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FlonneAre you available to review the howto before I add it to the Wiki, Burgundavia?01:59
Burgundaviajust throw it up there01:59
BurgundaviaI can review on the wiki01:59
FlonneAll right. I'll strip out the DocBook stuff and link to it ASAP.02:00
Burgundaviadocbook is nice02:02
Burgundaviasend that to the list also02:02
FlonneThat's what I planned to do. :)02:03
FlonneI just wanted to get any bugs worked out before that.02:03
mdkehi dudes02:04
mdkehow are things?02:06
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mdkehi jsgotangco avanspronsen 03:22
avanspronsenhow is everyone?03:23
mdkegd thanks you?03:23
jsgotangcoim back to work after a week of flu03:23
avanspronsengood...this is my first visit to this channel.  I am  bit of a linux newb but love linux and Ubuntu.03:24
mdkewelcome avanspronsen 03:24
avanspronsenI am just trying to find out how I can help.03:24
mdkeyou're not as much of a n00b as i am03:25
=== mdke has seen your wiki page
avanspronsenhmmm, really?03:25
jsgotangcowelcome :) we are all learning03:26
avanspronsenwhy?  :-)03:26
mdkei don't know programming03:26
mdkeor system admin03:26
avanspronsenme niether, but I am s sysadmin, most windows, but I run hoary on my laptop and warty on a couple of servers03:27
mdkewelcome to the team03:27
avanspronsenI can my hands on older hardware so I could help test installs, doc installs, etc03:28
jsgotangcomdke: do you happen to know where the moin 1.3 stuff are located in the wiki if its already there?03:28
mdkeno idea03:28
mdkelets see03:28
mdkedon't think its there03:29
jsgotangcoi do sysadmin stuff too03:32
mdkebrb restarting X03:32
avanspronsenlinux sysadmin?03:33
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jsgotangcowell thats one, but i do handle windows and solaris at work as well03:34
jsgotangconeed to be jack of all trades hehe03:34
avanspronsenwe are windows but I have one linux server, running warty, that I am doing some proof of concept work on03:35
jsgotangcoour intranet runs on warty now03:35
jsgotangcowith plone and moin03:35
avanspronsencool, how big is the company?03:35
jsgotangconot so big, 400+ people in a manufacturing facility03:36
mdkenot bad!03:36
jsgotangcoyeah not bad really03:36
avanspronsensmaller can be good, much more nimble03:37
avanspronsenless politics03:37
avanspronsenhow many servers do you look after?03:38
jsgotangco6 servers half of which is linux03:38
jsgotangcoone of the linux servers run oracle on rhel03:39
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jsgotangcowe do have plans to move the 2 win2003 servers to linux when it becomes EOL though03:39
avanspronsendo you do doc work for Ubuntu?03:40
jsgotangcobut that would be a long long time03:40
jsgotangcoi do wiki stuff at the moment because im still getting my feet wet on docbook03:40
avanspronsenhow do you get started?03:40
mdkethere are some docteam pages on the wiki03:41
mdkesome of em are quite helpful03:41
mdkeright i'm off to bed03:41
mdkeg'night all03:41
jsgotangcotry this one03:41
avanspronsenI took a quivk look, I will go back and have a closerlook03:41
avanspronsennight mdke03:42
jsgotangconight mdke03:42
FlonneBurgundavia, http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/RecoveringUbuntuAfterInstallingWindows (Please let me know about any changes so I can apply them to the .xml before submitting it.)03:56
BurgundaviaI would drop the stuff about grub04:01
Burgundaviawho cares04:02
Burgundaviadoes it work?04:02
FlonneWell, I still have to check the LiveCD, which I'm doing now...04:03
BurgundaviaI would seperate out the howto and the explanation04:03
Burgundavialist what you need to do04:03
Burgundaviathen have an explanation at the bottom04:03
Burgundaviaso the how to becomes04:04
Burgundavia1. do a04:04
Burgundavia2. go to 104:04
Burgundaviaand then it says04:04
Burgundaviayou do a become b is borked04:04
Burgundaviabut otherwise excellent work04:05
FlonneI'm not entirely sure how that stuff can be separated.04:05
