dholbachi simply hate when autoconf-stuff doesnt work in the buildd anymore12:02
schweebthink I found a bug in muine :)12:07
=== schweeb pokes tseng
schweebtseng: you wanna test something for me?12:07
schweebtseng: make a path to some music with a '#' sign in it.... i.e. "Chevelle - Point #1"... and see if the files under it play in muine12:08
tseng/home/brandon/rips/mp3/Fugazi/Repeater + 3 Songs/03. Fugazi - Brendan #1.mp312:09
tsenghows that12:09
schweebthe path12:09
schweebthe directory I think does it12:09
schweebfrom what I can tell12:09
schweebcause I can play 'Chevelle - Open.ogg" when it's under /home/files/music but not under /home/files/music/Chevelle - Point #112:10
tsengso what happens for you12:10
schweeband it spews some glib assertions on the console12:10
tsengand stops at 0:0012:10
schweebyea, it just doesn't play... the play button goes to 'play' but does nothing12:11
schweebso you see the same behavior?12:11
schweebI'll report upstream12:11
=== HiddenWolf [~hidden@136.96.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
schweebah, good, already reported and fixed12:18
schweebtseng: and if you're not horribly busy, wanna review those gsf-sharp packages I have... dholbach suggested I ask you... he's already reviewed them, as has jdub12:21
tsengwhere to12:21
schweeband write any comments in http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/MOTUNewPackages12:22
tsengyeah dyde12:22
tsengit looks good12:22
tsengim not going to build it atm, since they did12:22
tsengi read the diff.gz12:22
dholbach(i didnt build it)12:23
schweebjdub did I'm pretty sure, dholbach didn't12:23
=== tseng trusts jdub
tsengbut the debian/ looks fine12:25
schweebdholbach: should I get anyone else to review, or that good enough then?12:25
ograschweeb, did you fix the unstable/hoary thing ?12:25
ograso i would say its ready to go in12:26
schweebexcellent :)12:26
ogra3 reviews are enough12:26
kokehey, discover pbuilds here12:28
ograuuuh discover...ugly12:30
truluxtseng: better to discuss it here, read http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-hardened/2005-March/000003.html12:35
dholbachi thought you started off #ubuntu-hardened?12:36
truluxdholbach: yeah12:37
ograso why do you need to discuss that here ?12:37
truluxogra: maybe it's of the interest of other people12:38
ograthen i would join -hardened12:38
=== trulux takes his marbles and continues on #ubuntu-hardened
dholbachit's not exactly motu related, is it? not wanting to chuck you guys out12:38
truluxdholbach: nah, it's ok, will continue on -hardened12:39
truluxfree beers there, anyone interested, join ;D12:39
=== dholbach has tea and cookies here
ogratrulux, sorry, nothing personal...12:39
=== dholbach isnt that hard. ;-)
=== ogra neither
=== dholbach throws 5 in the "stupid wordplay cash box"
ograso no more uploads today it seems...12:42
schweebbuildds get turned off or what?12:42
ogra<elmo> right upload.u.c's going away!12:42
ogradunno for how long12:43
schweebwhat's you guys' opinion on this... Xen is in the Priority list... albeit about halfway down... but, it's a really really old version... I've been working on making packages of 2.0.5 myself... should I fix the old ones, or should I try getting mine good enough to upload?12:45
ajmitchxen 2.0 packages are stuck in debian NEW queue12:45
schweebdoogie's packages are hackish12:45
schweebfrom what I saw12:46
schweebalthough, xen's python stuff may have to be used w/ python2.3... I don't know firsthand, but fabbione only got them working w/ 2.312:47
ogralooks like it takes a bit for uploads.ubuntu.com to come up again (see -devel)12:47
schweeb.5TB fsck12:48
ajmitchwell, I guess it'll come back up in a few hours then ;)12:55
ogralets see waht elmo decides...12:57
schweebogra: glad we share taste in filesystems... I won't touch reiser either12:59
schweebalthough I've had a couple of XFS incdents as of late... related to the 2.6.8 kernels01:01
schweebbut playing out the journals fixed it01:01
ograyeah, thats the great thing with xfs, you'll be always able to fix it01:07
dholbachgood night... i'm off01:08
ogranight dholbach01:08
schweebthis may just be the "gentoo effect" but it seems to me that XFS is faster too01:08
kokedholbach: night01:09
schweeb(than ext2/3)01:09
=== schweeb heads home
ograbye schweeb01:14
=== lamont fixes exim.
