tritiumldd returns similar info12:02
tritiumI'm expecting it to fail, but I'll try12:02
hervelooking the priority list12:06
herveno one tempted to solve modconf? ;-)12:06
ograherve, go ahead12:06
dholbachwith kernel2.6 yeah12:07
tritiumI saw nvidia-settings on the list, and was going to take a look at it, and then I see daniels fixed it when I upgraded yesterday12:07
herveit will be entertainment compared to gcompris and qt/kde :-)12:07
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-175-222-241.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hervelooking at that clearsilver package... I have doubt on the mental health of either the maintainer or the mentor...12:18
dholbachherve: just don't try to see sense in it12:19
herveI do for choosing between fixing this version12:19
herveor using the new one with a "oops! removed non-existent package from my control file!" changelog12:20
hervedholbach, to be sure12:23
herveare we supposed to remove packages from the list, once working on?12:23
herveI made no mistake :-)12:24
herveguys, I need you to be sure I have turned mad12:28
hervewhat's the point of those empty packages,12:28
herve"added -fPIC for building. Should help to build"12:32
herveyeah... it's not like the debian policy said it as "must"...12:33
herveis physical violence against a DD in violation of the CoC?12:35
tsengid say yes12:35
tsengunless its preauthorized by the TB or CC12:35
herveit's like that clearsilver package could have been packaged by my grandmother12:36
dholbachi think most canonical employees never even read the CoC12:36
tseng-fPIC should be applied to every library w/o any thought applied12:36
hervedebian QA standards, heh...12:36
tsengits absolutely required on amd64, mips, and probably others12:36
hervetseng, the debian policy clearly says it12:36
hervedholbach, you mean I could ask a canonical employee to torturate that guy? ;-)12:37
dholbachherve: of course12:37
dholbachi recall at least 4-5 people kicking, killing and xyz-ing stuff12:37
herveif that guy is a DD, I could have been for years12:38
=== tritium gives herve electric shock therapy ;)
hervewasn't enough, I still to get my nerves on something :-)12:42
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-175-222-241.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== dholbach shudders slightly
=== GheRivero [~ghe@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tritiumWell, removing the symlinks removes the lintian warnings, but the program doesn't run now.12:44
dholbachbad idea then12:45
=== tritium utters expletives under his breath
hervedholbach, would you please upload that rott^Wwonderful clearsilver package? :-)12:52
=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
herveheya koke !12:52
kokehi all!12:53
kokeI'm at home again :D12:53
dholbachherve: of course12:53
dholbachkoke: hellas12:53
hervekoke, this means you're back for fixing the universe? ;-)12:53
kokeherve: sure :P12:54
herveso we have all finish in a few hours now :-)12:54
=== Riddell [jr@muse.19inch.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
hervenow I want to play with modconf :-)12:58
dholbachherve: erm12:58
dholbachherve: could it be they just never built? those 2.3-modules?12:58
hervethey can12:59
hervebut the maint invented some clearsilver1 package he never created01:00
hervewhat the... kernel-source 2.2.25 is in the archive :-)01:00
dholbachhm, you seem to remove the python2.3-modules01:00
herveand install python2.4-module :-)01:01
=== StoneTable [~stone@c-67-175-222-241.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachi really have the biggest sympathy if you do that, but...hmmmmm01:01
hervelet's pretend I haven't touched modconf at all...01:25
dholbachdon't feel so obliged01:26
hervecan I push it to the morgue? :-p01:27
dholbachdon't think so01:27
hervedholbach, what is the number in parentheses next to the package?01:29
herve(in priority list)01:29
dholbachpopcon rank01:29
herveare the most important packages at the top or bottom?01:30
dholbachtop :-)01:30
herverank != score01:31
herveunless less is better :-)01:31
hervelamont, ping01:32
hervedoes anyone have an ia64?01:32
ograherve, are we millionaires ? :-P01:33
hervenot all of us ;-)01:33
hervekdebase should not be ther01:34
herveit's in main01:34
hervemove it the the mo... er I mean, remove it :-)01:35
hervethe same goes for kdeaddons01:36
hervewas something decided for kernel 2.4 packages?01:36
ograthey need to be in01:37
dholbachzul wanted to take care of those01:37
dholbachmake them installable again01:37
dholbachor look which could be chucked out01:37
ograprobably hecould take modconf too01:37
hervewho will otherwise? ;-)01:38
dholbachok pals, i think i'm off for tonight01:39
dholbachsee you tomorrow01:39
lamontherve: not really  here - need to run off for a while01:39
lamontamu:   kdepim-dev: Depends: kmail (= 4:3.4.0-0ubuntu5) but it is not going to be installed01:40
lamontis the new kdeaddons state01:40
ogralamont, he's not here01:40
ogralamont, -> -evel01:40
ogranight dholbach01:41
tritiumgood night dholbach01:41
dholbachbye ogra01:41
lamontogra: ah,01:41
herveI can't see what's wrong with svgalib1g(-dev)01:44
hervesure it's outdated01:44
hervebut I still can install it01:44
tritiumogra, I poked amu about krecipes review01:44
ograyup, i saw :)01:45
tritiumcool :)01:48
=== jbailey [~jbailey@CPE000ded9d787c-CM014260028338.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lamontherve: which platform?01:55
lamontand package...01:55
hervepidentd, a2ps and mpage01:55
herveseems they were blocked by these problems on the buildd01:56
hervepidentd could even be in the ia64 archive by now01:56
lamontgrep svgalib_ buildLogs/Lists/hoary.all.*01:58
lamontbuildLogs/Lists/hoary.all.i386:universe/libs/svgalib_1:1.4.3-20ubuntu2: Installed by buildd+terranova [optional:out-of-date] 01:58
lamontthat's what's wrong with svgalib...01:58
lamontit only exists on i386...01:58
=== lamont must go.