FlonneIt's quite conditional, and not everyone has the same partition structure.04:05
Burgundaviaanother thought might be to make it more conditional04:07
Burgundaviaie, if you overwrite your mbr with windows, you only need to reinstall grub04:07
Burgundaviayou don't need to tweak your menu.lst04:07
Burgundaviathus maybe say04:07
Burgundaviaif this happens04:07
Burgundaviado 1, 2 and 304:07
Burgundaviaif this happens04:08
Burgundaviado 1 and 204:08
FlonneThat makes sense.04:08
Burgundaviaideally a howto should not dive into anything that doesn't help the person right now04:09
jsgotangcothat's a simple way to explain a howto04:10
jsgotangcoi like that04:10
Burgundaviawe can probably safely assume that 95% of people are simply going to overwriting their grub in the mbr04:11
FlonneI'm used to focusing on unusual circumstances, since those cases tend to be the ones that drive users to mailing lists.04:15
FlonneI'mm try to emphasize the simple stuff, though.04:15
BurgundaviaI wouldn04:16
Burgundaviat focus on the unusal actually04:16
BurgundaviaI would focus on the 95% cases04:16
Burgundaviathose are the ones that we really can rights docs for04:16
Burgundaviathe rest we can deal with in person04:16
jsgotangcoive read through it though and I think it applies to general users04:17
jsgotangcowell not to general in a sense about ability04:17
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jsgotangcohi Skywind04:56
FlonneThere. Tested with the Ubuntu LiveCD, the Knoppix LiveCD, the Gentoo LiveCD, the Arch LiveCD, and System Rescue CD, with RAID, and both NT5 and 9x.05:15
FlonneIt's also simpler, more to the point, and reads a little better.05:16
BurgundaviaFlonne: nice work05:17
FlonneNow to study...05:17
FlonneEek. The Kubuntu 3.4 package doesn't have a pretty Kubuntu wallpaper by default.05:30
FlonneIts wallpaper is pretty, but it isn't Kubuntu pretty.05:30
FlonneIt also seems to have forgotten my transparency settings, though it retained details like font anti-aliasing.05:31
BurgundaviaFlonne: there is a kde-artwork package or something for that05:46
jsgotangcoi will probably try downloading the kubuntu-base stuff soon05:48
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jsgotangcogreetings froud09:42
froudjsgotangco: hi09:48
=== froud sends African Greetings to the room
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jsgotangcofroud: u got a minute?10:03
jsgotangcohow does one start a translation project with a po file? where do i find it?10:04
froudtranslation of what?10:05
jsgotangcolet's say quickguide.xml for starters10:05
froudThe en pot file is in svn10:05
froudthen follow http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-i18n/2004-September/msg00106.html10:06
froudbasically you generate a po from the pot10:06
froudyou can do cp enfile.pot > langfile.po10:07
froudin the case of quick guide cp quickguide.xml > quickguide-<lang>.po10:07
froudin the case of quick guide cp quickguide.pot > quickguide-<lang>.po10:08
froudthe you translate10:09
froudmsgid "Welcome to Ubuntu Linux &distro-rev;: The &distro-version; Release."10:09
froudmsgstr ""10:09
froudyour lang text goes in msgstr ""10:09
froudmsgid "Welcome to Ubuntu Linux &distro-rev;: The &distro-version; Release."10:09
froudmsgstr "Bienvenue sur la version &distro-rev; d'Ubuntu Linux : &distro-version;."10:09
froudwhen finished send us the lang po file10:10
jsgotangcofrom what i understand10:10
jsgotangcoi generate the po file from the xml file10:10
froudno you already have the pot file from us10:10
froudwe made a pot file for quick guide10:11
jsgotangcoi just have to get it from svn?10:11
frouddo you have a working copy of svn10:11
jsgotangcoi have ubuntu-docs at the moment10:11
froudyou should do a checkout on our trunk10:11
froudno no dont do it there10:12
frouddo it in repos10:12
frouddo you have subversion installed10:12
jsgotangcoi do10:12
froudok so now cd to the directory you want to make your working copy in10:12
