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EricNeonmorning all01:38
mdkehi EricNeon 01:38
mdkeEricNeon, you made some slightly odd changes to the wiki this morning01:41
EricNeonI add a chinese table01:42
mdkeif you make a mistake, you can revert the changes easily01:42
mdkei mean, to the Front Page of the wiki01:42
EricNeonbut when I select "undo",the wiki is down01:43
EricNeonand I couldn't login01:43
mdkei cant see those characters01:45
EricNeonI tald this happen to jdub yestaday ,he should say "everthing is nice"01:46
EricNeontodaythe front page of wiki seems ok01:48
mdkeyes it seems they have made a new one01:48
EricNeonso graveness01:49
EricNeontoday ,I should edit my ubuntu-zh.org01:53
mdkeenrico, was that you moderating that msg through?02:03
mdkei feel like such a dick02:03
enricomdke: yes02:04
enricoI just moderated it in02:04
enricoI received the notification of the message just now, though02:04
mdkesorry :(02:05
enricomdke: for what?02:05
mdkeenrico, i sent an email a few minutes ago about the FrontPage02:05
enricooh, don't worry02:05
mdkehave now retracted it ;)02:05
mdkeenrico, come mai sveglio?02:06
enricomdke: non per molto :)02:06
mdkeneanche io02:06
enricoI was just closing stuff and going to bed02:06
mdkeEricNeon, it seems that the FrontPage was accidentally deleted yesterday02:06
enricohad a productive day, all things considered02:06
mdkeEricNeon, it was down for 7 hours, so that is why you couldn't access it02:07
mdkeenrico, yeah? glad to hear it :)02:07
=== enrico does a backup of the productive day :)
EricNeonyes I made it down since 11:00(+8:00)02:09
enricoEricNeon: not necessarily it is your fault02:10
=== enrico goes to bed
mdkeEricNeon, we can't read those characters: 02:11
EricNeon what characters?02:12
mdkethese ones: "EricNeon: "02:12
EricNeonoh, this meens smile in chinese network02:15
EricNeon meens  smile,        and  :-(  meens  agony02:15
mdkethey appear as distorted characters because I don't have the chinese locale installed02:16
EricNeonI used zh_CN.UTF-802:21
mdkemako, hi03:28
makoEricNeon: did you figure out what caused teh problem with the frontpage03:56
makoEricNeon: it's clear you did not intend wrong but I've heard that it probably was you that made the misstep03:56
EricNeonat first,I want make a wiki for my ubuntu-zh team03:58
EricNeonso I look at wiki for help03:58
makowell, in most cases, it can be reverted automatically03:58
makobut for some reason i don't understand, it couldn't be this morning03:58
makothe important thing is that you know what happened so you don't do it again :)03:59
makowe clearly want to see a wiki for the ubuntu-zh team! :)03:59
makoEricNeon: in any case, we can get a wiki set up for you on a server we are using for loco teams03:59
EricNeonthank you 03:59
makoEricNeon: have you been in contact with matthias urlichs?03:59
makoEricNeon: if not, give me your email address and i'll send you an email introducing you guys04:00
EricNeonI had04:00
makook.. did you talk to him about creating a wiki for the ubuntu-zh team?04:00
EricNeonI want got a maillist for ubuntu-zh04:00
makoEricNeon: ok.. you should also talk to matthias or to jeff waugh (jdub@canonical.com)04:00
makojeff has been a little unresponsive lately so maybe you can ping me if it's not created right away and i can help poke him04:01
EricNeonsmurf had help me create chinese team wiki04:01
makook.. so you ahve the chinese team wiki already?04:01
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EricNeonbut there is no Content04:01
EricNeonyou can got it 04:02
makoyes yes04:02
makoso you should work on *that* wiki, not on the main one at www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/04:02
EricNeonI see now!04:03
makoyou editing the main english wiki04:03
makowhich was bad04:03
makobecause it made the english wiki unsuable for most of today04:03
makothe problem has been fixed now, but you should realize this so that it doesn't happen again04:03
makoand only editing on the chinese wiki at www.ubuntu-zh.org04:03
makocool! :)04:04
makothen there is no problem :)04:04
makothe important part is that we learn from our mistakes :)04:04
makohow is the chinese ubuntu community going?04:04
makohow many people are participating?04:05