herveI don't really know svgalib01:58
hervebut what's wrong about it :-)01:59
hervethanks lamont01:59
hervenight all02:18
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=== janc [~janc@dD576265C.access.telenet.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunok, I'm going to go ahead and transition python-kde3 if that's ok with others.05:55
crimsunWill wait one day for objections.05:56
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
schweebwhat's up tritium06:33
tritiumNot much, how about you schweeb?06:34
schweebtrying to work up the energy to work on something before bed :)06:34
tritiumIt's pretty late already ;)06:35
schweebyea, 11:40 already06:35
crimsunevening you two ;)06:59
tritiumhi crimsun.  What did you just fix for GhostFaceKilla?07:00
crimsuntritium: .desktop entry for vlc was installed to wrong location in debian/rules (d'oh!)07:00
tritiumnice fix :)07:01
crimsunI wish all fixes were that straightforward ;)07:01
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crimsunI'm fine with the idea, trulux, but we need to go over them10:21
truluxcrimsun: http://pearls.tuxedo-es.org/libssp/debian/10:21
=== doko_ [~doko___@dsl-084-059-045-188.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
truluxogra: pitti commented to me that I can ask you too10:22
truluxhey doko10:22
truluxjezz, this ill is an asspain10:24
truluxcrimsun: really?10:27
truluxit's mirrored10:27
truluximmediate solution: http://tuxedo-es.org/downloads/libssp/10:28
truluxit's rsync'ed every hour with pearls.tuxe...10:28
crimsunany possibility that 2001:470:1f01:165::1 has a different config from
crimsunapparently I'm hitting the ipv6 addr10:29
truluxthen that's the problem10:30
truluxI will report it to OFTC10:30
truluxthanks for noticing it :)10:30
crimsunnp :)10:30
crimsunhmm, I'll just trick moz-firefox into using only ipv410:37
truluxhave you got the packages, diff, dsc and original tarball? I can mail them so you don't need to waste your time10:44
crimsunI'll try and wget them from the mailing list post10:45
=== Seveaz [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsuntrulux: have these packages been added to MOTUToDo?10:49
truluxcrimsun: ok, many thanks in advance10:49
truluxcrimsun: not yet10:49
=== trulux goes for it
crimsuntrulux: ok, please add these, thanks :)10:49
crimsunmorning, ogra :)10:52
ogratrulux, guessing libssp is a NEW package, it should also go on MOTUNewPackages10:52
truluxogra: Ok, so, not in Todo10:54
truluxjezz, reversed TPE got in grsec a few time ago, and that was an idea of mine that was remove from vSecurity in it's first release :D10:54
ograif you put it on todo, add a hint to it...that ist on NEW10:55
=== trulux slaps himself
crimsunwill look later, have to jet back to work.10:58
=== crimsun waves
ograbye crimsun10:58
crimsunbye ogra, trulux10:58
truluxogra: done11:09
ogragreat :)11:09
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truluxdholbach: qoo woo!11:24
truluxdholbach: submitted libssp1 stuff to MOTUTodo11:26
truluxmot mot!11:26
dholbachit's a NEW package, right?11:26
dholbachcould you then put it on MOTUNEWPackages, please?11:27
truluxit's in NewPackages page11:27
dholbachah right ok11:27
truluxjust my repo is in Todo page11:27
trulux<trulux> Ubuntu is really Debian on steroids11:53
truluxshouldn't that be the motto of the project?11:53
=== dholbach linkes this better: "Ubuntu" is an ancient African word, meaning "humanity to others". Ubuntu also means "I am what I am because of who we all are". The Ubuntu Linux distribution brings the spirit of Ubuntu to the software world.
truluxme too11:55
truluxit would rock to append my one ;D11:55
=== trulux kidding
=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachhey koke11:58
kokehi all11:58
kokedo you know if I already can upload?11:59
dholbachask elmo if he added your key to the keyring12:00
=== encolpe [~encolpe@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
kokehmmm, I think I should add a bit more of complexity to the list :)12:01
kokeIMHO, WithoutDesktopFile packages have less priority than DoesNotBuild12:02
kokedholbach: elmo is 82 hours idle :)12:02
truluxanyone reviewing libssp1?12:11
ogratrulux, there are a lot other packages on NEW...12:11
ograi doubt we will have three free MOTUs before release12:12
ogra(regarding the more then 3000 unbuildable packages on the lists)12:12
truluxchrist :O12:13
truluxok, kein Problem12:13
ogragut :)12:13
ogratrulux, you targeted breezy anyway, right  ?12:14
truluxright, but getting libssp1 in Hoary might be a great thing12:14
truluxas my gcc patches are already in gcc-3.4 sources12:14
ogralets see waht we can do, but i cant promise anything....12:15
truluxmany thanks in advance12:37
truluxogra: NP, don't do it if it harms other Ubuntu work being done12:37
truluxIf i must wait I will do, first we need to to get Hoary properly released, and I wouldn't like to an asshole that makes it harder to accomplish ;)12:38
truluxs/to an/to be an/12:38
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-108-201.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== herve [~hcauwelie@ip-3.net-81-220-179.nice.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachhey herve01:17
haggaiguys what's the freeze policy for universe nowadays?  apt-proxy should be updated to newest version because I have fixed a lot of bugs since the current universe version01:18
dholbachhaggai: update it01:18
haggaidholbach: k thanks01:19
ograhaggai, we are unfrozen until the last minute ;)01:20
haggaiheh I thought that would be the case :)01:21
hervehi haggai !01:21
herveglad to hear you01:21
haggaihi herve01:21
Treenaksthat looks like a problem on the buildd to me01:40
herveI have several like this01:40
herveI suggest we make up a list for lamont to check01:40
herveand give them a kick if necessary01:40
ograTreenaks, thats before 19:0001:40
herveogra, 18:57 precisely ;-)01:41
Treenaksogra: oh, there should be a note on the page about that then :)01:41
herveeven more01:41
herveI'll change the wiki page for that list01:41
=== Treenaks waits
=== amu [~amu@amu.developer.debian] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograguys please, please, please comment dholbachs apt-get.org mail, its important that we see as many opinions as possible01:46
dholbachhey amu01:47
herveTreenaks, done01:48
ograhi amu, frohe eier ;)01:49
hervehmm... I wonder if the "can't build" table applied01:49
ajmitchogra: replied01:51
hervehey ajmitch !01:51
dholbachhey ajmitch01:51
ograyeah !!01:51
=== rubenv [~lambda1@83-134-128-94.Leuven.GoPlus.FastDSL.tiscali.be] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ajmitchhopefully I used the right email address ;)01:51
ogranice reply :)01:53
amuwe've probably a new guy for packaging kde, i'll send him to here, he's very new on building .debs01:53
ograwe'll push him into shape ;)01:53
dholbachMOTUKDETeam is just around the corner01:53
herveas long as he's not new to building itself :-)01:53
=== ajmitch subscribes to u-users
=== dholbach hands ajmitch a handkerchief... in advance
ajmitchdholbach: I wasn't using my gmail account for anything useful ;)01:55
dholbachah alright, i see01:55
=== motaboy [~motaboy@host116-36.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
amuogra: danke, wuensch dir auch dicke eier01:55
=== apokryphos [~apokrypho@host-84-9-32-39.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ograamu, hehe01:55
amumotaboy: welcome, this is the motu channel01:56
motaboyamu: Hi :D01:57
ograhi motaboy01:57
motaboyhi ogra01:57
=== apokryphos [~apokrypho@host-84-9-34-89.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
herveTreenaks, I merged my list with the "can't build" table in the end02:13
hervelatest putty ia64 build succeeded02:14
herveso end of the story?02:14
=== herve wikiing again...
