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LeeJunFanprelinking does some good on a lot of kde crap. kontact,kmail,konqueror,konsole,kcontrol - all load faster.12:27
haggaicoruja: I uploaded a new kde-l10n that should actually include translations now :)12:33
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corujahaggai: thx, i'll take a look tomorrow :)12:54
randabisanyone having problems with flash? I don't have any audio from it...audio is working with everything else12:57
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atlehow do I get to the ubuntu repositories with kynaptics?01:09
gdhnano /etc/apt/sources.list01:10
gdhjust uncomment the relevant line for universe, etc.01:10
atlethank you01:10
=== Aghaster [~aghaster@modemcable051.37-202-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #kubuntu
atleworked like a charm01:14
gdhfor multiverse (non-free... most notably the Flash plugin) duplicate the line01:15
gdhand replace universe with multiverse01:16
atlei'll look into it :-)01:17
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randabisSYSTEM i686 Ubuntu GNU/Linux, Kernel 2.6.10-5-k7, GLIBC 2.3.2 | CPU AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+, 2205Mhz, 512KB Cache, 4358 BMIPs | RAM 216/504MB Used | SWAP 135/1024MB Used | STORAGE 5.0MB TmpFS, 9.9GB Ext3, 9.9GB unknown, 38GB Ext3, 74GB Ext3, 94MB Ext3, 253MB TmpFS | STATS Uptime 1.78, Users 1/3, Procs 98/40973, Load 0.09 | X11 1280x1024x24bit | http://auk.ca/v02:08
Aghasterlook at this. it is the problem i have with kubuntu/ubuntu02:08
randabissorry about that02:08
Aghasterthis is the screen i get when i load kubuntu02:09
Aghasteri cant get into kde or gnome02:09
Aghasteri've tried many versions of ubuntu/kubuntu02:09
Aghasterand always have the same problem02:09
gdhis that jpg a pure grey ?02:10
Aghasteri have excluded the possibility of monitor incompatibility. i've loaded the live CD on another comp and pluged my monitor on it - it worked02:10
gdhwell, brown-grey?02:10
Aghasterhum? there is blue on that jpeg02:11
gdhSo it's bound to be a video card thing then?02:11
Aghasterit may be the cause02:11
gdhit can't be much else :)02:11
Aghasteri got an ati sapphire radeon 9200 SE02:12
gdhit's a dirty hack but have you tried putting Driver "vesa" into /etc/X11/xorg.conf in place of whatever driver your radeon usually uses?02:12
gdhI don't even know if that file gets auto-rebuilt each bootup...02:12
gdhall gfx cards should work with the 'vesa' driver.. you'll just not get any acceleration.. but it will at least let you 'get in' and start finding the real cause of the problem02:13
gdhit'll be in 'Section "Device"' about half way into the file02:14
Aghasteri think i can get in a shell02:14
=== eKoSeA [~ekosea@port064254043133.terraworld.net] has joined #kubuntu
Aghastercould i try from there?02:14
gdhyep you can always ctrl-alt-f2 and just use nano to edit the file...02:14
gdhthen /etc/init.d/kdm restart02:14
gdh(or just ssh in from another machine?)02:15
Aghasteri cannot use ctrl-alt-f2 from what i have, i can boot from the recovery mode and get a console02:15
gdhso the video fault causes the whole machine to hang?02:15
Aghasterthe only thing i can do from there is to move the cursor over that broken background02:15
gdhOh so you can see the X mouse cursor?02:15
Aghasteryes, you can see it on the photo too02:16
Aghasteri can move it and see it clearly, but cannot do anything else02:16
gdhAll I see is a grey page with a 'Website brought  to you by free web hosting' 02:16
Aghasterhttp://free.hostdepartment.com/a/alphacentaurihq/brokensrc2.JPG at that page?02:17
gdhget a real host, ffs :)02:17
AghasterDCC send then02:17
gdhThe joys of firewalls :)02:17
gdhHaven't done a DCC send in years and years.02:18
=== brainkilla [~chatzilla@] has joined #kubuntu
Aghasterlemme me send it to u02:19
gdhnot that I think it's going to be very helpful..02:19
Aghasteri just sent it02:20
gdhk, greylisting will block it for a while02:21
gdhAghaster: boy that's fucked up :)02:25
gdhDefinately try the vesa driver thing02:25
Aghasterlemme reboot and try this02:26
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Aghasterhi again02:32
Aghasterim on my other comp02:32
Aghasteri got a console opened on my kubuntu comp02:32
Aghastercould u plz just tell me again where is located the file to edit^?02:32
apokryphosAghaster: what are you looking to do?02:33
Aghasteri got a serious problem and it may be caused by the video driver02:33
Aghastergdh suggested to change the video driver to vesa02:34
gdhoh hi02:34
Aghasterwhere is the file^?02:34
gdhit's /etc/X11/xorg.conf02:34
apokryphosVesa is very generic; might work.02:34
=== incubii [incubii@] has joined #kubuntu
Aghasteri dont see the line where i can change the video driver02:36
apokryphosGo to Section "Device"02:37
Aghasteri found it02:37
=== John6000 [~John6000@cpc1-cosh1-6-0-cust69.cos2.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
John6000kubuntu lookd very good so i downloaded it02:37
John6000im trying it in vmware and thes a prob02:37
John6000RAMDISK driver initialized: 16 RAM disks of 12288K size 1024 blocksize02:38
John6000invalid operand: 0000 [#1] 02:38
apokryphosJohn6000: That is not a #kubuntu issue; it's a general #ubuntu one, like I said.02:38
John6000when did you say that02:38
John6000who are you02:38
John6000oh you'02:38
apokryphosJohn6000: I said it in #ubuntu, just as you asked your question. Check back.02:38
John6000are you in #kubuntu   and  #ubuntu at the some time :o02:38
apokryphosErm, yeah...02:39
gdhModern technology, eh?02:39
John6000but noone anserd me in that chanbbel :(02:39
Aghasterhere they say to change the driver to radeon02:39
Aghasterfor the 9200 pro, maybe its the same for the 9200 SE02:39
apokryphosJohn6000: that doesn't really justify going into the wrong channel for your question. ;)02:39
John6000thanks anyway02:39
gdhAghaster: VESA is a very very basic driver that everything works with.02:39
John6000i agree02:40
John6000VESA 2.002:40
gdhIf it works, then you've found some subtle incompatibility with your card / chip02:40
gdhthen take the problem to the X.org people02:40
gdhsince it's their domain02:40
incubiiand while your at it get me a bourbon02:40
John6000me too02:40
gdhJohn6000: I was talking to Aghaster  :)02:41
John6000custart cream02:41
gdhIt's just cheep lager tonight.. if I have any whisky, I'll be asleep soon after =)02:41
gdhI've run out of interesting beers, bleh.02:41
Aghastergdh i will try vesa if radeon doesnt work02:41
gdhAghaster: kool02:42
John6000give your pc some booze that might fix it02:42
John60000 to 1 chance02:42
=== claydoh [~claydoh@] has joined #kubuntu
John6000oh yeah02:42
John6000you know on the ubuntu site02:42
John6000know the free cd thing02:43
=== delltony [~delltony@c-24-99-11-118.hsd1.ga.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
John6000do they actuly send them to you?02:43
delltonyhunger, figured out the issue with the dma 02:43
John6000If you were referred to this site by an existing member of Ubuntu Linux Forums, enter their name here.02:44
John6000say your name ill put it in the box02:44
John6000too late02:44
gdhYou do indeed get a CD in a tasteful cardboard sleeve...02:44
John60005 days02:44
gdhBetter to just download it, really :)02:44
John6000did it take?02:44
Aghastertotally free?02:45
Aghasterincluding free shipping?02:45
John6000wonder how much money there making on giving free cds away :|02:45
gdhNothing's free - it's paid for by the sponsors.02:45
delltonyhdparm is loaded way to early after inspecting the /etc/rcS.d file hdparm is at 07 i deleted it and resymbolic linked it as S29 and it works perfect. just letting you know02:45
gdhAll balanced against word of mouth / good karma etc.02:45
Aghastervesa got it to work02:45
John6000i ogt a visa02:45
gdhAghaster: type 'man radeon' then and start to work through some of the Options 02:45
gdhoneof them will probably make your card work properly02:46
gdhIf not, write to the X.org people, because this has zero to do with (k)ubuntu02:46
delltonyAghaster, you gotta problem installing the ati radeon driver or something?02:47
gdhin fact if you DO get it to work with an Option, tell the X.org people anyway so they can put it in as a default for your PCI ID/vendor/product02:47
Aghasterhum... the 9200SE is listed in the radeon02:47
Aghasteri will try again to be sure it doesnt work with "radeon"02:47
John6000here mate02:48
John6000thats my prob there02:48
=== John6000 [~John6000@cpc1-cosh1-6-0-cust69.cos2.cable.ntl.com] has left #kubuntu []
=== delltony wonders if the folks at ubuntu or xorg or whoever is makign the driver xorg-fglrx-driver is ever gonna fix the big bug in it that wnts to make xfree86conf instead of the xorg.conf it is suppose to make?
=== delltony uses ati's official driver till then but sometimes has to uninstall temp to update libmesa
=== LeeJunFan [junfan@64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #kubuntu
Aghaster"radeon" does not seem to work02:53
Aghasteri will put back vesa and manually install driver02:53
gdhIs there an 'ati' driver too? Or is that only for old RAGE 3D cards02:53
Aghasterati was the one by default02:54
Aghasterwell, for now i reinstall ( the one installed was ubuntu, i want kubuntu )02:55
apokryphosAghaster: It's only a different default setup02:56
gdhyah, the core is the same... KDE and GNOME sit way above any X / driver config.02:57
Aghasteri had the same problem with both ubuntu and kubuntu02:58
gdhmight be worth looking in your /var/log/Xorg.0.log for any "EE" lines...02:58
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_carloshello i del root user, how i do to create new root user . thanks ...03:02
Aghasterhum... i dunno03:03
Aghastermaybe someone else knows03:03
_carlosi can't create a new root user because root user not exist and i haven't permissions for do this.03:05
gdhhow on earth did you manage to do that? :D03:05
gdhthat takes talent.03:05
_carloswell 03:05
gdhI feel a song coming on....03:05
Aghasterdid u try to boot in recovery mode?03:05
Aghasterrecovery mode goes by default in root mode03:06
gdhin kubuntu you should be able to get a root shell by doing 'sudo bash'03:06
gdhand type in your own user password (not root pass)03:06
gdhthen you can try something like "adduser --uid 0 root" 03:07
gdh( a complete guess)03:07
_carlosvery thanks gdh 03:08
Aghasterhey i got a question - do the ubuntu/kubuntu creators are african?03:08
apokryphosAghaster: no03:08
=== dimmak [~rroper@lsanca1-ar55-4-65-118-030.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
Aghasteri dont know much ppl from there, oh...03:08
gdhI doubt it - just levering on the concept of a 'simpler way of life' I guess?03:08
gdhLots of community involvement, etc.03:09
Aghasteri like the concept of ubuntu03:09
Aghasterit looks like the true spirit of open source community03:09
gdhOf course - the marketing worked :)03:09
gdhI'm just a cynic =)03:09
Aghasterhey gdh do you know where can i download the wallpaper with the 3 persons in a circle as on the ubuntu main page?03:10
Aghasteri like it03:10
gdhNo idea, I have a solid colour background03:10
gdhKDE looks tacky quickly if you add too much fluff.03:11
=== pepsi [~pepsi@72-254-39-211.client.stsn.net] has joined #kubuntu
gdhThere's apparently been some flamewar raging about that pic... something about being able to see down the woman's cleavage..03:12
gdhsome people need to relax =)03:12
=== omni_lonnie [~lonnie@home.limbonia.com] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFanI like the standard kubuntu background myself. nice, clean and not overdone.03:13
delltonyanyone know when or if the menu editor option on the gear right click is gonna be fixed or has been fixed?03:14
LeeJunFannot yet.03:15
delltonyLeeJunFan, that for me?03:15
LeeJunFandelltony:  don't understand how something so simple could go unfixed for so long.03:15
LeeJunFandelltony: yeah.03:15
gdhis K -> run -> kmenuedit that hard ? ;)03:15
delltonyhaha no its not03:16
delltonybut if its not to be used why not just take it off the list all together03:16
delltonyits like having a door on your car that never opens03:16
LeeJunFandelltony: I don't like fords either.03:16
delltonyor having 19 bucks in your bank account and an atm card03:16
delltonyits worthless03:16
omni_lonniedelltony: you can also right click on a menu item and hit edit, that also opens kmenuedit...03:17
delltonythat i know03:17
delltonybut i was talking about the specific gear option03:17
omni_lonnieoh, ok :)03:18
delltonyoh and when or is it ever gonna happen that kmixer will be configurable?03:18
delltonymeaning i need to change it to control pcm instead of master03:18
delltonycuse master doesn't do jack on my lappy03:18
gdhdelltony: LOL, I have three doors on my car which don't unlock properly :)03:20
gdhdelltony: Unbelievable PITA03:20
gdhbut not enough to go and get it fixed =)03:20
delltonywell you have nothing on my redneck buddy03:21
delltonythis dude i swear to god get this03:21
gdhAnywya, be grateful there's a menu editor at all.. the GNOME Ubuntu users have nothing except a text editor and fucked-up XML files03:22
delltonyhis truck got hit on the door side right, so he got a new door for his truck but was having trouble getting it to align up right03:22
delltonyso he made him a temp door out of cardboard and duct tape03:22
gdhI like that :)03:22
delltonyyou pull the duct tape and open it up03:22
LeeJunFangdh: yeah, and they bash KDE at every chance they get. Yet gnome scares away possible linux converts - children run from it crying.03:22
gdhI had a 'Pentium 75 in a cardboard box' for a while..03:22
delltonyget in and close it with the duct tape03:22
gdhbut that beats it =)03:22
delltonyman this dude bowls with me right03:23
gdhLeeJunFan: I tried GNOME again for the last 2 weeks.. I try it maybe once a year... and every time I come back to KDE...03:23
delltonyyou know bowling as in knock down pins and stuff03:23
delltonywell this foo comes up in there with a milk crate03:23
delltonythats his bowling bag03:23
LeeJunFangdh: yeah, I gave up on trying it about 2 yrs ago.03:23
gdhLeeJunFan: GNOME is TOO PRESET... someone with FAR more intelligence than you has pre-determined every option you will want, and provides no options to change it.03:23
LeeJunFandelltony: hehe03:23
delltonypretty cool what he did though03:24
delltonyhe got some pvc pipe made him a handle03:24
delltonyand put some of those training wheels off a bike on it03:24
delltonyand puts his ball in it03:24
gdhPeople criticise KDE for being bewildering with config and checkboxes, but I'd much rather have the choice.03:24
gdhIf I wanted to be spoon fed I'd buy a Mac.03:24
LeeJunFandelltony: ROTFLMFAO03:24
delltonygdh, regardless of what it is you always have someone wanting to bitch period03:24
gdhdelltony: amen =)03:24
delltonyi use to be a manager at a retail store, and folks complain about stuff being FREE03:25
delltonyfree your giving it to them03:25
delltonyand they bitch03:25
delltonywhats with that03:25
gdhbecause they can03:25
gdhthat's why =)03:25
delltonypretty much03:25
delltonyits like that lady that called 91103:25
delltonyreal tape and all right03:25
delltonythey had it on the news03:25
delltonycalled complaining that burger king would not make her a cheeseburger right03:25
delltonyand wanted the cops to come down there03:26
LeeJunFangdh: yep, I love linux for what it can do, I love the shell and kde both for what they can, but I hate gnome for what it cant.03:26
gdhgreat stuff - isn't America just grat? :)03:26
delltonyman it's notn just america03:26
delltonyi have been over in germany and other places in the world03:26
LeeJunFandelltony: people like that scare me. Just how would they react if they had a real issue?03:26
gdhLeeJunFan: They'd get their therapist to intervene03:27
gdhthey'll have their personal cellphone number on a speed-dial, no doubt03:27
delltonylike the quote goes their are two things that are infinate (space and human stupidity)03:27
delltonythere even03:27
membreyalol delltony :P03:27
membreyaI think you struck yourself down with that quote :P03:27
LeeJunFanThis town is full of stupid people and they all have to come to me with their problems. hehe03:27
gdhThere are only 10 types of people, those who understand binary and those who don't :)03:28
delltonymaybe but that come from einstin (spelling)03:28
=== Walker [walker@static-nbl7-146.cytanet.com.cy] has left #kubuntu []
membreyaeinstein :)03:28
delltonyyeah him too03:28
gdhWhy is the default skin with beep-media-player so unbelievably shit?03:29
=== buga is now known as buga-away
gdhhas anyone been able to mount samba shares from the cmdline?03:33
gdh$ mount -t smbfs -o guest //eddie/mp3 /mnt/mp303:34
gdhdmesg says: smbfs: mount_data version 1936029031 is not supported03:34
gdhthat'sa new one on me03:34
=== aghaster [~aghaster@modemcable051.37-202-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #kubuntu
aghasterhi again03:35
aghasteri'm on kubuntu03:35
membreyahmmm there's an option to send a program to the desktop ...but how do you do it ?03:37
LeeJunFansmbfs: mount_data version 1718515050 is not supported03:41
LeeJunFanand I'm running my own compiled kernel - so it's got to be a samba bug.03:41
gdhShit one.. 03:42
gdham running a dist-upgrade at the moment.. will see if that makes any difference03:42
apokryphosmembreya: from where? The menu? Right-click..03:42
membreyanevermind, I've found the option :)03:43
gdhLeeJunFan: Oh, ffs... smbfs nor smbclient aren't installed... what a stupidly cryptic error :|||03:43
membreyagrrrr ..it says I have to be an admin to change the settings >:(03:43
=== aghaster [~aghaster@modemcable051.37-202-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #Kubuntu
apokryphosmembreya: for the shortcut?03:44
aghasterdo anyone knows how to setup the root password?03:44
apokryphosaghaster: yes, but why do you want to?03:44
membreyait's in configure desktop > background > advanced :)03:44
gdhaghaster: You don't use a root password, your own user account has full 'sudo' rights03:44
gdhIt reduces the temptation to log in as root. bad bad bad.03:45
LeeJunFangdh: shit. And I just filed a bug-report :)03:45
gdhLeeJunFan: I'd update it with "WTF?!?!" or something similarly productive :)03:45
gdhroot@plip:~# mount /mnt/mp3/03:46
gdhAnonymous login successful03:46
gdhworks likea charm now03:46
aghasterbut do i have to type sudo each time?03:46
gdhaghaster: yes. (or 'sudo bash' for  a rootshell...)03:47
aghastertyping su and then typing password is simple03:47
apokryphosaghaster: Nope. If you're going to do many sudo commands, just do sudo -s03:47
aghasterah ok03:47
apokryphosor the other one :P03:47
gdhor that :)03:47
gdh(I've never used sudo before coming to Ubuntu...)03:47
aghasternoob question... but where can i access the "home" folder?03:48
apokryphosSame here. Disliked it at first, then it grew on me, and now I think it's a better way of handling things for Desktop PCs, by a long-shot.03:48
apokryphosaghaster: /home03:48
gdhaghaster: second icon from the left03:48
gdhthen top of that list03:48
aghasterah good03:48
gdhi.e. beside the K button03:48
aghasterhum... rpm -i seem not to work03:48
gdhI'd hope not03:48
gdhtake your rpms back to mandrakeworld thanks :)03:49
aghasterhow do i install rpms?03:49
apokryphosaghaster: man alien03:50
gdhapokryphos: That's asking for a fall :)03:50
=== Bukkake [~Bukkake@CPE-70-92-252-37.wi.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphosMan pages are a good place to start on Linux, I think. 03:51
=== regeya [~shane@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphosaghaster: If you want to get to know Linux, then I recommend searching a few guides. The beginning of http://www.icon.co.za/~psheer/book/index.html.gz is very good; there are other decent ones for command line etc.03:52
=== Jeezis [~Jeezis@] has joined #kubuntu
aghasteri'm quite novice, its only because i was used to fedora core 303:53
gdhDebian-based dists are much better... there's generally no need or risk from crap like rpmfind.net03:53
gdhyou don't just 'get an rpm' - the upstream will have alreay prepared high-quality packages for you03:53
apokryphosPrecisely. The only stuff I've ever installed so far has been either themes from kde-look, or CVS.03:54
aghasteri didnt like fedora core 3 for managing too much things for me03:54
dimmakhas anybody here tried autopackage? i have... and it seems to have killed my internet connection03:54
dimmaki can only access my router03:54
aghasterkubuntu seems to be the true spirit of linux, and is quite a light distro03:55
gdhFC is a RedHate legacy - it's going to carry a lot of baggage with that03:55
BukkakeKubuntu discs can be ordered, like Ubuntu, right? heh..03:55
aghasterthats why i dont use it anymore03:55
gdhcool =)03:55
apokryphosBukkake: yes, but not yet.03:55
Bukkakeoh, okies, thanks03:55
apokryphosaghaster: I'm x-FC3 myself. It was a decent distro, but there's more power on Ubuntu, it's more pacey (for me), and Deb-based system is superior easily IMO.03:56
gdhBesides, any distro which prides itself on a major change every 6 months needs serious thought...03:57
aghasteri've tried many distros03:57
aghasterbut i think i just found the one that is for me03:57
dimmakkubuntu and knoppix for me03:57
regeyamajor change...03:57
spredaKubuntu is going to be an option on the "shippit" site for hoary?03:57
gdhIs anyone here actually part of the Kubuntu devels?03:59
apokryphosgdh: they're all here, but not talking.03:59
gdhJust wanted to rant about KIOSlaves and media players again =) 03:59
aghasteri'm interested in linux environment C++ programming04:00
aghasteri will learn how to use "make"04:01
aghasterand makefiles04:01
gdhThat's a good start :)04:01
