haggaielmo: you asked earlier about python-qt.  Turns out it depends on sip4-qt3 packages < 4.2 (unstable has 4.1) yet a MOTU uploaded 4.2.112:02
=== haggai pings herve about it - he uploaded the new version
haggaielmo: 23:07 < crimsun> haggai: I'm on it already :)12:08
motaboyhaggai: hi12:35
=== KabelKasper [~vloechte@i5387435A.versanet.de] has left #kubuntu-devel ["Kopete]
haggaihi motaboy12:38
motaboyI wrote to you for the kdebluetooth package. I hope I have fixed the issues.12:38
haggaithanks, I just read over your mail quickly12:38
motaboyhaggai: I have some doubts on the kbluepin12:39
haggaiI managed to get the system to see my phone at least12:39
motaboyhaggai: great.12:39
motaboyhaggai: bluez-utils was definitely needed.12:39
haggaiI could only make pairing work once I changed the pin helper setting to kbluepin12:40
motaboyhaggai: have you tried kbtobexclient?12:40
motaboyhaggai: I never received a bug report on it ;-)12:41
haggaimotaboy: um not sure, I did get obex working I think12:41
motaboyhaggai: maybe this is the first :P12:41
haggaiI couldn't get kitchensync synchronisation working12:41
motaboyhaggai: aargh...12:41
motaboyhaggai: yes. that thing needs a mantainer... my phone died...12:42
motaboyhaggai: I think that more than one person is needed to mantain it12:43
motaboyhaggai: as every phone behave differently for some aspects :(12:43
haggaimotaboy: yes, I thought I saw another email address on the packages, did he step down?12:43
motaboyhaggai: yes.:(12:43
haggaioh :(12:43
motaboyhaggai: I have to kontact the kithcensync mantainer and ask if he wants to take a look at it.12:44
motaboyhaggai: as there are some features of kitchensync undocumented and it has an irmc phone too. :D12:44
alleemotaboy: where's the kdebluetooth deb?  Are there changes worth commiting to keg-3 debian/ dir?12:50
motaboyallee: http://dev.kubuntu.org.uk/~motaboy/debian/12:50
alleemotaboy: thx 12:50
motaboyallee: the debian dir in keg-3 is for debian and Fred (the other kdebluetooth dev mantains it).12:51
motaboyallee: I don't know if I can change it as debian don't have already kde 3.412:51
motaboyallee: and some features depends on it.12:51
motaboyallee: bubt you know better than am as you made them. :P12:53
alleemotaboy: got me ;)12:53
motaboys/bubt/but s/am/me 12:53
alleeI know debian/ needs quite some polishing :(12:53
alleebtw  kubuntu.org{,.uk} revolve to same IP address but no dev.kubuntu.org yet?12:56
Riddellallee: dev.kubuntu.org.uk is a completely different machine12:56
alleeRiddell: right. but 'you' own both zones so no prob to define dev.kubuntu.org (I thought *.uk was temporary)12:58
Riddellallee: I don't own kubuntu.org, canonical do.  I own kubuntu.org.uk which is why I've set dev.kubuntu.org.uk to point to my machine.  cos then it makes me look cool12:59
alleeRiddell: Hey!  you are cool independently!!!!01:00
Riddelltrue, true01:01
mdzkubuntu install and live CDs being built now01:08
mdzrelease candidate candidates01:09
mdzare you folks available to test?01:09
Riddellmdz: ETA?  I'm about but need to cycle off to find a CD burner01:10
mdzRiddell: ~15m for live, ~60m or so for install, I guess01:10
alleemotaboy: FYI kdebluetooth-irmcsync_0.99+1.0beta1-0ubuntu1_i386.deb is not there (can't test it, so nothing urgetn ;))01:10
Riddell"checking for libkcal/resourcecalendar.h... no"  what the heck is wrong with kdesdk01:11
motaboyallee: thanks.uploaded.01:11
Riddelllibkcal2-dev is there and contains libkcal/resourcecalendar.h01:11
alleemotaboy: thx.  downloading ...01:11
mdzRiddell: config.log?01:12
elmoRiddell: are you looking at ubuntu4 old logs?01:13
Riddellelmo: yes01:13
elmo'cos the problem is libkcal2-dev not depending on kdepim but amu fixed that01:13
elmodon't then :p01:13
elmo(or read scrollback)01:13
Riddellok so kdesdk was put back but new libkcal2-dev was not ready?  I've uploaded kdesdk ubuntu5 so maybe it'll be fixed by the time that's compiled01:15
elmodon't worry, I'm tracking it, I'll make sure it gets compiled01:17
elmokdesdk is the last out-of-date thing in main :-P01:17
=== Riddell cycles off in search of cd burner
alleemotaboy: any idea if it's easy to dlopen libxmms (like kopete does in 3.4) to get rid of xmms dependency?01:23
motaboyallee: I think it should be possible.01:23
haggaimdz: anything ready yet to download?01:24
mdzhaggai: live CDs are up01:26
mdzinstall are building01:27
Kamionjudging from the diff mail I got, it should be a whole lot smaller than the last one01:27