motaboyI've got a little question. kdebluetooth has it source dir called kdebluetooth-1.0_beta1 and already a debian dir that I'd like to change.02:16
motaboythe version is wrong. How can I call it?02:17
dholbachmotaboy: what version would be appropriate?02:17
dholbachoh so it's a NEW package... does not exist yet for debian/ubuntu?02:18
motaboydholbach: not again02:18
motaboydholbach: the problem is that dh_make says that kdebluetooth-1.0_beta1 is wrong (for the _ betwee 1.0  and beta1)02:18
motaboydoko: but also calling it 1.0beta1 is wrong as 1.0beta1 > 1.0 for apt02:19
ajmitchperhaps 1.0~beta1 would be acceptable02:19
dholbachyeah exactly02:19
dholbachdpkg --compare-versions   can always tell02:20
motaboydholbach: the problems is that I want to keep the original debian dir, create a .orig file, and then change it.02:21
motaboyto do this I tried using dh_make to create the orig file, but it complains on the directory name.02:21
hervelet me suggest 1.0+beta102:21
dholbachmotaboy: no problem: mv upstream-tarball.tar.gz <package>_<version>.orig.tar.gz02:22
hervehaggai, that's just this step?02:23
dholbachthen extract it to   <package>-<version>  and if you run   debuild -S   (after applying your changes) you have a nice source package and a nice diff.gz which tells what you changed02:23
=== mfoxela [~legolas@port-212-202-8-100.dynamic.qsc.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
motaboydholbach: Thanks a lot. I'll try!02:23
dholbachmotaboy: cool :-)02:24
haggaiherve: 1.0+beta1 > 1.0   - not good for apt02:25
motaboydholbach: and the <package>_<version>.orig.tar.gz would have the new version i choosed, but I'll keppe it's dir to the original name?02:25
dokostarting with breezy I hope we are able to use 1.0~beta102:25
haggaiajmitch: using '~' causes problems with various tools02:25
ajmitchhaggai: I thought those tools were fixed by now02:26
haggaiajmitch: I don't think so for hoary02:26
ajmitchand that it was only woody that had old enough versions to break02:26
dholbachdoko: it should work already02:26
haggaiajmitch: no, there are other factors.  eg libtool breaks02:26
haggailibtool uses '~' as internal seperator and you get all sorts of problems02:26
haggaithat one might be fixed but afaik there were other probs02:27
hervehow can I see the current list of packages with version on ia6402:33
hervesome build issues seem resolved by now02:34
=== ogra_ [~ogra@p5089B366.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dokodholbach: yes, it works, but does it already get accepted by katie?02:47
dholbachdoko: i recall a package using it... hang on... i'll ask mvo, he'll know02:48
ogradholbach, ALL packages on backports use ~02:48
dholbachogra: that doesnt answer the katie question :-)02:49
ajmitchogra: you said the word!02:49
ogradholbach, which you secetly asked while i was disconnected ;-P02:49
dholbachogra: no... doko did02:49
ograah, ok *g*02:49
dholbachogra: and you were there02:49
ograah, ok.... the first sign of life i saw again after the GRMBLFJX02:50
dholbachdoko: he thinks i should work and also recalls some package using it already :-)02:51
=== doko thinks dholbach's dog needs fresh air ...
dholbachdoko: he thinks it should work .... :-)02:54
dholbachdoko: murphy will get fresh air an hour or something, when i finished this does-not-build list crack02:55
=== HostingGeek [~HG@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachok, i'm going to ease some wiki pain: I'll remove UniverseDoesNotBuild and integrate it into UniversePriorityList (i'll try to take care of your changes ;-)) and it'll be all in the format:  * libdata-dumper-perl [http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/libd/libdata-dumper-perl/ Logs]  (16848)03:12
=== tritium [~rimbert@ee213-dhcp-9.ecn.purdue.edu] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tritiumGood morning :)03:19
ograhi tritium03:19
tritiumhi ogra03:20
=== jinty [~jinty@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
herveheya tritium !03:23
tritiumhi herve!03:23
tritiumWhat's up herve?03:24
motaboyThanks to you all I finally understand how everything works and made a first version kdebluetooth deb.03:24
hervecompiling packages all day and night :-)03:24
motaboynow I've got other questions :P03:25
tritiumway to go :)03:25
motaboyin kdebluetooth there's also an IrmcSync konnector for kitchensync... I'd like to make a separate package for it as it depens on kdepim and it's not very stable...03:26
motaboywhat is the policy compliant name it should have?03:27
hervecheck how other kitchensync connectors are named03:28
motaboyherve: they are all in the kitchensync package.03:29
dholbachok lists done03:31
herveI suggest kdebluetooth-irmcsync then03:31
dholbachhey tritium03:31
dholbachUniverseDoesNotBuild is obsolete03:31
dholbachsorry for the trouble i gave you... list-wise03:32
dholbachbut it took me a while to figure out03:32
dholbachand i hope the test rebuild is finished soon03:32
tritiumdholbach, you have me no trouble at all.  What do you mean?03:32
tritiumgave, that is03:32
herveI tought you were doing mistakes using French grammar :-)03:33
dholbachtritium: i mean the lists (UniverseDoesNotBuild and UniversePriorityList) on the wiki - i manage to have main entries there as well, forget to remove things, ...03:33
tritiumdholbach, it's okay :)03:34
dholbachherve: is this the only trouble i gave you? :-)03:34
tritiumherve, did I use French grammar unknowingly?03:34
hervenot really :-)03:35
motaboyherve: ok thanks!03:35
dholbachso: have fun with UniversePriorityList - i'll take a leaf out of doko's book and head out for a walk03:35
herveer... dholbach?03:39
dholbachherve: h?03:39
herveit seems you have added packages from main03:39
dholbachi know03:40
herveand there are xcfe packages, although they have their own list03:40
dholbachsorry for that03:40
dholbachif you have an idea how to fix it... i put the URLs of the scripts i used on the page03:40
dholbachand i didnt "add" them, i just didnt manage to remove them :-)03:41
herveI compared to the previous list :-)03:41
motaboyherve: so now I should create a debian/kdebluetooth.files and a debian/kdebluetooth-irmcsync.files reporting inside the files needed by the packages?03:47
hervenow you have several binaries03:48
motaboyherve: or can I only define the debian/kdebluetooth-irmcsync.files and all the other will automaatically belong to kdebluetooth?03:48
herveyou need to distinguish those kind of files03:48
hervehmm... I don't really now for that03:48
herveI'll try to clean the list03:52
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=== jbailey [~jbailey@CPE000ded9d787c-CM014260028338.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tritiumsee you dholbach04:04
ograbye dholbach04:05
jintyhey, is there someone in here that can upload a patch for schoolbell for me?04:16
crimsunjinty: sure, got a url?04:37
=== herve [~hcauwelie@ip-3.net-81-220-179.nice.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsundarned Internet! ;)04:38
herveno, the laptop04:38
herveit gets easily at 60 C and hangs04:38
encolpenatural born bad laptop, change laptop04:43
hervethanks the Dell Site Care :-/04:44
encolpemy dell laptop doesn't hang, it melts04:46
tritiummy Dell power supply sure gets hot, and then decides to shut itself off, particularly when I'm powering the laptop and charing batteries at the same time04:49
hervenice :-)04:50
hervehmm... debian kernels use dpatch but don't use any 00list file04:51
herveI hope the patch I added will be applied04:52
