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f00fbugrpm = evil :)12:00
xenonitei thing nero is supplied as rpm12:01
NeoGeo64apt-get sucks12:02
NeoGeo64i cant do anything with it12:02
LinuxJonesNeoGeo64, lol12:02
NeoGeo64root@box:/home/tony # apt-get install nvidia-glx12:02
NeoGeo64Reading Package Lists... Done12:02
NeoGeo64Building Dependency Tree... Done12:02
NeoGeo64Package nvidia-glx is not available, but is referred to by another package.12:02
NeoGeo64This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or12:02
NeoGeo64is only available from another source12:02
xenonitehm you have to print the source code to beat it12:02
NeoGeo64E: Package nvidia-glx has no installation candidate12:02
NeoGeo64i cant do anything12:02
tsumewhere can I get kernel
tsumei'm trying to see if ther is a binary12:02
tsumeis there12:02
LinuxJonesNeoGeo64, you need to add the universe and restricted repositories12:02
connertsume: I haven't seen any packages of 2.6.11 yet. The latest is 2.6.10-5.12:03
NeoGeo64and what are they12:03
nick_m_ubuntuhi everyone. is there a wiki or some info on changing the kernel in the hoary livecd?12:03
tsumeconner: :(12:03
tsumeconner: will there be a .11 for hoary?12:03
connertsume: I hope so. I was looking for it earlier and couldn't find it. I'm running hoary right now.12:03
LinuxJonesNeoGeo64, are you in x64 or x86 ?12:03
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tsumeconner: I hope so too12:04
LinuxJonesNeoGeo64, >> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/AddingRepositoriesHowto12:05
tsume:( my batteries are dying12:05
tsumewireless mouse :)12:05
tsumewireless laptop12:05
tsumewireless power :)12:05
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shmoolikis there any good burning program for Gnome?12:06
LinuxJonesNeoGeo64, you should make sure you have main restricted & universe enabled12:06
inphlictWhat command will let me remove a directory12:06
LinuxJonesshmoolik, graveman12:06
JDigitalHhow do I tell how many meggerbytes free space I have left?12:06
inphlictI can't seem to do it with rm ro rmdir12:06
tsumeJDigital: df -h12:06
nick_m_ubuntuShaquile, there is built in cd burning.. places->cd/dvd creator12:06
xenoniteinphlict, do a rm -r12:07
shmoolikLinuxJones, thanks12:07
inphlictI get12:07
inphlictrm: cannot remove directory `/media/win_c': Permission denied12:07
nick_m_ubuntusorry, shmoolik12:07
inphlictI unmounted it already12:07
inphlictand all12:07
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xenoniteinphlict, you have to be root12:07
Shaquilenick_m_ubuntu: Mkay...12:07
LinuxJonesshmoolik, it's very good, there is also gnomebaker which will require a tiny bit of work to get installed12:07
inphlicthow do I get into root, sorry I'm new12:07
xenoniteinphlict, sudo rm -r12:07
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inphlictah crap12:08
inphlictkeep forgeting sudo lol12:08
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inphlictthanks worked well12:08
xenoniteno problem ;-)12:08
shmoolikLinuxJones,  the question is does it worth it ? ("gnomebaker")12:08
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TheAngryPenguinanyone know of a good Wi-Fi access point browser?12:09
LinuxJonesshmoolik, I think you will be very happy with graveman :)12:09
inphlictcan I make directories with spaces in linux?12:09
shmoolikLinuxJones,  okay man thanks :)12:09
inphlictdoes anyone know12:10
inphlictif I'm allowed to have spaces in directories?12:10
mjryes you are12:10
JDahlinphlict, yes, but then you need to use quotations, e.g. cd "my dir with spaces"12:10
Blissexinphlict: but it is not a good idea12:10
inphlictI see12:10
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Blissexinphlict: using spaces in any file/directory names in UNIX/Linux is not a good idea12:10
xenoniteinphlict, write a \ in front of the space12:11
mjra matter of taste really12:11
Blissexinphlict: use underscores instead of spaces, or dashes.12:11
ian_brasilanyone working (or know someone working) on translating the unofficial guide into portuguese??12:11
shmoolikLinuxJones,  yeah !!! graveman is grate !!! just the thingy i was looking for !!! thanks12:11
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inphlictalright I will12:11
LinuxJonesshmoolik, :)12:11
=== mjr uses spaces
declanI've never used this x-chat thing before, so I hope it's ok to just throw a question out there.  Is there an easy way to shift my /home directory into a new partition.  Do I simply create the partition, and then copy the contents into it. How do I make sure that the partition is mounted as /home?12:11
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Blissexpeople who uses spaces in filenames are begging for trouble with shell scripts and so on12:11
erycohey people i see ubuntu has made the top downloaded distro @ distrowatch12:11
xenoniteinphlict, i use spaces very often, it is a matter of taste12:12
Blissexdeclan: what you say is mostly ok.12:12
jmkideclan: copying is fine.. use cp -a to make sure all the permissions and stuff is fine12:12
LinuxJoneseryco, for good reason :P12:12
declanEven the hidden files will move?12:12
jmkideclan: and to mount your new partition to /home edit /etc/fstab12:12
mjrBlissex, only if they are into buggy scripting12:12
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shmooliki want to ask anouther small thingy :) is there any download program like FlashGet ?12:12
erycoam now on a redhat box and an ubuntu cd ready for install so how difficult is the install12:12
Blissexmjr: there are zillions of buggy scripts unfortunately...12:13
jmkideclan: for example if your partition is /dev/hdb1 then add line like: /dev/hdb1   /home    ext3  defaults 0 012:13
xenoniteeryco, do you want to preserve your dat?12:13
jmkideclan: with ext3 being what ever is the partitions filesystem12:13
declanIt's strange that the Warty default didn't give you a separate /home partition.  What is the reasoning behind that, does anyone know?12:13
erycomy dat?12:13
Blissexmjr: it is just begging for trouble and complications... Of course one can make it work, it is just not worth the additional trouble,12:13
mjrBlissex, good for me none of them have caused trouble on my home system, then12:13
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jmkideclan: why should it give? normal desktop users don't get much out of separate /home directory12:14
Blissexmjr: then _you_ explain to n00bs how to use '-print0' and '-0' on 'find'/'xargs' or whatever...12:14
usualwhat version of fontconfig is borked in hoary?12:14
jmkideclan: and powerusers know howto change the partitioning themselves12:14
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mjrdeclan, extraneous partitions on a desktop system just increase complexity and decrease flexibility12:14
declanIt's just handier if you upgrade from scratch.  Is it not?12:14
inphlictHow do I get my mounts to appear on my desktop?12:14
erycoxenonite: what is my dat? damn acronymns12:14
inphlictI made 212:14
inphlictbut only 1 appears?12:14
jmkideclan: well, that's true12:14
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declanI now have hoary, but when it is released properly it might be nice to reinstall from there.12:15
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inphlictDoes anyone know?12:15
inphlictI made 2 mounts in media of my windows drives12:15
inphlictand only 1 appears on desktop12:15
xenonitesorry for the type, eryco12:15
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inphlictDoes anyone know?12:16
inphlictIt must be something minor12:17
inphlictI can't get one of the mounts to appear on desktop12:17
^thehatsrule^nice this font is cool12:17
inphlictalso how can I rename files on desktop12:17
xenonite^thehatsrule^, which font?12:18
inphlictyeah which font are u using?12:18
^thehatsrule^lol.. just looks funny12:19
inphlictthe stable release runs much better12:19
declanRight, thanks for your help peoples.  Good luck!12:19
^thehatsrule^OCR extended12:19
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ian_brasilcool..we get on with the translation ...anyone interested in helping so to #ubuntu-br12:20
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=== _colin is now known as usual
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SeeleyUSMCLet me get this right...Ubuntu has support for wireless cards?  So my Atheros abg card in my laptop should work fine from the get-go?12:20
f00fbugSeeleyUSMC, perhaps12:21
f00fbugif ! there is always ndiswrapper12:21
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LinuxJonesSeeleyUSMC, >> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HardwareSupportComponentsWirelessNetworkCards12:21
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mjrSeeleyUSMC, atheros are supported with the restricted modules packages12:22
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mjr(perhaps not on all architectures, I don't know)12:22
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inphlictIs there any themes for text colors you could download for xchat12:27
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raydogg_where are the names of printer devices stored so i can share it via samba ?12:29
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djstJesterace, LinuxJones: ok, i'm back. i got nvidia to run again, and here's what i did: installed linux-image-2.6.10-5-686-smp and linux-restricted-modules-2.6.10-5-686-smp, THEN ran nvidia-glx-setup enable12:29
djstappearantly, nvidia kernel doesn't work with just any linux image12:30
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LinuxJonesdjst, great :)12:30
djstfrom the description of the restricted packages: "Non-free Linux 2.6.10 modules on PPro/Celeron/PII/PIII/PIV SMP12:30
djstThis package provides restricted modules for Linux version 2.6.10 on12:30
djstPentium Pro/Celeron/Pentium II/Pentium III/Pentium IV with SMP support."12:30
Ephemeralhow do i get KUBUNTU?12:30
djst"Currently the following modules are included: [...]  nvidia [...]  These modules are "restricted" because they are not available under a completely Free licence."12:31
Quest-MasterEphermal: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop12:31
Quest-MasterEphermal: You need Hoary though12:31
Ephemeralwhats Hoary?12:31
djstJesterace: so you don't need the cd, you just need the "restricted" package for your kernelm which doesn't exist for all kernel images12:31
Quest-MasterThe next version of Hoary12:31
Quest-MasterIt's at Preview Release12:31
Quest-MasterI am using it right now12:31
declan_He means the next version of Ubuntu, I think12:31
EphemeralQuest, how do i find out what ive got?12:31
Quest-MasterIt's just as stable as Warty for me.12:32
Quest-Masterdeclan_: My bad, yes.12:32
djstJesterace, LinuxJones: thanks both for your help! i now understand this a bit better, i think12:32
Quest-MasterEphermal: You most likely have Warty12:32
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dodgerfor me, too12:32
LinuxJonesEphemeral, cat /etc/issue12:32
Ephemeraldavid@ubuntu:~ $ cat /etc/issue12:32
EphemeralUbuntu 4.10 "Warty Warthog" \n \l12:32
Ephemeralhmm, how do i get Hoary?12:33
Ephemeralive got universe added12:33
=== UnSub_DK [~UnSub_DK@] has joined #ubuntu
Ephemeralif that helps?12:33
thenukeEphemeral: you should about always check the wiki for help first :)12:33
thenukeand then ask irc12:33
LinuxJonesdjst, :)12:33
davixhow can i kill hw:0 (creating alsa driver ... hw:0|hw:0|1024|2|48000|0|0|nomon|swmeter|-|32bit the playback device "hw:0" is already in use. Please stop the application using it and run JACK again)12:33
dodgeryou have to make a dist upgrade. i guess you'll find some info in the wiki12:34
declan_I went to synaptic, repositories, changed the word "warty" for "hoary", then chose Smart Upgade, and waited for an age.12:34
=== MikeGTN is now known as MikeAFK
declan_It worked a dream12:34
BigIslandVeganAny body know to access bluetooth admin / setup stuff on ubuntu ppc?12:34
Ephemeralhmm looks like all i do is change the repositories?12:34
ianusing a fresh 4.10 install on a thinkpad here and the right alt key shows up as a special key "Alt_R" in Keyboard Shortcuts preferences dialog.  so you can't do Alt-A because hitting Alt sets it to "Alt_R".  It also screws up desktop switching using Ctrl-Alt-arrows.  (All of this applies only to the right alt key, the left one works fine)12:34
LinuxJonesEphemeral, >> http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryUpgradeNotes12:34
declan_That's what I did.  Change all the "warty" for "hoary" and upgrade.  It takes time, though12:35
dodgerthat's how i did it, too. works like a charm.12:35
iandeclan_: how long?12:35
dodgerabout 1.5 hrs.12:35
shmoolikLinuxJones,  i must say that gnomebaker is much better then graveman .... i had some problems with graveman...12:36
declan_Something like that.12:36
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declan_I did the upgrade to see if I could get the sound to work.  It did.  If there's no reason to upgrade, then why risk it.  But it solved my sound problem, so it was worth it.12:37
EphemeralLinuxJones, im confused, it says Hoary has been released12:37
Ephemeralso why didnt Warty auto upgrade to Hoary?12:37
=== inc [~inc@c-65-34-144-27.se.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
Ephemeralah my mistake12:38
incsup channel12:38
EphemeralNOT released12:38
ianEphemeral: some words are extra-important :)12:38
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Ephemeralim tired :/12:38
[FiDO] has anyone tried to get lirc working with their tv card remotes12:38
davixhow can i kill hw:0 (creating alsa driver ... hw:0|hw:0|1024|2|48000|0|0|nomon|swmeter|-|32bit the playback device "hw:0" is already in use. Please stop the application using it and run JACK again)12:39
LinuxJonesEphemeral, it's not officialy released till April 5th or 6th it's a Preview Release12:39
Ephemeralian is it safe to do a smart upgrade,ive changed all sources to Hoary12:39
incany familiar with tape drives?12:39
^thehatsrule^ooo tape drives12:39
LinuxJonesEphemeral, yes use smart for the upgrade12:39
^thehatsrule^for win95, yes :P12:39
inc^thehatsrule^: lol winows12:39
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incmore evil inside12:40
=== gratuit [~mcneill@gratuit.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
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inci ran this tar cvf /dev/hdd /home12:40
LinuxJonesEphemeral, by clicking smart it's like doing apt-get dist-upgrade, It automatically upgrades you to Hoary and downloads any additional packages required by the upgrade12:40
=== Loevborg [~loevborg@d36-33.dip.isp-service.de] has joined #ubuntu
incand get this tar: /dev/hdd: Wrote only 8192 of 10240 bytes12:41
inctar: Error is not recoverable: exiting now12:41
EphemeralOk thanks12:41
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EphemeralIm running the 64-bit distro, looks like the original CD i used to nstall was ancient, hopefully i'll get a new ISO on 5th/6th12:41
Ephemeralthe Hoary 6412:41
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HrdwrBoBEphemeral: warty is still the current stable release12:42
LinuxJonesEphemeral, you will be upgraded to more recent packages long before the cd arrives :)12:42
^thehatsrule^how long is that long?12:43
^thehatsrule^a week? :/12:43
=== inphlict [~inphlict@HSE-Toronto-ppp186910.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
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Ephemeralout of interest is there any area for users to suggest packages?12:44
=== drspin [~cole@ip68-2-123-172.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
LinuxJones^thehatsrule^, Hoary get's released early April the cd's will probably go out within a few weeks-a month past that12:44
Ephemeralto be included on the main CD12:44
drspinanyond used the loopback method for writing to NTFS partitions????????12:44
^thehatsrule^ah guess thats alright12:44
LinuxJonesEphemeral, you can request packages but the 700 meg cd limit is getting close to full :)12:44
chickenmani better be going to bed it's almost midnight :P see you later people12:45
^thehatsrule^im in no hurry to upgrade12:45
Ephemeralthe one i'd suggest is FLAC decoder/plugin by default...12:45
Ephemeralvery minor thing though12:45
Ephemeralthe only thing i cant do in Ubuntu is 3d acceleration, which is ATIs fault12:46
Ephemerali need an Nvidia card12:46
^thehatsrule^which card?12:46
^thehatsrule^oo nice!12:46
^thehatsrule^and what did you try?12:47
=== ^thehatsrule^ just wants to know for reference
LinuxJonesEphemeral, that card is supported in Hoary I think12:47
Ephemerali cant remember what version i tried but i gave up12:47
=== Fleebailey33_ [~andy@c-67-163-138-215.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ephemerali heard the performance was awful anyway12:47
Ephemeralyou need an Nvidia card to play games12:47
^thehatsrule^no... if i could get it working on old cards on different linuxes..12:47
^thehatsrule^then it should be the same for ubuntu no?12:48
LinuxJonesATI have great hardware but their drivers have always sucked12:48
=== Somazx [~Somazx@] has joined #ubuntu
=== runedude [~runedude@pcp0010864625pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
Ephemeralim using the 64bit distro as well though12:48
Ephemeralso i would need 64 bit ATI drivers?12:48
=== tsaphah [~doe@66-190-240-63.or.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
^thehatsrule^nah, the catalyst drivers rocked for radeons12:48
tsaphahso.. I've been hearing a lot about ubuntu lately..how is it for exisiting packages/ package control?12:49
ellsLinuxJones,  agree, ATI good company bad drivers12:49
=== DarthFrog [~rob@S010600036df5148f.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #Ubuntu
LinuxJonesells, yeah12:49
SomazxI'm finding two installs of ubuntu won't allow Zend Studio to do sftp to them when I can ssh in just fine using the same account info. My guess is some option in the config file is preventing Zend from loggin in. Any gueses as to what that would be?12:49
ellsI use to use an ATI Rage 128. always had issues12:49
LinuxJonesells, I msut have applied for 25 jobs with them neve even got a phone call ;P12:50
Ephemeralbest distro out there tsaphah, this coming from a newish user... ive tried a lot, and only Ubuntu and Mandrake gave me lasting immpressions12:50
^thehatsrule^lol, i have ati rage pro turbo's12:50
ellsLinuxJones, figures12:50
^thehatsrule^its fine for me12:50
drspinfunny -- I got a call from intel this morning -- and I just started a new job at 2wire http://www.2wire.com12:50
ellsthehatsrule: maybe they are better. have not been impressed with them in windows or linux, for me12:50
LinuxJonestsaphah, Ubuntu is built on Debian Unstable so packages are very recent and package management is awesome with apt12:51
^thehatsrule^hm... i got 3 of these similar cards, all 8mb agp 2x12:51
^thehatsrule^dont use them much tho, anymore12:51
tsaphahnods, is it more stable than debian unstable?  Last time I tried it on this sytem I had all sorts of problems.12:52
geneo93hoary seems pretty damn stable to me12:52
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=== RUF [~borisov@c9.dial.mels.ru] has joined #ubuntu
=== eurojovi [~troy@12-227-185-15.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonestsaphah, Ubuntu is not even a year old and it's already probably the best distro round IMHO12:54
^thehatsrule^i just dl'd v4...12:54
Somazxnm figured it out12:54
=== Somazx [~Somazx@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
^thehatsrule^wow, id thought itd be here longer12:54
LinuxJonesRUF, you joined jsut to say that :)12:54
RUFYEAH, lol12:54
=== fgx [~fgx@host161-236.pool8254.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesRUF, thanks !!12:55
eurojoviUbuntu 5.04...got xine & codecs using ubuntuguide.org.  Xine plays most files....but some ASF/WMV files' audio is messed up.  Anyone have any ideas?12:55
=== darksatanic [~hugo@81-5-136-19.dsl.eclipse.net.uk] has joined #ubuntu
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tsaphahLinuxJones: Well, bandwidth is cheap.  I'll give it a try.  I've been wanting something that is clean, fast, "just works", etc.  You know that "perfect" system that doesn't exist ;)12:55
Ephemeralbtw General observation, everytime i upgrade my Ubuntu.. it annihilates my Grub Menu.lst... anyway of stopping this?12:55
LinuxJonestsaphah, what are you running now ?12:56
=== memcmeme [~noone@wbar1.sea1-4-5-020-127.sea1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
RUFI wanna know anybody12:56
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trekeEphemeral: You need to make your changes a bit differently12:57
netmonkhello! is there a program that could scale a number of images lets say from 48x48 to 24x24?12:57
tsaphahRight now only XP.  Last linux distro I had was Suse 9.2 Pro and before that FreeBSD.  I liked FreeBSD the best, just was as intuitive as most linux distros12:57
trekeEphemeral: the packages regenerate the menu.list files based on the template information commented out at the top of the file12:57
tsaphahLinuxJones: I played wiht mandrake back in the early 9.x days. Redhat back at 6, Gentoo, Slackware, Debian.  Made the rounds you could say.12:58
LinuxJonesnetmonk, you can do it form the command line I know but as for gui I am not sure. I am sure that functionality is available in some app.12:58
netmonklinuxboy, where can I check for this command. forget the gui ;)12:59
trekeEphemeral: so any changes you make need to be outside the ### BEGIN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST and ### END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST block12:59
eurojoviUbuntu 5.04...got xine & codecs using ubuntuguide.org.  Xine plays most files....but some ASF/WMV files' audio is messed up.  Anyone have any ideas?12:59
netmonkLinuxJones, where can I check for this command. forget the gui ;)12:59
=== apokryphos [~apokrypho@host-84-9-35-78.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonestsaphah, well as for rpm based distros like Mandrake/Redhat/SuSe Ubuntu is far snappier. Gentoo and Slack are about on par ofr usability. It doesn't come with all of the Graphical Configuratuion stuff that mdk/rh or suse have.01:00
LinuxJonesnetmonk, you would have to search google it was like 3 years ago I needed to do it and can't remember :(01:00
Ephemeraltreke: ?01:00
Ephemeraltreke: my normal entries start after ## End Default Options ##01:01
tsaphahLinuxJones: That's alright. As long as there are decent docs' like with Freebsd. I'm not scared of the terminal.01:01
trekeEphemeral: regarding menu.lst regnerating01:01
Ephemeraltreke: thats the bit i'll lose01:01
declan_Eurojovi reminded me: depending on whether I use Totem, or Mplayer, or Kaffeine, I get different results.  None are completely satisfactory.  Is the fact that I'm getting a halting playback on DVDs fixable? It seems as though I was getting the clearest picture with mplayer, is that possible?01:01
trekeEphemeral: right, that block gets rewritten every time01:02
HrdwrBoBdeclan_: there is also totem-xine and totem-gstreamer01:02
=== ells [~steve@69-171-77-164.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
trekeEphemeral: if you look farther up and farther down there are other block markers01:02
LinuxJonestsaphah, you will have no problems at all with Ubuntu, it does have it's own way of doing certain things. www.ubuntuguide.org is a great resource for common things :)01:02
Ephemeraltreke: theres nothing below that01:02
=== Pawnomatic [~pawn@] has joined #ubuntu
declan_HrdwrBob: will they offer better performance?01:02
Ephemeraltreke: some comments above01:02
trekeEphemeral: search the file for "AUTOMAGIC"01:03
Quest-Mastereurojovi: Tried VLC?01:03
ellsLinuxJones, I download the hoary preview and did a dry run with it. It is gonna work on my desktop that has debian on it. I guess for whatever reason, warty did not work with my desktop01:03
eurojoviummm...guess not.  What's VLC?01:03
ellsLinuxJones, I am gonna back my data up01:03
Quest-Mastereurojovi: apt-cache for it and then install. :D01:03
=== lunitik [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesells, great, I guess the devs are working their butts off :)01:04
geneo93i see fontcofig was fixed intodays updates01:04
tsaphahLinuxJones: K, I'll take a look there. Thanks01:04
=== gfxstyler [~gfxstyler@xdslb241.osnanet.de] has joined #ubuntu
Ephemeraltrek: ok, i see the first use of that word01:04
LinuxJonestsaphah, have fun :)01:04
Ephemeraltrek: # Put static boot stanzas before and/or after AUTOMAGIC KERNEL LIST01:04
gfxstylerWTF :D01:04
gfxstyleri love u guys01:04
=== davix [~lama@85-65-147-83.barak.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
gfxstyleri love u all :D01:04
=== davix_ [~lama@85-65-147-83.barak.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
trekeEphemeral: do you see the commented line that says ### BEGIN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST ?01:04
LinuxJonesgfxstyler, lol01:04
gfxstyler3d acceleration is finally working01:04
tsaphahI will. Oh, can you point me to a resource that talks about the diff's between Ubuntu and other deb based distro's?01:04
HrdwrBoBdeclan_: totem-xine generally works best currently, afaik01:04
ellsLInuxJones, I like ubuntu way better than debian01:05
odie5533Who maintains the packages in the universe and multiverse?01:05
declan_I'll try it then.  Thanks.01:05
HrdwrBoBodie5533: masters of the universe01:05
=== mitch__ [~mitch@mitchweb.plus.com] has joined #ubuntu
gfxstyleromg i cannot believe it the 3d really works o_O01:05
trekeEphemeral: above that line you should be able to make changes and they wont be overwritten01:05
=== omg is now known as Laney
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trekeEphemeral: then the last line in the file should say ### END DEBIAN AUTOMAGIC KERNELS LIST. You can write to the file after that line01:06
Ephemeraltreke: ok currently that space is blank01:06
memcmemeWhy Doesn't windows allow you to use the KDE desktop01:06
=== saad [~saad@zeff.docisland.org] has joined #ubuntu
Ephemeraltreke: yes thats right01:06
icebalmmemcmeme: you're joking right?01:06
memcmemeThis is about six billion times more efficient than XP's or even Aqua01:06
=== _colin [~colin@cpe-24-194-197-159.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
memcmemeI am new to Ubuntu01:06
Quest-Mastermemcmeme: Windows isn't open source. :P01:06
memcmemeand I am amazed at this dektop01:06
mitch__memcmeme: actually, this is possible01:06
LinuxJonestsaphah, well the ubuntulinux.org has some stuff. Basically Ubuntu has regular release cycles (6 months), 18 month support per release, next-day release of Gnome/KDE and great irc channel :D01:06
trekeEphemeral: Is that last line missing? Or is writing to the file outside of it still being overwritten?01:06
=== djst will start writing on the ubuntu review soon
icebalmmemcmeme: hrmm, default ubuntu is gnome01:06
memcmemeI am using kubuntu desktop01:07
memcmemeI like it better01:07
Quest-MasterThey have KDE built with Cygwin for Windows01:07
Quest-MasterIt's very buggy though01:07
icebalmmemcmeme: ahh I see01:07
Quest-MasterSlow as well01:07
memcmemeits great01:07
PawnomaticDoes anyone know why i would get two errors after Gnome starts....? One that is untitled saying "You must be the superuser (root) to configure GDM." (ok)......... and the other titled "Error" saying "Missing command to run." (close)....any help would be great because i am fairly new at this01:07
Ephemeraltreke: i wont know 'til the upgrade to Hoary tries to overwrite the file01:07
HrdwrBoBand entirely pointless01:07
=== RUF [~borisov@c9.dial.mels.ru] has left #ubuntu []
Ephemeraltreke: still downloading updates01:07
memcmemeI can't get over how many packages there are for Linux01:07
=== _colin is now known as usual
tsaphahLinuxJones: *smiles* alright. thanks again for your time.01:07
trekeEphemeral:  you can simulate it by running /sbin/update-grub01:07
lunitikQuest-Master: with Qt/win32 being GPL now... its just not smart to use Cygwin for KDE apps on Windows any more imo01:07
BigIslandVeganAny bluetooth specialists?01:08
Quest-MasterQt for Win32 is GPL now?01:08
=== usual [~colin@cpe-24-194-197-159.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
HillTopmemcmeme: There is talk of porting KDE to Windows, as an appliication I suppose.01:08
Ephemeraltreke: its just 4 lines i need to add or so01:08
Quest-MasterWhen'd that happen?01:08
lunitikQuest-Master: yes... like a month ago01:08
Quest-MasterI'm behind.01:08
HrdwrBoBif you want to run KDE... why not just run linux01:08
memcmemeI think you ought to be able to totally replace the windows XP WM with KDE01:08
Ephemeraltreke: so i might leave it, and edit it manualy after upgrade01:08
memcmemethat would be better01:08
=== dodge1 [~dodger@p54B18E1E.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
trekedid they ever release QT3?01:08
Ephemeraltreke: as usual...01:08
memcmemebut I don't think it will effect me01:08
trekeI thought it was just qt4 that would be gpl on windows01:08
lunitiktreke: umm... yes01:08
memcmemeI don't forsee using Windows again on my home desktop01:09
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=== rvalles [~lodoss@80-29-3-129.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #ubuntu
memcmemethis is just so much more efficient01:09
rvalleslet's suppose I have gcc 3.3.x and gcc 3.4.x installed01:09
rvalleshow do I switch between them, on ubuntu?01:09
=== usual [~colin@cpe-24-194-197-159.nycap.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
eurojoviQuest-Master:  VLC worked! Thanks!01:09
LinuxJonesrvalles, CC=gcc3.x I think01:09
=== Zotnix [martin@ool-4357361a.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
^thehatsrule^when you compile, you can specify01:09
lunitikHrdwrBoB: There is rumors they are gonna port entire KDE to Windows so you can use it instead of explorer.exe ... would allow those that use Windows for games to use KDE and not reboot...01:10
icebalmrvalles: the higher version one will probably be gcc, the other probably gcc3301:10
mitch__memcmeme:  you should try litestep for windows. :)01:10
Quest-Mastereurojovi: No problem. :)01:10
^thehatsrule^heh litestep's alright01:10
rvallesicebalm: problem is that it isn't :O01:10
^thehatsrule^nothings like fluxbox or the like01:10
icebalmrvalles: ok so what does gcc -v say?01:10
geneo93rvalles:  remove the older one then01:10
rvallesicebalm: in gentoo, there's a gcc-config thing which can be used to repoint all gcc commands to the prefered version, of those installed...01:10
rvallesgeneo93: Ok, I can do that, but I thought it would be nice to keep both01:11
icebalmrvalles: yeah well ubuntu is a binary distrib, install packages01:11
rvallesgeneo93: 3.3.x builds far more stuff than 3.4...01:11
=== gfxstyler is gonna install a few 3d apps now since he can actually really run them MUAHA, see u
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MeHerehi gues01:18
LinuxJonesMeHere, hi01:18
MeHereumm I'm a bit new to linux01:18
geneo93Starting Azureus...01:18
MeHerei installed both gnome and kde01:18
=== eurojovi [~troy@12-227-185-15.client.mchsi.com] has left #ubuntu []
geneo93Java exec found in PATH. Verifying...01:18
geneo93OOPS, you don't seem to have a valid JRE [java = gij] 01:18
geneo93You need to upgrade to JRE 1.4.x or newer from http://java.sun.com01:18
geneo93Java exec found in  /usr/java/jre1.5.0_01/bin/01:18
geneo93OOPS, you don't seem to have a valid JRE  [/usr/java/jre1.5.0_01/bin/java =Error] 01:18
geneo93You need to upgrade to JRE 1.4.x or newer from http://java.sun.com01:18
MeHerebut can't bring kde up01:18
MeHerewhat should i do01:18
geneo93any ideas01:18
LinuxJonesMeHere, it installed ok ?01:19
=== tyler [~tyler@CPE-144-132-243-34.nsw.bigpond.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
MeHereeverything installed01:19
tylerHola peeps. ANyone on Hoary?01:19
MeHerei think i have to bring it up at first before coming into gnome right01:19
geneo93me is01:19
LinuxJonesMeHere, iok in the gdm login screen (where you type you username/password0 under session select kde01:19
tylergene, anyprops with mp3 playback and the mozilla mplayer pug in01:20
MeHereit doesn't show any session01:20
rvallesafter removing gcc01:20
rvalles(while keeping gcc-3.4)01:20
MeHereit only user name and then password01:20
MeHereno session comes up01:20
rvallesgcc --versions now throws a nice-nice "command not found"01:20
MeHerei had suse linux before01:20
LinuxJonesMeHere, sudo apt-get update && apt-get install ubuntu-desktop01:20
MeHerethat had it01:20
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=== conner [~conner@c-24-19-196-187.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
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IRCFrEAKim an ircfreak it seems01:21
LinuxJonesMeHere, sorry kubuntu-desktop01:21
=== IRCFrEAK [~jircii@c-24-118-236-45.mn.client2.attbi.com] has left #ubuntu []
