hervedoko, I let you think about it :-)12:01
lamontdholbach: gcc-2.95 _WANTS_ to die12:04
lamontand in fact, you can't fix it... (it needs bootstrap love, which I will only give it under duress)12:04
dholbachgcc-3.2 too?12:04
=== sPoof [~jonas@cpe.atm2-0-1301001.0x503f72d6.ronxx2.customer.tele.dk] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachdoko approved it, but i wasnt sure12:04
dholbachi'll tell elmo12:05
lamontwell, 3.2 won't build - if you look at it, you'll find that there's a circular dep-wait12:05
dredgdholbach: make sure you use the actual words "wants to die" :)12:05
lamonthow'd it get installed on i386...12:05
=== dredg grrs
dredg23.00 and haven't eaten yet. ok, stopping work for today.12:06
=== dredg orders food and peruses the list of things
=== Slant [~scott@w075111.wireless.fsr.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lamonthrm.. actually, I might should maybe bootstrap gnat where I can... doko?  thoughts?12:07
SlantWhat is the proper method of reporting Universe bugs? Or perhaps, a better question, where was I supposed to look to find out how? I wasn't able to find anything.12:07
dredgmalone :)12:07
dredgit's your friend.12:07
dholbachsladen: it will be  http://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone , but for now, it's either this channel or ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com12:08
dholbachSlant: it will be  http://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone , but for now, it's either this channel or ubuntu-users@lists.ubuntu.com12:08
SlantAhh, ok.12:08
SlantShould I try using malone irght now, or just e-mail the list?12:09
sabdflSlant: malone!12:13
SlantI tried. No access.12:13
=== Slant shrugs.
=== sabdfl [~mark@] has left #ubuntu-motu []
kokedholbach: UniversePriorityList is great :)12:15
=== koke subscribing :)
=== sPoof [~jonas@cpe.atm2-0-1301001.0x503f72d6.ronxx2.customer.tele.dk] has left #ubuntu-motu []
kokedholbach: how did you made it?12:19
kokesome script?12:19
dholbachi chucked the list together and then used a python script by mvo :-)12:19
kokecan you pass me that stuff, it'd be great to have info about what has to be done for each package12:20
kokeor at least, what transition/section does it belongs to12:20
dholbachjust a sec12:22
tsenganyone want to upload f-spot?12:24
dholbachi completely lost track of what to upload12:24
dholbachso just give it over here12:24
tsengwell you cant get to my site12:24
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ajmitchUniversePriorityList looks big12:29
dholbachit is due to UniverseDoesNotBuild12:35
dholbach(which is not finished itself)12:35
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachtseng: how do i get them?12:36
tsenghttp://getsweaaa.com/~tseng/f-spot/ if you can12:37
tsengif you cant i guess i will have to put it somewhere else12:37
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koketseng: were you the mono guy?01:37
ograkoke, he still is01:38
kokeok, so I guess you also maintain tomboy01:38
kokeHmm, that Tomboy icon is really out of place (for any icon theme). If only theyd use a sane icon like the one that Jakub made a couple of months back"01:38
kokewhat do you think about that??01:38
kokewe could include a new HIG compliant icon in the ubuntu package while upstream realises the icon needs to be changed :)01:39
tsengkoke: i think ive asked him to give me a working patch for it01:39
tsengand i give him credit, he took a nice stab at it01:39
tsengbut it doesnt work01:39
tsengif anyone else has hacked in a new icon, ill happily take it.. dont really have time to waste on it01:40
kokehttp://jimmac.musichall.cz/weblog.php/Artwork/LowresTomboy <-- the icons are missing :(01:45
crimsuntest-building wxwidgets2.5- (fixes FTBFS on ppc, which is holding up at least wxvlc)02:17
dholbachlibnet-ph-perl fixed02:19
dholbachlooking at xlockmore02:24
ograbah, morgue, we have a screensaver *g*02:25
dholbachit seems to be quite popular on the debian end02:26
ograhehe, was kidding...i know02:26
dholbachoh... forgot the smiley :-)02:26
=== scotth [~scotth@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachxlockmore looks goooood02:30
dholbachwhat about icewm?02:32
dholbachis it fixed?02:32
koketseng: http://koke.amedias.org/2005/03/24/tintin-is-not-hig-compliant/02:41
mdzdholbach: did you have luck prioritizing according to the popcon data?02:41
kokedo you like that?02:41
dholbachmdz: YEAH! wiki/UniversePriorityList02:42
mdzdholbach: that list looks just right; great work02:43
dholbachmdz: but the list is as incomplete as wiki/UniverseDoesNotBuild - since the rebuilds will still be taking 2-3 days02:43
mdzkdebase is in main now02:43
tsengkoke: dude jimmac made icons02:44
dholbachmdz: yeah, it's not perfect and i'll try to poke the right people :-)02:44
mdzit builds and is installable, too02:44
tsengkoke: they just need a patch to a few files02:44
koketseng: where the hell they are??02:44
dholbachmdz: must be still on one of the lists (python could be)02:44
tsengkoke: one minute dude02:44
koke<koke> http://jimmac.musichall.cz/weblog.php/Artwork/LowresTomboy <-- the icons are missing :(02:44
tsengits on his blog way back02:44
tsengoh, damn02:45
mdzif you guys can get only the top 25% or so of that list, I think you'll be in good shape02:45
dholbachi can't stop the constant-headache i have, when i think about all the broken packages (and those to come)02:46
mdztry not to worry about the ones to come; we'll make it easy to exclude them from reports02:46
dholbachfrom user reports to? :-)02:47
=== koke goes for icewm, great wm :)
kokeit seems just lacks a build-dep on libxinerama-dev02:49
lamontkoke: quite likely, actually02:51
=== ogra is impressed by the cleanness of the afterstep package...
=== koke pbuilding icewm
ogradholbach, didnt you talk about libdumb yesterday ? i thought you touched it02:55
dholbachi think i uploaded it already02:55
ograits still on the X lost02:55
dholbachchuck it out02:56
crimsun[libdumb_0.9.2-5ubuntu1.dsc] 02:56
ogradholbach, sure :)02:56
schweebthink I'll take a look at x2vnc, I know a bunch of peeps that use it02:58
kokeschweeb: I use it sometimes02:58
kokeactually I'm not sure if I use x2vnc or x11vnc02:58
schweebit's in the fails to build list ;)02:59
schweebx2vnc allows you to control a remote display using VNC protocol with your local X keyboard and mouse03:00
schweebsimilar to synergy, etc...03:00
tsengkoke: if you recall jimmacs hd crashed03:00
dholbachlooking at ntop03:01
schweebx11vnc exports your X session for control03:01
schweebsince I've never tried fixing any of these packages before - the source that failed to build is the same you get with apt-get source X? or are those sources stored elsewhere03:04
dholbachapt-get source <bla> is fine03:05
schweebk, good03:05
tritiumgood night all03:06
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
schweebcool, think I figured out x2vnc already :D03:09
dholbachdid ajmitch fix licq?03:10
dholbachah no.. he's working on it03:11
ograis still tagged in the xosd list...03:11
schweebstandard naming convention is to add -ubuntuX onto the end of the debian version, right?03:11
ograno dash03:12
dholbachschweeb: what typ of package is it?03:12
ograblah-1.2.3-1 becomes blah-1.2.3-1ubuntu103:12
dholbachnative package?03:12
dholbachno   .orig.tar.gz and  .diff.gz?03:12
schweebno, it's not native03:13
schweebdebiain version is x2vnc 1.6-3, so new version would be x2vnc 1.6-3ubuntu103:14
dholbachlooking at 3ddesktop03:15
schweeblintian complains about capital letter/article as first word in description, fix or leave alone?03:16
dholbachthe latter03:16
ograhehe, the first :)03:16
dholbachif it's your package or you plan to maintain it, ... :-)03:16
ograschweeb, up to you03:16
schweebdissension among the ranks!03:16
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=== mramm [~mark@pcp09227548pcs.sanarb01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
schweebyes, I guess if it gets synced with debian again, it'd be a kinda pointless fix03:17
dholbachit's the workload, that makes us less anal03:17
=== ogra has to often discussed with elmo about lintian warnings of NEW packages....
ograso i try to avoid them always03:18
ogralamont, ping03:18
schweebthat gsf-sharp package passes lintian, except for the netlibs thing that it doesn't know about ;)03:18
dholbachhope we get a new lintian soon ;-)03:18
=== koke getting asleep
ogranight koke03:19
=== dholbach gives koke a cookie
=== ogra gives koke a pillow
kokeI'll put icewm into th list tomorrow if it builds while I'm dreaming03:19
dholbachkoke: you rock03:19
crimsunmay I remove modconf from UniversePriorityList?  It doesn't exist in Ubuntu.03:19
dholbachit does03:20
ograyeah, koke, that was really a nice workday from your side, respect03:20
dholbachapt-cache showsrc modconf03:20
crimsunwhat the03:20
dholbachit's for the 2.4-kernels03:20
ogracrimsun, we also have kernel 2.403:20
kokeogra: I just want a script to generate all the .desktop files :)03:20
crimsunargh, does it even build?03:21
dholbachkoke: i want a fix-all-broken-builds-script03:21
lamontogra: ak03:21
kokemaybe my target for tomorrow03:21
=== crimsun checks buildLogs
kokedholbach: but you have to begin at something03:21
dholbachat broken-builds ;-)03:21
lamontschweeb: I should really fix that same lintian error in postfix, eh?03:21
ogralamont, how hard would it be to add a http-refresh meta tag to the http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/byDate/today.html page, my ctrl and R keys start getting glossy03:22
dholbach3ddeskop fixed03:22
schweeblamont: hah03:22
kokeok, sounds reasonable03:22
lamontogra: uh, tell me what it should say... :-)03:22
lamonthrm.. will actually be work..03:23
lamonttoday, the file consists of nothing but one-line-per-logfile, appended blindly as I go...03:23
lamontno <head>, etc.03:23
lamontnow I'm gonna have to notice that I'm starting a new file...03:24
lamontand if you tell me I have to tack something on the end of it, that'll be annoying enough to not do it.. :-(03:24
ograin the header put something like <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="600">03:25
ograah, no head, darn03:25
lamontwell, can I have a head, but no <body></body> tags?03:26
ograhmm, might work....03:26
lamont<a href="../x/xlockmore/1:5.13-2ubuntu1/xlockmore_1:5.13-2ubuntu1_20050324-0219-amd64-successful">xlockmore_1:5.13-2ubuntu1_20050324-0219-amd64-successful</a><br>03:26
Amaranthi'm confused, how do i add something to MOTUNewPackages?03:26
lamontthat's what the current lines all look like...03:26
lamontAmaranth: login (upper right), then click on edit above the page.03:27
dholbachpoking xdiskusage03:27
=== ogra looks at the code
Amaranthno, i know that03:27
Amaranthwhere do i add it?03:27
lamontoh.  a harder question.  sihg.03:27
Amaranththat first table with my name as NEW Maintainer?03:27
dholbachin the table03:27
schweebalright, I got x2vnc fixed... I'm gonna upload to my site... should I sign the pkgs or what? (and how to do so manually)03:27
=== lamont searched for a while to find the login button, you see...