truluxhey tritium05:03
tritiumhey trulux05:04
truluxtritium: howdy?05:04
tritiumtrulux, hi05:04
truluxtritium: just a bit of confusion, heh05:08
jintyhoi crimsun, sorry it took so long, the patch is for http://issues.schooltool.org/issue185 and is at http://issues.schooltool.org/file28/patch05:30
\shhappy easter to all :)05:46
tritiumHappy Easter, \sh :)05:46
herveit was yesterday no? :-p05:50
\shwell...today is eastermonday ;)05:51
\shso...if you forgot some eggs ;) please find it today ;)05:51
herveall eaten :-)05:52
\shinstalling 101MB deb packages now ;)05:53
=== pe7er [~losof@pD95EB44E.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
trulux\sh: 170 here06:17
\shtrulux,  :)06:17
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janihello all06:35
hervehello jani06:36
dholbachhey janc06:36
=== dholbach rips out the TAB key
=== jani hands another tab key to dholbach
dholbachhello mr. jani monoses, how are you on this lovely day?06:37
dholbachah... this is better06:37
janiwhy thank you monsieur holbach I am fine06:37
hervedholbach, I'm removing the packages from main in the list06:37
janiI have to catch elmo, as usual :)06:37
dholbachi'm delighted to hear06:38
janihmm he's idle for > 3days looks like it's not gonna happen today06:38
=== dholbach prepares for some uploading party ;-)
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herveto be sure my algorithm is good06:39
hervecan you confirm bind9 is in main?06:39
herveand apache 1.3 is not considered to be dropped?06:40
dholbachdon't think so06:41
hervemuhahaha! on ubuntu-users06:50
herve"glxgears, an intensive opengl application"06:50
dholbachoh my... i wish they had more tangible worries06:51
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hervenope, when you discover cpu and mem monitoring, anything worries you :-)06:52
hervehi thierry06:52
thierryhi herve06:52
thierryherve, I've just seen that gdesklets is still at version 0.33.106:52
thierryI sent the changes to seb128 to make it to 0.34.106:53
thierryany idea what happened?06:53
hervewhy do you ask me?06:53
thierrywell because you were the first to talk to me and that seb128 is not here :P06:54
herveI don't know if I should feel honoured :-)06:55
hervehmm... another security hole fixed in webmin :-)06:56
dholbachwas it removed? :-)06:56
herveusers like it :-)06:57
hervewasn't pinball fixed?06:58
hervelamont, ping07:02
herveor anyone having power on the buildd07:02
hervewe need to sort out those buildd issues!07:03
hervewhat's the status of importing those new xfce packages?07:03
=== herve wants the universe to ROCK!
hervedholbach, I suggest when we make a first run on the list07:04
herveto see what was caused by a buggy buildd07:04
lamontherve: sup?07:04
hervewhat was fixed by now07:04
hervewhat is serious07:04
hervelamont, can you search "buildd" on https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UniversePriorityList07:05
hervelamont, and tell us what's your diagnosis and remedy07:05
=== lamont looks
lamontsnacc: snaccC, not buildd is segfaulting.  Does it in the non-test build as well.  Probable cause: sizeof(void*) != sizeof (int): binary not in archive07:09
lamontpidentd: built on all 4 architectures, hoary and hoary-test.  ppc log missing from main logs, but built/in archive.07:11
herveso issue closed?07:12
lamonta2ps: given back on ia6407:13
janiherve, we requested elmo to sync xfce, so it is pending I guess07:13
hervewhat given back means?07:13
herveok jani, thanks07:14
hervelamont, a2ps also failed on ia64, but for an odd reason07:14
lamonta2ps given back on ppc too07:15
lamontgiven-back ==> requeued07:15
lamontpidentd is closed07:15
lamontsnacc is preexisting issue in the package07:15
lamonta2ps is requeued on the architectures where it was dying07:15
herveare the build attempted as much as necessary or the number of tries is limited?07:17
lamontbuilds are tried once, then either succeed, auto-depwaited, or come to me for handling.07:19
lamontmpage given back on ppc, ia6407:20
herveia64 need a kick?07:20
lamontproftpd is OK. (closed)07:20
=== herve discovering the buildd slang ;-)
lamontputty OK as well (closed)07:21
lamontudev needs a kick to the head..07:21
lamontanyway, entire list either fixed, explained (snacc - your issue...), or requeued07:22
lamonts/fixed/fixed already/07:22
herveyes, that's our current concern07:22
hervebut when the build fails for obvious reason07:22
hervewe need you07:22
hervethank you very much!07:23
lamontnp on having me check any of those07:23
herveI hope so :-)07:24
dholbachhrm, what's the problem with http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/g/gnucash/1.8.9-4/07:27
hervehmm... gtkhtml3.0 seem to need a libhowl transition07:27
dholbachgtkhtml3.0 needs to be chucked out07:27
hervealso :-)07:27
dholbachshould transition the rdepending to gtkhtml3.607:27
dholbachabout gnucash: i get the same cracked up unmet-dependency messages, when i try to build it07:28
lamontdholbach: personal bet would be that the build-depends include one that depends: libreadline5-dev, and one that depends libreadline4-dev07:28
dholbachlamont:    apt-get -d build-dep gnucash    works at my place07:29
lamontwhcih is to say, a series of apt-get -ud commands should reveal which package needs to have things fixed...07:29
lamontcurrent hoary?07:29
dholbachlamont: had the same problem with multisync07:29
=== lamont investigates
lamont  liborbit-dev libpaper1 libpopt-dev libreadline4-dev libwrap0-dev libxau-dev07:32
lamont  libreadline5 libreadline5-dev07:32
lamontin hoary test07:32
hervedholbach, so I transition gtkhtml3.0 or move it to the morgue?07:33
dholbachherve: there are still some packages depending on libgtkhtml3.0-bla07:33
hervewhat's what I meant by transitioning :-)07:34
hervehmm... there's maybe too much07:34
lamontdholbach: and also current hoary07:34
lamontso either guppi or guile-1.6 is out-of-date for you...07:35
dholbachlamont: very strange indeed07:35
dholbachherve: would begnomesword, encompass, mysql-query-browser07:35
herveyes, peacock too07:35
herveso libhowl transition?07:36
dholbachherve: you the first two, i the last two?07:36
herveso gtkhtml transition?07:36
dholbachwe need not list for those :-)07:36
hervejust tell me what to do!07:37
dholbachherve: change build-dependencies to gtkhtml3.6 and see if it works for 1) gnomesword 2)  encompass07:37
herveno thinking!07:37
hervelike it!07:37
hervedholbach, checking for libgnomeui-2.0 gtk+-2.0 libgtkhtml-3.0 gal-2.0 libxml-2.0 sword... Package libgtkhtml-3.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.07:44
hervereport from gnomesword07:45
dholbachchange in configure.{ac,in} and add changes of autconf in a patch :-)07:46
hervenothing more?07:46
dholbachhoping that it works :-)07:47
herveI mean, some command to run :-)07:47
=== herve will make its second dpatch attempt
hervein the rules file?07:48
dholbachno, separatedly on your box07:48
dholbachand add its changes in a (d)patch07:48
hervegot it!07:48
dholbachherve: same here :-)07:52
herveencompass too07:53
schweebdholbach: I added a morgue recommendation yesterday - user-mode-linux (talked with mdz about it)07:53
dholbachschweeb: added it on wiki/MorgueCandidates too?07:54
dholbachschweeb: rock07:54
dholbachwill write to elmo about it07:54
schweebman, this sucks... 4 hours late for work :-/07:55
siretarthi folks :)07:56
hervehi siretart !07:57
siretartI'm trying to fix some Packagess from the priority list, namly gpm and mtr07:57
=== herve is living dangerously!
