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zulso much pain not good..03:30
lamontwhaddya do?03:31
=== lamont contemplates an early night
zulwell i tore a tendon in my knee a couple of weeks ago and tonight i was playing indoor soccer03:31
zulso right now my knee is kind of puffy03:33
fabbionemjg59: still aroung?06:32
fabbionemorning guys06:32
fabbionemjg59: http://lkml.org/lkml/2004/12/17/18707:28
fabbionemjg59: this patch has a possible 3com fix for suspend resume. i must know if it looks sane or not07:29
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mjg59fabbione: Just the 3com bit of it? It looks ok10:05
fabbionemjg59: ok.. too bad it won't make for haory :(10:06
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dilingerfabbione: ping10:55
fabbionedilinger: pong11:07
dilingercurious what your thoughts are on that11:10
dilingerscroll to the end; the ABI stuff11:10
fabbionereading now11:11
fabbione>   5) we add support for the series patch handling support which is11:12
fabbione>   superior to the ubuntu one.11:12
fabbionethis is true...11:12
fabbione>   6) we add support for per-arch/subarch patchsets, which is needed for11:13
fabbione>   replacing the current kernels.11:13
fabbioneso do we11:13
fabbioneat least per-arch11:13
fabbionei don't like the idea of patches per subarch11:14
fabbionealready the patch per arch is stupid...11:14
fabbionebut we need to support it11:14
dilingerok, but.. that's not really what i'm interested in :)11:14
fabbionesubarch should be part of arch11:14
fabbioneyeah i am reading all of it :-)11:14
fabbionehmm yes11:18
fabbionei like the idea of building at install time, but that would bloat a bit11:18
fabbionespecially on Ubuntu where we don't ship gcc :-)11:19
fabbioneor install rather11:19
dilingerwhen i wrote that, i wasn't really thinking about d-i11:19
dilingeri'm not sure how that would be handled11:19
fabbioned-i needs a rebuild at datacenter/buildd level11:19
dilingerd-i could probably be special-cased11:20
fabbioneas well11:20
fabbionei still need to sit down and think on the best way to handle it11:20
dilingerhave udebs generated using the old method, so you end up w/ udebs that contain third party kernel modules.. 11:20
dilingerduring install, grab the foo-source packages so that the next kernel upgrade doesn't forget to rebuild the modules?11:21
fabbionebut i think there should be some kind of /etc/kernel-modules-hooks.d/11:21
fabbionethat has a makefile or a bash script or whatever to install the thirdy part modules11:21
fabbionealso the option to check what is in /lib/modules/<kernel> that does not belong to the old package might give an idea11:22
dilingersuck, almost 5:30am11:23
=== dilinger hopes to finish up this v280 business before 6am..
fabbionego back to work :-)11:25
dilingerhehe.  i've got a deadline.  the guy who gave this to me is going to ask for a status update at a poker game tonight ;)11:27
jbaileylamont: Around?01:18
fabbionewe need to get -31 out too01:35
fabbionedilinger: ping?01:40
fabbionedilinger: boot net ramdisk_size=32000 rootfstype=ext2 works perfectly here01:44
fabbione(sparc netboot)01:44
fabbioneok this is weird....01:46
fabbionewe have a stolen-from-head_ppc32--uninorth-agp-suspend.dpatch01:48
fabbionethat has been there since my grandma was born01:48
fabbioneand never applied01:48
=== fabbione sighs
fabbionedilinger: anyway sparc can't install because of sparc.u.c being freezed02:12
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fabbionehi zul02:39
zulfabbione: hey...the 3com stuff is already for a while but a user says it doesnt work 02:39
=== zul reads backlogs
fabbione-30 is up02:40
fabbionei am preparing -3102:40
fabbionethere is an extra security fix02:40
zulyeah saw that..the mirrors must hate you02:40
fabbioneand i am unfucking the uninorth-agp-sleep patch02:40
zuldid it fuck up?02:40
fabbionewell the patch was never applied to the source in the first place02:41
fabbionethere were 2 copies of them in debian/patches02:41
fabbionenone of them applied02:41
fabbioneand it FTBFS02:41
fabbionebecause the patch is full of typos02:41
fabbioneanyway for -31 ia64/amd64 are go02:43
fabbioneppc is building now02:43
fabbionei386 is go02:43
lamontjbailey: I replied to t-bone's email, if that's the question02:54
=== lamont is here for about another 2 minutes
fabbionelamont: "crunchy corn"?02:54
fabbionefor -31?02:55
lamontfabbione: works for me02:55
zulheh crunchy frog sounds better but its against the rules ;)02:56
fabbioneok -31 will be up pretty soon02:57
fabbionebut i won't make the baz dance.. i need to go after02:57
jbaileylamont: Yup,thx. =)02:57
fabbioneit is national holiday and i haven't spent 5 minutes with my wife02:57
fabbionehmm i forgot to give a release name to -3003:00
fabbioneany idea on the fly?03:00
fabbioneThe "Fried Frogs" Release ?03:00
fabbioneor Fancy Frogs ?03:00
lamonttoo french.03:01
fabbioneok.. another one...03:01
lamontoh. wait.  ENOTBONE03:01
zulcrunchy cream03:01
fabbioneno we have crunchy already03:01
lamontalready got crunchy corn 03:01