dholbachschweeb: just upload it03:28
ogralamont, i'll think about it, probably a frameset or something ..... tell you tomorrow ....03:28
lamontschweeb: if you dpkg-buildpackage, it defaults to signing,03:28
lamontotherwise, debsign is your firiend03:28
kokemy firefox is crashing very strangely today03:28
lamontogra: sure03:28
kokedholbach: could you please update http://amedias.org/~koke/misc/UniversePackagesWithoutDesktopFile for me??03:28
ograkoke, thom just built 1.0.203:28
kokeI've extracted the window managers from the list03:29
kokeogra: I guess it's a mozex problem03:29
kokewhen I click the textarea it freezes eating my cpu03:29
ograoh, youre using extensions...03:29
dholbachschweeb: be sure to tell elmo he should whitelist your emailadress03:29
=== Amaranth looks at https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/MOTUNewPackages :)
ograah great afterstep is done...03:30
dholbachkoke: what shall i change?03:30
kokejust replace the wiki page with the URL's content03:31
dholbachwhy dont you do it yourself?03:31
dholbachdont you have a wiki account by now? :-)03:31
koke<koke> when I click the textarea it freezes eating my cpu03:31
dholbachoh nice03:31
kokeI can try tomorrow anyway03:32
kokebut I've killed firefox about ten times in the last minutes03:32
crimsunkoke: 1.0.2 is in main.03:32
kokecrimsun: yeah, and update-notifier is telling me I have 241 updates03:33
kokebut I usually update at the university :)03:33
dholbachkoke: done03:33
kokeand I'm on holidays now :)03:33
kokedholbach: thanks03:33
dholbachde rien03:33
schweebwhere should I document that I've fixed this package now?03:33
kokeypopup.cc:118:2: warning: #warning "FIXME: this logic needs rethink"03:34
kokeicewm comments are quite curious03:34
ogradholbach, that != what03:34
schweebdholbach: I mean to tell others that I've fixed the package, so they don't duplicate work03:34
dholbachahhhhhhhh ok03:34
ograschweeb, on which wiki page did you find it ?03:34
dholbachxdiskusage fixed03:35
schweebshould I do it on there, or on UniverseTODO03:35
ograhmm, must be on another list too03:35
schweeberr MotuTODO03:35
ogracrimsun, with gtk2 ?03:36
schweebogra: DoesNotBuild03:36
crimsunogra: yep.03:36
ograschweeb, then there...and rip it off the Priority list03:36
schweebwtf is the diff between "Done" or "Taken Care Of"03:37
ogradholbach, ?03:37
dholbachif it has passed all 4 buildds on http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/byDate/today.html03:37
kokew0w, I was already tired anough but this http://www.burtonini.com/blog//life/india-2005-03-24-02-18 ...03:37
dholbachthen it's done03:37
schweebis "Taken Care Of" where you speak for the fact that you intend to fix something?03:38
dholbachyeah or you fixed it and hope the buildds say the same :-)03:38
schweebforgive my green-ness, I'm just trying to do shit right the first time, and learn quickly03:38
dholbachschweeb: you're doing admirably well03:39
kokepbuilder is cleaning!!! icewm fixed03:39
ograschweeb, six months ago we werent better ;)03:39
dholbachi was worse03:39
kokeI'll sleep really tight03:39
schweebkinda helps that I've used debian day-in/day-out for the last 2 years03:39
schweebas an admin and an desktop user03:40
=== ogra has his last cigarette...
ogranearly 4am03:43
kokeicewm uploaded, see you03:43
kokeI'm running out of batteries :)03:44
ograhmm, we probably should announce malone in ubuntu-users03:44
ogradholbach, i've given up to try this, he's always gone to fast if he says that :)03:45
schweebargh,I really wish there was a way to stay always logged into the wiki03:45
dholbachschweeb: i'll upload your packgae, right?03:48
dholbachi'll check it :-)03:49
dholbachunstable -> hoary03:49
dholbachin the changelog03:49
dholbachapart from that... good03:49
schweeberr whoops03:49
=== schweeb blushes
=== Amaranth is going to feel really stupid
dholbachnot to worry :-)03:50
Amaranththere are tools that generate all this stuff, aren't there?03:50
Amaranththe control and changelog and etc03:50
schweebdh_make and friends03:50
dholbachschweeb: i change and upload it, right?03:50
schweebdholbach: you mean you're fixing it, or you want me to?03:50
dholbachschweeb:   dch -i Dhoary   <--- helps03:51
Amaranthhah, i took the files from pymusique and have been modifying them by hand03:51
dholbachschweeb: i do it and spare you the pain03:51
schweebalright, cool03:51
dholbachschweeb: you tested it? it installs?03:51
schweebcool :)03:53
schweebman, editing the wiki sucks... I can't get ffox to search the textboxes03:53
dholbachschweeb: take a seat in the back row and enjoy:  lists.ubuntu.com/archives/hoary-changes/2005-March/thread.html  and  http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/byDate/today.html03:53
ograAmaranth, be carful with that, one tends to make errors or leave old junk in....better use the debhelper scripts03:53
Amaranthogra: *shrug*, all i really had to do was change every pymusique to menueditor and edit the control file03:54
Amaranthboth are python apps that install the same way03:54
schweebdholbach: :D03:55
ograAmaranth, try building it in pbuilder and let lintian check it...03:55
schweeblintian rocks03:55
dholbachdid my 200th upload *headbang*03:55
=== ogra applauds dholbach
Amaranthwhy do i need pbuilder to use lintian?03:56
dholbachAmaranth: as a packager you need both03:56
dholbachpbuilder to build packages in a clean environment, lintian to perform nitpicking-checks03:56
ograAmaranth, pbuilder cares for the building like the buildd does, lintianb chacks for all the other chacks03:57
ograoutch, time for bed i think...03:57
dholbachs/chacks/cracks ;-)03:57
ogradholbach, come on, 4am, i'm allowed to make typos...03:58
schweebdholbach: so I need to tell elmo to whitelist my email?  is that for when I start being able to upload stuff on my own (hopefully eventually), or do I need to it now?03:58
dholbachyou don't need it03:58
dholbachbut it's nicer03:58
dholbachbecause 1) you get a receipt mail by the buildd  2) you appear with your full name on hoary-changes03:58
dholbachand 3) elmo asked for it03:58
lamontand 4) you get reject notices03:59
lamontif any03:59
ograschweeb, you'll see your packages even before you are allowed to upload, e.g. when dholbach uploads for you, you get katies nice ACCEPTED/REJECTED mails03:59
dholbachso just ping him tomorrow, tell him your name and mail adress and that you're going to be rocking MOTU soon03:59
schweebelmo's in the UK?  what's the time offset between US->UK I always forget04:00
ogra8h ?04:01
crimsunwhere are you based, schweeb?04:01
ogradonno exactly and i guess it depends if youre west or east04:01
schweebk, sounds about right04:01
crimsunschweeb: he's approximately 5-6 hours ahead of you04:01
crimsunwe're (EST) -0500 GMT04:01
Amaranthwhee, running pbuilder04:02
crimsunok, time to test on amd64.  Sigh.04:02
ogracrimsun, sigh ?04:02
schweebah, it's based off Greenwich... /me never even connected the 204:02
crimsunogra: I've been burned by 64-bit so many times that I just make it a point to compile on both arches now04:03
crimsunerr, i386 and amd6404:03
ograah... i dont compile on 32bit anymore :)04:03
schweebI need to get a 64bit machine04:04
dholbachok pals, i'm off to bed04:04
dholbachgood night04:04
crimsunbye daniel04:04
ogranight dholbach, i'll follow up right away04:04
schweebcrimsun: so you're EST? where you at? MI here04:04
crimsunschweeb: NC04:04
ogranight all04:05
crimsunnight oliver04:05
schweebnice. guess I have "unstable" in my gsf-sharp package too04:08
schweebis there a config setting in devscripts.conf or something where I can tell it to always use hoary?04:11
Amaranthheh, pbuilder just found me an error in my control file :P04:11
Amaranthi forgot to build depend on python-dev04:11
schweebwhich is the point of pbuilder ;)04:12
crimsunAmaranth: python2.4-dev, currently, please04:12
Amaranthoh, i just did python-dev (>= 2.4)04:12
crimsunok, that'll work04:12
Amaranthok, so how do i use lintian?04:13
schweeblintian blah.deb04:13
schweeband I think you can do lintian -c blah.changes to check from a changes file...04:13
Amaranthhttp://rafb.net/paste/results/kXgVVQ88.html <--d'oh04:15
Amaranthare any of those serious?04:16
dredgall very easy to fix04:17
dredg`lintian -i' will give you full descriptions04:17
Amaranthwell, i don't have a man page :P04:18
dredgwrite one04:18
Amaranthheh, can it just say the command and a short description?04:18
Amaranththere isn't anything else to it04:18
crimsunif it's missing a man page, that's not RC04:21
crimsunyou should definitely look into implementing one, however04:21
Amaranthi can make one, once i learn how :P04:21
crimsunit's very straightforward04:22
Amaranthi've got it down to just the man page04:28
Amaranthi'll make one of those and upload -2 for consideration for universe04:28
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=== Burgaway [~Burgundav@S0106000bdbb5820d.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== ajmitch_ [~ajmitch@port162-45.ubs.maxnet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Amaranthmeh, i suck at creating man pages04:41
schweebugh, this ethereal source is organized hideously04:41
Amaranthok, -2 uploaded without a man page04:43
schweebis it appropriate to put a strict python2.4 dep in the build-deps?04:53
schweebwhere it's currently just "python"04:53
schweeb(no version whatsoever)04:53
=== schweeb is looking into ethereal/ethereal-dev
crimsungkrellm here04:54
Amaranthdon't suppose i could get anyone to take a look at http://dev.realistanew.com/menu-editor/04:54
Amaranthit's pretty small04:54
schweebcrimsun: yea, I was gonna do that, but no amd64 box04:54
crimsunAmaranth: sec.04:54
crimsunAmaranth: Debian-native?04:57
Amaranthno, i don't think so04:57
Amaranththe unstable bit in the changelog is just me being stupid04:57
crimsunbut you wrote it, correct?04:58
crimsunok, lintian will complain about the versioning scheme then04:59