EricNeonthank you for your admonish04:05
EricNeonchinese team have all of the best developers in chinese04:06
EricNeonwe not only for debian,but also every distrabution,include BSD and solaris04:07
EricNeonwe work at chinese input for X,and emacs in cjk,and for gnome /kde04:08
makooh wow.. that's great04:08
makowe should definitely get to know how you are fixing things04:09
makocan you make a list of input method pacakges and other packages that you think are essential for a chiense environment04:09
makofonts, input methods, etc04:09
makowe can get them installed by default when people select chinese language support04:09
makoyou should make a list with the other members and then email me at mako@ubuntu.com04:09
EricNeonyes,this is just my help04:09
EricNeonI will04:10
makothat's great!04:11
EricNeonI will sent a mail to you this day, and tell you about my work for 04:11
makothat is great!04:16
makoi am going to eat dinner now04:16
EricNeongood appetite04:17
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Skywindhi , all04:34
Skywindhi EricNeon 04:34
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sabmochi guys05:16
Skywindhi, sabmoc ~05:24
EricNeoni am going to lunch now05:27
Skywindenjoy lunch05:30
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sabmochi froud 08:36
froudsabmoc: hi08:36
sabmocfroud, hows life? :)08:37
froudcooking with gas and chocolate since it is easter weekend08:37
froudand you08:37
sabmochow do you cook ^with^ chocolate?08:38
froudnah the easter bunny already done that08:39
sabmocIm good too, a little hyper for no apparent reason08:39
froudHyper, hyper, hmmm cut down on the chocolate :-)08:40
sabmocmore like cut down on whipcream08:42
froudeveryone has their fantasies08:44
froudby life is no fun without them, so I say go ahead08:44
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sabmochi jsgotangco 10:38
sabmochows it going man?10:39
jsgotangcoim down with a flu10:39
jsgotangco2 days already10:39
jsgotangcoi havent been doing anything except translate the wiki10:40
jsgotangcoi noticed im much better writing in english than my native tongue (filipino)10:45
EricNeonwe are adding Content to wiki now10:47
jsgotangcoEricNeon: hi you got to fix the wiki yet? :D10:47
EricNeonalready no problem10:47
sabmocjsgotangco, sorry to hear about that, get better soon!10:47
sabmochi EricNeon 10:48
sabmocoh man, 2am already!10:48
jsgotangcosabmoc: what happened to the breezy badger10:48
sabmocjsgotangco, what what??10:48
sabmocsomeone shot my badger?!?10:48
sabmocjsgotangco, let me guess, you are expecting regular badger updates now?10:49
sabmocbadger2.5_2ubuntu3.deb is now available for download10:50
jsgotangcoyoure kidding10:51
sabmocyes i am10:51
sabmocim tired10:51
jsgotangcothen stop drinking red bull10:51
sabmocbut redbut give you wings!10:51
sabmocIm going to sleep, goodnight guy10:51
jsgotangcogood night10:52
jsgotangcoi gotta start cokking for dinner10:52
jsgotangcoill just come back later10:52
EricNeonthis is ours team members10:52
jsgotangcooohhh you got your wiki running already10:53
jsgotangcothats good well i'll see you later then10:54
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mdkemorning all11:16
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abelliciao a tutti12:09
abellimdke: ciao12:10
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abellienrico: ciao12:15
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froud-workmaskie: how are the cows?06:20
=== sabmoc cracks the whip
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jeffschhi enrico07:24
jeffschI just committed fix to bug 818807:24
=== enrico hugs jeffsch
enricojeffsch: great!07:26
=== jeffsch blushes
jeffschactually i lied a little bit :(07:27
jeffsch"window loads but title is stuck as Loading..."07:27
jeffschI don't know how to fix that07:28
jeffschyelp /usr/share/gnome/help/about-ubuntu/C/about-ubuntu.xml works fine on my system07:29
enricoIt may have been fixed in my last upload, where things have been reshuffled a bit07:32
froud-workenrico: what's broken now07:33
enricoNothing, afaik07:35
enricoWell, 07:35
froud-workall works fine on my systems07:35
enricowe miss the doc-base registration for the HTML versions (but jdub will have to tell me if that's needed at all)07:36