motaboyallee: I'm quite unhappy for the fact that in kdebluetooth we are only 2 developers... I was thinking that was too easy to find other people that liked to enjoy the project but probably this isn't true :(01:27
alleemotaboy: maybe the stable release in the near future (?) will help01:29
motaboyallee: I hope :D01:29
haggaimotaboy: shame you arrived so late, otherwise I would have liked to have included kdebluetooth in the kubuntu release01:30
haggaithat might have got some more interest for you too01:30
alleemotaboy: and a HW lap sending you lots of hardware to test sync would help too ;)01:31
motaboyallee: eheheheh :D01:31
motaboyhaggai: sorry, I discovered kubuntu too late :(01:31
haggaimotaboy: heh01:32
alleehaggai: and I was busy with other debs :(01:32
alleemotaboy: do you know of any plans for integration of  dbus & co into kdebluetooth(d)01:33
=== allee puts 'pester fred' on todo
=== LeeJunFan [junfan@64-186-37-120.skycon.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
motaboyallee: I think we have to wait how the dbus integration will be in all kde. For example there are already quite good dbus bindings for QT401:36
elmoamu didn't fix kdepim01:36
elmoRiddell/haggai/amu: someone please fix libkcal2-dev to really Depend: on kdepim-dev01:36
motaboyallee: If you are interested there was a discussion on kde-core-devel some months ago.01:37
elmo0ubuntu6 claims to, but it's not in the Depends of the built package01:37
amuPackage: libkcal2-dev01:38
amuSection: libdevel01:38
amuDepends: kdepim-dev01:39
elmokatie@jackass:~ $ dpkg -I pool/main/k/kdepim/libkcal2-dev_3.4.0-0ubuntu6_i386.deb  | grep Depends01:39
elmo Depends: libkcal2a (= 4:3.4.0-0ubuntu6)01:39
elmoamu: dude, you added a 2nd Depends line01:40
elmothat doesn't work01:40
alleemotaboy: qt4 is far far away :(01:40
elmoDepends: kdepim-dev (<< 4:3.3.90)01:41
elmoArchitecture: any01:41
elmoDepends: libkcal2a (= ${Source-Version})01:41
elmothose need to be merged01:41
alleemotaboy: I thinking about better kbluepin  works-out-of-the-box.01:41
amuelmo: i saw it now :/01:41
elmoand err?01:41
elmowhat's with the << ?01:41
elmothat won't work either01:42
elmokdepim-dev | 4:3.4.0-0ubuntu6 |         hoary | amd64, i386, ia64, powerpc01:42
alleemotaboy:  Maybe a  "case `runs-desktop $USER`; in kde) kbluepin; gnome) whatever; ...; esac" wrapper for hcid.conf pin program?01:43
motaboyallee: haggai suggest to use debian alternative systems and made kbluepin a separated package. I like this idea.01:44
amuPackage: libkcal2-dev01:44
amuSection: libdevel01:44
amuArchitecture: any01:44
amuDepends: libkcal2a (= ${Source-Version}), kdepim-dev01:44
amuConflicts: kdepim-libs (<< 4:3.3.90)01:44
amuReplaces: kdepim-libs (<< 4:3.3.90)01:44
elmolooks good01:44
alleemotaboy: fine for kubuntu but not for kubuntu/ubuntu mix usage01:45
haggaimotaboy: allee's soln has the advantage it would pick the right pin program if you have both kde and gnome users on the same machine01:45
amui also added the headerfiles from libkcal into libkcal2-dev 01:45
mdzinstall CDs are up now too01:46
mdzKamion: diff mail?01:46
haggaiI'm only 30% into the live cd01:46
motaboyallee: haggai: true. :D01:47
alleehaggai, motaboy:  now add support for display :0, :1 etc  via a active-desktop-is-on-display script and I'm happy ;)01:47
Kamionmdz: cdimage spams me with diffs of seed outputs between last and current CD image01:47
Riddellwhere can I rsync the live cd from?01:47
mdzRiddell: cdimage.ubuntu.com01:47
KamionRiddell: cdimage.ubuntu.com::cdimage/kubuntu/daily-live/current/01:47
haggaiRiddell: rsync://mirnyy.ubuntu.com/cdimage/kubuntu/daily-live/current/hoary-live-i386.iso01:47
Kamion(he says from memory, check that)01:47
Kamionhaggai: please don't rsync from named hosts, use the service names01:48
haggaiKamion: cdimage wasn't working01:48
=== elmo spanks haggai
mdzKamion: the i386 CD, at least, isn't particularly small. was it overflowing before?01:48
elmohaggai: dude, mirnyy is cdimage01:48
elmohas been for a long time01:48
motaboyallee: sorry for my ignorance, but are these 2 scripts already present in ubuntu?01:48
mdz578M hoary-live-amd64.iso  614M hoary-live-powerpc.iso01:48
mdz620M hoary-live-i386.iso01:48
elmohaggai: but like kamion says, use the aliases.. 01:49
Kamionmdz: no; it dropped by about 11MB though01:49
haggaielmo: fine, I just used what you told me to when I was having problems01:49