crimsunsince you're both upstream and the ubuntu maintainer, it's probably best if you reversion it to just 0.4.204:59
crimsunthen tack on the ubuntu105:00
crimsun-> 0.4.2ubuntu105:00
crimsununless, of course, you absolutely want 0.4.2-2ubuntu105:01
crimsunok, debian/rules needs to be cleaned05:05
crimsunall right, let's start from the top.05:05
crimsunmake sure the tar.gz extracts into menu-editor-0.4.2ubuntu105:06
crimsunyou have conflicting source/package names.05:06
AmaranthI really didn't want to be the maintainer of this. :P05:07
crimsunboth source and [binary]  package are listed as "menueditor", but your tar.gz extracts into menu-editor05:07
AmaranthI don't even know where to being.05:07
Amarantherr, begin05:07
crimsunok, well first of all, you need to rename the directory to 0.4.2ubuntu105:08
Amaranththe one i'm building out of?05:08
crimsunsecond of all, decide what names you'll use for source and binary packages05:08
Amaranthcan i use the same thing for binary and source?05:09
crimsunyes, but source must match the base of the directory if it's non-Debian/-Ubuntu-native05:09
crimsunin other words, if you choose menueditor to be your source package name, then the tarball must extract to menueditor-0.4.2ubuntu105:10
Amaranthok, so if i call both of them menu-editor and rename the dir to menu-editor-0.4.2ubuntu1 it should be good?05:10
Amaranthactually, i don't want to confuse people already using it, i'll make it menueditor05:10
crimsunok, I recommend you use the python policy05:11
crimsunwhich means you'll need to bump debian/control:Build-Depends to debhelper (>= 4.2.28)05:11
crimsunand uncomment dh_python in debian/rules05:12
crimsunfurthermore, you can replace debian/control:Depends's python (>= 2.4) with ${python:Depends}05:13
crimsundefinitely make the long description more verbose05:13
crimsunthe synopsis should probably hint toward being a python-based menu editor for the freedesktop.org xdg standard05:14
schweebugh, this python switch is a pain in my ass05:14
Amaranthhow about "A simple menu editor for GNOME 2.10 that can edit and add new entries."05:14
crimsunschweeb: cheer up, it's not so bad!05:14
crimsunAmaranth: is it limited to just gnome 2.10, or might another DE that uses fd.o's xdg utilise it?05:14
schweebcrimsun: I'm trying to figure out how the ethereal package got the python stuff into site-packages, they're not using a setup.py, and I don't see any explicit python2.3 declarations, it's annoying05:15
AmaranthWell, if _might_ work but I've got it pretty well setup for GNOME only.05:15
AmaranthIt will more then likely not run at all or be unable to do anything with other DEs.05:15
crimsunAmaranth: ok, that's a good start then.  You might want to note that while it supports the fd.o xdg spec, it may or may not work with other DEs  [which of course, you'll want to ensure it does if you'd like it to pick up usage] 05:16
crimsunAmaranth: there are some fairly useless sections in debian/rules that can be deleted, like the whole lib section05:18
crimsunbe sure you call python2.4 explicitly, or use a shell variable05:18
crimsunPYTHON = python2.405:18
crimsun$(PYTHON) setup.py build05:19
Amaranthlib section?05:19
AmaranthI don't even know what that is.05:19
schweebwhich it'd be great if ethereal did it that way05:19
crimsunAmaranth: "# shared library versions, option 1"05:19
crimsunthat block05:19
crimsunI highly recommend you consider cdbs05:20
schweebmmm cdbs rules05:20
crimsuncdbs will simplify many, many things05:21
Amaranthwell, that can come later :)05:21
Amaranthnew try uploaded05:21
Amaranthstill ubuntu1, dunno if i should have changed that since it isn't in any repo yet05:22
crimsunnah, not really worth changing05:22
crimsunalthough I tend to use ubuntu0~1, ubuntu0~2, ubuntu0~3, ...05:23
crimsunthen when it's all fixed, I bump it to ubuntu105:23
Amaranthgood idea05:24
crimsunyou're missing a COPYING (license) file05:24
crimsunthat's critical05:24
crimsunalthough debian/copyright might be able to pass05:25
schweebquestion, why would a -dev package (ethereal-dev) have an explicit depend on debhelper and cdbs... ?05:25
Amaranthlintian told me not to have that05:25
crimsunAmaranth: since it's native, all right, that's true05:25
crimsunsorry, need to jet for a bit, be back05:28
Amaranththanks for your help05:28
schweeboh nice... it's a manual copy of this python script to site packages in the rules file, jesus05:30
=== Phython [ja2morri@perpugilliam.csclub.uwaterloo.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
schweebW: ethereal source: changelog-should-mention-nmu05:54
schweeb^^^ what's that mean05:54
Amaranthuse -i05:59
PhythonHi, given that I am a DD and I uploaded a package to debian, to get it into ubuntu, I should add the package to the MOTUToSync page and then it should someone else will rebuild it?  Or should I build the package on Ubuntu, sign it, put it in my own repo and put it on the MOTUTodo list?06:01
schweebwhich package?06:03
schweeband does it already exist in ubuntu?06:04
Phythonschweeb: yes, retchmail does, libwvstreams4.0 doesn't, libxplc doesn't06:05
Phythonoh yeah, libwvstreams3 is also in base, so I dono't want to mess with that06:05
schweebI'm not authoritative or anything, but I imagine if you fix all those packages to build on ubuntu, someone will at least consider syncing/adding them06:08
schweebas long as they're not in main06:08
Phythonschweeb: I'm put libwvstreams4.0 in universe until after hoary is released then let it move to main with a new wvdial06:09
Phythonschweeb: I'll put up a repo soon enough with this stuff06:09
schweebyea, that's what they'll be lookin for06:09
schweebgot ethereal fixed, test building now06:14
HostingGeek<Amaranth> Then why use debmaker?07:00
AmaranthHostingGeek: Ignored.07:01
HostingGeekYou know i only cp that here so others can tell you why07:04
HostingGeekas hardly anyone repects me07:04
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=== herve [~hcauwelie@mut38-1-82-233-119-142.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Seveas [~seveas@ksl403-uva-169.wireless.uva.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== dredg [niall@malkovich.office.blacknight.ie] has joined #ubuntu-motu
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Amaranthg'night all10:41
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091950.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunmorning daniel :-)10:57
dholbachhey daniel!10:58
=== doko [~doko___@dsl-084-059-060-211.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachis there ANY package that DOES build in universe: wiki/UniverseDoesNotBuild ?11:44
ograwhat for ? we have apt-get.org :-P11:45
ogramorning all11:45
dholbachhey ogra11:45
dholbachupdated UniversePriorityList will take me a while11:45
dholbachwill have to do it by hand11:45
ogradholbach, seen my mail to the other daniel ?11:46
crimsunwhich, me?11:46
ogranope robitaille11:46
dholbachoh ROCK11:47
ograi invited him to become MOTU, i think its about time11:47
dholbachyeah good thinking11:47
dholbachour list system is becoming a bit of a PITA11:49
dholbachmay i ask you to remove a package you fixed everywhere from all lists?11:49
crimsunI'm pretty sure I already do that11:49
dholbachjust wanted to impress it on you all again11:50
dholbachit's not perfect and i hope i have a better system for breezy11:50
Amaranthcrimsun: I'm using cdbs now. :)11:56
crimsunAmaranth: great!11:56
dholbachUniverseDoesNotBuild is fucked up now11:56
dholbachbecause of buildd fuckup11:56
Amaranthcrimsun: The help you were giving me last night with the rules file seemed to have broken it (was making an empty data.tar.gz) so I figured I might as well switch.11:56
crimsunguh, I don't understand how diacanvas2 built on ppc 6 days before11:57
crimsunand suddenly it just ... doesn't?11:57
dholbachi give up on lists11:57
dholbachi COMPLETELY give up11:57
dholbachsee you in half an hour11:57
crimsungo get some coffee11:58
Amaranthcrimsun: Think you could take another look at it?11:59
ogradholbach, relax12:00
crimsunAmaranth: sure, but I'm really tired; do you mind if I look in the afternoon during a break at work? (~8 hours)12:00
AmaranthI'll be asleep but sure. :)12:01
crimsunAmaranth: just leave your away log on, and I'll prefix comments with your nick12:01
Amaranthaway log?12:01
Amaranthhow do you make one of those? :P12:01
crimsundo you use irssi?12:01
Amaranthno, xchat12:01
Amaranthjust pm comments?12:01
crimsunhmm, when you set /away in irssi, it logs statements addressed to you and pms12:02
crimsunhere, test with xchat right quick12:02
crimsun(let me know when you've set away)12:02
Amaranthoh, i did before i said ok :P12:02
crimsunAmaranth: this should show up in your log when you come back from /away12:03
Amaranthwhat log? :)12:03
crimsunis it in your server window?12:03
Amarantherr, i don't have one12:03
crimsunk, nevermind, I'll just pm you12:03
crimsunk, quick nap, then back to work.12:06
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S0106000bdbb5820d.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachBurgundavia: hey12:26
dholbachcrimsun: sleep tight :-)12:26
dholbachBurgundavia, comme va-tu?12:31
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S0106000bdbb5820d.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Burgundaviaxchat actually crashed on my12:48
=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
kokehi all!01:32
=== koke looking for uploader for icewm
kokesome has put it in the Done list?!01:59
dholbachmight have been me01:59
dholbachi was messing around with the lists yesterday02:00
dholbachsorry for that02:00
kokedo you know if the ubuntulinux.org zope has webdav enabled??02:01
dholbachdunno at all02:02
dholbachkoke: where is it? i'll upload it02:25
HostingGeekHi daniel!02:26
dholbachhi... whats your name?02:27
