haggaiherve: looking at why python-qt3 is uninstallable.  Seems it conflicts with the sip4-qt3 new version you uploaded12:06
crimsunhaggai: it's due to the requirement on python2.4-sip4-qt3 (<< 4.2)12:07
crimsunhaggai: I'm on it already :)12:07
herveyes :-(12:07
crimsunhaggai: but --12:07
crimsunhaggai: if you want to fix it, go ahead! :D12:07
=== herve slaps himself
crimsun(since I need it a fixed version to fix python-kde3 :-)12:07
haggaicrimsun: ok, elmo pinged me about it.12:07
crimsunhaggai: ok12:07
haggaicrimsun: I don't have time to fix it, sorry too busy with kubuntu bugs12:08
crimsunhaggai: ok12:08
dholbachtritium's xawtv was fine12:11
herverock even more!12:11
hervegood night all!12:12
dholbachgood night herve12:13
dholbachthanks for being here12:13
hervehaggai, that I can admit :-)12:13
=== schweeb checks wiki/AptGetOrg
schweebMERGE ON PAIN OF DEATH lol12:15
dholbachwe should try to be more serious about the list; i'll walk through the list again and check which packages we can really include and be confident about them12:18
dholbachit'll be a hard task for all of us12:18
dholbachbut i spotted some nice things in there and if we manage to get the maintainers/upstream guys involved, breezy will rock even harder12:19
dholbachdidnt we have someone with powerpc around? to get usbview going?12:19
crimsundholbach: ajmitch_ has access to ppc12:20
dholbachthe idea i had about http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/u/usbview/1.0-6/usbview_1.0-6_20050328-0655-powerpc-failed isnt nice, but i'd include a patch with the changes of rerunning aclocal and automake12:21
dholbachthat could make it work again12:21
ajmitch_dholbach: I haven't had time to install ubuntu on the mac12:24
ajmitch_partly because it's not mine :)12:24
dholbachajmitch_: don't worry12:24
dholbachajmitch_: i think koke and jbailey had one12:24
dholbachsomeone who would take his time in the next days to walk with me through the kernel-packages in universe in the next days?12:24
ajmitch_jbailey has a pegasos ppc iirc12:25
schweebdholbach: what do you need exactly?12:25
dholbachjbailey: we were discussing http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/u/usbview/1.0-6/usbview_1.0-6_20050328-0655-powerpc-failed12:25
=== koke has an ibook G4
=== tritium [~rimbert@12-202-90-180.client.insightBB.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
jbaileySomeone had me look at usbview yesterday...12:25
dholbachjbailey: and i said that a patch with the changes of rerunning aclocal and automake wouldnt be nice, but could work12:26
tritiumhi dholbach.  Looks like you uploaded xawtv for me :)12:26
dholbachtritium: yeah... good work12:26
tritiumThanks, dholbach :)12:26
jbaileydholbach: You need to add AUTOMAKE_OPTIONS=foreign, and then autoreconf -f -i, and the package is otherwise fine.12:26
jbaileydholbach: A simpler solution for now is to not have automake loaded in the chroot.12:27
jbaileyWhy is it there>12:27
dholbachjbailey: dunno12:27
jbaileydholbach: I think the rebuild methodology is a bit bogus.  Having random versions of automake presence is a good way of cuasing grief.  It's one of the suckages of automake.12:27
jbaileyYou can solve it by setting maintainer-mode in the packages, but that's way more work.12:28
dholbachjbailey: thanks for elaborating12:28
jbaileyWhen I argued against maintainer mode ages ago, I hadn't understood what kind of nightmare we were going to see.  I'd love to see it always in and disabled, with an option to enable it.12:28
jbaileyBut either way, I don't know who maintains automake these days.12:28
dholbachjbailey: must be quite a lot of people :-)12:29
jbaileydholbach: np.  Anything else you need while I'm here?12:29
dholbachso now... who fixes usbview? ;-)12:29
tsengHI DHOLBACH12:29
dholbachHEY TSENG!12:29
schweebdholbach: what are you lookin to do with kernel-packages?  I'm willing to help12:29
dholbachjbailey: not from my side... thanks for replying so fast :-)12:29
jbaileydholbach: The current version is in the archive, this is only a failure from the rebuild.12:29
StoneTablehey tseng, just the person I was looking for.  You're working on mono 1.1.5, right?12:29
jbaileydholbach: I'd be inclined to ignore the problem, given that there are probably real bugs to chase.12:30
kokedholbach: I'm trying...12:30
dholbachjbailey: alright12:30
dholbachjbailey: will there be a cdbs-bof in .au? :-)12:30
jbaileydholbach: I don't think so.  I thought about it after I heard the the bof schedule was frozen.12:30
dholbachschweeb: there are LOADS of packages that won't work anymore, aren't installable12:30
jbaileydholbach: Hopefully there'll be a bit of free time around drinks or something to preview cdbs2 and answer questions about cdbs1.12:31
dholbachyeah cool12:31
dholbachi'd very much look forward to that one12:31
schweebdholbach: well, count me in, as long as I don't have to demolish my system doing so :)12:31
schweebcdbs rules.12:31
schweebvery very much12:31
dholbachschweeb: we should focus on the last debian packages and weed out, what we don't need12:31
jbaileydholbach: If you want something more than that, I don't know who to ask, really.  I haven't thought much about UDU.12:31
dholbachschweeb: thank you very much12:31
dholbachjbailey: i can imagine12:32
schweebdholbach: we have a list of those kernel packages that have problems?12:32
dholbachschweeb: wiki/UniverseUnmetDeps12:32
dholbachschweeb: http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/pool/universe/k/ should give you an idea as well12:32
schweebso we wanna get rid of stuff like m68k and shit?12:33
jbaileydholbach: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UbuntuDownUnderBOFs seems to be the list.  I thought I heard that the list was frozen, but I don't see anything here indicating that.12:33
dholbachschweeb: yes12:33
jbaileydholbach: If you want a formal cdbs bof, could you add it, with some notes as to what you want to get out of it?  (training, improvements, a chance to treat one of the authors as a piata...)12:34
dholbachjbailey: i guess there'll be a lot of last-minute-bofs or discussions-that-anybody-is-interested12:34
jbaileydholbach: As full as the schedule is sounding, I'm not sure there will be.12:34
dholbachjbailey: you're right... for one week12:35
jbaileydholbach: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pinata12:35
dholbachahhhhh coool :-)12:36
jbaileyYou're sounding a little too eager on that one...12:36
=== jbailey runs.