rvallesI want my gcc --version to work and return "3.4.3", the version I want to use01:21
rvallesis that even possible? :(01:21
geneo93rvalles:  did you specify01:21
LinuxJonesrvalles, yeah gimme a sec01:21
=== seb128 [~seb128@ANancy-151-1-7-141.w83-194.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #ubuntu
MeHereok it's says this01:22
MeHereHit http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/main Packages01:22
MeHereHit http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/main Release01:22
MeHereHit http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/restricted Packages01:22
MeHereHit http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/restricted Release01:22
MeHereHit http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/main Sources01:22
MeHereHit http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/main Release01:22
MeHereHit http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/restricted Sources01:23
MeHereHit http://security.ubuntu.com warty-security/main Packages01:23
MeHereGet:1 http://security.ubuntu.com warty-security/main Release [102B] 01:23
MeHereHit http://security.ubuntu.com warty-security/restricted Packages01:23
MeHereGet:2 http://security.ubuntu.com warty-security/restricted Release [108B] 01:23
=== e-motion [~svn@p5488E1DB.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #ubuntu
MeHereHit http://security.ubuntu.com warty-security/main Sources01:23
MeHereGet:3 http://security.ubuntu.com warty-security/main Release [104B] 01:23
MeHereHit http://security.ubuntu.com warty-security/restricted Sources01:23
MeHereGet:4 http://security.ubuntu.com warty-security/restricted Release [110B] 01:23
MeHereHit http://archive.ubuntu.com warty/restricted Release01:23
MeHereFetched 424B in 3s (126B/s)01:23
MeHereE: Could not open lock file /var/lib/dpkg/lock - open (13 Permission denied)01:23
MeHereE: Unable to lock the administration directory (/var/lib/dpkg/), are you root?01:23
MeHerewhy does it say so?01:23
=== ooteiadoor is now known as jpedrosa
=== helio1 [~teacher@] has joined #ubuntu
geneo93MeHere did you use sudo01:24
shmoolikdude y have y flooded?01:24
=== djst is now known as djst|zzz
MeHerei even entered my password01:24
geneo93MeHere:  are you trying to update01:25
LinuxJonesrvalles, export CC=gcc32 as an example01:25
MeHerei'm trying to get kde to work01:26
tylerMm. I should reinstall the codecs or something'01:26
geneo93ok do this first sudo apt-get -f install01:26
MeHerei don't get any sessions at the login time01:26
e-motiondoes anyone have an idea, when an install hangs at the beginning. acpi=off helps a bit , but still hangs after a while01:26
helio1Does anyone currently have their Ubuntu system set up to print via a Windows machine? I'm trying to get this classroom computer printing to a Windows Networked printer and can't get the settings right, nor can I find them via google...01:26
LinuxJonesMeHere, it should add it for you01:27
geneo93MeHere:  then you didn't get kubuntu-desk01:27
=== dabi [~dabi@69.Red-83-39-119.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
MeHereumm i did this sudo apt-get -f install01:28
geneo93or kdm01:28
MeHereit didn't update anything01:28
geneo93what did it say01:28
MeHerei just installed ubuntu01:28
LinuxJonesMeHere, try geneo93 's syggestion of installing kdm01:28
dabicant install finnish language to ubuntu :S i have the packages installed but when i select finnish in gdm it says fi_FI utf 8 not found01:28
MeHereit updated everything while installing i think01:29
=== Quest-Master [~Quest-Mas@c-24-99-26-36.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
MeHerewhat was that packages name again01:29
LinuxJonesMeHere, apt-get install kdm01:29
geneo93MeHere:  that would up date all things01:29
LinuxJonesMeHere, sorry yeah01:29
=== ani [~the_padaw@pcp0011401570pcs.ebrnsw01.nj.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
anidoes anyone know how i might be able to get sound working?01:30
geneo93crimsun:  can prolly help u best01:31
MeHereE: Couldn't find package kdm01:31
rvallesLinuxJones: no,01:32
geneo93ok try kubuntu-desktop01:32
rvallesLinuxJones: there isn't a gcc :(01:32
rvallesLinuxJones: command not found no matter the CC, so I guess there isn't a wrapper, there isn't anything at all01:32
LinuxJonesrvalles, you installed build-essential ?01:32
MeHereit can't open01:32
MeHerehold on brb01:32
MeHeregonna restart01:32
=== girls [~girls@] has joined #ubuntu
farruinndabi: what packages have you installed already01:33
dabihuuuh.. many...01:33
farruinndabi: try installing language-support-fi to be sure01:34
dabifarruinn: i have..01:34
icebalmgirls: shut the fuck up01:34
farruinnhello, we see you01:34
girlsfuck you01:34
e-motionis there a posibility to install ubuntu from the LIVE CD ?01:34
rvallesLinuxJones: ic.01:34
gratuithas anyone here tried out usplash? I'm having trouble finding one of it's dependancies to build it, specifically lib++dfb I think01:34
LinuxJonesgirls,  please leave !!01:34
suifurgirls: once is enough ya fucktard01:34
dabifarruinn: i have language-pack-fi, language-pack-fi-base, language-support-fi01:34
=== MeHere [~h@] has joined #ubuntu
=== NetwrkMonkey [~Monkey@netwrkmonkey.user] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
MeHereok still doesn't give me any sessions01:35
LinuxJonesMeHere, I would join #kubuntu and ask if others have the same problem01:35
=== medwards_ [~chatzilla@adsl-64-175-14-61.dsl.snfc21.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
icebalmgirls: what the hell is your problem?01:35
MeHeregirls: please stop saying hi01:35
DakkoNo kidding01:35
=== guiman [~guiman@vp085140.reshsg.uci.edu] has joined #ubuntu
dabifarruinn: i installed ubuntu (hoary) in finnish and worked.. but now after updating it changed back to english01:35
=== gnarvaez [~guiman@vp085140.reshsg.uci.edu] has joined #ubuntu
suifurgirls: shut the fuckin hell up and go the fuck away01:35
helio1moderators can ban people; please keep the tone polite01:35
gratuitah, the simple joy of /ignore01:36
DakkoWho can ban her? lol01:36
=== lucas [~lucas@] has joined #ubuntu
rvallesLinuxJones: ok01:36
suifurgah fine01:36
DakkoThat was odd.01:36
=== Polet [Eliana@ip-97-94.telesat.com.co] has joined #ubuntu
farruinndabi: what about language-pack-fi01:36
rvallesLinuxJones: so the idea is that gcc-3.3 and gcc-3.4 are the gccs I have installed01:36
dabifarruinn: installed01:36
rvallesLinuxJones: and the "gcc" package itself is a "wrapper" or something01:36
medwards_Is there a boot parameter I can use to modprobe ext3 before casper runs?01:36
dabifarruinn: i also tried reinstalling these..01:37
rvallesLinuxJones: but... how do I use the wrapper?01:37
=== ephemeral [~e@cpc1-with2-6-0-cust224.bagu.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
rvallesLinuxJones: I guess it honors "CC"01:37
ephemeralwoah, i just smoked my Warty, trying to get to Hoary01:37
rvallesLinuxJones: but isn't there a command or something to handle all that?01:37
=== Polet [Eliana@ip-97-94.telesat.com.co] has left #ubuntu []
LinuxJonesmdz, jdub, you guys around ??01:37
=== MeHere [~h@] has joined #ubuntu
mdzLinuxJones: ?01:38
LinuxJonesrvalles, yeah CC is the variable that calls the correct gcc version01:38
MeHerei couldn't find a channel named #kubuntu01:38
MeHerewhere is it01:38
mdzMeHere: it's there, /join #kubuntu01:38
geneo93ephemeral:  can you finish update from terminal01:38
LinuxJonesmdz, sorry there was a spamming troll here a minute ago I was hoping you would kick :(01:38
MeHereit's empty01:39
mdzMeHere: there are 42 people there including me01:39
geneo93MeHere:  /joinkubuntu01:39
ephemeralgeneo, i logged in and and everything was blank, except there was a terminal in the top left01:39
geneo93space in there01:39
rvallesLinuxJones: ok, how do I set it system-wide so that it resist boots and all01:39
rvallesLinuxJones: or, in other words, how do I do it the ubuntu way?01:39
rvallesLinuxJones: since I can do it the ugly way without much help01:40
geneo93ephemeral:  thats good do a sudo apt-get dist update01:40
LinuxJonesrvalles, you should be able to set it in your users .bashrc file01:40
=== regeya [~shane@sdn-ap-008ilchicP0236.dialsprint.net] has joined #ubuntu
rvallesLinuxJones: yeah, that would be an option01:40
ephemeraloh? that was supposed to happen?01:40
=== P229 [~P229@pool-138-88-147-61.esr.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
e-motiondoes anyone know possible ways to insdtall ubuntu from the Live CD01:40
geneo93upgrade i mean01:40
shmoolikcan i make a sourt cut to a folder on my DeskTop?01:40
LinuxJonese-motion, not that I know of :(01:41
=== Pawnomatic [~pawn@] has left #ubuntu []
FackamatoHow do I change the language in gnome?01:41
=== runedude [~runedude@pcp0010864625pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
dabihmm any ideas how can i change my ubuntu language back to finnish? i downloaded the packages but when trying to change it from gdm it says fi_FI utf-8 not found and changes it to english01:41
P229in array 7, changing the them while Synaptic is downloading updates causes Synaptic to exit/crash01:41
P229the theme*01:41
LinuxJonesshmoolik, sure right click "create launcher" under type select directory01:41
dabihmm mayby ill go to forums01:41
e-motionlinuxJones: hmmm why does the Live CD Load perfectly then, and The install CD fails ... hmppf01:41
MeHereshmoolik: you can make a launcher to browse that folder i think01:41
farruinndabi: I'm not sure I fully understand the new language pack system, but have you tried 'sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales'?01:42
=== jharrison [~jharrison@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonese-motion, you have the same version for both ?01:42
=== drspin [~cole@ip68-2-123-172.ph.ph.cox.net] has left #Ubuntu []
tsaphahDoes the warty install detect that I have windows installed and provide an option to dual boot automatically or will I be needing to edit grub/lilo myself?01:42
LinuxJonese-motion, you might have a warty install disk and Hoary live CD ?01:42
e-motionLinuxJones: yes part of the install pack 4.1001:43
jharrisonare there any bugs in terms of font packages?01:43
=== libpng [~png@] has joined #ubuntu
farruinntsaphah: afaik you have to modify the grup config01:43
rvallesLinuxJones: CC=gcc34 gcc --version01:43
e-motionLinuxJones: I installed the System from the Same disk on an other Hardware perfectly01:43
LinuxJonestsaphah, it should find it but I would install the latest hoary version. It is going to be the stable version in 2 weeks01:43
MeHerecan we chat?01:43
rvallesLinuxJones: still throws 3.3.4 :O01:43
=== saad [~saad@zeff.docisland.org] has joined #ubuntu
rvallesLinuxJones: what's the problem with "gcc"? (!)01:44
tsaphahLinuxJones: *chuckles* k01:44
LinuxJonesrvalles, if you search google you will find the answer I am getting loaded atm and am going to be useless in about 1/2 hour :)01:44
rvallesLinuxJones: I guess gcc doesn't honor CC at all01:44
shmoolikLinuxJones,  MeHere  hum .... for some  resone when i put the path on the crate luncher box and then i m trying to run the luncher  i get a message that the command can't b run01:44
rvallesLinuxJones: after all...01:44
=== keffo [~keffo@] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonese-motion, this system is newer ?01:45
P229I wish distros would start rolling pktcdvd and udftools01:45
LinuxJonesshmoolik, what command ?01:45
=== nekrataal [~nekrataal@128-75-246-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu
=== poningru [~Poningru@wbar19.tmp1-] has joined #ubuntu
shmoolik"/media/phiczia/My Documents" fot e..g01:46
e-motionLinuxJones: yes THIS system with the problem is a Dell Latitude 800 Notebook, the system where It worked as a test was a P3 500MHZ IBM01:46
shmoolik"media/phiczia/My Documents" fot e..g01:46
regeyaalrright I give up...when I moved on to hoary, the trick I used to get my audio<->video sync working on mpeg2 output no longer works.  I GIVE UP.  it should not require research and a somewhat-good knowledge of how such video works to burn home movies to dvd. :-P01:46
=== DrunkenBug [~azaerl@210-86-65-182.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
P229nekrataal, hi01:46
nekrataala little question...how can i add some launcher to the gnome menu on ubuntu hoary?01:46
farruinnnekrataal: there is no built in way to do it yet01:47
LinuxJonese-motion, the Hoary install cd has lots of bug fixes ans is much nicer compared to the Warty install cd. Are you able to download the latest Hoary install cd ?01:47
e-motionLinuxJones: maybe its the Grub Loader which fails .. hm01:47
nekrataalso i cant?01:47
=== dabi [~dabi@69.Red-83-39-119.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
e-motionLinuxJones: yes .. no prob01:47
LinuxJonesshmoolik, to a directory ?01:47
farruinnnekrataal: have have been a few people who have put together some tools to do it, one sec...01:48
e-motionLinuxJones: is it Different to the 4.1001:48
dabioh kwl back in finnish ;)01:48
LinuxJonese-motion, try that dude you might be ok but laptops can sometimes be problamatic01:48
shmoolikLinuxJones,  yeah01:48
jharrisonwhen typing in passwords and such usually there are black circles in the password field as you type in the password but now there are squares with weird codes in them.01:48
jharrisonanyone know what the deal is with that?01:48
farruinnnekrataal: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=19673 is one, I've added a couple of items to my menus, it seems to work01:49
shmooliknekrataal,  just "nautilus <section on menu>:///" and then create a luncher01:49
MeHereguys how do i make my current user superuser?01:49
=== iceaxe18 [~iceaxe18@c-24-18-111-235.client.comcast.net] has joined #Ubuntu
=== Fleebailey33 [~andy@c-67-163-138-215.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
shmooliknekrataal,  don't for get to restart gnome01:49
[FiDO] can anyone help me wih configuring lirc to work with my tv card01:49
e-motionLinuxJones: ok Downlading wartyWardog and try .. thanks01:49
BlissexMeHere: 'man su' or 'man sudo'01:49
LinuxJonesshmoolik, ok in the window give it a name, under Type select Directory from the dropdown list, click browse and locate the directy then click ok.01:49
farruinnjharrison: that's completely normal for linux shell logins =)01:49
=== Zenum [~zenum@c211-31-12-229.blktn4.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
farruinnshmoolik: hoary01:50
jharrisonfarruinn: but this is system wide01:50
farruinnjharrison: in gdm as well?01:50
BlissexMeHere: those are the correct approaches.01:50
jharrisonfarruinn: for example logging into gaim etc...01:50
geneo93MeHere:  you dont want too01:50
DrunkenBugcan anyone help me with why it isnt configuring my network at install?01:50
LinuxJonese-motion, you should download the Hoary installer :)01:50
=== ells [~steve@69-171-77-164.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
nekrataalok, thanks guys, ill check that out..01:50
farruinnjharrison: do you have a non-standard font set as default?01:50
Zenumhey, im having a problem with my wireless card, where as soon as I enable the restricted key with iwconfig my computer just slows down heaps, and the events/0 process uses 95% of my processor...01:50
=== Paperweight [~Paperweig@dhcp184-1-129.dsl.ucc-net.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ellsLinuxJones, I am talking to you via my hoary desktop, it worked01:50
shmoolikLinuxJones,  that what i have done =\01:50
Zenumhas anyone had this problem before?01:51
LinuxJonesells, sweet :)01:51
P229does the sound recorder work for anyone?01:51
e-motionLinuxJones: ok @ Hoary01:51
LinuxJonesshmoolik, that's impossible :)01:51
ellsLinuxJones, just tweaking it now01:51
DrunkenBughey, can anyone help me with why it isnt configuring my network at install?01:51
LinuxJonesells, good stuff01:51
jharrisonfarruinn: maybe01:51
P229is it just me, or does the sound recorder not work at all?01:51
jharrisonfarruinn: this is a friend of mine01:51
ellsLinuxJones, the hoary preview install seems very intuitive01:51
jharrisonfarruinn: he does not speak that great of english01:51
=== hazmat [~hazmat@] has joined #ubuntu
ellsLinuxJones, as far as upgrades and such01:52
=== nictuku [~yves@nictuku.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== Yvonne [~ubuntu@kf-sdm-cb01-0065.dial.kabelfoon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
nictukuis request-tracker3 dependencies broken in warty?01:52
LinuxJonesells, it is very nice can't wait for the GUI installer mmmmm01:52
jharrisonfarruinn: I will upload some screenshots to my website so you can see what we mean01:52
DrunkenBughey, can anyone help me with why it isnt configuring my network at install?01:52
ellsLinuxJoes, easier than warty in my opinion01:52
tsumewho updates the debs for hoary?01:52
farruinnjharrison: ok01:52
shmoolikLinuxJones,  i can show ya ... when i press browse i can't select a foder so i type it on the command section01:52
ellsLinuxJones, so far....time will tell ya know01:52
Zenumhas anyone had problems where wireless network slows down your computer when you put on encryption?01:52
farruinntsume: erm, the developers =)01:53
tsumeand why is the OLD nvidia driver in the dev?01:53
rvallesI have01:53
rvalles- gcc01:53
rvalles- gcc-3.401:53
LinuxJonesshmoolik, why can't you browse to the folder ?01:53
ellsZenum: not really, i run it on my laptop01:53
rvallesI used to have, too01:53
rvalles- gcc-3.301:53
memcmemehow d I make ubuntu let me log into a session as root?01:53
rvallesremoved gcc-3.301:53
memcmemeit wont let me01:53
farruinnmemcmeme: sudo -s01:53
=== myosotis [~myosotis@lap34-2-82-224-140-103.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
rvallesand now "gcc" throws a command not found01:53
jharrisonfarruinn: http://linuxbs.org/public/screenshot1.png01:53
farruinnmemcmeme: oh, don't log into a graphical session as root, that's a bad idea01:53
shmoolikLinuxJones,  cuse when i do i must select a file to aprove the "ok" butten01:54
=== xigle1 [~xiglet@slettum.com] has joined #ubuntu
farruinnmemcmeme: it can really screw your system.  If you need to use nautilus as root I thin kthere's an option in the menu01:54
memcmemeI need to use Konqeror as root01:54
geneo93farruinn:  you have any idea on that java problem i have01:54
shmoolikLinuxJones,  the "open" butten01:54
=== dabi [~dabi@69.Red-83-39-119.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJonesshmoolik, you have to select "directory" from the Type dropdown list01:54
DrunkenBughey, can anyone help me with why it isnt configuring my network at install?01:54
=== Yvonne [~ubuntu@kf-sdm-cb01-0065.dial.kabelfoon.nl] has joined #ubuntu
shmoolikLinuxJones, thats the 1st thing i have done01:54
jharrisonfarruinn: my friend uses the portuguese fonts and language01:55
farruinngeneo93: sorry I don't remember what the problem was01:55
LinuxJonesshmoolik, you on warty ?01:55
farruinnjharrison: checking it out...01:55
jharrisonfarruinn: thanks01:55
shmoolikLinuxJones,  no i m hoary01:55
=== pepsi [~pepsi@72-254-44-82.client.stsn.net] has joined #ubuntu
dabihow can i run a command before gdm starts or at same time?01:55
memcmemedoes anyone know how to use konqueror as root?01:55
geneo93farruinn:  i'll paste to you01:55
e-motionLinuxJones:  is it that one you mean ?   hoary-preview-install-amd64.iso01:55
rvallesI'm tired :(01:55
LinuxJonesshmoolik, something is messed up dude I can do it fine ?|?|01:55
rvallesLinuxJones: I guess Ubuntu doesn't make sense after all01:56
LinuxJonese-motion, yeah01:56
rvallesI'm happy that I'm not the one using ubuntu, tho01:56
rvalles(I run gentoo)01:56
e-motionLinuxJones: ok thanks01:56
xigle1a few days ago, I installed hoary preview. I added the right repositories and was able to install gstreamer, xmms, mplayer, xine etc. But now I reinstalled ubuntu and am getting a lot of error message when I try to install theese programs. Talking about all kinds of packages that's "not installable" and "have unmet dependencies". Any ideas?01:56
rvallesI'm trying to help a friend who doesn't speak english01:56
shmoolikhum.... okey then i think that i will just wait for the upgrade then LinuxJones01:56
rvallespoor guy01:56
LinuxJonese-motion, :)01:56
ellsrvalles, ubuntu works great for most01:56
DrunkenBughello,anyone know why it isnt configuring my network at install?01:56
LinuxJonesshmoolik, that's wierd it should work just fine01:56
farruinnjharrison: if you're using sudo it won't show up.  I don't see in that screenshot where you're entering a password01:57
jharrisonfarruinn: well it doesnt seem to be the password fields01:57
shmoolikLinuxJones,  donno ....  i m not such a newbe though i m a biggner and a very bad English specker =\01:57
jharrisonfarruinn: it does I mean but the screenshots he sent is of other things01:58
rvallesells: I used to think so01:58
jharrisonfarruinn: for example the buddy list on gaim01:58
farruinnjharrison: hehe, I see :)01:58
rvallesells: but... if the "gcc" package is a wrapper01:58
ellsrvalles, i use it my desktop and laptop. works great with wireless01:58
jharrisonfarruinn: http://linuxbs.org/public/screenshot2.png01:58
jharrisonfarruinn: there is another one01:58
rvallesells: where is its documentation?01:58
xigle1if no one have any ideas I guess I'll go to bed ... nite01:58
LinuxJonesshmoolik, so your right clicking on the desktop and selecting "Create Launcher" ?01:58
ellsrvalles, can tell a lie,  not sure01:58
jharrisonfarruinn: bear with me as I am trying to figure out from him what the problem exactly is01:58
helio1using the gnome-printer interface I'm using (smb://guest:@Langston_6/epson) to try and send jobs to a windows connected printer...error says it can't connect to samba host! help?01:58
rvallesells: how am I supposed to know how it does work, without documentation?01:58
jharrisonfarruinn: I dont speak portuguese :)01:58
shmoolikLinuxJones,  yeah :)01:59
farruinnjharrison: heheh, neither do I so good luck =)01:59
rvallesells: not even in the website, gives me the creeps.01:59
ellsrvalles, which part are you asking about01:59
=== radiodurans [~a@adsl-69-209-127-191.dsl.klmzmi.ameritech.net] has joined #ubuntu
jharrisonfarruinn: I might have found a translator01:59
LinuxJonesshmoolik, have you updated your system since installing ?01:59
rvallesells: "gcc" is a wrapper. I want to know how to set up this wrapper01:59
ellsrvalles, have you tried the unofficial site01:59
Blissexrvalles: look for the 'spec' file for GCC.01:59
shmoolikLinuxJones,  yeah today01:59
radioduranswhat would you use ubuntu instead of debian?01:59
=== apokryphos7 [~apokrypho@host-84-9-32-134.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu
rvallesells: see, I have gcc-3.4 installed. I used to have gcc-3.3 too, I've just removed it.01:59
radioduranswhat = why01:59
rvallesells: but "gcc" gives me a /usr/bin/gcc: command not found02:00
DrunkenBughello, anyone know why it isnt configuring my network at install?02:00
shmoolik LinuxJones  it fixed lots of problems i had ...02:00
=== rfauth [~rfauth@c-24-3-179-104.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sirk [~bryan@] has joined #ubuntu
rfauthgood evening02:00
rvallesells: gcc-3.4 exists.02:00
medwards_xigle1: universe missing from your sources.list?02:00
LinuxJonesshmoolik, not quite enough :)02:00
ellsIf the question cant be found in here, you can go to the unofficial ubuntu site. really awesome setup faq02:00
=== rfauth is now known as _mepis_lover
=== sirk is now known as sirukin
rvallesells: problem is... how do I make the ubuntu gcc wrapper see it?02:00
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=== Rocha [~hrocha@195-23-167-102.net.novis.pt] has joined #ubuntu
ellsrvalles, really not my strong point, sorry02:01
rvallesit's simple stuff, I really don't get it02:01
rvallesyou people never use gcc at all?02:01
shmoolikLinuxJones,  yeah, it appers .... though i m quite happy with this disro02:01
ellsrvalles, you could send  a report through ubuntu on your issue02:01
RochaHello, for the developers here...02:01
medwards_Anyone run into hald timeouts when a USB stick was in during boot?02:01
Rocha...what graphical cvs tool do you recommend me?02:01
ellsrvalles, they are really responsive if it cannot be answered in here02:01
shmooliki didn't had any need to move back to windows and i don't think i will have a resone too LinuxJones02:01
trekemdz: What is the update policy for the for the universe repository? The sources.list file says that there are no updates, but the package archive seems to have a section for them02:01
=== memcmeme [~noone@wbar1.sea1-4-5-020-127.sea1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
memcmemeI am now in Gnome02:02
=== inphlict [~inphlict@HSE-Toronto-ppp186910.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
ellsDoes anyone have answer that can help rvalles02:02
shmoolikLinuxJones,  though i do have problem with the sound on majesty =\02:02
memcmemewhere is the option to use the windows browser as root02:02
dabiwhat do i have to do so numlock activates with gdm? i installed numlockx with synaptic but dont know how to activate it..02:02
inphlictHey how do I get avi files to play?02:02
memcmemeI need to move some stuff around and the it keeps insisting I don't have permissions02:02
helio1What does "Unable to Connect to Samba host" mean in a printer error?  I can browse the windows box fine via samba but NO printing no matter what I do....02:02
shmoolikand Quake is not running =\\\\\\\02:02
rvallesI also tried reinstalling "gcc-3.4"02:02
inphlictWhich codec do I need to install, someone help pls02:02
rvallesbut no luck02:02
ellsLinuxJones: can you help rvalles02:02
rvallesit doesn't make "the wrapper" see it...02:02
ellsrvalles, we will get help02:03
mdztreke: updates to universe, in the stable branch, are made on a volunteer/time-available basis02:03
=== saad [~saad@zeff.docisland.org] has joined #ubuntu
trekemdz: Ah thanks. That clears it up.02:03
=== audioslav [~kvirc@c-67-177-184-94.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
inphlictDoes anyone know what i need to install to get avi files to work02:03
trekeBeen trying to decide whether to go woody or ubuntu on a machine02:03
farruinnrvalles: gcc is going to depend on gcc-3.3 thus it's going to symlink /usr/bin/gcc to /usr/bin/gcc-3.3...02:03
ellsall points bulletin, can anyone help with rvalles' issue02:03
jharrisonfarruinn: ok02:04
inphlictguys how the hell do I get avi files to work02:04
memcmemethis is drivin me nuts, I log out, it says i cannot login to Gnome as root, and but I want to move stuff around using the WM02:04
memcmemeis there a way?02:04
ellsfarruinn,  thanks man02:04
shmoolikokay ppl i m off to bad02:04
rvallesfarruinn: :)02:04
shmooliknighty night02:04
shmoolikLinuxJones,  thank man02:05
jharrisonfarruinn: from what was translated it seems that when he enters text in a password field weird characters appear and also you can see these characters in the buddy list and the character map in the screenshots02:05
shmoolik 02:05
=== gilles [~gilles@lab75-3-82-235-26-179.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
jharrisonfarruinn: seems to be some kind of localization problem02:05
rvallesfarruinn: /usr/bin/gcc doesn't exist02:05
rvallesfarruinn: as a link or as anything else; it just doesn't exist.02:05
=== Skwid_ [Skwid@stlaurent-1-82-228-247-28.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu
dabiwhat do i have to do so numlock activates with gdm? i installed numlockx with synaptic but dont know how to activate it..02:05
_mepis_loverapt-get install w32codecs02:05
LinuxJonesshmoolik, :)02:06
=== treke [~ggilbert@tinman.treke.net] has left #ubuntu ["Konversation]
=== treke [~ggilbert@tinman.treke.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== d0nk` [d0nk@openwire.metawire.org] has joined #ubuntu
farruinnjharrison: ooh, yes I see that02:06
trekeI suppose the ubuntu updates situation won't be nearly as bad as trying to deal with backports for woody :)02:06
Fackamatorvalles: apt-get install build-essential02:06
tsumeare any developers here?02:06
RochaDoes anyone know if mono 1.1.4 will be available for ubuntu hoary?02:06
jharrisonfarruinn: any ideas02:06
_mepis_loverwhat player inphlict02:07
tsumeto explain why the newer nvidia module isn't in the archive?02:07
rvallesFackamato: I have that installed, but not gcc-3.302:07
rvallesFackamato: nor I want it, either.02:07
jharrisonfarruinn: they are still talking in portuguese so I wait for more info translated to english02:07
audioslavdoes anyone know if the kubuntu desktop has an applet like the software updates applet in hoary's gnome?02:07
farruinnjharrison: is this a fresh install of hoary or warty?  upgrade to hoary?02:07
inphlictI installed w32codecs and another I forget the name02:07
inphlictfrom the unoffical guide02:07
inphlictI have universes on and all the other stuff02:08
LinuxJonesrvalles, you will get an answer in #ubuntu-devel02:08
inphlictwhich codec do I need to play divx/avi02:08
rvallesLinuxJones: I'll go check02:08
inphlictokay i'll try it02:08
_mepis_loveri dont know if thats it02:08
memcmemeIs it even possible to log into Gnome as root?02:08
helio1I'm pasting a SAMBA/print to windows error in #flood if anyone has a sec to decipher it for me I would be indebted...02:08
memcmemethis is absurd02:09
farruinnrvalles: you can make the symlink yourself02:09
inphlictyeah it is mem02:09
inphlictgo read the forums02:09
audioslavyou have to enable root's login to do that memcmeme02:09
jharrisonfarruinn: he copied over fonts from other linux installs to /usr/share/fonts/ttf02:09
memcmemehow I looked on linuxforums and a lot of people were not able to02:09
memcmemebut I did not find the answer02:09
inphlictno such package ;/02:09
jharrisonfarruinn: prob didn't alter xorg.conf plus ubuntu likes to use gnome referenced fonts aka ~.fonts folder02:10
rvallesfarruinn: it wont be useful02:10
slurpasHello! how do i disable my firewall?02:10
jharrisonfarruinn: he needs to alter his X files to get fonts a working02:10
farruinnjharrison: yeah,I was going to say he should have put them in ~/.fonts02:10
memcmemebe right back02:10
thenukeslurpas:  :o does ubuntu have firewall?02:10
jharrisonfarruinn: ok I will relay the message02:11
_mepis_loverapt-get install msttcorefonts02:11
thenukeslurpas: at least warty did not have it when I installed it02:11
slurpasthenuke.. i think so?02:11
farruinnjharrison: ask him to use a different font02:11
=== gremid [~gremid@pD956BE22.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
farruinnfarruinn: like freesans or something02:11
jharrisonfarruinn: ok02:11
slurpasthenuke, ok... maby its something else.. but i cant connect to a program on my linux-comp.. i just reinstalled it and have configurated it as before..02:11
helio1slurpas: / thenuke firestarter is one easy firewall you can install on warty, there is no firewall installed/enabled by default...  if you have firestarter, you can access it via the System configuration menu02:12
audioslavdoes anyone else feel like all the new cool system config applets are in the gnome desktop and not in kubuntu?02:12
slurpasbut then i had fedora core 3 with firewall.. who i needed to disable to connect..02:12
=== _mepis_lover [~rfauth@c-24-3-179-104.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
jharrisonfarruinn: he is using hoary preview 5.0402:12
slurpashelio1, how?02:12
farruinnrvalles: why not?02:12
farruinnjharrison: if he is having the problem with default ubuntu fonts then it should be reported but if the problem is with user installed fonts then I'm not sure...02:13
jharrisonfarruinn: ok02:13
helio1I have firestarter on one Ubuntu system and it's configurable as menu item under Computer>System Configuration02:13
slurpasoki thx :)02:13
Amaranthrvalles: hey02:13
rvallesAmaranth: hi02:13
helio1If you didn't install a firewall, I suspect that's not the problem.02:13
rvallesAmaranth: well, it's turning me crazy02:14
Amaranthrvalles: sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gcc3.4 /usr/bin/gcc02:14
rvallesAmaranth: I can do that, yeah02:14
jharrisonfarruinn: appears to be user installed fonts02:14
=== memcmeme [~noone@wbar1.sea1-4-5-020-127.sea1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
rvallesAmaranth: but that's definitivelly NOT the way.02:14
memcmemeit didn't wok02:14
Amaranthrvalles: yes it is02:14
jharrisonfarruinn: so I dont think a bug report would be warrented02:14
rvallesAmaranth: and I want to know the way; the ubuntu way, that is.02:14
Amaranthrvalles: you removed gcc3.3, it removed the symlink02:14
memcmemeI have never heard of a Linux distro that doesn't set up a root password by default02:14
rvallesAmaranth: let's see a thing02:14
jharrisonfarruinn: if ubuntu's bts is anything like debian anyways02:14
memcmemeI dont een have one02:14
slurpasokai! thx anyway.. need to chech my router also..02:14
rvallesAmaranth: why if I do a "kk" I get a bash: kk: command not found02:14
memcmemeits just my normal password02:15
Amaranthrvalles: because kk doesn't exist?02:15
