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fabbionemorning guys06:30
lamontthere's also the question of why my vaio freequently has no batteries, according to acpi according to the kernel08:22
fabbionelamont: i am sure mjg59 has an aswer to that08:23
fabbionebut i think it's a bit late for a fix08:25
lamontscary part is that I noticed it (figured I'd deleted a module or something), upgraded and rebooted, and it got better.  rebooted and it's back.08:27
lamontnfc what's going on08:27
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zulhow is it gonig?04:46
fabbionenot too bad04:47
zulgiid...im stuck writing documenation04:47
fabbionei should really spend time to add my blog somewhere04:50
fabbionegiven that i can remember to actually blog :)04:51
zulim not really into blogging04:52
zulill read them though04:55
fabbioneneither am i.. too much04:55
fabbioneinteresting is the comment on memset05:00
zulyeah i found two in s390 scsi drivers in 2.6.12-rc105:01
zuli was thinking of patching the others that he found05:03
fabbionenot worth05:03
fabbionewe don't support s39005:03
zuli know i was going to send it off to kj05:06
zuli do have a life outside of ubuntu ;)05:06
zuloh yah meeting today isnt there?05:18
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zulwhee...im going to go try kubuntu06:27
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zulwell thats ood..06:33
fabbionelet me tell ya06:34
fabbioneyou need to select the session and switch it to KDE06:34
fabbioneotherwise you only get kdm and gnome06:34
zulim running with kdm06:34
zulhow do i switch the session?06:34
fabbionefrom kdm06:35
zulah ok...brb :)06:35
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=== fabbione laughs at 8396
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zuleverything is real big06:38
zulfonts and stuff06:39
fabbionezul: 8396 looks so much as pure crap06:39
zulno info in the bug as well06:40
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fabbionehey guys07:16
fabbionei need a name for -3207:16
fabbioneah hell.. brb07:17
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fabbionehey T-Bone 07:19
fabbione"Burning Biscuits"?07:20
fabbione"Smelly sausages"?07:20
T-Bonehey fabbione !07:20
=== T-Bone wonders what fabbione is talking about ;)
fabbioneT-Bone: check the last changelogs in the kernel..07:21
fabbionei am searching a name for -3207:21
T-Boneah ;)07:21
T-Bonefabbione: well, if you could fix the concurrency stuff in modules btw... :)07:21
fabbione"Radioactive Radish"07:22
fabbione"Super Spinach"07:22
fabbioneT-Bone: ?07:22
T-Bonefabbione: the mail i sent you before going on vacation07:23
fabbioneT-Bone: got no mails from you07:23
kylemT-Bone, hmm, i see the same problem, i think07:23
fabbione"Marvelous Marrow"07:23
fabbionecan anybody explain the problem to me?07:24
T-Bonefabbione: Message-ID: <oN17ozdC.1111679287.0706720.varenet@localhost>07:24
T-BoneTo: Fabio Massimo Di Nitto <fabbione@ubuntu.com>07:24
T-BoneSubject: kernel modules build07:24
T-BoneDate: Thu, 24 Mar 2005 16:48:07 +010007:24
fabbioneT-Bone: i don't have that mail....07:25
T-Bonefabbione: now you have it (just forwarded again)07:25
fabbioneah that's a bug in kernel package to maintain compatibility with 2.407:26
fabbioneit depends how you want to see it07:26
fabbionebut i think we are going to change that07:27
fabbioneT-Bone: on 2.6 it is enough to do make07:27
fabbioneand everything is built07:27
T-Bonei don't understand how not compiling modules in a threaded way is a feature, nor how it preserves compat... :}07:27
fabbioneon 2.4 iirc you need to call make bzImage and make modules07:27
fabbionetherefor make modules is called twice07:27
fabbionebut it's a mistake07:28
fabbioneeasily fixable07:28
fabbione-> breezy07:28
T-Boneam i to understand that we really want our builders to spend time on kernels? :O)07:28
T-Bonethe patch frenzy, now the modules frenzy, gosh... ;}07:28
fabbioneT-Bone: if you really want to spend time on kernels just baz get the experimental branch and build on i386 :)07:28
T-Boneerr, no way ;)07:28
fabbioneso any suggestion for -32 release name?07:30
