T-Bonezul: i killed two bugs ;)12:10
zuli saw..12:17
zul2 more and you have beaten me ;)12:17
zulnot! :)12:17
=== zul kicks bk
zulT-Bone: you are too quiet tonight12:46
T-Bonei might be ill12:46
zuloh that sucks12:47
T-Bonei mean, you enjoy me being verbose? :o)12:47
zulnot really ;)12:47
T-Bonedamn you12:48
zularrgh..fscking bk12:48
=== T-Bone uses ketchup for good reasons
zulwhats ketchup?12:49
zulbesides the sauce12:49
T-Bonea very nice script that gets you whatever flavour of the kernel you want12:49
T-Bonegoogle it12:49
zulill try it tomorrow but right now ill just bitch about bk :) arrgh bk!!12:52
zulwohoo...its up02:04
zulT-Bone: when did -devel become support?02:11
T-Bonescrew me if i know ;P02:11
zulwhy?!! why me...heh02:12
zulokies...usb-storage-unsual-dev have been updated02:42
lamont_rsup zul?02:46
zulnot much how are you?02:46
lamont_rabout to get kicked out of my buddy's place, and go back home02:47
zulooo...fun fun02:48
T-Bonelamont_r: thank your buddy for me ;)02:49
lamont_rwe'll do02:49
T-Boneand tell him his invaluable contribution to the ubuntu effort will long be remembered ;o)02:49
zulhe jus wants you to work on hppa all the time dont be fooled02:51
lamont_rhe says 'who?'02:51
lamont_rzul: duh02:51
T-Bonelamont_r: some nerd you know ;o)02:51
zulits like the madusa but only slightly more uglier02:52
lamont_rdon't even bring up that PoS software from france.02:52
T-Bonezul: are you suggesting i look like a medusa? :)02:52
lamont_roh,wait.  that was hp-internal.  nm02:52
=== zul whistles
T-Bonelamont_r: oh. Now you've said either too much or not enough. Please elaborate! :)02:53
lamont_rmedusa was (is?) a piece of "security" software that much of HPIT was running on their machines over time, at least until a couple years back.02:53
=== T-Bone considers p4wN1nG zul's box to 3duc4t3 him about paying due r3sp3ct to l33t m45t3rZ ;)
lamont_rsource was not available, because that would "compromise the security of the package"02:54
zulT-Bone: i dont read idiot :)02:54
T-Bonezul: that may get you into trouble ;)02:54
lamont_rT-Bone: and it was brought to us by the fine folks in grenoble, iirc.02:54
zulnah idiot would be "T-Bone considers p4wN1nG zul's box to 3duc4t3 him about paying due r3sp3ct to l33t m45t3rZ ;)"02:54
lamont_rT-Bone: idiot the language, not idiot t-bone... ;)02:55
zulwell it can go either way ;)02:55
T-Bonezul: yeah. Not reading what is said might get you into trouble when you'll realize what it *meant* ;o)02:55
T-Bonezul: that would actually get you into trouble for sure ;)02:55
lamont_rnot sure what pawning would have to do with it...02:55
lamont_rthat requires a trip to the pawn shop, after all.02:56
T-Boneall your bases are belong to me anyway. Resistance is futile02:57
zulheh...all your babies belon to me. Resistance is fertile02:58
T-Bonequoting that one02:58
=== T-Bone is now known as T-None
T-Nonehigh time to get some sleep. bye03:21
kylemhmm, do you guys have hostap in the warty kernel?03:37
zulprolly for hoary+103:38
=== kylem shakes his fist.