dholbachjbailey: i guess there'll be a lot of interested guys and we'll have our fun, even if it's not on the schedule12:36
dholbachit shouldnt be toooo official either ;-)12:36
kokehttp://www.mikesjournal.com/images/Pinata%201.jpg <-- quite graphic :P12:39
schweebdholbach: I say we just drop all the kernel stuff that doesn't work :)12:44
tritiumtons of packages given back12:44
kokeI'm building now...12:52
=== nictuku [~yves@nictuku.user] has joined #ubuntu-motu
nictukui'm not really familiar with "version changes" in debian packages. I mean, I don't know what to update besides debian/changelog01:02
dholbachyou said debian/rules would have to be changed01:03
nictukubut I'd have to update debian/changelog to explain what was changed.01:03
dholbachdch -i -Dhoary is most easy01:03
nictukuhmm what package provides dch?01:04
nictukuthank you.01:05
nictukuhmm.. how do I create the source package after I've made the changes?01:08
dholbachwith debuild01:11
nictukuI didn't know even that MOTU existed. great idea01:13
=== schweeb starts migrating his Samba domain to Samba 3
=== zul [~chuck@CPE0006258ec6c2-CM000a73655d0e.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dholbachlamont: you know why http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/Test/g/gpm/1.19.6-19ubuntu1/ was only built on amd64 and powerpc?01:33
lamontdholbach: likely the result of one or more of the issues I was fighting in the DC.  FWIW, a fresh hoary-test run is starting, and I'll be grumbling if anyone mentions logs predating somewhere < now (really about 10-40 minutes)01:36
nictukunow I have the source package, what's next? sign it?01:36
lamontotoh, if it failed > 18:57, it's probably gonna fail again01:36
dholbachlamont: ack01:36
nictukuI mean, somebody signing my key...01:36
lamontnictuku: and you tweaked the version to end with ubuntu1, yes?01:37
dholbachnictuku: if you want to thoroughly help us out, you'll (at some stage) have to have a nicely signed key01:37
dholbachnictuku: having a good signed key is always GOOD, but before you upload your own packages to ubuntu, some guys will have to review them01:37
nictukulamont: hmm actually, no.01:43
lamont1.2-3 is followed by 1.2-3ubuntu1 :-(01:43
=== dholbach [~daniel@td9091a97.pool.terralink.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
lamontbecause otherwise, you conflict with the other guy building 1.2-4, and that'd be bd.01:44
nictukuyeah I got it.01:44
nictukuhow can I have my key signed? I live in Brazil, btw.01:44
lamontwhere in brazil01:45
nictukuGoiania, state of Goias01:45
lamonthrm.. no clue where that is.. second01:45
dholbachyou could talk to guys on http://nm.debian.org/gpg_offer.php01:46
dholbachbut i'm not sure how far you'd have to travel01:46
nictukubeen there, no one near me. not even close.01:46
nictukuIn debian, they would sign a key in extreme cases, if one sends a scanned version of its real ID or drivers license...01:47
lamontand Fortaleza, Curitiba, Recife, Sao Paulo all far away?01:48
dholbachnictuku: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UnsignedGpgKey01:48
nictukuvery far.01:48
lamontnictuku: is really a mako question -he's got connections _everywhere_.01:48
dholbachanyway... while you're working towards a gpg key and really want to help out, you will have to have us review packages and upload them for you :-)01:49
nictukuyep. where should I send the diff file to?01:50
nictukuabout wiki/UnsignedGpgKey - biglumber didn't help either.01:50
nictukuI'm not in a hurry to do that, though. I can wait till I meet with a dd (that happens sometimes in events)01:51
dholbachnictuku: you have access to some webspace where you could add .diff.gz .orig.tar.gz and .dsc ?01:51
nictukuyes. wait a second, please.01:52
dholbachnictuku: next step: add the link to it on wiki/MOTUTodo ("to review" section)01:52
dholbachsomeone will get in touch with you, when he finds the time01:52
dholbachand hey... thanks for helping out :-)01:52
nictukunah, I'm the one grateful here! :)01:54
dholbachso we're all glad in here :-)01:56
dholbachok... i'll go for the last walk tonight and get murphy out01:56
dholbachgood night01:56
tritiumgood night dholbach02:05
dholbachbye tritium, nictuku02:08
nictukuis this currently accessible? http://www.grupomabel.com.br/ubuntu/02:09
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=== fredix [~fred@185.72.97-84.rev.gaoland.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
fredixwhere i can report a bug for universe ?02:19
nictukumaybe http://bugzilla.ubuntu.com/ ?02:22
fredixnot for universe02:22
=== diamond [~diamond@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== dredg pokes diamond in the spleen
diamonddredg: morning.02:24
=== diamond rubs his spleen
fredixsomeone know who upload libgtk-trayicon-ruby into universe ?02:26
nictukucan anybody see an explanation for the wontfix in debian #242066?02:27
nictukuoh i found it02:28
tritiumcrimsun, how are things?03:38
crimsunnot too bad03:38
crimsunjust uploaded python-qt3, have to wait for it to build so I can fix python-kde3 :)03:38
crimsunsmall fries compared with universe :/03:39
tritiumdholbach reviewed xawtv, and it's already uploaded and built just fine03:39
tritiumthanks for offering earlier03:39
crimsunyep, read above.  Great!03:39
crimsunyeah, sorry about the lag, I had been called away and wasn't able to even finish python-qt3 til now03:40
tritiumno, don't even worry about it.  It's fine.03:40
StoneTableWhat should I do when I come across a package that won't build, due to api changes?  Looks like gnome-alsamixer is busted.  Upstream is broke, and doesn't look like it's been touched since the middle of last year03:45
crimsunStoneTable: personally, it's a morgue candidate03:53
StoneTablesunds like a plan to me.03:53
crimsunStoneTable: gnome's Volume Control (in 'gnome-media')) already provides the functionality through gst's mixer03:53
StoneTableyeah, maybe that's why it's been abandoned03:54
diamondnewbie question here, looking at packages in UniversePriorityList, some of them don't build purely because apt isn't accepting unauthenticated dependancy packages,03:56
diamondhow does that get fixed? the maintainer tweaks the build env?03:56
crimsunnone of them should build if you're using pbuilder03:56
crimsunyou have to add an explicit configuration03:57
diamondcrimsun: for example, putty is listed on that page as failing, but builds fine here in pbuilder with the steps provided in the pbuilder howto wiki entry03:57
crimsundiamond: if it builds fine for all 4 arches, then note it as done03:58
crimsun(add a note)03:58
diamondwait. i'm a moron, sorry. i've mixed up amd64 and ia64.03:59
diamondlooking at the build logs now, it appears to have build successfully on i386, ppc, amd64 and ia64 (which i presume are the four arches).04:00
crimsunyes, I was just about to say that.04:00
diamondso, the maintainer will presumably take care of updating the UniversePriorityList, and i should go pick a different broken package, right?04:01
diamond(apologise for the flood of painfully unsure questions ,-)04:02
tritiumdiamond, the maintainer may not be aware of the UniversePriorityList04:02
schweebmy Samba migration went about as good as possible04:02
tritiumwhat's up schweeb ?04:02
tritiumah, cool04:02
schweebI'll just say that WINS sucks.04:02
diamondtritium: ah. what can i do then? apt-cache show putty says the maintainer is Colin Watson (@debian.org).04:03
schweebcolin watson = Kamion :)04:04
tritiumyeah, you could tell him I guess04:04
schweebalthough why you would run putty on linux...04:04
tritiumno idea...04:04
diamondschweeb: i use it elsewhere, mainly for pterm, the terminal emulator.04:04
diamondschweeb: it's fast, and pretty bug-free04:04
diamondschweeb: gnome-terminal for example is paaaainfully slow on my p3-800 in work04:05
crimsunI'd use rxvt-unicode then ;)04:05
StoneTable<3 aterm04:05
schweebaterm or Eterm04:05
diamondcrimsun: aye, utf8 support is a must, but i've had issues with rxvt too. basically, every terminal emulator sucks (just like osen -), pterm just sucks a little less04:05
schweebalthough I'm using gnome-terminal currently out of laziness...04:06
diamondi have a friend tho who had to resort to using putty on his box because openssh couldn't get past his router.04:06
diamondt'was a really weird issue04:06
crimsundiamond: well in my case I was using zsh, which has issue with utf-804:06
crimsunerr, issues04:06
=== diamond [~diamond@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
=== diamond slaps forehead
diamondas i was saying before i so rudely interrupted myself,04:07
diamondit eventually turned out that openssh was setting some QOS bits for some of it's inital packets,04:07
tritiumIt's hard to pick a package to fix.  It does seem like some failed to build only because build-dependencies weren't available in some cases.04:07
diamondand his router, being a cheap piece of crap, was dropping on them04:07
diamondtritium: indeed04:07
tritium(e.g. octave2.1 on ia64)04:07
schweeb* on ia6404:08
diamondif anyone has any favourite packages that aren't building on amd64, i'm willing to have a poke04:08
tritiumcool, diamond.  Thanks.04:08