froudsvn checkout https://docteam.ubuntu.com/repos/trunk ubuntu-docs10:13
froudthat will create the folder called ubuntu-docs/ and add the files in trunk/ to it10:13
froudthis is called your working copy10:13
froudwork there10:14
jsgotangcoshould this be separate from the existing ubuntu-docs?10:14
froudthe repos is the source of ubuntu-doc pacjages10:14
froudwe build ubuntu-doc from the repos10:14
froudonce you have the repos you can build ubuntu-docs10:15
froudanytime you like10:15
froudand install the packages10:15
froudthis is how we test our packages10:15
froudat intervals like yesterday, we upload to the seed10:16
froudso once you have the repos trunk/10:16
froudjust cd quickguide/10:16
froudthen cp quickguide.pot > quickguide-<lang>.po10:17
jsgotangcoi did this before10:17
froudbut before you go doing work check that none of the translation groups are not already busy doing a translation for the target language you want to work on10:17
jsgotangcolet me just refresh my trunk10:17
frouddo svn up10:18
froudin trunk10:18
froudbefore starting work, always do svn up from your working copy trunk10:18
froudmany people work on the repos10:19
froudit is the hub for al lof us10:19
froudeach has a working copy10:19
froudeach hacks their copy10:19
jsgotangcois the trunk the same as that in http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocteamStepByStepRepository10:19
froudand either commits or makes patches and submits them10:19
froudThat is an intruction on how to get started10:20
jsgotangcothen i have this already10:20
froudthis is what I just explained to you10:20
jsgotangcoill just svn up10:20
froudok so then cd to the trunk/10:20
froudi.e. make trunk your pwd10:21
froudthen svn up10:21
jsgotangcoit says At revision 78810:21
froudOk now ls quickguide/10:21
jsgotangco oh there's the pot now10:21
froudls quickguide/10:21
froudquickguide.pot  quickguide.xml  VERSION10:21
froudcd quickguide10:22
froudcp quickguide.pot > quickguide-<lang>.po10:22
froudwhat lang are you going to do?10:23
jsgotangcooh i was thinking of doing filipino10:23
jsgotangcoits not a complicated language10:23
froudHmm what's the abbrev for that10:23
jsgotangcoi think its tl10:23
froudI guess I am not sure10:24
jsgotangcoi will just check anyway10:24
froudcp quickguide.pot > quickguide-tl.po10:24
froudwhen you have finished translating10:24
froudyou make a patch10:24
frouddo you know how10:24
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jsgotangcohow come my po fileis empty?10:26
froudcp quickguide.pot quickguide-tl.po10:27
frouddont put the >10:27
froudI was trying to say copy file1 to file210:28
jsgotangcoi got it right this time10:28
froudedit your file10:28
froudthen before you make the patch do svn up10:28
jsgotangcoi start editing on msgstr"" right10:28
froudthen svn status10:28
jsgotangcoo i start first on one line10:29
froudyes work in a logical manner10:30
froudwhen you are done just mail the file to the list10:30
froudwe will commit it10:30
froudthen you can do another svn up10:30
jsgotangcowhat happened to the patching and stuff10:30
froudlet's not complicate it for you now10:30
jsgotangcohehe ok i will try this first10:30
froudit's enough to handle what you have got10:31
froudbtw, thanks for the help10:31
=== froud must go for a minute brb
jsgotangcothank you for teaching me as well10:32
jsgotangcoi'll check this out first10:32
jsgotangcojust one question10:40
jsgotangcolets say i get to finish this i just send this do ubuntu-doc-commit?10:40
Burgundaviasend to ubuntu-doc10:41
froud-workno to ubuntu-doc@lists.ubuntu.com10:41
froud-workBurgundavia: snap :-)10:41
Burgundaviadoc-commit is driven out of the svn commits10:41
jsgotangcook i;m subscribed to that10:41
jsgotangcook im sold on this pot thing its so easy at the moment11:01
jsgotangcobbl reboot x11:13
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mdkehi all12:50
=== froud-work nods
mdkehows it going?12:50
=== froud-work hard
mdkethe current system is for translated po files to be posted to the list right?12:51
