethere is no way to make it build again without disabling the abi checker04:05
fabbionejbailey: yes. it happens, and sometimes is not predicted04:05
fabbionespecially when we pull big patches around04:05
fabbionethe kernel abi changes a lot of time04:05
fabbionedue to the fact that no user land uses it directly04:06
fabbione(or if you want to put it that way...)04:06
fabbioneit is more free than a simple library04:06
fabbioneok l-r-m uploaded04:07
lamontfabbione: so where is this new abichecker?05:03
fabbionein debian/rules?05:08
fabbioneit runs at build time05:08
fabbionepoint is feeding it with the data05:08
fabbionethat's the only PITA atm05:09
fabbionei already have abi files for i386/amd64/ia6405:09
fabbionewaiting ppc to finish on davis05:09
fabbionefor -2905:09
fabbioneor to be used with -2905:09
fabbionelamont: can you plase kick back l-r-m for ppc?05:14
mdzfabbione: yes, feel free to add to the list; I just don't want random people modifying it when they are not involved with development05:28
fabbionemdz: ok05:28
jbaileymdz: Looks like that sata bug isn't 1440 again, it's a different chipset, and works fine when ide-generic is loaded.  I'm going to hack hotplug now to do that.05:36
mdzjbailey: thanks, I was just wondering whether we were dealing with more than one bug there05:37
mdzjbailey: does that also aapply to the person who followed up to 1440?05:37
jbaileymdz: Yeah.  thom has a sata_via too, so we've been testing it.05:37
jbaileyI haven't checked the 1440 follow up yet.05:38
fabbionejbailey: can you test with -28?05:38
fabbionethere were some bug fixes for sata05:38
fabbioneperhaps it is something there....05:38
jbaileyAh, hmm.  Let's ask thom in -devel.  He's got the machine.05:39
lamontfabbione: will happen automatically, unless that package name is wrong...05:40
lamontRejected: xfree86-driver-fglrx-dev_4.3.0-8.8.25-0ubuntu7_amd64.deb: old version05:41
lamont+(4.3.0-8.8.25-0ubuntu7) in hoary >= new version (4.3.0-8.8.25-0ubuntu7)05:41
lamont+targeted at hoary.05:41
lamontbesides, you need to upload -805:41
fabbioneah fuck that shit05:42
lamont-7 was rejected because the internal minor number wasn't bumped on amd64...05:42
fabbionethis time isn't my fault...05:42
fabbionewas that the only error?05:44
fabbioneor other minors have been complaining?05:44
fabbionethere.. it's on the way05:48
fabbionethis is so frigging sucky05:48
fabbionei386 is still lagging....05:49
fabbionei wonder if we did hit a buildd with the ccache05:49
fabbionelamont: for the next kernel i will add gfs support05:49
fabbioneso you can share ccache over the different buildds of the same arch05:49
jbailey<thom> with id-cd, ide-disk and ide-generic commented out, there's no change with 2.6.10-2805:54
=== jbailey puts hotplug under the knife.
lamontfabbione: I _can_ do it today (nfs)... it's more a question of what the admins will allow, you see...05:57
fabbioneok.. all the abi files for -29 are committed05:59
fabbione(for supported arches)05:59
fabbionethe others are empty05:59
fabbionei am off06:00
lamontfabbione: so I need to get you the results then?06:00
lamontor rather, drop them in place...06:00
fabbionelamont: can you coordinate with Kamion to upload linux-meta/d-i06:00
fabbionelamont: yes. that is correct. you can just add them in the right place in debian/abi06:00
lamontso lrm is all better?06:00
lamont-8 uploaded and everything?06:00
fabbionei did upload it with the minor bumps06:01
fabbionei hope that is enough06:01
lamontor does that need to be done still?06:01
fabbionealready done l-r-m06:01
fabbioneit should it the daily in 2 minutes06:01
=== lamont is going to reboot to put in a new dvd-r drive.