aghastermaybe one day i'll get good enough to do some linux development...04:02
aghasterbut that day may be far away04:02
gdhIn the meantime, go write code for the GNOME crowd :)04:03
aghasterwell, i'm on KDE04:03
gdhhehe yes I know =) never mind =)04:03
aghasterdo you know a tutorial on linux programming environment?04:04
gdhI'm not a coder, programming bores me... I'm a systems geek04:04
aghasterah ok04:04
gdhI do some shell and bad Perl, but that's about it.04:04
aghastermy dream is to become a 1337 coder04:04
aghasterand to program games04:05
gdhCool :)04:05
aghasterwell, everyone has dreams04:05
aghasteri'm only 16 so i got plenty of time04:05
dimmakwell make sure to drink lots of alcohol, go to lan parties, have an uncapped cable modem, and hack a gibson04:07
dimmakall across state lines04:07
aghasterlol, hack a gibson as in the movie hackers :P04:07
gdhnono a gibson as in www.grc.com (no, not the mounties :)04:08
dimmakthat is the prerequisite for being 133704:08
=== moominski [~moominski@cpc3-belc1-6-0-cust66.blfs.cable.ntl.com] has joined #kubuntu
aghastergdh where are you from?04:09
gdhOriginally from Belfast in Northern Ireland (hello moominski :) but I live in England now04:09
moominskihi i have ubuntu installed but i want to get kubuntu aswell can u help me ?04:09
aghasteri'm from quebec04:10
apokryphosmoominski: I already gave you the link. :)04:10
moominskibout ye feckin great04:10
gdhaghaster: I recogise videotron :)04:10
gdhmoominski: :D04:10
moominskiim a noob soz04:10
moominskisweet m8 happy days 04:10
gdhmoominski: There's a HOWTO on the go about how to install KDE... after all Ubuntu and Kubuntu are the same core04:10
gdhjsut different UI packages04:10
apokryphosgdh: I gave him the URL, I guess he didn't want to click. ;)04:11
moominskiyeah i understand there difference m8 i just like kde is all04:11
gdhmoominski: I can understand not wanting to download another ISO.. after all that's one CD less off your ntl monthly warez cap, right? :)04:12
dimmakgdh:  is trying to articulate that it shouldn't be any trouble at all04:12
dimmakjust read the faq04:12
aghasterhey i got problems reading audio CD04:12
moominskilol m804:13
moominskii dotn give a hoots i just download wot i want04:13
dimmakmoominski: your superior intellect renders me incapable of communicating with you04:14
gdhForgive the local dialect =)04:15
moominskiwy dude im just a stoner04:16
gdhNo shit =)04:16
moominskiman it keeps sayin this E: Couldn't find package kubuntu-desktop04:21
apokryphosmoominski: you're not readin the link :)04:21
moominskii did04:21
apokryphosYou really didn't. It specifically says -- at the very top -- that if you have Warty you can only get kde 3.2, in which case you want the kde-core package04:22
apokryphos*not* the kubuntu-desktop one04:22
gdhThe lines are thin but they are there :) try looking just in between them :)04:22
moominskiwell that all very confusin to me m804:22
gdhI'd try again in the morning, tbh04:22
apokryphosConfusing? Erm, how? I couldn't dream of that part in plainer language. :)04:23
moominskigdh r u allways on here m804:23
gdhthis is my first time (oo-er)04:23
gdhdebian geek for ages - first time I've use ubuntu 04:23
moominskiwot do u think04:23
gdham just sitting drinking and playing crap tunes04:23
gdhI installed Kubuntu to start with :)04:24
moominskii didnt even no it was out there04:24
moominskionly new about ubuntu04:24
gdhAye, that'd KDE always playing second fiddle04:24
=== pepsi [~pepsi@72-254-42-18.client.stsn.net] has joined #kubuntu
moominskionly started usin linux the otherday04:25
gdhAhh... Kubuntu is still a bit rough round the edges04:25
gdhso now and again it'll need some Linux knowledge to dip into...04:25
moominskiits im sure i wud hardly notice04:25
=== incubii [incubii@] has joined #kubuntu
moominskistoned and cant type04:26
apokryphosmoominski: to get really into your distro, and be able to do things, it's really worth looking through a few basic Linux guides. They really help.04:26
apokryphosLinux can be daunting, but understood with diligence.04:26
moominskii have been ive read loads of stuff i just keep trying to do things on linux the way i do on windows04:27
apokryphosmoominski: well, keep at it ;). We're here to help, too. :)04:28
moominskiE: Package kde-core has no installation candidate04:29
moominskiget this now04:29
apokryphosmoominski: not reading :P04:29
apokryphosin Warty, you have to enable the Universe repository first.04:29
moominskiomg im really tha dumb am i04:29
gdhmoominski: Seriously, if your head is on the moon, try again in the morning =)04:29
apokryphosI recommend upgrading to hoary though; kde 3.2 is quite dated.04:30
moominskineed a smoke , btw i dont go to bed im a stoner told ya04:30
moominskii did upgrade to hoary04:31
apokryphosNo, you haven't. :P04:31
moominskii must have it04:31
apokryphoswell, cat /etc/issue then04:32
aghasterdoes GCC comes with kubuntu?04:32
moominskihmm now how did that happen04:32
apokryphosaghaster: repositories. Go for the build-essential package.04:32
=== thoreauputic [~debianarc@wolax8-239.dialup.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
apokryphosmoominski: you installed warty. :)04:33
aghasterso its not?04:33
apokryphosaghaster: nope, it's not.04:33
aghasterhuh, that program should be included with the distro04:33
apokryphosbut 98% of the stuff you need for general building is in that package04:33
moominskiok now how do i get hoary 04:33
gdhmoom: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/hoary/preview/hoary-install-i386.iso04:33
apokryphosmoominski: that link I gave was very useful ;)04:33
gdhdownload and go to bed :)04:33
apokryphosgdh: no point, if he's already got warty.04:34
gdhOKi, fair enough04:34
apokryphosmoominski: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/GuideToHoary04:34
=== dimma1 [~dimmak@lsanca1-ar55-4-65-118-030.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
moominskirite wots the command to gedit /etc/apt/sources.list04:38
gdhyep, that's it :)04:38
gdhyou probably want to 'sudo' before that, though.04:39
moominskiu guys where lettin me do the work formyself04:39
moominskijust gotta read dont ya04:39
gdhNothing quite like free software, eh? :)04:39
gdhall self-service =)04:39
moominskiwots the command to edit that file04:40
gdhnano <filena,e>04:40
gdhor whatever editor you prefer.. gedit would've been fine04:40
gdh(assuming it was installed :)04:41
=== omni_lonnie [~lonnie@home.limbonia.com] has joined #kubuntu
moominskiyes but i dont no the command to edit it i can only get read only04:41
=== Wurstmeister [~mrx@] has joined #kubuntu
dimma1anybody know what the "malformed url" shortcut on the quicklauncher is from?04:42
dimma1you have to manually add the quicklauncher to a panel... i prefer the smaller icons on it04:43
gdhmoominski: you need to prefix the command with "sudo"04:43
gdhthat will get you root access04:43
=== babybert [~alm@c-67-175-182-133.client.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Wurstmeisterhey all... I just dist-upgraded my father's Kubuntu system (there was like 130 new packages...) and all of the sudden the whole panel is missing all the application lunchers etc. (like the K button in the left lower corner) Any ideas what happened ?04:46
apokryphosWurstmeister: there's problems with the current packages. Bad time to dist-upgrade ;)04:46
Wurstmeisterit's not my box :)04:46
apokryphosunfortunately you'll have to add all that stuff manually, though it's not much :P04:46
WurstmeisterI did 04:47
=== gdh stops the dist-upgrade downloading
Wurstmeistermost of it at least04:47
gdhwill wait until apr 6th :)04:47
Wurstmeisterwill do04:47
apokryphosgdh: It's a few things; nothing critical. A few .kde settings, and kicker stuff.04:47
apokryphosgdh: or just until end of month, if you like :P. RC.04:47
WurstmeisterHopefully it'll get fixed next time I'll do dist-upgrade04:47
gdhCool. I hope someone notices my little plea on the SuggestedPackages Wiki page for the Pocket PC Konnector =)04:48
apokryphosWurstmeister: Yup; should be fine. I do loads of dist-upgrades, and this is the first time I've encountered problems with it, ever.04:48
gdhthat'd be so good to have - it's nearly impossible to compile afterwards since it needs to many -dev packages that don't exist :)04:48
apokryphosgdh: they will probably, eventually. ;)04:48
WurstmeisterThat's fine04:49
gdhapokryphos: That's it, I'm just doing what I can to influence future events :)04:49
=== smouche [~smouched@24-90-94-112.nyc.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
moominskiman i can get into that file 04:49
WurstmeisterI ssh-ed to my father's box and did dist-upgrade... he called me and said WTF has happened to his Kicker :)04:49
gdhWurstmeister: Wow, my dad would've said something like 'my windows is broken'04:50
WurstmeisterWell :) I installed Kubuntu on his box the next day it came out04:50
Wurstmeisterwanted him to experience LINUX :)04:50
smouchegot a xorg issue here (I assume)-- is anyone having a problem with desktop background gradients-- or any kde wallpaper using gradients-- looking awful?04:50
Wurstmeisterhe's cool with trying new things04:51
smoucheother visuals look fine04:51
=== Roey [~Roey@pcp04370251pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Roeywhat package are alternative keyboard layouts in?04:51
RoeyI don't have /any/ listed here...04:51
incubiiyeah i do smouche, i restart the xserver and everything is fine04:51
apokryphosWurstmeister: a very good choice :). I hope he likes it.04:51
Wurstmeisterwell...things are being worked on..I told him that this is developer's cutting edge stuff and he'll have to wait till the final release04:52
smoucheincubii, this happens every time-- it seems permanent for me.  Restarting doesn't help04:52
smoucheunless I'm missing something04:52
apokryphosWurstmeister: nice ;)04:52
WurstmeisterHe's PC illiterate04:52
Wurstmeisterwhy expose him to windows  :) ?04:52
gdhI like it :)04:53
Wurstmeisterwell he's dual botting win200004:53
gdhAh the dirty truth falls out =)04:53
incubiioh well mine only lasts till i restart the xserver, but every time i reboot ti comes back. one solution was to set a modeline in teh config but alas taht does nto do anything for me04:53
WurstmeisterHe's getting away from win2k more and more04:54
gdhdefinately play up the whole security / privacy / spyware thing =)04:54
WurstmeisterI just need to make sure that he can watch those stupid little wmv clips04:54
WurstmeisterMplayer plugins will be installed shortly04:55
smouchehmm, thanks for replying incubii.  A mystery, eh?  Could this have something to do with my having a widescreen display?  04:55
gdhyeh if need be you can get the w32codecs package from christian marillat's debian repository..04:55
gdhI'm sure they'll be fine with Ub...04:55
Wurstmeisterthat is what I use04:55
apokryphosWurstmeister: hehe. Yup; have you checked thew iki article?04:55
incubiiwell i guess its possivle04:55
apokryphosok, cool.04:55
WurstmeisterI run Sarge here04:55
Wurstmeistergot all the plugins04:56
incubiimight wanna post in the forums and see what you get04:56
incubiii ran sarge on my G4. it was such a complete mess04:56
Wurstmeistermozplugger is giving me some probs once in a while04:56
incubiithe installer was lovely though04:56
gdhHah, it should get a good review from the Linux paper magazines then04:56
gdhsince all they ever compare on is how pretty the installer is and if it detected all their hardware04:57
incubiithe one thing the ubuntu installer needs is adding the proxy question like the sarge one did04:57
gdhPeople still use proxies thesedays? How quaint :)04:57
incubiiwe do at work04:57
incubiisaves DLing the same thing 200 times04:58
gdhSounds like a good case for a PXE boot image :)04:58
WurstmeisterUbuntu is very nice04:58
incubiiim working on that actually04:58
WurstmeisterKubuntu as well04:58
incubiibut then we need a gigabit network04:58
incubiias that would be too many machines04:58
WurstmeisterI will drop it on my other box04:59
Wurstmeisterwhen the final is out04:59
gdhincubii: I run a Linux call centre - as long as your switches have gbit you're OK :)04:59
gdheach w/s only needs 100mbit04:59
gdhsince 12MB/sec is perfectly adequate.04:59
incubiihow many machines run through the switch05:00
gdheverything is diskless + NFS/NIS based...05:00
gdhWe're a small outfit.. only 30 Linux clients on one 1Gbit NIC at the server05:00
incubiiwell i want to do that but unfortunatly they still want windows here05:00
gdhI should really plug the second in and do some resilience...05:00
incubiithat an OS X but thats another story05:00
gdhUnless you get all machine wanting to reboot at the same time, there's no speed drop ever05:01
incubiithinking of doing OS X the PXE way05:01
incubiibut the problem with PXE boot is if the server goes down thats it05:01
gdhv. true :)05:01
incubiithough with my workplace id have 3 servers for redundancy05:02
gdhWe have a pair of machines and each is configured to be ready to take over the task of the other if need be05:02
gdhmaybe 10-20 mins of frantic typing on my behalf then we're back up05:02
incubiiah! a smart work place05:02
gdhnot an auto-failover, but not bad :)05:02
incubiiglad ours isnt the only one05:02
gdhI'm scaring myself at the moment with OSPF and load-balancing...05:03
incubiiyeah atuo-failover is so nice when ti works05:03
gdhIt's all just very slightly above my head, but I can bluff it OK so that's all that matters =)05:03
=== ttf_ [~tom@p83.129.14.78.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #kubuntu
incubiii had to take over this place from a previous ghost image server05:04
incubiiit was horrible05:04
incubii47 different machine images to manage05:04
incubiifuck that05:04
gdhWe have 'Shuttle' PCs all on one shared NFS root image.05:04
incubiiconverted the whol windows section to Unattended Network Install05:04
incubiimuch much better now05:04
Roeyanyone using kxkb for different keyboard layouts?  How come no extra keyboard layouts are listed for me??05:05
gdhRoey: No, none of us have weird keyboards :)05:05
incubiii want to try a dvorak kb05:05
gdhWow that'd be a mindfuck =)05:05
incubiithey are meant to be more natural arent they ?05:05
incubiionce you get use to them05:05
Roeythey're not05:06
Roeythere's no difference in typing speed, it's all myth.05:06
gdhYeh in the same way that your eyes actually get an upside down image but your brain reverses it...05:06
=== BamaJank [~BamaJank@] has joined #kubuntu
BamaJankHow can I find my kernel version from the command line?05:08
gdhuname -a05:08
incubiiheh i watched a science show where at one uni they were putting headsets on people and reversing the image so when they took it off people saw upside down as normal05:08
gdhincubii: I saw that :)05:08
smoucheI'm having a helluva time getting the "us-intl" (us with dead keys) layout to work write.  And switching layouts seems to screw things up.  This stuff if much easier in windows05:09
gdhincubii: the folklore story on that topic I heard was of a guy who wore 'upside down' glasses until his brain flipped the image.. then took them off.. until his brain corrected..05:09
gdhand repeated this... until he had a mental breakdown05:09
=== babybert [~alm@c-67-175-182-133.client.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
smoucheheh heh, "work write" 05:09
smouchesee, I can't even type.  Fucking layouts!05:09
gdhWho cares if it's true or not- it's still funny :)05:10
incubiii just run xorgconfig, smouche05:10
Roeydo you guys SEE any layouts??05:10
incubiiwell i dont need any diff layout from 101 generic us05:11
smoucheincubii -- any improvements?05:11
smoucheI haven't run xorgconfig 05:11
BamaJankso I have 2.6.10-5 and it isn't available in the repository?  hrm...05:12
incubiiwell soemtimes when i install my USB mouse is recognised so i run that to set it. even though its just as easy to edit xorg.conf ,lol05:12
smoucheI need my dead keys, dammit.  But I also need apostrophes.  I don't know how any body who uses more than one language copes with linux.  But I'm an ignorant noob, I know...05:12
=== daaku [~nhshah@cpe-24-59-75-102.twcny.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== regeya [~shane@dialup-] has joined #kubuntu
gdhLinux is only a front for America to take over even more of the free-thinking world :)05:13
gdhdiscuss =)05:13
=== difekta [~DIFEKTA@h-69-3-238-216.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #KUBUNTU
daakuany kde guru's? i'm trying to get konqueror to use my specific font only.. and i think i need to do it using the custom stylesheet option.. any help would be appreciated05:14
regeyagdh: *cough* finland *cough*05:14
BamaJankThere is #kde 05:14
=== dimmak [~rroper@lsanca1-ar55-4-65-118-030.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
gdhBah it's all just a cover operation for the TRUE cause ;)05:15
dimmaki lost internet access after an autopackage installation... can anybody help me get it back? i am not getting much help from the #autopackage community... apparently i am an anomaly05:16
smoucheWhat pisses me off though, is that there are Englsih speakers who may have occasion to at least quote something in another language -- but the folks who set a lot of standards seem to have been relentlessly monolingual05:16
dimmaki just want internet back on my desktop:-(05:16
smoucheshit. Englsih speakers, heh, I am one, believe it or not.  This keyboard is larger than the one I'm used to...05:16
gdhsmouche: I'll certainly admit that I miss the Windows style of being able to do common accents on a US/UK keyboard by Ctrl-Alt-E etc.05:17
gdhI have absolutely no idea how to do accented characters in Linux 05:17
incubiiid help you if i knew what autopackage was05:17
smouchemy favorite thoughtless English chauvinist idiocy is the use of CamelCase for wikis -- how the hell do Germans cope with that?05:17
gdhYeh, I've never heard of autopackage05:17
gdhsmouche: That statement means nothing whatsoever to me, sorry :|05:18
regeyaCamelCase IsNot ProperEnglish05:18
smouchegdh, the US-International keyboard for windows is the greatest invention since sliced bread.05:18
dimmakautopackage.org ... you'll be redirected to a random mirror due to the recent slashdotting05:18
regeyaa popular Python-based wiki is MoinMoin, written by a german05:19
dimmaki first heard about it when gaim provided a .package installation05:19
incubiiwe use moinmoin at work05:19
smouchegdh, German requires Capitalization for every Noun.  CamelCased wiki names don't work well for that.05:19
gdhAh, only one step away from Microsoft's lngHungarianNotation05:19
incubiiyuck i hate hungarian notation05:19
gdhamen :)05:19
=== incubii stabs random air
dimmakbut at the moment... i can access my router on my network... i just can't get past it to the internet05:19
dimmakso i can't ping google.com or anything05:19
incubiihave you set your gateway to the router ip05:20
dimmakit happened after doing an autopackage of firefox 1.0.2 ... i just want to fix it05:20
regeyaso when I name a variable isThisStupid, does God kill a puppy?05:20
dimmakeverything looks normal in ifconfig05:20
incubiidepends is the Puppy of type Integer05:20
gdhregeya: three, actually.05:20
gdhEither 1) you should inherently KNOW asa coder what the type is.. 05:21
Roeywhat are the nvidia packages for kubuntu, besides nvidia-glx ?05:21
gdhor. 2) it shouldn't MATTER to the language.05:21
Roeywhat are the nvidia packages for xorg?05:21
incubiii cant be arse making my current kubuntu work. KDE just stops at initiaizing peripherals05:21
gdhRoey: apt-cache search nvidia turns up a lot of things...05:22
dimmakhey... it crawls for me there too05:22
gdhincluding the 'linux-restricted-modules' packages05:22
dimmakinitializing peripherals slows way down05:22
gdh(probably from multiverse)05:22
incubiithe problem with hungarian notation is non-english people have a hard time reading the variable names and functions etc05:22
smoucheyeah, incubii-- it kind of hangs on peripherals for me too, but eventually makes it.  I avoid the whole thing most of the time by just hibernating.05:22
Roeygdh:  I'VE LOOKED.05:22
incubiiwell it worked the first install05:23
Roeygdh:  I isntalled nvidia-glx05:23
Roeygdh:  but that's just for the kernel.05:23
incubiibut everyone after that fails there05:23
Roeygdh:  not X.05:23
Roeygdh:  not xorg rather.05:23
incubiinto really important though, after all it is only a preview release05:23
incubiiwhat annoyed me more was i couldnt watch DVDs but i could use the DVD burner to burn them05:24
smoucheSometimes, it just skips starting my touchpad altogether.  Fortunately there's a switch on this laptop that'll start it.  Usually.05:24
gdhRoey: Are you sure? 05:26
gdhroey: nvidia-glx contains the file ./usr/X11R6/lib/modules/drivers/nvidia_drv.o 05:26
gdhamongst many others05:26
dimmaki do get a no ipv6 routers present message when i run dmesg05:26
moominskiwhere do i download Dependencies05:26
=== claydoh [~clay@] has joined #kubuntu
Roeygdh:  hmm.05:28
Roeygdh:  oh, it's the kernel modules, sorry05:28
Roeygdh:  right..see, I installed 7791 through the nvidia package manager05:29
Roeygdh:  and now I have 7791 (7167 rather, sorry)05:29
Roeygdh:  on Xorg05:29
gdhIt's a bit out of my league - my computer has an old Matrox PCI Mystique :)05:29
Roey7167 on the kernel05:29
Roeyand 6691 on xorg.05:30
gdhbut yeh the mismatched versions will be fatal =)05:30
gdhhurray for closed source drivers, eh?05:30
incubiii like binary drivers05:30
incubiiwe need more of them05:30
gdhgotta protect their intellectual property <pfff>05:30
=== smouche laughs at how the folks in #ubuntu have turned into a snarling mob. Serves 'em right for typing "/join #kubuntu" at anyone who has a kde question in there...
