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=== mdke rushes round sm
mdkesm, hi :)12:05
smhello :)12:05
mdkei can't get zopeedit working12:05
mdkeit locks the page12:06
smok.. please explain to me how far you get in words of one syllable :)12:06
mdkei copied the config from zwiki12:06
mdkechanged emacs to gedit12:06
mdkeopen my wiki12:07
mdkeclick crayon12:07
mdkegedit opens12:07
mdkei edit the file12:07
mdkeerror: page is locked12:07
mdkebut once or twice it worked12:07
mdkemaybe when i took not much time over it?12:07
smwhich page are you testing on ?12:08
mdkenone in particular12:08
mdkei was editing last night12:08
smok.. try TestPage12:08
smI'll check permissions etc12:08
mdkei have some cache issues too12:09
smjust shift-reload12:09
mdkestill no12:10
mdkemight be my browser i spose12:10
mdkeyeah its working with a fresh home director12:12
mdketesting now12:13
mdkehere is the error12:14
mdkeCould not save to Zope. Error occured during HTTP put: 423 Locked12:14
smwhere does that show up ?12:16
sma dialog pops up after your first save ?12:16
mdkeno after I quit12:16
mdkeafter about 5 seconds12:17
smzopeedit does it's thing each time you save.. it doesn't know about quitting12:17
smbut it takes a few seconds to upload etc.12:17
mdkei think i have it configured differently12:18
mdke# Automatic save interval, in seconds. Set to zero for12:18
mdke# no auto save (save to Zope only on exit).12:18
mdkesave_interval = 012:18
mdkei changed it to that to see if it would get rid of the error12:18
mdkemaybe is my bad12:18
smmine is 112:19
mdkek retesting12:19
smok I see the lock12:20
mdkeok now i get the error when saving12:20
mdkesame one12:20
smok.. now quit it ?12:21
mdkewhat do i do with the error dialogue? retry/cancel12:21
smjust cancel12:21
mdkeok done12:22
smand now the lock is gone12:22
mdkegot the dialogue "File not saved to zope, reopen local copy"12:22
mdkepage not saved12:22
mdkehow about this in config12:23
mdke# Use WebDAV locking to prevent concurrent editing by12:23
mdke# different users. Disable for single user use or for12:23
mdke# better performance12:23
mdkeuse_locks = 112:23
mdke# To suppress warnings about borrowing locks on objects12:23
mdke# locked by you before you began editing you can12:23
mdke# set this flag. This is useful for applications that12:23
mdke# use server-side locking, like CMFStaging12:23
mdkealways_borrow_locks = 012:23
smyeah, try borrow_locks =112:23
smbetter ?12:24
mdkesame :(12:24
mdkedon't worry about it12:24
smcan anyone else try this ?12:24
smmdke, just try at http://zwiki.org/TestPage12:25
smI have to go.. I'll shout if I think of something12:26
mdkeno errors12:26
mdkeyeah it works12:26
mdkesm, cool will hang around12:27
mdkedon't worry tho12:27
smalso try it once more on ubuntu testpage12:28
mdkesm, now it works12:31
smok all pages should work now12:31
smthough I don't know why anonymous needs webdav unlock permission12:31
mdkeat a later date, we should give some thought to adding a login link to the zwiki skin if it doesn't have it12:32
smyou can bring it up by doing alt e12:32
smfor now12:32
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jsgotangcogood day03:13
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mdkesm, ping03:16
mdkesm, i'm looking for your bug on the ubuntu.com ubuntulinux.org thing03:16
mdkeyou know where it is?03:16
mdkethat is what is causing my login problems i think03:17
mdkeyou're a star03:17
mdkeyou've noted the cache thing already03:18
smgotta run.. back tomorrow03:19
=== sm waves
jsgotangcoi missed that03:26
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froudAfrican Greetings06:52
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KinnisonSalut Burgundavia 09:27
=== froud-away is now known as froud
froudJust got my copy of Linux Magazine and guess what's on the CD?09:32
froudUbuntu 5.0409:32
KinnisonYeah; it's an old snapshot09:33
Kinnisonunless that magazine has gone to press since preview09:34
froudKinnison: It is a snapshot of the development edition09:34
froudbut hey the DVD looks cool09:34
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froudsstaes 2.800 packages09:34
froudeasy installation09:35
froudreliable system update09:35
froudbut they dont mention Kubuntu :-(09:36
Burgundaviathere are some poepl who are installing it off there and reporting issues09:40
Burgundaviadoes it say Preview or Development version or something on it?09:41
froudBurgundavia: it says "full distribution"09:42
Burgundaviathat is not so good09:42
froudBurgundavia: It also says Hoary Hedgehog development edition09:42
Burgundaviahow prominent?09:43
froudSmall in compared to FULL DISTRIBUTION09:44
Burgundaviait might be good to thank them profusely for including us, but ask us next time please?09:45
froudmako: ping09:46
froudBurgundavia: nice article though09:46
Burgundaviait is way cool that they included it09:46
=== Burgundavia has no music because his headphones are borked
=== froud is concerned that too much attention goes to GNOME.