fabbioneRadioactive Rosbeaf ?03:02
lamontfabbione: whirled peas?03:02
zulyellow yams03:02
lamontblue bacon?03:02
zulblasted bacon03:02
lamontatomic artichoke?03:02
lamontburnt bacon?03:02
lamontatomic artichoke is bonnie's - I like it/03:03
lamontanyway, running away03:03
fabbionelamont: later03:04
zulbuh bye03:05
=== fabbione gets ready for upload
zulso much email so little time03:06
zulno one in their right mind should be using dosfsck03:11
fabbioneno one in their right mind should have a vfat partition03:11
zulstupid windows users03:11
fabbioneupload on the way03:15
fabbioneit's up03:20
zulyay...go spend time with your wife now03:21
zulor she will have your balls03:21
fabbionei am waiting for the mails03:21
fabbioneshe already has them :)03:21
zulwell then you arent missing much then03:21
fabbionethere they are03:22
fabbionei am off03:22
zulif we have any problems we wont call...yeah right :)03:22
zulc ya03:22
fabbioneplease remind lamont to do the baz dance03:22
fabbioneotherwise there is no --pre3203:22
zulhave a good weekend03:23
zullamont: baz dance03:32
lamont/dev/sda1       /boot/efi       vfat    defaults,noauto         0       004:12
lamontstupid boot loaders04:12
=== zul fires a gun at lamont's feet
zuldance dance dance hah104:12
lamontdoes that mean that fabbione uplaoded -31?04:13
lamontbad fabbione - releaseing from --pre3104:13
zulSubject: Accepted linux-source-2.6.10 2.6.10-31 (source)04:14
lamontyeah yeah04:15
lamontany selections for -32's name? or do we wait for content?04:17
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:lamont] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeam | http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/Archives/kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/ kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre32--2.6.10 | Get it or http://www.vijaygill.com/pics/stfu.gif | There are no kernel bugs.. only broken hardware | Kernel Team Meeting: see #ubuntu-meeting
lamontbecause _I_ did change it... dammit04:19
lamontbaz switch kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--mainline--2.6.1004:19
lamontbaz merge kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre31--2.6.1004:19
lamontbaz commit04:19
lamontbaz branch kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/kernel-debian--pre32--2.6.1004:19
lamontis short dance04:19
lamontGCC ICE on ppc... woot!04:26
zulheh sucker04:30
zulfor the universe kernels couldnt we just reysync with debian?04:31
lamontwhich ones?04:42
zulgimme a sec04:43
zullinux-source 2.6.804:44
lamontzul: well, debian calls that kernel-source-2.6.8, so, um,no.04:46
zulum...ok 04:48
lamontand I think we specifically dropped that kernel from hoary with predjudice04:51
lamontwe maintain it for warty,  but no sense promising an extra 6 months when it's old...04:51
lamont(dist release date + 18 months minimum)04:51
zulok...well its way before my time04:51
lamontso one can expect to see 2.6.10 dropped from breezy, I expect.04:52
zulbbl new furniture05:02
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zulits nice to have new furninture06:20
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fabbionelamont: why there are so many i386 build of -31?07:14
lamontfabbione: don't ask.07:15
lamontyou'll note they're all duplicates07:15
lamontI may clean them up sometime07:15
fabbionei don't want to know than :-)07:15
fabbioneit's missing ia64...07:16
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zuli have achieved office fengi shui07:29
lamontia64 build takes 7+ hours, for starters.07:41
zulthat was a pretty quick vacation fabbione 07:49
fabbionezul: well i have to spend time with my wife07:49
fabbioneit doesn't mean i am leaving the house (or that i am allowed to do so :))07:49
fabbionebut i think i am going to cook some food soon07:50
fabbionei will pass by later07:50
lamontThu Mar 24 18:55:39 GMT 200507:55
lamontlinux-source-2.6.10_2.6.10-31_20050324-1456 06:48:29 (8 entries, sigma 01:56:36)07:55
=== lamont notes that bonnie will be very happy to see -31
dilingerfabbione: hm, maybe 2.6.10 breaks it or something?  this is a sunfire 28008:53
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jbaileyfabbione: jb@justBE.com reassigned 1440 to you.  It's not obvious why from the commit log since it's an "it's working" message.  Is there any reason you want this kept open?09:39
zuldoes someone have amd64 and sata handy and they dma turned on their hard drives?10:04
zuldamn...im late...c ya later10:08
jbaileymjg59: Funny that I came across your postings in a forum while looking for info on the suspend signatures in the swap file. =)10:52
mjg59jbailey: Haha10:52
mjg59To Nigel Cunningham?10:52
jbaileymjg59: Yeah, starting at http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/linux/kernel/525303?page=last10:53
mjg59Yeah, he's obsessed with doing it all in the kernel10:53
jbaileyYeah, I wne tthrough his pages first before realising it wasn't the implmenetation in the kernel.10:54

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