gdhi.e. they daren't show us how many software patches are needed to work around bugs in the buggy hardware they had to rush out the door to beat ATI. :)05:31
Roeysmouche:  they're fucked in the head.05:31
gdhGNOME people are generally paying rent to live up their own backsides05:31
apokryphossmouche: Heh. Debaticles in there are funny; very rarely get heated, which is good.05:31
smoucheRoey:   but still capable of talking and feeding themselves...05:31
gdhit's all a tax dodge05:31
Roeysmouche:  I know, it's ironic.05:32
apokryphosmoominski: apt/synaptic05:32
=== apokryphos is off to bed, anyhow
Roeysmouche:  so where is the Kernel module for nvidia located?05:32
gdhyeh I've only just noticed the tiem...05:32
gdhnight, all =)05:32
smouchelike I know, Roey?  sorry!  05:32
=== smouche is tired of having to subtract 12 from the clock every time he looks at the time in the evening hours...
pepsiso change it to a 12 hour clock05:35
incubiiim use to 24 hour05:35
Roeysame here.05:36
incubiikubuntu ppc should come with an smp kernel on the cd05:36
regeyaI believe the 12-24 hour thing is linked to region, so if you're from, say, USia and have your lang set to en_US it should be 12-hour05:36
smouchepepsi, I can't find an option for that.  Not in the "configure clock" dialog, anyway05:36
regeyathough I dunno05:36
pepsiright click on it and go to Preferences05:37
pepsioh shit05:37
pepsithis is #kubuntu05:37
smouchewell, it seems like I set the region about 8 times already, but I'll try again05:37
pepsiso i dunno05:37
pepsiits probably something similar though :D05:37
=== incubii waits for bubuntu
smoucheyeah, set to Eastern Time.  There's no option here for 12 hour format, at least in the panel clock applet05:38
regeyathe only thing I know of is changing your region05:38
incubiiyeah set it to australia05:38
incubiiyou know you want to05:38
smouche'course I could use "fuzzy clock"... ;-)05:38
regeyayou can do so through the control center:  Regional & Accessibility -> Country/Region & Language05:39
regeyaor alternatively05:39
regeyaif you're in a region that defaults to 24-hour time05:39
omni_lonnieor right click on the clock applet and click "Date & Time Format"05:40
regeyain that same entry, you can change it under the time & dates tab05:40
regeyaor that05:40
incubiior just learn 24 hour time05:40
regeyagets you to the same panel!  teehee05:40
smoucheomni_lonnie -- that must be the options screen I missed.  05:42
smoucheSeems to me all that stuff should be available under "configure clock"05:42
omni_lonnieyep, but it's there :)05:42
incubiiyou know the installer should say "updating apt repositories" instaled of "testing network repository"05:42
smoucheanyway, thanks omni_lonnie --05:43
omni_lonnieno prob05:43
=== claydoh [~clay@] has joined #kubuntu
smoucheI have to guess at the settings, and I think the panel needs to be restarted to even see the changes...05:44
regeyaI'm guessing you want 12-hour.  there's an option labeled 'pH:MM:SS AMPM' 05:45
regeyaclear as mud05:45
smoucheyeah, that's it...05:46
regeyaand yeah, the clock has to be restarted...05:46
smouchethanks folks!05:46
smoucheactually, what I'd really like is to have more than one clock in a panel, with different time zones, but I'm assuming those settings are global only...05:48
omni_lonnieactually, you can have dofferent time zones on different clocks05:49
omni_lonniejust right click on one and choose "Show Timezone".  Each clock applet can be set seperately!05:50
smouchehey, youe right -- cool!05:50
smoucheooops, damn dead keys...05:50
=== randabis_ [~randabis@cpe-67-10-186-21.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
smouchekde is just too damn fun to fiddle with... amazing how much stuff I can run on here with 512 megs ram.  Now, if only there were an applet to force me to get my work done...05:54
difektakde is fun?05:54
difektayou should check out gnom.05:55
difektagnome even.05:55
difektait looks way cooler.05:55
omni_lonniesmouche: unfortunately I have the same problem ;)05:55
smoucheWell, then difekta, we won't try to make you difekt.05:55
difektadifekta means "broken"05:55
difektait's esperanto.  similar to the word "defective".05:55
smoucheOnce I turned off the freakin' bouncing cursors, I was very happy.05:55
LeeJunFandifekta: obviously - you're using gnome :p05:56
difektakde seems way overdone and windows-like.05:56
omni_lonnieWindows?  if only wondows was this cool!05:56
difektalemme try it again though and see whether it's gotten better.. /me goes to another xterm.05:56
LeeJunFandifekta: gnome seems undone and childlike.05:56
difektait just looks way windows-like.05:56
difektai don't see that at all.05:56
difektait's way more sleek and refined looking.05:56
difektalemme log into kde here..05:57
smoucheIt's nothing like windows.05:57
difektaoh it's soooo like windows.05:57
LeeJunFandifekta: how do you edit menu's again?05:57
difektaedit menus?05:57
LeeJunFandifekta: in gnome?05:57
smouchehah hah!05:57
=== chavo [~chavo@] has joined #kubuntu
smouchegood point, LeeJunFan05:58
omni_lonniewell, it has windows, icons, a "start menu", a "trash can" and a lot more...05:58
difektayou mean the menu in the task bar?05:58
LeeJunFandifekta: yeah.05:58
difektafreedesktop guidelines.05:58
omni_lonnieoh, wait that is mac like too...05:58
omni_lonnieand gnome like too ;)05:58
difektai think gnome is way more mac-like.  aesthetic, pleasing to the eye.  sophisticated.05:58
LeeJunFanpersonally I can't stand the mac granny look n feel.05:59
omni_lonnieumm ok, but this is the *k*ubuntu channel ;)05:59
difektadoh..i don't have kde.06:00
difektait looks so sleek and futuristic.06:00
=== difekta installs kde real quick.
smouchePeople let too much ride on how a distro looks "out of the box".06:00
difektawoah..half a gig?  forget that.06:01
difektai toyed with kde.  it has all of these way commercial feeling look-and-feel theme choosing options.06:01
difektait's terrible.  it feels so plasticy and commercialized.06:01
LeeJunFandifekta: yeah, that size comes from features like a menu editor. :)06:01
difektayou can edit the menu in gnome just fine.06:02
LeeJunFandifekta: and a mac doesn't?06:02
=== Roey [~Roey@pcp04370251pcs.nrockv01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
Roeyhelloo again06:02
omni_lonniesmouche: I agree.  I *always* customize the desktop I'm using no mater what it is...06:02
difektaokay, the "plastic" theme is absolutely atrocious.06:02
smouchekde is far less confusing for a new linux user, not because it's "like windows" but because (most of) the menus etc are self-explanatory, many of the applets work a lot better, it's just less aggravating to learn how to use...06:03
dimmaki don't like gnome spatial file management by default... and is there an easy way to edit window settings in gnome?06:03
dimmaklike eliminating the border06:03
smouchedimmak, don't know, I dropped gnome for kde -- try the #ubuntu channel.06:04
LeeJunFandimmak: last time I used gnome you couldn't even chose fonts w/o some cryptic string/name.06:04
dimmakkde has more potential to get cluttered up06:04
dimmakbut i prefer it06:04
smouchebut dimmak, I think you need to look at the metacity or nautilus settings buried in gconfig.06:04
dimmaki don't plan on touching gnome for a while... i was just interested06:05
incubiii prefer KDE06:05
incubiignome jsut prohibits me from doing anything06:05
smoucheThe latest version of kde seems like a gigantic improvement over ones I tried before, and the (k)ubuntu packaging was very very good06:06
calcLeeJunFan: erm font chooser looks roughly like kde's06:06
smoucheI detest that gconfig thing in gnome.  How's a new user even supposed to know that they have to look at the settings for "metacity", buried in with all other apps, just so they can alter window behaviour?06:07
calcLeeJunFan: so maybe you haven't used gnome in many years?06:07
calcsmouche: they aren't supposed to use gconf-editor06:07
smoucheI mean shit, a new user doesn't even know what "metacity" is.06:08
LeeJunFancalc: yeah, I know it's been a while. I used to be hardcore anti qpl license, so I stuck it with gnome for a long time. But when qt relaxed a bit I was able to like kde better.06:08
calcthe part they are supposed to modify is exposed in preferences options06:08
calcon ubuntu that is system->preferences->window06:08
smoucheI couldn't find anything in those (awful) gnome menus that I *was* supposed to use, though, calc06:08
calcsmouche: not my fault you are illiterate :)06:09
LeeJunFanbut I always hated gnomes rough edges and lack of standard features, etc... I'm gonna give it a try on one of my other systems in the next couple days - the live demo, just to check it out.06:09
smouchethat's gnome elitism all the way... ;-)  Actually, I know there's a "gnome control panel", but when I tried gnome warty, inexplicably it didn't appear in any menus.  Just gconfig.06:10
dimmakwell i am gonna play around with ndiswrapper... see you llater06:10
calcLeeJunFan: i was the same way but found kde very lacking in consistency so switched back to gnome06:10
calcperhaps kubuntu fixed the problems with kde upstream06:10
incubiignome cant use my dialup06:11
incubiii have to dial from the console06:11
calcthat was broken for many years on kde as well06:11
calcat least in debian06:11
calcprimarily i guess since no developers used dialup06:12
delltonyman i feel for folks that use dialup now days06:12
=== incubii uses 28.8kb thanks to the miracles of pair gain technology, oh what a miracle it is!
delltonyha 28.8kb i use 1000kb up and down a dedicated server :D06:13
incubiiwe have 2mb/2mb at work06:14
incubiithat i continaully flat line06:14
calci used to have 8000/64006:14
LeeJunFanI've got 4down/2up.06:14
delltonyi gotta get my porn fast :)06:14
incubiiwe are trying to get 8/806:14
incubiiwhich means i get my isos even faster06:15
delltonywell actually the server i use is not capped06:15
smoucheGood night, one and all, or good morning, or whatever time zone applies, and thanks for the help and hints06:15
incubiipff clean install of kubuntu and it still hangs on peripherals06:15
=== incubii stabs stuff
delltonybut as long as as i average 1920 a sec then they leave the cap off06:16
calcsince i haven't been uploading kde in the past few months i haven't really missed fast internet06:16
delltonyso at times ill shoot it thru the roof06:16
calci only have 1000/128 now06:16
regeyahangs on peripherals...06:16
incubiiyeah KDE does06:16
incubiithen it goes away to jsut the background and does nothign else06:16
incubii1 out of 10 installs has actually worked06:17
regeyawow...I must have one of those 1006:17
=== regeya feels lucky
incubiiim on PPC though06:17
LeeJunFanI've installed on about 4 now - all good.06:17
incubiii dont want it on my PC06:17
incubiijust my duel G406:18
LeeJunFanI've done a couple amd64's and a couple i386.06:18
incubiiwoa its getting there slowly06:20
incubiiomg it appeard06:20
incubiiit onyl took 10 mins to load KDE06:21
difektaOKAY, I challenge anybody to top this screenshot in KDE : http://brokenladder.com/images/SCREENSHOT.PNG06:21
calcincubii: do you have a lo interface?06:21
incubiieh probably, the nic grabs DHCP assigned ip of the windows 2k3 ICS06:22
incubiiyeah i got lo06:22
difektayou give up don't you?  that's right.  because gnome owns kde.06:23
regeyadifekta: 06:23
incubiiwhat are we trying to TOP exactly ?06:23
LeeJunFanslackware dropped gnome.06:23
difektasomething that looks that slick.06:23
difektano way106:23
incubiiyou have a few windows open06:23
incubiiwith a crud theme06:23
difektaright.  open windows is what most people do in a gui.06:23
regeyawow, that's an ugly screenie06:23
difektait's slick as hell.06:23
difektayou are insane.06:23
chavodifekta, http://2sdw.com/images/3-13.png06:23
incubiipff its an OS X crappy clone06:24
difektai have a mac osx wallpaper with an awesome minimalistic slick-ass-hell setup.06:24
=== calc likes the default ubuntu theme better than that
=== incubii agrees
incubiiwhat theme is that shavo06:25
difektathat's okay i guess.  but the icon theme is silly.06:25
difektaway overdone.06:25
chavodifekta, http://2sdw.com/images/2-23.png06:25
difektaand the kmail logo ruins your whole shot because it's so ugly.06:25
difekta404 on that one dude.06:26
difektai do like the minimalistic aspect of the first shot.06:26
LeeJunFannot as ugly as all those nasty square lesstif looking gtk widgets.06:26
difektasquare looks better.06:26
difektathere are round gtk things too.06:26
LeeJunFanthey still look plain and old.06:27
=== regeya waits for his l33t dialup connection to finish uploading a jpeg screenshot...
incubiilol regeya06:27
difektaa perfect kde example there.  the title bars have gradients, which look terrible.  and the pop-up menu there has an embossed look.06:27
incubiistill loading the first one :D06:28
difektainstead of just having a flat highlight effect.06:28
chavodifekta, you can change the look of the menu06:28
incubiiflat is last millenia06:28
chavofrom the control center06:28
difektai know that.06:28
regeyadifekta: you'd probably like kde better if it still had the kde1 windowstyles06:28
chavocan you do that with any gnome themes.06:28
difektakde used to be way uglier.06:28
difektakde is just so overdone.06:28
difektait needs minimalism.06:28
incubiiits not a minimalistic desktop environment06:29
incubiiif you want that get XFCE or fluxbox06:29
regeyahttp://home.earthlink.net/~regeya/shot-20050327.jpg <- heh06:29
difektabut it should feel light and responsive and not so overdone.06:29
chavoman my server is slow tonight06:29
incubiithats like telling me ford should be holden06:29
LeeJunFandifekta: that's what bash is for (minimalism).06:29
difektathe first screenshot was pretty nice.06:29
difektathat's too minimalistic.06:29
difektai think fluxbox looks awesome with the minimalistic theme; but it doesn't have enough functionality.06:29
incubiiwell what exactly do you need06:30
difektalemme look06:30
chavoI like my computer to work for me, not the other way around.06:30
randabis_the new kde rocks :) It made me switch06:30
difektathe soft solid color is better, but the icons look atrocious.06:30
difektahow new?06:30
difektai used kde a couple months ago and it still sucked.06:31
difektahow new is that?06:31
incubiilike 2 weeks06:31
regeyathose icons give me the horny06:31
difektaoh.  maybe i'll try it out.06:31
incubiilol regeya06:31
chavosame screen with diff. icons http://2sdw.com/images/3-06.png06:31
difektakde just feels kinda bloated i guess..that's the only way i can describe it.06:31
Roeyanyone here see any keyboard layouts besides English?06:31
regeyathey were windows first, and I think they were "ported" to gnome, then kde...could be remembering wrong06:31
chavothose are a gnome icon set, ported to KDE by the way.06:31
RoeyI don't ahve any listed when I try to confiure...06:31
incubiito each his own difekta06:31
regeyaexcellent!  go away.06:32
chavohe said "bloated"06:32
incubiilook at all the people that praise windows06:32
Roey*who praise windows06:32
Roeyobjects->that, people->who06:32
LeeJunFanchavo: shut up asswipe!06:32
Roeyha ha06:32
=== incubii stabs Roey with a grammatically incorrect phrase
Roeyhurtsa lot it06:33
LeeJunFanchavo: please tell me you know what I was referencing when I said that :)06:33
Roeyrandabis_:  is that an in-game image?06:33
incubiiis that console using alpha transparency or just screenshotting the background ?06:33
Roeyrandabis_:  do you have the source at all?06:33
chavoLeeJunFan, ???06:33
LeeJunFanBeavis and Butthead.06:34
regeyadifekta: I blame Rasterman, but he did it to GTK+, and KDE followed suit.06:34
chavoLeeJunFan, oh I missed that, sorry.06:34
randabis_Roey, I forgot where I got that picture :/06:34
Roeyrandabis_:  can you put it up somewhre?06:34
regeyadifekta: now GNOMErs fight to rewrite history, make GNOME look like the non-l33t non-configurable choice, and make fun of KDE for being as flexible as GNOME once was06:34
LeeJunFanchavo: np. Just didn't want you to think I was attacking you for something.06:34
regeyadifekta: that doesn't excuse KDE devs for crapping up an excellent system, but it's not like they did it first. ;-)06:35
chavoincubii, that's fake trans in the console. But you can enable real trans by uncommenting some parts of konsole code.06:35
incubiiah, dont think i will be doing that06:35
chavono it doesn't work that well06:36
=== LeeJunFan wishes I still had an old screenshot of when I was running gnome on E while using konqueror from days long past.