=== froud-work must go to shop buy bread and milk
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HostingGeekmdke: lauchpad..01:15
HostingGeekmalone persificly01:16
froud-workHostingGeek: excuse my ignorance what is launchpad01:17
mdkeHostingGeek, thanks yeah i filed it01:17
mdkefroud-work, launchpad.ubuntu.com01:17
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froud-workHuh another site01:17
mdkethat's where rosetta is01:17
froud-workAh ha01:18
trickiemdke, is there a way to get a closer look at rosetta?01:19
mdkeyou were saying on the list that you couldn't figure out how to get an account with rosetta?01:19
trickiemdke, yeah that was me01:19
mdkedid you mean just a normal user account?01:19
mdkehi trickie 01:19
trickiefroud-work, i just added a 'make trans' that will convert .po files back to xml01:19
trickiemdke, yeah01:19
mdketrickie, just log in01:19
mdkeits all part of ubuntu01:20
froud-worktrickie: hello thanks will take alook01:20
trickiei went to make an account and i get an error when i click link in an email01:20
mdketrickie, you have an account01:20
trickieme = stupid01:20
mdketrickie, btw is there a deadline for sending back translations?01:20
trickiemdke, i don't know01:21
mdkewell that means no doesn't it?01:21
trickiemdke, i can never really get a an answer if iask exactly when it has to be done by'01:21
mdkefair enough01:21
froud-worktrickie: nice one mate :-)01:27
froud-worktrickie: but how to manage diffs01:28
froud-worksay I edit quick guide and I update the po files01:29
mdkedon't tell me you are changing the docs still01:30
froud-workmdke: no, but what happens next release?01:31
mdkeoh phew01:31
trickiefroud-work, yeah i have been trying to think of a way around that01:31
froud-workthe i18n team should not have to retranslate stuff that remaine dthe same01:31
mdkegood thinking01:31
froud-worktrickie: did you look at http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnome-i18n/2004-September/msg00106.html01:31
froud-workthe prcess is explained01:31
froud-workI think we should standardize on xml2pot / xml2po01:32
trickiefroud-work, can you merge the .po files with msgmerge ??01:33
=== froud-work just needs to find libxml2-python rpm for SuSE
froud-workbasic gettext01:33
froud-workbut xml2po takes consideration of the XML01:34
froud-workessentially it can handle the entire process01:34
trickiefroud-work, yep ok01:34
trickiei'll fix it up soon01:34
froud-workyour script is good though01:35
trickiefroud-work, he he thanks01:35
trickiebeen trying to blow my mind with some perl lately01:35
froud-workperhaps can invoke xml2po with $ from your script01:35
froud-workI wish there was a pure xsl solution for this01:36
trickiei gotta shoot... i will make the changes soon01:36
=== froud-work goes back to work
trickiemdke, see ya01:36
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froudhoary's release date has been moved from 6th to 8th 03:12
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mdkeanyone home?04:29
=== sabmoc [~alex@d154-20-136-124.bchsia.telus.net] has joined #ubuntu-doc
sabmocdo <section> blocks need to be nested eg<section><section><section></section></section></section> ? or can I just go like this <></><></><></> 04:56
sabmocor are both acceptable04:57
froudsabmoc: sections are nested05:02
froudsabmoc: here is an example05:04
froud    <title>Article Title</title>05:04
froud    <section>05:04
froud        <title>Section1 Title</title>05:04
froud        <para>Text</para>05:04
froud        <section>05:04
froud            <title>Section 1.1 Title</title>05:04
froud            <para>Text</para>05:05
froud        </section>05:05
froud        <section>05:05
froud            <title>Section 1.2 Title</title>05:05
froud            <para>Text</para>05:05
froud        </section>05:05
froud    </section>05:05
froud    <section>05:05
froud        <title>Section2 Title</title>05:05
froud        <para>Text</para>05:05
froud        <section>05:05
froud            <title>Section 2.1 Title</title>05:05