rvallesAmaranth: and if I do a gcc I get a bash: /usr/bin/gcc: No existe el fichero o el directorio02:15
memcmemeit never asked me to create one02:15
audioslavat the end of the day, is there any difference in installing warty and apting to hoary or installing hoary preview?02:15
rvallesAmaranth: ?02:15
farruinnjharrison: agreed02:15
Amaranthrvalles: translation?02:15
rvallesAmaranth: why does the error say /usr/bin/gcc?02:15
=== Laney [~laish@81-178-78-214.dsl.pipex.com] has joined #ubuntu
rvallesAmaranth: translation is, file or dir doesn't exist02:15
farruinnjharrison: the free* fonts have all the latin characters, he must have been using a font that wasn't complete02:15
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-109-180.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthbecause the symlink is there, gcc3.3 isn't02:15
Amaranthsudo rm /usr/bin/gcc02:16
rvallesAmaranth: but the symlink isn't02:16
Amaranththen sudo ln -s /usr/bin/gcc3.4 /usr/bin/gcc02:16
rvallesAmaranth: ls -l /usr/bin/gcc gives a file not found02:16
Amaranthrvalles: sounds like you seriously broke things02:16
Amaranthrvalles: just create the symlink02:16
jharrisonfarruinn: sounds right to me02:16
rvallesAmaranth: I could, easily02:17
rvallesAmaranth: yet...02:17
rvallesAmaranth: I have an unanswered question02:17
rvallesAmaranth: which is...02:17
Amaranthrvalles: there is no "ubuntu way" when you intentionally break things02:17
Amaranthrvalles: my answer is don't worry about it :P02:17
rvallesAmaranth: why if I type "kk" I get that error02:17
rvallesAmaranth: and if I type "gcc" I get that OTHER error, with the full path on it, even?02:17
helio1If anyone has any experience with printing via SAMBA to Windows, please help; i'm after hours in a classroom that's not mine, helping someone else and very frustrated that I can't get a test page to print to a Windows connected printer from Ubuntu02:18
trekervalles: you get that error because kk is not in the path02:18
trekegcc is apparantly in your path somewhere02:18
rvallestreke: I thought that much02:18
trekewhich `gcc` may tell you where02:18
Amaranthrvalles: bash: /usr/bin/gcc: No such file or directory02:18
trekewhich 'gcc'02:18
Amaranthrvalles: i get that when the symlink exists but the thing it points to doesn't02:19
rvallestreke: file or dir doesn't exist02:19
navreethi, what software should I use to burn .bin/cue files?02:19
rvallestreke: doing which `gcc`02:19
trekedont do that :02:20
trekedo which 'gcc'02:20
Amaranthnavreet: downloading movies, are we? :)02:20
rvallestreke: I guess "which gcc"02:20
=== alvaro_ [~alvaro@dsl081-050-234.sfo1.dsl.speakeasy.net] has joined #ubuntu
sirukincat filename >> /dev/cdrom002:20
Amaranthnavreet: you need bin2iso02:20
sirukintry it02:20
=== sirukin cackles
=== dabi [~dabi@69.Red-83-39-119.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
rvallestreke: the worst is that I'm doing this for a person who doesn't speak english02:21
rvallestreke: I'm telling him which commands to type and all, he pastes me the results02:21
rvallestreke: quite fun02:21
rvallestreke: which gcc returns nothing :O02:21
dabihow can i have numlock enabled when gdm boots? i have numlockx installed but dont know where to add the command :(02:21
navreetAmaranth, any gui?02:22
farruinnrvalles: why don't you ssh to his system? ;)02:22
=== ells [~steve@69-171-77-164.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Amaranthnavreet: not that i'm aware of02:22
rvallesfarruinn: I'll do that, eventually02:22
rvallesfarruinn: but I want to avoid doing that.02:22
trekervalles: if your taking what we say and translating it to him and translating his answer back, I suspect we'll never find a solution :)02:22
LinuxJonesdabi, gnome-sesssion-properties under startup programs02:22
treketoo many links in the chain02:22
helio1navreet I think K3b will do it02:22
rvallesfarruinn: If I ssh and do everything... ;)02:22
rvallesfarruinn: the guy won't be able to do it himself ever.02:22
rvallesfarruinn: and I'll be working as an admin for him forever or till I grow tired02:23
rvallesfarruinn: I'm just trying to avoid that by not sshing into his box.02:23
dabiLinuxJones: hmm mayby i should google first.. :P first hit from google: http://www.ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16891 tseh.. ty anyway.. srry :P02:23
=== gfxstyler [~gfxstyler@xdslb241.osnanet.de] has joined #ubuntu
=== goodoldunclemike [~mike@pcp01036163pcs.frtprk01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #Ubuntu
LinuxJonesdabi, :)02:23
gfxstylerhey again :)02:23
ellshas anyone notices if one of the ubuntu sources is down02:24
gfxstylerells: really? i checked synaptic for 30 minutes and it didnt complain about any errors02:24
farruinnLinuxJones: just having numlockx installed does it for me...02:24
farruinnells: I just updated fine, maybe it's your mirror02:25
rvallesfarruinn: my conclusion is that the different errors are probably linked to some sort of cache...02:25
=== dabi [~dabi@69.Red-83-39-119.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
rvallesfarruinn: which bash does internally have02:25
gfxstyleris there another way of speeding up cdrom than hdparm -d 1 /dev/cdrom ?02:25
rvallesI'll do some tests on that on my own box later; I just want to be sure.02:25
rvalles(I have it when I don't have the absolute control :D)02:25
ellssomething about http://security.ubuntu.com hoary-sceurity/restricted Sources not available02:25
=== hou5ton [~hou5ton@n14-99-152-206.tranquility.net] has joined #ubuntu
helio1oh well, THREE hours troublshooting samba printing to windows and I'm no closer than when I started... I guess I'm giving up for the day now;02:26
goodoldunclemike?..i set my network up with samba...i open up network servers...i can see the drive partition that i a shareing with windows...but it shows empty..so i did a share on each folder..and it still shows empty02:26
=== geneo91 [~geneo93@1Cust6851.an1.det15.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
ellsfaruinn: something about http://security.ubuntu.com hoary-sceurity/restricted Sources not available02:26
gfxstyler& why does alsa not work when esd is running?02:26
farruinnrvalles: :)02:26
LinuxJonesfarruinn, I don't even have it installed, I was just trying to help someone else :D02:26
=== libpng [~png@] has joined #ubuntu
farruinnLinuxJones: yeah, just an fyi if your here when he comes back02:26
geneo91farruinn:  sorry i crashed this thing02:26
=== libpng is now known as png`idLe
farruinngeneo91: oh no :(02:27
geneo91yep lost all my info02:27
geneo91where did that point02:27
=== dabi [~dabi@69.Red-83-39-119.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
farruinnells: if you copy-pasted that it'd be because security isn't spelled correctly...02:27
=== gfxstyler is getting something to eat ->|away
^thehatsrule^may i ask which fs i should use to install to?02:28
farruinngeneo91: sudo ln -s /usr/java/jre1.5.0_01/bin/java /usr/bin/java02:28
farruinngeneo91: and sudo ln -s /usr/java/jre1.5.0_01/bin/java_vm /usr/bin/java_vm02:28
ellsnaw, typed over from other computer02:28
=== ells1 [~steve@69-171-77-164.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
geneo91ln: `/usr/bin/java': File exists02:29
dabihmm i dont get it.. i see 243 updates available but after i install i still see 243.. :S rare..02:29
farruinnells: Hit ... hoary-security/restricted Sources02:29
geneo91ln: `/usr/bin/java_vm': File exists  on both02:29
johIs it possible to cache all packages from a repository?02:29
farruinngeneo91: I think that means the link already exists, check with ls -l /usr/bin/java_vm02:30
geneo91lrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 33 2005-02-09 02:54 /usr/bin/java_vm -> /usr/java/jre1.5.0_01/bin/java_vm02:31
=== saad [~saad@zeff.docisland.org] has joined #ubuntu
=== keffo [~keffo@] has joined #ubuntu
geneo91leme see if i can irc azureus02:33
farruinnok, that's good =)02:33
geneo91damn no such channel02:34
helio1What's the command to restart cupsd??02:34
=== _tester_ [~yz@] has joined #ubuntu
gremidhelio1, "sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart"02:35
geneo91ok got it02:36
helio1ty gremid02:36
CarlK_I am doing a net install, and it is prompting for "Choose a mirror of the Ubuntu archive" - any idea what the URL is?02:36
farruinngeneo91: it's working?02:37
=== DrunkenBug [~azaerl@210-86-65-182.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has left #ubuntu []
helio1I'll be damned; 3 hours later the window printer finally responds; now I can go home exhausted but victorious instead of exhausted and bitter lmao02:38
jharrisonfarruinn: got it fixed02:38
jharrisonfarruinn: thanks for your help02:38
farruinnjharrison: excellent, what was the solution?02:38
helio1thanks for listening to me complain about it02:38
jharrisonfarruinn: apparently he had transfered some windows fonts from an actual windows installation to ubuntu02:38
jharrisonfarruinn: and that had ill effects02:38
farruinnuh huh... :)02:39
jharrisonfarruinn: not sure why anyone would want windows fonts in linux but ohw ell02:39
jharrisonfarruinn: so he deleted the folder he had put them in and restarted X and it works fine now02:39
farruinnah, well at least they didn't overwrite any fonts02:39
navreethi, my computers starts acting slow (I think it's the IO) when I burn a CD... and I only burn at ~20x, when my burner is capable of 52x... I had PC3200 ram and an Opteron 148.. (it shouldn't be this slow)02:40
navreetmy mp3 playback slows down... and I get a lot of static from xmms (kinda like it's dropping stuff)02:41
Fackamatojharrison: uh02:41
Fackamatoof course you need MS fonts02:41
Fackamatosome pages doesn't display proper otherwise.02:41
=== apokryphos7 is now known as apokryphos
=== saad [~saad@zeff.docisland.org] has joined #ubuntu
Fackamatonavreet: is everything accelerated? use native alsa, hardware mixing, hardware acceleration on the graphics card with DRI using agpgart of the build-in agp driver in the kernel module02:42
=== helio1 [~teacher@] has left #ubuntu []
=== M_Fatih [~mfyz@] has joined #ubuntu
M_Fatihhi all, i newly installed hoary02:43
=== gfxstyler_ [~gfxstyler@xdsle081.osnanet.de] has joined #ubuntu
M_Fatihi want to add mp3 support to rhythymbox, i searched in google this, i says, install gstreamer0.8-mad plug-in, but there isn't any packages like this.. no mad pachages..02:44
navreetFackamato, yep02:44
navreetFackamato, actually using nVidia stuff... but that's not the issue02:44
Fackamatousing nvidia's driver from nvidia.com ?02:44
farruinnM_Fatih: you need to enable universe first02:44
Fackamatoyou get 2000+fps in glxgears etc?02:44
Fackamatonavreet: what mainboard chipset02:44
navreetFackamato, ..and the video isn't slow.. I have cycles to spare, it's the IO02:45
M_Fatihfarruinn, how do i do it?02:45
geneo91well that was useless02:45
navreetFackamato, it's not the graphics02:45
Fackamatonavreet: yes it is02:45
navreetFackamato, also 2000+ fps on glxgears doesn't mean anything02:45
Fackamatoyou haven't even said what video output you use02:45
Fackamatoof fucking course it means anything02:45
Fackamatoit means your glx acceleration works02:45
navreetFackamato, it's accelerated, trust me... I write a lot of graphics stuff02:45
M_Fatihi don't know anything about ubuntu, only i liked & installed.. i didn't used debian or debian based distro.. only i used apt, too many time ago in suse..02:46
navreetand watch your language02:46
Fackamatonavreet: you don't want to get help02:46
farruinnM_Fatih: sorry,  I wasn't in gnome atm02:46
CarlK_net install is doing this and "failing" (guessing no output is the problem) wget -q http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu//dists/hoary/Release -O - | grep ^Suite: | cut -d' ' -f 202:46
navreetFackamato, my asking for help doesn't give you an excuse you to start using profane language02:47
farruinnM_Fatih: go to the System>Administration>Syanaptic Package Manager02:47
M_Fatihhm. ok02:47
CarlK_the wget does return the file (despite the //) but the grep doesnt return anyting02:47
M_Fatihi try to do it in console..02:47
=== phas [~phas@213-140-17-100.fastres.net] has joined #ubuntu
M_Fatihwhy my sudo command sucks in root password02:48
farruinnM_Fatih: oh, you don't want to use synaptic from console02:48
Fackamatonavreet: please02:48
Fackamatogrow up02:48
M_Fatihi changed my root password but it returns wrong pass..02:48
Fackamatoyou don't give any info on your problem, and you tell people to fuck off when they try to help you02:48
farruinnM_Fatih: if you've set a root password you need to use su, not sudo02:48
navreetFackamato, First I did not use that language, only you do... second, I told you it wasn't the graphics, it's the IO02:49
DarthFrogOr use your password, not the root password, with sudo.02:49
M_Fatihi did it, i'm changing to user root with su command.. but sudo command sucks..02:49
farruinnok, that's fine...02:49
Fackamatonavreet: I don't care if it's the IO, you haven't said anything about what graphic card you have, what drivers you use, what chipset you have, if you're using oss or alsa, what vidoe output you use, if X is accelerated, what codec the video uses, what player you're playing it in02:49
=== brenden [~brenden@S0106000f6636f470.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
brendenthe amd64 install torrent is broken02:50
farruinnM_Fatih: you need to edit the file /etc/apt/sources.list, there are two lines that are commented out, it tells you which lines to uncomment02:50
M_Fatihhmm. looking..02:50
navreetFackamato, you are not even reading what I say... I am not even trying to play a video or anything02:50
navreetFackamato, I quote, "hi, my computers starts acting slow (I think it's the IO) when I burn a CD... and I only burn at ~20x, when my burner is capable of 52x... I had PC3200 ram and an Opteron 148.. (it shouldn't be this slow)"02:50
navreetFackamato, If I were watching a dvd in mplayer or something, I'd understand, but I am not doing that02:51
Fackamato<navreet> Fackamato, ..and the video isn't slow.. I have cycles to spare, it's the IO02:51
farruinnM_Fatih: something like 'su nano /etc/apt/sources.list' would work02:51
Fackamatoyou still haven't answered my questions02:51
M_Fatihi changed all "deb... " lines to uncommented..02:51
navreetFackamato, that's when you asked me about my graphics drivers... and I was referring to X refreshing02:51
farruinnM_Fatih: ok, then as root run apt-get update02:51
DarthFrogM_Fatih: Now do "apt-get update"02:51
navreetFackamato, I am done burning the data... I gotta go02:52
=== brenden [~brenden@S0106000f6636f470.cg.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
M_Fatihi have a problem in "sudo". it not accept my root's password, why?02:52
geneo91farruinn:  they tell me i need runtime going02:52
farruinnM_Fatih: sudo uses your user password, su uses the root password02:52
M_Fatihahh :(02:53
farruinngeneo91: as in jre?02:53
=== yyc747 [~agraupe@S0106000c41ae18ad.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
M_Fatihhaha i don't know it..02:53
=== farruinn really isn't a java expert
yyc747have I been misinformed, or will hoary have KDE?02:53
DarthFrogyyc747: I'm running it right now.02:53
geneo91java console02:53
DarthFrogyyc747: KDE 3.402:53
DarthFrogyyc747: It's nice and crunchy.02:53
farruinnyyc747: there's even an install cd, link to preview release in /topic02:54
phasHi, i have a question.Ubuntu insists on startup to try to load garbage like hotplug or RAID support, when my pre-jurassic matherboards do not support them.How can I prevent these modules to be loaded on startup?02:54
yyc747DarthFrog: ooooh... I'm on gentoo, so I think I'm going to wait on KDE 3.4 :)  but ubuntu could be my next distro of choice... and certainly will be my choice to convert people with02:54
yyc747is it just kubuntu with kde?02:55
=== Fleebailey33 [~andy@c-67-163-138-215.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
M_FatihE: Broken packages   ??02:55
farruinnkde is to kubuntu as gnome is to ubuntu02:55
DarthFrogyyc747: I really like Ubuntu.  I also have Mandrake, Fedora, Debian, Gentoo and Linspire installed.  Kubuntu is going to be my desktop.02:55
^thehatsrule^eek for kde02:55
M_Fatihhow can i upgrade a spesific package?02:56
=== username [~ian@adsl-2-solo-173-245.claranet.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== username1 [~ian@adsl-2-solo-173-245.claranet.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
=== username1 [~ian@adsl-2-solo-173-245.claranet.co.uk] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
farruinnM_Fatih: you probably just need to run 'apt-get upgrade'02:56
DarthFrogM_Fatih: use Synaptic.02:56
apokryphosM_Fatih: sudo apt-get install <certainpackage>02:56
farruinnyeah, synaptic will make your life easy02:56
apokryphosM_Fatih: sudo apt-get update first02:56
M_FatihDarthFrog, ok02:56
DarthFrogapokryphos: You can do that from Synaptic.02:56
M_Fatihapokryphos, i did it..02:56
usernamein ubuntu, are there any screen-savers that consist of simply a clock?02:56
apokryphosDarthFrog: I know. :)02:57
usernameapart from the one called 'gltext (clock)' that is.02:57
keffoanyone knows about any xchat -> xmms script.. just easy, nothing more than displaying what song currently playing?02:58
M_Fatih Depends: libid3tag0 (>=0.15.0b) but it is not installable02:58
M_Fatih Depends: libmad0 (>=0.15.1b) but it is not installable02:58
^thehatsrule^theres lots - just customize them?02:58
usernamelots of clock screensavers? I can't find any.02:59
farruinnlots of scripts I think03:00
^thehatsrule^no i mean xchat xmms script03:00
phasHi, i have a question.Ubuntu insists on startup to try to load garbage like hotplug or RAID support, when my pre-jurassic matherboards do not support them.How can I prevent these modules to be loaded on startup?03:00
^thehatsrule^i guess using any FileSystem is like using which DE03:01
farruinnphas: I think you need to look at update-rc.d, I don't know how to use it though so I can't walk you through it03:01
fgxphas, /etc/hotplug/blacklist03:02
fgxphas, just add the module you dont want to be loaded at boot03:02
johnf1911isn't hotplug used to manage some non-hotplugable devices?03:02
=== elmaya [elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
=== gremid [~gremid@pD956BE22.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu ["Verlassend"]
=== _mepis_lover [~rfauth@c-24-3-179-104.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== bj_ [~bj@ool-4352a84b.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
M_FatihDepends: libid3tag0 (>= 0.15.0b) but it is not installable                    i searched libid3tag package.. no package, how can i fix this error...03:07
M_Fatih:-( ?03:08
farruinnlibid3tag0, the trailing 0 is part of the package name03:09
limaunionhaving some troubles while upgrading to Hoary, apt-get update displays many errors while trying to fetch Packages.gz (404 Not found) any ideas what's going on ? I'm following the wiki steps...03:09
=== allio [Alex@] has joined #ubuntu
M_Fatihfarruinn, i tried this "libid3tag"03:09
M_Fatihno package :(03:10
apokryphoslimaunion: did you change all your sources.list?03:10
connerM_Fatih: are you running warthog or hedgehog?03:10
farruinnlimaunion: get rid of any backports or hoary-updates repositories from your sources.list03:10
M_Fatihconner, hoarty03:10
farruinnM_Fatih: you're sure you've enabled universe? apt-get update had no problems?03:10
M_Fatihno problems :(03:11
usernamenothing I can do about the mountain of useless and ugly screensavers then, and no suitable clock one?03:11
connerM_Fatih: you should be able to apt-get install libid3tag003:11
ograM_Fatih, is your package list up to date ? libid3tag0 and libmad0 are in main....you should get them right away03:11
connerM_Fatih: let me try it on mine03:11
limaunionsure, I only have hoary references, three lines, taken from http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/GuideToHoary03:12
_mepis_loveri see kubuntu 5.04 preview is available03:12
connerM_Fatih: it worked for me. They appear to be in main. Try apt-get update first03:12
apokryphoslimaunion: could you www.pastebin.com the error output?03:12
^thehatsrule^_mepis_lover haha03:12
apokryphos_mepis_lover: that's right :)03:12
M_Fatihit says :03:12
M_FatihPackage libid3tag0 is not available, but is referred to by another package.03:12
M_FatihThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or03:12
M_Fatihis only available from another source03:12
usernamenever mind.03:13
ograM_Fatih, did you fiddle with your sources.list ?03:13
lunitikM_Fatih: you need to activate universe03:13
connerM_Fatih: open a root terminal and type "apt-get update" then retry it.03:13
M_Fatihi did it.. 1min.03:13
ograM_Fatih, looks like you disabled main03:13
farruinnlunitik: not for libid3tag003:13
_mepis_loverthehatsrule: don't hate me 'cause I am from the wrong side of the tracks03:14
limaunionapokryphos: thanks for your help, now I just left 'deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ hoary main restricted' and it's ok.03:14
^thehatsrule^im not hating ;p03:14
M_Fatihlook this..03:14
^thehatsrule^its just funny, cause i just ditched mepis03:14
^thehatsrule^for ubuntu03:14
=== ells [~steve@69-171-77-164.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogra_mepis_lover, nah, we all love kubuntu ;) in fact there is array7 which is newer then preview03:14
apokryphoslimaunion: alrighty :)03:14
lunitikfarruinn: you sure thats not in universe? its from the mad folks...03:14
ogralunitik, its in main03:14
farruinnlunitik: apt-cache show libid3tag0 | grep Section03:14
^thehatsrule^no kubuntu cause of the K hehe03:14
limaunionapokryphos: will see what's going on because I started with synaptic and now can't start gnome (after upgrading from Warty)03:15
ogralunitik, gstreamer0.8-mad is in universe though03:15
ellshas anyone besides me installed hoary preview edition03:15
lunitikogra: my bad then... heh03:15
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S0106000c413a2c0c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
farruinnells: I have03:15
^thehatsrule^ells, tis fine?03:15
ellsfarruinn, ,works god03:15
apokryphoslimaunion: you're on hoary now? Was the dist-upgrade successful?03:15
ells^thehatsrule^ install was easy, changed the sources03:16
=== housetier [~housetier@dsl-084-056-131-135.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu
connerM_Fatih: add this "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary main restricted"03:16
farruinnM_Fatih: you've disabled main man =), you've got to get rid of those #'s03:16
farruinnconner: he has it, it's commented out03:16
^thehatsrule^heh, well is it like... fine to use i mean as well ;p03:16
=== _tester_ [~yz@] has joined #ubuntu
=== JDahl [~qwerty@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2u1-63.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
farruinnM_Fatih: leave the lines with hoary-updates commented though03:17
ells^thehatsrule^ works good, the install seemed very intuitive03:17
connerfarruinn: he's in for one big download session.03:17
_mepis_loverthehatsrule: i will keep a light on for 'ya03:17
M_Fatihi'm tryin..03:17
^thehatsrule^eek! but i want to install it using one of those nice cd's03:17
ells^thehatsrule^ warty would not work on my desktop, this one does03:17
=== _mepis_lover [~rfauth@c-24-3-179-104.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
ells^thehatsrule^ download and make your own, that is what I did03:18
^thehatsrule^heh, its just that i downloaded the 2 v4 cds03:18
^thehatsrule^today already03:18
limaunionapokryphos: yes, my notebook was till 2 hours ago, I updated my /etc/apt/ and made the update via Synaptic, going to the 'upgrade' section or something like that and selected all of them (all went ok), next I restarted the system but now it seems that some packages were left, apt-get dist-upgrade seems to be taken care of that03:18
ells^thehatsrule^ okay, I hear ya03:19
=== delltony [~delltony@c-24-99-11-118.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
ells^thehatsrule^ used cd rw03:19
ells^thehatsrule^to reuse if need be03:19
=== nybro43 [wNb8dRTJ@pool-70-23-147-245.ny325.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
^thehatsrule^yea, thats what i use ;p03:19
M_Fatihi don't know anything about apt, debian.. i newly installed, sorry for newbie suck questions :) i have no time, i need install apache + php + mysql quickly.. sorry..03:19
ells^thehatsrule^ your good then03:19
delltonyquick question if i want to backup my /var/www into a tar with bzip2  isn't it tar c /var/www/* | bzip2 >mysite.tar.bz ?03:19
apokryphoslimaunion: in Terminal, try typing sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade03:19
^thehatsrule^designated linux cd - has currently held 3 os's before03:20
connerM_Fatih: no problem. Once you get that line uncommented, you'll be up and running in.03:20
connerM_Fatih: but you'll be downloading a LOT of updates the first time.03:20
farruinnM_Fatih: synaptic will allow you to search and select those packages quickly03:20
ells^thehatsrule^ nice, ubuntu for me seems to be the most user friendly I have ever used03:20
M_Fatihyes it works :)03:20
connerM_Fatih: are you looking at Apache2 or Apache1.3?03:21
^thehatsrule^lol, well im not sure which one to use still03:21
JDahlI finally bit the bullet, and installed Ubuntu/Hoary instead of Debian/testing on my machine at work... It's absolutely amazing how everything works without any tweaking - now if only that was my home machine :P03:21
M_Fatihi'm a gentoo user, i bored with compile everything..03:21
ells^thehatsrule^ I had debian on here before03:21
M_Fatihi trien gnome 2.10 @ ubuntu live.. i like so much..03:21
ellsM-Fatih, welcome aboard03:21
M_Fatihthanks :)03:21
limaunionapokryphos: yes, I did that, now it's download mainly gstreamer packages and some others, don't now why Synaptic didn't updated those. fam is going to be removed, is that ok ?03:21
^thehatsrule^heh - somehow everyone doesn't use the original debian?03:21
ells^thehatsrule^ I went to the irc line and those folks were rude03:22
ellsand immature03:22
apokryphoslimaunion: yes, that's fine. Go for it.03:22
conner^thehatsrule^: I use the original Debian on servers. It's rock solid and simple to update.03:22
limaunionapokryphos: ok, thanks03:22
^thehatsrule^the problem is all the os's03:23
^thehatsrule^dont know WHICH one to stick with03:23
=== cmborc [~charles@pcp881207pcs.murdoc01.fl.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
M_Fatihconner, 2 or 1.3 no problem,, only i want php 4.3+ :)03:23
farruinnM_Fatih: apt is a really great package management tool, you'll get the hang of it in no time03:23
^thehatsrule^cause every one of them has its goods03:23
ogra^thehatsrule^, but only ubuntu has the ubuntu community ;)03:23
ellsthis might sound funny, is there any kind of eq program out there03:23
connerM_Fatih: you might want to stick with Apache1.3 then. You have to choose a specific branch of Apache2 for PHP to work securely.03:23
lunitik^thehatsrule^: most people are leaving Debian because of the bad release cycle... Ubuntu just makes more sense for the Desktop User...03:24
^thehatsrule^heh, no offense, but im more to the software first :P03:24
M_Fatihfarruinn, yes i know, i used in suse so many times ago..03:24
farruinnM_Fatih: ah, I see03:24
JDahllunitik, as a desktop user once you have Debian installed, you dont really need more releases... I chose Ubuntu over Debian because how nicely everything is configured03:25
ellsdoes anyone know a good equalizer program for rhythmbox03:25
^thehatsrule^cant you use alsamix?03:25
ellsahhh, never tried03:25
ellsguess I could03:25
^thehatsrule^if youre using KDE, use kmix?03:26
ellsis it already preinstalled doyou know03:26
^thehatsrule^yes, if you have alsa prolly ;p03:26
^thehatsrule^or, you could find/locate *mix*03:26
lunitikJDahl: true enough... I used Debian for 4 years without ever reinstalling on one box... but for new users, thats not acceptable... and the stigma for using Unstable is not popular...03:26
=== sirukin [~bryan@] has joined #ubuntu
zenwhen vcccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc03:27
farruinnsticky key eh?03:27
^thehatsrule^well if either if i like ubuntu... or not, my next ones are slack,debian, then gentoo03:27
DarthFrogzenwhen: Geshundheit!03:27
^thehatsrule^but now, debian seems not a good choice03:27
=== tudoaver [~ooteiadoo@201009179220.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
zenwhenhe may have thought i had sneezed03:28
=== drspin [~cole@ip68-2-123-172.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #Ubuntu
zenwheni think its a blessing03:29
drspinqtparted says that my disk is mounted but it's not...03:29
ograyup, german03:29
=== ooteiadoor [~ooteiadoo@201009179220.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== keffo [~keffo@] has joined #ubuntu
^thehatsrule^reboot? :P03:29
drspinwhat can i do?03:29
zenwhenwhen in all actuality i really just let my head hit the keyboard03:29
^thehatsrule^type df or mount to double check?03:30
drspin./dev/hda7             20160796  19119836     16840 100% /03:30
drspintmpfs                   257896         0    257896   0% /dev/shm03:30
fgxhere is my dmesg output after some beeps from my laptop: mtrr: 0xd8000000,0x4000000 overlaps existing 0xd8000000,0x20000003:30
drspinI'm trying to delete hda5 (NTFS) and resize my ext303:30
fgxwhat's that?03:30
=== elcuco [~elcuco@bzq-218-204-95.red.bezeqint.net] has joined #ubuntu
elcucohow is called the application for recording flash "videos"?03:30
limaunionapokryphos: maybe you can help me, apt-get dist-upgrade finished ok, but I still can't start gdm, /etc/init.d/gdm start doesn't work (no errors, just nothing). dpkg -l | grep xorg shows only 1 package, and dpkg-l | grep -i xfree shows 3, one still version 4.3 (xserver), any idea...?03:30
DarthFrogdrspin: Use cfdisk to delete the partition, then.03:31
farruinnlimaunion: sudo apt-get install xserver-xorg03:31
^thehatsrule^hmm odd... did you already modify something? because then you might have had to reboot03:31
Fackamatolimaunion: what does the logs say?03:31
farruinnI *think* that will get the dependencies you need03:31
=== _AzMoo_ [~AzMoo@ppp52-235.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
ogralimaunion, did you make sure you have ubuntu-desktop installed before you upgraded ?03:31
=== rizla [~rizla@adsl-77-146.37-151.net24.it] has joined #ubuntu
=== keffo [~keffo@] has joined #ubuntu
ogralimaunion, its very important on upgrades03:32
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d2-251.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has joined #ubuntu
fgxogra, is it safer to have all meta installed before a dist-upgrade?03:32
apokryphoslimaunion: what farruinn said... also, does startx work?03:32
rizlacan someone help me, lease?03:32
=== qeqe [~john@] has joined #ubuntu
JDahlrizla, what's the problem?03:33
ografgx, yup....you can remove them later again...but thy make sure you gaet all the desired replacements03:33
=== gratuit [~mcneill@gratuit.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
limaunionogra: no, i didn't installed that...03:33
rizlai've update to kubuntu...03:33
rizlai'd like to come back to restore gnome..03:33
ograrizla, /join #kubuntu03:33
apokryphoslimaunion: you should, then. It's a metapackage with all the dependencies.03:33
ograrizla, oh03:33
fgxogra, ok thx.03:33
apokryphoslimaunion: or rather... depends on all the necessary stuff.03:33
gratuitdoes anyone know how to tell nautilus to not draw the background? I don't need icons and I'd rather just not have it run when gnome starts03:34
fgxogra, what do you think about: mtrr: 0xd8000000,0x4000000 overlaps existing 0xd8000000,0x200000 in dmesg?03:34
limaunionapokryphos: but ogra says 'before' and here http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/HoaryUpgradeNotes says after (now for me ;) )03:34
apokryphoslimaunion: before is best03:34
ogralimaunion, it doesnt matter when ;)03:34
=== keffo [~keffo@] has joined #ubuntu
apokryphosogra: well, surely you want to install it before a dist-upgrade?03:35
ogralimaunion, just have it there at some point in the upgrade process03:35
=== HillTop [~chatzilla@cpe-204-210-35-9.san.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
apokryphosogra: or are you referring to before the updating of the sources?03:35
farruinngratuit: if you can find the gconf key the command you want is nautilus --no-desktop03:35
ograapokryphos, as i said, it doesnt matter, if you install it, it will care for the necessary replacements03:36
apokryphosEek, oh yeah.03:36
limaunionogra: ok, ...a lot of packages were left it seems, 126...03:36
=== DonL [~don@d207-216-250-155.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
Fackamatohow do I reinstlal gtk?03:36
=== keffo [~keffo@] has joined #ubuntu
DarthFrogFackamato: Use Synaptic, search for gtk and mark it for re-installation.03:37
Fackamatoi'm used to the terminal03:38
