zullamont: stop bombing my email!! :)12:23
lamontzul: heh12:27
lamontwas last time, honest12:27
lamontwell, for this change, anyway12:27
lamontthere's only one bug left in bz that has kernel-team on it, and I'm not reopening taht bug just to change it12:28
zullamont: back yet02:42
crimsunmorning, fabbione :-)06:31
lamontfabbion3: when did you go all 3l1t3 on us?06:47
fabbion3i need fabbione for the dpl debate06:48
fabbion3going to switch back later :-)06:48
fabbion3otherwise it's just ETOOMANYCHAN for one client06:49
lamontah, ok.06:50
lamontyou running?  or just want to be there?06:50
lamonthow many channels am I allowed?06:50
=== lamont is in 12 channels this server right now...
fabbion3no the problem is not the amount of allowed chans06:51
fabbion3it's the way i like to use my client06:51
fabbion3i don't like to hide windows06:51
fabbion3so i keep all of them open at the same time06:51
lamontfabbion3: may have some hppa changes for a near-future kernel...07:27
fabbion3lamont: that's ok with me07:33
fabbion3i don't have any issue with portability on hppa07:33
fabbion3specially because the patches are isolated07:33
fabbion3btw.. i just added the 00-list files for 2907:34
fabbion3i must do the create_new_release: target in the make file07:34
fabbion3it's just too many thing to do atm07:34
fabbion3it's easy to forget them.07:34
lamontyes, please07:39
lamontso this abichecker... where does it live?07:39
fabbion3lamont: in debian/rules inside the clean and build target07:41
fabbion3+ 2/3 things outside to export VARS like abinum07:41
fabbion3debian/abi is the dir that does the trick07:42
lamontok... there's a target in debian/rules then that verifies things?07:42
lamontand I'll need to generate hppa files for -28 or something?07:42
fabbion3lamont: no target. it's just a direct thing in build target07:43
fabbion3if you build for hppa, just add the ABI files to debian/abi/2.6.10-28/hppa/07:43
fabbion3they are called with the same name as the config files07:43
fabbion3since hppa is not official yet07:43
fabbion3you can just echo 1 > debian/abi/2.6.10-28/hppa.ignore07:44
fabbion3and the ABI check will be overridden07:44
fabbion3don't make an empty file07:44
fabbion3it won't survive to make clean07:44
fabbion3svenl: i am building the ppc kernel with the eth changes right now07:58
svenlit builds fine ? 08:00
svenlfabbion3: did you add the mkvmlinuz support stuff too ?08:00
fabbion3it's build..08:00
fabbion3it still needs to finish the first flavour08:00
svenlit compiles the arch/ppc part early on.08:01
fabbion3svenl: i am compiling with -j1508:01
fabbion3it won't take long08:01
fabbion3too much scrolling on the screen to see it08:01
fabbion3In file included from arch/ppc/platforms/mv643xx_eth_pegasos.c:18:08:06
fabbion3include/linux/mv643xx.h:16:27: asm/addrspace.h: No such file or directory08:06
fabbion3include/linux/mv643xx.h:17:25: asm/marvell.h: No such file or directory08:06
fabbion3it fails08:06
fabbion3this is 2.6.1008:06
fabbion3are you sure you did add all the files?08:06
svenlwell, they where for 2.6.11, maybe the files in question got added to 2.6.11 after 2.6.10. Will check.08:11
svenlor you can just grab them. 08:12
svenlThe problem is that my frech ubuntu install refused to boot, so i couldn't try the patches myself, but will backport them to the debian 2.6.10 kernel.08:12
svenlfabbion3: mmm, something is wrong here.08:14
fabbion3svenl: please just give me the complete patches08:14
fabbion3you can build in a hoary chroot08:14
svenlthose are the mips includes.08:14
fabbion3it's not difficult08:14
svenla patch against the debian 2.6.10 kernel should do just as well though, right ? 08:14
fabbion3ubuntu 2.6.10 please08:15
svenlfabbion3: first i need to make an upstream patch though.08:17
fabbion3that's fine by me08:18
svenlfabbion3: what about mkvmlinuz support script ? 08:18
svenlfabbion3: maybe you can try that in the meantime ? 08:18
fabbion3if you have an http server somewhere you can just branch out from /t and i can merge from you08:18