tritiumYou could look at vpnc.  It seems to be failing to build only on amd64, if I recall correctly04:09
diamondtritium: just checking the logs now, it looks like everything except ppc is currently building04:10
tritiumno, looks like it built, actually04:10
tritiumyeah, that's new status info on that04:10
=== diamond nods
diamondfor that matter, i can poke i386 and ppc stuff too, but i'm guessing there are more people around with those platforms04:10
schweebyea, most of us have i386 :)04:11
diamondamd64 is the way of the future i tell you -)04:11
crimsunppc64 :)04:12
diamondeither that or i've just bought myself a rather expensive flop04:12
schweebI'll reserve my judgement for when I actually own one04:12
diamonder. pun unintented, obviously.04:12
schweebI'm pretty happy with i38604:12
diamondschweeb: tbh, i switched mainly because i was looking for a new machine, and amd are selling the 64-bit athlons as their main line now04:14
tritiumcrimsun, you have a G5?04:15
diamondright. mr. watson mailed re: putty.04:15
schweebokay, I'm gonna go through and start moving stuff where the only platform it doesn't build on is ia64...  should I add a new page with DoesNotBuildIA64, or should I just put them in the comments section on the UniversePriorityList?04:16
tritiumhe's in #ubuntu-devel, you probably could have talked to him in real-time04:16
diamondtritium: ah hah. right. i scanned the channel list here, didn't think of poking in there.04:17
tritiumso what did he tell you?04:17
schweebanyone have an opinion?  ia64 does not build, new page, or add to comments04:17
tritiumschweeb, my bet is that dholbach (and everyone else) trusts you enough to do what you feel is best04:18
schweebalright :)04:18
=== hsprang [~henning@c129195.adsl.hansenet.de] has left #ubuntu-motu ["Leaving"]
=== schweeb starts a new page
tritiumnot that I have any say in the matter, but I know you do good work04:18
crimsun(yes, DoesNotBuildIA64 was mentioned before.  Go for it.)04:19
crimsuntritium: access to, yes, not personally (unfortunately)04:19
tritiumcrimsun, I see.  It turns out, my hard-drive problems were fixed with an fsck, but I'm still considering a new machine.04:20
crimsuntritium: ah!  Well, at least that's good news.04:20
tritiumYeah, it was!04:20
tritiumI wouldn't mind seeing a G5 powerbook come out next month with OS X 10.4, but there's no indication of that happening.04:21
StoneTablemy wife is dreaming of a g5 powerbook04:24
StoneTablemy pocketbook, however, is not ;)04:24
diamondtritium: told me to go ahead and update the page, putty is now moved to the 'done' section.04:28
tritiumdiamond, congrats04:29
diamondtritium: well, t'was he that fixed it, i did nothing only notice and tell him -)04:29
tritiumwell, it's still a good thing :)04:30
=== diamond grins
=== diamond goes to poke at snacc
=== wasabi_ [~wasabi@c-24-1-61-51.client.comcast.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunback later, need go to for a run.04:34
crimsunerr, word order switch.04:34
tritiumsee you crimsun04:35
tritiumcool, a fellow runner :)04:36
schweeblots of these ia64 only bugs seem to just be buildd problems04:39
schweebmight be able to clear up a bunch of bugs tonight04:40
tritiumthat would be way cool04:40
=== jbailey [~jbailey@CPE000ded9d787c-CM014260028338.cpe.net.cable.rogers.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
wasabi_So are we still accepting new packages to universe for hoary?05:09
tritiumwasabi_, I tend to doubt it at this point05:11
schweebjeeze this ia64 buildd is messed up a good portion of the time it seems05:16
tritiumschweeb, are you putting that list together by hand?05:18
schweebI'm looking at the buildlogs and determining the general problem too05:26
schweebso it can't be scripted05:26
schweebgotta be done05:27
schweebthis stuff would be way better if it was in a database and you could query for certain attributes05:28
lamontschweeb: the dev/null antics were all over, but ia64 had more stuff to do when it started hitting the fan05:40
lamontditto ppc05:40
lamontand then there was the fact that one of the ia64 buildd's wasn't really happy, iirc, which meant it went flying through the packages vomiting05:40
schweeblamont: well, I'm compiling a list of stuff that needs to be kicked for you on ia6405:48
lamontschweeb: uh, everything got kicked.05:49
schweebare the logs going into Test still?05:49
lamontTotal 27 package(s) in state Building.05:49
lamontTotal 1468 package(s) in state Needs-Build.05:49
lamontTotal 3 package(s) in state Uploaded.05:49
lamontTotal 1498 package(s)05:49
lamontbut atm, it's just main.05:49
schweebyou mean just main that's building?05:49
lamontthat'll take 6-8 hours or more to finish, and then we just have to convince elmo to reimport universe05:50
lamontmain always beats universe in the build ordering05:50
lamontjust as universe beats multiverse05:50
diamondhum. i'm beginning to suspect a gcc/libc6 but is causing this problem with snacc on amd6405:50
lamontso the fact that only main is in the test repository doesn't really affect things until it finishes...05:51
lamontdiamond: that or it's doing something stupid like casting between pointers and int's...05:51
=== lamont becomes curious
schweeblamont: well, I'm at least compiling a list of stuff that's only wrong on ia64 right now :)05:52
diamondlamont: the point at which it crashes is definetely safe,05:52
diamondlamont: but Weird Stuff appears to be happening.05:52
schweebunclutter the PriList a bit05:52
tritiumhmm, I just got qemu to build without modification05:52
lamonthrmpf no nice neat warnings-that-are-really-errors05:53
tritiumI'll double-check...05:53
lamontschweeb: coolness05:53
diamondlamont: heh, aye -)05:53
lamontdiamond: interesting05:53
tritiumnot at first glance05:53
diamondlamont: the code does, basically:   long int t; printf("%s",ctime(&t));05:54
diamondlamont: and strlen inside printf (well it's actually fprintf, but no matter) barfs05:54
lamontdiamond: and there's a #include <time.h>, I expect05:55
diamonder. i left out the 't=time(NULL)' bit -)05:55
lamontwonder if making that say 'time_t t' helps05:55
diamondlamont: i checked the headers, time_t == long int05:55
diamondhum. you know, you're right. time.h ain't included.05:56
lamontthat could matter05:57
diamondwhaddya know, i think it's actually building now ,-)05:57
diamondi blame the 5am time for me not having checked that05:57
=== lamont tips his hat
lamontonly 9PM here. :-)05:58
diamondbing. that fixed it!05:58
diamondlamont: cheers for the hint05:58
diamondright. i'm a newb. where do i go from here? i have a patch...05:59
diamond(and yeah, it's a oneliner ,-)05:59
lamontdiamond: and I presume that you're not in the universe-uploaders keyring06:00
diamondlamont: no, i'm not06:00
schweeblamont: so are all arches being rebuilt from source again, then?06:01
diamonddredg can vouch for who i am, apart from that...06:01
lamonthrm....  /me isn't sure of the actual process either...06:01
diamondlamont: heh heh, k.06:01
lamontschweeb: yes06:01
schweebdiamond: you'll have to wait till one of the MOTUs are around06:01
schweeblamont: an MOTU reviews it and uploads it if satisfactory :)06:02
lamontschweeb: yeah.  that much I knew06:02
schweebthat's about it, heh06:02
lamontthen there's the issue of email addr whitelisting, etc, etc,etc.06:02
schweebah, yes06:02
diamondschweeb: right06:03
lamontI mean, I could upload it, but that would feel like , dunno, cheating somehow...  we should give diamond the proper visibility with the MOTU's06:03
schweebelmo should just make a web form to whitelist :)06:03
diamondlamont: aye, i'd like to work towards motu-ship06:04
lamontschweeb: is just email to elmo to do it, yes?06:04
schweebI just poked him in IRC :)06:04
lamontwell, that too06:04
schweeball the whitelist gains for you is emailing you if you're in the Changed-By header, right?06:05
lamontdiamond: in that case, you probably want to send email to james.troup@ubuntu.com, or poke elmo in irc, and ask him to add your email addr to the whitelist.  Then, as you build source packages, you will get the nice email from the installer, etc.  and your name will be in the changes mail that goes to everyone and their mother.06:05
lamontschweeb: and the visibility that goes with it06:05
lamontthen we know we've been seeing your work... otherwise it just comes from 'Ubuntu installer'06:06
lamontand we don't readily know who did the changes...06:06
lamontadmittedly, that's just reading the From: header in the mail, rather than the Changed-By field inside the body06:06
diamondlamont: cool.06:06
schweebmy stuff has all been Ubuntu Installer so far I think....  but I think that was before I was whitelisted06:06
lamontonce whitelisted, you should appear as the From address06:07
lamont(yes, katie forges email.  so?)06:07
=== lamont needs some faster cd-rw media
lamontdiamond: see also http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/DeveloperResources06:09
tritiumlamont, qemu sure appears to have built correctly on i386.  The log appears to indicate there were unsatisfied build-deps when the buildd made its attempt06:09
lamonttritium: le huh?  URL?06:10
lamontis missing zlib1g-dev build-dep06:11