HostingGeekIs it possible to take mallarts LEGAL GPL package of that itunes app that Amaranth is working on (who ingore me for ome weird reason) and stuff it into universe some day so we can install it any not get dependce problems because ubuntu has a diffrent version of gstreamer?02:29
dholbachkoke: i'm on the phone, but will take care of it02:30
AmaranthHostingGeek: You're off ignore now. PyMusique needs libfaad2 from CVS.02:30
kokeok, I'm going to make something for lunch now02:30
AmaranthHostingGeek: Everything that uses libfaad2 would have to be patched and recompiled.02:30
dredgAmaranth: fool. chuck him back on ignore :)02:30
HostingGeekAmaranth: which is in universe02:30
AmaranthHostingGeek: The release version. We need the one from CVS.02:30
HostingGeekAmaranth: well i said SOME day02:31
HostingGeekAmaranth: and not for hoary02:31
AmaranthSure, when libfaad has a new release.02:31
HostingGeekkoke_cooking: if your cooking why not put into ##cooking for some tips ;)02:31
HostingGeekAmaranth: there is a lot of cvs stuff inside the reps02:32
dredgwonderful justification.02:32
HostingGeekAmaranth: and i belive grumpy will be used for cvs snapshot builds of gnome02:32
Amaranthgrumpy doesn't exist02:32
Amaranthname changed to breezy02:33
HostingGeekAmaranth: no02:33
HostingGeekAmaranth: there is going to be grumpy AND breezy02:33
HostingGeekgrumpy will be like sid/experiMENTAL02:33
HostingGeekAmaranth: you can read my thread on the forums where daniels replys02:34
HostingGeekand explains02:34
dredgHostingGeek: are you a troll?02:35
HostingGeekdredg: did i just troll?02:35
HostingGeekdredg: the answer is no if just in case you are wondering02:35
dredgactually, are you a script that contains 'print "I want $randpackage in ubuntu"' running from cron?02:36
HostingGeekdredg: if i was a motu i would be able to do it my self02:38
dredglast i checked, that wasn't a requirement02:38
HostingGeekdredg: umm thats only not a requeirment for 1 or 2 packages02:39
HostingGeekdredg: but really i want to rebuild 40 packages or so02:39
HostingGeekand my talents going to waste...02:39
dredgso you reckon that instead of trying to get MOTU it's better to get someone here to do it for you?02:40
dredghow does this sound: go away.02:40
dholbachHostingGeek: being a MOTU is about involvement02:41
dholbachand dedication02:41
dholbachand being active yourself02:41
HostingGeekdredg: i will do it IF i could02:41
HostingGeekbut as ubuntu hates me02:41
dholbachnot about complaining, asking others to do stuff02:42
HostingGeeki'll never see them being THAT friendly to me02:42
dholbachyou just complain again02:42
dredgHostingGeek: it's very simple, if you have nothing better to do than demand things, you have no real business being here02:42
dholbacheveryone in here had assembled some piece of code and asked others kindly to review it02:42
HostingGeekand i contuine untill i could help02:43
koke_cookingHostingGeek: I think the point here is that there are huge lists about packages to fix before release02:43
koke_cookingso we can't afford new packages atm02:43
HostingGeekkoke_cooking: and i can fix some of the,02:43
HostingGeekkoke_cooking: and i can fix some of them02:43
dholbachHostingGeek: you're in here nearly ALL day, you really should have figured out, how things work02:43
dholbachi don't even doubt that your intentions are good02:44
dredgthat, and all of us here are doing this on our own time. telling us what you want doesn't get results.02:44
dholbachbut your approach is completely wrong02:44
HostingGeekand i will fix them if i could with having to edit the wiki for every damb fix02:44
dredgthe only motivation for any involvement is because you want to, for whatever reason.02:44
HostingGeekdredg: you get me wrong02:44
dredgthen please, give me a better impression of you02:44
dholbachdredg: exactly, stop this discussion here02:45
dholbachit only wastes time02:45
BurgundaviaHostingGeek: The correct questions to ask, for those of us who aren't that experienced are ones that pertain to specific problems. Such as "blah does build right with this error. Any ideas?"02:45
HostingGeekdredg: I am a type of person that wants stuff and WILL do it myself IF I could but as I am not a motu i can't02:45
dholbachHostingGeek: show involvement, and we'll appreciate it02:45
HostingGeekdholbach: Yes but for every damb fix i need to edit the wiki02:45
dholbachHostingGeek: please drop it: Burgundavia is not MOTU too, even koke isnt yet02:45
dholbachand they work hard nevertheless02:45
dholbachHostingGeek: that's how things work, if you don't like it, don't consider it and stop wasting people's time02:46
AmaranthHostingGeek: I'm not a MOTU either. I made the package for my stuff and offered to maintain it. You could too.02:46
HostingGeekwell how do fix stuff with out being a MOTU02:46
dredgenough. if you're not prepared to put the work in yourself then don't ask anyone else here to do it for you.02:46
dholbachHostingGeek: i upload packages for other guys, that's how things work02:46
HostingGeekdredg: I am!02:46
dholbachpeople don't get uploader status for nothing02:46
HostingGeekdholbach: i don't need the power to upload02:47
koke_cookingHostingGeek: have you really been in this channel all this time?? :)02:47
dholbachthen fix a package, upload it somewhere and ask us to review it02:47
schweeblike this:02:47
schweebdholbach: ethereal02:47
HostingGeekdholbach: i need the power to be able to help with out aving so do 2 extra steps02:47
dholbachwhich steps?02:47
HostingGeekcurrently if i want to help i need to do extra useless steps02:48
dholbachWHICH steps?02:48
dholbachediting the wiki?02:48
koke_cookingHostingGeek: you can't expect nobody to trust in your packaging abilities the first time02:48
HostingGeek1) Upload the packages to somewhere else02:48
HostingGeek2) Get it reviewed02:48
koke_cookingHostingGeek: why not??02:49
HostingGeekall i want to have to do is send in a patch02:49
HostingGeekfor the fixes02:49
schweebseriously though, I fixed ethereal for python 2.4, and it's on my site for someone's review... this should also fix kismet since it failed on installing ethereal-dev... http://schweeb.org/~chris/ubuntu02:49
koke_cookingI can do it, I don't think you're more special than me :)02:49
dholbachHostingGeek: hear my FINAL word: everyone in here sticks to the rules, they all dedicate their time and it's great to have them in a team - if you don't intend to stick to the rules, GO AWAY02:49
schweeband, off I head to work, later02:49
koke_cookingHostingGeek: uploading a .diff.gz is quite similar to send a patch02:50
HostingGeekkoke_cooking: The problem is if its a simple fix i don't want to have to upload 10MB02:50
dholbacha diff.gz won't be 10mb02:50
koke_cookingHostingGeek: http://www.amedias.org/~koke/debian/hoary/02:50
koke_cookinglook at there02:50
HostingGeekkoke_cooking: a diff.gz to the diff.gz?02:50
dholbachdebuild -S  will make up a source packge02:51
koke_cookingHostingGeek: the diff.gz are the changes between the .orig.tar.gz and your version02:51
dholbachstore .dsc and .diff.gz somewhere and they will in the most cases be less than 100k02:51
HostingGeekkoke_cooking: i know02:51
koke_cookingbut the orig.tar.gz is already in the arvhive, you don't have to upload it02:51
HostingGeekkoke_cooking: but what if i want to make a SIMPLE patch to a diff.gz02:51
HostingGeeki can't submit a patch02:52
dholbachHostingGeek: do the diff.gz or leave it02:52
HostingGeeki need to upload the whole diff.gz02:52
dholbachHostingGeek: please stop complaining02:52
Amaranthhey, instead of fighting with HostingGeek could someone poke at http://dev.realistanew.com/menu-editor/ ? :)02:52
koke_cookingHostingGeek: oOh, some kbs are killing me :)02:52
koke_cookingHostingGeek: what's the problem???02:53
HostingGeekdholbach: you know the problem with gdeb it needed a simple edit in the CONTROL file why the hell do i need to upload 100KB02:53
koke_cookingmv *.diff.gz *.patch, upload it and be happy :P02:53
dholbachHostingGeek: i kindly ask you to read the conversation again, if you don't like the rules we ALL stick to (even those on #ubuntu-devel), don't consider being motu02:53
HostingGeekkoke_cooking: i have 5KB/s upload02:53
koke_cookingHostingGeek: me 10KB/s02:53
dholbachHostingGeek: you waste more than 100kb on COMPLAINING02:53
koke_cookingand have no prob02:53
HostingGeekdholbach: is a motu someone who upload if yes i don't want that02:53
dholbachthat's how it is02:54
koke_cookingdholbach: xD02:54
dredgHostingGeek: if you don't want any of this, then why are you here?02:54
HostingGeekdholbach: if a motu is some which helps in universe then yes02:54
koke_cookingHostingGeek: then, become a friend of malone :)02:54
HostingGeekdholbach: rename motu to uploader of something its make its a lot easier to understand02:55
BurgundaviaAmaranth: I like the look of the menu editor. Did you do it?02:56
BurgundaviaBurgundavia: nice work02:56
koke_cookingHostingGeek: ok, but only after you go to debian and ask to turn Debian Developers into Debian Uploaders02:56
BurgundaviaAmaranth: nic work02:56
BurgundaviaI am a little tired right now02:56
Amaranthtrying to get it into universe for hoary :)02:57
dholbachHostingGeek: and please listen this time: if you ever complain (about the course of action we take) again, i will ask the community council to have you banned from this channel as well, BECAUSE we are goddamn busy and were as patient with you as we could be, but we set up rules and everybody sticks to them02:57
HostingGeekAmaranth: i'll unoffically review your package :P02:57
dholbachit simply doesnt lead anywhere and it steals time02:58
=== koke_cooking leaving to lunch
HostingGeekAmaranth: where is the orig?02:59
dholbachi don't tell you to "clear off", but if you don't like this then don't consider it02:59
AmaranthHostingGeek: It's the .tar.gz02:59
HostingGeekAmaranth: rename it to the corrent terming in the future02:59