fabbion3svenl: yes gimme the patch and i will test it in the meanwhile08:18
svenlfabbion3: you get the svn://svn.debian.org/svn/kernel/trunk/kernel/powerpc/kernel-patch-powerpc-2.6.10-2.6.10/debian/post-install08:20
svenland move it to kernel-tree/debian before calling make-kpkh kernel-image08:21
svenldebian powerpc package does : 08:21
svenl        cd debian; cp -p changelog control copyright post-install $(KSOURCE)/debian08:21
svenlin configure, after having unpacked the kernel tree, but i bet you know best when to do it.08:22
svenlit is a make-kpkg install hook.08:22
fabbion3svenl: ok i will look at it, but i would really love to get simple patches to our tree to do stuff like that. it takes me a lot of time to check exactly what needs to be done and why.08:25
fabbion3also are we sure that our make-kpkg is the same as in debian with the same support hooks and stuff?08:25
svenlfabbion3: yep, as soon as i am able to install ubuntu, i will do it, right now it seems tzsetup-udeb broke since yesterday, see my message on #ubuntu-devel.08:29
fabbion3svenl: just a suggestion, since we are in short of time due to release, can you just bootstrap a chroot to make the patches?08:30
fabbion3you only need to manually install debootstrap from ubuntu08:31
svenlfabbion3: and last i tried, debootstrapping a ubuntu partition, i failed horribly.08:31
fabbion3create the chroot08:31
fabbion3and reinstall the debian debootstrap08:31
fabbion3i can help you with that..08:31
fabbion3it's no issue08:31
svenlok will try.08:31
svenlDamn, it now just gives me an empty blue screen for apt-configuration :/08:31
svenlwill relaunch the install while i prepare a debootstrap partition.08:32
fabbion3do you have a dedicated partition or just a dir somewhere?08:32
fabbion3iirc in both cases you need to mkdir /sys08:32
fabbion3not on your system.. inside the chroot08:33
svenlmmm, i am installing /sys, and i have just a dir.08:34
svenli mount /sys like i mounted /proc previously ?08:34
svenlwhat is the debootstrap invocation ? 08:34
svenlE: Failed getting release file http://ftp.debian.org/debian/dists/hoary/Release08:35
svenlwell, guess i have to provide for a mirror08:35
fabbion3debootstrap hoary <chrootdir> http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu08:36
svenlif doing it in fakeroot enough, or do i need to be real root.08:36
fabbion3sudo or real root08:37
fabbion3you can't use fakeroot for that08:37
svenloh well.08:37
svenlok doing it with sudo.08:37
svenldo i need to create the /sys before doing the debootstrap call ? 08:38
fabbion3inside the chroot08:38
svenlfabbion3: how can i do it inside the chroot before i finished debootstrap ? 08:39
fabbion3svenl: you created a directory for the chroot, right?08:39
fabbion3sudo mkdir <pathtothechroot>/sys08:40
fabbion3that's more than enough08:40
fabbion3it's just a simple dir08:40
fabbion3but it needs to be done by root08:40
svenlwhat about /proc ?08:41
svenlok launched, let's hope it will be ok now.08:41
fabbion3proc is handled by debootstrap08:43
fabbion3no need to touch it08:43
svenlah ... i had it mounted already, i hope this will not cause problems ? 08:44
fabbion3probably not08:44
svenlMmm, i really need to get a apt proxy going here, i wonder if i can configure my router to automatically redirect apt calls to it, but i don't think so.08:46
svenlwill take a while though, since i don't have 2.6.10 in my ccache, and have a slower machine than yours.08:48
fabbion3svenl: 2 hints08:50
fabbion3in debian/config/powerpc08:50
fabbion3there are the configs for $flavour08:51
fabbion3just leave one there that is known to use that card08:51
fabbion3and in debian/rules08:51
fabbion3there is a commented line CONCURRENCY_LEVEL08:51
fabbion3even if your machine is UP08:51
fabbion3set it to 4 or 808:51
fabbion3the kernel benefits a lot of that08:51
fabbion3it will slow down your box for a little while08:52
svenli use 8, and i use both ccache, and a two machine distcc setup.08:56
