alleeAnyone knows where one places a DSDT so mkinitrd appends it?   Or a good RTFM pointer?12:19
=== jimmyw [~waaaa@] has joined #kubuntu
jimmywheya all , im just after breaking xandros for the 2nd time in 2 weeks and it seems im not the only one , so now im downloading kubuntu, would anyone be able to answer a few questions for me?12:23
alleejimmyw: I can try12:24
wickieallee: I compiled mine into the kernel.12:24
alleewickie: that what I want to prevent ;)12:25
=== LeeJunFan [~junfan@64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== kidzeus [~kidzeus@athe730i-0294.otenet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
alleeI checked kern.log.  Now it looks like no DSDT patch is applied (or ubuntu changed printks?)12:26
jimmywallee: thanks, since kubuntu is really ubuntu with kde instead of gnome , will the packages released for ubuntu work perfectly on kubuntu?12:27
apokryphosThey will, yes.12:27
alleejimmyw: yes.12:27
kidzeusHey. I just installed kubuntu-desktop to my hoary installation, and now when I run synaptic and go to upgrade packages, it tells me that it's going to remove ubuntu-base. and I can't unmark it. Will this screw my gnome?12:27
apokryphosUbuntu-base is a metapackage... removing it won't remove anything else.12:28
jimmywallee: have you ever used xandros , mepis before using kubuntu ?12:28
alleejimmyw: no.  Never saw a reason before kubuntu to try a debian flavor12:28
kidzeusthanks. was kinda worried12:29
jimmywhmm ok, sorry for the questions , just tryin to decide on which distro to go for , i thought i had it with xandros but ...12:29
=== kidzeus is now known as taki
apokryphosIf you like KDE, Kubuntu is great.12:30
jimmywapokryphos: yeah i installed ubuntu about a month ago and i liked it except for gnome, we use gnome in college and i just dont like it, probably from using windows for so long12:30
=== taki is now known as kidzeus
jimmywis kubuntu totally stable since its still only a preview release?12:31
apokryphosNot totally stable; technically in "developement", as is all of Hoary.12:31
dimmaki just don't like not being able to right click and edit lots of properties in gnome... and the spatial file manager by default is sooo annoying for me12:31
jimmywapokryphos:  have you had any probs with it?12:31
apokryphosbut, as far as I've seen the majority of the community is using Hoary. At least nearly everyone on IRC.12:32
dimmakand that can't be disabled on the machines at my university12:32
dimmakbut at least i can login under kde there12:32
apokryphosjimmyw: there are a few little tweaks that need to be done (sudo stuff needs to be finalized; one or two broken dependencies still), but generally it's been great.12:32
jimmywdimmak: i wish we could here, its stupid ,the admins (maybe rightly) are so protective of their linux boxes12:32
dimmakwhat school?12:32
kidzeusthat's funny jimmy, cause I tend to prefer Gnome, and I've been using OS X for a while now.12:33
jimmywapokryphos: its sounding very good, do g++ and other development tools come preinstalled?12:33
jimmywdimmak:  ul , ireland12:33
kidzeusI wouldn't mind being able to change my screen res on the fly with my ati. any word on that?12:33
apokryphosjimmyw: Pre-installed... I'm not sure. But the vast majority of compile necessities come with one package; easily installable.12:33
jimmywkidzeus: i used to work for symantec for a while and i used a max there, i LOVE the look of os x, i dont think any desktop can match it yet12:34
jimmywapokryphos:  ah yeah, thats ok , xandros didnt come with any development tools 12:34
kidzeusyeah, I must say I've yet to see it's match for usability and pleasure. at least for my own needs12:34
apokryphosjimmyw: just download the "build-essential" package.12:34
jimmywoh , i dont spose anyone knows if kubuntu supports nvidia opengl by default?12:34
kidzeusbut I figured it was long past due I hop into linux, and ubuntu is treating me right so far12:34
dimmaki really like mac for "expose" ... sorry no easy way to accent in gaim and i don't memorize the clipboard12:35
apokryphosjimmyw: it supports it all; drivers can be installed very easily; can get them from the repositories.12:35
dimmakor character map rather12:35
jimmywkidzeus: everything about macs scream finesse, my dad runs a digital imaging lab and they all use macs, he got a mac mini to see what its like, putting asside that its not a powerhouse ,its an incredible setup12:35
kidzeusexpose has changed the way I manouever. Seriously, every time I sit down at a non-mac, I click my middle mouse button and blink when the windows don't all shuffle into smaller versions.12:36
jimmywapokryphos: it was a pain in the ass to get nvidia to work with mdk12:36
kidzeusI like the latest gnome and kdes though. slick. and kde screams.12:36
jimmywkidzeus:  haha ,theres probably a medical term for that! :D12:36
apokryphosjimmyw: Ubuntu is the opposite. :) 12:36
jimmywapokryphos: excellent <-- in mr.byrnes voice :D12:37
dimmakyeah... i would love if windows tile feature didn't suck12:37
jimmyw44 mins til my iso is finished downloading :D12:37
dimmakbut kde is just fine for me12:37
apokryphoscool :)12:37
dimmakan expose port would be welcomed12:37
kidzeusbut I do have a problem burning cds. Apparently 2.6 kernel doesn't handle scsi emulation, which I didn't realize I needed. I downloaded three burning apps, including graveman, and I can't burn a disc12:37
kidzeusproblem with expose port is that expose uses mac's graphics core. so it doesn't actually bother the main processor. means I can watch video in one little window, or while it zooms in or out, and see everything in the other windows live with no slow down12:38
jimmywkidzeus:  ya try k3b?12:38
kidzeusno. should I?12:39
kidzeusone sec. lemme change this nick12:39
=== kidzeus is now known as taki
jimmywkidzeus:  yeah its a great burning tool ,sorta neroesque12:39
takithere we go. 12:39
takiwill download it now12:39
jimmywanyone here from ireland?12:39
takiI also would love to see ndiswrapper preinstalled. as a total newb, it took me a few days to get my wifi card running12:40
apokryphosjimmyw: not that I know of, but there's at least a couple of Brits. :P12:40
jimmywim reading really good reviews about kubuntu here12:40
takiman, I love how easy it is to switch between the two windows systems12:41
jimmywapokryphos: over here we are really lucky with the downloading of linux distros, HEA or higher education authority have huge servers of linux distros and they are really fast so we can download whatever flavour pretty quickly , i think the uk have a similar setup12:41
jimmywif you have ubuntu installed and then you decide to download kde for it, is it the same as kubuntu or no?12:42
apokryphosI'm not sure if we do, but that sounds really sweet12:42
jimmywapokryphos:  you from uk? where abouts?12:43
apokryphosjimmyw: pretty much. There's a few kubuntu tweaks. See: www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/installingKDE12:43
jimmywive never been to london , always wanted to go ,maybe when i finish college this year12:43
takikubuntu-desktop is available for package download. it adds all the functionality of kubuntu, I believe, with no loss. I have both now12:44
=== SeFoKumA [~sefokuma@228.Red-81-44-200.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
jimmywtaki: can ya choose when logging in which to go for?12:44
takibut lord do I have a ton of apps populating my k menu. too many to find things12:44
apokryphosYou're quite right, taki. Essentially, the kubuntu tweaks are mainly contained in the "kubuntu-default-settings" package. There's still tweaks on other progs like KDM, though.12:44
apokryphosjimmyw: course.12:44
=== claydoh [~claydoh@] has joined #kubuntu
takiyeah, you can choose default, and every time at login you have th eopportunity to switch12:45
takialso, you can switch easily by using ctrl-alt-backspace and relogging12:45
jimmywdamnit! i have the ubuntu disk sittin in my drawer beside me! i could have just installed that and downloaded kde-desktop12:46
apokryphoskubuntu-desktop, yes :P12:46
jimmyw<-- king of wasting time and bandwidth  , lol!12:46
takiWhat's the file browser app in kde?12:46
takiOh, duh. thanks12:47
jimmywtaki:  i was just reading there that kubuntu-desktop comes with k3b as default, you might already have it installed12:47
jimmywah i spose im better off getting kubuntu since its the hoarty , is it difficult to upgrade warthog to hoarty?12:48
apokryphosNope, very easy. Takes the editing of one file and two commands.12:48
jimmywis the download big?12:49
apokryphosQuite, yes.12:49
apokryphosAround 500 megs, I'd guess at.12:49
jimmywoh right, so i might as well just wait for kubuntu to download :D12:49
takiI do. Using it now:) will let you know if it works12:49
jimmywtaki: cool12:50
takiso far so good. got past where the others did. thanks:)12:50
jimmywapokryphos:  when hoary(i now learned the spelling :) ) becomes stable , will it be easy to update kubuntu to stable version?12:50
jimmywtaki: fingers crossed :)12:50
apokryphosjimmyw: Very easily; that's the glory of Debian-based systems. It takes only two commands to do so.12:50
jimmywi gotta tell yas, im really liking the sound of this , but im still a little annoyed that xandros didnt work out , i really liked that system12:51
apokryphosNever tried it, but sounds reasonable.12:53
jimmywapokryphos: been using linux long?12:54
apokryphosJust under a year now, I think.12:54
jimmywgo back to windows much?12:54
=== irbdavid [Dave@modem-3455.elk.dialup.pol.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphosI don't think I've logged into Windoze, at home, for a few months now. 12:55
takirock on. I know have my package archive saved to disc. all 500 megs worth;) thanks Jimmy12:55
=== irbdavid [Dave@modem-3455.elk.dialup.pol.co.uk] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
jimmywtaki:  no probs :)12:56
takiso now when I reinstall ubuntu, I can just install them all from here?12:56
jimmywtaki: when i get kubuntu installed would ya mind telling me how to do that? that would be extremely handy incase anything goes pear shaped somewhere down the line12:56
LeeJunFantaki: I'm on about 10G mirroring amd64 and i386 right now :)12:57
takino prob. I found 'em in /var/cache/apt/archives/12:57
jimmywso you can put in your burned cd , add the path to synaptic and just reinstall em all?12:57
takiwith synaptic you just make sure not to select clean cache immediately.12:58
takiyeah, synaptic has that option where you add resources. you can add a cd12:58
takihaven't tried it yet12:58
jimmywthats brillaitn12:58
jimmywbrilliant even12:58
takiand kubuntu has kynaptic. don't see a tab or button or option for modifying sources there, though12:59
LeeJunFankynaptic blows - use synaptic.12:59
takiI run synaptic from kde in a terminal, though. if you don't have it default, I suppose you can download it12:59
LeeJunFanor better yet - just use apt-get12:59
jimmywLeeJunFan:  can ya use synaptic with kubuntu ?12:59
apokryphosKynaptic is pretty primitive at the mo.12:59
jimmywor does it just allow kynaptic?12:59
LeeJunFanjimmyw: sure can. you can use any of ubuntu12:59
takiyeah, will probably switch to apt-get. but seems more complicated for doing things like setting the resource to a cd12:59
LeeJunFanjimmyw: open konsole, sudo apt-get install synaptic01:00
=== MindZEye makes a promise to himself to look at the Kynaptic code.