tritiumlooks that way, yet it built06:11
lamontnow, whether that should be a direct build-dep:, or some other package is missing a Depend:, remains as a question06:11
tritiumit's in the control file06:12
lamontwhat's in the control file?06:12
lamontwhen it built for the archive in november, something Depended: on zlib1g-dev06:13
tritium(as a build depend)06:13
tritiumYes, qemu06:13
=== lamont fetches source
lamontBuild-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>= 4.1.0), libx11-dev | xlibs-dev, libsdl1.2-dev (>> 1.2.1), texi2html, sharutils, libgpmg1-dev | not+linux-gnu06:13
=== lamont sees no zlib1g-dev
lamontand it clearly needs a Build-Depends: zlib1g-dev06:14
lamontsince it references -lz directly (Makefile, Makefile.target)06:14
tritiumBuild-Depends: cdbs, debhelper (>= 4.1.0), libx11-dev | xlibs-dev, libsdl1.2-dev (>> 1.2.1), texi2html, sharutils, libgpmg1-dev | not+linux-gnu, zlib1g-dev06:14
tritium(that's what I have here)06:14
tritiumno modification06:14
lamontand what does head debian/changelog say?06:15
tritiumheh, ajmitch fixed it today ;) sorry06:15
lamontthank you06:15
tritiumsorry for the bother06:15
lamontdamn keyboard06:16
lamonttyping break06:16
tritiumI just assumed it hadn't been fixed since it wasn't in the "Done" section of UniversePriorityList.  My bad.06:19
=== schweeb installs workrave on lamont's system
lamontworkrave and I haven't agreed in the past06:20
schweebI've never tried it06:20
schweebdoes it actually prevent you from typing after a certain point, or can you circumvent it?06:21
lamontyou can tell it to let you postpone or not06:21
lamonthence knowing that i need to take a break... had postponed it a few times already06:21
schweebalmost done with the first 50%06:25
schweeband I just remembered I should go to sleep soon06:28
diamondschweeb: sleep is good.06:28
=== schweeb has to babysit the Samba PDC when everyone shows up at work tomorrow
schweebdiamond: I know better than most06:29
=== schweeb is a narcoleptic
diamondah. ouch. i'm the exact opposite06:30
diamondwell, no. i guess the exact opposite is someone who is asleep all the time and wakes up at random intervals ,-)06:30
schweebI only have problems in class and watching TV really06:31
schweebso, it's not so bad06:31
=== diamond nods
diamondi'm currently on a month off from work due to a sleep disorder06:31
diamondso i decided i'd help out with ubuntu with my spare time, heh.06:31
schweebgood call.06:32
tritiumwow, diamond06:33
diamondinterdiff! what a wonderful program. (that i've only just found out about -)06:35
diamondtritium: i'm supposed to be doing a research postgrad in computer science, but the last 6 months have been completely unproductive due to lack of sleep, so between that and the stress of not getting anything done, it was agreed i'd take off for a month. they even offered to still pay me for the time off, which i gladly accepted06:36
tritiumdiamond, post-doc?06:36
diamond'course i'm supposed to be trying to set up a regular sleeping pattern, but i'll start that tomorrow, right? -)06:36
diamondtritium: nah, just a lowly masters06:36
tritiumdiamond, don't say "lowly".  That's an awesome accomplishment.06:37
tritiumThat's nice that they'll pay you :)06:37
diamondtritium: it will be if i ever finish it (or tbh, start it properly)06:37
diamondtritium: yeah, they're very supportive.06:37
=== tritium thinks he'll try the "enormous omelette sandwich" at Burger King tomorrow
tritiumdiamond, that's good.  I hope you'll take good care of yourself in the month you have off.06:38
schweeblamont: what bout packages that say ia64 isn't in their arch list... should they be fixed and reuploaded, or what06:38
tritiumWe'll support you fully in your recovery!06:38
lamontschweeb: depeends.06:39
diamondtritium: cheers -)06:39
lamontgenerally speaking, the answer to that question is either (1) fix the package and upload, (2) live with it, or (3) edit PaS to exclude the package from the build on that architecture06:39
schweeblamont: k06:40
lamontschweeb: and that particular package is probably (3)06:41
lamontor (2)06:41
lamontsince (1) is beyond the scope of the current exercise06:41
tritiumcrimsun, how was the run?06:41
lamontschweeb: as in, (1) involves actually finishing the _port_ of the package to ia64.06:41
crimsuntritium: not too bad, thanks06:41
schweeband me no havey ia6406:42
lamontschweeb: neither does hoary. :-)06:43
schweebare installer CDs even generated for ia64?06:44
lamontschweeb: yes, but not as of 3/2806:44
lamontand not in the release directory06:44
tritiumdoko, ping06:44
lamontserver install works, desktop is really close, last I heard06:44
schweebis ia64 eventually gonna be a target arch, or is it just kinda bonus?06:45
schweebI hear fabbione has a soft spot for sparc and has an unofficial buildd for that too ;)06:45
diamondright. i'm a little lost. i've fixed a couple of bugs in a package (snacc). i've made a patch. how do i go about incorporating this patch into the ubuntu.diff.gz so that i can test the entire build using pbuilder?06:47
schweebwhich files did you patch?06:48
schweebif they're in debian/ then the methodology is different than if they're in the actual source06:48
diamondschweeb: they're in the actual source06:48
tritiumdiamond, do you use cdbs for your rules file?06:49
schweebyou'll wanna look at incorporating dpatch into your rules file06:49
tritiumI use simple-patchsys with cdbs06:49
crimsun(cdbs makes patching a cinch!)06:49
diamondschweeb: ah. right06:49
schweebyea, cdbs rules06:50
schweebtritium: dpatch has dependencies and stuff I believe06:50
diamondright, i'll look at that so. however, from what i understand,06:50
schweeblike, inter-patch deps06:50
tritiumschweeb, probably.  I know very little about dpatch06:50
diamondnm. i'll go read first. ask confused questions later. -)06:50
schweeband a few other benefits I can't list ATM06:50
schweebit's only a little bit harder to use dpatch than simple-patchsys06:51
crimsunjust tell cdbs to grok your debian/patches/06:51
tritiumanybody know if doko is working on python-gnome?06:53
schweebokay, I'm done for the night06:55
tritiumGood night schweeb06:55
diamondschweeb: nite06:55
crimsunnight, schweeb06:56
schweebthere are some packages at the bottom that are all the way fixed on all arches06:56
tritiumnice work, schweeb!06:56
crimsuntritium: do you mean the source package 'gnome-python'?06:56
schweebif someone wants to go through and remove them, please do06:56
tritiumcrimsun, yes, from the UniversePriority list06:56
schweeb(from the UniversePriorityList)06:56
tritiumlooks like he fixed it up for the python transition at least06:57
crimsunhmm.  It built on 7 Marrch06:57
schweebI'm guessing after the Test archive gets resynced, we'll probably want to entirely regenerate these lists... it'll probably be easier06:58
tritiumcrimsun, I'm looking at the Logs linked to from UniversePriorityList for python-gnome06:59
tritiumfailed as recently as 27th06:59
tritiumThis is odd, considering python-dev (>=2.4) Build-Depends:  checking if Python version >= 1.5.2... configure: error: too old07:03
crimsunk, I'll pull the source07:04
tritiumok, thanks07:07
crimsunI'm pretty sure that's a hiccup - it just built fine here (unchanged).07:11
tritiumreally?  not here...07:11
tritiumthanks for checking it07:12
crimsunhmm, when did you last update your pbuilder?07:12
crimsunI updated mine just before I threw the .dsc at it07:12
tritiumearlier tonight, but I'll do it again now07:12
tritiumgee, still failed after I updated pbuilder.07:19
crimsunhmm, i386, correct?07:21
crimsuncould you post your config.log somewhere?07:21
tritiumsure, one sec07:21
tritiumcrimsun, I can't find a config.log07:24
crimsunsorry, my brain's fuzzy, so I probably misstated it07:25
tritiumsorry, the build log?07:26
crimsunjust the log of configure running up until it fails07:27
lamonttritium: it doesn't check for python2.4, just 2.3 down to 1.5.2, I bet07:28
lamontthat or it fails to Build-Depend: python07:28
crimsunit does b-d on python (>= 2.4)07:28
lamontsince python2.4 nor python2.4-dev Depends python.07:28
crimsunand python2.4 is passed explicitly to ./configure07:29
crimsunand I built it successfully on a P4 here just a few minutes ago, so this is an odd one07:29
lamontthen you'll want that config.log from the build tree07:29
tritiumcrimsun, when I run pbuilder, I don't know how to find the configure logs.  I only know how to save a build log.07:29
crimsuntritium: use login07:30
crimsuninvoke debian/rules manually, check config.log07:30
tritiumis there an easy way to copy the file out of the chroot?07:37
crimsunjust copy it as a user out of the /tmp/foo07:38
crimsun(or use --save-after-login)07:39
tritiumI'm too inexperienced with chroots.  I don't see anything in /tmp, so I'll try the --save-after-login07:41
diamondtritium: i think pbuilder uses /var/cache/pbuilder07:48
tritiumdiamond, yeah, thanks.07:49
=== diamond pokes dpatch in the eye
tritiumcrimsun, sorry for the delay: http://mip-lab4.ecn.purdue.edu/~rimbert/config.log07:49
=== tritium feels stupid
=== readingboy [~cjennings@adsl-69-106-241-180.dsl.pltn13.pacbell.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