fabbion3svenl: good08:56
fabbion3it will take much less to build08:56
svenlnormal build is 1.5 hours though.08:56
T-Nonemorning svenl, fabbion3 08:57
svenlhi T-None 08:57
svenlmmm, making a backup of my chroot, just in case.08:58
fabbion3hi T-None 08:58
=== T-None heads to work, will be back in ~9h
T-Nonehave a nice day, fellows 8)08:59
svenlT-None: you too.08:59
fabbionecya leter08:59
=== T-None is gone
fabbionemdz: ping?09:05
mdzfabbione: going to sleep shortly09:05
fabbionemdz: i found a driver in the kernel that we forgot to update even before UVF09:07
fabbioneand i think the new version can fix a maj bug09:07
mdzemail about it, please, I'm crashing09:07
fabbionegood night :-)09:07
svenlchroot created.09:08
svenlfabbione: can i build only the powerpc kernels, and not the full source stuff ? 09:10
fabbionejust do a fakeroot make -f debian/rules build09:11
fabbioneit will leave the .deb files in debian/build09:11
fabbioneyou still need to cleanup debian/config/powerpc if you want to remove flavours09:11
svenldebian's setup is somewhat nicer, since it has a file (debian/flavours) where you can just list the flavours you want to build.09:12
svenlOk, i have a upstream patch against 2.6.10, need to test it.09:14
fabbionebah screw mppe09:15
fabbionethere is no new kernel driver09:15
fabbioneonly a newer userland daemon09:15
=== kylem [~kyle@CPE0030ab0b413b-CM023469906297.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
svenlhi kylem 09:29
fabbionehey kylem 09:29
svenlfabbione: i have a version of the patch against upstream for 2.6.10, do you want to test it ? Will take a while (read couple hours) for me.09:30
=== kylem figured he should be paying attention here too.
fabbionesvenl: can you just please send one patch when you believe you are done, and i will test it?09:31
svenlfabbione: it replaces the powerpc-mv643xx-enet.dpatch one.09:31
svenlfabbione: ok.09:31
svenlfabbione: ok to include the mkvmlinuz support too ? 09:31
svenlfabbione: and to fill a proper bug report with it ? 09:32
mjg59fabbione: What's the situation with pre-Hoary changes? Nothing now unless it's low-impact and verified to fix a bug?09:32
fabbionethere is no need for a bug.. just send me the patches :-)09:32
fabbionemjg59: kinda09:32
svenlfabbione: ok.09:33
fabbionei need to go for 10 minutes...09:33
mjg59We've still got some machines with missing batteries, and there's an acpi patch that /may/ fix it09:33
mjg59But I don't understand what it does, I don't have any of the affected hardware here, and, well...09:33
fabbionemjg59: did you test the patch for possible regression?09:48
fabbionei have one laptop here too to test it09:48
mjg59fabbione: No, haven't done that yet09:49
fabbionemjg59: ok, can you do it and send me the dpatch?09:49
mjg59Sure. What sort of timescale are we looking at? I won't have a chance to look at this until tomorrow, probably09:49
fabbionemjg59: well i am working on trying to fix some bugs09:50
fabbionethe big fat bastard went out yesterday09:50
fabbioneso we have a few days09:50
mjg59Yeah. Thanks for the b44 fix09:50
fabbioneno problem09:50
fabbionemjg59: you can also branch off from baz09:51
fabbioneand i can merge from you, if that makes thing easier09:51
fabbionethe archive is on people09:51
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:fabbione] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeam | check the new abichecker code and GET familiar with it | http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/Archives/kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/ | kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre29--2.6.10
mjg59Then I'd have to figure out how to use baz!09:53
fabbionemjg59: that'd be very easy for you ;)09:56
=== svenl [~luther@AStrasbourg-251-1-59-16.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
fabbionesvenl: the 2 new patches are the one you committed to svn?11:31
svenlfabbione: indeed.11:32
svenlneed to test first, will tell you once i did.11:32