AmaranthHostingGeek: Tell cdbs02:59
HostingGeekAmaranth: no diff?02:59
AmaranthHostingGeek: It's an original package....03:00
HostingGeekAmaranth: the orig should not contain /debian in it03:00
HostingGeekthat should all be in .diff03:00
dholbachHostingGeek: ack?03:00
AmaranthHostingGeek: Tell cdbs03:01
=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachi said something to you just 5 minutes ago03:01
dholbachi wanted to know, if you could acknowledge03:01
HostingGeekdholbach: no one said i don't follow the rules as at this point of time i am not part of the helpers....03:02
dholbachbut you complain about them03:02
HostingGeekOHH! https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/ is just what i wanted!!03:02
dholbachand it drives everyone mad, because those are pointless discussions03:02
HostingGeekI can file patches using that right?03:03
dredgAmaranth: ah. upstream has a debian/ dir in there?03:03
HostingGeekdredg: he is upstream03:03
HostingGeekand upstream shouldn't have it03:03
AmaranthSo yes. ;)03:03
dredgIMO you should still split it out.03:03
HostingGeekbecause other distros will kill you03:03
HostingGeekAmaranth: you want me to fix up your package :)03:04
AmaranthHostingGeek: no.03:04
dholbachAmaranth: do a <name>_<version>.orig.tar.gz of it03:04
AmaranthHow? I'm new to all this.03:04
dholbachthen add the debian/ crack to the extracted tarball03:04
HostingGeekAmaranth: get the orig tarball with out the debian stuff03:04
dholbachthen run   debuild -S -sa03:04
dholbach(and you'll have a nice .diff.gz to it03:05
dredgAmaranth: create an orig.tar.gz without the debian.... what dholbach said.03:05
HostingGeekand do what dholbach said to it03:05
HostingGeekWooHoo! 3 people confusing Amaranth lol03:05
BurgundaviaAmaranth: wondering about the add new entry stuff. Might it be better to bring up another window, to make it a bit more clear when you need to enter the info?03:05
HostingGeekAmaranth: you understand what todo still?03:05
Amaranthwhoa, the FreeBSD GNOME Team is sending me bug reports03:06
HostingGeekAmaranth: is it that you have a /debian dir in the orig?03:06
HostingGeek(the bug report)03:06
HostingGeekhttps://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/ should be make more clear03:07
HostingGeekit was JUST what i was looking for03:07
BurgundaviaHostingGeek: discuss in #launchpad, that is being worked on03:07
dholbachkoke: icewm uploaded03:07
kokedholbach: thanks :)03:07
=== dredg goes back to work
dholbachbye dredg03:07
HostingGeekBurgundavia: as bob2 set the topic it wont be long till i get banned he bans me from every channel i enter even if i don't say a word :(03:09
BurgundaviaHostingGeek: that is an issue you are going to have to deal with. I wish you luck doing so03:10
dholbachschweeb: ethereal was fine?03:10
TreenaksBurgundavia: it's mostly a thing of listening & reading vs shouting & demanding03:10
BurgundaviaTreenaks: indeed03:10
HostingGeekok so i send https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/ .desktop files and stuff like that?03:12
BurgundaviaHostingGeek: bugs for universe go there. malone is in testing right now03:13
HostingGeekBurgundavia: only bugs? :( not patches or stuff like that?03:13
Treenaksso yes, you can open "wishlist" style bugs, and attach .desktop files, I guess03:14
BurgundaviaHostingGeek: it is bug tracker03:14
schweebdholbach: yes, it was fine... the only problem with the packages, was there were 2 files going into python2.3/site-packages, so I just changed that to python2.4 (they don't have a setup.py or anything)03:14
=== koke has enough food to start eating now
kokesee you03:14
HostingGeekTreenaks: YAY! I am so happy now!03:14
schweebwhich is what ethereal-dev failed on on install, python2.3/site-packages didn't exist03:14
TreenaksHostingGeek: "bugs" can be wishlist features etc. as well03:14
dholbachschweeb:  fgrep 2.4 debian/  helps you there03:15
HostingGeekTreenaks: default settings?03:15
TreenaksHostingGeek: what do you mean?03:15
HostingGeekTreenaks: there are some apps that the default setting is not friendly03:15
schweebdholbach: yea, it took me a while to figure out that they were manually moving the python files in the rules file...03:15
dholbachschweeb: i'll have a look03:16
BurgundaviaHostingGeek: if it would go in bugzilla, it goes into malone03:16
schweebdholbach: but, be back in an hour03:16
=== ogra [~ogra@p5089FFE0.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachschweeb: if it'S ok, i'll upload it03:16
dholbachwb ogra03:16
HostingGeekBurgundavia: hmm why use malone when there is a bugzilla?03:16
=== Cturtle [~Cturtle__@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Burgundaviasalut ogra03:16
=== hsprang [~henning@d084196.adsl.hansenet.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
HostingGeekmalone == python?03:17
BurgundaviaHostingGeek: bugzilla is for main, malone is for universe03:17
BurgundaviaHostingGeek: eventually, malone will be for everything03:17
HostingGeekah ha03:17
hspranghy alltogether :)03:17
HostingGeekBurgundavia: this is because bugzilla list thingy... which make it take for ever to load?03:18
ograhey, everybody03:19
HostingGeekwell i'll start helping on sunday hopefully03:20
Burgundaviasalut ogra03:20
hspranghy ogra :)03:20
hsprangDoes someone know id there will be any MOTU's at the CCC Easterhegg event this weekend in Hamburg, Germany?03:22
Amaranthhey, how do i create a key to sign this package? :)03:23
HostingGeekWTF malone is not open source03:24
BurgundaviaHostingGeek: none of launchpad is03:25
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S0106000bdbb5820d.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograhsprang, oh, its this weekend, darn03:29
ograhsprang, i was on the one in duesseldorf (my company sponsored the line for them)....sadly i cant this weekend :(03:30
hsprangogra: I wouldn't go either if it wouldn't be just around the corner for me :)03:32
ograheh, ok, i'm in the eifel, its a serious distance :)03:32
Amaranthok, i think i got this03:33
Amaranthwhat files should i upload?03:33
Amaranthbah wtf03:34
Amaranthit used the ubuntu1.tar.gz03:34
hsprangbut i still feel guilty because the weekend would otherwise be the first time since a week that i could do some ubuntu work :(03:34
TreenaksAmaranth: the difference between native and non-native packages is essential03:34
Amaranthwhatever that means03:35
dholbachhsprang: don't feel guilty03:35
=== dredg nods
dredgpackages should only be native if they are designed to run on $distro and _nothing_ _else_03:36
Amaranthok, i'm just going to upload all of these and let you guys figure out the differences03:36
ograhsprang, nah, no need to feel guilty, ubuntu is (and will be ;) ) always here, easterhegg is to special to miss03:36
hsprangdholbach: i hoped somebody would say this - thank you! :)03:36
ograhsprang, and if only for the nice cups and t-shirts ;)03:37
Amaranthhttp://dev.realistanew.com/menu-editor/ <--can someone tell me if i don't need some of those?03:39
hsprangogra: it's the first time for me, but i already read something about special cups...03:39
hsprangAmaranth: I am not completely sure, i "think" if you go for maintainer-approval,  only the *.dsc, *.orig.tar.gz and *.diff.gz should be needed03:43
Amaranthi don't think i have a diff.gz03:44
Amaranthhow do i make that?03:44
hsprangAmaranth: that is documented very good and detailed in the debian new mainainers guide03:46
hsprangis your package considered to be a native package?03:47
ograhsprang, go there, its worth it :) and spread some ubuntu at the conference ;)03:48
Amaranthi wrote it for hoary, appearently i wrote it well enough for it to work on freebsd too :)03:48
hsprangogra: hmm, good idea, i should burn some live and install cd's and bring a FAI install server :)03:49
dholbachschweeb: ethereal uploaded03:49
hsprangAmaranth: hmm, if it can and will be used on other distributions, too, and you will provide a source package in generic *.tar.gz form, it will not be a native package03:50
hsprangogra: I'm not up to date with the state, would you suggest preview or array7 cd's?03:51
hsprangAmaranth: and if it's not native, the source files necessary fo maintainers to review are the one's mentioned above03:54
hsprangAmaranth: otherwise, you'd only need a *.tar.gz and a *.dsc file - because there are no patches to be applied for the program to have everything needed to build the *.deb03:59
hsprangAmaranth: if I think about my last words, if you are the upstream author yourself, and you will create a *.tar.gz source distribution file where no patches need to be applied to build the deb, but others cann easily buidl their freebsd binary, too, it might be native, too04:01
hsprangsorry for the typos04:01
ograhsprang, sorry, i another meeting, array7 is newer04:02
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ograhi herve04:03
hsprangogra: i knew about that, just thought newer isn't always better :)04:03
ogramight have new bugs but even new fixes ;)04:03
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hervekinda like hoary ;-)04:14
dholbachhey herve04:15
Amaranthso if this doesn't generate a *.diff.gz then there are no changes? :)04:15
Amaranththere shouldn't be04:15
dholbachherve: one of your packages didnt work out04:15
dholbachherve: dont remember which one04:15
dholbachherve: poker3d04:15
hervedholbach, either poker3d or m2crypto04:15
Amaranthok, http://dev.realistanew.com/menu-editor/ should be ready to go04:17
dholbachAmaranth: put it on MOTUNewPackages04:17
Amaranthusing dh_make and cdbs goodness this time04:17
schweebdholbach: awesome04:17
dholbach(if you didnt already)04:17
Amaranthdholbach: it is04:17
hervedholbach, refused or failed to compile?04:17
dholbachherve: the latter04:17
herveI can't find it in the buildlogs04:17
dholbachherve: it didnt build here04:18