fabbionecya tomorrow06:01
lamontand shotgun this wireless mouse06:01
fabbionei need to take care of wife06:01
lamontback in a few myself06:01
lamonttil tomorrow06:01
fabbionebah first my wife sais that she does feel good..06:15
fabbionenow she is all around the kitchen..06:15
fabbionego figure06:15
fabbionefemales are worst than ABI change06:15
fabbionebecause you can't unbreak it06:15
=== Mithrandir quotefiles
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
lamontfabbione: nothing here...06:37
fabbionefor the reason why i am still around ;)06:37
fabbionei wasn't checking on you ;)06:37
lamontstill no clue what's up though...06:37
fabbioneis it still building or did it hang?06:38
lamontfabbione: building documentation now06:40
fabbioneit took really long time06:40
=== T-None is now known as T-Bone
fabbionei will need to check the build log06:40
fabbioneit looks like it didn't fork at all06:40
fabbioneand ccache was empty06:40
fabbionedinner is ready06:40
fabbionei am off :-)06:40
T-Boneheya lamont!06:41
lamontfabbione: fwiw, the buildd in question has never build linux-source-2.6.10 :-(06:47
lamontT-Bone: hiya06:47
=== T-Bone debootstraps p.u.c ;)
lamontT-Bone: for starters, add the debian db admin pkg06:48
lamontpick up that buildd/sbuild06:48
T-Bonedone already :)06:48
lamontget a good debootstrap06:48
lamontcopy hoary.buildd over from that archive :-)06:48
lamontdebootstrap build/chroot-hoary with hoary06:48
zulfabbione: they can be unbroken, just nag nag nag06:49
zuloh yeah there is a tech meeting today06:50
lamontinstall -d -m0775 -obuildd build/chroot-hoary build/chroot-hoary/home/buildd build/chroot-hoary/build/buildd build/chroot-hoary/var/debbuild build/chroot-hoary/var/debbuild/srcdep-lock06:50
lamontecho do_initrd = Yes > build/chroot-hoary/etc/kernel-img.conf06:51
=== T-Bone is currently looking for a machine (powered on) with hoary.buildd :)
lamontinstall -m644 /etc/fstab build/chroot-hoary/etc/fstab06:51
lamontwget http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/hoary.buildd06:51
T-Bonedoh :)06:51
jbaileyIs it safe to assume that we're not really planning another kernel upload soon? =)06:51
lamontfor file in var/debbuild/avg-build-times var/debbuild/avg-build-space CurrentlyBuilding; do install -m0664 -obuildd -gbuildd /dev/null build/chroot-hoary/${file}; done06:52
lamontcreate build/chroot-hoary/etc/apt/sources.list (with main restricted universe06:52
lamontcreate user and group entries for buildd in the chroot06:53
lamontwith a shadow entry06:53
lamontmount proc, /dev/pts in chroot06:53
=== T-Bone damns lamont for being that verbose all of a sudden :^)
lamontcreate /etc/source-dependencies06:53
lamontedit /usr/sbin/sbuild to make -dhoary not be fatal06:54
lamontthen we just have to deal with buildd.conf06:54
lamontbut one should be able to sbuild the poor thing.06:54
lamontthen, on your machine, create and sign a new gpg key - use that one to sign the .changes files.06:55
lamontand we still need to figure out just exactly _where_ we're uploading too...06:55
T-Bonedebootstrap in progress06:55
lamontbut getting sbuild to run as the user buildd in ~buildd/build, with 'sbuild -dhoary ed_0.2-20' is the keyh06:56
T-Bone(had to distupgrade the box first, hence the lag)06:56
=== lamont wanders off for a couple minutes, to feed his face
T-Bonehehe ok thx06:56
T-Bone(alot :)06:56
zulT-Bone: http://zulinux.homelinux.net/Archive06:57
=== T-Bone whistles and look the other way ;}
mdzare you guys going to update linux-meta?06:58
T-Bonethat's on the todo list as far as i can tell06:58
T-Bonefabbione had plans for that06:58
mdzfabbione: is there a waitcondition?07:05
lamontmdz: going to update it yes, \07:05
lamontwaiting for i386 to finish hitting the archive07:06
lamontwhich should have just happened07:06
lamontmdz: is it ubuntu-meta, then d-i, or the other way?07:06
lamontand should I be nice and do kubuntu-meta too?07:07
=== lamont grumbles. linux-meta!=ubuntu-meta. :-)
T-Bone<lamont> create /etc/source-dependencies07:10
mdzlamont: the order doesn't matter, so long as they're in sync when the CD builds happen07:10
T-Bonelamont: means "touch"?07:10
lamontT-Bone: yes07:10
lamontT-Bone: and make /usr/*bin/update-sourcedeps? just exit 007:12
=== T-Bone tries to recall what needs to be changed in /usr/bin/sbuild
lamontmake it so -dhoary doesn't die.07:15
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=== Topic (#ubuntu-kernel): set by fabbione at Tue Mar 15 15:19:47 2005
(fabbione/#ubuntu-kernel) jbailey: please do..09:35
=== T-Bone is completely exhausted, calls it a night
=== T-Bone is now known as T-Sleep
=== T-Sleep is now known as T-None
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lamonthow do I disable ACPI PNP, I wonder?11:05
=== zul [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel

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