smurfixfabbione: WRT #7633, dunno what else to try, fast USB works here and I seem to have the same USB hardware :-/01:10
=== jbailey [~jbailey@CPE000ded9d787c-CM014260028338.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
=== zul [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulheh...it looks like the canadians outnumber everyone here02:58
jbaileyHmm, you, me, kyle...03:03
jbaileyI don't know where Daniel or Matthias is from.03:03
zuldo we want a doc in the wiki on how to get the baz stuff?03:30
jbaileyzul: Do you have a sec to look at the last couple of entries on 1440 with me?03:41
mjg59fabbione: Ok, looks like the battery problem is down to the battery module not being loaded...03:41
jbaileyzul: Looks like we might have another live one.03:41
zuljbailey: am at work but ill have a look03:42
zulwhich one?03:42
jbaileyzul: don't worry about it.  I'm just looking for a sanity check before I reopen this one... again...  *cRy*03:42
jbaileyTwo two dmesg's.  User claims array-6 works.  dmesg seems to show ata_piix doing the right thing with the PATA CD Rom.  Nightly dmesg shows it not being picked up and ide-generic failing to grab it.03:43
zulok...ill have a look in a little bit there is people coming in and out of my office ;)03:45
svenlfabbione: i get this : 04:36
svenlUse of uninitialized value in split at /usr/share/kernel-wedge/commands/gen-control line 36, <KVERS> line 3.04:36
svenlUse of uninitialized value in split at /usr/share/kernel-wedge/commands/gen-control line 36, <KVERS> line 4.04:36
svenlUse of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/share/kernel-wedge/commands/gen-control line 161.04:36
svenlUse of uninitialized value in pattern match (m//) at /usr/share/kernel-wedge/commands/gen-control line 161.04:36
svenlseems to build fine though afterward.04:37
fabbionei crashed04:43
fabbionesmurfix: ok. thanks a lot!04:43
fabbionemjg59: hmmm is that loaded by laptop-mode or something?04:44
fabbionesvenl: these warnings are harmless04:44
mjg59fabbione: No, it should be loaded by acpid04:44
fabbionemjg59: ok, do we know why it doesn't load it?04:45
mjg59Can't reproduce it here.04:45
svenlfabbione: seems so, harmless but annoying.04:46
fabbionei know it's harmless. they have been there since ages04:46
fabbionemjg59: what about just forcing it?04:46
mjg59fabbione: If they add it to /etc/modules, it loads04:47
mjg59So, uh.04:47
svenldamn i forgot to remove marvel-pegasos-2 :/04:53
fabbionelamont: sorry but -28 on hppa will fail05:04
lamontwhy for?05:07
lamontI'll create 28hppa1 locally (or maybe 29hppa1 by the time I get to it...), and then merge that back in05:08
zulsweetness i can access my baz stuff from work as well05:08
fabbionebecasue the clean target is borked05:08
fabbioneand it checks for abi files that are not there05:08
fabbioneas well the build target does NOT check for the override05:09
fabbioneso basically i messed it up a bit05:09
lamontnp.  plan is to create the abi files with -28 and merge those for -2905:11
lamontassuming I get time to mess with -28 before -29 happends05:11
lamontor maybe kylem/t-bone will beat me to it...05:12
fabbionethat will need manual tricks to build05:14
fabbionebut it's ok05:14
lamontfabbione: we need a README or something that says how to create new ABI files...  Or maybe that just wants to be a debian/rules target, for when we intentionally bump the abi?05:21
fabbionelamont: the abi files are created at build time and the build rules already move them in the right place05:22
fabbionefrom the build tree to debian/abi/$cur_version/$arch/$flavour05:22
fabbioneso basically you only need to collect them around the different buildd05:22
fabbionei would much rather have a makenewrelease: target05:22
lamontah, ok.05:22
lamontyes, definitely want a newrelease target05:23
fabbionethat will create everything that needs to be created05:23
fabbioneand check for what has been done and what is missing05:23
fabbionei was supposed to do it today05:23
fabbionebut after lunch i layed in bed 5 minutes with my wife05:23