readingboyhello everyone07:50
readingboythis is the packaging group, correct?07:50
crimsunfor universe, yes.07:51
tritiumcrimsun, I don't think I did that right.07:51
readingboyI'm interested in knowing how packaging works and learning how to do that myself. Is there a good place to go learn about this?07:51
readingboyI've googled to not much avail...07:51
tritiumreadingboy, The first step I took was to read the Debian New Maintainer's Guide07:52
readingboytritium, excellent! I've found the page and am off to read now. thanks!07:53
tritiumsure :)07:53
crimsunapparently configure is dying because Python.h isn't found07:54
tritiumI don't think I could have done that right.  logging in to the chroot doesn't get any of the build-deps it needs07:55
tritiumcan you log in to a running build process?07:55
crimsunnot that I know of, besides possibly ptracing07:56
crimsunbut that wouldn't be "logging in," really07:56
diamondwoo. think i've finally got dpatch doing what i want.07:56
tritiumlet me apt-get build-dep python-gnome in the chroot, and try again07:56
schweebtritium: you could apt-get build-dep inside the chroot... or use dpkg-checkbuilddeps to tell you which ones are missing...07:56
tritiumschweeb, :)07:57
schweebapt-get build-dep will only grab the deps from the source in the archive, not your modified sources07:57
crimsuntritium: you're on ia32, not amd64, correct?07:57
tritiumit's unmodified right now anyway07:57
tritiumcrimsun, yes07:57
crimsuntritium: try invoking autoconf explicitly in the build-2.4/config.status target immediately proceeding dh_testdir07:59
crimsuntritium: which means you'll have to add autoconf to debian/control/Build-Depends07:59
crimsunerr, debian/control:Build-Depends07:59
crimsun(yes, hackety-hack)07:59
tritiumokay, shall I proceed with this first, and get you a new config.log?08:00
crimsunyes, please08:01
crimsunbrb, drink08:01
tritiumnew file up at same URL08:08
tritiumlamont, thanks for the suggestions earlier :)08:11
crimsunok, it gets further08:11
diamondsweet. finally. i have got snacc building in pbuilder08:12
crimsunwhat did it die on this time?08:12
tritiumnice job diamond08:12
diamond(for amd64)08:12
diamondtritium: cheers08:12
tritiumchecking if Python version >= 1.5.2... configure: error: too old08:12
tritiumconfigure: error: /bin/sh './configure' failed for pygtk08:12
tritiumthose are the last 2 lines08:12
ajmitchah, I see I wasted your time today, tritium  :(08:13
ajmitchsorry about that, forgot to edit the wiki after fixing up qemu08:13
crimsuntritium: hum, still?  That's even more odd.  Where did you edit debian/rules?08:13
tritiumajmitch, no, you didn't :)08:14
tritiumcrimsun, so far, no changes yet.  I'll try your suggestions next.08:14
tritiumthis is wacky, especially since it builds on your machine08:15
tritiumajmitch, I'm glad you got it fixed!08:15
crimsuntritium: extract gnome-python source (via apt-get source) in a temp directory, edit gnome-python-2.10.0/debian/rules to invoke autoconf, and use pbuilder debuild08:16
ajmitchtritium: it was an easy fix08:16
tritiumajmitch, yeah, that's why I was going to attempt it ;)08:16
ajmitchpreviously the Build-Depends pulled in zlib1g-dev by themselves08:16
tritiumit was pretty obvious from the buildd log what was needed :)08:16
tritiumcrimsun, ok08:17
ajmitchjust took awhile to compile ;)08:17
diamondright, should i upload my changes to my website, and add a line to 'waiting review' on UniversePriorityList?08:19
crimsunand MOTUToDo08:20
diamondright. cheers.08:20
tritiumI think I'll create a new pbuilder base.tgz.  it's huge now08:23
tritiumcrimsun, how late do you plan on being up?  Should we continue this tomorrow?08:27
tritiumThey're going to be rebooting the freenode us hub in 30 minutes anyway08:28
crimsunI'll be up for a good while, since I have to grade quizzes and make a programming assignment08:29
tritiumAh, okay.08:29
crimsuntomorrow(today)'s fine if you feel like turning in08:29
tritiumI'm good for a while.  Hopefully the freenode hub reboot won't be too disruptive08:31
tritiumcrimsun, I just noticed you grabbed gnome-python, and I'm working on python-gnome08:34
tritiumthe version # difference is what I first noticed08:34
tritiumajmitch, how are things?08:36
=== ajmitch on phone :)
crimsuntritium: python-gnome2, right?08:37
crimsuntritium: (I don't see a python-gnome)08:37
crimsuntritium: I use apt-get source $source_name08:37
tritiumcrimsun, I used apt-get source python-gnome08:37
crimsunI don't even have a python-gnome.08:38
tritiumapt-cache search only shows python-gnome2, but apt-get source python-gnome does find version 1.4.508:39
crimsunwhat does ,,apt-cache policy python-gnome'' print out?08:39
tritiumno candidate08:39
crimsunhow in the world...08:40
crimsunhttp://higgs.djpig.de/cgi-ubuntu/search_contents.pl?word=python-gnome2&searchmode=searchword&case=insensitive&version=hoary&arch=i386   also finds no python-gnome08:40
tritiumyou can't apt-get source python-gnome ?08:40
crimsunI see.08:41
crimsunmy apologies08:41
ajmitchtritium: grep python-gnome /var/lib/apt/lists/*08:41
tritiumcrimsun, okay, cool.  This is strange, huh?08:43
diamondright. it's 7:45am, i'm going to bed. 'nite' folks ,-)08:43
ajmitch'night' diamond  ;)08:43
tritiumajmitch, lots returned08:43
crimsuntritium: actually that makes a lot of sense now.  Anyhow, the cause is a missing b-d on python (>= 2.4), python (<< 2.5)  just as lamont said08:44
ajmitchheh ok08:44
tritiumcrimsun, yet, python-dev (>=2.4) should depend on it08:44
lamonttritium: no, it shouldn't.08:44
ajmitchperhaps I should have specified grep-dctrl on the sources lists08:45
lamontin fact, that dependency was specifically removed about 6-8 months ago08:45
crimsuntritium: I trigged that same missing b-d on python2.4 for one of the packages I transitioned.08:46
tritiumlamont, why does apt-cache depends python2.4-dev return python2.4 ?08:46
lamontbecause it does.08:46
lamontbut python2.4 doesn't deliver /usr/bin/python08:46
lamontit delivers /usr/bin/python2.408:47
tritiumThat's confusing to me, but I'll add the build-depends.  Thanks crimsun and lamont.08:48
crimsun(python-minimal actually delivers /usr/bin/python, and python-minimal depends on python2.4-minimal)08:49
lamontamusingly, now that python2.4-minimal (and python-minimal) are essential, you don't actually have to declare python build-depends...08:50
lamontif minimal works, that is.08:50
lamonts/works/works for you/08:50
lamontalthough it doesn't hurt, since it would cause ftbfs in debian08:50
tritiumthe way I checked was apt-cache depends python-dev08:50
tritiumthat depends on python2.4-dev08:50
tritiumwich in turn depends on python2.408:50
crimsunright, but configure only checks for python, which would be /usr/bin/python, which python-minimal delivers, which is really python2.4-minimal...)08:51
tritiumBut I must be misunderstanding things.08:51
crimsunhad I realized that I should have been getting the source for python-gnome instead of gnome-python (?!), you could have saved an hour :\08:52
tritiumcrimsun, not your fault at all.  Thanks for helping me.  Sorry if I wasted your time.08:52
=== encolpe [~encolpe@pilot.net2.nerim.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
crimsunoh no, I was up anyway hacking at python-kde3 :)08:53
crimsunwhich of course is $fun08:53
tritiumokay.  Well, I appreciate the mentoring.  You too, lamont.08:53
crimsunyep, thanks lamont.08:53
encolpegood morning08:54
crimsunmorning, encolpe08:54
tritiumI'll need to re-add python (>= 2.4) build depends to some of my new packages, then.08:54
crimsunonly if it needs it08:54
tritiumit doesn't need it to build08:55
crimsunthen they're fine without python as a b-d08:55
tritiumok...I think I'll re-visit this tomorrow morning with a fresh mind.08:55
crimsunwe try and use the minimal b-d list08:56
crimsunk, night08:56
tritiumok, goodnight.  thanks again08:56
crimsunnp :)08:56
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kokemorning all!09:57
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dholbachadded #8367 and #8369 to the motutodo12:01
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dholbachi'm off - have to use a friends scanner *grmbl*12:20
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mdkeanyway to post bugs on universe packages?01:01
mdkeno one home?01:05
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janihello all01:13
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=== pvanhoof [~pvanhoof@cvs.maia-scientific.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
pvanhoofA few weeks ago I posted a proposal for the quickcammes module, which adds support for Logitec Quickcam messenger, tot he mailinglist. Did somebody picked this up? I've wrapped the module in an easy-to-build build environment and did some bugfixes to it. You can find more information here: http://freax.be/wiki/index.php/Quickcam_Messenger_Linux_kernel_2.6_driver (please forward it to a kernel-packager, it would be nice if it was support01:25
pvanhoofand a few people already asked for packages)01:25