chavobesides real transparency all the time makes it too hard to read06:36
regeyaI'd like to hurt a few Apple engineers06:36
incubiidont hurt the ones that make 30" LCDs06:37
incubiii like those ones06:37
regeyatransparency, translucency, etc are great.06:37
regeyajust not in a GUI.06:37
chavoLeeJunFan, I used gnome for a long, long time. But man they just keep mucking it up.06:37
randabis_Roey, http://img237.exs.cx/img237/3031/050129035125593sy.jpg06:37
LeeJunFanregeya: yeah, t-shirts :)06:37
Roeyrandabis_:  thank you!!!06:38
=== randabis_ is now known as randabis
randabisRoey, np06:38
regeyayou know, on the one hand, there are things that GNOME gets right that Apple and Microsoft get wrong.  that's impressive.06:38
regeyaon the other hand, they tend to do grand sweeping changes in releases, sometimes without warning, sometimes against popular opinion.06:39
Roeyregeya:  that said, ar eyou using kde now or gnome?06:39
incubiignome are like goths06:39
incubiithey conform to non-conformity06:39
incubiiif you start liking it they change it06:39
LeeJunFanincubii: haha06:39
regeyaRoey: kde06:39
Roeyah, ok06:39
regeyaRoey: though until recently I was giving gnome an extended try06:40
=== Roey stabs incubii with a HIG
chavoBow down to the almighty HIG!06:40
Roeyregeya:  why 'until recently'? what happened that you changed your mind?06:40
incubiii dont even know what a hig is06:40
randabisprobably the new kde 3.4 :p06:40
randabisit rocks my socks...I never thought I'd start using kde regularly again06:40
chavoHIG == The death of Gnome.06:40
regeyaRoey: if I have to resort to the command line more than 45% of the time, it's crap06:40
LeeJunFanTo admit - gnome has been a while with me. But last time I tried it was the stupid things that pissed me off about it - I mean how hard is it to line up icons on the taskbar?06:41
regeyaRoey: also, GNOME is t3h slow06:41
randabisyeah kde pwns gnome in speed now06:41
RoeyI have problems with kde though too06:41
Roeyfor example, the menus06:41
LeeJunFanI'm going to look at gnome again tomorrow, but I don't expect I'll be staying, who knows.06:41
incubiii struggled to create a shortcut in gnome that actually worked06:41
Roeyand the way that they never have what I need06:41
regeyaindeed chavo; it was annoying for a while, any time a new under-development app was announced on GNOME news, seeing these "it's not HIG compliant" posts06:41
regeyawho cares if it's useful--we gotta fix that HIG compliance FIRST!06:42
LeeJunFanoh, and esd. Does gnome still use that?06:43
randabiswhat I really hate about gnome 2.10 is the way they totally fucked up the networking tool06:43
randabisyou can't even add interfaces with it anymore06:43
regeyaRoey: also, when I posted that screenshot to my freebie Web space a few minutes ago, I went straight from the screenshot app to FTP via the Save dialog06:43
chavoregeya, you can't beat that.06:44
incubiiVFS rocks06:44
regeyawhen you get it to work, yeah06:44
=== dimmak [~rroper@lsanca1-ar55-4-65-118-030.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
dimmaki got my 54g wireless card working with kubuntu via ndiswrapper... a first... thank you kubuntu06:45
incubiinow to get my ipod working on here again06:45
dimmakhappy happy joy joy06:45
incubiianyone else using kubuntu on PPC here?06:46
LeeJunFanincubii: that shouldn't be hard - plug it in and go to media: in konqueror06:46
incubiidoesnt automount LeeJunFan :)06:46
incubiihave to manually mount it06:46
incubiiloads the module for it though06:46
Roeyhey... a few ideas for KDE app names... BuKkake and Konfusion...06:47
randabisgtkpod works well06:47
incubiiyeah gtkpod works nicely06:47
incubiistill have to mount the ipod though first06:47
incubiioh it automounts now06:49
incubiimust of broken my other install somehow then06:49
LeeJunFanincubii: try amarok :)06:49
incubiii still need an fstab to right click and mount though06:50
LeeJunFanyou shouldn't if it's in media:06:50
LeeJunFanI mounted my camera earlier w/o it being in fstab.06:50
incubiiwell it errs that there is no entry06:50
LeeJunFanhuh, I just checked my camera again.06:52
incubiihmm well it needs it but then its just a matter of adding it in06:52
LeeJunFanincubii: no fstab, but it's in mtab allright.06:52
LeeJunFanincubii: are you in media:/ ?06:53
incubiii click mount on the ipod partition06:53
incubiiand i get06:53
LeeJunFanI wonder what the diff is?06:53
incubii"mount: can't find /dev/sda2 in /etc/fstab or /etcmtab <cr> Please check that the dist is entered correctly"06:54
LeeJunFanincubii: have you done updates yet?06:55
incubiii think i will switch from firefox to knoquerer06:55
incubiinah not yet06:55
incubiithats tnite06:55
incubiisince im on 28.8kb dialup06:55
Roeywhere's konq-plugins ?06:55
LeeJunFanincubii: maybe that's it. updates to udev/hal maybe.06:55
Roeyand pykde306:55
Roeyand KEYBORD LAYOUTS :(06:55
incubiiim going to upgrade the kernel tnite06:56
incubiiand KDE some time06:56
Roeyincubii:  how06:56
Roeyincubii:  what are you going to put on da kernel06:56
incubiiupgrading to latest kubuntu 2.6 kernel with SMP06:57
=== Glin|Jol [~bobo@66-108-244-133.nyc.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
incubiias this kernel is only uni processor from the CD06:57
incubiicd doesnt come with smp06:57
incubiiprobably one of the slight annoyances that could be fixed for duel ppc systems06:59
incubiikonq didnt like viewing media:/ while i put a dvd in07:00
incubiithe KDE side image on kubuntu is wrong07:02
incubiiit says 5.4 but should say 5.04 ?07:02
=== hunger [~hunger@pD9E649C8.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #kubuntu
chavoincubii, never noticed that because I have the side image turned off, but you are right07:03
LeeJunFanwhat side image?07:04
incubiion the main kde menu07:04
LeeJunFanmine just says kde3.407:04
incubiimine says kubuntu 5.407:04
difektai'm just going to install kde for the hell of it and try it out.07:05
difektasince you fuckers say it's good.07:05
LeeJunFanMy ~ dir is years old - I probably have a diff theme or something.07:05
LeeJunFanI'm not really a fucker, but I did stay at a holidy inn express last night.07:05
chavoLeeJunFan, you can put a custom side image in your ~/.kde somewhere07:06
LeeJunFanchavo: not that I've done on purpose. Maybe it's part of an overall theme.07:06
LeeJunFanMine has KDE 3.4 and a blue Gear in my side/menu.07:06
incubiidid you install KDE through ubuntu or use the kubuntu iso ?07:07
randabisLeeJunFan, did you install the kubuntu-default-settings package?07:07
chavohmm I've got the kubuntu side image here.07:08
LeeJunFanyeah, it's on here.07:08
=== dimmak [~rroper@lsanca1-ar55-4-65-118-030.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFanI installed from CD about a week ago on this drive, been keeping up to date daily.07:09
LeeJunFanI think my amd64 install (which is way older on another partition) has the same.07:09
LeeJunFanBTW - that login screen - is that really kdm or some bastardization? I can't change anything about it.07:10
incubiimaybe its really GDM in disguise07:10
LeeJunFanincubii: it looks more like it.07:10
chavoLeeJunFan, it's kdcm07:10
randabisI don't know about that...I've used a custom gdm theme for a while now07:10
chavoyou can theme kdm in 3.407:11
LeeJunFanldd /usr/bin/kdm doesn't show a single qt or kde library that it's linked to.07:12
dimmakyellowonblue theme looks scary07:12
incubiimaybe its static ?07:15
dimmakdid icon zooming go away?07:16
chavodimmak, yes07:16
dimmakoh well07:16
incubiiits there falt its nort werkin07:17
omni_lonniebut I liked icon zooming :(07:17
LeeJunFanincubii: I can't change my background or any other option on the login via kcontrol - so I'm wondering if kubuntu didn't pull a Mandrake and write their own dm and call it kdm.07:17
incubiisearch the forums07:18
incubiiming be info on it there07:18
dimmakLeeJunFan: system administration>>login manager07:18
chavoLeeJunFan, I can change my kdm here. I've changed the theme. And Mandrake rewrote kdm, they call it mdkkdm07:18
incubiiupgrading udev fixed my KDE bootup troubles07:18
dimmakmake sure you sudo07:18
LeeJunFanchavo: not until I bitched about it on the cooker list.07:18
dimmakor su07:18
incubiinow it boots in 9 seconds07:19
chavoLeeJunFan, aha07:19
LeeJunFanchavo: first they removed the real kdm.: )07:19
LeeJunFanI wonder why I can't change my login settings, but then I wonder why you and I have a different menu image too :)07:20
LeeJunFanbtw - I created a new user and it has the same image in the menu. So it's not a remnant somehow left from a 3 year old .kde dir.07:20
dimmakLeeJunFan: sudo kcontrol07:20
incubiihmm now it recognises the ipod as a removeable device but i still cant access it without fstab entry07:20
LeeJunFandimmak: I did that. I'll try again.07:21
dimmakoh ok07:21
dimmaki just use the control center through the menu07:21
dimmakthen it actually has a button for administration mode07:21
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFanbrb - gotta try.07:23
=== LeeJunFan [junfan@64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #kubuntu
billytwowillynice. kaffeine 0.607:25
LeeJunFanno deal - It changed the passwd echo to 3 star, and the graphic type to keramic (had to make changes everywhere to see what might actually work), but still kubuntu background.07:25
billytwowillysmooth people. smooth.07:25
dimmakLeeJunFan: the login manager or the splash screen?07:26
dimmakLeeJunFan: the splash screen is under appearance and themes07:27
dimmakin case it might be that07:27
LeeJunFanI get kubuntu background - then the one I chose for login, then my desktop background.07:27
LeeJunFanIt loads my chosen background between the login background and the desktop.07:28
=== HillTop [~chatzilla@cpe-204-210-35-9.san.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFanif I check /etc/kde3/kdm/backgroundrc it says Wallpaper=/usr/share/wallpapers/KDE34.png07:30
billytwowillyLeeJunFan: what are you trying to do?07:31
LeeJunFanchange my login background.07:31
billytwowillychange it in backgrounrc if you don't want to see the default background for a moment while kde loads your chosen background.07:32
LeeJunFanbackgroundrc has what I want to show - but that isn't what's showing on the login screen. It only shows for a second while kdm quits and hands over to kwin.07:33
billytwowillyyah, then you have to set it where dimmak said you should.07:34
LeeJunFanI did.07:34
LeeJunFanNothing changes the actual BG that's shown while I type in my passwd.07:35
LeeJunFanI think the kubuntu theme is overriding anything I change.07:37
dimmaki haven't played around with it enough then07:37
dimmakfound it?07:38
chavoLeeJunFan, it's the theme07:38
LeeJunFanno matter what BG I choose it's the one in there that's shown - with all the buttons.07:38
incubiifor my ipod problem i just put it in fstab and auto mount07:39
chavolook in /etc/kde3/kdm/kdmrc for UseTheme07:39
incubiito /mnt/sda2 then softlink it to /mnt/ipod and /media/ipod07:39
incubiiworks nice ly07:39
LeeJunFanyeah, I saw the theme in there. But what buttons will be there if I remove the theme? :)07:39
chavoit will be a small dialog window07:39
LeeJunFanchavo: that's what I want. :) thanks. No way to change that via GUI?07:40
chavothat will use the theme you choose in control center07:40
chavoLeeJunFan, not yet07:40
chavothere's an app on kde-apps.org but it's still in development07:40
chavoworks for me, I changed my theme with it.07:41
=== LeeJunFan [junfan@64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFanthat was it.07:42
chavoLeeJunFan, you can just start a new session to test the changes you know07:42
LeeJunFanchavo: oh yea, forgot about that. I'm old school :)07:43
difektaOMFG kde is robust as hell.07:43
=== spreda [~bill@fixed-203-87-74-100.nsw.chariot.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
LeeJunFanwho the hell are you and what have you dont to difekta ?07:43
=== incubii wonders if he impressed or not
difektai just installed kde07:44
difektaso many apps!07:44
difektabut i'm still in gnome running them...07:44
difektalemme hop over to another xserver.07:44
incubiialot nicer then 6 months ago hey ?07:44
membreyakde...robust? :| lol07:44
difektait has about 5 times the apps on gnome.07:45
LeeJunFankde is harvested from only the finest GUI beans :)07:45
membreyalots of apps yes..but it crashes at least once a day on my computer :P07:45
membreyaespecially bad when artsd dies07:45
incubiiyeah artsd i dont like07:45
LeeJunFanmembreya: wth are you doing?07:46
incubiiit still has its problems but its a lot better then it use to be07:46
LeeJunFanincubii: arts is the lesser of the evils though. esd is worse.07:46
membreyathat's why alsa rocks :P07:46
incubiitrue that07:46
membreyaand artsd typically crashes when I'm using kaffeine07:46
LeeJunFanalsa isn't a server - or are you talking about some other alsa.07:47
difektaI like how freedesktop standards make kde and gnome basically interoperable.07:47
difektai can see kde apps and gnome apps all in my applications list.07:47
incubiikaffeine works better with my ipod then amarok does07:48
difektaholy cow..they also can put things in the same notification applet.07:49
dimmaki like amarok a lot07:49
incubiiamarok plays static07:49
incubiiunless you know why07:49
membreyaamarok doesn't even play my mp3s :|07:49
incubiiplus it says theres no sound engine07:49
dimmakno idea... didn't ever use it until kubuntu07:49
incubiiwell everything else plays fine07:49
incubiii dont mint though07:50
incubiiim happy07:50
dimmaki like the statistics database you can register for07:50
membreyalol and I can quite happily crash my kaffeine :P07:50
incubiithough the mac pc speaker is not the best for playing sounds07:50
dimmaki was letting it recommend music from my library based on what i was currently listening to07:50
incubiibut it will do07:50
membreyaI just have to tell it to add my 978 music videos to its play list07:50
membreyalocks the PC up lol07:51
dimmakand seeing how deep it would go into my music07:51
incubiihow well does it work ?07:51
membreyadamnit..out of smokes >:\07:51
dimmaki was impressed with it... and the best part i find is that it uploads my listening habits to share with other people using the feature07:52
dimmakso it will recommend artists to others based on my listening07:52
incubiiinteresting feature07:52
membreyaany idea why I get no sound out of amarok ?07:53
dimmaka type of information harvester that i totally support07:53
incubiidunno membreya thats the problem i have07:53
dimmaklemme see if it works on my laptop07:53
incubiisays theres no sound engine so just plays static07:53
incubiieverything but amarok plays sound07:53
membreyaI don't even get that error message..says that it's playing ..but I don't hear anything07:53
incubiiso i know its amarok07:53
chavoincubii, you need to install some output plugins for amarok07:54
incubiiman all i need is to whack in a wireless apple nic and this box is set07:54
membreyaaah just looked at engine, and there's nothing in there07:54
membreyaa media player..with no default output..that's some clever planning :P07:55
incubiiamarok-engines ?07:55
incubiimaybe they arent allowed to include them or just plain forgot07:56
incubiii choose arent allowed to as it causes conflict and much heated debate07:56
chavoyes and amarok-gstreamer amarok-xine07:57
incubiiok ill do that after the kernel finishes coming down07:57
incubiisee if that fixes it07:57
incubiiif kaffeine support ipod playlists id be set07:57
dimmakamarok works fine on my puter07:57
dimmaklappy as well07:58
incubiiman if linux could support ipods 100% with something as flashy as itunes i could move all of the office over to linux07:59
incubiino more OS x07:59
membreyabut ...OSx :'(08:00
incubiiim not a big fan of it08:00
incubiii like it08:00
incubiibut i prefer kubuntu08:00
membreyait's soooooo pretty :)08:00
incubiiagreed it is08:00
membreyai want a KDE theme that replicates it08:00
incubiicant wait to see tiger08:00
incubiiill have to upgrade the entire office to tiger the week it comes out08:01
chavomembreya, get baghira08:01
=== incubii loves working for a company that requires bleeding edge
membreyammm untested software in a work environment :P08:01
chavoit's a style and window decoration that is OS X like08:02
incubiiuntested software, thats what warrantis and SLAs are for08:02
incubiiblame them!08:02
incubiiyeah baghira looks nice08:02
chavoI'm not a big fan of OS X styles though.08:03
incubiii like plastik/lipstick08:03
dimmakcan you run adium in kubuntu?08:03
membreyachavo: it won't have the pretty minimising action though :(08:03
incubiimuch nicer on the eye then keramik08:03
incubiiwhat is adium ?08:03
dimmakmessenger... adium.sourceforge.net08:03
chavomembreya, that stuff will be coming soon. Can't stand it myself.08:03
incubiiid assume so dimmak08:04
chavoIf I minimize a window I want the thing gone.08:04
membreyaagain chavo ...it's pretty :P08:04
membreyabut osx minimises it in styyyyyle08:04
dimmakwell can you run any powerpc application in linux?08:04
chavonot my style.08:04
dimmakexpose is a great app08:04
incubiidefine powerpc application08:04
incubiido you mean OS X apps in linux ?08:05
dimmakall my computers are x86... but i have been playing around with pearpc a lot08:05
chavomembreya, http://2sdw.com/images/3-13.png that is the baghira window decoration.08:05
dimmakpower pc vs x86 architecture08:05
incubiii run linux on PowerPC08:05
incubiiif i need an OS X app i just fire up MOL08:05
incubiimac-on-linux :)08:05
dimmaki see08:05
incubiiruns OS X inside linux at native speed almost08:05
membreyachavo: ...could it be ...true alpha blending08:05
incubiinever tried pearpc08:06
incubiiis it any good ?08:06
chavomembreya, yes it's been available since xorg 6.808:06
chavostill a little buggy though08:06
dimmaknot close to how you described mol... but pearpc is for x86 machines emulating power pc environments... it does on the fly translation of the power pc instructions to x86 instructions08:07
dimmakso you don't nearly the speed as a virtual machine that is not translating into different architectures08:07
incubiiit runs OS X though doesnt it ?08:07
incubiii think QEMU can run OS X too now08:08
incubiior they are getting there08:08
dimmakat a much reduced speed from the native x86 processor... they estimate it at 1/15 the native processor speed08:08
dimmakmac-on-linux is a ppc application... that is why it works great at what it does08:08
dimmaksimilar to vmware for x86 machines08:08
dimmakpearpc is bridging the gap between running mac-osx on an x86 machine08:09