fabbioneand i woke up after 5 hours05:23
fabbionenew debian/rules should work with $arch.override05:24
lamontsometimes your body makes you obey it...05:25
fabbionetbh.. i didn't even try to make reistance...05:25
fabbioneresistance even05:25
=== fabbione -> coffee
=== zul [~chuck@] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
zulthat was weird05:26
zulwho added pmac_pmdisk?05:38
kylemit went in through Pavel.05:39
kylemand benh is upset.05:39
kylemthere were a couple mails on linux-kernel about it two days ago, i could dig them up if you'd like.05:40
zulits making me upset now :)05:40
mjg59benh is unhappy from a this isn't clean enough yet point of view rather than a this doesn't work yet point of view (as I understand it)05:54
mjg59It seems to work pretty well, so we're including it...05:54
kylemfrom what i can tell, he's also unhappy from a "hey, somebody subverted due process, grr at them" standpoint, justifiably.05:58
fabbionelamont: bumpabi: target is in place06:01
fabbionenote: run it only once. it doesn't backup06:01
fabbionelamont, zul: what would you like the "prepare a new release" target should do ?06:17
fabbionein details?06:17
lamontfabbione: re: abibump.... heh06:23
lamontnew release: create 00list files06:24
lamontand bump changelog06:24
fabbionebecause even the clean target will fail if all the abi files aren't in place06:24
zulwhat lamont said06:49
fabbioneyeah.. i have almost done06:52
fabbioneis that ok that the abi stuff is checked instead of created?06:52
fabbioneit would happen in seq anyway06:52
fabbionefirst you "createthenewrelease"06:53
fabbioneand at the first time you run a make clean06:53
fabbioneit will check all the stuff06:53
zulyeah it should be ok we could always change it later06:54
lamontsounds good06:56
=== T-None is now known as T-Bone
T-Bonehowdy buddies06:56
zulhey T-Bone 06:56
T-Boneoh, so there's been a settlement over "Breezy", heh? :)06:58
=== T-Bone reads mail on u-announce
zulah ok07:02
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
fabbione<@bubba-> Ubuntu release,07:06
fabbione<@bubba-> due in October 2005... It will be known as Ubuntu 5.10, the Breezy Badger!07:06
fabbione<@bubba-> oh my god how gay07:07
fabbione[snip a few tons of other comments] 07:07
=== T-Bone has NFC what a badger is, so the name sounds just "windy" to him
=== T-Bone looks up
T-Bonewhat a nice animal07:09
T-Bonenow the name sounds "smelly" to me 8)07:09
=== T-Bone ducks
fabbionei start to hate shell in makefiles07:21
fabbione        list="$(shell ls debian/patches/00list-$(revision)*)"; \07:25
fabbione        for i in $$list; do \07:25
fabbione          newname="$(shell echo '$$i' | sed -e 's/00list-$(revision)/00list-$(nextrev)/g')"; \07:25
fabbione          echo $$i; \07:25
fabbione          echo $$newname; \07:25
fabbione        done07:25
fabbionewth is wrong with newname= ?07:26
zulhas anyone seen the part in monty python's holy grail when they build alarge wooden rabbit and theire backup plan was a large wooden badger07:26
fabbionehttp://www.badgerbadgerbadger.com/ <-07:28
fabbionewe can get this as boot logo :-)07:28
kylemhmm, i think the mushroom should be the logo.07:29
fabbioneno that's impossible07:30
=== T-Bone doesn't have flash. These are those badger jumping around with humping theme music ? :)
fabbionewe eat them 07:30
fabbioneno colored mushroom? no kernel...07:32
fabbionethis is cute07:33
T-Bonestinky! 8)07:33
zulT-Bone: no you are thinking skunks like pepe le peu07:42
zulthe french skunk ;)07:43
zulfabbione: CONFIG_IDEDMA_ONLYDISK=y <-- shouldnt that be "n"?07:52
zulmight be a stupid question though07:54
fabbionezul: read the backlog of the chan :-)07:57
fabbioneyou set that to N07:57
fabbioneand you will get more dildos in your butt than goatse07:57
T-Bonecare if i take pictures of that? :)07:57
T-Bonemight be useful later for blackmailing 8)07:58
fabbioneT-Bone: no....07:58
fabbioneT-Bone: you know why nobody can blackmail me?07:58