lamontwell, shut it up anyway02:15
=== goedson [~goedson@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== schweeb browses the priority list for something else to fix
goedsonogra: ping.02:23
crimsunok, gkrellm builds on "all 4" arches now, so removing from UniverseDoesNotBuild02:44
schweeb<3 gkrellm02:45
=== koke sleep()
=== blathijs [~matthijs@katherina.student.utwente.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== chesty [~chesty@unconcerned.org] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== sivang [~sivang@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091940.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachgooood morning08:24
crimsunmorning dholbach08:25
dholbachhey daniel08:26
dholbachhow are you?08:26
crimsunnot too bad, wrapping up here at work, about to head home08:26
dholbachyes... that sounds good :-)08:27
dholbachi worked the popcon data into our lists and saw that xfce is _quite_ popular08:28
dholbachi must underestimated that :-)08:28
dholbachso good to have you and jani working on it08:28
crimsunI should ping elmo again regarding that, thanks for reminding me :)08:29
dholbachyeah and write a mail to him about it too08:30
dholbachthat's what he told me wrt morgu-ification08:30
crimsunok. james@nocrew.org ?08:31
dholbachi wrote to james.troup@canonical.com - i guess they all end up at the same place :-)08:32
crimsunsure thing08:32
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachhrm... i'm trying to find out, how to find all of those lines from file1 that are simply NOT in file2 (  grep -v -f file1 file2   didn't work) and i can't stop  diff  from worrying about line changes09:06
dholbachok... python's  a.__sub__(b) worked09:16
=== doko_ [~doko___@dsl-084-059-041-195.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== HiddenWolf [~hidden@136.96.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== Gervystar [~gervystar@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
siretartgood morning10:43
dholbachhey siretart!10:45
siretartdholbach: I didn't ask elmo for whitelisting my email address. Shouldn't I first get a ubuntu "member" sending a signed the code of conduct to Mako?10:45
dholbachdo both10:45
siretartI'm note quite sure about the procedures...10:46
siretartok I'll do10:46
dholbachwhitelisting is no problem and just requires adding your mailadress10:46
siretartfor what exactly I'm whitelisted then?10:46
dholbachyou'll receive the buildds receipt mails then10:46
dholbachand your name will appear on hoary-changes@10:46
siretartah, ok. I'll do10:47
=== dholbach is dogwalking
siretarthave fun, cu! :)10:49
=== lamont [~lamont@mix.mmjgroup.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachi'll have a look at bzflag11:43
tsengdholbach: woooo11:51
tsengi got the mail from Manoj11:51
tsengabout keysigning11:51
tsengits been weeks :(11:52
dholbachbut you'll make it11:52
dholbachthat's the only thing that counts :-)11:52
lamontdholbach: btw, if you run across any  test failures where things bitch that /dev/null: permission denied, please let me know - I'm certain there are some.11:56
lamontpreferred format is in the form: sourcepackage_version (with epoc)11:56
lamonte.g.: kdeaddons_4:3.4.0-0ubuntu111:56
dholbachi'm all cracked up concerning the lists11:57
dholbachbut will do11:57
lamontdholbach: actually, I expect I'll just run across all the log files looking for them once I'm awake again11:57
dholbachtake a rest11:57
dholbachyou deserve it11:57
dholbachhow can anyone make a native package of a 5mb tarball?!12:05
tsengs/5mb tarball//g12:05
Treenaksdholbach: why make a native package anyway?12:05
Treenaksdholbach: (99% of the time, that is)12:05
dholbachi'm glad you're on my side12:06
dholbachi sometimes even cry the whole night in bed because of that12:06
Treenaksdholbach: just hit the guy who did it in the head with some heavy, blunt object12:07
dholbachi talked to my control-your-agressions group about that too, they said it was the wrong way to deal with it12:08
tsengyou could take it out on HG instead12:09
Treenaksdholbach: it does feel good :)12:09
=== tseng jokes.