takiso will upgrading to the final version of hoary require anything more than apt-get installing?01:00
jimmywLeeJunFan: thanks! , i dont mean to be smart , but i think il be on this chan quite a bit when im finding my feet with kubuntu01:01
LeeJunFantaki: actually I found editing /etc/apt/sources.list to be easier. Just one line to change then, not 10 boxes.01:01
apokryphostaki: apt-get update; apt-get dist-upgrade. Nothing more.01:01
LeeJunFanjimmyw: it's worth it. I just switched from mandrake a couple days ago.01:01
LeeJunFanjimmyw: I've been running Mandrake for about 6 yrs and redhat for a couple before that. They both stink.01:01
jimmywLeeJunFan: great , cos im using mdk10.1 at the mo, well whatya think ?01:01
LeeJunFanjimmyw: compared to ubuntu anyway. I just didn't like the path they were taking with their overbranding and customizing.01:02
LeeJunFanjimmyw: now I just have to upgrade my servers to ubuntu.01:02
jimmywyeah thats why i said i think mdk is too cumbersome, its like a corporate gleam over linux or something01:03
takithank lee and apok for the two heads-ups. I suppose I should have realized that I could add the cd into sources.list. that's where I changed my settings anyway. what's the syntax for adding the cd?01:03
LeeJunFanjimmyw: yep, and they are getting more and more corporate-anal every day. I've contributed to cooker for as long as I've used mandrake, and 10.2 was just too much crap for me.01:03
jimmywoh thats another thing, i have my samba server setup in mdk, using swat , in xandros it came preconfigured and was childsplay to change, whats kubuntu like for setting up swat?01:04
jimmywLeeJunFan: i installed 10.2 rc about a week ago and immediately got rid, didnt like it at all01:04
LeeJunFanjimmyw: swat and webmin are only an apt-get away. ;)01:04
takiI'm going to have to start hunting for how to set up my linux so I can see my powerbook and vice versa. do I need to make use of samba? totally clueless.01:05
jimmyweggs cellent :D01:05
LeeJunFanjimmyw: yeah, I wanted a sleeker less adulterated linux. And the article for ubuntu/kubuntu just happened to be on slashdot when I was looking for a debianlike distro.01:05
jimmywtaki:  there is an apple share, ive never used it but webmin lets you set it up01:05
LeeJunFantaki swat will be a big help - Samba has SOOO many options.01:06
jimmywLeeJunFan: i had half if mepis downloaded but stopped cos i read better things about ubuntu, and then kubuntu01:06
takithanks guys. swat and webmin. will look.01:06
jimmywyeah i agree ,swat is so handy01:06
apokryphosMepis seems great too; heard good things about it. Community isn't nearly as big as Ubuntu, though. 01:07
apokryphosIRC comparison is... dazzling.01:07
LeeJunFanI wish my mirror would hurry up. I want to install 386 version on my other partition so I can run vmware and get some work done. I hate relying on windows for radio/topo mapping software. heheh01:08
=== _b [~b@24-90-94-112.nyc.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
jimmywi had awfull trouble with mkd a while ago tryin to get it to compile a wrapper for me, i had to use 3 wrappers in conjunction and 2 of them needed different versions of g++ ,such a pain in the ass finding which ones were needed01:09
jimmyw11 mins left :)01:09
takithe k7 optomized kernel... make a noticeable difference?01:09
LeeJunFanapokryphos: yeah, I looked too when I was switching distro's. I noticed the only distro that had more IRC users was debian. And ubuntu had even more than #linux. :)01:09
jimmywapokryphos: oh thats what you meant by irc comparison :)01:10
apokryphosWell, Gentoo is the largest out there, IIRC. :P01:10
LeeJunFantaki: somewhat - but so much stuff won't compile for amd64 w/o a hassle, and prebuilt binaries like my modem driver and vmware won't work. Right now openoffice is br0ke.01:10
=== wkenny [~wkenny@228-91-74-65.gci.net] has joined #kubuntu
jimmywhas anyone here installed gentoo? its sposed to take AGES to get setup cos of having to compile everything01:10
takiand if I install it (the k7 build), do I have to reinstall other stuff that's linked to specific headers? I'm thinking ndiswrapper here, and maybe mplayer had a k7 build.01:10
takiI've heard great things about gentoo, except not for newbs. so I didn't bother.01:10
LeeJunFanjimmyw: nope, and that's why I haven't. I want a distro I can take on a DVD and go to a friends house and convert them even if they don't have a 1Gbps internet connection :)01:11
wkennygot a quick question about sudo in kubuntu... I just installed the kubuntu preview release of hoary... it is asking for a password for sudo whereas the regular ubuntu doesn't... do I need to configure something for it?01:11
takiRegular ubuntu does ask. Unless you open a root terminal01:11
LeeJunFanwkenny: it sure does. use your user pass.01:11
wkennyaaah, okay, thanks01:11
LeeJunFantaki: which you can't do unless you sudo -s first w/ a password and setup a root password :)01:12
LeeJunFantaki: catch22 there.01:12
jimmywLeeJunFan:  its funny you should say that , cos i feel both good and bad, good that i converted 4 of my mates to linux via xandros, bad that i discovered it has big flaws...might be popping round with kubuntu tomorrow  hehe01:12
takiactually, there's a root terminal link in the apps/system folder. opens right up01:12
wkennyreally, okay, that makes it a bit easier.01:12
_bI just installed kubuntu, and was disappointed to see it didn't install x-chat01:12
wkennythat said, I'm extremely impressed with kubuntu...01:13
apokryphos_b: well, it is a KDE-based distro.01:13
_bKonversation seems ok, but I miss the pre-installed server list01:13
=== wkenny is now known as tehkgb
jimmyw_b a good few distros ive tried didnt come with it , xchat rocks01:13
apokryphosI don't know why people would use x-chat when Konversation is out there, but hey.01:13
LeeJunFanjimmyw: ah well, technology moves fast. That's the way it goes, what's good one day is old and busted the next. I've got a couple people converted already myself.01:13
_birc noob here, is there some way I can load all that stuff into konversation in one shot?01:13
tehkgbthanks again y'all01:13
takiI'll have to check out x-chat. I'm on snak on the mac right now while I do some stuff on k/ubuntu01:13
apokryphos_b: all the channels? Course.01:14
jimmywLeeJunFan: i reckon these new user friendly distros and live cds that come free with magazines are converting thousands01:14
apokryphostaki: don't :P. Konvi is much better. =)01:14
LeeJunFanjimmyw: Everyone knew me as a mdk evangelist for the most part, and they really couldn't believe it when I tried kubuntu and removed my local mandrake mirrors, deleted my system backup, repartitioned, and threw away 6 years of mdk discs.01:14
jimmywapokryphos: never tried konvi, whats it like?01:14
_bapok, xchat lets a newbie just go ahead and use it, konversation has nothing but #kde on there01:14
=== trans_err [~trans_err@hc65272dd.dhcp.vt.edu] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphosjimmyw: Konversation. It's excellent.01:14
jimmywjesus, really LeeJunFan ? thats a big step isnt it?01:14
_bapokryphos: , sorry, shortened your name01:14
apokryphos_b: erm, what? I think it's pretty user-friendly.01:15
apokryphosx-chat is ugly :P01:15
=== jiyuu0 [~jiyuu0@] has joined #kubuntu
jimmywnever tried konversation , im using xchat at the mo, i must say i really like it so :P apokryphos  hehe01:15
jimmyw5 mins !!!01:15
LeeJunFanjimmyw: yep. I was so impressed with the fact that ubuntu was not overbloated with automated crap I couldn't keep up with, and it was much lighter and more pure.01:15
_bI'm talking about the server list, apokryphos -- that's what I'm asking.  with x-chat i didn't have to go googling or whatever for server names and channels01:16
takiOkay, before I go to konvi, I get a message at the end of the webmin install. saying it uses a seperate password file, and that a root password was generated frm that file. but when I open the file in an editor, I see nothing01:16
_bas I guess I have to do... 01:16
_bwith Konversation01:16
LeeJunFanjimmyw: Mandrake was always doing something stupid that caused me grief - one was ifplug, I love having a server that reset all my routes and what not because a switch lost power or a machine it was crossed over to got rebooted. Just lame.01:16
jimmywLeeJunFan: member you said mdk was becoming really corporate? well i just remebered we had a "linux event" in our college run my mdk and they gave away free cd's of mdk 10.1 and quick start guide, they are really chasing down the market01:17
apokryphos_b: Ubuntu has a server list. Don't know why you have to go Googling... Freenode is pretty much the only one to use.01:17
LeeJunFanjimmyw: of course it only took 1-2 times before I decided I better either get rid of it or learn to configure it, but that was just ONE thing.01:17
apokryphos*Konversation, not Ubuntu01:17
jimmywtaki: with webmin you can use root as user and yer root pass and pass01:17
_bapokryphos: I am not on drugs here.  I know what I'm looking at: Server list -- freenode.  That's all it says.01:18
jimmywooh 2:30 left , blank cd is in the burner, k3b is open... im all prepped hehe01:18
_bmaybe you haven't used x-chat and don't know what I'm referring to01:18
LeeJunFantaki: yeah, only the way ubuntu doesn't setup a root password your root pass in webmin after setup will be disabled. you'll have to cut/paste your root passwd from /etc/shadow to /etc/webmin/miniserv.users01:18
apokryphos_b: I have used it. When did I deny that it says Freenode? I'm lost.01:18
apokryphosYou seem to be complaining because Konversation doesn't automatically come with a list of servers, right?01:19
jimmywLeeJunFan: thats weird, how come webmin doesnt have root login as default?01:19
_bjesus, apokryphos , scroll up if you care.  X-chat comes with a very large list of servers.  A newbie doesn't have to add stuff; konversation just presents me with blanks to fill in.01:19
=== evan_d [~evan@] has joined #kubuntu
trans_errLeeJunFan: it does, but only if you have a root account with an actual password01:20
jimmyw50 seconds ... 01:20
takiHow do I open webmin? I can't seem to find it01:20
LeeJunFanjimmyw: by default it takes the one from the system when you set it up - only in ubuntu root passwd is * (disabled) by default. Which is why you have to use sudo, and sudo -s to get a root shell.01:20
jimmywoh right ,sorry01:20
trans_errtaki: localhost:1000001:20
apokryphos_b: Well geez, I'm sorry to hear that it's so terribly user-unfriendly because it doesn't give you a list of servers. 01:20
jimmywtaki go to web browser type https://localhost:1000001:20
LeeJunFanjimmyw: if you set a root password before installing webmin it should use that ok.01:21
apokryphosSpeaking of user-unfriendliness.. I don't see all these button options on the side of xchat with Whois, Version, Kick, Part, Ban, Quit etc...01:21
jimmywLeeJunFan: i think i better do that, the lads i live with arent that gentle with pc's :)01:21
apokryphosthough admittedly it does it differently ;)01:22
_byes, apokryphos , I "seem" to be noting that fact yes; no "seems" about it; that was what I said.  Very simple.  Doesn't start with a list of servers.  Simple fact.  If it's preferable to you that that is so, great.  Works for you.  For me xchat was much more convenient.  You are way too defensive about apps beginning with "k".01:22
LeeJunFanhey, what do I press to "start"? There's a K where my "start" usually is and I don't dare press it because I think it means "K"ill. :)01:22
apokryphos_b: Way to defensive? I think it's a wholly ungrounded to critisize Konversation as necessarily unfriendly because it doesn't give you a list of servers.01:23