enricowe miss translations (pinged the translators today)07:36
froud-workah yes07:36
enricowe miss the documents in front of yelp (jdub, again)07:36
enricoI don't know what else.  Maybe a trip through the bugzilla stuff would be helpful now07:36
=== froud-work greets Jeff
enricoOh, and we probably miss an upload with version set to "1.0" :)07:37
froud-workversion set to 1.007:37
froud-workor to hoary07:37
enricoThe .deb is 0.4 so far (I increment by 0.1 at every upload)07:37
enricoBut let's do it later on07:37
enricowhen's the release day?07:38
froud-workwho knows only you07:38
enricoOh  uh-oh...07:38
froud-work:-) we muddle through07:39
enricolet's see HoaryReleaseSchedule (the secret source of my wisdom :)07:39
enricoApril, 6th07:39
froud-workis that still being kept too07:39
enricothe 28th is the release candidate07:39
enricomarch, 28th07:40
froud-work3 days time07:40
enrico...for the others to do their job.  We're fine :)07:40
enricoWe've been for quite a while, even07:40
froud-workjeffsch: nice patch dude07:41
froud-workjeffsch: and nice patches on update-manager too07:41
froud-workjeffsch: it was decided to keep the ubuntu stuff in this version even though it is in GNOME cvs07:41
=== froud-work is bored. been porting OOo to DB for the past week
jeffschfroud-work: thanks.07:43
=== jeffsch blushes some more
jeffschIt will be easier to keep ubuntu stuff07:44
froud-workmvo says they need to make changes for it to run on other distros07:45
froud-workI have added credit to you as most excellent editor07:45
jeffschyes. especially the Edit Repository dialog07:46
jeffschit is very Ubuntu specific07:46
froud-workwell that is al teast one more thing moved upstream07:46
froud-workI would like to see more stuff starting here and movingupstream07:46
froud-workoh dude my fingers hurt07:47
jeffschyou will need to send me all the changes you make so I can keep my version up to date07:48
froud-workyes, I am waiting for GNOME CVS account07:48
froud-workso I can commit07:48
froud-workthen you can do checkout from CVS07:48
jeffschfroud-work: problem: hurt fingers. Solution: remove fingers from vise07:48
froud-workhe he no cant I must convert 600 pages of OOo Writer documents to Docbook by end of week end07:49
froud-workbut then the fun can start07:49
froud-workIt's current all about using Linux on Mandrake07:50
froud-workso I am gonna profile it for Kubuntu07:50
=== froud-work grows horns again
enricoYou're using the automated stuff for it, aren't you?07:51
enricothere's even a ooo2dbk package that entered Debian recently07:51
froud-workbut as you may know the python script needs the docs formatted against the ooo2db stylesheet07:53
froud-workthese docs are not07:54
froud-workso I get a part port07:54
froud-workand have to hack the rest07:54
enricoYou're going to become a master in this kind of porting07:54
enricoYou'll have great feedback for the oo2dbk people07:54
froud-workI am working on one file now that is 8706 lines long and it was larger before I started07:55
froud-workooo2db puts in loads of stuff that is not required07:55
froud-workbut its the last file07:56
froud-workthe other 6 are done, thank goodness07:56
enricothen you take a break and have people gently massage your hands07:56
froud-workthe whites of my eyes are now red and I promise I did not smoke anything green07:56
froud-workare you offering07:56
enricoNice interpretation of the italian flag :-)07:56
=== enrico massages froud-work's hands
=== froud-work stretches out his hands
=== enrico does a bit of nail-cutting as well
froud-workcan always count on you for a laugh07:57
=== froud-work fires up forrest
enricoOne of my hidden strong intentions is to take a Clown course07:58
enricoI'll do it sooner or later07:58
enricoThey make these courses about 200km from my house07:58
enricoAfter the Clown course I'll become untolerable, probably :(08:02
jeffschi must go and re-caffeinate. bbl08:05
=== froud-work likes enrico's nose just the way it
=== Burgundavia wonders when the ballon animals will start showing up
froud-workBurgundavia: hello dude08:08
froud-workI must be off, tired08:08
froud-workc ya later08:09
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