=== WishX [~anon@ppp-70-245-227-121.dsl.stlsmo.swbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
ograrizla,  removing libqt3c102 will remove everything that depends on it (KDE and friends) installing ubuntu-desktop will pull in all the gnome stuff again03:38
=== geneo91 [~geneo93@1Cust6151.an4.det15.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== drspin [~cole@ip68-2-123-172.ph.ph.cox.net] has left #Ubuntu []
farruinnFackamato: your gtk2-engines-* packages03:38
=== beefsprocket [~none@Toronto-HSE-ppp3707369.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
geneo91screw that channel you get kicked if you even paste two lines that even look the same03:39
=== png`idLe [~png@] has joined #ubuntu
geneo91azureus-users channel03:39
farruinngeneo91: still battling, eh?03:40
lunitikgeneo91: why are you telling us?03:40
geneo91fucking ediots03:40
geneo91cause i cant tell them03:40
geneo91i got kicked 4 times03:41
=== lunitik chuckles at ediots
ogrageneo91, use #flood and point them there03:41
=== Quinn_Storm [~quinn@pa-bethelparkcadent1shills1d-6.pit.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
apokryphosor a pastebin service03:42
geneo91i not going to use it since they are such asshloe03:42
=== _joey [joey@220-245-176-223-sa-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
_joeyis ubuntu good?03:43
elcucowhere can i find vnc2swf for ubuntu? do i need to install it from debian unstable?03:43
elcuco_joey, no, it's a piece of crap, install XP.03:43
geneo91azureus sucks now03:43
fgxmy laptop here is making a kind of funny concert :-) this is my dmesg: mtrr: 0xd8000000,0x4000000 overlaps existing 0xd8000000,0x200000 everyone is welcome to help me stopping the music :-)03:43
_joeyelcuco you said it, troll:)03:43
elcuco_joey, nice question on a #ubuntu channel :)03:43
DonLjoey, you ask that on this channel?03:43
_joeywhere else?03:44
=== keffo [~keffo@] has joined #ubuntu
DonLPersonally, I think it rocks bigtime03:44
DarthFrog_joey: Good compared to what? To XP?  To Debian?  To green cheese?03:44
elcuco#mandrake for example...03:44
geneo91yeah use xp with out fire wall and 5 minutes you have every known virus03:44
=== sic_ [~sic@cpe-66-68-76-29.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
elcucogeneo91, i got one on 30 secs on usage03:44
_joeyhmm, I can tell this distro attracts trolls03:44
DonLgeneo91, lucky to get 30 seconds03:45
DarthFrog_joey: I think most of us here would say that Ubuntu is very good indeed.03:45
geneo91DonL:  i have dial up so it takes longer03:45
elcucoanyway... i am trying to add debian repository, and it tells me "The following signa                                           tures couldn't be verified because the public key is not available". is this covered on some faq?03:45
apokryphos_joey: no distro is perfect for everyone. Ubuntu is very nice, for several reasons. See the site on some of these.03:46
DarthFrogelcuco: You can ignore that.03:46
geneo91elcuco:  is that for hoary03:46
DarthFrogelcuco: You probably got that from marilliat.03:46
M_Fatihapt-get install apache + apt-get install php + apt-get install mysql  ??03:46
Fackamatoanyone beat that?03:46
Fackamatono cheats03:46
apokryphos_joey: trolls are actually reasonably rare in here. Only experienced a few myself.03:46
beefsprocketanyone having problems with inotify and 2.6.11?03:46
DarthFrogM_Fatih: Use && instead of +03:46
=== hypa7ia [~leigh@] has joined #ubuntu
=== keffo [~keffo@] has joined #ubuntu
elcucowell, i cant ignore it. since the package i want is on debian03:47
M_Fatihnoo not + :)03:47
crimsunbeefsprocket: 2.6.11-0.2?03:47
beefsprockethmm, not sure03:47
beefsprocketcan't uname since it locks my system03:47
beefsprocket(the kernel that is)03:47
DonL_joey, this site is excellent03:47
crimsunbeefsprocket: boot with "noinotify"03:47
beefsprockettried that03:47
=== keffo [~keffo@] has joined #ubuntu
beefsprocketno good03:47
hypa7iahey beefsprocket!03:47
beefsprockethow goes?03:47
=== gratuit [~mcneill@gratuit.student.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
beefsprocketthought that might be you03:47
crimsunbeefsprocket: then you should be using 2.6.10-2803:47
hypa7ianabad, you?03:47
beefsprocketwell, busy03:48
beefsprockethmm, 2.6.10... having a hard time with lufs and sound card drivers03:48
beefsprocketso either way...03:48
hypa7iabeefsprocket: yup, on here the nick hypatia is taken03:48
beefsprockethypatia: how's the lack of school treating you?03:48
=== zerovertex [~zeroverte@cable-68-190-26-239.abr.al.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
hypa7iabeefsprocket: very well :-)03:49
=== _AzMoo_ [~AzMoo@ppp52-235.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== keffo [~keffo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== g0l1 [~goli@] has joined #ubuntu
=== _joey [joey@220-245-176-223-sa-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
=== FireEgl [Ariel@Atlantica.US] has joined #Ubuntu
=== DonL [~don@d207-216-250-155.bchsia.telus.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
=== linuxg0d [linuxg0d@router6.roberto.jov.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== drspin [~warty@ip68-2-123-172.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
drspinOH NO!! could someone help me?03:58
SysFailOH NO!!03:58
drspinpartioning - grub and whatnot03:58
drspinI booted off the Live CD so I could use fdisk to repartition my drive... I deleted my NTFS partion and wrote the new table... when I try and boot the system, Grub gives me "Error 22"03:59
=== Dillweed [~dillweed@24-117-70-252.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
geneo91driver numbers changed04:01
Dillweedhi all.  I was wondering if there was the possibility of getting an i686 release of ubunut?04:02
=== _AzMoo_ is now known as AzMoo
geneo91Dillweed:  you may allready have 68604:03
=== _AzMoo_ [~AzMoo@ppp244-120.lns2.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== _AzMoo_ is now known as AzMoo
Dillweedi mean more that just the kernel04:04
Dillweedthe whole system compiled for an i686 and not i386. (am I referring to this in the correct way)04:04
=== sic| [~sic@cpe-66-68-76-29.austin.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
geneo91well the packages are configured to that04:04
=== memcmeme [~noone@wbar1.sea1-4-5-020-127.sea1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dillweedare the packages compiled for an i386 or an i686?04:05
SysFailargh mateys04:05
memcmemehow is everyone here?04:05
Dillweedmemcmeme, good and you?04:05
geneo91Dillweed:  just recompile them all or just get sources04:05
zerovertexargh yourself ya scurvey dog04:05
=== keffo [~keffo@] has joined #ubuntu
=== Levander [~cponder@user-11219av.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dillweedgeneo91, easier said than done, eh?  I've been trying to get apt-build to work but so far ubuntu repositories don't have the source list for downloads just the packages04:06
SysFailargh...we wants the redhead04:06
geneo91sure they do04:06
=== tsaphah [~tsaphah@66-190-240-63.or.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== ells [~steve@69-171-77-164.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
Dillweedhow do I get the source packages with apt-get ?04:08
memcmemeI am doing just swell04:08
geneo91apt-get --help04:08
crimsunDillweed: apt-get source <package>04:08
DarthFrogDillweed: apt-get source04:08
Dillweedlol ok ok i get it.04:08
drspingeneo91, I don't understand how deleting hda6 would affect anything else on the drive... unless fdisk wrote a bad partiaion table... but then why would I be able to mount /dev/hda5 normally?04:09
geneo91drspin:  is your ubuntu install after hda604:10
Dillweedmy next question is does it really make a difference to have programs compile for i386 or i686?04:13
=== XbruceX [~bruce@ool-182d394a.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
memcmemeI need some help04:13
memcmemeI am trying install UT2K3 Demo04:14
memcmemeits an executable, but it says it can't execute the binary04:14
SysFailchmod +x utk304:14
Dillweedmemcmeme, who's the owner of the binary?04:14
SysFailthe filename04:14
SysFailchmod +x filenamehere04:14
=== mmuzzy [~mmuzzy@ip24-250-44-152.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
geneo91use wine04:14
=== _AzMoo_ [~AzMoo@ppp55-217.lns1.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
SysFailthen itll execute04:15
memcmemeI am04:15
^thehatsrule^sysfail hehe04:15
^thehatsrule^will fail04:15
memcmemeI am using the Linux demo04:15
memcmemeI don't need wine for that04:15
SysFailI already did it04:15
SysFailthe +x worked04:15
=== ^thehatsrule^ first time boot ubuntu... emulated
^thehatsrule^whats +x ?04:15
SysFailsets it to executable04:16
SysFailthen you can do ./filenamehere04:16
memcmemeI know04:16
memcmemethat is exactly what i did04:16
^thehatsrule^fast boot for livecd :)04:17
SysFailspeaking of boot04:17
SysFailsynaptic just did a major upgrade04:17
=== connolly [~connolly@64-126-89-30-dhcp-kc.everestkc.net] has joined #ubuntu
geneo91mines slow no matter what i boot with 6 scsi drives04:18
limaunionWell I finally upgraded to Hoary, but after starting gnome I get a big dialog box 'error: failed to initialize HAL!', any idea what's going on ?04:18
=== linux_galore [~linux_gal@60-240-70-160-nsw-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== connolly struggles to get a USB midi keyboard working in ubuntu
=== connolly is now known as DanC_ub
Quinn_Stormlimaunion: are you sure you're running a 2.6 kernel?04:19
limaunionquinn_storm: yes, a self-compiled kernel (2.6.11) that worked ok with Warty04:19
geneo91limaunion:  you need to reboot04:19
DanC_ubbtw... I switched to hoary a while ago; I did an apt-get upgrade tonight and it upgraded zillions of packages, but none of it seems visible. Is there anything new/cool that I could/should look for?04:19
limauniongeneo91: i already rebooted the system04:20
Quinn_Stormlimaunion: okay, is hald running?04:20
memcmemeanyone know why this bloody thing wont execute?04:20
limaunionQuinn_Storm: yes, it's running04:20
geneo91memcmeme:  try it in console04:20
DanC_ubhmm... osd, alsa, esd, polypaudio, jack... http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DrainingTheLinuxAudioSwamp indeed!04:21
Quinn_Stormlimaunion: I don't know then, b/c if hald is running you shouldn't have any trouble...but I don 't use gnome so...nor have I ever had trouble with hal04:21
keffohm, in my homedir i got 2 dirs i want to show on desk.. best way to do this? create a link and drag-n-drop to desk?04:22
limaunionQuinn_Storm: ok, thanks anyway, will see what can i do04:22
keffothe thing is, that little blue arrow annyos me04:22
Quinn_Stormlimaunion: sorry I couldn't help more04:22
=== madstop [~damstop@24-90-94-112.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
memcmemegeneo91 are you on #flood?04:22
limaunionQuinn_Storm: np04:22
=== speel [~speel@24-90-224-86.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== crschmidt_ [~crschmidt@dsl.allan.mv.com] has joined #ubuntu
memcmemeI posted the feedback of that on Flood04:24
Dillweedno one answered my question?  why is ubuntu only compiled for an i386?04:24
^thehatsrule^no... its not04:24
=== _AzMoo_ is now known as AzMoo
^thehatsrule^theres other architechtures as well04:24
^thehatsrule^check downloads mehtinks04:24
Dillweedi don't mean architechtures04:24
Dillweedwhy don't they compile for an i686 processor?04:25
speelDillweed, well beacause its widley used04:25
^thehatsrule^well in terms of i386... thats architechture04:25
memcmemeso what should I do?04:25
^thehatsrule^oh, optimized for?04:25
Dillweedto take advange of the improvements in the i686?04:25
Dillweedoptimized is a better word :)(04:25
^thehatsrule^i suppose you try using boot options, like to turn on mce and so forth04:25
^thehatsrule^since its debian based?04:26
speelDillweed, well ubuntu is not aimed toward optimization :P04:26
memcmemeNEVERMIND, the bastard mirror said it was the Linux demo but its the bloody windows demo04:26
memcmemesorry about that04:26
Dillweedspeel, true, however, if ubuntu is mainly aimed at desktop users, wouldn't it be advangateous to optimize the system?04:27
speelDillweed, well what if you have a low powerd cpu?04:27
=== cmborc [~charles@pcp881207pcs.murdoc01.fl.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
Quest-MasterDillweed: You can just upgrade your kernel to 686 if needed04:27
Dillweedspeel, not really, but the other software doesn't take advantage of the processor.04:28
DillweedI did upgrade the kernel to i68604:28
speelDillweed,  but with i386 it kinda covers all computers04:28
Quest-MasterIf we did that Dillweed, we'd leave out all the people with older computers.04:28
Dillweedspeel, that I understand. but honestly how many people still have a 38604:28
Dillweedeven the pentium pro's were 58604:29
Quest-MasterEspecially ones that use Linux.04:29
=== allio_ [~omfg@] has joined #ubuntu
^thehatsrule^stole me line!04:29
Quest-MasterBecause they can use Linux to put those old machines to good use.04:29
speelDillweed, with them compiling it for 386 kinda just means every one can use it no matter what04:29
Dillweedlol, i know.  would it possible put out optimized builds?04:29
JDahlDillweed, I think I read that Ubuntu devs are experimented with architecture optimized prebuild packages to see if it makes a difference04:29
geneo91if you like waiting a week for gui to load04:30
speelDillweed, lol yea defently but i daught there worryed about archs right now04:30
fgxdo you know if/when ubuntu will support floppy install?04:31
Dillweedspeel, understandable.04:31
=== ^thehatsrule^` [~warty@CPE00a0cc67b237-CM023070002973.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
DillweedI've been using (don't shoot me) gentoo for the past 1.5 years and really like the speed, but can't stand the compile times.04:31
limaunionpreviously i reported that i was having some trouble while trying to update via apt-get, am i wrong or the example at http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/GuideToHoary is wrong ? i mean, doesn't need to be a / at the end of the repositories?04:32
JDahlDillweed, but I guess that typical user tasks arent particularly CPU intensive... what kind of packages would you like to see optimized?04:32
speelfgx, i dont think they will , i personally never found a article about it04:32
^thehatsrule^`<-- on ubuntu :)04:32
DillweedJDahl, well honestly all of them.  especially the frontend stuff.  gnome, firefox, etc.04:32
fgxspeel, :-( don't know how to do install ubuntu from sarge floppy04:33
Dillweedit seems that the developers of the compilers should eliminate the optimizing code, because it seems no one is taking advantage of it.04:33
JDahlDillweed, on a modern PC I find it hard to believe that optimizing those kind of packages makes a real difference, but I might be wrong... I use a lot of software for numerical analysis, and there arch optimization makes a huge difference04:34
speelhey any one knows if amd athlon xp is a k7?04:34
^thehatsrule^`how much ram should i need to run a livecd?04:34
speel^thehatsrule^, i think 128 is minimum04:34
geneo91128 min04:34
^thehatsrule^`Mem:    191664k total,   181296k used,    10368k free,     5708k buffers04:34
^thehatsrule^`cause that says i have 181mb used :<04:35
=== pantz [~pantz@modemcable243.208-130-66.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #ubuntu
DillweedJDahl, I agree with you.  I've noticed on my gentoo systems programs that were optimized for an athlon-xp in general load faster then in ubuntu.04:35
Dillweedspeel, i believe the athlon xp is an k704:35
speelyea thats what i figured04:35
=== raghu [~raghu@] has joined #ubuntu
speelhmm i wonder if its worth it to upgrade it to the k704:35
Dillweedupgrade what?04:36
speelthe kernel to k704:36
Dillweedimo it does.04:36
pantzwhen i insert my SD card from my camera into my card reader it comes up with an icon on the desktop called 'DIMAGE' - anyone know where I go to customize the name?04:36
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
pantzI have grepped for DIMAGE and not found it anywhere04:36
=== ells [~steve@69-171-77-164.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
speelwould i have to remove the 386 then install the k7?04:37
Dillweedspeel, no04:37
pantzspeel, install k7 then remove 38604:37
Dillweedspeel, when you upgrade the kernel it automatically sets it in the grub menu.lst04:37
speelbah thats what i ment lol thanks04:37
Dillweedyou can have both on the same system and be fine.04:37
JDahlspeel, or keep 386 as a backup04:37
Dillweedi generally have 3-4 old kernels that I haven't deleted04:38
=== nekrataal [~nekrataal@128-75-246-201.adsl.terra.cl] has joined #ubuntu
farruinnanyone know how to create startup items for non-gnome sessions? (e.g. enlightenment or fluxbox)04:38
nekrataalhi there04:38
speeljust down load the linux-image- and thats it?04:38
=== CarlK_ [~ck2@c-24-13-54-45.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu []
Quinn_Stormfarruinn: they didn't come with sessions? on debian-based systems they should install them automatically and you'd just have to reload gdm to get them to show up in the menu04:39
=== CarlK_ [~ck2@c-24-13-54-45.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
nekrataalone question....how do i change my screen reslution on ubuntu??, i edited the file xorg.conf adding the new resolutions i want, but even restarting X server they arent show in the Gnome reslution...04:39
arekfluxbox shows up in gdm04:39
farruinnQuinn_Storm: I've got sessions in /usr/share/xsessions/ but they're .desktop files, I can't just add things to it (like gnome-settings-daemon &)04:40
speelhey any developers / programmers in here suggest a pretty decent for an 11th grade HS student :P ??04:40
JDahlnekrataal, system->preferences->screen resolution04:40
farruinnarek: yup, I used fluxbox's file to create one for enlightenment =)04:40
speelpretty decent programming lanuage**04:40
=== alec [~alec@adsl-61-168-70.bna.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
crimsunspeel: python, Java, C++04:40
JDahlwhat's decent about C++?04:41
speelpython .. i heard alot about it04:41
nekrataalJDahl, yes, i know, but there apears only 640x480, 800x600, 1024x768..04:41
speelits is pretty straight foward to learn?04:41
crimsunJDahl: it's good to be knowledgable about those three at least04:41
nekrataaland i want more, that why i edited the xorg.conf...but they dont appear to work..04:41
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
geneo91python rox04:41
fgxnekrataal, do you have lcd?04:41
Quinn_Stormnekrataal: are you sure your monitor can support the resolutions?04:42
ellsdoes anyone know if there is a quictime plugin for the internet04:42
=== stub [~stub@dsl-] has joined #ubuntu
geneo91ubuntu is python oriented04:42
speelbrb going to restart to my brandnew kern :)04:42
Quest-Masterells: Only if you have Crossover Office which costs money04:42
nekrataalyes, its best resolution is 1280x1024@110Mhz04:42
ellsQuest-Master: I acutally have it but not installed04:43
Dillweedwho can I get in contact with to see about optimizing ubuntu for a 686?04:43
Quest-Masterells: Install it then and use the Quicktime plugin included :)04:43
ellsQuest-Master; it did not work well with hoary before04:43
Quest-MasterWorks fine for me04:43
ellsQuest-Master; it worked well with warty though04:43
ellsQuest-Master: which version do you have04:43
JDahlDillweed, first browse through the forums04:43
nekrataalnobody ?04:44
Quest-Masterells: 4.104:45
JDahlnekrataal, what you're doing sounds right... maybe try dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg?04:45
nekrataalok, ill take some sleep, c-ya guys04:45
ellsI will check and see what I have04:45
=== yoko-omo [~aluser@c68.190.161.195.eau.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Dillweedok, thanks for the help all04:49
Dillweedhave a good one.04:49
ellsQuest-Master, I have pro4.104:49
ellsI can try it again04:49
ellsQuest-Master, do you have the nice interactive screen04:50
=== PlasmaPain [~ontopic@a83-132-101-191.netcabo.pt] has joined #ubuntu
PlasmaPainany one alive here ?04:52
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
=== compmanio36 [~chatzilla@c-24-19-132-68.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
HrdwrBoBI'm undead, but I still use ubuntu04:53
PlasmaPaini was strating to think all this nicks was buried04:53
=== Absenth [~nein@12-222-31-128.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
PlasmaPainand this was a cemitery04:53
AbsenthI don't suppose anyone knows off the top of their head which commands I need to run to reconfigure the nvidia kernel module.04:54
HrdwrBoByou've been here for three minutes04:54
=== Quinn_Storm is undead too...and she'll bite ya if you're not careful.
HrdwrBoBAbsenth: erm.. what do you mean04:54
AbsenthI just changed to the k7 specific kernel, and currently x won't boot with the "nvidia" driver.04:54
PlasmaPainHrdwrBoB: you dont cary a shovvel bye any chance ?04:54
HrdwrBoBapt-get install linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r)04:54
HrdwrBoBshould do it04:54
HrdwrBoBPlasmaPain: I keep one handy04:55
Absenthit's failing on the kernel module.  I know on fedora I just re-ran the .run script, but I have no idea where apt puts such things.04:55
HrdwrBoBAbsenth: apt-get install linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r)04:55
HrdwrBoBwell, sudo apt-get [etc] 04:56
Quinn_Stormwhat if you can't find any linux-restricted-modules-$(uname -r) package? (I'm on hoary...have all the repositories enabled I think...maybe not...using stock kernel, uname-r is 2.6.10-5-386)04:56
ellsis anyone using crossover04:56
HrdwrBoBQuinn_Storm: there should be a 2.6.10-5 I think, if not, revert to -404:56
PlasmaPainany one runed ubuntu securty tests ?04:56
Quinn_StormHrdwrBoB: there doesn't appear to be any linux-restricted-modules packages, at least according to aptitude04:56
PlasmaPainwhat is ububtu rating ?04:56
=== M_Fatih [~mfyz@] has joined #ubuntu
Quinn_StormHrdwrBoB: what repository are they in? I have main universe & multiverse enabled04:57
M_Fatihhi all, i have a problem with management in apache..04:57
LinuxJonesPlasmaPain, on distrowatch we are #104:57
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-136-124.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
ellsis anyone using crossover, just curious04:57
HrdwrBoBlinux-restricted-modules-2.6.10-5-386 - Non-free Linux 2.6.10 modules on 38604:57
AbsenthLinuxJones, is that #1 for popularity, or for security04:57
AbsenthElls, I've got Crossover running.04:57
PlasmaPain#1 what ?04:57
Quinn_StormHrdwrBoB: odd indeed...let me check... deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary main universe multiverse that correct?04:57
M_Fatihi installed but /etc/init.d/apache2 initscript doesn't work, i'm using apache2ctl script.. :(04:58
ellsAbsenth, is it on warty or hoary04:58
LinuxJonesAbsenth, pop :D04:58
HrdwrBoBQuinn_Storm: yes04:58
ellsAbsenth, do you have the nice graphical layout with it04:58
AbsenthElls, I'm also running Transgaming 4.304:58
Quinn_StormHrdwrBoB: well I've apt-get updated (no errors) and the package doesn't seem to be there...04:58
ellsAbsenth, what is Transgaming04:58
Absenthells, "nice graphical layout"  be more specific please.04:58
Quinn_Stormooooh, "restricted"....I need to add that repository04:58
sabmocAbsenth: dont they call that cedega now?04:58
Absenthells, Transgaming = the makers of wineX also known as Cedega04:58
HrdwrBoBwell cedega04:59
HrdwrBoBformerly known as winex04:59
AbsenthHrdwrBoB, Danke, for the apt-get line, worked like a charm.04:59
ellsAbsenth, well in past with hoary, the graphical part wont come up, have to launch files thru console04:59
HrdwrBoBAbsenth: excellent :)04:59
Quinn_StormHrdwrBoB: I needed to add "restricted" to my repository04:59
HrdwrBoBah yes04:59
HrdwrBoBof course04:59
HrdwrBoBI'm a tard :)04:59
sabmocI used to run it back in the winex days, it worked pretty good for deus ex and a few others.04:59
ellsAbsenth, are the programs listed in your applications menu04:59
=== pampino [caco_48@] has joined #ubuntu
JDahlwill either bazaar or bazaar-ng become sourceforge projects, or will development be kept inside Canonical?05:00
sabmocHrdwrBoB: dont feel bad, a lot of people are tardy.05:00
Absenthells, nope, they sure aren't05:00
HrdwrBoBsabmoc: heh I take solace in the fact that lots of people are worse than me05:00
ellsAbsenth, so how do you run your files, just curious05:00
Absenthells, I guess I haven't tried Crossover since upgrading to Hoary.05:00
jdubJDahl: they won't go on sourceforge, but they're entirely public05:00
sabmocAbsenth: you may have to restart gnome to get apps populating your menu list05:00
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S0106000000cc07fc.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubJDahl: don't have to be on sourceforge to be a free software project... :)05:00
ellsAbsenth, after you install in hoary, you have to use it by going thru console.05:01
sabmocjdub: doesnt microsoft even have a few programs on sourceforge now?05:01
=== memcmeme [~noone@wbar1.sea1-4-5-020-127.sea1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
PlasmaPainyou need to be in savanah05:01
jdubsabmoc: indeed.05:01
ellsAbsenth, you have to install all your programs when you install crossover05:01
=== axs [~andrew@c-24-21-170-19.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
calcanyone notice xorg not driving monitors as high as it used to?05:01
sabmocI seem to remember some xml app from microsoft on sourceforge05:01
Quinn_Stormwow, ubuntu is third only to mandrake & fedora and its actually tied with fedora (on distrowatch)...I'm quite glad to see this05:01
ellsAbseth, crossover wont come up again after05:01
Quinn_Stormoh, no, only almost tied05:01
calci hadn't logged out in hoary in a few weeks and now when i did its only doing 1600x1200 7505:01
JDahljdub, are people outside Canonical involved in any of those projects?05:01
calcand the monitor change app only shows 60hz as an option05:02
jdubJDahl: absolutely05:02
PlasmaPaindont you think that distrowatch ratings are being manipulated ?05:02
jdubJDahl: quite a few arch hackers are contributing to baz, and martin is already receiving patches for bzr (which is very new)05:02
ellsAbsenth, can you use any of your programs05:02
LinuxJonesUbuntu is kicking ass :)05:02
sabmocjdub: hey, can you tell me what to do with my life? I need to figure it out someday.05:03
linux_galoreyeah Ubuntu/Kubuntu is a breath of fresh air for debianites05:03
sabmocwow, ubuntu is kicking ass05:03
Quinn_Stormyeah, (k)ubuntu is pretty great05:03
=== calc finally saw the new background image and wonders what happened to the old one
linux_galorereminds me I need to burn the kubuntu live cd05:03
=== unkwn [~unkwn@Toronto-HSE-ppp3912579.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
Absenthells, currently no, but the only program I had installed on this machine was acrobat reader.05:03
PlasmaPainany one hacked ubuntu yet ?05:04
=== unkwn is now known as bryan
sabmocQuinn_Storm: kubuntu isnt on the list, is it considered part of ubuntu or a different distro?05:04
jdubsabmoc: both05:04
ellsAbsenth, you will have to go thru console go to the file and ./file05:04
linux_galoreactually I was wondering what kernel security patched the Ubuntu guys use as default05:04
sabmocjdub: hows that?05:04
AbsenthPlasmaPain, Expect Ubuntu to be on par with Debian of a similar kernel version.05:04
jdubQuinn_Storm: but it's extraordinarily new05:04
=== speel [~speel@24-90-224-86.nyc.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== Quinn_Storm goes away, brb
calcoh hmm actually i misread the monitor its running in 60hz mode now no wonder my eyes were buggin out05:05
=== calc kicks xorg
jdubsabmoc: it's both part of ubuntu and a different distribution05:05
speelwoo was i almost screwd lol i installed the k7 and restarted .. then xserver dident want to load05:05
calcah it overwrote my xorg.conf with bad values05:05
PlasmaPainwhat kernel is in kunbutu ?05:05
speelxfree86 that is05:06
sabmocso then whoever makes ubuntu actually makes two distrobutions, makes sence, i think novel makes `suse` as well as `novel desktop`05:06
jdubPlasmaPain: same as ubuntu, 2.6.1005:06
linux_galoredoes Ubuntu use the  GRSecurity and PaX  kernel patches05:06
=== inphlict [~inphlict@HSE-Toronto-ppp186910.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== calc is back at 85hz now, much better :)
inphlictHey guys05:06
sabmocand redhat makes redhat and fedora05:06
inphlictI need some help05:06
speeldont we all?05:06
inphlicthow do I install a xmms skin?05:06
sabmoci dont05:06
crimsuninphlict: unzip/untar it in ~/.xmms/Skins/05:07
PlasmaPaindebian makes lots of them but for difrent archs05:07
jdubsabmoc: no, the ubuntu team develops ubuntu and the kubuntu team develops kubuntu. we share almost everything, just have different desktop focus.05:07
speelinphlict, well theres a few ways .. did you ever add the extra repos?05:07
jdublinux_galore: no05:07
=== hard_i [~hard_i@rapla.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocjdub: ok that makes much more sence, do both teams work for the same company? Is it the Canonical company? (I am new to ubuntu)05:08
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galorejdub: so Ubuntu is open for many of the new kernel hacks that are missing on the default tree05:08
Absenthlinux_galore, a Google for +ubuntu +GRSecurity, as well as +ubuntu +pax both show hits.05:08
speelsabmoc, ubuntu is part of canonical05:08
calchmm i see a bug in the about ubuntu yelp, the main page has no desc on the left hand side05:08
Absenthlinux_galore, I'd assume if it's not, "default" it can be implimented.05:08
jdublinux_galore: no05:08
inphlictokay skins works now05:08
inphlictcrimsun: thanks05:09
crimsuninphlict: np05:09
linux_galorejdub: so you do patch the kernels05:09
sabmocspeel: I dont understand now, is there a company called "Ubuntu LInux"? maybe thats the fact I am missing.05:09
jdubsabmoc: canonical sponsors some of the developers, yes05:09
jdublinux_galore: yes05:09
fgxjdub, do you think ubuntu will have boot/install floppy in the future?afaik now you have to boot from sarge floppy. am i wrong?05:09
jdubsabmoc: no, ubuntu is the distro, canonical sponsors its development05:09
inphlictThis is the skin http://anka.org/henrik/humanxmms/05:09
=== conner [~conner@c-24-19-196-187.client.comcast.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
linux_galorejdub: now Im confused05:09
speelsabmoc, ubunut is just a project for canocail or how ever you spell it05:09
PlasmaPainwhat canonical means ?05:09
jdubfgx: unlikely05:09
speelno idea lol sounds like some kinda camra05:09
PlasmaPainis it religin ?05:10
PlasmaPainreligion ?05:10
=== mach [~thiago@201008224254.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #ubuntu
=== linux_galore now to boot up my laptop with kubuntu and play with kde 3.4
jdubPlasmaPain: look up canonical in your GNOME dictionary05:10
PlasmaPainisnt canonical like some saint ?05:10
=== sysfail [~sysfail@user-0c6t1v4.cable.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocUbuntu is a free community project (i think) who has some sponsored developers working on it (sponsored by Canonical). Correct?05:10
sysfailanybody using win4lin???...please let me know05:10
Absenthor JFGI05:10
PlasmaPaini dont have gnome05:10
=== linux_galore waits
jdubsabmoc: yes05:10
PlasmaPainyou tell me05:10
machis there any way to install ubuntu through internet?05:11
machI don't have a cd recorder05:11
sabmocwell... now that I've wraped up the mystery of the Ubuntu project, what should I do with my life now?05:11
calcmach: you may be able to pxe netboot and install it, not certain05:12
geneo91mach:  you could do a hd install05:12
PlasmaPainwhats the mystery of ubuntu ?05:12
Absenthsabmoc, you should sell all your belongings, and send the proceeds to my bank account so I can hire my legions of doom, and take over the world.05:12
linux_galorewoohoo desktop loading05:12
speelhack it with a axe05:12
sabmocPlasmaPain: dont start that again.05:12
linux_galoreack need to fix the resolution05:12
PlasmaPainwhat ?05:12
PlasmaPainis it a secret ?05:12
sabmocAbsenth: my wife doesnt like that idea very much.05:12
speelubuntu is a world consiprisy lol05:12
Absenthsabmoc, My wife wouldn't like it if the tables were reversed, but she did laugh.05:13
machgeneo91, hmm, how can I do that? some documentation anywhere?05:13
Absenthsabmoc, maybe we should go in together, and be joint evil overlords?05:13
=== mmuzzy [~mmuzzy@ip24-250-44-152.ri.ri.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== madstop wonders why wallpaper using gradients looks so crappy on hoary gnome
PlasmaPainis ubuntu the crusareds distro ?05:13
speellol are there ever any ubuntu developers in here?05:13
=== Clintology [~Clint@nr30-69-61-185-210.fuse.net] has joined #ubuntu
jdubspeel: always05:14
speelthey hide :P05:14
=== madstop also wonders where color depth settings are buried...
