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lytefyrehi anyone know how to fix screen resolution , I have a dell latop capable of doing 1024x768 but im only getting 640x48003:51
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zerathaI am having some issues with kubuntu. No one in #kubuntu is very helpful, as they seem more intrested in their cars... :-(03:55
Riddellzeratha: I don't have a car04:01
Riddellwhat are the issues?04:01
zerathaAll KDE based apps I install fail with a rather long, annoying error message. After installing kubuntu and logging into KDE I get this message: "Could not start process. Unable to create io-slave. Klauncher said Unknown protocol 'file'.04:01
Riddellzeratha: some library not talking to some other library.  how did you install?04:02
zerathavia synaptic.04:02
Riddelland what did you install?04:02
zerathaFirst just K3b and the Amarok, after that I uninstalled both and tried the entire Kubuntu-desktop04:03
zerathaTwice now.... :-(04:03
Riddellfrom hoary?04:03
zerathaI really just want those to apps04:03
RiddellI wonder if that's k3b doing evil permissions things04:03
zerathaIt doesn't seem to be K3b related. I have done this on two other machines without a problem04:04
Riddellmake sure /tmp/.kde-myuser is owned by myuser04:04
zerathaOK, BRB04:04
Riddelland /tmp/.ICE-unix is owned by root04:04
datoitym /tmp/kde-user04:05
Riddelldato: itym?04:05
dato"I think you mean"04:06
Riddellso I do04:06
dato(dict itym says)04:06
zeratha/tmp/kde-zeratha is owned by zeratha.users.... /tmp/.ICE-unix root.root.....04:06
Riddelltis a mistery04:07
datoI'd say something is screwed under ~/.kde04:07
zerathaTell me about it.04:07
zerathadato, I'll try renaming it and see.04:08
zerathaBRB, gotta log out04:09
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Riddellnew kdelibs, kdemultimedia and kdebase uploaded with various fixes to k-menu06:33
Riddellnew konserve uploaded with patch for kmenu and layout06:33
Riddellnew kubuntu-default-settings with anti-aliased fonts06:34
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fabbioneguys can you please fix (this time for real) kdesdk? it's 3 uploads that it FTBFS06:59
fabbionebecuase one patch doesn't apply06:59
fabbionethanks :-)06:59
amufabbione: it's on the way 09:25
fabbionethanks amu :-)09:25
haggaiI thought Riddell was going back to a normal sleep pattern09:33
elmoamu: fixing kdepim is still on your todo list right?09:39
amuelmo: yep09:39
amuelmo: i'll fix also the last know bugs 09:39
elmook, just checking09:40
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dholbachwhat was the final decision towards python2.4?11:02
dholbachi can't remember it11:02
haggaithat you were looking at an obsolete package?11:04
dholbachno... it was included more than one package - i just wanted to make sure, i could tick off everything kde-related from our lists11:07
haggaimore than one source package?11:07
dholbachbut i'm making sure first11:10
dholbachbefore i'm becoming a pain in the neck :-)11:10
haggailooks like sip-qt3 needs love11:11
dholbachherve is working on it11:11
haggaikdevelop has a 2.3 dep but Riddell is working on that anyway11:12
dholbachhttp://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UniversePythonTransitionTODO still says:11:12
dholbach JonathanRiddel?11:12
dholbachkdebindings, kdevelop3, koffice -- KDE 3.4 is currently being packaged, no use transitioning 3.3 for now 11:12
dholbachthat's why i was asking11:13
dholbachthey all contain python bits somewhere11:13
haggaikdebindings:  that's what I'm doing right now, kdevelop: Riddell (yes Jonathan Riddell), koffice: nothing done yet11:13
dholbachbut if you guys say WONTFIX, it's no problem and i'll chuck them from all our lists11:13
haggaikoffice won't be a part of kubuntu main I don't think, so that's the only one that isn't getting any love at the moment11:14
dholbachit's just the amount of the MOTU lists grew more and more, so i want to regain control somehow :-)11:14
dholbachok thanks for telling me11:15
haggaiso where to put koffice?11:16
haggaiis there a place for unloved packages, or should I leave next to Riddell?11:17
haggaiI've updated the page11:18
dholbachunloved packages ... *sigh* it'll be a MOTU thing then11:18
haggaiwell we might find time but I don't want to hold things up by saying we will and then not doing it11:20
dholbachand maybe we'll have MotuKdeEnthusiasts-Team soon11:21
dholbachwe should encourage those kinds of teams pretty much11:21
dholbachok... back to  UniverseDoesNotBuild11:23
haggaithanks for your help11:27
dholbachit's a pleasure :-)11:28
amu11:34 < pitti> amu, Riddell: did I already forward you the long-outstanding TIFF vulns in11:36
amu               kdegraphics?11:36
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Riddellamu: I don't think he did firward the long-outstanding TIFF vulns01:44
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Riddellcan anyone work out what has caused these failures?  http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/k/kdelibs/4:3.4.0-0ubuntu3/02:21
Riddellkdeaccessiblity is in, I'll bump up the version number02:32
amuRiddell: probably a missing Doxyfile.am /arts is missing ? 02:36
Riddellamu: but why would it build on the other architectures?02:41
Riddellamu: and what's wrong with powerpc, that's a different error02:41
Riddellamu: are you doing kdeaddons?  you need to take back 8038 if you are02:58
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amuRiddell: that looks strange, right04:44