elmohaggai: I was telling you the secret cabal URL - ur not meant to pass it on, silly01:49
Kamionmdz: I was just commenting based on the fact that libgtk2.0-0, libbonobo*, libgnome*, etc. aren't on Kubuntu CDs any more01:49
alleemotaboy: not that I'm aware of.  I've wrote once a hack for active-desktop-is-on-display01:49
mdzhaggai: elmo will take away your decoder ring01:49
mdzKamion: ah, yes01:49
mdzthat was probably my fault for missing them in one of my merges01:50
haggaielmo: uh oh it gets hard to distinguish between undocumented-becuase-no-one-bothered and undocumented-part-of-the-cabal stuff ;)01:50
mdzpython-gnome2 and such01:50
motaboyallee: ok. 01:50
alleemotaboy: Normally I clone debian system, so I tend to forget how it is to install from scratch (kubuntu reminded me now ;)01:50
motaboy:D Now I'd say good night to All!01:50
motaboyAnd goo kubuntu release.01:50
haggainight motaboy01:51
alleemotaboy: nite!01:51
alleeI better to the same.  Night01:51
Riddellhmm, 3 hours to rsync livecd01:55
Riddellshould I ask on #kubuntu for people to test the images?02:10
apokryphosLive images? I'm pretty bored -- I'll test.02:13
Riddellapokryphos: looks like both live and install are there02:15
haggaiooh my live cd is downloaded02:16
Riddellthat was fast02:16
=== amu test now the ppc
haggaiRiddell: I had rsynced todays' image so I had as much as possible that was the same02:17
Riddellsneaky :)02:19
Riddellrsync died02:29
mdzhow is the testing going?02:29
mdzthe Ubuntu candidate candidates look good02:30
Riddellrsync: connection unexpectedly closed (0 bytes received so far) [receiver]   bah02:30
=== haggai is burning live cd
amumdz: booting ppc 02:31
mdzI'll test some live CDs02:31
Riddellwell rsync definatly doesn't want to work for me any more02:38
=== apokryphos is burning now
haggaiRiddell: I had that too, that's when elmo told me the secret url02:39
mdzlive-amd64 looks mostly OK; no sound though02:39
mdzthe CPU overload dialog didn't display at least02:39
mdzbut I get no sound for the konsole bell, nor when I use artsplay02:40
Riddellhaggai: secret URL not working either02:40
mdzRiddell: I believe that error means you have another rsync connection open from the same IP02:40
Riddellthat'll be the rsync that died on me, any way to sort it?02:43
elmokill it on your end02:44
elmoif you really can't find it (?), give me your IP and I'll kill it on mirnyy02:45
elmounfortunately so many people abuse the open rsync policy, that limiting connections-per-ip is really necessary02:45
haggaimy live-i386 cd has sound02:46
=== ubuntu [~ubuntu@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellelmo: can't find anything on my end, I'm connected from riddell.demon.co.uk
=== ubuntu is now known as amu-
Riddellamu-: success?02:48
mdzlive-i386 and live-powerpc both look good02:49
mdzhaggai: likewise02:49
amu-but found 3 things 02:49
mdzthe sound problem seems to be amd64-specific02:49
mdzsound worked fine in the same machine with the Ubuntu RCC02:49
amu-booted in german but got a english desktop 02:49
mdzis kde-i18n-de installed?02:50
amu-Unable to find cdrdao executable02:50
amu-K3b uses cdrdao to actually write CDs.02:50
amu-Solution: Install the cdrdao package.02:50
elmoRiddell: can't see any live connections; and it looks like genuine timeouts rather than rsync kicking you out on this end02:50
mdza bug has been open about k3b/cdrdao for ages02:50
amu-mdz: no, i18n isnt installed02:51
mdzwow, those packages are HUGE02:51
mdzwe do not have space for many languages02:52
Riddellelmo: it's magically started working again, sorry for the bother02:52
Riddellmdz: which packages?02:52
mdzRiddell: kde-i18n-*02:52
amu-and last thing openoffice look very ugly :) 02:52
RiddellI guess Kamion's kde-i18n insatllation stuff hasn't worked then02:53
mdzKamion's stuff wouldn't affect the live CD02:54
mdzfor the live CD, you'll need to change the live seed and choose which languages to preinstall02:54
Kamionright, base-config is install CD only02:54
Riddellah, all is forgiven Kamion  :)02:54
amu-sound / wlan / germany keymaps / X has the correct resolution works out of the box 02:54
Kamionyou don't want to wait for packages to be installed while booting a live CD02:54
RiddellX palette issues fixed themselves?02:55
mdzthis being KDE, I suppose kde-i18n-de should be one of the high-priority languages :-)02:55
mdzamu-: oo.o looks no more ugly than other programs here02:55
amu-Riddell: yes it's also solved 02:56