incubiithats right, CherryOS was a complete rip off of it08:09
dimmakwhich is a lot harder than the opposite08:09
incubiii need to install Synergy on these boxes08:10
incubiiget tired of using two keyboards and mice08:10
incubiihehe my canary is chirping along to my dance music08:11
membreyagrrr amarok isn't even starting for me now ...ok I've gone into .kde/share/config and rm'd amarokrc ...where else is it hiding its config?08:11
incubiiwish i knew so i could tell you08:12
dimmakdo i need to add my current user account to the drives group so that i can play dvds?08:13
incubiii dunno, if you find out let me know!08:14
incubiiit pisses me off, i can burn but i cant play08:14
dimmakalright... i'll try it out... let me do all my upgrading... so i don't destroy my account while adding it to another group... happened on my desktop account08:15
dimmaknice having two installations to play with08:15
dimmakmy internet is still borked on the desktop... and i blame autopackage08:15
incubiihave you tried redoing what failed ?08:16
dimmakyeppers... no luck08:17
dimmakit was a firefox autopackage08:18
dimmakbeware... one of the developers could replicate the problem within firefox itself... my problem was system wide08:18
dimmakand i haven't repaired the damage08:18
dimmakso autopackage and kubuntu aren't playing well yet08:18
incubiiill stick to apt-get/synaptic08:19
incubiiwait till it matures more08:19
=== Zugot [~bryan@pcp0010860530pcs.longhl01.md.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
dimmakyeah... i still like it... even if it hates my guts... oh the life of a stalker:-)08:21
incubiipoor thing you touch it once and it fucks you over08:28
dimmakworked fine for gaim08:29
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== verden01 [~verden@] has joined #kubuntu
verden01I have ubuntu 4 installed and want to install kubuntu-desktop via apt-get and when i go to do this i get a message saying "Couldn't find package Kubuntu-desktop"08:34
membreyahow do you restart artsd?08:35
verden01any ideas08:36
incubiiverden do apt-get update; apt-cache search kubuntu08:38
verden01ok thanx i'll try that08:38
incubiiif its not there you may need to add repositories, or its not availbable for warty08:39
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== verden01 [~verden@] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
incubiihmm i dunno whether i should install firefox or just use konq08:53
delltonymembreya, noticed you asked the question about restarting artsd08:54
=== froud-away is now known as froud
=== ztonzy [~ztonzy@c-e046e055.560-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
dimmaki prefer firefox... but i don't think it supports search prefixes08:55
dimmaklike typing "gg search string"08:55
dimmakfor google and stuff08:55
dimmakand i like that feature a lot08:56
dimmaki think konq is doing a decent job of emulating the best of firefox08:56
membreyathat's me delltony :)08:56
incubiiby that you mean "gg:kubuntu"08:57
dimmakhadn't used it in a while08:57
membreyanamely.. I'm getting an error to say /dev/dsp busy08:58
dimmakdon't remember it requiring a colon... but apparently it does08:58
incubiiis there a way to use the feeling lucky option that way08:58
dimmakyeah... i'll find the options08:58
dimmakjust a moment08:58
dimmakthere is a big list08:58
=== ricochet [~ricochet@adsl-69-107-56-29.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
dimmaki usually truncate my favorites to single letters08:59
dimmakcontrol center>>internet and network>>web browser>>web shortcuts08:59
incubiiah ok09:00
incubiiwow i never knew that09:00
ricochetQuestion, I installed ubuntu a long time ago, then changed my sources to debian so I could get stuff I wanted.  Now I changed back to hoary, distupgraded.. trying to install kubuntu-desktop, but I am getting the error:kubuntu-desktop: Depends: python-newt but it is not going to be installed09:00
dimmakyeah.. it was something i got familiar with in windows09:00
dimmakusing the tweak ui powertoy09:00
dimmakyou can add any search engine you want too ... if one is missing09:01
incubiiwow it really does to im feeling lucky09:02
dimmakyou can change the delimiter to a space:-)09:02
incubiistuff firefox09:02
incubiii think i wil09:02
dimmakno more colon for me09:02
dimmaki would add single letter shortcuts too... to make it even faster09:02
delltonymembreya, you simply killall artsd and it will restart when needed09:03
dimmaknow i just need to add an address bar to a panel09:03
incubiithansk man09:03
incubiithis will help so much09:03
dimmakyeah... i like it a lot09:03
incubiiyou just increased my productivity09:03
dimmaki do my best09:04
incubiiall it needs is dictionary.com09:04
dimmakyeah... you can add it, i am right now09:04
dimmakjust go do a search at dictionary.com with a random string09:04
dimmakand replace that string with {@}... i think09:05
dimmakhave to test... i was just comparing the other ones09:05
membreyawhat plugins are people using for amarok to play MP3's?09:05
incubiixmms engine09:05
dimmakthat is what mine uses09:06
membreyai only have xine, artsd & gstreamer09:06
dimmakjust search for amarok in kynaptic09:06
membreyaalready have all valid options enabled in kynaptic for amarok dimmak 09:07
=== fake__ [~fake@83-65-236-152.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #kubuntu
dimmakincubii: it is \{@} for the search string09:08
dimmakand it tells you09:08
incubiioke doke09:08
incubiikernel-smp 98%09:09
dimmakthat is mine09:09
dimmakfor the search url09:10
incubiivga=791 = 1024x768  so what is 1280x102409:16
dimmakplease note that is a joke09:20
incubiiyesh i know09:20
incubiithe meaning of life is 4209:21
dimmakwho knows what catastrophe i might have caused09:21
incubiiyou know what would rock of web shortcuts worked in xchat09:22
incubiiwow even doing it in the alt+f2 run dialog works09:22
incubiiim impressed09:22
dimmakyay... add run command to your panel09:23
dimmakand you can use it there too09:23
dimmakrun command works as an address bar... good stuff09:24
incubiiman that rocks09:27
incubiii use to do that with Litestep on windows09:28
incubiihave the run command accessible on the taskbar09:28
dimmaki have never been impressed with alternate shells on windows09:28
dimmakalways very buggy09:29
incubiibblean is nice09:29
incubiiso was yz dock09:29
incubiinever had problems with them09:29
incubiiothers, yeah the were buggy09:30
dimmaki like having a desktop... without having to configure a bunch of plugins to emulate one09:30
=== Mestapheles [~Captain@d142-59-231-163.abhsia.telus.net] has joined #kubuntu
dimmakvery minimal... but took away too many features for me09:30
=== ozmighty [~david@happ-p-144-134-61-188.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
incubiiah thats better09:36
incubiinow normal users can mount the ipod09:36
=== difekta [~DIFEKTA@h-69-3-238-216.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #KUBUNTU
=== faked [~faked@83-65-236-152.dynamic.xdsl-line.inode.at] has joined #kubuntu
incubiithere we go now amarok works 09:39
fakedfor mplayer, can I use the marillat-source from debian unstable, or is there another source for kubuntu?09:39
=== dimmak [~rroper@lsanca1-ar55-4-65-118-030.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
fakeddeb ftp://ftp.nerim.net/debian-marillat unstable main <-- does this work on (k)ubuntu?09:42
=== buz [~buz@217-162-131-144.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
=== buz_ [~buz@217-162-131-144.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
delltonyfaked, i use them work just fine09:47
=== buz_ [~buz@217-162-131-144.dclient.hispeed.ch] has left #kubuntu ["Kopete]
fakeddelltony: ok, thx09:47
incubiiamarok works great now dimmak09:49
dimmakoh cool09:49
delltonyyou will probably have some issues on the keys though faked 09:50
=== marcusT [~marcus@xdsl-81-173-155-68.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
dimmakcheckout scrobbler under settings>>configure amarok09:51
delltonyyou need to do gpg --keyserver www.keys.eu.pgp.net --recv-keys 1F41B90709:51
marcusTmarcus top 3 list of annoying things in his install:09:51
marcusT3. can't change language to german at the moment09:51
marcusT2. hald stuff still  doesn't work correctly and now doesn't even know that / is mounted09:51
delltonygpg --armor --export 1F41B907 | sudo apt-key add -09:51
marcusT1. constantly running kbuildsycoca after login09:51
dimmakthis is me>>http://www.audioscrobbler.com/user/dimmak/09:53
incubiiyeah it rocks once it works09:53
incubiii have not heard of any of those bands09:57
incubiimight have to do with being australian though09:57
incubiihmm a lot of people use chatzilla09:58
incubiiis it any good09:58
incubiidoes kubuntu have a splash logo09:59
dimmaki prefer just using gaim09:59
incubiifor bootup?09:59
dimmakthat shows your progress as things are loading?09:59
incubiilike fedora core09:59
dimmakappearance and themes>>splash screen10:00
dimmakor do you mean the boot loader?10:00
dimmaki don't think so10:00
incubiiwonder what i need to do then to get it. YDL, yellow dog linux for ppc has one. just prefer it too see the 640x480 dmesg text10:03
=== dimmak [~rroper@lsanca1-ar55-4-65-118-030.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== dimmak [~rroper@lsanca1-ar55-4-65-118-030.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
dimmakanybody successful with dvds? ..."Maybe you don't have enough rights for this, or source doesn't contain data (e.g: no disc in drive). (Error reading NAV packet.)"10:27
dimmakand libdvdcss isn't in the repository10:27
dimmakgoogle google10:27
=== dimmak [~rroper@lsanca1-ar55-4-65-118-030.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Mestapheles is now known as Faust
=== dimmak [~rroper@lsanca1-ar55-4-65-118-030.lsanca1.dsl-verizon.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== gsuveg [~gsuveg@a0666.adsl.pool.eol.hu] has joined #kubuntu
froudkpackage reload operation stops at 99%, anyone else getting this?11:01
froudkynaptic reload operation stops at 99%, anyone else getting this?11:02
froudsorry my bad11:02
froudignore, it finally worked :-)11:03
membreyadoes anyone know any easy way to burn .wma files onto an audio CD?11:03
gsuvegactualy kubuntu run perfect on hoary ?11:06
=== difekta [~DIFEKTA@h-68-164-171-24.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #KUBUNTU
=== motaboy [~motaboy@host116-36.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
incubiialmost perfect11:22
incubiiit is a preview afterall11:22
=== verden01 [~verden@] has joined #kubuntu
incubiihowdy verden0111:26
verden01hows things11:27
incubiiyea alrite11:28
verden01been using kubuntu for long11:28
incubiisince came out11:28
incubiias an iso11:28
verden01how longs that?11:28
verden01i only have the first ubuntu but am now upgrading to hoary and will then install kubuntu-desktop11:29
verden01i've always liked kde 11:29
incubiiim nto really sure, lol11:30
verden01have u tired many other distro's11:31
=== azuzak [~azuzak@201009180230.user.veloxzone.com.br] has joined #kubuntu
=== Pyre [~Pyre@host-84-9-32-39.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
buzyeah gtk-qt works again11:46
buzdunno why or how, but it seems to do ;-)11:46
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
incubiiwhat is that11:54
buza gtk theme that makes gtk apps look mostly like kde apps11:57
corujahmm, i updated kde-i18n-de again, this time the right size i suppose, but i'm not allowed/able to change language settings in kcontrol...11:59
corujathough i can choose german as language, but nothing happens, it won't even appear in the 'languages box'12:00
corujaany idea? ;)12:00
buznoticed that myself just now12:00
buzdid you try to log out of kde?12:01
corujai restarted x several times...12:01
buzthat's weird then12:01
buzpersonally, i don't care for german much but others here sure do12:02
buzit's especially strange as ubuntu is big on i18n12:02
corujai've changed the locale settings in the kdeglobals file by hand (to de_DE), but again, nothing happens12:02
corujalet's wait and see if any other has rather the same problems, maybe even with ather languages...12:03
buzmhhh is there any place i can get kde-bluetooth from?12:04
corujakde-apps.org, or maybe hints where to find there?12:04
buzdid try rpmseek, it finds some debs but all links are broken12:05
buzand the link on kde-apps.org is pretty much down, sf only has the source12:06
buzah it's supposedly in kdeextragear12:06
incubiihmm why cant i play DVDs12:07
buzdvd playing on linux isn't entirely legal12:08
buzso it's not installed by default12:08
buzwhat you can do: add universe and install videolan12:08
incubiiyeah did that12:08
incubiistill no go12:08
buzthat's weird12:08
buzworks for me12:08
incubiimust be the PPC thing12:10
incubiilooks like i have to compile libdvdcss12:10
buzu using ppc?12:10
buzmhh on x86 it works12:10
buzbut i can't remember if i had to install libdvdcss myself, actually12:10
incubiionce you go duel ppc its hard to go back to uni x8612:11
buzit was in the rep that i know12:11
buzdidn't need to compile anything12:11
buzyeah only i'm not shelling out 2000$ for a dual g5 ;-)12:11
incubiiwork related gift12:11
buzif i did, i'd probably run osx on it anyway12:11
incubiii have to admin the things so its best taht i have one at home12:11
incubiiinfact if i bought one12:12
buzi never quite understood why anyone would get an overpriced mac just to run linux on it ;-)12:12
incubiii could do a tax write off12:12
incubiias its required12:12
incubiioh linux runs so fast12:12
buzdon't speak of taxes, i should do my declaration today ;-)12:12
buzpaying is bad, filling out the paperwork much worse12:13
incubiijust theres teething problems on PPC that arent in x8612:13
incubiii woulda thought it would be easier to support less ahrdware12:13
buzprobably best to use gentoo or some such on ppc12:13
incubiinah gentoo was much much worse then this12:13
incubiithis works liek a charm12:13
incubiii just want to watch DVDs12:13
buzi want to use bluetooth, but no kde bluetooth in sight anywhere12:15
incubiiah well guess ill use windows box next to me till then12:15
buzi finally got rid of that plague12:15
buzyou could always use osx you know ;-)12:15
incubiinah dont like OS X12:17
incubiiit doesnt like me doing things12:17
buzit's pretty but somewhat weird12:17
buzhas a life of it's own me thinks12:17
buzand it's sloooow12:17
incubiiits like buying a bmw then wanting to rice it up12:17
buzwhat kind of weirdness is this? the deb for klibido needs libidb 0.5.13 but debian has 0.5.212:18
incubiii blame al gore12:18
buzhe's on the board, doesn't mean he gets to say anything12:18
incubiinah cause he invented the internet12:19
buzi blame jobs. he's a maniac12:19
buzthe sole fact that he ships one button mouses says about everything12:19
incubiibut we all know it was george bush who did12:19
incubiidid you read on slashdot they are thinking of a two button mouse12:19
incubiiand they call it innovation12:19
=== spektr [~th@M895P018.adsl.highway.telekom.at] has joined #kubuntu
buzbest thing is you can hook up a normal mouse just fine12:20
buzin fact i don't know anyone who actually uses that crappy mice12:20
incubiii have an MX1000 attached to it12:20
incubiiat work that is12:20
buzbeyond me why anyone would pay that much for a mere mouse12:21
incubiioh they are very nice12:21
incubiiit is a lot of money12:21
buzmhh yeah but a 10$ optical does the same job12:21
incubiibut then why would anyone spend $1000's on clothing12:22
buzmaybe if you play 3dshooters all day12:22
incubiiwhen $2 tshirts do the same job12:22
buzso other people see they did ;-)12:22
incubiii sit infront of a computer for about 18 hours of the day 14 of those are at work12:22
incubiii stare at 2x30" plus 4x20" screens on 1 machine alone, i need comfortable equipment12:23
buzWTF do you work12:23
incubiistock trading company12:24
buzah ok12:24
incubiiim it support though12:24
buzi've seen traders with 6 23" and the like12:24
incubiiwell b4 we got the 30" screens they had 8x20"12:24
incubiinow they have what i mentioned above12:25
buzi'm still debating myself if i should switch to a finance major, actually12:25
incubiiand they are thinking of going for 4x30"12:25
buzi'd prefer 4*20 inch over 2*30"12:25
incubiii thought of that too since i work in finance 12:25
buzIT majors suck badly at my university12:26
incubiiwell 4*20" is alright if you have good LCDs with small monitor edges12:26
buzand since IT is technically a faculty of economics department, i can switch for free12:26
incubiii get half my work paid uni course off thanks to my work experience12:27
buzaround here, uni is paid for by the government (save some measly 1000$ tuition a year)12:28
incubiiwell we can defer our payment12:29
=== apokryphos [~apokrypho@host-84-9-32-39.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
incubiibut then you end up paying it through tax after you earn a certain amount12:29
mfoxelahi, are there known problems with kwallet? Since I made an update yesterday, its not working anymore.12:30
incubiinever used it12:30
incubiiwow i love that bug12:32
incubiikde crash handler crashed12:32
incubiiso now it endlessly crashes12:32
incubiiah i hope the release fixes the bugs12:33
incubiii think i will update kde12:33
incubiicome back next week it should be done12:34
mfoxelacan somebody try that: open kwallet and choose File->New Wallet. Do you get an dialog?12:34
incubiigive me a sec12:34
buzi can't even open kwallet it seems12:35
buzah now12:35
buzi get a dialog12:35
buzalso seems to continue when i enter some stuff12:35
mfoxelahmm, did you do an update the last days?12:36
buzevery day12:36
incubiiit would appear even having a dvd in the drive makes KDE crash horribly12:36
buzmust be a ppc thing incubii 12:36
mfoxelaI'll restart kde ...12:37
incubiiwallet works on here12:37
buzis there a way to have different colors for calendar categories in kontact?12:37
incubiimust be an x86 thing12:37
incubiino idea12:37
buzdoesn't seem like it is12:38
buzaaah under configure, not categories dialog12:38
buzkinda weird12:38
incubiii hate when they change one lil package in the package list then i have to DL the whole bloody thing again on 28.8kb dialup12:38
buzi haven't been on dial up since 2000 fortunately12:39
buzthese days i got 2mbit cable, goes swoosh and it's done ;)12:39
incubiidoes that at work for me12:39
incubiiusualyl i just take my drive and plug it in another machine and dist-upgrade12:39
=== pepsi [~pepsi@72-254-42-18.client.stsn.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== incubii drinks pepsi