pvanhoofthere's a package for normal Quickcams in ubuntu, however, a) it requires that you still build it (some wieerd way of installing itusing source packages) and b) it doesn't support the messenger (which is slightly different)01:26
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dholbachpvanhoof: are there any packges yet?02:18
Treenaksdholbach: no02:18
dholbachpvanhoof: then please add it to wiki/UniverseCandidates02:18
Treenaksdholbach: we're going to start working on our private fork of the driver, and get it into mainline02:18
Treenaksdholbach: so the MOTU won't have anything to do with it, eventually02:18
dholbachTreenaks: sounds charming02:18
Treenaksdholbach: less work for you, though :P02:19
dholbachTreenaks: i'm glad to hear that02:19
pvanhoofI can still add it to that wikipage, of course, if you want to add support for it while we are trying to get it acceptable for mainline02:19
pvanhoofsince it does work and is easily packagable atm02:20
dholbachpvanhoof: we're incredibly busy at this stage, so i hope you understand, when i can't promise anything02:20
pvanhoof(it's code is just a bit ugly and it tries to support to many different kernel versions, stuff like that)02:20
pvanhoofok, I understand. I'll add it to the wiki?02:20
Treenakspvanhoof: great idea02:21
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=== ajmitch briefly checks in
ajmitchnight all..02:43
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tritiumgood morning, dholbach03:33
StoneTableis there a policy on what to do with abandoned packages?  I was working on aime, trying to get the package to build, and I see the project hasn't had a release in almost 3 years03:34
dholbachhey tritium03:34
dholbachStoneTable: if you're fully confident in the package's removal head straight to wiki/MorgueCandidates03:34
=== StoneTable nods
StoneTablehopefully I can find a package that won't be a morgue candidate ;)03:35
dholbachStoneTable: please check   apt-cache rdepends <package>  before03:36
dholbachso we make a clean job03:36
StoneTableoh, cool I didn't know about rdepends :)03:36
tritiumarg, more Input/Output errors...going to fsck again...03:43
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tritiumgood morning, schweeb04:14
schweebdholbach: I got through about the first 50% and wrote down all the pkgs that were ia64 problems only04:14
schweebhaven't yet had time to remove them from the list yet04:14
schweebbut they're on wiki/DoesNotBuildIA6404:15
schweebI also noted some packages that are building on all now on the same page04:15
schweebsome story, havent' had time to remove from the list yet04:15
schweebbut, apparently they're retrying Test, starting yesterday04:16
schweebso everything should be rebuilding04:16
HostingGeekdholbach said he wont ban me for saying this useless funny link so here goes nothing: http://www.tomsphotos.com/router/04:17
HostingGeekwalmart takes back every and anything04:17
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schweebdiamond fixed snacc last night? cool04:35
tritiumyeah, he did04:36
=== diamond [~diamond@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tritiumgood morning04:45
diamondright. i've fixed snacc, would someone mind reviewing it for me? it's at diamond.nonado.net/packages/snacc04:56
schweebthis top 25% list is getting pretty short04:57
tritiumI tried fixing python-gnome.  Adding a python (>=2.4) Build-Depends did not help.04:57
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pittiHi guys05:04
pittiI'm currently doing a full security review of Ubuntu05:04
pittimany universe packages can be fixed with Debian syncs05:04
pittiogra/dholbach agreed that I shall just do the syncs instead of asking for every package05:04
dredghey pitti05:05
pittihowever, I don't overwrite Ubuntu changes05:05
pittican somebody please merge grip?05:05
pittiHi dredg05:07
pittiogra: is there anybody in particular I shall contact about universe security issues?05:07
dredgpitti: there will ultimately (i hope) be a MOTU security team of some description.05:08
ograpitti, we dont have a MOTUSecurity team yet, someone needs to go for that....05:09
ograpitti, but its on the plan: http://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/MOTUTeams05:09
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pittiogra: wine has a CAN too, but it is a "heavily new" upstream version05:10
pittiogra: any reasons against syncing?05:10
ograpitti, no, absolutely not, i had it on my list as well05:10
pittiokay, I ask elmo about it05:10
dredgpitti: grip is a small patch. i'll apply and upload in a bit05:12
dredg(assuming nobody else has jumped on it)05:12
pittiyou all know Keybuk's MOM output?05:14
=== GheRivero [~ghe@hiscpdprx01.upsa.es] has joined #ubuntu-motu
schweebpitti: MOM output?05:21
tritiumbeing his mother's child, should he be it?05:22
pittihttp://people.ubuntu.com/~scott/ongoing-merge/SOURCE/SOURCE-ubuntu.patch has the Ubuntu changes05:22
pittiand there is also an automatically merged source package05:22
pittii. e. grip was successfully merged automatically05:23
pittidredg: ^05:23
pittiso you only need to verify that this worked and is current, and upload it05:23
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diamondreally have to stop doing that -/05:24
schweebokay, just knocked about 50 things off the PriorityList05:26
diamondschweeb: wow. sweet.05:26
=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dredgpitti: oh, excellent. yeah, debian already includes the patch for CAN-2005-0706. i'll go over the diff05:28
pittidredg: that was the purpose for syncing/merging :-)05:28
pittidredg: I mean, the Ubuntu changes should not get lsot05:28
pittilost, even05:28
tritiumlamont, do you have any other ideas regarding python-gnome, since adding the python (>=2.4) Build-Depends did not help?05:30
lamonttritium: uh, not without looking at it... give me a minute05:31
kokehi all!05:40
tritiumhi koke05:40
lamonttritium: that _should_ fix it.06:06
tritiumlamont, yeah, I had hoped06:06
lamontone could either regenerate the autocrap files, or edit configure and add python2.4 to the list near line 1900006:06
diamondi suspect the test is broken06:08
tritiumthanks, both of you06:08
dredgpitti: i just added a quick patch to grip to fix CAN-2005-0706. I haven't really got time to go over the merge patch atm, i might be able to check it out later06:10
pittidredg: that's fine06:11
dredgpitti: it's uploaded06:11
HiddenWolfdredg: grip rips cd's, how can it have a security problem? :S06:14
dredgHiddenWolf: buffer overflow in the cddb lookup bit06:15
HiddenWolfdredg: ugh, that's nasty.06:16
tritiumdiamond, you probably know autoconf a lot better than I.  If you care to look at python-gnome, be my guest.06:16
diamondtritium: i wouldn't bet on it, but sure, i'll have a poke -)06:17
tritiumdiamond, you're CS, I'm EE, so I'm betting on it ;)  Thanks for taking a look.06:17
dredgtritium: he's far far far worse than that06:18
diamondtritium: i'm originally CE -)06:19
tritiumdiamond, no kidding... ;)06:19
=== schweeb is CE
tritiumdredg, that's what you mean?06:19
dredgtritium: no. and now i shall be enigmatic and vague about the whole thing.06:20
tritiumheh, okay06:20
HiddenWolfDo any of you guys of any app/way that can restrict a program to a certain portion of the screen?06:20
tritiumcool, schweeb :)06:20
tritiumwith each fsck, my /lost+found grows :(06:22
schweebare you aggressively shutting down your system or what06:23
tritiumNo, not at all.06:24
=== montix [~Carlos@dsl-213-023-029-126.arcor-ip.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tritiumonly 24 days left on the support contract...06:25
tritiumschweeb, I'm contemplating a new laptop06:26
schweebyou really shouldn't be seeing fs damage then06:28
schweebonly reason for stuff in lost+found is if you haven't properly unmounted06:28
tritiumI think it's the controller.  This is the second drive I've had in less than 6 months.06:28
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dredghey sabdfl06:42
ograhey sabdfl06:48
truluxbtw, I'm trying to apply for membership and maintainer"-ship", and I've been told to ask for those who know on my contribution to write something in my wiki page06:52
ogratrulux, who asked for that ? normally its required that yo fill your wiki page yourself....07:01
truluxogra: mako07:01
=== diamond smites autoconf in the face
truluxogra: my page is just done, but mako asked for references, for those who know on my contrib. to write one statement07:07
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koke_bye koke :P07:13
=== amu_ [~amu@dump.mediaways.net] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dredgargh i'm a retard07:29
diamonddredg: in which way?07:29
dredgthe ways that matter sometimes07:30
dredgadded patch for grip, never put it in 00list07:30
dredgwoo, great. a patch that won't be applied07:30
dredggah :(07:30
diamondah. yes. handy -)07:30
dredgright, re-uploaded07:33
=== dredg smashes face off keyboard
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janihello all07:59
=== schweeb wipes the sweat off his brow
schweebthat was fun08:04
schweebmy LDAP server crashed, hence crashing my domain08:04
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diamondwoo. python-gnome building!08:09