mdzhaggai: the CPU overload dialog came up after a long time02:56
mdzand now sound works02:56
mdzso it's the same old bug02:56
mdzis that bug in bugzilla, or should I report one?02:56
apokryphosLiveCD looks real nice; everything seems to be working well (didn't detect my connection again, but hey). :)02:56
mdzapokryphos: connection?02:57
haggaimdz: it's not in bugzilla and I can't reproduce it02:57
mdzhaggai: you can't reproduce it on amd64?02:57
haggaimdz: is it maybe because I only have i386 perhaps?02:57
amu-mdz: CPU overload appear not on my sys 02:57
mdz(that's the only place it happens for me)02:57
mdzamu-: amd64?02:57
apokryphosmdz: Internet connection; all comps here are connected via router.02:57
mdzsound works fine for me on i386 and powerpc.  on amd64, sound doesn't work until I get the CPU overload dialog02:58
Riddellmdz: searching on arts in bugzilla.ubuntu.com doesn't bring up anything02:58
mdzapokryphos: using DHCP on a wired network?  ought to work02:58
haggaiRiddell: what did you think of my proposal to move amarok to supported seed?02:58
apokryphosmdz: In the actual installation of Ubuntu it detects dhcp stuff just fine; on live CD seem to have no connection. Is there a command to reconfigure dhcp? Doesn't really matter so much, though.02:58
Riddellhaggai: I'm unsure, on the one hand amarok is cool, popular and sexy and on the other hand I use Juk02:59
haggaiRiddell: I don't think we should have 2 players installed by default.  You say juk is easier to use so lets just stick with that03:00
Riddellhaggai: but I guess supported is a nice middle ground for amarok so yes03:00
mdzapokryphos: that does matter; it's a bug if it isn't detected03:01
mdzapokryphos: do you have more than one network interface?03:01
haggaiapokryphos: you can reconfig the network through settings->internet & network-> network connections (although as mdz says you shouldn't need to)03:01
apokryphosmdz: erm, nope. Pretty standard; wired network like you said.03:02
haggaihorray install cd downloaded and burned03:03
mdzapokryphos: when it's starting up, do you see the DHCP progress bar, or not?03:03
mdzapokryphos: if you could send me a copy of /var/log/casper/syslog that would help03:03
apokryphosmdz: Didn't check at the time, would have to restart to check... I can if you like. In kcontrol I get "disabled ethernet network device"03:04
amucool suspend & resume works also03:04
mdzapokryphos: if you're in the live CD right now, /var/log/casper/syslog is even better03:04
Riddellamu-: on ppc?03:04
amuRiddell: yep03:04
Riddellhmm well 1.5 hours to go with this live CD, doesn't seem like it's worth my while03:05
Riddellwill havbe to rsync in advance next time03:05
apokryphosmdz: ok; will try to find a way to transfer it. 03:05
Riddellis there an annoncement for the release candidate mdz?03:05
Riddella draft one03:05
Kamionit's a good idea to try to stay up to date with the CD images, rsync-wise - it's easy to get behind and then you basically end up starting from scratch again03:06
Kamionday-to-day it isn't too bad03:06
mdzRiddell: I think mako wrote one03:07
mdzRiddell: yes, definitely a good idea to rsync the day before so that you can get the new stuff quickly03:08
=== haggai-livecd [~ubuntu@i-83-67-20-196.freedom2surf.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
haggai-livecdkonversation works on live cd03:09
Riddellhaggai: a good sign :)03:09
=== Riddell sets up an rsync cronjob
Riddellmdz: do you expect to announce it tonight?03:11
mdzRiddell: it's possible, but I expect we'll wait until tomorrow, especially if you guys need more time03:12
apokryphosActually have no real way of transfering it from that computer (laptop with no floppy drive -- usb key nowhere to be seen).03:14
apokryphos In kcontrol when enabling the connection, it lights up green as though enabled, and within a second is deactivated03:14
haggaiapokryphos: that's probably a knetworkconf problem03:14
mdzapokryphos: can you configure it from the command line with ifconfig or dhclient3?03:15
apokryphosmdz: Don't really know how ;-). Beena long time since I had ot use them03:16
haggaiapokryphos: ifconfig eth0 192.168.0.x03:17
haggaiapokryphos: route add default gw 192.168.your.gateway03:18
mdz"sudo dhclient3 eth0" should do the trick03:18
haggaioh right you were using dhcp03:18
=== Riddell cycles off home