T-BoneTerrible Tomato?07:31
fabbionenah needs to be positive07:31
fabbioneTripping Tomato :)07:31
fabbioneas in "Tripping" when you are badly stoned :)07:31
T-Boneyeah i got that :)07:31
fabbione"Orgasmic Onion"07:32
T-Bonei love that one :)07:34
fabbionewhich one?07:34
fabbionei wrote a few tons :)07:34
T-Bonethe orgasmic one, of course ;)07:34
fabbionelamont: what is your suggestion?07:35
lamonthrm... kids aren't here to ask....07:35
T-Bonekids don't read changelogs ;)07:35
fabbioneno.. but they can make good entries for it07:36
lamontno, but they have really cool names, like atomic artichoke07:36
lamonthorny horse? nah07:36
fabbionedidn't we agree on vegetables for hoary?07:36
lamontoh right, no meat07:36
fabbionewe will need to find another category of food for breezy07:36
lamontcolorful carrot?07:37
lamontbitchin' beet?07:37
=== lamont is rambling, not voting
=== T-Bone votes for Orgasmic Onion ;)
fabbionei think the best 3 atm are:07:37
fabbione"Orgasmic Onions"07:37
fabbione"Tripping Tomatoes"07:38
fabbione"Radioactive Radish"07:38
fabbione"Super Spinach"07:38
fabbione"Marvelous Marrow"07:38
T-Bonethat's 407:38
fabbionemeh 507:38
lamontI like R and M bets07:38
=== T-Bone would reduce the set to the first 3 which are (imho) very cool
=== lamont votes radish
lamontafterall, the artichoke just blew up last release...07:39
fabbioneradish ++07:39
T-Bonethere you go then => Radish :)07:39
fabbioneactually.. -29 went out with meat07:40
fabbioneit was crispy chicken07:40
fabbioneRadish is07:40
lamontnah - chickens are the vegitables of the animal world. :-)07:40
=== T-Bone points lamont at some other window he's been consistently ignoring :)
fabbionei am releasing -3207:42
T-Boneyou are such a bad guy ;o)07:42
fabbionei know :)07:43
=== fabbione starts the baz dance
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-kernel:fabbione] : Ubuntu kernel development discussion | http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/KernelTeam | http://people.u.c/~lamont/Archives/kernel-team@ubuntu.com--2005/ stable: kernel-debian--pre33--2.6.10 playground: kernel-debian--experimental--2.6.10 | Get it orhttp://www.vijaygill.com/pics/stfu.gif | There are no kernel bugs.. only broken hardware | Kernel Team Meeting: see #ubuntu-meeting
lamontfabbione: does that mean that the RC bits are officially out?07:56
fabbionepre33 is almost there :)07:56
lamonts/RC/so-called RC07:56
fabbionelamont: we can upload, so RC is closed07:56
lamontah, ok07:56
lamonts/can upload/can upload after checking with god or his arch-angel/07:56
fabbionelamont: well we have only one security fix for -3207:57
fabbioneand one ACPI mega urgent super grave fix07:57
fabbionepretty simple stuff07:57
fabbionebut yes, we need mdz clearance07:57
zulhey T-Bone 07:58
T-Bonehey zul 07:58
zulhow is it going07:58
T-Bonequite fine. 5 days of ski did some good to me :)07:58
fabbione-32 is on the way to jackass07:59
fabbionethat means that if we are lucky we will hit the next daily in 4 minutes07:59
fabbioneT-Bone: we have a kernel meeting this evening07:59
fabbioneat 20:00 UTC07:59
fabbionejust that you know08:00
T-Bonefabbione: yeah i remember. thx for reminding me anyway :)08:00
T-Bonefabbione: i'll be there08:00
fabbionewe lost the daily...08:00
fabbionezul: nevermind.. it will just take 30 minutes more to see the kernel images on archive08:06
zulah] 08:08
fabbionethe -pre33 is ready08:13
fabbionemerging pre33 to experimental now...08:13
fabbionelet see how good is baz merge :)08:13
fabbioneah nice bug08:15
lamonthrm.. gues I better go to lunch if I have to be back online in 90 min08:15
=== fabbione fires up malone
fabbionelamont: the meeting is in 1:4508:15
lamontback in a while08:15
=== fabbione -> food
zulfrigging documentation08:58
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=== T-Bone -> food
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lamontmeeting in 14 minutes09:45
T-Gonesigh, no time to watch an anime episode :}09:46
T-Bonethat's my surname :)09:47
zuli know...09:47
zuli was going to say something witty but i forgot09:48
T-BoneHA HA HA HA09:48
