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mdkehi all12:55
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sabmocmdke, hello hello01:52
mdkehi sabmoc 01:52
mdkesabmoc, how are you doing?02:23
sabmocmdke, Im pretty good02:23
sabmocmdke, how are you this fine day?02:23
mdkei am really well02:23
sabmocgood stuff02:24
sabmocIm pretty busy, everything is so chaotic02:24
mdkesabmoc, you should get your locoteam approved by the community council02:24
mdkei forgot to tell you there was a meet yesterday. There will be another in 2 weeks i think02:24
sabmocyeah, I found out last night02:25
sabmocthat was a big bummer02:25
mdkesorry :(02:25
sabmocKinnison says they may have a meeting sooner but it will most likely happen in 3 weeks02:25
mdkeits no biggie02:25
sabmocyeah its ok, no biggie02:25
mdkeyou can keep working02:25
sabmocI am02:25
mdkeand then get approval next week or whenever02:25
sabmocyeah we have sooo much to do02:26
sabmocmdke, do you know if there are any templates available for ubuntu style sites?02:26
mdkenot sure02:27
mdkei recollect the dutch one is pretty similar to the ubuntu main one02:27
mdkebut the main one is changing soon anyhow02:27
sabmocThey had a contest for the new look of the main site, is it possible that we get access to those files?02:28
sabmocor since it was a contest and canonical paid money for it, we are not aloud02:28
mdkesomeone posted a test page yesterday at the meeting02:28
mdkeyou can probably get hold of the log02:28
mdkeoh hang on02:28
mdkei'll dig mine out02:29
mdkecheck this out02:30
mdkenot sure what it is tho02:30
sabmoclets find out!02:31
mdkeyou wanna see the italian one? http://www.ubuntuitalia.org02:31
sabmocooOOoo pretty :D02:31
sabmocI seem to remember that one getting second or third place, but to be honest I think its my favorite02:32
mdkereal sexy yeah02:32
sabmocI think I need to learn python02:34
=== sabmoc adds python to the list
mdkeyou sound like a hard worker to me02:34
mdkeall that laziness talk was just show...02:35
sabmocknowledge is power, and the quest for knowledge never ends02:35
sabmocbut I love being lazy02:35
mdkesounds like you're torn02:35
sabmocI am02:35
mdkepick one or the other dammit02:35
=== mdke reserves the latter
sabmocmdke, how can I get that index page?02:36
mdkeno idea02:37
mdkeyou could find the guy who posted it02:37
mdkenick: "hno73"02:37
mdkewithout quotes naturally02:37
sabmocI dont know if matthias has plone or zope on his server, but I guess we'll need it02:37
mdkehow come?02:38
sabmocmdke, we have a site now02:38
sabmocubuntu-ca.org :)02:38
mdkeok will check it02:38
sabmocdont look its ugly!02:38
=== mdke winces
mdkewhat's wrong with the normal wiki?02:39
sabmocI dont know02:39
sabmocwell, matthias is hosting the site, and he setup a wiki for us on his server. At the moment we dont have a main page.02:40
sabmochmm.. mabye its a better idea if we just use the main wiki02:41
mdkenot sure02:41
mdkei like the idea of using the main wiki02:41
mdkewe use it for docs02:41
mdkebut mailing list for other group stuff02:42
sabmocIm asking myself; what is the advantage of hosting our own wiki?02:42
mdkei can't see one02:42
sabmocbut for that I first need to know what our purpose is02:42
mdkefewer hits probably too02:42
mdkesabmoc, yeah obviously english speaking groups don't need to worry about docs or translating02:43
mdkebut the ideas on that page look pretty good02:43
mdkeWe plan to hook into all of the Canadian LUGS(Linux User Groups) from coast to coast.02:43
mdkeWe will offer a wide range of local community support for Linux users.02:43
mdkesabmoc, maybe organise some promotional things02:43
sabmocyeah I wrote that02:45
mdkehow can it be 01.45 already02:45
sabmocseems like I ask myself that everyday02:45
sabmocomg 3am?!?02:45
mdkei thought i just got hoe02:46
sabmocmdke, I think I will ask matthias to take down the wiki and we will continue to use the main site02:46