linux_galoreok got kubuntu up and going.............niiice05:14
sabmocAbsenth: that has a nice ring to it, what are you two doing for brunch next tuesday? I'll have my evil horde call your evil horde.05:14
PlasmaPainuse kubuntu05:14
machcalc, what's pxe?05:14
linux_galoreyeah kde 3.4 supports svg wallpaper now05:14
Absenthsabmoc, heh.05:14
=== linux_galore pokes the gnome developers
PlasmaPainwhat is svg wallpaper ?05:15
farruinnlinux_galore: gnome doesn't?05:15
linux_galorePlasmaPain: form of vector graphics05:15
madstopis kubuntu always going to be called kubuntu?  Seems like kind of a lazy thing to call it, and somehow unfair to the word "ubuntu".  Just my opinion...05:15
linux_galorefarruinn: not that I can see05:15
PlasmaPainso it suports animations ?05:15
sabmocBut seriously folks, sabmoc needs your ideas for a career. Im even considering going into technical writing. Thats how low Im stooping.05:16
sirukinubuntuk just sounds silly.05:16
Absenthsabmoc, Mmmm... as evil overlord I could lart them all...05:16
speeldoes any one feel weird when they say the word "ubuntu" to some one new to linux? i feel like im a space alien somtimes05:16
sirukinso no, kubuntu will always be kubuntu05:16
jdubmadstop: why? it's a rad name05:16
Absenthsabmoc, where roughly in the world are ya05:16
linux_galorePlasmaPain: no just single svg image files....means you dont need different wallpaper resolutions for different screen sizes....one image fits all05:16
sabmocIm Canadian, eh.05:16
sirukinI only say ubuntu when I know I'm talking to someone african05:16
=== aperson [~aperson@] has joined #ubuntu
calcmach: preboot execution environment, allows you to boot off the network on x86 systems05:16
PlasmaPaineverything starts with a K05:16
machcalc, thanks05:17
sirukinwhich is rare, so it's usually, "This totally awesome opensource fully compliant gnu-wise distrobution of linux".05:17
AbsenthI was just in CanEHdia last month.  I hear Alberta has a serious lack of techies.05:17
sirukinyeah, it's a tongueful05:17
linux_galorePlasmaPain: not always theres juk and scribus and inkscape05:17
madstopHere are some nice examples of svg wallpaper-- cool how it scales -- http://www.volvoguy.net/ubuntu/05:17
sabmocAbsenth: what type of tech's?05:17
madstopand with transparency!05:17
=== |QuaD- [~QuaD@beac872-0b01-dhcp149.bu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
Absenthsabmoc, I would guess mostly winders admin types, and desktop support types, but.....05:18
linux_galoremadstop: yeah someone on kde-apps has added a true transparency patch for kde to work with x.org05:18
PlasmaPaindo nvidia driver work in kunbutu ?05:18
sabmocmadstop: nice wallpaper!05:18
Absenthsabmoc, I was on vacation, so I didn't really ask too many questions.  I know tech types in Calgary make a lot more then those working for same company, in the same job title, in SaskatALFDAJDFLAOVIEHJAOLJKAWE (since I can't spell it anyway)05:18
jdubPlasmaPain: it's included05:18
PlasmaPainthe acelarated one ?05:19
madstopYeah, sabmoc, that guy's good.05:19
jdubPlasmaPain: the nvidia closed source driver, yes.05:19
AbsenthPlasmaPain, I'm running Accellerated NVIDIA drivers on the other pc right now.  Using Cedega to play WoW05:19
linux_galorePlasmaPain: should do works with Ubuntu....... the nvidia driver has nothing to do with gnome or kde05:19
=== dsl874 [~dsl@CPE00a0cc67b237-CM023070002973.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== saber [~saber@user-11fa2f1.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
PlasmaPainit has to do with xorg05:19
Quinn_Stormmadstop: it would be neat if the ubuntu wallpaper cycled colors somehow05:19
=== dsl874 is now known as tehats`
PlasmaPainand xorg has to do with them both05:20
linux_galoremust say Ubuntu team did a nice job with kubuntu05:20
AbsenthPlasmaPain, easiest way to install it is through synaptic. however if you want to, by hand works as well.05:20
saberis ubunto 4.10 based on woody or sarge?05:20
tehats`um, i just tried running the livecd off my pentium, and it failed on boot!05:20
calcsaber: sarge05:20
tehats`i thought it was compatible with 386's :/05:20
tehats`and mines a p1-16605:20
saberok: thanks calc... I'm trying to install the qmail .deb05:20
linux_galorefinally a version of Debian with the latest kde desktop that doesnt look like ****05:21
sabmocAbsenth: yeah, thats pretty typical. I think Linux is much bigger in eastern Canada. Too bad I live in BC though. We are a bit alienated from the rest of our country (too many damn empty provinces full of wheat fields between us and New York!)05:21
madstopIsn't there some way to at least cycle wallpapers?  or maybe cycle desktop colors, if using transparency?  Maybe every time you log-in?05:21
tehats`any help? :<<05:21
AbsenthPlasmaPain, acually xorg has very little to do with it.  It has a LOT more to do with the Kernel, and kernel modules.  I ran Warty with Nvidia-GLX, upgraded to Hoary with Nvidia-GLX, and now running a K7 specific kernel on Hoary with nvidia-GLX05:21
Quinn_Stormmadstop: well I know there is in kde05:21
PlasmaPainknoppix looked freat too05:21
calcmadstop: make a script to modify the config file05:21
Absenthwarty = XF86-4  Hoary = Xorg.  Both work fine.05:21
madstopI suppose being able to have different wallpaper on different workspaces would be overkill...?05:21
sabmocAbsenth: Im surprised they even know what computers are in Saskachewan.05:22
tehats`any... help... ?05:22
PlasmaPaini dont know nothing about that kernel stuff05:22
=== Madiba [TiGGeR@c12-rba-55.dial-up.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== robodex [~aaron@toronto-HSE-ppp3966781.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
speeldud ubuntu ever fix that issue with nvidia and hoary?05:22
robodexwheeeeee compositing is fun05:22
Absenthsabmoc, I was in Okotoks??  (about 30km south of Calgary) feb 12-2005:22
robodexspeel: what issue?05:22
sabmocspeel: Im on hoary with nvidia and have no issues.05:22
Absenthspeel I'm running it now, so I would say it works fine.05:22
speelthere was some issue with one of the kernels and the nvidia driver05:22
tehats`no one to help a noob when its needed? :P05:23
linux_galoreyeah I found with the nvidia driver I had to setup a preload for the nvidia module before x tried to use it05:23
Absenthtehats`, what was the question?05:23
tehats`why cant the livecd boot on meh pentium 166 :P05:23
PlasmaPainhas any one hacked ubuntu yet ?05:23
sabmoctehats`: sometimes you have to really whine for a while until someone notices.05:23
Absenthtehats`, do I really need to answer that?05:23
tehats`lol ok05:23
Madibasabmoc: i can only load live cd in safemode not noemal and morning05:23
Quinn_Stormtehats`: how much ram?05:23
Absenthtehats`, option 1 is of course, will the 166 boot to ANY cd?05:24
tehats`oh... not enough ram i guess haha05:24
speelPlasmaPain, well what do you mean hacked ubuntu05:24
tehats`yes, im running off DSL right now05:24
madstoptehats, all I can tell you is, in my experience, the cd's need a sloooooow burn -- I've had inconsistent results booting or installing on different machines05:24
PlasmaPaini mean break in to it05:24
robodexyou'd be hard pressed to find a 166 that'll boot a windows 95 cd...05:24
linux_galoreyeah Ive got a P1 166 and I have damn small linux on it......only thing thats half way decent05:24
=== Absenth is now known as Absenth-AFK
tehats`32mb ram tho - i was gonna see if i could boot to terminal05:24
sabmoctehats`: you need to understand what a live cd is, it loads the entire operating system and the desktop into RAM. EVERYTHING. Not very good for old comps, sorry bro.05:24
FackamatoPlasmaPain: how do you break into a distribution? rofl05:25
Quinn_Stormtehats`: you need 128+mb ram to make it work05:25
=== omniscient [~omni@] has joined #ubuntu
tehats`i thought you could have boot options like dsl :/05:25
sabmocthats why its called 'live'05:25
PlasmaPainthe same way you break in to anything05:25
linux_galoretehats`: install damn small linux......works fine even on 8mb of ram05:25
FackamatoPlasmaPain: you're really funny, i'm lmfao05:25
PlasmaPainhow the hell dhould i know05:25
tehats`ah... would installing to hard drive help?05:25
tehats`or would it still be bad heh05:26
linux_galoretehats`: DSL even comes with a desktop05:26
madstopsabmoc, wouldn't the install cd allow just the base os to be loaded, for a server on old equipment, say -- and I thought the live cd might have loading options like that too05:26
sabmoctehats`: yes it would be much better, but still it would be slow on a pentium 150 or whatever you said..05:26
tehats`well, right now im having a DNS issue - im using ip's for some reason05:26
tehats`yes i know, im using dsl now ;p05:26
PlasmaPainFackamato: keep your guts in05:27
tehats`but i have a inet problem that i dont know how to fix05:27
tehats`so i wanted to use something else to try05:27
sabmocmadstop: well I could be wrong, but I think the live cd is just for previewing what ubuntu looks and feels like, it doesnt install anything to your computer, not even if you want it to do that.05:27
linux_galoretehats`: theres a beefed up version of DSL running around with XFCE setup05:27
tehats`heh, i like flux ;p05:27
sabmocmadstop: but the regular install disk will install a base system just as you said. nice feature.05:27
Madibasabmoc: i can only load live cd in safemode not normal and perhaps its an issue with nvidia drivers iv got geforcr 4 mx405:28
madstopyes, sabmoc, of course you're right-- I forgot, it just creates a ram drive or whatever it's called, right?05:28
PlasmaPainwhy not making a live cd ith install optin and lose the instaler cd ?05:28
linux_galoretehats`: I use XFCE and debian on my P1 166 (48mb) works fine although "dam small" runs faster05:28
geneo91Madiba:  not so05:28
sabmocMadiba: hmm.. interesting.05:28
madstopPlasmaPain,  I was wondering that myself...05:28
Madibageneo 91 it ask me if i want to conguire my card not working on morphix any ideas?05:29
=== mdblitz1 [~mdblitz1@pool-70-22-65-47.balt.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Kopete]
linux_galoremadstop: the live CD uses the FOSS nv driver05:29
omniscienthey guys. I'm using ubuntu linux and almost every latex generated dvi i try and convert to pdf comes out blank because of no fonts, do any of you know the package that I'd need to install to aquire extra fonts? or should i be asking this in the ubuntu channel?05:29
madstoplinux_galore, wow, xfce can do that?  Do you know if xfce 4+ would also work on so little memory?05:29
sabmocMadiba: perhaps the disk is bad(?) have you tried to burn a new copy of the disk to see if that could be the problem?05:29
omniscienti asked #latex but they are all dead05:29
tehats`alright... bbl05:29
=== az[a] zel_ubuntu [~damien@ppp39-59.lns1.adl1.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
geneo91well mine works just fine05:30
tehats`thx for the input05:30
Madibaok ill try that05:30
linux_galoremadstop: XFCE runs on 32mb machine fine.....I used to run xfce on a 16mb machine05:30
sabmocdamn it! You killed kenn^^^ Latex!!05:30
Madibathnks guys05:30
=== Absenth-AFK is now known as Absenth
Madibaany south africans here05:30
madstoplinux_galore, sorry, but I'm too inexperienced to appreciate the driver distinctions to which you're referring05:30
Quinn_StormI ran xfce on a 32mb machine for a while (k6-400 w/ 32mb since the 128mb upgrade broke, I eventually got a new 128mb sodimm)05:31
sabmockanga is, but he is not online right now.05:31
Madibaim kanga sabmoc05:31
sabmocthats funny!05:31
sabmocHi kanga!05:31
az[a] zel_ubuntuhey, other than hackign the X11 config file, is there a "proper" way of setting my monitors refresh rate properly? It's max is 75Hz atm, but I know it can do 85Hz at this resolution05:31
Madibamadiba is nelson mandelas nickname and hi05:31
linux_galoremadstop: the nv driver isnt the official nvidia driver but I found it works fine from tnt2 -> fx5900 cards that Ive used05:31
madstoplinux_galore, I really liked what I saw of xfce  -- have to try it again.  And I'm throwing together some computer odds and ends from years ago, so I'll try it on those05:31
sabmocMadiba: is this still the same problem you had before?05:31
saberhow can i ask dpkg to ignore all errors when removing?05:32
Madibano got it to run the cd had to reburn as iso image worked fine no i have problem with card05:32
PlasmaPainsaber: use the F option05:32
Madibacan i boot to it now ill checjk the opptions and get back to you05:33
madstopQuinn_Storm,  how well did xfce run, and what distro on the k6-400?05:33
Madibabbl cheers05:33
=== Madiba [TiGGeR@c12-rba-55.dial-up.net] has left #ubuntu []
Quinn_Stormmadstop: it was debian, and it ran fine, but that machine had a really slow hd so swap was painfully slow, heh, but xfce itself was really just fine05:33
robodexxfce runs like a charm (with compositing) on my celeron 667 :p05:34
saberI cannot find anything appropriate under --force-help05:34
Quinn_Stormmadstop: I even did some developing for it...had a panel plugin that was a "dock" (think more nextstep-ish than macosish, that is no silly extra graphics, just a combo taskbar/app launcher)05:34
linux_galoreyeah XFCE is pretty small uses less than 10mb for me.....the fonts are actually a bigger problem i found lol05:34
speelany one knows any good toutorials on learning python05:34
saberah i got it.. dpkg -r --force-all ssmtp05:34
Quinn_Stormweb browsing is the big problem on a low ram machine05:34
linux_galoretoo many fonts = sucks up too much ram05:34
az[a] zel_ubuntuhow does one clear the apt cache? just rm -f /var/cache/apt/archives/* ?05:34
AbsenthI don't suppose anyone here has experiance with Vector linux?05:34
Quinn_Stormaz[a] zel_ubuntu: apt-get clean05:34
sabmocaz[a] zel_ubuntu: yup05:35
geneo91speel:  python org has all you need05:35
=== Tiscan [~tiscan@c-24-98-134-178.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
az[a] zel_ubuntuQuinn_Storm, thanks05:35
linux_galoreQuinn_Storm: actually not I use a browser called "dillo" and another one called "surfraw"  both use less than 2mb05:35
sabmocQuinn_Storm: same thing05:35
madstopspeaking of swap, with 512 ram, how much swap should I have if I want to try hibernation -- and does hibernation actually work for anybody?05:35
Quinn_Stormlinux_galore: cool, neither of them did everything I wanted unfortunately05:35
speelah ok thanks05:35
=== pampino [~caco_48@] has joined #ubuntu
=== CmdrData [Owner@mdm181-243.arc146.smfrct1.dasdial.com] has joined #Ubuntu
linux_galoreQuinn_Storm: well dillo was designed as a graphical browser for PDA's........its designed for images and text little else but the upside is a lack of advertising and really fast download speeds even on a good system05:36
sabmocmadstop: of course it works, and you should always have the same amount of ram as swap, when you go into hibernate it write everything in ram to the swap, so you need enough swap so even if your ram is full it will work properly.05:37
madstopspeel, maybe you looked already, but you can "man python" too; don't know how extensive or helpful it is though05:37
sabmocman != tutorail05:37
linux_galoreQuinn_Storm: there is also minimoz.....imagine firefox but even smaller05:37
Absenthhow about, anyone use Slackware 10?05:37
sabmocsuddenly everything is silent.05:38
=== omniscient kicks & screams about his latex font problem
geneo91i have05:38
=== mbundgaard [~mbundgaar@] has joined #ubuntu
Absenthgeneo91, is it possible to install a 2.6 based kernel on it?05:38
linux_galoretheres a really good KDE IDE for latex05:39
az[a] zel_ubuntuwhat does it mean when "apt-get update" fails with "MD5Sum Mismatch"? Does that mean the mirror is in the process of updating or something?05:39
linux_galoreKile  thats the name05:39
Quinn_Stormlinux_galore: not sure...not that it matters, that box is now just a network bridge, heh05:39
madstopwell, I went overboard with swap, using 1 gig!  (I'm a confused windows user!)  I tried hibernation with hoary amd64, and things locked up afterward; I'm a little scared to try it again05:39
sabmocaz[a] zel_ubuntu: no it means the package you downloaded is corrupted05:39
madstopthanks sabmoc05:39
sabmocaz[a] zel_ubuntu: delete that packages from your repository and download it again.05:39
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoreI write manuals using kile....although these days I use OOo 2.005:40
alecmadstop, 1gb swap is not necessarily overboard05:40
sabmocaz[a] zel_ubuntu: if it says md5sum missmatch again, then there is a problem with the package itself, maybe wait until tomorrow and redownload it.. maybe the checksum hasn't been updated or something.05:40
sabmoclinux_galore: you write manuals? are you a technical writer?05:41
alecmadstop, http://sourcefrog.net/weblog/software/linux-kernel/swap.html05:41
Quinn_Stormfrom what I've heard, 2x ram is the reccomended swap05:41
Quinn_Stormbut that could be wrong05:41
az[a] zel_ubuntusabmoc, yeah I just did an apt-get clean; and then apt-get update; again and it still does the same thing :( it's the Packages.gz file from Universe, and Sources.gz from Main on my mirror that aren't working05:41
linux_galoresabmoc: no engineer but i often have to reedit manuals for Australian use05:41
sabmocI've always heard 1xRAM05:41
=== spreda [~bill@dial-203-87-79-161.nsw.chariot.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
Quinn_Stormaz[a] zel_ubuntu: you could always switch to another mirror05:42
sabmocaz[a] zel_ubuntu: you could try switching your servers, or maybe just wait, usually its fixed in a little while, i bet someone is just updating.05:43
Quinn_Stormaz[a] zel_ubuntu: I use the archive.ubuntu.org mirror and don't have troubles there right now (just checked it)05:43
az[a] zel_ubuntuQuinn_Storm, nah this one is my local ISP, and doesn't cost me in downloads :) (we have download limits in australia)05:43
madstopthanks alec -- one thing I wonder about; suppose I had another linux install on same machine, sharing the swap; if I hibernated, then booted to the other kernel, would having a full swap mess up  the other os's startup?05:43
Quinn_Stormaz[a] zel_ubuntu: archive.ubuntu.com I mean...oh, ok05:43
sabmoclinux_galore: Im thinking of going into technical writing and webdevelopment.05:43
Quinn_Stormaz[a] zel_ubuntu: then yeah they are in the process of syncing the mirror05:43
linux_galoreVaries I found.... for most people 256mb is fine if your handling allot of services 512 or more might be needed05:43
Quinn_Stormaz[a] zel_ubuntu: wait a while and it should be fixed05:43
sabmoclinux_galore: ^ why I asked.05:43
az[a] zel_ubuntuQuinn_Storm, cool05:43
alecmadstop, probaly not mess up the startup, but the swap would overwritten05:44
alecmadstop, I'm not a hibernate expert05:44
linux_galoresabmoc: aah.. I do it because my english skills are not lacking shall we say05:44
=== rdario [~rdario@] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoresabmoc: most engineers have poor communications skills05:44
sabmocI can imagine a lot of Asian manuals05:44
sabmocthat too05:45
linux_galoresabmoc: yeah students who do a few years in europe learning english then go bach home to china/tw/hk then start writing manuals that no one understands lol05:45
madstopthat's what I thought alec, I guess it's safe for the other os, since I presume it's not accessing the swap anyway at start (given enough ram anyway).05:45
madstopin any event, it would probably be dumb for me to try that...05:46
=== ironwolf [~ironwolf@c-24-6-169-124.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sirukin [~bryan@] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
sabmoclinux_galore: yeah definitely, but then again I would hate to write a manual in Chinese!05:46
=== micmur [~micmur@ool-44c39676.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoresabmoc: wouldnt even go that route lol........too many characters plus the chinese dialects often have poor technology support so you have to swap to latin english05:47
az[a] zel_ubuntuanyone got 32 bit firefox running on Ubuntu AMD64? Need to get flash player going at some stage...05:47
az[a] zel_ubuntueven better, would be 32 bit Opera on Ubuntu AMD6405:47
=== mdblitz1 [~mdblitz1@pool-70-22-65-47.balt.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
micmurHey everybody05:47
=== mass [~mass@c-67-166-24-208.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
LinuxJoneshi micmur :)05:48
micmurAnybody familiar with mplayer?05:48
micmurHey LinuxJones05:48
massdo I file requests for new modules to be compiled for the 2.6 kernels in ubuntu in the ubuntu bug-tracker?05:48
linux_galoreaz[a] zel_ubuntu: Opera isnt FOSS05:48
micmurI installed mplayer last night but am not getting any sound05:48
massI always read FOSS as FLOSS05:48
az[a] zel_ubuntulinux_galore, yeah I know... but I like it.... :/05:48
=== geneo93 [~geneo93@1Cust2215.an1.det15.da.uu.net] has joined #ubuntu
AbsenthFOSS SMOSS....05:49
AbsenthI just don't like Opera :)05:49
=== moyogo [~moyogo@Toronto-HSE-ppp3717779.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
=== Levander [~cponder@user-11219av.dsl.mindspring.com] has joined #ubuntu
sabmoclinux_galore: not to mention there are 50 dialects of Chinese, people say English is taking over the world but the alternative is a lot worse I think, not that Im for the destruction of minority subcultures, but communication with all of them is near impossible.05:49
massthe support for my scsi card was merged into the kernel at 2.6.9, but it still isn't turned on for ubuntu releases, just want to one day not have to compile my own05:49
linux_galoreaz[a] zel_ubuntu: also Opera has bugger all community support and you dont have a open plugin layer like Firefox05:49
massand accellerate that day to be sooner ;-)05:49
az[a] zel_ubuntulinux_galore, opera can use the mozilla/netscape plugins05:50
micmurActually, now I'm getting sound but it's VERY choppy05:50
az[a] zel_ubuntulinux_galore, oh you mean extensions?05:50
linux_galoresabmoc: no spannish has the highest growth and Chinese dialects are spoken by 53% of the worlds population05:50
micmurAnybody? How can I fix this?05:50
az[a] zel_ubuntulinux_galore, well firefox + adblock + session saver, is very tempting and I could live with that, yeah...05:50
linux_galoreaz[a] zel_ubuntu: yeah extensions and themes05:51
madstopComputers just aren't double byte character friendly; too bad, 'cause you can pack a lot of meaning into very few Chinese characters.  CJK characters work great on cell phones, I hear05:51
Absenthmicmur, are you using oss,05:51
=== SiRrUs [~SiRrUs@HSE-MTL-ppp77407.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu
madstoplinux_galore, I really really doubt that 53% figure.  More like 25%05:51
massanyone, where do I make requests for new modules to be 'turned on' in the kernel? do I file bug reports against ubuntu or debian?05:51
Quinn_StormI like the utf-8 method myself, lets you use all the various characters you could possibly ever need...I know its a little harder to parse but it doesn't have the space limits other encodings do05:51
massor just shout here for a while ;-)05:52
linux_galoreaz[a] zel_ubuntu: every feature on Opera now has an extension in Firefox that does the same thing.....there is even an advanced mouse gestures plugin that shows a graphical widget in the middle of the screen to help you remember what gesture you need05:52
micmurLast night I installed it, but wasn't getting any sound. As an example, I was on Apple's trailers site05:52
sabmoclinux_galore: I didn't know Spanish was the fasting growing, but that makes sense I suppose. Yeah, China is insane. My wife is Chinese, I was just there for holidays last month. Insane.05:52
AbsenthMicmur I'm using oss, I usually have to killall esd to get things like mplayer to work.05:52
speelis there any tools to burn a mpg to a vcd?05:52
micmurI'm getting picture and now am getting sound but it's extremely choppy05:52
Absenthmicmur, maybe you need to kill the oss processes?05:52
sysfaili hate firefox05:52
Quinn_Stormmass: it would be against ubuntu, they package their own kernels I think05:52
SiRrUsmass not sure if shouting will help hoary is pretty much finished05:52
micmurHow do I kill OSS and what effect would that have on other programs?05:52
madstoplinux_galore, hunting down firefox extensions, which tend to stop working with new releases, is not my favorite use of time.  Opera has a lot of great features.05:53
micmurI.E. if I did that and then wanted to listen to mp3's...05:53
linux_galoremadstop: nope 53%....that figure was thrown out by one of the worlds leading dialect specialists he has even written a language just to be able to correctly speak any given dialect05:53
Absenthmicmur, That I can't help you with....  to kill esd I just "killall esd"05:53
madstopvery good keyboard shortcuts, for example, real fullscreen, beautiful, one key zooming05:53
=== sysfail watches MSIE install through crossover office as he speaks
massSiRrUs, I already package my own, I will switch to the next unstable tree, I just want to one day use an official packaged kernel05:54
sabmocmadstop: you can use firefox extensions in Opera (I heard, havent tried it.)05:54
massmakes a lot of other things easier05:54
micmurAbsenth: I'll try that now05:54
Absenthsysfail, I've got Office 2K, lotus 6.5.2, and a few custom apps all running on cxoffice at work.  cool stuff I tell you,.05:54
linux_galoremadstop: I have mouse zooming.......and Opera doesnt have "nuke everything"05:54
micmurStill happening05:55
sabmocsysfail: why oh why? IE?    W h y?05:55
madstoplinux_galore, I'm sorry, but this makes no sense to me.  The Chinese are one-fifth of the world's population, with overseas Chinese, you can maybe bump that up to one-fourth, but not more than half speaking these "dialects" -- which often are more accurately called languages.05:55
sysfailim hoping viewing cams in yahoo messenger will work under crossover05:55
AbsenthMicksa, I'll turn you over to some of the other experts then.05:55
sysfailcause i cant view em in gaim05:55
linux_galoremadstop: nuke everything - extension in Firefox is great when you get pages not formated for printing you just click on everything you want removed05:55
madstopCantonese and Mandarin for example are mutually unintellible; the written language is essentially however unified05:55
micmurWell that didn't work05:55
micmurAnybody else have any suggestions?05:56
=== Tugg [~amanda@c-24-18-75-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocmadstop: The Chinese population is 1.3 billion living on the mainland and 500million living outside the country.05:56
linux_galoremadstop: you forget many other countries are tied to the Chinese dialect05:56
sabmocearth population?05:56
madstopok, sabmoc.  Like I said, not more than half the world's population!05:56
linux_galoremadstop: Japan for one05:56
SiRrUsmass not sure what you package I was just suggesting that shouting here was not the way to go :)05:57
massSiRrUs, filed a bug in ubuntu bugzilla05:57
sysfailanybody been able to view webcams in GAIM??05:57
madstopWhat other countries?  Singapore? A city state, and Chinese is not all that's spoken there.  Overseas minorities in Malaysia, Indonesia, Canada, US, etc...05:57
^thehatsrule^another question here... does ubuntu only comes with05:57
massjust need modules compiled for my raid card in official packages ;-)05:57
^thehatsrule^does ubuntu only comes with gnome?05:58
^thehatsrule^that is05:58
linux_galoremadstop: your just counting the "100%" chinese dialects you not also counting those dialtect thats derive from one of the chinese dialects05:58
madstoplinux_galore, good lord, the Japanese speak Japanese.05:58
madstopNot Chinese05:58
SiRrUs^thehatsrule^ thats the default05:58
Absenth^thehatsrule^, yes, the default install of ubuntu is gnome.  you can get kde from synaptic, or through apt.05:58
linux_galoremadstop: yes study Japanese you will often see a historical reference for words back to a chinese dialect05:58
^thehatsrule^i mean, off the cd, could i get flux?05:59
geneo93kubutu also05:59
^thehatsrule^or do i have to do a hd-install?05:59
^thehatsrule^because for now, i want to run off livecd to see how i like it05:59
SiRrUs^thehatsrule^ think you will be running gnome then05:59
massthere is still enough similarities to the written chinese language for chinese people in japan to sorta-kinda almost know what is going on06:00
massin written form, not spoken of course :)06:00
Absenth^thehatsrule^, Unless you grab the kubuntu distro, in which case it'll be a live cd/ with kde06:00
sabmocmadstop: they use many of the same written characters (chinese and japanese). But thats about all that most chinese dialects have in common anyway, same written language.06:00
^thehatsrule^hm... you cannot change it in the ramdisk?06:00
^thehatsrule^or no one has tried ;p06:00
madstopWe've borrowed a helluva lot of words from French, too, linux_galore , by your reasoning we should add English to the percentage of people who speak French.  Chinese, with Tibetan, occupies its own language family.  Japanese is unrelated, except by borrowing.06:00
Absenth^thehatsrule^, I'd suspect you'ld have to change the distro.  I don't think flux is included in the ISO.06:01
linux_galoreyeah but the chinese have traded and colonised all around Asian basin and exported there language and culture with it06:01
madstopAnyway, this has to be insanely boring and off topic to everybody else here.  Sorry06:01
geneo93^thehatsrule^:  try over on kubuntu channel06:01
^thehatsrule^no - i dont want kde06:01
^thehatsrule^heh, id like Funbuntu06:01
linux_galoremadstop: yes english has become a bit like the mongrel dialect from hell06:02
^thehatsrule^alright - i just thought i could change it in ramdisk06:02
madstopYes, sabmoc.  Writing is a whole other ballgame; complicated by the "simplification" of mainland Chinese.  Different character sets for Taiwan and China now.  Sucks06:02
sabmocmadstop: are you from tiawan?06:02
geneo93^thehatsrule^:  there is an iso of kubuntu06:03
massobviously latin has a very large % of usage today06:03
Absenthto get to another off topic, but linux related subject:)06:03
=== janc [~janc@dD5E086F1.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu
^thehatsrule^oh... does kubuntu have flux?06:03
madstopheh heh, no sabmoc, I'm not.  But I live in Flushing New York, which is sort of a Taiwanese colony... ;-)06:03
linux_galoreyeah Taiwan has drifted allot........also one thing the Chinese always seem to ignore is the fact Taiwan has a aboriginal culture way before the chinese turned up06:03
AbsenthI was tempted to "cd /home" "rm -Rf ." today on the 9 linux servers06:03
Absenththe lusers were really pissing me off.06:03
geneo93i doubt it06:03
sabmocmadstop: its not such a big deal, most people i've met in china speak and can read 3 dialects.06:03
=== dr_willis [~willis@12-202-192-44.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoreChinese always act like they were the first to settle Taiwan but they weren't06:04
madstoptrue, sabmoc, and linux_galore ...06:04
=== Xenguy whips out /ignore...
sabmocnot to side with the evil chinese empire, but tianwan isnt even recognized as a country by the vast majority of governments today.06:05
madstopIn Canton, sabmoc, I saw lots of signs exorting the Cantonese to speak Mandarin.  And the signs were written in pinyin (latin characters) which many folks couldn't read!06:05
linux_galoreChina ruled Korea for a long time Im suprised they Chinese havent tried to say Korea isnt a rebel province too06:05
sabmoci think about 40 governments recognize Tiawan, and a lot of those are small African nations.06:06
madstopsabmoc, officially, Taiwan doesn't recognize itself as a country yet, just as a province of China.06:06
sabmoclinux_galore: thats because Korea is the original c06:06
sabmocoriginal china06:06
madstopgood lord, we06:06
madstop've made this the chi-buntu channel!06:07
dr_willisreading this artical about fork bombs and ulimit on slashdot.06:07
dr_williswhat sort of defaults does ubuntu use anyway?06:07
=== dweaver [~dweaver@nr13-216-68-206-204.fuse.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoredr_willis: yeah those have been around for a while06:07
linux_galoredr_willis: easy fix06:07
massfork bombs sound like some sort of home-made fragmentation grenade :P06:07
madstopwhat are fork bombs, dr_willis?06:07
dr_willisulimit  says "unlimited"06:07
mass*boom* (forks everywhere)06:08
=== Square [~mark@ip70-179-206-32.dl.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galorejust edit /etc/security/limits.conf06:08
dr_willismadstop,  a process where a normal user can basicially take down a system.06:08
dr_willislinux_galore,  yea - noticed theres nothing there. (its all comments)06:08
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
dr_willisseems as paranoid as the ubuntu guys are in other areas of security - that there would be some limit allready in place.06:08
sabmocmadstop: its where you get an application to fork, creating a new thread, and do that continuously until all the system resources are taken and the system grinds to a halt.06:08
massits part of a class of exploits where the operating system is either misconfigured or incapable of limiting the resources a non-priviledged user account can consume06:09
madstopdr_willis, I manage to do that about every third time I use my computer... I'm not an ignorant noob, I'm a fork bomber!06:09
linux_galoredr_willis: some nice howto's on the web on securing debian06:09
sabmocyou forking bomber!06:09
dr_willisof course the actual artical sort of rants aout it being a KERNEL security issue.. then changes its tune and says its a disrto issue.. then back to a kernel issue..06:09
=== dr_willis is a Spork bomber!
madstopAh, fork bomb -- I thought maybe it was a way for a software project to assassinate rebel developers...06:10
linux_galoreyou can stop fork bombing with a process manager06:10
madstopheh heh -- are there fork-bomb trojans, etc?06:10
dr_willislinux_galore,  looks liek that site has been slashdotted. :P or not.. it may be lagged..06:10
=== hone [~hone@wbar3.chi1-4-41-104-213.chi1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoredr_willis: no works fine06:11
AbsenthYou can also stop fork bombing with threats of physical violence against the offending parties.06:11
massdr_willis, maybe it is being fork-bombed?06:11
dr_willislinux_galore,  well its up now.. and its showing the HTML code/source.. :P lol..  thats odd...06:11
madstopyou know, this reminds me, since upgrading to hoary, I haven't had to kill a process once.  Didn't even bother to put an icon for that in a panel, like I did with warty.  Amazing06:11
Absenththe guy who runs a coloc server I have a shell on will likely run me over with his jeep a few dozen times if I were to fork bomb his box.06:11
massAbsenth, chasing them with a fork seems to work well06:11
dr_willishmm its .sgml06:11
massI think all exploits should be documented in VRML06:12
=== Square [~mark@ip70-179-206-32.dl.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabmoclinux_galore: its pretty hard to stop, even with `killall forkbombedapp` they just spawn so quickly, but yeah its stopable that way if you catch it in time.06:12
mass"wow, this is a very BIG exploit"06:12
linux_galoretheres a good step by step guide on checking and fixing security issues on most Linux machines06:12
=== sabmoc wonders how secure ubuntu is out of the box.
dr_willisi forkbomed a server in college with batch files calling each other and sending mail :P06:13
dweaverHello all, I am sorry if I am just jumping in, but this is my first time on IRC.  I have just installed ubuntu and am looking to find a community to discuss it.  is this the right place?06:13
dr_willismass,  heh -06:13
dr_willisdweaver,  yep.06:13
linux_galoresudo netstat -tap|grep LISTEN   and then sit and worry06:13
DarthFrogdweaver: Welcome home.06:13
madstopdweaver, it sure is06:13
sabmocsounds like fun linux_galore06:14
massdweaver, if you can sift through non-ubuntu discussions, you are home :)06:14
sabmocdweaver: yes this is ubuntu, now tell us what you think of tiawan?06:14
dweaverthanks for the welcome. let me grab a beer and join the conversation.06:14
madstopthe channel hasn't been fork-bombed yet, but you never know... ;)06:14
linux_galorewell if someone asks a question we can answer it06:14
sabmocactually dont06:14
Absenthdweaver don't listen to them, I think they are all drunk :)06:14
madstoplol sabmoc06:15
=== Asycas [~Angeline@bb220-255-35-215.singnet.com.sg] has joined #ubuntu
=== sabmoc wishes he had a beer.. searches floor for hidden cans..
=== zion [~user@cpe-69-204-72-144.rochester.res.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["ERC]
Asycas(i wouldn't leave a valuable can of beer on the floor)06:15
=== madstop is counting his cigarettes. always a bad sign
dr_williswow - i am allready getting JUNK mail at my gmail account!06:16
sabmocthe funny part is I actually just found one, under some laundry06:16
dr_willisand ive given the address to NO one..06:16
madstop(there might be a deposit on that can)06:16
Asycas*gasps* the secret stash!!!06:16
massdr_willis: it is probably just a brute force attack06:16
linux_galoredr_willis: I just converted my gmail account into a network disk lol06:16
sabmoc*pop* fizz06:16
=== orospakr [~orospakr@CPE0004e2ca6f84-CM00407b87b341.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
DarthFrogAsycas: It might be excellent security by obscurity.  A full one, hidden amongst all the empties. :-)06:16
linux_galoreGmail account = 1Gb network disk.........just drag and drop file on it06:17
madstop(I think I stashed some cigarettes in that can.  Hope it was empty)06:17
Asycashaha!! O:-)06:17
masssomeone should add a spork() system call06:17
sabmoclinux_galore: on linux? impressive, I used that on a windows machine06:17
DarthFrogsomeone should put beer in my fridge. :-)06:17
linux_galoresabmoc: yeah been on Linux for a while06:17
madstopDarthFrog, "security by obscurity"  -- I like that.06:17
sabmoclinux_galore: but only 10meg per attachment :(06:17
Squaredoes hoary come with a firewall with a gui config, or do I need to install one?06:18
=== Asycas [~Angeline@bb220-255-35-215.singnet.com.sg] has left #ubuntu []
=== sam2 [~sam2@pool-162-83-241-92.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has joined #ubuntu
sam2today is my birthday, wow im 1906:18
madstopbe nice if I could upload my whole /home partition to gmail06:18
sabmocSquare: apt-get install firestarter06:18
=== sam2 is now known as VanDamme
sabmocSquare: its very similar to Zone Alarm06:18
linux_galoresabmoc: heh heh in Linux there is a trick were it uses the split command to break the file up  then when it comes back to the localhost it combines it again06:18
sabmoclinux_galore: oh man, beautiful06:19
madstopspork system call?  that reminds me, is there a spork bomb too?06:19
dr_willisheh 5 spam on gmail.. vs 141 on hotmail. :P06:19
Squarejust ran a check and only like 2 ports are stealthed lol06:19
jancDarthFrog : just checked the fridge & the beer is cold  :)06:19
linux_galoresabmoc: so no 10mb limit (not as far as the user can see but its a technical limit)06:20
dweaversabmoc: back from getting my beer.  Haven't been to tiawan yet so I can't comment.  I have been as far east as Moscow, though that was many years ago.06:20
=== DarthFrog is heading over to janc's place.