amuyep i do, already fixed it04:44
Riddellamu: what looks strange?  fixed what?04:44
amu14:41 < Riddell> amu: but why would it build on the other architectures?04:45
amu14:58 < Riddell> amu: are you doing kdeaddons?  you need to take back 8038 if you are04:45
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amuRiddell: did you saw pitti's question on #u-d ? 04:46
Riddellamu: I did, want me to do it or shall you?04:46
amuRiddell: no it was a suggestion just in this case you're working atm on them, if not i'll add a bug04:48
froudamu: for knetwork-conf there is a bug. I dunno if it is kubuntu specific. but apparently when use presses "Apply" the environment should be updated.04:48
amufroud: did you tested it ex. on another system? 04:49
froudno just on kubuntu04:49
froudamu: but juan says it should work04:50
froudTry this: 04:51
amufroud: could you please add a bug with all the information04:51
froud/ust/share/apps/knetworkconf/backends/network-conf --get > network.xml 04:51
froudEdit network.xml and change some config value, for example your ip address. 04:51
froud/ust/share/apps/knetworkconf/backends/network-conf --set < network.xml 04:51
froudamu: ok04:51
froudamu: btw did you know it is now in KDE cvs review04:52
amu:) yep, i'm in contact with upstream04:53
Riddellcan someone test kdevelop3 at deb http://jasmine.19inch.net/~jr/away/kubuntu ./06:54
haggaiRiddell: do you have a mirror with your new kdebase yet?  I see ubuntu9 built but my uk mirror doesn't seem to have it yet09:46
=== haggai installs Riddell's kdevelop
haggaiRiddell: I don't see a menu item10:03
haggaifor kdevelop10:03
haggaiRiddell: also, several icons missing in left hand pane of project options, e.g. General10:04
Riddellhaggai: nope, don't have kdebase -ubuntu9, and if the uk mirror doesn't have it that means none of them do10:06
Riddellhaggai: kdevelop seems to have some missing files, hopefully I can add them and that'll sort it10:07
haggai30655 chris     25   0  773m 706m 2888 R 83.3 72.1   9:42.98 cc1plus10:08
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apokryphosGreat comments generally all around; cool stuff. :)10:52
Riddellamu's on a roll today.  Gaelic added, about time too11:05
amu... it was a bitcircumstantially to upload those 330MB  11:08
amuand of course a good test for elmo's buildd :)11:10
apokryphosHm, so if there's problems with kde Universe packages, I can't create a bug report?11:10
amuapokryphos: which package? 11:11
apokryphosPyKDE stuff; I know you guys know of it, but I thought it would be helpful to keep track with a bug report...11:12
Riddellapokryphos: add it to kde marked for kubuntu11:13
haggaiapokryphos: python-dcop or something different?11:13
apokryphospython2.3-kde3 and python-kde311:13
amuapokryphos: yep, problem is universe is not supported by bugzilla, there's a kind of backdoor, Package is UNKNOWN and assign it to us, i started to fix it and it hangs on a unknown .sip error 11:15
apokryphosOk, cool; adding now.11:15
amu... i contacted the motu team, they told me riddell is also working on it :)11:15
haggaiheh nice one Riddell :)11:15
Riddellwell, it's on my todo list, anyone else who wants to do it first is more than welcome11:16
apokryphosTo assign it to you guys I just put in kubuntu-bugs email address, right?11:18
amuRiddell: ok, i'll take it after kdesdk is done, what i did, i fixed/checked the depends, imho it's only this python sip problem.  11:18
amuapokryphos: yep, in this case directly to me, than we can save a bit time, someone readdress it.11:19
haggaibah, my laptop test env ran out of space, time to ditch ubuntu..11:19
amuRiddell: if you did more than me, or if you're deeper in it, you're welcome to take it back, just look to my buildd11:21
Riddellamu: you go ahead11:21
RiddellI've not done anything so far11:21
elmoguys, are you nearing completion in your marathon of uploads?11:22
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opig'day/night :)11:23
amuelmo: i just start it :) it will a nice evening for you idle cpu 11:23
elmowell, reason I ask is, there's a bunch of uninstallable's, wondering if that's because you're still mid-uploads, or if it's somethingI should be chasing you about11:24
amuelmo: it's cause of mid-uploads .... kdepim ppc is still missing, which blocks _all_  11:25
elmook, it's in needs-build.. one of the buildds should take it soon11:27
elmoor will now I've started one11:27
amuthx, 11:27
elmokde-i18n is arch: any?11:28
amuelmo: needs-build is fine .... 11:28
elmonm, no it's not11:28
amuufff, i checked it very carefull, except the linitan11:29
amuhey opi ;)11:30
=== amu creeps back to his stone
opihi ami11:39
opiand elmo11:39
elmohi opi11:39
opiAnyone of you have some experience with QTDesigner and Python?11:39
haggaiwoo finaly a kdebindings that builds and has everything in the right places11:39
opiI mean, GTK has Glade and Glade-Python bindings11:40
opiit's kinda offtopic, but ;)11:40
opiI'm developing small thing, and I would like to add face to it, but I was building GUIs from hand back at AmigaOS, now I'm too lazy 11:41
haggaitime for bed, back in the morning11:41
Riddellhaggai: well done, not going to upload?11:41
haggaiRiddell: I only said the files are in the right places, not that I'd actually tested them thoroughly...11:42
Riddellfair enough11:42
haggai:) night11:42
Riddellguid nicht11:42
opinight haggai 11:47
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