incubiiaw refreshing12:41
=== mfoxela [~legolas@port-212-202-8-100.dynamic.qsc.de] has joined #kubuntu
incubiimfoxela, kwallet works in kubuntu ppc12:41
mfoxelahi, after restarting kde, kwallet is working again, thank you for trying12:41
incubiii love web shortcuts12:42
incubiisomeone pointed them out to me today, and they rock12:43
buzsheesh this sucks. the egroupware konnector for kontact sometimes duplicates events12:43
incubiikill it12:43
incubiirm -rf /12:44
buzNAH that can't be right12:44
buzschool at 8:15 in the morning three times a week?12:44
mfoxelaI think this connector isn't ready for daily use, had lots of problems with it12:44
apokryphosmfoxela: yes, for things like kwallet, kcoockiejar etc. they won't be functional properly until after restarting kde12:44
buzthey want to kill me because of sleep deprevation12:44
apokryphosto start the daemons12:44
mfoxelaapokryphos: I thought I did a restart after updating yesterday :)12:45
=== do3cc [~pge@xdsl-195-14-205-195.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== dvoid [~dvoid@c-215fe155.2010-1-64736c10.cust.bredbandsbolaget.se] has joined #kubuntu
=== motaboy [~motaboy@host116-36.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu
incubiiyay opensource flash for ppc01:04
incubiiand it works01:04
incubiisort of01:04
haggaiis anyone here waiting for fixed translation packages?01:06
haggaiie kde-i18n that works01:06
haggaideb http://kubuntu.org/~halls/pkgs / 01:06
haggaiI've put them up there until they are accepted into the archive01:07
=== do3cc_ [~pge@xdsl-213-196-209-233.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
buzhaggai: the apache on there cuts the filenames short, can't really tell what the link leads to this way ...01:19
haggaibuz: that was to be added to your sources.list.  But do3cc_ just told me the packages are on the mirrors anyway01:22
buzi overlooked the deb in front of the url01:22
marcusThaggai: define on the mirrors anyway... because the i18n I installed this morning still doesn't work01:22
haggaimarcusT: 'dpkg -l kde-i18n-\*' should show 3.4.0-0ubuntu2, not ubuntu101:23
haggaiubuntu1 was broken01:23
marcusTit does, but it's still broken for me01:23
haggaiwierd, I wonder why I didn't see this01:24
haggaiI'll see if I can get the packages from the mirrors instead of my locally built version01:24
marcusTbecause I use i18n-de, yesterday, I couldn't select any other language, now I can add geman, but it won't get added to the language list and does not have any effect01:25
=== do3cc_ [~pge@xdsl-213-196-209-233.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== Kyaneos [~Kyaneos@80-29-11-93.adsl.nuria.telefonica-data.net] has joined #kubuntu
buzmarcusT: that works with the new package it seems01:27
marcusTdoesnt for me...01:27
buzdid you get them from the url haggai posted?01:27
buzworks with those01:27
=== incubii [~incubii@cor9-ppp2773.hay.dialup.connect.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
haggaimarcusT: which language are you trying to use?01:31
incubiiLinux anubis 2.6.11-1-powerpc-smp #1 SMP Fri Feb 11 16:46:07 UTC 2005 ppc GNU/Linux01:33
=== do3cc__ [~pge@xdsl-213-196-209-233.netcologne.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== haggai installs kde-l18n-de
=== _P_ installs kde-l18n-it
=== Pointwood installs kubuntu-desktop ;)
=== amu installs OSX
=== apokryphos installs kpat, so he doesn't feel left out
gsuvegwhats the size of kubuntu-desktop install ?01:38
=== incubii installs Dr Dos 8.0
incubiiits the size of my left testicle01:38
Pointwoodyour left testicle is a virtual testicle?01:39
=== elvirolo [~elvirolo@dyn-83-156-78-154.ppp.tiscali.fr] has joined #kubuntu
gsuvegPointwood: thx.01:39
=== elvirolo [~elvirolo@dyn-83-156-78-154.ppp.tiscali.fr] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
Pointwoodthat's the download01:40
Pointwoodit says it'll use up around 200MB of space01:40
gsuvegPointwood: thats clear.01:40
apokryphosProbably. It pulls in a lot of things like OpenOffice, Konversation etc..01:40
froudhow do you check for a list of maintainers using apt01:41
incubiiok in windows explorer theres an option in the context mention to open up search for the current directory is there anyway to get this for knoqueror01:41
gsuvegPointwood: before im test the live cd ;)01:41
=== pv [~pv@jt11-57-1.tky.hut.fi] has joined #kubuntu
gsuvegi dont used kde 1.x ago01:42
Pointwoodwhat display manager do you recommend?01:42
_P_it daesnt work  anymore 01:43
apokryphosPointwood: kdm, obviously. :P01:43
_P_in18-it  is there now  but  not selectable01:43
Pointwoodapokryphos: sounds like a very unbiased oppinion :p01:43
do3cc__you mean, it ignores you if you click it?01:43
apokryphosImpartial as a Judge.01:43
=== NanoTek [~NanoTek@APuteaux-151-1-57-81.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
Pointwoodoh well, I can always change it later I guess01:44
apokryphos_P_: sorry, haven't been following the convo. Did you add haggai's repo?01:44
=== NanoTek [~NanoTek@APuteaux-151-1-57-81.w82-120.abo.wanadoo.fr] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
_P_uhmmm  no 01:44
_P_i am sorry01:45
apokryphosNo worries :P. Yup, they're uploaded up there [his repo]  until they're accepted into the actual archive01:45
do3cc___P_: It probably doesnt help. which version of kde-i18n did you install01:46
apokryphos(whoops, perhaps not; guessing)01:46
Pointwoodso, next up is a reboot I guess01:46
_P_added 01:47
apokryphosPointwood: if you upgraded hoary -> kubuntu, it's not really necessary, but might be a good idea anyhow.01:47
Pointwoodwell, a logout at least :)01:47
Pointwoodsee ya shortly...hopefully :p01:47
=== yuxel` [~opera@] has joined #kubuntu
_P_ok 01:54
_P_haggai:  daesnt  work 01:54
_P_i tryed  purging  the  old  one 01:54
_P_and reinstaling  ubuntu2 01:54
_P_but  it  is  there  01:54
_P_i click  on it  but  nothing  happened01:54
corujahmm, nothing new according to the kde-i18n-problem...01:55
_P_and reinstaling  kde-in18-itubuntu2 01:55
_P_kde-in18-it-ubuntu2 01:55
corujait has installed correctly, but i can't choose any language except the default en-us01:55
coruja(in kcontrol)01:56
do3cc__I do not believe this is a kde-i18n specific problem01:56
do3cc__Since yesterday I have a similar problem with kopete01:56
do3cc__there it simply ignores me if I try to log in01:56
incubiiim glad i dont require anything other then the default english01:57
corujaenglish is also fine with me, but german would be nice ;)01:57
haggaiok it seems the ubuntu-built i18n still doesn't have all the translations :(01:58
=== apokryphos [~apokrypho@host-84-9-34-89.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
corujai suppose it has, maybe, but it's not possible to put them into kde yet...02:00
incubiiis gcc/g++ smp aware?02:03
haggaiincubii: no, do parallel makes02:03
haggaiincubii: make -j[number of processors] 02:03
incubiiah ok02:04
incubiiwoa thats fast02:04
=== Pointwood [~Pointwood@] has joined #kubuntu
haggaiincubii: not all makefiles are testing with -jn so you might get extra breakage.  That's why its not enabled by default02:05
incubiioke doke02:05
haggaiincubii: there is a semi-standard for DEB_BUILD_OPTIONS for those packages that the maintainer has tested02:06
incubiiit compile SDL almost twice as fast02:06
Pointwoodhmm...what does kubuntu use for sound? mplayer doesn't work anymore...02:07
apokryphosPointwood: aRts02:09
apokryphosbut, that shouldn't affect output of mplayer02:09
corujaPointwood: doesn't mplayer work at all or is there 'just' no sound? maybe then a closer look to kmix would help...02:11
=== froud [~froud@ndn-165-144-136.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #kubuntu
incubiii found in kmix if i have drc turned it i get no sound02:11
Pointwoodchanging mplayer prefs to arts helped02:11
corujaah, ok :)02:12
ztonzyapokryphos, :)  hey02:16
=== ozmighty [~david@happ-p-144-134-61-4.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== incubii [~incubii@cor9-ppp2773.hay.dialup.connect.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
incubiioo session restoring02:21
yuxel`i'm using kernel 2.4.27 on kubuntu and i want to install nvidia driver, i've compiled nvidia-kernel-source and build nvidia-kernel-2.4.27blabla and install it and now i can see nvidia on lsmod, then i've changed "Driver      "nv" to Driver      "nvidia"" on xorg.conf but when i try startx it will give an error like (EE) NVIDIA(0): Failed to initialize the NVIDIA kernel module!02:26
yuxel`(EE) NVIDIA(0):  *** Aborting ***02:26
yuxel`(II) UnloadModule: "nvidia"02:26
buzis there an easy way to get sources for most everything?02:28
amuyuxel`: why you dont use 2.6er kernel's, 2.4.27 isnt supported 02:29
amubuz: apt-get install kde02:30
amuor kubuntu-desktop 02:30
buzi got kubuntu on this machine02:30
buzi want to build some stuff02:30
yuxel`amu: winmodem drivers dont work on 2.6 :(02:30
buzhttp://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=92052 supposedly should be fixed since 3.3.1 but happens to me on kubuntu?02:34
amuyuxel`: ? see http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-3486.html 02:35
=== MindZEye [~mindzeye@seanparsons.plus.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== yuxel [~opera@] has joined #kubuntu
yuxelamu: winmodem drivers dont work on 2.6 :(02:37
yuxeli've found the problem02:38
yuxeli've a package named linux-restrict-modules and it contains nvidia driver for 2.602:38
yuxelthat was the problem02:38
randabisbuz, if there is a precompiled binary, why not just use it? speed increases from custom compiles are negligible02:40
amuyuxel: what i read from google, they run with a 2.6 kernel 02:41
randabisoh, nvm02:41
yuxelamu: free drivers dont work :)02:41
randabisyou seem to have another reason02:41
=== yuxel [~opera@] has left #kubuntu []
=== da_bon_bon [~rohandhru@] has joined #kubuntu
=== yuxel [~opera@] has joined #kubuntu
buzrandabis: there isnt one of kdebluetooth02:44
amuex. ltmodem (Winmodem) is fully supported by ubuntu02:44
yuxelanyway, i've fix the problem02:45
MindZEyeOh lord, looks like OpenOffice 2.0 has made loads of Debian fanatics explode.02:45
haggaiMindZEye: how do you mean?02:46
MindZEyeApparently, Java is now a dependency.02:46
randabisbuz, I see02:46
=== MindZEye ponders the response from the Ubuntu bod.
haggaiMindZEye: thanks for the link, I hadn't noticed the article yet02:50
randabisIt doesn't matter to me...I use java regularly anyway02:50
=== Quinn_Storm [~quinn@pa-bethelparkcadent1shills1b-1-8.pit.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== azad [~azad@pD9EBB5D5.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
Quinn_Stormhey, anyone know if/when kubuntu will bring down the new version of gwenview that doesn't crash on double-click when its a kpart?02:54
buzQuinn_Storm: gwenview preview works for me02:54
Quinn_Stormbuz: preview something in konqueror & then double-click on it02:55
buzah that's interesting 02:56
buzflat out crashes02:56
Quinn_Stormbuz: yep its a known bug and they fixed it but kubuntu hasn't picked up the fix yet02:56
Quinn_Stormbuz: its easy to just not double-click but it is slightly annoying02:56
Quinn_Stormbuz: I do like gwenview though, its the only one of the four quick-viewers that supports animated gifs02:56
buzi hate anim gifs anyway02:57
buzdoes anybody know how to have kontact display the location of a calendar entry?02:57
buz(in the calendar overview i mean)02:57
=== gdh [~gdh@80-192-144-33.cable.ubr06.wi.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
Quinn_Stormhttp://www.nickmongo.com/images/sleepykitten.gif - one of the few good uses for animated gifs (I promise it is what it looks like it is from the url).  as far as the kontact calendar entry thing...what do you mean by location?  it should bold the font of days w/ entries...02:58
=== Brikkah [Be_Flex@cn-nawij-cr26-2717.dial.kabelfoon.nl] has joined #kubuntu
buzQuinn_Storm: you can set a location where the event takes place02:58
buzwhich is quite handy for people like myself who can't ever remeber where their lectures actually are02:58
Quinn_Stormbuz: ah, not sure, I don't use kontact pretty much at all, though I may start eventually02:58
buzit's pretty neat especially with the egroupware integration02:59
=== yuxel [~opera@] has joined #kubuntu
gdhQuinn_Storm: That's the best URL ever :)02:59
RiddellQuinn_Storm: thanks for the hint, I'll take a look at gwenview today02:59
Quinn_Stormgdh: thanks, I found it on the kitty pictures livejournal community I think02:59
Quinn_StormRiddell: sure, its not a big deal as its easy to not double-click, but I just figured I'd bring it up03:00
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=== ozmighty [~david@happ-p-144-134-61-4.prem.tmns.net.au] has joined #kubuntu
=== Pyre [~Pyre@host-84-9-34-89.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
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azadhow to mount an usb-stick03:49
_P_i added a  line in fstab 03:49
azadmind pasting it?03:49
_P_and after  type media://03:50
_P_on konqueror03:50
gdhShould CDs / DVDs be auto-detected by hal / dbus?03:50
azadohh it's automounted03:50
=== azad feels stupid
azadbut thanks for that konqueror thing03:51
_P_azad  is  automounted 03:51
_P_but  it  daesnt  work  without  a  line in fstab03:51
azadmaybe there's already a line03:51
MindZEyeCould someone else give this a whirl to see if it occurs for them please:  http://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=10267803:55
gdhI'm sure it does, but typically expect at least a month before it gets marked as NEW03:56
MindZEyegdh: Was that in response to me?03:58
gdhyes, sorry :)03:58
MindZEyeAh, it's basics though, it had me really confused when I was trying to fix some HTML.03:58
=== LeeJunFan [junfan@64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #kubuntu
MindZEyeWTF?  It's already been fixed and marked as a dupe.  I can't believe I didn't see that when I searched for it.03:59
gdhha cool :)04:00
MindZEyeI'm impressed by the response speed though.04:01
gdhhm, that's a bit daft... default Konq from Hoary preview opens all text/plain docs in OpenOffice.org04:01
gdhgiven thenumber of poorly-configured webservers out there... etc.04:02
gdhhttp://wine.sourceforge.net/apt/hoary/ ... I didn't expect a 13MB .deb to appear in a word processor :)04:02
=== omni_lonnie [~lonnie@leepcI-112.sub-i.lee.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Pyre [~Pyre@host-84-9-34-89.bulldogdsl.com] has left #kubuntu []
=== bhna [~andreas@p54B807C2.dip0.t-ipconnect.de] has joined #kubuntu
=== gsuveg install kubuntu
=== Pyre [~Pyre@host-84-9-34-89.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== encKe` [~encKe`@ppp-65-67-227-161.ded.swbell.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== encKe` is now known as encKe
=== zorglube [~zorglube@ca-tours-3-199.w80-8.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== underlord [~underlord@c211-30-113-130.carlnfd2.nsw.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
underlordcan someone point me in the direction of how to set up nfs shares in kubuntu?04:29
=== membreya [~membreya@c211-28-78-53.sunsh3.vic.optusnet.com.au] has joined #kubuntu
underlorddo i just need to share a folder from konqui?04:31
randabisunderlord, there's an entry on setting up nfs in the ubuntu wiki I believe04:31
randabisthose two should get you going04:32
underlord* is proud to have an all linux network :D04:34
underlordall ubuntu infact04:34
underlordhrmmm, kernel stuff, im gona have to reboot :\04:36
=== zenfoo [~zenfoo@AStrasbourg-251-1-30-61.w82-126.abo.wanadoo.fr] has joined #kubuntu
=== gsuveg [~gsuveg@a0666.adsl.pool.eol.hu] has joined #kubuntu
gsuvegim installed the kde-i18n-hu but i cant setup the hungarian language04:42
gdhFrom what I read here yesterday there were big problems with all translations.. 04:43
gdhi.e. the packages were almost empty04:43
gdhnew ones have 'been uploaded' but I don't know how / when they'll make it round to the download mirrors04:43
randabisunderlord, actually, I don't think a reboot is required..I don't remember rebooting when I setup nfs anyway...could be wrong04:44
haggaigdh: there is a problem with the ubuntu buildd infrastructure and I can't get working packages built today04:45
haggaigdh: you can download working packages from: http://kubuntu.org/~halls/pkgs/kde-i18n/04:45
gdhhaggai: Ah bum :( Did you manage to get the OpenOffice 1.x KDE-native Open/Save dialogs working :)04:46
haggaigdh: install this one-> http://kubuntu.org/~halls/pkgs/kde-i18n/kde-i18n-hu_3.4.0-0ubuntu2_all.deb04:46
haggaigdh: no I haven't looked at it04:46
gdhhaggai: thanks for the link. I only speak English, but I'll at least know the URL is in the history now :)04:46
gsuveghaggai: thanks04:47
gsuvegother newbie question:04:47
=== Quinn_Storm is now known as Quinn_Away
gdhhaggai: OK just wondering =) Would you be the person to bother about kitchensync / Konnectors?04:47
=== Quinn_Away is now known as Quinn_Away[Showe
gsuvegkmail can handle my Maildir ??04:47
haggaigdh: ah sorry wrong nick04:48
hungergsuveg: yeap, kmail does maildir.04:48
haggaigsuveg: install this one-> http://kubuntu.org/~halls/pkgs/kde-i18n/kde-i18n-hu_3.4.0-0ubuntu2_all.deb04:48
haggaigdh: what exactly do you want to know about the konnectors?04:48
gdhhaggai: Specifically, getting the 'PocketPC Konnector' at http://synce.sourceforge.net/synce/kde/konnector/index.php built for universe?04:48
gdhIt's near impossible to build this code standalone04:48
gdhbecause it needs all the X, Qt, KDE Kitchensync devel files04:49
gdhmost of which don't exist as packages.04:49
gdhand I don't fancy recompiling 90% of my system.. if I wanted to do that, I'd use Gentoo ;)04:49
gdhIt's just that without this Konnector, all of the SynCE / Raki / RAPIP/ Kitchensync framework is nearly useless.04:49
gsuveghaggai: installed04:50
gdhIt seems a crying shame to waste all that work and to fall at the last hurdle04:50
gsuvegmy mails in Maildir04:50
gsuveghaggai: thats can use with kmail without import ?04:50
haggaigsuveg: I wasn't talking to you about kmail04:51
haggaigsuveg: I don't understand your question either04:51
gsuveghaggai: sorry04:51
gsuveghaggai: it works. thanks04:51
haggaigdh: why do you need to recompile 90% of the system?  From the lbs you listed I think you'll only be missing kitchensync devel stuff04:52
gsuveghunger: have you understud my problem?04:53
gdhhaggai: Certainly the ./configure script for pocketpccommunication.tar.gz wants at least the X devel, Qt devel, KDE devel.. and I'm worried about things like mismatched symbols.04:53
gdhesp. as there's no -dev package for kitchensync04:54