sabmocDarthFrog: I thought your name was DeathFog06:20
=== Mguel721 [~miguel721@ca-santaanahead-cuda1-c2a-27.anhmca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
madstopGmail makes webmail pretty damn wonderful, I must say06:20
sabmocmadstop: yes it does, gmail is goodness06:20
=== DarthFrog thinks sabmoc might have had too much beer. :-)
XenguyDarthFrog: there's no such thing as too much beer06:20
=== VanDamme [~sam2@pool-162-83-241-92.ny5030.east.verizon.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
sabmocI've only had 1 i swear!06:20
=== eyequeue [~eyequeue@eyequeue.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== plagerism [~plagerism@CPE00606771c662-CM013419900473.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
madstopI was in Taiwan for an hour and a half.  Nice airport.06:21
DarthFrogXenguy: Speaking from long, long personal & painful experience: Yes there is.06:21
sabmoclinux_galore: thats is a place I would love to visit, always wanted to go to russia06:21
linux_galoresabmoc: you can use split with any file type really......I used it once for a huge xvid movie file plit it into two files and burned each fragment to a CD then what i did was copy each fragment to the hardisk then cat filename* >> newfilename06:21
plagerismWTF is up with gnome-terminal in 2.10?? I lost all functionality, now all I have is a gay box, no tabs, no menus, just gay box06:21
jancwell, I'm drinking scotch now (hm, 6.21am, should I go get some sleep? ;)06:21
dr_willisHmm... I got Spam on "You can Be a Cop" and "Free Condoms" those are new ;P not seen that sort of spam befor - lol06:21
XenguyDarthFrog: I think the word "personal" is relevant (different strokes for different folks and all that)06:21
dr_willisplagerism,  vs a 'straight' box?06:22
madstopjanc, go ahead, but leave the bottle here, would you?06:22
sabmocmadstop: I was there for 4 hours, nice but boring airport lol06:22
linux_galoresabmoc: Russia is horrible06:22
plagerismdr_willis, no it has no menus06:22
eyequeueplagerism:  please drop the homophobia06:22
sabmoclinux_galore: thats what makes it so russian06:22
=== DarthFrog notes it's 9:21 PM. Somehow, I don't think that janc is local to me. Darn. :-)
plagerismBut I just found right click, sorry it just startled me06:22
linux_galoresabmoc: especially Moscow06:22
plagerismeyequeue, gay has nothing to do with homophobia06:22
Xenguyplagerism: what eyequeue said06:22
linux_galoresabmoc: I mean horrible beyond words06:22
eyequeueplagerism:  two of us find it offensive06:23
sabmoclinux_galore: :( its too bad communism fell06:23
plagerismwould you rather I call it queer?? How about odd06:23
madstopI was in Japan for a couple hours too.  Freakin' idiot not to have gotten a visa for at least a quick look at the country before going on to HK06:23
eyequeueplagerism:  i have no need to tolerate this06:23
sabmocJanc your drinking scotch at 6am? You sir are a bastard, and I salute you.06:23
linux_galoresabmoc: you cant do anything unless you pay a bribe......want to fart pay a bribe.......want to cross the road without getting flattened .pay a bribe06:23
Mguel721how you all doing?06:24
madstopand Anchorage was pretty cool at ten in the morning in December, looking like the middle of the night06:24
=== Madiba [TiGGeR@c11-rba-243.dial-up.net] has joined #UBUNTU
DarthFroglinux_galore: Where is that?06:24
linux_galoreDarthFrog: moscow06:24
Mguel721can anyone help06:24
dweaverCan I ask were you all are from?06:24
MadibaHI ALL IM BACK06:24
Madibawhy does freenode ping your pc when u log on?06:24
DarthFrogMguel721: Just ask your question.  If anyone can help, they will.06:24
alindemanMadiba: Open proxy check06:25
plagerismAnyways I fixed my situation, and I apoligize for the usage of the word gay, I mean queer, or odd or stupid, not homosexual cause how could a box be homosexual06:25
madstopI'm from New York State, dweaver, and in New York City06:25
Madibaalindeman : thanks06:25
alindemanMadiba: np06:25
sabmoclinux_galore: communism=everyone had a job, lots of pointless meaningless jobs, but at least everyone could buy food. Its sad how bad russia has become. I dont think they will ever recover.06:25
linux_galorehmmm orange iMAC.....now thats gay  lol06:26
dweavermadstop: I used to work there. 33rd st.  got transfered to ohio 15 yrs agos.06:26
=== Quinn_Storm [~quinn@pa-bethelparkcadent1shills1d-6.pit.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
geneo93dweaver:  where in ohio are you06:26
dweavernorth of cinci right now.06:27
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galoresabmoc: the problem is in russia they dont have the long existing culture that deals with capitalism06:27
geneo93i'm just 35 miles west of toledo06:27
sabmoclinux_galore: I hate to be pessimistic, I grew up with russia as a really cool and mysterious place but I really dont think it will ever recover. Yes, thats the problem exactly. And they way they are learning to deal with it is only going to make it worse.06:27
madstopmembreya -- "erection reset???"06:27
sabmocerection reset?what the?!?06:28
dweavergeneo93: I love the Noreth Coast.  Ever heard of Pat Dailey?06:28
linux_galoresabmoc: eastern Russia is great the people are nice and they still love communism and in many cases still practice it06:28
madstopthat's why membreya is in and out so much tonight, I guess06:28
geneo93the mayor06:28
=== leon [~leon@pa-jffrsn-cmts2a1-138.chvlva.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
dweaverthe bard of lake erie06:29
DarthFrogNothing wrong with communism in theory, other than it ignores human behaviour and tends to promote totalitarianism.06:29
Squarethere have been very few communistic countires , russia was close but even then people in power had more then everyone else06:29
jancdweaver : Bruges, Belgium  :)06:29
linux_galoresabmoc: in eastern russia they dont have hotels as such just drop in and say hello and they will give you a bed for the price of some news06:29
geneo93well i've heard the name before06:29
Absenththere's nothing wrong with Totalitarianism, as long as I, and my Legions of Doom are the ones in charge of it.06:30
dweaverjanc: never been there.  Good beer I've heard.06:30
AbsenthI think we can trust sabmoc and his horde as well.06:30
jancBelgium has good beers, yes  :)06:30
sabmocDarthFrog: the problem with communism is that it needs as you say, totalitarianist centralized government who put themselves outside the communist loop. I dont think you can fix communism.06:30
linux_galoreyeah but Belgium has very high tax's06:30
sabmocAbsenth: I vote for Absenth06:30
madstopand good novelists-- Georges Simenon, one of my favorites06:31
dweavergeneo93:ever get to put-in-bay?06:31
geneo93dweaver:  how nouth of cinci06:31
janc'high' taxes but also the 'highest' social security...06:31
sabmoclinux_galore: thats very cool06:31
geneo93dweaver:  oh yes the wine festival06:31
dweavergeneo93:Liberty Twp - about 20 miles06:31
Squarein an ideal communism you wouldnt have any need for money if you needed something you would get it, but it seldom works out that way06:31
=== leon [~leon@pa-jffrsn-cmts2a1-138.chvlva.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
geneo93aff i've been through there many times06:32
sabmocMadiba: try running dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg06:32
AbsenthUnder my regime, Expect many lusers to be beaten with the clue by four of destiny06:32
linux_galoresabmoc: I would drop in a small village and look for a bed and often I would leave the village the next day with a pack full of food06:32
dweavergeneo93: how long have you been using ubuntu?06:32
geneo93about 3 months06:33
Madibasabmoc: how do i do that?06:33
linux_galoresabmoc: hear allot have has changed though lately06:33
linux_galoreheard allot of that has changed lately *06:33
sabmocMadiba: `dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg` run that on a command line.06:33
geneo93hoary is great06:33
linux_galoredont try watch 3 channels at the same time lol06:34
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #ubuntu
calclinux_galore: only 3?06:34
=== bj_ [~bj@ool-4352a84b.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
da_bon_bonhi all06:34
=== nomasteryoda [~nomastery@] has joined #ubuntu
dweavergeneo93:any other linux before that?  I started in 99 with some Red Hat Multi Boot but got away from it.  I have now decided to give Uncle Bill the boot.06:34
DarthFrogHide the cheese!  da_bon_bon's here! :-)06:34
sabmoclinux_galore: thats too bad, but I think its only a matter of time before those pockets get absorbed by the rest of the russian culture, similar to how big chains are always trying to make inroads in small towns here in the west. Only in russia the big chains are mafia.06:35
=== dampjam_ [~dampjam@WUW1.rh.psu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
geneo93dweaver:  i started with red hat 6.206:35
sabmocthen again, they are mafia here too, we just dont know it06:35
=== sabmoc grabs his tinfoil hat
dampjam_I have a laptop that uses a touch pad, and I Just plugged in a usb mouse.  How do I get it to work?06:35
geneo93around 199906:35
da_bon_bonDarthFrog: :)06:35
dampjam_(preferably with the touchpad still working)06:35
da_bon_bonDarthFrog: i ate all of it already :)06:36
DarthFrogda_bon_bon: Oh, that's where it went. :-)06:36
bj_hello hello06:36
sabmocdampjam_: first you go to the internet, you do research, you come back when that has failed after several attempts. :)06:36
Madibasabmoc : can i run thatt from within safe mode06:36
bj_When can we dist-upgrade to grumpy06:36
sabmocMadiba: I think so06:36
Quinn_Stormdampjam_: make sure your xorg.conf is pointed to /dev/input/mice06:36
sabmocdampjam_: haha06:36
calcbj_: probably after hoary is released06:37
Madibasabmoc ok ill try i last thing where dom i find the command line thing is it at the terminal thingy lol excuse my ignorance06:37
dweavergeneo93: I have to us microsoft at work since that is what I develoe in but it is realy nice to make the move to linux at home.  how do you use it?06:37
DarthFrogbj_: Well, hoary hasn't even been released yet.  And the release following that is Breezy Badger.06:37
sabmocI think I should go get some work done before Im too drunk to do it properly.06:37
dampjam_Quinn_storm: it is06:37
sabmoclol, that came out all wrong06:38
Quinn_Stormdampjam_: not sure then, sorry06:38
linux_galoresabmoc: so true06:38
calcdampjam_: not according to the wiki at least06:38
calcer oops wrong nickcomplete06:38
dweaverHas any body had an audio problem with the latest hoary?06:38
sabmocMadiba: yes, the command line, you can call it a terminal or a shell, same thing.06:38
geneo93well i was admin a t a factory for 8 yrs with ms crap06:38
calcdweaver: not me, but i haven't rebooted in a few months06:38
=== sirukin [~bryan@] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocok, bbl guys06:39
calcdweaver: so i am still using an old kernel06:39
Mguel721Has anyone installed bluefish-1.0?06:39
Madibathank you have a drink for me its to early here lol06:39
geneo934 servers and 85 worksttions06:39
madstopdweaver, I haven't even tried audio yet, 'cause I'm so pissed that I can't use realplayer with hoary. amd64.06:39
=== sabmoc is now known as sabmoc|work
dampjam_Wow it works now!!!!06:39
sirukinanyone started a canadian team?06:39
Tuggsab a terminal is an app a shell is an interface to the os, a bit of a difference06:39
=== Madiba [TiGGeR@c11-rba-243.dial-up.net] has left #UBUNTU []
=== mhandl [~mhandl@d154-20-130-69.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
SquareI may try and break free of windows now that ive tried hoary+kde3.4+translucany06:39
^thehatsrule^lol... wait until longhorn....06:40
=== Square can't spell
geneo93Square:  i did that in 199906:40
dampjam_square: just make sure you load wine so you can use ie, firefox has too many security flaws to use06:40
Tugghat: we will all be dead06:40
calcwith longhorn you get better graphics plus unbreakable drm for free ;)06:40
Mguel721I tried installing bluefish-1.0 and received the following:06:40
^thehatsrule^the recommeneded processor is 4-6 ghz dual core06:40
Mguel721checking for gcc ... no06:40
madstopfirefox currently sucks.  I'm using epiphany.  Don't know if it's better or not.06:40
Tuggi love firefox06:41
^thehatsrule^firefox is good - when its loaded ;p06:41
Mguel721checking for cc ... no06:41
Quinn_StormI don't know why people say firefox sucks...but then it could be personal preference06:41
Tuggbut in hoary some of the icons are missing06:41
^thehatsrule^Mguel721, install gcc?06:41
Tuggso I DLed a new icon theme06:41
madstopfirefox 1.1whatever is buggy in ubuntu06:41
calcQuinn_Storm: yea it works great here06:41
madstopon my system anyway06:41
bj_Hoaryyyys frozen though06:41
Squareiv'e been useing linux off and on sence 1996 but something end up couseing me to go back to windows06:41
sirukinit's that same "Personal Preferance" that causes people to diss something that works in light of there not knowing any alternatives06:41
calci have managed to make it crash once in the past couple months06:41
Mguel721how do I do that???06:41
sabmoc|workMguel721: why are you trying to compile bluefish, it is in the apt repository. just `apt-get install bluefish`06:41
jancfirefox 1.0.1 misses some 'gnome-style' icons06:42
dweaverMy initial installl had sound although low volume.  I did the update that was recommended through GNOME today and now I don't have any sound.  This was why I left MS!06:42
geneo93i would not use ie if you paid me a 100 bucks a use06:42
jancbut the Gnome-FX theme has them right...06:42
sabmoc|workSquare: my problem is photoshop, its hard to break that addiction. Not that gimp isnt great, it really is awesome. I use gimp and photoshop.06:42
madstopthing about windows is, there are a lot of great apps that don't (yet?) have as good alternatives in linux.  At least not that are easy for a newbie like me to find and run06:43
^thehatsrule^theres no photoshop for linux?06:43
sabmoc|work^thehatsrule^: nope06:43
madstopand I'm referring to free or open source stuff06:43
geneo93dweaver:   you have warty or hoary06:43
Tugggimp is better thought06:43
^thehatsrule^good thing for windows is GAMES! :D06:43
madstopI hate the media players in linux so far06:43
Squaremine was normaly games my mmorpgs, but sick of them now lol06:43
^thehatsrule^xine is nice06:43
calctotem-xine is good as well06:43
Tuggcause it has 90% of the features and doesnt cost an arm a leg and a right nut06:43
madstopexcept xine, and even there, I prefer Bsplayer in windows06:43
sabmoc|workvotes for totem-xine06:44
farruinnmadstop: imo multi-media is the linux desktop's weakest point06:44
=== j-rock [~joe@c68.187.89.125.eau.wi.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
calcphotoshop used to be available for solaris but not for linux06:44
sabmoc|workfarruinn: color management is pretty weak too06:44
mhandlDoes anybody knows , how to set up default sound card, when you have onboard VIA 82xx, SB Audigy + USB Logitech WebCam, I can not get a sound from it.06:44
madstopI agree, farruinn.  Of course, adding to the problem, with ubuntu especially, is the whole proprietary software tangle06:44
Mguel721sabmoc|work: I got this in return - E: Couldn't find package bluefish06:45
dweavergeneo93: I have hoary.  I've always been about the bleeding edge.06:45
jancsabmoc|work : Adobe has just released their GUI-description-code as open source, so maybe that will help a linux port  ;-)06:45
sabmoc|workMguel721: you need to add universe to your apt repository list. check the documentation.06:45
farruinnmadstop: that there is the big problem, closed formats, etc06:45
geneo93dweaver:  same here06:45
Squaremy only complaint about ubuntu is the apt repositories are a bit broken at the moment hopefully fixed soon06:45
Quinn_StormSquare: mine are fine...what are you having troubles with?06:46
geneo93dweaver:  used mandrake for years till i found this06:46
farruinnSquare: broken? ow?06:46
farruinnor how?06:46
Squarekernel source for horry not in it for one06:46
sabmoc|workjanc yes, but as far as i've heard its is just c++ templates for gui's which is nice, but not going to give us photoshop anytime soon.06:46
=== Pawnomatic [~pawn@] has joined #ubuntu
jancnot yet, but it might help06:46
Pawnomaticubuntu rocks06:46
sabmoc|workjanc yes06:47
Mguel721sabmoc|work who do I view the documentation?06:47
Pawnomaticjust had to tell somone06:47
sabmoc|workPawnomatic: we know06:47
Squareand a few other packages ive tried to install complaind about missing files06:47
Mguel721where do I go06:47
Pawnomaticit just makes me so happy..... haha06:47
Mguel721can u please help06:47
jancOTOH, if The GIMP would use liblcms, that would help professional graphics designers too...06:47
sabmoc|workMguel721: yes06:47
madstopSquare, Ive had similar problems.06:47
=== Pawnomatic [~pawn@] has left #ubuntu []
sabmoc|workMguel721: http://ubuntuguide.org/index.html#extrarepositories06:47
calcSquare: i'm downloading the linux source off the mirror right now, perhaps your system is broken?06:48
dweaverYeh, that was my last distro too.  In fact I was looking at loading Mandrake tonight now that my audio has quit.  I just like Ubuntu too much to switch right now.06:48
sabmoc|workjanc I hear it does now, they finally got the message.06:48
=== png`idLe [~png@dsl81-215-37106.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
sirukinanyone canadian here?06:48
sabmoc|workme, eh!06:48
=== Mguel721 [~miguel721@ca-santaanahead-cuda1-c2a-27.anhmca.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
DarthFrogdweaver: I've been running Mandrake for years, ever since Mdk 7.0.  I've decided to switch to Ubuntu.06:49
geneo93dweaver:  i have cooker 10.2 on here along with slack 10.0 and suse 9.206:49
DarthFrogsirukin: Eh?  :-)  I'm in BC.06:49
jancwell, anyone doing work for print can't do that without decent CMYK support...06:49
farruinndweaver: if the audio problem is caused by a kernel upgrade you could just boot with the older kernel...06:49
sabmoc|workDarthFrog: me206:49
dweaverDarthFrog: What made you switch?06:49
SquareI dont know but the source for 2.6.10 isnt listed in synaptic06:50
sirukinI'd like to start a canadian local team06:50
geneo93dweaver:  its not cutting edge anymore06:50
sirukinstrip down the hoary release, update packages, release06:50
sirukinhoary preview*06:50
DarthFrogdweaver: Both positive and negative features.  I was getting really, really annoyed with Mandrake's update policy, that things are pretty much only available to club members.06:50
dweavergeneo93: damn- don't have the horsepower to run that many distros.06:50
sabmoc|worksirukin: wow, interesting06:51
DarthFrogdweaver: Aside from any political issues, Ubuntu is a superb linux.06:51
dweaverfarrium: I am just back to linux, how hard is that?06:51
DarthFrogdweaver: And politically, I really like Ubuntu's credo.  I love the concept of ubuntu.06:51
geneo93oh i have 6 scsi's plus two 75 gig ides06:51
sabmoc|workDarthFrog: what political issues?06:51
DarthFrogdweaver: and lastly, Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, is in the Isle of Man.  That's where I'm from. :-)06:52
sirukinubuntu "has" it, the other distro's are aimed at the developer or bussiness workstation06:52
geneo93dweaver:  this is a dualy06:52
DarthFrogsabmoc|work: The Ubuntu manifesto.06:52
janc'humanity to others'?  :)06:52
sirukinUbuntu is for the user, and it just simply....rocks as far as maintaining the gnu in gnu/linux06:52
sabmoc|workDarthFrog: whats wrong with a manifesto?06:52
madstopwell put, sirukin06:53
dweaverDarthFrog: Please expand on the political issue w/ Ubuntu.  Being the ugly American I tend to be politiclly niave(sp)06:53
madstopwhy do I find myself thinking that gnome has a very different mindset and attitude toward users, though?06:53
DarthFrogsabmoc|work: Nothing.  I'm saying that's one of the things I love about Ubuntu.06:54
madstopI don't know anything about the gnome project, but a lot of their choices seem less than user-friendly06:54
dweaverThe guy behind Ubuntu went to space, right?06:54
DarthFrogdweaver: Go to www.ubuntu.com and read it.  Then come back.06:54
madstopThe man behind canonical went to space06:54
madstopI assume ubuntu existed in some form prior to Canonical's backing, I don't know --06:55
sabmoc|workI dont think so06:55
DarthFrogMark Shuttleworth got $500 million for the sale of Thawte Consulting to Verisign.  He was a space tourist. :-)06:55
sirukinanyone else from canada?06:55
DarthFrogmadstop: Nope.  Ubuntu is crunchy new. :-)06:55
sabmoc|workok, shutup all of you, i must work!06:56
dweaverDarthFrog:  Sorry, I am not one to ask questions before reading the faq.  Just been sitting here drinking and asked the question.  I'll do my research.06:56
mhandlsirukin: I,m from BC06:56
DarthFrogsabmoc|work: Don't let us disturb you. :-)06:56
Squareits realy amazing how fast ubuntu has grown, last year hardly anyones heard of it, now its right up with mandrake/redhat/debian06:56
sirukinyeah, get thee to work06:56
=== sirukin cracks whip
DarthFrogdweaver: It's just that they explain it better than I could.06:56
=== sabmoc|work ignores all of you ubuntu'ers and pretends to work
madstopgreat for debian itself, to have ubuntu drawing in so many new users06:57
=== sig [~sig@sig.user] has joined #ubuntu
DarthFrogmadstop: And with Ubuntu being a great desktop Debian, it also promotes the ideals of Debian.06:58
geneo93well i shyed away from debian for a long time06:58
dweaverDarthFrog: OK, I justg thought you were one of those Read The Faq Stupid kind of people.06:58
Squaremaybe debain will realse a new version soon, 3.0 getting pritty old lol06:58
Xenguy(and credit to debian too, for being that 'awesome foundation' :-)06:58
XenguyDarthFrog: absolutely06:58
DarthFrogdweaver: No, I'm not.  If it's obvious that someone wants me to do their work for them,  I can be ... difficult. :-)  But if someone is asking honestly, I try to be helpful.06:59
geneo93the so called intergation of python makes it great06:59
dweavergeneo93: what brought you to Ubuntu if you shyed away from debian?06:59
DarthFroggeneo93: There's nothing so-called about it.  Ubuntu has offered a bounty for getting greater use of Python in the wider community.07:00
geneo93well mandrake is like lost all itss good developers so whats one to do07:00
DarthFrogdweaver: We were all newbies once.  I try to remember that. :-)07:00
DarthFrogAnd there still a significant part of me that holds onto the idealism of the '60's. :-)07:01
Squarelast time I installed mandrake its f'ed up my mbr so bad I had to low level format to use hda.. never useing it again07:01
jancwhat I like about Ubuntu : it tries to be nice to newbies without shying away experienced users07:01
madstopI'm not even a programmer, and only marginally computer literate, but what little I've seen of python in use, really impresses me.  I may actually try to learn it.07:01
dweaverDarthFrog:  I guess I am a Newbie once again.  Now if we can just do that with virginity!07:01
=== FlyNavy [~flynavy@cable-68-114-115-219.sli.la.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
jdubDarthFrog: ubuntu is more than just "desktop" debian :)07:01
madstopwhen I grow some more brain cells.07:01
=== calamari [~calamari@dialup-] has joined #ubuntu
DarthFrogjanc: Zigzactly!  it's great for beginner and expert, alike.07:01
Quinn_Stormmadstop: if you can get on irc and use ubuntu you're fairly computer literate07:01
FlyNavyHello everyone07:02
geneo93DarthFrog:  its something some others have been riping on me about python being slow .i just didn't say it right07:02
DarthFrogjdub: How do you see it?07:02
dweaverFlyNavy: What did you fly?07:02
Xenguyjdub: How would you characterize Ubuntu then?07:02
JDahlis there a deeper reason why Canonical is pursuing Arch instead of subversion, or is that just a matter of coincidence?07:02
FlyNavyH2 Seasprite07:02
madstopthank you Quinn_Storm ; unfortunately, when it comes to the programming side of things, I've never made it past "hello world!" in anything!07:02
DarthFroggeneo93: If python is too slow, let them code C. :-)07:02
geneo93hey i have subversion07:03
jdubDarthFrog: it kicks butt for servers too, it just happens to have a really awesome desktop07:03
Xenguyjdub: I see where yer coming from07:03
Quinn_Stormmadstop: that I understand, not everyone's a programmer07:03
geneo93python just kills php07:03
DarthFrogjdub: Not arguing against using Ubuntu for servers but why wouldn't you use regular Debian for that?07:03
XenguyDarthFrog: a fair question IMO07:04
jdubDarthFrog: because ubuntu is newer, has excellent security support, etc.07:04
sabmoc|workIs the server end of ubuntu substantially different from debian?07:04
FlyNavyCan anyone help with display problems on install?07:04
jdubDarthFrog: big difference betweeen warty and woody :)07:04
DarthFrogjdub: OK, I've not investigated that.07:04
geneo93twisted and nevou07:04
Xenguyjdub: well newer isn't always better :-) , and I think Debian has excellent security support really07:05
jancgeneo93 : 'nevow'  :)07:05
madstopjdub, how much influence, if any, does the ubuntu team have with the gnome developers?  Is there cooperation happening there?07:05
jdubXenguy: it's very difficult to provide solid support for woody07:05
DarthFrogjdub: Yeah, woody is old now.  But sarge isn't.07:05
pinPointanyone with experience concerning ndiswrapper and wireless nic07:05
geneo93well i forgot how to spell07:05
jdubmadstop: lots of gnome people involved in ubuntu07:05
Xenguyjdub: that will change RSN :-)07:05
jdubmadstop: i do release strategy for ubuntu, and am release manager of gnome07:05
jancgeneo93 : it's 'woven' spelled backwards07:06
siganyone know what package  mpeg2encode comes in?07:06
janc'woven' was the predecessor of 'nevow'07:06
jdubXenguy: mmm, it's been RSN for a long time now. meanwhile, i trust the ubuntu release cycle and security team. :)07:06
geneo93lots of threads07:06
madstopAh, jdub. Great.  Well, since this ain't the "gnome channel" I'll try to restrain myelf from interrogating you about gnome07:06
Squarewoody is too old for some newer hardware07:06
Xenguyjdub: hence my smiley - it's a bone of contention, for sure07:06
madstopespecially since I need to do my homework on it07:06
pinPointmy wireless card says its active yet it never DHCP07:07
DarthFrogjdub: Let's agree, then, that Ubuntu makes for a truly excellent desktop Linux.07:07
pinPointit doenst do anything07:07
XenguyDarthFrog: I'll raise my glass to that :-)07:07
DarthFrogXenguy: I just did. :-)  Rum & coke.07:07
pinPointiwlist wlan0 scan returns "No Scan results"07:08
=== sirk [~bryan@] has joined #ubuntu
=== sirk is now known as siruki
pinPointi have the network ssid and key correct07:08
XenguyDarthFrog: beer here, er, hear hear! :-)07:08
sirukiatkbd.c: Use 'setkeycodes e03e <keycode>' to make it known.07:08
Quinn_StormpinPoint: if you are using a non-broadcasted ssid you shouldn't be able to pick it up on scan, should you?07:08
sirukix froze on that07:08
pinPointyou're right07:08
pinPointso then why doesnt it work07:08
bryansiruki:  multimedia keyboard?07:08
DarthFrogpinPoint: Can it connect with out encryption?07:09
pinPointthe ssid is correct and key07:09
=== Jaysun [~theologyg@wbar3.wdc2-] has joined #ubuntu
pinPointwell im using the Network app07:09
madstopjdub, any chance that gdesklets, (speaking of cool python stuff) might be integrated into gnome/ubuntu, and made easier for folks to use out of the box?07:09
Quinn_StormpinPoint: I don't know...don't know enough about wireless under linux, I'm using a win bridge machine to connect to my wireless b/c my card isn't linux supported07:09
pinPointdoesnt give that much options at all07:09
=== chisno [~chisno@] has joined #ubuntu
dweavercan someone explain in a few short words how Ubuntu is going to differ from Debian in the future?  I heard on an interview that they were going to fork buthen merge changes back in, is this correect?07:09
DarthFrogpinPoint: My advice would be to turn off encryption on the router and get it working that way first.07:09
=== Jaysun [~theologyg@wbar3.wdc2-] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
sabmoc|workI thought I told you all to stop chatting and go home.07:10
DarthFrogdweaver: Yes.07:10
madstopI mean to say, offered with the default install, I know gdesklets are available, just tricky for a noob to use...07:10
pinPointturn it off?07:10
DarthFrogsabmoc|work: But I'm at home, Kemo Sabe!07:10
sabmoc|workDarthFrog: ok, you can stay, everybody else go home.07:10
dweaverI'm home also, must be time for another beer.07:11
DarthFrogpinPoint: Well, don't do any on-line banking during that time. :-)  Other than that, what do you care?07:11
janchm, seems like MonoDevelop isn't really very stable yet...07:11
madstopsabmoc|work, have another drink and get back to work, dammit07:11
jdubmadstop: doubt it07:11
sabmoc|workmadstop: but I only had 1 beer left and its half gone already.07:11
=== mrwick [~mrwick@h00115000402e.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
dweaverAnybody working with Mono yet?07:11
pinPointDarthFrog: so its ok if someone enters your network at home from outside07:11
sabmoc|workdweaver: I flirted with it for a while. The mono channel on irc.gnome.org is pretty good.07:12
madstopok jdub, how about this -- wholescale stealing of kde applets to add to the panel options in gnome?  starting with the kde screenshot app -- gnome's is primitive in comparison...07:12
sirukiwas watching the thing on history tv about the canadian snipers07:12
pinPointit doesnt work with key disabled07:12
DarthFrogpinPoint: You're only talking about a short while.  And if you're all that hot & bothered about it, disconnect the router from its net connection; the DHCP server will still work and you can ping the router for testing.07:12
=== Marble2 [~Marble@CPE-24-163-214-72.mn.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== mark_ [~mark@cpe-24-160-99-152.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
dweaversabmoc:  I just picked up a new keg today.  You are welcome to stop by.07:13
sirukiyeah, it's a logitech access keyboard07:13
sabmoc|workoh man07:13
=== FlyNavy [~flynavy@cable-68-114-115-219.sli.la.charter.com] has left #ubuntu []
sirukiany ideas?07:13
pinPointDarthFrog: not working... key is disabled07:13
Marble2okay, some stuff in my gnome setup is really messed up. my mouse doesn'07:13
pinPointpinged yahoo.com07:13
=== FlyNavy [~flynavy@cable-68-114-115-219.sli.la.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
Marble2*doesn't work at the gnome login screen07:13
Marble2and some stuff pops up every time I login07:13
mark_where do you find video card settings07:13
Marble2I don't know how to make it not do that, messing with stuff in session properties does nothign07:13
dweaversabmoc: do you work with .Net?07:13
DarthFrogpinPoint: OK, now you know that it wasn't your encryption setup.  You have to get the basic functionality working before enabling WEP/WPA.07:14
sabmoc|work"some stuff" can you be more specific?07:14
sabmoc|workdweaver: no07:14
madstophalf the time hoary turns my touchpad off at boot.  fortunately there's a button I can push to start it, on this laptop.07:14
Marble2sabmoc|work: opens a nautilus in my user home and opens session setup07:14
pinPointit installed without problems07:14
jancdweaver : I need C# for evening school, so want to use it, if possible...07:14
pinPointnot this again07:14
mark_or how do you access the settings in ubuntu07:14
=== FlyNavy [~flynavy@cable-68-114-115-219.sli.la.charter.com] has left #ubuntu []
geneo93i would like to see a complete wm built with python07:16
madstopWorst annoyance in hoary so far for me is, much of the time I'm not permitted to save stuff on the desktop, or the icons get pushed half way off the screen, and some apps open partway hidden by panels07:16
sabmoc|workjanc having taken programming I can say that your probably going to need a windows machine, not that mono isnt awesome, it is. But chances are your going to be doing some windows.forms stuff and god knows what else and for that your probably going to have to spend more time than its worth screwing with mono.07:16
=== DarthFrog is starting to really hate the CapsLock key. Blasted nuisance.
sirukiany ideas?07:16
sirukignome/xorg freezes07:17
dweaverjanc: I am currently developing C# on windows.   I am looking into using it at home to further my knowledge.  I am not encouraged with its current state but am hoeful.07:17
=== nicedreams [~ken@ip68-2-79-215.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabmoc|worksiruki have you graded everything?07:17
jancsabmoc|work : we have both VB.NET & C#, and I use SharpDevelop on Windows now07:17
sirukiI just left it downloading packages now07:17
jancbut for C# we don't use Windows.Forms07:17
dweaverWindows.Forms is coming soon for Mono.07:17
madstopsabmoc, back to work man.  no more beer.  you're dropping syllabes07:18
nicedreamshas anyone noticed a big problem with Hoary Preview 1?07:18
sabmoc|worksiruki make sure everything is up to date, then do `dpkg-reconfigre xserver-xorg` because if its crashing its probably not setup right.07:18
=== FireEgl [Ariel@Atlantica.Linux-Debian.Info] has joined #Ubuntu
nicedreamsperformance decrease and stuff07:18
sabmoc|workmadstop: lol07:18
sirukiI'll try that07:18
dweaverMy only problem with Hoary so far is that my audio stopped working.07:19
nicedreamsyea..that too07:19
bryannicedreams:  it's a little laggy for me, and i've got 2.8ghz P4 with 1024MB ram07:19
nicedreamsi installed fluxbox and sound works fine07:19
geneo93nicedreams:  apt-get dist-upgrade07:19
nicedreamslaggy for me too07:19
sirukivlc and mplayer as well as totem won't use the correct sound device07:19
nicedreamsgeneo93: I did about 20 mins ago07:19
sabmoc|workjanc monodevelop is pretty nice, im not sure how it stacks vs sharpdevelop because I never got around to using sharpdevelop.07:19
sirukithe onboard sound card is what I want to disable, and it uses it for some things07:19
nicedreamsand 12 hours before that07:19
bryanwell, i actually only have 768 to use, because my onboard video uses up 128MB of it07:20
nicedreamssound works in fluxbox07:20
nicedreamstry it out07:20
DarthFrogsiruki: Wouldn't you disable the on-board sound card in the BIOS?07:20
geneo93everythings working fine for me07:20
dweaverlaggy? I'm on a 433 laptop and love it.  ... OK, I switched from XP trying to do .Net development.:)07:20
nicedreamsgeneo93: did you upgrade or install from cd preview 1?07:20
sabmoc|workwaddles away to work07:20
=== thr1ce [1000@brouwers.resnet.mtu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
DarthFrogbryan: That's way too much memory to give onboard video.  32 MB would be plenty.07:21
geneo93upgrade from warty07:21
jancsharpdevelop has a gui designer & all07:21
nicedreamsturn off on board video and get a real video card07:21
bryanDarthFrog:  i shouldn't need more then 512 to for everything to run smoothly07:21
dweaverjanc: what is sharpdeveolp?07:21
sirukiDarthFrog: I am using windows, and it needs the onboard sound or it produces artefacts07:21
Quinn_Stormdweaver: its a very nice IDE for doing .NET development for windows...not sure if its available for other platforms07:22
bryanlets just say, XP is atleast 30% faster in response times compared to Hoary07:22
jancdweaver : open source IDE for .NET on Windows07:22
nicedreamssiruki upgrade your windows drivers07:22
=== sabmoc|work thinks the wave of the future is pascal, it will drive all those .Net and Java developers out of business.
nicedreamssiruki, wait, you get artifacts with it on?07:22
=== sabmoc|work will finally be useful
DarthFrogbryan: Perhaps.  But Linux uses RAM very efficiently.  You're depriving it of RAM that it could otherwise use for buffers/cache.07:22
nicedreamssiruki, err off i mian07:22
dweaverSo stick with Mono on Linux?07:22
=== DarthFrog wants some of what sabmoc|work is smoking. :-)
sabmoc|workdweaver: if your on linux, mono is your best option07:23
sabmoc|worklol @ DarthFrog07:23
bryanDarthFrog:  right now with bittorrent downloading @ 400kB/s and 4 tabs of firefox open + xchat ahd GAIM i'm only using up 250MB07:23
jancsabmoc|work : after using BASIC on my ZX Spectrum & then GW Basic, I've used Turbo Pascal a lot   :-)07:23
DarthFrogbryan: Your call.07:23
janchm, I should check FreePascal on Ubuntu...07:24
SquareI miss C64 basic ;)07:24
dweaverAm on Linux at home now, had enough and just loaded Ubuntu over XP.  Still on windows at work but have to work with VS.Net there.07:24
=== Art_ [~art@44.gardena-11rh16rt.ca.dial-access.att.net] has joined #ubuntu
bryanthat still leaves 650mb to either be cached or sit unused07:24
geneo93hey i have two chat client gong getting updates and watching tv07:24
sabmoc|workjanc: nice, did you know the man who invented turbo pascal is head of the C# development team07:24
DarthFrogbryan: It won't sit unused. :-)07:24
dweaverFreePascal?  Anything like PowerBuilder?07:25
jancsabmoc|work : he invented Delphi, not Turbo Pascal07:25
sabmoc|workjanc ah my bad07:25
sabmoc|worksame thing :P07:25
bryanI'm probably going to end up splurging on a nice new video card and motherboard07:25
jancdweaver : FreePascal is an Object Pascal compiler07:25
=== DarthFrog is going AFK for bit. Gonna take my dog for a walk. BBIAB.