takiOkay, I didn't set a root password, and I'm unsure what to do now. and it says the host has been blocked due to too many unauthorized attempts01:23
apokryphosHow does the newbie know to go on Freenode, even when it's presented there?01:23
_bI was talking about newbies to irc, apokryphos .  I don't need to be a power user, I need to find channels. Which I'm googling for now, since evidently my original, simple request for help was apparently inappropriate here.01:24
apokryphosa newbie to IRC will emphatically NOT know that Freenode is gonna be the channel they're likely to spend 99% of their time on.01:24
_bI didn't say it was "unfriendly" apokryphos , lighten up, would you?  I said I preferred xchat, for my needs.01:24
jimmywooh im burning now , yesh yesh!01:24
jimmywLeeJunFan: you have a bluetooth phone?01:25
takiapokry, what was that you were saying about using sudo -s to open a root terminal? then what?01:25
apokryphos_b: "xchat lets a newbie just go ahead and use it, konversation has nothing but #kde on there". If you're not insinuating that it's user-unfriendly there, then..01:25
LeeJunFanI don't think computers should be user friendly. They should be productive, if you're too dumb to be productive then you don't need a computer. :)01:26
_bapokryphos: did I run over your cat or something? 01:26
apokryphostaki: you can just use sudo for any command you wanna do with root priveldges.01:26
takiI'm not down with that at all LeeJun. For 95% of computer users, they definitely need to be friendly. like a car or a toaster or any other appliance01:26
jimmywtaki: there might be a way to set root password from start menu, im not sure in ubuntu cos i havent used it, is there a control centre?01:26
takiNo, I mean for getting into webmin01:26
apokryphos_b: Not at all. Despite what you might think, I'm not anti-gnome or anti-gtk at all. I think some of their apps are great. When I think a criticism is unfair though, I'll explain why I think it is. :)01:27
takiyeah, it's there01:27
LeeJunFantaki: no they don't. Should we dumn down 747's too :)01:27
taki747s aren't for every home.01:27
jimmywtaki: type this in console :  sudo passwd root01:27
taki747s are operated by specially trained folks because lives are at stake, and there's no way to really fix that well yet.01:27
apokryphos_b: Dislike cats :P; more of a dogs person (though don't have one myself =)).01:28
jimmywthen set the root pass, webmin pass should be same, LeeJunFan  might be able to help you better,im not taht familiar with it01:28
LeeJunFantaki: exactly. Dumbing down a 747 would basically mean turning it into a cessena. We don't want a dumbed down linux with less "confusing" features, that's what windows is for. Linux is the 747.01:28
takicomputers, 90 some percent of the time, are for everyday people to help them do work or for entertainment. therefor they definitely should be made as easy to use as possible. I'm not saying don't have options for power users01:28
_bWho the heck is talking about gnome?  and I "insinuated" nothing.  I came here for help (to find out if there was a quick way to load a bunch of servers into the server list in one swoop)  and just got this tirade.01:28
apokryphostaki: sudo -s will have you in a root terminal01:28
LeeJunFantaki: ok. close enough.01:29
takiproblem is, webmin took its initial password from the alrady existant root password. which didn't exist. I gues I can reinstall it01:29
LeeJunFantaki: no need.01:29
LeeJunFantaki: sudo -s01:29
jimmywguys, thanks for all the help, ive just burned it, gonna install now,il be back in a while to give ya my first impressions :)  if yas are still here hehe01:30
apokryphos_b: hence the "anti-gtk" added in. I'm sorry, but you might have "just" come in for that, but... by the way, "insinuated nothing" is meaningless. You clearly did; I don't think you're in the business of making vacuous sentences, as I amen't.01:30
apokryphos_b: I answered your question that you can load a bunch of servers on startup...01:30
LeeJunFantaki: then vi /etc/shadow, copy the crap between the first and second : (that's your encrypted pass). Then :q to quit vi. Then vi /etc/webmin/miniserv.users press 'i' to enter insert mode - remove the * and paste your password in it's place.01:31
_bapokryphos: my original comment:  "Konversation seems ok, but I miss the pre-installed server list."  For that you act as if pulled out a flame thrower.01:31
takijimmy, how do I change root's password in Password & User Account? it only gives me the option for my regular login account01:31
apokryphos_b: That is not true. I made no response to that comment.01:31
_b"seems ok"  to mild praise for you?  Hey apokryphos , it's god's gift!  happy?01:31
apokryphosI never said that you hated it; I simply thought that your criticism of it was ungrounded. What's the big deal01:32
_bThere was no criticism, apokryphos , there was the comment that "I missed the server list."01:33
apokryphosKonversation is what does it for me; xchat does it for others. Whatever floats your boat.01:33
apokryphos_b: Again, as I said, I made no response to *that* comment.01:33
takiAh, didn't realize he vanished. LJF, do you know where I change the password for root?01:33
_bYes you did; you contradicted it, implying that Konversation was not lacking anything that x-chat had01:33
apokryphostaki: sudo passwd01:34
apokryphosContradicting it does not mean that I responded to it. Please check what I wrote; my response was to your, ""xchat lets a newbie just go ahead and use it, konversation has nothing but #kde on there"01:34
apokryphos_b: I have never said, nor implied, that konversation is not lacking anything that xchat has. I have no idea.01:34
_banyway, this is one way to keep me using the damn thing!  Instead of apt-getting x-chat, which I'm doing ... now-- gnight.01:34
_blord, apokryphos , get some sleep man.01:35
apokryphos_b: Good night :). I'm sorry for the hassle, but hey. ;)01:35
=== _b [~b@24-90-94-112.nyc.rr.com] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
LeeJunFanyeah, look above.01:35
LeeJunFantaki: that's how you change the password in webmin anyway. if you just want to change the root password just do sudo passwd root01:36
LeeJunFantaki: but that won't change your webmin pass automatically.01:36
takileejunfan, sorry to be a bother, but when you say copy between first and second in shadow, I'm unclear on what is 'first' and what is 'second'01:37
LeeJunFantaki: first : and second : - the colons01:38
takiThanks. Unfortunately that doesn't seem to have worked. I believe from what it said at configuration that it takes the password from the .users file the first time it starts.01:41
LeeJunFantaki: grep ^kidzeus/etc/shadow | awk -F : '{print $2}'01:41
LeeJunFantaki: that'll print out your encrypted pass.01:41
LeeJunFantaki: assuming your username on the system we are talking about is kidzeus01:42
LeeJunFantaki: then take that and replace the * in /etc/webmin/miniserv.users where it says root:*01:43
takiSorry to be so clueless, but where does it print it? the terminal where I typed it in is just hanging01:44
LeeJunFantaki: ctrl-c01:44
LeeJunFantaki: it shouldn't. crap - there should be a space between ^kidzeus and /etc...01:45
takiright, that gets me out of the hang, but I still don't see the password. I had found it in the shadow file earlier. ah, okay. retry01:45
LeeJunFangrep ^kidzeus /etc/shadow | awk -F : '{print $2}'01:45
=== Quest-Master [~Quest-Mas@c-24-99-26-36.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
takineeds a sudo to execute, and then just gives me the prompt with no output01:46
LeeJunFantaki: sudo -s01:46
LeeJunFantaki: that will make you become root in the shell.01:47
takisorry, my bad. forgot the colon after F. got it01:47
LeeJunFantaki: ok, now you need to copy/paste that whole line in /etc/webmin/miniserv.users - remove the * and put the pass key in there.01:47
=== Glin|Jol [~bobo@66-108-244-133.nyc.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
takiaccess denied from too many wrong entries;) I'll try again in a bit01:49
LeeJunFantaki: you might have to /etc/init.d/webmin restart to get it to load the passes again.01:50
takiwoot! thanks:)01:51
takiall good01:51
LeeJunFantaki: cool.01:51
LeeJunFantaki: and think of what you just learned as opposed to just uninstalling and re-installing webmin after setting a root pass :)01:52
takiOh, I will. I appreciate it.01:52
takiGonna spend some time learning unix commands as soon as I get things setup half decently.01:53
LeeJunFantaki: yeah, you'll find grep,awk,sed,head,tail,cut,expr and quite a few others very useful.01:53
LeeJunFantaki: those are probably the most used.01:54
LeeJunFantaki: well - for scripting type stuff anyway. Of course mkdir, rm, ls, are used more for disk operations :)01:54
LeeJunFanwow - old school, the dukes of hazzard are on tv.01:55
takiThose I've got somewhat of a handle on. the file ones01:55
takiha. man I loved that show01:56
LeeJunFantaki: when I was in second grade my class wrote in to the show and they sent us all autographed group pictures of the cast01:56
LeeJunFanAt least I think it was 2nd grade - that was a long time ago :)01:57
=== SeFoKumA [~sefokuma@228.Red-81-44-200.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFantaki: it's funny, as I remember it Daisy looked better.01:58
LeeJunFanowell, off to get some laundry done. later.01:59
=== SeFoKumA [~sefokuma@228.Red-81-44-200.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== chavo [~chavo@] has joined #kubuntu
takime, I was in 4th, I think. But god I loved it. Later LJ02:02
=== azuzak [~azuzak@201009179011.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #kubuntu
=== chavo [~chavo@] has joined #kubuntu
takiokay. late here. later all02:08
takithanks so much for the help02:08
=== darkgamer20 [~rajiv@ppp-68-122-227-147.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== claydoh is now known as claydoh|HL2
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=== phxguy [~phxguy@ip24-251-194-72.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
phxguyCan anybody in here help me with my screensavers???02:28
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jwheyas all02:42
jwim back in mandrake :(02:42
=== jw is now known as jimmyw
jimmywgrrr says I to the installation02:43
jimmywLeeJunFan:  ya here?02:43
=== regeya_ [~shane@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
jimmywcould anyone please give me some help? i just installed kubuntu and i need some advice02:54
dimmakwhat's up?02:54
dimmakjimmyw: how can i help?02:55
jimmywheya dimmak , installed it , it setup my network connection automatically (which i didnt want) it failed to detect my nvidia graphics card and my mouse, so in command prompt i did xorgconfig , got kde loaded up  but cant get my network settings changed02:56
LeeJunFanjimmyw: edit /etc/network/interfaces02:58
LeeJunFanjimmyw: man interfaces02:58
jimmywi dont mean to sound like a muppet but is there no config tool ? im a bit disappointed initially by the whole thing02:59
jimmywi think the control centre is rubbish too :|03:00
dimmakif it doesn't "just work" you are usually gonna have to edit some config files03:00
dimmakwhat distribution are you migrating from?03:00
jimmywdimmak: true, but i thought it would "hold my hand" along the way :)03:00
jimmywfrom mdk and xandros, i had it easy til now hehe03:00
Quest-Masterjimmyw: http://www.ubuntuguide.org03:01
LeeJunFanjimmyw: you learn more by being in the front lines with your system. :)03:01
Quest-Masterjimmyw: MDK and Xandros hold your hand, but the ease of use comes at a cost. ;)03:01
dimmakthis has been my favored distro so far... with knoppix for troubleshooting systems03:01
dimmaki only had to get it to detect my 2405fpw properly03:02