=== froud wants the media strategy to include Kubuntu
Burgundaviagood to counteract the balance of the ubuntu is gnome only09:48
Burgundaviagood to counteract the press that ubuntu is gnome only09:51
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_froud_like dude, my ups did not work09:55
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=== froud is looking for reviewers on the document "Installing KDE for Ubuntu." Source can be checked out from https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/branches/froud/kubuntu For easy reading a HTML version has been uploaded to http://www.inwords.co.za/kubuntu/inst/desktop-install.html
Burgundaviasaw it02:07
Burgundaviaam looking02:08
froudBurgundavia: thanks dude. All manner of edits welcome.02:13
mf-hey froud02:23
mf-i think i may know a reason xpde may not work02:23
froudmf-: you still tring to install it :-)02:23
mf-i did that last night02:23
frouddid you suceed?02:23
mf-was thinking, because it gnome doesn't have a popup taskbar02:23
mf-then the "start menu" doesn't work02:23
mf-so apart from that, i got the taskbar to show up02:23
mf-and the desktop b/g02:23
mf-i'm not sure what else is meant to be on there02:23
froudsurely the desktop should just install02:23
froudperhaps it need KDM?02:23
froudmf-: is xpde GNOME? I thought it was KDE02:23
froudmf-: hmm niether02:26
mf-it's gnome02:26
mf-i reckon it does need kdm02:26
froudwhat display manager does it use?02:27
mf-no idea02:27
froudif it's gnome then it surely it may require gdm02:27
froudbut I am not sure it is gnome02:27
froudwhat window manager does it install02:27
mf-you never tried to install it?02:29
froudno, nnnver02:29
mf-i'm not even sure if i installed it right, it's just a conclusion02:29
froudit must have somedisplay manager02:29
froudyou sure it does not have xdm02:29
froudtry sudo which gdm02:30
froudsorry try sudo dpkg-reconfigure gdm02:31
froudthat should give you a view on what it did02:31
mf-lemme boot it up02:31
froudit looks like kde/kdm02:32
mf-what's that meant to do?02:35
froudwhat dpkg-reconfigure02:35
froudyou should get a menu showing which display managers are installed and you can select which will be your default02:36
froudwhich display managers are installed02:36
mf-it didn't02:36
froudit didn't what02:36
mf-it just said02:37
frouddid not install a display manager02:37
mf-"reloading gnome display manager configuration"02:37
mf-changes will take effect when all x sessions have ended02:37
froudok cause you only have gdm installed02:37
froudwhen you have mutiple Display Managers it list them for you and enables you to change between them02:37
mf-what's the normal way to install a display manager02:38
mf-and i'll work from there :)02:38
froudyou could try installing the kde core02:38
froudkde-core can be installed from universe02:39
froudthat will add KDM to your system and then you can try it with xpde02:39
mf-i see02:39
froudhav eno idea if it will help02:39
froudmf-: I must go for awhile, c u later02:40
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jjessequestion to anyone paying attention, where would be the best location to learn docbook?04:25
froudjjesse: you still tuned04:42
froudbest place to start learning docbook is http://www.docbook.org04:42
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jjessewas in a meeting but thanks looking there right now05:27
makofroud: hey there05:48
froudmako: wher you been dude05:49
makostill there in fact05:49
froudHmmm, jet setting hey05:49
froudwhat's the policy on press releases05:50
froudAll the marketing stuff is ignoring kubuntu05:50
froudnot fair :-(05:50
makooh.. the kubuntu folks told us to wait last time05:51
makothey weren't ready with some things05:51
froudWell Kubuntu looks cool from where I am sitting05:51