mdkesabmoc, no harm leaving it up for a while until you decide02:46
sm-afksabmoc, that's not a zwiki02:47
sm-afknice skin though02:47
sabmocsm, hi02:47
mdkehi simon02:47
sabmocsm, matthias set it up02:47
=== sm waves
sabmocyou guys are so helpful02:48
mdkeits a moin wiki innit?02:48
=== sabmoc renames the channel "#sabmocs_friends"
sabmocmdke, the only good thing about hosting our own wiki is control, we would have complete control02:50
mdkegermany hosts their own iirc02:50
mdkeand probably others02:50
sabmocMatthias is team leader for LoCo-germany so he is probably hosting theirs too02:51
mdkeyou mean he is hosting your personally??!?02:51
sabmocyes, on one of his servers02:51
mdkei assumed it was ubuntu/canonical hosted02:52
mdkehow cool02:52
sabmocwell he calls it "my server" maybe he is just the admin. I dont really know.02:52
mdkesm,   can i just delete this line when converting from stx to moin: <dtml-var "'(Ce site tourne actuellement sur la version '"><dtml-var zwiki_version><dtml-var "').'"> ?02:53
mdkecool thanks02:55
mdkebed i think03:01
mdkegoing to bed is a long process for me03:03
=== mdke brushes teeth
sabmocmdke, cya 03:14
sabmochave a good night03:14
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EricNeonhow can I create a website for my team 06:15
EricNeonI couldn't find "proposed" table on LoCoTeamList.06:16
sabmocEricNeon, I'll get the link06:16
sabmocit says "New Community Teams, this is the list of porposed new teams"06:17
EricNeono,my god!06:17
EricNeonI am wrong06:17
sabmocthats ok06:18
EricNeonyou can find I done after them in that site06:18
EricNeonin edit table?06:22
sabmocyes, just add your team to the table06:23
EricNeonpls look at this : http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/LoCoTeamList06:28
EricNeonwhether I do right?06:29
sabmocit looks good to me06:30
sabmocthe only thing I would change: instead of saying your local is "chinese" I would say just "china"06:30
EricNeonI will change China to Chinese06:33
EricNeoncan you look  http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/ ?06:33
EricNeonI edit it ,but I can't look out it now06:34
EricNeonThis website maybe bloked by me,sorry!!!!06:35
sabmocyou cant edit the wiki? sometimes that happens06:40
EricNeonbut maybe it is not my problem06:41
sabmocI will try06:41
EricNeonhelp me!06:42
sabmocok, I fixed it, it says "china" now06:42
sabmocmaybe log out, close the browser, then try again06:42
sabmocEricNeon, maybe we are going to have a chinese team in Canada someday06:43
sabmocEricNeon, let me know if you ever meet someone from Ubuntu who is Chinese but living in Canada06:44
sabmocEricNeon, my wife is chinese, but I am Canadian06:44
EricNeonI am never meet them06:44
EricNeonhow long time you fix the wiki site?06:51
EricNeonI can't login now06:51
sabmocvery quick06:51
sabmochow long does the page load for?06:52
sabmoc30seconds? 10 seconds?06:52
EricNeon10 sec06:53
EricNeonwhere is ubuntu web server?06:57
EricNeonor Germany06:57
EricNeonSite error06:57
EricNeonThis site encountered an error trying to fulfill your request. The errors were:06:58
EricNeonError Type06:58
EricNeon    AttributeError06:58
EricNeonError Value06:58
EricNeon    FrontPage06:58
EricNeonRequest made at06:58
EricNeon    2005/03/24 05:54:01.251 GMT06:58
EricNeonare you ok07:04
sabmocEricNeon, hi07:08
sabmocEricNeon, I dont know where the server is located07:08
EricNeonubuntu wiki is ok?07:09
sabmocit looks ok to me07:09
sabmoceverything is ok for me07:10
sabmocmaybe there is some server lag near you07:10
EricNeonbutI looks it as07:10
EricNeonSite error07:10
EricNeonThis site encountered an error trying to fulfill your request. The errors were:07:10
EricNeonError Type07:10
EricNeon    AttributeError07:10
EricNeonError Value07:10
EricNeon    FrontPage07:10
EricNeonRequest made at07:10