dimmakbut on my laptop it is perfect03:02
=== Quest-Master only uses Ubuntu and Sysreccd
Quest-MasterOnly Knoppix for cases when I need a Live GUI03:02
LeeJunFandimmak: I'm suprized as heck everything on my brand new lappy worked right out of install.03:02
dimmakyeah... the thing even standby's and wakes up properly03:02
dimmaktotal surprise03:03
jimmywok fuckit lads, im gonna try get ubuntu working cos i heard so much good about it, Quest-Master thats tutorial looks like it has all i need to get started03:03
=== regeya_ [~shane@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFan1680x1050 screen, built in minipci wireless, mouse & touchpad, etc.03:03
dimmaki was impressed that all the touchpad buttons worked just fine03:03
dimmaki usually have to edit the config files... everything works for a while... then something happens and the files revert and i need to redo the process03:04
ggilbert_hehe I had to fiddle with my xorg.conf file to make X work reasonably :p03:04
LeeJunFanjimmyw: there you go man :) linux is like a martial art - it's not easy along the way, but in the end when you can kick everyone's ass you realize that wasn't important after all - it was the journey that was important.03:04
dimmakggilbert_: i had to do a modeline thing for my display03:04
dimmakbut now i am cruising at 1920x120003:04
jimmywLeeJunFan: lol! they should have you doin commercials!03:05
jimmywggilbert_: yeah i had to mess with my xorg.conf too, im a bit disheartened that it didnt pickup my mouse!! 03:05
dimmakthat kind of marketing wouldn't bring in fresh faces though03:06
jimmywand kde 3.4 doesnt look that fantastic :(   03:06
dimmakjust keep the current faces spirits up03:06
ggilbert_it didnt get either my 2005fpw or my coworkers apple cinema displays03:06
dimmakmake sure to anti alias those fonts03:06
dimmakyeah... hopefully that is remedied for the future03:06
LeeJunFanjimmyw: I will agree with you on X, normally I like to get down and dirty with text files, but X, and sendmail are just !@#!@'ing crap when it comes to configuring them by hand for a newbie.03:07
dimmakis was a single line of code that got me working fine03:07
ggilbert_it did work on my powerbook out of the box03:07
jimmywLeeJunFan: true, i mean for intents and purposes it is working for me ,but i mean i couldnt get onto irc cos i gotta configure my ethernet to a specific ip 03:08
dimmaki find that setting up linux requires two computers going to get it done quickly03:08
jimmywdimmak: yeah that would have been awfull handy! but alls i have is one03:09
regeya_one for setting up, one for irc? ;-)03:09
Quest-Masterdimmak: It certainly helps, yes03:09
Quest-Masterregeya_: Yes. :)03:09
jimmywand its a shitty dell at that03:09
LeeJunFanjimmyw: yeah, you know what I would like to see instead of all these distro's doing config tools on their own? A tool that basically just asks you questions about what you want to do, and directs you to the manpages and documention to do it. That would be a HUGE help for newbs.03:09
jimmywtahts true, sorta like a synaptic but instead of finding programs,its a directory of man's03:10
ggilbert_isn't that yelp?03:10
LeeJunFana nice ncurses thing that can run in any console/window. Not something that actually does it, but teaches people and points them in the right direction.03:10
LeeJunFanggilbert_: is it?03:10
ggilbert_I think so03:10
dimmakscrew the newbs... i want to see torrent based repositories or something.03:10
LeeJunFanggilbert_: I'm checking now.03:11
ggilbert_ugh. no bittorrent :)03:11
ggilbert_then I can't get updates while at work :p03:11
jimmywggilbert_: what ya mean no birtorrent?03:12
LeeJunFanstarting out is the worst part for newbs, they don't konw where to begin to accomplish X task. But if you have a flowchart type thing that at least tells you what to read....03:12
ggilbert_jimmyw: Stuck behind a network that disallows bittorrent03:12
jimmyweeeeeeeep tahts annoying03:12
=== abc is now known as Roey
dimmakalright... well i am gonna entertain my niece with "my neighbor totoro".... adios.03:12
regeya_no bittorrent!03:13
dimmaki got her hooked on studio ghibli03:13
jimmywLeeJunFan: i found as a newb that mandrake was great, it did a lot of stuff itselft but there were still things i had to learn myself ,a good bit, which i can apply to any distro03:13
jimmywsheeya dimmak 03:13
jimmywim gonna go to bed too, il have another crack at ubuntu tomorrow, night all,  and thanks a million for help03:14
=== jimmyw is now known as jimmyw-ZZzzzz
=== Telep_ is now known as Telep
LeeJunFanggilbert_: yelp is kind of like a manpage browser, but I mean something that basically is like a knowledge wizard. What distro do you have? ubuntu. What do you want to do 1. Change a setting, 2. install/remove software... and then lead them to documentation for it. kind of like a control panel for docs.03:15
LeeJunFanwould point them to the files they need to edit, etc...03:15
LeeJunFanI'm starting to think it's time to python this thing into existence.03:15
LeeJunFanlike the whole - give the person a meal and they feast for a day, give them the knowledge to garden and...03:16
=== thoreauputic_ [~debianarc@wolax7-012.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== thoreauputic_ is now known as thoreauputic
=== vishal [vishal@openwire.metawire.org] has joined #kubuntu
Roeyis konq-plugins going to be available anytime soon? :)03:28
Roey(specifically, tools->crashes is what I'm looking to use)03:29
vishali dunno03:29
vishal <-- n00b 03:29
vishalquestion from a luser: i'm thinkin of moving from mandrake 10.0 to kubuntu when it releases, does it have GUI applets to config the system (like a 'control center')? or do i go to the shell to run scripts?03:31
vishalthe live CD didnt have any, and i read on the web that kubuntu doesnt yet have applets, but will ?03:31
Blissexvishal: it has several, both the same KDE one everybody hs, and some others.03:32
vishalok, so it will/does have applets other than the ones that come with KDE? (custom GUI-based system config tools) so i dont have to ever open a command promtp 8-P ?03:33
Blissexvishal: dream on :-)03:33
Blissexvishal: not even in Mandrake.03:33
Blissexvishal: but yes, most things have little frontend. Or you could install a global web based frontend like 'webmin'.03:33
vishalyea, was just dreaming on... 8-P im waiting for a truly luser-friendly release03:34
vishalah good idea, will also try webmin sometime03:34
vishali cant wait for kubuntu release03:34
Blissexvishal: _nothing_ is luser-friendly. It just cant be done.03:34
vishalheh yep03:34
vishalhey, kubuntu doesnt have a "shipit" link?03:35
Blissexvishal: BTW, if you cant wait, there are other KDE based Debian deviced things, like Knoppix or Kanotix.03:35
vishalkde3.4 , 3.5 then 4.x03:35
chavovishal, I'm a long time mandrake user and just installed kubuntu.03:35
vishalchavo: what do you think of it?03:36
Riddellvishal: we can't offer shipit I'm afraid03:36
chavoIt's great so far.03:36
vishalRiddell: no problemo, i can download, i was just wondering if i could recommend to others... i can shipit to 'em myself03:36
=== Blissex [~Blissex@82-69-39-138.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has left #KUbuntu ["Konversation]
chavoI think it's just what I've been looking for. I don't really miss mandrake tools.03:36
LeeJunFanIf linux becomes luser friendly then it will have become useless.03:36
chavoOnce you set a system up, you don;t really need it anyway.03:37
regeya_oh come now03:37
chavoand I copied a few things from mandrakes /etc dir03:37
vishalLeeJunFan: just uncheck the 'luser-friendlyness' option during installation heh03:37
regeya_take a look at the underbelly of os x some time.  linux is much friendlier than that, but os x is luser-friendly03:37
Roeyeh? my sound just stopped for some reason.  I do dmesg but nothing is there.  I strace -p the mpg123 process and see it's timing out on a select() call.  I try xmms and it says: libmikmod.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory03:38
RoeyInconsistency detected by ld.so: ../sysdeps/generic/dl-tls.c: 72: _dl_next_tls_modid: Assertion `result <= _rtld_local._dl_tls_max_dtv_idx' failed! 03:38
LeeJunFanregeya_: yeah, so it's either a pain in the ass for someone who knows what they are doing with it, or it's a pita for someone who doesnt.03:38
vishalwhen will kde copy the cool osx 'taskbar' animation (the wave kinda expanding when you hover the mouse over the icons)03:39
LeeJunFanregeya_: which is why I don't like windows or mandrake, I know what I want the computer to accomplish for me, I don't want the OS telling me what it thinks I want it to do. :)03:40
vishal <-- luser/n00b who just likes to look at KDE eye candy thats all03:40
LeeJunFanThe OS should be a servant, not a yes-man or a nag.03:40
=== smouche [~smouched@24-90-94-112.nyc.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== zeratha [~zeratha@c-67-160-173-153.client.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
regeya_very good LeeJunFan03:41
zerathaHello everyone. I am wits end with an issue I am having. It has to do with installing kubuntu.03:41
zerathaon hoary, obviously03:41
regeya_LeeJunFan: similarly, all cars should have manual transmissions, manual steering, unpowered brakes, and a spark advance.03:41
vishali agree with just the manual transmission part 8-P03:42
regeya_vishal: you'll take the spark advance and you'll LIKE IT :-P03:43
regeya_vishal: Spark advance sets you FREE03:43
LeeJunFanregeya_: no, there's a point where features turn into annoyances though. I can't turn the lights off on my wifes car when it's running. When adding feature-annoyances that assume what the luser might want - at what point does the user become the tool to the machine?03:43
regeya_your operating system should be the system that sits in the background and does stuff without user intervention.03:44
LeeJunFanbasically it's telling me what it's going to do.03:44
regeya_if you have to think about your operating system all the time, throw it out.03:44
vishalyea i dont like those kinda annoyances either, gimme control, but gimme GUI-based control 8-P03:44
regeya_if you love your operating system, see a shrink.03:44
LeeJunFanregeya_: I don't, I just make it do what I want it to do. linux doesn't assume much. Windows on the other hand - well what if I didn't want that drive on D:? but now I have to swap 3 drives to get the drive letter I want. ehehe - things like that.03:45
vishalwhen i hear someone say you can modify 'swappiness' by echoing to some proc file, it just makes me want to shoot myself03:45
LeeJunFanvishal: that I don't mind. GUI is great hell, I'm using KDE, but just don't automate and dumb down for lusers.03:46
regeya_LeeJunFan:  okay, you're an idiot.  that's all I'll say.  What if I don't want the first drive on the first ide bus to be /dev/hda?03:46
vishalyea, the automate/dumbing down part sucks03:46
regeya_cripes, I surrender.03:46
LeeJunFanregeya_: that's different. and likely not going to interfere with installed software on linux. idiot - use ln -s03:47
regeya_oh for the love of pete.03:48
regeya_so ln -s is going to fix what my drive controller sees as the primary drive on the first bus.  riiiiiiiiiiight.03:48
LeeJunFan:) I think you know what I mean - don't take it so literally.03:48
regeya_omg ur s0 l33t d00d03:49
vishalLeeJunFan: maybe kubuntu is not for you, try slackware or something 8-P03:49
regeya_I hear slackware is the choice of change-fearing kooks everywhere03:49
LeeJunFanvishal: I don't feel like compiling my whole os for amd64.03:50
regeya_compiling your whole os...03:50
LeeJunFanregeya_: I don't fear change, I fear change in the wrong direction.03:50
=== regeya_ gives LeeJunFan a strange look.