zuldont look at me03:38
lamont"Ya - now I'm trying to get the pchdtv HD-3000 card working on it with MythTV - a number of us at HP are setting MythTV up at home ... Yes - just need the pchdtv.com HD-3000 to be supported/work and we are set.... We are close - the provided driver doesn't quite seem to work on Hoary Hedgehog"03:42
lamonttold him to get me a patch and we'd see if we could make it happen... :-)03:42
zulso people at hp are converting from debian to ubuntu? cool03:45
mjg59zul: (cough)03:50
=== mjg59 looks at the large pile of HP kit he has sitting here
zulmjg59, i was going to ask you about that asus bug in bugzilla today so dont worry about it03:52
mjg59The Asus bug is crack03:53
mjg59It's a broken DSDT, we can't work around it properly03:53
zulthat was what i thought03:53
mjg59I /do/ have to work out why these HPs are misbehaving, though03:53
mjg59And I've got until the 22nd. Argh.03:53
zulblame lamont03:53
mjg59After his time, I feel03:54
zulthat is my motto03:54
zulheh...i cant get enough of this concert video03:57
lamontno, no, no.. blame bdale04:03
zulyou are more convient though :)04:03
lamontyeah, but I don't work there.04:03
zulyou are just my scapegoat though04:05
mjg59Grah. I'm going to have to engage mad ACPI debugging skills here,04:12
=== dilinger [dilinger@mouth.voxel.net] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
lamontmjg59: you going to UDU?04:31
mjg59lamont: Yeah04:33
lamontmjg59: maybe I'll pester you from some suspend help on my vaio there...04:35
lamonthaha vaio is hopeless?04:36
zulnight folks04:40
=== cc [~cc@203-166-233-60.dyn.iinet.net.au] has joined #ubuntu-kernel
mjg59Vaio might well work05:35
mjg59I've had love with them in the past05:35
mjg59What happens if you just enable it now?05:35
lamontdunno - been too scared. :-)05:42
lamontwhat do I do to enable it?05:42
=== lamont prepares to receive the cluebat
=== lamont upgrades the laptop to current hoary
mjg59Upgrade to Hoary, edit /etc/defaults/acpi-support and uncomment the second line, save, reboot, login, select logout/suspend computer to ram05:52
lamontok.  will take a bit still... was kinda out of date.. but only because it's been a couple weeks since the last upgrade.05:53
mjg59If you're lucky, the sleep button will work05:55
lamontdo I need the -28 kernel, or is -27 good enough?>05:59
lamontmjg59: and suspend-to-disk?06:05
lamontfabbione: do the abi files get delivered as part of the deb? or can we just rename them forward (assuming the builds succeed, of course...)06:06
lamontlooks like the answer to the first question is 'no'.  that sucks.06:10
=== lamont reboots the laptop
dilingerlamont: delivering them as part of the deb means hacking kernel-package06:12
lamontbad fabbione: changelog lines > 80 chars wide.  :-)06:12
lamontdilinger: not delivering them means that the buildd removes them and they're gone.06:13
dilingerthat's correct06:13
dilingerfabbione's idea was to make a separate abi package06:13
lamontbut the check is to make sure that they're identical, yes?06:13
lamontin which case one could just rename the directory06:13
dilingerwhat are you trying to do?  get around the check, or actually make sure the check is useful?06:14
lamontmake sure that it's useful06:15
lamontgiven that the build of 28 fails if 27 doesn't match, then success in building 28 would tend to indicate that the files you had in 27 could roll forward, once 28 had built everywhere, no?06:15
dilingernot necessarily06:16
lamontmjg59: don't have a logout/suspend to ram option.  and hitting the power button detected that power button was hit, hit the disk a bit, and then powered down.  on pushing it again, the machine cold-booted.06:16
dilingerit only fails if a symbol has changed or been removed06:16
dilingerif a symbol has been added, it merely warns06:16
lamontah, not if added.06:16
dilingeranyone know if fabbione will be around today (saturday)?06:17
lamontdunno - neither answer would surprise me though06:39
dilingerwhat do you guys do w/ nonfree drivers that prune-non-free strips out?07:09
dilinger(if anything)07:09
lamontwhat way non-free?07:12