Treenakstseng: :P12:09
Treenakstseng: maybe he made the package12:09
tsenghe doesnt do packaging, he just pushes other peoples work as his own12:09
Treenaksoh yeah12:10
tsengand then tries to hit me with blackmail and FUD12:10
=== tseng sigh.
dholbachbzflag fixed12:18
Amaranthtseng: what other people's work?12:22
tsengAmaranth: yours, some other guy csj iirc12:23
tsenghe kept reffering to cjs's package as "mine"12:23
tsengbecause csj, who was here for 10 minutes total and never spoke, was apperantly told by me I would ban him12:24
Amaranthhe kept trying to make the package for my stuff12:24
tsengwhich i definately said to no one but HG12:24
tsengthe next time I have to say something it will be a final warning12:24
tsengive been extremely patient12:25
Amaranth* HostingGeek has quit (Ping timeout: 600 seconds)12:25
AmaranthRemenic \o/12:25
Amaranthno one likes him12:25
tsengit seems that way, heh.12:25
tsengmoving on12:25
ograAmaranth, he's our channel pet ;) (i never give up hope sadly)12:25
Treenaksogra: /j #ubuntu-ogra12:26
tsengi need to be getting ready for work12:27
tsengcya tonight, hopefully with a workable gpg key12:27
=== goedson [~goedson@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograhey goedson01:08
dholbachbin grad mit meinen 2 cousinen am english-konversieren01:14
dholbachich bin beeindruckt01:14
goedsonHi ogra.01:18
goedsonI've uploaded a new gnomebaker package implementing your requests01:19
ogragoedson, changes done ?01:19
ograyeah, i'll look at it soon and do the upload ;)01:19
Amaranthdholbach: ever figure out what was wrong with gsf-sharp?01:32
ograAmaranth, there is anything wrong ?01:35
Amarantherr, i think that's you01:35
dholbachi use amd64, so i can't really tell01:35
Amaranthyeah, that's what i meant01:36
dholbachwhat do you mean?01:37
Amaranthwhy doesn't it build? :)01:38
dholbachbecause on amd64 mono doesnt build01:38
dholbachat least 1.0.x doesnt01:38
Treenakspeople STILL write CPU-dependent C code?01:39
=== ogra [~ogra@p5089ED6F.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== goedson [~goedson@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== HiddenWolf [~hidden@136.96.dynamic.phpg.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ogragoedson, ok, i'm ready to upload it, one thing, could you make a soure.changes file for it .... (debuild -S)02:41
ograthere is only a i386.chages....02:41
goedsonogra: Doing it right now.02:53
=== tritium [~rimbert@ee213-dhcp-1.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tritiumGood morning, ajmitch, ogra, trulux.02:56
ogragoedson, great...then we'll have it in today ;)02:58
ograhi tritium02:58
tritiumHow are things going?02:59
ogratritium, just uploaded gsf-sharp.....03:02
ogratritium, lets poke haggai or amu to give some judgement about kreciepes03:03
tritiumI see...03:03
tritiumogra, okay.  amu has already reviewed it for me.03:03
HiddenWolfDid you guys see that OSnews posting about X11 catching up to tiger/longhorn?03:04
ogratritium, he didnt comment on the MOTUNewPackages page03:04
tritiumogra, true...03:04
ograschweeb, please move gsf-sharp from MOTUNewPackages to UniverseNewPackages, its uploaded03:06
ograHiddenWolf, to catch up ? we're far ahead http://www.gnome.org/~seth/03:07
tritiumHiddenWolf, are you referring to that luminosity demo?03:09
tritiumwith the wobbly windows?03:10
goedsonogra: uploaded.03:10
HiddenWolftritium: yup03:11
ogragoedson, uploaded, so now they have to pass elmos eagle eyes :) please do the same i told schweeb above...03:24
goedsonogra: I believe above is before I connected :)03:27
goedsonogra: Can you repeate?03:27
ogragoedson, please move gnomebaker from MOTUNewPackages to UniverseNewPackages, its uploaded03:27
truluxhey tritium !!!03:29
tritiumHey there trulux :)03:29
truluxtritium: how's it going?03:29
tritiumI'm great, thanks.  How are you?03:29
truluxtritium: fine, finished many work, just fixing some things in the new libssp packages03:31
tritiumvery good03:31
goedsonogra: OK. Will do it now.03:31
ogragoedson, good :)03:32
goedsonogra: So now gnomebaker is waiting for elmo in two NEW queues. Universe and Debian :)03:35
ogragoedson, ubuntu is usually faster03:36
goedsonogra: I hope so.03:36
goedsonogra: Should I link to the source package in my repository, until it is approved into universe?03:39
ogragoedson, if we can sync it from debian, you can remove it completely from the wiki03:40
goedsonogra, Will it be the case if it is in NEW? Or only when approved for Debian?03:42
ograif its in the debian repo03:43
ograour NEW policy only applies to packages that are in neither of them....03:43
ograso if its in debian and we can sync it, its a regular package for us03:44
goedsonShould I remove the reviews from the MOTUNewPackages?03:53
=== goedson is going to lunch, now.