makosomething wasn't very usuable i can't recall waht05:51
makoyeah, they're going to do their own release05:52
makoand sorry.. announcments05:52
makoand then the main announcement of the release will include info on both05:52
makothat's the plan at least05:52
froudNow if I write a news item for a web site, you have any policy with that05:52
froudkubuntu related05:52
makono problem05:53
makocheck with the kubuntu guys05:53
makoand in the future, it's a good idea to check with maybe me/jane/mark/jeff 05:53
makobut yeah, go ahead05:53
froudok so I will filter it to you guys05:53
froudwhat is marks nick05:53
froudah yes always get him and seb128 confused05:54
makoit stands for either: self appointeed benevolant dictator for life05:54
makoor: south african bdfl05:54
froudSeems somebody took our release notes and posted an article on the above site05:54
makowhich i like bretter :)05:54
makosorry.. i'm quite lagged here :)05:54
=== Kinnison loves jdub's announcement for breezy
Kinnisonmako: How much do those powerpads cost?05:54
makoi got mine for 240 USD for the 10watthour one05:55
makosorry.. the 120watthour05:55
Kinnisonwhat voltage/current?05:56
makowhich on my laptop is about 12 hours w/o cd05:56
makoi think they work with just about everything05:56
makothere ar elists of supported models though05:56
makomostly its so you know which cord to use05:56
makoit comes with like a dozen different plugs05:56
makofor all sorts of laptops05:57
=== Kinnison needs 15V/4A in Portege form-factor plug
Kinnisonsame type as the 4000/7140/A100/R100 etc05:57
Kinnisontosh fortunately standardised on psus05:57
makook.. that's teh same as mine05:58
makoi got the 120B05:58
makoi have a 400005:58
=== Kinnison nods. I *had* a 7140 and now have an A100
KinnisonI have about 12h of batteries anyway; but another 12 might be nice05:58
=== Kinnison just has to do maths
makowow.. 1h already :)05:59
makoyeah.. i get about 12h on mine05:59
makomaybe a bit more with the way i normally use it05:59
KinnisonI just bought two externals and another internal for 90 UKP06:01
Kinnisonthat powerpad would be 130UKP06:01
=== Kinnison has to decide on the relative merits
froudwhich version of debs is ubuntu based on?06:01
Kinnisonfroud: Erm, it's a rolling 'unstable' snapshot until freeze when we stop taking updates automatically06:02
froudso I apt-get install knetworkconf06:02
froudwhen I start it I get to select from all known supported distros06:02
froudin debs there are three option06:03
froudI am updating to hoary development branch06:03
=== Kinnison is very confused
froudso do I select Sarge, Woody or Patato06:04
KinnisonSarge if you want recent06:05
froudok thanks06:06
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froudmaskie: it's not call more time yet ;-)06:14
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mdkeevening everybody07:05
mdkejjesse, ping07:12
froudmdke: evening07:12
mdkehi froud07:13
mdkehow are you doing?07:13
froudcooking with gas07:13
mdkethe best way07:14
froudkubuntu is rocking07:14
mdkei will try it soon07:14
froudnow all I need is a way to hide gnome apps while in kde and hide kde apps while in gnome07:14
froudOk good then you can test this for me http://www.inwords.co.za/kubuntu/inst/desktop-install.html07:15
mdkeon the weekend07:15
mdkewill do07:15
mdkejjesse, ping again07:16
froudjjesse: ping 07:16
froudmdke: sure07:16
froudyou need instructions07:16
jjesseyes please07:16
frouddid you do checkout from svn right07:16
mdke^^ instructions :)07:17
jjessejust got the instructions07:17
froudif you did checkout then ^^ will help07:17
frouddi dyou read this doc07:17
jjessethe one mdki sent me?07:17
jjessejust reading this one07:18
froudc point 607:19
frouddoes this help or you still need assistance07:20
mdkethats a wicked doc07:20
jjesseit helps is the kubuntu doc in this repository or is there a different one?07:20