=== apok [~ubuntu@host-84-9-34-89.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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=== apok [~ubuntu@host-84-9-34-89.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mdzapok: /var/log/casper/syslog please :-)03:21
apoksure; one sec.03:21
apokit's binary, right? .gz03:21
KamionMar 30 00:42:57 dhclient: DHCPNAK from
Kamionlooks like the server's refusing you a lease03:25
Riddellmdz: someone on #kubuntu just reported sound working fine on amd6403:25
=== apokryphos forgot that .gz is emphatically not binary. :/
mdzRiddell: I've pinged mako regarding the release announcement; no answer yet03:27
apokryphosKamion: what kind of reasons would there be for that? Router settings?03:28
Kamionapokryphos: no idea, TBH ...03:29
amuex. no free lease left, your mac-adress changed or it's wrong defined03:30
haggaiKamion: if after rebooting you do not put the cd back in, it goes off and downloads everything off the internet.  Why does it not ask for the cd first?03:32
Kamionhaggai: what does it download?03:33
haggaiKamion: seemed to be kubuntu-desktop and deps03:33
Kamionand basically, Mark told me to do it that way :)03:34
Kamionerm, that's a bug03:34
Kamiondid you do a server install?03:34
haggaino, plain install03:34
haggaihmm, but that was on an earlier cd that I noticed that03:34
Riddellhaggai: doesn't it copy all the .debs to the hard disk during install?03:35
haggaiyes I did see it copying debs this time around03:35
haggaiand I didn't wait to see if it worked.  I'll try another install once this one is done03:35
haggaiI just wasn't sure what the behaviour was supposed to be03:36
Kamionhaggai: depends on how old, really. Before 11 March, archive-copier didn't work properly for Kubuntu03:36
haggaiit was 25 March03:36
haggaithe image03:36
Kamionthe intended behaviour is that it should not retrieve anything from the CD, and the only thing it should download from the net is language-support-*, and that only after asking you if it's allowed to03:37
haggaibut maybe it didn't really download everything.  I'll retry once I'm done03:37
haggaiit didn't ask me if I was allowed to download, that's for sure03:37
Kamionit won't always03:37
Kamionthat only happens for non-English installs (because language-support-en is on the CD)03:38
haggaiUpdating fontconfig cache...03:39
haggaiFontconfig error: Cannot load default config file03:39
haggaiah #764903:39
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haggaihmm mounting my usb stick isn't working03:54
haggaiuuh pmount isn't installed03:56
KamionUbuntu gets pmount due to gnome-volume-manager03:57
haggaiI thought pmount had been added to the kubuntu seeds03:57
Kamionyou want it, seed it :)03:57
haggaiI can't only amu has the super powers03:57
Kamionnope ...03:57
Kamionyou want me to do it?03:57
haggaiyes please03:57
Kamiondoes anything in KDE know how to use pmount automatically?03:58
Kamionlike g-v-m?03:58
haggaiyes it does it automatically03:59
haggaimedia:/ knows about it03:59
Kamionbut no dependency?03:59
haggaiso I connect my usb stick, an icon pops up, I click on it and it is mounted03:59
Kamionah, it's a recommends04:00
Kamionhaggai: done, seeds updated, germinate-output updating04:02
haggaiKamion: thanks04:02
Kamiond'oh, clashed with my own cron job04:03
Kamionthat explains the weird-shit germinate errors04:03
=== apokryphos [~apokrypho@host-84-9-34-89.bulldogdsl.com] has joined #kubuntu-devel
RiddellKamion: it's a recommend not a dependency because it can fall back on fstab04:14
Riddelland if you depend on pmount you have to depend on hal which breaks buildds04:14
Kamionok; you might want to make sure any only-recommended packages you know about are seeded04:15
KamionI'm uploading kubuntu-meta now04:15
elmoUnpacking kdepim-dev (from .../kdepim-dev_4%3a3.4.0-0ubuntu7_amd64.deb) ...04:18
elmodpkg: error processing /home/buildd/build-hoary/chroot-hoary/var/cache/apt/archives/kdepim-dev_4%3a3.404:18
elmo.0-0ubuntu7_amd64.deb (--unpack):04:18
elmo trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/kde3/libegroupwarewizard.la', which is also in package kdepim-wizards04:18
elmodpkg-deb: subprocess paste killed by signal (Broken pipe)04:18
elmokdesdk is freaking CURSED04:18
elmocan somone please fix kdepim-dev's Replaces/Conflicts?04:18
elmohaggai/riddel/amu: ^---04:18
haggaieek :(04:18
Riddellhaggai: want me to do it or do you want it?04:21
haggaiRiddell: how fit are you?  I need some sleep04:22
Riddellhaggai: I'll give it a shot04:22
haggaiRiddell: ok thanks04:22