sabmoc|workdont forget to scoop07:26
jancLazarus is an open source RAD tool like Delphi07:26
dweaverIsn't PowerBuilder based on Pascal?07:26
sirukibryan: we share a name07:26
=== siruki smirks
jancwhich uses FreePascal07:26
geneo93bryan:  get a quad xeon07:26
janci've never used PowerBuilder07:26
bryanno need for that07:26
sabmoc|workgeneo93: no, get a dual amd64 with pci-express and an nvidia-quadro card, ooooOOooooo.....07:26
=== sabmoc|work drools
bryani'd rather wait for dual core chips07:27
linux_galorealways try gambas or "realbasic"07:27
geneo93not me i shy away from amd07:27
madstopI'm loving amd64 so far, but I'm no expert.07:27
bryani've never had an AMD, but the FX series looks tempting07:27
zenroxgeneo93,  2 irc clients both open on 2 different macines all on one montor07:28
sabmoc|workdualcore opterons will own all your bases!07:28
zenrox bbl07:28
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
linux_galorewtf -f gambas|grep -i "http//":07:28
bryanbut i'll stick my with P4 for now, 2.8ghz should last me a while07:28
dweaverI know while I was getting a beer something was said about Python, but I have to ask a question.  Is Python something an MS Developer should try to learn if switching to Linux or would you recomend something else?07:28
geneo93bryan:  i'd like to have one of those dual mini itx jobs07:28
membreyabryan: getting a bit dated :P07:28
Squaresilly question perhaps but does linux on amd 64 support running 32 bit apps07:28
=== ginger_ [~ginger@S01060080c6f1b858.vc.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
bryanmembreya:  hardly07:29
linux_galorewtf -f gambas|grep -i http::07:29
linux_galore http://gambas.sourceforge.net/07:29
membreyaSquare: it does, but you have to chroot it07:29
bryan2.8ghz P4 still beats any 32bit athlon07:29
membreyamy bad bryan .. i think my amd64 3200 is dated07:29
=== ells [~steve@69-171-77-164.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
jancdweaver : every developer should learn python07:29
=== dampjam [~irc@WUW1.rh.psu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
jancwindows, linux, macosx, whatever07:29
bryani've been trying some python07:29
ellsdoes anyone know why gtkpod wont import mp4s07:29
bryanit's pretty easy07:29
=== dampjam_ [~dampjam@WUW1.rh.psu.edu] has joined #ubuntu
=== Hayden [~h@203-219-130-10-qld.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
dweaverjanc: Python can develop GUI apps, right?07:30
sabmoc|workdweaver: its not so much how many languages you learn, its more how well you solve difficult problems and for that you need to be very good at what you do which needs focus. Also, onces you've mastered a language and solve very difficult problems with it, it is easy to pick up another one.07:30
linux_galoreells: mp3's ?07:30
geneo93dweaver:  yes07:30
ellsno, mp407:30
jancyou can write everything you wish in python07:30
dampjamAny suggestions on getting 3d acceleration to work with xorg? I have te 82852/855GM Intel integrated graphics07:30
ellsyou know aac files07:30
linux_galoreells: mp4 is video07:30
ellsAAC files07:31
jancthere is even an OS-kernel written in Python  ;-)07:31
madstopI think gdesklets are python, and zope and plone are, aren't they?07:31
Squarelearning a language is easy, applying that knolage to something useful is the hard part07:31
ellslinux_galore, I am certain that mp4 is audio, apple07:31
janczope & plone are python, yes07:31
bryanarn't mp4's what you download from itunes07:31
ellslinux_galore, ipod07:31
ellsgtkpod wont import them07:31
=== DR_K13 [~sean@ip68-5-32-179.oc.oc.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
ellslinux_galore, they will only take mp307:32
ellslinux_galore, no AAC files, why07:32
sabmoc|workdweaver: just learn html07:32
=== nicedreams [~ken@ip68-2-79-215.ph.ph.cox.net] has left #ubuntu []
bryansabmoc|work:  XHTML!07:32
jancxhtml 2.0 ?  :)07:33
sabmoc|workno wait.. XDHAFLKFSHDHTML!!07:33
bryanhow about XSGML07:33
madstopmy keyboard is flaking out on me...07:33
=== maccorin [~maccorin@adsl-067-034-136-135.sip.mco.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabmoc|workhow about xul?07:33
geneo93just learn python and you dont need all that silly shit07:33
=== maccorin is now known as brandon_niemczyk
jancmy first bug report ever was for the xhtml 2 spec, and that's still not released  :)07:34
ellsanyone know why the gtkpod wont import the mp4 from the ipod07:34
=== madstop wonders what key combinations he's hitting are accidentally minimizing xchat constantly
=== tsaphah [~tsaphah@66-190-240-63.or.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== linux_galore [~linux_gal@60-240-70-160-nsw-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
=== siimo [~siimo@siimo.user] has joined #ubuntu
=== linux_galore [~linux_gal@60-240-70-160-nsw-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
tsaphahwhy is ubuntu set to use a pre 1.0 version of firefox?  Is it not possible to get a newer version without compiling my own?07:35
linux_galorecould be you dont have hfs support07:35
siimotsaphah ?07:35
Quinn_Stormtsaphah: if you've updated your system you should have the most recent version07:35
linux_galoretime to go07:36
=== linux_galore [~linux_gal@60-240-70-160-nsw-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has left #ubuntu []
jancwarty has an older version of Firefox07:36
dweaverSabmoc: yes, I know that.  I have been developing for almost 20 years now and have seen many people that judge themselves by the languages that they know.  I am just looking to start developing on an OS that I like rather than one that I am forced to and was curious as to what I should look into.  I know that most development on linux is done in c but I am not that anal.  If there is an easy tool I'll use it.07:36
tsaphahhrm .. I'll try the apt stuff again.07:36
siimohi, can someone please tell me how to change my system so that  httpd will not start at bootup and i can start it whenever i want by /etc/init.d/httpd start07:36
geneo93dweaver:  try qt designer07:37
dweaverDoes anyone here  have any experience syncing an Axim to GNOME?07:37
tsaphahah, I see the problem.  Source list is only set for security and archive :P07:37
dweavergeneo93: Is that language independent or does it rely on a specific language?07:38
bryanqt sucks07:38
geneo93tsaphah:  tick then all the update07:38
janctsaphah : the warty release doesn't have FF 1.0 yet07:38
sabmoc|workdweaver: Alright, sorry. Its nice to see experienced people moving to Linux! So many experienced windows admins or hackers are so set in there ways and afraid of Linux (I think because they have no real skils and have gotten by mostly by fooling there non-techy bosses). Anyway, yeah python is good. I judge a language by how many real applications are written in that language, python passes that test.07:38
bryanif you want easy GUI design for stuff like python and c/c++ use glade07:38
geneo93c c++07:38
nomasteryodatsaphah, my list on http://mgalug.org/books/suse (Update it!) has a nice apt sources.list07:38
dweaverbryan: what do you recommend?07:39
tsaphahjanc: ah, that would explain things.07:39
nomasteryodai now have kde 3.407:39
=== micmur [~micmur@ool-44c36bb1.dyn.optonline.net] has joined #ubuntu
tsaphahnomasteryoda: I'll talk a look. Thanks for the pointer07:39
jancwarty has FF 0.9x + security fixes07:39
janchoary has 1.0.1 now07:39
=== sirukin [~bryan@] has joined #ubuntu
pinPointifup wlan0 hangs07:40
pinPointin console07:40
tsaphahDoes ubuntu handle switching the source files from warty to hoary without breaking too much?07:40
sabmoc|worksiimo: `sudo chmod -x /etc/init.d/httpd`07:40
nomasteryodait does now07:40
geneo93tsaphah:  no07:41
nomasteryodatsaphah, sorry about that link... it was for suse channel07:41
sabmoc|worktsaphah: I did it, and nothing borked on me.07:41
siimosabmoc|work, but then i cant run the script manually?07:41
=== beesee [~beesea@clt74-9-133.carolina.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== beesee [~beesea@clt74-9-133.carolina.rr.com] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
tsaphahnomasteryoda: I was wondering :P07:41
sabmoc|worksiimo: hmm true, never thought of that.07:41
tsaphahsbmoc|work: k, I might give it a try. I've upgraded debian and suse systems that way without a problem, but you never now.07:42
geneo93tsaphah:  just go the whole thing07:42
tsaphah*nods* thanks folks07:43
geneo93tsaphah:  just change repositories to hoary07:43
jdubdid everyone hear about the mascot competition?07:43
nomasteryodabeen fighting enabling wifi here at Novell community meeting in Utah07:43
dweaversamboc: I have been around longer than I would like to admit.  I actually started with Linux because of a client I had back in '98 althought that was just an admin role.  Now I find myself looking to branch out career wise and don't think COBOL is a strong point on my resume. :)07:43
sabmoc|worksiimo: update-rc.d is your friend07:43
=== nomasteryoda (got an invite and a free plane ticket from Novell)
jancdweaver : many big companies still use COBOL  :)07:43
sabmoc|workdweaver: lol07:44
dweaverI will never go back to the Green Screen.07:44
jancbanks & the like07:44
sabmoc|worksiimo: do `man update-rc.d` that is how to take apps out of the init system so they wont start at boot properly.07:44
ginger_can i trouble anyone with a question about sound and a Via VT82C686?07:44
madstopfolks, I'd love to hear anyone's opinions on best first language for a total non-programmer to try to learn?07:45
j-rockmadstop: python07:45
jancmadstop : python07:45
j-rockmadstop: tons of documentation07:45
=== alec [~alec@adsl-61-168-70.bna.bellsouth.net] has joined #ubuntu
j-rockmadstop: just remember that you are going to HAVE to read the docs, its not an instant understanding07:45
sabmoc|workmadstop: html and javascript07:45
Squareshell scripting07:45
j-rockheh, i've always hated html07:46
sabmoc|workhtml is meant to be hated07:46
jdubmadstop: do you want to learn how to be a programmer, or do you just want to do stuff?07:46
madstopThe tutorials for python seem excellent -- Square, you mean like perl, ? is that shell scripting?07:46
Squareperl or just bash scripting07:46
dweavermadstop:  I have been looking at Python and really like it.  I don't think that a novice would have problems with the tutorial although I have been twiddling bits for a very long time and may be full of shit.07:47
madstopjdub, I'd like to know enough to alter the behaviour of open source apps I enjoy using07:47
membreyalearn c :)07:47
madstopmaybe develop simple programs for educational software07:47
jdubmadstop: to a huge extent, that means learning C07:48
dweaverc? isn't that in the Smithsonian?07:48
sabmoc|workjdub: cool, I think i'll fireup the old pixelatron and see what I can do! :)07:48
thr1ceanyone know where the system beep is in KDE ?07:48
jdubmadstop: but you can learn "on the job" - it's worth getting your hands dirty and seeing what happens :)07:48
sabmoc|workah the pixelatron9000.. my old friend07:48
madstopas it happens, jdub, I have been dragging a C textbook around with me (and one of my favorite wiki apps is written in c...)07:49
dweaverAnybody need a beer?  I'm going.07:49
ellsanyone know what must be done so I can import my m4a files from my ipod to gtkpod07:49
tsaphahmadstop: I agree with what's been said.  C & C++ - if you want down and dirty programming and mess with a lot of Open Source apps. Can't go wrong with Python or Perl though.07:49
sabmoc|workmadstop: wiki written in C? which one?07:49
madstopthat's something that seems nice about python; the programs seem very literate and helpfully written, easy to follow07:50
=== neighborlee [~neighborl@d2-251.rb2.gh.centurytel.net] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
sabmoc|workmadstop: dont forget to learn assembly07:50
jancmadstop : that's right07:51
madstopWxWikiserver -- a "personal wiki" thing.  Excellent.  I've heard it runs with wine, haven't tried it, sabmoc|work07:51
ellsanyone know what must be done so I can import my m4a files from my ipod to gtkpod07:51
=== siimo [~siimo@siimo.user] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
madstopassembly, sabmoc|work -- jesus!  don't mess with the noob's head, ok?  lol07:51
geneo93ells:  ubuntu wiki07:51
ellsgeneo93, is there one about it on the site07:52
dweaverWhat the hell,  I just decided to get you all a round.  I just poored it in my scanner, hope you enjoy it.07:52
=== _AzMoo_ [~AzMoo@ppp248-56.lns2.adl2.internode.on.net] has joined #ubuntu
membreyathanks dweaver :)07:52
sabmoc|workmadstop: even though they laughed I was serious. assembly is great and it will help you to understand what is ACTUALLY going on inside the cpu. Im not saying you need to write apps in it for a living, but spend a month with an assembly book at least once in your life. Trust me.07:52
dweaverjanc: probably not as good as your beer, its Canadian.07:53
geneo93dweaver:  hope thats full bodied beer not much for lite beers07:53
sabmoc|workmmmm beer...07:53
membreyahas to be stellar dweaver :)07:53
madstoplike I said, I've never made it past "hello world!" in anything yet, so who knows...07:53
membreyastella even :|07:53
=== Square is out of beer and is sad
tsaphahmadstop: I'd agree with sabmoc, its nice to look at the assembly your compiler gernerates and have a clue what's being done :)07:53
geneo93dweaver:  i like labatts blue07:54
=== DarthFrog notes that St. Paddy's Day was yesterday. I hoisted more than one pint of Guinness in his honour. :-)
membreyai have like 28 bottles of wine here, but gf won't let me drink :(07:54
DarthFrogmembreya: You need a new gf.07:54
sabmoc|workmadstop: spend a month on assembly, you'll be glad you did, but maybe wait until you understand more than just the basics of programming.07:54
membreyalol DarthFrog ..she has a point.. i tend to binge and spew blood :|07:54
dweavergeneo93: while I brew my own and prefer good ales,  we keep Molson Canadian on tap to please the wife and neighbors.07:54
tsaphahmadstop: I prefer C++ myself, but that's just becuase its what I do most of my work in.07:54
jancdweaver : I hope your scanner enjoys it :)07:54
sabmoc|workmembreya: omg!07:54
=== FlyNavy [~flynavy@cable-68-114-115-219.sli.la.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
DarthFrogmembreya: Um, yes. She does have a point.  Slow down, man!07:55
geneo93dweaver:  thats good beer07:55
membreyai drink to get blitzed :)07:55
sabmoc|workteh zmog!07:55
madstopthanks for the advice guys!  heh, I notice nobody has said anything about java --- ;)07:55
dweavermembreya:  if you aren't going to drink them, I will take very good care of them.07:55
DarthFrogmembreya: That's a bad road to go down, my man.  Seriously.07:55
jancsabmoc|work : might be better to learn 8080 assembler or something like that though07:55
geneo93dweaver:  i'm retired so i cant afford much07:56
jancmaybe 8086 assmebler07:56
membreyadweaver: ..they're mostly whites so I have to drink them in the next year07:56
sabmoc|workjanc its been a while :)07:56
jancbut not the mess of x86/MMX/MMX2/SSE/SSE2/etc./etc./etc.07:56
=== sabmoc|work wanders away and trys to remember what he was working on.
dweavermembreya: don'rt we all.  it is just that some of us want it to taste better along the way.07:56
tsaphahAnyone by chance know of a good doc on getting Toshiba's laptop controls to work? I'd really like to turn down the monitor brightness.07:56
membreyadweaver: :P07:57
membreyaI only drink about 3 or 4 bottles at a time :(07:57
geneo93tsaphah:  just move the thing07:57
sabmoc|worktsaphah: have you googled?07:58
madstopmembreya, I hope your liver is as patient as your gf must be...07:58
dweavertsaphah:  I just put Ubuntu on my toshiba and would like to know the same.  I have problems with brightness and audio.07:58
=== janc is going to sleep
janc7h58 now...   :)07:59
=== sabmoc|work waves goodbye to janc
membreyaim more patient with her madstop ....she broke my nose once so I gave her a cuddle :P07:59
jancbye  :)07:59
DarthFrogjanc: where are you/07:59
jancbruges, belgium07:59
DarthFrogjanc: Ooh, you have good beer! :-)07:59
jancyeah  :)07:59
dampjamWhen I try to add: kernel-headers-2.6-686 I got the error: Depends: kernel-headers-2.6.8-2-686 but it is not installable07:59
dweaverDarthFrog: Are you in the states?08:00
DarthFrogdweaver: No, British Columbia08:00
membreyaDarthFrog: ...they export their crap beer to the rest of the world (stella) ...their domestic beer rules over anything I've ever drunk08:00
madstopouch membreya -- I've heard of crying in your beer, but, bleeding in your wine?  ouuuuch08:00
DarthFrogmembreya: Oh, there's many other Belgian beers besides Stella that I can buy here.08:00
dweaverDarthFrog: Well then, I raise my Molson Canadian to you. :)08:00
=== ut [~ut@cs-lab2.nat.buu.ac.th] has joined #ubuntu
tsaphahsabmoc: yeah, its been touch and go on fighting anything useful. Tidbits hear and there but nothing to get me closer to my goal.08:01
DarthFrogdweaver: yech!  Molson's.  Putrid stuff.08:01
jancDarthFrog : any good Belgien beers available there?08:01
membreyaDarthFrog: lucky :(08:01
tsaphahlol fighting = finding.. darn war movies in my brain08:01
sirukinzeedo, boo.08:01
madstopBest beer, Mexican, Negra Modelo.  forget about Corona.08:01
membreyabelgium make the best beer in the world08:01
DarthFrogjanc: Well, the few I've had, I'be liked.  Unfortunately, I have diabetes so can't be as ... dedicated as I'd otherwise like to be. :-)08:01
=== linuxg0d [linuxg0d@distros.is.my.bitchs.info] has joined #ubuntu
=== valeum [vampyre@m73.net81-66-181.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
geneo93san migal08:02
jancaw, too bad  :-/08:02
=== SapoDriLo [~SapoDriLo@dial-148-240-24-55.zone-1.dial.net.mx] has joined #ubuntu
=== ut [~ut@cs-lab2.nat.buu.ac.th] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
dweaverDarthFrog: Down here in the lower 48 it is the best keg I can get without a mortgage.08:02
pinPoint why wont my nic work08:02
membreyahehe dweaver :P08:02
DarthFrogdweaver: Hmm.  Anchor Steam is pretty good.  And the microbrews can be excellent.08:03
janci'm going to West-Vleteren abbey this or next month  :)08:03
=== mic_ [~mic@m109.net81-65-57.noos.fr] has joined #ubuntu
=== _tester_ [~yz@] has joined #ubuntu
DarthFrogpinPoint: What chipset does it have?08:03
membreyadweaver: blame your government, excises suck >:(08:03
DarthFrogpinPoint:  And you are using ndiswrapper to load the Windows driver?08:04
janctrapist ales only available at the monastery  :)08:04
dweaverDarthFrog: You are correct my friend, Anchor Steam is one of my favorites.  I just couldn't afford a keg of it even with your dollars. :)08:04
DarthFrogpinPoint: You've checked that with lsmod?08:04
DarthFrogdweaver: Too bad. :-(08:04
pinPointthat wasnt mentioned at ubuntu site08:04
DarthFrogjanc: That's a good thing.  Gets you out of the house. :-)08:05
dweaverjanc:  I thought you were leaving08:05
DarthFrogpinPoint: Open a root terminal and run lsmod.08:05
jancdweaver : right, I should be   :)08:05
DarthFrogpinPoint: It'll tell you what kernel modules are loaded.08:05
DarthFrogpinPoint: We're now in troubleshooting mode.08:05
=== png`idLe [~png@dsl81-215-40304.adsl.ttnet.net.tr] has joined #ubuntu
geneo93dweaver:  noone leave when talking about the esentuals of life08:06
dweaverjanc: its Saturday morning there, right?08:06
pinPointDarthFrog: ndiswrapper is08:06
DarthFrogpinPoint: You're rolling up your sleeves and looking under the covers. :-)08:06
jancdweaver : yes08:06
membreyageneo93: had a few to drink yourself there?08:06
DarthFrogpinPoint: Good stuff.  Now run ifconfig.08:06
jancyou guys should all come to FOSDEM in 2006  ;-)08:07
DarthFrogpinPoint: What interfaces are given?  Besides lo.08:07
pinPointeth0 sit0 wlan008:07
DarthFrogjanc: Got a spare bedroom? :-)08:07
geneo93ahh a few08:07
dizzieMorning all :)08:07
jancthey have trappist ales for 2 euros there  :)08:07
dweaverjanc: You gat a room?08:07
DarthFrogpinPoint: wlan0 is your wireless NIC.08:07
=== girl [~girl@] has joined #ubuntu
DarthFrogpinPoint: Does wlan0 have an IP address?08:07
sirukinwhat an original nickname08:07
=== sirukin smirks
DarthFrogHi girl08:07
membreyalol sirukin08:07
dweaverhi girl08:08
geneo93virginian moonshine08:08
pinPoint DarthFrog its ipv608:08
jancnot really a room, but like a friend of me says: you can always sleep under a bridge  ;-)08:08
sirukinthat's the terminal next to mine08:08
pinPointinte6 addr alone08:08
sirukin/nick <name>08:08
DarthFrogpinPoint: run "dhclient wlan0" and then check ifconfig again to see if wlan0 picked up an IP address.08:08
sirukinsorry, my brother messing around08:08
dweaverdoes the bridge have a feather matress?08:09
membreyasirukin: you're startin to scare me08:09
=== girl is now known as brandon
jancand debian develoeprs can always sleep at mind.be headquarters I'm told08:09
=== brandon is now known as brans5
DarthFrogWhat is FOSDEM?08:09
=== pinS [~pinS@] has joined #ubuntu
jancfree/open source meeting08:10
dweaverI knew a girl known as brandon once, it was a painful operation.08:10
sirukinthe system next to me is the one I setup for my sisters08:10
sirukinand my brother is using it08:10
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-136-124.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
jancin Brussels08:10
sirukinso blech08:10
FlyNavyAnyone help with display problem.  Just loaded ubuntu and GUI is messed up.  Didn't happen in Suse or Redhat.08:10
pinSDarthFrog, there http://rafb.net/paste/results/IBIMZL72.html08:10
sirukinFlyNavy, what's the problem?08:10
pinSthe error from dhclient08:11
FlyNavyWhen I boot into gui, screen has vertical splits and mouse disappears in sections and reappears on other side.08:11
=== hard_i [~hard_i@rapla.net] has joined #ubuntu
dweaverFlyNavy: how do you know what the answer will be if your display is hosed?08:11
membreyaFlyNavy: what video card?08:11
DarthFrogpinS: You have disabled encryption on the router?  you're not doing MAC address filtering?08:11
pinSmac filtering yest08:12
FlyNavyRage mobility08:12
DarthFrogpinS: Turn off MAC address filtering and try again.08:12
jancso now I'm really going to sleep til noon   :)08:12
FlyNavydweaver:  didn't get that.08:12
sirukinjust updated hoary08:12
DarthFrogjanc: Catch ya on the flip side.08:12
FlyNavymembreya: Rage Mobility 3 or 4.  can't remember08:13
=== asdqwe [~asdlkjsd@c211-30-24-190.thorn1.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
FlyNavyThis is an older Dell laptop.08:14
sirukinanyone interested in creating a Canadian Ubuntu Local Community Team08:14
DarthFrogsirukin: yes, but not tonight. :-)08:14
sirukinyeah, I'm just checking if anyone else would08:14
=== sirukin throws a sock at DarthFrog
membreyasirukin: ask the inuits and fur seals :)08:15
membreyadon't tell the polar bears though, they'll get all pissy08:15
asdqweHey, can anyone point me to a good wlan howto? My card is working and detected, I just need a howto for wlan config (changing essid/mode/DHCP..etc)08:15
geneo93dont forget the bears08:15
geneo93black bears08:15
dweaverFlyNavy:  sorry, bad humor. I was responding to the fact that you had a display problem and wouldn't be able to see the answer.08:15
pinSDarthFrog, same thing08:15
DarthFrogasdqwe: http://www.ubuntuguide.org/ might have what you want for Ubuntu.08:15
DarthFrogpinS: Nuisance.08:16
FlyNavydweaver:  I'm reverting to my ms box for this.08:16
DarthFrogpinS: I'm at a loss, sorry.08:16
asdqweI havent noticed any wireless relevant stuff on ubuntuguide...08:16
DarthFrogasdqwe: man iwconfig08:16
dweaverFlyNavy: Sorry you had to do that.08:16
FlyNavydweaver:  Guess it's too late for my humor.  2am here08:17
dweaverFlyNavy: 2am here also08:17
geneo93pinS:  reboot that thing once08:17
membreya6.15pm here08:17
DarthFrogpinS: Unplug it and plug it back in a minute.08:18
dweavermembreya: where?08:18
pinSits a minipci08:18
membreyamelb, aus08:18
DarthFrogpinS: Mind you, that's grasping at straws.08:18
DarthFrogpinS: Rebooting the router as geneo93 suggested.08:18
DarthFrogpinS: Wireless works in Windows?08:19
membreyawhere abouts are you located dweaver ?08:19
pinSDarthFrog, ya08:19
dweavermembreya:I always wanted to vist, do you still require a criminal record? :)08:19
DarthFrogpinS: Well, that's encouraging.08:19
DarthFrogdweaver: LOL!08:20
geneo93DarthFrog:  i was thinking it has its own addy twice08:20
DarthFroggeneo93: It was a good suggestion.08:20
membreyadweaver: ...requirements have changed, no longer need to be a criminal, you need to be a boatperson :|08:20
membreyafriggin illegals08:20
dweavermembreya: for the moment I am just north of Cincinnati,OH,USA.08:21
brans5s u b08:21
FlyNavydweaver:  I'm from West Virginia08:21
=== DarthFrog notes that Cincinnati is not close to an ocean.
membreyawheat country eh dweaver ?08:21
dweavermembreya: the cubans make it all the way to you?08:22
membreyano, just the afghan's, indon's, iraqi08:22
geneo93FlyNavy:  i'll be in virginia next month08:22
membreyacuban's would make a nice change :)08:22
DarthFrogOK, folks.  Let's stop with the racism, please.08:22
=== madstop tries not to note the irony of a country founded by deported criminals complaining about illegals
FlyNavydweaver:  I haven't been back there in several years.  Move around a lot.08:22
dweaverFlyNavy: are you an academy grad?08:22
=== madstop doesn't succeed
membreyamy family came over legitimately :P08:23
FlyNavydweaver:  yeah.  198608:23
sirukinto where?08:23
madstopfucking legals! ;-)08:23
=== pinS [~pinS@] has joined #ubuntu
pinShere we go again08:23
=== pinS testing
geneo9398% of america is illegals08:24
pinSkey is off, ssid broadcast is on08:24
pinSand still nothing08:24
sirukinlow signal?08:24
dweaverFlyNavy: No Way,  My best friend from high school was an '87.  He is now a Commander teaching Mathmatics back at Anappolis.  Art Cimiluca08:24
madstopNone of the pilgrims' papers were in order; the indians didn't have their homeland security shit in order08:24
pinSim next to the router08:25
pinSiwlist wlan0 scan picks it up08:25
pinSso why the hell wont it connect08:25
FlyNavydweaver:  I am in New Orleans at the SPAWAR command doing XO bit.08:25
DarthFrogpinS: Try "dhclient wlan0" again.08:25
=== Anubis [~LordVader@] has joined #ubuntu
DarthFrogFlyNavy: SPAWAR?08:26
FlyNavydweaver:  Space and Naval Warfare.  We build the comm and IT stuff.08:26
madstophi, all four of you08:26
geneo93pinS:  i had to reboot this machine to get mine working08:26
=== membreya makes a mental note to kidnap FlyNavy
FlyNavybrans5:  Hi08:27
pinSgeneo93, hope that works, this would be the 3rd time now08:27
Anubis# apt-get update08:27
AnubisE: Could not get lock /var/lib/apt/lists/lock - open (11 Resource temporarily unavailable)08:27
AnubisE: Unable to lock the list directory08:27
membreyaAnubis: close synaptic08:27
=== linux_galore [~linux_gal@60-240-70-160-nsw-pppoe.tpgi.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
Anubisits not open?08:28
=== John_M [~johnm@cpe-24-160-74-199.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
virtualdyou have another instance of apt running08:28
madstopmembreya, dude, don't even joke about kidnapping us military personnel!  Rumsfeld might be reading this08:28
=== pinPoint [endport23@pinPoint.bronze.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu
pinPointhere we go08:28
=== virtuald kidnaps madstop
dweavermembreya: Just curious, when does the footy season run?08:29
madstopoh oh, here comes a spike in the intel chatter08:29
membreyadweaver: ..mention "footy" in my presence again and I'll slap you08:29
virtualdgive me $100000 or i will cut madstops throat!08:29
=== clx [~clx@] has joined #ubuntu
zenroxhello madstop08:29
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-136-124.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
madstopvirtuald, I'm worth about 20 cents... hello zenrox08:29
membreyavirtuald: ...no ransom, just extort secrets08:29
membreyadweaver: .. i hate football, I grew up in a country town and I was a nerd08:30
membreyahence a target08:30
pinPointgeneo93: it takes a long time to get it up on boot up08:30
pinPointlike 1min 30secs08:30
pinPointbefore it says OK08:30
zenroxmembreya,  join the club08:30
geneo93mine to i have 6 scsi's to spin up08:30
=== phxguy [~phxguy@ip24-251-194-72.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
madstopwhoa, oh shit-- heh heh, when I wrote "us military peronnel" I meant US military, not us as in first person plural; I have not served, and am too old to be drafted...08:31
=== zenrox coulfs
madstopor kidnapped08:31
=== MyNameIsChris [~Christoph@cwpp-p-144-139-3-17.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #ubuntu
phxguyhello... Can someone here help me get my bluetooth keyboard working???08:31
zenroxthe mil dont want me too afraid ill take over08:31
dweavermembreya:sorry to touch a nerve.  I watch Aussie Football on cable and really enjoy it.  I was a nerd in high school but found rugby whern I got to college.08:32
FlyNavydweaver:  No ideas on the display problem?08:32
virtualdmadstop: you're never too old to be kidnapped08:32
sabmocphxguy: no, you need to find the #ubuntu-bluetooth-keyboard-userhelp-friendly channel.08:32
phxguyyeah apparently so08:32
sabmocits pretty hard to find08:32
pinPointping returns Destination Host Unreachable08:33
=== pinPoint arrrg!
sabmocin the mean time I suggest google phxguy08:33
zenroxsabmoc,  is thare one for enabling the logitech enctiption on the keyboard08:33
dweaverFlyNavy: nothing on the display problem.  still working on my audio problem.  I think it is a Hoary problem.  Life on the bleeding edge!08:33
phxguyit did work for a little bit when i first installed ubuntu but it quit qworking08:33
sabmoczenrox: yes that one08:33
madstopespecially when you'rre plastered08:33
zenroxnot blue tooth08:33
zenroxreguler wireless08:33
=== kosmos [~13@rulerbude.wh-hauff.uni-ulm.de] has joined #ubuntu
madstopfuck, I missed about 12 lines there...08:33
brans5                      fuck you allyou fat fucking bitch madstop08:34
madstopat least he got all that on one line this time08:34
madstopwhoa, why single me out?08:34
sabmocbrans5: you're lucky Im not a mod or I would mail you testicles to your mother.08:34
fonskenhow can i mount an usb-memory-stick?08:35
FlyNavymadstop:  He must like the way you type08:35
=== Dakko [~jesse@ip70-179-213-202.dl.dl.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocjdub: ping08:35
madstopWell, I hope bran's other 4 don't show up08:35
FlyNavymadstop:  would just be 4 more lines...oh, we saw that already08:36
brans5fuck you bitch08:36
=== pinPoint FUDGE!!!
madstopsabmoc becomes sabmod the testicle mailer08:36
pinPointNetwork APP says eth0 is not active08:36
sabmocbrans5: I hope you enjoy your brief stay on #ubuntu, it will be your last.08:36
brans5fuck you08:36
brans5fuck youm08:36
pinPointthat shit just stabbed me on the back and when i did ping yahoo.com it work08:36
brans5fuck you08:36
dweaverI don't know if I can stay here with this language.08:36
brans5fuck you08:36
=== markuman [~markus@pD95187F4.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
brans5fuck you08:37
pinPointi  pulled the wire and the ping stalled08:37
sabmoccrimsun: ping08:37
FlyNavydweaver:  Sure makes the screen scroll faster.08:37
pinPointthat sucks08:37
dweaverWait a minute, I forgot who the fuck I am.08:37
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== waseem [~waseem@cpe-67-49-36-167.socal.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu
geneo93some children are a pain in the ass08:37
dweaverall children are a pain in the ass, its heredity.08:38
madstophmm, some day this brans5 bot may pass the Turing test08:38
geneo93pinPoint:  what does network-admin do for you08:38
zenroxya so ducks08:38
pinPointwhy does ubuntu apps give false information08:38
zenroxso duck08:38
pinPointit sucks because08:38
pinPointone app says eth0 is inactive yet when i do ping yahoo.com it works08:38
dweaverubuntu apps give me the truth08:38
pinPointso i think its my wireless nic working08:38
pinPointbut it turns out its the eth008:38
pinPointthat is so sad08:39
=== CraZy675 [~CraZy675@S010600e0299640d5.ok.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== markuman [~markus@pD95187F4.dip.t-dialin.net] has left #ubuntu []
dweavermembreya: are you back?08:39
CraZy675I have a ubuntu live cd here, would i be able to access my ntfs partition with it?08:39
sabmocCraZy675: yup08:39
FlyNavydweaver:  She forgot that she had to kidnap me!08:39
sabmocCraZy675: read, but no write08:40
dweaverShe kidnapped you from Melbourne?08:40
pinPointwhy does my nic bring me so much pain08:40
CraZy675hell works for me08:40
pinPointi feel like destroying things now08:40
FlyNavymembreya:  Sorry.  He.08:40
madstopransom just went up a notch.08:41
membreyayes i am :)08:41
FlyNavyI understand  :)08:41
dweaverSee, I hate this stuff, membreya, are you a he or ahe08:41
membreyaHE :)08:41
madstop(you can escape, FlyNavy, when he's off to get another wine or to placate his gf)08:41
FlyNavymadstop:  Roger that.08:42
dweaverwait a minut, nobody is a ahe, i mean't she08:42
=== pinPoint cries, can anyone help me
madstopmembreya is the one with the busted nose.  Actually, his girlfriend is the one you need to watch out for.08:42
FlyNavypinpoint:  I was heading down the wireless trail but can't get into the gui.  Sorry08:43
sabmocmodstop wakeup08:43
membreyahooray, I finally found out how to enable DMA on my DVD-RW :D08:43
dweavergeneo93, i've heard of them, but don't know if they exist in the wild.08:43
sabmocmadstop: wakeup ;p08:43
madstopbtw, what do Brit pilots say for "Roger that" ? doesn't roger mean something else over there?08:43
FlyNavydweaver:  Try Naples.  They're everywhere.08:43
FlyNavymadstop:  Don't know .  Never flew with them.08:44
dweaverah, yes, i saw that post, sorry membreya iI am new to all this irc stuff.08:44
brans5you dick08:44
madstopsabmoc, start drinking and get back to work08:44
fonskenhow can i mount an usb-memory-stick?08:44
pinPointYES YES YES!!!08:45
pinPointmy niC WORKS!08:45
geneo93well i'm off to bed l8rs all08:45
brans5!@#$%^&*()FHJrfbk.jbfkfhgfkjfhn m,.shnljdshb j.dvbljksbfougeuytgldkvuyjhglihkuybuybybvbbouybvukvkutvyukvtjkhv hkgvk\08:45
madstopall right pinPoint, way to go08:45
pinPointi did map wlan0 in /etc/network/interfaces08:45
pinPointand rebooted08:45
madstopg'night geneo9308:45
=== geneo93 [~geneo93@1Cust2215.an1.det15.da.uu.net] has left #ubuntu []
FlyNavynow all we need to do is get rid of brans 1 through 4!!!08:46
=== Rene_S [~rskrodzki@CPE000ae62705a3-CM014490004397.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu
madstopmust be a script to block anyone who issues like 8 fuck yous in a row...08:47
dweavermembreya: excuse my ignorance, but is it evening or morning down there?08:47
sabmoclets just play it safe and get rid of Brans*08:47
membreyaevening...6.47 post meridian :)08:47
FlyNavydo these channels have mods?08:47
membreyawe're gmt +1108:47
Rene_SI give up, the no menu editing in gnome 2.10 isnt worth the hassle ...08:48
dweavermembreya: I used to work with someone in Sydney, just couldn't remember the time diff.08:48
madstopsabmoc is the mod, when he's not shitfaced.  I'm drafting him.  (I assume him, after membreya's sex change, I just don't know anymore, <sobs>)08:49
sabmocRene_S: what do you mean?08:49
membreyawhat the?!08:49
membreyalol :)08:49
sabmocmadstop: I've had half a beer, common08:49
FlyNavywasn't me this time!08:49
membreyahow the hell could you assume I'm a chick :|08:49
madstopsabmoc, I know what Rene_S means.  I hate that I can't edit the gd menus.08:49
membreyano wonder you were so nice to me08:49
=== membreya sobs
Rene_Shalf the programs I installed dont show up on any menu at all, the ones that do end up with no icons08:49
sabmocto be honest I havnet even noticed I couldnt edit the menus yet, its just not something I need to do.08:50
membreyaRene_S: with the no icon thing, you just need to restart GDM :)08:50
membreyaand you CAN add items to the menu :)08:50
CraZy675where can i find a "how to" to access my ntfs?08:50
madstopFlyNavy must have had a girl in a port somewhere named membreya08:50
pinPointmadstop: it doesnt like keys and ssid hidden08:50
membreyajust removing them or moving them is a bit more work08:50
membreyaCraZy675: http://www.ubuntuguide.org08:50
CraZy675membreya, thanks08:50
membreyaheh madstop :)08:50
=== tsaphah [~tsaphah@66-190-240-63.or.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocCraZy675: `sudo mkdir /windows; mount -t ntfs /dev/hda /windows;` that should work I think.08:51
Rene_Sguess I am gonna have a bunch of drawers and desktop icons for a bit08:51
DarthFrogCraZy675: Do you know which device is your NTFS partition (i.e. /dev/hda?)08:51
membreyasabmoc: how ...messy08:51
tsaphah.. ok, I just updated my system to Hoary and my resolution got changed to 640 X 480 ! :( I also had to use a differnt compikernel, the new default didn't work...08:51
sabmocRene_S: panel icons are better08:51
dweaverI just followed along, looking back I can't understand how I thought membreya might be feminine, it is obviously a guy name.08:51
tsaphahwow, sorry for typing errors. Can't see what I'm typing due to resolution08:51
madstopor maybe FlyNavy just thought it was a girl, I don't know, don't ask, don't tell...08:51
membreyadweaver: do a whois on me08:52
DarthFrogsabmoc: No, it won't work.  You didn't specifiy a partition on hda.08:52
sabmocmembreya: well he could edit his fstab but I didnt want to go into that.08:52
membreyagawd, doesn't anyone take stalking seriously these days08:52
sabmocyes, listen to DarthFrog08:52
membreyasabmoc: i was referring to mounting it off the rootfs :)08:52
Rene_Ssabmoc, probably but i dont want the wife clicking on them hehe08:52
FlyNavymembreya:  Only if you're stalking my firewall08:52
madstopthis is how I spend a Friday night, saturday morning; jesus, I'm not even a techie!  pour me a single malt, somebody.08:52
sabmocRene_S: do what I do, lock the screen when your not sitting at the computer08:52
pinPointok my nic doesnt like keys and ssid hidden08:52
Rene_Soh well i am sure its only a temporary thing08:53
sabmocmembreya: well I used suse too long I guess08:53
membreyamadstop: ... I'm a heathen with single malt whisky, I mix it with coke :|08:53
dweavermembreya:  It is sad to say that after all my years in technology I am not aware of such things.  I'll try it.08:53
=== DarthFrog disowns membreya.