ogragoedson, nope, leave them there if elmo has questions....if the package is in the archive you can remove them too03:57
ogragreat thanks :)04:03
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091940.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachhi lamont04:47
dholbachlamont: you know what went wrong here (http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/p/pingus/0.6.0-8/) and here (http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/l/lbreakout2/2.5.1-1/)?04:48
=== lamont looks
dholbachlamont: they both have funny "pkgstriptranslations: inconsistent /CurrentlyBuilding file, Package: value is YYY (should be XXX)"-lines04:48
lamontwhich arch?04:49
lamontdholbach: there were two buildd's running on that machine...04:50
dholbachah and then  pkgstriptranslations  didnt happen in the chroot?04:51
lamontdholbach: and then pkgstriptranslations killed the build in anger04:52
tritiumhi dholbach04:52
=== lamont gives both back just to be sure
dholbachthen someone should tell pkgstriptranslations to be nice and easy and maybe even sign the CoC04:52
dholbachhey tritium04:52
ogradholbach, it hasnt yet ?04:53
dholbachwell... if it is killing like that04:54
dholbachand not controlling anger... that makes me really sad04:54
ogradholbach, talk to the maintainer ;)04:54
schweebogra: cool :)04:56
ograschweeb, please leave the review stuff up until it passed elmo, if he has questions04:56
=== encolpe [~encolpe@pilot.net2.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachthanks lamont04:59
lamontdholbach: if you see any more, and they aren't 'needs-build' in wanna-build, holler.  ditto for any '/dev/null: permission denied' messages05:01
dholbachi will05:01
dholbachour lists are way to full anyway ;:-)05:01
lamontthink of it as a challenge...05:01
dholbachi already do so05:01
dholbachlamont: but thanks for working with us, i'm glad you're around05:02
schweebogra: done05:03
ograthanks :)05:03
=== froosch_ [~cz@a2125951139.net-htp.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-184-135-68.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== schweeb considers attempting to package mono 1.0.6 so we can get beagle 0.0.8
ograschweeb, please coordinate with tseng, he's the MOTUMono teamlead05:10
=== goedson [~goedson@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
schweebogra: yea, sure will05:25
=== dholbach [~daniel@td90919ad.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ogradholbach, oh, short dogwalk today05:26
schweebI think he's been attempting to package 1.1.4 (as have I) but I run into problems as soon as I compile it as a package rather than just manually05:26
=== tritium goes to lunch...