dholbachherve: didnt even debuild -S04:18
schweebdholbach: what happens with kismet, is it just gonna get sent through the buildd again after that gets successfully built?04:18
schweebkismet died on the build-dep04:18
dholbachschweeb: ask lamont please04:19
hervedholbach, it's in my /var/cache/pbuilder/result, I wonder what could have happened04:19
dholbachherve: i'll paste you the log in some minutes04:19
lamontschweeb: define 'died'04:20
schweeblamont: well, ethereal-dev was broke, it's a build-dep for kismet04:20
lamontdefine 'broke'04:21
schweebjust a sec, I'll show you the build log04:21
lamontfailed during install?  apt refused to install it?04:21
schweebyea, it failed during install04:21
schweebso the build-deps weren't satisfied04:21
lamontand buildLogs/Lists/... has it as 'Building' still, or 'Dep-Wait'?04:22
schweeblemme check04:23
lamontschweeb: hoary lists should be in buildLogs/Lists/hoary.all.$arch04:31
lamonthoary-test lists are at buildLogs/Test/Lists/hoary.all.$arch04:31
schweeblamont: whoops, I accidentally pasted in #ubuntu-devel04:33
schweeblamont: and here's the build log04:33
schweebfailed - no reason given... but it clearly was the build-dep if you look at the build log04:34
ograschweeb, Setting up ethereal-dev (0.10.4-3ubuntu1) ...04:34
ogra/var/lib/dpkg/info/ethereal-dev.postinst: line 7: /usr/bin/python2.3: No such file or directory04:34
schweebyea, that04:34
schweebI fixed ethereal-dev, what's the right thing to do about kismet?04:35
ograschweeb, is it already in the archive ? (eth...-dev)04:35
schweebuploaded about an hour ago04:36
schweebmaybe less04:36
schweebso, probably not in the archive yet, but will be (it gets submitted to buildd first, right?)04:38
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ograschweeb, yop, then it gets build and _then_ it gets moved to the archive, so it might just not be there yet04:39
schweebright right04:40
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schweebwhat I was asking was just what's the right way to make sure kismet is attempted to build again after it's in the archive ;)04:40
lamontschweeb: I've been kicking all the build failures (that show up as email to me) into Failed...04:41
lamontwith no reason.04:41
lamontso.  What we have is a package that has a build log, and is marked Failed (but would be Building if it were hoary)04:41
lamontfor that, you'll need to pester lamont to give it back04:41
lamontoh wait.  that's me.04:41
lamontschweeb: which architecture?04:41
schweebI think it failed on all 3, lemme check04:42
schweebit failed on i386, ia64 for that reason04:44
schweebamd64 for a diff reason :-/04:44
=== schweeb investigates
hervehaa... amd64 build failures... :-)04:44
schweebon amd64 because snacc is not installable04:45
schweebI don't have and amd64 to do anything with... and the ppc version was "given-back" cause there were umpteen dep problems04:46
schweeblamont: so it should be good on i386 and ia64... other than that, I'm useless ;)04:47
lamontschweeb: yeah -that particular ppc buildd is my current annoyance... then I'll kick kismet around some04:49
schweeblamont: so, should i consider it marked off, or just make a note next to kismet saying the ethereal-dev dep should be fixed?05:03
lamontschweeb: uh, dunno - I'll kick it back to the buildd and let you look at it again, I guess.05:04
schweebbuild log will be in the same place?05:05
lamontoh - this is hoary-test?05:05
lamontbuild-dep issues there should be failures05:05
lamontso: start with a current hoary system05:05
lamontapt-get source kismet05:05
lamontdpkg-buildpackage -B -rfakeroot05:05
lamontsee if it fails or passes05:05
lamontI'll accept some transience, but anything other than success in hoary-test is probably bad.05:06
schweeblamont: builds fine on i38605:14
lamontok - will kick it05:14
schweebinstalls cleanly too :p05:15
schweebman, I need pain killers... this lady in our ATM department is loud as hell and giving me a killer headache05:16
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kokehi again!05:35
lamontschweeb: sorry - finally given back05:37
schweebkismet didn't build?05:38
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dholbachsee you later05:42
=== schweeb pokes lamont
lamontschweeb: at :37, I tossed it back into the hoary-test ring.05:45
lamontit'll get to the front of the queue _sometime_05:45
lamontand then it'll try to build again05:46
kokewow, I see blender in the priority list, do you know what is the problem??05:50
kokedholbach: do you have the raw lists anywhere??05:50
kokeI *really* need to connect them :)05:50
hervekoke, dholbach is away for a moment05:52
kokeherve: ok, I leave the question in the air :)05:53
schweebwhat do you need? the build log to see what's wrong?05:53
schweebhrm, the build log in test says "successful" for blender05:55
schweebfor all of the 4 arches05:55
kokeschweeb: the problem is05:57
kokeit's on the priority list, but I don't now if it's a python transition, a doesn't build,...05:57
schweeblooks like someone may have fixed it... it may mistakenly be on the list05:58
schweebor maybe it doesn't install05:59
schweebit failed a few times there05:59
kokeI have a dirty solution :)06:00
kokeI've added a search link next to each package06:00
kokeit looks for package+Universe06:00
kokeblender - uses scons to build, causes problems when using ccache (used by buildd). Suggested workaround does not appear to work.06:01
schweebnice :)06:01
schweebnow it'd be even cooler if lamont's stuff was indexed for faster navigation06:03
lamontschweeb: patches welcome. :)  it's about 20 minutes of python programming so far, because "it's temporary"06:04
schweebpython ain't my thang06:05
kokeschweeb: what do you mean by "faster navigation"??06:08
kokewell, I know the concept :P06:08
kokebut what do you want to have exactly?06:08
herveschweeb, need python help?06:08
schweebkoke: rather than having to click Test/k/kismet/kismet-blahblah, it'd be cool to just search for kismet and come up with all of the kismet build logs ;)06:10
kokeextracted XFCE packages from the list :)06:10
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=== lamont will, um, deal (yeah, that's the right word) with the hoary-test false-failures in a minute or 10
schweebherve: don't plan on learnin python anytime soon, don't need another language to get jumbled in my head :p06:12
ograkoke, hi06:12
herveschweeb, that's why I volunteered to help :-)06:12
schweebguess I should do some work for my real job for a while, hehe06:14
=== schweeb goes back to the samba3 PDC migration for a few
hervesee ya!06:14
kokeogra: hi!06:15
ograkoke, see the other win ?06:15
kokehey, I've added numbers to priority list, so you can group the pacakges :)06:20
kokehehe, just upgraded a computer from warty to hoary, and the new artwork is cool06:22
kokethe funny thing is update-notifier tolds me about three updates: my icewm packages :D06:23
kokethe bad thing is 800x600 is a *big pain*06:23
kokethe video card has 11 years06:24
ograhmm, talk to daniels06:24
kokeogra: it's not a software problem :)06:24
kokethe software problem are some windows bigger than screen06:25
kokeit's going to be a computer "for dummies"06:25
kokeits only mission is to serve as ERP06:26
kokefor a small enterprise06:26
kokeanyway, it's a pentium II 350, with 64MB and gnome 2.10 runs quite smooth06:37
ograwoah, with 64MB ?06:37
ograhow did you manage to install ? didnt think that was possible06:38
kokeogra: `free` actually says 6006:39
kokeI installed XFCE, but realised gnome was running quite well06:39
koke(for not intensive use) :P06:40
ograyeah, but that it is usable at all is very impressing06:40
schweebI'm guessing it sits there swapping all day06:41
schweebsimilar to a windows on the same configuration ;)06:42
kokeMem:            60         59          106:42
kokeI guess so :)06:42
kokeI put 250M of swap06:42
schweebrunning w2k on 64mb of ram is evil.06:42
kokerunning w2k is evil by itself :P06:42
schweebthink the kernel itself consumes 64 (maybe 128)06:42
Treenaksschweeb: s/on 64mb of ram//06:43
schweebnecessary evil at work :0/06:43
schweeber :-/06:43
kokeschweeb: work is evil too :P06:43
schweebmy boss is definitely evil06:43
Treenaksmost bosses are06:43
schweebswear I can see devil horns on him06:43
schweebrich bastard06:44
dholbachkoke: what do you need?06:44
kokeIIRC, there are plans to run synaptic as user, and separate the root part?06:44
kokedholbach: I can't remember06:45
kokeI guess the search hack will be enough by now06:45
Treenaksdholbach: we need to sign keys some time... you're one of the few people who aren't "close enough" according to my trustdb06:45
dholbachTreenaks: mvo and i signed06:46
Treenaksdholbach: yeah, but I forgot to sign mvo in Matar06:46
dholbachah i see06:46
ogradholbach, Treenaks left before the keysigning party :/06:46
Treenaksogra: no, my plane did :P06:47
Treenaksdholbach: so, where in Germany are you? N, E, S or W? :)06:47
ograTreenaks, around the corner06:47
Treenaksdholbach: ah, the "close to the Netherlands" part :P06:48
dholbachto be exact06:48
Treenaks*looks at map*06:48
ograthe "nearest to the netherlands part06:48
Treenaksogra: :P06:49
Treenaksoh yeah it's really close06:50
dholbachhow many kilometers?06:50
dholbachah herve is gone again06:50
=== schweeb would like to visit Germany some time
ogradholbach, amsterdam....06:51
Treenaksdholbach: 235km06:51
Treenaks2 hours by car06:51
dholbachoh cool, amsterdam06:52
Treenaksdholbach: not quite Amsterdam :) but almost06:52
dholbachthen we should meet there :-)06:52
Treenaksdholbach: ok, cool :)06:52
dholbachi'll grab mvo as well :-)06:52
schweebwish I remembered more German too06:52
schweebbeen 6 yrs since I learned it in hs06:53
Treenaksdholbach: ok, but when? :)06:53
dholbachTreenaks: after UDU06:54
Treenaksdholbach: of course06:54
Treenaksyay for beer + keysigning :)06:55
=== ogra is sad, we already signed...