vishaldamn, i cant wait for decent amd64 dual-core laptops to come out... woohoo03:50
LeeJunFanregeya_: slack is only available for i386. I like my amd64.03:50
regeya_LeeJunFan: in what "wrong directon" do you see "change" and why does that cause you to rant in #kubuntu03:51
regeya_okay, not going to bite, not going to bite...03:51
vishalLeeJunFan: have you seen any problems/bugs with amd64 os/software etc? is the amd64 'support' stable?03:51
LeeJunFanregeya_: the "dumbing down" like mdk does.03:51
regeya_excellent!  now see, I'd love to comment, but I've not used mandrake in a while.03:52
LeeJunFanvishal: some stuff is fun to compile, for the most part it's not too bad except the binary only things like vmware, my modem driver...03:52
vishali see03:52
regeya_the happy thing is, you don't have to use mandrake. :-)  and now I'm going to exercise my right to do something completely different.03:52
LeeJunFanas of right now openoffice is broken in ubuntu - worked yesterday :(03:53
LeeJunFanon amd64 that is.03:53
vishal"worked yesterday" thats got to be your fault :)03:53
LeeJunFanvishal: updates today :)03:53
=== regeya_ replaces LeeJunFan's electronic ignition system with a shiny SPARK ADVANCE ;-)
zerathaAnyone able to give me some Linux help here. My car runs fine......03:54
LeeJunFanregeya_: I've got a 1970 Chevy :)03:54
chavoregeya_, just give him some matches so he can fire it up himself03:54
regeya_bah!  too advanced!  NO dumbed-down cars!03:55
LeeJunFanregeya_: just my summer vehicle though - not my year rounder - don't get too excited at another chance to slam me :)03:55
chavoLeeJunFan, you're doing a fine job of slamming yourself.03:55
regeya_cars past the 30s are for suckers03:55
=== ralobao [~kurumin@201009100186.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFanregeya_: dumbed down 450hp, 415 ft lbs torque :)03:55
=== ralobao [~kurumin@201009100186.user.veloxzone.com.br] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
regeya_I suppose you have WATER ON TAP too!03:56
LeeJunFanregeya_: yeah, and terlet paper ter wirp my arse with tew.!03:56
regeya_okay, I'll quit03:56
=== regeya_ ducks
regeya_hooray, bluecloth is done installing03:57
regeya_I was talking to someone a while back (on a totally different subject now) who seemed to think that scripting was a magical modern thing.  Guess he never automated anything on a DOS machine using BASIC or a batch file. ;-)03:58
LeeJunFanregeya_: I'm probably just ranting because I'm on zero sleep. in about 40 hrs. T1's went down at 1 this morn, and my providers are lusers. :)03:58
=== regeya_ started with PCs and Apple IIs, chill
regeya_oooh suckage03:58
regeya_so, if your providers are at fault, how come you're not passed-out drunk? ;-)03:59
LeeJunFanregeya_: yeah, I told them what I thought was wrong, 10 hrs later they got it working, called me back and told me I was right. I'd really like to know how setting a route and filter can take 10 hrs when I told them what it was. :)03:59
=== regeya_ is joking, if you don't believe in getting drunk, I sympathise, actually
LeeJunFanregeya_: I've got kids - not a good example :)04:00
regeya_well, see, you told them, so they had to do everything they could to try to prove you weren't right. ;-) <- TEH VOICE OF EXPERIENCE04:00
LeeJunFanregeya_: hehe. That's probably it exactly.04:00
zerathaAll KDE based apps I install fail with a rather long, annoying error message. After installing kubuntu and logging into KDE I get this message: "Could not start process. Unable to create io-slave. Klauncher said Unknown protocol 'file'.04:01
regeya_ooh kids, eh?  will be in the same boat with you soon.  okay, must go, hasta, you fine kubuntu people04:01
vishalhey, whats present in the hoary preview install CD thats not there in the live CD? and is it safe to install over my mandrake dualboot with winxp?04:01
vishallater reg04:01
chavovishal, I'm pretty sure the install has the same setup.04:02
chavoAnd yes it's safe to install over your mandrake.04:02
LeeJunFanvishal: yep - just have it format your mdk partition. dont' forget to save important stuff.04:03
LeeJunFanzeratha: hold - on... I'm looking.04:03
zerathaLeeJunFan, Thanks!04:03
LeeJunFanzeratha: did this happen right away or was it working at first?04:04
LeeJunFanI mean have you logged in and used software successfully at all?04:05
zerathaNever has worked. Only on this system. It works fine on two others.04:05
smoucheok, real dumb question probably:  when stable hoary comes out, will simply dist-upgrading my system (hoary kubuntu) bring me up to speed, or will I have to update the kernel, or ...?04:05
LeeJunFansmouche: dselect upgrade04:06
LeeJunFanzeratha: hrm. So can you even log in to KDE all the way?04:06
smouchedselect-- what does that do exactly LeeJunFan?04:06
vishalhmm 'dist-upgrade' i need to learn debian... need to apt-get a life 8-P (/me ducks)04:06
LeeJunFanvishal: that'll almost accomplish the same thing.04:07
zerathaLeeJunFan, I get that message as soon as the splash goes away, lust before the desktop gets drawn.04:07
=== kaplanfx [~kaplanfx@c-67-170-193-18.client.comcast.net] has left #kubuntu ["I]
LeeJunFansmouche: man apt-get  - dselect-upgrade upgrades your system in short story.04:08
smouchethank you.04:08
LeeJunFanzeratha: have you tried logging on as another user? Do you have another user setup on your system?04:09
zerathaLeeJunFan, I'll try now, BRB04:09
LeeJunFanzeratha: I'm thinking tmpfile gone bad, if another user can log in that'll pretty much verify it.04:09
vishalah man apt-get, i should do that too... high time i got comfortable with debian style04:09
smoucheI'm really happy to see that kde help includes a man reader; I hate looking at that stuff in a terminal...04:12
vishallol, and we have another luser/n00b (like me)04:12
ggilbert_kde has a lot of cool stuff04:13
ggilbert_it's all buried though04:13
LeeJunFanMan - 8 years ago I went off on some unix dude and told him that unix came in with bellbottoms and afro's it should have left with them too - now look, both are back in style (well - kind of).04:14
LeeJunFanNow I love the shell - because with it I can do anything from local or remote! which when you are a network guy - remote rules. :)04:14
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=== Mad_Dude [~Crazy@cm1.delta116.maxonline.com.sg] has joined #kubuntu
Mad_Dudehi all07:24
Mad_Dudei'm planning to migrate to Kubuntu and using the Hoary release, any major problems? Or is it advisable to use Ubuntu and then upgrade to Kubuntu?07:25
da_bon_bongo for kubuntu directly, Mad_Dude 07:26
chavoMad_Dude, I'd say just go with kubuntu if you plan on using KDE07:26
chavono major problems for me yet.07:27
=== incubii [~incubii@cor9-ppp2572.hay.dialup.connect.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
Mad_Dudeicic..i'm having problems with my USB drive on this computer ( which i'm not migrating ) .. Gentoo here07:28
Mad_Dudeso I guess my family's com should be more friendly, hence I've decided to get Kubuntu07:28
incubiibuh i still get corrupted crud being display on the xserver. modeline still didnt fix my problem :|07:28
chavoI've got pretty standard/older hardware here, so I haven't had any problems07:29
Mad_Dudeicic...thanks for the advice :) 07:29
chavoOh sure, anyways it can't hurt to try it out.07:30
Mad_Dudeyeap, i'll !07:31
incubiihow the hell do i use my ipod 07:37
chakieincubii: ask apple to release the specs07:38
chavoincubii, push the little button in the middle07:39
croplogicincubii: "crossover office"07:41
croplogicor maybe pymusiqe07:42
croplogicbut its not for the faint of heart07:42
incubiihrm its loaded the firewire module but its not showin in /proc/bus07:43
incubiicd ..07:43
incubiioh well there you go07:44
croplogicare using it through 1394 or usb?07:44
incubii1394, seems to of mounted it as a SCSI drive07:44
incubii /dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target0/lun0: p1 p207:45
croplogicdid you try searching www.ipodlounge.com07:46
incubiii got it too work07:51
incubiinot auto mount though07:51
incubiimodprobe sbp207:53
incubiimount /dev/sda2 /media/ipod07:53
croplogicyou should file a "how to for newbies" on the ubuntu forums07:53
incubiiyeah probably should07:54
incubiimight do that later07:54
incubiijust finished writing today how to automatically install thunderbird 1.0.2 and extensions07:55
incubiinot for ubuntu though07:56
incubiiunfortunatly they dont allow uploads of images to their wiki which is a bitch cause they are so helpful08:00
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=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #kubuntu
BROKEN_LADDERubuntu is already so ridiculously simple to use.08:04
incubiiyes so simple gnoma cant use my dialup08:05
incubiii have to use the shell to dial08:05
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Hayden [~h@203-219-130-10-qld.tpgi.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
Haydeni've already got ubuntu installed, if i install kubuntu can i delete all the gnome-related files later with ease?08:36
croplogicapt-get remove gnome----i think08:40
croplogictry  "man apt-get" it should tell you 08:41
incubiiisnt it called ubuntu-desktop ?08:44
incubiiman gtkpod is so much better then itunes08:47
Quinn_Stormincubii: and amaroK beats both of those08:47
croplogicHayden: why would you want to remove them, though?08:51
croplogicyou can still use most of them, if not all under KDE08:51
croplogicincubii-can you play DRM atomized files in that>"gtkpod"?08:55
incubiii dont know, i only play mp3s09:05
incubiii care not for drm09:05
croplogiconly a mac zealot would09:05
incubiiah well i use macs but i aint no zealot09:06
croplogicoh dont get me  wrong they kick ass all over the place09:07
croplogicits not the only answer09:07
incubiiLinux anubis 2.6.11-1-powerpc-smp #1 SMP Fri Feb 11 16:46:07 UTC 2005 ppc GNU/Linux09:07
croplogicyou're running *nix on a mac?09:08
croplogicnice, dual boot with osx09:08
incubiiive yet to boot into the other half though09:09
croplogicis there hfs+ disk support out there some where?09:09
incubiii was sure linux could read hfs+ 09:10
incubiinever tried though09:10
=== chavo [~chavo@148.sub-70-213-109.myvzw.com] has joined #kubuntu
croplogici've got a firewire drive i use for Protools but i haven't got around to trying it on this yet09:10
incubiiruns great09:13
croplogicwell id think so09:14
croplogicX was definatly an improvement on OS9 and its less unix than linux09:15
croplogici was thinking about putting yellowdog on my moms beige G3 or maybe Hoary once its "stable"09:16
incubiiim on hoary right now09:17
incubiiseems alright to me09:17