hervesiretart, you're welcome :-)07:58
siretartbut I fail to see any problems with those packages. how comes?07:58
hervesiretart, gpm seem to miss from i38607:58
herveprobably just needs a kick/sync07:58
siretartherve: but it is building fine in my pbuilder chroot!07:59
siretarthmm. just a new reupload?07:59
hervesomething like that07:59
herveabout mtr07:59
hervelatest is all successfull07:59
hervejust remove it from the list07:59
siretartok. both?07:59
hervewait for gpm to hit all the archives08:00
hervetseng, I added you blog entry about dpatch on wiki/PackagingTips08:06
siretartI'm looking now at vcdimager, it fails with error message CHARSET CONVERSION FAILED... I guess this is due to utf808:10
siretartwould It be acceptable to disable the testsuite? the package seems to build fine though.08:11
siretartit is disable when crosscompiling anyway.. hmm08:13
hervesiretart, that's what unit tests are for :-)08:13
siretartherve: yeah, usually I would agree, but..08:14
siretarthmm.. ok, I try to fix the tests..08:14
herveokay I spoke too fast!08:15
hervemy dpatch patch is not applied at all:!08:15
hervedumb me!08:16
dholbachherve: same here08:16
hervedholbach, vim debian/patches/00list08:17
dholbachi messed up the rules file instead :-)08:17
siretartgulp. vcdimager is using some kind of magic testsuite of automake..08:18
herveanything involving automake is magic to me :-)08:19
hervedholbach, hmm... I guess I need to add dpatch to the build depends...08:19
dholbachherve: ha... did that too, just my debian/rules doesnt work yet08:20
siretartah, I think I found it..08:22
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hervehow do you make a dpatch patch applied at all?!08:28
siretartherve: I use the dpatch-edit-patch command08:29
siretartgreat tool :)08:29
herveand listed my patch in debian/patches/00list08:30
herveand added the include into debian/rules08:30
hervebut nothing happeds08:30
herverock! my laptop got below 39 C!08:31
hervewow! you can add conditions in 00list08:33
siretartrock! vcdimager fixed! this was a rather tricky one :)08:33
siretartherve: you need to depend on target patch-stamp in target build in debian/rules. have you?08:33
hervetseng, you never said it ;-)08:34
hervethanks siretart, I'll find some example08:34
hervesiretart, I followed the dpatch example and added patch-stamp to build-stamp08:38
herveand patch in the phony targets08:38
herveit's ok for you?08:38
siretartherve: shoud be ok, I think. be sure to read /usr/share/doc/dpatch/README.gz08:44
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dholbachha nice... mysql-query-browser requires 1) gtkhtml 2) gtkmm 3) python transition *ROCK*08:46
hervethat's a big fish you caught ;-)08:49
hervethere's progress08:51
dholbachherve: gladly the mandatory  package[outstanding_transitions] ==gcompris[outstanding_transitions]  -check didnt work08:51
hervemy patch is unapplied but not applied :-)08:51
hervedholbach, which means?08:51
dholbachherve: i'm still looking at the package :-)08:52
hervegot it!08:52
herveI patched after the configure08:52
hervewhereas I was patching that #$*! configure :-()08:53
herveyou can tell it08:53
=== herve having dinner
hervegnomesword is incompatible with latest gtkhtml08:56
dholbachlatest unstable 3.1.108:58
herveyou sure you want to get rid of gtkhtml3.0 ? ;-)09:03
dholbachherve: don't worry... just leave it :-)09:04
dholbachherve: the new version uses gtkhtml-3.0 still09:14
hervewe're really not helped :-)09:14
dholbachok... mysql-query-browser done09:15
herveso what have you done in the end?09:17
dholbachdpatched it09:18
dholbachwant to have the debian/rules i used?09:18
herveI mean09:19
herveit compiled smoothly with gtkhtml3.6?09:19
dholbachfortunately, yes09:20
herveyou lucky!09:20
dholbachforget it... take another one09:21
herveI don't quit so easily :()09:22
hervebut I have a gtkhtml3.0 recompiled just in case!09:22
janigoodbye all09:32
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hervenow I quit!09:41
hervedholbach, are you interested in that gtkhtml3.0 recompiled without libhowl? ;-)09:42
dholbachpoor herve :-/09:42
dholbachi ask seb :-)09:42
herveer... what do I say...09:42
ograwhat do you say herve ?09:42
herveI'm not even sure why the build failed!09:42
herveogra, http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/g/gtkhtml3.0/3.0.10-1/gtkhtml3.0_3.0.10-1_20050326-2023-ia64-failed09:43
hervewhat's your diagnosis09:43
lamontherve: one of the packages that it build-deps on still has libhowl.la mentioned somewhere in /usr/lib/lib*.la09:44
=== lamont investigates
herveI knew rebuilding it wasn't enough...09:45
ograyep, its libhowl09:45
ogracreating libgtkhtml-3.0.la09:45
ogra/bin/sed: can't read /usr/lib/libhowl.la: No such file or directory09:45
ogralibtool: link: `/usr/lib/libhowl.la' is not a valid libtool archive09:45
hervesure :-)09:45
dholbachgrep howl /usr/lib/*.la09:45
ograherve, grep09:46
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herveI rebuild libgal2.209:48
lamontherve: actually, it requires uploading a new gal2.2 to hoary09:49
=== lamont goes to kick seb128\
hervelamont, how do know?09:49
=== herve foolish want to upload a package in main...