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-108-35.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== maskie_ [~maskie@196-30-108-35.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== rubenv [~lambda1@83-134-130-157.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ogracrimsun, i gave up on jack__, he simply doesnt listen...06:41
tritiumhi crimsun06:49
crimsunhi tritium!06:51
crimsun&ogra :)06:51
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S01060020ed20f68f.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== jani [~pet@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has joined #ubuntu-motu
janihello all07:08
dholbachhey jani07:09
janilooks like elmo did not sync xfce4.2 yet right?07:09
janithose build errors are for 4.007:09
crimsunjani: not yet07:09
janidid he ack the request though?07:10
crimsunhasn't gotten back07:10
crimsunjust emailed, actually07:10
crimsunI batched the request with one for alsa-source/universe07:10
janiok I thought it was just the IRC ping :)07:10
crimsunyeah, I pinged him earlier, but email was suggested07:11
mdzalsa-source is built by a package in main (alsa-driver), and a modified one at that07:11
crimsunmdz: ah that's right!07:11
crimsunmdz: unfortunately I guess I that means there's no chance of pulling in Thomas's 1.0.8+1.0.9rc2-1 packages07:11
mdzcrimsun: I don't think that would be wise at this juncture, no07:12
crimsunmdz: right-o.07:12
mdzhe has merged/obsoleted several of our patches, though, so we should be able to clean things up after Hoary07:13
janimdz, for GPG id whitelisting for uni upload is elmo the person?07:14
dholbachjani: yes07:16
janithanks,I'll mail him then I never seem to catch him here07:16
dholbachjani: whitelisting (receipt mails) and keyring (uploading) are two different things07:16
dholbachthat's soooo great!07:17
janioh, well keyring then07:17
tritiumI'm getting occasional Input/output errors when I ls, rm, mv, cat various files.07:22
tritiumwonder if my journal is screwy, or if my drive is going bad07:23
dholbachtritium: anything in dmesg?07:23
=== rubenv [~lambda1@83-134-132-119.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tritiumdholbach, nothing that would indicate a problem, no07:24
crimsuntritium: journal errors are reported as journal errors and almost always result in an immediate remounting of the partition as read-only07:24
tritiumcrimsun, okay, thanks.  Hmm...07:24
crimsuntritium: hardware errors are more likely :/07:24
tritiumI think you're right.  I just replaced the hard drive in this laptop in November.07:24
tritiumI wonder if the controller is bad.07:24
crimsunI envy you folks with laptops :p07:25
tritiumcrimsun, can't you use any of your university discretionary funds to get you one?  ;)07:25
dholbachcrimsun: i don't own one myself, hope that comforts you a bit :-)07:26
janielmos email address?07:26
janinocrew or canonical07:26
dholbachjani: wiki/Uploads07:26
tritiummaybe I'll replace this soon anyway.  ogra - you have an amd64 laptop, am I right?07:26
janinot his address but keyring at ubuntu.is he reading that?07:27
dholbachjani: he read it in my case07:27
crimsunjani: he reads that07:27
crimsundholbach: :)07:27
janiok thanks07:27
=== encolpe [~encolpe@pilot.net2.nerim.net] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
tritiumThanks for the trouble-shooting advice dholbach and crimsun.  I think I'm going to go backup some important files :)07:31
=== tritium [~rimbert@ee213-dhcp-1.ecn.purdue.edu] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
dholbachalright... have a nice day/evening/morning pals... i'm off - must run to get the train07:32
crimsuncya dholbach07:32
=== herve [~hcauwelie@ip-3.net-81-220-179.nice.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograwhoops, just fell asleep for an hour07:48
crimsunpower nap!07:48
herveit can't be bad :-)07:49
ograyeah, preparing for the hacking night :)07:49
ogracrimsun, ubuntulog is fabbionnes logbot ;)07:56
crimsunhehe, too fast with the tab-completion :)07:56
ograbut nice that you apologized07:57
mdzjani: whitelisting is based on email address, but yes, elmo08:02
hervejani, I still wonder how you made the notary authenticate your GPG key08:04
janiherve, she just authenticated a declaration I gave08:04
janianything in that decl is my responsability08:04