croplogicyeah me too09:17
incubiiYDL was a bit slow09:17
croplogici couldnt get hoary to install09:17
croplogicthats what ive heard09:18
croplogic"memory hog"09:19
incubiihmm amarok has no sound engine09:20
croplogicdoes it just act as front end for something else?09:21
croplogici think it's XMMS09:22
incubiii will soon find out09:22
incubiiman i wish i had broadband09:27
incubiior even 56kb09:27
=== ttf_ is now known as ttf
croplogicdialup, with linux. that sounds ugly09:34
incubii28.8kb dialup ;)09:34
incubiiits the miracle of pair gain technology my friend!09:35
croplogicno cable in youre area?09:35
incubiii for one welcome our pair gain technology overlords09:35
incubiiprobably is, cant afford it09:36
incubiiid get adsl but i cant afford adsl and a phone line09:36
croplogicI would literally get a second job09:36
croplogicinfact i did09:36
=== chavo [~chavo@148.sub-70-213-109.myvzw.com] has joined #kubuntu
croplogicdsl is cool, at least you know for sure what your up/down is going to be pretty much no matter what09:38
croplogicbut i found cable to be really steady and more cost effective overall09:38
incubiiat my old place on 56kb dialup i was flatline 5.2kb/sec pretty much 95% of the time09:38
incubiiwhich was good09:39
croplogicthats really good dial up09:39
incubiiyeah im still with them, just the pair gain is crap09:39
incubiigonna swich to their dsl soon maybe09:39
croplogicwhen i was dial up id ocassionally get 6 0r 7 kb bursts but sat between 5 and 5.509:39
croplogicand that was aohell09:40
=== pv [~pv@jt11-57-1.tky.hut.fi] has joined #kubuntu
=== gardio1 [~jwagler@d154-20-191-107.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
gardio1Anyone know anything about cups?10:10
=== gardio1 [~jwagler@d154-20-191-107.bchsia.telus.net] has left #kubuntu []
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Tugghey hey10:39
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jimmywheya all01:24
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jimmywLeeJunFan,  you here?01:36
=== underlord [~underlord@c211-30-117-126.carlnfd2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFanyeah, but I think I need to reboot.01:39
LeeJunFansomething not listed in top just ate my gig of ram.01:39
ztonzyanyone ever tried to compile drivers for your webcam and /dev/video0 doesn't show up or work ? ...just wondering :)01:45
=== LeeJunFan [~junfan@64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #kubuntu
jimmywwb LeeJunFan 01:46
jimmywfind out what was eating your ram?01:46
LeeJunFanjimmyw: nope. It was a mistery I didn't care to put the time into solving :)01:49
LeeJunFanjimmyw: unless it happens again anyway.01:49
LeeJunFanIt was probably X.01:49
underlordi have a cable modem plugged in to my pc's ethernet nic, ubuntu seems to see the nic because theres a eth0 device defined in /dev/, theres a problem, ubuntu doesnt seem to know how to talk to it, i tried modprobing pppeo and pppoatm, didnt help01:51
underlordany ideas?01:51
LeeJunFanunderloard, if it's plugged in via ethernet it's probably just straight tcpip, try dhclient eth001:51
LeeJunFansudo dhclient eth001:52
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #kubuntu
underlord"No DHCPOFFERS recieved."01:53
underlordthe pc im in irc in is also in this modem via its usb connection (i checked, the modem can do both ports symaltaniously), dhclient works fine here, must be something in the computer01:54
=== Quinn_Storm [~quinn@pa-bethelparkcadent1shills1b-1-8.pit.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFanhrm. Well, your easiest way may be to check your windows settings and see how that's configured with your modem. you'll need such things as your IP address, subnet mask, default gw, and dns servers.01:55
underlordwindows settings?01:55
jimmywLeeJunFan, i think i have my system up and running now, it feels good to go look round the net for help and get some results01:55
underlordmy coaster doesnt have settings ;)01:55
underlordim in ubuntu on the irc pc01:56
underlordinfact - kubuntu :)01:56
LeeJunFanunderlord: :) sorry. that's what I get for assuming. So you are working fine on the USB port with ubuntu but the ethernet side wont work?01:56
LeeJunFannow that's totally backwards of what I would have guessed would have happened :)01:57
underlordether is on a seperate box incase that isnt clear01:57
LeeJunFanon your ethernet box we can maybe try to edu-guess. Try 'sudo -s' then 'ifconfig eth0 up' then 'arping -I eth0' and see if you get anything back.01:58
underlordis that -L in the arping line?02:00
underlordi see02:00
jimmywguys is there a graphical mount program for kubuntu?02:01
underlordarping: no source address in not-DAD mode02:01
underlordjimmyw: try going to media:/ in konqueror02:01
LeeJunFanunderlord: ok try arping -ID ''02:02
jimmywunderlord, its to mount my other harddrives, kubuntu didnt pick them up02:02
LeeJunFando you know what the IP of your modem usually is?02:02
Quinn_Stormwhy are all the entries in my media:/ named things like "1.0G Media", etc.?02:02
underlordLeeJunFan: no, but i can find out02:02
LeeJunFanunderlord: ok - well then we don't need to do the arping.02:02
LeeJunFanunderlord: I'm talking about the LAN side mind you - not the WAN port.02:03
underlordwan port?02:03
underlordyou mean the ip with the http control panel with all the info about how the modem is operating?02:04
LeeJunFanyeah, it should probably be 192.168. something. Actually can you get into your modem config via your USB machine?02:05
=== `TUX`` [~princoscr@host148-12.pool8291.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFanor (since I've never use a USB cablemodem) what to you see when you run 'ifconfig02:06
underlordi could if i had the ip address ;)02:07
LeeJunFanunderlord: don't copy/paste here btw, use chan #flood for that.02:07
Quinn_Stormhmm...wait one second...are we talking about plugging BOTH a usb cable AND an ethernet cable into a cable modem?02:07
LeeJunFanQuinn_Storm: yeah - 2 machines.02:07
Quinn_Stormthat will not work.02:07
underlordthe modem supports it02:07
Quinn_StormI've never seen a modem that does02:07
Quinn_Stormall the modems I've seen that have an USB and an ethernet port make you pick one or the other not both02:07
underlordmotorola sb4200, their faq on their site says you can use both connections at the same time02:08
Quinn_Stormah, well then nevermind02:08
jimmywguys does anyone know of a graphical mount tool for kubuntu02:08
=== LikesHisLunch [~LikesHisL@] has joined #kubuntu
underlordjust mount in command line jimmy02:08
jimmywunderlord, eeeeeesh nothing is easy in kubuntu02:09
LeeJunFanjimmyw: don't know but 'man mount' and 'man fstab' will have you on your way to creating your own mountpoints and making your own icons on the desktop.02:09
jimmywok thanks lads02:09
underlordLeeJunFan: can i /msg you the ifconfig results?02:09
LeeJunFanunderlord: sure02:10
=== phox- [~phox@pk230.internetdsl.tpnet.pl] has left #kubuntu []
underlordooh, i though freenode kicked me for a sec02:11
LeeJunFanso this is the machine with the usb connection?02:12
LeeJunFanthe ip addy on your eth0 is actually your Internet IP. It must bridge, so I don't see how we can have 2 machines using it at the same time unless your cable co gives you more than one IP#.02:13
underlordit is a bridge02:13
underlordso motorolas site lied02:14
LeeJunFanunderlord: unless it can be put into 'router' mode.02:14
underlorddamnit now i need another ethernet card02:14
underlordno, its a bridge, thats all it is02:14
underlordunless i can do something with usb, but i doubt that02:15
LeeJunFanunderlord: you'll either need to get another IP# from your cable co, or maybe get a router to put them behind. You could make one of the linux boxes your router, but it would need 2 NIC's.02:16
underlordwhat speeds could i get over a serial cable? lol02:16
LeeJunFanunderlord: no it wouldn't. That's right - you've got usb on one.02:16
=== zirbolc [~allan@cn-sfo1-pix-natout.cnet.com] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFanunderlord: |cable|--usb--|linux box1|---eth---|linux box 2|02:17
LeeJunFanunderlord: make linuxbox1 be a router and have it do NAT with iptables.02:17
underlordlinuxbox 1 has a cracked motherboard and likes to crash02:17
underlordi will get a 2 port router, that dont cost that much02:18
underlordwait, 3 port lol02:20
underlorda 2 port router is just a crossover cable, which i have02:21
underlordhrmmm, maybe motorola wasnt lieing, seems my modem can handle both, but only if my isp gives me more ip's, which they wont02:25
LeeJunFanright. Or just take someone elses :) you have to steal their MAC addy too though. :)02:26
underlordmodem can have 2 mac's?02:26
underlordits a dynamic ip system too, which is weird02:26
underlordconsidering all the users leave their modems plugged in - occuping an ip address, doesnt make sence to me02:27
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=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #kubuntu
underlordim looking at an nic card online, it states kernel 2.2 and 2.4 compat, do you thin there could be any probs in 2.6?03:01
=== DarthFrog [~rob@S010600036df5148f.vc.shawcable.net] has left #kubuntu ["Kopete]
=== segfault2k [~segfault@pc-8-79-104-200.cm.vtr.net] has joined #kubuntu
segfault2khi people03:06
segfault2kis possible to add the universe repository to kubuntu ?03:06
=== jiyuu0 [~jiyuu0@] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFansegfault2k: man sources.lst03:07
LeeJunFanerr sources.list03:07
segfault2ki know sources.list :P i've been use debian for emm 5 years03:07
underlordso add the repository03:07
segfault2kwhats is the repository for kubuntu?03:07
underlordsame as ubuntu03:08
=== segfault2k still familiarized with sid, experimental, etc.. XD
underlordits all over the wiki03:08
segfault2ki dont find the universal repo03:11
underlordare you in warty or hoary?03:12
segfault2ki find commented in sources.list03:13
segfault2kmy mistake03:13
segfault2kdeb http://cl.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu hoary universe <- that is?03:14
underlordahh ha03:14
underlordwith my cable modem if i stick an ethernet nic in my usb box and get a 5 port switch i can connect the 2 boxs to the switch and the modem to the switch and it will work?03:17
=== _P_ [~princoscr@host-84-220-133-168.cust-adsl.tiscali.it] has joined #kubuntu
underlordor do i need a "nat"?03:18
LeeJunFanit'll do NAT03:25
underlordthe switch will?03:25
LeeJunFanyou can DMZ one host to have kind of a direct connection, or you can forward ports individually.03:25
LeeJunFandoh. Sorry. No you'll do NAT at your linux box.03:26