lamontbecause libhowl was dropped through a carefully ordered uploading of packages, instead of adding versions to the build-depends09:50
lamontand ia64 appears to have lagged behind a bit09:51
hervedholbach, woohoo! encompass doesn't bother me with gtkhtml's version!09:52
=== ogra thought ia64 wer the faster ones... *g*
ograwere even09:53
=== ogra kisses his amd64
herveconfig.log po/POTFILES09:55
hervethose files are changed in my diff of encompass09:55
herveis it wrong?09:55
lamontogra: the ia64 boxes in the data center are really dog-slow boxes... lowest pricepoint machines, etc09:57
lamontalthough bdale tells me there must be something wrong, since they should be much faster than they are09:57
ograah, ok....probably it scales heavily with the amount of CPUs....09:58
\shhey ogra...09:58
hervesiretart, ping10:01
\shogra, why u told klaus that I'm doing now something for ubuntu ?? ,-)10:01
siretartherve: pong10:01
hervesiretart, so you fixed vcdimager?10:02
siretartherve: yeah, it is building for me in my pbuilder10:02
siretarti uploaded it on my server..10:02
ogra\sh, why not, is it a secret ?10:02
hervesiretart, because you have not moved it from "The list" to "Working on"10:02
herveand now "To review"10:02
\shogra, he told me that last thursday in jamesons ;)10:02
siretartherve: oh. did I miss to press 'save'? hang on..10:03
hervedon't press save then!10:03
hervedholbach, about that "Finally worked on all Buildds (all archs)" table10:03
dholbachlamont: i just saw that mdz assigned you #8316 - here is what i gave doko ages ago: http://moz.gotdns.org/ubuntu/wxwindows2.4-debdiff10:03
ogra\sh, was it wrong ? should i keep it secret ? tell me if thats the case10:03
hervedholbach, let's just remove things that were already fixed to light the page10:04
siretartherve: well, UniversePriorityList looking fine now, or did I miss something?10:04
dholbachherve: yeah go ahead10:04
\shogra, no :) i was just suprised if he's making jokes with me that evening...i was a bit dizzy ;)10:04
ograoh, ok10:04
hervesiretart, okay, but just remove it from "The List" so that no one will pick it10:05
herveI'll do it10:05
siretartherve: thank you, next time I'll get it right ;)10:05
jbaileyAre universe bugs supposed to go into malone now?10:06
=== doko wonders about dholbach's interpretation of "ages" ...
dholbachjbailey: bradb wanted to spread the word, when the backend is ready (from what i know)10:06
dholbachdoko: sorry, didnt want to blame you for anything - i typed it in a hurry10:07
ogradoko, an age >= 30min10:07
jbaileydholbach: 'k thanks.10:07
=== dholbach wipes out "ages ago"
herveogra, and how much in american seconds? ;-)10:08
ograhehe, ask mako ;)10:09
hervesomeone having a powerpc?10:10
jbaileyherve: I do.10:10
hervejbailey, could you try to (p)build usbview?10:10
lamontdholbach: confused by why I wound up with 8316... I can fix it sure, but it is universe, and all that...10:10
ograhmm, why is it in bugzilla ?10:11
lamontmust be used-to-was main, dunno10:11
=== ogra kicks firefox
lamontdholbach: so, since you have a patch, and the power, you wanna just upload?10:12
hervejbailey, same thing for libapache-mod-ssl, a serait gnial :-)10:12
dholbachlamont: he must think you're the saviour :-)10:12
jbaileyherve: Am I looking for the same problem with both?10:12
hervejbailey, the buildd failed, I'd like to test it elsewhere10:13
herveand with the current seed (?)10:13
herveogra, I just love your temp applet!10:13
dholbachlamont: can't: it's a 4267426MB native package and my connection is too slow10:13
hervedholbach, you forgot a digit :-)10:14
ograherve, if i have enough data about all the thermal implementations, i'll package it10:14
lamontwe have no terabyte source packages10:14
jbaileyherve: Feh.  usbview seems to want to update the buildenv at build time, and does so poorly.10:14
ogralamont, ot yet...wait until apt-get.org gets in ;)10:14
lamontalthough OO.o is trying to get there, it seems...10:14
dholbachhahaha :_)10:15
lamontdholbach: grumble... ditto here.10:15
=== lamont deals with it
jbaileyherve: In fact, the whole packaging is fubar, it's a GNU mode automake package without a ChangeLog, etc.10:15
lamontyour debdiff is good, dholbach ?10:15
jbaileyherve: I don't imagine how it would work on any arch.10:15
dholbachlamont: not really sure... i hoped someone would double check it... it's not really nice, since files that are in both (wx2.4 and wx2.5) are simply removed10:16
hervejbailey, argh!10:16
tsengherve: it was on planet10:16
tsengherve: but thanks.10:16
hervejust leave it, libapache-mod-ssl it more important IMO10:16
hervetseng, planet? the TV channel? I don't watch it :-p10:17
tsengherve: er.. planet.ubuntu.com10:17
hervetseng, didn't know10:18
ograherve, planet.hollywoord, dont you know the restaurant ;)10:18
jbaileyherve: After I reran autoreconf -f -i and fixed and added AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS=foreign to Makefile.am, it builds fine.10:18
lamontWTH needs 14MB of source.  sheesh10:18
dholbachlamont: and it takes AGES to compile10:19
herveogra, :-p10:19
hervejbailey, usbview? you ROCK!10:19
ograherve, :)10:19
ogradoesnt that need /proc/bus/usb ?10:20
hervedholbach, beware people will interpret it as half an hour :()10:20
herveogra, the libusb I guess10:20
jbailey$ ls -ald /proc/bus/usb10:20
jbaileydrwxr-xr-x  4 root root 0 2005-03-28 08:57 /proc/bus/usb10:20
jbaileyOh, hmm.  I'm running on a fallback 2.6.8 kernel right now because a grub2 experiment went poorly yesterday.10:21