T-Boneyour nastyness is eating your brain ;)09:48
zulyes its called documenatation09:48
zulspellchecker sucks09:49
T-Bonea bit long, but that's the idea ;)09:52
zulthat sounds dirty09:52
T-Bonelamont: seen what i pasted elsewhere, btw?09:55
zuli rather have caffine though09:57
lamontso... ppc install... finished, reboots, hangs after telling me that it's loading the kernel...11:25
T-Bonelamont: imac?11:26
lamontiMac G311:26
T-Bonewelcome to hell :)11:26
lamontyes, with color11:26
T-Bonei have a bondi blue imac11:26
T-Bonei've never been able to install any linux distro on it11:27
T-Boneand i fought hard11:27
zuli blame t-bone11:27
lamontT-Bone: warty installed just fine, thank you11:27
T-Bonelamont: oh, then it's much better than what you claimed ;)11:27
lamontthen again this go round, the CD is throwing read errors...11:27
zulright im going home...c ya around11:27
T-Bonelamont: don't use vinyls to burn an iso ;)11:28
fabbionelamont: i would try netboot :)11:28
lamontT-Bone: made it clear through the install, this is on the first reboot11:28
lamontfabbione: if I had a netboot image... must pester colin, or just go grab it.11:28
fabbioneanyway i need to crash11:28
fabbionei am just way too tired11:29
fabbionecya later11:29
T-Bonemalloc: ../bash/unwind_prot.c:192: assertion botched11:32
T-Bonemalloc: block on free list clobbered11:32
T-BoneAborting...make: *** [configure-stamp]  Segmentation fault11:32
T-Bonejust *sweet*11:32
lamontI've seen that..11:33
lamontwas either bash or glibc11:33
T-Bonethat's konserve, during autoconf11:33
lamontyou aren't being silly and running 2.6.8-SMP are you?11:35
T-Bonei have an interesting evolution build failure as well. Looks like build-dep aren't restrictive enough, it fails on unsatisfied configure checks11:35
T-Bonei am running SMP, sure ;o)11:35
lamontconfigure check failures are normal for many packages.11:36
T-Boneas to me being silly, that's a matter for endless discussions ;o)11:36
=== lamont found that he got many fewer funky failures after going back to UP, declared SMP to be unfit
T-Bonethough it's true i had to retriger a few strangely failed packages11:37
lamontinterestingly, I notice that I'm now runing 2.6.10-4-hppa6411:37
=== lamont feels really brave, apt-get dist-upgrades his buildd real-root
T-Bonelamont: i did that without much issues11:38
T-Boneyou'll see glibc updated ;)11:38
T-Bone(if you use my archive, of course :)11:38
lamontor mine11:39
lamontmy archive tends to stay current, it's just very, um, partiall11:39
lamontand since I'm already fetching source, building the .debs here keeps down my bandwidth abuse...11:40
T-Bonewell, mine should grow a bit faster, there's now two machines building11:40
=== lamont has an a500 and a b180...
T-Boneinterestingly, one is running a 2.6.11 -pa kernel11:40
lamontso, 1.1 machines. :-)11:40
T-Bonei have a500 and l1000 both running smp11:40
T-Boneand soon i'll have sweet beasts to back up (j6k)11:40
lamontLinux b180.mmjgroup.com 2.6.10-3-hppa32 #1 Tue Feb 8 05:16:06 UTC 2005 parisc GNU/Linux11:41
lamontLinux smallone 2.6.10-4-hppa64 #1 Sat Mar 12 04:41:16 UTC 2005 parisc64 GNU/Linux11:41
T-Bonelamont: btw, did you ocmpletely drop my work on reducing the -pa patchset? :}11:41
lamontpatch files are there, I thought.11:41
lamontthey're there - just not used right now, because the 'slow as a dog' issues came in with the patch..11:42
=== T-Bone notices that atlas3 takes *ages* to build on the a500
T-Bonelamont: huhu11:42
lamont2.75 hours on sarti11:42
T-Boneor 3h+ ?11:43
lamont2:46 actually11:44
=== T-Bone notices the build is currently somewhere in the testsuite
lamontatlas3:                 02:46:44 (14 entries, sigma 00:32:28)11:44
lamontso 3:15 wouldn't be surprising11:44
T-Bonebeen building for 2h5011:44
T-Bonelamont: btw, i'd welcome any stat script you'd hand over... :)11:45
=== lamont tries to remember what files he needs for netboot
T-Boneunfortunately i've never tried to netboot one of my ppc machines. I guess i'll ask you how to do that when the time comes ;)11:52
lamontT-Bone: heh11:58

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