underlordno i wont03:26
underlordi need both computers to be able to go online if the other is offline03:26
LeeJunFanwell, the way you are talking about putting a switch directly to the modem you'll be in the same boat you are now with usb/eth - the ISP will have to give you more IP#'s.03:27
underlordell how can i get it to work?03:28
underlordwithout requireing one pc to be on for the other to go online03:28
LeeJunFanunderlord: you'll have to get a router - like a linksys.03:32
LeeJunFanwhich will have a built in switch anyway.03:32
underlordso, a router is more powerfull than a switch?03:33
=== segfault2k [~segfault@pc-8-79-104-200.cm.vtr.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== WorkRoey is now known as Roey
=== evan_d [~evan@] has joined #kubuntu
underlordsomething along these lines is suitable: http://www.linksys.com/products/product.asp?grid=34&scid=29&prid=142 ?03:54
=== blackmoon [~blackmoon@host125-24.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
blackmooni've got a problem with kynaptic...03:56
underlordso use synaptic03:56
blackmoonthe errore is the same...03:56
underlordwhats the error?03:56
blackmoonit say that is unable to find a servers for updates... but the servers are on...03:57
underlordyour repositories are set up?03:57
blackmooni've made some updates before...03:58
blackmoonn/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  404 Not Found03:59
blackmoonthe error message is: Unable to get http://it.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/hoary-updates/main/binary-amd64/Packages.gz  404 Not Found04:00
underlordooooh, turn that off04:00
underlordhoary-updates is screwy04:00
blackmoonso, what can i do?04:01
underlordgo in to synaptic, then in to the repositories dialog, and untick that repository, then reload04:01
blackmoonok, i will try...04:01
=== srid [~sri@srid.user] has joined #kubuntu
sridexcellent work guys!04:03
underlordsrid: eh?04:03
sridonly i miss anti-aliased fonts now ...04:03
sridi will upgrade underlord 04:03
underlordyou can get antialiasing in kubuntu04:03
segfault2kin kcontrol04:03
sridoh, let me try04:05
underlordin aperence & themes section in the fonts pane, you  enable "Use antialiasing for fonts"04:05
underlordit will only apply to new apps opened though, so close and reopen something to see it work04:05
sridlet me re-loging04:05
underlordor that04:05
=== _sri [~sri@] has joined #kubuntu
=== _sri is now known as srid
sridquality software guys ...04:08
sridexcept kde is komplex than gnome04:08
sridbut why GNU was not happy with kde? 04:09
underlordqt licencing?04:09
sridnot it's gpl na?04:09
sridit's gpl right? .. so what else is the problem?04:10
underlordi think gnu just wanted to do their own thing, gnome is designed to be a free gpl desktop, kde is designed to be a powerfull effecient desktop04:10
blackmoondamn.. i've got others errors...04:10
sridbad comparison04:11
sridwhat's exactly wrong with kde from GNU's point of view?04:11
underlordits powerfull and not ugly?04:11
blackmoonNow i've got:   E: postfix:  il sottoprocesso post-installation script ha restituito un codice di errore 104:11
sridunderlord: ??04:12
sridunderlord: gnome is powerful and beautiful04:13
sridkde too04:13
sridnow mostly i think I have switched to kde04:13
sridbut I still prefer to program in gnome/gtk04:13
Riddellsrid: prefer to program in gtk?  crazy04:14
Riddellsrid: nothing wrong with KDE from GNU's point of view, it just isn't a GNU project04:15
sridRiddell: nothing crazy about it ...04:15
Riddellobject orientation in C.  no ma gig04:16
sridRiddell: i use pygtk04:16
underlordgtk is ugly, i hate coding in it04:17
sridi never worry about that04:17
underlordlooks ugler visualy than the code needed to drive it04:17
underlordif i had my way gtk would exist only as a paperweight04:17
sridunderlord: *coding* is nice04:17
sridunderlord: did you see the default 'Human' gtk2 theme?04:17
underlordyes, its ugly04:18
underlordcompaired to kde04:18
sridit's *simple* and beautiful04:18
sridwell, kde is better, i say04:18
sridbut not for *all*04:18
underlordand those icons, so dark and dirty looking, eew04:18
underlordgive me crystal or give me death04:18
sridunderlord: you could actually submit feature request to gnome team with neat report04:18
sridwhat would a mac user then say? ;)04:19
underlordwhat, like "it would be great if you could delete the gnome project and start working on kde"?04:19
sridtell me why kde/qt/blah is much better than gnome/gtk/blah when it comes to *programming*04:21
sridi have ugly cursors .. how do I switch04:23
sridit just doesn't match with the rest of the desktop ;)04:23
Riddellsrid: which cursors do you have?04:23
=== blackmoon [~blackmoon@host125-24.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has left #kubuntu ["Konversation]
sridRiddell: i forgot that cursors directory .. ow t ofind out?04:24
Riddellsrid: dunno, I'm still to look into the cursor theme for kubuntu04:24
Riddellsrid: so I'm wondering do you have the human cursor theme and not like it or do you have the plain system cursor theme and not like that04:25
sridat least i need that industrial cursor back04:25
sridtell me the default one04:25
sridkvim sucks (bad rendering)04:26
Riddellsrid: in general (huge generalisation etc) kde has a framework whereas gnome has a bunch of libraries, stuff like kspell, kparts, xml-gui, kioslaves, kcm modules etc don't exist in gnome giving it an inconsistent feel04:27
=== taki [~taki@athe730i-0294.otenet.gr] has joined #kubuntu
sridRiddell: yes this is a problem with gnome and the developers are working toward this problem04:27
sridhas anyone else experiencing this cursor rendering problem in kvim?04:28
=== srid goes back gvim
underlordgnomes description should be "usability through consistantly bad design and inconsistant basic interface elements"04:29
=== underlord is in a very anti-everything mood tonight
srid9936 sri       17   0 83356  43m 3760 S  0.0 35.0   0:06.44 kio_help04:31
sridit's using 43MB!04:31
jiyuu0any other picture viewer than kuickview? something like acdsee. kuickview doesn't resize big photo nicely04:33
Riddelljiyuu0: gwenview04:33
sridjiyuu0: try gthumb04:34
jiyuu0i'm kde04:34
sridjust try *all* listed here04:34
sridjiyuu0: it will run04:34
jiyuu0ok... i'll try04:34
=== alleeHol [~ach@allee.exgal.mpe.mpg.de] has joined #kubuntu
sridkonqueror has no google search bar!!04:37
sridis this the latest docs on KDE architecutre? http://docs.kde.org/en/3.3/kdevelop/kdearch/04:39
Riddellsrid: kdeaddons is still to be done04:40
sridyes, i saw that in wiki04:40
sridoh, search bar comes with that?04:41
Riddellsrid: http://developer.kde.org/documentation/tutorials/index.html04:42
Riddellsrid: what about it?  kimp has never existed, it is a myth04:42
sridRiddell: i want architecuture-overview rather than those split documents04:43
sridRiddell: something like http://developer.gnome.org/arch/04:45
=== Blissex [~Blissex@82-69-39-138.dsl.in-addr.zen.co.uk] has joined #KUbuntu
Riddellsrid: don't think we have anything so organised but it's all at http://developer.kde.org/documentation/04:49
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=== Roey [~Roey@h-69-3-4-130.mclnva23.covad.net] has joined #kubuntu
RoeyI have / on software raid1.  When I boot a custom kernel I get:  http://rafb.net/paste/results/o5JsHI75.html05:00
Roeycan anyone help me?05:00
sridwhich should I use? karamba or superkaramba?05:00
Riddellsrid: superkaramba05:01
sridRiddell: so karamba is dead?05:01
sridi hope it won't eat up too much memory :P05:02
sridi have only 128 mb05:02
sridRiddell: any network monitoring applet for kde?05:03
Riddellsrid: as far as I can tell (and I should know, I posted a story on dot news about it this morning) superkaramba replaces karamba05:03
Riddellsrid: knetworkconf, knetload05:03
sridRiddell: which should I install05:03
sridi just need it to be displayed in the panel05:03
Riddellsrid: knetload sounds like the one.  kcpuload is nice too05:03
Riddellksysconf can do it too but more complex05:04
sridRiddell: can't the two be integrated into one project?05:04
Riddelldoubt it, they're quite different05:05
sridI guess I am adding more bloat to my kde desktop ;)05:05
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=== cartman [foobar@cartman.developer.konversation] has joined #kubuntu
=== raphinou [~kvirc@bidibule.office.be.easynet.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== ka_ka [~internet@c117065.upc-c.chello.nl] has joined #kubuntu
cartmanamu: Konversation 0.16 pack for Hoary @ http://janeway.no-ip.org/~cartman/kubuntu . Can you sponsor me?05:48
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #kubuntu
=== Lynxx [~Einstien@adsl-69-233-222-130.dsl.skt2ca.pacbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
Lynxxso...whats the diff between Kubuntu and Ubuntu?05:52
RiddellLynxx: ubuntu smells, we don't05:53
Riddellthey have naked people, we have dragons05:54
cartmanRiddell: want to sponsor me? :)05:54
Riddellcartman: I'll take a look at it, that could pass the time while I wait for kdevelop to compile05:55
cartmanRiddell: ok thats fine :)05:55
Lynxxwhat version is kynaptic at?05:57
RiddellCVS from december I think05:59
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
Lynxxcan i get a link to see some screenshots?06:01
LynxxKubuntu is hoary?06:01
Riddellkubuntu is hoary06:01
Lynxxo well06:02
Lynxxany chance of screenshots?06:02
Riddell17:02 < Riddell> ggi:kynaptic06:02
Lynxxnvm found em06:03
cartmanLynxx: http://images.google.com/images?q=kynaptic06:03
=== Latexxx [Lauri@a81-197-52-17.elisa-laajakaista.fi] has joined #kubuntu
Lynxxaight thanks06:06
Riddellcartman: is this konversation package all your own or based on the debian one?06:09
cartmanRiddell: based on debian one06:09
RiddellI should sync the changelog from debian then06:10
cartmanerr its synced06:11
cartmanhttp://debian.houseofnate.net/pool/k/konversation/konversation_0.16-1.diff.gz is the debian diff06:11
cartmanah you mean old releases06:11
cartmanright ok06:11
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=== SeFoKumA [~zienaga@228.Red-81-44-200.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
Riddellcartman: your version number is set to 0.16-1ubuntu1  it should be 0.16-0ubuntu1 unless there's a 0.16-1 from debian06:26
cartmanRiddell: debian one says 0.16-1 in changelog06:26
Riddellcartman: where's the debian one?06:27
cartmancheck the diff06:27
Riddellcartman: but where is the origional debian one?06:27
cartmanRiddell: its being uploaded to unstable06:27
=== zirbolc [~allan@cn-sfo1-pix-natout.cnet.com] has left #kubuntu ["Hey!]