dholbachherve: then it took at least 4 ages10:21
lamontETA 1:05:0010:21
jbaileyIf this build is dependant on kernel features, this might not be the best test.10:21
hervedholbach, it didn't even exist at the dinosaurs time!10:22
dholbachherve: hopefully not :-)10:22
hervejbailey, don't worry for the functional test, I just wanted to test the build10:22
hervehmm... what did we say about kernel-source-2.6.8 in our list...10:24
dholbachzul wanted to check those10:24
herveI mean, wo we leave it in our list?10:25
jbaileyherve: libapache-mod-ssl builds fine here.10:26
hervejbailey, you just rock!10:26
hervegood, lacheck was already fixed!10:26
jbaileyherve: Eh?  I didn't do anything to that one. =)10:26
hervejbailey, you gave me time :-)10:27
hervejbailey, I guess you know better than me what to do with those changes in usbview?10:28
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hervestrange, usbview is in the archive for all archs10:30
jbaileyherve: Up to date even...10:32
jbaileyOh I see why I trigger the AM bug.10:33
herveI think I'm confused between the archive and rebuilding universe10:33
jbaileyIt wouldn't trigger if the person doesn't have automake installed.10:33
ograhey guys pe7er would like to help with some easy tasks, could someone lead him a bit ?10:34
hervelamont, I'm still not confident with the log10:35
hervelamont, http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/g/gtkam/0.1.12-2.1/10:35
hervelamont, how to say lincity is fixed or not on powerpc?10:35
dholbachhello pe7er :-)10:35
hervebut the same applies :-)10:35
hervehi pe7er10:35
pe7erplease play easy on me, i'm not a coder by any means.10:36
pe7er(so i'm afraid of wasting your time, but if you have something i can do i'll gladly help)10:37
hervepe7er, you're welcome and we're here to help too, so don't worry10:37
dholbachpe7er: i'm glad you show up here, nice of you, you want to help out10:37
=== Burgundavia [~Burgundav@S01060020ed20f68f.gv.shawcable.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
schweebpe7er: lookin to fix some packages I take it?10:37
hervehi Burgundavia10:38
dholbachpe7er: at the moment our biggest target are packages that fail to build, some cases are easy since they just require different build-dependencies, if you're brave look at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniversePriorityList :-)10:39
schweebpe7er: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UniversePriorityList check out that list for a package you're interested in helping with10:39
dholbachpe7er: if you run into any trouble, just holler :-)10:39
schweebdamn, beaten by dholbach by a millisecond10:39
schweebbuild logs for the packages are at http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/10:40
dholbachpe7er: you might find installing pbuilder helpful (it takes care of a completely separated build process and shows up most common errors) -> http://wiki.ubuntu.com/PbuilderHowto10:40
tsenghi dholbach10:40
tsenghow goes10:40
dholbachhey tseng10:40
ogratseng, busy like bees all around ..... 24h to RC10:41
lamontherve: universe/graphics/gtkam_0.1.12-2.1: Needs-Build [extra:uncompiled] 10:41
dholbachtseng: reviewing kdebluetooth, looking at peacock, kicked off the apt-get.org thread10:41
hervelamont, where do you read that :-)10:41
ogra*****yeah, again, please everybody reply to this thread on ubuntu-devel@ we need as many opinions as possible ****10:42
ogra(apt-get.org that is)10:42
pe7ergreat. i'll take a look and see what i can do. besides someone brought to my attention that there is a problem with the current wx2.5-headers package (not only in hoary but in debian also), see http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=294998, recent amule will fail to build because of that (and i guess it will be a popular package).10:42
Burgundaviaherve: salut10:42
hervelamont, and this means it's on the queue for another try?10:43
lamontNeeds-Build -> Building -> {Failed, Dep-Wait, Uploaded -> Installed}10:44
lamontwith the understanding that Building-> Failed is a lamont-step10:44
herveI just can't wait :-)10:45
dholbachpe7er: not sure if that is one of the easy cases10:45
dholbachpe7er: just talked to lamont about it10:45
dholbachpe7er: you set up the pbuilder already?10:45
hervecould someone please review and upload siretart's vcdimager?10:46
dholbachherve: yeah10:46
crimsunpe7er: wait, wha?10:46
pe7erdholbach, i am on it and yes, i've been already told its not a trivial case. i don't think i could do that10:46
crimsunwhat's wrong with wxwidgets2.5.3?10:46
crimsunerr, s/.3//10:47
lamontcrimsun: #816310:47
hervecrimsun, it's wxwidgets, that is :-)10:47
dholbachpe7er: sure: go ahead :-)10:48
crimsunwhat the10:49
siretartstats for today: installed girlfriends notebook with hoary, probably fixed 1 package :)10:49
siretartgotta go, cu folks!10:49
hervebye siretart10:49
hervethank for you work!10:49
dholbachcrimsun: some files (those on mentioned here: http://moz.gotdns.org/ubuntu/wxwindows2.4-debdiff) conflict in 2.4 and 2.510:50
hervegood... I broke the wiki page :-)10:50
crimsundholbach: yes, but I didn't muck with those because the Debian maintainer says there's a coming solution10:50
crimsunI'm really hoping Ron packages 2.5.5 with a fixed archive.h10:50
ogracrimsun the next 6 days ?10:51
crimsunogra: highly doubtful, which is why I did all that cruft :)10:51
crimsunlooks like I need to push archive.h in, though10:51
=== herve dreams of an intelligent merging of concurrent wiki changes, and "au revoir" conflicts!