sabmocmembreya: GAH!!08:53
membreyasabmoc: either mount it in /media or /mnt.../media is my personal preference :)08:53
membreya12 year old glenfiddich ...and I mix it08:53
FlyNavysounds like you all need some good old fashioned moonshine08:53
CraZy675what is the root password for the live cd?08:54
sabmocmembreya: how do you even know what your drinking when you mix it with that garbage?08:54
DarthFrogmembreya: Why aren't you buying the cheapest shit available if you're going to pollute it?08:54
madstopomg, membreya, that's insane!!08:54
membreyacos it tastes nice :) cheap shit still tastes like cheap shit when you mix it08:54
madstopThe Balvenie, great single malt08:54
dweavermembreya: I will beat you to a bloody pulp if I ever get to Melbourne and find you mixing single malt.08:54
=== DarthFrog will be with dweaveron that journey!
madstopditto that, dweaver08:54
CraZy675Does anyone know the root password for the live cd?08:55
madstopKnow wonder his gf broke his nose08:55
=== sabmoc DarthFrog and dweaver plan a trip to Melbourne to jump membreya
FlyNavynew to IRC.  How do you place the messages in purple?08:55
DarthFrogsabmoc: No, not to jump him.  To drink his single malt before he wastes any more!08:55
membreyaCraZy675: have you tried typing just "sudo"08:55
dweaverAh, use sudo?  at least that is what you use after instal08:55
=== sabmoc doesnt let madstop come
madstopFlyNavy, can yu call in an air strike on Melbourne please, smart bomb the whisky wreckers08:56
CraZy675membreya, oh where is my head tonight, thanks08:56
=== Smeven [~steven@24-119-126-201.cpe.cableone.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== pc03 [~pc03@] has joined #ubuntu
membreyamadstop: being the US military, he will probably hit china :P08:56
=== pinPoint pulls the power plug. agravated
FlyNavymadstop:  They're supposed to be friends.  but if they're doing that we might make an exception08:56
=== pinPoint just great
pinPointi have to reboot everytime to change my ip dhcp/static08:57
madstop'sallright sabmoc, we're just getting over winter here, I have no wish to hit Melbourne at the end of summer, and miss New York spring08:57
pinPointtotal bull08:57
FlyNavymembreya:  I might take that personally:(08:57
dweavermembreya: I should have known when you got upset about footy that you would be so low as to mix single malt.08:57
SmevenIs howl planned for ubuntu anytime soon?08:57
madstopmight as well piss in it, and save the coke to clean the toilet.08:57
CraZy675yea i don't know whcich device my ntfs is08:57
CraZy675there is only one hdd08:58
=== pinPoint hands anyone the laptop
sabmocSmeven: why dont you ask on the monodev wiki, only 3 or 4 mono apps are available at the moment, it would b enice to see more.08:58
=== pinPoint piss on it
CraZy675and 2 cdroms08:58
membreyaSmeven: http://higgs.djpig.de/ubuntu/www/hoary/net/howl-utils08:58
=== deFrysk [~deFrysk@g90181.upc-g.chello.nl] has joined #ubuntu
DarthFrogpinPoint: Sorry I wasn't of more help to you.08:58
membreyaCraZy675: do a sudo fdisk -l08:58
=== MyNameIsChris [~Christoph@cwpp-p-144-139-3-17.prem.tmns.net.au] has left #ubuntu ["xchat]
pinPointits alright08:58
CraZy675membreya, thanks again08:58
pinPointi thought i had it but its unpredictable08:58
dweaverwait a minute, piss in single malt and now I know where Budwiser comes from08:58
membreyahaha dweaver :P08:59
DarthFrogAnd on that note, I'm going to bed.08:59
pinPointhow do i stop loading of network interfaces08:59
pinPointat boot time08:59
membreyaamerican beer..."for those that can't handle a real beer"08:59
pinPointis there a key08:59
sabmocDarthFrog: cya bro08:59
membreyacya DarthFrog08:59
FlyNavyYou can smash BW, but just leave Junior out of it.08:59
=== FireEgl [Ariel@Atlantica.Debian-User.Com] has joined #Ubuntu
madstop"President Carter, I'm sorry to inform you that your brother Billy's horse has diabetes."08:59
CraZy675membreya, i get no results with an sudo fdisk....08:59
pc03hi.. anyone with experience with libgphoto2 or gphoto2 on ubuntu.. i don't seem to be getting access to my usb camera.08:59
=== sabmoc wanders away in search of work..
membreyaCraZy675: are you running SATA or IDE?09:00
CraZy675membreya, ide09:00
dweaverI can't get on you about Junior because he is my son's favorite.  Then again, he is 10.09:00
membreyaSmeven: so to answer your question, hoary has support for howl09:00
membreyaCraZy675: do a sudo fdisk -l /dev/hda09:00
FlyNavydweaver:  He's not having a good year.09:01
FlyNavymembreya:  How about Grolsch?  My favorite09:02
CraZy675membreya, the only device i can get fdisk to list is hdc (the cdrom)09:02
xigle1a few days ago, I installed hoary preview. I added the right repositories and was able to install gstreamer, xmms, mplayer, xine etc. But now I reinstalled ubuntu and am getting a lot of error message when I try to install theese programs. Talking about all kinds of packages that's "not installable" and "have unmet dependencies". Any ideas?09:02
dweaverYou'd have to talk to my son.  I follow Aussie Football more than NASCAR.] 09:02
=== zerokarmaleft [~zerokarma@ip68-12-45-133.ok.ok.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-136-124.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
pinPointquick! whats the file that deals with what loads at bootup09:03
FlyNavyI played rugby for a while.  I think I was in a drunk stupor.  I came to and went to something safer!09:03
sabmocpinPoint, /etc/modules ?09:03
membreyaCraZy675: what happens when you do a sudo fdisk -l /dev/hda09:03
madstopLike combat aviation, FlyNavy??09:03
pinPointsabmoc: no09:04
CraZy675membreya, nothing the prompt returns as if it was successful09:04
pinPointlike all the boot up processes09:04
FlyNavymadstop:  Right.  That is just my career.  I turned to boxing for relaxation.09:04
pinPointwhen it says [ ok ] 09:04
sabmocpinPoint, /etc/init.d/* ?09:04
CraZy675i'll reboot see if i get anything to make sure the ide cables are working09:05
=== sabmoc has never considered boxing very relaxing.
dweaverthats the only way I played rugby.09:05
=== tuggy [~tuggy@c-24-18-75-18.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== kmanTFM [~kman@p5.pub.ro] has joined #ubuntu
madstopI think I'm actually alive today because my dad's color blindness washed him out of the Army Air Corps back in the 40's.  Infantry was somewhat safer back then.09:05
dweavermadstop, your in the states?09:06
FlyNavymadstop:  my grandfather was AAC.  Then AF.09:06
madstopI'm often in a state of denial about it, but yes, dweaver.  New York.09:06
CraZy675oh i get a diskboot failer09:06
pinPointi hate time sycn09:06
pinPointwith ntp.ubuntu site09:07
=== Smeven [~steven@24-119-126-201.cpe.cableone.net] has left #ubuntu []
pinPointhow do i nuke that09:07
dweaverI'm from NJ.  Worked in NY for several years.  Just questioning because of the time09:07
madstopMy father was US Army, then flag-burner :-)09:07
tuggyhey, I just installed the hoary preview disc and for some reason there was a problem installing all the packages09:07
=== ells [~steve@69-171-77-164.clspco.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
FlyNavymadstop:  To each his own...09:07
ellstritium: mike what is up man09:07
tuggyI tried it twice, same thing both times09:07
=== gbanay [~gbanay@bzq-67-158.red.bezeqint.net] has joined #ubuntu
dweaverI'm with FlyNavy09:07
sabmocpinPoint, `update-rc.d -f ntpdate remove`09:07
madstoppinPoint, I've been wondering the same thing; boot up is really tortuous with that stuff09:08
tuggybut the weird thing is, it worked just fine on my laptop09:08
tuggyonly thing different was the CD09:08
pinPointwhen my line is unplugged it lags for like 2mins09:08
pinPointless is more!09:09
pinPointdont want all that crap loading at boot up09:09
pinPointeven eth0 and wlan009:09
tritiumells, hey there.  I just wrote a paper.  You?09:09
pinPointthe lag me too much09:09
tuggywhy dont you just put the run level to 109:09
FlyNavyall:  Gotta go.  keep it safe.09:10
tuggythen only the kernal and basic shell will load09:10
madstoppinPoint, starting linux when offline is apparently meant to be torture.  They want us on-line at all times.  A conspiracy.09:10
=== jimarko [~jimarko@222-153-28-146.jetstream.xtra.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
jimarkohey dudes and dudettes!09:10
madstopTake care FlyNavy09:10
=== ProfQki [~pityu@caracas-3384.adsl.interware.hu] has joined #ubuntu
dweaverI am running Ubuntu on my laptop but would like to know what you all think about putting it on a high end desktop.  is Ubuntu just a desktop distro or can it work on a server?09:10
zerokarmaleftpinPoint, you can ctrl-c when init hits the ntp update script to skip past it09:10
sabmocjimarko, you mean dudes and dudes_with_boobs?09:10
pinPointzerokarmaleft: can i do that to any of them09:11
pinPointand most of them09:11
CraZy675membreya, now we are talking the power was loose09:11
=== FlyNavy [~flynavy@cable-68-114-115-219.sli.la.charter.com] has left #ubuntu []
jimarkobahahah, nah, thats not reeeally what i intended, but *shrugs*.. whatever ;-)09:11
ProfQkihi! can anybody tell me when hoary will be the stable distrib, instead of warthy?09:11
tuggydweaver. ubuntu is based off debian, one of the most used server distros09:11
ellstritium: sorry mike, i was watching a fight, did some09:11
=== Jlk [~james@] has joined #ubuntu
ellstritium: will finish in the morning09:11
tuggyits very scalable09:11
tritiumells, cool09:11
gbanaysomeone pulled the power cord from my computer while is was upgrading to hoary and now GDM types hebrew (so i can't login graphically) anyone can help me with that? (and maybe describe why something that's supposed to take usernames and password, which are written in a subset of ASCII, nevertheless accepts other languages as input?)09:11
ellstritium: guess what09:11
tuggyProfQki, april 6th09:12
ellstritium: I got ubuntu on my desktop09:12
ellstritium: I used the preview version of hoary09:12
Jlkso do i09:12
Jlkwhats up bryan09:12
tritiumells, isn't that what you had the other day when we fixed it?09:13
sirukinbrandom smells09:13
jimarkohey, quick question, has anyone had a problem with sound falling out of sync in flash animations within Firefox?09:13
dweavertuggy: understood, but the plan is to fork of debian09:13
ProfQkituggy: thank you very much09:13
ellstritium: my desktop had debian09:13
Jlkso what at least i smell09:13
pinPointis there really an OS that works with a dell wireless nic other than winxp09:13
pinPointright after install of OS09:13
ellstritium: I am happy to switch over to ubunut on my desktop09:13
=== sirukin tempted to secure shell into the box and kill -9 xchatpid
tritiumells, which did we fix X.org on?09:13
ellstritium: laptop09:14
pinPointok let me reprase09:14
tritiumells, oh09:14
pinPointis there a wireless nic that works on ubuntu right after install?09:14
pinPointwith no problems whats so ever09:14
sirukinI said I'd close your irc client09:14
tuggydweaver, since many of the ubuntu devs are debian devs, they will probably still keep many ties09:14
sabmocwow, 42 bug reports, i have a bad feeling....09:14
=== sirukin kicks Jlk in the nuts
dweavertuggy: thanks09:15
Jlkha unahva09:15
pinPointi will freaking buy it right now online!!!09:15
Jlkhaa good to hear09:15
madstop a friend of mine has a linksys card and router that worked out of the box.  no hassle at all.09:15
tuggypinPoint, my el cheapo walmart card works even with the live cds09:15
dweaverpinpoint: my card didn't work right after install, but was just a simple mod to a file09:15
Jlki kick you in the mukpaks?09:15
tuggyits one of those "network everywhere" brand ones09:16
tuggymade by linksys for wally world09:16
pinPointno no no09:16
jimarkoHas anyone had a problem with sound falling out of sync in flash animations within Firefox?09:16
pinPointi dont want mods, nothing!09:16
Jlkhmm what you think about that09:16
pinPointi want it to work right after install09:16
=== Planar [~alucard@cpc3-cove3-5-0-cust169.brhm.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
pinPointnothing to be done other than settings of the router09:16
tuggypin isnt listening to me09:16
sabmocsirukin, you say hmm a lot09:16
pinPointtuggy: oops09:17
Jlkhmm what you computer hacker09:17
dweaveractually, mine was an MS card that was easily recognized09:17
sabmoctuggy, i think he is insane, dont make eye contact...09:17
=== cedjo [~cedjo@] has joined #ubuntu
pinPointtuggy: which one09:17
sirukini'M A HMM09:17
madstophmm, hah , heh hmm09:17
tuggyits a 11b card made by "network everywhere" (linksys cheap brand)09:17
pinPointit has to be atleast b/g09:18
Jlkyour a hmm?09:18
tuggyi think all of the linksys work out of the box09:18
tuggyor atleast the prism based ones09:18
=== madstop is down to two cigarettes and will go to bed till the cigarette girl flies through the window to deliver more
pinPointtuggy: prism? from linksys09:18
tuggyprism is the chip set maker09:19
Jlka girl? whose your girlfriend sirukin?09:19
=== madstop thinks computers were invented by the tobacco industry
tuggythey make chips for Dlink, linksys, and a few other companys09:19
dweaversome prism work as orinoco09:20
CraZy675i have tried mounting this partition but i keep getting a bad fs type09:20
CraZy675where do i go from here?09:20
tuggythat is the wiki page for wireless cards09:20
tuggysays which ones work "out of the box"09:21
CraZy675when i do the fdisk i can see the harddrive09:21
kosmosCraZy675, post your mountline09:21
CraZy675 sudo mount /dev/hda1 /media/windows -t ntfs -o umask=022209:22
=== tsaphah [~tsaphah@66-190-240-63.or.charter.com] has joined #ubuntu
CraZy675oops s/hda1/hda/09:22
tuggyCraZy675, are you trying to write to your NTFS drive?09:22
kosmostry sudo mount -t ntfs /media/windows /dev/hda109:22
pinPointtuggy: those morons who posted about the TrueMobile 1300 from dell are crazy09:22
pinPointthat crap aint working for me09:23
pinPointspent the last 3 days fight with this crap09:23
kosmos /media/windows must exist09:23
petemcndiswrapper works fine09:23
CraZy675tuggy, no just read it09:23
tuggypinPoint, it says you have to you ndiswrapper for it09:23
=== MrTrick [~MrTrick@c220-237-102-182.carlnfd3.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
pinPointyeah dont we all09:24
tsaphahok this is getting annoying :( My xorg.conf file says I should be at the 1024 res.. but its loading at 640. Gnomes res chaning program shows no higher resolution.  Does anyone have thoughts?09:24
dweaverI can say that the MN-520 does not work out of the box but works aftwer the addition to /etc/pcmcia/config09:24
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #ubuntu
Jlks7" ${b%$,Z09:24
pinPointbeing using that crap since forever and nothing09:24
tuggyCraZy675, oh ok... just makin sure cause ntfs writing is still a linux no no09:24
tuggypinPoint, I wouldnt expect anything from dell to work right09:24
CraZy675tuggy, yea all i want to do is see my documents and copy some over using ftp, I can do that right?09:24
CraZy675tuggy, but at this point i can't even see any files09:24
pinPointjust what i wanted to hear09:25
tuggyare you using hoary or warty?09:25
kosmostuggy, its possible but not advisable09:25
pc03hi.. anyone with experience with libgphoto2 or gphoto2 on ubuntu.. i don't seem to be getting access to my usb camera.09:25
=== pinPoint runs to a pillow and says bad nasty word!
kosmosCraZy675,  sudo mount -t ntfs /media/windows /dev/hda109:25
kosmosshoud work fine09:25
petemcumask=022 will allow your normal user to read the mount09:26
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-136-124.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu
kosmosah sry09:26
=== elmaya [~elmaya@] has joined #ubuntu
kosmosCraZy675,  sudo mount -t ntfs /dev/hda1 /media/windows09:26
=== tuggy not to up to date with mounting windows drives... doesnt have windows in his house at all :)
petemc-o umask=02209:27
dweaversabmoc, your back, I was getting lonely.09:27
tuggyyou know where the name windows came from?09:27
gbanayGDM on my box types hebrew, how do i make it type english so i can type my usename and login?09:27
tuggyits the easiest intrussion point09:27
CraZy675kosmos, wrong fs, bad option09:27
petemcgbanay: boot into recovery mode and finish the update?09:27
Jlk k09:27
petemcCraZy675: fdisk -l /dev/hda09:28
=== aeolist_ [~aeolist@ppp047.dialup.ntua.gr] has joined #ubuntu
gbanaypetemc, what is recovery mode and how do i boot into it?09:28
pinPointtuggy: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/searchtools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=485115&Sku=D700-2148&SRCCODE=WEBGOOAUT&CMP=KNC-GOOGL09:28
petemcgbanay: should be an option when you boot09:28
gbanaypetemc, ok, i'll try it, thanks09:29
sabmoctuggy, actually its because of the gui that they call it windows, but I like your version better.09:29
=== lunitik [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== Qlglyd [Ifafiw@] has joined #ubuntu
=== mario [~mario@] has joined #ubuntu
CraZy675petemc, yep that did it the ntfs was hda209:29
petemcCraZy675: for the record, you dont need to use ftp, just cp the stuff you need09:30
shmoolikgood morning09:30
=== Guest162 [~Guest162@h000c6e895089.ne.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
pinPointi will buy that card right now!!!!09:30
aeolist_i am trying to compile a kernel, and i get a drivers/block/cloop.c missing error09:31
=== pinPoint hands the middle finger to dell
tuggylol @ pinPoint09:31
petemcim using a dell latitude now, everything works09:31
shmoolikdoes  some one here got his webcam  working on Ubuntu?09:32
tuggyyeah, dlink stuff has a good reputation for working in linux09:32
=== FireEgl [Ariel@Atlantica.IPv6Tunnel.Info] has joined #Ubuntu
=== hannes_ has a dell dimension :P
hannes_and it works just fine09:33
dweavershmoolik: Good Morning to you although I haven't finished my last beer yet.09:33
tuggyWOOHOO!! any washington users here? Linuxfest Northwest is in 41 day!!09:33
=== hardi [~hardi@rapla.net] has joined #ubuntu
=== tuggy is such a dork
=== scorpix [~scorpix@as8-126.qualitynet.net] has joined #ubuntu
tuggyI have to spend 8 hours a day dealing with windows users... its nice to come home and chat with people that have a clue when it come to computing09:35
dweaverditto that09:36
tritiumtuggy, used to live in WA09:36
=== you [~you@] has joined #ubuntu
tuggytritium, you moved just in time, we havent gotten any rain this year09:36
tuggyso we are heading for drought time09:36
=== Sloppy [~n@sloppy.cxw.utoledo.edu] has joined #ubuntu
tritiumtuggy, I'm from New Mexico, where we have droughts all the time ;)09:37
petemcbob2: about?09:37
tritiumyou, cut it out09:37
tuggywe must have finished off all the natives, so there is no one to do any rain dances09:37
Sloppyt-t-t-today junior09:37
tuggyhey you... NOCK IT OFF!!09:37
=== Sloppy slaps you around a bit with a large trout
tritiumjust ignore you09:38
tuggyhe is acting like a 9 year old troll... maybe he is a gentoo user?09:38
=== brenden [~brenden@S0106000f6636f470.cg.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu
tuggysorry... bad joke09:38
brendenyou suck09:38
Sloppywill gnome 2.10 show up for warty users?09:38
tuggySloppy, yeah when you upgrade to hoary09:39
=== Ghost-nine [~fred@c-24-130-172-96.we.client2.attbi.com] has joined #ubuntu
pinPointwhere can i get AR5212 Atheros DWL-G65009:39
=== spectrm [~spectrm@c-67-175-105-255.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
jimarkoyou: STFU.09:40
Ghost-ninewow, you must need a life09:40
=== EfentharWireless [~EfentharW@203-173-143-141.bliink.ihug.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu
CraZy675can i mount an ftp drive?09:40
tuggypinPoint, find out which version of that card has that chip set, then try to buy that version09:41
Ghost-nineCraZy675, yea...09:41
=== brenden [~brenden@S0106000f6636f470.cg.shawcable.net] has left #ubuntu []
pinPointtuggy: where do i start looking... google doesnt even bring anythhing up09:41
CraZy675Ghost-nine, quick example?09:41
EfentharWirelessyou, please leave the channel now...09:41
jimarkoCraZy675: yep, i think you can by using -t ftp when mounting09:41
SloppyI think ubuntu is slowly bringing me over to the light side, I've tried lots of distros (Fedora, Xandros, SuSE, Knoppix) and I stopped using them after a few days for the simple reason that I couldn't get my extra mouse buttons to work. Huge props to the ppl that help write Ubuntu documentation, its been really helpful09:41
petemcspectrm: what do you have to do to get a voice in #freenode?09:41
Ghost-nineCraZy675, in nautilus, file > connect to server09:41
Ghost-nineCraZy675, from there choose09:42
spectrmpetemc: lol...catch an ops attention...but we're already on it09:42
CraZy675Ghost-nine, wait you lost me nautilus09:42
petemcspectrm: all good then :)09:42
Ghost-nineCraZy675, your run ubuntu right?09:42
CraZy675Ghost-nine, the live cd09:42
Ghost-nineCraZy675, so you're using gnome09:42
CraZy675Ghost-nine, right09:43
Ghost-ninenautilus is the file manager09:43
CraZy675Ghost-nine, oh ok, i've only ever used kde09:43
CraZy675Ghost-nine, thanks09:43
Ghost-nineCraZy675, ah, well, on the desktop... open "Computer" icon09:43
Ghost-ninethats nautilus09:44
tuggypinPoint, http://support.dlink.com/products/revision.asp?productid=DWL-G65009:44
kosmosor just type "nautilus" in your shell09:44
CraZy675Ghost-nine, yea i think i can get it from here09:44
Ghost-nineCraZy675, okay09:45
=== HiddenWolf [~hidden@136.54.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu
xigle1damn, gaim doesn't have /ignore09:45
CraZy675just have to set up dhcp server09:45
=== xigle1 is now known as xiglet
spectrmxiglet: maybe you should use a REAL client ;)09:45
Ghost-ninexiglet, use the command manually09:45
Ghost-ninespectrm, haha09:45
pinPointtuggy: http://www.newegg.com/app/Showimage.asp?image=33-127-116-08.JPG/33-127-116-06.JPG/33-127-116-07.JPG/33-127-116-04.JPG&CurImage=33-127-116-08.JPG&Type=Refurbished09:45
=== Rattboi [~rattboi@c-24-17-185-187.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu
dweaveryou,we didn;t even know you09:46
spectrmdweaver: but I'm glad we don't09:46
xigleti used it manually .. but yes, x-chat is much better when it comes to irc09:46
=== EfentharWireless [~EfentharW@203-173-143-141.bliink.ihug.co.nz] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
xiglettried hoary preview about 1 week ago .. finally a distro that was able to configure my integrated 802.11g card by deafult. :D09:47
xigletand i'm back to gnome again :)09:47
zerokarmaleftxiglet, what were you using during your gnome hiatus?09:49
CraZy675how do i set the static IP and gateway and so on, using the live cd?09:49
sabmocspectrm, are you on the ubuntu team?09:49
spectrmsabmoc: no09:49
=== irb [~toto@12-216-16-163.client.mchsi.com] has joined #ubuntu
spectrmsabmoc: just another IRCer sick of the bullshit09:50
sabmocAre any of the ubuntu team awake? ping ping ping09:50
xigletzerokarmaleft: well ... fedora core 1 and so ... I guess, 2.4 or something. there have been some improvements since then09:50
spectrmI wished I was staff so I could drop you off the network09:50
spectrmexcuse me09:50
spectrm'you' off the network09:50
Ghost-ninewhy the shit talk spacey09:50
spectrmsabmoc: the guy spamming before09:51
sabmocit wasnt me!09:51
spectrmsabmoc: I know09:51
Ghost-ninesabmoc, no his nick was "YOU"09:51
spectrmsabmoc: but his nick was 'you'09:51
xigletzerokarmaleft: there is still things I like much more with KDE, but .. I just don't like looking at it ... even if I find a theme I like .. It just looks like windows for 8 year old girls  :)09:51
pinPointtuggy: youa round?09:51
tuggypinPoint, p://support.dlink.com/faq/view.asp?prod_id=357&question=General%20Wireless09:51
zerokarmaleftxiglet, lmao09:52
Ghost-ninenice description xiglet09:52
pinPointtuggy: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=485115&CatId=009:52
sabmocyeah it was 'girl' for a while, then 'brans5' now i see it is 'you'09:52
sabmocsame ip for all three names09:52
tuggythat has which dlink cards have linux drives09:52
spectrmsabmoc: well...he's gone now...good thing09:52
zerokarmaleftxiglet, felt the same way when i used kde 3.2 on gentoo09:52
=== underlord [~underlord@c211-30-117-126.carlnfd2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
spectrmkde is...well...I'll keep my opinions to myself09:53
sabmocspectrm, this is the third time today, I think chances are good we have not seen the last of 'you'09:53
xigletzerokarmaleft: gnome just ... give me a good feeling ;-)09:53
pinPointtuggy: ...09:53
=== xamdm [~xamdm@pD95EBAD1.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu
tuggypinPoint, looks like all the dwl-g650 cards have drivers\09:53
xigletkde have some great features though09:53
underlordi want to execute a program at command line, but make it terminate in 10 seconds from the launch time if it doesn't terminate itself, is this easy in bash/ubuntu?09:53
sabmocGNOME is sexy09:53
Ghost-ninesabmoc, eh, OSX is sexy... gnome is usable ;P09:54
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #ubuntu
=== ramuls [~fisko@adsl-69-230-184-149.dsl.irvnca.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu
spectrme17 is sexy09:54
Ghost-ninethat too09:54
spectrmthe rest are just there09:54
pinPointexcept for K109:54
=== davix__ [~lama@85-65-146-165.barak.net.il] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocOSX is candy, GNOME is sexy, KDE is plastic, WINDOWS is shit09:54
spectrmKwin is slow, bloated, and buggy09:54
Ghost-ninespectrm, idea for new ubuntu livecd, Ebuntu09:54
spectrmGhost-nine: YES!!!!09:54
spectrmGhost-nine: excellent idea09:54
Ghost-ninethere's already kubuntu09:55
tuggyso with hoary, any of the dwl-g650 cards should work out of the box09:55
Ghost-ninewhy not Ebuntu?09:55
xigletbut I have one problem with ubuntu. Installed hoary the same day the preview was released, added the repo's multiverse, marillat and universe and was able to install xmms, xine, mplayer etc. Did the same thing now after a reinstall but now I'm getting a lot of errors. Some dependencie problems. Anyone experienced something like this?09:55
sabmocxiglet, yep09:55
tuggyxiglet, there is like 60 updates a day09:55
=== declan [~declan@213-202-184-124.bas504.dsl.esat.net] has joined #ubuntu
tuggyit is going to be like this till april 6th09:56
sabmocxiglet, right now so many packages are being updated that things are a bit funky09:56
spectrmxiglet: the repo's might not be compatible09:56
xigletok, I see09:56
spectrmxiglet: ubuntu's still going through some infrastructure dev09:56
sabmocxiglet, after its 'officially' release everything will calm way down and stuff should just work09:56
=== mmtb [~marcin@duc42.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has joined #ubuntu
spectrmxiglet: I'd check with a project lead09:56
xigletok, thanks09:56
spectrmxiglet: I can't see the errors from here09:56
spectrmxiglet: otherwise I'd prolly be able to figure it out09:56
xigletso I should stick to stable I guess09:57
spectrmxiglet: maybe uninstall and reinstall the packages09:57
sabmocor just dont upgrade until its released09:57
=== TiffOn [user@218.Red-217-126-197.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #ubuntu
sabmocare most of the bugs involving mplayer xiglet ?09:57
xigletI just tried spamassassin. It said : Depends: libhtml-parser-perl (>= 3.31) but it is not installable09:57
pinPointhow does one remove a minipci card09:58
pinPointwhere is it?09:58
pinPointon a laptop09:58
spectrmpinPoint: pcmcia slot09:58
=== Sloppy [~n@sloppy.cxw.utoledo.edu] has joined #ubuntu
pinPointits builtin09:58
sabmocheh, goodlucky09:58
spectrmpinPoint: wanna start scrapping your lappy already?09:58
pinPointhad for 7+months09:59
xigletmaybe it is some other problems here. But it's strange, the only thing I did after install was to create gpg keys (as the wiki said) and added multiverse , marillat and universe09:59
tuggypinPoint, probably under the keyboard in under a back panel09:59
pinPointhell ya! if that means i get a new pcmcia card09:59
xigletsabmoc: so no, now it suddenly appears to involve a lot of packages...09:59
pinPointif i do get a pcmcia card09:59
pinPointwill it be wlan1 or 009:59
sabmocim pretty sure taking your laptop appart will void any warrenty09:59
tuggypin you can just leave the minipci card in09:59
spectrmpinPoint: ifconfig09:59
tuggyits not going to hurt anything09:59
tuggyunless you want to say... smash it10:00
sabmocxiglet, yep, its just the blitz, wait a while or maybe try reinstalling if possible.10:00
pinPointim angry at it10:00
pinPointwe settle it out one on one10:00
spectrm3am already....damn10:00
pinPointme and the card10:00
sabmocsleep is for the weak10:00
xigletsabmoc: I just reinstalled. But I guess I'll have to live with it as long as it is unstable10:00
sabmocyou dont want sleep10:00
sabmocxiglet, yep, pretty much10:01
xigletthank you10:01
=== tuggy needs to get to bed soon so I can go to work in the morning and help windows idiots with their "puters"
xigletI hope hoary will be released soon then :)10:01
=== tiverton [~myk@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2q2-122.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #ubuntu
tuggyxiglet, just keep updating till it works right10:01
=== tiverton [~myk@ca-stmnca-cuda4-gen2q2-122.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has left #ubuntu []
xigletsleep? I'm just about to dress up for snowboard skiing10:02
tuggythen dont update untill after release10:02
sabmocxiglet, install apt-listbugs10:02
xigletsabmoc: error on that one as well :)10:02
sabmocnicely played!10:02
sabmocoh well, i tried10:03
=== sabmoc kicks xiglet
xiglet:) sabmoc .. http://paste.plone.org/111610:03
=== nmoore [~nmoore@cpc4-broo2-6-0-cust112.renf.cable.ntl.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== tuggy turn between wanting to use ubuntu or kubuntu
xigletGuess I'll try with a new reinstall tonight ... without these unofficial repos10:04
=== Ghost-nine <BMP> (Playing #222/273) Busta Rhymes - EVERYBODY RISE (0:09/2:59)
=== mmtb [~marcin@duc42.neoplus.adsl.tpnet.pl] has left #ubuntu ["Leaving"]
tuggyI tried the kubuntu live disk... KDE 3.4 is pretty damn sweet10:04
Ghost-ninewrong channel10:04
membreyadie Ghost-nine !10:05
Ghost-ninehey watch it...10:05
tuggyxiglet, the one that probably messed you up was the marrilat10:05
tuggyI have been using universe and multiverse with no problems10:05
xiglettuggy: ok ... i'll try to go easy on that one next time then10:06
tuggyJUST use marrilat to get w32codecs and libdvdcss2 then shut it off10:06
xigletok, good idea10:06
=== FireEgl [Ariel@2001:5c0:84dc:2:0:0:0:0] has joined #Ubuntu
=== njs12345 [~njs@dsl-217-155-201-142.zen.co.uk] has joined #ubuntu
njs12345my sound seems to have gone all of a sudden10:07
tuggynjs- I think it has to do with the update from today10:07
tuggyyour not the first to say it10:07
njs12345tuggy: that's quite possible10:07
tuggyare you using hoary?10:07
=== zzyber [~andreb@h126n3c1o1022.bredband.skanova.com] has joined #ubuntu
=== themaxx [~maxx@210-85-125-33.cm.dynamic.apol.com.tw] has joined #ubuntu
njs12345when I run `esd` I get10:07
xigletarray-7 is the same as preview, only a few days newer?10:07
njs12345njs@nick-bedroom:/dev $ esd10:07
njs12345/dev/dsp: No such device10:07
kosmoshm, sount turns out to be a real issue ;)10:08
njs12345which is strange, because I can cat /dev/dsp just fine10:08
tuggyhave you made sure to turn the volume back up?10:08
Ghost-ninenjs12345, can you play sound as root?10:08
themaxxHello everyone.. I am in Taiwan and the Ubuntu's FTP server is slow as hell...  I'm trying to grap array 7 but at this speed it'll finnish in a week!!10:08
tuggyI know afte the update it turns the volume back down10:08
pinPointtuggy: what do you think :: ===->http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/SearchTools/item-details.asp?EdpNo=485115&CatId=010:09
themaxxAnyone knows a mirror???10:09
njs12345Ghost-nine: no10:09
njs12345root@nick-bedroom:/dev # cat /dev/urandom > /dev/audio10:09
njs12345bash: /dev/audio: No such device10:09
tuggypinPoint, I think it will work10:09
Ghost-ninenjs12345, only reason i could think thats doesnt work, is because your audio card wasnt detected10:09
themaxxThe torrent is also verry slow...10:09
tuggyall three revisions have drivers10:09
Ghost-ninenjs12345, what audio card?10:10
njs12345Ghost-nine: it was working before, and if I run lsmod I get all the right drivers10:10
tuggythemaxx, you a sam keith fan?10:10
=== Sloppy [~n@sloppy.cxw.utoledo.edu] has left #ubuntu []
=== davix_ [~lama@85-65-146-165.barak.net.il] has joined #ubuntu