=== _jr [~jr@] has joined #kubuntu
_jrcartman: new icon?06:28
cartman_jr: yeah06:29
_jrcartman: do you have the changelog entry for debian's 0.16-1?06:29
cartman_jr: yes I can get it. one second06:29
cartman_jr: dcc?06:31
_jrcartman: never used it, lets see if konversation makes it easy to use06:31
_jror can I use it behind NAT?06:31
cartmanyou will need to set the way your ip is used06:31
cartmanin DCC settings06:31
cartmanso jriddell@kde.org ? :)06:32
cartman_jr: sent06:33
_jrcartman: ok, should I upload?06:36
cartman_jr: yes please :) but fix s/upsteam/upstream06:37
cartmanamu has funny mistakes ;)06:37
cartman_jr: cheers :)06:39
_jrback to irssi I go06:39
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@c-c847e055.560-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
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cartmanRiddell: any reason to stick to irssi besides the fact that you are used to it?06:53
Riddellcartman: it can run in a screen session06:54
cartmanah :/06:54
Riddellcan someone test kdevelop3 at  deb http://jasmine.19inch.net/~jr/away/kubuntu ./06:59
=== dannya [~konversat@82-37-241-198.cable.ubr07.smal.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
dannyaRiddell: 07:02
Riddell17:59 < Riddell> can someone test kdevelop3 at  deb http://jasmine.19inch.net/~jr/away/kubuntu ./07:02
=== hunger [~hunger@pD9E64395.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
hungerquiet here...07:08
dannyaRiddell: it seems "different" from another 3.2 I tested earlier...07:08
=== hunger is waiting for his new laptop to try kubuntu on.
dannyathere is no "new" menu, no sidebar, etc...07:09
dannyahunger: you can try kubuntu on the local needy community :D07:09
hungerdannya: ?07:09
dannyakubuntu means "to humanity"07:10
Riddelldannya: thought as much, just checked and it's missing a bunch of files from the .debs so I'll fix that and then we'll take another look07:10
dannyaok then07:10
hungerdannya: I thought that is what ubuntu meant?07:10
dannyahunger: no - there is no "to" in ubuntu07:10
dannyaback later...07:11
hungeroh... my bemba sucks!07:11
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=== spiral [~pgarcia@lafilaire-4-82-224-249-43.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
spiralhmmm... konversation 0.16 out...07:32
spiralanyone working on it ?07:32
psnspiral: yup07:34
Riddellspiral: you mean you havn't already installed it?  you're so behind the times07:39
spiralRiddell: lol... thanks :-)07:40
=== tigger|nl [~eduard@82-217-119-240.cable.quicknet.nl] has joined #kubuntu
spiralRiddell: hmmm... it says amd64...07:41
Riddellspiral: others havn't compiled yet07:41
spiralRiddell: ah... damn it...07:41
spiralso that's why I didn't install it07:41
spiralIntel Extreme II07:43
spirala, c'est une merde, nop ?07:43
spiralwrong tab07:44
=== MindZEye [~MZE@seanparsons.plus.com] has joined #kubuntu
ztonzyRiddell, hi...do you have webcam on your Kubuntu ?07:49
Riddellspiral: uh huh? :) qu'est que c'est une merde?07:49
Riddellztonzy: nope07:49
ztonzyI tried to get /dev/video0 working...failed..I need to dig deeper07:49
ztonzyRiddell, you canadian ?07:49
Riddellztonzy: try #ubuntu or ubuntu-users list, it's an issue with ubuntu not kubuntu07:50
Riddellztonzy: err no07:50
spiralRiddell: hmmm... a "shit"07:50
ztonzyRiddell, sorry07:50
ztonzyRiddell, I mean you both write english and french ;)07:51
Riddellspiral: je sais :)07:51
Riddellztonzy: je suis Ecossais, vive l'alliance!07:51
ztonzy:O ?07:51
spiralRiddell: :-)07:51
=== ztonzy doesn't understand
=== froud is now known as froud-away
spiralRiddell: do you know when konversation 0.16 should be build for i386 ?07:56
Riddellspiral: should be done within an hour, just depends how busy the build machines are07:57
spiralRiddell: all right, really nice :-)07:59
spiraland now I've got to find a new laptop...08:00
spiraldamned robber08:00
=== kukel [~hans@d8149.upc-d.chello.nl] has joined #kubuntu
=== bur[n] er [~norml@c-67-173-243-73.client.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
bur[n] eranyone know what package i need for devices:/ support?08:03
Riddellbur[n] er: use media:/08:04
bur[n] erRiddell: media:/ is blank :\08:05
bur[n] erand the konq sidebar still uses 'devices' 08:06
Riddellkonq sidebar doesn't ungrade well, reset it to defaults08:07
bur[n] erthere an easy way to reset defaults?  08:07
bur[n] errm -rf .konqueror ? ;)08:07
Riddell~/.kde/share/config/konqsidebartng.rc ~/.kde/share/apps/konqsidebartng/08:07
Riddellbut it's got an option to reset it somewhere08:08
bur[n] erany idea why media:/ shows nothing?08:09
Riddellyou have no media in?08:10
bur[n] eri have hard drives08:14
bur[n] erthey should show up... no?08:14
Riddellseems to depend on its mood, try putting in a CD08:14
bur[n] erhrm... how bout usb?08:14
bur[n] erit goes to the desktop08:15
bur[n] erbut not to media;/08:15
=== kukel [~hans@d8149.upc-d.chello.nl] has left #kubuntu []
amusomeone want test new kaffeine 0.6 ? 08:21
Riddellamu: yes please08:23
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=== omni_lonnie [~lonnie@leepcI-112.sub-i.lee.net] has joined #kubuntu
bur[n] eranyone know on the off hand how to set a hotkey to raise volume?  dcop call??? or just a kmix --option08:48
bur[n] eri found how to set it to a percent, but not how to bump it up or down a lil08:51
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=== epod [~epod@] has joined #Kubuntu
epodHey, can anyone tell me how I correct the lack of cdrdao when I start k3b? I just installed...09:09
Riddellapt-get install cdrdao ?09:10
epodhurm I looked in kynaptic and didnt see it.  Ill check again09:11
=== tigger|nl [~eduard@82-217-119-240.cable.quicknet.nl] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
Riddellprobably in universe then09:11
epodahh ok09:12
Riddellyes it is09:12
epodis there a way add repositories to kynaptic like I could with the gnome ubuntu?09:12
Riddellepod: nope, one of many features that kynaptic lacks09:12
epodokay, hurm.  Could you tell me which file I edit to add repositiories?09:13
epodIm afraid Im not overly familiar with the command line stuff :)09:14
chavoepod, you can apt-get install synaptic09:15
chavoit looks nice with the gtk-qt engine installed09:15
chavoor the file to edit is /etc/apt/sources.list09:16
epodokay cool, thank you09:16
epodthis is odd, the apostrophe only registers every other time I press it  the first time, nothing, the second time, it makes a 09:16
spiralhmmmm... still no konversation, isn't it ?09:19
epodits konversation, yes09:19
epodSame thing occurs in firefox though09:19
epodwhich leads me to think its a KDE issue?09:20
spiralepod: dunno... I talked about konversation because I was asking for news of the updated version09:20
epodoh lol sorry09:20
spiralepod: no matter09:21
chavospiral, I'm using a recent version of konversation.09:21
spiralchavo: 009:21
spiral.16 ?09:21
chavoI updated it from cvs last night.09:21
=== Ascareg [~bsherman@host-65-125-133-211.iowai.org] has joined #kubuntu
chavothere are a lot of improvements over .1509:21
spiralchavo: yes... all right... but Riddell told me that it should be .debised for ubuntu09:22
chavoyeah, I'm not sure when. I've been building KDE on my own.09:22
spiralchavo: :-)09:23
epodCan anyone recommend a nice DVD playing program for KDE?09:24
Riddellepod: kaffeine09:24
epodhm Ihave that already, I guess I just need to install libdvdcss2?09:25
spiralRiddell: any news for Konv. ?09:25
spiralepod: yes09:25
epodk, thanks09:25
Riddellspiral: x86 seems happy http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/k/konversation/0.16-1ubuntu1/09:29
spiralRiddell: so dist-upgrade should do the trick ?09:31
spiralRiddell: still not updated09:32
Riddellspiral: it's not in the archives yet then09:32
spiralRiddell: all right, then I have to wait09:32
epodDo I need to enable DMA for my hard disk?09:35
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randykubuntu is great!10:34
randyi may have to give up on gnome10:34
takikubuntu is fast as hell. I actually like the gnome interface a bit better, but definitely slower.10:35
randycompared to gnome, kubuntu has better desktop config options10:36
randyespecially for the menus10:37
takiit does. gnome's is almost nonexistant right now. But i just mean the interface. I find it easier on my eyes and to use10:37
takibut kde is slick, and the customization is very nice. plus, kb3 is the only burner that's worked for me so far10:38
randyit... works!!??10:38
randyi'll have to try that...10:39
randyusing hoary?10:40
takiyeah. I tried three burners before someone told me to give it a shot. none of that 'need scsi emulation' crap. yeah, hoary10:40
takinope. k710:42
randywhat's k7?10:42
takinon64 bit amd chips. Athlons, durons and the like10:42
randyy'know, i gotta give the ubuntu team credit10:43
randyi have a full 64bit sys w/ 3d accelerated graphics & Wireless internet10:43
randyw/out too much trouble10:44
randyand i can still run 32 bit apps10:44
randyi think, as a distro, ubuntu might just take over10:44
takiI finally built a small *86 machine after two years away. Decided to give Ubuntu a shot. So far, I'm pleased. Still too much of a pain for an average user in regards to configuring things like video drivers and wifi, but otherwise pretty easy to use.10:45
randyeyah, it's a pain if you don't have standard mobo components10:46
randyi seem to have more driver problems than anything10:46
randyand ubuntu developers (usually) can't do anything about that10:46
randyas long as they keep updated drivers in the repositories i'm happy10:47
=== apokryphos [~apokrypho@host-84-9-34-211.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
randyi think, for a new user, nvidia cards are the way to go10:50
randyEASY, EASY, EASY10:50
randyi went through hell getting ati cards working on laptops and desktops10:50
randyand even then, they were buggy10:50
randyrecently i got a A8N-SLI (Asus) w/ MSI Geforce 6600 GTOC10:50
randyand (surprisingly) drivers were a breeze10:50
takireally, the problem for me is the god damned companies not releasing drivers for linux. then it would be easy. but setting up my wifi with ndiswrapper was a pain, as was the ATI10:51
randythe driver wasn't supported well in ndiswrapper10:54
randybut then i found a project for just my driver (rt2500.inf)10:54
randyand it works flawlessly10:54
randydo you use cedega?10:57
takinope. have a dual boot10:57
randyyou still use windows?10:58
takiI haven't for two years, but as of a few weeks ago, yeah. For games.10:58
takiI generally use os x for just about everything. But I wanted to check out Ubuntu after what I'd read10:59
randycedega is pretty freakin' awesome for games11:01
randyruns almost all the new stuff that comes out11:01
takiyeah, but I have optimized drivers for windows. and all the games definitely work. I may try cedega soon, though.11:02
randythere's only one software that i need windows for11:03
randyand that's macromedia flash11:03
randyand they are supposed to be coming out with a linux version of that due to massive requests by users11:03
takiI don't mind booting it up for games.11:04
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Rebroadoooh. quiet on here11:53
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