gdhthere have been a couple of other lost souls on here looking for a package of this Konnector, so I thought I'd bring the matter up here in the hopes it could be done 'properly' =)04:54
gsuveghaggai: now im use mutt+maildir04:55
gsuvegi would like use kmail, but me dont clear how can i handle maildirs with kmail04:56
gdhgsuveg: At worst, install an IMAP server and connect IMAP to localhost?04:56
gsuvegon my laptop? doh 04:56
hungergsuveg: kmail expects all its mails to be in ~/Mail (IIRC they changed that to some hidden folder by default nowadays).04:57
membreyahunger: /var/mail04:57
hungergsuveg: You should be able to set a symlink from there to wherever your mails are actually stored.04:57
hungermembreya: Nope:-) Somewhere under ~/.kde.04:58
hungermembreya: /var/mail is for incomming mails, not for storage.04:58
membreyaooooooooooooh :D04:58
gdhI guess having 'Mail' in a homedir is just asking for the clueless to delete it by accident =)04:59
hungergsuveg: kmail keeps adding some hidden files to that dir... You might want to clean those up if you ever move away from kmail.04:59
hungergdh: Well, I keep getting upset about having some app deceiding which non-hidden dirs I want to have.05:00
gdh:) Policy decisions, gotta luv 'em...05:00
gsuveghunger: msg possible?05:00
hungergsuveg: ?05:00
gsuveghunger: can i send msg ?05:01
hungergsuveg: Dunno... try it.05:01
gsuveghunger: ah. like the imap server ?05:05
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haggaigdh: the X, Qt and KDE devel libs should all be available, leaving just the kitchensync libs to worry about05:09
gdhhaggai: LOL it's the kitchensync stuff thatI have no idea about :)05:09
gdhbut I will try =)05:10
hungerIs ubuntu using xorg or the xfree server by the way?05:10
hungerAh, good:-)05:10
=== hunger could never stand the xfree guys he had met:-)
haggaigdh: try apt-get source kitchensync05:10
gdhhaggai: K, thanks.05:11
hungerNice enough fellows... but I hated the "oh, just use xfree" attitude.05:12
=== difekta [~DIFEKTA@h-67-101-149-173.snfccasy.dynamic.covad.net] has joined #KUBUNTU
gdhhaggai: Quickie, would I want libqt3-mt-dev or libqt3-dev05:18
gdhI've never understood why both are there =)05:18
haggaigdh: -mt- is best - it is built with multithreaded support05:20
hungergdh: non-mt is faster since it does not need to do locking, but you are safer of to use the mt version as long as you are not absolutely sure the programm is singlethreaded.05:21
=== omni_lonnie [~lonnie@leepcF-253.sub-f.lee.net] has joined #kubuntu
hungergdh: And IIRC the kde apps all need the multithreaded version (-mt), so you will introduce a new dependancy when using the singlethreaded qt.05:22
gdhhunger: Ah cool, mt it is =)05:23
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gdhhaggai: Sorry for the continued hassle - this is all new to me.. I've satisfied all the deps and ./configure completes fine, but this seems to be a CVS snapshot - there's a 0-byte Makefile... I've tried "make -f Makefile.cvs dist" but there's no ./autoconf.sh or anything05:42
gdhhaggai: is there a 'common practice' that I've missed?05:42
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gdhhaggai: Scrap that, I just found out that pocketpccommuniction is deprecated already and replaced by something else :)05:48
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randabisdoes anyone know what package handles the cookie handling service for konqueror?06:04
randabisI think I removed it by mistake06:04
Blissexrandabis: thats extremely unlike -- I guess it would be in 'kdebase'.06:04
randabisBlissex, well, I'm not sure...all I know is that the service will not start06:05
Blissexrandabis: what is the name of the service that won't start?06:05
randabiswhen I go into the cookie section of control center, it says "unable to start the cookie handler service"06:07
randabisso konqueror is not handling cookies at all06:07
gsuvegwhy show prety small fonts in other apps (as kde) ? for example gaim ?06:09
Blissexrandabis: odds are you will find moe details in #KDE about these things...06:09
Blissexgsuveg: what does that mean?06:09
randabisI'll go ask someone there06:10
gsuvegBlissex: for ex. the gaim show 5px font06:10
gsuvegBlissex: but in gnome-session it show 11 monotype06:11
Blissexgsuveg: is that what you want or not?06:11
Blissexgsuveg: well, it all depends as usuall...06:11
gsuvegBlissex: me sound like, all not kde apps fonts show smaller06:11
Blissexgsuveg: however KDE font selections do not extend to GTK/GNOME apps, but there are _two_ possible fixes.06:12
gsuvegthe firefox menu to small06:12
gsuvegBlissex: whats thats ?06:12
Blissexgsuveg: the two possible fixes are: use a GTK/GTK2 theme (in '~/.gtkrc' or '~/.gtkrc-2.0') that selects the fonts you want...06:13
Blissexgsuveg: or use a delightful KDE extension that is a GTK/GTK2 theme that reads its settings from KDE, not from one of those files.06:13
haggaigdh: heh06:13
gsuvegBlissex: the 2nd sound better. whats that ?06:14
gdhhaggai: Am almost there - it compiles fine - just trying to get multisynk to 'see' it now :)06:14
Blissexgsuveg: I have it in my Control Panel under 'Appearance & Themes:GTK Styles and Fonts'06:15
Blissexgsuveg: you may have to install it explicitly though.06:16
=== nydust [~oystein@a217-118-56-227.bluecom.no] has joined #kubuntu
nydustis it posible to install kde from kubuntu on ubuntu?06:16
gsuvegnydust: hmm?06:17
gsuvegnydust: apt-get install kubuntu-desktop ?06:17
Blissexnydust: almost certainly yes...06:17
Blissexnydust: depends on which release of Ubuntu though.06:17
nydustcause i dony have a cd burner here, and just has installed ubuntu and want kde 3.406:18
nydustBlissex, i have the latest and are upgrading to hoary now06:18
Blissexnydust: that should be ok...06:19
nydustBlissex, thanks06:19
Blissexnydust: someone was however mentioning in KDE that the very most currrent KUbuntu packages are slightly dodgy right now.06:20
nydusthmmm, not good. 06:21
apokryphosnydust: nothing critical at all; we can talk you through any problems. Just involves adding "clock" to kicker etc.06:21
nydustmaybee i should waith a bit more, to bether suport. 06:21
gsuvegkbabel part of kdesdk right ?06:21
nydustdo you know how i can enable dri on my mobile ati radeon card?06:22
apokryphosnydust: It's up to you; they're no big problems though, at all. If you want, could wait till RC is out, though.06:22
Blissexnydust: that someone was <apokryphos> so he should know :-)06:22
_P_ahahahahha  i come  from  cooker mandrake devel 06:23
_P_and  i can  tell you  that  kubuntu  issue are  nothing 06:23
apokryphos_P_: any tales from your long travels? :D06:23
_P_in front  of  the  monster  problem  that mandrake  has  in this  fases06:23
gsuvegBlissex: have you idea whats pkg the kde+gtk ??06:23
_P_kubuntu is  better  now  than mandrake  10.1  power pack :D 06:24
=== randabis [~randabis@cpe-67-10-186-21.houston.res.rr.com] has joined #kubuntu
_P_and  i use  both 06:24
_P_apokryphos:   kubuntu  crew  is  doing  a really  great job 06:25
Blissexgsuveg: that would be 'gtk2-engines-gtk-qt'06:25
_P_and this  channel  is  a  test 06:25
apokryphosGreat/active devs, yes. :)06:26
_P_5  users  one  month  ago ... look now :D06:26
gsuvegBlissex: thanks06:26
haggaigdh: cool06:29
gdhhaggai: Now kitchensync sees it, but nothing happens when I press 'Sync' - ah well, one for the synce-users list anyway. Cheers :)06:29
gsuvegBlissex: im install and test later. now i have work :(06:33
_P_someone  have  installed  kmobiletools ?06:34
_P_to  talk  with mobile  trough bluetooth?06:35
gsuvegcan i chat with kopeta as with xchat ? one window for irc channels ?06:35
_P_there  is  a  deb sources in the  site  but  some  lib  problem  installing06:35
_P_es  gsuveg06:36
gsuveges = yes ?06:36
gsuvegif (es = yes) then echo "how ?" ;06:36
gsuveg_P_: np :)06:37
hungergsuveg: I found kopete to be very crash-prone...06:37
hungergsuveg: Did not like it too much because of that.06:37
_P_i like  kvirc  06:37
=== hapo [pr@bot.kapsi.fi] has joined #kubuntu
hapohow much memory is recommended for kubuntu?06:38
gsuveghunger: if can i resolve gtk font problem im stand with xchat+gaim06:38
gsuveghapo: many ;)06:38
gsuveghapo: i have 51206:38
hapois 128 megabytes of RAM bearable?06:38
gsuveghapo: imho use smaller wm with 128MB06:38
Blissexhapo: it is if you configure it very carefully.06:39
hapoi just heard that kubuntu could suit better to low-memory systems than ubuntu06:39
Blissexhapo: the great advantage of KDE is that all KDE apps share the same libs.06:39
hapobecause kde consumes less ram06:39
hapothan gnome 206:39
Blissexhapo: this advantage works well if you use _only_ KDE apps.06:39
hapothe distro would go to my laptop06:39
hungerhapo: I have someone use kde3.3 on a Pentium 133 with 128MiB RAM.06:40
hapoon my main desktop i have 512 MB :)06:40
gdhSODIMMs are very cheap - get more RAM if you can :)06:40
hungerhapo: It does run... but it is really slow.06:40
hapothanks for the information, anyway06:40
gsuveghapo: test xfce4.206:40
hungerhapo: but the girl does not know better and she is really happy with it.06:40
Blissexhapo: also, it is very important not to use AA fonts, and use only X11 bitmap fonts if possible.06:41
Blissexhapo: and to use only the builtin themes of  QT and KDE, not anything fancy, and to avoid any sort of cool graphics stuff, including background images.06:42
Blissexhapo: also, to save on memory, I dont starte KDE using 'startkde', which starts a number of cool things like KDesktop, but just with 'kdeinit kwin; kdeinit kicker'.06:43
gdhdon't forget on many systems you'll have cups, postfix, inetd running... none of which may be necessary...06:44
hungerhapo: you hear blissex? Use kde, but make it as boring and bad looking as possible;-)06:44
gdhcups -> lighter lpd... postfix -> ssmtp dumb sendmail wrapper06:44
Blissexhunger: you going to buy some extram RAM for <hapo>? :-)06:45
hapohumm, when i used a hdinstall of knoppix on the same computer the version of kde included with it ran quite ok06:45
hapobut it was a little older version06:45
hungerBlissex: Nope, I am not volunteering for that.06:46
=== SuperCatFrog [~bob@80-192-168-123.cable.ubr02.blac.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
hungerhapo: knoppix is on kde 3.3 IIRC. That is not that different from 3.4. You should be fine if you could stand knoppix:-)06:46
hapowell, maybe i should try this out06:47
hapoat least kde should run much better than gnome 2 :)06:47
SuperCatFroghi - before i install kubuntu on my cusins computer, i want to know a few things first. does kubuntu have a package repository yet, if so, how large is it. and does it come with ndiswrapper on the x86 install cd?06:47
hungerhapo: grab the livecd and test that...06:47
hapoi'm a gnome enthusiast myself but well, sometimes you have to be more pragmatic ;)06:48
BlissexSuperCatFrog: Ubuntu has a gigantic package repository, and it can also use just about all Debian packages...06:48
gdhSuperCatFrog: Yes, there are three repositories, totalling Packages files of just over 3M06:48
gdhNo idea about ndiswrapper.06:48
hungerIs ndiswrapper even legal?06:49
gdhProbably as legal as Wine is...06:49
SuperCatFroghunger - in the uk it probably is06:49
Blissexhunger: sort of... Nobody has complained so far.06:49
hungerndiswrapper is GPL, isen't it?06:49
gdhit's up to whatever license you get the Windows NDIS drivers under.06:50
SuperCatFrogalso, is there any difference between ubuntu (after apt-get install kde) and kubuntu? im not sure if i'd rather use ubuntu with kde06:50
hungerSo why may you use it to load non-free drivers?06:50
BlissexSuperCatFrog: however 'ndiswrapper' is a bad bad idea. It is easier/cheaper to just get a supported WiFi device.06:50
randabisSuperCatFrog, you'd want apt-get install kubuntu-desktop; not apt-get install kde06:50
gdhhunger: Why isn't Ark non-free because you *might* use it to open .RARs of warez?06:50
Blissexhunger: remember the non-GPL driver exception for the Linux kernel itself...06:51
SuperCatFrogblissex - i cant do that, im installing it on my cusins computer, im not paying for a new wireless card for him, and he wont want to buy one06:51
randabisapt-get install kde would be overkill06:51
SuperCatFrograndabis - why? 06:51
BlissexSuperCatFrog: Possibly, possibly also try Kanotix or Knoppix if KUbuntu does not do that.06:52
hungergdh: With ndiswrapper you are loading non-free code into the the address space of GPL code... that is not allowed in the GPL. Opening non-free data is different.06:52
randabisit would install EVERY kde package iirc..including kdetoys, kdeaddons, etc, etc06:52
randabisyou'd have a mass of bloat06:52
gdhhunger: OK, I have no idea how it works internally :)06:52
hungerBlissex: Is ther such a exception in ndiswrapper?06:52
SuperCatFrograndabis - thats fine by me06:52
randabisbut not for people wishing to save on disk space, and not for people who do not wish to have packages they'd never use06:53
randabiskubuntu aims to balance things out, as ubuntu does with the gnome desktop06:53
=== hunger thinks the ndiswrapper guys made it illegal to use their code for its intended purpose by not reading the license conditions of their own code.
gdhNice catch 22 :)06:53
hungerStupid that...06:53
gdhreboot time =)06:54
randabisSuperCatFrog, ndiswrapper should work fine if the card is supported by it...you'd just need to get the ndiswrapper-utils package, and a copy of the windows drivers06:54
randabisI have ndiswrapper working on my laptop for instance...well, it works, but I cannot get connected to my network now for some reason ever since we switched to WEP.06:56
=== yuxel [~opera@] has left #kubuntu []
randabiswireless is working fine with the atmel drivers on my desktop though :)06:57
SuperCatFrograndabis - how can i install ndiswrapper-utils without a network connection?06:57
randabisSuperCatFrog, I believe the package is on the cd06:57
SuperCatFrogo ok06:57
SuperCatFrogwould i be best with ubuntu+kde or kubuntu?06:58
randabisboth are the same06:58
SuperCatFrogok thanks06:58
randabiskubuntu is not a fork of ubuntu..it is part of ubuntu06:58
=== gdh [~gdh@80-192-144-33.cable.ubr06.wi.blueyonder.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu
gdhAh yes I see what people mean about the current dist-upgrade breakage :)07:00
omni_lonniealthough ubuntu+kde will give you a bunch of gnome stuff, while kubuntu by it self doesn't...07:00
randabisthat's true07:01
=== aghaster [~aghaster@modemcable051.37-202-24.mc.videotron.ca] has joined #Kubuntu
azadgot a skystar 2, does anyone know how to get it working under linux? (that's a DVB card)07:05
gdhazad: You've looked at the linux-dvb list at linuxtv.org ?07:06
azadno i'll have a look and find out what this is07:06
gdhAll the modules needed should already be in ubuntu - should only be a matter of loading them07:07
gdhI dunno if the SS2 needs any firmware, etc.07:07
=== lunitik [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== lunitik wonders where kompmgr is :(
azadgdh i found an entry with my card.. does my graphics card 3d acceleration and so on have to work?07:10
Riddelllunitik: part of kwin package07:10
azadcause i never handled to get the radeon running07:10
gdhazad: No, the SS2 is a budget card - it only provides a data stream07:11
lunitikRiddell: hmm... where do I configure it? 07:11
gdhwhether or not your 2D display is up to showing full screen video is fairly irrelevant :)07:11
azadmh okay07:11
azadso then.. i think i have to get a programm to watch?07:11
lunitikRiddell: nm... I think I found it  :)07:12
gdhYeh, I'm not so sure about all those apps - I have a full DVB card and use VDR...07:12
gdhI know nothing about the 'WinTV' style apps..07:12
azadVDR is an application that would work?07:12
gdhazad: No, VDR's intended for building a standalone set top box, it's probably not what you're after.07:12
=== Roey [~katz@h-69-3-4-130.mclnva23.covad.net] has joined #kubuntu
gdhIt also would need you to configure some kind of software MPEG2 decoder plugin.07:13
azadoh.. well.. then i'll give google a chance to find something07:13
_P_i am  going  to  hate  amarok07:13
azadthanks gdh :)07:14
_P_everytime i start  this program  it  scann  al  my  HD building i don't know  why 07:14
gdhazad: Good luck :)07:14
gdh_P_: I already do and went back to beep-media-player :)07:14
gdhIt's at least GTK2 based...07:14
omni_lonnie_P_: yah! iI noticed that too...  I wonder why?07:15
omni_lonnieamaroK also uses *huge* amounts of RAM.07:15
_P_ah  so  it not only  my  problem?07:15
_P_uhmmm 07:15
_P_i was  thinking  about  some  strange  setting  07:15
omni_lonnie_P_: nope... :)07:17
omni_lonniewell, I didn't see any place to turn off "hog all my RAM" ;)07:17
omni_lonnieso if you find it, let me know07:18
_P_;) ok07:19
_P_find it07:19
_P_it is  a  small  cross  on the  right up  corner07:19
_P_amaroK has crashed! We're terribly sorry about this :(:(07:22
_P_But, all is not lost! You could potentially help us fix the crash. amaroK has 07:22
_P_attached a backtrace that describes the crash, so just click send, or if you 07:22
_P_have time, write a brief description of how the crash happened first.07:22
randabisIn Soviet Russia, RAM uses YOU!07:22
_P_Many thanks.07:22
_P_Engine:   arts-engine07:22
_P_Build date: Mar 8 200507:22
_P_CC version: 3.3.5 (Debian 1:3.3.5-8ubuntu2)07:22
_P_KDElibs:  3.4.007:22
_P_TagLib:   1.3.107:22
_P_that s all :(07:22
=== _TeRmInEt_ [~asd_@ppp86-147.intelcom.sm] has joined #kubuntu
_TeRmInEt_any people?07:23
omni_lonniehello :)07:23
_TeRmInEt_nice to meet u07:23
gdhWhere's .sm ?07:24
_TeRmInEt_southern europe07:24
_TeRmInEt_into italy07:24
gdhah, cool :)07:24
_TeRmInEt_one question, can I change language setting in to kubuntu?07:25
gsuveg_TeRmInEt_: from en to other ?07:26
_P__TeRmInEt_:  yes 07:26
_P_but in this  days  there is  a problem  with kde-in18-XX  pacets07:26
gdhMost of the regional packages are broken in the release...07:26
=== lunitik [~trey@ip68-230-75-109.ph.ph.cox.net] has joined #kubuntu
gdhdownload new ones from that URL07:26
_TeRmInEt_i try to download correct version07:27
gsuveg_TeRmInEt_: it works07:27
gsuveggdh: san marino07:28
gdhAh! :)07:28
_P_thanks  gdh  07:30
_P_it  works07:30
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=== nydust [~oystein@a217-118-56-227.bluecom.no] has joined #kubuntu
nydusthow do i change the resolution?07:56
nyduston my screen?07:56
gdhhow would you do it in windows?07:56
nydusti only get a choise to change the background07:57
gdhon theleft you have 'Background' 'Behavior' ...... 'Display'07:58
