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draskohi all. I have one not so imporartant question. Why was moinmoin selected for the official Ubuntu wiki, and not some other (twiki?) - why do you find it best?12:17
mdkenot sure12:17
mdkebut someone said it was simple and easy to use12:17
mdkedrasko, you don't like it?12:17
draskomdke, well, I like it, no doubt. But I was yust wondering since I found out there are so manny wikis.12:19
mdkethere are 4 markups even on our wiki12:20
mdkebut imo moin is easier to use than the others12:20
draskoOne else things that cross my mind now is strong inssisting on pyton in Ubuntu in general, so that could be the part of the answer as well...12:23
mdkehow come?12:25
mdkeis it python based?12:25
mdkethat may be part of the reason then12:26
draskoit seems to be advanced version of pikipiki -- guess where te name comes from :)12:28
draskojust kidding.. python, of course. Btw, moinmoin is supposed to mean "good day" in german.12:30
mdkeoh i c12:30
draskoFrmo the site: "MoinMoin" is a common German slang expression, "Moin" meaning "Good (Day)", and "MoinMoin" being an emphasis, i.e. "A Very Good Day". The name was obviously choosen for its WikiWikiNess.12:31
mdkedrasko, say drasko, i'm playing with a new page12:52
mdkeif you wanna give it some ideas then that would be cool12:52
mdkei gotta go to bed now12:53
mdkegood night12:53
draskonite all01:16
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jjessedoh i left this open all night03:38
jjessei'm now back :)03:38
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jjesseslow day here :)04:47
Burgundaviausually slow in here04:48
jjessehello burgundavia 04:50
jjessegrin froud and i had quite an active discussion yesterday04:51
Burgundaviawhat abouts04:52
jjessehe taught me how to work w/ docbook and how to svn05:03
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mdkegood evening all08:18
Burgundaviabut it would be morning for me08:19
mdkehi corey08:19
mdkemorning :)08:19
mdkehow are you?08:19
Burgundavianot bad08:19
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mdkeciao enrico 10:46
enricomdke: ciao!10:47
mdkehows it goin?10:47
enriconot much time to spend online10:53
Burgundaviasalut enrico10:58
enricoBurgundavia: hi!11:00
mdkeenrico, you know who has write access to the static part of the website?11:01
enricoshould be everyone, except for key things like CoC11:03
mdkeas in edit access?11:04
mdkenot me11:10
mdkehttp://www.ubuntulinux.org/support/local needs a link correcting, and the italian section needs link changes. Who can i approach?11:14
enricomdke: send a mail to the list11:55

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