EricNeon    2005/03/24 06:03:38.984 GMT07:10
sabmocI dont know07:11
sabmocmaybe ask in #ubuntu-devel07:11
EricNeonohI will go to 07:12
EricNeonsabmoclook at ours kubuntu screenshotuse chinses UTF8 locale07:45
EricNeon http://www.linuxsky.net/down/ftproot/incoming/f33k4/scrothot/01015.png07:45
sabmocEricNeon, nice! :)07:52
EricNeoncan you speek chinese?07:55
sabmocEricNeon, no08:09
EricNeon How could you wive a chinese girl?08:10
sabmocsame was as a Canadian girl, boy meets girl, boy falls in love, boy marrys girl. Simple.08:13
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jsgotangcosalut enrico10:04
enricojsgotangco: hi!10:07
jsgotangcohmmm wiki seems borked10:08
jsgotangcoEricNeon: are you using a chinese keyboard?10:14
EricNeonUS keyboard10:14
EricNeonthere is no chinese keyboard in chinese pc10:15
jsgotangcoohhh i thought there was10:15
EricNeonwe all used US10:15
EricNeonbecause linux users in chinese are all come from windows10:16
jsgotangcowhat is the biggest PC maker in China? Legend?10:16
EricNeonbut never a pc make in Legend run linux10:18
jsgotangcowe have acer and ecs here but those are taiwan brands but have red flag linux installed10:18
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EricNeonhoho,red flag is a garbage10:20
EricNeonfew pepole like use it 10:20
jsgotangcowe overwrite them with ubuntu or slackware10:20
Kinnisonsabmoc: I said what about a meeting?10:20
jsgotangcoSydney is easily one of the premier 'gay capitals' of the world. Every year, the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras is celebrated at the end of February, drawing people from all over Australia and the world for the celebrations.10:21
jsgotangcooohh good thing were coming on april10:21
EricNeonwho manage ubuntu wiki?10:24
jsgotangcoim beginning to hate our wiki10:25
EricNeonhe will be sure to kill me10:25
enricojsgotangco: that's normal10:26
enricojsgotangco: add your issues to WikiWishlist and then you'll feel better for a while10:26
jsgotangcoWikiRantList is more appropriate lol10:27
EricNeonmy wiki front page is still as "Site error"10:51
EricNeonI couldn't edit it10:51
enricoEricNeon: same here11:00
enricoHas it been notified to someone?11:00
EricNeonI had tell to jdub11:01
EricNeonbut he said everthing is nice11:02
EricNeonwho manager wiki site?11:03
EricNeonI'll mail to him11:03
enrico < jdub> enrico: yes, being looked at atm11:19
enricoSo they're looking at it11:19
EricNeonI talking about it with them11:21
sabmocKinnison, didnt you say that the CC might have a meeting sooner, but mostly likely it would be in at least 3 weeks?11:50
Kinnisonsabmoc: I'm not on the CC11:51
Kinnisonsabmoc: mako might have mentioned about it; but not me11:51
sabmoclol, sorry I have you mixed up with Kamion11:51
sabmocsorry about that11:52
=== Kinnison laughs
KinnisonMostly 'cos Kamion is sat across the table from me right now11:53
sabmocthats really funny11:53
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froudAfrican Greetings01:17
=== froud is back alive and uncapped
enricohello froud !01:18
froudhe he 'ello01:18
froudupcapped at last01:18
enricoI had a chat with jdub and I'm restyling the debian packaging so that our documents are installed following the gnome standards01:18
enricoare you now the fastest .za-an on the web?01:19
froudOK, what about the KDE standards?01:19
froudno, just not capped anymore01:19
enricoI don't know anything about the KDE standards01:19
froudHmm me niether01:19
froudnormally a developer just does it01:20
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=== froud notices new names in the room, cool
mdkehi all01:22
froudmdke: hello01:22
froudcc: how you getting along01:22
froudcc: since our last chat01:22
froudBurgundavia: hozit dude01:22
Burgundavianot bad01:22
Burgundaviagot my first package in Ubuntu01:23
froudBurgundavia: that means it could be better01:23
froudBurgundavia: cool which01:23