froud            <para>Text</para>05:05
froud        </section>05:05
froud        <section>05:05
froud            <title>Section 2.2 Title</title>05:06
froud            <para>Text</para>05:06
froud        </section>05:06
froud    </section>05:06
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dandhello. what's the proper place for asking about website translation?05:20
frouddand: I have no idea05:57
=== froud wonders why claude disappeared so fast
mdkedand, what sot of translation?06:13
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FlonneOops. I forgot to change my outgoing mail settings to use my real name. That's been fixed now. (In case anyone happens to wonder who Red HamsterX is)09:07
mdkeoh yeah09:08
mdkefroud, am downloading the Kubuntu RC live disk09:12
mdkelets see what all the fuss is about09:12
froudmdke: cool09:12
jjessei am really enjoying kubuntu09:40
jjessenow if i could just figure out power managerment for my laptop -- supsend to disk and all that09:40
jjessethen i would be all set09:40
jjessei couldn't figure it out in ubuntu itself :(09:41
froudjjesse: on kde it is easier, just use KControl09:44
jjessehmm why can't it work that easy on ubuntu?09:48
jjessethat was a cake walke09:48
mdkefroud, what is language support like on kubuntu?09:48
froudjjesse: welcome to kde dude :-)09:48
froudwhat langiage do you want09:48
mdkeguy in the italian chan says its not all in italian09:49
froudAgain in the control panel09:49
froudIt's good, there are patches but thats the same for most09:49
mdkeok cool09:49
froudBut in general kde just makes life easy09:50
FlonneIt does, but it doesn't run too well on my 486. :(09:50
froudHe he it needs more resources09:51
=== froud uses 486s for door-stops
=== Flonne uses it for managing distributed tasks and as a simple router.
froudno desktop required then09:54
mdkethats one hell of a door stop09:58
froudkeeps the door open though09:59
mdkevery true09:59
mdkei have a p1 that i need to figure out what to do with09:59
mdkemaybe webserver09:59
claudehum, hum, guys, may i bother you :-P10:00
claudemdke: did you already get some po back ?10:00
=== froud nods
mdkeclaude, no10:01
mdkei've done one italian po10:01
mdkebut nothing from anyone else10:01
mdkeare they in rosetta yet?10:01
mdkeok np10:02
mdkeare they likely to be? if not i'll set off on the quickguide-it soon10:02
claudethey should...10:02
claudecarlos said between today and tomorrow10:02
mdkeoh cool10:03
=== froud wonders if anybody has access to trados (translation memory)
claudebut time is short for inclusion in Hoary10:03
mdkei need to subscribe to the translation list10:03
claudei am...10:03
claudebut you won't receive many traffic...10:03
mdkeclaude, yeah i agree. the two main docs aren't long tbh10:03
mdkethey shouldn't take long to translate10:04
mdkehopefully we'll get some back soon10:04
mdkeone question10:04
claudethere isn't any translators community for now10:04
mdkeclaude, this is the first translating i've done so am pretty n00b, i noticed that in the french po the accents come out funny on my poEdit10:04
mdkedo you know why this is?10:04
claudejust some guys asking how they can help10:04
claudeare you in UTF-8 ?10:05
mdkemy accents came out ok10:05
mdkemaybe poEdit has a problem10:05
mdkebut it got me a bit worried10:06
mdkeshall i get a screenshot of the behaviour?10:06
claudei'm not using poEdit10:06
mdkewhat do you use?10:07
claudegTranslator or kBabel (just to make froud hapy :) )10:07
mdkegtranslator wouldn't open the files for me10:08
froudKBabel rocks10:08
claudei had also problem with gtranslator10:08
mdkeheres the screenshot10:08
claudei'm installing poedit10:08
mdketop window is french, bottom italian10:09
mdkethe french version says charset iso-8859-110:10
mdkejust noticed10:10
mdkewhich charset should it be in?10:12
mdkewell its definitely not10:13
mdkejust got the new version from snv10:13
claudedont' know why poedit find this 8859-1...10:13
mdkeunless poEdit has some crazy problem10:13
mdkeit is utf8?10:13