=== evan_d [~evan@] has joined #kubuntu-devel
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haggaiRiddell: the files are duplicated in kdepim-dev.install and kdepim-wizards.install04:26
Riddellyep, presumably should be in kdepim-wizards.install04:27
haggaiyes I think so, and a kdepim-wizards Replaces: kdepim-dev (<< 4:3.4.0-0ubuntu8)04:28
haggaiok I'm off to bed goodnight all04:28
mdznight haggai04:29
apokryphosFreeze period now, eh? I guess Kynaptic is going to be default. :P04:58
=== ttf_ [~tom@p83.129.7.121.tisdip.tiscali.de] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellmorning ttf_ 05:10
Riddellkdepim uploaded (twice)06:11
Riddellamarok uploaded06:11
=== elmo [~james@83-216-141-215.jamest298.adsl.metronet.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu-devel
mdzhow is kdesdk doing?06:27
lamontdpkg: error processing /srv/royal.buildd/home/buildd/build-hoary/chroot-hoary/var/cache/apt/archives/kdepim-dev_4%3a3.4.0-0ubuntu7_powerpc.deb (--unpack):06:28
lamont trying to overwrite `/usr/lib/kde3/libegroupwarewizard.la', which is also in package kdepim-wizards06:28
lamontthat's from the ppc kdesdk log06:28
mdzthat's what Riddell uploaded kdepim to fix06:29
mdzAccepted kdepim 4:3.4.0-0ubuntu9 (source)06:30
lamontyeah - and that's either building, or needs build everywhere06:30
=== lamont will babysit it
lamontRiddell: cp -f /usr/share/libtool/libtool.m4 ./admin/libtool.m4.in07:05
lamontcp: cannot stat `/usr/share/libtool/libtool.m4': No such file or directory07:05
mdzRiddell: what was the reason for resyncing amarok so close to the release?08:02
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BeineriProgress? :-)  kdesdk_4:3.4.0-0ubuntu5_20050330-0708-powerpc-successful09:08
lamonthaggai: you around?09:23
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haggailamont: back12:10
Beineriafter what time does a failed build (kdesdk) try it again?12:37
haggainot sure, I think it might depend on the buildd load12:58
haggaibest thing is to ask lamont to requeue12:59
=== haggai does that
haggaithanks for noticing01:00
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Beinerittf: why did you mess up KubuntuKDEStatus?02:01
=== _froud_ [~froud@ndn-165-144-136.telkomadsl.co.za] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Beinerittf: kdesdk is done (now, your nitpick change made it only correct for 30min)02:12
Beinerittf: why did you change kdevelop3 to kdevelop?02:12
Beinerittf: why did you readd "no crypto" to kdepim?02:12
=== elmo [~james@83-216-141-215.jamest298.adsl.metronet.co.uk] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Beinerittf: why did you readd "purge Gimp etc. from seeds"?02:13
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elmoRiddell: dude, your amarok upload FTBFS02:13
elmoFWIW, I'm updating the chroot on novo and happy to install any build-dep etc. on there you need, if it helps02:24
haggaielmo: could you install screen?02:33
ttfBeineri: 1) I know that kdesdk is in the progress of being uploaded it was there as source, but not as a package 2) missing the 3 in kdevelop was a typo. just found out that I edited a cached wiki page - I didn't see the last changes, that's why I the "purge Gimp.." stuff has been put back.  will set things proper again02:36
elmohaggai: installed in base02:37
haggaielmo: cheers02:37
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lamonthaggai: amarok_2:1.2.3-1ubuntu1 and kdesdk_4:3.4.0-0ubuntu5 given back...03:29
elmolamont: version of amarok is obsolete03:31
elmoand I gave kdesdk back already03:32
lamonthow recenlyt on kdesdk?03:32
elmo2-3 hours ago03:33
elmothat's less important, it'll just double build and reject03:33
lamontactually, if it's already uploaded, it'll just reject the mail03:33
lamonts/reject/error-out handling/03:33
lamontI see no builds currently in progress, so should be OK03:33
lamontyeah - is installed everywhere, so I just generated some email was all03:34
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mdzdo we have a kubuntu release candidate?06:21
Riddellmdz: everyone seemed happy with the ones from last night06:22
haggaiyup, we have several known problems but nothing really serious06:22
mdzok, great06:23
=== Riddell wonders if he has time to go out shopping before the release
Beineri"kde" is missing dependencies on kdeaccessiblity, kdesdk and kdevelop306:31
Beineriand kdepim-doc-html gives an installation error06:32