=== herve [~hcauwelie@ip-3.net-81-220-179.nice.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
janican anyone tell me what version of darcs does apt-cache show?08:14
schweebVersion: 1.0.2-108:15
janiI cannot find in hoary-changes  whenit got to 1.0.208:15
janithanks, here as well08:15
schweebmaybe elmo synced it?08:15
schweebdo syncs go to -changes?08:15
janiYes, I asked him to do it yesterday08:15
janithat's why I am confused08:16
diamondsilly question. when i change something in a package, i should be adding an entry into the changelog and uping the version number, yes?08:16
janiand today at work it was there before I updates08:16
janiand I cannot see it on hoary-changes even though I thought syncs go there08:16
hervediamond, yes08:16
tritiumdiamond, you got it building?  awesome :)  What did it need?08:17
hervediamond, updating means adding ubuntu1 to it08:17
janischweeb, I thought syncs go to changes ,yes08:17
hervediamond, or ubuntun+1 if n exists08:17
tritiumdiamond, just some smiting autoconf in the face?08:17
diamondtritium: a whole bunch of headwrecking searching, followed by lots of autoconf smiting08:17
janiI'll ask in devel08:18
diamondherve: right, that last bit was the bit i wasn't sure about. cheers.08:18
diamondtritium: took me hours to figure out that the issue wasn't in the main configure script,08:18
tritiumdiamond, thanks for doing that.  I'm terrible at smiting, particularly in the face.08:18
herveyell if you need something, going washing the dish ;-)08:18
diamondtritium: it was in pygtk/configure08:18
diamondtritium: hehe. np08:18
diamondanyway, currently confirming it builds in pbuilder before throwing it onto the web08:19
tritiumawesome job!08:19
dredgdiamond: dch is useful for editing changelogs08:20
diamondi'm pretty happy to have made 2 small contributions in my first day. that said sleep would also be good ,-)08:20
diamonddredg: ok, will look at that08:20
hervediamond, dch is *mandatory* to edit the changelog!08:20
herveincluding the -Dhoary flag08:20
diamondherve: right, noted.08:21
dredgjust make sure to fix your alternatives so that editor points at something useful. like vi.08:21
schweebi.e. not nano :)08:21
dopeyexport EDITOR=08:21
diamondschweeb: agreed -)08:21
dredgherve: could you tell the difference between a changelog edited using dch and one edited by hand? :)08:21
schweebI occasionally edit by hand, if it's a quick fix08:22
tritiumor even worse, the mc editor08:22
hervedredg, I just want to reduce those tiny errors and ease the job of reviewers08:22
hervedredg, but to answer you, no :-)08:22
dredgupdate-alternatives --set editor /usr/bin/vim :)08:22
diamonddredg: just done08:22
schweebdredg: damn, I was about to paste the same thing08:22
dredgdiamond: when a package comes from debian it has a version like `1.0-1'. when we modify it, we change that to '1.0-2ubuntu1'. This allows us to increment the version without getting ahead of the upstream debian version08:24
diamonddredg: did you intend to change -1 to -2 there?08:25
dredgthough while useful, it does tend to hurt when a sync from debian wipes out some ubuntu-specific changes08:25
diamonddredg: right so -)08:25
=== dredg retroactively rewrites the logs
dredgyou saw nothing08:25
hervedon't worry ;-)08:26
tritiumdiamond, if I recall, doko already made 1.4.5-2ubuntu1, so you'll want to increment to ubuntu208:26
diamondtritium: right08:26
diamondhum. dpkg-buildpackage seems to have changed config.sub and config.guess. should i be removing those diffs from my updated package?08:28
=== maskie [~maskie@196-30-109-43.uudial.uunet.co.za] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tritiumdiamond, you didn't build it in pbuilder?08:30
diamondtritium: ah. good point. i've confused myself with the different locations08:31
diamondtritium: wait, in order to get pbuilder to build it, i need to use dpkg-buildpackage to create the appropiate diff.gz, no?08:32
tritiumdiamond, I usually use debuild08:32
schweebyou can use dpkg-buildpackage -S08:32
diamondah, k08:32
tritiumdiamond, debuild would also require -S08:33
hervedebuild is just a front-end08:34
herveall options are passed to dpkg-buildpackage08:34
schweebdpkg-buildpackage is a frontend as well :)08:34
schweebit calls dpkg-source or some shit08:34
herveall the mess you don't want to see :-)08:35
diamondright. think i'm gonna just make all the changes from scratch again. unsure as to what perversions i've introduced -)08:36
dredgdebdiff is also a useful tool :)08:37
=== sivang [~sivang@box79162.elkhouse.de] has joined #ubuntu-motu
tritiumhi sivang08:37
diamondright. i'm well confused. why would 'diffstat snacc_1.3bbn-5.1ubuntu1.diff.gz snacc_1.3bbn-5.1ubuntu2.diff.gz' think i've changed every file?08:40
diamondis it just because the version number has changed?08:40
hervediamond, do you know debdiff?08:42
diamondherve: no, but dredg has just poked me with it08:43
diamondi had thought it was for comparing .debs08:43
dredgit is08:44
dredgit can also do source packages08:44
diamondah, right.08:44
herveman, I'm really a-way!08:44
=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
diamondok. deb-diff is showing that config.guess and config.sub have changed in addition to my changes, is that expected behaviour?08:46
diamond(they look like they're updated versions)08:46
diamondapologies for the string of questions08:47
diamondtritium: http://diamond.nonado.net/packages/python-gnome/09:00
tritiumdiamond, cool :)09:01
tritiumdiamond, you should probably edit https://www.ubuntulinux.org/wiki/UniversePriorityList, requesting a review of it09:02
diamondtritium: just done09:02
diamondditto MOTUTodo09:03
tritiumthanks again, diamond09:04
diamondtritium: np. i'm looking to get package fixes under my belt anyway, so if there's any more you'd like fixed, just shout. otherwise, i'll keep poking at the priority list09:05
dredgdebdiff python-gnome_1.4.5-2ubuntu1.dsc python-gnome_1.4.5-2ubuntu2.dsc|wc -l09:05
diamonddredg: yeah, that's what i was talking about...09:06
diamonddredg: any idea what it's like that?09:06
dredgautoconf crack i'm guessing09:06
diamonddredg: ah, wait, that is actually correct. all the makefiles etc were re-created in the pygtk subdir09:07
=== Seveas [~seveas@seveas.demon.nl] has joined #ubuntu-motu
dredgmc is so useful for looking through diffs :)09:07
diamondoh dear. looks like i didn't delete the autom4te dir. oops.09:08
dredgthat would do it :)09:09
diamonddredg: that brings it down to 11012 lines changed.09:09
dredgsweet jesus09:10
dredgcurse you automake09:10
diamonddredg: it's only ~4 fiiles tho09:10
=== dredg shakes fist
dredger, autowhatever09:11
diamondright. updated python-gnome_1.4.5-2ubuntu2.dsc now09:11
dredgstill crack addled :)09:16
diamondyeah, but it's _all_ auto*'s fault now -)09:16
dredglooks fine to me09:18
dredgi'll let someone else review it as well though09:18
diamonddredg: cheers09:19
diamonddredg: if you're feeling really reviewy, have a look at snacc there too ,-)09:19
dredgok, but only because i can't hunt for an insurance quote from quinn direct...09:20
diamondwoo -)09:20
dredgonly 440 changed lines in this one ;)09:23
dredgyou updated config.sub and config.guess, yes?09:23
diamonddredg: aye, config.guess and config.sub got updated by dpkg-buildpackage. no idea why09:24
dredgnot necessarily a bad thing09:26
dredgall that was missing was include <time.h>?09:26
dredglooks fine as well, though i'd still prefer if someone else took a look over as well09:28
dredgand for dpatch stuff, have a read of http://tseng.ath.cx/log/?p=709:29
diamonddredg: yup. it was only biting in once place, but i found another similar usage so i added it there too09:29
dredgnothing wrong with what you did, that's just easier...09:29
diamonddredg: ah. nicey.09:30
diamondvery nicey09:30
=== diamond bookmarks that
dredgyeah. it wins09:31
=== diamond loses the game
dredglet's not inflict the game on the folk here :) no work will get done.09:32
=== dredg sets up apt-proxy
dredgcare to share your config? :)09:34
diamonddredg: sure. one sec, i'll drop it onto nonado09:36
diamonddredg: http://diamond.nonado.net/misc/apt-proxy-v2.conf09:37
diamonddredg: my apt-proxy cache is currently ~2.2G09:37
diamonddredg: the only stuff changed from defaults (afair) are the backends i've added09:38
diamondthe cache is rather large due to the large number of archs+distros that have been using it09:42
diamondi386, ppc, amd64. debian, ubuntu, fedora09:43
dredgyour dsl upgrade will come in useful for that then :)09:46
=== encolpe [~encolpe@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
schweebproto just got linkedin finally?10:04
diamonddredg: indeedy10:05
schweebwhoops, wrong window10:05
=== schweeb hides
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=== koke [~koke@rm-001-26.serve.com] has joined #ubuntu-motu
kokehi all!10:41
kokeis the universe also frozen??10:41
schweebmain isn't fully frozen either, but mostly frozen10:42
mdzmain is pretty densely frozen at the moment10:43
kokeok, so we keep fixing the universe... ;)10:43
schweebkoke: yes10:45
=== lamont wonders who asked for the sync of squirrelmail that made it unistallable?