froudits in svn in branches07:22
froudkubuntu doc is in https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/branches/froud/kubuntu07:23
jjessefound it 07:24
frouddo you have the branch in your repos07:24
froudwc (working copy)07:24
jjessei just did a svn checkout of branches07:25
jjessei use cvs a lot so its similar correct?07:25
froudcool you can also use svn switch07:25
froudbut I just do svn co on the repos/ that way I get trunk, branches and tags07:26
jjessecool, question when i make the changes and open it through web browser i get an error07:29
jjesseXML Parsing Error: undefined entity07:30
jjesseLocation: file:///home/jjesse/ubuntu-docs/ubuntu-docs/froud/kubuntu/inst/desktop-install.xml07:30
jjesseLine Number 30, Column 22:07:30
frouddont use a web browser07:30
froudespecially not firefox07:30
froudwhat editor do you have07:30
jjessei just used emacs cause that what i'm used to using07:31
froudcool with psgmls07:31
jjessei would guess so, just installed emacs2107:32
froudyou should be able to yelp desktop-install.xml07:32
jjesseparser error : Entity 'legalnotice' not defined07:33
jjesse        </publisher> &legalnotice; <authorgroup> &author-sean-wheller; </authorg07:33
froudHmm hold07:33
froudis your branches in  the same folder (relative to your trunk/07:34
froudif so it will work otherwise it wont work07:35
froudjust copy the folder and contents to the same folder that has your trunk07:35
froudthen it will work07:35
froudor mv it07:35
jjesseso froud should be in the same dir as the rest of the docs?07:36
froudso you should have branches/froud/kubuntu/inst/desktop-install.xml07:36
froudin the same folder as somefolder/branshes07:37
froudbranches 07:37
frouddid you understand what I mean07:37
jjesseyeah i do07:38
froudbranches  tags  trunk  ubuntu.xpr  vendor07:38
jjesseworking on getting it setup, thanks for the  help :007:38
froudno worries, thank you for your help07:38
froudin svn the repos normally has branches tags trunk07:39
froudbut people usualy only checkout the trunk07:39
jjesseok i got it figured out now07:42
jjessein ~/ubuntu-docs/repos07:42
jjessei have branches tags trunk vendor07:43
froudwell if you did the checkout from repos/ you would have that07:43
jjessenod that was i did07:43
froudso you have everything in my branch now inlcuding the learnlinux which is many many many files07:44
frouddoes yelping it now work07:47
mdkebtw, would really appreciate people's input on the question of wiki structure. http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/IdeasForNewFrontPageStructure07:47
=== froud hides
jjessenope getting THe section '(null)' does not exist in this document if you were direted to this section from a help button in an application, please report this to the maintainers of that application07:48
froudmdke: I am no good at that kinda stuff07:48
jjesseYelp-CRITICAL **: history_pop_back: assertion `window->priv->history_back != NULL' failed07:48
mdkefroud, np just a shout out :)07:48
jjessei did a yelp desktop-install.xml07:48
froudfrom where in the inst/ directory07:49
froudwhat is your pwd07:49
frouddo pwd07:49
froudan dyou have /home/jjesse/ubuntu-docs/repos/trunk07:50
jjessei have ~/ubuntu-docs/repos and in that dir i have branches tags trunk vendor07:51
frouddo head desktop-inst.xml and paste it here07:51
jjessejjesse@casops99:~/ubuntu-docs/repos/branches/froud/kubuntu/inst $ head desktop-install.xml07:51
jjesse<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>07:51
jjesse<!DOCTYPE article PUBLIC "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook XML V4.1.2//EN"07:51
jjesse        "http://www.oasis-open.org/docbook/xml/4.1.2/docbookx.dtd" [07:51
jjesse<!ENTITY % xinclude SYSTEM "../../../../trunk/libs/xinclude.mod">07:51