fabbionesimply because everybody knows i am much worst than that07:58
=== T-Bone fortunes
zuland you have plenty of goats to be serviced07:59
fabbioneT-Bone: isn't easier for you to just wget the logs of this chan?07:59
fabbioneok ladies08:00
fabbionethe new startnewrelease: target is in place08:00
fabbionenow.. any bug.. fix it08:00
fabbioneyou have at least a baz branch :)08:00
T-Bonefabbione: no. Because I'm doing some parsing and selection on what I actually fortune08:00
fabbionepitti will have to offer us a few liters of beer at UDU08:01
fabbionewe are making his life simpler on this kernel08:01
T-Boneby disabling everything? :)08:01
Mithrandirfabbione: I'm a bit scared about going to UDU.  I might survive, due to being drowned in beer.08:02
fabbionei am not :-)08:03
fabbionei wanna get a bath in beer08:03
=== T-Bone pesters lamont a little, wanders off for a short while
lamontfabbione: in -pre29?08:04
fabbionelamont: yes08:04
T-Boneoh, lamont is back! :)08:04
fabbioneeverything is committed08:04
=== T-Bone cancel wandering
=== lamont needs to take about a 30 min break
=== T-Bone wanders off for 30mn then ;)
T-Bone(much better when we synchronize dude ;o)08:05
=== T-Bone ducks
lamonthorses were mad at me, you see - bfast 4 hours late.. :0(08:33
zuldid they bite you?08:34
lamontno - they just looked grumpy08:35
zulah...so its kind of like my wife when she is hungry :)08:35
zulbut she bites08:36
=== T-Bone is back
T-Bonelamont: dude? :)08:41
lamontzul: heh08:43
lamontT-Bone: evening08:43
T-Bonelamont:  noon!08:44
lamontnote that hosting the archive is like the most trivial piece of the things that we need to do....08:44
lamontthe infrastructure to deal with uploads is far more work08:44
T-Boneno needs for uploads if it's self hosted, no?08:45
lamontputting the archive on the buildd machine is kinda silly...08:45
lamontsince the buildd machine is, by very definition, compromised08:46
T-Bonewho said it'd be on the buildd machine?08:46
T-Bonei guess i get your point08:46
lamontso it'll be uploading to the archive machine, then, eh?08:46
T-Boneyou mean "it's far more work wherever the uploads go"?08:46
kylem* tree version set kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre29--2.6.1008:46
kylemok. figured that much out.08:47
jbaileyzul: Did you get a chance to look at the 1440 dmesg snippets?08:47
zuljbailey: net yet..08:47
zuli guess i could do it now :)08:48
lamontT-Bone: yes08:48
lamontkylem: heh.  now what?08:48
kylemlamont, now i peruse, i suppose.08:48
lamontyou want something local to play with>08:48
zuljbailey: comment #85?08:48
jbaileyzul: If you could that would be nice.  I'm mostly hoping that I missed something...08:48
kylemlamont, i suspect the important bit is d-i08:48
lamontkylem: yeah.  d-i makes life more interesting, to be sure.08:49
jbaileyzul: 84 and 85, yes.08:49
lamontkylem: as I understand it, debian-installer_20041227ubuntu20 should be state-of-the-art for hppa d-i08:50
lamontbuild that, and you should get a bootable miniso... 08:50
kylemargh. no netinst?08:50
=== T-Bone points lamont at some other window :)
lamontof course, the initrd is b0rked, so it's a pretty useless-but-bootable iso08:50
lamontT-Bone: ah, scrolled off the right08:50
lamontkylem: it builds a netbootiso as well08:51
kylemah, annoying. oh well. i should just slap a cdrom in the c3k, i need to do some debian d-i testing as well.08:51
=== T-Bone will have material to hack on pretty soon now ;)
lamontkylem: the initrd b0rkage is best summed up as 'nearly empty, needs modules'08:52
lamontthe question is, which modules...08:52
kylemyah. that will need to be fixed in debian too, so it's probably what i'll look at first.08:52
zuljbailey: on the first one there is an sr0 on the second there isnt which is weird08:53
jbaileyzul: Right, and I don't see the pata initialisation at all.08:54
zuland it doesnt see the plexor eiter08:54
jbaileyI see ide-generic trying to grab the IDE CD down below with no success.08:54
jbaileyKernel ide will actually not suck one day, right?08:54