hervethat's why I thought08:05
herveI could write about anything08:05
ograherve, you fingerprint would be a good idea i guess ;)08:05
herveI should somehow type my password in front of her for a proof08:05
herveogra, the real one? ;-)08:06
=== herve will add a photograph to his key, that's a start
=== ogra -> dinner
crimsunl8r ogra08:09
=== Cturtle [~Cturtle__@a213-84-50-38.adsl.xs4all.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== herve [~hcauwelie@ip-3.net-81-220-179.nice.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== herve [~hcauwelie@ip-3.net-81-220-179.nice.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== ogra just found out that he leads his netblock
trulux|workingwhat a fuck, cracklib is an asspain while building new PAM (upgraded to 0.78)10:54
herveyeah! I lead mine too!11:00
herveer... I'm alon on it :-p11:00
trulux|workingwho maintains cracklib? I have the knife ready for fun11:02
=== trulux|working grins like a psycho
ograherve, i actually never thought i would pass the server of astalavista.com, its right beside mine11:02
trulux|workingajmitch: there?11:02
ajmitchwell I was here 5 minutes ago..11:06
hervemaybe it was an answering machine :-)11:06
ajmitchperhaps ;)11:06
trulux|workingajmitch: I'm starting to get annoyed with the cracklib shit, the dicts are installed in the right place, cracklib is properly configured, but I won't be able to finnish Linux-PAM 0.78 for Breezy until someone tells me what's the hell that makes it saying "checking path to cracklib dictionary... configure: error: none found"11:08
ajmitchfun :)11:08
ajmitchgot something for me to look at then?11:08
trulux|workingajmitch: I have a task for you if you want it11:10
trulux|workingmake the coreutils package11:10
ograhmm, probably your system knows that breezy is vaporware until next month...11:10
ajmitchis there something wrong with the current coreutils? :)11:10
trulux|workingogra: my system is frustrated, annoyed, overloaded, fscked up and not capable of understanding sarcasm.Sory.11:11
tsengogra: he is trying to get some selinux stuff going early11:11
tsengogra: (very impatient)11:11
trulux|workingajmitch: maybe should we add SELinux?11:11
ogratseng, i see that11:11
ajmitchtrulux|working: are there not already patched packages?11:11
trulux|workingajmitch: yes, without a fixed PAM they won't build ;)11:11
trulux|workingajmitch: read current https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/SELinux11:12
trulux|workingtseng: holidays put me on steroids, no holidays, no extra solar power, no Ubuntu work11:12
ajmitchprobably because I've got 0.77-0.se5 installed still :)11:12
trulux|working2 days left to the end of holidays11:12
trulux|workingajmitch: right, look at http://pearls.tuxedo-es.org/selinux/ubuntu/cron/11:13
trulux|workingthat's just the upstream diff11:13
ajmitch1MB diff11:13
trulux|workingI have modified some debian-related stuff to make it at least building11:13
ajmitchgood luck reviewing that ;)11:13
trulux|workingajmitch: I did, it's done11:13
trulux|workingthat's because 15 minutes of wasted time fsck me up and make me feeling disappointed11:14
trulux|workingajmitch: could you get coreutils sources?11:16
ajmitchI've got the source11:16
trulux|workingget http://people.debian.org/~adric/selinux/coreutils/coreutils-5.2.1-selinux.tar.gz11:16
ajmitchI'm just trying to access fedora cvs11:16
trulux|workingdon't do that11:16
ajmitchI'm grabbing the ubuntu source11:16
trulux|workinguse that tarball11:16
trulux|workinguse the tarball I sent to you, please11:16
ajmitchthat depends on what changes there are11:16
trulux|workingdecompress it on debian/patches/11:16
trulux|workingred hat's ones but more fixed for compliance with other debian patches11:17
trulux|workingI will work on the targeted policy11:18
trulux|workingdon't disturb ;D11:19
ogratrulux|working, could you do that i -hardened ?11:20
ograin eevn11:20
trulux|workingogra: sure11:20
ograwho execpt dholbach worked on the priority list the last three days ? i know he is very dissapointed doing all the work alone recently ? and we are getting short of time...11:22
=== ajmitch hasn't really had any spare time in the last week
herveogra, no one I'm afraid11:24
ograwe have excatly 11 days to get this done https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UniversePriorityList11:24