dholbachherve: i think it's next goal after "don't save everything in ONE blob" :-)10:53
hervedholbach, do we really need that xfce list on that page?10:53
dholbachherve: chuck it off, crimsun and jani know what they're doing10:54
hervehmm... a three-way merge :-)10:54
hervedholbach, I just wanted to move it :-)10:54
crimsunspeaking fo XFce, waiting on elmo; he's understandably busy10:54
=== Vollstrecker [~werner@pD9E2A311.dip.t-dialin.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachcrimsun: what about manually uploading those? how many source packages have you got?10:55
dholbachcrimsun: would still require elmo's NEW approval10:56
=== ajmitch [~ajmitch@port163-60.ubs.maxnet.co.nz] has joined #ubuntu-motu
Vollstreckercrimsun or dholbach: Have you modified the rules file of wx?10:57
hervegood night all!11:00
=== tseng [~tseng@thegrebs.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ogranight herve11:01
=== crimsun [~crimsun@crimsun.silver.supporter.pdpc] has joined #ubuntu-motu
schweebgotta love netsplits11:01
herve(fixing a last package...)11:01
crimsunwhat the11:01
Vollstreckercrimsun: netsplit11:02
crimsunI think I pinged out completely, though11:02
ograherve, youre addicted ?11:02
herveogra, can't stop... gaaaa...11:02
lamontcrimsun: rather, 831611:02
ograherve, go to the anonymous packagers :=)11:02
Vollstreckercrimsun: Have you modified the rules file of wx?11:03
crimsunlamont: right, that's what I read in BTS11:03
crimsunVollstrecker: yes, I added an explicit invocation to autoconf11:04
crimsunVollstrecker: Debian #28518611:04
Vollstreckercrimsun: I'm working on the archive.h bug of the debian pkg.11:04
crimsunVollstrecker: ok, great.11:05
VollstreckerI was the one that told pe7er to tell you11:05
crimsunVollstrecker: thanks, appreciate the heads-up11:05
VollstreckerI'm just compiling11:06
ograVollstrecker, if its solved before the 5th it could go in the release11:06
VollstreckerBut I think you won't get a working diff if you modified that file.11:06
crimsunis archive.h the only missing header?11:06
Vollstreckerogra: I want to fix it this night11:06
VollstreckerAfaik yes.11:07
crimsuncan we made explicitly certain it is?11:07
crimsunthat way it would be sufficient just to pull archive from upstream cvs's tag11:08
crimsunarchive.h, rather11:08
VollstreckerIt is in the source package. The dir were it is in is copied, I don't know why it ins't copied, too.11:08
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-109-52.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunok, it'd be line 707 of ubuntu's wxwidgets2.5's debian/rules11:18
crimsunnow to figure out why archive.h doesn't land in $(objdir_msw_install)/include/wx-$(release)/wx11:18
VollstreckerBecause msw isn't built. You mean objdir_gtk_shared11:20
tsengogra: sent.11:21
ograyeah, great11:21
crimsunVollstrecker: aha11:22
Vollstreckerinstall-gtk-shared-stamp: build-gtk-shared-stamp build-gtk-shared-contrib-stamp11:22
Vollstrecker         dh_testdir11:22
Vollstrecker         mkdir -p $(objdir_gtk_install)11:22
Vollstrecker         cd $(objdir_gtk_shared) \11:22
Vollstrecker                 && $(MAKE) install prefix=`pwd`/../$(objdir_gtk_install)11:22
Vollstrecker         cd $(objdir_gtk_shared)/contrib/src \11:22
Vollstrecker                 && $(MAKE) install prefix=`pwd`/../../../$(objdir_gtk_install)11:22
Vollstrecker         touch $@11:22
VollstreckerThat's the place to look for11:22
crimsunoh d'oh, I didn't read the previous line in the build log11:23
crimsunsays objs_gtk_sh right there, sigh11:23
VollstreckerI think that's the place. I'm just testing this place, but it takes long, till build process is there11:24
ograyeah, wx is a pita to build11:24
ograat least you have lots of spare time....11:25
Vollstreckerjep, and I'm afraid of starting it another time after it works, like I want.11:26
=== dredg [niall@malkovich.office.blacknight.ie] has joined #ubuntu-motu
ogratseng, are you sure the first letter of the pre last word wasnt a typo ? ;)11:32
tsengogra: s:g:r:g ?11:33
tsengquite possibly.11:33
tsengthe emial might be a little strong11:34
tsengi tend to do that.11:34
Seveasogra, on my system hwdb-client gives pythin errors after the sound test, is this known?11:34
ograSeveas, oh, no.....that shouldnt happen, can you send me the error ?11:35
Seveasogra sure11:35
Seveaspm or e-mail?11:36
Seveasit's quite short11:36
ograas you like....11:36
Seveasi'll pm you11:36
ograso pm11:36
=== motaboy [~motaboy@host116-36.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachok, back again11:37
dholbachnow i'll look at the vcdimager11:37
Burgundaviaogra: I am getting an error with hwdb-gui with xrandr (probably due to the flgrx drivers)11:40
SeveasBurgundavia lol :)11:40
=== Seveas too :)
Burgundaviaogra: should I file a malone bug so as you have something to track?11:40
ograBurgundavia, you tried it before, right ?11:40
Burgundaviait worked before I changed to ati drivers11:41
Burgundaviaand it worked until it tried to collect the data11:41
BurgundaviaI can test without the ati drivers to see if that is the issue?11:41
ograstrange, seems like the fglrx driver is borked then11:41
dholbachsiretart: uploading vcdimager11:42
Burgundaviaflgrx and xrandr don't like each other11:42
ograBurgundavia, that would be helpful11:42
Burgundavianever had11:42
ograah, i didnt know that, daniels gave me the advice to use xrandr11:42
Seveasogra I will try it too11:42
ograSeveas, no need, according to Burgundavia i'll have to change my code then11:42
Seveasow ok11:43
Burgundaviaxrandr error happend with xfree86 too11:43
ograBurgundavia, thats not an issue for me....11:43
ograbut fglrx is11:43
Burgundaviaflgrx is crap11:43
ograa serious one...11:43
BurgundaviaI wish I bought nvidia11:43
Burgundaviabut I was being patriotic (being canadian)11:43
tsengdo the ati driver not work for you?11:44
tsengthey suit my needs well enough.11:44
Burgundaviait does, but no 3d11:44
Burgundaviathey work very well, but I play tuxracer and quake3 about once a week11:44
tsengive played quake3 with the oss drivers11:44
BurgundaviaI like my 90fps11:45
crimsunVollstrecker: hum, arrimpl.cpp probably shouldn't exist in the -headers package(s), either11:45
Burgundaviapoor ogra11:45
VollstreckerNever noticed this file.11:45
ograBurgundavia, i'll sort it, no worries...will just make my night a little longer ;)11:46
crimsunVollstrecker: yeah, there are three .cpp files in include/wx/11:46
Burgundaviaogra: is that something that is a release goal for hoary?11:47
VollstreckerJep, I see. Maybe I should ask Ron, if this is expectet11:48
tsengi just played tuxracer np11:49
ograBurgundavia, it has to be ready tomorrow 22:30 UTC11:49
Seveaswell, i'll test as soon as you have the new version then11:49
Vollstreckercrimsun: There are several .bmp's too.11:50
Burgundaviaogra: eep11:55
ograBurgundavia, its ok, i really love to program until the sun rises.... (not kidding)11:56
Burgundaviaogra: sorry about not reporting it earlier11:57
ograBurgundavia, not your fault, i blame daniels for that advice if its a known problem...11:57
ogra(never owned an ati card in my whole life)11:58
Burgundaviahttp://noxa.de/~sbeyer/debian/packages/ <--- this is listed as dead on aptget.org wiki page, but is live11:58
Burgundaviahowever, I don't know where it should be filed11:58
dholbachlamont: is it considered to be ok to chuck build problems (just) on ia64 (like http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/c/catdoc/0.93.4-1/) off the list?11:59

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