zul2.6.11 i hear :)08:55
kylemnot before PATA dies, i hear. :)08:55
zulyou can try loading piix module im justy guessing ill have a look at it more tonight when i get home08:56
jbaileykylem: So far it's not like SATA is having a raving success rating. =)08:56
zulkylem: ex-oclug baord member right?08:56
jbaileyzul: But otherwise you concur that 1440 looks like it's alive and well again?08:57
kylemzul, well, not ex... :)08:57
zuljbailey: yeah on some cases 08:57
zulkylem: heh08:57
kylemzul, i'd like to be ex, but unfortunately not enough competent people were running.08:57
kylemjbailey, lol.08:57
zulkylem: you could always have pinteric as a board member08:58
kylemplease, no.08:58
zulheheh...im so evil08:58
=== smurfix [~smurf@run.smurf.noris.de] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
kylemah well. i'll let the people decide.08:59
kylemlamont, do you guys have an installer channel?08:59
T-Bonekylem: no09:00
kylemah, ok.09:00
T-Bonekylem: the installer guru is Kamion on #u-devel09:00
jbaileyI'm on 5 #ubuntu- channels as it is.  Please don't make more. =)09:01
lamontkylem: ubuntu-devel :-)09:01
kylemyeah, i found it, unfortunately the 'team' stuff on the website and wiki is divergent. :)09:02
zuljbailey: he isnt loading ata_piix in his initrd is he?09:11
jbaileyzul: I can't tell from this.  It looks like no, since there's usb stuff loaded first.09:14
jbaileyHmm.  It would be interested to collect the output of lspci and lspci -n from all the ubuntu maintainers so that we could hit on them for hardware driver testing.09:15
Mithrandirjbailey: scary. :)09:17
zulisnt that what ogra is doing?09:17
=== Mithrandir runs off to dancing
jbaileyIs he?  That would be lovely.09:18
jbaileyThe past thing about the previous 2 SATA bits were that I had a box and thom had a box.09:18
jbaileyzul: Oh.  The second one is inside d-i.09:25
jbaileyzul: So that's what hotplug I guess things the drive is.09:25
zuljbailey: ah ok09:25
jbaileyI wonder if he just hasn't updated his kernel?09:26
jbaileyWhy would the currently installed system from array 6 still work?09:27
jbaileyBoth are on some form or 2.6.10-409:27
zulone probably had enable_atapi and enable_pata and the most recent kernels just ahave enable_atapi09:28
jbaileyIs there any sane way to get the top line in dmesg to give us the actual .deb version in it?09:28
jbaileyEh, truly?09:28
jbaileyNo there must be.09:28
jbaileyIt's showing us the gcc version is was built with, it must be possible in the build to generate some sort of -D line to gcc with the deb version in it to display.09:29
zulactually i would have to check it might be in his kern.log09:29
jbaileyWell, for all that I could just ask him. =)09:29
jbaileyBut it would be nice to have it just in the document already.09:30
jbaileyFar more useful to me than the version of gcc it was compiled with.  If I know the .deb version, I can figure out which gcc was in the archive at the time.09:30
zuljbailey: uh there is actually dmesg -s50000009:30
zulbuffer size is 16392 by default09:31
jbaileyI guess I Can infer the kernel version from the date it was compiled.  Ugly, though.09:31
zulchuck@oxdev:~/work/mmaker/final$ dmesg -s500000 | grep Linux09:32
zulLinux version 2.6.10-5-686 (buildd@rothera) (gcc version 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-8ubuntu2)) #1 Tue Mar 15 15:16:01 UTC 200509:32
zulSELinux:  Disabled at boot.09:32
jbaileyYes, that's the line that I'm looking at and which it had09:33
jbaileyLinux version 2.6.10-4-686-SMP (2.6.10-27) (buildd@....09:33
zuloh yeah but it doesnt tell if it was -27 or else09:33
fabbionewhat are you trying to achive?09:34
svenlfabbione: mmm, we already have a line :         install debian/post-install $(srcdir)/debian09:35
T-Bonefabbione: world domination09:35
svenlin stamp-unpack.09:35
jbaileyfabbione: I have someone who shows signs of having #1440 again.  But it looks like his running system doesn't show it, just the installer.09:35