Riddellhaggai: can you list the known problems at http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KubuntuReleaseCandidateKnownProblems06:34
haggaiRiddell: I'd rather we had bug reports06:35
haggaiRiddell: and there are bug reports open for the problems I am aware of06:35
haggaiRiddell: or are you thinking of a user documentation thing?06:35
Riddellhaggai: well it's kind of release notes for people to quickly check, might be an idea to link to the bugzilla reports there06:36
haggaioh, and what about translations?  There are masses of kde-i18n updates in CVS KDE_3_4_BRANCH - not sure if we should take them06:36
haggaiRiddell: ok I agree with you on that06:36
Riddellhaggai: yes we should definatly patch kde-i18n against branch06:37
haggaiRiddell: the patch is massive06:37
Beinerinone known problems? :-)  Me at least had still the lilac strips on blue background with today's live-cd06:37
RiddellBeineri: well I havn't been able to try the CDs yet so none known to me :)06:38
RiddellI'll fill it out with links to bugzilla06:38
haggaiRiddell: I generated patches and changelogs for each module at http://kubuntu.org/~halls/updates06:40
BeineriRiddell: right click K menu->"Menu Editor" still not works, OOo is missing icons and file dialog, ...06:40
haggaiBeineri: I don't think I can do the icons.  It needs a big reorganisation of the package - not even oo1/debian has it06:41
Beinerihaggai: and KDE file dialog?06:41
haggaiBeineri: depends on what the ubuntu release managers say - it is quite a big change to enable it by default since it tickles a lot of new code06:41
RiddellI wonder if there's a good reason kdeaccessiblity, kdesdk and kdevelop3 are missing from meta-kde, can't see any06:42
Beinerihaggai: iirc SUSE copies/swaps the icon set around (via script?) when starting OOo under KDE06:42
Riddellpesky .dhelp on kdepim-doc-html there, really should get to the bottom of that06:42
BeineriRiddell: kde 3.2 had no kdeaccessibility, or? :-)06:43
haggaiBeineri: I know but like I said it is a very intrusive change06:43
RiddellBeineri: yep, and looks like kdesdk was removed at some point when it happened not to build, and I guess kdevelop3 has never been added06:43
RiddellI'll add those now and do a quick fix on kdepim-doc-html06:44
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Kamionmdz: ok, so exactly which version is the Kubuntu preview?06:49
Beineridumb question :-): once Hoary is released its seeds are frozen (for additions), or?06:49
Kamionthis morning's daily build, or the manual one from last night?06:49
KamionBeineri: frozen by definition06:49
mdzKamion: the manual one; I didn't realize the daily build wasn't disabled06:50
BeineriSo there is no way to add something to main/supported during hoary life-time?06:50
Kamionmdz: ok, so that's kubuntu/daily/20050330 and kubuntu/daily-live/2005033006:50
KamionBeineri: that's why we have more releases after hoary06:50
BeineriKamion: daily-live/20050330.1/ is newer, or?06:51
Beineriand daily/20050330.1/06:51
mdzKamion: 9cf3c1252ddafd269c459c5759d07a7d  hoary-live-amd64.iso06:51
mdzthe one with that in it06:51
=== Beineri just asking because he would like to see KOffice as supported :-)
KamionBeineri: yes I know they're newer, see my question to mdz and mdz's answer06:52
KamionBeineri: 20050330.1 is "this morning's daily build"06:53
=== Beineri successfully tried e3008ffe43b4fcbdbf20d3d074b8ce69 hoary-live-i386.iso today
mdzBeineri: is that 20050330 or 20050330.1?06:56
Beinerithat's 20050330/   - but I can test 30.1 very fast (rsync :-)06:57
mdzno, 20050330 is the one that the rest of us tested06:57
mdzso that's good06:57
elmoRejected: Unknown distribution `unstable'.07:04
elmometa-kde.. someone07:05
Riddelloops, I havn't done that in a while07:05
BeineriRiddell: <nitpick> kvim recreated the Editor/ category in kmenu07:09
=== Riddell isntalls
Riddellhmm, it's an evil old applnk .desktop file07:11
Beinerikvim is a dependency of vimpart kdeaddons kde07:12
=== amu_ [~amu@dump.mediaways.net] has joined #kubuntu-devel
=== Riddell fixes the kmenuedit problem in kdebase
=== Riddell moves on to kdepim's .dhelp issue
=== motaboy [~motaboy@host226-39.pool80182.interbusiness.it] has joined #kubuntu-devel
Riddellamu_, haggai: that good for an announcement?08:06
motaboyHi all!08:06
haggaiRiddell: looks good08:07
haggaihey motaboy08:07
motaboyhi haggai 08:07
haggaimotaboy: I forgot to tell you, the bluetooth packages sometimes use kedit, which isn't installed on kubuntu08:08
