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Roeycan I borrow anyone for fs driver help in #ubuntu, please?01:42
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fabbione+  Changes by Matthew Garrett:05:58
fabbione+  * Make hardware sleep sequence more compliant to ACPI specifications:05:58
fabbione+    - Add patch acpi_gpe_spec.dpatch.05:58
fabbionemjg59: ^^05:58
fabbionedoes it look ok?05:58
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fabbionehey zul06:40
zulhey fabbione good holiday?06:40
fabbionezul: more or less.. a bit heavy 06:40
fabbionehad to do quite a lot of work in the house06:40
zulhah hah :)06:40
zuli still get today off06:41
fabbioneit was off today too06:41
fabbionebut i am working on the xen kernels06:41
fabbionei have almost finished :)06:41
zulah how are they coming?06:41
fabbionethey are building :-)06:41
zuli was doing some kernel janitorial stuff this weekend06:41
zuland playing with 2.6.12-rc106:41
fabbione-32 is ready for upload06:42
fabbionewe need the usual round of buildd06:42
fabbionebut i will wait tomorrow to do it06:42
zulmore security updates?06:42
fabbioneand an urgent acpi fix06:42
fabbioneit's something simple, but fixes a lot of "go to sleep" issues06:43
fabbioneas soon as RC is out and -32 uploaded06:43
fabbionewe need to start focusing on breezy06:43
zulalready have ;)06:44
fabbioneyeah we need to put down a TODO list06:44
zuli started a todo list on the wiki and i have a list of third party drivers ill put in the wiki as well06:44
fabbionezul: it's in the debian/ dir too06:45
zulis is? i didnt see it :)06:45
fabbioneexternal-drivers or something like that06:45
zulah ok06:45
fabbioneyeah i did start writing and updating it06:45
fabbionethere is stuff missing there06:45
fabbionelike the mppe driver06:45
zulk ill update it as well06:45
fabbionethat i figured only a few days ago06:45
fabbionewe will need to split the tasks for the first 2/3 weeks06:46
zulthe 64bit ppp-mppe?06:46
fabbioneyeah that one.. 06:46
fabbionebut it's not 64bit clean06:46
zulthere were some patches i saw for ibm thinkpad notebooks as well i saw on lkml a while ago06:48
fabbionei saw them too06:48
fabbionebut we will not add it back until it is upstream06:48
fabbionethere were several problems with that patch06:48
zulyeah i saw06:48
fabbioneso i had rather avoid another war of include/exclude06:49
fabbionewhen it is upstream, we will include06:49
zulput the todo list on the agenda for the meeting as well06:50
fabbioneyeah ... let's keep it in the aob06:50
zulhostap is not in the list?06:57
fabbioneprobably yes06:58
fabbionei would like to chase the list down first06:58
fabbioneand see what is the status of the actual drivers06:59
fabbionei see 3 steps here06:59
fabbione1) clean06:59
fabbione2) forwardport to the new kernel06:59
fabbione3) add new drivers06:59
zulheh...i think i figured out why gentoo can distribute win4lin http://www.digitalriver.com/dr/v2/ec_MAIN.Entry17c?CID=0&SID=40113&SP=10007&PN=5&PID=481292&DSP=&CUR=124&PGRP=0&CACHE_ID=007:02
zulloosers :)07:03
jbaileyI might have a bug that involves firmware loading on an amd64 (8224) - Is that generally expected to work?07:35
jbailey(I don't have an amd64, so no exposure)07:36
zulno amd64 here either..07:37
zulfabbione: updated the external-drivers in my baz07:39
fabbionezul: ok07:40
fabbionejbailey: checking the bug, but i don't have amd6407:40
fabbionejbailey: it would be more important imho to get udev fixed for firewire07:41
fabbionemantiena was talkign about it on #u-d07:41
fabbionei will look into the firware issue in a few sec.07:42
fabbionei already had something like that for another driver07:42
jbaileyYup.  I'm just going over my list of new bugs to see if they are things I actually have the skills to fix. =)07:42
fabbionejbailey: the bug is still assigned to me07:42
jbaileyOh?  Hmm.  Bugzilla was sending me emails about it, so I assumed it was assigned to me.07:43
fabbionethe changes to do are pretty simple07:43
fabbioneprobably you are in CC07:43
zulbbiab must clean the guinea pig cage07:53
fabbionexen images are almost ready...08:01
fabbionei am getting the abi files now08:01
jbaileyI should learn more about xen sometime.08:02
fabbionejbailey: it is really neat08:03
fabbionei have been playing with it the last week08:03
fabbionebasically it allows you to do hw partitioning08:03
fabbione+ other nice stuff08:03
fabbionejbailey: i am pretty sure you are familiar with the concept of execution domain08:04
fabbioneeach domain is like a real machine08:04
jbaileyWe had large sparc setups at my last job.08:04
fabbionebut it's not08:04
fabbionejbailey: exactly like the e10k08:04
fabbioneexcept that is done in software08:04
jbaileyThese were sunfire racks, but yeah.08:04
fabbioneyou run a master domain that boots the real machine and identify/access the hardware08:05
fabbioneand small subdomains08:05
fabbioneto which you assign hardware08:05
fabbionethat's basically what xen does08:05
fabbionebut it has some extra features08:05
fabbionelike the possiblity to migrate one domain to another host in the same lan08:05
jbaileyDoes it do virtualisation for sharing resources like NICs and disks?08:05
jbaileyOh nice. =)08:05
fabbionefrom the master domain you export one or more block devices to each domain08:06
fabbioneit can also be nfs or whatever08:06
fabbionemore domains can share the same device08:06
jbaileyCool, so it's not necessarily whole disk.08:06
fabbionewith the usual rw/ro limitations08:06
fabbionenot at all08:06
fabbioneyou can export a partition or a lvm partition08:06
fabbioneone limitation that i need to check is how it handles the ram allocation08:07
fabbioneright now each domain has its own ram allocated08:07
fabbionethat makes it a bit less dynamic than UML08:07
fabbionethat can see the whole memory08:07
fabbionebut the domains can't interfere with each other08:07
fabbionewith xen, you assign N MB and the domain can see only that08:08
fabbioneso basically you are limited in that way08:08
jbaileyStill nice, though.08:08
jbaileyI can imagine some nice stuff being done with a SAN and a heavily SMP box for ISPs and whatnot.08:09
fabbioneactually SMP is not supported yet (as 2.6.10)08:09
fabbioneor at least it looks disabled as config option and it just does it08:09
fabbionebecause it is mentioned everywhere that you can bind a specific domain to a certain CP08:10
fabbioneor keep it in loadsharing08:10
fabbionebtw the scheduler is highly tunable08:10
fabbionei am off for dinner :-)08:10
jbailey'bye Fabio.  Thanks for the explanation. =)08:11
zulc ya08:13
=== fabbione happely burps
zulheh i had mcdicks for lunch08:28
fabbionethere we go... abi files generated!08:29
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zulcool...i just sent my first patches to kernel-janitors ml11:18

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