svenlwhere does it come from ? And will it not fail if there is no debian/post-install ? 09:35
zulpeace and goodwill and a slick of bread with some butter 09:35
jbaileyfabbione: But I'm guessing at that since I can't reliably tell that he's *actually* using the same kernel in both cases.09:35
=== svenl would change that by a install debian/post-install-$(arch) $(srcdir)/debian/post-install instead
jbaileyfabbione: Or, assuming he's not using the same kernel, what changes pertain to the exact rev he's using.09:36
fabbionesvenl: i dunno the origin of each single bit in that package09:36
fabbionesvenl: perhaps you want to support both post-install.${arch} with fall back to the default09:36
fabbionejbailey: gotcha09:37
zuljbailey: im pretty sure he isnt though09:37
fabbioneT-Bone: i already own all the ubuntu users... and most of the Debian ones.. i already achieved world domination a while ago...09:37
T-Bonethat can't be09:37
zulyeah but debian cant be everything09:38
fabbioneT-Bone: as soon as Xorg 6.8.2 will be everywhere.. i will own everything09:38
T-Bonefabbione: i don't recall you owning *me* ;o)09:38
jbaileyzul: Sure right, We see that in the way the ata_piix driver doesn't initialise the same in the two.  09:38
=== T-Bone looks back to make sure his butt is still his ;)
fabbioneT-Bone: that's because you don't check all the changelogs of your software09:38
zulim pretty sure that the first one is with the pata_enable and the second one isnt since we turned off pata because it was fucking people up09:38
=== T-Bone will let fabbione do the hard work and then will take over in a swift move 8)
zulyou might want to see if he can either load it with ata_piix or just plain piix09:39
fabbioneT-Bone: at that time all my backdoor will rm -rf /09:39
fabbionei need to go back to my wife09:40
fabbioneit wasn't a really good day today09:40
fabbionecya tomorrow09:40
T-Bonecya dude09:40
jbailey'bye Fabio, may tomorrow be better.09:40
mdzfabbione: good night09:40
zuljbailey, now you made me loose track on what i was doing09:40
jbaileyzul: Sorry. =)09:41
jbaileyActually, it looks like he might be using the same kernel between the two. =(09:45
jbaileyThe "working" system has a build date of March 12.  That matches -2709:45
jbaileyHis bug report time came on the 15th at 08:50.  -28 wasn't built until 22:!209:46
svenlfabbione: i think that debian/post-install doesn't exist yet, can you confirm that ? 09:49
svenlfabbione: i don't believe that kernel-package can handle two post-install scripts.09:49
jbaileyOoOoOo, jordi mallach has one according to a Debian bug report.  Sweet.09:53
svenlmmm, there seems already to be a post-install, maybe it should be modified in the powerpc case to call the powerpc specific one.09:54
svenlmmm, i can also use debian/image.d instead.10:13
svenlMaybe the main rule should be made to use debian/image.d/common and debian/image.d/powerpc instead.10:13
svenlor something, instead of post-install.10:13
svenlAny comment on that ? 10:13
zullater folks10:26
mdzis there a reason we don't build MEGARAID_NEWGEN?10:51
MithrandirI'm being told that the cds are lacking support for i2o controllers on at least amd6411:49
Mithrandirwould that be possible to fix?11:49
T-BoneMithrandir: if you consider it safe on amd64, i guess you can enable it in the amd64 configs, and test it thoroughly so that we make sure it doesn't break anything11:51
MithrandirT-Bone: I have boxes in production with the driver. :)11:51
T-Boneas for the inclusion on a wider scale, I don't know what's the current merge policy11:51
MithrandirT-Bone: it's in the stock kernel so it's just a module to enable.11:52
T-Bonewell then, submit a patch to kernel-team@lists.ubuntu.com, or, better, branch from our baz archive and make your changes available somewhere11:52
T-Boneyou want to have fun with debian/configs/amd64 and debian/d-i/amd64, iirc11:53
T-Bonesee www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeamWork ;)11:53

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