gdhtry 'Display'07:58
aghasterit would be kool if more development tools where included with kubuntu08:00
=== cmf [~lou@adsl-213-249-162-93.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #kubuntu
=== nydust [~oystein@a217-118-56-227.bluecom.no] has joined #kubuntu
nyduststrange i used 1400xsomething before i did and apt-get dist-upgrade, and now i can only use 1024x768 cause if a go for an higher resolution. I get and big box on my mouse and the screen splits in two parts. do any have a tip?08:08
cmfhi, running kubuntu here, one problem i've noticed is concerning mounted samba shares, after a while of it being mounted it seems to stall, at first it was just bringing konqy down (or amarok), now it brings teh entire system down, this seemed to happen in 2.6.10, so i upgraded to 2.6.11 and still teh same behaviour, anyone know of something similair, i had some output from dmesg, but not wanting to bring my system down atm, i'll see if teh lo08:08
_TeRmInEt_great, it work!08:08
_TeRmInEt_gdh much tnx!08:09
gsuveghow can i choose beetwen gdm and kdm ?08:12
gdhgsuveg: update-alternatives will work08:13
gdhor just fiddle the symlinks manually in /etc/alternatives for 'x-display-manager'08:13
gdhsorry, x-session-manager08:13
gdhI think :)08:14
gsuveggdh: lemme see08:14
gsuvega debconf or other dont works?08:14
gdhor... 08:14
gdhjust uninstall the one that you don't want08:14
gsuvegi dont whant08:14
gsuveggdh: alternative ok08:15
gsuvegx-session-manager = gnome-session dont gdm08:16
gsuvegi whant start kdm dont gdm08:17
gdhchange it to run startkde instead of gnome-session08:17
gdhthat's what it does on my system08:17
gdhlrwxrwxrwx  1 root root 17 2005-03-28 17:51 x-session-manager -> /usr/bin/startkde                                                                              08:17
gsuvegand you login via kdm?08:18
gsuveglemme see08:20
gsuveggdh: sorry for newbie questions, im test kde now08:21
=== cmf [~lou@adsl-213-249-162-93.karoo.KCOM.COM] has joined #kubuntu
gsuveglast version what i used was 1.3 08:22
gdhwow that's quit a vintage..08:22
gsuvegi was a p233 laptop and on netbsd08:22
froudany of the Kubuntu graphic guys here08:28
=== gsuveg [~gsuveg@a0666.adsl.pool.eol.hu] has joined #kubuntu
gsuveggdh: hmm. gdm start after reboot too08:32
=== frinkillo [~frink@81-203-105-134.user.ono.com] has joined #kubuntu
=== nydust [~oystein@a217-118-56-227.bluecom.no] has joined #kubuntu
gdhwhy not just apt-get remove gdm 08:34
gsuvegthen it remove ubuntu-desktop :/08:34
gdhno it won't 08:35
gdhit's only a meta-package08:35
gdhI guarantee you that it won't pull out your entire system :)08:35
gdhIt scared me a bit at first when I saw the Debian equivalent of it wanting to uninstall 'x-window-system'08:36
randabisubuntu-desktop is safe to remove08:36
randabisso is kubuntu-desktop08:36
gdhthere you go - two complete strangers have said it's OK, so it must be OK :)08:37
gsuvegrandabis: i dont remove gnome08:39
randabiswell the main reason is because those packages don't actually contain any data...they just have a number of dependencies that aren't removed when you remove the meta package08:40
randabisgsuveg, what I said has nothing to do with removing gnome08:40
=== buz [~buz@217-162-131-144.dclient.hispeed.ch] has joined #kubuntu
=== Sander__ [~Sander__@] has joined #kubuntu
gsuvegrandabis: ok.08:48
=== Kamion [~cjwatson@host81-153-126-219.range81-153.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
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buzis that xorg with composite?09:24
=== zyga [~zyga@87-mia-9.acn.waw.pl] has joined #kubuntu
gsuveggdh: sudo dpkg-reconfigure kdm09:25
zygaha, I Know ;] 09:25
buzwhat vga card? nvidia09:25
randabisnvidia geforce fx 590009:25
buzati still can't do composite :-((09:26
randabishence why I don't have an ati card09:27
gdhgsuveg: Ha, cool :)09:30
gsuvegbetter than remove :)09:30
gsuveggdh: hey, the kde dont bad ;)09:30
gdhyou do realise that you can just tie the chroma + luma pins of an S-video output together and it wil be usable as composite?09:31
gdhthat's all the 'S-video -> composite' adapters you can buy will do09:31
gsuveggdh: whats the good mp3 player ?09:31
randabiswe're not talking about that kind of composite gdh09:31
gdhgsuveg: I like beep-media-player.09:31
randabiswe're talking about the compositing feature of x.org09:32
gdhOh =)09:32
randabisthe screenshot of my desktop I posted shows it in action with kubuntu09:32
gdhI was wondering.. who on earth is still using composite video thesdays09:32
gdhah right, eye candy then =)09:32
dimmakmy 8-bit nintendo09:32
randabisyes :)09:32
gdhk, time to eat.. bbl09:32
Roeydimmak:   awww man09:33
Roeydimmak:  nintendo NES... what memories09:34
Roeydimmak:  I *love* it09:34
=== dreamwave [~michael@69-163-64-118.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
Roeydimmak:  in many ways more than SNES09:34
dimmakreally... i don't even compare/contrast those consoles09:34
dimmaki just play all the lovely games09:34
dimmakmoreso via emulators now09:35
=== spiral [~pgarcia@lafilaire-4-82-224-249-43.fbx.proxad.net] has joined #kubuntu
buzlately tried some n64 emus on the beamer09:35
buzsure rocks to play micromachines on a 2m screen LOL09:35
spiralI've got some problems with i18n in french... is it normal ?09:36
buzit was broken earlier today09:36
buzmight still be09:36
gsuveggdh: beep have no arts ?09:37
buzis it bad form to request package additions in bugzilla?09:37
Kamionyes, mailing lists better for that09:37
Kamionat least that's how we prefer it in Ubuntu09:37
spiraldoes anyone here have a sonoma ?09:38
buzis the kde upgrade of today working or will it nuke my taskbar again?09:38
spiralbuz: all right...09:38
buzmaybe backup my home first ;-)09:38
buzonce burnt twice shy09:39
spiralnone with a sonoma ?09:40
hungerspiral: Ordered mine, don't have it yet.09:41
spiralhunger: 'm going to buy one tomorrow... & wanted to know if there was any hope with linux...09:42
hungerspiral: Don't know yet:-(09:42
spiralhunger: all right, I'll keep asking somewhere else... hope I'll know09:43
buzdoes sonoma use a new wlan chipset?09:43
hungerspiral: Keep me informed.09:43
spiralhunger: all right09:43
hungerbuz: Nope. same as centrino.09:43
spiralbuz: except some 802.11a configurations...09:43
buzjust cpu upgrade?09:44
hungerbuz: Only the chipset did change.09:44
buzah yeah it went to 533fsb09:44
spiralbuz: yes, chipset, and cpu speedsteping working kind of differently, and ddr2, and pci expres09:44
hungerbuz: PCI express, other RAM chips, that kind of thing09:44
buzif the graphics core is supported i'd say it should work09:44
buzpci express should be pretty transparent to the os09:45
hungerbuz: I hope so:-)09:45
spiralbuz: I found a nvidia card... hope their driver will work09:45
buzit should09:45
spiraland for speedstepping... I hope to...09:45
hungerbuz: I think I saw some pci express fixes to the kernel recently.09:45
=== SeFoKumA [~zienaga@121.Red-81-44-119.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
buzi'd expect it to be mostly the same09:45
buzwell maybe to take full advantage of pcie you nee dupdates 09:46
buzbut from what i hear, win can do without them so linux should work as well09:46
=== buz is hoping....
hungerbuz: I just hope I'll find graphic drivers when I got the new laptop.09:48
spiralbuz: I love your optimism09:48
spiralhunger: I hope too09:48
buzhey i like the bleeding edge ;-)09:48
buzwell if you go nvidia it shouldn't be much of a problem09:48
buzi'd stay away from ati09:48
hungerbuz: Mine will have a ATI :-(09:48
buzno composite for you then ;-)09:49
buzneither for me09:49
buzbut i need a new box anyway09:49
hungerbuz: There is a new free driver over at sf.09:49
hungerbuz: r300.sf.net09:49
buzaaah, i got R25009:49
buzbesides i'm too lazy to buld from source09:49
buzit's a major pain on debian systems09:49
hungerbuz: Is it? Don't they have the module-assistent?09:50
buzi don't care09:50
buzeverything worse than make, make install is bad to a long time bsd user ;-)09:50
buz(which of course includes fetching the whole dependencies etc ;-)09:51
hungerbuz: That includes almost everything!09:51
hungerbuz: you get a configure in almost everything... and you need to download first.09:51
buzbsd ports do that all for me09:51
buzlike gentoo, only working ;-)09:52
hungerbuz: Heared that... what are you doing with ubuntu then?09:52
buzfreebsd's desktop support ain't that good09:52
hungergentoo sucks big time! Don't compare *BSD to that:-)09:52
buzit's not bad per se but no supported java sucks 09:52
buzand i need to code java for school09:53
buzso i stick to ubuntu for the time being09:53
=== Curalton [~thomas@] has joined #kubuntu
randabisgentoo doesn't suck09:57
buzit only takes ages to get up and running09:57
randabisnot really09:58
randabisI can get a working gentoo system going in under a day starting from stage 1...with a full gnome environment09:58
buzwhat you got? quad opteron?09:58
randabisstart from stage 3 and the time easily is cut in half09:59
randabisSYSTEM i686 Ubuntu GNU/Linux, Kernel 2.6.10-5-k7, GLIBC 2.3.2 | CPU AMD Athlon(tm) XP 3200+, 2205Mhz, 512KB Cache, 4358 BMIPs | RAM 272/504MB Used | SWAP 18/1024MB Used | STORAGE 5.0MB TmpFS, 9.9GB Ext3, 9.9GB unknown, 38GB Ext3, 74GB Ext3, 94MB Ext3, 253MB TmpFS | STATS Uptime 2.61, Users 1/3, Procs 100/57569, Load 0.95 | X11 1280x1024x24bit | http://auk.ca/v09:59
=== eKoSeA [~ekosea@port064254043133.terraworld.net] has joined #kubuntu
gdhbuz: I got the PocketPC Konnector going :)10:01
buzyou dont happen to have syncml now do you?10:02
gdhbuz: That 'pocketpccommuniction' is already defunct.... 10:02
gdhI forget what syncml is again10:02
gdhbut I haven't needed it today10:02
=== zyga [~zyga@87-mia-9.acn.waw.pl] has left #kubuntu []
buzit's like a standard for syncing all sorts of stuff10:02
buzmostly for mobile phones these days10:02
gdhAhh.. no my PDA is my phone.. etc.. deja vu :)10:02
buzyeah only mine runs symbian ;-)10:03
gdhthe compile was less of a nightmare than I thought it'd be10:03
gdhand it doesn't work well but I think that's more teething with new PPC2003 devices10:03
=== dreamwave [~michael@69-163-64-118.vnnyca.adelphia.net] has joined #kubuntu
=== Bizzeh [Bizzeh@host81-158-25-32.range81-158.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
Bizzehim runing kdevelop, and whenever i try and compile, i keep getting AM_PROG_LIBTOOL not found in library10:08
_P_there is someone  using kaffeine  on amd?10:09
_P_is it  crashing  on closing?10:10
buz_P_: works for me on athlon xp10:10
_P_the  last  version?10:10
_P_0.6.0 ?10:10
_P_find  on repository today?10:11
buz0.6 yeah10:11
buzmhh didnt restart it so far10:11
randabiskaffeine is working just fine with an athlon xp on this end10:11
_P_thanks 10:11
gdhKopete crashes at each close (i.e. shutdown) but I'm used to that :)10:11
gdhNot at all related, I know..10:11
buzplays streams just fine10:11
Bizzehcan i use a kernel specialy compiled for athlon-xp in vmware (were the host hardware is an athlon-xp)10:12
buzmhh hard to tell10:13
buzid should work10:13
buzbut you'll have to try i guess10:13
gdhI doubt it... vmware will be emulating a Pentium, or maybe a 486 that just happens to run really fast :)10:14
gdhI can't see it passing through all the manufacturer-specific extensions to the guest OS10:15
LeeJunFanmy kaffeine doesn't close properly - it leaves itself in ram after I close it - and thats on i386 version.10:16
_P_i deleted  .kde/config/kaffeinerc10:17
_P_but is  sill crash  closing10:17
_P_i close the  application 10:17
gdhLeeJunFan: And it's not just hiding in the ashtray?10:17
gdhsorry, system tray :)10:17
buzi doubt vmware will be emulating a 48610:17
_P_it  disappiared  but  stay  on bg 10:17
buzthat's a seriously weird cpu10:17
_P_with  100% cpu 10:17
_P_oooooooo 10:17
LeeJunFangdh: nope - hehe. I actually had about 15 running my cpu up to 100% I had to killall.10:17
_P_LeeJunFan:  me  too 10:18
=== _P_ poor english
gdhclassy :)10:18
LeeJunFanman - I think we finally broke 40 deg F here in Northern Mi!10:19
_P_gdh  is  not  a  systray related  problem 10:19
gdhOK I belive you =)10:20
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Curaltoni have a problem with software suspend, namely that when i call swsuspend while i use "synergy" it immediately comes back up.10:28
Curaltonsynergy is a kb sharing app, uses XTEST extension of the Xserver, http://synergy2.sourceforge.net/about.html10:28
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annaHey, today kde-i18n has received an update, but it doesn't work, right?10:41
annaNow in kcontrol I can see the other language(s), but I cannot get them activated10:42
buzanna: get the required packages from kubuntu.org/~halls/pkgs/kde-i18n/10:42
buzthose work10:42
annaI wonder if Kubuntu is less than Debian unstable looking at the last days :p10:44
buzwell its only a preview after all10:44
corujaremember that kubuntu ist still in 'prerelease' status :)10:45
gsuveghow can i put trash to dekstop?10:45
annawell, yes I do, but Debian unstable never gets released and didn't do those things to me10:45
anna1. Kill my i18n, even after an update10:45
anna2. Kill my kicker config in an update10:45
gsuveganna: im today installed the kde, and im happy with it10:45
corujaanna: huh?10:46
annaI am used to update daily and not find anything broken.10:46
Bizzehwhats a good gui irc app for linux and where would it be in apt?10:46
gdhBizzeh: Konversation is good 10:46
annaNot of the obvious kind at least.10:46
gdhBizzeh: You also have the choice of using Kopete's IRC module.10:47
gdhand I dunno if KSIRC is in Ubuntu10:47
anna3. I still cannot install kdeaddons on amd64, why?10:47
corujaanna: the trouble with the locale settings, i agree, but beyond this, i had no more trouble according to the kde-i18n...10:47
buzgdh: it is10:47
buzbut i'd suggest konversation10:47
annabuz: There is no kde-i18n-de on that URL?10:48
ataxica qt/kde frontend for irssi would be nice10:48
annabuz: Ignore me :p10:48
buzthere is10:48
buzit's just hard to find ;-)10:48
ataxicthere isn't10:48
annacoruja: At some time, kmail stopped starting e.g.10:49
=== _darren [~darren@host81-158-25-32.range81-158.btcentralplus.com] has joined #kubuntu
_darrenthis works10:50
corujamaybe because of your 64bit machine? i don't know what (k)ubuntu's support there is like...10:50
=== _darren is now known as Bizzy
gsuveghow can i put trash to dekstop?10:50
Riddellgsuveg: right click -> create new -> link to location -> trash:/10:51
gsuvegRiddell: it put a link, btu trash:/ not ok :/10:52
_TeRmInEt_break news10:53
_TeRmInEt_new tsunami in asia10:53
=== tony [~tony@bgp01112777bgs.westln01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
gsuveg_TeRmInEt_: omg10:54
gsuvegRiddell: hmm?10:55
tonyHello, i'm trying to edit my /etc/apt/sources.list file but I cannot save..10:55
gsuvegtoffy: sudo ...10:56
tonyI'm using kate...10:56
tonyHow does sudo work?10:56
gsuvegkdesu ?10:56
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corujaargh, disconnect...11:01
corujagsuveg: /home/<user>/.local/share/Trash11:01
corujatony: have you edited the sources' file starting with sudo?11:01
coruja(if those haven't appeared yet *g*)11:01
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gsuvegcoruja: it works. thanks11:02
=== tony [~tony@bgp01112777bgs.westln01.mi.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
gsuvegcoruja: interresing. the icon dont change if trash dont empty ?11:03
corujain the panel it does, on the desktop i don't know...11:04
gsuvegcoruja: ok. but i dont like it in panel (after gnome) ;)11:04
corujai like it very much there, as otherwise the desktop icon would be hidden by several windows... ;)11:05
=== pepsi [~pepsi@72-254-42-18.client.stsn.net] has joined #kubuntu
gsuvegcoruja: right11:06
tonyhow do I signon as root?11:07
pepsiwhy do you want to?11:07
pepsiyou cant get a root terminal by `sudo -s`11:08
pepsier, can ;)11:08
tonyapt-get install kdetv11:08
corujatony: try sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list11:08
corujasudo <whatever you want> *g*11:08
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gsuvegcoruja: i like the apps icon in panel. its very usable11:09
corujagsuveg: yes, but not too many... just today i've seen a windows machine with about 50 apps icons in the panel, as i had windows, there have been even more... ;)11:10
gsuvegcoruja: i spoke dont apps starter. 11:11
gsuvegcoruja: thats not news ;)11:11
corujaah, ok11:11
corujathe icons for running apps?11:12
gsuvegcoruja: yepp11:12
=== lookorez [~alex@c-24-16-74-233.client.comcast.net] has joined #kubuntu
corujayes, that's also a fine feature, especially with kde-based ones...11:12
gsuvegcan i edit menu in kde ?11:13
=== Beineri [~Beineri@binner.kde] has left #kubuntu ["CARRIER]
corujawith kmenu? (do i remember right?)11:15
gdhright click on the K button is broken :)11:17
=== omni_lonnie [~lonnie@leepcF-253.sub-f.lee.net] has joined #kubuntu
tonyHello, I'm trying to install kdetv I get the message: kdetv: Depends: libzvbi0 (>= 0.2.9-2) but it is not installable11:20
tonyAny ideas??11:20
gdhtry and install  libzvbi0 directly - might give more hints11:21
gdhchances are you'll have to follow that down a chain of broken depends11:21
tonyI'm a noob, how do I do that?11:21
tonyAre there any other TV applications?11:23
haggaitony: sudo apt-get install libzvbi011:23
tonyThis is the response: the package is missing, has been obsoleted11:24
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-89-203.vif.net] has joined #kubuntu
Riddelltony: where do you get kdetv from?11:25
=== Ohmer [~Homer@ip216-239-89-203.vif.net] has left #kubuntu ["Leaving"]
tonyI followed the instructions at www.kdetv.org/11:25
=== SeFoKumA [~zienaga@121.Red-81-44-119.pooles.rima-tde.net] has joined #kubuntu
tonyit told me to update my sources.list11:26
tonyapt-get update11:26
tonyapt-get install kdetv11:26
tonyAny ideas??11:27
=== billytwowilly [~chris@S01060040f4acc23c.ed.shawcable.net] has joined #kubuntu
corujahttp://higgs.djpig.de/ubuntu/www/hoary/libs/libzvbi0 -> the package should be there, maybe really a dependency's problem, or something's wrong with your sources information...11:31
gsuvegtony: search in cache11:35
gsuvegapt-cache search tv | grep kde ?11:35
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gsuveg_TeRmInEt_: he11:39
gsuveg /kick11:39
_TeRmInEt_i'm wrong11:39
tonycoruja - how do I install deb files?11:42
gdhdpkg -i filename.deb11:43
gdhjust be ready for dpkg to complain loudly about broken dependencies...11:44

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