lamontpretty much, they wind up in the linux-restricted-modules packages07:13
dilingerthey include firmware07:21
=== dilinger blinks
dilingeris linux-restricted-modules source package really another copy of the kernel?07:25
dilingerguess not. wow, those ati and nvidia source directories are huge07:27
lamontbinary blob drivers suck, btw.07:29
lamontwhere it's just the firmware, ISTR that the driver is in main, but the firmware blob is in lrm.  haven't really looked in quite some time though07:29
lamontat any rate, time to go fall over07:30
dilingeri don't see it in the linux-restricted-modules source07:44
dilingerstuff like qla22xx07:44
dilingereither way, i've got a new prune-non-free that strips stuff out nicely07:44
dilingerand generates a new tarball w/ pruned drivers, for !main07:45
fabbionelamont: were you searching for me yesterday?08:39
lamontfabbione: was just going to (1) grumble about the abicheck causing the build to fail before creating the abi files, and (2) grumble further about how the abi files do not survive the build.09:01
lamontthen I tried to go to bed and we had a fire call.09:01
fabbionelamont: the abichecker in -28 is broken09:02
fabbionei fixed it in -2909:02
fabbionethe abi files are not supposed to survive the buildd for the version you are building.09:02
fabbioneonly the prev_version09:02
lamontfabbione: I hit it with a hammer and will merge in hppa abi files tomorrow night09:02
fabbionemdz asked to keep the changes for hoary down to minimum09:02
fabbionelamont: that's what i did for sparc yesterday09:03
fabbionei didn't notice the breakage in -28 until sparc attempted the build09:03
fabbionebut -29 is ok.09:03
fabbionelamont: if you have time, it would be nice to have a "startnewsecurityrelease:" target09:05
fabbioneon the same line of startnewrelease:09:05
fabbioneexcept that it will create point releases09:06
fabbionethat will be usefull for pitti after release09:06
=== lamont adds that to monday's todo list
fabbionewell just if you get the time09:06
fabbionei might get there on monday morning09:07
fabbioneno need for a strict TODO entry :-)))09:07
lamontI'll poke you before I work on it.09:07
fabbioneor just baz update :-)09:08
fabbionei need to take my wife shopping pretty09:08
lamontactually baz merge09:08
fabbionebetter i get ready09:08
fabbioneuh why? aren't you working on pre29 ?09:08
fabbioneor did you create your own branch?09:09
lamontlocal copy, to avoid the net traffic09:09
lamontbaz tree-version09:09
fabbionemake sense :-)09:09
lamontyeah, then it's just the merge back that hurts09:09
fabbionei guess so :-)09:10
fabbionegood night lamont :-)09:10
fabbionei am off from here09:10
svenlfabbione: hi.09:13
svenlfabbione: the gentoo guys did get my gige patch working with 2.6.10, so it may be an issue with the port configuration.09:14
svenlfabbione: the debian kernel enables just port1, whcih is the connected port, while you enable all three of them.09:14
svenlmmm, seems it is not that, but they got it working on 2.6.10, i don't know why ubuntu failed here.09:15
svenlwill try again, see you later.09:16
svenlfabbione: maybe you could ask your friend with a pegasos to try, but he needs a OF revision of at least the august 2004 version09:17
Mithrandirsvenl: how do you upgrade the firmware on a peg1 (or can't you?)09:17
svenlMithrandir: the same as on peg2, you launch the upgrade from the OF.09:19
Mithrandirwell, how? :)09:19
svenli need to build a peg1 OF from the new development tree and test it first, its on my TODO list for the next couple of weeks.09:20
svenlMithrandir: boot cd upgrade09:20
Mithrandirany chance you could give me an ISO or send me a cd when you've done that?09:20
svenlMithrandir: it is just a 640KB file, you can put it on a cd iso all by yourself, you can also boot it from harddisk.09:24
dilingerheh.  i should probably get to bed09:27
dilingeri went to that link lamont posted earlier, and read the first line as "Every first person shooter has a level where you have to get pasta"09:27
Mithrandiryeah, sleeps sounds like a good option for you. :P09:32
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