claude"Content-Type: application/x-xml2pot; charset=UTF-8\n"10:13
claudeline 13 of po file10:13
mdkei know10:14
mdkeits the capital letters10:14
mdkemine says "Content-Type: text/plain; charset=utf-8\n"10:15
mdkedifferent content type10:15
mdkeoh dear, have i done something wrong?10:16
mdkeclaude, comparing the documents I also see that the french version includes things like: #. Tag: subtitle and ~.Tag: para. My one doesn't have these.10:17
claudedon't know if this matter10:18
mdkehope not10:18
claudei'm no more experienced user than you, you know ! 10:18
mdkethis is my first attempt at translating10:19
mdkei had never heard of .po files before10:19
claudei did, but juste a little, little little :)10:19
mdkewell let's hope it works10:19
mdkedoes anyone know anything about it?10:19
claudecould you send your po file to the list, to be included in svn ?10:20
mdkei will do so tomorrow10:20
claudewe'll try to regenerate the italian xml 10:20
mdkei am waiting on corrections from someone else10:20
mdkewill try and hurry it10:22
claudemake an 'po2xml original.xml yourfile.po > original-it.xml'10:22
claudeand see the result in yelp10:22
mdkewhat package do i need to install?10:22
claudepoxml (http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DocteamStepByStepl18n)10:23
claudefroud: do you know when the defintive ubuntu-docs freeze for Hoary will be ?10:26
froudWe have frozen about-ubuntu, release-notes and quick guide10:27
froudonly crital issues can get in now10:27
froudother docs are open for work10:27
claudei18n IS critical :)10:27
froudthe en docs are frozen10:28
froudto enable l18n10:28
froudwe hope to get as many po files in as possible10:28
claudeuntil ... ?10:28
froudHoary release is now 8th April10:28
froudas apposed to 6th10:29
mdkeis that for our benefit?10:29
froudI would say aiming at 6th is a good date10:29
=== mdke hopes not
claudehowever the scripts seems not ready10:30
froudclaude: which scripts10:30
froudthose from trickie10:31
claudeMakefile, deb packaging10:31
froudfirst we must have the xml and then enrico needs to do his stuff10:31
claudeenrico ? in the coffee shops :)10:31
claudei'm doubting :(10:32
froudhe is back but he is tired10:32
froudenrico will get his part done you can count on him10:32
claudehr told me he was in Amsterdam for two weeks...10:32
froudtrickie is working on methods to transform from po to xml10:33
claudeyes, i saw, that part seems ok10:33
froudif we need to then one of the devs will do the rest10:33
froudperhaps jdub10:33
froudor thom10:34
mdkeclaude, ok i've generated the xml10:34
mdkeits not brilliant10:34
=== froud is just very busy with long documents at the momement.
claudethks froud10:35
froudclaude: do you feel like translating 600 pages10:35
froud7 documents10:36
claudeplease stop !10:36
mdkeclaude, screenshot at http://mdke.mine.nu/images/xml.png, i've left the error i got from terminal on it too10:36
froudporting from OOo Writer to Docbook10:36
claudemdke: could you just send me your po (paroz@email.ch)10:36
mdkeclaude, sent10:37
mdkethe accents seem to have come out ok, but the index is not right (i assume)10:37
mdkeclaude, i've generated an xml with the french po file, and it looks the same, so probably everything is ok10:38
froudwhat a strange word for a menuitem10:40
froudHow to translate that10:40
mdkegnome 2.8 uses that10:40
mdkeclaude, http://mdke.mine.nu/images/xml-fr.png10:44
claudemdke: yes, you have to execute the xml file in the context of ubuntu-doc10:44
claudein the about-ubuntu folder10:44
mdkei did10:45
claudeotherwise, the relative links doesn't resolve10:45
mdkeif I do yelp ubuntu-doc/aboutubuntu/aboutubuntu.xml, i get the same thing10:45
mdkei won't do another screenshot, but its the same10:46
mdkeanyway the important thing is that the -it.po seems to be ok10:47
claudeyes, the it xml file seems ok for me10:47
mdkeok thanks VERY much for your help10:47
froudmdke: send the po when you are ready with it10:47
mdkefroud, will do10:47
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