BurgundaviaI have worked on so many the last few days, I don't remember01:23
Burgundaviabut there is work on qtparted from me01:23
Burgundaviachange to kdesu01:23
froudwhat change01:24
Burgundaviafrom gksudo to kdesu01:24
froudI am working on the docs for kntwork-conf01:24
froudOh cool01:24
Burgundaviaso actually looks native01:25
Burgundaviahas everybody read the log?01:32
Burgundaviasm and I had a good discussion about fixing the wiki01:32
froudNo have not, what did you decide01:32
Burgundavianot much01:33
Burgundaviahe asked what the 3 biggest annoyances were01:33
Burgundaviahe is zwiki dev01:33
Burgundaviawe deferred at lot of stuff to post hoary, when we can have a fuller debate and make some hard decisions01:33
Burgundaviaall the stakeholders, I mean01:34
froudCool, anything about round-tripping?01:36
Burgundaviano nothing like that01:36
froudauh shucks01:36
Burgundaviawe ran out of time on the 2nd thing01:37
BurgundaviaI found a fix to my sound issues01:37
froudwould be cool to have round tripping01:37
BurgundaviaQuake3 and glest try and use /dev/dsp directly01:37
frouddont have any on Kubuntu machine cause I dont have a sound device :-)01:37
Burgundaviaso I had to fill esd01:37
BurgundaviaI just found esddsp, which catches those requests and routes them through esd01:38
Burgundaviaif it is not running, then the game dies because it cannot access /dev/dsp (as esd has it)01:38
enricopeople, do you mind if I put about-ubuntu.xml into a subdirectory like the rest?01:51
enricofroud: ?01:51
enricoI have a problem because now I have to install it in a C directory, but doing so the various common, libs and so on would be ../common, ../libs01:52
froudenrico: no, go ahead01:53
froudmakes sense to do so01:53
enricoentity quickguide-rev not defined01:59
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enricoand uhm... about-ubuntu has an image now.  Should do make imagelist for it as well01:59
jsgotangcoummm what happened to the wiki FrontPage?02:00
enricojsgotangco: looks fixed now02:00
jsgotangcoah there02:01
mdkefrom the FrontPage:02:01
mdkePlease discuss any changes to the ChineseTeam on the  Documentation List BEFORE making them02:01
jsgotangcoI KNOW02:01
mdkei'll revert it02:02
jsgotangcoill fix some parents as well02:02
mdkegimme a sec02:02
enricothese Chinese... always abusing wikis... :-)02:03
=== enrico ducks
jsgotangcoi guess he got so excited02:03
enricofroud: I committed my changes.  Could you tell me how come with make imagelist there's no build/aboutubuntu.txt showing up?02:03
mdkethis bit is also a bit crazy:02:03
mdkeOther Resources02:03
mdke    *02:03
mdke      Archive - sources.list configuration and CD image repository02:03
mdke    *02:03
mdke      {i} [wiki:XautoconfigurationDebug If automatic configuration of XFree86 doesn't work] 02:03
jsgotangcoEric Neon got pretty excited02:04
froudenrico:  are there any pictures in aboutubuntu02:05
mdkewho is Jane Silber?02:06
enricofroud: yes, one at least02:06
enricomdke: Canonical's chief administrative something02:06
jsgotangcowell its kinda fixed now02:07
jsgotangcoits much better02:07
mdkeok well she seems to be fixing it02:07
mdkebut she could just revert the changes ;)02:07
enricofroud: did you find it?02:08
jsgotangcois there something like a recycle thing on the wiki?02:08
mdkejsgotangco, 02:08
jsgotangcoyes sir02:08
mdkejsgotangco, for pages which are deleted02:09
enricofroud: there's another problem with the &quickguide-rev; entity: it points to ../quickguide/VERSION, but when I install it, the quickguide is in a directory named "C"02:10
enricofroud: I solved it with a sub-optimal work-around02:45
KinnisonJane says the wiki frontpage should be back now02:52
froudenrico: I am on the bongo-drums can chat now, will look at it02:57
froudenrico: telephone03:00
enricoah, ok :)03:00
enricofroud: don't worry: everything works now (except the imagelist generation on the about-ubuntu)03:01