mdzlamont: I believe it was pitti, check -changes10:45
lamontmdz: so can we sync squirrelmail-locales too?10:47
lamontso it's installable again?10:47
mdzlamont: yes10:47
=== lamont request
diamondif anyone here has a couple of spare minutes, i have a few package fixes that need to be reviewed (snacc, python-gnome, and xfcalendar)10:48
lamontmdz: sent10:48
=== diamond [~diamond@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
diamondhurm. X just hung on me -/11:01
=== jani [~pet@Home03207.cluj.astral.ro] has left #ubuntu-motu []
=== bradb [~bradb@MTL-ppp-144647.qc.sympatico.ca] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bradbhey dudes11:23
bradbhow's the Malone usage going? i haven't heard a lot of feedback from you guys up to now.11:23
=== herve [~herve@ip-3.net-81-220-179.nice.rev.numericable.fr] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bradbogra: ping11:27
ograbradb, pong11:27
bradbogra: hi11:27
ograbradb, soryy, i didnt do very much universe work recently (was very busy with hwdb)...so no bugs from me11:28
ograwhen did you adjust the font ?11:28
bradbme? :)11:28
bradbthat was an sabdfl inspiration11:29
ograyeah, or i have new font settings since my last xorg update...it looks bigger11:29
bradbwell sabdfl and mpt11:29
bradbso, MOTU is officially using Malone though, right? from what kiko's relayed to me, dholbach/mdz seem to be unsure of this, or perhaps even of the impression that i "haven't given the go-ahead" yet for that, despite the fact that the IRC log in the /topic contains that very announcement giving the official go-ahead from me :)11:30
bradbthe only thing i'd prefer to not happen right now is an "official" announcement, i.e. on ubuntu-users11:31
ograbradb, but without user input a bugtracker is not quite useful...11:32
bradbogra: indeed :) i encourage you all to use Malone though.11:32
bradbogra: if you make an official announcement though, next thing you know we're on Slashdot. :)11:32
ograbradb, the probelm here is that if a MOTU finds a bug, he fixes it right away, the only thing we could put in there would be one of our transition lists i think...11:34
bradbhe does? heck, i find bugs all the time in Malone that I can fix right away :)11:34
ograthe other possibility would be that someone stis down and transfers all bugs from ubuntu-users....11:34
bradbto restate this clearly though: i encourage11:35
bradber, my return key got in the way there11:35
bradbto restate this clearly though: i encourage all MOTU's (and MOTU end-users) to use Malone. i wouldn't yet endorse an official announcement of MOTU to any public forum or mailing list though. spreading the word on IRC is cool though, but keep in mind that if we get slashdotted, we don't yet have the admin-availability to immediately recover.11:36
ograok i meant...i'll try to spread this spirit herea bit11:37
bradbshare the love, spread the joy11:37
ograbut since the ML is our current bugtracker its hard not to answer "please put that in malone" ;)11:38
=== GheRivero [~ghe@] has joined #ubuntu-motu
bradbyou could even add the bug filing URL to the /topic.11:38
bradbogra: heh, fair point ;)11:38
ograso the real bug will still get handled in the ML...i'll see that every MOTU that does support in #ubuntu points to malone, this will probably be a good start11:39
bradbsure, that'd be good11:39
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-motu:ogra] : Ubuntu Masters of the Universe | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Calendar | get Python rocking again: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniversePythonTransitionTODO | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUTodo | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniverseUnmetDeps | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaPackagingProgress | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUNewPackages | please file universe bugs in https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/distros
ograURL ok ?11:40
ograor do you like it better without /istros11:41
=== ..[topic/#ubuntu-motu:ogra] : Ubuntu Masters of the Universe | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/Calendar | get Python rocking again: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniversePythonTransitionTODO | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUTodo | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/UniverseUnmetDeps | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/JavaPackagingProgress | http://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTUNewPackages | please file universe bugs in https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/distros/ubuntu/+bugs
bradbcool, thanks11:41
=== ogra grins about what you can do with a bit grep, ls and python (http://hwdb.ubuntu.com)
\shhowdy ogra11:43
ograhey \sh11:43
\shogra: i'm missing u @irrenhaus ;)11:43
ograhehe, i dont miss it.... :) but you guys i miss indeed...klaus ICQed too today :)11:44
\shhehe yeah he helped a lot today11:45
\shbut he has a nice night in front of him ;)11:45
ogranightshift ? him ?11:45
\shogra, FLPs + channel shuffling ;)11:45
\shnagra screwing, kryptons bashing11:46
ograhehe, darn DigiTV.... i'm happy i will never get nearer then my remotecontrol allows anymore ;)11:46
\shtodays reading en_300468v010501p.pdf11:46
\shETSI EN 300 468  DVB: SPEC ON SI in DVB Systems11:48
\shi want to know, if some humax dev suckers screwed up the spec11:48
=== Amaranth [~travis@amaranth.user] has left #ubuntu-motu ["If]
\shin their new software release11:48
ograno, they would _never_ do that  ;)11:48
\shogra: they fucked up the whole EIT p/f stuff in the humax pr fox-c11:49
\shany service without EIT p/f or any service with broken EIT p/f you can't watch it on their boxes anymore11:49
\shwe spreaded today dummy events to those services...11:49
\shogra: i'm really pissed off with humax...u don't know whats going on between me and ksc..fossy is not there, and i'm right now the interface between isp/dtv team and P.F. ;)11:51
ograoh, so you took a piece of my job :)11:52
\shno no and no :)11:52
\shbut i send all tickets to EDP ;) so to p.f. and klaus...and klaus was not amused ;) because he's not in charge of that...understandable11:53
ograyou know you can puh the loan a lot if you offer to take my job ! if this position isnt filled soon they are fucked11:53
\shogra: no money increasement right now11:54
\shogra: and I don't want to play political stuff between jim, guenther, helmut and all the others...I'm operational staff11:55
ograyeah, i learned a lot of poiltical mess there, more then i liked as you can see ;)11:56
ograyeah, 527 submissions today...on http://hwdb.ubuntu.com/11:58
\shogra, well..u r doing your job very well @ubuntu...ogra for president ;)11:58
ograi'm really wondering how my old server will cope with the masses tomorrow....if they all have downloaded the RC11:59
\shogra: if u need bandwidth and space :) i'll welcome u11:59
schweebogra: does RC automatically start hwdb after install?12:00
\shogra, but will be a gentoo server *eg12:00
ogra\sh, if it gets to tight for me i'll have a place in the ubuntu DC ;) no probs12:00
ograits easy to bend the DNS12:00
ograschweeb, nope12:01

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