schweebman, wiki's been slow as hell lately07:04
schweebso, if anybody's got some time, and wants to review my gsf-sharp package, feel free to... it's beneficial to beagle being in universe (beagle can index ms docs and stuff w/ it)... pretty sure jdub intends to upload beagle eventually07:11
schweebI know of 1 prob in it, which I can fix before upload (it's set to 'unstable' branch, rather than 'hoary' in changelog)07:12
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tritiumGood afternoon.07:14
schweebI take it you're in the US? it has to be evening in europe by now ;)07:15
schweebMI here07:15
tritiumIN here, neighbor07:16
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schweebguess the eastern half of the US is the place to be... can't think of any ubuntu related people in the west that I know of07:17
tritiumschweeb, not yet, but I'll be moving back to NM in August07:18
schweebahh, nice and warm there07:18
=== schweeb is envious
tritiumyes, mostly :)07:18
Treenaks(anyone interested in a DVB-T receiver + antenna, supported in Linux)07:27
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schweebjust curious, what's the normal amount of time it usually takes some thing to make it from upload -> archive.u.c07:31
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dholbachschweeb: wiki/Uploads answers that07:36
=== schweeb checks
tritiumHow's it going dholbach ?07:37
dholbachtritium: hey... nice - how are you?07:37
dholbachogra: could i have a drumroll?07:38
=== dholbach turns on all the flashy lights
=== ogra rolls the drum
tritiumI'm fine, thanks :)07:39
dholbachmay I introduce you all to....07:39
dholbachour NEW MOTU07:39
dholbachwelcome aboard: koke!"07:39
=== ogra jumps up and down extatically
=== dholbach hands koke the microphone
ograhey koke07:40
kokeI'm here :)07:40
kokethanks all :D07:40
dholbachkoke: how does it feel there? :-)07:40
kokewell, as all you know I'm fighting with an old computer now07:40
kokeso it's a mixture of feelings07:40
=== dholbach can imagine :-)
=== herve [~hcauwelie@ip-3.net-81-220-179.nice.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
schweebI'm fighting with Windows right now, if it makes you feel better07:41
dholbachwb herve07:41
ograhey herve07:41
tritiumCongratulations koke :)07:41
ograherve, you missed the fun07:41
dholbachherve: poker3d uploaded07:41
hervedholbach, rock!07:41
dholbachyeah :-)07:42
herveogra, I shopped for baking cookies meanwhile :-)07:42
ograah, yeah, thats indeed a good excuse07:42
kokeuff, I really love clearlooks, but "Simple" is quite simpler, so lighter :)07:42
hervewhat happened, anyway?07:43
ograyeah, as the name says :-P07:43
dholbachour new MOTU was announced07:43
dholbachwe all had fun "on stage" :-)07:43
=== dholbach turns of the microphone
dholbachkoke made it in :-)07:43
hervehaggai, sh*t07:43
herve(how the hell I typed his nick so many times...)07:44
dholbachi started writing this months motu report, so if you could all *try* to remember, what you did and drop me a line in either IRC or dh@mailempfang.de i'd be really grateful07:45
herveI remember I complained a lot :-)07:46
dholbachor rather tell, what the last month in the MOTU crowd was like07:47
dholbachjust a brief statement, thanks :-)07:47
hervelaughs and tears :-)07:47
herveanyway, I'll seriously think about it07:48
dholbachthis was the last one: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel/2005-March/005006.html07:48
dholbachbut i'd like to have it livelier07:48
=== tritium checks his apache logs to see if his packages have had any reviewers drop by
dholbachi'll start some review action, after i was in the showers07:50
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schweebethereal failed on ppc looks like...  but it built successfully before08:02
dholbachherve: could you please tell elmo to whitelist your mail adress?08:06
kokeI'll have to go soon08:08
ograenjoy your new motuness :)08:09
hervedholbach, how so?08:09
dholbachherve: just tell him: state your name and mailadress, so you could work with the motu gang08:10
hervekoke, how does it feel to be a motu, by the way?08:10
kokeherve: well, my right foot is sleepy08:10
hervedholbach, it's not related to membership at all?08:11
dholbachjust tell him, no mail, nothing08:11
hervewill do, but the oven is calling me :-)08:11
ograkoke, you sent the signed CoC to mako already, right ?08:12
kokeogra: yes, I think he confirmed it, but not sure08:13
ograok, elmo just asked in -devel08:13
ograplease confirm to him that you did08:14
dholbachsiretart: ping08:17
dholbachsiretart: fdclock uploaded08:24
dholbachsiretart: i did 3ddesktop yesterday as well :-)08:24
siretartshort re (I'm in an internet cafe).08:24
siretartdholbach: w000t! great news! :)08:24
dholbachjust wanted to tell you08:24
Burgundaviadholbach: <mako> well my brother is in the city for the next 3 hours only.. so it will be later this evneing :)08:25
siretartthanks! :)08:25
Burgundaviafrom ubuntu-doc08:25
dholbachsiretart: thank YOU!08:25
siretartI'll hope I can fix some more packages this weekend.. I have to see how well my studiing for exam next thursday's going..08:26
dholbachdon't put too much pressure on you08:26
siretartI'll see. I see it as good recreation from thinking in Operating Systems :)08:27
dholbachyeah, absolutely :-)08:27
dholbachsiretart: it's nice of you putting work into ubuntu :-)08:28
siretartok, gotta back to table, others are waiting :)08:28
dholbachhave fun08:28
siretartdholbach: I have to thank YOU (the Motu team) doing such a great job in maintaining universe!08:28
dholbachi speak for myself: it's a pleasure... it really is08:28
ograsiretart, actually you already took part :)08:29
=== schweeb may have to yell at tseng for some more mono or muine deps again
dholbachschweeb: now that you say it: i can only review the packaging itself, because i'm on amd6408:30
dholbachbut i will do08:31
dholbachBurgundavia's packages are first08:31
dholbachbecause they're hosted like 10m from me :)08:31
dholbachBurgundavia: you there?08:32
schweebmuine's dying on something with gettext/libintl08:40
hervedholbach, done08:41
dholbachherve: gooood08:42
dholbachsiretart: did you ask elmo to whitelist your mail adress?08:43
hervedholbach, though I don't get the point of being whitelisted without a valid GPG key08:45
dholbachit's just a list of mail adresses08:46
dholbachnothing more08:46
hervedholbach, could you please upload sip-qt3, now sip4-qt3 is updated?08:49
dholbachherve: sure... schweeb's mono package is first :-)08:51
schweebdholbach: I did mention that I forgot to change the branch -> hoary?08:52
dholbachyou want to change it and i upload herve's stuff first?08:52
schweebI can just update the source, right? you don't care about a binary08:53
schweebdoes it matter if it's first upload would be revision 3? should I kick it back to 1?08:54
dholbachyeah 1 is nicer08:54
dholbachherve: building08:57
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S0106000bdbb5820d.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachherve: you generated NEW packages with your transition?09:00
dholbachsip4-qt3 that is09:00
schweebdholbach: alright, uploaded src09:03
hervedholbach, NEW source package?09:04
dholbachbinary onew09:04
hervedholbach, I added another conflicts to sip4-qt309:04
herveha yes, a new binary one then09:04
dholbachhas to go over elmo's desk first09:05
hervewe agreed to still generate it for python2.309:05
dholbachi update my box, maybe it's ok then09:05
hervewho want fresh... erm, hot cookies?09:06
herveencolpe, thanks again ;-)09:06
dholbachhmmmmmmmm, herve's baking again09:06
BurgundaviaI am glad I live on the other side of the world then09:08
schweebmuine worked on my system like last week just fine09:09
Burgundaviaschweeb: restart x09:13
Burgundaviaschweeb: muine was broken for me until I did that09:13
schweebI figured it out09:13
schweebrestarting X might help it09:13
schweebbut I had to dllmap libintl -> libc.so.609:13
Burgundaviaanyboyd else having a locales issue?09:14
schweebodd, I've never had to map libintl before...09:18
schweebeven did it after a restart of X09:18
schweebI'll have to prod tseng and see what he thinks of it later09:18
herveBurgundavia, how so?09:23
Burgundaviawhen it tries to generate locales, it fails09:23
Burgundaviaabout half way through09:24
=== encolpe [~encolpe@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hervelast libc6 upload seemed problematic09:29
herveBurgundavia, I could generate a new locale09:30
ograherve, nope, the last should actually have fixed it09:30
=== ogra <- dinner
encolpeIf you continue to bake, you will be married soon09:30
herveencolpe, you bet :-)09:31
Burgundaviaherve: no when the locales was updated, the setting up of new locales fails09:33
Burgundaviaherve: just a sec and I will get the exact error09:34
Burgundavia sr_YU.UTF-8@cyrillic...LC_ADDRESS: `country_ab2' value does not match `country_num' value09:40
BurgundaviaLC_ADDRESS: `country_ab3' value does not match `country_num' value09:40
herveBurgundavia, can't help further, sorry09:53
herveI don't get how the buildd works09:59
hervesome packages get built before although they were uploaded after09:59
herveand they're all urgency=low10:00
=== rimbert [~rimbert@pal-171-102.itap.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hervehey tritium!10:05
rimberthey herve :)10:05
=== rimbert is using irssi for the first time since gdm is broken and won't let him input his username
tritiumif anybody has updated anything gdm-related, don't logout ;)10:07
dholbachthat's really strange10:08
ajmitchgood morning10:08
dholbachhey ajmitch10:08
dholbachtritium: anyhing in the logs?10:09
hervetritium, what version of gdm?10:09
tritiumlet me check...10:09
schweebthis kinda worries me10:09
schweebit didn't fail before... and I didn't change anything other than the python stuff...10:09
tritiumyeah, in syslog, gdmgreeter: No default session link found.  Using failsafe gnome.10:11
dholbachif you try with a new user?10:11
tritiumit doesn't take any keyboard input at all10:12
herveschweeb, this build ends in a strange manner10:12
hervetritium, maybe you can type but can't see it10:12
tritiumunfortunately not10:13
hervewhich version of gdm theN10:13