jjesse<!ENTITY % globalent SYSTEM "../../../../trunk/libs/global.ent">07:52
jjesse] >07:52
jjesse    <title>Installing KDE for Ubuntu</title>07:52
froudthanks right07:52
frouddo xmllint --noout --xinclude --noent --postvalid desktop-inst.xml07:53
froudit should exit without errors07:53
jjessenothing returned07:54
froudthen the document is still valid07:54
froudso it must be something else07:55
jjesseok so should i then do the step of creating the .dff file?07:55
froudare you abl eto yelp the quickguide07:55
jjesseyeah i yelp the quickguide07:56
froudand when you did checkout it was svn co https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos07:57
jjesseyeah it was, which gave me all the dirs07:57
froudHmm strange it works here07:57
froudsvn up in repos/07:57
jjesseat revision 73107:57
froudyep, why can I do an dyou cant07:58
jjesseshrug don't know07:58
frouddo the patch07:58
jjesseok should i just mail you the .diff07:58
froudyes sean@inwords.co.za07:59
jjesseok sending it and off to a mtg07:59
froudcool thanks07:59
froudjjesse: thanks that worked08:09
froudjjesse: you will see it come through on the commit-user list08:10
froudyou are subscribed to it right08:10
froudjust in case see here http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/ForTheHasty08:11
=== froud if of to watch a movie
=== froud is now known as froud-away
mdkehave fun08:11
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mdkehi drasko 09:06
mdkehow are you doin?09:06
draskook... you?09:06
mdkefine thanks :)09:06
draskoI am still gathering the informations about what you people do... Lookin' for a way to start helping you out with this :)09:08
mdkeare you interested in helping out with the wiki?09:09
draskoShure. Something specific?09:09
mdkewell not really09:10
mdkehang on09:10
mdkeif you wanna comment on https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/IdeasForNewFrontPageStructure?09:10
mdkeand the other things that _always_ needs doing is converting wiki pages to moinmoin format09:11
draskoI will look this url...09:12
draskoSimpleFrontPage looks nice09:17
mdkebut it is in html09:18
mdkedrasko, its not so much the looks, but the structure that we need to think about, the looks can be done later09:18
draskosoorry, hat to go a way from the comp for a moment...well, I like idea of those links condensated on one frontpage rather than scrolling the wheell, so I think it is a plus. On the other hand I think that Generel topics should provide a little more information on suptopics right away, haveing in sight people who came here not knowing exactly what they are looking for but just gathering some overview info about what exists...09:32
drasko*subtopics :)09:33
draskowow, having09:33
mdkein terms of the html, its harder to edit than moinmoin so I hope we will be using moin for the frontpage09:35
draskoI guess, so everything to be consistant with the moinmoin politics...09:39
mdkeno not everything09:39
mdkeif there is a good reason then it can be different IMO09:39
mdkebut when you try and edit HTML, it is a bit tricky09:39
draskoyes... But there is not need for all the pages to be editable by all, the esy way. I mean - some pages are less in need of editing frequenly and by a lot of users. Those pages maybe should be left in html, if it will be more adequate. But I am not yet in all this, just thain to get some threads for now... Besides my all-day work :)09:43
mdkedrasko, yes you are right09:43
draskomdke, gtg now, so see you soon on the channel. Have a nice evening :)09:45
mdkedrasko, gnite09:45
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mdkehi maskie, abelli 10:00
abelliciao everybody10:00
abellimdke: ohh.. how long..10:00
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abellismurfix: ciao10:02
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