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froudenrico: svn up and try it now. It should be fixed03:18
froud<!-- 03:19
froud-Enrico:Ihavetosimplifythese,orit'saproblemwhenIinstallthe 03:19
froud-packages:thefinaldirectorywherethedocumentationgoesiscalled"C",not 03:19
froud-"userguide","quickguide"andsoon. 03:19
froud- 03:19
froud-Asaquickfix,I'llhardcodethevalues. 03:19
froudenrico: I have planned for this with the next release03:20
enricoplanned what?03:20
froudleave it hard coded for now03:20
enricoOk, good03:21
enricoI didn't like to put it hardcoded, but I could see no other way out03:21
froudwhen we restructure fo rgrumpy I take into account gnome/kde and the language files03:21
froudit's ok for now03:21
froudwe need to rewrite and restructure stuff for next release, but only then03:22
frouddoes make imagelist work for you now;-)03:22
enricoyes, perfect, thanks!03:23
froudno prob03:23
enricofroud: I've committed the updates03:26
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froudenrico: cool03:30
froudenrico: did the repository paths for hoary change or something03:37
enricorepository paths?  Not that I know of, why?03:40
froudsynaptic cant find paths03:41
enricotry again03:41
enricoWhen I was uploading the new package, it gave me "connection refused"03:41
enricoi retried and it worked03:41
froudthird time03:41
enricoit may be that they're having problems03:41
enricoah, oh, ok03:41
enricotry asking in #ubuntu, then03:41
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enricoBuffaloSoldier: hello.  Did I read somewhere that you're Malaysian?04:42
BuffaloSoldierenrico: yes i am04:42
enricoDo you know Chua Wen-Kiat?  (the author of ubuntuguide.org) ?04:42
BuffaloSoldierenrico: no. i haven't had the opportunity to meet him04:42
BuffaloSoldierenrico: a lot of people are asking me about him though04:42
enricoah, ok.  I tried sending him some mails, but he isn't answering04:42
BuffaloSoldierenrico: I'm not surprised, I think that guy has too much to handle at the moment :p04:43
enricoyes, that was my impression, too04:43
enricook, never mind, thanks!04:43
BuffaloSoldierenrico: I myself sent and email back in november 2004... until now no reply :P04:43
mdkechange of address?04:44
enricowell, he's been seriously sick for a while as well04:44
enricothen he came back, said he was great and back on rocking, then disappeared again :(04:44
mdkeOT, is anyone familiar with gmane?04:48
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mdkeis anyone writing a definitive guide for upgrading warty -> hoary?06:59
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makoenrico: did you get that message from jane about the text in the about section? she had some criticisms07:44
makoit's a bit late but we need to change a few things.. i'm happy to make the change if nobody has yet07:45
enricomako: hi07:59
enricomako: jdub said he would post a review in the list07:59
enricomako: however, if we wait for jdub we probably get to the night before release07:59
enricomako: please do make all the changes you want07:59
enricomako: the preferred way is:07:59
enrico1) you checkout the repository08:00
enrico2) you edit at will08:00
enrico3) you post to the list the output of svn patch08:00
enricomako: reviews and feedback are very very welcome08:00
enricomako: esp. in the About Ubuntu, we've been asking for feedback for months now08:00
makoenrico: sounds good08:01
makoi've heard some doubt that jdub would get to it08:02
makoso i'll do it08:02
enricomako: please.  Thanks a lot!08:02
makoenrico: yeah, i didn't see a problem with but jane and some other did08:02
makowell my brother is in the city for the next 3 hours only.. so it will be later this evneing :)08:02
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mdkesm, ping10:03
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