tritiumheh, I also had to reboot into 2.6.10-4 since nvidia stopped working today also with latest kernel update10:13
tritiumnot my best day ;)10:13
tritiumlet me check gdm version10:14
hervehere too10:15
tritiumit's somehow related to themes, though.  I don't think gdm was updated today10:15
herveand I could log two hours and a half ago10:15
herveha maybe10:15
tritiumI'll be back...10:16
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=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hervehi master :-)10:16
dholbachschweeb: maybe you add  python2.4-dev  to the build-depends10:17
herveschweeb, the way the build fails makes me think of a hardware problem10:17
schweebdholbach: it doesn't actually compile any python afaict, and builds fine on the other arches10:17
=== tritium [~rimbert@pal-171-102.itap.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tritiumthank goodness for startx10:18
schweebherve: yea, no real error... it's like it was ctrl+c'ed10:18
kokehi all!10:18
dholbachhey koke10:18
tritium not exactly jdubtv, but tritium can be seen here: http://www.mgmt.purdue.edu/info/cameracenter/public.asp?camera=drawingroom10:21
lamontschweeb: was that ross?10:21
lamontschweeb: in the top few lines - the buildd is named10:22
lamontscratch that thought10:22
=== lamont will look at it in a few
hervetritium, can you wave the hand? ;-)10:22
dholbachhaha coooooolk10:23
hervetritium, seen you ;-)10:23
tritiumhi :-)10:23
dholbachis that where you work?10:23
hervetritium, there's a cute girl on your right!!10:23
tritiumI had to go to the library, so I'm in the business school main floor10:23
tritiumherve, sure enough, but I'm married ;)10:24
dholbachha... we'll be watching you now :-)10:24
dholbachbut where's the drawing?10:24
tritiumfor some reason they call this the drawing room.  No idea why10:24
dholbachthat guy picked his nose... i saw it10:25
herveUserLinux joining Ubuntu? it seems good10:25
=== ajmitch takes a look at tritiumTV
schweeblamont: yea, in the logs it just randomly dies in the middle of a gcc... really odd10:25
tritiumajmitch, it's nothing special ;)10:25
ajmitchtritium: where are you in there? :)10:25
dholbachajmitch: on the computer10:25
tritiumajmitch - I just waed10:26
ajmitchhehe :)10:26
ajmitchI saw you10:26
kokewohooo, a happy day :)10:26
koke<CIA-1> jbernal * update-manager/po/ (ChangeLog es.po): * es.po: Updated spanish translation.10:26
kokemy first gnome commit10:26
kokemore first things to come this night10:26
kokenow, I need a shower10:26
ajmitchschweeb: it does look rather odd10:27
=== tritium hears "value added" here in the business school
tritiuma lot10:27
tritiumme wife is here!!!10:27
ajmitchalmost like dpkg-buildpackage was the one killed10:27
dholbachhi anne! *wave*10:27
lamontschweeb: SIGILL?10:28
=== ajmitch drags firefox to the other screen so he can watch both
dholbachtritium: kiss her... for the camera :-)10:28
hervedholbach, he may be shy :-)10:28
dholbachherve: he isnt :-)10:29
tritiumdid you catch it?10:29
hervebye anne10:29
schweeblamont: you want me to paste you just the relevant portions?10:30
tritiumit might have been too fast10:30
schweeblamont: in PM?10:30
tritiumdholbach, herve:  I'll tell Anne you guys said hi :)10:30
dholbachtritium: good :-)10:30
tritiumherve, good thing I wasn't talking to that girl you spotted, eh?10:31
ajmitchotherwise we'd have lost a valuable member of the team ;)10:32
hervetritium, you can, I'll warn you when she gets back -;)10:32
tritiumokay, thanks ;)10:32
hervena, kidding... now get back to work, Big Motus are watching you ;-)10:33
tritiumwill do!10:33
=== farruinn [~nathan@cpe-69-201-4-48.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
schweebforgot to update my samba pdc scripts when I upgraded my ldap :-/10:38
dholbachwhat's the problem about   http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/liba/libapache-request-perl/1.1-0.1/   ?10:38
=== schweeb quickly tries to figure out how to join to the domain
lamontschweeb: ethereal/ppc would be someone terminating the buildd with extreme prejudice10:39
schweeblamont: what's the simplest way to resolve this... I don't have PPC, and I didn't change more than 2-3 simple things relating to python when I fixed the package10:41
hervegood night all!10:41
tritiumGood night herve :)10:41
dholbachgood night herve10:41
schweebI changed the "python" build dep to "python2.4" and added teh PYTHON_VERSION variable in the rules file... that's it10:42
ogranight herve10:42
schweeb(and changed the created directory/moved python files to have PYTHON_VERSION in them)10:42
tritiumSweet, my office-mate got a faculty position!10:43
dholbachcongrats to him! :-)10:44
lamontschweeb: I gave it back - someone killed it10:45
lamonteither me, or elmo rebooting the box... was a messy morning10:45
schweebthat makes me feel better10:45
lamontwhcih is to say, probably me10:45
=== schweeb chastises lamont
lamontdholbach: any hoary-test ppc build failure from before 20050324-1857 is uninteresting10:47
lamontwell, unless > 24 hours or so old10:47
dholbachit was amd64 and ppc10:47
dholbachboth the same error10:47
lamontyeah -not entirely sure what's up with apache perl there10:49
lamontbut they'll both be retried10:49
lamont(1857 or so is when I gaveback everything marked as 'failed'10:50
dholbachhi crimsun10:51
crimsunhi dholbach10:51
crimsunlamont: any clues http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/d/diacanvas2/0.13.0-4ubuntu1/diacanvas2_0.13.0-4ubuntu1_20050321-1234-powerpc-failed ?  diacanvas2 built on 15 March on ppc...10:52
lamontcrimsun: that one is an indicator of the cluster that caused the giveback at 1857 today10:55
crimsunlamont: ah, ok.10:55
schweeblamont: another odd thing is that i386 said build completed successfully hours ago, and it hasn't been sent to archives, but ia64 and amd64 were... related to the other stuff?10:56
lamontschweeb: different cluster, same result10:56
=== lamont goes to find the rest of the files that got hit by #2.
tritiumI'm shutting down guys.  See you later on!11:01
=== tritium [~rimbert@pal-171-102.itap.purdue.edu] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
=== ajmitch watches tritium pack up
dholbachwe have some really cracked up cases on the list11:03
crimsundholbach: indeed11:03
dholbachwhere you have hop along a list of 5 packages to find some dumb package build-depending on libtool1.4 which doesn exist on $random_arch11:04
crimsunI was trying to figure out why vlc never built on ppc11:05
crimsunso I started checking its b-d11:05
crimsunsure enough, there was wxwidgets2.5 FTBFS11:05
crimsunbut totally nonexistent... that's a complete headache11:06
dholbachi like those especially:    maintainer-script-lacks-debhelper-token debian/libgtop-dev.preinst11:07
crimsunoh, make the b-d libgtop2-dev11:08
crimsunI just did that for gkrellm earlier11:08
dholbachoh you fixed gkrellm already?11:08
dholbachmust have missed it11:09
dholbachthen... :-)11:09
crimsunoh, sorry, I only updated UniversePriorityList11:09
dholbachdidnt invest much time yet :-)11:09
schweeblamont: you'll probably also wanna kick kismet again after you resend ethereal11:14
=== ajmitch should scratch licq off the list
tsengschweeb: huh?11:19
tsengschweeb: i dont package either of those11:19
dholbachpython-gnome is nice:11:19
dholbachchecking if Python version >= 1.5.2... configure: error: too old11:19
dholbachconfigure: error: /bin/sh './configure' failed for pygtk11:19
dholbachi'll investigate11:20
schweebtseng: which, muine?11:21
tsengschweeb: muine and mono11:21
schweebI was just gonna ask your advice11:21
tsenggo for it11:21
schweebI thought you did mono?11:21
tsenger, not exactly?11:21
tsengwe use the debian packages where possible11:21
schweebon install of muine11:21
schweebI get:11:22
schweebUnhandled Exception: System.TypeInitializationException: An exception was thrown by the type initializer for Muine.Global ---> System.DllNotFoundException: libintl11:22
schweeband I have to dllmap manually11:22
schweebto libc.so.611:22
schweebI googled11:22
tsengthats crack11:22
schweeband I already have intltool installed11:23
tsengthere is alot of stuff mapped ootb11:23
schweebwhere is it mapped at, there's no /etc/mono/config11:23
tsengwell there should be11:24
tsengunless its from my 1.1.4 build11:24
schweebchris@omglaptop:~$ dpkg -S /etc/mono/config11:24
schweebmono-common: /etc/mono/config11:24
tsengyep was just doing that11:24
schweebbut it didn't get installed11:24
schweeblemme purge and retry...11:24
tsengyou have mono-common, right?11:24
schweebii  mono-common    1.0.5-1        common files for the Mono CLI runtimes11:25
schweebI was gonna say I thought the latest rev was 1.0.5-2, but guess not11:26
tsengthere is mono*-2 in sid11:26
tsengbut it just disabled building on s39011:26
tsengwe dont even have s390 buildd's afaik11:26
dholbachwe luckily dont11:26
tsengthat arch smokes serious crack11:26
tsengand costs 3 arms and 5 legs11:27
schweebw... t... f....11:28
=== ogra would like one in his closet
ogras/in/as ?11:28
schweebit worked just fine now11:28
schweebthat's crazy.11:28
schweebI've purged like 4 times11:28
tsengit was my magic touch.11:28
schweeboh, but it for some reason redownloaded mono-common 1.0.5-111:29
=== schweeb shrugs
schweebguess as long as it works now11:29
tsengschweeb: no... -2 is in unstable11:32
tsengwe dont have it11:32
schweebyea, I dunno where I saw -2 at11:32
schweebI don't have any debian sources in11:33
schweebmaybe mono-common wasn't fully downloaded on my box, and somehow dpkg didn't notice11:34
tsengim pretty sure it checks md5, and gpg in our case11:35
schweebas long as it works now, I guess11:35
ogratseng, why the heck do you still answer b.f.i ?11:40
ograhe obviously doesnt get it...11:41
tsengogra: we go way back...11:41
ograah, k11:41
tsenghe is a hardened gentoo user11:41
tsengbeen trolling me out of my mind for years11:41
ograi know11:41
tsengso, I do what i can to keep him under control in #u-d, I guess11:42
tsengin hardened we abuse him senseless11:42
tseng(no CoC)11:42
tsengso, whats new ogra11:56
ogranothing special...11:56
ograkoke is MOTU11:57
kokesomebody said koke?? :P11:57
ograi'm fixing hwdb bugs, dholbach cant stop uploading like a berzerk...11:57
ograso i would say snafu11:57

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