ogralooks like a lot....11:24
herveI should clean packages I have done...11:25
ograthat would be good11:25
hervejust to be sure...11:28
ajmitchthere are packages on that list such as kudzu that we just won't use11:28
herveit's ok for removing done packages from the sorted list?11:29
ograbut they are in universe11:29
ajmitchand what is wrong with packages like kismet?11:29
ograajmitch, look at the build logs11:29
hervekudzu is suggested for the morgue, as I rememer11:29
=== ajmitch needs to take a look - he uses that one on hoary
ograherve, great...11:29
ajmitchogra: sure, it doesn't build on amd64 only11:30
schweebajmitch: kismet should be fine11:31
schweebjust needs another kick11:31
=== schweeb pokes lamont-away
ajmitchschweeb: again? :)11:31
schweebyea :-/11:31
ajmitchI see..11:31
ajmitchThe following packages have unmet dependencies:11:31
ajmitch  ethereal-dev: Depends: omniidl (> 1: but it is not installable or11:31
ajmitch                         omniidl4 (>= 4.0.1-2) but it is not going to be installed11:31
ajmitch                Depends: snacc but it is not installable11:31
ajmitchE: Broken packages11:31
schweebthe buildd's were goofy yesterday11:31
ajmitchin the last build attempt11:32
schweebwhich arch?11:32
ajmitchas I said, amd6411:32
schweebI usually only look at i386, as that's what I can build for :)11:32
ajmitchas amd64 is the only reason it's in the list :)11:32
=== ogra looks at snacc
schweebit wasn't building on x86 as of yesterday...11:33
crimsuni386 is usually not problematic; it's the other arches that we really have to fix up before March 30th11:33
=== schweeb checks the build logs
crimsun(I recently got two friends to give me access to pbuilders on their amd64s so I could test)11:33
schweebajmitch: http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/k/kismet/2004.04.R1-5/11:34
schweebthere's the latest build logs for it11:34
ograhmm, snacc segfaults on build...11:34
schweebso, it wasn't building on i38611:34
ajmitchfun, so I was looking at the wrong build logs11:35
schweebthere's 2 sets11:35
schweebI don't know how lamont's sorting them exactly :-/11:36
ajmitchand it's the same culprit again, ethereal-dev11:36
schweebwhich I fixed11:36
ajmitchSetting up ethereal-dev (0.10.4-3ubuntu1) ...11:36
ajmitch/var/lib/dpkg/info/ethereal-dev.postinst: line 7: /usr/bin/python2.3: No such file or directory11:36
ajmitchdpkg: error processing ethereal-dev (--configure):11:36
ajmitchcrazy stuff11:36
schweebI fixed that11:36
schweebit would have worked, except the buildd's hadn't uploaded my fixes yet11:36
schweebstill missing snacc on amd64 though11:37
ograhmm, seems it fails since quite some time, even in debian http://lists.debian.org/debian-qa-packages/2004/10/msg00120.html11:37
schweebso, maybe no kismet for amd64?11:38
ogralooks like11:38
herveI don't want to blame anyone11:39
hervebut I saw a package twice in the lsit :-)11:40
herve(poor daniel...)11:40
trulux|workingpam 0.78 finished11:40
trulux|working(applause) :P11:40
herveclap clap!11:41
herveI pushed a few packages in the morgue proposal11:41
ajmitchdepends if it works & has no regressions ;)11:41
trulux|workingajmitch: feel free to test, dear11:43
ograherve, great, every package that is off the list will make dholbach happier11:43
herveI wonder how many need just a trivial fix11:44
herveogra, you find it!11:44
hervethat's the "let's make dholbach happy" transition!11:44
ogracrimsun, whats the status of xfce4 ?11:46
hervedoko, ping11:50
crimsunogra: awaiting word from James11:51
crimsunogra: I emailed him earlier regarding syncing from os-works11:51
ograah, great :)11:51
ograok, i added a can't build section on the page....11:52
ogracrimsun, sorry, i'm to blind, just saw your comment on the list page, ignore me11:53
crimsunogra: np11:53
hervestrange slune is there11:55
herveanother buildd bug it seems11:55
ograwhat is slune ? seems i386 only...11:57
hervea 3D game in python11:58
ograhmm, so why is it i386 only...11:58
herveI thought it could be broken by soya, that FTBFS11:58
hervebut soya is even missing from the priority lsit11:58
hervethough it's in the python transition11:58
ograhmm, seems slune has only i386 in the arch list, weird...older versions are arch all11:59
herveapt-cache says Arch: all12:00

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