motaboyhaggai: you're right there are some easy template script for the device scanner that calls kedit08:10
motaboyhaggai: I'll patch them to use kwrite or kate08:10
Riddellthere should be some way to get it to just use the default program assigned to text files08:11
=== motaboy doesn't understand how haggai can find so many bugs in so less time :P
=== ..[topic/#kubuntu-devel:mdz] : Preview Released | http://www.kubuntu.org.uk/ | https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Kubuntu | Hoary release candidate: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/hoary/rc/
mdzwould one of you like to do the honors on #kubuntu and kubuntu.org?08:28
motaboyRiddell: using kfmclient exec $FILENAME the default editor is used :D08:29
motaboyRiddell: or better the default program for that mime type08:29
Riddellmdz: is there a URL for the ubuntu release candidate announcement?08:31
Riddellmotaboy: kfmclient exec seems sensible to me08:32
mdzRiddell: should appear at http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2005-March/thread.html any minute08:32
=== ..[topic/#kubuntu-devel:Riddell] : Release Candidate out | http://www.kubuntu.org/ | https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/Kubuntu | Hoary release candidate: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/kubuntu/releases/hoary/rc/
amuKamion: is it possible to change the kubuntu bootscreen from, This is the Ubuntu LiveCD to this is the Kubuntu LiveCD ?08:48
Kamionamu: yeah, should be possible, I've TODOed that for tomorrow08:50
mdzRiddell: http://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2005-March/000022.html08:54
mdzamu: just don't ask me to change "Starting Ubuntu..."08:54
mdzunless there is a trivial way to test whether we are booting from a kubuntu CD or an ubuntu CD08:54
Kamionor for that matter the branded strings in the installer08:55
Kamionsome day we'll have to care about those, but I'm trying to put that day off as far as possible08:56
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amumdz: hehe :) 09:03
BeineriRiddell: http://kubuntu.org/ spells GNOME wrong and links to the preview CDs09:06
RiddellBeineri: CD link fixed thanks.  I prefer the Minguel was of capitalising Gnome09:23
mdzRiddell: are you going to do an announcement to the KDE news feed again?09:36
mdzthe kubuntu RC torrents are fairly quiet so far ;-)09:36
Beinerihttp://primates.ximian.com/~miguel/software.html#gnome ? He writes it GNOME.09:40
BeineriRiddell: appsy, fm?09:42
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motaboyRiddell: so is ok for you if I change it to a call to kfmclient exec ?10:24
motaboyEhm another idea. I'd like to start packaging stuffs for koffice 1.4, as it would have quite new stuffs and finally a very good krita. Is there anyone other that is just doing this?10:35
Riddellmdz: I don't think it's worthy of a kde dot news story, I've sent it to kde-announce and updated kde-apps and freshmeat10:40
mdzRiddell: ok10:41
mdzRiddell: next week, then ;-)10:41
Riddellmotaboy: if kfmclient works then yes :)10:41
motaboyRiddell: Ok, I think I'll fix this in kde cvs :)10:41
Riddellmdz: yep, next week10:41
Riddellmotaboy: koffice 1.4 would be great, ask on Pkg-kde-talk if anyone from debian is working on it10:42
motaboyRiddell: sorry for the ignorance, what/where's Pkg-kde-talk? As developer I'm subscribed to kde-packager, is it the same?10:43
Riddellmotaboy: it's the mailing list used by the debian packagers http://lists.alioth.debian.org/mailman/listinfo/pkg-kde-talk10:44
motaboyRiddell: oh thanks. 10:45
RiddellApril 22, 2005 KOffice 1.4 beta 1.  Would be very cool if we could have packages by then10:47
RiddellBeineri: I can't find it just now but I'm sure I've seen a something (gnome foundation candidate proposal) where he says he wants to campaign on changing GNOME to Gnome10:48
motaboyRiddell: I'm updating it from CVS and begin packaging it.10:54
motaboyBTW I think that there's an important patch that should be applied to QT. It will fix that hated hangs in konqueror when you make a selection10:56
motaboyWe applied it in gentoo some months ago without any problem. 10:58
motaboywhat do you think? Do you already talked about this issue?10:58
BeineriNobody is reading the Ubuntu announcement till the paragraph which mentions Kubuntu ;-|... http://www.osnews.com/comment.php?news_id=1015611:48
motaboyNight all!11:51

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