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lytefyreapache2ctl complains of no /usr/sbin/apache2 after install through kynaptic..what did i miss ??01:28
lytefyreis this a bug ?01:33
Riddelllytefyre: we don't know, we just do KDE01:36
lytefyrei just need to set up a webpage 01:37
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opibught guys01:46
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SuperL4ggot kded repeatedly crashing on me, on a fresh Kubuntu PPC install07:10
froudwhere is the bugzilla for kubuntu done?09:25
haggaifroud: bugzilla.ubuntu.com, product kubuntu09:26
froudhaggai: hmmm, I dont see such a product in my lis. maybe caching 09:26
froudhaggai: nope not the cache09:27
haggaihttps://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/enter_bug.cgi last product09:27
haggai Kubuntu:   Bugs specific to the KDE based Ubuntu derived distribution09:27
froudhaggai, Ok I see it but should it not also appear in the drop list form09:28
haggaiwhich form?09:28
froudafter login you get a form with drop lists, Status |V|   Product |V|09:29
haggaihmm, problem is it isn't a real product - it makes product=ubuntu and keywords=kubuntu09:30
froudhaggai: yes, don't know why it was setup that way09:31
froudalso what if the package on which I want to file a bug is not listed?09:31
haggaibecause kubuntu shares ubuntu's repository and packages09:31
haggaiif it is in universe it isn't listed, so choose UNKNOWN09:32
froudI need to log a bug against knetwork-conf09:32
haggaiouch it's still in universe09:32
haggaiamu! I asked you to put knetworkconf in :)09:33
froudhaggai: who to assign the bug to? amu09:39
=== froud drop https://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/show_bug.cgi?id=8180 into the room
haggaifroud: thanks09:47
froudno worries09:47
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lamont  kdepim-dev: Depends: kmail (= 4:3.4.0-0ubuntu5) but it is not going to be installed12:02
lamont(amd64 - do we know about that one)?12:02
haggaiamu's been doing pim stuff12:03
lamonthaggai: and I'm going back to bed anyway12:03
haggailamont: sleep well and thanks12:03
lamontjust thought I'd mention it in passing before falling back into bed12:03
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=== haggai uploaded kynaptic with fixed changelog
Riddellwhat was up with the changelog?01:32
haggaiit wasn't there :)01:33
haggailooks like you commented out the dh_installchangelogs line :)01:33
Riddelloh oops, thanks01:33
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amuhaggai: knetworkconf is already in11:57
haggaiamu: in where?11:59
haggaiah cool thanks11:59
amuhmm i didnt added it ;)12:00
amuhaggai: is there something more to add ? 12:00
haggaiamu: I found lots of probs in -i18n, just preparing a new version.  There is a complete language missing too12:00
haggaiamu: probably, I haven't looked at the list recently12:00

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